Report: LA Quake Would Cause “Significant Disruption of Inter-Dependent Infrastructure…Transportation, Gas and Electricity Supplies, Sewage Systems, Water…”

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    (Pictured: This iconic image from the 1994 Los Angeles quake shows the concrete Kaiser Permanente building that sat near the epicenter of the 6.7 quake)

    Tens of millions of Americans depend on the stable functioning of infrastructure systems like transportation, utility services, food delivery and communications. Without them modern society comes to a standstill. The U.S. government, under the direction of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and local emergency teams, has spent billions of dollars to ensure operability of these essential societal nodes in the event of an emergency, but for some parts of the country, it may not be enough. A report from the US Geological Survey (USGS), a research arm of the federal government, indicates that the West Coast of the United States, namely those areas directly on or in the vicinity of fault lines, is not equipped to deal with a wide scale emergency that would directly impact these infrastructure systems.

    The threat is a high-magnitude earthquake, something most Americans living in these areas assume will not have a significant impact on their lives because of building codes and existing disaster response plans implemented by government emergency planners. Many residents of these areas have become complacent because previous earthquakes, while damaging, didn’t adversely affect their day-to-day lives.

    The earthquakes that struck San Francisco in 1989 and Los Angeles in 1994 measured 6.9 and 6.7 on the Richter scale respectively. Hundreds of buildings in both cities collapsed in their aftermath, with nearly ten times as many being “red flagged” as uninhabitable. Neither of these quakes were strong enough to affect the underlying infrastructure on a widespread scale. Life continued on as if nothing had happened following the initial destruction. According to the USGS, there have been over 120 earthquakes measuring in this range – between 6.0 and 6.9 on the Richter scale – in 2013, so they’re not uncommon.

    But these aren’t the quakes scientists are concerned about with respect to damage levels. It’s the “mega-quakes,” which measure around 7.5 or higher that pose the biggest threat to populated areas on the West Coast. Though they don’t happen very often, this year the USGS has measured six such earthquakes around the world, so it’s not out of the question to suggest that a seismic event of this magnitude could potentially occur in Los Angeles or any major West Coast city at any time.

    USGS researcher Dr. Lucy Jones, who spoke to 20,000 geoscientists from around the globe at this year’s American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco, simulated the effects of a 7.8 quake originating just south of Los Angeles along the San Andreas fault line. The results were shocking. According to Dr. Jones, not only would nearly half of the buildings in L.A. become uninhabitable due to structural damage, but essential infrastructure systems would collapse almost instantaneously.

    In their model, the thick sediments that downtown LA sits upon amplify the strong shaking of the quake, which would happen around 75 seconds after the first small signal of the earthquake.

    Ground motions would be of “Intensity 9”, corresponding to accelerations of one G, causing significant damage to buildings. The model suggests the collapse of possibly around 1% of the buildings in an area of 10 million people.

    The end result would be that around half the buildings in the area would have to be abandoned. But the model’s most disturbing results show that beyond the building damage there would be significant disruption of inter-dependent infrastructure.

    Transportation, gas and electricity supplies, sewerage systems, water supplies and communications would all be affected.

    Whether a modern civic society could operate under such conditions is questionable. At the instant of the USGS model earthquake, debris would close roads, extinguish traffic lights, water supplies would be cut off, and emergency responders would have difficulty operating.

    Beyond that, the disruption of the supply chain also becomes an issue, pointed out Dr Jones. The move towards a “just in time” economy in grocery stores and elsewhere has introduced additional vulnerability.

    There are few warehouses or stockpiles of food on the western side of the San Andreas fault.

    The water system is vulnerable: 70% of the water pipes in Southern California are made of brittle concrete which would likely fail in a large quake, with LA served by water supplies that traverse the San Andreas fault.

    Even repairing the pipe network was stated as an issue, since current pipe manufacture in the US is insufficient to replace the damage in under six months. Replacement by polyurethane piping, which can withstand earthquake shaking, could overcome this problem.

    Source: BBC via Stan Deyo

    The Los Angeles metropolitan area has a population of 12.8 million people, the majority of who would be out of food and water within seconds following this disaster. According to the USGS report, up to half of the population could be without shelter due to either building collapse or the possibility of collapse. Emergency responders would not be able to make it to affected areas because roadways would be destroyed, and those that were undamaged would be jam-packed with people trying to leave the city.

    It would be a complete and utter disaster.

    Moreover, as soon as those 12.8 million people realized that help wasn’t coming, they’d make their way out of the city by foot in what has been described by James Rawles as the golden horde, and they would leave destruction in their wake as they scrambled for resources.

    After Hurricane Sandy it only took 72 hours after grid-down for the initial stages of societal breakdown to begin setting in. We saw the same scenario play out during Hurricane Katrina. In both instances government emergency responders were overwhelmed and unable to provide victims with the basic necessities for life. Those disasters affected on the order of about 50,000 to 100,000 people.

    Now imagine what happens when we’re talking numbers on the scale of millions.


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      1. the whole west coast is at danger

        Oregon’s Next Huge Earthquake: Not If, But When

        The report, “Oregon Resilience Plan: Reducing Risk and Improving Recovery for the Next Cascadia Earthquake and Tsunami,”

        “Within its pages is a chilling picture of death and destruction that would cripple the entire Pacific Northwest, from Northern California to British Columbia.

        More than 10,000 people killed. Bridges, dams, roadways and buildings — including Oregon’s State Capitol in Salem — in a state of utter collapse. No water, electricity, natural gas, heat, telephone service or gasoline — in some cases, for months. Economic losses in excess of $30 billion.”

        • I wonder how many of the 12.8 million members of the Golden Horde would head south and go back home? Could relieve a lot of pressure on publicly provided services as LA rebuilds.

          • @ Paranoid. The 1992 Lander earthquake was an eastern offshoot of the San Andreas, like the San Jacinto in the south and the Calaveras and Hayward faults in San Jose and Oakland areas are in connection to the San Andreas. From recent ruptures for the past 200 years or so, these faults do not go off in time with the San Andreas. For example the two faults up north went off in 1865 and 1868 and it wasn’t until 1906 that the norther section of the San Andreas went off.

            About Parkfield. This is really the southern end of the creep zone or the buffered area between the north and central and southern branches of the San Andreas. On schedule every 22 years this town had a 6.0 earthquake give or take a few years. In 1966 there was a 6 and then around 1990 a 5 pointer hit and it stayed quiet until a few years ago when the Parkfield area had their 6. This lull showed something that few people would like to admit, that the San Andreas and the buffer zone between the north and south was not so much a buffer zone.

            Earthquake faults can break in tandem with other sections of a massive fault like was shown with last year’s mega strike slip quake in west Indonesia and the Japanese 9 pointer. Japan has a huge fault offshore from Toyko that has 3 sections to it like the San Andreas. Their fault in a thrust fault, but it still has the same principles in that it usually ruptures one at a time, but sometimes all three sections go and a mega quake develops. The same holds true for the Caribbean plate in which the last mega thrust break was back in the 1400’s that resulted in a massive tsunami of he Atlantic sea coast that people mistake for the mythical Canary Island chain collapsing causing this.

            The San Andreas has three sections, the south which runs betgween the Mexican border around the Salton Sea, perhaps a little further to the Gulf of California to about San Bernadino or near Wrightwood and last broke around 1700 the time of the Cascadia fault going off. The central portion runs from Wrightwood or about Palmdale/Lancaster to Parkfield. The Central portion, only a small part of it broke in 1812, along with the New Madrid and a massive quake down in Venezuela, then the whole thing in 1857. The Northern portion of course broke in 1906 and a small section went off where the San Andreas shifts from north to west in the World Series quake of 1989.

            IF the whole thing was to break, which would mean south to north and almost Oregon it would almost certainly have to start in the south. The southern part is WAY OVERDUE and the amount of strain built up is way over the amount released in 1857 and 1906 based on how much per year the southern section should be drifting. The displacement of the 1857 was 29 feet and in 1906 it was 21 feet. The amount in the south could be as high as 45 feet, but most likely between 30 and 40 feet. The south WHEN it breaks will very likely continue to the central portion and then either stop at Parkfield or continue with enough momentum to start the northern section to go. If just the south and central portion go it will be between an 8.1 to 8.4 with about 3 minutes of shaking, longer in areas where the soil is loosely packed.

            Just like in Japan, when you have enough energy built up you can have enough energy to bypass this safety zone between Parkfield and the northern section of the creep zone. The central portion goes off every 140 years and it overdue by 17 years. The northern section about 100-105 years and is slightly overdue. It is the southern section that would trigger the whole thing. In Japan the amount of sea floor that actually uplifting was not enough to cause a mega tsunami, it was the dynamic overshoot that lead to the very shallow crust to also be uplifted quickly that caused a tsunami that without this would have been 1/3 to 1/2 the size. Enough violent stress built up in the south could cause the north, central and south to break all together.

            The mere fact that the creep zone has not had regular 6 pointers around Parkfield every 22 years is an indication that the creep zone is actually not releasing some of the tension like it should be. The creep in this area should be at least an inch a year and has not been as such in some areas north of Parkfield. This means that if enough tension has built up here WHEN the south and central portions break together there might be enough to push it over the buffer zone to the north and continue then unabated.

            It is not the size of an earthquake, as a quake of this would match the mega strike slip of last year or be bigger, in the high 8 range. It is the time that the shaking is going on. 3 minutes is bad enough, but upwards to 7 minutes would bring down just about everything other than the best construction. As mentioned above the fires would be catastrophic. I still feel more confident that just the central and southern portion will go, but there is definitely a possibility that the north will go also.

            By the way the lie of it ONLY being a 7.8 is absurd beyond the word. An 8 pointer look much scarier than something in the 7 range. This is nothing but false information by the typical california government. To have JUST a 7.8 would be a blessing for the people there. 8.1 to 8.4 when the south and central portion goes. High 8 to almost 9 if the north and central and south goes. Strike slips such as the recent one in the Scotia Sea that was a 7.8 was much smaller than the amount of land that would move if just the southern portion went. Add the central part and you get low to mid 8 range.

            • Moved out of LA 6 years ago.

              Imagine 11 millions of people without water.
              All water in LA is coming from remote locations via aqueducts, which will be destroyed in case of big event.
              Also roads in and from valley will be damaged too.

              Best trap ever!

              • @noname……So L.A. would be SCREWED in a Quake….what’s th Bad News here !??

            • Thanks, I lived in Taft, only about 10 mles from the SA fault 25 years ago, owned nothing, so kept hopeing the BIG ONE would hit when I was there. As a Geologist I cannot believe how lucky the US has been. Nor how incredably unprepaired we are. 10 M people in LA and they think with the roads and rail broken up they can feed them before they absolutely destroy the whole place. Only way I’d live there is if I had an ultralite airplane to get out. Don’t even like visiting there, but will shortly.

              • I will probably be criticized, red thumbed, but I have to get this off my chest.
                I am so tired of worrying about what would happen out in California. For the folks that live there, they knew the risks when they moved there and choose to stay if born there. They always brag about the weather, opulent lifestyle, etc. If something bad happens to them, I would have a little empathy but not much. Where is personal responsibility for your actions?
                They know the risk they are taking by staying there but still do. I am tired of subsidizing those who stay in lala land of there own free will. If it happens it happens or it is what it is. Don’t ask me to help enable a rather irresponsible lifestyle on the coast where all of these KNOWN problems and risks exist.
                There, I am done with my first computer rant. Have a great day all! God Bless, James

                • @ James. You know what I am tired of about california is the parasitic laws that start there and reach the federal government to further inhibit our freedoms. The destruction of the 2nd Amendment would come from one or both of two places, california and new york. I am tired of the bad influences that spread from california about altering or trashing the Constitution. I am tired of harpies that represent the US government in congress from california like nancy piece of, medusa fiensteinless, barbara boxed in, and others that are completely pro BO and pro european martial law state of government.

                  • @James…excellent point, my friend. Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer-Horrid personalities which clearly incite rising blood pressure…elected by the truly brain-dead.

                  • I completely agree, I live in CA and let me tell ya…this is a state wide version of Detroit. Cant wait to get the hell out of here.

                  • @BI, I as a Californian am also tired of it all. But and it is a big but which is that California has gone about as far down the road to failing that it can. Can anyone else say the same about any other state? Nope, didn’t think so.

                    So you all keep in mind that we here in California do not have as long to wait for the collapse as the rest of you and could even be a lesson others will learn from. A collapse by us will mean the quicker we will be in recovery mode. Sooner than anyone else I am thinking.

                    Hopefully we here in California will rebuild ourselves into a much better place to live.

                    NOT! Friggin idiots that I live around will find some way to screw even that up. 🙂


                  • James and BI, I agree with both of you about Commiefornia. I won’t miss it and won’t shed tears for it. It deserves whatever is coming its way.

                  • That’s not very nice of you there Braveheart!

                • It’s like living on the edge of a volcano and then complaining about when it blows up. And then asking for our money to rebuild in the same spot.

                  • I used to live in a town with a railroad track through downtown. There were people complaining about the train shaking their precious antique houses. They had no right to complain about the train, as the train track was laid in 1847, and I know none of those people bought their houses before then.

                  • like Florida every hurricane season

              • @ Paranoid. Taft is right aroound the White Wolf fault that broke in 1952 and was in the mid 7 range. The one fault that is strange is the one to south of Taft and runs from the Los Padres National Forest to Death Valley, the Garlock fault. This is a left lateral fault that by some estimates has not broken since at least the dark ages, 1500 years+. This cuts right across San Andreas near the Grapevine at around Gorman. This fault seems to ride along mostly on the North American plate side and continues to build energy towards where the San Andreas broke in 1857 at Fort Tejon.

                The Garlock fault kind of reminds of the way the New Madrid is positioned, a lateral fault that is not really on a major plate boundary in the interior on a continental plate. You can see the compression of the Garlock fault as over the eons the fault is becoming an upside down U shape. Probably originally it was straight from west to east. With this much strain built up over many hundreds of years it is likely capable of an 8+, but it may be hundreds of years before it breaks again.

                This region around Bakersfield is the gateway to the Kern River and people can hike a long distance from where the road ends at the lower part of the upper Kern River to golden trout wilderness. It is too bad that orgress feinsteinless and other pro european control freaks have ruined california because there are sure a lot of good places for the outdoor person throughout the state. Have friends out there and even going fishing has all sorts of restrictions and regulations and game and fish look for any excuse to give you a ticket for more revenue for the state.

                • The sag pond just East of Fraiser? Park and the SAF in the plains NW of there is Marve.

              • I don’t mind visiting the greater LA area, California is still better the Commie east coast.

                • Oh Yeah Pete, the 4th Dist. Court in Ca. just ruled that the AK47 and similar guns are not protected by the 2ND Amend. I don’t know how you figure California is any better than the East Coast. Not that I have any love for the East Coast, the Northeast part of it anyway. Trekker Out. Free Men Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

                  • And New York is confiscating guns soon. They Have even more strict than Ca. And Ca is bad. Like some competition between which can be more commie.

                  • I said LA buddy. The east coast is depressing, people are just stupid, boring and lazy. LA at least you can see people working, they are happy, people are breaking the law… Those are differences that I can think right off the top of my head.

                • Peterson, if you love Commiefornia, then relocate to it. I spent 7 years on the east coast [the FL part of it] and I’ll take that section over commiefornia any day. always knew something was wrong with you.

                  • I wasn’t talking about the south east…. New York… MassHole… All those shit states there Brave

                • Peterson, I think I just heard the pot calling the kettle black. Just what the f#$% do you think it is when you’re bullying KY Mom? Go on ahead to commiefornia; sounds like the perfect place for you and any other trolls out there.

                  • Calm down Bravehearts. LOL

            • I beg to differ.
              California has never had huge quakes and probably never will. The “Big One” is just a myth cooked up by people who want your money. And the movie industry of course.
              Of course we would all like California to slide off into the ocean. Preferably tomorrow, but it aint gonna happen.
              There are places that do have big quakes but California is not one of them. Also the quakes in California tend to have short durations. 10 seconds or so. Places where you see entire cities wiped out tend to have long duration quakes that rattle on for one to two or even more minutes. I was in Pure in Pisco during the 2007 quake there. That one rolled on for 3 entire minutes. Most of the old clay brick buildings crumbled. However the modern steel and wood framed and even the concrete reinforced buildings remained. Most perfectly liveable.
              There are only a few things that will make California uninhabitable. Among them is A meteor strike, A nuke, plague and the most probable, the politicians.
              LA itself has plenty of water, food and power. The Northridge earthquake showed us the fallacy of the total destruction and riot on every streets theory. Things wont be hunky-dory but they will be manageable.

              • Plenty of water, food and power? Please.
                As Noname mentioned above, water comes in to the basin via aqueducts… What he left out was that the water rights have been stolen, er, PURCHASED from N CA’s Sierra snowpack and flow down the San Joaquin valley via aqueduct BEFORE it has to be pumped over the 6000? ft mountains through the grapevine along the I5.
                From the east, same theft, er, contracted purchase of water from the Colorado.
                If the power goes out, there aren’t enough trucks to water the basin in plastic bottles, assuming transportation infrastructure is still intact, and the trucks weren’t needed to ship anything else.
                Frankly, I’m surprised terrorists haven’t already exploited this weakness yet, but you can bet they will when the ballon goes up!
                As for food, everything is trucked in from through the same 3 choke points. Most of the farms and citrus orchards in Orange County haven already been paved into strip malls and housing tracts. Sure there are still some dairy operations in Fontana, but most of the meat is grazed far away as well.
                As for power, the nimby greenies have forced CA to purchase electricity from the neighboring states of OR & WA in the north, and AZ & NV in the south, instead of building out their own power generation to meet local demand. These states are loath to continue this practice as their own development has reduced the surplus energy available for sale to CA.

                So you see, while the state of CA has many resources, LA actually has few. The harbor in Long Beach being the primary driver of the growth on the region. But basic supplies of food and water? Not so much. Good luck riding out any kind of event in the Southland. It is a LOGISTICAL NIGHTMARE waiting to happen, and that’s why we got out of LA.
                Sleep well, my pretties!

                • All the terrorist have to do is finance the enviroweeners and they will shut off the delta mendota pumps again to save the delta smelt…a 1 inch long fish that gets sucked up the pumps by the millions.

                • Joe is correct. I used to work for LADWP and There is years of water in reserve in LA. Even if you destroyed half of it there is still at least a year at current use. That dosent take into account all the wells in the outlying areas.
                  About the food. The port of Losangeles and surrounding areas have enough food awaiting transport either inland or overseas to support 10’s of millions of people for a long time. Just in grain there is cubic acres available at any time.
                  Then the port itself will bring in most of the goods required. Just like it does today. People outside of LA will probably see more shortages than people in LA.
                  The resourses for repair and rebuilding are all in place there and any breaks in water lines can be quickly repaired. Broken roads are no biggie either. There is plenty of heavy equipment available to flatten and fill in almost every break imaginable. You got to remember that LA is the hub to China. More than 30,000 trucks per day depart LA and LB ports. Over half of this is food. If LA goes under, so do we. There are over 30 sq miles of warehousing dedicated only to food storage there.

                  • @ DaveM. It has been almost 157 years since the Tejon earthquake of January of 1857. More than 314 years since the southern San Andreas broke. The LA basin is NO way going to be able to handle what will happen when the Southern San Andreas hits. Those earthquakes waves will travel at supersonic speeds right through LA into the Pacific Ocean to the northwest. Those underground pipes, especially the natural gas lines will be annihilated. Heaven help you in LA if what happened in Mongolia decades ago happens there and the thrusts faults are triggered like the Northridge was from the Landers earthquake 18 months previous.

                    I lived in that living hell hole and the disinformation that is spewed like pig slop is unbearable due to toursim and the real estate industries. Roads are not easily repaired when they are warped like a land tsunami has gone through. On the Mercalli Scale this is a XI or XII that can be expected anywhere that the earthquake waves travel through. People out in california never talk about the hypocenter of earthquakes. The epicenter is only valid on 90 degree faults. As I said to joe above, IF that northridge quake had a fault that was reverse of what it was Redondo Beach and Torrance would have look like a nuclear bomb had been dropped on it. that is what near 200% the force of gravity will do to it. I was in an earthquake with ONLY about 22% the force of gravity and it felt like the world was hitting.

                    Try 100%+ the force of gravity for minutes and buildings are coming down and the warping of land will be immense. This is not speculation either, this is from past earthquakes all over the planet with the same strike slip or thrust faults. This is how they came up with the Mercalli scale, just like the Fujita scale for tornadoes, from past examples.

                    Again, the assumption is that the land mass will remain somewhat like it was before that everything underground will be easily repaired. 314 years is an awful long time for a fault to go without breaking. California had no cities or anything that last time it broke. Just like in Japan, these faults can and do break in tandem. The article I posted before shows that what was thought as impossible is now very possible of the whole San Andreas going. Every day that goes by, is another few millimeters of break added on and increase of energy released.

                    The shear ignorance of what is below people’s feet in the southern california area is like the yearly celebration on Sept.1 in Toyko that a bunch of cutesy little Japanese women run around with their fire extinguishers getting ready for the next time Toyko gets whacked. This is all for show, as when toyko, which is overdue gets their 8 pointer that city is going down if the fault ruptures within a few miles of the hypocenter of the city. Japanese contruction is the best in the world but doesn’t do much good if the basic foundation it is sitting on is exceeding the force of gravity.

                    This arrogance and smugness is something that will get a lot of people killed in a massive quake in LA or Japan. The New Madrid the people are not so sure of what will happen and do take the New Madrid more seriously. You want to see mass destruction without the San Andreas? Let the Elysian Park fault go off and will see destruction like this country has never seen in downtown LA. A 7.5 to near 8 vertical thrust quake that is a direct hit in a major city will look like a hydrogen bomb has hit the city from below the ground.

                    I am so happy to be away from california and the shear denial of what Mother nature can and has done in the past. I am also happy to be in a place that appreciates the 2nd Amendment. I also am so happy to be away from the noxious poisonous air out there. The utter lies that goes on out there, especially about earthquake potential, realistic already seen destruction to compare with.

                  • DaveM
                    So… The water in the ‘outlying wells’ will be made available to the masses … How exactly? Lots of assumptions that there’ll be power for all of the pumping stations, never mind the damage to pipes, pumps, wells, etc. You have a lot of faith. As for the ‘abundance’ of water in LA, same issue, or am I missing how an earthquake will spare the LADWP?! How will you get half of the water to the people in need if the other half is destroyed?
                    As for all the food at the port, you make my points for me. IF the port is undamaged, IF the loading cranes are operational, IF the bridges & overpasses are still intact for those 30k trucks per day, IF there is still fueling infrastructure functioning, IF the warehouses are undamaged, IF the refrigeration holds up, IF the port is undamaged, if employees can still get to work to make all of this happen, IF law and order holds up…then everything will be just swell. That’s a lot of IF’s, and a fellow named Murphy has yet to weigh in!
                    Your comments regarding the ‘pre-staged’ materiel to repair infrastructure is so naive, that only a gov’t employee of the LADWP could make it! “…food awaiting transport…” LMAO! The Ultimate Shovel Ready Job Fair! Wave my magic wand and all the water mains are repaired in 3 days before dehydration sets in! Wave it again and all the road debris is flattened & filled-in in less than 3 weeks so food can be shipped before starvation sets in! Ships will keep off-loading right on schedule!
                    This, my friends, is why California is in such dire straits.
                    I stand corrected – there is PLENTY of water in LA!
                    Sleep well my pretties!

                  • And every drop of that water is pumped by massive pumps, or in underground tunnels. And yes, 30,000 trucks per day, moving, are needed to get your stuff out to the people, who need it, To their electric ref. in their electric store, and you don’t see the problem? WOW. Recommend you read up on the collapse of complex systems.

              • @ joe. Have you been at the fault break of 1857, I have. 29 feet of displacement. Do you understand what amount of energy causes 29 feet of displacement on a fault that large? It ripped for 217 miles, that in itself is a 8.0 or 8.1. Shall we talk about about the Owens Valley fault breaking in 1872. 23 feet of vertical displacement and 20 feet of horizontal displacement. This one was likely an 8.2 or 8.3 because of the additional vertical movement. I have been in Lone Pine a few times and I still can’t believe the force of Mother Nature. The San Francisco quake of 1906 had 270 miles of movement and 21 feet of horizontal displacement, was likely a 8.0.

                I can give you a site if you like that calculates the amount of energy that is released in different sizes of earthquakes. Trust me, an 8 pointer is one bad ass earthquake. For every 2 miles of break is about one second of shaking. 270 miles = 135 seconds of intense shaking. 2 minutes 15 seconds of shaking from an 8.0. Again, I have personally been at the break sites, and measured them. There is absolutely no conspiracy here, it happened.

                I hate the Canary Islands myth because it doesn’t add up with the amount of kinetic energy released and the amount of energy necessary to cause a massive tsunami. I have been on many a geology trips out to faults in california and seen firsthand the mass stress that caused riverbeds to move over time by leaps and bounds everytime the San Andreas goes off.

                In regards to steel, it all depends on where the earthquake waves hit the surface and there is absolutely nothing that man has built that can withstand a direct hit from a large enough quake. I have seen first hand massive rock split from the Landers quake that was only a 7.3 or 7.4. LA is in direct line when the southern San Andreas breaks, especially Pasadena.

                Let’s talk Northridge. The fault that broke was what was called a south dipping thrust fault. This means that the fault dips to the south but the earthquake waves hit the surface to the north. In areas north of northridge in the Santa Monica mountains it registered almost 200% the force of gravity. If that sucker had been reversed and was a north dipping fault, Redondo Beach and Torrance would have been at ground zero at the hypocenter. It would have looked as bad or worse than Kobe. It is all where the energy hit the surface, if you have any structure with 200% the force of gravity it will be leveled if the shaking is more than 1 minute.

                You can be in a place that shakes for 6 minutes like in Indonesia and little destruction because the earthquake waves were focused into another location. There is a lot more to earthquake science than most people know.

                • My great grandfather had a sheep ranch north of Castaic at the time of the 1857 quake. He kept very detailed journals of his operation and life. He only wrote three sentences about that quake.
                  One was “I was woke up in the middle of the night to some shaking” The other was “The ground shook for a few minutes at Breakfast time” To him it was pretty much a non event. A month later he went to LA and heard more about the quake but there was no damage in LA either…
                  Just saying..

          • OH thats funny Jasmine,LA workers had better have on their skin diving suits,cause that whole state is going into DEEP COLD OCEAN WATER,isn’t that great………….

        • For many are called but few are chosen.
          Mark 20:16

          Lord, are there few that are saved? But he said to them: Strive to enter by the narrow gate; for many, I tell you, shall seek to enter, and shall not be able.
          Luke 13:23-24

          Enter ye in at the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many there are who go in thereat. How narrow is the gate and how strait is the way that leads to life, and few there are that find it!
          Matthew 7:13-14

          Be one of the small number who find the way to life, and enter by the narrow gate into Heaven. Take care not to follow the majority and the common herd, so many of whom are lost. Do not be deceived; there are only two roads: one that leads to life and is narrow; the other that leads to death and is wide. There is no middle way.
          St. Louis Marie de Montfort

          How many souls turn away from the road to glory, and go to hell!
          St. Francis Xavier

          The greater number of men still say to God: Lord we will not serve Thee; we would rather be slaves of the devil, and condemned to Hell, than be Thy servants. Alas! The greatest number, my Jesus – we may say nearly all – not only do not love Thee, but offend Thee and despise Thee. How many countries there are in which there are scarcely any Catholics, and all the rest either infidels or heretics! And all of them are certainly on the way to being lost.
          St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori

          • Only Truth, Unfortunatly millions are born Catholics and therefore think they are born Christians. John 3:3 (Jesus answered, Verily, verily I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God). Nuff said. Trekker Out. Jesus is Lord!

            • Keep reading, Mountain Trekker:

              “Jesus answered: Amen, amen I say to thee, unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Ghost, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.”
              John 3:5

              We are not “born” Catholic. We are BAPTIZED Catholic and that is precisely how we Catholics are born again according to Jesus’ instructions.

        • Add to that the Fukushima plume, possible 700ft tidal wave from Hawaii main island landslide (Yes, this is a real danger folks) geologists are warning. There is no way of mitigating any of this when it happens.

          • Then the FEMA relocation plan rolls in. Everyone takes the DHS express to the NFL stadiums to live peacefully together. Whats not to like about that, this is the left coast and they all smoke pot and practice kumbaya.

            • I dont care what happens,,,
              am not going anywhere,,,
              they can say that everything is contaminated and we need to evacuate,
              Im not going anywhere,
              whould rather just die right here than become a refugee with nothing but the clothes on my back and a bag of a few belongings. Thats what happened to most of those people from Fukushima,, they evacuated them, then gave them a few hours to get what they could carry a few weeks after the tsunami, most will never be able to return to their homes, and can never get their posessions.
              screw that, wont do it,, dont give a CRAP who says otherwise.

              • Kula, I read last night that 10s of thousands are still living in tents there.

                • Its a truly sad situation, i really feel for those people, their government is as dysfunctional as ours too.

              • Speaking of Fukushima…

                Radiation alerts hit U.S. cities

                “The alerts come from the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center, which explains its mission is to provide radiation monitoring information from hundreds of sites, including those run by the Environmental Protection Agency, across the United States and Japan.

                The warning pinpointed an area “of concern” in St. George, Utah, where it said background radiation levels more than doubled today from the typical reading.

                It also named Reno, Nev., for concern, where “the current background radiation level has increased suddenly by more than 200 points from the typical average.”

                WND dot com

                • @ KY…Thier readings would set off all knds of alarms almost nation wide if they are correct. That site is selling geiger conters, KI and all kinds of radiation stuff. They have a “vested interest” in radiation fear porn. Go to the Radiation Network, which is a network of geiger counter owners that the readings are posted.

            • Stuffing people into football stadiums would be the surest fire possible way to reduce the population by 50% or greater almost overnight.

              Everyone here voluntarily (or, in the case of the poor, not so voluntarily) segregates and hates the ever-living hell out of each other. And the poverty class are violent in ways that make Detroit’s poor look like choir boys.

              Stuff ’em all together against their will and see what happens.

          • @ Quadra Teq. A 700 foot tidal wave would have to be confined to a small area like in Alaska from any avalanche. The second it reaches open water the energy spreads out and is reduced to a ripple. This is the same Canary Islands myth that so many scare people on the Atlantic sea coast with. It would take a small moon for example at the velocity of over 35000 mph to create a 700 foot tsunami at thousands of miles away. At hundreds of miles away it would take a 3 mile wide asteroid to make a 700 foot tsunami. A massive tsunami in a confined bay inlet could be created by a landslide.

            With any tsunami it takes a lot of energy to create the wave and even more to sustain the wave over thousands of miles of ocean that offer resistance. This is why you can drop a boulder into a lake, you get a big splash but a tiny inch high or less wave on the other side of the lake. Water has tension, a skin, and why you can slightly over fill a cup with water and the skin of this water is just above the rim of the cup.

            • That’s no moon…

              it’s a space station… O_O…

        • L.A. is uninhabitable as is, no quake needed.

          Just one big sewer cleanout waiting to be purged.

          That many people occupying a place with no local resources, stupid is as stupid does.

          Typical L.A. bugout plan is to go to starbucks ‘cuz they have free wi-fi.

          …..well —- that felt good……dodgers suck….BA.

        • @ Satori,

          Along the Oregon coast there’s some small communities where the local government has put on higher elevation, shipping containers. Those containers are on concrete slabs and bolted down. In the containers are 55 gallon drums that are bolted down, water tight and lockable. Residents can apply for one of the drums and if picked can fill that drum with SHTF goods. The family gets a key to the shipping container and they put their own lock on their drum. The idea is so popular that they are putting together more sites.

          As a kid we lived in the LA area for a few years, there was always talk of “The Big One”. I remember there was a 6 point something earthquake at about six in the morning. I jumped out of bed and when I stood on the floor I could feel the earth move like an ocean swell, it was the coolest thing, I was so excited. There was damage at the epicenter but at 50 miles away we were fine. “The Big One” has been talked to death. Sometimes I think people just like to be scared and proud that where they live they have the biggest and bestest and worstest and coldest and hottest and humidest and thunderest and snowiest and driest and est est est.

          • I like the coldest because it tends to keep the shitbags away.


        Expect the “Big One” to have an epicenter at Temecula California, above a 9.0 that would take down almost all of LA in the “first round”.

        Wish my sister would move. 🙁

        • @ Durango kidd. Temecula is where the Whitter/Elsinore fault goes practically right through and is capable of a high 7. Kobe, Japan was a 7.1 and it was destroyed by a similar fault. This fault is overdue and very dangerous. Just look at what only 10 miles of a rupture of this fault did on October 1, 1987. To have a 9 pointer you have to have hundreds of miles of fault go, usually including vertical. The Caribbean plate has about 600 miles on the east and north sections of it and would be close to a 9 pointer. The Cascadia fault would be bvetween a 8.9 to 9.2 WHEN it goes. You could have a 9 pointer if the San Andreas broke from Mexico to Oregon though.

          If the Whitter/Elsinore fault continued down to far below south into Mexico and connected with the faults to the north into the Los Padres National forest you could have an earthquake approaching this level. You need to get your sister to visit you more often and hopefully she will be there in Colorado when the faults all go off in California.

          • Actually the biggest fault in Ca, capable of destroying almost everything, is in Sacramento and very active.

        • Sobering.
          Thanks for the link,DK, love reading about Edgar Cayce. That guy was definitely tuned in to a different frequency.

        • Wish my PARENTS would move…

          … makes no sense to me.

      3. Unfortunately I have people in LA. The City is not inhabitable in any problem and there is nowhere to go. They can say all they want; look at a map. There are only 4 ways out. One goes to Palmdale and the Desert. One goes to San Diego and the Desert. One goes to Bakersfield and the Valley, and one goes up 1/101. to nowhere. They pretend the bridges won’t fall. Same thing they said last time when I-5 fell. They finally did some good work and steel cased some of the piers but overall they still won’t work. Drive on them in rush hour and you will know why.
        Yes, they have warehouses near Bakersfield, by the grapevine, but nothing even close to what they need. If it comes the City is just a writeoff. The people will burn it to the ground. Only hope is some of the towns in the basin are a bit more civilized.

        • I know nothing of California and only spent one day in LA because it was so crowded, but if I had to live there I would look into getting a boat even if it were only a high-end inflatable. Maybe rent a storage unit up or down the coast and install some used bunk beds w hidden gun storage, 50 gallon barrels of water, and an old upholstered chair with ammo hidden between the springs.

          • INFLATABLE!

            Holy crap why did I never even think of it…

            Yes I totally agree on the boat thing. Hmmm in a case like this I only need something good enough for one relatively short trip. My prior thought was living in the sucker and not making landfall for 5 years but that’s WAY beyond my budget…

            Thanks, let me figure out if it’s even feasible to sail to say… I dunno… Texas or something… in an inflatable boat. I think it would be a major stretch, honestly, but I dunno, never looked at it before.

            • *facepalm* ok not Texas… there’s this little problem with central America and all being in the way… 9_9…

              I dunno, gonna have to pick a destination where I can re-acquire a car, and enough cash to do that. My ultimate destination would be East Coast. I just have to get out of the ring of destruction and then buy a used junker I guess.

        • Really, only 3 ways out of the basin by land…
          The Hwy 1/101 corridor will probably be impassable by landsilides and such, as the coastal road from Malibu to Santa Barbara has a 1000 ft. skree slope paralleling on the inland side. Landslides close this road every time it drizzles, and good luck humping any of those hills before the 101 breaks north inland just short of Pt. Mugu.
          The east past Riverside, wind mill farms and Palm Springs enroute to the I15 towards Vegas is even more formidable. Assuming you could outpace 12 million of your closest friends to the base of the hill climbing out of the basin, none but the most fit will be able to hump that grade that makes six cylinder vehicles want to cry uncle. Your reward? No water along the way and a couple hundred mile DESERT between you and Vegas.
          South to Sandy Eggo along the I5 will introduce you to another couple million friends who are all trying to head inland along the I10…. More desert and mountains. If you can make it to the Colorado River you might quench your thirst. If the Navy and Marine bases remain viable, there’s a slim chance they could restore some order and get things up and running for a lucky few, but I wouldn’t bet my family’s life on it.
          North along the I5 and through the Grapevine lies another mountain to climb, if you can get to it with all of the overpasses crushed, and still little water.

          We got outta LA after 9/11, as we wanted to be closer to family and we could see the writing on the wall. had a blast, but could never imagine raising kids out there. I’ve begged friends we left behind to reconsider and GET OUT, but to no avail.
          Our only/best option to get out of the basin was to get to the nearest marina and seek passage as a deck hand, or commandeer a vessel. We had many friends with whom we sailed that made this possible in terms of boats and skills, but no one had stores on-board for such a scenario. I always thought if we made it to Two Harbors on Catalina Island we’d be able to fish and forage for shellfish, while having front-row seats to watch the basin burn. A round of Buffalo Milks at Doug’s for everyone!

        • LA is a huge area. An earthquake that could take out all exits or more than just one exit from that basin would be biblical and it would be followed with multiple volcanos suddenly appearing in the LA basin or that basin all of the sudden changing into one super massive volcano. Not going to happen. Even a 9.0 will be localized. It will be felt for a long ways off but the damage will dissipate the farther you get from the epicenter.

          • Not quite true, yes to destroy the whole thing would be near impossible. But if you know the area, if you bring down the rats nest of bridges at the El Toro Y, I-5 and toward Palmdale, the whole city is trapped. Nor does it matter that much, there is no place for 10 Million people to go. Shut off the water and food deliveries, it’s all rubble in 72 hours. I was near Northridge during their “Minor” quake 20 years ago, Woke me up in the hotel. I wasn’t worried as I always fill up my car when I stop. Next morning, I was the only person in the donut shop that could get anything. I had correct change. The cash regesters weren’t working, nor were any gas pumps. In the Northridge quake it took over a month to get power back to someplaces. If a large quake hits LA the power will be down for a year. There will be nothing left.

        • You are absolutely correct. There is NO infrastructure support or plan to evacuate ANYONE out of the seven southern California counties. Given the huge increase in California’s population lately, there are NO viable ways out or to evacuate out of southern California. Even trying to leave on a weekend with NO traffic issues, one has to plan to leave at specific times to “avoid the rush”, if the freeways start to SIG-Alert up, you are screwed. There are NO water reserves in southern California despite what has been posted here by the alleged former LADWP worker. There are NO reserves of food in warehouses that can be distributed to the masses without electricity and functioning infrastructure roadways. After two and a half decades of law enforcement in southern California, this California native left with his family and has never looked back. California is a great state outside the metro areas, the people are generally good decent folks. The ghetto and barrio rats will take over in droves once the collapse after the quakes occurs. Anyone remember the Rodney King Riots in 1992? Pandemonium reigned in several counties for awhile.There is NO water, NO food, NO energy and NO way to get goods and services when there is no electricity, no roads to travel on, no real plans for emergency assistance to the masses. You WILL be all on your own. Sorry to burst the bubble of the sheeple.(and yes, I was detailed to the FEMA planning for Emergency Preparedness for SoCal. WHY do you think we bailed out as soon as we could?

      4. Southern California has had a huge invasion of escapees from New York over the past 30 or so years.

        They’ve amused themselves by building ever taller buildings and miles of useless subways in LA.

        Hopefully they’re all in one or the other when the next huge quake hits.

        • Snaaaaaake Pliskin!

          I heard of you…

      5. The ‘Golden Horde’ will not last 2 days trudging east across the desert. These people cannot survive without the basics now let alone when it all comes crashing down around them. With a massive tumbler, the water, sewer and gas lines will be out of commission for a long, long time. I don’t envy people living in Californika now, let alone after the next big one hits. GET OUT!

        • If BI is right, or even close, there won’t be many survivors to worry about.

          • This was supposed to be a response to Tactical below.

      6. My area and home is on bed rock.
        I hope that helps!
        And in case you missed it on the last thread – here is a link to one of the articles on 160 uses for coconut oil.

        • @ Anon. Bed rock always helps, but the direction of the earthquake waves is what you need to be concerned about and your location to the San Andreas. If you are northwest of the San Andreas fault in most places you have a huge problem. Any area in the direction of the movement of the fault towards the Pacific Ocean is going to take the blunt end of the waves. Unlike most faults in the area, the hypocenter where the earthquake waves hit the surface, a horizontal earthquake the waves follwo the direction that the fault is moving towards on that horizontal plane. Thus Pasadena would take a direct hit when the southern section ruptures for example.

          Like I said to Paranoid it is not so much the size as it is the time that the shaking goes on that brings down the buildings. 325 miles of rupture when the south and central portion goes will mean almost 3 minutes of shaking. The smaller 7.8 Scotia Sea break was not even half of this 325 miles of break that will occur.

          Something else to be real worried about is what happened in Mongolia many decades ago with a similar strike slip like the San Andreas. The earthquake set off thrust faults. Like the Landers earthquake of either 7.3 or 7.4 in June of 1992, this lead to a much sooner rupture of the thrust fault in Northridge in January of 1994. Strike slips do this, set off other faults. This was the case of the mega strike slip in west Indonesia ladt year. For more than a week major earthquakes occurred around the Pacific and Indian Ocean areas because of this huge horizontal movement.

          I don;t know what hidden and not so hidden blind and not so blind thrust faults you have nearby, but this is a whopping concern. First you have a massive horizontal quake, then minutes, hours, days or weeks later you have a very strong vertical quake. The faults I am most alarmed about after the San Andreas breaks would be the Whitter/Elsinore fault that is capable of a mid 7, maybe even high 7. The Newport/Inglewood fault responsible for the 1933 Long Beach earthquake and capable of a high 7 and causing an undersea avalanche and a sizable tsunami between where it goes offshore near Newport to down near San Diego where it MIGHT intersect other faults. And the Elysian Park fault that runs right under downtown LA. They made a fictional movie about this fault breaking with a near 8, a bit exaggerated but not too far off.

          The california area would not sink into the ocean like the 2012 movie unless you had some sort of sinkhole void below the crust. The San Andreas and the other thrust faults in the area are enough to make some people think feel like the area sunk when the ensuing nightmare of fires, utter disorder and BO marital law afterwards.

          • Be Informed – What is your read on the Hayward fault? I live in Bay Area CA The Hayward fault is more of a problem for me rather than San Andreas. Thanks for any reply

            • I use to live along the Hayward fault in Castro Valley on Lake Chabot Road many years ago. Had a dream one night that the Golden Gate Bridge split down the middle as California moved to Oregon. Chaos ensued.

              I moved to Arizona and you should too. 🙂

          • BI: “A sinkhole void below the crust”. Tell me what you think all of those 100 megaton underground nuclear explosions outside of St George Utah and in Nevada created, a few miles deep.

            The Western United States is on hinge and it periodically sinks; which is how the Great Salt Lake was formed and how sea shells are embedded throughout the sandy soils of Arizona.

            Changes are coming. The New World Order knows it, are preparing for it, and intend to make America over in their image, and to their benefit, when it happens.

            Engage. 🙂

            • @ Spirit of 1776. The Hayward fault is so dangerous because it goes right under Oakland but is only about 1/3 to 40% the size of the Calaveras fault that goes only a couple of miles to the east of San Jose. I still worry about the duration of any earthquake. The San Andreas is close enough and something that goes off for minutes rather than 30 seconds or less is more of a threat to real destruction. I actually think that the Calaveras fault is more over due than the San Andreas though.

              @ durango kidd. To create a sinkhole type void would have to be hundreds of miles in length and dozens of miles in width before california to cause a sinking like so many talk about. Many have told me the sinking of california was impossible, naturally I found a possible way it could. Not likely at all, but still possible. Nuclear bombs underground in the 100 megaton range would register on the seismic charts as something in the range of a mid to high 7 earthquake. There is no such record. Could it be hidden? I guess. What I heard at least that most nuke tests in the eastern Nevada and Utah ranges were usually in to 500 kiloton to 2 or 3 megaton tops.

              Just for case of agrument a 100 megaton explosion underground in solid rock strata will create a crater between 1 and 2 miles in diameter and a depth of 355 feet. I brought up the cravity under california crust as something that could theoretically happen as liquids, even liquid rock, have eddies and currents that this travels under the crust and it is possible that IF a void developed under the california crust that was large enough, the crust could slip into it. This would take very unusual circumstances for it to happen, like some very rapid cooling and the crust becoming more rigid. A tiny example of this could be happening in Fiji where earthquakes have penetrated below 700 km.

              Massive sinking suddenly is a very rare event. What you talking about in the Great Salt Lake region is something that has taken eons to occur. It does happen, as Wyoming and parts of Montana are other examples of this as sea shells are here also as Wyoming, Montana has on and off become inland seaways and then raised up.

      7. Let ’em fall, let ’em fall, let ’em fall

      8. I have seen a pattern in sun and earthquakes. Every CME that disrupts nano tesla and causes high radiation has produced a 6.0 or higher. I have noticed a tuning fork type effect, that depends on how the CME energy enters the earth. Only thing is I have no idea where the quake will be. I have been right 75% of the time, with few non events, and few weak events. Most of the time I get it right within a day or so. Knowing this, I would not live in LA…

      9. I fell bad for the good people in Wyoming, Idaho, AZ. since God forbid when the big one comes many from LA move to these states and they bring the LA culture with them. This already happened to AZ. Flagstaff, Prescott used to be good conservative towns but no more. Something is wrong with LA just like NY….I know what is it but I can’t say it.

        • Correction. Feel bad not fell bad. .

        • LOL hope they like snow and sub zero weather! I’m an Alaskan native, but my husband is California native. I’m used to those temps, but it took him a couple of winters to adapt. He didn’t like it the first winter in Montana, but now he really loves it.

          A lot of those Cali folks are not going to like it up here in winter. We have hot summers too, and for the folks who like it mild, they won’t like the baking temperatures either.

          When I lived in the San Francisco bay area, those people complained if it merely rained!

          • @ Lak Monster..I live about 150 miles west of you. I retired from East Bay Municipal Utility and City of Stockton.

        • Not to worry, they won’t last past th first winter.

        • They had better like -10 degrees…. and speak english.

        • I live in Wyoming. There is no where for them to go.
          Anyhow. Wyoming is much like California already. Too many people have moved here of the type that want to tell you what to do. Most towns and counties get their funding not from the people who live there but from the FED’s. When that money stops flowing there is gonna be big problems.

      10. To look at the data, just look at CME dates, and when the CME passed earth compared to usgs earthquakes and others around the world. You will see I am correct.

      11. 1- Both the West AND the East Coast are vulnerable to Tsunamis!

        2- Both Visionaries were told that if during The Warning many forsake and decline the Mercy of Christ, that Chastisements by God the Father would commence and would take the form of floods, Tsunamis, earthquakes.

        3- In other Messages we are also told God the Father will ALSO use such means to STOP the evildoers who are trying to reduce the world’s 7-billion population to just 500 million through their chemtrails, disease-laded vaccinations, modified food, and other ways too numerous here to mention.

        4- There is an active volcano in the ocean outside of Spain. If it goes off, look for the East Coast of the U.S. to be deluged with water, possibly as far as 150-miles inland! So IF that volcano goes off, who here on or near the East Coast shoreline could drive FAST enough to ELUDE multiple cascades of mountainous water so HIGH and so FORCEFUL?

        Yet, during the recent Typhoon in the Philipines, a family in one apartment had and prayed the Seal of the Living God throughout that Typhoon and after it was all over, their entire building was untouched, unscathed.

        That is similar to another documented case from long ago: at Hiroshima, a group of Priests who had prayed the Rosary throughout emerged unharmed and NOT radiated by the bomb President Truman ordered dropped and then went out to help all the wounded who were still living.

        If you haven’t done so already, download the Seal from wwwdotthewarningsecondcomingdotcom, have it blessed by a Priest, keep one on your person at all times (mine is in my wallet), one in your residence, and pray it every day.

        Faith is essentially trust! I can’t (& won’t) argue with anyone who lacks faith or trust. But to whose who come to this site who have faith, be open to the incredible number of ways God is trying to GET our attention, KEEP it, and the HELPS He gives us such as in the Seal, etc.

        – The Lone Ranger

        “Oh ye of little faith.” – Christ in the Gospels

        • WOW!

          With now SIX thumbs down I can’t believe all the DENIAL that goes on here!!

          What’s UP with that?

          You don’t think the East Coast could get a Tsunami???

          You don’t believe that oceanic volcano exists???

          You don’t believe God the Father is VERY angry at the level of sin in our world?????

          Isn’t “SIN” the MAIN topic here and subject of just about 99% of ALL of Mac’s articles on ALL the CRAP (= social and personal sin) we have to endure at the hands of OTHERS?

          – The Lone Ranger

          “Denial ain’t a river in Egypt.”

          “Whatever Became of Sin??” – Title of Dr. Karl Menninger’s famous book from decades ago!

          • From what I have seen here the red thumbs are probably due to the religious references. Take them as a badge of honor.

      12. Your right, look at Colorado. Used to be a conservative state, and a pro gun state. Now I won’t even visit, place is over run with liberals… As is LA

      13. Nobody could convince me to live in California nor could anything motivate or pursued me to move there. No thank you. Ill keep my Ohio four seasons in one week arrangement. 🙂 by the way how about all that Fukushima contamination you’re not hearing about but yet sea animals are washing up dead left and right with tumors galore. California’s doomed. Nut case inhabitants, dangerous water and, ground that can’t sit still. Forget about it!

      14. Those at the government USGS will continue to deny that a statewide San Andreas break is not possible. Not so with what this article says.

        The so called scientists were also mystified by the mega strike slip in west Indonesia last year that was 8.7 or 8.6 and then an aftershock of either 8.3 or 8.2. “Dang blast it, these so called impossible events just keep happening and making the science text books and us professionals look bad”. Shall we also talk about the deep focus earthquakes that are never suppose to exceed 8, like the one in Bolivia in 1994 that was a 8.2 and the one in May of this year that was a 8.3 in the Sea of Hokhotsk. How about that earthquakes are not suppose to occur below 700 km, but sure enough they have down in Fiji, one at 735 km. I guess these estimates like ONLY a 7.8 in california are just atypical misinformation that “our government” loves to fed to the public like slop to the livestock. “Dang blast it, Mother Nature is making us look like fools in the science community.”

      15. Is your community ready ? Does your area have the network of people,groups,ie preppers,militias,survivalist,churches, etc (not gov) ready to take care of its self, and its community? If your answer to that is NO they get started, get them organized, trained and ready so when any disaster happens be it natural or man made, you and your community has a fighting chance to not only survive but to thrive and help others. Join your local militia, form and network with prepper groups , churches and others.

        Be safe! Be prepared! Be ever vigilant! Between natural disasters , rising fuel prices, food prices, inflation, crime, soon to be food shortages ( due to colder than normal weather , and
        transportation problems ) then the fuel and food riots… time is almost up
        to get even your basic supplies ready and a plan of action. Equally as
        important is finding other like minded people you trust as close as possible
        to you. There is strength and safety in numbers. So check the below links to
        find those close to you and network

        Prepare by making essential preparations for yourself and your family to not just survive, but to thrive, if and when things get very difficult:

        Prepare food, water, clothing (especially for growing children/grandchildren) & shoes, fuel, essential drugs & medicines/vitamins, toiletries, medical supplies, guns, ammunition (when you run out, your guns are useless, and if you don’t have enough, you can’t keep your skills honed, so buy plenty), (gold & silver), and other essentials. If you have the resources, acquire enough for friends, relatives, neighbors, and other peers.

        Get your house in order, if it isn’t already. Prepare temporally and spiritually. Ensure that you will be part of the reason that God will side with us, because we’ve chosen to side with Him!

        For more preparedness info … PLEASE check the sites i help admin… If you have ANY questions at all please ask..

        Main 9-12 Preppers Site

        Osceola County Mercury One .

        Mercury One website.

        Constitutional Militia links


        SECOM on facebook…/Southeast…/112871255452576

        We are SECOM…/florida-state…

        9-12 prepper on Freedomworks

        The Chruch me and my family attend. Cornerstone Family Church

        All you can to is hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Of course
        putting your trust and faith in God.

        Good people, families , moms, dads, grandparents, normal people, just
        preparing for what we see is coming. We are willing to help others, in our
        communities but we have to work together. Preparing both spiritually and
        phsyically. “Every Race, Every Tribe, ONE AMERICA!”

        If you havent prepared for yourself and your family yet… do something
        now… time is up!


        support the USA and protect the Constitution! “Every Race, Every Tribe, ONE

      16. High rise buildings are death traps in any type of significant weather, earth change event or terrorist strike. There is currently no building code that can with stand a large quake type event.

        Once again, some people are living in the land of make believe.

        As with the terror strike on 9-11, the businesses/organizations that lost office space rented available open office space for their employees.Local government/emergency services can do the same thing. Where I live we have a mobile sheriff communication center that provides temporary communications. Although we are not known as being located in a earthquake zone, we had a 2.0 in the southern part of the county which surprised those people. Also, when I drive through that part of the county on secondary roads, I am surprised at some of the land deformation I see and the affect it has on parts of the highway.

        I fell to understand why people cannot grasp the fact that
        when the ground moves, so will the pipes,gas lines and conduits under it and some will break with the lost of service.

        Part of the SHTF prepare program…..also

      17. If there was a major quake, people would peacefully wait for help to arrive. They did that in Japan but any American city would become a hellhole.

      18. Damn… and I already escaped from that piss hole once!!

        • Well gee, the prez of the US fedgov is an impostor and a fraud as are many in his circle…why does it surprise anyone that another fake someone crashed the party? 😉

      19. Eh,la,no big loss!Really though,folks know they live in a earthquake prone region,should also know by now can only depend in the end on yourself if one hits,any emergency services will be overwhelmed,you can help someone/services like fire dept. great,saw a lot of that when last quake hit frisco.We all take different risks including where we live,an example being without heat/proper shelter I could easily freeze to death temps we have in my parts.

      20. My husband went through the Loma Prieta when he was 17 years old. He knows just how deadly these things can be and is happy to be out of that state. When I lived there, I never went through any quake other than 5. Every year though, on local news, they have the documentaries of all the quakes and they really pushed the doom of the BIG ONE coming at any time!

        It’s just a matter of when it happens, and they’ve been calling for it to happen, forever! We’ll see.

      21. LA will be no place I’d ever want to see. Except maybe pictures of any aftermath from the air. I love the grand beauty of the stateand it’s national parks, but I will never set foot there or give them one cent, due to their frankensteins and screwd up laws. This may sound harsh esp for those with family there, but I wish the whole thing would fall into the sea, preferably while Ocarpethead was visiting. Lets pollute the ocean some more!

      22. Just L.A. going down would affect the whole country. where would we absorb 12 million people? I see a domino affect.

        • Ck out the Obama caganer. It’s a squatting, dump taking Obama with ‘ yes we can’ painted on it. These little characters are all the rage in Spain……it just needs a little Statue of Liberty under his bum because he ‘dumps’ on liberty.

      23. LA
        6 million people
        3 days of water
        In a desert

        = fucked when the 10000 mile supply chain shuts down

      24. How convenient , eh?

        Health director who approved Obama birth certificate dies in plane crash

        • maybe she was paid to lie, then they snuffed her out? or maybe she has something to do with the GMO food ban on Hawaii ?..seems like a lot of people connected in some way getting snuffed

          • Nope, plane just went down, i guess lost power, that side of Molokai is all cliffs and on shore is rugged, from what fire rescue said plane was flying low whe engine cut so had to ditch, Health Director was in front seat, those small planes often only have pilot and one of the passengers fly in copilot seat, is a great way to see the islands actually, but they lose at least one plane every year,

            • good info coming from someone from that area..thanks K farmer
              With the way things have been going lately its not unheard of to have people snuffed out for knowing too much, maybe not the case here than.

              • Actually this lady replaced the guy who originally authenticated BOs cert, he is nowhere to be found, interesting because he held that position for years, was told he was threatened if he spoke up again, in an older article in an Oahu paper he said that there was no long form, and that the BC they had was incomplete, soon after he was fired and this lady was appointed by our ass kissing governor,,,

      25. Slip and fall accident?

        DC cop accused of producing child pornography found dead

        The Washington, D.C. officer charged with producing child pornography while on duty has been declared dead after being pulled from the Potomac River Tuesday evening.

        maybe the kids dad made sure he would never do it again?

        fine by me

      26. The Most Dangerous Woman In America

        Valerie Jarrett

        • VRF-

          ..a minor correction, please sir!

          –the most powerful judeo-communist/progressive, and anti-Christian carpet-muncher, in the entire solar system!
          Please welcome…………

          -(cue drum-roll)-


          Scene #1, take #1: SNAP!!!


          Valerie Jarrett…!!!


          -(loud lame stream media soundtrack providing/canned kudos/hoots/whistles)-


          (camera pans quickly, then ZOOM focuses upon)

          Valerie: “Oy Vey! I be Obama’s brain and we’re almost th!!…-(distant boom/rifle crack)-..


          scene #2, take #2: SNAP!!!


          LSM talking-head #1): ..”oh shit, Valerie’s hauling ass!

          LSM guy #2): Uhhh…where’s the f*%#ing script?

          LSM guy #1): HUH? gotta script?


          LSM guy #2): …who hired that f#*%ing klutz sniper???

          LSM guy #1): …Ssshhhh! Shut the hell up, Goldschmuk!!!
          The mikes are HOT!


          LSM guy #2): -(not hearing LSM guy #1)- …”dumb-fuck shot the teleprompter display box…not the real president???!!!???”

          LSM guy #1): …Hmmmm??? Maybe we can spin this into 6-million plus one drama!!!


          LSM guy #2): …a teleprompter box kill???

          LSM guy #1): …why not, the zio-Christian goy-types will swallow anything we say nowadays!!!


          LSM guy #2): …damn, you’re right! Let me call my broker first! If we play this right, we’ll reap reparations($$$) too!!!!!!!!!!!


          ***and so it goes…ad infinanitum.

          -(plus a knowing dose of gentile sarcasm)-

          • FYI folks-

            LSM = Lame Stream Media(talking-head)!


      27. Losing LA and a large part of the CA population to the sea? Outside of the fish having to stand the stink for awhile I’m not sure I see the downside of any of this.

        If they’re real lucky, Sacramento will also fall into the ocean with a full session going. Then CA can make some real changes for the better. Maybe. Probably not. Oh forget it, use the whole place as an above ground nuke test area.

      28. *BI*
        should I be thinking that all of this volcanic activity lately is a tie in with earthquakes and the possibility of an all out assault on us by the earth itself?

        and here’s another one
        Klyuchevskoy Volcano in Russia’s Kamchatka spews ash 6 km high

        • Im cool with Mother nature bitch slapping us back to the 1800s
          were overdue in this consumerist nation

          • Hey brother, No wayyyyy that could happen in the US say those on the dole!!!

            No way to swipe my ebt to get my chips and yoohoo!

            I always laugh when people think that man can do no wrong…If mama wanted us outta here, she could do it in like 2 fucking seconds. 7 billion…AMF.

            Guys like us will still try to survive her angst.

            Only way to the other side.

          • 1800s ad not so bad

            1800s bc darwin smiles

            • That would make stuff real interesting,,

        • @ VRF. I am really watching the volcanic activity. The Kamachakta peninsula for a long time has been due for such a volcanic eruption, surprised it took this long. I look at size, little eruptions don’t alarm me. Like the precursor earthquakes, I only use 4.5 or larger for future major earthquakes. I have found that using 3’s and 4’s offer no set of predictability. Watch for swarms of volcanoes to at least reach the volcanic explosive index of 3, preferably 4 or higher before we can say that the planet’s crust is in big trouble.

          I try desperately to never exaggerate or be an alarmist to any forecast of earthquakes or other geophysical events. When I give a figure and explanations it is as clsoe to accurate as possible. It really bugs me to see these bits of myth about the Canary Islands still floating around out there and other fear mongering that is not fair to people that really get frightened from this. For example when I say that the LA is likely to have a 8.1 to 8.4 when the southern and central San Andreas goes it is very likely that this will be the magnitude. IF by some miracle that only the southern section goes then a 7.9 or 8 will be the case.

          Again, watch the size of these volcanoes. You start to see ash in the 6 km, 10 km range from swarms of volcanoes and we have a big problem from a catastrophic geological event coming somewhere along one or more of these plate boundaries.

          • Bi; Did you see today where they found the remnants of a super volcanoe in Utah that covered almost 12,000 sq. miles in western UT. and eastern NV. and was 5000 times larger in size ,than the Mt. St Helens Volcano! The study was done by BYU over i think it said 30 years? The question that i wonder about since this probably happened over 30 million years ago what good does this do to research this ? Because they can?


            • All be darned! That’s pretty cool

            • Hey Thinker, did you catch my number this morning?

              • Genius; No i didn’t for some reason it went of the air about 9:38 right after the the gal with the lost cat posted? Maybe what we should do is place an ad in the wanted on CL for the same thing or i will, and give the # ? Let me know?

                • OK that sounds good, I actually found what I wanted from my ad this morning lol. So go ahead and place an ad and let me know what it’s for. Thanks

                  • Genius? Done!

            • Because we have only one planet, the only way to understand it, is to see what it has done over the years. Look at it this way, the planet is no older now than it was 30 Mil years ago. or at least no older than you were yesterday vs today.

          • No reports from JOG…he go dark?

            • LMS-

              Zero traffic = night/darkness for a reason.

              Monitor the screens closely.

      29. Part 6 – How Likely Are Bail-Ins? Bank of England Says U.S. “Could Do Today”“could-do-today”

        “BOE Says U.S. “Could Do Today” And U.S Authorities Doing Simulation Exercises
        The U.S. already has in place plans for bail-ins in the event of banks failing. Indeed, the U.S. has conducted simulation exercises with the U.K. in recent weeks and will do so again in 2014.

        On October 12, Art Murton, the FDIC official in charge of planning for resolutions, and the Bank of England’s Deputy Governor Paul Tucker, both confirmed that the U.S. system is ready to handle a big-bank collapse.

        The Bank of England’s Tucker, who has worked with U.S. regulators on the cross-border hurdles to taking down an international firm said that “U.S. authorities could do it today — and I mean today.”

        what was that last part ?

        ““U.S. authorities could do it today — and I mean today.”
        he seems rather emphatic about that

      30. DroneShield: A way for hunters to fight back against animal activists’ drones

        DroneShield is a small device that listens for the distinctive sound of drones and then alerts you via email, text message, long-range radio, and/or a flashing light. The sound of drones is very different from other things like leaf blowers and lawn mowers, and is very difficult to hide or mask

      31. The volcanos, earthquakes are tied. Look at expando planet theory and models. What we were tought in school is only one theory. A plasma core with magnetic anomolies, that creates random basic elements when photons pass through it. It makes sense. More than a iron core. Hell magnatize a chunk of iron then heat it with a torch, no magnetism. Also the long neck dinosaurs in todays gravity would not be able to pump blood to their brain with their heart. Only way they could have lived is if earth was smaller, less gravity. We are expanding, have been slowly for a long, long time. Ocean floor rock is younger than continents, topo map of ocean floor shows movement direction. LA is how it is because of movement, only it locks up and builds pressure before it moves…kinda like Japan likeJapan.

      32. Interestingly those the least prepared are facing the greatest danger while the most prepared in the heartland are under the lowest threat.

        • How many devastating earthquakes have there been this year in America? How many tornadoes have totaled farms and towns? Compare the damages.

      33. We live mostly in a world of probabilities. Death and Taxes being certainties. All can suck the life out of you. It is quite enough to put up with Mother Nature but Man’s stupidity amplify the problems. Time and time again we watch the video’s and read article’s where those in perilous situations, find themselves mentally paralyzed and unable to act. They are not far from laying down and dying. Why is this so? What has made us what we are? Is it so impossible to put away three days of supplies of food and water? Know where to turn off the gas, water and electricity in times of danger. I find it reprehensible the lack of good leadership. No training to instill any form of self reliance. No character building principles. Critical Thinking is a rarity. All absent from the home, school and work environment.
        Man’s endeavor to outwit Mother Nature will never succeed. We will rebuild in Hurricane and flood prone areas. Build along known fault zones and even thwart the fire prevention measures by replanting vegetation close to homes in high fire areas. Endure the ravishes of Blizzards and Ice Storms.
        Someday, people will learn from their experiences but I would not bet on it.

        • slingshot

          People are trained to produce and consume thus fulfilling their role as a cog in the machine. Critical thinking has the possibility of adding sand into the gears; its therefore suppressed.

      34. I’m gonna quote ole Gabby Johnson
        “I was born here and I’m gonna die here
        And ain’t no body gonna fletherflathombrr
        Hhmmphnstuffn” what ever 🙂
        Blazing saddles I think we’re livin in
        On a side note I’ve ridden out lots o quakes
        89′ changed my world.. That’s why I’m
        Now at 3,000 ft on top of the pacific rim
        Plate hopefully I get to be my own island
        If this happens 🙂 they have been preaching
        This mega quake since 70’s still waiting
        No zombies on my own island 🙂
        Think of all the new surf spots
        Better prep a new wetsuit with rad detector!

      35. Chances are where ever and whenever we guess it will strike it won’t, but that slight chance is always there, such is life. We are all just passing through this world anyway, some of us just want to stay longer.

      36. The best the inhabitants of LA can do, is un-ass the area as soon as the quake hits. Sturdy bikes and go bags are probably the best way out. Hand Carts, just like refugees of wars past, will come in handy. Just like Katrina, the police and firefighters will leave to get their own families to safety.

        • Just try and imagine your average wheat grass sipping LA inhabitant on a pushbike through the desert?

          I haven’t had a belly laugh that painful for a long time – thanks Maudy!

        • Ultralight airplane only significant way out. People don’t understand “LA” is over 100 miles wide, two sdes are ocean, North and East is mostly HOT DRY. Bakersfield is 1/50 th the size of LA. Almost nobody gets out.

        • Hitch a ride to Slab City.

          No rent, free heat, laid back livin’.

          Join the rest of the refugees and castaways already living there.

      37. @ them guys, silver sax and granny…. A post for you at the bottom of the last article….a question, really. Thanks.

        • See my reply.

        • NoPityParty:

          Thanks for asking.

        • @Nopittypartyhere

          It seems you are truly a truth seeker so my request is after you read all of the comments specific to your question please do additional research using proven documentary , writing etc. However don’t bypass the research materials, speeches by an honorable human being named: Professor Norman G. Finkelstein (and yes he is a Jewish man but without any hesitation I used and will use the the word HONORABLE to reference his name).

          Now let’s see who will mark my comment as a hate speech.

        • Thanks all.

      38. For those interested in Corana saw a bought,a update.I have again used it(22″)but bought with my mum in mind,I personally still want a 3′ one man 2 handle saw!Anyhowz,have used doing some bigger pruning climing in some pines and have cut 8″ oak with ease,tis a good choice I believe between a small hand pruning saw and a ,say,3′ saw.Can easily handle 10″logs and even larger but then not much of a saw stroke.As I mentioned before nice handle that handles a thick gloved hand easily,nice when temps 18 degrees during day.The only thing that has gone wrong is handle bolts/nuts became slightly loose,if happens again a little non permanent locktite will cure this.I actually assume is due to my strength/high energy levels that no one in their right mind could plan for when designing a saw!As I said,40 from big box internet A store if anyone is interested,happy firewood all!

        • get at least a 48 inch two man. You can easily handle it by yourself.

          • Will go with 3′,reason being can fit in truck cab.The other reason will bring to my mums and let her at least try it.I have made my mum lots of wood but she is too old for chainsaw but is comfortable with hand tools,I just want backup/workout with hand saws.I just want mum set up with largest saw comfortable with if it hits the fan,did let her know she needs to make a little daily year round and will be ok when the cold hits,going down to 10 there which for island is very low,she has forced hot water and backup Lopi with plenty of wood,I know,I cut ans stacked it!

      39. I recall reading something like this maybe 25 years ago in (I think) Scientific American. One point they made then that has stuck with me is that L.A. is where the bank payments clearinghouses for the entire west coast are located. Knock them out and you can’t process credit cards or checks or anything, all up and down the coast and well inland. And of course anyone who bought or sold anything from outside into that area. THAT would pretty much collapse the entire USA. Maybe by now they’ve mirrored all this to a safer location, but if they haven’t….

        • a lot of data centers have been moving to or have there backup systems in UT a stable geology section of the country
          wall st also as a lot of medical data

      40. It’s about time you have a positive story Mac. Thanks.

        • I have one good news.

          New Vice Chair of the US Federal Reserve is selected: Stanley Fisher

          Former #2 at the Globalist Sharking Operation aka: IMF

          Former head of the Israel’s Federal Reserve.

          Still not clear his real nationality but looks like as Zambian-American-Israeli.

          Former MIT economics prof who tutored Ben Bernanke and former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers.

          • What a surprise.

      41. In the latest videos from John Moore, he further ‘peels back the layers of the onion’ and informs us that according to a source, an event will soon occur, most likely an EMP event. “When this event begins, it will go on for two years and the first six months will be the worst”. Whether that ‘event’ be an EMP attack, WW3, or an economic collapse, we learn that the first two months of that will be spent with TPTB ‘arresting and murdering those who oppose them’. John warns that it will be ‘every man for himself’ for the first 6 months

      42. I’ve been hearing from people who claimed to know insiders since Y2K. The problem with fear porn is no one credible ever steps up to take responsibility when their secret inside source is wrong. I don’t know who John Moore is, but if this ‘event’ does not happen within 90 days he needs to be silenced.

        • GG…he needs to be silenced. Are you implying a death threat?

          • How about just ridicule? There are a lot of fearmongers talking out of their lower hat, doing more harm than good.

        • It can be more complex than that. It’s possible that plans or timetables change. Not only that, if I was someone’s source I might deliberately get some things right and some things wrong as a way to protect myself.

          Dr Jim Willie refuses to set dates. He says the collapse is event driven and not time driven. He predicts the end of the petrodollar system like a lot of people do and he won’t set dates for it.

        • Fear porn,
          Good description,
          It gets old always hearing doom and gloom is coming soon!
          For me, its more just being aware of stuff, and moking sure i have whatever necessities, and some niceties, NOBODY can predict disaster,, but we all know shit happens!
          So what to do?
          Live life in a tizzy and be worried about the ground shaking, sky falling, government is gonna get you , radicals are gonna blow u up, financial system will disintegrate the mons of sheeple are gonna riot crap day in and day out??
          Dont think so.
          Sorta silly.
          Being aware and putting food and supplies is just reasonable and prudent. Do you need to go overboard and store 3 years worth? Most likely not. Do you need enough ammo for WWIII? most likely if people are killing eachother and you live somewhere that you need to worry about having that much ammo you wont live long enough to need it all because theres always someone better armed.
          Life is a one shot deal, ya gotta live it! So why be paranoid and fanatical?
          Sorta like 12 step programs,
          Share your experience strength and hope. Thats what I like about Selco, he keeps it real. I kinda like that idea, feel that may be the best policy, keep it real!

        • John Moore is an entertainment reporter, journalist, voice artist and comedian. He probably knows as much about SHTF as Nancy Pelosi or Piers Morgan. Ignore him.

      43. Off Topic….Pm’s are dropping today. Buy if you can.

      44. The good news is that LA pretty much has no WINTER. The bad news is LA pretty much has no WATER.

      45. This a beautiful area. Its to bad that it will shake apart. But that is what happens in that area. Prepare for it. Is all I can say. Don’t depend on the Gov. to help right away.
        If you think that is going to be bad there! Just wait until the New Madrid starts its shaking. If I remember right over 75% of the building in this area is not earth quake proof. Its also larger area. Its also in the middle of the country and not on a coast.
        Braveheart is in the worst area to be in if there is an earth quake there.


      46. I think the New Madrid fault line is the biggest possible threat to the US as far as earthquakes go. All the major northern pipelines across the US would be affected. All the major northern Interstate roads would be shut down. The Mississippi River would help bottleneck things. Railroad lines shutdown. Lots of RR lines. Big problem to fix in a short time. I ain’t losing any sleep over it, just saying.

        • maudy fricket,

          Good point! I agree. It would definitely disrupt transportation in the U.S. The New Madrid fault has become more active in recent years.

          Is The New Madrid Fault Earthquake Zone Coming To Life?

          “The New Madrid fault zone is six times bigger than the San Andreas fault zone in California and it covers portions of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi.

          The biggest earthquakes in the history of the United States were caused by the New Madrid fault. Now there are fears that the New Madrid fault zone could be coming to life again, and if a “killer earthquake” does strike it could change all of our lives forever.”

        • Eh,rather see Gray State become a full film in that genre,that said,hope things hold together long enuff for the new Godzilla flick,that could be fun and a blast in the past also!

        • I posted that link on Facebook, and I hope everyone else does the same. Maybe a large enough outcry will get this “teacher” canned.

      47. Would be great to hear from JOG on some of this as well. Thanks BI for the discussion and speaking of belly laughing, where is Smokin Okie?

        God Bless,

      48. Our Government just killed 15 innocent civilians

        Fifteen people on their way to a wedding in Yemen were killed in an air strike after their party was mistaken for an al Qaeda convoy

        If that shit happened here we would be in an all out war..
        that my friends is a terrorist strike.

        oh there will be hell to pay for it, but those responsible wont be the ones will be us..
        Never Disarm..yer gonna need them

      49. I have a sister living in Turlock, Ca. in the central San Joaquin valley. I’ve lived in that area about 5 years total off and on. That’s a little south and more east of the 1989 quake which was felt slightly there. I was there in 2007 and felt the first small shake in my lifetime. California has some things going for it, but more going against it, mostly in the big cities. It used to be the state set the trends that other states followed. Too many illegals killed that progress dead in its tracks. Now both Dims and Repukes want amnesty for millions more made legal, plus extended open flood ins of more illegals. That plus the quake danger and high radiation poisoning from Fukushima is enough to stay away.

      50. reoffender , where’s the judge and prosecutor and lawyer who put this shit bag back out on the streets with us?

        they need to be prosecuted for endangerment and contributing to attempted murder..good thing the clerk was armed and snuffed this jack ass..

        still should not absolve the judge or the system for releasing this POS on us law abiding, read this guys prior record..sickening , and they want to unarm us? Hahhaha good one..notachance

        rack um and pack um

        in this guys case shoot and stack um

      51. From the mouth of Biden

        “When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the princes of greed,” Biden told Couric. “He said, ‘Look, here’s what happened.’”

        problems with his quote
        in 1929, FDR wasn’t president, there was no television and nobody said anything about “princes of greed”

        what a dope

        • And then theres boner (i know thats not how you spell it)
          Whining that the tea party are disruptive,,,
          And “using our system” for their own gain.

          Only way to clean this crap up is all out rebellion and revolution that ends with every last one of these fuckers 6 feet under!

          • Have them work on a farm for Juan Corona. On payday bring out the Cat D6 and 16 foot disc.

        • VRF:

          That proves how damned dumb that Biden and the rest of his ilk think the American public are. Sad…

          • We haven’t seen anyone as dumb as Biden in there
            since “Potato” Dan Quayle was vice president.

            • quale was a intellectual compared to biden

        • VRF…. This one may put you at ease with uncle Joe.

          Joe Biden Recommends Firing Shotguns Through the Door
          “Well, you know, my shotgun will do better for you than your AR-15, because you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door.”

          • and a man who followed that advice is in jail now last i heard he was trying unsuccessfully to summon Biden to testify. in normal times you cannot shoot through a door at a unknown threat the person has to get in you house or actually threatening you or someone else shooting at a unknown unseen person is irresponsible in you home and threatening no problem. just remember most politicians LIE

      52. Here’s a good physics question for you:

        When ‘the big one’ happens out there, will all the fake implants in LA help dampen the effects of the earthquake (like a limbsaver on a bow) or will they make it even worse?

        • Well,if I was visiting and a quake hit and happened to be with a young”enhanced/fake blonde”lady would sure help thru tough times,would be a happy “Warchld”!

        • Thanks for THAT visual!

          • I always try to look for the silic…urr silver lining.

        • Get that reverb going,, be like a big bowl of jello!

          • Harmonic Resonance. California and it’s teens will never be the same.

      53. Transportation, gas and electricity supplies, sewerage systems, water supplies and communications would all be affected.
        They are just now realizing this? How much did that study cost us, anyway? I must be in the wrong line of work.

      54. fuck L.A. y’all…..I’m from Texas

        • The jet stream flows from west to east, and anything that goes wrong in California could pollute the air/winds and bring it to Texas.

      55. Articles like this always fail to take into account a nuclear meltdown.

        An earthquake in California could knock out power to California’s nuclear power plants (San Luis Obispo and San Onofre, which is shut down but waste is stored there).

        Without power to keep the nuclear power plant working and keeping the rods cool, there could be a meltdown.

        Read the headlines on ENENEWS to learn how dangerous this could be.

      56. while earthquake in Ca is an inevitably i do not put much faith in computer models while helpful date can only com out as good as the programmer, all the global warning is computer simulations hurricane maps have been drastically changed with storm surge maps without using historical data
        sw fl goes 40+ years between hits and never had major storm surge, now another simulation on earthquakes?
        La especially is a city that should have remained a small desert town no water, mountains that trap pollution too many people it a disaster waiting to happen.
        Fl was mentioned but most damage from hurricanes was in the past poor construction and codes have been upgraded
        although local have added some unproven and sections to line certain contractors and government coffers but roof and construction has improved as has recovery we did well after charlie and now grocery and gas stations have generators so they will be up and running right after the storm passes and the big box stores are part of recovery coordinated instead of haphazard as in past big problem now with some town refusing to allow residents back they are less likely to evacuate but that the idiot local governments fault the state and county’s have done a lot better although they spend money especially federal funds like it grows on trees . remember it was not the storm in katrina it was local gov that refused to maintain the seawalls and pumps in new o nor use the school buses to help evacuate

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