USDA Alert: Half of U.S. Counties Designated Primary Disaster Areas; Financial Fallout “Intensifying”

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    The largest natural disaster in American history just went from bad to worse.

    Sweltering heat and persistent drought across the country has ravaged crops to such extremes this summer that tens of thousands of farmers and ranchers are on the verge of financial ruin. The situation is so dire that it has prompted the US Department of Agriculture to declare more than half of America a disaster area.

    …more than half of all U.S. counties – 1,584 in 32 states – have been designated primary disaster areas this growing season, the vast majority of them mired in a drought that’s considered the worst in decades.

    Counties in Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee and Wyoming were included in Wednesday’s announcement. The USDA uses the weekly U.S. Drought Monitor to help decide which counties to deem disaster areas, which makes farmers and ranchers eligible for federal aid, including low-interest emergency loans.

    Source: Seattle Times

    Without the ability to harvest their crops, many farmers are finding it difficult to make good on loans they used to fund their operations. Cattle ranchers, who can’t find hay due to the drought and whose feed prices are skyrocketing, are also feeling the pinch.

    An AgWeb discussion in early July involving small business and family farmers displayed their desperation, with many commentors indicating this summer’s drought is the worst they’ve ever experienced. Others reported their crops were dying and pleaded for rain.

    That rain never came, and according to industry experts and officials at the USDA, conditions are now set to intensify and worsen.

    As of this week, nearly half of the nation’s corn crop was rated poor to very poor, according to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. About 37 percent of the U.S. soybeans were lumped into that category, while nearly three-quarters of U.S. cattle acreage is in drought-affected areas, the survey showed.

    The potential financial fallout in the nation’s midsection appears to be intensifying. The latest weekly Mid-America Business Conditions Index, released Wednesday, showed that the ongoing drought and global economic turmoil is hurting business in nine Midwest and Plains states, boosting worries about the prospect of another recession, according to the report.

    Creighton University economist Ernie Goss, who oversees the index, said the drought will hurt farm income while the strengthening dollar hinders exports, meaning two of the most important positive factors in the region’s economy are being undermined.

    Food supplies across the country – for animals and humans – are literally drying up.

    This will undoubtedly lead to significant food price increases across the entire spectrum of the American diet – meat, grain, dairy, vegetables and fruit.

    Tom Chatham of Project Chesapeake writes:

    Corn and soybean meal are staples in animal feed and the rising prices and drought conditions are forcing farmers and ranchers to sell off their herds for slaughter. This will cause a glut in the market over the short term and you may see lower meat prices as a result but this will only be temporary. By next year the prices of meat will rise as the supply of livestock reaches multi decade lows. Supply and demand will push prices higher as a result.

    Larry Pope, chief executive of Smithfield Foods has recently given a dire warning. “Beef is simply going to be too expensive to eat. Pork is not going to be too far behind. Chicken is catching up fast.” He also stated that government regulations are going to make things even worse. Almost 40% of the U.S corn crop goes to make ethanol fuel. Pope said, “Its almost a government- mandated disaster here, which is distressing”.

    He warned that meat prices will rise by “significant double digits“.

    For those with the ability to do so, we recommend putting away foods that your family eats regularly, and planning for at least a three to six month window of upward price pressure. Tess Pennington offers some drought preparedness tips:

    The price increases will be dramatic.  Expect to see fewer grocery store sales, especially those great “loss leaders” we all love to take advantage of.

    Prepare for this by stocking up NOW before the major price increases hit. For instance, purchasing bulk dried corn, corn meal, and a diverse supply of bulk meats before the prices rise. Pamper your garden and get every single ounce of produce you can squeeze out of it.  Buy in bulk to take advantage of lower prices and preserve food for use this winter.

    Make adjustments in your shopping and eating habits now to weather the upcoming food crisis.

    If you’ve got a freezer, load it up with as much meat as you can afford to buy. Package dry goods for the long-term and have a steady supply of beans, wheat (or flour), corn and rice on hand to dip into if prices do happen to jump. While we all hope for a rainy year in 2013 to get struggling farmers back on their feet and our prices at the grocery stores to affordable levels, taking measures today based on the credible information available to us can help save us from paying 30% or more in food costs over the course of the next several months.

    While the idea of buying commodities at lower prices today may save us money, worst case scenario planning is always in order. A well stocked food pantry can help us supplement our diets for quite some time if we experience a drought similar to the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s, which was felt for three consecutive and particularly devastating years before things began to return to normal.


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      1. This the NWO game plan control all food. Monsanto, dow, con agra, etc. They are part of TPTB control the belly’s your control it all. Make a food shortage and “BAM” you have it. I feel that these CHEMTRAILS is what is causing this no doubt in my mind. We are truely hurting, this is why I say TPTB have shown their hand and will have to go through with it now. No election’s or election’s this fall will not stop the them. It has arrived, The Fat Lady is Going to Sing shortly, things are going to speed up more and more B-LL SH-T is in the works and there is nothing we can do to stop it. PREPARE FOR THE STORM COMING TO YOUR PART OF THE WORLD. Agian it is here TEOTWAWKI!

        • Agreed, and the parasites will use this disaster to wipe out as many family owned farms and ranches as possible.

          • Maybe it’s just me, but I can not reconcile God as the highest authority and the belief that the TPTB can control Nature (the weather).

            Perhaps they can interfere with it temporarily, but God will have the last word. And he will likely attempt to speak it through the guns of His people against those seeking godlike powers.

            Unfortunately, the vast majority of those who own guns do not know God because he is so far removed from the corps Matrix world they live in.

            Or it could just be that God is allowing these wannabes to begin his wrath upon us to “weed out” the righteous so he can protect them. Hopefully I will pass the righteous test.

            Either way, my last meal will come from Him, not “them”.

            • Gods Creation: I believe in God and Jesus is my savior. The Book of revelation’s to me says it all. God is allowing this to happen to fulfill prophecy
              ,it is the end times and this is preparing the way for antichrist. So my saying this alot of thumbs down will appear, but that is part of life. If you do not know him get to before it is to late. This what I mean to Live Free

            • Agreed. There have been droughts all throughout history. There are natural weather cycles and i have a hard time with the thought that man can control something as wild and unpredictable as the weather. That being said, there is no doubt in my mind that TPTB will use this. They have been playing a slow game for years and years eroding our liberties. They are at a point now where they can use disaters to great effect and i’m sure they have contingencies for all sorts of them from man made to natural.

            • Im just a regular middle-class fellow as i assume most of us here are, but i would love to see god-like power for man-kind.
              If we were indeed created by an intelligent designer, im sure he/she/it would not be offended if we sought out such power.
              humans are greedy, ambitious, intelligent, power hungry, and at times ruthless organisms.
              would you not agree?
              did our creator not endow us with those traits consciously?
              you seem to be a christian.
              do you not believe that we were created in the image of our creator? working backwards, it is relatively safe to assume that the god you so love is very similar to the powerful men and women you criticize.
              would our creator really strike down those of us who act upon the instincts that have been planted so deeply within us?
              if so, he must truly be a jealous god. a god that is afraid of his own creations.
              if he is afraid, then we already have the upper hand, as those of us with sense do not fear him.
              humanity is on its way to a wonderful future:)
              please try not to get in the way

            • Yes, God’s Creation. We would be well-advised to pay careful attention to God’s Word regarding both the End Times AND the role of Satan and his synagogue (Apocalypse 2:9, 3:9) as the “adversaries to all men” (1 Thess 2:15). Recall the innumerable occasions when God Himself judged them and their wickedness as having voided the Mosaic Covenant (among many, see Jeremias 31:31) and promised that He would cast them out of their land (Deuteronomy 28; Leviticus 26) for having broken the Mosaic Covenant.

              Instead of kowtowing to their Master Race pretensions, preppers and non-preppers alike would be well-advised to resist the hegemony of “the synagogue of Satan, those who SAY they are Jews, but are NOT, and do LIE” (Apocalypse 3:9) over our bodies and souls.

              Satan means to “depopulate” Heaven of souls. He hates that Jesus opened the Gates of Heaven so that men—if they are baptized, believe and behave as Jesus commanded—may fill the Heavenly thrones once filled by the fallen angels. His primary means are: (1) to reduce the number of souls who potentially can reach Heaven (depopulating the Earth) and (2) to make us sinners unworthy of filling the thrones in Heaven from which he and his demons were unseated (promoting sin). His synagogue assists him in both depopulation and enslavement to sin.

              Get the memo.

            • smeesh,

              You are confusing the seeking of godlike powers for the good of Mankind, with the abuse of presumed godlike powers by those who would use the idea of them to destroy Mankind.

              We are the children, and “designed” to be incompetent to handle such powers. Especially the bankster class that many seem to believe possess such powers.

              The best a Man can hope to do is accept that he can not do certain things and leave them to a higher power.

            • Everything that happens in this world happens for one of three reasons:

              1. Things happens according to God’s Plan as a manifestation of His will.

              2. Things happens by His Grace in answer to OUR prayers.

              But most things happen by His Forbearance as He allows US to exercise OUR will as Agents of Creation with Him.

              All He requires of US is to do justly, love mercy and treat OUR neighbors as WE would treat ourselves.

              Drought, famine, hunger, and war have always been the chastisement of God to turn His people to Him. Buckle up it will be a bumpy ride until the roller coaster stops. There is still time to turn things around, but that time is getting shorter and the policies that would make it so are not on the horizon.

              Pray and prep.

            • This drought is man-made – I’m convinced that between HAARP and chemtrail spraying, this drought is an effort to seize control of a starving population. It is absolutely proven that “they” can stop rain or make it rain.

              God’s coming and he’s gonna be TICKED at those who are playing with the weather.

            • Sorry but this is BULLL$#!+

              No where, repeat NO WHERE in the bible I was taught from during my youth did Jesus advocate violence. Quite the opposite in fact. Feel free to use your guns as you see fit. But don’t claim it’s cause God told you to. I’m sick and tired of people claiming to be Christian, but insisting on violent action. OT God was a cranky one, but the NT teaches better than that.

            • @God Creation….

              “…..but I can not reconcile God as the highest authority and the belief that the TPTB can control Nature (the weather).”


            • Rev 18:14 And the fruits that thy soul lusted after are departed from thee, and all things which were dainty and goodly are departed from thee, and thou shalt find them no more at all.

            • Drought, war, economic collapse and a dictator that wanted to rule the world. In what era did this happen already and the world did not end.

              It is possible that this is it but throughout history this has happened and people chanted “The second coming is at hand”. But alas we are still here. That type of rhetoric is what gives the Christians a bad name since it is the same as crying wolf.

              What makes some claims here more viable than the ones of the past?


            • fulishbastid,
              Have you ever read what JESUS did in the temple to the folks who were selling mite infested doves and stealing from HIS people? He trashed the place and took a cat of nine tales to them. He didnt turn the other cheek when they were destroying HIS FATHER’S HOUSE.
              WWJD today?

            • I highly suggest that all read the HARBINGER by Jonathan Cahn.

              Very telling as to what is happening right now, and more importantly…why.

              In Christ,

            • TheFulishBastid says:
              August 2, 2012 at 6:18 pm

              Sorry but this is BULLL$#!+

              No where, repeat NO WHERE in the bible I was taught from during my youth did Jesus advocate violence.


              Jesus only got violent ONE time, when the money changers were busy plying their trade in the temple.

              Today we have the money changers destroying a country founded by devout believers in Him. The money changers are again plying their trade in His temple against what were His People.

              We will be forced to do as Jesus himself tried to do. Throw out the money changers (banksters). If that requires guns in this modern day, I am sure Jesus would pick one up to fight for the Father and His children.

              He certainly would not condemn those who do so only for the defense of their families against the same money changers he had it out with.

            • Yep. UNs coming for your guns!! Russia has been quietly moving nukes back into Cuba in response to the US pushing their missile shield around Russia’s border. There’s Military hardware being sent to, thrown at and tossed around the Asia Pacific region like nothing seen since the 1960s. Libya and now the Syrian bloodbath. Russian and Chinese hardware deploying all over. And what’s the UN doing? Feck all!! They are all too consumed at making sure that nobody’s got any guns to protect themselves. If they can close the “American Loophole” it’s all over and they (the UN and “those” they support) can take over the entire Planet without the possibility of opposition to TPTB and the Elite.
              THE SHIT……. IS ….. HITTING THE FAN as we type and read. Not maybe, not soon, not after the banks shut their doors, not early next year. It’s happening and it’s happening now.
              Since the Olympics started ….. The sheep have fallen asleep at the wheel. So much has happened in the last few days it’s eclipsed the happenings for the entire year!!!!
              Be alert, stay focused. If WWIII doesn’t erupt prior to the London 2012 closing ceremony …… I’ll will be surprised.

            • Jan et al: Agenda 21 is the same paranoid nonsense that the U.N. gun treay was. Folks at this and other sites were all saying that it would only take the approval of BHO and Hillary and the U.N. would come in and take everyone’s guns away. Well, that’s not what the treaty said, and besides any treaty takes 2/3 (67 members) majority of the Senate to approve it first and there were 51 Senators who said, for the record, that if the treaty did say anything like this they would vote it down. This Agenda 21 is the same crap, all hype and ignorance. No one from the U.N. or the U.S. government is going to come to our homes and take over all of land for some diabolical NWO. There is no NWO, everyone is going broke both in Europe and here in America, it’s almost over for us financially. No Money=No NWO ! We have been in a slow crash for so long it doesn’t even seem like one. Things have been getting worse for decades and we’ve all just gotten use to the ups and downs. You and the others are just waisting precious time freaking out about conspiracies when you should be spending more time getting ready. It’ll be YOYO time very soon (You’re On Your Own).

            • Only now they call it “Sustainable Communities Initiative” and Sustainability and SmartGrowth. Same shit-different name.

          • This drought is likely another geo-engineering (chemtrails, HAARP) creation of the self-appointed Master Race to depopulate, dispossess, and enslave the survivors.

            • Five out seven days per week, we watch the jets spread those trails just as the storm front is developing. Soon after, the storm dissipates and we, once again, get no rain. It’s obvious they are geo-engineering the crap out of our skies. Earlier in the summer, they would sometimes give us 3 days/week without spraying – I guess they decided they better step up the poisoning process – and the drought! “They” work hard to muck up our sky and yet all the little zombies refuse to see and even if I point to the trails, they still dismiss it! About a month ago, I asked an American Airlines pilot about chemtrails – he said, “Oh yeah, we all see them. But what are we going to do to stop them? I’m working for my paycheck.” I suppose, even if more folks actually saw the trails, it wouldn’t make any difference. TPTB will continue on with their destructive plan.

            • Excuse me, Jesus was jewish. He railed against the church system of his day, the priesthood appointed by rome to keep the peace and who lived in the most lavish homes of the time, the moneychangers who ripped off the poor, the rich who oppressed the poor and others. What do you think he would think of a church, catholic, evangical or otherwise that has the same charateristics as the church and political systen he hated.

              He gave his life to give father back to the people. I dont think he thinks very much of the roman or calvinistic churches who support racism, antisemitism in is name.

              Religion is for people who are scared of going to hell, jesus is for people who have alreadyoo been there

              Those of you who think you know what Jesus meant when he said no one comes to the father except through me(my way) and use this statement to create an authoritarian exclusive club really dont know what he meant at all. It is you whom I pray that you will awaken to the reality of God. Read the mystics, they will help you.

              God is love. That is unconditional, period.

              Grow up church. Religion, doctrine and dogma is holding you back frrom knowing him who is all in all. Stop being teenagers, mature and find the truth
              In his love, Gary. A brother who loves you.

        • copperhead


          Geo engineering/aka weather modification is on the stock exchange..via weather derivatives..

          weather derivative contracts written globally last year reached more than 1.4 million through March, a record for the market, according to the Washington-based Weather Risk Management Assn. ….

          totaled $11.82 billion last year, according to the association.


        • Well, Copperhead, I cant’ even add anything to your statement, you pretty much hit the head on the nail! This drought could be stopped, which just proves that TPTB have something good to offer us and they can get it by messing with our food.

          How many of you would give up your guns and bullets so you could feed your family??

          • I think I, and most here, would rather use the guns to shoot food for ourselves. I wonder if they will be trying to take fishing poles too?

            While I shudder at the thought eating them, politicians and banksters will be easy prey and already fattened up on the food stolen from the rest of us.

            • the fat content would be rediculous though..

            • There’s always the illegals, they’re pretty lean. Make sure and boil the meat, like you would with other scavengers.

            • You’ll make yourself sick eating rancid food like that!!! You don’t know where they’ve been or what the filthy swine have done. Stick to MacDs or eat grass and leaves!!!!! Much safer than resorting to putrid bankers and Polys!

          • Fortunatley, I wont have to. I just hope I can hold off the barbarian hordes.

          • That’s ridiculous. The drought isn’t man-made.

            • Hello Barn Cat, Your absolutely right. We are in the middle of a 150 year climate cycle. The same one that is melting the ice caps and glaciers (like the one in Greenland) for the last 50,000 years. There is proof of this in the ice core sampling that has been going on for years. Just last week there was an article where NASA tried to jump on the man made global warming wagon and they were shot down by Greenland’s own scientist. But like Rahm said, “never let a crisis go to waste”.

              “Never take no cutoffs and hurry along as fast as you can.” Virginia Reed, the Donner Party, 1846-47

            • As if the barium and aluminum compounds dumped in metric tons in the atmosphere are to help asthmatic patients????

            • Perhaps not, but rain could be.

            • the drought is not “entirely” man made…but man can take alot of the blame…it is not nice to fool mother nature and that is what man has done by controlling the flow of rivers with levees and dams….controlling weeds and seeds with chemicals and dna experiments, controlling people with indoctrination to poor nutrition and poor education of needed survival skills….

            • barium absorbs water aluminum reflects ala kentucky fried chicken. haarp, chemtrails ARE real. TPTB possess weather manipulation technology. haarp IS mobile via spacecraft and is detectable via satellite imagery. You can see one yourself if you know where to look -green round rings transparent cloak use zoom feature

          • I think I’d use the guns and bullets to feed my family..legally

          • guns and ammo can feed your family or bows and poles.

          • I’ll eat the dead bodies of the NWO before I give up my guns. Not a threat or a promise, but a fact of my life.

          • > How many of you would give up your guns and bullets so
            > you could feed your family??

            If you have guns and bullets and can’t feed your family – you’re doing it wrong.

        • I believe it was Henry Kissinger who commented one time, “Those who control the food, control the people”. I ain’t never forgot that either.

          • “If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population.”
            -Henry Kissinger, Former U.S. Secretary of State

            Also, when we grow our own food, we know what has (or has not) been put into it… Genetically modified, pesticides, etc.

            And food tastes so much better when it is fresh from the garden. 🙂

            • Right on!
              my tomatoes are delicious

            • Can you be original just “ONCE” woman ?

            • was looking @ another prepper website, and she HIGHLY recommended “basement” gardening. Hydroponics or Aquaponics. you stay out of the watchful eye of the drones, Monsato can’t come after you, and your HOA can’t complain, either as no one knows whatcha got going on down there.

          • This is also the premise of the book “Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn.

        • chemtrails are geo engineering/weather modification programs..

          Any search will find them listed in us gov sites especially dod and others..

          Never mind the proven aluminum and barium salts released which cause the side affects of limited plant/root growth and the subsequent patented release by monsanto of aluminum resistant seeds..go figure.

          It’s all about the money..period

          and of course..control of the food.

          and slow kill for the masses as well


        • May I suggest that this would be a good time to recommend that everybody reads up on the idea of fasting?

          Even preppers should educate themselves on fasting for themselves and to teach the sheep. As problems with the food supply worsen more and more people will be affected. Fasting is just a good idea for all. The most important part of the crisis at hand is being mentally prepared.

          If you have never fasted then you don’t know what you are in for. No reason to be fearful it is actually a good thing. As you fast you will feel sick. You will get headache’s, nausea, diarrhea, chills, weakness. You will become lethargic and mentally you will not be alert. As I said this is a good thing.

          What is happening is you are detoxifying and what you are feeling is a massive amount of toxins being cleansed from your body. They are being washed from your cells and enter the blood stream to be eliminated by sweat, urine and stool.

          Here is the point. We can prepare for this ahead of time and get it out of the way, or we may have to face it during a SHTF moment. You seriously do not want this to happen during a SHTF moment when you need every faculty of your mind and body to help you survive. We all need to be mentally prepared and understand this cleansing process. Good luck to all.

          • I have fasted several times and accepting that I would not be eating made it go smoother than hoping for the day that I could. During wilderness survival exercises I don’t even look for food, but only eat what I happen to come across. After a few days the hunger passes, but people who drink a lot of coffee/soda tend to get caffeine headaches due to withdrawal. When continuing physical activity, I tend to get dizzy after about a week.

            Drought is nothing new. Joseph’s seven year famine and the dust bowl of the 1930s are two notable examples. Use this challenge to evaluate the effectiveness of your retreat or bug in location. Make adjustments now so you will not be forced to fast later.

          • SilverFox, agree whole heartily. Another form of fasting:
            1) try eating only two meals a day for a week.
            2) stay away from fast food and highfructose corn syrup
            for a month. Same with eating out.
            3) work outdoors for an hour each day for a month.
            4) Try not getting angry for a month (the hardest

            • DRD, I have fasted on occassion, but have never tried not to get angry for a month. The only way I could do that successfully is if all slow drivers would get out of the fast lane and let me by or I’d have to walk for a month. I’d probably still pass some of those slow pokes on my feet.

            • Highspeed, I hear you and feel your pain. I too have issues with drivers. I don’t cuss but I get very close with drivers that wait and wait then they pull out into your lane from the right. Have to remind myself constantly that they can’t help themselves as they are a picture of our society as a whole: inconsiderate.
              On the bright side; I’ve gone as far as 22 days before erupting(getting angry) but I still keep trying that fast. If I listened to the liberals and msm, I’d never make it through the day without anger issues.

          • “There is no scientific evidence it will detox the body. The issue of fasting to cleanse the body has no biological basis because the body is real good at that by itself,” says Fernstrom. “The liver is a natural detox center; the lungs, the colon, the kidneys, [the lymph glands] and the skin get rid of toxins.”
            Nope, never fasted and never will…that’s why I have food stored.
            This fasting can not be good for our system.

            • I am going to have to agree with JayJay here. All of the symptoms that were listed associated with fasting are things that happen when your body goes into starvation mode or straight up drug withdrawal. This is not the symptoms of normal toxins leaving the body. Can you biologically reset your body to some degree through fasting? Yes,kinda. But fasting, if done correctly, won’t make you sick. Tired, exhausted, yes. Sick? It shouldn’t but each body is a little bit different.

              I think the effective method, as mentioned by some, would be to decrease intake quantity and number of full meals. It is shown that 5 small meals (or essentially larger healthy snacks) is good for the body and healthy.

              Regardless of the method used, I think all of us will end up getting a little bit thinner, and I’m betting for most of us, that isn’t a bad thing. 🙂

            • To JayJay and Kynase, I wish I could spend a week with you both. I would show you how wrong you both are. I am well aged and have spent most of my life studying the biology of the body, health and preventive health. You are both clearly only saying what you think is true. I don’t want either of you to fast, but I would suggest reading a book. I suppose you also think a smoker does not need to stop smoking because the lungs a perfectly able to clear themselves without a break from the poison.

              To all, don’t take my word for it. Read, learn and practice. A day is coming soon that you will be very sorry if you don’t.

            • Okay guys… there are a lot of misconceptions going on.

              Personally, fasting full-on is hard on the body, period.

              For starters, the longer you do without food, the more your body re-gears itself to feed on its own fats, and the higher the intolerance to ingested sugars. Example? One of the most common causes of death among rescued Concentration Camp survivors in the weeks after their rescue wasn’t residual effects from starvation, but that many of them immediately began stuffing their bodies with food and doing so while not under medical supervision. Their bodies weren’t able to handle the sudden influx of glucose, and everything broke down, causing massive organ failure.

              As for the whole toxin thing, err, no. Unless all of your toxin intake was food- (or beverage-)borne, you’re still taking in toxins throughout your day. If all of the toxin intake was food-borne, then maybe you should be eating something else?

              A nasty side-effect of starvation and/or constant fasting is that your body will amp up up its ability to metabolize incoming food into fat. Your own metabolism is the ultimate human prepper – if you starve it of food, it will then will react by creating more fat cells, and converting all non-critical calories into fat, wherever and whenever possible.

              Soem other points…

              * figure out what you have on hand, and add to that exactly 50% of what you can *reasonably* expect to forage (25% would be better) for the period of time that you’ll be without food (say, it’s December and you discover to your horror that supplies are short until the first summer harvests). Once you have that figured out, if you’re still short, then start knocking off meals per day. For instance, instead of going two weeks minus food and calling it a religious thing, cut down to two meals per day, and perhaps one per day if it comes to that. You can go a lot longer on just two meals per day (I actually do this now, and have for years), than going from 3-per-day to zero-per-day. Adults are good with 2 meals per day, but try to insure that the kids eat 3 times per day if you can.

              * If you can’t do meals, try to take in calories along the way. For instance, if you live/walk in the deep woods, you can pick at various edible plants and insects as you walk along, and the cumulative calorie intake from snacking all day in this manner can be just as good as eating three meals. You won’t feel full, but you won’t feel (too) hungry, either.

              There’s a whole lot more, but seriously – look into the scientific bits on this (and not just religious or new-age texts).

            • Silverfox- I am in no way saying that you should not fast. Lots of people do it and swear by it.

              However, I am confident in saying that the removal of toxins is not naturally accelerated by fasting because the mechanisms for detox are those listed by JayJay. Also I say this because of my multiple degrees in the sciences as well as my background in biochemical research. I have read the scientific literature, and there can be some conflicting evidence but nothing confirmatory, but for the most part i will continue to stand by my previous statement.

              By all means…fast away if that’s what you want. But unless you are extremely well read on validated research with ample sample sizes, positive and negative controls, multiple studies that have tested for before and after presence of toxins and list those toxins specifically following up with a scientific explanation and mechanism as to why fasting was the cause of the toxin removal, I simply would not tell others that fasting detoxes the body. But…that’s just me.

            • Try giving up sugar!!! Oh man, if you can do that your body will thank you! It took a loooong time. But 18 months on from stopping, I am healthier, fitter, stronger and have more energy than I did when I was a teenager. The ultimate is trying to detox heavy metals from you system. Look at you deodorant cans. Spraying aluminum on every day is a killer!!! Look for natural product replacements and stop slowly killing yourself!!

            • Fasting itself does not detox the body. It is the fact that you stop adding toxins that allows your body to detoxify YEARS of adding toxins daily.

              Sure, the body expels them on it’s own because that is how it is designed. But it can never catch up because you keep adding to it. Fasting gives it the time it needs to get caught up, thus having the effect of detoxing the body.

              Fast if you like, pig out if you like. Don’t matter to me either way.

          • If you prepare for sustainable living through gardening, live stock or available hunting. Then none of this drought / shortage thing will matter.

            • Agreed, Jim. This whole drought thing won’t affect all of us directly. My garden is doing well. Planted about four times as much as last year by using block planting rather than rows. Bought cases of canning supplies on sale this winter.

              My family’s ranch is experiencing a drought, but the dams are not dry and it is raining today. Because of a mild winter there is still dry grass in the fields from last year. Lots of hay put up from the past two wet years.

              I have tags for deer and antelope. About to order a black powder rifle so I can take advantage of that season, as well. My son and I are going fishing this afternoon at a mountain lake full of trout.

              If we were still in the Dallas/Fort Worth area we moved from we would be at the mercy of the markets. Thank goodness I paid attention to the people like those on this site and got the hell out of there.

            • We are in the begining phase of creating a sustainable farm. Despite plenty of rain in our area this year I assure you that drought absolutely matters.
              Dennis Patterson–Deer Park, WA

            • Yeah, but the grasshoppers are giving me a run for my money right now.

            • I have eaten fried grasshoppers; not too bad. Don’t do this regularly, but they are good, fat filled food. If they are causing problems, they can also be a decent food solution.

          • @ SilverFox….How long would you suggest one fasts?

            • Hi NavyVet. Good question. First, it depends on you health, if you have ever cleansed, how much poison you put into your body (smoking, drinking) etc. Most importantly you should learn about fasting and decide what is right for you. Also, extremely important, some of the comments above mentioned “starvation”. This is very bad, never do that to your body intentionally. My first fast was planned to be 6 days. 2 days of whole raw fresh fruits, vegetables and their freshly made juices (not canned or bottled) , distilled water, herbal tea and warm baths. 2 days of just fresh juices, distilled water and tea. Then a repeat of the first 2 days. I thought that would be to harsh on a beginner so I reduced it to one day of each. Well, I couldn’t even do that, I thought I was going to die. I made it half way through the 2nd day and quit it. Since then and over the years I have cleaned out the overload of toxins and can fast three times a year with no problems. Take it easy in the beginning, listen to your body. Don’t let anyone tell you to do or not to do. Learn, and decide for yourself. Good luck to you.

            • I have been doing 3 day liquid fasts, about every other week, for a few months. Started 1 day, felt ok, added a day, not bad, actually went up to a week. I feel better not eating a regular diet 365. I have an associate that does a 21 day water only fast, but had to work up to it. Lots of prayer while fasting keeps you focused on what’s really important.
              God bless, everyone.

            • It is possible to energize yourself, even heal yourself by aligning with the divine, through prayer and meditation as the kundalini moves upward from the gonads through the Chakras, and energy is absorbed from the universe and dispersed throughout the body.

              This practice will open your spiritual centers as you embody the “fruit of the spirit”.

              The gifts of the spirit are a natural manifestation of practicing the “fruit of the spirit”.

              Your motivation is key to your results.

        • Chemtrails don’t exist. Monsanto makes it possible to grow more corn. Nobody controls the weather except God. America is coming under divine judgment. The dollar is about to collapse. Yes, TEOTWAWKI is coming soon. Most likely this fall. Prepare accordingly.

          • I hope you’re being sarcastic.

            • Sarcastic about what ??

              Barn Cat is correct in most statements made above.

          • Barn Cat, you forgot to mention that all politicians are honest, war is good, and there is really a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

            • these days seems to me that everyone eats/consumes way too much food for their own good…a good start on fasting is just learning to eat serving sizes of a meal and forgoing the stuff that comes in a box with a lot of sugar or fat in it.

          • Monsanto is an agent of death and a poster child of the NWO.

          • Barn Cat: Monsanto does GMO seeds if that is not messing with God, I don’t know what is. The GMO FOODS are not safe for eating. But thats just me. On CHEMTRAILS what are they leaving behind with them that stays almost all day, regular vapor trails from jets stay only at the longest a few mimutes, something is there that make some stay longer.

          • Your common sense approach to life is refreshing! Thank you.

        • We don’t need the govt controlling Mother nature when here in the south east we have farmers putting in huge irrigation wells thousands of feet in the dirt to water their crops. We are in such a drought situation that for many this is the only way they can water their crops. Their use of these irrigation wells are causing all of the homestead wells to run dry.

          I also am on a well and I have already had to extend the pipes one time because my well went dry. Many around me are doing the same thing. This has created such a waiting list at each of our local well companies. To get a “new” well dug you are looking at 4-6 months.

          • Tina, tell that to the above comment.
            Why can’t believers accept that this is written in His word.
            You can accept it and get ready, or still believe God won’t let us down.
            It’s written, in HIS book. Accept it and get ready!!!

        • This has probably been asked before, but I keep seeing “TPTB” and can’t figure out what it means. Some help here?

          • TPTP = The Powers That Be

            • fix the typo…
              TPTB = The Powers That Be

            • Thanks Tango Charlie

          • TPTB- The Powers That Be 🙂

          • The powers that be

          • Those people that’re boring? Nope… Those Pesky Treasonous Bastards with a bulls eye on the front. Nuff said

        • @ copperhead. I have been suspicious of weather wars for a long time. There is much to this as during the 1960’s much experimenting went into steering hurricanes over Cuba using the exhaust from very large planes to feed the hurricane, cloud seeding type. Now using radio waves and other aspects I have no clue about, countries can alter the weather for the worse for an enemy. I wonder if that haydron collider in Switzerland has anything to do with this also.

          I also though look at the solar cycles as a huge part of the weather on the planet. Many droughts and flooding periods seem to follow a 11 year cycle, which correlates with the solar cycles of the sun. Another consideration is all the carbons put into the atmosphere and the planet MUST react to this as this is physical law of the universe. Increase carbons means increase temperatures as this has been proven with ice core samples. The planet counteracts with un-natural temperatures with hurricanes (nature’s air conditioners), and volcanic eruptions that cool the planet down a lot in a hurry.

          man has scrwed with the planet since the start of the industrial revolution, and for every action there is an opposite equal reaction. It is yet to be seen how all the decades of pushing against the planet, how the planet will push back, which it will, IT HAS TO.

          • Be informed: got a report that the steel rods they put in the ground along Il. State Route 1 Hwy. USGS van was stopping at everyone, hook a cable to it from their van. On top of the van were a lot of small but funny looking antennas. Were there at each one about 15-20 mins.Any idea of what they were doing?

            • @ copperhead. If this is old highway 1 up along the california coast then the USGS is defintely looking for any type of micro-movements along the San Andreas. The planet is curved, as you cannot see the bottom of a sailboat and only the mass of it on open water. The horizon for example for someone standing 6 feet tall is about 3 and 1/2 miles. At 100 feet up you can see the horizon for about 12 miles. The USGS is likely setting up points to measure any type of swelling or contraction even with a horizontal fault like the San Andreas, and of course any side to side displacement, even on a micro level. On a flat surface you don’t have to do this, on the planet you have to set up junction points to rely information between each other.

              The USGS could also be looking at other faults adjacent to the San Andreas because when it breaks some of those faults will break also. The USGS is suspecting something as I thought they were. Thank you for the heads up on this, it confirms the USGS is getting ready for something massive on the west coast and maybe also on the New Madrid Fault zone. The USGS knows much more than they ever let the public know.

            • Be informed: Illinois highway 1

        • Chemtrails? Where do you people get this crazy stuff from? It’s a drought, they have been happening since long before anyone farmed the Great Plains. Tree rings show a 400 year drought that occured in the past. The big problem today is we have 300 million plus people to feed and most now live in cities. If the idiots in charge do not suspend the ethanol scam during this drought then we truly are being ruled by morons. I fully expect to see hundreds of thousands around the world starving as a result of this.

          • I’ll be surprised if they don’t Amp Up methanol production, ( 13 gallons of water for every gal.of fuel) and give extra subsidies. All this natural gas and we’re using food for fuel. Truly, we are governed by idiots and theives.

            • Over 1,851 gallons of water is used to refine one barrel of crude oil.

              So what is your point?

              By the way the corn used for alcohol production is feed, not food. Also, a person can not forget that after the alcohol is made from the starch, there is still good feed left from the distiller grain.
              Seriously, without alcohol production, this country would have less fuel, more expensive fuel, less food via less acres in production.

              Any idea that it is as simple as “use less alcohol for fuel equals more food for people” is flat out wrong, too many other factors you must consider.

        • Braundo! its what plants need!…this is right out of the movie Idioacracry! High amounts of Barium, and Cesium and Aluminum are not good for farming! It will literally KILL the soil!

          • The “Documentary” titled Idiocracy.
            Now go away, ‘baten.

          • @Stinky Steve…

            But…’s got electrolytes.

        • copperhead

          you are spot on..

          most are not on board

          except the likes of G Edward Griffin who who wrote the Creature From Jekyl Island..

          and assisted in “What in the world are they spraying?”

          even the likes of Mac knows of his credentials


          I sleep better every night despite all the news

          ever since I have my trusted piece by my bedside every night and every day on my side..


          • Possee: I to carry 24/7 right out in the open (rual area), if you look like food you be eaten.

        • God could be giving us one more chance. But we are going to have to wake up the people at a local level. That means buying a 100 dvd’s of -beyond a pale horse – getting it on access t.v. /have showings of it anywhere you can get a group of people together. You saw how successful the people were for becoming delegates for R.Paul. Lets start taking over all the city councils. Get Oathkeepers info together pass out to local sheriffs and police officers. Get the scientific pdf’s together on fluoride dangers and pass them out to your city councils. Let’s start having community classes for our young people and teach them about our constitution and whats happening. Lets freak out the Global elite.

          • My family and I are waiting to purchase a used laptop to take and show DVDS door to door to people in our neighborhood. Target audience ELDERLY. We have a WAKE-UP PEOPLE!!! street protest planned for the weekend complete with arm bands that are red, say WAKE-UP!!! to give away to those who promise to pass the message on to their circle of influence. Everyone I know is coming up with very creative, very influential ways to reach the people. Together, we CAN and WILL make a difference!

        • Russia, China and our US Congress seem to think that weather can be directed by the use of HAARP and chemtrails. If the UN wanted the worlds people to belived in global warming and they chemtrailed over cities to hold heat in and make it unusually hot, wouldn’t those people come to believe in global warming. And once they belived they would allow laws to be changed “to protect the earth from more warming”. And then when a natural heat wave hits an area they add chemtrails and increase the heat and hold it in place as long as possible creating a severe drought that drives farmers/ranchers into bankrupcy and the bank gets their land. And food is short due to crop failure so that countries that normally get our exports go hungry. But americans don’t see that on our land. And the bank is owned by those who also own agribusinesses. And GMO crops are planted to poison the people who did not die from the heat. And it all sounds crazy to say and it takes a long time to die from GMO so there is no clear smoking gun. Movie or life?

          • @C SAYS: EOUGH SAID YOU GOT IT, A BULLSEYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. First thing that came to mind was an article I wread a couple of years ago, about hyperinflation starting in china (due to soybean and corn prices and the chinese currency being pegged to ours)

        Here it comes!!!!(maybe)

      3. Its worse than 1929/1930 out there..and were all going to pay for it, big time.

        • Its funny when people(state workers, people in the media) say “where are the soup lines”?

          Three letters EBT!!

          • precicely..thats so the sheeple dont see it

            • ebt is right…and guess what is gonna happen..those ebt cards aint gonna be enough to feed the ones who have them and they are gonna wish there were soup and bread lines before it is over.

          • It’s not really funny. More like sickening to have those who wold be “authority” to be so stupid.

            • Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying

      4. San Bernardino, California, files for bankruptcy with over $1 billion in debts

        • GOOD. Commie bastards!!!!!

          • Those “Commie Bastards” owe real money to real contractors, small businesses and employees who are real people. These secondary partners will now have to struggle to find money to pay their suppliers, employees, and landlords or possibly declare bankruptcy themselves.

            For whom, exactly, is this “good” for?

            • It good for the people that actually think socialist/commie/facist policies are good,and besides they dont owe REAL money, because ALL money(paper) is created by DEBT, its debt thats debt!!!!!!

              The banksters will get paid FIRST, go tell those commie bastard leaders in ca not to pay the bankers, dont talk to me about the people.

              I took a 50% PAY CUT, a few years ago(and many 100,000″s lost their jobs around the same time), I know the feeling of getting screwed, BUT if I can get screwed they can to, why are they better then the businesses and people that DONT have gubmint contracts or gov jobs??????

              Its called getting what you deserve, paying the price for your actions(and for the actions of your leaders, just like we ALL(in ever state) pay the price for federal policies and actions of killing the private sector) for forcing out the private sector jobs, so the only market for the private sector that remains is for GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS.

              California destroyed its self, its not my problem, they can secede RIGHT NOW as far as I’m concerned, and they can TAKE pelosi,boxer,feimstein and ALL OF DC WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

              NO ONE will stop them!!!!!!

            • WE DONT NEED THEM, THEY NEED US!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • And on this subject, California has columns in their books with big surpluses, just like most states; they can dig into those if needed.
              It’s a game they play–hide the real money.
              They want more taxes, more theft of the people.
              I read this news in more than one article.

            • Kevin, some time you gotta explain to me how crony capitalist oligarchs raping the US economy are commies. Didn’t the commies have that famous schtick of “to each according to his need?” Hell, “leaders” nowadays don’t give a shit about your needs unless you’re a fortune 500 greasing their sweaty little palms.

            • Dear Tym,

              Who funded and profited from Communism? Judaic banksters, the same tribe you call “crony capitalists.”

            • Tym, just because they put a poster on the wall at Animal Farm doesn’t mean that is actually what happens, or what is truly believed by the leaders…although I am sure most of the liberal leadership in CA spent a good portion of their time spouting some variant of this communist propaganda, which was then internalized by the beating sheeple,* of which I feat you are one.

              *I saw a comment the other day that “sheople” is actually the correct spelling–I would vehemently disagree with that.

            • John Q….Ever wonder why the banking system is predominately run by Jews? It turns out the Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQs in the world when it comes to mathematics. Average of 117. Not as high of an IQ when it comes to spatial recognition though. In other words where it comes to recognizing and reacting to the physical world around them their IQ is lower.Don’t know if this is a result of centuries of working with exotic financial ripoff instruments or not.They definitely have an advantage.Second in line are the East Asians with an average IQ of 97.I believe the Anglos fall a distant 3rd in the low 90s.

            • Have you considered that the propensity of pretending there are loopholes in God’s Law has nothing to do with intelligence, but with wickedness and megalomania?

              Consider that the rabbis think they are so smart that God obeys them. The Koliner rebbe [17th century rabbi of Prague] states: “Our Zaddikim’s (famous Orthodox rabbis) words are more important than the Torah of Moses As our Sages teach: A ZADDIK DECREES, AND GOD OBEYS.” Jeremy Dauber, Antonio’s Devils: Writers of the Jewish Enlightenment and the Birth of Modern Hebrew and Yiddish Literature, Stanford University, 2004, ISBN-13: 978-0804749015, p. 276, also documented in Judaism Discovered, p. 298

              “… The rabbi constituted the projection of the divine on earth. Honor was due him more than to the scroll of the Torah, for through his learning and logic he might alter the very content of Mosaic revelation. He was Torah, not merely because he lived by it, but because at his best he constituted as compelling an embodiment of the heavenly model as did a Torah scroll itself.” [Rabbi Jacob Neusner, “The Phenomenon of the Rabbi in Late Antiquity: II The Ritual of ‘Being a Rabbi’ in Later Sasanian Babylonia,” Numen, Vol.17, Fasc. 1., Feb., 1970, pp.3-4]

              “God smiled and said: ‘My sons have defeated Me, My sons have defeated Me!’ God’s sons ‘defeated him’ with their arguments. Rabbi Yehoshua was correct in his contention that a view confirmed by majority vote must be accepted, even where God Himself holds the opposite view.” (Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Bava Metzia 59b, Steinsaltz Edition [NY: Random House 1990], Vol. III p.237)

              “The [Pharisaic-Rabbinic] schools believed that in heaven God and the angels studied Torah [i.e., Talmud/Kabbalah] just as the rabbis did on earth. God donned phylacteries like a rabbi. He prayed in rabbinic mode … He guided the affairs of the world according to the rules of the Torah, like the rabbi in his court. One exegesis of the Creation-legend taught that God had looked into the Torah and therefrom had created the world. Moreover, heaven was aware above of what the rabbis in particular thought, said, and did below. The myth of the Torah was multi-dimensional. It included the striking detail that whenever the most recent rabbi was destined to discover through proper exegesis of the tradition was as much of a part of the way revealed to Moses as was a sentence of Scripture itself. It was therefore possible to participate in the giving of the law, as it were, by appropriate, logical inquiry into the law. God himself, studying and living by Torah, was believed to subject himself to these same rules of logical inquiry, so if an earthly court overruled the testimony, delivered through some natural miracles, of the heavenly one, God would rejoice, crying out, ‘My sons have conquered me! My sons have conquered me!’ [Rabbi Jacob Neusner, “The Phenomenon of the Rabbi in Late Antiquity: II The Ritual of ‘Being a Rabbi’ in Later Sasanian Babylonia,” Numen, Vol.17, Fasc. 1., Feb., 1970, pp.3-4]

              The megalomania is not limited just to the tribe’s rabbis:

              We’re Right, the Whole World’s Wrong
              By Dov Fischer

              It should not be lost on you that the “loophole” in God’s Law against usury (Exodus 22:25, Leviticus 25:35-37, Deuteronomy 23:19-20, Psalms 14:1-5 , and Ezechiel 18:3-13) is that goyim are not people, but animals, so God’s Law does not apply to us animals.

              As I said to all you who pretend to be Bible believers, “Get the memo!”

        • Guess that importing all those illegals was not such a good idea. I would expect that in a couple of years most cities in calif. will be in some stage of bankruptcy. If Romney wins he is being handed a big shit sandwich.

          • Off topic…

            Found the title of this article humerous…

            “Obama Wants Your Beer Money!”


            They already have requested people to forgo wedding gifts, birthday presents and anniversary presents and instead donate to Obama’s relection cmapaign…now they want your beer money! LOL

            Obama Asks People Getting Married To Forgo Gifts and Donate to His Campaign Instead


      5. History sure moves slow while living it.

        I kinda wish it would happen already, so our children have a CHANCE at the good life, and have MORE freedom then us.

        My grandfather was had more freedom, and less regulations and laws then my father.

        My father had less regulations and laws and more freedom then me.

        I want more freedom, and LESS laws, regulation,taxes, and police state antics for the next generation!!!!!!

        • Kevin @ all;

          Thanks to advancing technology , we have more regulations, laws and less freedoms. 🙁

          There is possibly a time in our future where we will look down on some, or most technology from our past.

          Einstein and many other inventors could be looked down upon with contempt in our future.

          • To bad all this tech was not used to develope free, or close to free energy, and actiall CURES for diseases in our reach(instead of just treating symptoms.

            But as our ancestors(past 10,000 years) did, we do.

            Weapons of war,personel gain and control first, ALWAYS!!!!

            • Well dangit, there you go again. If we did all you said in that first line there, the tea party would go apeshit over that level of socialism. We’re rugged individualists, man!

            • We just cant have the good with out the bad.

        • We(our lives, our money, our lifestyles and livinf comfortably) DONT matter people, the NEXT GENERATION DOES!!!!!!

          How many here would risk their lives to help a drowning child?

          How many here would rush into your neighbors burning house to save their young child?

          How many here would push a child out of the way of a vehicle to save that child?

          How many would jump in front of a bullit to save a child?

          History shows us many will!!!!!

          So how in the hell can we leave this life with them bankrupted,slaves to taxes,less freedoms,and a lawless nation.

          We are peices of GARBAGE if we do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I know you enjoy beating yourself up and projecting all kinds of assumed guilt on the rest of us however I would bet that no one has ever wanted for this garbage to happen. The politicians and those that have them in their pocket have lied and cheated for decades. Every time I look at Harry F-in Reids face I can truly see evil.

        • Kevin, I lOVE that line!
          ‘History sure moves slow while living it!’

      6. According to the Associated Press and the Agriculture Department, grocery prices are expected to rise between 3 percent and 4 percent next year, which is slightly higher than normal.

        I bet it will be higher than that, and somethings will get rediculous in price, especially if its not locally grown, it will have to be shipped, adding more cost to it.

        • Beef’s up… what… 50% already in the past few years? I remember having ‘steak night’ growing up. Now, my kids get ‘hamburger night’, because steak is just too d@mn expensive.

          Food riots in third world countries are coming to a TV screen near you…


          • “They can burn the land and boil the sea…”

        • My wife is going to be quite pissed at me if that’s all the inflation we see, lol. I told her we were going to make 10-15% easy on these grocery “investments.”

        • Meat will double and probably end up being rationed. Anyone who can afford a minus 20 degree freezer should get one and fill it now. A regular freezer is not cold enough for true long term storage. Start canning meat as that might be all that will be available. As bad as this is it pales compared to the politician made drought in Calif. Central Valley. Forty year old orchards and the lives that built them destroyed by the EPA and the Sierra club.

          • i have been canning beef and chicken all week…check out the managers specials in the freezer section of your local supermarket where the sell by date has passed-everything is good-great quality and already frozen…set up a bunch of crockpots and cook everything while you sleep…then hot pack in jars and pressure can the next morning..easy peasy…if there is not enough coming out of your garden to can..then dehydrate and seal in jar or bag…great soup mixes can be made this way.

            • If you don’t have enough tomatoes to do a batch for canning, you can freeze them till you do. Get em out of the freezer and once thawed, the skin will slide right off without blanching.JM2CW.

      7. Morning all

        It’s difficult to know what to say when you are sitting in a country that has hada one week break from rain in the last 2 months, but we also are going to see food price hikes as what has been grown here has rotted in the fields.

        Coupling this with droughts and floods around the world will lead to stocks becoming incredibly low across the globe putting us all in a perilous position regarding future food security.

        All we can do at this point is hope, pray and prep.

        Take care

        • Good mornin burt. I am sorry, but there is ALOT MORE we can/have to do then that, and you people over on the other side of the pond have to do the same damn thing as we do.

          GET THE LIEING THIEVING SACKS OF GARBAGE OUT OF OFFICE,(and KEEP them out) restore the constitution(common law for you), and get rid of the fraudster bankster organized crime syndicate private central banks(and the corporations that have grown around them)!!!!!!! AND jail, or execute the crooks(depending on the crime, we the people have to hold them accountable, just like we are personelly held accountable).

          OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!!!!!

          • Kevin

            I got that lol. You are right. This is a global issue now, not just a national one.

            Take care

          • It’s too late for that. Obama is piloting the Titanic. He has the pedal to the metal. It’s too late for America. Even if Romney got elected and wanted to do all the right things it would be politically impossible.

            • Did I say elect them out?

              Obmney are a JOKE!!!(along with congress and the high court)

              The election process is corrupted, and ran by the media, and votes counted by God knows who.

              Its almost pitchfork time, and TPTB KNOW IT!!!!!!

        • @Burt, I meant hang the bankers.

          That big politician over there does not want that because he knows he will be hanging right next to them. 🙂

        • Oh, forgot burt.

          Whats going on with the banks over there, havent heard much about it(except 1 more bank started having “gliches”.

          What the word on the street?????

          • Kevin.

            Not much, lending tightening up, asking mostly for 40% plus deposits on houses, like who has that much money lying around?

            There have been more computer problems but not on the scale of the last lot.

            Take care

        • Burt @ all;

          With the loss of a lot of or corn here in the U.S. .., I am speculating that corn prices will rise, ( of course ), and the many products that corn goes into will rise.., so.. this will probably mean , less purchasing and more unemployment all over the United States and it could cripple us more. 🙁

          • Good morning Burt !!!

            I saw on the news that the Queen likes to keep her nails clean during the Olympic events. 😉

            I would have thought she would have been more prepared than that. 🙂

            • Eagledove

              The Queen and her entire family are a luxury the rest of us an ill afford.

              With regard to her nails, I would have thought she would have had funkiest to do it for her.

              They should have been put out to grass years ago

              Take care

            • Queen Elizabeth II is my cousin. I love her. And I hope her the best always.

              There is no need to behave as mere commoners by insulting your betters.

              Even in a worst case situation, you must keep your royal bearing at all times, or you will never be fit to lead the masses, which masses need much leadership to keep them from joining that number who will be soon participators in the upcoming FEMA Camp exterminations.

              Be wise, and look out to help those you can save today.

        • Burt, I mentioned this once before and am still curious.
          Is there a way for you to build, errect, construct, some sort of plastic awning over your potted plants to prevent a deluge of rain from saturating them?
          It is too late for this year, and may need replaced every year but it is something to consider.
          I built my green house for several reasons, but the most important was not to have food in the winter, as it does not receive much direct light after the sun goes south, but to control what falls out of the sky into my soil!

          • Hiya Half kin

            I had a tarp up but it really was a deluge for more than three weeks, everything collapsed.

            What have I learned? To build better next time.

            Take care

      8. It’s the perfect storm folks…I’m preaching to the choir here but prep hard while you can. We can all feel the culminating disaster that approaches. My best guess is 6-18 months on the long end. I don’t see it sticking together longer than that. Does anyone see it lasting longer? God bless, wish y’all the best.

        • You’re right, Joe. I give it a year; signs are everywhere and there’s a very unsettled feeling in the air. Of course, the self-involved, texting, tweeting crowds don’t pay attention; techno-lemmings the lot of them. But a lot of us are listening and prepping and doing the best we can. I don’t know if it’s going to be a cataclysmic event that will change the world in one day, or a series of failures and collapses and disasters that will change our world and our lives, but it’s coming. Keep close, keep prepping. Misneach, fianna.

      9. I suppose this drought is Obama’s fault, too. It seems the blame for every misfortune gets pinned on him on this site and the sheeple who look here just go mindlessly along.

        • @JoeinNC, I like you put everyone on this site into the same category(sarcasm). I really appreciate that, guess all the times there have been disagreements on what’s happening or what will happen are irrelevant. In fact, I bet most people on this site don’t think everything is Obummers fault, why would they? Bush Jr sure started alot of what’s going on. What’s different is that Obummer sure isn’t helping ANYTHING.

          No sheeple here, move along….

        • JoeinNC,

          No the drought is the Republicans fault.

          Republicans know that Obama believes he walks on water. So they redirected the rainfall.

          If you’ve noticed, Obama has fallen through the parched cracks lately.

          So sad….he really thought he was the Annointed One.

      10. Should solve the obesity problem.

        • What’s going to happen to all the fat people who ride those little carts in WalMart???

      11. And you all know that once the price of food goes up, it will never come back down. Just like when the price of gas was higher than it is now, delivery companies added a fuel surcharge. The price of gas dropped but the fuel surcharge is still there…

      12. we are gonna put up half the hay as last year, the ears on the corn look like chinese vegitables ,it’s almost funny. just like everybody around me ,all but the youngest cows will go to slaughter in the fall because there wont be enough feed for winter.
        and these are the “good times”.

        • We to are only putting up half as much hay as normal they are turning off the water a month and a half earlier. Some will not get the third cutting. We have a small Sale barn but the past few weeks there have been several pairs ( mom and calf) being sold which is unheadr of at this time of year.Cattle numbers are already at a all time low, with this sell off next year will be bad. We are trying to hold on to what we have but I don’t know we need to sell hay to pay some bills but on the other hand need to hold on to as much as we can for feed. They are also selling a lot of horses for cheap because they can’t afford to feed them.
          I do believe the time to be ready is here.luck to all

          • Best of luck to you and your family. I don’t know how you can put up with the made up rules and regulations that make your tasks even harder. This turning off the water is wrong. When two years ago the water to the Central Valley here in Calif. was turned off there was no water shortage as Shasta was full. All for a non native fish that will survive quite well. The same tactic was used against the farmers in Klamath Falls eight years before under Bush. Matters not what party they are all morons,corrupt and for sale.

          • rancher- we may get a very small third cutting , but it will be meager, the money from the third cutting usually pays the tax bill. its the same all over the midwest,just wait and see the price of feeder cattle next year.
            its gonna be rough good luck
            and BTW , my wife enjoys your blog!

            • put up and put by all that you can- food, clothing, shoes etc….we still have the ration book given to my husband in 1941…still has stamps in it that were never redeeemed…for a coat and for milk and meat. be ready cause this can happen again and looks like it will.

        • Hammerhead, we r chopping all the corn for silage, as is everyone else in the Midwest. That leaves barren fields for dust storms, pastures grazed to the dirt and no moisture to support fall planting. It will take years to recover livestock herds and healthy pastures. Food prices r going to b insane…

      13. Copperhead you have lost it all corn an crops are gone ! Monsantos and farmer johns if you think chemtrails caused this drought then you better move to some blue sky Indiana! Really do you think the government can contol this heat! Take a better look at the Sun an you will realize where the heat comes from!!!Droughts happen they always have and always will Many civilizations have been destroyed by such events we are not the first!!Just move out of the city an prep for a 3 to 7 year famine!

        • I didn’t believe chemtrails were real either, until I did a little research. The docs are on official govt paperwork. You can see them when you watch the weather channel, when you know what to look for. I know, tin foil hat stuff and I would like to take the red pill, but if you search for a good hour, you’ll come across plenty of official docs, even how Russia has used them.

          Good luck!

        • Millions of cubic miles of ocean water moving around can, have and will decide the weather. Nothing that we can do about it except maybe plant more drought resistant crops. Only catch is no one knows when a drought will be hitting.

          • John W. – well said. It is the uneven heating and cooling of the earth that establishes the winds/weather patterns. Sure, we can seed for clouds and whatnot, but this drought just like the drought/dust bowl, is largely due to overworking the land combined with bad luck from mother nature. I’m not saying humans can’t effect weather, clearly we can. But let’s not forget that many many years ago, our deserts used to have lakes on them.

            In all honesty, we have not acquired the solid scientific data needed over ten of thousands of years in order to truly establish ecological patterns of weather. We have some good solid guesses as to how weather has changed, but they are almost all untestable and thus remain guesses. Therefore, for all we know what we are seeing now is a phenomenon that would have occurred no matter what and happens to be made worse by human activity.

            • IMO; Humans tend to be a bit arrogant and short sighted. It’s an uncontrolable trait, I believe.
              We have only really had the ability to “see” the whole planet with satelites for about 40 or so years.
              We have all this data gushing in, and I believe it overwhelms the folks, and they feel compelled to ascribe some cause and effect.
              Our oceans once consisted of acid. This planet changes, on a massive scale. It suits us fine, in it’s present incarnation. But we have only been here for a heartbeat, relative to the planet’s age.
              It is important to consider this planet doesn’t care what we do to it. We ain’t crap, compared to the things that have happened. Now, WE should care what we do to it, for our sake, but in the long run, Mom nature will win. She always has, always will.
              We are experiencing normal variations of natural cycles. They have been going on, one way or another, for over 4 billion years. Al Gore made a fortune on it, why didn’t I think of it? Darn.

            • Just six hundred years ago Death Valley was underwater as part of a huge lake that was a remnant from the mountain glaciers left over from the ice age finally melting. fascinating that the sahara was a widspread oasis just two thousand years ago and has been getting steadily drier. Mankind is a pimple on the earths surface.

      14. TPTB are going to play this one against everyone, as fast, and hard, and long as they can. Soon, people will no longer be able to pretend everythinbg will be OK forever.

      15. Most folks don’t remember this, but during the dust bowl era of the 1930’s two western states, (Colorado and Arizona?) almost went to war over the flow of the Colorado River.

        You turn your back on the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, He turns His almighty back on you…..that’s my 2 cents.

        • II Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
          Amen to OUR FATHER.

        • And at that time Arizona was empty and Calif. population was a fraction of what it is now and people lived much simpler lives. There is now ay that there is enough water especially considering how Lost Wages has also grown since that time.

      16. I heard from a friend but haven’t seen it reported anywhere that the US is going to start importing corn from Brazil. There is also talk of halting some or all, ethanol production. I’ve been buying extra bags of feed for the chickens. The price rose last week by a buck a bag. Gonna hit the farmer up the road this weekend for bags of whole(shelled) corn just so I’ll have some to crack for the chicks. I’ve been buying canned goods (veggies and fruits) in bulk for some time now. Been able to get the veggies@ .58 a can and the fruit @.85. Best pricing I could find. This is gonna take awhile to feel the full effects, so stock up all you can now. Those unbelievers that you love will come around and appreciate what you have done when these increases really kick in.

        • You’re right about the chicken feed. I always keep a few extra bags but looks like I’ll have to stock up.Last I bought was 6.00 for a 50# bag of layer feed. How do you crack your own corn?Do you have your own hammer mill? Luckily, here in the NE we haven’t had a lack of rain. With the warm winters these last few years I’ve been able to get three successive plantings in my garden.I pulled the last cauliflower on Dec 21 last year.I’m sure it won’t last like this though.I think one of best survival foods you can grow is potatoes. I will have to see how my potato tower turns out this year. If it works well, I’ll do more next year.If beef and pork get too high I suppose I’ll get my protein from eggs and chicken.

          • jrs- if you have the room for it , we dig a hole 16in deep by 24in round and start our potato’s in the bottom and fill it in as plant grows.been getting 60lbs from about 6-8 plants. move your holes every year.
            and if you can -buy that meat now and can it , cheaper cuts of beef are tender after canning.

            • What time of the year would you plant. We are in the deep south.

          • @ JRS
            You can just use a hand grinder for corn they don’t cost to much juat run the corn through it once or twice depending on how fine you want it.

            • +1 on the handgrinder. Comes with a corn and bean auger. JRS, I was paying $13.49 for a 50lb bag of layer pellets and it just went up a buck. I wish I could get it for 6 bucks. Been throwing the girls(hens) bread and overflow from the garden.

          • We have been canning most of our potatoes. Very handy to have on hand.

          • Gee JRS. We pay double that price…where are you buying your feed at? We buy ours at the Tractor Supply..

            • There is a large Amish community where I live. They get their chicken feed in bulk purchases in plain bags so I’m not sure what brand it might be. Since I am an “English” neighbor that occasionally gives them a lift when they need it they sell it to me at cost.As far as having meat and veggies, I have close to 600 home canned jars of beef, deer,pork,chicken,ham, homemade sauerkraut, plus the regular garden veggies.It would be a hard job to dig a hole that deep in this rocky soil so I tried a tower to conserve room. I had to build up my garden beds for a couple years and used old RR ties as a border. Unfortunately, I live in the woods. The good farmland is in the valley.BTW, is that a special grain grinder or can you get an attachment for a regular meat grinder?

            • Musta forgot to log in for above comment

          • Potatoes, carrots and beets. easy to grow and really nutritious. Beet greens taste even better than spinach and will keep in the garden much longer. Gren beans, squash and tomatoes for the warm season. Here in San Diego the growing season is all year for many things heat being more of an issue inland than cold.

      17. O/T

        hows that gun control working for ya China?

        Chinese teen kills eight in knife attack: reports

        A teenager has been arrested after killing eight people and wounding five others in a knife attack in northeast China, state media reported Thursday.

        The 17-year-old, which was identified only by his surname Li, barged into the home of his girlfriend armed with a knife following an argument and killed two relatives of the girl, the Legal Daily said.

        As he left his girlfriend’s home in Liaoning province’s Xinbin county, he stabbed six more people to death and wounded five, it said.

        • He’ll probably get rewarded for his efforts in population reduction. It really big there.

      18. Puerto Rico adviser under fire for Obama tweet

        SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — An adviser to Puerto Rico’s most powerful female lawmaker faced calls to resign on Tuesday after she sent a tweet to President Barack Obama urging him to buy the first lady a double-banana sundae and take her home to Kenya.

        Hahahahahah, you go girl!
        I hope her boss does nothing to her…

      19. There is a 7 to 1 relationship between the value of farm production and the rest of the economy. Expect major economic contraction driven by farm losses to ripple through the economy. And this drought caused depression is on top of the depression being caused by failure of the debt based fraudulent monetary system which depression began around 2007. Add in the end of the era of cheap energy and you have economic contraction as far into the future as the eye can see.

        This is a historic disaster, and will make the 1930’s depression look mild. Remember than in the 1930’s there was also a failure of the Federal Reserve monetary system and agricultural devastation that came from drought and the related dust bowl, but back then the era of cheap oil was just beginning so it moderated that depression.

        Expect the federal government to come to an end as the plunder of centralized government will no longer be affordable.

        • SidDavis
          Great post, add the cost of Obamacare and the increase in unemployment to what you already posted.

      20. No problem. Just don’t eat this year.

      21. Funny how everyone who didn’t take my advice to stock up are taking it now because the TV told them to. Sad.

        • Hopefully the sheep will remain complacent for awhile longer while the rest of us stock up. I got a great deal on some top sirloin this week. As the herds are being sold off there will be a buying opportunity. I really feel for the ranchers. This is a disaster for them.

        • @iowa; I also have friends who all of the sudden don’t think my preps are such ” a wacky idea”.
          Eyes will be opened quick. Watch out when the herd stampedes.

      22. There’s drought around the world. It will have a huge impact worldwide. I think millions will die before it gets better. Or maybe billions will die. It obviously doesn’t look good.

        • I think the Bible say’s 1/3 of the World’s population, how many is that?

          • 2 million plus.

            • 🙂

            • PLUS a lot more try about 2 B-I-L-L-I-O-N +

          • 7,030,222,525 total world population.

          • 1/3rd would be around 2,343,407,508

            • Thats Billion Iowa.

      23. this shit is getting out of hand FAST! add long lasting food to the preps with the Ammo Hoarding From Now On!!!!

      24. @VRF : LOL ! I love it. There some free speech for Ya .

        • 😉

      25. Sorry more O/T ..but its stacking up faster than im sure anyone could keep up, Mac if im a PITA for posting O/T’s let me know

        Federal Court finds Obama appointees interfered with New Black Panther prosecution

        A federal court in Washington, DC, held last week that political appointees appointed by President Obama did interfere with the Department of Justice’s prosecution of the New Black Panther Party

        The New Black Panthers case stems from a Election Day 2008 incident where two members of the New Black Panther Party were filmed outside a polling place intimidating voters and poll watchers by brandishing a billy club. Justice Department lawyers investigated the case, filed charges, and when the Panthers failed to respond, a federal court in Philadelphia entered a “default” against all the Panthers defendants. But after Obama was sworn in, the Justice Department reversed course, dismissed charges against three of the defendants, and let the fourth off with a narrowly tailored restraining order.

        “The Court’s decision is another piece of evidence showing the Obama Justice Department is run by individuals who have a problem telling the truth,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said. “The decision shows that we can’t trust the Obama Justice Department to fairly administer our nation’s voting and election laws.”

        • almost all gov has issues telling the truth.

          • That’s a bullshit dodge of the issue. This administration is openly lawless and getting away with it since all the people who would normally push back are intimidated by the black half of our illegal alien president. Does anyone even knoe who this guy really is?

            • J W: His color makes no difference he is a Chicago politician and all of his people are to. (U S A) welcome to Chicago politics this is how it is done there, Chicago run the state of Illinois period. If you look at a state that has a city with enough votes to out vote the rest of that, state guess who runs that state. Chicago is by far the most corrupt city in the country BAR NONE. So you see the people of Ill know what it is like.

        • Eric(I don’t recall anything about any gun-running)Holder said he won’t prosecute “his people”…

      26. I know people who work down at the Jennie-O plant close to Minneapolis MN. In case you don’t know, Jennie-O is one of the World’s largest producers of turkey products.

        According to my friends, Jennie-O has been killing off a great deal of their stock to avoid the higher cost of feed next year.

        Now is a good time to buy next Thanksgiving’s Dinner…..that’s my 2 cents.

      27. Nantan

        It’s a good time to buy ANY dinner if you have the money and the space.

        Take care

      28. If this doesn’t make you want to stock up on #10 cans, nothing will. Buy them now while we are still living in the good old days. It’s coming an there will be pain.

        • What ever happened to Mushroom? “#10 cans and crisp $20(?) bills”

      29. Sadly…..You’ve got it all wrong….Many persons will use a gun to take food off your table…..Not having any themselves…..Don’t advertise you have stock piled food…..Your neighbor or a relative or an unknown may decide he/she needs it worse than you do and when in survival mode one will do what he/she must do to stay alive….The only person one will give a damn about is themselves!

        • molon labe

        • Those with guns who cros smy land in teh catskills will soon find ex E.O.D. train spec ops do not need guns to protect what is thiers.

      30. Yes now is the time to buy as much meat as you can, Can as much of it as you can as not to be dependant on the frezzer.

        • that would be freezer

          • Ranchers wife

            After a couple of drinks I have a frezzer

            Take care

            • Before this is over we may all need a few drinks.

            • Reminder; Stock up on booze.

        • @ Ranchers Wife: I would love to try canning some meat(while I can still afford the less expensive cuts) Have you ever canned in the oven? Do you know if it is safe? I don’t have a ” pressure canner” but think I better start looking tomorrow! Maybe others have tried the oven method? Please advise

          • @Canada Cauuk: Meat has to be pressure canned to kill all the bacteria. Meat is one thing you really want to be careful with. A pressure canner would be a good investment you can can almost everything. I can a lot of my meat even bacon. I will try to put up some info on my blog on canning meat if interested sometime next week.

            • Ranchers wife…thanx for info, will watch next week for your tips on canning meat. BTW, love your site…lots to learn for me!!

            • RW, are you using the widemouth pints to can meat? I just got a hold of an All American Pressure Canner and was wondering if the widemouth pints would be easier to do.

            • also forget my food im more worried about the 15 years worth of toilet paper and wet wipes I got stocked.

          • Canada Canuk, meat should be pressure canned. You will need to get a pressure canner but once you have that, you will be able to can almost anything you want to preserve for food later on.

            Here are some good links:

            And don’t forget YouTube for videos. I can recommend watching BexarPrepper’s videos to see how she preserves just about everything (canning, dehydrating, vacuum-sealing, purchasing long-term foods already preserved). Her channel is here:

          • Try Auctions….I bought mine there for less than 10.00. Bought a new seal and presto…a large pressure canner. Works great.

          • Canada canuk: You mean hamburger rocks

        • Quick question….and for all of you that will give me a thumbs down for going off topic….sorry.

          Has anyone made chicken jerky? I have used my dehydrator for beef but never chicken breast….has anyone tried this and what are your thoughts?

          • i dehydrate and pressure can everything. chicken dehydrates quite well and is great for soup mixes etc… i store all dehydrated foods in mason jars and suck air out of jars for a good seal with a food saver machine. works well. when canning meat i use pint and quart jars-but only the wide mouth ones. a pressure canner and a waterbath canner and a dehydrator are three of the best purchases/investments a person can make these days. usually i can everything, but sometimes there is those little bits of veggie that might not be worth canning due to the small amount-those get dehydrated.. absolutely nothing around here food wise goes to waste-even the scraps go to the compost can.

      31. do the moderators here really have such disdain for free speech that they will not allow a comment that questions Christianity to be posted?
        perhaps the site managers rely so heavily on their conservative/christian base that they will not allow anyone to post something that might piss them off.
        very nice.
        perpetuate the ignorance of your followers as Christians before you have done all too successfully.

        • Tough. Leave. This is a prepper site not an “I hate God because he did not get me the Barbie doll I prayed for”, site.

      32. There is one more thing in regards to the economy. the U.S. is number one when it comes to arable land of any country, and much exporting of food ties into the stability of the U.S., droughts and agricultral blights can be real killers. Higher food problems could be just one of the problems, lack of food on the world markets can take down a lot. Blights, planet diseases, really get going during extremes, to much water, or the extreme lack of it. A series plant disease that spreads can kill entire plant species, just look at the American chestnut as a golden example of this.

      33. Could cause another recession? Geeez what an idiot, should say cause a deeper depression. most all of this is man made and by design to bring about theyre plan for depopulation and police state control. They have created the perfect storm and poisoned our air (chemtrails) our water (corexit, oil, fukashima, military games, etc.) our food (chemicals) Our health (vaccines, pharma, etc.) Our minds (msm propaganda, education system, etc.) Our spirituality (religion, division, etc.) Our justice system ( selective prosecution, rediculous laws, commercial justice system ) The list goes on and on. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, teachers destroy knowledge, govt. destroys freedom, religions destroy spirituality, right is wrong, up is down etc. If you think god will save you you had better watch this… This country is finished, as it has always been, people are too stupid to be free.

      34. Here in our part of Virginia we’re not in a drought, in fact, we’ve had very good rainfall for the entire growing season.

        But we’re affected by the nation-wide drought when we buy feed for our livestock. Our feed prices have already increased (as of last week when I bought the last truck-load). And the 10% increase is just the beginning — that is a knee-jerk speculative increase based on futures. Wait until the crops don’t come in!

        Several farmer friends are already culling livestock for the same problem. They grow their own hay but buy their grain. And already feed prices are increasing so they can’t justify keeping meat on-the-hoof, speculating on the future market.

        Usually when there’s a sell-off, the supermarket price drops because there’s an increased supply but I’m not so sure that will happen this year. What do you think?

        We raise all of our own meats except beef. So we plan to buy extra beef now rather than speculating on a price drop. This time around, I don’t think the price will decrease due to the food crisis issues and food inflation.

      35. This report is garbage.

        First of all, illustrating with a photo of an already-cut cornfield is very misleading.

        Second, I just drove across I-80 from Idaho to the East, through Nebraska, Iowa, Sillynoise, Indiana, Ohio,, and I did NOT see even ONE cornfield that looked very stressed. I live in corn country myself, so I do know what a stressed field looks like. Beans ditto. Why these people are working so hard to scare us makes me wonder. My hypothesis is that they want to be able to blame the weather for food-price increases, when it’s actually due to the ethanol industry and/or the Government/BigAG conspiracy.

        • Hey Coach: on your way back drop down about 300 mi. and have a good look at stressed corn and beans, see I have a farm and all around me are done.

          • The way I understood from ‘farmers’, not just those looking at fields from ‘afar’, the corn ears are fine…just no kernels….duh!!

        • Old Coach, it is spotty, here, in corn country just East of the Mississippi. I think a lot of things have to be considered: when was it planted, what hybrid was planted and how did the rains fall. In hilly country, the rains can go around us and areas just 5 miles apart can get differing amounts. Slope also has to be considered.

          Up until a few weeks ago, the majority of our local corn had spread-out leaves and over half had not tasseled. We got 2 1/2 inches and it saved the loss from being 50% to only 33%. You can’t tell the size or quality of the ears
          from the road.

          Beans are different. They can take more early stress and don’t harvest until October. But, again, you cannot judge quality from a drive-by.

          Vegetable farmers are having a rough time of it, here. Stressed tomatoes with irregular watering are prone to blossom end rot, as are cukes and melons and peppers. I didn’t do a garden this year, just some potted tomatoes, peppers and cukes, and I really had to apply calcium frequently. Nothing happens at all when the temps are over 86F, except stress on the plants. At least gardeners can water. 6 acres of tomatoes, even with drip irrigation, are difficult to manage in a drought.

          That said: this has happened before and will happen again and there is no way to tell how it will really affect us. After all, we have already had prices go up due to energy costs and taxes. This rise is on top of perhaps a 40% increase we are already experiencing.

          We have two full freezers and don’t can for a variety of age and equipment-related reasons. I am hoping for a good deer harvest.

          • BlueH20, hope you have a good hunting season. Knock’em down and remember…”The fun stops when the hammer drops cause the work begins”.

            • If you do it in a group, it actually can be kinda fun.

        • coach – stop by my place in n.michigan LOL
          the corn may look fine at aglance but the ears are not developing (no kernals). it may only be good to chop for silage. stressed corn has “spiked” looking leaves , it my tossle-out , but ears will not mature.

        • Really? It’s all a conspiracy? With everything in plain sight? Pretty awesome! I would expect that you need glasses. Or are they just showing one big parched field and saying it is in different states. Is that it? Maybe you should take your trip again with a camera and post the pictures here.

        • Old Coach, check this map and their info:


          The drought is visible if you’re in the right locations.

          Reservoirs and wells aren’t drying up because of the ethanol industry or big govt.

        • I recently drove from Kansas, through Oklahoma and Texas and I saw many stressed, burned out fields. The area around my home is dry and dead. My garden did well at first but, when the heat hit, it sort of shrivelled up despite being watered. The ranchers around me are selling off almost all of their herds. The reporting appears fairly accurate from what I see going on around me.

        • My people in Iowa got ZERO tomatoes in their local gardens this year — too HOT. The farmers are trying to cancel orders for their John Deere tractors… wake up, sunshine. The fields are dried up and getting plowed under.

        • maybe they should start using sugar cane only, is easier and less costly to produce ethanol from it, is how malaysia does it and converted to almsot only ethanol as a fuel.

      36. My opinion is this nation is under going the judgement of God for our national/private sins. It is time for some soul searching and repenting. Things are bad now, and they will get much much worse. But the good news is and always will be Jesus. For my fellow believers, I submit the following for your comfort: First read the OT book of Habakkuk. Then relax and listen to Messiah and meditate on it. Remember He is coming back, and we just might be around to see it! But keep preparing for the worst case situation.

      37. For Retiring GE Executive, $89,000 a Month Not to Work, so he wont go to a competetor

        Yet GE Can’t afford to fund worker pensions

        how F’ed up is that..this dude will get a million a year to not work until 2022..but some hard labor guy from the field will brobably get his retirement benifits cut, or his health care not funded.

        • I believe 99% of the populace will willingly give up their guns when their families are threatened. If ten hummers pull up in front of my house and fifty armed men storm the house its moot. And knowing my neighbors as I do they will just watch.

          • Make sure you give up your ammo first.

          • Watch? I would expect they will have all of you face down on the ground while they destroy your homes searching. Maybe take the wimen folk back to their camp for some deep interrogation and a little hide the weenie. Let’s face facts, if we truly get a govt. as bad as some here expect there is damn little we will be able to do about it. They are organized, work as teams and have the law behind them for anything they do. We on the other hand can be disappered for simply asking a question. How did we allow this to happen?

          • another J: It’s that 1% that is the problem in their side. You are looking at 2 to 3 million people at least with guns and they know they will use them. To me that is a big army, A friend in state LE just told me 85% will go home when it happens and the other 15% don’t get it and they will die quickly. Also he heard that the military is at about 50-50 on the issue

          • Another Jay: Do what you need to do and think you need to do. I’m old enough to have lived a good and my I say FREE LIFE. I’ve done just about everything you can, at least once. One thing I’ve not done is die yet but thats coming. Having said all that, I for one will die FREE with the 10 Hummers out front and (I’ll take some with me). BUT I WILL NOT DIE ON MY KNEE’S BEGGING. THATS JUST THE WAY I AM!!!
            copperhead out

            • ditto, copperhead. But I truly hope it doesn’t come to that. But I meant what I said about my neighbors. Most of my street is on welfare and weighs over four hundred pounds.

          • Have some here and some there,but not all in one place.

      38. im really disappointed in the censorship present in comment moderation on this site. i will not be using it anymore

        • C-ya!

          oh, and we wont be missing you either

        • Mac NEVER censors unless you threaten someone. You are merely in the queue and haven’t been approved yet.

          Keep in mind the owner of the site has a life and likely isn’t sitting at the computer, tapping his fingers on the desk, eagerly awaiting the moment he can approve a comment from John Doe so that Mr. Doe feels his comment has appeared on the site in a timely fashion…

          • Thanks Daisy. I said the same thing below. But of course, it takes me about nine times as many words as a normal person. You did that well!

      39. JoeinNC and anyone else who wishes to defend the current administration:

        Whether you believe TPTB are responsible for the current drought or not, here is a FACT that will be hard for you to dispute:

        “President Obama approved an additional $12 million in humanitarian assistance to Syria today”. David Jackson, USA Today

        Just a SMALL example of how this (and previous administrations) have IGNORED their OWN people to blow OUR money elsewhere. MONEY that could have been applied to problems HERE in OUR country, suchas RELIEF to US!

        I am CERTAIN those who regularly post here can come up with other examples of how THIS administration has abandoned the people who FUND them!

        So there it is. This administration may or may not be guilty of the cause, but they WILL be guilty of how bad it becomes!

        • Fact, we give foreign aid to China. Pissed yet?

          • fact old gov. new gov. old admin. new admin. they all screwed us are screwing us will screw us.

      40. I say GEO Engineering plays a major roll in the weather and causing more cancer in people.

        Hope these links come through and this is just my opinion. It is those who want total control over us all and want to starve us, make us sick just to reduce the population. All while making themselves richer.

      41. We the people will go hungry, but those jerks will still produce ethanol! They are burning our food!!!!

        • CJM, you won’t go hungry. You may (will) see a rise in food prices, but it won’t effect the way you eat. Now, hundreds of millions of people WILL starve to death, but you don’t know them and you won’t see it. I hear this argument everyday at the grocery store I work at. WE won’t go hungry. (yet).

      42. Keep getting those #10 cans of freeze-dried food. Mountain House and Thrive are good. Though they have a shelf life of 25 years, I don’t see needing to wait that long considering the future of the US and the world.

        Keep on a-preppin’.

        • I’v read the ingredients on the meals of those brands. The salt alone is enough to kill me, and that is based on their serving size that is not all that big.
          Some of the strait fruit and vegys seem alright though.

          • can get low sodium or special needs like diabetic needs no glut n such. also some of the shelf life of some items in the kits will be 3-10 years not all of it is 25. Been prepping since I was 16, and just wanted to off grid and im almsot ready 🙂

        • The best reason to stock #10 cans is that very long shelf life.

          Stack ’em high folks….real high.

      43. Why not produce more of our own oil and stop burning up corn ethanol in our gas tanks? Pity the poor farmers who have contracts to fulfill, as well as the expenses of planting this disastrous crop. Some of the corn here in the Midwest is not worth the fuel cost of harvesting it. The corn stalks are either contaminated with toxins or chemicals and probably can’t even safely be fed to livestock.
        Yeah, I know the number of critters we have needs to shrink due to the feed prices skyrocketing, but there is a scarcity of buyers, except of course the one’s willing to give a lot less than the cost of feed already into the animal. Looks like we will be eating a lot of meat this winter.

      44. HEY GUYS,

        Could this be the event that sends everything crashing??

        • everything featured on SHTF could be the the event that sends everything crashing

      45. It’s bad, no doubt. But the picture is totally inappropriate, Mac. I live in the Socialist Workers’ Republik of Illinois, in the heart of drought-land, and while it’s bad, the corn is **green**. No doubt it’s not as productive as past years, but it is NOT brown anywhere I have driven.

        Mac, don’t go down the lamestream media route of over-senstationalizing. I come here for good, accurate, valid info, as do a lot of us. Yes there is a drought. My grass is brown. But the corn is NOT brown at this point. This doesn’t mean it is healthy, or productive like other years. But it ain’t dead, either

        • JR: check the ear”s and tell what you find? If you are in the central part, you have gotten more rain than the south. They had 1/2 in. all of July, only ruffly 14″ behind for the year. Yield’s will be down so low it will not be funny, we have a lot of field’s disked under, because no crop insurance. With crop insurance you have to harvest to collect, no matter what the yield.

        • I have a good friend of mine that is a livestock farmer..his feed crop for his animals is down 50%..and the heat and lack of water is also killing his livestock.

          Its real pal

      46. Price check in Isle 3

        Paid $3.00 a dozen for fresh corn on the cob today, Milk is $3.69 a gallon, Dozen large eggs .99 cents. South Western NY. Curios what you all are paying. Peace Clay

        • Curios? Must have had my C&R permit on my mind. LOL

          • Clay:

            Corn here is cheaper $2 per dozen at the farmer’s market

            Cheapest eggs are $2.65 per dozen

            Cheapest milk is $4.25 per gallon


            • Daisy,

              Corn here was free today. Heirlooms are coming in great thanks to the new drip system.

              Eggs $1.99 for 18 today at the store.

              Milk $4.19 per gal still…Which sucks I miss my milk and choclate brownies.

              Okra, Cucumbers, Squash, Zuchinne, Bell peppers, jalapenos,Onion and Spinach are kicking ass.

              I have to get a bigger freezer.
              I also picked up 40 lbs of New York strip today for $1.99 a lbs.

              So things are looking better here..


            • @DPS, wow, New York strip on sale here 10.99 a lbs.

            • DPS: 2% milk here at $3.23 a gallon. Half gallon $1.79

        • @Clay, here in the Ft.Worth/Dallas area Milk is $2.89, corn on the cob is around $3.36 a dozen, Organic Brown Eggs $3.76 a dozen and for regular white eggs somewhere around $2.28. Fruits are even high.

        • Corn here is fresh for the picking. Milk here is fresh for the squeezing. Eggs here are fresh for the grabbing.

          It’s the livestock feed bill that costs us! Some day the critters will be on forage, exclusively.

          • Zoltanne, we grow a large garden each year. My corn was not ready and the farmers down the road was. My heirlooms flower later then most of the hybrids in the area. I just couldn’t resist when I went by today. Peace

        • Thanks for the info all. I always find it interesting what others are paying. Oh yeah…My eggs were on sale @.99 cents. Didn’t want to seem misleading. Thanks again!

        • @Claymation…just looking at the prices you paid, and was just thinking the same thing today….Although, I may be comparing apples to oranges(as Canadian prices are a little higher than USA prices….but last week I purchased a head of lettuce @ 1.29, today 1.99 eggs(1 doz) 2.69, today 2.99…a small cabbage 1.00 last week, today 1.69…..I needed those items so I just paid the bill and got the heck out of the store!

          Tomorrow, I will only have one egg for breakfast, instead of 2 …. I never thought the day would come when I would have to start “stretching” my EGGS!

        • I paid $1.00 for 2 ears of corn, milk is 3.69, dozen eggs is 1.99. I live on southern Oregon coast.

        • Burnet Texas 69 cents an ear.

      47. @ Large: Please someone tell me that filling the skys with all kinds of metal is good for us. It’s just me but that metal has got to hold some heat in. The Sun is the main way the earth is heated and when it goes into it’s cycles a lot of thing happen, but there is no way to get to rid the extra heat build up, with all the stuff in the sky’s. To me this gets rid of the water in the air before it can turn into rain. Hey I’m just a dumb hick from the sticks. I guess that is why I like The Swamp People.

      48. Greetings Everyone!
        We knew this was the coming CHANGE for some time.Like the Prophet Jeremiah or Noah,few around us wanted to listen or make any changes despite the warnings we tried to give them.Now that it’s starting to happen earnest they still refuse to correct their sinful,Godless(or god-dishonoring)ways of living.Their actions transcends Countries,political parties and even religious groups.The Creator made guidelines to follow,and when humans decide that to make a profit these guidelines must be violated,it can be done.BUT to do so is not without consequences.For a very long time the world wide TPTB(a generic descriptor for selfish who get rich at the expense of everyone else)have plundered this wonderful planet we live on.Their actions,like the Titanic have finally hit the “Iceberg” of our planet’s limits.Locally,I see more and more of the awful results of “Corporate farming,pesticides mismanagement and general attitude of disinterestedness in others in the name of quarterly profits”.All of which damages our fragile ecosystem.Good people try mitigate what damage is out there,but it’s “too little,too late”.How everything turns out will be in God’s hands,not ours.Prepping and learning to “do without” is a good first step in surviving our “Great Tribulation” that’s now upon us.
        Best to All.
        hope you can have a place to sleep and food to eat this day

        • GrayFoxGreen,

          Wisdom beyond words sir. Always enjoy reading your post.


      49. nature is a bitch.
        please,stop it with the superstitious nonsense already.
        after all these generations,humans still do not understand.

        sheesh,it will never end.

      50. “I just love free speech, except for the part where people disagree with me.” Okieus Maximus, 271 BC

        Note to those who have a problem with comment moderating- Mac has mentioned this many times before but it bears repeating. The system is set up to automatically post comments if it is already familiar with you (previous comments and an email address get you in the club.) Others will be sent through to posting as he has time, usually pretty quickly. But remember, Mac has lots of other stuff going on in his life besides this site.
        As for censoring, it doesn’t happen here at all. Unless you make specific threats of violence against individuals or stuff like that. In the past 3 years, I only know of one or two times that’s happened.
        I don’t think Mac cares one way or the other about anybody’s religious or political beliefs. The site has, admittedly attracted a number of people with some form of libertarian or conservative views. Personally, I’m 57% libertarian, 39% conservative and 4% golden retriever.
        And we have lots of folks with religious views of varying degrees. And plenty that have none. They all have a voice here. Just remember, your particular opinion may be in the minority, and that means you coould feel drowned out by the majority. That’s just the way it is.
        Even us bible-thumpers occasionally find ourselves in the minority. Sort of like that locust eating, camel hair wearing fellow crying in the wilderness. He wasn’t very popular in his day either. So unpopular in fact, the ptb threw him in prison and cut off his head. And did even worse to the One he was out there in the wilderness crying about. Still, the message lives on. Silencing the messenger didn’t stop it.
        So, to all of you with a minority opinion, or an unpopular comment…remember, if your message is based in truth it will stand on its own merit regardless of how you are recieved.
        If, on the other hand, your comment is untrue, unprovable, or simply the result of your emotionally charged ignorance, it’ll end up where it righfully belongs- flushed and forgotten. By the way, I’ve been there a few times myself. Fortunately, I know I’m ignorant and am willing to become less so when faced with the truth.
        In closing, I wish you all Peace, and prosperous prepping, as we await the landing of the mother ship…

        • Personally, I’m 57% libertarian, 39% conservative and 4% golden retriever.

          4% Golden Retriever? Smokin’, you’re good people!

          Some days, your posts are the only real humor I encounter.

          Thanx. Good Boy!

          • Woof Woof! 🙂

      51. IRS may have sent out $5B in refund checks to identity thieves

        wouldnt surprise me one bit…baffoons

      52. I don’t understand why sites such as these don’t run stories on how to organize a military unit, or set up a Civil Defense Force. I’m certain that there are Military Men and Women with enough knowlege to do a basic outline.

        Look at Lexington and Concord. Yes they lost their battles, but they were an unit, not a bunch of lone speed bumps for King George’s men.

        Other than the second half of “Patriots” is there anything out there on how to form a resistance unit?

        • Nous Defions is a good one

      53. Folks, remember when the TV show hit the air about how some Americans are preparing; well I remember a woman was teaching others how to prep. She had dozens of eggs and was rubbing each egg with what I thought was canola oil. I thought she stated the eggs would last up to seven weeks more while being refrigerated.

        I know the eggs have approx. 6 to 7 thousand very small holes. I guess the oil covers these. Has anybody tried it? Would love to know as we got a good deal goin’ on down here.

        I did get this from the Journal of Food Science:
        • egg quality;
        • Haugh unit;
        • oil coating;
        • shelf life;
        • yolk index
         Abstract: Selected internal quality and shelf life of eggs coated with oils from differences sources (mineral oil, canola oil, corn oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, soybean oil, and sunflower oil) were evaluated during 5 wk of storage at 25 °C. As the storage time increased, weight loss increased whereas Haugh unit and yolk index values decreased. Throughout the 5 wk of storage, eggs coated with oils, regardless of oil sources, possessed better albumen and yolk quality than the control noncoated eggs. Oil coating minimized weight loss of eggs (<0.8%) compared with that (7.26%) of the noncoated eggs after 5 wk of storage at 25 °C. No significant differences in internal quality (weight loss, Haugh unit, yolk index, and albumen pH) were generally observed among oil-coated eggs during 5 wk of storage. Based on the Haugh unit, the grade of noncoated eggs changed from AA at 0 wk to A at 1 wk and to B after 3 wk whereas that of oil-coated eggs from AA at 0 wk to A at 4 wk and maintained A grade until 5 wk. This study demonstrated that oil coating, irrespective of oil sources, preserved the internal quality, minimized weight loss (<0.8%), and extended the shelf life of eggs by at least 3 wk longer than observed for the noncoated eggs at 25 °C storage. Soybean oil was a more practical option as a coating material for eggs due to its low cost.
         Practical Application: Eggs are highly perishable and susceptible to internal quality deterioration when stored above 7 °C. Refrigeration of eggs may be seldom practiced in some developing regions of the world. Therefore, an alternative method, that is inexpensive yet effective, to preserve the internal quality of eggs and to prevent microbial contamination is needed. Oil coating has been proven to preserve the internal quality, prolong shelf life, and minimize weight loss of eggs. This study demonstrated that, compared with other vegetable oils, soybean oil was a more practical option as a coating material for eggs during 5 wk of storage at 25 °C due to its low cost.

        Y’all Beware! It’s no yolk!!

        • Y’all… I also have read about coating the eggs with mineral oil when fresh.You then can store them pointy end down in an egg carton in a fairly cool spot.I plan on trying this method with a dozen eggs soon(If some of the hens don’t start laying soon I may have to stretch some necks). Supposedly, after 9 months with this method the eggs were still in good shape.

          • Yea! I wouldn’t use canola – that’s a GMO oil. Hey, this is good to know! I just purchased 10 doz eggs.

        • I am getting eggs from a friend and I plan on putting the unwashed in sawdust inside a 5 gallon bucket.
          Not washed, not touching, small end down, and layer them.
          Good for 6-9 months if kept in a dark, cool place.

        • @Y’all I have stored my eggs this way just wash your eggs and rub real well with mineral oil and store in a cool place flip your egg cartons once a month to keep the Integrity of the yolk. you can also freeze or dehydrate them.

      54. You guys seen this?

        Pravada reporting nuclear missles deployed to cuba!!

        ” With the full consent of the Cuban leadership, on May 11 of this year, our country has not only resumed work in the electronic center of Lourdes, but also placed the latest mobile strategic nuclear missiles “Oak” on the island. They did not want to do it the amicable way, now let them deal with this,” Putin said.

      55. Anonymous,

        “What ever happened to Mushroom? “#10 cans and crisp $20(?) bills”

        Sad to say I was told he passed away (RIP)a few months ago. I think one of his last posts was in Feb. of this year. Anonymous he preferred crisp $10. LOL

        Y’all Beware! He was fun and is missed.

        • Are you serious? I didn’t realize he truly passed away – I thought he had just gone off the grid.

          RIP, Mushroom. 🙁

          • Shirley you’re faster than that.

      56. Just got this, it is from June 14, 2012 about evergreen air and chemtrails. This is the first for me to do something like this, if it dosen’t work I’m sorry

      57. this is what a sh*t hole mess we are in. tonight on the local news story1 S.C. has a twon filled woth industry depending on the railroad to deliver logs for them to make wood sheets etc. They went from 65 workers to 7 because the fed gooberment said the railways is to outdated to run, shut down the railway. second story we have two men running for house seats in I think the 3rd district and the one republican has served for like 19 years and the man running against him has NEVER served a public office (he served in the military I guess that does not count ) and he works in retail managment. The 19 year old rep will NOT even meet to debate with him and said so on TV> He actually said “He is not worth the time to debate with” DISGUSTING just appalling. SICK GROSS what an a$$ you could see theses sotries by searching WECT that is our local news station. We are in such a messed up mess……just a mess!

        • So tell mewhy you people in S.C. keep electing Nancy Graham to the Senate.

          • Vote fraud!!!


            The most powerful part of the hbo documentary(haking democracy) is when that poll worker starts to cry.

            Truth makes you laugh, when it comes from a comedians mouth, but tears in the real world.

      58. another Jay,

        “CJM, you won’t go hungry. You may (will) see a rise in food prices, but it won’t effect the way you eat.”

        Which do you want to use affect or effect? Cause it sure has changed what I eat, how I eat and does this all pertain to cause and effect?

        “Now, hundreds of millions of people WILL starve to death, but you don’t know them and you won’t see it.”

        Y’all Beware! Just step over the bodies cause you won’t see it. Remember, don’t Bogart that joint my friend.

        • Y’all Beware,yeah I never get that affect/effect thing right. I hear that all day long in the grocery store, we’re gonna starve to death. No, WE aren’t (yet). And you can BET no one cares about the people who do starve to death that we export to. (well, you might).

      59. Hope ya’ll don’t hate me for my vent in response to a previous post, I try not to let my views get the better of me. But it’s been a long day.

        What I really wanted to post in response to this article…

        My girl and me have been growing for two seasons. This year we built rain barrels. It’s been a garden saver! Know it won’t work for actual farmers, but we spent about 20 bucks per to build three and it definetly pays off for us. Hide’em in the bushes if its against your HOA but these are serious life savers.

      60. Food for thought:
        1 lb of boneless, skinless chicken = 1 pint of canned chicken. Current Brookshire’s special of the week, BOGO for a penny – do the math, people.
        The JIT (just in time) folks out there might say:
        “Why would you ‘can'(gagging sounds noted) chicken when you can just pick up a can if needed, for I don’t know, $1.98/ 13 oz (5 oz meat, 8 oz of something like water)?” “BTW, what DO you do with canned chicken? $18.00 will buy you an already cooked 8 piece hen + sides at any local Chicken Express.”
        Me: “yep, but I know what’s in my food, Do You? and it only cost me a few hours one particular Saturday”
        Note to self, I don’t know what Jersey Beach, Dancin’ with the Moons or what’s on the next-flick HD,Blue-wray,on-pretend… I’ve been busy fussin’ in the kitchen while DH is pre-OCCUPIED with digging a ditch from my 250 gal propane tank to the shed to house the new propane generator. I JUST gotta get a life. Right after I out-do Bubba on the 1,000 ways to make delicious canned chicken recipes.
        Carry on, patriots. You know what ya gotta do.

      61. maybe now the goverment will let the farmers grow food in the good areas that have no draught instead of paying them not to grow food like they did a few years ago.

      62. hungry people do crazy shit to feed their kids….

        • Hungry people do crazy shit period. Nothing will foster kayos faster than a starving population.

          The most civilized society is only seven days without food from anarchy. At the end of a month the vegans will eat their pets.

          • the pentagon actually just finished a study on this. I wonder why?

            Even the bible talks about eating your own children….

      63. Would’nt it be nice to finish a pot of pinto beans and the next morning,….back your butt up to your gas tank, braek wind a couple of times and get a quarter tank ? I havea family of 4 plus an English Bulldog that almost farts on command. Just sayin guys !

      64. This is something that could mean something:’s-Top-Leaders-WAR-IN-WEEKS

        If it is the U.S. that launches an attack it could be anytime because the U.S. is not interested so much in a dark sky as Israel. If it is Israel that attacks here are the following days to be ready for it as they will likely use the new moon’s darkness for 5 days before and after as a window, the most probable dates:

        August 20-22. New moon is on August 17, but Ramadan ends at sunset on August 19. Israel knows that an attack will already inflame the arab world.

        September 10-15, or 19-20. New moon is on Sept.15, but the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah begins at sunset on Sept.16 and ends at sunset on Sept.18.

        October 10-20, New moon is on October 15, no important holidays for either side.

        The second a prepper hears of the attack on Iran, it is advisable that the time before the shock wears off for everyone else that remaining preparations be bought and other survival plans put into place. It could be a window of only less than a hour or several hours, but it is a time to take advantage of. It would be an excellent idea to stock up at this time on fuel before the gas stations and other fuel stations such as propane are closed to the public. For those in the United States such an attack will likely come in the afternoon or early evening U.S. time.

      65. Fasting is actually VERY good for you. It resets your body by cleaning out all the toxins. I fasted for 8 days one time and felt AWSOME afterwards. When you have that first food after the fast it tasts so good..its almost as if you are eating for the first time. The simple fact is that most people don’t have the willpower to fast for even 1 day. Try it…see how long you can go without food. I would say 95% of the sheeple wouldn’t last half a day much less a full day. It would be very wise for each one of you to try a 2-3 day fast ( if you haven’t already) so you can know what it feels like. Especially those of you that don’t have storable food. A day or 2 without food might change your tune a little and get you prepping.
        Folks….as the article states…HALF the counties in America have been declaired disaster areas due to the drought. Food will start becoming very scarce very soon especially corn and soy products and god knows what else. You have any idea how many different products have corn in it? and soy? I would say at least 25% of the supermarket is corn related or soy related products. When you have no food you will fast anyway won’t you? The only problem is thats not called’s called STARVATION. And let me tell you from experience…not eating is one of the hardest things you will EVER do in your life. I couldn’t imagine being on a forced fast and not knowing when the next meal is coming. I’m going to offend some of you now and thats fine…trust me…some of you need to hear this…….IF YOU ARE NOT BUYING EXTRA FOOD NOW DUE TO THE CURRENT CONDITIONS YOU ARE INCREDIBLY STUPID AND DESERVE EXACTLY WHATS HEADED YOUR WAY WHICH IS A HORRIBLE DEATH BY STARVATION.

      66. k

      67. All I can say is if this article doesn’t get you somewhat intrested in storing food you are not too bright.

      68. We will make it here in USA this year. What the farmer news Programs is now talking about is if the rain do not come the winter wheat might be in trouble. As they will start seeding that this fall.

        The banks got us into lot of this mess and that call Free Market. They set up accounts and had states and cities agree to swaps that costing them and us. Now state are lay off to make payment to those banks. All this talk of China and Russia is unreal. Our problem is coming from GREED and God talk of that in Bible as well. Greed is kill this nation and maybe this God reminder to us.

      69. We would be OK if our tenants had paid rent. They are having a hard time so guess who is paying? We are. I am trying to find a job so I can put all the money into preps. One thing about fasting, there are proper and improper ways to do it. If any on else has read the “Hunger Games ” a part that really sticks out is some of them know how to be hungry. I don’t know how to be hungry. No matter how poor we were growing up we always had food. Real food, my mother bought stuff on sale and cooked. When there was no money dad hunted, sold part of it for toilet paper and milk.
        The crops are OK in some places, or look OK from far away but they aren’t. Look close and you can see how bad it is.

      70. It’s funny how humans have been on this earth for a very long time.. And that we have faced the same challenges that other fore-fathers faced in the past.. We all are in a panic!!

        This too shall pass.. Rain WILL come again.. We will survive.. We will live on..

        Sometimes having soo much access to information from our advanced Internet network makes no sense.. I rather not know so much and just live my life in peace..

      71. Fast and Furious Fallout: Former ATF Deputy Director Leaves Agency

        The former deputy director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has left the agency in the wake of the fallout from the Fast and Furious gun walking scandal. William Hoover was no longer employed at the agency as of Aug, 1, 2012, according to an ATF spokesman. Officials declined to comment further, citing the Privacy Act.

        Just because these Jackboots step down or leave an agency should not give them fuckin emmunity from what they have done..including Holder and Obama..anyone directly involved in a crime like this should fry

        I cant go and run guns and drugs and than when the feds are close to nabbing me, I say well Im going to just go home now boys so you cant do nothin to me..I hear this shit way too often , when the heat gets on thier back they just stand down from their possition, and skate (and im sure with their cushy pension and a ton of bennies)
        Im getting sick of this, and they call for the resignation of Holder but he doesnt back down..but I bet when the heat gets turned up he will just “back away”
        this should not be a get out of prison free card!

        Prosecute these sonsofbitcches and lets get on with the clean up it is so obvious that they should all be incarcerated..No one is above the law..thats why we are a Republic!

        • Those responsible for prosecution, like CON gress, are so damn corrupt themselves, and lacking a moral compass, with oodles of crimes they know they can be charged for, the problem corrector IS the problem.

      72. “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

        Time to clean up this mess people..or we as a nation are done..its up to us, not the government..if we dont set this straight and hold those accountable it will be our own fault and demise.

        Time to force the hand of justice, by the people, and never back down til the job is done , to the satisfaction of our founders

      73. ‘Official’ Unemployment rate for July is 8.3%…

        The ‘Real’ Unemployment Rate is much higher

        • Yeah how ’bout that? And Mr. 8.3 will get his side-kicks like Dirty Harry to use taxpayer time to campaign for him during a Congressional session.

          They’ll stop at nothing: divert and destroy.

        • Consider: Nevada’s U-6 rate is 22.1 percent, up from just 7.6 percent in 2007. Economically troubled California has a 20.3 percent real rate, while Rhode Island is at 18.3 percent, more than double its 8.3 percent rate in 2007.

          Those numbers compare especially unfavorably to the national rate, high in itself at 14.9 percent though off its record peak of 17.2 percent in October 2009.

          Only three states — Nebraska (9.1 percent), South Dakota (8.6 percent) and North Dakota (6.1 percent) — have U-6 rates under 10 percent, according to research from RBC Capital Markets.

          Florida’s U-6 number is an ugly 17 percent, though Pennsylvania and Ohio are both around 14 percent, below the national U-6 average.

          • Kentucky and Florida were the other two states that passed the 10 percent mark last month.
            Those remaining on the list included California, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Nevada and North and South Carolina.

      74. Daisy,

        I hope you are right about mushroom.

        Any word from Manos?

        Y’all Beware! Thanks y’all for the info on the eggs!

      75. Mushroom has passed away?

        is this for real?

        he seemed to feisty to die, if this is heart goes out to his family

        RIP Shroom, been wondering whay I havent heard from you lately

      76. I actually looked for Mushroom’s posts.
        If true, and he’s not with us, he was a great laugh when we needed one.

      77. Two earthquakes of 4.9 in South Shetland Islands at 61 and 1/2 degrees south and a 5.1 in the Ross Sea at 76 degrees south. When you have earthquakes of this size south of 60 degrees, it means larger earthquakes to come. This is the Antarctica plate that is showing movement and means there should be a good size earthquake within 6 days in one of more of the following areas:
        New Zealand and/or Kermandac area, and Tonga
        The Nazca plate and Cocos plate, probably Ecuador and Columbia region by the angle of the plates

        5.1 in Antarctica is huge as since 1990 on the USGS there just are no earthquakes there, let alone a 5.1.

        I would say 6.7 or more up to 7.3. I saw the South Shetland Islands earthquake and was waiting for more action and today the 5.1 in the Ross Sea shows this. I say 6 days rather than 4 days because of the recent 6.3 in Papua New Guinea and the 6.1 in Peru just a day ago. The cycle for new earthqaukes should be longer, 6 days, maybe 7 days top.

        Earthquakes south of 60 degrees south or north of 70 degrees north mean earthquakes of larger size coming. With the South Shetland Islands earthquake yesterday alone I would say a 50% chnace, but with the 5.1 deep in the Antarctica I would 90% chance. Have another 5 or more south of 60 degrees and I would say there would be a 95% chance of a large earthquake within the time frame of a week. The 5.0 on the Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge further reinforces something is coming. These are symptoms of what is going on, NOT the cause.

        • Thanks for the info…nothing in the News…typical!

      78. It’s a drought! We have had them before and we will have them again. No HARP or other man made mess. The globe breaths and this is a result. Man has been jacking up this planet since day 1. The real message here was “PREPARE” We really don’t know how long this will last. Take advantage of the up coming meat sales and if you can give raising chickens a try. If you don’t have a garden this might be a great time to try your hand at it. Seek out those with experience. I have always found that if you ask a farmer a question about livestock or growing something, they are always more than willing to not just tell you but show you how things in nature work.

      79. My heirloom tomatoes didn’t produce as well as some of the hybrids did this year.They all got watered between the rainfall, (or lack of). But those 95-102 degree days weeks on end,Put a hurting on my Mortgage Lifters.
        Does anyone know which shock treetment is safe to use for water ?The ones iI see are about 50% chlorine and 50% other ingrediants.

      80. Greetings Everyone!
        Just a few thoughts on the price increases….
        I noticed that COSCO that while the prices on things there haven’t risen by more than 20%,the containers have shrunk by about 20% for the price.This equates to a 40% increase in cost.I first noticed it in my personal QOL(quality of life) item paper napkins.It first started with 400 count at 3-4 dollars,then 300 count@ 4-5 dollars.Then they kept the price the same but lowered the count to 250.Now it’s at a higher price point with 200 count.And they think we don’t notice.Same applies to ketsup,olives and other items.
        I now wonder if COSCO is still heating their underground gas tanks to give you less at the fuel pumps?The CEO guy (that recently retired)they’re so fracking proud(they even have a pamphlet of his “glorious” achievements in the store!)of set this gas scam up.An HE’S the shining example of Corporate America?
        If he and his Ilk are the ones in charge,we’re without a doubt going to be in for some FUBAR decades ahead.Especially when the EBT(welfare) credit cards can no longer be afforded by the State and local PTB.
        Best to All
        Hope you can keep cool and have food to eat

      81. Wow! Who are you people?

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