Venezuela Destroys Thousands of Guns: “Renewal Of Efforts To Disarm” Hungry, Angry Population

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    Conditions have already been set for society to come unglued.

    The rioting, looting, poaching and running to the border for food supplies that has already taken place demonstrates a people who are already stressed to the breaking point. The impact on individual health, and the instability surrounding everyday activities has already shown through, and things are only getting worse.

    So, too, has the police state. Socialist President Maduro has many opponents who wish to see his ouster. The nation’s thin dependence on high oil prices has made their economy easy to hack. Unfortunately, the people are paying the price. Maduro must use a strong arm and an iron fist in order to cling to power, just like every other dictator – communist, fascist, socialist or otherwise.

    via Reuters:

    Venezuelan police crushed and chopped up nearly 2,000 shotguns and pistols in a Caracas city square on Wednesday, as the new interior minister relaunched a long-stalled gun control campaign in one of the world’s most crime-ridden countries.

    Interior Minister Nestor Reverol said the event marked the renewal of efforts to disarm Venezuelans, through a combination of seizures and a voluntary program to swap guns for electrical goods.


    “We are going to bring disarmament and peace,” Reverol [a pro-Maduro former anti-drug tsar accused of drug trafficking corruption] told reporters, while police officers drilled and sawed at rusty shotguns, home made pistols and some newer weapons.


    Venezuela has also bought laser technology to mark ammunition, Reverol said, in an attempt to keep a registry of the bullets given out to the South American nation’s many state and municipal police forces.

    Their form of gun control means, of course, that only the police, the military and the criminals will have guns – even though they officially acknowledge that police corruption – with resources and salaries under pressure – is the biggest factor in arming gangs.

    Everyone else must hope for the decency and restraint of these privileged groups of people – police, military and criminal gangs – upon whose mercy they must rely during the collapse of their nation.

    What happens in a country where food is scarce, and those with guns can get everyone else to do what they want for food? What happens when there is a monopoly on “protection” and self-defense is outlawed?

    Gun control, of course. Venezuela, of course, has already imposed strict control, but this is a renewed focus.

    Caracas is the murder capital of the world, and has had a very high murder rate for decades. But when 2012 saw tougher gun laws, the murder rate actually climbed even higher.

    Via Crime

    Private gun ownership was banned in Venezuela in June 2012, but their homicide rate went from 73 per 100,000 people in 2012 to 82 per 100,000 people in 2015.  The BBC seriously repeats the Venezuelan government’s claim that the ban is an “attempt by the government to improve security and cut crime.”  The ban was preceded by an amnesty to get people to turn in their guns.  The video gives some idea of what life is like in Venezuela these days.

    The “renewed focus” on disarming the population only shows how far the State is willing to go to keep order on its terms. It won’t stop crime, but thousands of crushed guns, and in the midst of the biggest crisis ever in Venezuela… actually, it is a sign of darker things to come.

    Suspicion, purges and domestic repression are all inevitable from here. The corruption will be squeezed out of the walls as Venezuelans, caught it he middle, struggle to hold on to decency.

    How can people who are angry at the government and who want its leader thrown out to be kept down? How far is the regime willing go?

    Opposing the regime or breaking the rules in order to feed families will be an increasingly risky behavior.

    News flash: this could happen in the United States overnight under a Hillary Clinton presidency. All they need is the right crisis to suspend rights and the rule of law.

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      1. Coming to a street corner near you.

        • POP
          You are correct, but after I run out of AMMO!!!!


          • Damn strait, It will be patriotic to die in a pile of spent brass. Not in my area..

            ~WWTI… btw/ talked with a local yesterday, and in a conversation about the gun confiscation in Katrina where he and 25 others with air boats operators went over there to help they too were disarmed, however he said he still had a .357 on his airboat. He did get his guns back when they finished up there helping. But, That is wrong anyway you look at it in my book. Never give them up.

            *He also said he shot and killed a thief trespasser 3 months ago on his rural property. Some a-hole thief from Ft Lauderdale would drive hours up to this guys property walk back in like 3 miles and pick his sheds and garages clean. He said he had hours on tape of this same guy coming back time and time again and leaving with arms full of his personal property. Well the last time this guy was spotted, he was home, and he and his kid broke out their high powered rifles, got a bead on the dude, sneaking behind the trees. Between the trees and his buildings he has about 500 ft open area. And he called the cops right then, and told them what was going on. The cops hurried out there, but as the cops arrived the guy blasted the thief right in the chest by the neck as he walked out into the open field heading to the buildings, and killed him instantly. The cop agreed and the corpse was hauled off, and the entire incident was justified. He said he was Ex military. Good old boy redneck.

            We got great County Deps in our area and are one of us and like thieves dead and killed, as they will never steal again. Just make sure you always put up your No Trespassing signs and warnings on your side of the fence. Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again. I would do the same thing some a-hole comes on my property. Good as dead including gun grabbers.

            I joked with the guy about “shoot shovel and shut up” after he threw the corps in the wood chipper. He said “hey I got a wood chipper.” We both laughed and headed in our own directions. It nice living in an area with like minded people.

            • Beware Gun Grabbers. You will get your hands and heads cut off.


            • Calling BS on your story. Castle Doctrine or Stand Your Ground states you can not fire on a retreating intruder. A justified shooting is IF you, or another are in bodily harm and fear for your life. Shooting some one with a high powered rifle from 500 ft the woods is murder.

              • Have yall not figured out this poster???

                Then gigs me for telling the truth…

              • Thats the story the guy told me. The guy was heading towards the buildings not retreating. Read the story again. He has no reason to lie. Fuck you lying snail eppe. You have zero credibility here. Remember this a no BS zone.


          • Should have took them up north and sold them.

            • The US has something to do with the change in government in Venezuela, according to article at PCR website. (Paul Craig Roberts).


          • I’ve become religious,I pray that you have more ammo then you could ever use.

        • “this could happen in the United States overnight under a Hillary Clinton presidency. ”

          Sorry tp say , Trump could do it too , although i dont think over guns .Suspending the constitution like Nixon suspended the gold standard is a totalitarian dream !

          • Sure Trump might do a lot of things but reference to guns, he is a second amendment supporter and has said so many times. Heelery is not and has said so many times.

            FDR abolished the gold standard in the 1930s making it illegal for citizens to own gold. Years later Nixon stopped the exchange of Dollars held by other countries for US gold. FDR wanted no anchor on the dollar so he could print and spend wildly and start a war to save his buddy Joe Stalin which he eventually did.

            LBJ’s war and domestic overspending pumped so many dollars into the world that it was impossible to exchange all of them for gold when they returned. Nixon had no choice. Too bad because this removed the last restrain on printing press dollars. FDR was the first culprit though.


          • YEP!! The American Indians made the same mistake– turn in the guns, trust “the government” and HOPE they would treat you OK… and afterwards experience a genocide against your people.

          • Ain’t nobody with firearms at this site anyway. We are seeking to live through a PEACEFUL Nuclear Confrontation followed by a war with rubber bullets and ‘stage fog’ instead of tear gas or other ‘bio-hazard gasses’.

            It all LOOKS the same, (fake blood, fake corpses, arm here, leg there with heads (only) sitting atop your fence posts that say NO TRESPASSING), but there is no actual damage. After everyone gets tired of the stupidity of it all, they sort of just head home one by one and it’s over as quickly as it started.

            As White Americans or Christians, the very, very last response or action to be taken by us must never be done. You must NEVER turn in your firearms, knives, ammo, reloading supplies, AR-15’s – NEVER TURN IN ANYTHING —and if THAT ‘action’ ends up costing you your life, by God you died free without a soul ripping away your self-respect.

            The New America appears to have slowly been appearing since January 1, 2016. Yes, I realize we’ve had LEO “over-reaches” in the past, yet nothing like this year, not to forget this year all news stations (major except for AP, and no others), lie like Hillary, obviously and purposely leading “the sheep” to certain slaughter (like when “they” are 100% behind some ‘pol’ who swears they’ll destroy all weapons in three months or during their ‘term’).

            No They Won’t. You can’t take away what we the people are not willing to hand over under any ‘wise’ or conditions. Non-negotiable and a sure-fired war of We The People against The Feds (and we’d cream them in fairly short order despite ‘expert’ opinions here and on other sites (negative planted by trolls I suppose).

            If that is a true pic from Venezuela of cops sawing up guns in City Center, then THAT is a “show of force” that is well outside the laws of their governance, and way outside of ours. Sawing them up would certainly be a form of severe infringement. (But, if TPTB somehow managed to “haul in” the majority, there would still remain millions of firearms (all types), thus a war would have the potential of lasting decades, or just until The Feds have been “flipped”). Having once been a part of it, as a career, they’ve nothing that scares me …except gun ships. I’d like to have some ‘hands on’ with the new CO2 Laser.

        • This is what gun registration gets you.

      2. like we said before….watch what happens when a HUGE part of the population refuses to BE disarmed…’s gonna go down JUST like U.S.! come and TAKE ‘EM, muhfuuguhs!

      3. I will never see this done to my guns. I’ll be DEAD!!!
        So will a lot of them!!! Not a Treat, but a Promise!!!
        COME AND TRY TO TAKE THEM!!!!!! M.F.

        • “I will never see this done to my guns. I’ll be DEAD!!!”

          That is the plan….

          • Do you have a better one? Hmmm?

            • Release says, “do you have a better solution?”

              answer: “yes. Hang one of the top mother fu—s and then let that be an example to the rest of the elite”.

              • That does work. Fear, intimidation and whatever else can drudged up for the ‘Alpha-bet’ agencies playbooks.

                But the tough part will be to even get close to one of them, let alone capture one. Not saying it can’t be done, but the cost to those who are willing to do it might be high.

        • Well first it’ll start with Hillary becoming president. Then she’ll EO an annual tax on all the firearms that are registered to you. With her stacking the SCOTUS deck, she’ll get just what she wants like O’shitbird care. You say you “won’t pay”? Why, she’ll just have it deducted like O’shitbird care outta your tax return or bank account. All the money will go to the blacks as reparations even though none of them has ever picked cotton under a whip. The gang bangers and jitterbugs will keep on killin’ their own kind in the cities. There’ll be random home inspections of your gun safe and accurate inventory of your ammo will be required. This is probably what we’ll be lookin’ at if the Hilbiatch wins.

          • Everybody has to do something last, might be me, might not. I don’t think I will know when they check mine!!

          • All the more reason to obtain more weapons & ammo from private sellers as soon as possible. But, leave no paper trail or as little as possible and cache them in different locations.

      4. Not that the fascist left gets it, but…. No Nation Has EVER Taxed Itself Into Prosperity

        You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating working Americans out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. Government cannot give to anybody anything that government does not first take from somebody else. When half the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to pay for them – and when that paying half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they worked so hard for, then that, my friend, is the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth to help the poor by dividing it.

      5. This could also happen during a Brokeback Obama presidency, as well…

        • btw/ FACT: The Clinton Foundation only spends 10% on any charity function, from all the Billions in brides it take in. Its their personal slush fund for favors account. Clintons are a sell out to America and our people as well as other people of nations across the Globe, where puppets are installed to allow their countries to raped and plundered by fascist Globalist corporations.

          If you have not seen this video yet, watch it and send it to liberals as well. Anybody with a moral compass could not possible vote for this whore. It is much worse than I could even have imagined.

          ht tps://


      6. Had ‘friend’ on FB going on about how we need to be sending them food, that they could starve if we don’t, it’d be all our fault then if they did, blah, blah, blah…

        I told him they were not starving in years past cause we were sending them food then, and their hunger now is not cause we are not sending them food yet, and even if we started to, the real base cause of their starvation still looms large, won’t ever be cured sending them food.

        Told him I’d be more inclined to send them bullets before beans, so they could get rid of the real cause of their food shortages, their corrupt socialist dictators who’d ruined it all and will continue to till they’re gone.

        Kinda like the old adage of feed a person a fish for a day or teach him to fish for a lifetime, where in Venezuela instead of feeding a person for a day with beans, better that we support they removing the real cause of there being no beans for a lifetime with bullets.

        Muerte a los Tiranos!

        – Shane

        • Give a man some booze and he drinks for a day. Teach a man to make booze and he drinks himself to death lol.

          • good one!

          • Build a man a fire and he will be warm for an hour. Set a man on fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life.

            • give a man a fish, and he eats for a day…give a man fishnet stockings, and he’ll ALWAYS find someone to feed him!….

              • Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you can sell him bait and tackle for the rest of his life.

        • Yea, have had touchy feely ninny libtards telling me i have an obligation to grow food for our comunity,,,
          Thats why my moniker is Nailbanger now rather than Kula farmer,,, they can grow their own damn food, ill be busy working then come home to my garden and chickens,,, dont really care how these idiots feed themselves

          • It’s The Hammerhead and Nailbanger Show.

            Ta ta ta Ta, Ta Da’

            ;0) Just had to do it.

            • Good one anon…

          • When I’ve gotten that inevitable “Well, if anything bad happens I know where I’m coming!” response from friends and relatives I’ve tried to awaken to prep for themselves, I say to them that they won’t get anywhere near here then without the password. “Password, what password?” they incredulously demand. I hold my hands up to my mouth like I’m yelling from afar and say slowly and faux loudly; “I_brought_all_my_own_food!”

            The look on their dawning face is stunning, especially as I’m not smiling anymore, it’s not a joke. Some have pushed for clarification that I would not help them then, so I make it clear, I’m helping them right then and there, now, telling them to prep for their own families, cause I’m not.

            They’ll likely show up anyways, fine, I’ll be long gone.

            • Ive gotten that too, and im not close to many, and im not talking distance,
              The one or two who persisted got the “thats why i have guns and armor”
              Lots of long faces and sideways looks, especially since im not reslly known for being patient or nice

              • Nail, thanks for the name change info.
                Makes one wonder how many monikers everyone has.
                Fess up folks???

                • What does everyone expect from this site?
                  I know the comments make this site.
                  I do not post anything that is not the truth.
                  Makes me wonder on some the posts berating me.
                  But I consider the source.
                  Be well all…

                  • Dont take the lame O s personal bud,,,

                  • Snail boy CUZ sounds like Hillary. I never lie. I was a prepper before prepper was invented. Befor I changed my mind, I was a survivalist too. That why he is still 100% living on the grid, works for someone else and his battle rifle is a .22. And if he post here that surely makes him a prepper. Fur sire Cuz… LMFAO. Keep em coming. 5-YO trapped in a drunks body.


                    • Found WWTI’s true calling….

                      ht tp://

                    • Eppe nailed it! The queens of hate on the internet…WTF/FTW.

                      Is there any wonder they are always blasting Christians?

                      Most likely paid liberal trolls, and if not, that is even worse on their part.

                      But the pain will come back on them 100 fold, when they are on their knees begging,…and they surely will.

                  • Eppe,
                    Only this name since I started posting.
                    What do I expect from this site? Learn something new every now and then,
                    And once in a while a good joke from you?
                    Take care!
                    Keep prepping everyone!

                    • still and always grandee

                  • See what I mean…

            • “S”
              When I’ve gotten that inevitable “Well, if anything bad happens I know where I’m coming!” response from friends and relatives I’ve tried to awaken to prep for themselves.
              If I have heard this once I’ve heard it 1,000 times. I tell them better bring one than one thing to the party. When the look at me with that STUPID look. Then I start to tell them like it is, and if they want to survive that is how it is going to be, because I’m light years ahead of them and one will get a freed ride.


              • i always tell them to bring a spoon, cause that’s all they gonna get– a spoonful.

                i don’t think by brother believes me though.

            • i’ll be sheltering in place, shane….and all WARNING shots will be sent downrange, center-mass.

            • ROTFLMAO! – Can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard that from people we’ve tried to “wake up”.

              We have had “friends” who pull in 3 or 4 times a year what we do say that to us with utmost seriousness that their full intention is to show up on our doorstep when SHTF. These folks spend money like they have an endless supply of it. Big house in the suburbs, overpriced cars, numerous vacations every year, constant eating out, all the “bling” and gadgets we’re all told we simply must have and yet…

              Few, if any firearms. No backstock of food or medical supplies. Zero training, zero desire to learn.

              While they are living high on the hog and keeping up those appearances, we have been struggling to do as much as we could. We sold our house in the ‘burbs (that I had poured years of work into; remodeling and making it a place we really liked) and bought a slightly run down house with some property and a pond way the hell out in the country. We can’t afford vacations, new cars every 2 or 3 years, tons of bling, etc.

              We bought an Excalibur food dehydrator, more ammo, medical supplies, etc. We’re learning about chickens and should hopefully get started on that next spring. I’m learning about canning, more about gardening, food preservation, etc. while they live the “good life”.

              Like Shane stated, the look on their faces when we tell them they will not be welcomed is amazing. They honestly get offended. Trying to explain to them that they are in a much better position to prep than we are and that it is their responsibility to do so is like yelling into the wind. Incredulous is the perfect word to describe their reaction.

              They have no answer when I ask them why I should place such an increased burden on my family (who has done without so much in order to try to prepare as best we can) simply to house, feed, and protect them because they were too selfish or lazy to take at least a few simple steps to prepare a little for themselves. It’s shocking how many people believe they are ENTITLED to simply show up on our doorstep and be taken care of!

              None of those people know where we live now. We have disclosed our location only to those who are welcome to show up. Those people know our passwords. We have cooperation with our neighbors who now know what our friends look like, what they drive, and what the challenge/password system is. An incorrect response to a password challenge will likely result in immediate unpleasantness from our neighbors.

              It hurt to have to cut ties with those folks, but we are safer and likely much better off this way. It would be hard to turn them away, but hopefully our severing relationships with them will be the push they need to start backstocking a little for themselves!

          • welcome, nailbanger…hee hee.

        • with these stupid fukin’ liberals, one has to wonder how they handle ANOTHER country…then another, and another, that are starving….will they feed ALL of them, even if it drives U.S. to poverty, and BEYOND?….wake the f up….that’s where we ARE!…already happened, we ARE broke, and BROKEN…

          • how ironic IS it that we borrowed money from the WORLD, so we could give it all away to poor countries, and now we can’t(CAN’T!) pay it back…default DEAD AHEAD!

        • “Feed a man once and he’ll be back asking for more, feed him a bullet and he won’t ask again.”

      7. Maduro has to quickly get the guns so they will not be used against him or his cronies. There is a lesson in all this mess somewhere………

      8. “Their form of gun control means, of course, that only the police, the military and the criminals will have guns…”

        In venezuela the police and the military ARE the criminals.

        • It’s getting to be (or will be) the same here.

      9. This practice of no guns have been in place there for many years… This is nothing new.

        Neither has the BS Line that “The sky is falling”.. Can’t we talk about other things other than doom and gloom? Nothing that is said Here has or in my opinion will ever happen other than 2 things that are certain in life – death and taxes- we all pay them and we will all sooner or later all will Die!!

        Life is too damn short.. If he SHTF I’ll gladly accept a never ending toga party invitation in the sky..

        Go Have some fun.. Kick your shoes off.. Life is great ..


        • Realist- last time I looked the name of this site is shit hit the fan. If you want to believe and read about all the things the government is telling us then I think there is a site out there called Unicorns and Rainbows.

        • real simpleton….when have you seen zero interest rates BEFORE?…quantitative easing?…..when have you seen the FED buying it’s own bonds?….when in history have you seen POLICY designed to ship jobs overseas….when hae you seen open borders?…it’s coming alright…..and now it will be MUCH worse,….because ALL politicians kick cans….go do some reading and come back when you are more educated.

      10. It’s a guess, the media outlets in america would have heavy saturations of anti gun programming. Long before the government starts ordering to gather weapons from the citizens. (For our good, they may say) Your family, friends & neighbors may be your enemies.
        If God is on our side, good. If not, all preparations may be in vain.
        How many folk do you know of that have the TV on from morning til night? They may be mentally programed already.

        • When the balloon goes up (whether gun control or anything else), most everyone will initially be your enemy.

          Think back. Look at history.

      11. Just remember if Hillary wins the election, paybacks are going to be hell on the American people WHO VOTED AGAINST HER.

        You can take that to the bank.

        Eighty one days or so. My, My, My. Tempus Fugit.

        • Yep, all that redneck, racist, white trash bitterly clinging to guns and religion need to be dealt with.

          Never forget that Obama and Hillary’s philosophical mentor said ‘We’re going to have to kill 25 million Americans’.

          Don’t think for a minute a million leftists wouldn’t run to the recruitment centers to do just that.

          • Smokey

            There was a scathing commentary tonight by Lou Dobbs on this administration and what a “Third Term” would resemble.

            This administration has called some American people Traitors, Terrorist and Cowards at one time or another.

            I have a bad case of the ass for them. All of them. I’m ready, How about you?

          • My nephew, good brown shirt that he is, would turn me in.

            I have to be careful of that one. 🙁

            • Grandee

              Terrible that it may come to that. I have a few also of which I have concern. There is some hope but a conclusion will soon be made by this country.

              It will be very interesting as the commentary changes at SHTF Plan. Things will be more serious as more stories have been exposed and more to come. Desperation will bring out the true colors.

              The long time posters will drop from this sight if Hillary wins. Many have already.

              • I see on Drudge, O’shitforbrains is prepared to hand over the internet to international control. You can believe sites like this will disappear. Been here a while, but very few posts. I remember having a shotgun in my car at high school, buying ammo at the local hardware store, pretty much hunting wherever you wanted as long as you followed the gate rule.

                • Remember what John Kerry back in 2013,
                  “Ever since the end of the Cold War, forces have been unleashed that were tamped down for centuries by dictators, and that was complicated further by this little thing called the internet and the ability of people everywhere to communicate instantaneously and to have more information coming at them in one day than most people can process in months or a year. It makes it much harder to govern, makes it much harder to organize people”

              • Hillary gets elected, I will no longer post anywhere, except maybe People’s Daily Online, they are so much fun to be totally respectful, but see them go ape shit in their nationalist pig sty.
                Just ask why their newest helicopters have French engines in them?
                And the Gen 5 fighters have Russian engines?

      12. What the hell is amnesty for turning in guns. Just don’t see taking guns away from people will reduce murder. People can be killed many other ways like a knife in the belly. Or how about running somone over and saying it was an accident. If I had my heart set on killing nothing would stop me. People will still kill. Only reason a failing gov wants to take guns is they fear people will overthrow it. Plain and simple.

      13. On the lake in the forest waiting.

      14. 25 million Americans die? There are 10 times that that are armed. don’t think most of the military,national guard or police will support that. after a few libs try it and die in the process the rest will back off. Constitution comes first. I’m 66 and will probably be denied healthcare, might as well go down fighting!

      15. Should Trump win the election.

        Do you think that Obama, Hillary and Bill will stay out of the news.

        All the experts that are brought into the news for comment are all the OLD Guard/Establishment. Is it better to hear them comment or have them shut up.

        Dig up Teddy Kennedy and pour a few drinks down his throat and let’s hear what he has to say.

        What’s that Ted?

        Speak up, I can’t hear you.

      16. People are suffering in Louisiana and the news spend more time talking about hil bitch and chump. This goes to show you that your life and home is of minor significance to candidates. I’ve been through a flood and know what it’s like to lose a lot of things. They were making excuses for Obummer today on the liberal talk radio for not visiting the people of Louisiana . When George bush was Pres after Katrina they all said he didn’t care about blacks. Obummer could be holding a smoking gun over a dead body and it would be dismissed. Mac you should look into this for us.

        • Dr. David Duke has been on the front lines doing manual labour stacking sand bags and visiting displaced Louisiana’s new homeless in shelters. Old fashioned and nice change from the typical ivory tower politicians. Senator Duke, former House of Representatives Duke, just plain Good ol Boy Duke. Whatever the MSM says about him, the people of Louisiana love this guy.


      17. they just want to further weaken and enslave the people.

        it really is that simple.

        never give up your gun.

        history shows us repeatedly that those who do, die very painful deaths, an are buried in mass grave trenches by the hands of their own corrupt government agents.

        our forefather founders created the 2nd amendment of the us constitution, the “right to bear arms” for a reason.

        it is up to us all to make sure it stays unchanged.

      18. And I quote, “News flash: this could happen in the United States overnight under a Hillary Clinton presidency. All they need is the right crisis to suspend rights and the rule of law.” End quote. No it can’t because the moment that would happen, there are those that will point blank put bullets in heads that need some lead!

      19. What’s up with the internet control being given to a international group?In Oct.???No more of us communicating
        Maniac –out

        • LaManiac:

          The grip is slipping. The one thing this conspiracy needs in order to keep us down, is total control of information. Thru dissemination, TPTB actually construct reality for us and feed it to us as news and entertainment.

          I Will miss my contacts here. Even more, I will miss getting truth. I’m Trying to learn quickly and deliberately reprogramming by repetitively watching over and over until it requires my subconscious.


        • As for comms, there is a p2p program called cryptocat that auto-encrypts and allows verification of whom you are talking to (at a machine level). Very hard to break. Look it up.

      20. If you are looking for other means to make money, come do trading like I did and you’ll see how profitable it is. Google Superior Trading System they’ll teach you how.

      21. These people have been going through food shortage for months. Why don’t they give them seeds or food in pots. By now they could be harvesting. When getting fruit, do they plant the seeds, or do they just throw the seeds out like garbage?? This is the price of ignorance, stupidity, and a culture of immediate gratification.


      22. The last thing to hand in to the state who is behind making you go hungry is your guns.

        This is evoloution in action where fools will die and those with a good IQ will live to fight another day.

        Sorry Mr Tiger that you are hungry but if you give us your teeth we will feed you for another day

        Sorry i would shoot the person asking for the gun and eat his body before i would go handing anything in if it came to that.

        • Well said.

      23. The wonderful police officers who are just doing there jobs obeying orders . It’s not there’s to question the laws just to enforce them. You dirty rotten scum . You and your entire extended family needs to be exterminated. Government employees are so wonderful . Keeping us safe. Do they not understand payback. What do they think we will do to them and there’s .. Don’t they know they are out numbered a 1000 to one. Is there paycheck and pension going to help there families when this plays out. Are they insane? Or just blinded by greed. They must be getting paid more then we think. I would never do what they do for any amount of money. Who are these people. We have an enemy we can’t understand. We can’t underestimate there evil intentions. We must be ready for the absolute worse. Whatever you think . it will be way worse. prepare according .

        • Joe Biden?

          Who the hell is Joe Biden?? Never heard of him. Maybe he’s one of those queer weirdos who bang their heads on the wailing wall while they move back and forth in autistic mentally retarded and mentally sickening kiss ass to the fucking pricks who hate white people cause they’re just plain jealous because we’re better looking and smarter than they are, and we’re not fucking perverts like they are. Fuck Joe Biden. Kiss my white ass mother fucker.

          He’s just pissed because he was hoping somebody would have assassinated Ohater the traitor.


          • Who is Joe Biden?
            Hell, he doesn’t even know who he is. 2 brain aneurysms will do that to a person, er, vegetable.
            Kinda wish he would have “succeeded” O in some way 🙂

      24. I suspect Maduro will eventually end up like Nicolae Ceaușescu

      25. In WWII we armed and feed the world We are still the same country just different leadership. I recall a shop keeper in SF a vet of WWII had four armed robbers painted on his front door. He solved his own security problem Its a dangerous world folks I knew a serial killer just a normal looking dude dressed neat, clean he fooled people often enough it seems he liked to sit and watch people while smiling to himself Keep your guns folks

      26. STALEN Took away the Gun’s Slaughter Millions of his people Through Starvation. Hitler Took the Guns Murdered 6 Million WE Know of If you Give up Your Guns Prepared to Be Murdered

      27. “Their form of gun control means, of course, that only the police, the military and the criminals will have guns”
        Just a note on style, unnecessary repetition isn’t good. Try something more like this.

        “Their form of gun control means, of course, that only the criminals will have guns”
        Same information conveyed, less wordy and flows better. You’re welcome.

      28. Anyone else skeptical those were actual guns? I mean all you’d have to make a fake pot metal model and cut it up, while you sell the real ones. It would be so easy, nobody is going to check that the cut-up guns are made of appropriate material.

        Hell what do you want to bet that the barrels of any real guns are recycled by corrupt cops to make part of new guns? After all making a barrel out of good metal is hard.

        Note that the ammunition that they’re hoping to mark is ammunition _issued to the cops_. Obviously they can’t mark the ammunition that most people get because they get it illegally from Columbia or somewhere.

        Of course they’re not really going to mark the ammunition. If they were going to do that they wouldn’t tell the cops, they’d do it inside the shell so it couldn’t be seen before being fired. Then after a while you look at all the shells from crime scenes and go “Hey, all these were issued to you, Mr. Corrupt cop, you’re busted.”. Announcing it beforehand just gives them the ability to figure a work-around, which they will.

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