Venezuela, Socialist Paradise in Collapse: “Rationing Food, Toliet Paper… Now Electricity”

by | May 2, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 114 comments

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    Welcome to Venezuela, the socialist paradise where many workers how have a five-day weekend, and everything is rationed because nothing works and the country has shifted in an all-out SHTF situation.

    As Grindall61 sums up succinctly, this is why you do not want Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders of the United Nations running their life. Why? Because they are pushing sustainable development for everyone in the United States and on the planet, where resources are rationed, and your very existence is considered a blight on the planet.

    Life in Venezuela means waiting hours in a line for supplies and necessities that aren’t even available to buy. It is a total nightmare:

    Venezuela is rationing food, toilet paper, and now electricity. They are in a depression which is turning into a SHTF situation.

    What keeps it going? Force by government agency:

    Just think, California today is mandating cuts and rationing water because of the shortage, and more and more parts of life even in the U.S. will be regulated and controlled – all while the insiders and bureaucrats party on the taxpayer dime, and dance to fiddle music while the country burns.

    It is has happened over and over again in history, and right now it is happening in Venezuela.

    This is socialism in action, and socialism when it has failed.

    Make no mistake, America is headed on the same path, unless things change.

    H/t SGT

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    Collapsing Venezuela Is Out of Food: “Prepping Became Illegal”, Long Lines Mandatory

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      1. Coming to a town near you.

        Same shit, new day.


        • 96% of Boers are rejected immigration status in the UK.

          Even if their parents were Brits.

          Meanwhile, a Muslim Labor is a strong favorite to win Mayor of London on the Thursday election.







          • Im latino worked all my life served this country not socialist so qyite being a fuckin rascist and grouping people in a category aci etch

          • Well I went into a Walmart down in SW Florida a few weeks ago. I would guess 75% of their employees were Non-English speaking Hispanics, and this is in a mostly White community. I tried to get help finding something, and the lady in a department did not speak any English. She ran off to go get somebody else who could. I said really extra loud, “Hey!! Where you Going? Don’t you speak English??” Then the next clerk that cam by was worthless also in directing me to what I was looking for. Its something as simple as shoes. Not until a White Guy Manager who did speak English came by, and he just shook his head and said I know. I know. When I asked why nobody speaks English? I walked past a few other hispanic employees stocking shelves and speaking Spanish. I almost, ALMOST stopped and felt like saying, “Hey Fuckheads, Speak English this is America you POS Illegal Wetbacks. “Trump is gonna, Kick you SOB’s Out of here.” Vamooose!!! Pack your Bags.

            Later, I reflected back, and after reading more of my Early American History Book written in 1890’s, Besides American Indians, the Spanish were the first to Squat in Florida, going back to the 1500’s and the invasion of Desoto and Spanish Conquers seeking Gold from the Indians to take back to Spain. So like WTF, who was here first..?? I choose not to be ignorant, but the White Man did not discover everything. Why do we Celebrate Chris Columbus Day, the Murdering Genocidal SOB, never set foot on the American Continent. We need to STOP being Lied to. Get History facts and don’t be ignorant.

            ~WWTI… I bet the lady clerk, was trying to tell me in Spanish that they were here first in Florida, I need to learn Spanish and pack my bags. And of course they are voting Hillary.

        • “Andorra has long benefited from its status as a tax haven, with revenues raised exclusively through import tariffs. On 1 January 2012, a business tax of 10% was introduced, followed by a sales tax of 2% a year later, which raised just over 14 million euros in its first quarter. On 31 May 2013, it was announced that Andorra intended to legislate for the introduction of an income tax by the end of June, against a background of increasing dissatisfaction with the existence of tax havens among EU members. Hollande welcomed the move as part of a process of Andorra “bringing its taxation in line with international standards”.

          Translation: They want to make all countries equal in their third world shithole status.


          It’s time to fucking put America first for once.


          • Acid… most don’t believe in the warmongering style of capitalism. Can capitalism even exist without warmongering?

            • I don’t see why capitalism could not flourish without warmongering. The warmongering is part of what is destroying our country.

              • If a major company builds a dam in the third world . And that country decides it doesn’t want to make its payments . That American company goes under. Along with its employees. That’s why wars or hostilities start. We make deals and only an army can enforce-the deal. Most people don’t care unless it’s your family member that isn’t getting there paycheck. We have twenty aircraft carriers enforsing our deals with these third world rats.who try to rip us off every chance they get.. Make a deal with a third worlder and see what happens? Then you will need an aircraft carrier? To get paid.


                The scum power grabbers need war to feed fear to stay in power and take control.

                With any luck, stirring should happen in the near future.

            • You fffing A it can.

          • I live in Texas and our roads and bridges are just fine (except Houston). I drove to Louisiana the other day and it was like driving into a third world country. The roads were terrible.

            • Try I-35

        • Much easier to implement rolling brown outs in America with the Fed gov funded smart meter grid now in place.

          • And without the smart meters they just throw the switch on an entire area
            Pretty much the same out come … Darkness

            I’ve already planned for either scenario

          • There is more truth to that statement than you realize.

        • Can someone help??

          I need new email account and don’t know where to go. I already have yandex and they won’t let me open a second account (I want a second account!) I tried Protonmail but it won’t work on this computer… does anyone have suggestion? (I don’t want NSA snooping websites– turns my stomach! Supposed to be America, not Nazi Germany!) thanks! (P.S. I want a free email place).

          • Gmail still available and free?

            • I don’t want NSA snooping websites– turns my stomach!

              Gmail still available and free?

              Reading comprehension is key…

          • Clinton Mail would be nice. You can commit all the crimes you want any nobody cares. When someone discovers it you can claim ignorance and blame the Republicans.

        • Trump 2016. Maximum disruption

        • guys, I invented an off-grid organic food production system that fucking rocks. one system can produce enough food for a family of 4 to sustain themselves, chickens, eggs, fish, veggies of all kinds, even some fruits can be produced with this system. it’s call the permacuberevoluion check it out on you tube

      2. Best to know which leaves to use for butt wiping.

        Don’t want to use poision ivy…

        • Or poison oak, sumac or devil’s walking stick.
          The last one rips me up, but I got an old wives medicine to clear them up.

          ht tps://

          be well all…

        • Fig leaves are certainly large enough.

        • I’ll just use a Liberal.

        • I had a friend who served in the police training in Afghanistan. US contractors put in porta potties for the US people and cadets. When the workers came to pick up the porta potties they could not do it. The porta potties weighed about 3 tons.

          The contractors did not know it at the time, Afghans use rocks to wipe their asses. The porta potties were full of rocks.

          • JS, a neighbor in the 70’s was in the ME.
            They would defficate in a paper bag, and go bury it in the desert. They knew they were always watched. Then leave and watch from a distance.
            Sand nigs would go out and thrust thier holy hand in the bag, thinking it was something good.
            So much for the different hand stuff…

      3. Yeah, the big hogs to the north know what is right for everyone everywhere. Reports are that these hogs are mandating this result all over South America. It’s all about making these HOGS flush with cash.

      4. The thing that puzzles me is that the Venezuelan people don’t overthrow their failed, overly idealistic government. This has been going on for what? ten years now? Maybe this is what happens when you have strong gun control laws and the wrong people come to power.

        • Winston, DING DING DING DING! We have a winner. Socialism works only until you run out of other people’s money. It’s never worked anywhere and never will.

          • Northern Europe and Canada are pretty good places to live. Civilized society certainly needs to regulate capitalism because it will destroy itself. The robber barons formed trusts which in effect wasn’t capitalism. The question is degree. Tariffs? Certainly. Glass-Steagall regulations? Of course. Labor Laws like the Wagner Act. Absolutely.

            The US has unfortunately a well entrenched underclass multi generationally highly skilled at gaming the system. Export them to Norway, Finland and Germany and their socialist benefits with skyrocket.

            • We have anti monopoly laws to control these greedy rats.But they get around them with payed off judges. Thire is no perfect system . Everything depends on the individual not being a curupt sack of crap. Witch doesn’t happen much now a days. These millionaires want more .and they. Don’t care about the collateral damage.

          • Socialism worked for the Nazis, they just lost the war is all.

            • I don’t understand what that statement had to do with what I said in 3557477?

              Norway, Canada and Germany are good places to live. The largest community where I live is composed of common German nationals. They have enough money to buy a winter home in the US. You have enough money to buy a winter home in Germany?

              • It all depends on where in the US they are buying that home and where in Germany I would have to buy mine. Also, not all Germans have that much disposable income either. However, in every medium to large size country that practices a more or less capitalistic economic model, there will always be some who can afford second homes in exotic places or not so exotic places. In purely socialist economies though, where the state owns the means of production (such as the USSR), that almost never happens except for those in power. As for purely Marxist countries, who knows? Marx’s theories have never come to complete fruition but I think it’s safe to say that no one would own private property if they did and there would be no escape to other nations as we would live under a one world system. (It’s one of the keys to Marx’s theories.)

                • His name isn’t Carl Marx. It’s mordicia levy . The son of along list of rabias. Trotskis name was Lev Bronstien a wonderful Jewish person too. Look up yohuda in the Ukraine . The FED. The media owners the Hollywood pervert owners .wake the f up.?

                • We have 30,000 germans in a population of 160,000 in SW Florida. I spoke to several. Their English is far better than my non existent German. They are largely blue collar people. Germany making very high quality goods that wasn’t effected by China Free Trade.They have a much more comprehensive social safety net. If that is defined as socialism I don’t know but they don’t have a dozen Aircraft Carries and the rest of the offensive woo ass that the US possesses. I believe they have pride and a great work ethic too.

                  Welfare is a symptom in the US. The cause was the evisceration of wealth creating manufacturing.

        • Guns or no guns it’s going to be World War Z down there if it gets any worse.

        • I talked to a Mexican . They are afraid of dieing ? That’s why they don’t fight back. Just like us? The police terrorize us . With threats of prison terms if we don’t do what they say .MRABS millions of rounds of hollow points. Tanks planes. Helocopters? We are being terrorized ?we have no rights . Unless we enforse them? But we live in fear Fear of them .And who are they? Who is terrorizing us ? The Muslims ? The police? Who is really terrorizing us?who are you most afraid of? Answer that question? Em I more afraid of the the Muslims or the police? I can deal with the Muslims . But what about the police ?they are a hundred times more dangerous wake the f up?

      5. Priorities…

        Obama budgets $17,613 for every new illegal minor, more than Social Security retirees get

        “President Obama has budgeted $17,613 for each of the estimated 75,000 Central American teens expected to illegally cross into the United States this year, $2,841 more than the average annual Social Security retirement benefit, according to a new report.”

        “What’s more, the administration is also spending heavily on a program with the United Nations to help the illegal minors avoid the dangerous trip by declaring them refugees and handing them a plane ticket to the U.S. where, once here, they get special legal status.

        The report, titled “Welcoming Unaccompanied Alien Children to the United States,” is a deep dive into the administration’s evolving efforts to let hundreds of thousands of mostly 16- and 17-year-old males settle in the country.”


        • Another of the 101 reasons i would rather starve than feed the beast

          • Kula and KY Mom, the govt. keeps showing favoritism to these foreigners and totally neglects native-born US citizens.

              • john stiner,

                They KNOW and don’t care!


            • Right you are Braveheart. They also bring in aliens to be trained by the people they will replace for less money. Ita all about money!

              • Jim in Va

                “Ita all about money!”

                That shows my point that at the top the decisions are fascist. The implementation of it for the masses is equalization communism.

            • Obama has done everything possible to destroy White culture in America.

        • Two things: 1 – I have just figured out how to NOT pay IRS taxes and 2 – Congress needs to pass the law allowing POTUS to do this stupid thing.

          Trump 2016 Maximum Disruption

          • Need details. Most of these schemes fail miserably.

            I do know if like me you have a paid for homestead and don’t need but $18-$20K a year to live well, then you probably wont pay any taxes and may get earned income credit on top of that. That’s what I have figured out.

      6. Venezuela is part of the WW3 scenario. So is Brazil. These are the early stages of the war. Syria, Ukraine and the shooting over in Armenia and Azerbaijan are the hot spots for now. The US news media is playing up the “Russian aggression” against US military craft. What the media doesn’t tell the boobs watching the tube is that the US craft are spy craft picking up intel in Russian areas of operation. Kalinigrad and Kamchatka peninsula. If the US craft were being “buzzed” in the Gulf of Mexico then we would have something to yell about. Globalists vs. Commies. We Americans don’t benefit from any of this. We’re going to be the victims.

        • Russia is not communist.

        • Exactly. That’s what I tell people who complain about Russian aggression to me. It was the US that tried to deny Russia it’s only warm water port in the Black Sea by toppling the democratically elected government of Ukraine. If Russia buzzes our ships in the Black Sea whose fault is that, and why are we so far from our territorial waters in the first place?

          I also have a theory: If Civil War 2.0 is to take place, it will be the Russians and Chinese who will arm the rebels/patriots. It’s not for our benefit, mind you, but to get the current US government out of their hair. The aid will likely come with some strings attached, just like what the Germans did when they repatriated Lenin to get Russia out of WWI. I doubt they’ll ask for territory, but they may ask for concessions in terms of spheres of influence.

      7. Coming to you eventually.

        Do you really think the amount of global debt won’t eventually cause a total collapse ?

        Maybe not this year, next year or in the next 5 years; but at some point the world will have to deal with it and it’s going to suck when that hits the usa doorstep.


        Pear porn eh. Click on the link trolls. You want to have and argument with me assholes. Go eat shit.

        Now need to worry about city blackouts and other negative info coming from people like me.

        Copper and oldguy posted recently telling others to not listen to HCKS because he is clinically insane. You two trolls have infiltrated this webiste, picking and choosing handles that make you look like the norm, constantly attack the cabal that you work for, then you come on here and phuck with Genius, Sarge, FTW, Aljamo, Brave, Sling and others. Stangely i have seen you attack Mac directly. At least you dumb ass trolls know better than that.




        Click on link and watch the vidoe. You will learn a thing or two about pre-callapse.

        • HCKS

          Just finished looking at the link and video’s. A very good mix and had to notice that little bastard from Mexico yelling, Fuck you and giving people the finger.

          I will tell you that I have a BIG case of the ass for all that is going on in our country. I am pretty much set in my ways. At this time there is very little that I can to fix the problem and so the problems will continue. There are to many PUSSYFIED AMERICANS and until they are PUSHED to THEIR limit they will sit on there ass and I am not going out and fighting for a jerkoff who will not fight for himself. I know there are others that want things done now but we do not have the full backing of the people to fully engage. So let them hurt from their own means. Maybe when they are hungry or catch a rifle butt to the head they will understand.

          • Although we do have free speech I would make it clear that if you are NOT a US Citizen then if you choose to burn and riot to destroy American Businesses, then you are waging War on US Soil. That includes using incendiary devices or firing a gun at US Citizens. I classify that as if any foreign army soldier invaded our homeland.

            They should be rounded up and deported and if you were injured by the property owner defending his property and life.

            You have NO RIGHT in any Court of Law to sue. As far as I am concerned.

            • Anon, damn good points and I totally agree. I’m only fighting for me and my own. I don’t have any obligations to anyone else, especially not to any POS sheeple. They’re on their own. Nobody owes them shit.

            • ANNO\
              I would like to shove those Mexican flags where the sun don’t shine.

              You talk about TURDS. There is coming a day when push will go to shove. I don’t believe it is going to be very long before we see it.


            • There is no free speech in America. Did you forget the “first amendment zones”?

              • John
                You are preaching to the choir.
                Tell this to them turds waving the mexican flags.

                This the USA not mexico. Let them turds go home and wave their mexican flags. Try waving a USA flag in mexico in a protest and you will get shot or put into prison.


        • Funny… I had never before thought of the pear as an erotic fruit. Guess rule 34 is still functioning as well as it ever has…

      9. The only reason why the US is not in the same position as Venezuela is because it can print its own money that is accepted as value. This privileged position is maintained by the USD being the worlds reserve currency and enforced by the US military. The US is living, or has lived about 16 trillion dollars above its means with no end in sight. We’re the opiate addict chastising the alcoholic for having a self control problem.

      10. Voting for Sanders or Clinton is the way to go. Why?

        Because a large portion of the American people don’t understand how they can lose their freedom.

        Free Shit Army and the Give Me Dats. we are going to see if the younger crowd has a spine and how much they are willing to do to save their freedom. I expect they will go to the point till they almost fail to know what freedom is all about.

        I would rather it all go to hell than have a temporary fix. That is having to fight the same people again for the same reasons in the next election cycle.

        Yes, two men enter, one man leaves. ThunderDome.

        • anon

          Actually Sanders and Clinton are politically miles apart and Clinton is closer on most policy’s with the Republican candidates sans Trump as they are with her. Conversely Sanders and Trump are relatively close on trade and foreign policy.

          Freedom. That keeps getting redefined so as to have lost its original meaning.

          • Why Clinton and Sanders both preach to the free shit army, they are the same on the issues, except Clinton is very open to taking bribes, Sanders does not seem to do that.

            • Sanders and Clinton are polar opposites on these very important issues.

              1. Instituting Glass-teagall which would both break up the big banks and make felony illegal once again that which is nearly unethical now. This is huge.

              2. Free Trade. Bigger than huge

              3. Use of the US Military as Wall Streets bully boy. Huge.

              4. Having the US Justice Department actually dispense justice on Wall street criminals. Vitally important.

              Massive difference which is why Hillary got $21 million from the Financial Sector.

              • Glass- Steagall


        • Anon, they don’t know what freedom is now and will never know, so f#$% them.

          • Braveheart1776

            Oh, I am done trying to reason with the Fucktards.

            • Anon, spot on. They’re a lost cause.

        • we are going to see if the younger crowd has a spine…


          I would think the answer would be a very clear-as-day “no” at this point. Look at how bent the little pussies get about free speech already.

        • IMHO
          At this point in history it doesnt matter who we vote for, our predestiny is set

      11. The New Normal: From $34.00 an Hour to $2.65 Plus Tips

        “It turns out Henry was laid off from the coal mine two years ago. When he mentioned additional layoffs and mine closings since then, I got the impression Henry had decided his chance of returning to the mines was slim to none and had decided to change ‘careers’.”

        “Quickly signally agreement to my question whether working as a waiter had hurt him financially, he said he dropped from $34.00 an hour toiling in the coal mine to $2.65 plus tips.”

        “Essentially his income plummeted from $70,720 per year (plus overtime and benefits), exceptionally good pay for a then 25 year old man, to $5,512 (assuming 40 hours a week) plus tips based solely upon his excellent service and the local economy…”

        “In response to my praise for a job well done, he said he took pride in doing a job well and giving it all he had. This is not the first time I’ve talked with a Millennial and walked away thoroughly impressed.

        He was upbeat, pleasant, professional and obviously committed, all while living in a decaying West Virginia coal mining town facing a bleak future long before the rest of America has truly felt the escalating birth pains of a cascading depression.”
        ht tp://

        • The only way you are going to make it nowadays is being self employed.

          • That will only delay. In the end even the self employed need to feed off of something. Many younger couples are living off of old money from Mom & Dad. Without replenishment it ends.

      12. This is rather frightening isn’t it? Bernie, Hillary and Obama want to bring those features here.

        • Sanders & Trump desire to do away with the Free Trade agreements that have been largely responsible for the decline in wages.

          Don’t lump Sanders in with Hillary.

          • The only reason sanders wants to get better wages in the US is so people can pay higher taxes to cover his socialist crap,,,
            I hope every single idiot who votes for sanders hillary or any other establishment commy orsocialist eventually gets stuck in a food line while having to work 3 part time jobs just to make it

            • Free Trade pushed by Republicans and passed by Democrats has went very far to make three jobs per person a reality. The fascists that actually control the system aren’t friends of the people. Its fascism at the very top with communism being used to essentially treat the masses like farm animals.

          • Bernie is also ON Record, Documented proven Fact to have spent considerable time back in early to mid 1960’s Living in Israel, and went to live there mainly to attend an Kommie jewish Bolshevik “Yeshiva” school on How to be a bolshevik and a better kommie etc.

            Yeshiva is their tribal kike yid word for a “school” or maybe closer to what we call a training Camp of sorts.

            Many such yeshiva’s exist in usa too and most are to teach jewish kids and teens all about being jewish/talmudic etc.

            Recall that Red headed wild crazed looking arizona shooter guy who shot u.s. rep gabby giffords? and also shot in the head a u.s. fed judge that was a white and christian man, which was probably the Real intended target that shooter was sent to whack because of a prior fed ct case that judge ruled against gun grabbers in.

            Well I mention that shooter guy because what the msm and fox tv failed to inform folks of then, was that not only was gabby a jewish women but so was that shooter a jewish man, and he also spent His summers as a paid Teen councilor/teacher at some Yeshiva school summer camp in his area….Recall also how 4-5 days 24/7 fox and cnn et al tv kept painting that shooter as an evil white seperatist, a nazi, a Neo-nazi, a KKK member, a Rayssist, and their favorite an antisemite hate monger…Then tv news discovered he too was like gabby, jewish…That was abject End of all forms info and tv news switched to other hollywood info news.

            Yutube has several videos that show various yeshevia camp schools and what is taught within such places…Taught besides being a talmudic etc I mean…Such as how to better hate all Goyim and how usa whites are sub human goys also etc.

            In other words a huge part of yeshiva trainings are to cement in their young minds how Master race superior their tribe and they are when compared to us lowly goys.

            So you can bet that berine got a huge dose of that crap besides the usual bolshevik trainings he recieved within that israel based kommie camp.

            I’d also wager, especially at bernies age, that he is a child decendant of the actual real russian or polish or ukrainian kommie bolshevik jews if his parents imigrated to usa as msm says they did.

            Most EVERY former soviet bolshevik once booted out of russia or hungry or poland or ukraine and several more locations of former ussr soviets, either imigrated into usa-or israel-or EU-or England…With USA and Israel being top two locations to now host said bolsheviks.

            And Anybody that wishes to believe they are not still a bolshevik at heart?…is far too far gone for any type awakenings now.

            And please do not try to diminish it all by some fraud claim that somehow by being atheists, those too many to count bolshevik kommie jews were not really jewish!

            Because any truly awake folk knows that those bolsheviks and those of same tribe that aint a kommie(very tiny numbers) they toss around several different meanings of what exactly a jewish person really is…Ie: today to cover tracks they claim to be atheists so not a real true jew as its “just a religion”…Tomorrow if circumstances warrent it?..”Oh it is a Race of jewry”

            And next week if situation calls for third new meaning?..Then “it is BOTH a Race And Religion”!

            So one can see how futal it is to attempt to cover for their wrongs done by saying russias kommie bolsheviks were NOT jews do to being atheists.

            Like a Dog missing one of four paws/legs is no longer a dog right?…NOT!

            I do not know what other may believe but I Still agree with what I first learned about kommies at age of aprox 5 yrs old in kindergarten from neighboorhood kids and elder brothers etc…That being “Is there any Good Kommies? YES! but Only the Dead kommies is good kommies!”

            We also learned “I rather be Dead than to turn Red”! That too still stands as 100% truth.

            And if most all my elder white christian polak relatives didn’t get mass murdered by such bolshevik kommies, they too I think would agree and add a reply to state it here.

            Out of 13-kids in family my granny was the ONLY one that was able to come to usa and its due to she arrived here just after them russian bolsheviks and polish bolsheis too, attempted their first of Three trys at a soviet ussr state…Back before 1899 she arrived in usa…Rest of her family never believed I guess that the soviet kommie bolsheviks be so determind to try two more times untill finally a success in 1917…But that was due to NY jewish Bankster funding along with germany jewish banksters funding Lennin and Trotsky…

            And NO those were Not any so called “nazis” nor “Brown Shirts”…Rather they Were as stated..bolshevik judeo soviet kommies period…if this Fact rattles a few israel firster haggeeites? Deal with it.

            Plain truth facts is this…Marx’s communism was and IS and always will be the absolute worst possible form or method of state or state govnt period.

            Why is this so you may ask? I will tell you why…

            Because when one combines whats known of almost 75 yrs kommie rule over once former white christian eastern europe, All of it!…Combined with the Facts that as stated above in a posting here, Marx was raised by a bevy and long line of rabbi’s and aknowledged talmudic experts.

            And once one comprehends what anything evolved from the talmud will likly consist of, especially if one is a goy member of world population…Then one shall also comprehend that Marx’s biggest influence came straight from Satan the Devil himself period.

            And now after seeing the abject outright War of bolshevism kommism against christianity let alone against primarily white folks be they christian or not…Only a blinded fool will disagree…Or a solid brainwashed Haggeeite evangelical too duped to change now.

            PS: I Never watch any tv msm news, except now and then a few short moments of RT tv since rt does show “some” stuff on mid east region affairs never shown on usa tv news……So…If anyone happens to see bernie on a campaign trail speech event actually mention the vast role His tribe had in aforementioned bolshevik atrocities, and see’s bernie either admit how horrific his bolshevism was? or he sheds any real Tears from its memory of it all?…Please inform me/us here of that event okay….I won’t hold my breath though. He is far more likly to speak about their holohoax events rather than speak truth and admit his tribe ever did wrong period.

            • A federal judge ruled against gun grabbers and in favor of the Second Amendment and he was murdered. Or did he get shot but survived. The shooter was a Talmudic tribal member. Was it on the news? I don’t recall hearing about that case.

      13. Guess I’ll have me a black ass yep black as coal from wiping with news papers suppose I could wipe the ink off with some alcohol but that might burn a little

        • Just like Bernie Sanders saying slogan Feel The Burn

        • You assume you will be able to afford the newspaper!!!

          • Yea your right no one even gets the newspaper any more with the Internet and all hell i have fox news alert on my phone and any thing that happens i get an alert before its even aired on the station bad part is i cant wipe my ass with the internet guess ill use old phone books for a short while

            • Godsoldier: You need to get that Odigo (sp?) Phone App that israeli mossad offers and that they used to inform jewish folks to stay out of work on the day 9/11 happened.

              It appears that phone app warning system is reason so Few of them got killed or harmed that day during 9/11 collapse events.

              I do think I recall reading that one must Prove they actually are a certified tribe member prior to being allowed access to odigo’s app warning system?

              Maybe switch last name to Finestien perhaps would work?

              Maybe also such a Cell Phone App for white folks could be used to alert whiteys of pending dangers, and even to call forth patriotic whiteys like BLM africans use their cell phones and facebook accnt’s to get many hundreds of violence prone militant savages to gather at a Mall parking lot for their latest “Polar Bear” attack against unsuspecting whites exiting stores at days close eh?

              Cell phone apps seems to be the last remaining method that still can work proper to get folks to ACT and Act as One Unit of say, 20-Million strong so Our issues get fair notice eh.

              Picture an app that alerts whiteys and includes the days several address’s of homes occupied by corrupt officials….Then at precicely the given time frame…So many folks come and Pounce…Well you get what I mean probably….if ignorant apes can be so successfull doing that system?…Then much smarter white folks can really clean house eh.

      14. My friends down there with $ have all sold their businesses and moved out over the last five years, with kidnappings rampant. Some became US citizens, mostly in Miami, some went to Panama and elsewhere.

        They could not do business anymore, bank tellers call cohorts outside when you withdraw $ and you then get held-up after you leave the bank, cops on the take look the other way or actively participate, they are all in on you getting robbed and/or your family getting kidnapped and held for ransom. Cops are even doing home invasions under cover of law of executing search warrants, cleaning you out of portable valuables, it’s gotten that blatant.

        A decade ago down there, before all this latest, even then I’d be wearing body armor whenever in downtown Caracas, and have concealed revolver. When going to the bank we often had a trusted off duty cop as backup we’d call in for the trip. I should say, though, this was just in Caracas, as out in the country or smaller towns, we had no issues, though always vigilant everywhere.

        Rule of law comes back, and things really settled down longer term, I’d seriously consider going back there, especially out west, around the Merida area.

        Probably never happen, instead, we’ll see more of all that lawlessness up here first.

      15. Shane Conner, sad to say your last sentence is true. Once the balloon goes up, we’ll be WROL [without rule of law] and everyone will be on their own.

      16. “The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving on.”

        – Ulysses S. Grant

      17. I’m going to Venezuela and I’m bringing my own toilet paper.

      18. “Socialism (lit.’gouvernement’ in Fr.) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”
        – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

        And yes, you are correct. Leftists STILL have no idea why this never worked, CAN never work, and WILL never work… that won’t stop them from trying – with your money – until the whole nation is one giant Venezuela,Zimbabwe, Cuba, USSR, Kirchner-esque Argentina or Greece.

        • You can neither have anything resembling representative government when the have / have not is so out of whack. You can’t have multi billionaires and a growing underclass co-exist simultaneously. Its destabilizing. In 1950, in the Ozzy and Harriet day the top tax rate for incomes over $400,000 / yr was 90% (unless of course you invested that in effect financed US economic expansion).

          Our present system isn’t capitalism its corrupt crony capitalism that is eating the host.

          • I remember Johnny Carson got a TON of perks instead of money because the government would take it all in taxes.

            • “One man, one vote” is moot when that one man has $10 billion dollars. Its also moot when banks merge into a financial colossus that are, “Too big to fail, too big to jail”.

              We need Theodore Roosevelt.

      19. “War is the continuation of politics by other means”.

        Carl von Clausewitz

        Winning battles is a means to an end and sometimes not so. Every battle can be won but in the end it may involve an undesirable political outcome. You therefore can win every battle yet truly lose the war.

        • As radical liberals loose their grip on power they will become more and more violent trying to get that power back.

          • Radical liberals have no grip on power. The fascists at the very top have the power. The “Liberals” are nothing more than useful idiots.

      20. I know little of Venezuela exept whats in these news posts but know a lot about Colombia which is next door and shares a very long border with Ven. Colombia is the exact opposite of Ven with a conservative government which embraces capitalism. Their economy is great and have no shortages of anything. I guess genetically the people are the same, just differences in government. My city, Medellin is booming and has been since 2002 when the new conservative government stood up and fought the communist guerrillas, and won. It wasn’t easy, lots died on both sides but the government eventually won. Violence decreased drastically and with much more safety in the streets the economy bloomed and foreign investment returned. Just goes to show how different life is for the people under capitalism vs commie. If finances allowed I would live in Colombia as I feel with its weather and great farmland coupled with a conservative gov and booming economy it may be one of the better places to be in SHTF. KF

      21. Socialism works just ask all the “A” holes protesting.
        There is a great war coming between the True Patriots of the Constitution and All others,(Commies, Socialist ECT.)

        Some turd on Fox news war arguing it will be a war between the Haves and the Have nots. (Zombies and Leaches)

        Bull POOOOOPPPP!!!! What I’m seeing is a bunch of young turds that have been told and believe that they deserve what some one has worked for, for many years. That these turds should have it right now. This goes also to the point of the $15.00 Min. wage. They believe that they should have what I worked for, for the last 47 years. They should have my new (2010) F150, my wives Jeep (2011) 4 door, Our land 100 AC (BOL#2) so on & so forth. These little bastards really believe it should be theirs with out them having to work for it. One day this will come to a head and it will get split!!!!

        I can see in the next two month and I hope I’m wrong. Rioting and looting with shots fired. Or some Trump supporter getting attacked and he or she carrying and because the feared for their life shoots some piece of shit that is attacking them. Its coming you just watch. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think I Am.

        On the PLUS side, Just checked out the garden. Beans are starting to come, Peas are starting to come, Corn starting to come, Tomato and Peppers, Cabbage, Broccoli, all looking good. Got all 5 of my 50 Gallon water barrels full from the last rain we got over the week end. If we run into a drought I will have water. I can still get it from the creek. When that dries up if it does I’ll go to the barrels.

      22. Has anyone heard Trump say anything negative about the bankers being too big to fail and too big to jail? Not likely to either. This establishment outcry against Trump seems like a psyop to me. I mean Trump winning could potentially put all three legislative branches on one side if he wins. They all love Killary, she speaks their language of deceit. They win, the people lose again. It’s over already. Played like fools. The real problems besides the illegal border busters are not up for debate or even mentioned. Talk about aloofness.

        • aljamo

          That concerns me too. My first pick was Rand Paul.

        • Trump is just a blow hard. I predict Cruz will win the Republican nomination on the second ballot. Trump will be totally pissed off then run as an independent to spite the Republicans and hand the election to Hillary after splitting the vote.

          • john stiner

            So all of his support from people that is much greater than Cruz is to be cast aside by a ruling elite?

            Cruz is the Establishment

            • And that would surprise you why?

              • Surprise? It would generally be the standard move but there is so much attention upon this campaign. The numbers are so overwhelmingly in Trumps favor that government will lose even the veneer of credibility if this happens. They need to maintain the illusion of self government.

                The above would be unprecedented. I think too overt even for them. Neutering him once in office like they did to Jessy Ventura is more likely. Trump does command the “Bully Pulpit”. That strategy might not work as they desire. Trap would have no reservations calling out specific Senators and Congressmen that are blocking what “We The People” desire.

      23. There was a recent photo essay piece done online that showed families in Venezuela and their pantries. They have 2 days worth of food- most of them. They are less than a week from going hungry. Starving… no. Many of the photos show obese or overweight people. They are eating a lot of starches instead of protein though. Hunger, for people decoupling from reliance on a high carbohydrate diet is very, very painful. THIS is what you get for relying on the government teat folks.

      24. Well yeah but it’s sure to work here, right………

        • The judge threw it out because of mental incompetence?

          • For some odd reason, the Cypress Hill song “Insane in the Brain” keeps going through my head every time I read one of his posts…

      25. All systems of governing fall short because of greed and corruption. Someone always feels that they should get more than anyone else.

      26. ht tps://

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