Venezuela: A Prepper’s Nightmare Come to Life: “Pay Close Attention To What Happens Next”

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    This article was originally published by Joshua Krause at Tess Pennington’s


    ven-grocery-2(Pictured: The line outside of a Venezuelan super market swells as the country runs out of basic necessities)

    Two years ago, Venezuela was a normal functioning nation, relatively speaking of course. It was by no means a free country, but the people still had a standard of living that was higher than most developing nations. Venezuelans could still afford the basic necessities of life, and a few luxuries too.

    They could send their children to school and expect them to receive a reasonably good education, and they could go to the hospital and expect to be effectively treated with the same medical standards you’d find in a developed nation. They could go to the grocery store and buy whatever they needed, and basic government services like law enforcement and infrastructure maintenance worked fairly well. The system was far from perfect, but it worked for the most part.

    However, this standard of living was a mirage. Venezuela was and still is a leftist socialist nation, and the only thing propping it up was their glut of oil reserves and $100 per barrel prices. The state owned those resources, and they provided so much wealth that even Venezuela’s highly inefficient command economy could provide everything the people needed. But socialist systems do not by their nature, respond well to shock and disruptions. They’re not flexible.

    As soon as the price of oil fell, the country started crumbling rapidly. The infrastructure has fallen apart, leading to rationing of both water and electricity. Inflation is out of control. Price controls have led to shortages of basic necessities. Crime is skyrocketing, and vigilante mob violence is now commonplace. All of these trends have been building over the past two years, but they have finally reached a crescendo over the last few weeks:

    • What really kicked Venezuela’s slow motion collapse into high gear, was when their inflationary currency reached an absurd new level. At the end of April, it was reported that the government couldn’t print enough money to keep up with inflation. Their cash is printed overseas, and the central bank was so short on funds that they could no longer afford to pay the manufacturers of their cash. Venezuela literally doesn’t have enough money to buy more money.
    • The government began scheduling rolling blackouts to save energy, which eventually led to riots in some areas. President Maduro ordered all 2.6 millionof the nation’s public sector employees to only work 2 days a week for the duration of May, in an effort to save electricity.
    • An autocratic regime can hold onto power for a very long time, so long as their soldiers and cops are well fed and paid. That’s certainly not the case in Venezuela, where on May 5th it was reported that 6 soldiers were arrested for stealing goats, because there was no more food in their barracks.
    • As shortages of every necessity you can imagine run rampant, many Venezuelans are now so hungry that they’ve resorted to hunting down cats, dogs, and pigeons. In their desperation, many have turned to stealing from their neighbors, which often doesn’t end well in a society teetering on the brink. One mugger was caught by a mob, beaten, and set on fire before the police could show up.
    • 5000 people reportedly stormed a grocery store after they heard that the store might have a few items that couldn’t be had elsewhere. Only a handful of police officers were on the scene to control the crowd, one of who was beaten by the mob. 2 people were killed, dozens were injured, and millions of dollars in property damage was caused. And that was just worst case seen in recent weeks in the country, which has seen countless lootings of grocery stores, pharmacies, and shopping malls.
    • Venezuela’s hospitals are turning medieval due to a lack of power and supply shortages. People are dying from easily preventable diseases, and in some cases the doctors themselves are looting the hospitals and selling expensive medical equipment on the black market. Equipment we take for granted like x-ray machines and kidney dialysis machines are in disrepair, as injured patients lay on the floor in pools of their own blood, waiting to be given a bed. Children are being hurt the most from this situation. The infant mortality rate has risen from .02% in 2012 to 2% in 2015, a hundred fold increase. It is no doubt far worse a year later.
    • The Maduro regime is beginning to crack under the pressure, as the collapse of his government rapidly approaches. A state of emergency has been extended for another 60 days as the state seizes crippled factories and arrests their owners. Maduro has claimed that the US government is threatening to overthrow him at the behest of the nation’s far right. Anonymous US officialsresponded by saying that they believe his regime won’t last through the summer:

    In Washington, the US intelligence officials told reporters they believed a crisis was imminent.

    “You can hear the ice cracking. You know there’s a crisis coming. Our pressure on this isn’t going to resolve this issue,” said one official.

    Another said: “This is really not the case that the US is rooting for any outcome other than there not be an economic meltdown or social violence. There are reasons for concern that over the summer as Venezuela gives importance to payments on debt over imports that these events could spiral.”

    If you’re a prepper, pay close attention to what happens next. What’s playing out in Venezuela right now is the kind of worst case scenario that many of us have been preparing for in the US. It should be very informative. It just goes to show that if you live under a corrupt authoritarian government that can’t manage its resources, all it takes is a heavy ripple in the global economy to send the whole system careening over a cliff.

    I wouldn’t say the US government is in nearly as bad of shape as Venezuela’s. We have corruption, waste, and a degree of tyranny, though perhaps not on the same scale. But then again, Venezuela didn’t seem to be in very bad shape a few short years ago. Under the right circumstances, any government can collapse, and our system has many of the same vulnerabilities as theirs. All that means is that it would take a larger event to cripple our nation.

    If you’re curious about what that may look like, keep your eyes on Venezuela for the next few months. They’re about to become the 21st century poster child for how easy it is for socialist pseudo democratic governments to collapse, and drag their citizens along with them. And unfortunately the differences between our system and theirs aren’t that vast.

    This article was originally published by Joshua Krause at Tess Pennington’s

    Joshua Krause was born and raised in the Bay Area. He is a writer and researcher focused on principles of self-sufficiency and liberty at Ready Nutrition. You can follow Joshua’s work at our Facebook page. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger

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      1. First off, the USA is in a better position to start with.

        But things change, the only constant out there now these days…

        • USA is in better position? You haven’t gone through a natural disaster to see if it continues USA would be worse due to the savagery of its people?

          • Anonymous

            Trucker on I 10 was shot by another trucker and killed. Truck went into the woods. Two cars had a vehicle pull along side them. Rolled the window down and shot the car up.

            Crime is up in the cities and flowing into the suburbs.

            “You’re on your own” are the words I want to hear.

            Then it’s, Game On.

            • I dont think we will ever hear them say those words, would make the transition smoother, but i think were going to have to discover what the temperature is for ourselves,

              • Kula,
                You are right on. Like the captain of the Titanic didn’t admit the ship was sinking until it was way too late. Governments never admit their failures. The Obama regime has gone to massive lengths to modify accounting and stat reporting to create a complex lie that our failing economy is just fine.

                The proof is the story of the police moving in to save the criminal. No effort to save the starving children, but yeah let’s save the freaking criminal who nearly killed a man over ten dollars! This our government as well.

                • Priorities…

                  Obama Spending Millions of Tax Dollars on Summer Jobs for Refugees

                  “Obama has done this before, of course. In 2012, the President’s jobs program helped illegals compete with Americans for scare job opportunities.

                  Further, by 2014 it was discovered that Obamacare offered U.S. firms a $3,000 incentive to hire illegals over Americans.

                  Last year, it was discovered that Obama was bringing refugees into every state in the country but refusing to tell state governors where he was placing them all.

                  Meanwhile, a recent report found that many of these refugees Obama is bringing into the country are racked with diseases, especially tuberculosis.”

                  ht tp://

              • No doubt, waiting for words from your gov is a fools game at this point ! Far better to make your own decisions and simply pay attention to what is going down daily ! America is actually in worse shape than Venezuela if you consider all the underlying fundamentals ? Our massive debt will be the outlier event that brings st all down. And it is already in motion. But most are too stupid to see it all for what it is !

                This article was a good read simply because it deals in reality ! Not that it exposed any new relevance.

            • It will be one of those oh shit moments

              • Guess it’s time to cancel the vacation to Caracas!

                • Glover & Penn will be sorry to hear that.

            • You’re more likely to hear-
              “we’re from the gov’t, and here to assist you”….

              • Actually it was “Hi, my name is Rozolin, I’m from the IRS and I’m here to help you.”

            • Anon, oh so true. Last Wed. night in my neighborhood there was a domestic violence incident that got out of hand and someone shot at someone else but missed. This was at an apt. complex only 2 blocks from my home. Last night a convenience store in the same neighborhood was robbed but again, fortunately, no injuries. Anyone who wants to f#$% with me, it will be GAME ON.

              • why would you stay in a place thats so violent?
                I guess i dont understand , i live so far out , but damn !
                Just couldnt live that way ,Brave .
                Be safe

                • I fully expect rural areas to be worse than the Cities. Rural areas are very cliquish and religious. If you are not them, you are out. Ive ran into this situation even these days. Im sure it will be much worse when SHTF.

                  • Yep. You just reminded me of my neighbors. I have lived here in the country for 15 yrs and only one new neighbor talks to me. The rest ignore me and i know if i needed emergency help no one would come to my aid. They are very rude and inconsiderate here. There did used to be a very old man who was my next door neighbor. He was very nice and i would go there at times to have tea with him and watch a movie. Those were fun days. Then he ended up in a nursing home and died two yrs after. Now new people are there but no one here is my friend. Very lonely. Sometimes i am sorry i left the city. It is TOO quiet here and boring. I suppose if i had someone living with me i would feel different. But true country people can be stuck up. Civil but not friendly.

                    • Marie- what you say is true. I knew when we moved to a more rural area that we would have to work at being accepted, and we are working at it. I have had to bite my tongue plenty of times, but we are having some victories in that department lately. I gave one neighbor some of my over abundant tomato plants I grew by seed last week. Brought another neighbor ice and a cooler after they had a house fire a few days ago. Volunteered to serve on some boards that had unfilled vacancies. But, I/we do a lot of this kind of thing wherever we are. Because of the cliques in the country, you just have to settle into the understanding that you will not have instant gratification. But, if they do decide they like you- they will sincerely like you.

                    • Marie…Don’t dispar Im in the same boat my older neighbors have all died and the new ones want to get into it…We have no one to turn to either but Almighty God and our weapons if need be…try to get prepared as much as possible so you don’t need anyone because when the SHTF the cops will be to busy for us remember 90 days of water food and protection at least Im doing my best but older and my husband it 76 and cant walk well but lets hope for the best and prepare for the worst…Take Care and remember we really aren’t alone…

                    • A good way to get to know them is to fake an emotional upset, for instance, go sobbing to their door saying your dad just passed away, and could they watch your place for a few days. I have found that they are mostly just shy and won’t make the first move. Also, if you know someone who knows someone who is a friend of your friend, no matter how tenuous the connection, talk it up.

                  • Ed, I disagree with you! I live in a rural area, I know many people that live in rural areas and we are not what you put us out to be! some of us might be religious, but what does that have to do with us not helping others out that are in need?

                • Hammerhead, my home and my job are located here. I know the day is coming when I’ll be forced to leave the city for good. That’s why I’ve been moving supplies in numerous trips to the BOL for the past 3 years. I’m going back first week of June. Will this next trip be the bugout for me? Depends on circumstances. We’ll see.

              • Domestic violence resulting in a non injury shooting, and a run of the mill robbery? Oh no!! Sounds like crap that takes place in cities and rural areas. Also sounds like crap that has happened continually for decades. Of course brave makes it sound like Beruit, followed by his usual bravado “bring it on” comment. I’ve been gone for a while and nothing has changed. Brave will now reply with his usual go $@!# yourself added to a “stay gone” comment.

                • Nurcase, go back to Huff post or salon, fool!

                • Nutckuf, it’s about time you came back around. I thought you’d forgotten about me. [SARCASM] No, I won’t tell you where to go this time or any of that. I’m not even in the mood for that. If you go back over the past 2 months worth of articles, I’ve actually been coming here LESS than usual. I’ve got a couple of projects going that keep me away more than but I’ll have those finished in a week. Take care of yourself, troll.

                  • Still saying the same crap.

                    • Tunkcuf, why should I say anything different? My position is set in stone and won’t change. Take care.

          • the part of the story that was left out is our CIA has played a BIG roll in the collapse of Venezuela, they were not playing well with the oil companies and from there is has been downhill for them ever since, and YES i worked down there and saw the beginning of this,and this is not the only country who we have taken down for not playing ball as they were told to!

        • My biggest issue is that US has 300,000,000 guns and we are not as patient as some people.

          • Whats the issue with that, should be more like the advantage, sure the bad guys got guns, but so do we and generally much better ones

            • My biggest issue is . Venezuela doesn’t have millions of non citizens in their country. We have millions who are not united but deversified. They consider us a different people . Their will be race wars . And the color of your skin will be your uniform. People as always will group up for group protection . Just like no go zones now. Large groups defending or ambushing food supply trucks . Who gets the food first? Us or them? Take your pick. Their kids or your kids. Will you trust these past rioter types ? Would you help the lgbt , ultra liberal, gun control, open borders, low information voter, welcome refugee, alah akbar, la raza, black entertainment television, china town , group . And join them ? Or join the KKK ? Take your pick . Or stay in the middle . Can’t we all just get along.? It’s never happened in the history of the world. Look any war we have fought with a deversified military we loose? Isn’t that obvious .? The domestic enemy has painted us in a corner. Dug us into a deep hole and now we will have to fight our way out. And special thanks to the girls at Vasser for their political correctness . And all the other bimbos that tried to convince us our strength is in our diversity. What a special kind of stupid ? Or the domestic enemies control of our media. That brain washed en entire generation or two . And the politically correct bimbos in our school system. The wonderful nurses giving Hep B shots to newborns. And the wonderful doctors that know better but need their kike back. Yea I said it kike back. Was one in fifteen thousand with autism now one in thirty five . And are top scientists just can’t figure out why. Americans are handicapped by the inability to comprehend the amount of evil on this planet.

              • Grammar be damned..your thought processes and conclusions are spot thing that strikes as improbable is the idea of neutrality as described above. I don’t see anyone being able to sit on the fence. If someone is not fighting on the side of righteousness and freedom, they are by definition part of the problem to be rectified.

                • Whose definition of righteousness and freedom? Yours? Maybe you should rectify your own rectum.

                  • Hart. Did you hear what you just said ? Rectify what ? This is the typical response of the perverts . More perversion to try to gross us out . But Hart we don’t gross out that easy. And we know the look on your face . We can identify you by sight . Be ready to be very grossed out . And it’s coming very soon .

              • Wolverine, it hits home that you mentioned Vassar College. I live not too far from Vassar and have to drive past to get to the in-laws. Only one use I have for that libtard palace and that’s the opportunity to teach my kids what the enemy looks like. Ironically, the projects across the street are filled with the Black Lives Matter types. When the SHTF, it may be entertaining to watch through my scope as Vassar is overrun. I’d love to see the look on their faces as they come to the inevitable realization just where their progressive pompous socialist ideals has led them.

              • Lone Wolverine, when it happens here there will be no middle ground, you’ll be on one side, or the other. There will be those with the guns and resources, and those without. Remember that old saying, might makes right, and those with the guns will have the might, and they’ll make the rules over those who have no guns.

              • @Lone wolverine

                You’re right on the money.

                It is all by design and the wide open borders is a revolutionary tactic being used to slowly and incrementally overthrow Americans and America.

                Never forget who the real enemy is, the enemies within.

              • A ‘multicultural’ society is a powder keg. USA will go tribal. Marge ‘multiethnic’ countries are anathema to human nature.

                • Could you imagine them putting federal police uniforms on the illegals . As a road to citizenship. These people have no concept of constitutional rights . They would obey any order thinking it must be legal. One cop and ten illegals in uniform showing up on your front lawn . With heavy weapons and an M- RAB . They get bonuses for every gun they confiscate. And extra vacation time for every homegrown terrorist they take out. The illegals and Muslems would jump at the chance to get a big fat federal paycheck and citizenship .. They’d be lovin it . And hopeing it never ends.

                • Dindo A multicultural society is a powder keg. Says it all.

            • yeah, and isn’t it supposed to be “an armed society is a polite society?”
              It is, I believe, when society is stable and somewhat prosperous.
              When SHTF, all bets are off.

            • Plus we DO NOT hold them sideways when we shoot !!

          • paranoid, you aint paranoid ENOUGH….with all those guns, americans STILL aint all GOT a gun, so they better git with it!….of coarse, without training, they will be worthless….maybe even worth less than THAT…..just wish i still had MINE………

            • Every American over about 3 years old does, except for a few whose best use it bait.

          • @Paranoid

            That is probably one of the reasons behind all the gun control panic buying, maybe they really want millions upon millions of guns in the hands of the people while they pillage, plunder and attempt to creat disparity as well as manufacture chaos and mayhem.



          • I don’t follow Roberts but what you state about the US gov’t. doesn’t pass the smell test.
            One, why would our traitorous fraud leader want a socialist country to go down?
            Two, as it is ruled, Venezuela would fail like any other socialist paradise. It wouldn’t need the US gov’t. intervention…unless, of course, your second sentence is the reason for the heck of it

            • Oil

            • The US dollar is the petro dollar. The price of oil did not drop 70% without US complicity.

              • But the Saudis did most of the damage to the price of oil, to put the squeeze on Russian oil and the US fracking industry.

                • Ketchupondemand

                  Its not about fracking as those wells can be restarted as the price goes up. This is a geo-political move for world domination. The US is not doing the dominating so don’t cheer. We have been dominated to such a point that our military is the spear point of the globalist power elite.

                  If you would like to read something interesting try “War Is A Racket” by two time Metal Of Honor Recipient USMC Major General Smedley Butler.

                  • Excerpt Of USMC MG Smedley Butlers speech.

                    It may seem odd for me, a military man to adopt such a comparison. Truthfulness compels me to. I spent thirty-three years and four months in active military service as a member of this country’s most agile military force, the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from Second Lieutenant to Major-General. And during that period, I spent most of my time being a high class muscle-man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the Bankers.

                    I suspected I was just part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it. Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my own until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.

                    I helped make Mexico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.

                    During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. Looking back on it, I feel that I could have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.

              • Right. Kerry met with the Saudis. They were putting the squeeze on Russia over Ukraine and Syria.

            • Ketchupondemand

              “One, why would our traitorous fraud leader want a socialist country to go down?”

              Obama has no say. He like his predecessors are hired hands of the globalist power elite. His leeway is quite limited and he certainly does not establish policy. Libya was overthrown a couple of months after he took office using US air power. Think it was his idea? The reality is that there is a pattern of destroying governments of nations with oil resources that may challenge the supremacy of the oil peg which requires them to trade oil for US dollars exclusively. Both Iraq and Libya crossed that line and Venezuela was doing it with China. Fragile governments, one step away from revolution, that we can foster immediately do as their told.

              Dr Paul Craig Roberts, PHD economics was Undersecretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration and like Gerald Stockman who was Budget Director are both critics of US policy.

              The Democrat v Republican battle is a ruse as they both work for the Globalist Establishment team.

              • And their puppet Obama’s job is to distract.

                “Make no mistake”.

                When I hear the POTUS say that, I throw up in my brain.

            • Your are putting the horse before the cart. The NWO doesn’t give a damn about any citizen of any country. Socialism is a GRADUAL move to communism. That’s the goal of socialism. Obama is part of the elite now and if you look at the world as having OPEN BORDERS or NO BORDERS which is the one goal of every democracy that is embracing socialism, ie UK, EU, Canada, Australia etc, you will quickly understand what globalisation is and its only intension. We are just pawns to be moved around the board in their great big game and while leaders like Obama tut tut and knash their teeth to the media regarding the ‘desperate people of Venezsula’, behind that narcissistic mask is a steely determination to count himself as a leader that helped bring a one world government about. He cares nothing of the American people. I can see that from here in Australia. And he certainly doesn’t give a damn about the collateral damage (the people) of Venezuela.

          • Yes spoiled rotten rich kids that never missed a meal. Board with everything . Looking for someone to stick a sharp stick in to get a reaction. See look what I can do to a whole country if I want . I’m a skinny wimp but look how powerful I am now. Or I’m a fat old piece of garbage but look what I can do to you. I’m a fat ugly discusting King ..fear me.

            • LW, you make some valid points, but at least you can counter the stinking oligarch. I know I would.

            • They are systematically destroying countries with resources to facilitate globalist central control violating virtually every international law without a peep from “friend” and pretty much cowering from foe.

          • PCR , blames the US for everything !
            Aint he dead yet ?

          • I read that throughout history it has been a battle of the city people verse the country people. The country people produce all the food and the city people demand it at their price with an army to get what they want. The city people produce what? Control ? A military to enforse the laws they make? What do they produce? There’s not much heavy industry in New York City . They control the exchange system . So they provide an exchange system? What else do they produce ? Does the world really need city people? Their ports import and export goods . But is that really part of the city? Are they just the middle men . Taking a cut for doing nothing ? If they all disappeared tomorrow . Would we have to much food left over? And that’s bad? I guess we are stuck with them. There must be a reason why they are needed . I guess I’m just too stupid to see it?

        • eppe,

          I marvel at your discernment, or lack thereof. The good ‘ol USA is well over 200 trillion dollars in debt including unfunded liabilites, the money is no good, it is overrun by illegals, the governments from the federal and state down to local is corrupt to the bone. The military is stripped of leadership, qualified manpower and material, the banks, corporations and the education system has been broken for decades. The infrastructure is so broken it will never be repaired, the stock market is a casino and our economy is a turd circling the porcelean facility and you have the audacity to say “the USA is in a better position to start with” .

          To which I say Give Me A Freekin’ Break…

          Same shit, new day.


          • GM, ever been to Jamaica?
            Or any 3rd world country?
            One never realizes how good we have it here, until one visits one of these places.
            That is what I meant, we are in a better position to start with.
            Now I know what your moniker means, always wondered…

            • eppe

              At one time the US compared itself to first tier nations.

              On another note I been to Jamaica many times. If SHTF I don’t see much of a change there. Their government is already 100% corrupt. The Rasta people pretty much live off the land. They are the most fit people I have seen. I have watched men swim all day and catch lobsters and fish with a spear and bring them into the shoreline hotels for sale. Many live without or with limited electricity having seen extension cords going from pole to “home”. Home is cement block, metal roof, rarely 100% completed but many have a satellite dish, go figure. Cell phones were common.

              I think the undeveloped 3rd world pretty much stays as it is and they are a leg up on survival skills.

          • GMAFB

            I have to agree with EPPE.

            Here is why. We have had time to Prep. We have firearms. We have ways to get water and to purify it. We have had time to get P.M.s. We can grow gardens. Just to name a few things.

            Last but not least. If the USA falls apart the whole world falls apart.


          • eppe, sgt…

            Yep, I’ve been to my share of 3rd world cesspools. You both may be well prepared, but your average idiot in Amerika is 9 meals away from starvation. You may have it good here, but there are millions of people in this country who don’t eat daily, let alone have a job to earn a wage to go to a market to even purchase simple food. Don’t be fooled into believing that just because you can filter water or grow a garden that even 80% of the people in this country are able to, because they can’t. All the preps you think you have available can be gone in a heartbeat…along with your heartbeat no matter how well armed you may be.

            When the 80% can’t eat they’ll loose it. Then you will have Venezuala at your doorstep.

            Same shit, new day…


            • GMAFB
              With all due respect Sir. You sound like you are giving up. If I’m wrong please correct me. The 80% you are talking about I agree with, but that is their problem, and yes they might come after mine & EPPE’s stuff and then there might only be 70%. I know that there are many more folks here that aren’t going to give up if the USA turns into Venezuela. And you can bet that they will turn that 80% into a much lower number. It is a shame, but there is a story in the Bible about the lamps. The ones that Prepped survived to go into the wedding. The ones that didn’t, didn’t make it. Their loss


              • Sarge and Eppe, I have to go with both of you on this one. GMAFB seems to mean well but he totally misses the point. As individuals, we are all responsible ONLY for our own well-being and for our loved ones. None of us have any obligations to any outsiders whatsoever. I’m only responsible for myself and no one else. I always do for myself. Nobody owes me a damned thing. I’ve been prepping forever, it feels like. I’ll be back at the BOL in the first week of June; can’t get here soon enough.

                • Braveheart
                  You’ll be there (BOL) just on time.
                  However if you are outside, you’ll be fried, gamma ray fried.
                  That’s something that NO PREPPER knows about.
                  And that’s why the government is repeatedly saying that it’s pointless to prep.
                  EMP/CME has a nasty side effect… Radiation!
                  When it hits, it will be day time (noon) in US.
                  Asia will be night time… no radiation.
                  The only thing that will save you is knowledge, not guns.
                  Knowledge of the nature of danger.
                  Did you ever read ‘bald heads’ in the Bible?

                  • Brave heart
                    If you have a photovoltaic solar system on the roof, it will be fried as well.
                    An EMP/CME hit will spare no electronics. A solar system is mostly electronics except the batteries. Preppers will have a nasty surprise when they’ll disover this.
                    Only 19 days to go…!!!

                    • This is why I don’t use my solar system. It is charged up and ready to go, but currently protected in a faraday cage. I take the generator/battery out to cycle every 3 months and put it back. I can’t afford a big solar system, so I just have a small one that I don’t need to depend on right now. I’ve focused more on energy conversions away from electric, hand tools, fuels, electric is only for items that can only be run on electric, like computing.

                  • Gamma Ray is a type of flare from the sun. It would destroy life on earth. I don’t think there is any way to prepare for it.

                    I don’t go along with the thinking that it’s all about me, and come a real emergency, one is justified to do whatever saves his life irrespective of the lives of others. I have been in life and death situations which required an on the spot decision; my life or the lives of a bunch of strangers. After a millisecond I evaluated the situation and knew that I had to sacrifice my life even though my family would be shattered. Sometimes you just got to do the right thing.

                    But it wasn’t my time to go, as you may have observed, I’m still here.

                      This is the second one.
                      Notice 113+44=157
                      That is 157th day of the year.
                      Left side is 23, plus right side 21 = 44
                      Year 2016

                    • Notice the eccentric circle in the CC..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                      That is our new orbit after we get hit by the EMP/CME.

                      The Earth will move out of its place. Hence, climate chaos.
                      It’s clearly written in the Bible.

                      Only my own interpretation, believe it or not is irrelevant.
                      I am 91, by the way. Raised and educated to think constructively.

                      I am giving this info to a few of you… yes, I bet that not more than a dozen will take the time and try to understand what’s coming; it’s all there, time is limited and options are limited as well. Better take this info and act accordingly… FAST!!!

                  • Bobane- it COULD happen… though there is no decisive starting date for the 70 years post war. We get out of church at 11. That day we will come home to eat lunch under our metal roof before noon as we often do. Thanks. I know you are very zealous about this and trying to help. I think the chances of this happening are very slim, but the Saints won the superbowl once:) So, I will exercise a modicum of caution on that day, and put some things up in a Faraday cage.

                  • I know this is a stupid question, but if the cme hits at noontime and i am inside the house will the radiation still get me? Should i be in the cellar?

                    • Glad to see a couple of responses. I thought there would be none.
                      This is what to do if you decide to stay in America(s). Yes, I say Americas because North, Central and South America will be hit.
                      First, you must be under some kind of concrete building of several floors. A lobby of a high rise hotel would do it. Underground garage (3rd level) would be fine as well.
                      Underground Subway or anything at least a few feet underground. A corrugated sheet roof won’t be enough protection against Gamma rays. A slow and painful death guaranteed. I have read that the EMP/CME won’t be ordinary by any measure, from 5 to 15 minutes of hell.
                      Everything will burn on the ground. The result will be people walking like zombies, totally lost and burned.
                      As I said before, preppers will have a nasty surprise because they don’t try hard enough to understand what’s going on.
                      Most are convinced that it’s government fault. Besides, there are agitators roaming around on forums inciting violence and discouraging knowledge.
                      The culling will be real. I know it. How could it be otherwise if the EMP/CME is so strong to move a planet. Actually, ‘ population forecast for year 2025’ is fairly accurate… 20% survival rate!!!! That means, 80% americans will be dead by 2025.
                      The only way to survive this is to be on the other side of the planet when it hits. However, be ready to live without money for several months. The chaos will spread globally.
                      Mostly from gamma ray radiation. My opinion only here.

                  • I hope you come back to this thread and read this cause I have a question. See you think somethings going to happen on June 5th of this year, right? Great, that means it happens the day before my birthday. If what you think it’s going to happen does happen, have you stored things like trees to re-start to an orchard or forest afterwards? Seriously, if what you think is going to happen happens, this goes way beyond basic prepping.

                    • Whatever Works
                      I have tree and wildflower seeds, and garden seeds. There are wildfires, oil spills, chemical dumps, and don’t forget how much land made bare when Mount St Helens blew up. Keep a small stash of your wild seeds is easy, I collect seeds regularly. No need to label wildflower seeds, just pop them in a single container in the freezer. I wish it were as easy to save a few Monarchs and honeybees.

                    • Whatever Works
                      Nobody will come back on this forum after the 5th of June… NOBODY…!!!
                      There will be no internet, no electricity, no money, no food.
                      The degree of gravity of what’s coming is simply beyond imagination. Peppers are not ready for this and most will perish. Not from lack of food but from radiation. Try to imagine sitting in a dentist chair and being fully exposed (the entire body) to x-rays for a few minutes.

                      Oh, I forgot, the president will go live on TV at least 15min before it hits…

                    • I am 91 years old and I live my last days in Asia on a fairly remote island. Palawan island in Philippines.
                      There will be trouble everywhere, including here but I think it will be temporary. My estimate is 7 months.
                      The NWO implementation will not take years to kick-in. If they want a successful transition, it MUST be a relatively short crisis.
                      However, the US and the rest of Americas will never fully recover… unfortunately and regretfully.
                      My opinion only.

                    • You can contact me at… flemingrobert at hotmail dot com

                • That’s What ive been advocating. If I take care of me and mine. and others take care of them and theirs. Where is the Problem?

              • Sgt.

                Heavy sigh…I am as prepared as I will ever be, have been doing so for years. That isn’t the point. I’m not giving in or giving up, I simply attempted to point out that there is little to be hopeful about concerning the state of the union.

                The land of the fee and the home of the slave is done…stick a fork in it.

                At this point, I’ll simply shake the dust off my feet as a testimony.

                Same shit, new day.


          • I would posit that yes, we are in a better position, but because we are in that position, we have been given more rope to hang ourselves and our collapse might be swifter. I give you the example of Kanye West. He lives a much better life than I do, so you could say he is in a better position right now. But he is in far more debt than I could ever be, so his downfall could be swift and horrific(not that I would care). Or perhaps this comparison, who is better off right now, Bernie Madoff or the begger at Walmart?

        • “I wouldn’t say the US government is in nearly as bad of shape as Venezuela’s”…, i disagree, the U.S. is in MUCH worse shape than MOST realize…..we don’t enforce ANY laws here any more, unless you are poor….anybody with money can buy their way out of problems…..corzine, obammy, hitlery, holder,…………….

        • The US is in a better situation than other countries, but i would argue that the people are much worse off.

          Nobody in the USA knows who to do anything anymore. Nobody knows how to grow a garden, nobody knows how to can food or make jam, fix anything or be self sufficient.

          They do know the quickest way to McDonalds, when Churches Chicken closes, when Dollar General closes.

          Americans have come to rely on instant gratification and food and resources are expected to be there at a moments demand.

          Those that arn’t prepared are screwed.

      2. However, this standard of living was a mirage. Venezuela was and still is a leftist socialist nation, and the only thing propping it up was their glut of oil reserves and $100 per barrel prices

        …since what 1970???

        Clearly it wasn’t the ONLY thing holding it together…

        • When the US. Places sanctions on countries . It tells all other countries . That if they sell anything to the sanctioned country. They can do no business with the USA for years. Will no business partner of the US sell anything to Venezuela for that reason ? Russia China everyone would be cut off from US. Sales . Who would dare sell anything to Venezuela ?

      3. NOOOO, what happens is the government – is in the same league like all the others – and did order tons of Bolivares — years in advance – you say this ´´ At the end of April, it was reported that the government couldn’t print enough money to keep up with inflation´´
        Bullshit – the printing of money creates inflation – nothing ells. Not the other way around.

        This is a different way to bankrupt a country – here they put us in debt to the eyeballs – the outcome will be a debt deflation –

        The dominos goes in the other way like in Venezuela – there is no way out- cancel the debt means canceling -of the oversupply- the overproduction- the overcapacity -on the level before the debt party .

        Can you imagine what that means – everybody without work – depend on a state who is already indebted to the forehead. Disfrutas .. viel Spass

      4. That is the government those people chose. How long before the tanks hit the streets?

        Same for us in the USA. Our government in collusion with the banks will bring it all down around our feet.

        Close the banks. No food cards.

        You know what happens then.

        • Al sharptongue comes on the telly demanding justice?

      5. Venezuela is a trial run, more to follow. Pay close attention, so when the precursors go off you can be a few steps ahead of the pack.

        Gonna be quite the fall from grace when it hits here. At this point we will see the wheat separated from the chaff, the good and the evil in all it’s glory, or shame. Buy more food.

        • Yes mark This is another birth pang . Fill your lamps .

      6. Oh there is no doubt in my mind that something very very bad will happen here in the good old Us sooner than later…be prepared my friends and Wake_Up_America.

      7. Venezuela’s people counted on jit supply lines and food imports, and oil. Now the money that was not spent on broadening their economic base is hurting them. Scream commie all you want, but our corporate oligarchy is doing the same disaster here. Prep on.

      8. We pushed them back to the stone age because Chavez was not accepting of the Petrodollar. I hope we still have gold in Fort Knox because China is stacking.

        • The Gold that was in Fort Knox has been gone for a long time! Stolen by our own government. You will never be let in to see it because there’s nothing there! Sad because the Gold belonged to the people not politicians.It was the only real thing left backing up our currency. We have many years of natural resources left but the present administration won’t let anyone produce them. I used to think we had a long way to the bottom folks but hell we’re almost there! Thanks to Obama and his minions.

      9. This has been coming for a long time. The Socialists in our government refuse to believe it.
        Hence Sanders and Clinton are doing well.
        All the more reason they hate Trump, he will put an end to the nonsense.

      10. Chavez quadaffi. Husain the bricks look at Brazil the Eurodollar countries Ab Lincoln with the green back JFK with the treasury note. Anybody see a pattern here ? And who prints the dollars? And who runs the FED.? Anybody see a pattern here?

      11. We have a paper tin veneer in this country. Things can go south quick and we are much larger than Venezuela. china is getting her pound of flesh,she is spending billions on US real estate. She will own us in the end. Feeling like her colony yet?

      12. that country has been under financial attack since cheves or what ever his name told the U.S. to fuck off..

        • Dugtrux;
          I think you are correct. I seem to remember Chavez offering free heating oil to people in the northeast USA to try to embarass Bush 2. I wonder if his cancer death was helped along.

      13. O and what group owns most of the media and Hollywood and the banks ? Bet you can’t guess in a million years. And everything would be fine if the economy wasn’t collapsing , if the media weren’t bias liars and Hollywood wasn’t perverting our nation. But don’t worry what they call themselves doesn’t matter . The children of satan . Are at the end time.

      14. Preppers won’t be eating cats and pigeons; leave them for the educated and brilliant liberals.
        Preppers won’t be storming gov’ment food centers; let the Safe Zone students eat garbage.
        Preppers won’t be burning people in the street; let the politicians generate some heat and light.
        Preppers won’t be starving; let the femi-nazis and liberals dine in at Planned Parenthood.
        Preppers won’t be wishing they had guns and ammo; the Gun Grabbers will wish they had one.
        Preppers are not afraid to leave the big cities; the real pussies will hate to leave their campus.

        • I like it, gives me some hope!

        • “Preppers won’t be burning people in the street; let the politicians generate some heat and light”.

          I might like to light off my congress critters, just for laughs.

        • Hey now, squab is a good meal. Especially stuffed with cheese and herbs.

          • GardenNut
            yum, squab

      15. Off topic, friend of mine in Puerto Rico says there is a truck abandoned on the Capitol Mall in Washington DC plus the DOJ is being evacuated with smoke coming out the doors.


        • their spliff got out of control and they left the truck?

      16. Charles Krauthammer had a great comment on Fox News last night regarding Venezuela’s socialism “experiment”. Something to the effect that millennials should look no further than what’s currently happening in Venezuela to demonstrate that socialism doesn’t work.

        I’m going out on a limb here, but the current millenials wouldn’t know what hit them even after it jumped up and bit them in the ass.

        • Venezuela’s “socialism” would be working just fine
          if oil was at a $100 a barrel

          how’s our crony capitalism working out ?

          we’re on the same downward trajectory
          it’s just gonna take us a little longer to hit rock bottom

          • Satori

            It it weren’t for the ability of the US to print money, with value, out of thin air, we would have been there long ago. I’m continuously amazed at how well and for how long they can continue the charade. The efforts to keep it going are requiring greater and more dramatic efforts. When a nation has to use its military, in pace of solid economics, its days are numbered.

        • Eagle71

          The banksters have received more in handouts than the welfare recipients that they caused.

          • Kevin2
            The big welfare recipients in this country have long been businesses. Global mega corporations write our laws to favor themselves and have done so for decades. It is a form of massive welfare that has become totally accepted in our country. It set the pattern that allows corporations to become larger than nations and the NWO is predicated on corporate welfare. Capitalism itself does not favor long term survival of big companies… keeps the mischief down by making them compete. Kill corporate welfare and all other battles with the NWO disappear.

            I remember when US corporations were falling to Japanese corporate/government combinations. They were screaming for government to get in their business… and hand out taxpayer money. It was all over business news. They got their way. Several things were not copied… Japan required jobs for citizens and the US did not. Unemployment and bad education comes down from the top… it does not come from the bottom up. So many blame those at the bottom without admitting that the top causes most problems. Even those who admit those at the top cause problems still kick those at the bottom… and the top relies on that level of irrational sycophancy… note Donal Trumps followers idolize him no matter how many people he has left holding the bag for his bad decisions. Poor management is a nightmare, on the small, local scale and the national or global scale. The ones destroying things are not unemployed and worrying about their children starving to death.

            • Well noted……thanks

      17. HEY Obullshit, Hitlery Slanders. Look at Venezuela you POS. this is what happens under socialism/communism. The Guberment will see to it that I get everything I want so I don’t. So nobody works and you have nothing. Because nothing is produced. That is why the USA is different. There are still old school Folks here that will work and if you don’t you will be screwed!!!!!!!!!!!! God I can’t wait for that day.

      18. I think it is significant that it only took two years for Venezuela to fall from grace. The people have been riding high for two years and then the bottom fell out of the world. For the average Venezuelan there was no warning. Those who are denying the same thing could happen here should pause and think about that for a moment. The average American remains well within the normalcy bias and is unable to see the changes fomenting around. There will be no warning for those who do not keep their heads out of the sand. Right now Americans are riding high and cannot see the possibilities that lie ahead. Like those Venezuelans we just read about above, changes are coming to America and very soon. Most Americans are unprepared for those changes and will react like the Venezuelans in the article above…or worse.

      19. I guess you can’t eat a copy of Naomi Klein’s No Logo. That form of socialism does not feed the belly when its support system falls apart.

        As Margaret Thatcher said, socialism is great until you run out of somebody else’s money.

        Teach people resilience, self-reliance and how to create wealth: that is the only thing that works.

        • So here’s a thought to ponder… WHAT if Vladimir Putin shows up with ships of food and offers “Hope” ? to the people of Venezuela??? You know, in exchange for ALL that oil and the reserve’s…Great way to tell US and the Saudis to go pound sand…? Plus, it would provide Putin with an advanced base, kinda like what we’re doing in Ukraine…

          • Wasn’t China wanting to build a naval base there?

          • The Chauffeur ….Brilliant idea. Anyone helps to offset the crimes by the US Government against humanity due to its zionist owned culture and the sand monkeys in Saudi Arabia, would be my hero.

        • So here’s a thought to ponder… WHAT if Vladimir Putin shows up with ships of food and offers “Hope” ? to the people of Venezuela??? You know, in exchange for ALL that oil and the reserve’s…Great way to tell US and the Saudis to go pound sand…? Plus, it would provide Putin with an advanced base, kinda like what we’re doing in Ukraine…

      20. In the city I hail from, we have been having multiple shootings daily. Our Mayor, a democrat, suggested the city begin a program to curb the violence. The program gives criminals an “incentive” not to commit crime. Here is how it works; if a convicted felon does not get charged with a crime for six months, he/she can “earn’ $1000 a month for staying out of trouble for up to nine months. This can not be made up! It is like “if you build it, they will come.

        • T-town

          Lots of felons will be moving to your city when that word gets out.

        • That is what you get with an affirmative action, IQ 80, mayor. Or was it an IQ 80 crony friend or some bodies IQ 80 nephew?

          Pay women not to lose their virginity. This idea had me rolling on the floor laughing until I realized the numbskull was serious and I was laughing at someone who had my balls in a vice. There is no shortage of idiots in positions of power and undeserved authority.

      21. countrys are dumping us debt and dollars chinas currency starts this fall as global trade backed by gold its going to get ugly

      22. I believe we will be given a choice. Those who are not prepared will be told by their prepped friends to go out to the merchants and get what they need for the duration of the crisis. In the short period of sequestration for those who have opted to “come out of Babylon”, something very decisive will happen. For Christians, it will be the return of the bridegroom. And if we are wrong, as the atheistic believe, we will still be better prepared to exchange a few meaningful moments with those we love as we go out with a few preps. But, it will be a terrible time. A terrible time indeed.

        • You can’t turn anyone away if they know you have food . You know they will come back desperate and starving lay in wait ambush and kill you for the sake of their children. That will be their justification for your murder . You wanted to starve their children to death. Because you are evil and greedy. How could anyone deny a starving child food . You needed to be killed . I believe you will have a choice . Feed them all forever, Kill the adults and feed the children , or kill them all. You can justify yourself in killing the adults by saying . Criminal negligence in not providing for their children’s survival . You could justify killing them all . By saying my children come first. The life boat is full. God warned them to fill their lamps . They obviously ignored Gods warning. The wheat and the Tares must be separated . And the Tares burned. As in soddom and Gomorrah.

      23. Priorities…

        Obama spending MILLIONS to find summer jobs – for refugees

        The American Mirror dot com

      24. For the time being the USA paper dollars are still being accepted by those who have things to sell. Until that day comes when you cant buy fuel & food with the paper dollars the USA will continue the slow decline.Contrary to popular belief the world isn’t awash with oodles and gobs of the actual paper dollars. The Mint does run 24×7. However paper cash wears out and the mint burns truck loads of worn paper money every day. The most money is printed in twenty dollar bills. and the larges denomination is the 100 dollar bill. So unless the mint starts printing large demoniations no one is gonna have wheelbarrows full of paper dollars to wipe their butt with. Now if It went largely digital and cash became scarce or outlawed the digital dollars would be unlimited and hyperinflation could occur? The USA money situation is pretty shakey. Im suprized it has lasted this long. how long can it continue? In a few minutes my Social Security Ponzi check will be deposited. And tomorrow We will buy some more food. The one thing you cant have too much of is extra food. If It goes kapuit this years garden will be lost. A good garden during lean times will not go unnoticed. So you have to have enough to last till next spring. And the 6 months more till harvest. If you have livestock you will need feed to keep a nucleus of breeding stock alive until you can again grow their feed?

      25. The people backing Bernie Sanders need to see this, because it is the inevitable ending to every country that has gone Socialistic, i.e., food shortages, no healthcare, water, newborns and others dying due to lack of medicine and no electricity, rioting in the streets to try and survive, etc. It isn’t pretty. It never was.

        • Diana
          oligarchy produces the same result. Every time.

        • Explain Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Germany?

          Its corruption for some part, contrived by outside forces too. Notice that the oil producing nations that bucked the oil peg have problems, revolutions, even invasions for ostensible reasons. Care to sell your oil in something other than US dollars. One way or another, regardless how, your government ceases to govern.

          Manipulate the global price of oil down, create carnage, take over (through proxy of course) pick up the pieces and built it the way you desire. Its John D Rockefeller putting competitors out of business on a global scale.

          This is much bigger than the knee jerk excuse of a failed economic system, its absolutely intentional.

      26. All you people here reading this now, you are not a killer. You deep down just want to be loved and give love and optimally with as many people as possible, because they like you deep down feel the same way. it’s human nature. As an overall percentage of people on earth are good and want good things. This will be the outcome of all this. Good.

      27. What is on the menu at the No Logo Cafe, Caracas:

        – Mud cakes: 10,000 Bolivars
        – Shredded salad of Mao’s Little Red Book and No Logo: 600,000 Bolivars
        – Arapas filled with Solyndra stock certificates: 100,000 Bolivars
        – Tacos filled with crickets: 250,000 Bolivars
        – A soup of the pages of This Changes Everything with the juice of one lemon

        US Dollas Only!!!! Menu

        – Cheeseburger and fries: US $100
        – Steak with fries: US £250
        – Chicken fajita: US $350

        Sex Work Menu

        – Blowjob = US $100
        – Under 16 sex = $500
        – Over 16 sex = $150

      28. “The government began scheduling rolling blackouts to save energy”

        That isn’t true. Venezuela is highly invested in hydro electric power producing facilities – drought conditions due to el nino left many of the lakes used for hydro electric power production at or below functional levels. THIS is why they scheduled rolling blackouts, they couldn’t keep producing the amount of energy needed without draining all the water from the lakes.

      29. Good article, except for this sentence: “I wouldn’t say the US government is in nearly as bad of shape as Venezuela’s. We have corruption, waste, and a degree of tyranny, though perhaps not on the same scale. But then again, Venezuela didn’t seem to be in very bad shape a few short years ago.” A “degree” of tyranny? Really? Really? Yep, that’s all I’ve got.

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