Vaporized: Americans’ Wealth Collapses 40% Over Last Three Years

by | Jun 12, 2012 | Headline News | 230 comments

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    …It might be well if you would ask yourself, are you better off than you were four years ago? Is it easier for you to go and buy things in the stores than it was four years ago? Is there more or less unemployment in the country than there was four years ago? Is America as respected throughout the world as it was? Do you feel that our security is as safe, that we’re as strong as we were four years ago?

    President Ronald Reagan

    President Reagan may just as well be speaking to us today.

    The answer, as it was in November of 1980, is a resounding NO.

    The Great Recession wiped out nearly two decades of Americans’ wealth, according to government data released Monday, with middle-class families bearing the brunt of the decline.

    The Federal Reserve said the median net worth of families plunged by 39 percent in just three years, from $126,400 in 2007 to $77,300 in 2010. That puts Americans roughly on par with where they were in 1992.

    The biggest drops occurred among middle-income Americans, whose wealth was inextricably linked to the housing market boom and bust.

    It’s hard to overstate how serious the collapse in the economy was,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist for Moody’s Analytics. “We were in freefall.”

    In July of 2010 we offered evidence that America’s middle class was being systematically wiped out. Today we learn how truly horrific this wealth destruction really is.

    And, it’s only going to get worse.

    While government (un)employment statistics show that 8.3% are out of work, the number is closer to 22% – those are great depression numbers. If you lose your job today, there is a strong possibility you won’t be finding any meaningful labor any time soon. And for those just exiting college with hundred thousand dollar degrees in their hands, the prospect of ever finding a job and paying of those loans is almost nil.

    Moreover, whatever money you do make (or save) will rapidly lose value as inflation, downplayed by the government of course, takes hold at a rate in excess of 10% per year, which means your money will be cut in half by 50% within seven years:

    On top of that we have more Americans on food stamps today than ever before – twice as much as when President Obama took office and rapidly approaching 50 million (some 1 in 6 Americans!) – and half of American households receiving some form of government assistance or disbursement.

    These are serious numbers and considering that we are nowhere near the end of this Recession, and are more than likely in the midst of another Great Depression, we can fully expect the wealth of our nation to further disappear.

    Now is the time to save and prepare, because things are not going to get any better anytime soon.


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      1. Four years? I’m not even better off than I was Four MONTHS ago. We’re losing ground fast!
        I don’t mind the roller coaster, but I never really wanted the front seat!

        • Wealth vs being Rich. Wealth has the potential to make money continually or produce something to make that living from it. Being Rich is having money or something to trade but does not increase after you have traded it away(unless you buy something that makes you wealthy). Owning congresscritters seems to make one very wealthy these days.

          Owning wealth or being rich will not matter without Law. Without Rights to property and Constitutional Law stopping out of control government bureaucracy from taking your wealth and riches or barring your use of it your survival is dependant on whether you fall out of favour first or if you own enough congresscritters.

          So, what does it cost for a congresscritter? Probably to much for most. So the only thing left to trade for Rights in that time is high speed lead and hot brass?

          The Lord is Righteous.
          Standing by in Texas.

          • Wealth is not just “money in the bank”. It is also a feeling and belief that what you have aquired is holding it’s value, and a belief that the future is bright.
            Learn the difference between “money” and “currency”. They are not the same thing.
            The economy depends so much on feelings. If folks feel gloomy, no risk taking. If things seem bright, folks start taking shots and spending. I’m in commercial real estate, and nobody is taking a risk right now. We have some jobs in the pipe (takes 2 years to get permits), and some government related work (the only ones spending), so we’re ok for now. But houses and general development are dead. There are some areas hopping, but they are flukes (D.C. for example).
            I’ve seen these development downturns before, and they always feel worse when your in them, but this looks differant. No light at the end and banks not lending,and people remember 08 to clearly.
            As long as people FEEL poorer, we’re screwed.

            • Rick,

              Is the “feeling” where you are at just a “mood” or is it based on something say, tangible? I have not been to Detroit but I have read that it is very bad for most business ventures. Maybe your area is just gripped with a kind of fearful future outlook on investment by those with capital. If it weren’t for Texas and a few other areas I’d say the U.S. economy is a minivan with three flat tires trying like hell to avoid being run over by a FREETRADE with China NAFTA Eighteen Wheeler driven by Soros who is chatting on the cell with his buddies in DC laughing it up.

              The Lord is Righteous.
              Standing by in Texas.

            • My wealth has gone up in the last 4 years. However, I never took any credit to buy anything and never fell for the mortgage trap either.

            • Fraud confirmed in Texas. Election judge says votes were switched.


            • This is so true more and more jobs are going out of business here in the Southwest and people are becoming more homeless than before. Insurances, rents and food prices are going up but before long no one will be able to afford even that. This is really a bad event we are all starting to see all over. We are all into something really big than ever before in history.
              Everyone needs prayers heard from our Heavenly Father above.

          • “Vaporized”???? Baloney! We have been LOOTED and RAPED by the dynastic banksters and their genocidal Zionist confreres. This was no mere passive phenomenon. These crimes against humanity are planned and every last one of the perpetrators must be brought to justice—REAL Justice, not talmudic double standards.


        • Okie…If you are an independent with a rig payment things have to be rough.Leased out or working for a hauler maybe not so bad.I imagine the downward pressure on rates and prices of fuel have made the independent a dying breed. Best of luck in what has to be tough situation.

        • The wealth was not vaporized and has not disappeared. It was stolen, plain and simple.

          Therefore, it can be taken back when the victims are ready to do it.

          • No, it wasn’t stolen. People lost their jobs and their incomes. Real estate values have dropped significantly around the country.

            What you said is not only incredibly ignorant but you sound dangerous. It’s the kind of crap the Nazis say.

            • Barn Cat; when the system is overloaded and taxation increases and prices continue to spike it is theft. Ignorance means lack of knowledge; people have had their jobs, investments and livelyhood stolen from them and Freedom.
              As GC said (wealth/savings/income) hasn’t vaporized (which) means to disappear, ownership has changed hands; hence theft.
              Nazis (communists) would state what you have said. That has been their foot in the door with labor unions throughout history. Who has the lack of knowledge?

            • What is dangerous (mostly for yourself) is your lack of understanding about what GC is saying. He is right. Unfortunately, most Americans do not understand that he’s been right for 200 years. Point of fact, the Middle East would still have lush forests if people had not stolen others’ resources beginning 6,000 years ago.

              And as to your Nazi comment, it is not what they SAID, it is what they DID. Look up Benito Mussolini’s definition of fascism sometime. He kind of knew what he was talking about.

            • Do you consider the founding fathers to be Nazis? They took things back when England started confiscating.

            • GC is correct…let ANYONE else do what this corrupt bunch of goons called govt/corp/banking/ect and it is called theft/looting/blackmail/racketteering/extortion and so on…the corporation/govt claims a monopoly on the use of force/violence to make you comply with their agenda….whats wrong with the victim demanding justice/recourse/restitution?…anyone attempting to void anothers RIGHT to retaliate and take back whats stolen is a partner to the thief/theft and must be held to the same standard as the actual thief…youre either for personal liberty or you support the tryrant…liberty or slavery,there is no middle ground there is no opt out!

          • “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may know peace.”

          • “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”

          • GC

            When “wealth” is created from debt it’s only an illusion because it never really existed. That false wealth can and did disappear.

        • I have four, or forth buckets of food…. but that was yesterday.

          • Four years and four buckets of food. Wheres the chicken at?

        • Silver is cheap right now (29.00) better get some more while you can

          • how would you know tina?

            • WTH….just stating fact.

        • Off topic

          Sky television breaking news

          Russia has sent attack helicopters to Syria

          11pm GMT

          • This is incredibly bad – welcome to WW3 🙁

            • Can’t do the links Daisy not going through

            • Burt – they won’t go through for me, either – they aren’t even going into moderation. WTHeck?

            • Okay, Burt, I got them into the moderation queue – very weird how they just vanished.

            • Cost of a single AC-130U Gunship: $190 million”

              “Cost of a single B-2 Bomber: $2.2 Billion”

              “Cost of a single F-117A Nighthawk: $122 Million”

              “Cost of a single F-22 Raptor: $135 million”

              “Cost of a single Javelin Missile: $80,000”

              “Cost of a single Tomahawk cruise Missile: $900,000”

              “Diplomats are just as essential in starting a war as soldiers are for finishing it.”

            • Not ONE WORD about this on Fox or any other mainstream network. Not suprised.

          • hi burt – a little off topic, but not sure how else to reach you. your blog is wonderful, thanks for taking the time to write! could you please check on your link to daisy’s blog. the space is missing before “yours” so can’t click thru to it (luckily i have daisy bookmarked), and thank you for posting links; makes this soooo much easier.

        • GWB destroyed the American economy by allowing, no, encouraging 42,400 American factories and 60 million American jobs to “offshore” during his administration.

          That man is a criminal and should be tried for sedition.

          The American financial collapse and the destruction of the middle class didn’t happen overnight. It was predicated upon the Bush policies during his tenure in office.

          Go ahead, make my day! You GWB retards who refuse to give credit where credit is due … thumb me down! It doesn’t change a thing.

          GWB is the NWO asshole who destroyed America!

          • It started a long time before that. So why worry over the why as long as we are getting ready for what ever you beleive is coming. If we agree graet if we dont get out of my way so I can. Try not being a Rich99 and maybe you will win a few more thumb up.

            • FBP: If you think I am posting to get a “thumbs up” you are a fucking moron!

            • DK You just proved my point. You attitude doesn’t help you in your argument. Try first with added some new idea instead of dragging that same Zombie under the truck. Hell waste of time. Remember Durango Kid is a Synonym for “he is wrong, but I never read his crap”. Just like Face book stands for the “pain in the ass is back”. Forgot Kevin stands for that too.

          • Durango kidd

            Who put their signature on both NAFTA & China Free Trade? Think Clinton, Kerry, Biden and Edwards did the working man a favor voting yea for China Free Trade.

            If the bunch above are your friends you keep bad company. Not only did they vote (or sign) the Free Trade garbage but lied about their intent when running for election.

            Bush 41 & 43 differ only in being much more up front making it known when they ran what their intentions with trade were.

            The Democrats lied to their labor supporters.

            Oh Bill Clinton put his signature on the demise of Glass Steagall act too in 1999 which removed regulations on commercial and investment banks that had been in effect since 1935 as a safeguard to prevent a banking crash.

            • Durango kidd

              Oh Obama had a Democrat House & Senate with boo-coo support and where was the repeal of the Free Trade agreements? Where are the Wall Street regulations? The derivatives business is alive and well and low and behold expanded Free Trade is being proposed and supported by his administration.

              Hope & Change? Na just more of the same.

              The sad fact is if they’re supported by either party they’re supported by Wall Street Globalist Bankers. Any other claim is historically dishonest.

            • Why even worry about things. thanks to Fat Teds 1965 Immigration law and the refusal of either party to secure the border the country will be majority third world immigrant legal or illegal in a generation. Two million immigrants a year while the native population stays static is a no win and the end of our way of life.

            • Thank You Kevin2 for finishing the point I just didn’t have the time.
              It is time to form the anti-durangokid forum (Round one).
              His end though have credit but it just pure luck he gets there because the basic of his arguments are always flawed. He forgets human nature every time.

            • K2: We have had this argument before. Yes others have had their hand in the mix to create the legal environment that led to the financial rape of America.

              They are not guiltless and should be prosecuted for their crimes; as should all of the other NWO PTB who have contributed to the destruction of the nation.

              (Mass arrests, mass indictments, mass trials, and mass graves should be the order of the day after the guilty verdict is rendered.)

              BUT, it was GWB who accelerated the collapse of the American economy and deliberately gutted the American middle class.

              He is DIRECTLY responsible for the current financial condition of the nation. This SOB is a traitor to America and needs to be indicted, arrested, and prosecuted for his crime of treason.

              The penalty for treason is death. Just saying.

          • Many things …”should” … !
            Very few if any ….”would”…. or “will” for that matter.
            Many politicians, by going along, have allowed “things to happen”.
            However they are just as guilty of what is happening as a “boxing glove” would be of the “knock-out”. It’s true that to an untrained observer “the boxing glove” delivered the impact.
            And yet, there is a “hand” in that boxing glove. That hand is attached to an “arm”. Filled with “muscles”. Which are controlled by a series of “motor nerves”. Which, in turn, receive their impulses from a certain area of the “brain”. Destroy the “glove” and … you achieved …NOTHING !
            Oh ! maybe you’ll just feel better for a few minutes.
            The brain will manage to put ANOTHER “boxing glove” on that hand. In no time at all.
            Want to do something worthwhile ? FIND THE “BRAIN” !
            I’m not saying it’s easy !:-)))

          • “You GWB retards who refuse to give credit where credit is due … thumb me down! It doesn’t change a thing.”

            They used to say the dumbest people on the planet voted for GWB, Twice!After November they won’t be able to say that anymore…

            • Durango Kidd

              “K2: While the NWO has been around for centuries secretly pushing their agenda, it was the father of GWB; GHWB who publicly ushered in the NWO Age.”

              You couldn’t be more off on your time table. The first gaol was to obtain economic control over the US which President Wilson obliged with the Federal Reserve Act. Roosevelt confiscated the personal wealth with the confiscation of gold. The accelerated NWO age came to be post WWII with the UN. The first agenda was to remove the rivals to global dominance with the Truman Doctrine of the Containment of Communism (and it’s reversal) took several decades. The cost was staggering so the US abandoned the Bretton Woods agreement and uncoupled the dollar / gold peg.

              By the time GH Bush mentioned the NWO the die had been cast and the noose already put around the neck of the population. Mr Clinton tugged it with NAFTA and pulled really hard with China Free Trade. Domestically from that point on all that was needed was to do nothing and that’s exactly what has been done with GW Bush and Obama regarding a reversal.

            • K2: I understand the time table you mention, but I think that most Americans are concerned about the progress that the NWO has made in their lifetimes and that progress has been HUGE …

              Thanks to GHWB and GWB.

              Especially, GWB because it could be argued that the steps taken by his father were smart to engage the Chinese, and strategically sound. But there is NO fucking excuse for what GWB did to US.


          • durango kidd

            Judges, Lawyers, Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys tend to go with who put their signature on the documents. King George seen John Hancock and I see Bill Clinton. Unlike either Bush slick Willie was against Free Trade when running. I personally heard him yell “No NAFTA” at a UAW rally. His actions were 180 degrees from his promises.

            “The American financial collapse and the destruction of the middle class didn’t happen overnight. It was predicated upon the Bush policies during his tenure in office.”

            It was predicated with NAFTA and China Free Trade one becoming law after GH Bush and the other prior to GW Bush. Clinton, Biden, Kerry and Edwards are joined at the hip with the demise of the middle class. They gave the globalists what both Bush 41 & 43 couldn’t; vitally needed Democrat support for passage. While Free Trade took your job the de-regulation of the Financial Industry complements of once again the vanguard of Democrats Bill Clinton allowed the financial fox to run roughshod over the banking industry. It’s a fact that Bill Clinton penned the documents that obliterated Glass- Steagall which legalized the rape of your 401K / IRA and other investments. We’re still feeling the effects of all of this because no meaningful re-regulation has taken place in it’s wake.

            Bush 41 & 43 are a tool of the globalist bankers and so is Clinton, Obama and Romney. The difference is for the most part you know what your getting with the Republicans in this area but the Democrats lie like a rug about their part in the program. Looking at “who signed what” the Democrats are holding the bulk of the responsibility.

            The game plan goes like this.

            1. Republicans propose Free Trade and Banking De-Regulation.
            2. Republicans are voted out with Democrats pointing fingers at them because they endorse Free Trade which of course the Democrats oppose.
            3. Democrats get into office and vote for Free Trade.
            4. The media is for the most part silent.
            5. The people blame the Republicans and go back to supporting their “good friends” the Democrats.
            6. The power elite look at the above and marvel at the ignorance of the voting masses thereby reinforcing their conviction that the masses are incapable of self government.

            • K2: I understand all of that and do not have an argument with it, but face it; the buck stops at the President’s desk and the facts cannot be denied:

              42,400 factories and 60 million jobs were offshored to the benefit of the Gangster Banksters and Uber Rich under FREE TRADE, NAFTA, and the WTO.

              It doesn’t matter who started it or signed the docs. What matters is the SOB didn’t do anything to stop it and the process accelerated under his admin.

              End of story. The buck stops at the presidents desk.

            • Durango kidd

              “It doesn’t matter who started it or signed the docs.”

              You have got to be kidding me; It doesn’t matter who signed the documents? Making it law is it in a nut shell. Bill Clinton pressured Democrat legislators to vote yea for NAFTA and China Free Trade. What Bush would have done Clinton accomplished.

              “What matters is the SOB didn’t do anything to stop it”.

              Using your logic don’t blame the criminal but blame the people around them that did not stop the crime.

              “didn’t do anything to stop it”

              Obama campaigned throwing stones at the Republicans regarding Free Trade forgetting who signed what and when. Then after getting in office he announces that he is for Free Trade and proposes not removing it but expanding it. No President was in a stronger position to reverse the trend having massive support and both Houses with Democrat Majorities.


              Bush 41 & 43 never wavers in there support for Free Trade.

              Clinton campaigns against it and wins with labors vote.

              Clinton sways Democrats to support Free Trade and signs it into law.

              Clinton de-regulates the financial industry letting the fox run the chicken coup.

              Bush sits back doing nothing because all of the work desired by the globalists domestically is accomplished so he focuses on their foreign affairs goals.

              Obama campaigns against the US loosing manufacturing and US foreign intervention.

              Obama once elected changes his position on both Free Trade and foreign intervention going the added step of attacking another nation not only without Congressional Approval but even informing Congress.

            • K2: While the NWO has been around for centuries secretly pushing their agenda, it was the father of GWB; GHWB who publicly ushered in the NWO Age.

              This isn’t isn’t about retards or demturds. This is about calling a spade a spade and holding those responsible accountable.

              ALL of them!

          • GWB’s spending was only a small part of the equation. This all began when we became a debt-based society and allowed the personal and public debt to grow in an effort to create equal comfort for all. GWB and Obama have both made a bad situation worse.

            • Sunshine

              The debt was a response to the loss of all the US manufacturing wealth creation. Debt both public and private filled the void created by the loss of revenue both personally and governmentally. Less money for governmental services is also a response to the loss of manufacturing.

              It all goes back to the loss of self sustaining, wealth creating employment. Everything else is a symptom with one exception which was the abandonment of financial regulations imposed with Glass Stegall as a response to the Great Depression.

              In the end you earn less and what you have previously saved they now legally steal.

            • K2: Your comment to Sunshine is my point exactly. When 60 million American jobs were sent offshore by the legislation passed by both political parties, under GWB leadership, the American economy was destroyed.

              Bottom line the American economy was stolen by the NWO led by your hero ….. GWB! 🙂

        • Wanted to share two things, not really related to the article at hand, but worth considering nevertheless. The first is what would/could happen if the “dole” or monies given out to those on govt relief stops altogether. What kind of violence are we looking at in the U.S.? The other, which is related to this question. It was something I read last night in a book on the significant devaluing of currency in Austria in the early 1920’s. There were crowds around the Parliament bldg, alot who were hungry from lack of food. There were suggestions in the crowd to burn the bldg. Mounted police arrived on the scene to restore order. The reaction of the crowd was to pull the police from their mounts, slaughter the mounts, some of the flesh being eaten raw. The thought to consider is what will hungry people do when there is no money to buy food or just plain no food?

          • I imagine they will go looking for preppers to take their stash. If what you asked comes to pass by the end of the first Winter half the population will be dead. Which may just be the plan. The elites can afford to buy remote retreats where they will be safe. Ted Turner owns land equal to the size of the state of Delaware. Bet he has some nice places and security in place to ride out any tough times.

            • Lots of buffalo roaming that range of his also. They fed and clothed the Indians ….. the grasslands of NM may be a good location.

              Eat his beef!

          • old soldier

            Someone once said the most civilized society is only seven missed meals from anarchy.

        • “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

          • “Tyrants have always some slight shade of virtue; they support the laws before destroying them.”

          • “Right On” !!

      2. Best feeling in the world

      3. Hopefully everyone here is out of the market and debt free it is the best feeling in the world

        • Debt free? Who cares? I’m piling on the debt, just bought a big shotty house in a big shotty neighborhood. When it collapses how will they collect? They will have so many big fish to fry that I won’t even be a blip on the radar screen. obama ain’t worried so why should I give a shit anymore. Live it up boys for tommorrow we die!;)

          • That will only be true during a complete collapse when there is no rule of law. Anything lessor or any rebuilding and secured debts will be sold to local investors who will have the power, authority, and right to reclaim their collateral by force.

            And this only if there is a slow slide. There will be many people who are foreclosed upon during the slow slide and it will not matter for them as they will be homeless.

            I believe there will be a foreclosure frenzy like we have never seen before the end. This will further drive down home prices at which time I will liquidate some of my silver and pickup more rural property with tillable acres bought on credit by people who thought they could cheat.

            • Gov Guy I agree I know where the farms around me are sitting when it comes to debt and the willingness of them to try and save them. And some of them are so upside down. I hope all of my neighbors can put off a miracle. But I still am prepare to step in if they are not. I will then be able to control my little area of space.

              Any you are also very correct about debt is only good if it is a quick and destructive fall. Every way else you have them at your door. I use all the money(FRN)that I don’t use because of my lake of bill and continue my preps but because of no debt at all I can also still by fun stuff without worry and those items are also hard assets.

            • In the depression, the bankers would selectively foreclose on homes and farms with a lot of equity. They were reluctant to foreclose on homes that were upside down. It is obvious why- they can profit more from reselling the homes with equity. I wonder how much of this is influencing the current foreclosure rates.

          • its a tough call right now btween what king krazy is say and what government guy is saying and what facebook is saying. im not sure which one is right however if pressed to choose right now i would have to side with king krazy but with a more cautious approach, due to what government guy points out. alot of people can get taken out before things get so bad that it doesnt matter anymore. there is alot to what facebook says. if you can be basically totally out of the system, and are happy this way, than it makes alot of sense.hmmm something tells me we need people to get angrier and fast. potentially everynone could be homeless if you think about it, but if you think about it a bit more .. how is that possible. we need people to get bloody angry , preferably soon.

            • Yes everyone should all ready be. Wishing will get BLOD ANGRY. (Like that statement) But they wont. I just had a discussion where the topic was a repeat of the shot heard around the world. And everyone including myself couldn’t see it happen again in the US. It will take a crazy like in Sweden to start it and hopefully someone will pick up the ball and run with it. Still there are just to many Let just get along types.

              This why I chose to be debt free. And I do mean debt free. House, land, trucks, cars, preps and toys. (I have been lucky) I have been prepping long before it was cool also. So i have a huge head start (1991). I can thank many trips oversea and seeing all the shitholes of the world so I know what kind of life we can fall into quickly. And what zombies (people) will do when the normal goes away.

              Unless we go back to the cave days. Some will still own those contract and debt books. And they will come to take what is there. They always do. If you are in heavy debt then yes ride as long as you can. But have a walk away plan.
              If you are close to debt free DO IT. When you can look at your family and say no one will be able to leagally take all your work. I can defend against the illegally and immoral. (i have a few talents) It is an unbelievable feelings. And even if your world is small the key is it is yours and what you add is also yours. Yes I pay taxes so when the corp screaming starts. But now that I have no debt it just a small bill like my phone and I like having a phone and Internet.

      4. This is feeling like a roller coaster ride that starts at the top of Mount McKinley and terminates at the seventh layer of Hell.
        Straight down and nobody in a leadership position seems to want to do anything about it.
        Be well

        • Unfortunately, some in leadership positions have been planning this for a long time.

          Here is an interesting fact.

          “Obama, knowing that he could not, and can NOT get what HE wants Constitutionally has circumvented the Constitution.”

          Obama Has Signed 126 Executive Orders In 40 Months!


        • “Keep looking below surface appearances. Don’t shrink from doing so just because you might not like what you find.”

      5. so far so good,, allways have a plan B>> off to work i go,

      6. I hear ya SmokinOkie….me too. I just want to know when are they actually going to call it for what it is….a “depression”? Will they finally call it a sinking ship only after the ship is completely submerged?

        The economic number that they quote every month are fudged. They spin it how they want. We are so screwed and yet the president says that the public sector is doing just fine……I don’t get it.

        • Just like the captain of the Titanic was telling his passengers that everything was fine and we had just hit a tiny piece if ice. No worries, go back to your staterooms. Nothing to see here….

        • When you watch a duck swim, what you see above the water is beautiful and calm. What you do not see, under the water, is that the duck is paddling like hell. If it walks like a duck…sounds like a duck…swims like a duck…
          I’m just sayin’….
          God bless, everyone!

        • The monthly economic indicators (unemployment, inflation, etc.) are “manipulated.”

          The “official unemployment numbers” are such a joke. They don’t include those who are still looking for work, but are no longer receiving unemployment benefits, or new people looking for jobs (such as all the recent graduates), or those who are looking for full time work but took a part time job, etc.

          After reading articles at different sources, I noticed they state the number of jobs added, but don’t list the total number of jobs lost.

          Is it standard to “revise downward” for previous months? It is “old news” a month or two later.

          It is ridiculous to count a “job” that will last as little as 3 hours as a “job created”. But, the government does. I guess it doesn’t matter that the person will be unemployed by lunch time.

          • Yes…it is kind of like people that play the Lottery…..they only brag when they win money, they never tell you that it cost them 200.00 to win the 2.00.

            • @ Tina

              Hey! That’s my retirement plan!;)

          • The government puts out $ for Summer Hire jobs for teens at military bases. Lots of them. These kids get paid $ that some adults supporting households would be happy to have. These jobs are for 3 months but get counted in the job creation numbers. Totally ridiculous and misleading to the American citizens when publishing the number of “jobs created”.

        • the historians will call it a depression many years from now.

          • and we are coming close to 20 years into the depression. neat trick ,huh.. and you thought the depression was jsut starting.

      7. Anyone who posts here sees the reality of the depression we are in. The only sectors of the economy that are not experiencing this are the financial and gov sectors. They are fine only for as long as they can prey on the common man.Their time is coming . Lets hope by preparing we can outlast the crooks and live to see some of them strung up.

        • f u anon

          • ?

            • Rick….I thought the same thing (?)… must be the voices in his head…..that’s all I can figuare

      8. We as the people of this United States are getting fleeced by so many different directions, it is scary.
        The question is: where to invest money that will not be like gambling in Las Vegas? I myself wish I had a crystal ball that just would see ahead 24 hours. Think of what could be accomplished.

        • eppe, the point is there really is nowhere to safely invest your money. im seeing more daily that is scaring me about fiat. people are getting absolutely fanatical about making and investing and saving and finding fiat money. one guy i work with told me today if it gets worse he will rob a bank! and he wasnt kidding.this cannot last. YOUR MONEY IS GETTING VERY CLOSE TO BECOMING WORTHLESS PEOPLE! WAAAKE UP, snap out of it god damnit!

      9. Morning all

        It is getting to the point where eating will soon be a luxury many cannot afford. This is when the shit will really hit the fan.

        A hungry man/woman is a dangerous man/woman
        A Mommy or daddy needing food for their kids kids makes a hungry man/woman look tame by comparison

        Take care

        • Hungry people are lethargic. The ukrainian farmers didn’t fight when Stalin starved them. And the apparachiks who took their land still own it, as seen in the trial of the former PM Timoshenko who wasn’t a descendant of them.

          • Cornelius

            I disagree, but I can only refer to myself and my reactions. If my child was starving and you had food only one of us will be standing at the end of the discussion.

            Equally, as I prep I am more likely to be the one with food, and therefore am more likely to be the target if I am stupid enough to let people know about it.

            I would do my damnest not to let a child suffer, but my priority is my child and I will do whatever I have to do to keep her alive.

            Take care

            • Totally agree, B-t-B!! My kids are my life, I’ll protect them with everything inside of me!!
              I had good news today, my sis in law sent me a text, asking if I would come over and teach her and her mom to can..and wanted to know when the veggies would be coming in at the local farms! They just moved here to my city last October from Florida…
              My sis in laws mom and dad are from Greece, and her dad is watching the situation there very closely, since he has family there!
              I’m so happy that they are waking up to what is coming! I have two adorable little nieces, and I will not sit by and watch them suffer….planning for my family of seven is hard enough….but my husband and I started adding more to our supply, so that we can feed our extended family as well…so knowing that they are now planning makes me so happy!

          • Comenius – Few if any here have been really, chronically, hungry. I have. You are correct.

            An overfed type who’s missed a meal or two and feels entitled will indeed be dangerous. But not for all that long. Riots tend to last 3 days; until people actually get truly hungry.

      10. The destruction is planned. The collapse is inevitable. Even the government propagandized data is unfavorable!

        Keep all investments close, lock the doors, and watch yer back!

        • Yep

        • “The tyrant always talks as if he’s preserving the best interests of his people when he actually acts to undermine them.”

      11. The United States of America has been sold down the river of doom an it’s a long river at that. Once we get to the end, game set match. There is no bright spot on the horizon from everything I read and see.

        Regardless of what is to come out of all this greed and reckless abandonment done onto The American Constitution and the American people, do not give up what you believe in.

        Like I have stated before, they (TPTB), do not like free will of the heart or free thinkers. Never give your liberties away.

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

      12. well with more people getting medicaid(poor people insurance thats 3 bucks for any prescription) and bigger state budgets and medicare section 8, money food stamps,lawsuits,higer malpractice insurance and on and on, going to want to make money off of these expenses and they have to realize that we are not buying as many things due to oil and they have no other option but to lower gas prices to keep cost of goods down. We are not buying. For sure watch your back zoltanne said above that is so true. There are a lot of fake people out there that pretend to like you and they take advantage of nice people. If people are asking you for food or anything when this hits don’t even let them in your home. never let anyone see any of your things. Because in times of chaos people will be desperate and rob you or get violent. What im trying to say is, if you had a high school friend who you know is rich and you asked him to borrow a 100 bucks and you know he has it easily and does not and says, “my wife wont let me give you any because she has the checkbook and lift a finger for you, why would you do the favor for these type of people when money does not matter or your ammo or a extra gun etc. There will be a lot of kiss assers asking. Never ever let them see what you have or what you got never! Golden rule. IF you feel you want to help thats great or fine but never let them in.

      13. Probably my last chance to yank whats left of my 401k before they start soaking those up “for the sake of saving an irresponsible government.”

        • My savings account is in the basement and the withdrawls can be eaten or fired at high velocity.

          • Hear Hear! Lost my job of 17 years, 2 years ago, but was nearly debt free.I’m putting my ‘0bama money” into preps, garden, new “toys” etc. Ever notice that when the government prepares, builds huge cave complexes etc. that it’s “prudent”, but if you have weaponry or food supplies and a garden you’re a “domestic terrorist”?

            • That’s not Obama’s money you are spending.

            • Two words for you, Legion- You failed.

      14. We took all our savings and bought land, food, shelter, and all the many extras needed in survival. Since there is inflation, like wheat going up 75% last year, what better way to make a good investment with something that takes years to go bad, is consumable and will likely help you when TSHTF!!!

        • I wished I could tap into my 401K but can not since I am still employed. Right now I feel it is better to stay employed than to quit just so I can access those funds as some people have suggested I do.

          I did stop donating into the fund (I call it donating because I am not sure it will be there after the govt gets their hands on it).

          • We borrowed from our 401k to buy prepping supplies.

            • I guess my only 2 options that i see are either stop contributing and let it sit, or liquidate into preps and silver.

            • what is the penalty like if you default on a loan from your own retirement account?

            • I have a 403B. What a joke. I wanted to take it out and pay property taxes. If I die my husband can get the money. If he dies I can get the money. If I want to go to school, buy a house or my house is in foreclosure I can get it. Those are IRS rules. Really? I quit donating just like Tina.

            • wish I had a 401 k to hit. that got gone 3 years ago. Been unemployed for four years. Have a mostly worthless degree need minimum of three certification to even be considered for a job. cost about a thousand for the certs but another 3 grand to be able to pass tests. I know people I went to school with, they have degrees in computers one I know is working in a furniture factory and another had been at Wendy’s. The unemployment numbers are so far out of wack it’s amazing anyone would believe them. Well keep prepping and definately watch your backs and the sky. Had three unmarked(black} gun ships flying low around here weekend before last. prep. prep . prep somemore. Doing what I can with what Ican.

            • i will never and have never given to a company pension plan or an rrsp(equivalent of 401k in canada) , i will NEVER , if given a choice , put money into any kind of pension like this. and right now i have the choice and choose NOT to coontribute. i think its ridiculous. i prefer to trade stocks and take profits if i must invest in fiat. i cannot fathom working so much jsut to give even more away and possibly never get that back for work i have done. again people… FIAT IS CRAP! fall out of love fast.. its an old game… its OVER!

          • The banksters go crazy when you call and tell them you want to stop donating.

            • To Eeder….They make it look so enticing by “matching” what you put in (double your money)….when I was young and new in the workforce I thought…..oh yea…that’s what I’m talking about. Double “MY” money. Then, I grew up and realized that “their” portion is NOT your money and your portion is “NOT” your money if you can not get to it and do what you want with it. Now the hint is floating around about the govt “BORROWING” it….that’s when i decided….I’m done!!!

              To AA….Not only the Banksters but the EMPLOYERS go bonkers when you decide to stop. I have yet to find out what is in it for the employers but they go F-ing off the chain when I submitted paperwork to STOP donating. Make you wonder….WTH


      15. We are classic representatives of the economic situation. Our income has dropped while our expenses have increased.

        A couple of years ago, I could feed our family of 3 on a thrifty $50 per week, and that would include some little treats like ice cream and an occasional frozen pizza. Now, I consider myself lucky if I get home from shopping on less than $100 per week and it is for 2 of us.

        I was astonished to see a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch for $7.99 last week at Wal-Mart. Needless to say, we have oatmeal instead. A gallon of milk is nearly $5.

        We are fighting back by digging up our entire city backyard and planting it with vegetables. Our front yard flower beds have been planted with peas, herbs and pumpkins. (I’m hoping that it looks like landscaping). We’ve signed up for a CSA and I’m going to be canning our surplus for the winter. We hardly ever drive anywhere and we attempt to take advantage of as many low-cost/free options as possible. (Library, city splash-pads, hiking, etc.)

        They only win when you stop fighting.

        • Compost, compost, compost.
          Wood chips as mulch saves water.
          Recycle plants after it has finished producing into a compost pile. Worms are our friends.
          Black gold.

          • “Worms are our friends”. Yep, boiled, fried, baked, “It’s All Good”!

            • With the right spices, they actually taste good. Been throwing around the idea of raising crickets, grasshoppers, and others. Watch the Travel channel, Zimmerman eats some weird stuff, but in countries around the world, this is normal. Just gut feed them for a few weeks and they can taste like what ever you feed them.
              We Americans need to think outside the box, eating insects is way outside the box…

              I hope this is not too gross for most people….

            • I was thinking of them as chicken food…

          • careful with the wood chips as mulch b/c they suck up nitrogen out of the soil as they decompose. Not bad to add to a compost pile but in moderation.

        • Daisy

          Been stocking for 2 years now..and it has paid off.

          Our wages have been frozen for 2 years..have all the basics stashed/mylar/o2 absorbers..etc…

          Still purchasing canned goods and dry beans on sale..noticed bulk rice has gone from 8.00/20# to 11/12 bucks for the same size…coffee is 5-6 dollars a 12oz can..up from 2.50 a year ago..

          Started our garden a month ago and have potato towers all over the place..look it garden space taken.
          Just cheap garden wire fence.layers of straw.loose soil.potato slits..repeat..

          Make sure you can grow many root veges as possible..they will last you a long time if stored and cured properly..especially sweet pots.

          Anyways..we’re at the precipice folks..

          Keep on prepping like no tomorrow..

          and for the lead FMJ preppers

          ..S&W IS 600 MILLION DOLLARS behind in back orders!

          KELTEC arms are a year or more back-ordered..!

          stock up while you can


          • Fools buying new guns have flooded the used market with great pieces. These fools are mostly the same type that buys a new car every two years instead of taking care of the one they have. The only good reason to buy a new gun is if a decent used example can’t be found. My local gun shop is flooded with inexpensive, barely used KelTecs and S&Ws.

            • Wise words. Most firearms where barrels have a 20K round count life expectancy are usually not broken in until they reach a 300-500 round count. There are many quality guns out in the market now that one could save 2-3 hundred (or more) dollars on by buying used. Alot of new gun buyers have fallen on hard times and are taking their “safe queens” and putting them on the used gun markets.

            • tmfc

              I live in Massachusetts..the availability for the keltec sub 2000 40s&wglock is ridiculous..have checked national sites and everyone is out of stock..period.buds cheaperthandirt..etc etc etc

              Here’s the deal;..the average wait time for this fine piece is over a year or more in the 9mm ..less for the 40 cal..
              If I could purchase this beauty I would..and not everyone who =buys new weapons is a fool..


          • Possee ~

            I have a potato tower on the go for regular white potatoes. Can you grow sweet potatoes that way too?


            • Daisy,

              I’ve been growing potatoes and sweet potatoes for years. Sweets are easy to grow and store better, in my experience. Sweet potatoes are roots, not tubers like regular potatoes. Therefore you do not grow them exactly the same.

              Sweets like it hot! So if you live up North, you need to read up on how to extend your growing season. They can be grown in the ground, or in containers. I grow mine in deep containers. They do just fine. I have even grown them in rubbermaid containers with good results.

              If you are interested in growing sweets, do a little research to get the best results. They are really delicious and nutritious and easy to grow!

              Best of luck with your garden!

            • Daisy:
              I grow my sweets in the ground. I live in the South, the soil is sandy and they do great. I made little “hills” with a ditch between the hills and dig into the side of the hill to harvest the sweet taters as I need them . You have to let them “set” a few days in the open air after you dig them up for maximum storage life.You can make little cuttings like a philodendron or “slips” as they are called, to make even more plants. the slips can be put in your greenhouse or inside until the spring if you live up north.I have heard that the leaves can be eaten also. My chickens love them anyway.

            • anonymouslady, jen10 and possee,

              I have never grown sweet potatoes, but would like to try.

              Is it too late to start sweet potatoes this year? At this point should I look for sweet potato slips to plant?

              Where do you recommend to purchase these?

              Your suggestions and info. are appreciated.
              KY Mom

            • Thank you all for the great gardening info! It’s wonderful and I’m taking notes. 🙂 I’m with KY Mom – where do you get the slips for sweet potatoes?

            • Daisy and KY Mom,

              It’s not too late to start, you just may not get very many or very big sweet potatoes this year. But it would still give you experience and some sweets to start your slips for next year.

              I have previously purchased slips from nurseries or gardening centers. Now, I save a couple of small potatoes to start my slips from the following year. I have never tried to get slips from the sweet potatoes in the grocery store. But, it might work. Just put one in a jar of water and see if it will sprout. There are some good videos on youtube about starting and growing sweet potatoes.

              I hope this helps. Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite things to grow in the garden. 🙂

        • Daisey, plant squash. Hubbard, Acorn and butternut, if stored in a cool, dark room, will last until next spring. We do it every year. Save the seeds!

          • Look at Seeds Trust on the web. Non Hybrid. Short growing season.

          • I’ve got sweet meat squash growing in my garden right grows a 10-15 pd squash, 4-5 per vine!

            And I still have several butternut squash from last year in storage….and they still taste great! In my opinion, squash are some of the best veggies to grow in the garden, along with potatoes and sweet potatoes!

            • I canned 14 quarts of beans Monday and 35 quarts earlier today or Tuesday. I have another garden with 9 rows of beans I am letting turn to seed. Never can have enough seed.

        • Daisy, you’ve read about my experiences last year with my first “hard core” vegetable garden (I won honorable mention for it on the last survivalblog round, yay!). Will you be writing about your experiences on your blog? I would love to read about it.

          I haven’t yet put anything in the front yard, although I keep eyeing the substantial strip of land bewteen the sidewalk and the road. But I do have veggies interplanted with perennials in the back, so they have to be kept neat. Here are the things I would recommend for front yard “landscaping”: Red Russian Kale is absolutely gorgeous and lasts through the winter; with your peas, maybe plant a few seeds of morning glory or other climber to mask the pea foliage as it declines; cabbages are beautiful (I alternate red cabbage and Savoy for a nice pattern); herbs are great for the front yard, of course; eggplants and peppers are gorgeous, have neat foliage, and stay relatively compact; small heading lettuce is super-cute and can make a nice chartreuse “pop” before they are harvested. If you haven’t already, interplant the veggies with marigolds which can help repel certain pests. My concern about the pumpkins in the front is that they need SO much room to sprawl, but they do make awesome keepers…I still have a few of my fall “decorations” in our cellar, still in perfect shape.

          I will be firing up the canner this fall too, as my newest project is 900 sq. ft. of garden about an hour away. I think I have around 25 tomato plants, and that is just one quadrant of the garden, in addition to the 10 I have at home. It is hot, hard, dirty work on fine sandy soil that hasn’t yet been built up with compost (re: Eppe’s comment): I am mulching with seaweed that has to be dragged uphill from a lake. I did splurge on $50 worth of cypress mulch for the paths, but mulching the whole thing with wood chips is out of the question for now, as I am experimenting with gardening as cheaply as possible. (In this garden…the garden at home is very coddled).

          • Mama Bear, you know me well, I AM doing some recording. If you’d like to drop me a line I’d be happy to share info with you. 🙂

            Thank you for the fantastic advice! The pumpkins have their own bed, along a fence, and I thought it might look sort of decoratvie in the fall once the pumpkins are big and orange. I love your ideas about other plants to intersperse in the front!

        • Now THAT’S the attitude Daisy. Fight back by simplifying your lifestyle. Grow your own.Put some chickens in the backyard if you can. Who needs that overpriced sugary crap they call breakfast. Good luck with the canning. You won’t regret it.Home canned food tastes the best and lasts literally forever.I have some home canned peaches that are at least 20 years old and still delicious.

        • hang in there dais… my point exactly.

        • WTF are you buying something called Cinnamon Toast Crunch for?

          • DT ~ lol – I’m not buying it – I saw it when I was at Wal-mart and was commenting on the outrageous price of it. 🙂 None of that junk in my house!

      16. Is my new sleep number bed ready (rex84) its the setting.Iam very lucky i have a job. 30% down from 4yrs ago but working.Going bankrup everyday.walking to work to save to eat. Govt in shambles and war in town and all around. Go to war and end this oil/coal debate for good.Nuke this hole,and get it over with.Govt thinkers my ass, stupid dumb and blackmagic I holdem and got the ace,Good luck you govt types, 401K , IRS, good luck to you too.

      17. After being under-employed for four years I had to go back to school and change careers. I have had steady income now for more than a year. However I now make 55% less per week than my previous occupation. But in this economy a paycheck is a paycheck, and I give Thanks everyday I can earn one.
        Gear Up & Good Luck

        • Part of being self reliant is having the heart and spirit to survive anything. You have both.

      18. Four years ago I was debt free, owned two homes, had a 401K, and a thousands of dollars in the bank. I sold my homes and bought a secluded off-grid retreat, liquidated my 401(k) and bought silver, maxed out my credit card, and spent almost all my money on equipment and provisions. On paper I am 25% worse off, but I am many times better prepared.

        • Can’t argue with that, even though I don’t expect more than moderate long and short term disruptions and moderate short term violence in the wake of the coming mass arrests. As stated above, most my “savings” can be eaten, fired, planted, smoked, drunk, or bartered.

          • I have several years of storage in all areas, but literally have no more space. If this stretches out long enough I hope to build a real bunker and fill it up too.

            • A old buddy of mine took a 53′ semi trailer, dug a big rectangle hole in a side of a hill. Then he sprayed it with something to waterproof it, then put dirt back over it with the door exposed. He was raising Dailias (a flower) to sell, point being it stayed 68-72 degrees all year in the foothills of N. Georgia. Also it can be camo’ed
              to be not seen. I do not know your situation or location, but it is an idea to ponder and research.
              If you ain’t prepping, your just inepting…

            • PP – the hoarder’s motto.

          • those are my kind of savings toomany fakes cons!

        • PP and TooMany….sounds to me like both of you have a well balance porfolio…..LOL

          • ah ah ah ah ah tina. mac, i thin we should have this comment moderated and you put a special thing to put BS on some of tinas posts here.

            • Eeder, please be nice! 🙂 Tina is one of my favorite contributors on here. I think you two have just gotten off on the wrong foot.

              Have a great evening!


            • yes daisy, i know, we have to be nice to the newbies so we dont lose them. im sorry, i will put up with their crap for a while but only a while. you guys need to get up to speed! some of us have been here for a few years! were way ahead.. do your homework and come back to class prepared.youre dismissed.

      19. Hope they’re all enjoying their #$@!%^&! change. ’cause a little change under their sofa cushions is all their gonna have left after his ‘change’ is complete.

        • At this point I would settle for “change back” although we are screwed no matter who is in the White House. The only debate left is whether we want to take our lumps now or more later.

          I read somewhere recently that given the hypothetical choice between losing $1,000 today and a 50/50 chance of losing $2,500 next year, most people choose to wait even though the odds are against them. People will defer pain at any cost even if that cost is much more pain later.

          • without ron paul being an option, there is no longerr any need to talk about the president or the white house here. we need to go another route. not give up, but the president or congress is not going to help us.

          • Which is exactly why we’re in the fix we’re in now. For decades we’ve just been ‘kickin’ the can down the road.’

            And now we’ve reached the “dead end” sign.

      20. As a father, i know that there is NOTHING i wouldn’t do to keep my son fed, to keep my wife alive, and lastly to keep myself alive to provide for them both. i have no morals as far as those 3 things are concerned. i stock up on food and water, but those won’t last forever. i just hope they last long enough to allow me to begin producing for myself, otherwise….. well, lets just say that every animal is made of meat. i hope it doesn’t come to that, but i am prepared mentally and physically if it does.
        Goddess bless you

        • Well, what are you waiting for? If you start producing now you won’t have to worry about spending everything on preps. You’ll have a ‘garden’ income that pays you to eat, not the other way round. And if nothing hits the fan …. Then you’ll be teaching your child how to live and eat right instead of ingesting all that processed food that people think is safe.
          I really don’t understand why so many people are waiting for something to happen first. Get your crops in now. Build those Potatoe towers out of old car tires. Get on with it ….. Forget trying to guess when to be ready for the shit hitting the fan …… If you’re doing everything now ….. It won’t matter when the fan hits the shite, because you’ll be in full swing already.

          • Good advice.Have you grown potatoes in a “tire tower” yet?I tried for the first time this year. My stack is 5 high but I’m out of old tires. If I get a good harvest out of this tower, I’ll get more tires for next year.I like my potatoes and they are getting way too salty in the store.I saw that the gal over at Rural Revolution site is trying tire towers too.(say that 5 times in a row)

            • Yeah, multiple tire towers. Pick old tires up anywhere. Anywhere where tires are changed, they throw them away. Also stacked polystyrene boxes, hanging hessian bags filled with dirt and seed potatoes is good too. Grow all herbs in a tractor tire.

        • jakejekel, i surely hope you never get so desparate that you come to my property trying to steal for your family. though noble , i assure you, you wont be ditching your morals at my expense!

      21. “The best laid schemes (plans) of mice and men, often go awry.” As everyone knows, Murphy’s Law always has a say in all plans. Yet, the plan to bring down the Republic seems flawless. While I feel there may be some debate among the powers-that-be as to whether to bring it down all at once, or incrementally; the end game is still the same. Look around you. The plan is so in-your-face, it’s breathtaking. Forget party. Republican or Democrat, they are all in on it. What it comes down to is a cold war, about to go hot, between the “haves” vs.”the have nots”. People like you and I, being the Have Nots.

      22. Look the rich power grabers want it this way and have for a long time just two classes. The rich and the poor to do thier bidding. All in politics don’t give a rat’s a-s about you or your family NONE OF THEM period. We as one voice will have to stand up to them, because there are more of us than them, and say enough. It’s time to take back this country and the longer we wait the weak we get. HOPE for the best but prepare for the worst. Like say That’s just me.
        Live Free

      23. place liens on any congressperson’s federal benefits who
        has been in office more than 4 years since 1960.

      24. Its not my imagination when I spend $100 at the grocery store and get almost nothing! Its not my imagination the large consumer companies have the same size package that was 16 oz. is now 12-14 oz. Its not my imagination that I now mow my own lawn, do most of my own home repairs and have about 20 items that need repair that will just have to wait.

        My reality sucks and its getting worse month by month. I watch the financial markets moving up not on fundamentals, but on debt and bailouts. I see the PIIGS in Europe and the bully French and Germans forcing austerity on the PIIGS, but what about the other 20 countries in the EU? Do the know the EU is sucking the life out of them?

        Basically what is happening all over the world is we are using the Visa card to buy sovereign debt then bailing out the bank who issued the card because the sovereign didn’t pay the debt. Then they are turning right around and buying more sovereign debt with the bailout fund.

        Its like having a mortgage you can’t afford then taking out a second mortgage to help pay the first. Once that is finished you take out a third mortgage to help pay the first and second then buy a new car you can’t afford. This is the new economy and its completely unsustainable.

        Its a simple problem and simple math. Our governments are to big and they spend to much. Its not a credit problem, its a spending problem that credit has allowed to get bigger.

        • YES…12oz is the new POUND and I ain’t talking silver!!

          • Thanks Tina,K2 and BI

            The sad part is the masses don’t see it. As for the unit price which is what I look at, the average consumer is either to lazy to do the math or can’t do the math to figure it out.

            Families with six figure incomes or welfare and food stamps don’t really look at price. The rest of us are suffering big time.

        • Patriot One

          Simple math eludes the followers of John Maynard Keynes. To them one plus one does not equal two.

          • kevin2, simple anything eludes the commies. they have to complicate everything .

        • @ Patriot One. Lower the amount of products you and keep the price the same makes it “appear” to the common person that prices are not rising. On the price tag you can see the price per ounce or unit and watch just how much the price rises. Companies will of course not lower the amount of something if it is in an expensive glass container or even plastic container until those have been used up, they will just raise the price. Sugar and other paper and cardboard containers are very easy to leave the price at the same and lower how much you get. Really hard to find 5 lbs sugar anymore, they are now in 4 lbs bags. Wait until they go down to 3 lbs bags. Sneaky!

          • Well the thing is this….I have noticed that the 12oz boxes are the exact same size as the 16oz (they had both on the shelf at the same time during the transition of new product) and I grabbed one of each by accident. I noticed one was a lot lighter then I look at the label and noticed one was marked 12oz and the other 16.

            This would have easily slipped by had I not picked them up at the same time. Using the same box is cleaver….especially during the transition period

            • Tina – I noticed this on a box of crackers I purchased last week. I opened it up and the bag of actual crackers took up only half of the inside of the box, whereas before it took up about 3/4 of the space. Sneaky b*&^$#s!!!!

            • They are also substituting lower price ingredients like HFCS in place of sugar in a lot of processed food products now, even more of a reason to avoid them at all costs….

      25. Two words, HOUSING MARKET. People often are viewed as how much they have in “assets” rather than what they have in ready cash. Sure someone might on paper have a $500,000 house, but selling that home cost money normally in real estate fees and IF they can even get anything close to that. Then there are taxes of some sort after that. A big part of 40% loss is that the housing market has gone down about 50% or more, and many people don’t own homes so this 40% average sounds ok.

        The other fact is what is mentioned that people are now much so out of work. An income that before the crash is now reduced to a fraction of what someone was making also plays into the worth of a person. 40% actually sounds a little low, it is probably worse.

        You know what is funny about all those people that have bought survival supplies years ago have actually increased their net assets as long as the survival supplies have remained in new conditions and not used yet. Long term food storage that only has to be rotated every couple of decades is now worth much more than what it was originally priced at. All those supplies can be used at anytime for all sorts of emergencies, both on a national or worldwide scale or a personal emergency. I guess the prepper once again proves whom is smarter. 😉

      26. I hardly ever write a post but I always look what is new on the web. I think things are getting worst every day and now we are in a point were the situation will get bad very soon… you just have to read the news from all around the world to see what is happening…and not only alternative news !!! regular news are slowly telling how complicated the situation is. We have only some months to get as ready as possible. No flower garden this year. Vegetable garden will be !!!

      27. TPTB are all but coming right out and telling us our future: “.. limits could be imposed on movement of people and money across national borders within the EU if it’s necessary to protect public order or public security.”

        From a short article titled:

        “EU: movement of money, people can be limited”

        BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Commission has been providing legal advice to others who are considering possible scenarios should Greece leave the euro, a European Union spokesman said.

        Olivier Bailly said Tuesday that, legally, limits could be imposed on movement of people and money across national borders within the EU if it’s necessary to protect public order or public security — but not on economic grounds.

        “Some people are working on scenarios,” he said, but refused to confirm or identify which organizations and people were working on them.

        (On Yahoo Finance news)

        • Zoltanne

          The UK is, they have publicly said so. Plans have been drawn up to lockdown the borders should a crisis occur that the government feels threatens the national security of the country IN ANY WAY. Asked if that included an economic crisis William Hague replied.

          “ANY crisis that is a perceived threat to this country will be dealt with accordingly. I have nothing else to say at this point”

          This was quite recent, the last three weeks, maybe four or so and was aired on the BBC news. Now, if the BBC are saying it we are really in trouble, they reported the huge solar flare of a couple of months ago the day after the event. That says it all really.

          Take care

          • Burt, I do remember reading about that but it was in reference to immigration and I assumed that was only those migrating in. From your take, this is more like a border lock-down and would include both incoming to the UK and outgoing from the UK.

            The global stronghold is tightening.

            • Zoltane

              Yes, originally it was regarding massive immigration from Europe. The question has been put repeatedly to any government official that the journalists can get hold of ant that’s the answer that keeps coming back.

              ” as my honourable colleague said….”
              “I have made myself quite clear….” (Hague)

              This is now being interpreted by political commentators to actually mean what he said, ANY being the operative word.

              Now that would be a first, a politician that actually meant what he said…nah, that can’t be right.

              Take care

      28. Special Alert! Stay out of Chicago if you are White. The city has allowed black thugs in large mobs to attack and rob White tourists and others. Most of the reported attacks have occurred along the lakefront, the near north side,and the shopping area known as the Magnificent Mile. They prey on Whites who are leaving the many outdoor festivities. “The Blues Fest” and the beaches are good examples. The Taste of Chicago is coming up soon. Stay away. Chicago is short about 3000 police.

        • Chicago is short 3000 police and will hang you if you do concealed carry. Chicago wants victims. It is their political meat, to promote gun control. No worries about me ever being a tourist. I’m armed 24/7 against ALL comers and hold a concealed carry permit good in 32 states. Illinois is not one of them. Not very surprising that!

          By the way, Utah concealed carry is the state of issue that is good in 32 states. My home state of Pennsylvania does not require any training, so it is not reciprocal many places, so I took training and got a Utah permit also.

      29. Therein lies the complete and total reason why the economy is still on the rocks. The 40% loss of wealth hit the middle class hardest (being dependent on home value), while leaving the extreme wealthy better off or unscathed. It also means that NOTHING the government does will improve the economy.

        The middle class accounts for the majority of consumption, and we live in a consumption-based economy.

        It also explains governments’ rabid desire to increase taxes: the middle is paying less because they have less.

        • In addition to the loss of home value it the over taxation that comes with it. My home is still being taxed by my town at the peak value of $210k, but there is no way I could sell it for any more than $140k, and the town won’t do a thing about it.

      30. the number one best way to bulletproof our countries currency is to have all trade take place within its own borders, inflation matters not when all transactions take place against the same currency so its apples to apples. There is a reason this country used to be very strong and it was because foreign economies had very little influence on ours…..this is a problem we can fix without some overly complicated solution. Just buy USA made stuff and our money stays our money

        • You hit the nail on the head….

      31. Okay, so I was at walmart the other day,(least expensive ammo in the area) and couldn’t help but notice the giant stack of 72 hour emergency food suppy buckets for $63.33. Sams club has 30 day food buckets right as you walk in. If these types of hints don’t wake the sheeples I don’t know what will. The guy in sporting goods at wally world tells me that a day or two after they recieve a shipment of 9mm, 45acp .308 and .223, they are litterally out again. Should have asked what day they re-stock. hint hint. Good God help us all.

        • The local Kmart is closing out their ammo sales. They had all their ammo marked down 20 per cent.

          Is this just one store or are they closing out ammo sales in other stores also?



        • probly closer to 9 months but in six months we’ll probably wishing for the good old days we’re in now.

        • do you promise it does realist? lol

      33. Our government (DHS) purchased 450 million rounds of .40 S&W.


        Wrong calibre when the Spartans among the shepple use 7.62 X 51 & practice at 400 meters.

        They’re always gearing up to fight the last war. I’m grateful.

        • TacticalZen, You forget that they own the tanks and fly the drones.

        • But most won’t fire until the 100 meter barrier is breached and even then who knows. And there is many studies to back this up.

        • When you kill somebody at 400 meters, good luck claiming self defense. Lots of Hathcocks here, but mostly tough talk.

          • That’s what she said……..

      34. i just wish they would just get it on, i am fuckin sick of waiting, i used to have a killer business and racing on the weekends, its all gone now and i went through bankruptcy a few years ago and now at battle with the criminal bank to try to keep my house !! i am sick and tired of bieng sick and tired !! they are taking all the life out of us in this country for there own greed, they will pay soon !! big time !!

        • Same boat here triple B, exact same situation, even the racing is gone….

      35. The Dem o rat party does not any longer stand for “The Working Class” of USA. most of them belong to the Marxist Party as Allen West said. They have been making policy since 2007 and congress makes policy. Have no doubt about that. USA has/had the “most well off middleclass” of any country in the world. They have systematically made policies to stop us. Their loyalty is to the Unions and Welfare Pimps. If America can’t see that then “WE ARE COMPLETE MORONS” If we don’t get them out of office, they will soon have complete control. there are Republicans also that need to lose their positions also

        “First we re-educate….then we assume control of energy, food, and health care. Then we have the people where we want them. Josef Stalin

        “The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.” –Vladimir Lenin
        “Bourgeoisie” is the “Middle Class”

        Joseph Stalin who once said: “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

        If “Our Forefathers were alive today
        “You would hear them RELOADING”

        • Sorry @sbiam. Nothing’s going to change. The Demo-rats or the Repugnants will keep slowly turning the screws till there’s no more thead on the nut left to screw. And why is that?

          The answer is simple. Everyone lets them.

          Question. What’s the difference between today’s Patriot and the Patriot of the 1770’s?
          Answer. Today’s Patriot isn’t willing to take his ‘musket’ down from over the fire mantle. He’s still waiting for someone else to get mad enough to go first.

          I can almost imagine someone in Lexington or Concord 230 odd years ago calling out to his friends and neighbors ……”LET’S ROLL” But I couldn’t imagine that happening today.

      36. By a continuing process of inflation, government can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. -quoted by John Maynard Keynes

        Can you say quantative easing??

      37. Affluence, by defination, means having all that one wishes for.We need but wish for less… And we are all affluent.

      38. The communists and marxists plan is working out nicely aided by our Marxist-in-Chief obama.

        Soon they will have 60-70% of America totally dependent on the government due to their mismanagement and intentional destruction of our economy.

        Thanks guys. Thanks a lot.

        • Z.F.T.H.:
          Max’s isn’t a traitor to the folks who paid for(and most likely rigged)his election,he’s going to preform “just business as usual” for his handlers.And he’s no worse than GW,BO,MR and all the rest of the rascals bought and paid for in D.C..What we need is to plan past their time on this planet.Between climate change,the massive rads from the folks in the far east and the tom-foolery in Europe….It’s coming to a most spectacular finish.Getting it right in prepping is what matters most.I WON’T be sharing with these folks(and their “handlers”)at all.Period.Let THEM eat cake for a change!I’d rather share some of my stuff with my sheeple friends first!
          Best to All here

        • he most certainly is nina.. he is vile no doubt. but theres an awful lot of clowns in dc that top him on my list.the shorter list is the one of honorable members in dc and it is a list of one soon to become zero in november… ron paul

      39. I’m back bitchez!!

        ANY comment on this blog from may 10-today with my avitar name was an imposter.

        My F^CKEM list for my first day back on-line-

        The vote fraud republican party frauds!!

        The crooks that “ross perot’ed” ron paul!! AKA-threats to life and family!!

        The government of country A(our #1 ally in the middle east, you know the one that attacked the uss liberty, and paid pollard to spy and then sold that info to the ussr- YEAH THAT COUNTRY!), and our government of these united states of america. They are going to LIE us into another war!!!

        Trolls of-

        country A
        the fed
        the feds
        republican party
        democrat party
        and ALL the rest

        @everyone- Pay close attention to interest rate swaps, the word is they are starting to unwind. WE ARE IN DEEP DOODOO!!!

        • Kev!!!!

          I wondered where you had been! Nice to see you back! 🙂


          • @ Daisy-Good mornin Daisy, I Had to unplug(so to speak)for a while(information overload from the net). There is NOTHING like unpluging and going to the woods for a few weeks. It will SUCK when SHTF, but for now its the life.

            I only had radio up there, we are moving closer to big war, it is easier to see when you can only hear.

            I wish everyone could hear the drums getting louder, but most do not, some like hearing that song, but I for one do not.

            This war comming is going to touch all of us(I believe), so enjoy life now, but keep preparing for the future.

            Coupled with the CDS unwinding that is happening, we are ALL in deep doodoo Daisy.

            PS- I heard your name mentioned on a radio show I downloaded to listen to(about an article).

            CONGRATS GIRL!!

            @the trolls- YOURE IN DEEP $HIT ALSO BITCHEZ!!!

            If you are offended by the word BITCHEZ, you might be a bitch.

        • I thought it was to peaceful, true discussion has been going on here go back to the shire please I will pay for the first class ticket.

          • Tust me no one was using that one. Here most poeple hsve at least some standards

          • That ticket is $1500. Mail it to Mac for the site(mail $70 face value pre-64 I’m sure Mac would prefer that), and I will use my ffm’s, and I will get on that plane.

            @Mac- when facebook page mails you a check($1500(or the $70 face)) block ALL comments from me.

            @page-feel free to collect donations from others to reach that 1500(might be hard for you to do it on your own, I hear mcdonalds doesn’t pay much, but on the other hand, the isreal first(america 2nd), pro-war crowd have DEEP pockets so it might be easy for ya).

            • I said I would buy the ticket. See you even turned that statement into a scam. And the ticket isn’t 1500 where I like you to go would cost about .o3. Many would debate instead of read for the laugh your statements if you would stop use your as a a month. I Am guilty of it also but at least it is after I get on a roll. You wake up with shit in your mouth. And that is a shame and i can see some talent in your debating skill you just choose to use them to wipe your mouth.

            • I do not work at Mcdoanld I own a small chain of them. Mcribs forever.

            • @facebook page- Hey brother you been drinkin? Your statement is incoherent. You shouldn’t be doing that at work!!(watching all your finacial wealth from all those mcdonalds “restraunts” you own).

              I put all my money into facebook ipo, trying to be able to afford a restraunt chain of my own some day! (like you). what do you know, I lost my A$$. Man I wish I was you.

              Thanks for adding your 2 cents to my statement, as usual, you have added much wisdom and insight.

          • “true”? hmmm. BUY BOOKS, USE BOOKS,and talk with family members 75-102 years old. The internet (and websites) can be written/changed in 20 minutes by the big boyz(sopa by the corps started months ago, the sunday after it was “defeated” to be exact)

      40. warning posted on SurvivalBlog today

        “The current liquidity crisis on the southern periphery of the Eurozone now appears likely to spread to all of Europe, and then globally. There are already quiet electronic bank runs in progress in Greece and Spain. On Monday, a bank “holiday” was announced in Italy. More bank runs will likely follow. As of today, Wednesday, June 13, 2012, I strongly urge all SurvivalBlog readers to immediately draw down their checking accounts and liquidate their CDs, passbook savings accounts, and most of the their stocks to buy tangibles. If you already own a retreat, an honest one year storage food supply, and a battery of firearms with ammo and plenty of magazines, then go ahead and buy physical silver. (But don’t neglect investing in those crucial “Beans, Bullets and Band-Aids” first.) With spot silver presently under $28.70, this is an ideal time to get out of paper and into tangibles.”

      41. WHAT do they consider 40% loss…..our property values increased because of easy loans which made prices go up…………thats it…… nothin more nothin less….they are now near where we started it was all an illusion so stop thinking otherwise……..just prepare now for whatever they have planned ……………NEXT

      42. OH YA THEY DID STEAL 50% OF MY 401 K SOON THEY WILL BE BACK FOR THE REST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      43. Back in Greece and standing by. An eerie calm everywhere. Nervous anticipation about the forthcoming election. We might soon see imposition of capitol controls on banks – limiting ATM withdrawals, et al. Came down via Zurich – many Greeks returning home after arranging relocation of assets to Swiss banks. Greek banks are bleeding about $125 million daily in withdrawals as those with money try to protect assets before capital controls are mandated – even going so far as to ban wire transfers. I brought some dollars for my employee here as a reserve stash in case a big banking freeze occurs. One big concern in Greece is whether or not the power company will continue to operate – unable to pay its gas bill. At least many wealthy and some middle class Greeks have made precautions. Having lived and worked in Greece off and on the past five years, I know that Greeks are extremely resourceful – have tight family units – and will find ways to see the mess through for the most part.

        Looking forward to the USA – don’t think the same thing can’t happen back home. That’s why its a good idea to keep accumulating precious metals – well cached and safe – to have essential food and health related supplies on hand – and an energy source outside the grid. Eventually the debt bomb will implode – soveriegn debts will be defaulted on – the financial system will be re-set – and it will take a long time for conditions to return to any sense of normality. In the interim, times will be very hard for the ill prepared. On the positive side – based on history – a default is like a Chapter 7 – debts wiped out, and one starts again with a clean slate. A massive crash, of course, will cause a lot of pain for at least a couple of years – but eventually we will emerge and rebuild. It is time to rid ourselves of the central banking Ponzi scheme. So far as I am concerned, a global crash, as hard as it will be, is what we need more than ever.

      44. Greetings Everyone!
        After reading Mac’s post I must say…things are not better for me,but after finding SHTF,I’m FAR better informed.I bought a place not long ago,with the expectation that values would decline about 20-30%.And the economy came thru like a champ.Having said that,I still get the tax deductions,etc. that equates my payments to the local rent,even a bit less.I’m getting equity even if things go Fugly-ugly.I’m putting in my garden next year no matter what happens in Washington.Those REPOCRATE fools are one hot mess.Never fear,Karma says they will get theirs sooner or later.Perhaps we need to discuss a “NEW Way”.Forget our boy Obama,Laugh out out loud at feckless Mitt.The curtain is coming down for the end of the show for them both.The current system is FUBAR to the max.Even the greedy and utterly dishonest PTB folks have screwed things up to point of no return even for their Ilk.As an aside,I do feel truly sorry for the “suits” that have to do their dirty work.A real no win place to exist.I’ve seen new(just being built this year) housing in a “highly desirable” neighborhood being put up in in about the 50 lot range.They’re prices are too steep for my blood and pocketbook.And after doing a walking tour last week,about 10-20% of them were too steep for their former “fine new home”owners.”winterized” signs(the local jargon for repos that are abandoned)on about 5-10%,perhaps even more.So even the “upper middle class” is getting their feet held to the fire.Things need to change,and in a major way.”Feds”,FEMA and all the other alphabet folks are a so very past tense phenomenon.Nearly completely irrelevant to everyone else.Guns and suits won’t get you food when your paycheck fails to cash.It happened in the 1930’s.Government employees were FORCED to accept “script”(read IOU’s) in place of paychecks a few times.The Wall Street Suits are headed the same way.Folks here are struggling to achieve the balance to continue living.Some of us will find that path(eeder might be the exception!),a few may cling to preconceived ideas that are good in theory,but not in fact.I’m planning my own way,for better or worse.I just wish there was some way to help people like Manos.It’s not his fault the greedy idiots running things took the easy way out for themselves to the detriment of the rest of Greece.
        Just another ramble in the bramble…
        Best to All

      45. ny husband makes more this year thrn we ever have. Having a hard time still paying bills. Hugh,wondeer why? Not really.

      46. A new survey from Pew Research says more Americans now view China as the world’s top economic power over the U.S., 41% to 40%. And a majority of survey responders in Germany (62%), Britain (58%), France (57%) and Spain (57%) say China is the world’s top economic power. Pew found a median 42% in 21 nations say China is the top economic power, versus 36% saying it’s the U.S.

        Read more:

      47. Keep in mind that much of the wealth “vaporized” was because of inflated home prices. There is a difference between price and value. Much of the “vaporized” wealth never really existed in the first place. It was a fragment of your indegestion.

      48. well folks..

        Direct from silverdocs 2 headlines this morning..

        Alert From International Banker: Close All Equity Accounts & Exit Markets NOW!


        OANDA to Halt All Fx Trading Sunday on ‘Potential of a Major Market Event’

      49. An individual in essence help make severely content I’d personally talk about. That’s the new I personally frequented your web page as well as this aspect? We surprised with all the investigation you have made to produce this particular publish outstanding. Amazing course of action!

      50. It was either…

        *Prosecute the bankers for the toxic mortgage/LIBOR scams that impoverished the world, making beggars out of all of us; and for fanning hyper-inflation (QE1, QE2, QE3, QE∞) that will result in food riots and mass starvation (Holodomor).
        *Stop the looting and privatization of the world’s social safety net, public space, the commons, a result of imposed “austerity” due to the toxic mortgage/LIBOR/Social Security rip-off scams.
        *Punish the banking cartel’s multi-billion dollar drug-money laundering operations.
        *Investigate and punish the Bush-CIA-mafia S&L pillage.
        *Investigate why jobs and manufacturing are being out-sourced to China, how China came to own most US debt that financed the US war against…China, why China is buying up US assets at fire sale prices, even as the US is threatening war against China as it threatens the US economy (national security).
        *The US government and the world moves heaven and earth to stop the radiation spewing from Fukushima, and investigate the connections between the Fukushima, Stuxnet, HAARP and nuke created earthquakes.
        *Investigate who was really behind 9/11, the false-flag terrorist attack that touched off the serial, never-ending wars of pillage against the nation-states of the world, and created the pretext for the massive police state edifice now threatening the freedoms of everyone, providing the “legal basis” for FEMA camp round ups.


        The US government stands by while the unprosecuted banking and economic crisis destroys the ability of cities and towns to protect their own citizens, fund their police departments, it confiscates the guns, the DHS buys 2.0 billion hollow-point bullets while providing “tanks” US cities and towns, flys soon to be weaponized drones over everywhere, while Israeli contractors run US NSA spying out of Mormon Utah, stages military hardware in preparation for the coming US melt-down, buys thousands of “FEMA coffins”, destroys the social safety net, making being elderly, homeless, jobless and hungry a crime (useless eaters).

        Meanwhile, the US government and the MSM stand eerily by while Fukushima radiation serially, incrementally poisons the northern hemisphere.

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