Venezuelan Government Seized Kellogg’s Factory After Closure: A Recipe For Failure

by | May 17, 2018 | Commodities, Headline News | 45 comments

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    The socialist Venezuelan government has seized a closed Kellogg’s factory and decided to make the perfect storm for failure out of their theft.  The government has handed control of the factory over to the workers who will attempt to continue to produce Kellogg’s products.

    Hold your laughter, because this actually happened. According to the BBC, the move comes as Kellogg’s announced it was pulling out of the dystopian communist country because of the worsening economic situation brought on by the disturbing socialist policies of President Nicolas Maduro.

    Maduro, who has previously accused the United States of waging economic war against his government, and called the factory closure “absolutely unconstitutional and illegal,” even though his policies are the ones which caused the closure of the factory to begin with. But in the meantime, Maduro has decided to hand the factory over to workers who he thinks will continue production.  Interesting, considering most people won’t work long without being paid, and if Kellogg’s cannot find supplies to produce their infamous cereals, it’s unlikely the workers will be successful.  But socialists don’t think much more than one second about any decision anyway.

    Venezuela’s battered economy has been hit by falling oil revenue and the plummeting value of its currency, the bolivar. It also has one of the highest rates of inflation in the world. Kellogg is simply the latest multinational company to close or heavily scale back operations in Venezuela, citing strict currency controls, a lack of raw materials and soaring inflation.

    Kellogg’s said it hoped to return to Venezuela in the future and warned the Venezuelan government against sales of its brands “without the expressed authorization of the Kellogg Company.” But the company probably doesn’t have to worry much. Worker-run businesses are the biggest recipe for failure in economics that has likely ever existed. Just ask Venezuela how that’s working out…

    For example, in 2016, Venezuela’s government took over a plant belonging to US-based hygiene products manufacturer Kimberly-Clark after it announced it was stopping operations because it could not obtain raw materials. The Texas-based firm recently requested the start of arbitration proceedings against Venezuela at the World Bank. The Texas-based company said in a statement: “If the Venezuelan government takes control of Kimberly-Clark facilities and operations, it will be responsible for the well-being of the workers and the physical asset, equipment and machinery in the facilities going forward.”

    Responsibility is a word socialists cannot readily define, however. And you would think with all this seizure of private businesses, Venezuela wouldn’t have food and toilet paper shortages if these policies were successful. But that’s the problem.  There is little success in Marxist ideals and yet they still insist on blaming capitalism.

    “I would rather be subjected to the few failures of capitalism than the few successes of socialism.” -Unknown


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      1. OK children, class is in session. America is already a socialist country. There are varying degrees of socialism. It isn’t all or nothing. Socialism isn’t freedom. Therefore we aren’t totally free. We have a little freedom left, but that’s it. We will lose more and more freedom until we are finally a totalitarian police state. We are well on the way. With NSA having an algorithm for every single American already on file, all they need to do is flip the switch and bingo! Total police state. In China they are ahead of us in the police state category. The government in China has set up social scores for everyone. Just like credit scores here. If your social score is too low, you don’t get a good job or an education. You are an outcast. Surely our politicians are jealous of this. Soon we will have the same thing. That’s why they want your guns.

        • I’d say the Vz President is seizing the assets of enemy Fascists. Its part of their retaliatory blowback from the US’s massive economic sanctions that seized up their banking abilities which is taking Venezuela down. I’d say hang the CEO’s also. Take em all down.

          Kellogg?? GMO, Sugar poison laden crap with little to no nutrition or benefit.

          Remember most of this Vz propaganda does not tell all the sides to the story. Just paint them as commies.. Do the research folks, seek the truth.

          Remember you can also wipe your asses with propaganda. NY Times, WS Journal, Washington Compost, CNN, ABC,
          NBC = Never Been Correct,
          CBS = Certified BS, News Network.

          • No need to be biased bro … you forgot to add FOX NEWS to the list.

            Yep … Kelloggs’s sold their soul to the devil machine, none other than Monsanto. This GMO toxic laden poison should not be consumed by anybody.

          • Yes, I totally agree, the fuck-wits that populate these alt-right websites, cherry pick their fake news.
            They are wilfully ignorant, to the nefarious hegemony of the United Snakes, and their meddling in so-called socialist countries down through the decades, and ignore successful socialist states such as the Scandinavian countries.

            • I guess you haven’t seen the recent news of how well those Scandinavian countries are really doing. Let me give you a hint. Not very good.

            • This is total BS Propaganda: Venezuela’s battered economy has been hit by falling oil revenue and the plummeting value of its currency, the bolivar.

              Hey dipstick author. And What, and Who do you think caused this collapse? Yep crippling US Economic Sanctions did that and Saudi Oil price manipulations. That move by Saudi also crippled North Dakota sand oil production that came to a grinding hault because of crushed oil prices. So does that also make N Dakota a Communist failed state according to your assumptions.

              You F@cking authors are dummb as Sh!t ignorant. Even after We keep tell you your info is flawed you stick to the same BS propaganda, article after article. Same Fake BS propaganda. Kelloggs is a poison factory under the guise, pretending to be a food company. Everybody needs to Boycott Kellogs fascist poison factory. Half the crap sitting on US grocery store shelves is GMO poison pretending to be food. Kids cereals are the worst/ laced with sugar food coloring, sweetners that cause cancer in lab rats. There is no valued nutrition in fruitloops.

            • The Original headline and story read:

              Poison Company CEO’s try to blame communism for their poison production line seizure. The Poison company produced Sugar laced crumbs in a box designed to make children addicts to keep wanting to consume more of the poison. Cartoon Characters were displayed on the boxes and free toys placed in the poison box to trick kids, and get them to choke on the toys as they ate the poison crumbs. Veneszuela people are safer now that this poison factory was seized. More US fascist capitalist cimpanies will be looks at for morality and safety.

          • See BS

          • Snap, Crackle, Pop !!! 🙂

        • Domestic labor is complaining about foreign labor, seizing a transnational company.

          We are no more stakeholders than the Venezuelans.

          • Oh the so called Commies seize a foreign factory poisoning its people. How about tell us how the Commie fascist US Government first destroys entire countries and economies, kills its presidents and Seizes entire Countries to install their new puppet dictator to steal the countries assets like Oil in Syria. Its theft. Who stole Libyas Gold reserves?

        • Him, you had me until you said there was an algorithm for every single American. Algorithms don’t work that way, especially in machine learning, which is what is being used to “classify” us. Is this what you mean? We have been classified?

          Anyhow you are otherwise correct. We are NOT free and there are varying degrees of Socialism, where most European countries make us look conservative. The sick thing is that the Socialists keep trying. They think that every other attempt to try Socialism was done incorrectly and that “their” way would work.

      2. @REDNECK





        • Israehell is not a country. Its a Communist squatter regime occupation of a country. No different than MS13 Gang occupying parts of LA trying to increase their gangland territory. Of course the US funds and supports these terrorists like Israehell and ISIS =Israehelli Secret Instigator Service. Same as CIA= Chaos Instigator Agency. All liars thieves and killers.

      3. They will probably get my guns, unless I survive the firefight and am able to regroup elsewhere. What troubles me, is that if I manage to survive and take plenty of them out, how am I going to clean up all the squad cars and corpses off my lawn? At least I’ll be able to resupply with their AR 15’s, Glocks, magazines, leftover ammo, fuel, shotguns/ammo, and maybe some body armor (that which I manage to leave serviceable). Man, gotta love that Police State!!

        • akvalmet30, you’ll make it. Just remember the rule – shoot…. move. No ‘thing’ is worth sticking around for. You can always return later. This Kelloggs business is something else. At least those who work for/at the factory will be able to grab a meal off the assembly line hopefully.



        NOW IT’S 6.5 HOURS








        • I sleep on the job, so I’m OK. I’m an air traffic controller. When I am awake, I am on

          The way I figure it, the planes will land themselves…… eventually.

        • Eisenkrud. In 1905 the averqge life span of a man was only 48 yrs old and for a woman it was 52 yrs old. Thats what 9 hours of sleep per day got ya. Just saying… Lol

      5. The problem with employee run operations, is that without managerial oversight, they will never produce a profit, which is the key incentive to a business. People say profits like it was a dirty word, but profits make a company thrive and grow. Profits mean you can and have paid the employees, and can continue to pay them. Profits mean you can pay your taxes, electric, gas, water bills, and profits mean you have ready cash for raw materials, and insurance. Profits mean that you will attract good employees, interested in sharing some of those profits. Profits mean you can buy new machinery to replace old worn out machinery, and upgrade to the latest technology. Profits mean the surrounding community benefits in a hundred different ways. And for all of you that begrudge the owners and executives getting really big paychecks, remember who took all the risks, and burned many a quart of midnight oil skulling out all the details. It may not seem like much to do, but it makes the whole thing work to the benefit of many. They often lose their families, and wind up with ulcers and heart disease. Take on all the responsibility that a business founder does, then tell me how easy it is. When you own and run a business, you’re always being watched, by customers, employees, banks, govt. Socialism does not work, neither can it produce communism, or anything resembling good. Winco has profit and business investment workers, and it seems to make them a lot more responsible while working, but they don’t own and run the company. Socialism is the same as expecting a mob that burned down 10 city blocks to rebuild it, once their complaints are heard and rectified. Socialism seeks equality of outcomes, something impossible with any system.

        • You know what would help this world? If everyone had to learn Game Theory. Think about it. What motivates you! You have self interest. Most of us would like a bit more money right? Why? Because in this world money greases the machinery of life.

          People will do the craziest/stupidest things for money, so money gives you the ability to get people to do things for you. The more you have the more you can leverage people, up to and including gaining power. People will give you power over them for money. People will give you power over others for money. It’s just that most of us don’t have that kind of money, so we don’t gain that kind of power.

          Self interest drives everything. If you aren’t interested in something, it has no power over you directly. Getting others to have the same interest as you do can gain you power, or if you can fulfill someone else’s interest. Mutual benefit makes the world go round. This is the problem with Communism and Socialism. You are expected to work for the greater good, even if it doesn’t benefit you. This will always equal failure. This is also why Capitalism works. Human nature can be a bitch here too. I have Millions/Billions, but for some reason I need more.

          I was told by a multi-millionaire I know, when I asked how much was enough, and he said at a certain point it’s just keeping score with the other rich people out there and becomes a silent competition. Greed is NOT good.

        • Now there’s a fascist capitalist (Sean) talking. Destroy countries so US companies can make more profit. What a concept. Thats the down fall of America, when LAZY US corporations need puppet dictators to create profit overseas. How about just make superior products that actually create natural demand that people really want? And there would be no need to destroy countries, all so you can sell your fascist inferior crap products for profit. Ever read the ingredients on a cereal box. No food just chemical concoctions to taste like food.

      6. I would hate to be one of the workers in that worker-owned company. The remaining workers in the petroleum industry don’t have the chemicals to process the crude oil but they do it anyway. In Venezuela, failure is not an option. If the Kellogg workers can’t get the materials they need, they will have to improvise (soylent green?). Time to think about emigration.

        • Time to think about how to kill all socialists and communists.

          • including all the teachers and admins in the socialist “schools?”

      7. If they don’t have raw materials, make and or grow them.

        Buy the building and start the business under another name. Pay for it with future profits.

        Kellogg’s-Wheaties could be TWEETIES

        _ ?

        • Shieties or Shltholegrain?

      8. Kellogs is on my boycott list due to their political
        positions. The only Raisin Bran I can eat these
        days is Post cereal’s.
        In other words who cares?

        • Rellik, try Great Value Crunchy Raisin Bran and you’ll never go back. Some wal mart items are better than the name brands. Trekker Out

      9. Kellogg’s outsourced a lot of work to Mexico. Read some of those Kellogg’s boxes.
        Quite a few will say Product Of Mexico. You really have to look. Not in large print.
        You see, the (union) wages in Kalamazoo are too high for them to make a profit.
        Gotta spread some of that work out. NAFTA for you.

        • Battle Creek not kalamazoo, my great uncle worked at Post from the 1950s till the late 80s and at the end was making close to 80 bucks an hour not bad for the 80s.

          No wonder they moved to Mexico and Venezuela.

      10. One problem with capitalism is that there is a exploding number of people from all walks of life and ages that can no longer afford the steady escalation of all prices across the board. A recipe for looming disaster.

        • there is no capitalism on Earth- wait, maybe the local swap meet

          shame on you for implying that there is

      11. absolutely unconstitutional and illegal

        mmmmmm….. It says in the Venezuelan constitution “Thou shall not close a Kellogg Factory”?

      12. Kellogg’s loves socialism. Loves it. loves it loves it.

        • Kellogg’s profit depends on dumb mindless twits, to buy their nutritionless poison garbage.

          They put cartoons on the box and stuff toys inside to trick kids, like its a reward to consume the poision..

          Camel cigarettes used to use cartoon Joe Camel untill that too was banned to get kids to smoke. Disney uses dumbed down cartoons to promote bestiality, porno, by brainwashing children thats its all good. Any smart parent woul fully Boycott everything Disney. Its Z_i_o_n_i_s_t controlled just like sexist ESPN. Same clan, same scam. Look up the Guu-ish 500 Boycott List. Thats the enemy.

      13. Ever play monopoly with some kid that thinks that since he owns the game that he can change the rules after the game starts? Investing in a foreign country is just like this except that they can change the rules. Government confiscation is definitely an option with foreign investment.

        Saudi Arabia is now building a massive new city which will cost $500 billion dollars. The financing will come in part by foreign investment in exchange for shares. It looks very promising but I keep thinking of the story of the walrus, carpenter and oysters with foreign investors being the oysters.

        • Notice how the characters were expected to run in circles, to keep dry.

      14. But, it was already a nationalized business, in bed with this govt. They should have simply made a competitive bargain, with the competing govt, in exchange for the use of their branding.

        Who did you think “earned” the bulk commodities and industrial manufacturing concern, as by the sweat of their brow?

        These are just abstract ideas, to a banking interest. They don’t even accept ownership of the facilities, in the sense that normal people think.

        The business model is to launder subsidies. The rest is just phony stage props. If no liability is incurred, they would just as soon pack the food with random garbage and walk all over it.

      15. Those stupid fuckers gave up their arms now look what is happening to them.

      16. Meh let them eat each other. They gave up their weapons and voted for communists. I have zero sympathy for those morons. Communists and socialists are a cancer wart on the ass of the world.

      17. Just like the 7 million jobs that pulled out of the USA by NAFTA and greedy unions…

        “… pulling out of the dystopian communist country [USA] because of the worsening economic situation brought on by the disturbing socialist policies of Presidents Bush I, Clinton, Bush-II, Obama and Trump.”

      18. A preview of things to come here in America. Hopefully, it won’t be as bad. In general, breakfast cereals fall short of what people need for good nutrition. Some are better than others but usually expensive. Oatmeal is about the best, especially with fruit(also expensive). The best things you can say about cereals is that it is quick, fills you up, and is easy to prepare. For Venezuelans, this means one less food source.

      19. US Capitalism means destroying sovern countries, install your own puppet dictator to force the country’s assets and markets to be Assraped by US Fascist Companies for wallstreet profits. Been going on for 100 years.

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