Venezuela Isn’t Just in Crisis, But Faces “Total Societal Collapse”

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Headline News | 85 comments

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    This article was written by Shaun Bradley and originally published at The Anti-Media.

    Editor’s Comment: Obviously, things aren’t going to just get better. The people of Venezuela, forced to wait in long lines for basic necessities, are under the thumb of what has now proven to be a ruthless dictator. He has killed, and will increasingly use violence (and any means necessary) to hold onto power.

    Eventually, Maduro will likely be ousted, but only after forcing his people into literal starvation. Yes, the U.S. likely is waging economic war on Venezuela, with tanking oil prices putting on the pressure; yes, the U.S. is involved in coups all across Latin Americas, but Venezuelans are now between a rock and a hard place. It is just indecent, and the world’s attention has been turned elsewhere.

    Total Societal Collapse: What the Media Isn’t Telling You About Venezuela

    by Shaun Bradley

    Life in Venezuela now consists of empty grocery stores, record rates of violent crime, and widespread shortages of just about everything. The economic and political conditions have been deteriorating for years, but recent stories coming from this once-rich nation are astonishing. Bars have run out of beer, McDonald’s can’t get buns for their Big Macs, and rolling blackouts are a regular occurrence. The average person spends over 35 hours a month waiting in line to buy their rationed goods, and even basics like toilet paper and toothpaste are strictly regulated.

    The fiasco began when the price of oil collapsed and sent Venezuelan finances into chaos. The oil-dependent nation, despite its imposing government policies, couldn’t prevent the fallout. The current problems are further compounded by rampant corruption throughout the Venezuelan government. The likelihood of a peaceful resolution is decreasing by the day, and political dissents are likely to be met with brutal crackdowns. The desperation of the masses could explode violently under the right circumstances, and there are few things more dangerous to a nation than a hungry population.

    The food lines seen throughout Venezuela are reminiscent of the Great Depression. Thousands fill the sidewalks and wait for hours to get their hands on basic staples. Tensions have risen so dramatically that several people have been killed in recent food riots and lootings. Dogs, cats, and birds are finding themselves on the menu, and a group even broke into the Caracas’ Caricuao Zoo to slaughter the animals for meat.

    In an effort to relieve some of the pressure, President Nicolas Maduro briefly opened the border with Colombia, prompting over one hundred thousand people to pour across in search of products that have gone extinct in their own country. The border was originally sealed back in 2014 in an attempt to prevent the smuggling of food and people. The uncertainty of what the future holds has forced people to spend what little savings they have on securing enough food to get by. Without access to the resources needed for production and distribution, commerce has come to a complete standstill, and food shortages aren’t the only consequence.

    The Venezuelan healthcare system, once a symbol of socialism’s success, has been crippled by vast medical supply shortages. Gloves, soap, and antibiotics have all vanished, with power often only working one or two days a week. The economic woes have created a full-blown public health emergency. Malnutrition combined with doctors’ inability to treat patients effectively has led to outbreaks of diseases like tuberculosis and malaria. With such extremely limited resources, many patients are falling through the cracks. Even simple illnesses are going untreated, leading to dangerous complications.

    Jason Marczak, director of the Latin America Economic Growth Initiative, spoke about the crisis:

    “When people are literally going hungry and children are dying at birth because there aren’t the right medical supplies … when basic things like Tylenol aren’t even available … this causes a huge amount of angst in the population.”

    Yet another disturbing pattern has developed since traditional forms of birth control have become unavailable in stores. Record numbers of women are resorting to sterilization to prevent unplanned pregnancies. Local clinics have hundreds on the waiting lists for appointments. Aside from the financial burden, the possibility of watching their children starve is too much to handle and has prompted many women to take drastic action. This means the current economic depression is going to have long-term effects on generations to come.

    Life in Venezuela is now built around waiting in lines. As much as the lines have become the key to survival, they are also hotbeds for violence. Crimes are often committed in broad daylight, with assailants meeting little resistance. For other people in line, the risk of leaving their spot to intervene is just too high. Their dependence on government has literally robbed them of their ability to help others in need.

    “These days, you have to put the line above everything,” said pharmacist Haide Mendoza, who witnessed a murder in the line at her store, CBS News reported.

    The hyperinflation currently affecting the Venezuelan currency, the bolivar, is undermining every function of the government and economy. The inflation rate is now the highest in the world and is expected to hit 1,600% by next year. Despite the government raising the minimum wage three times to appease workers, the move has only fueled a rise in prices. In a highly controversial move, the government imposed forced labor policies to keep food production going. Maduro’s emergency decree promises severe punishments for those who refuse to work in the fields without pay. The social contract appears to have no end when it comes to the ‘greater good.’

    It’s always interesting to see the selective coverage the media rolls out, but the struggle of people on the ground is getting too severe for them to ignore. The same policies increasingly pushed by Western governments are on display in Venezuela as the country descends into chaos.

    In the coming months, this story of societal collapse will likely force its way into the mainstream. Food shelves haven’t been restocked, the police haven’t restored order, and the food lines continue to grow. The faith in the State that was the cornerstone of stability under Hugo Chavez has been completely eroded. If oil prices surge, it may provide some relief, but the symptoms plaguing their economy are past the point of no return.  The only way to remedy this type of repression is to hold the criminal government officials in power responsible for their contributions to the crisis.

    This article was written by Shaun Bradley and originally published at The Anti-Media.


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      1. This is what you get when you put socialist in power.
        Welcome to the NEW USSA. Vote Hitlery, get your free food, medicine, lodging, education. So on and so forth! Then about 2 or 3 years starve to death, and watch your kids DIE right in front of you.

        USSA 2017 2018 will look like this.


        • this is also what you get when you give up your guns

          Venezuelans had guns up until just a few years ago.. they bought the BS and allowed their government to screw them.. lets be dam sure this country doesn’t act just as stupid ,, because thats where we are headed

          • The people of Venezuela have a lot of patience, the same people are standing in the same like 3 week later and the line has not moved one inch according to the photo above. lol Looks like the day before Black Friday here in the US.


          • Rebel Son, I won’t be giving up squat. MOLON LABE

          • Old Navy will fight to the utter bitter bloody end. I’ll die bleeding on the Flag just to keep those stripes RED AND FREE.

            • Time Keeper… You are full of it.

        • BS

          • care to elaborate…?

        • Sgt Dale
          Then again it might just be collateral damage in the fight between US/Saudi and Russia over pipelines.

        • I know the corrupt US government has their hands in this— even Paul Craig Roberts talks about it. I wonder if the US is doing this as an experiment to see what happens if they pull the same stuff here…

          • I get so sick of hearing how the US is responsible for EVERYTHING. For the love of God, Venezuela swallowed the socialist ‘dream’ hook, line and sinker and NOW they’re paying the price. It’s that simple. Socialism… SUCKS!!!


            • How would you like it if Russia and Iran was bombing the crap out of our US Civilians so they can install their dictator as USA President, all so they can run a pipeline from North to South/ Canada to Mexico through the Midwest USA?

              This is the same BS the US is pulling in Eastern Europe. Oh and btw, you citizens defending the rape of your country shall be labeled as terrorists? And then droned if you refuse to submit? Yes that’s WTF our Government is doing in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, so forth and so on, for the last 40 years.

              Got a problem with that?


            • Mal Reynolds,
              well i don’t know what the USA actually did down there ( venz )
              but i do know that the CIA was doing allot of something down there!!! maybe trying to stop what was happening?? or maybe they were a major cause of it!! the USA has done MANY things over the years in central and south america, and allot of it either came back to bite them or did not have a positive outcome!!

              • Apache54:
                Your argument is a complete non-sequitur! So a socialist economy is completely incapable of collapsing without CIA involvement? C’mon. Sometimes the folks here want to breath conspiracy into everything. Read history. Socialist societies are completely capable of collapsing on their own. Or do you blame the US for the downfall of the Soviet Union too? LMAO.
                Another big, centralized, totalitarian communist regime ruining a resource rich country. It… really… is… that… simple.
                And it’s coming here soon enough.


                • you should read “financial killers” and see how CIA interferes with foreign countries
                  when they have some wealth those banksters are interested in their ressources
                  naturally socialists is not the best and local corruption helps
                  and if you get in their way well …you can be suicided or accidents happen
                  but yes read that book and another one very interesting is “Currency war” it will open your eyes on foreign politics

                • Mal,
                  first off i was NOT arguing with you i was merely adding what I personally know about what has gone on down there. sorry if you view that as a threat to your statements. like i said I don’t know what they were doing down there, BUT the CIA was there! what you might not like to hear is that the CIA does take part in MANY things involving monitoring and or TRYING to change or influence foreign countries. that is a fact NOT a conspiracy! I hope you understand now what i was saying!!

        • Hitlery, Hellery…
          She’ll bring both to everyone’s doorstep, that’s for dang sure.

        • Sgt. That’s also what you get when you put a psychopath in power.

        • The World’s powerbrokers and Globalists have 1 goal, that is to eliminate 90% of the worlds population, I have been warning people for over 25 years and some are waking up, but the majority here in the USA are just waiting for the NFL season to start and get dumbed down even further. SAD, that the masses don’t understand this is why ROME fell give the masses bread and circus’s then once all the money is gone, we will have the same things occur in the US. I am glad I moved my family out into the boondocks 10 years ago.

        • this shit pisses me off human brothers do not hurt their peope like this and that our country just does nothing also strikes a nerve ,late july i wanted to send two boxes of diapers down to a little family with a 2 year old so the little might have diapers ;cost 228.00 usd May GOD JUDGE usfast

      2. Venezuela’s economic problems began with Chavez, when he nationalized the oil industry and ran off the knowledgeable and skilled workers thereof. US action in oil pricing targets Russia; Venezuela is “collateral damage”. In the used-to-be, Venezuelan crude came to its refinery in Corpus Christi and motor fuel was shipped back to Venezuela and sold at a subsidized price of under twenty cents per gallon. No CIA efforts are needed when the political system is full-bore socialism.

        Otherwise, good summation.


          • Rudy.
            pic is a repeat from an earlier article.


          • and you have information saying otherwise? By all means, lets see it!

        • Any one remember when the South American president applauded President Obama for how fast he implemented social programs? In every country in this hemisphere, the US has its fingers and enablers. Obama started the oil scenario when he asked SA to manipulate the oil prices to destroy the Russian economy. Maybe if he had known how it would affect Venezuela, he would have backed off! (sic)Right!!

          • It whas all premeditated, but it affected the US oilprices aswell and brought misery overthere , that having politics while being high and thinking your exceptional !

        • Maduro also forced price controls, forcing foreign multi-nationals to sell their products at a loss…and these were the ONLY sources of these products for the people of the country.How long will ANY company stay in such a country? Not long. Give everything for free or subsidized, and soon there will be nothing to “give”…

      3. Brace America’s not Far behind them

      4. Probably half of them will end up here, next week.

      5. Yes socialism is there down fall,but,USA is not innocent.We deemed Venezuela a terrorist state and cut off trade,hung them out to dry,or die!
        If ,when Hillary gets into office,will be here shortly!
        Keep prepping.
        Maniac –out

        • Some use the worth socialism without knowing excactly what it means, consult a dictionnary !

          • A dictionary is not needed when one uses common sense.


            • Amen, Brother. THE SAD thing is, is COMMON Sense has left the world, which brought us ocriminal, rumney, mccriminal, and people still vote for these self interest USA destroying people. I still live with common sense but the millenial generation doesn’t know what it is.

      6. And still, People of the world can’t see the problem with Socialism.

      7. No TP? Roll me over.

      8. Let us know when they start eating each other…..other than that looks like same-o same-o……

      9. Do you know what it’s like to grow up in the projects?? No. How would you like it if that was all there was?!

        I’ve been watching video of many many projects going up.
        The city Planners are actually doing it. They are turning the place into one big shithole. The hunger games movie is the plan that’s being implemented. You wont have a car. But the criminal rich will have cars. You have to sit next to a filthy coughing pervert on a bus. Wait in the rain for as long as it takes. Then walk with groceries to your apartment or cell. You won’t be going to the next town. Without a car, with roads deliberately neglected eventually gone altogether. This is not a futuristic nightmare senario. They are implementing their plans. Public transportation. No more single family housing. This is beyond the tyranny of anything in previous generations. This is one big prison. Apartments will become rooms. Rooms will give way to bunk beds. Eventually all you will be allowed is a clostrophobic tiny sleeping spot just big enough to wiggle your body into and out of, like they have for single men in Japan. All the comfort of a submarine. The changes will be slow so we frogs don’t panic and jump ship. It’s time to find out what the City Planners are up to. Perhaps we can still stop them if enough of us make a big enough outcry. If we go on like nothing is happening, we’ll wake up soon and find that they have succeeded in remaking America into a total locked down prison. Not an open air prison. These people are involved in the local politics of your city. I know you’re tired after work. But instead of plopping in front of the J*w propaganda TV, go give the City Planners some opposition. Let them have a look at a population that is smart, informed, and more determined to keep our way of life than these bastards are determined to destroy it. Fight or flight. But flight to where? Venezualea??


        • Flight, as in walk, out of country…cross order, I’m sure some of the people who went “shopping” in Columbia didn’t come back…Why leave security and food only to return to your shit hole….It would be like escaping East Germany to the West….I would say given enough time there will be a mass Exodus….Columbia, Guyana, Brazil…..

        • B from CA
          You are describing Seattle.
          many peons there are all proud

          • Amen on Seattle…..why I left over 9 years ago for browner pastures in East we still have control of our schools and cities…

        • B from CA, Braveheart will be ‘bugged out’ to the BOL long before the agenda 21 shit takes place.

        • B…
          It’s a scenario straight out of “Agenda 21” – yeah, I know, that was a book written by Glenn Beck – but prescient in it’s meaning.
          Be well,

      10. A good and real prepper should start whit using his brain, until now in the US its not forbidden tu think, why do they smear and try to sabotage, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Irak, Afghanistan, Lybia, Syria,Russia why dont they blame themselve for warmongering everyxhere in the world, or ISraeHELL, Saudi Arabia ?????

        • Flight, as in walk, out of country…cross order, I’m sure some of the people who went “shopping” in Columbia didn’t come back…Why leave security and food only to return to your shit hole….It would be like escaping East Germany to the West….I would say given enough time there will be a mass Exodus….Columbia, Guyana, Brazil…..

          • The put this post in the wrong place…sorry

          • About 500.000 Colombians live in Venezuela !About 30.000 Cuban medical doctors and other types of medic also, they told this already 6/7 years ago, i went to see and stayd 5 monts, Caracas, Isla Margarita and 12 other states, the problems come from people that buy huge quantities and kepped them hidden waiting for price rising, no shortages in beer and Santa theresa rum !

            • so what shortages are occurring are the fault of a few people buying huge quantities…???

          • Anunció el superintendente Agroalimentario, G/B Menry Fernández
            Gobierno Nacional abrirá empresas de producción y procesamiento del trigo panadero en todo el país
            24 ago 2016 | 4 Comentarios
            Se sumarán 48 centros de distribución de Pdval. La Sunagro aseguró que irá hacia la municipalización de los canales de distribución

            GMAS 2
            En los operativos antibachaqueo se incautaron 115 mil toneladas de productos
            Más de 1.800 empresas ha fiscalizado la Gran Misión Abastecimiento Soberano
            24 ago 2016 | 2 Comentarios
            En mes y medio de operaciones se han incorporado 6,2 millones de toneladas de alimentos y 2,2 millones de litros, según cifras del Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Defensa

            Tema del Dí

            • My Spanish is really rusty.
              Why didn’t you just say they are fucked?

              • Rellik, looks like he did; in Spanish, LOL.

                • I know.
                  Me casa es su casa.
                  If and only if you can
                  walk on water.

      11. If the ‘Anti Media’ is so anti media, then why do ALL of the hyperlinks in their story link back to the corporate media? You mean to tell me they couldn’t link to one alternative news site? or at least the Panam Post. I’m just saying, stop supporting the corp media gatekeepers and act like your the ANTI MEDIA…

      12. at this point socialism has nothing to do with it
        Maduro is a defacto dictator

        Venezuela Will “Purge” All State Workers Who Sign Maduro Recall Petition

        h ttp://

        Venezuela’s Latest Response to Food Shortages: Ban Lines Outside Bakeries

        h ttp://

        Orwell would be proud

        • You must be the US, CIA, USAID, NED troll on duty ?

          • Rudy
            if you have evidence that these stories are false
            then by all means put it forth

            and yes
            I am paid by the CIA,KGB and numerous others to be a paid troll
            as I said
            I get 23 cents for every post

            now if you’ll excuse me I have numerous other sites to get to
            money is tight and daddy needs a new pair of shoes

            • *snicker*

            • What a foolish response. And to say that socialism has nothing to do with it is ridiculous. Socialism always fails, ALWAYS.

          • …said the troll from Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia Nacional….

        • No, Orwell would be either very disappointed or very pissed.

      13. I work with a lady from Venezuela. She is a brand new American citizen and is very proud to be an American and is very nice and already patriotic. Three times in three months I’ve asked her if what I’m reading about Venezuela is all true, or is it exaggerated. ALL three time she has said “oh no, It’s all true”. I frankly expected at least some of what I read here and other places to be a little exaggerated, but according to her, it’s not. Her parents still live in Venezuela and she is very worried about them especially her mother, who is no longer able to fill her prescriptions, even though they have the money, because there is just no medications to be found except on the black market. And who knows what kind of pill you’ll get on the black market. It’s all true guys, Venezuela is going to hell. And we’re next unless things change…

      14. I’m somewhat off topic here but…… in the city, known as the end of the North End, Water District, I live directly across from the Coast Guard. Today I hear stomping and commands from outside. Looked and saw a full Battalion in full fatigues marching down the center of the road.
        Since I’ve only lived here 2 yrs. it could be just a changing of the guards so to speak.
        Really has me speculating about WTF is going on? Constant helicopters above and boots on the ground. Seems we are becoming a Socialist Nation without permission from the people. God help Venezuela and the USA.

        • tishie…you in bean town!!!…stay safe

      15. Holding the line here in the Pacific Northwest. Filed yesterday:
        (it went in DR 160161 – the mj case number- w/a 13 cent ‘Articles of Confederation’ stamp).

        c/o 11 Riverside
        Anywhere, California
        RR 12345
        Without the U.S.



        Forest Queen
        Claim “in Law”

        CASE NO. DR 160135
        CASE NO. DR 160161
        Supes, Planning, Ag. Comm, et al.,
        wrongdoers. CLARIFICATION



        This is a court of record.

        1. I, the living claimant, going by the name Forest Queen, invoke the laws of the republic.

        2. The fact the Court or County is always styled in Dunn and Bradstreet as an ALL CAPS entity just like it is in the Risk and Management documents which name is nowhere found in the statutes that created the Court, or any that refer to it spelled this way, leaves me enough grounds to raise legitimate questions in immediate challenges and demands for jurisdictional clarification.

        3. There is more than one Legal jurisdiction styled “United States” and “State of California” in federal ‘law’ and regulations, and as Dunn and Bradstreet confirms; there is a commercial corporate entity trading from the “COURT’S” address as the “SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA,” “COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT.”

        4. When we get to the issue of style of service, of state and court themselves, we find the SUPERIOR COURT listed on Dunn and Bradstreet as a commercial corporate entity financially connected to STATE OF CALIFORNIA and COUNTY of HUMBOLDT pseudo government entities.

        5. One needs to advise the COURT, it may not only show financial conflicts of interest to the COURT’S dispensing of impartial justice in these two cases, MJ TAX & Meas. Z TAX, but likely every similar case that has come before it, as well as, it will show the true commercial corporate nature of the SUPERIOR COURT and STATE OF CALIFORNIA, and its other financially inter-connected pseudo government entities, that are NOT an unbiased court or government directly created through the sovereign electors of California State, the state of the republic, which would give you and all prejudicially damaged parties in law suits before it, grounds not only for vacating past judgments, but for lawful action against the “COURT” for fraudulent representation, and possible criminal conspiracy charges against the officers of HUMBOLDT’S COURTS and of COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT, and action against all the attorneys of the County who knew what they were taking cases into when they brought suit under the SUPERIOR COURT, COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT.

        6. Will the STATE argue under the “Clearfield Doctrine” that the private bankrupt for-profit corporation COURT has a higher standing than a Private “In Honor estate/trust/office/administrator? Not likely, I really don’t think that the State Attorney would be that foolish. “You” are responsible in some capacity for meeting the contractual and fiduciary obligations owed to the People here in Humboldt. “YOU” need to be made explicitly, individually, personally, and undeniably aware of criminal acts of mis-administration and malfeasance being committed and directed by corporate officers functioning in blatant Breach of Trust and Conflict of Interest while occupying vacated and long-inactive Public Offices.

        7. Absent a specific, fully disclosed, voluntary appointment to act in behalf of specific individuals, there is no basis for any claim that any elected, appointed or employed by the UNITED STATES or its STATE franchises, agencies, or subsidiaries, represents anyone but themselves. Election to a corporate office does not imply Power of Attorney. Election to a private corporate office does not imply election to public office. The same is true of any elected, appointed, or employee of United States Inc., and its State franchises.

        8. “YOU” are being afforded the opportunity (JUST ONCE!) to self-correct and correct the operations of your Office/OFFICE of employment. Failure to timely do so and provide remedy to those who have been harmed may result in your being prosecuted for impersonating a Public Servant, double indemnity fines, up to ten (10) years in prison per offense, commercial compensatory damage claims, and dissolution – lease, franchise, agency, bank or other corporate charter of the Legal Fiction entity you work for.

        9. These Trust Management Organizations don’t have a contract to operate the people’s government, though they have been conniving and contriving to do so for several decades with disastrous results.

        10. We the People have been defrauded, lied to, lied about, victimized by
        deliberate semantic deceit, suffered extortion, armed robbery, gross
        fiduciary malfeasance, inland piracy, conspiracy against our rights and
        material interests, have suffered from self-interested non-disclosure,
        breach of trust, despotism, and default of commercial contract—all at
        the hands of Trust Management Organizations that are obligated to
        function in good faith and with full fiduciary liability.

        11. COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT is merely a privately owned for-profit commercial corporation, which has sought to attach certain private property and to control the free market.

        12. The two Trust Management Organizations dba the United States Inc. and the UNITED STATES, INC., and their “STATE” franchises, were and are, obligated to defend the National Trust, including the material interests and rights of individual state American nationals who are beneficiaries of the National Trust Indenture.

        13. Any concerted attempt by Trustees—whether individuals or entire vast incorporated Trust Management Organizations—-to impose upon the beneficiaries of a trust or to usurp the assets and collateral held in trust for the Trustees -for the Trust Manager’s own benefit- is a High Crime of Felony Fraud and Criminal Malfeasance.

        14. The only business any American has with any corporate administrative tribunal functioning as a Court/COURT is (1) to inform the personnel operating the Court/COURT of facts, or (2) to present a claim against UNITED STATES, INC. or CALIFORNIA INC., or HUMBOLDT COUNTY INC.

        15. Any pretension that any individual is obligated to obey these instruments of corporate policy, such as an Ordinance, an “employee” must be backed up with proof of fully disclosed employment contracts and agreements, as state American nationals are owed full treaty and trusteeship obligations.

        16. “YOU PERSONS”… are ALL Undeclared Foreign Agents who are trying to overthrow my republic form of government!

        17. If anyone handles the lawful duties of a trust then they are either acting as a trustee or they are breaching the trust.

        18. Beneficiaries who act as trustees without grantor authority are in breach.

        19. If a trust is created then there must be an estate (asset(s) that is owned free and clear by the grantor…no exceptions to this.

        20. WHEN IT COMES TO THE NAME, BODY, BC, ETC….who is grantor…where is the indenture naming the trustee(s) and beneficiary(s)…what are their instructions???

        21. Is the trust Revocable? Private? Foreign? Above all, what is the law of the trust???

        I am not affiliated with any ‘Legal’ society. Rather, I am an unincorporated private member of the living.

        Autographed and sealed on the land Humboldt County, California state,

        August _____, Two thousand and Sixteen

        I am woman, an eyewitness with firsthand knowledge.

      16. Oh no, that will never happen here. Government loves us. Start having more babies, its good for the economy and good for food production.

        The United Nations is waiting to see when cannibalism licks in, how long it takes, to log the data, since the population of the US is 370,000,00+.

        Muduro is working with the UN, and this is a fact.

        I never taught in my mind, and the facts that I have been exposed, that my death will not come from old age, my children and grandchildren, by tradition and lifestyle, but by 40 rounds of 7.62, or .50 cal FMJ in my bullet riddled body, then dumped into a mass grave.

        What and hell of and exist..

        Gee, I am so entertaining. I am not even going to waste bandwith even trying to convince anyone on this site anymore, especially with the new HORRIFIC info I heard recently. My scientist buddy told me not to post it, that it’s time for the shock and awe face to begin. February I can tell you and give you a hint.

        Message to legitimate preppers.

        Put in your orders for survival food before years end. Please do so, you have to do it now, because you wont have anymore left again, and it will not be available anymore from 02/2017 unward.

        The prepper movement of new awakend preppers. The newly awakened people will totally completely deplete all of the survival foods all over the entire country. These are the dumb fucks, your family and so called friends, that you told to get ready they laughed at you, they are going to go ape shit and clean out the supplies, and you will see the sudden consistent shortage of canned goods in the grocery stores. -straight onward to the 2025 death and destruction wave.


        The legend in his own mind.

      17. How to get around being a terrorist state declare to the United Nations that you have “refugees ” that need refuge. Send your loyalists to do terrorism in new country causing destabilization. The George Sorros model of operations.

      18. Don’t intend to be so bleak- but in reality- we need to pay attention to Venezuela. The oil prices in this country will not destroy the nation, but those working behind the scenes = political, will do the same thing. Picture America- same situation, same scenario- food,fuel, electrical, marshall law- where do we run? Now, take everything away- everything- a country of three-hundred million, living in the streets, countryside, stairwells, ditches- we can go back 2000-3000 years- hunters and gathers, the strongest survive. Soylent Green need t be reviewed and notes need to be taken- this is not fantasy, it is a study in survival…

      19. It always amazes me how amerikan’s can be so ignorant of the eventual outcomes when pursuing Marxist/socialist doctrine…

        I always ask how traveled they are….

        I generally have to point out, traveling through Detroit doesn’t count…

        It’s like the lady that said everyone should have free healthcare,” but I didn’t know I’d be the one paying it?”

        Like I always tell my grandson, ” gimme got his neck broke…”

        • I like it!

      20. When we do trade sanctions . We tell every country if they sell anything to or buy anything from Venezuela . They can not buy or sell anything to American for years. Who is going to loose us as a customer to buy or sell anything to little Venezuela. Our wonderful rich people are choking them to get control of the best oil on the planet . And the most in one place. It’s all about rich people wanting more. And doing whatever to whoever. To get it . Starve the poorest kids. The billionaires need the cash.

      21. I guess the preppers in America will one day be watching Americans standing in line . Like we are watching Venezuelans. Keeping our dogs in the house all day. And wondering how long before it gets hard core. Even if you have money gold silver ammo. There’s nothing to buy. Even the black market is out. Talk about strong men’s hearts failing for fear of what’s coming. Watching your family in the agony of starvation.

      22. “When socialism comes to the Sahara, there will even be a shortage of sand.”

        – Old Polish proverb under Jaruzelski…. and soon to be under ObunglerCare

      23. Give Hillary and the Democrats eight more years and the U.S. will be just like Venezuela.

      24. Coming here eventually.

        when the dollar stops being the world reserve currency, things are going to go downhill seemingly overnight.

        the entire country is living on borrowed time.

      25. I keep Googling for cannibalism in Venezuela, but even if it’s rampant, it won’t be reported.

        VZ is one of the worst nations on earth for kidnapping, kids are apparently very tasty…….

      26. Saw this article on ZH before it arrived here. Venezuela is still a very agrarian and most of the society can still feed themselves, unlike here in USA where most people are not only dumb as a stump but dog ass lazy ! The cities in VZ will suffer the most by far and it will be no different at all here in USSA, once we reach the reset point. And it is coming. I am in the process of relocating to a very remote piece of ground with 400 head of cattle and no neighbors for a long distance. Hope to be moved within a month. Amazing how much is involved to make such a decision become reality. Selling my current property is just one small step in the grand scheme of things and that alone has been quite an endeavor to get it all up to speed and marketed.

        • God for you for thinking/acting ahead! It’s hard to make that move, but you will be glad you did!

        • Right there with you.

          Am planning on moving out of the big city and to a small city in an area where the fresh water is plentiful and not too far from the ocean so plenty of options for food with fresh and salt water fish.

          the Obama people have won and they can live in the places that will make Detroit look good without me.

      27. Poor choices by the leaders of VZ have led to the problems the people are experiencing. Let’s send Hillary down on a 20 year loan to straighten out their problems.

      28. Where in the hell are all the Hollywood liberals that were praising Chavez/Maduro for the “wonder” of their socialist (Marxist) utopia? Why aren’t Glover, Belafonte, Moore, Penn and their like sending their millions down there to “help”? Hypocrites and fools they are.

      29. According to what I have learned it’s takes 4-6 months for cannibalism to set in, and the adults eat the children first. From what I have learned, they are almost there at that point..what has the UN down to help, nothing because they are behind it.. the people in that country are in deep shit.


        • WOW-good job HCKS!!! I could actually read your post and understand it the first time through.

          Not razzin’ ya.

          And your right, the children always suffer the most. Always.

      30. In socialist wonder lands,waiting in line for scraps is considered full time employment, I wonder if that is what hillarys plan for getting people back to work here are? And food ,the only food you need to provide is food to the thugs who keep you in power! Because they work for it! Oh and you don’t have to provide health care to some one starving,that’s not covered under obamacare,oops I mean maduro care, that is considered a benefit given freely from failing socialist dictatorships. Where is bearnie when you need him? Hey just tax the crap out of big business they got plenty of money! Oh there are no more big business left to tax! Well tax the hell out of the people in lines for food the seem to have enough money to buy food,and charge them rent for standing on government property for so long! See socialism can work if you give it time for enough people to starve to death!

      31. Get ready for a new wave of 3rd world immigrants to flood into the US-now from Venezuela. Looks like Hugo Chavez’s communist paradise turned out very successful.

      32. On the one hand, the idea of total societal collapse is very sad because of all the bad things that can come from it. On the other hand, sometimes this is what it takes to get the government, that is holding the society back, out of power. Then there is a possibility for a renewal. Several countries in Eastern Europe have had good results from this. So call me the finder of the silver lining. 🙂

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