US Stock Market Hits 2-Year Low, Global Crash May Be Imminent: ‘There Isn’t Even A Plan A!’

by | Feb 5, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 63 comments

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    Experts have warned that an economic crash may be imminent after US stocks dropped to a two-year low on Friday.  But this time, the crash would be massive and go global.

    Experts such as Peter Schiff have been warning that the US stock market is nothing but a gigantic bubble that’s set to burst at any time. While the tax cuts may have delayed the inevitable, a global financial crisis could be about to unfold. The US stock market hit two-year lows Friday, prompting warnings of an economic crash from several prominent analysts. There are concerns the stock market’s performance could indicate the US is set for its first recession since 2008 and a knock-on effect could cause an economic downturn across the globe.

    US stock indexes ended last week with their worst performance since June 2016 after the Dow Jones industrial average futures dropped more than 200 points, the S&P 500 dropped by nine points, and Nasdaq 100 futures saw 37.75 points fall. Jason Draho, head of tactical asset allocation for the Americas at UBS, described the “growing pains” in the market to be at fault for the low performance. “Markets are likely to remain choppy as they adapt to this new growth and interest rate environment,” Draho said.

    But the stock markets wobbly performance at the end of last week is not the only sign to analysts that there is trouble ahead. In a separate warning, economist Allison Schrager explained that the global economy could be about to suffer a setback. Americans’ lack of money in savings could indicate massive overconfidence in the market. “The economy may be booming now but there are plenty of reasons to be skeptical it will last,” said Schrager. “Productivity numbers don’t justify the headline growth figures. Many people think the stock market is overvalued and due for a correction. It has been eight and a half years since the last recession and the natural oscillation of the business cycle suggest we may be due for another one soon.”

    Speaking in January, Joachim Fels from Pimco also sounded the alarm. “The fact that the fear is gone is the main reason why we should be worried,” he said. “That means most investors are now pretty fully invested and that means they will want to get out if the markets start to correct – exacerbating the downdraft.”

    And the deep state elite globalists responsible for the economic crash are holding no more aces up their sleeves to manipulate the markets. Speaking in Davos, the Professor of Public Policy and Professor of Economics at Harvard University Kenneth Rogoff, said: “If we have another financial crisis, there isn’t even a plan A.”

    Do not live in fear, yet be as prepared as possible for the impending crisis.



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      1. Maybe the Piper has finally begun playing his long overdue tune? Come n, bring it on, wipe it all out.

        • Another FAKE News Article.

          Quote:”Experts have warned that an economic crash may be imminent after US stocks dropped to a two-year low on Friday.”

          The DOW has NOT even fallen back to the DEC 2017 level yet let along back to a 2 year new lows. WHY OUTRIGHT LIE? and claim some EXPERTS claim it. Like I said MORE FAKE News. You lost me on the first sentence in this Article. Here is the DOW chart proving my FACTS.
          ht tp://$DOWI&j1_override=&j1_region=


            DJIA 24,409.42
            S&P 500 2,672.55
            NASDAQ 7,041.31

        • “Termination Event” Arrives: Traders Panic As XIV Disintegrates -90% After The Close
          —“We noted earlier that US equity futures were extending losses after the close, but the real panic action is in the volatility complex. Putting today’s VIX move in context, this is among the biggest ever…”

          “The reaction of the investor base at play – often retail – holds the potential to create cascading effects and to send shockwaves to the market at large. This likely is a blind spot for markets.”
          ht tps://

          TradeStation Halts Daytrading Of Overnight Futures Trading Due To “Extreme Volatility”
          —“due to the extreme volatility in the markets, day trading of ALL futures products has been suspended for the overnight session.”
          ht tps://

        • Recent drops in the financial markets do not spell doom for the US economy.

          These declines and the ones today, tomorrow, and coming later this week, represent a RESTRUCTURING in capital allocations, lining up investors for the NEW ECONOMY coming NEXT YEAR, after a suitable decline to PREP for future profits, cleanses the markets and releases the excesses.

          Yeah, people will get hurt, but the BLUEPRINT for future American growth next year and the years thereafter, has been laid down with the tax cuts and regulatory reforms recently adopted by Congress.

          Remember that Reagan had a similar experience with the recession coming after his first year in office. As long as Americans keep spending their wage increase and bonuses, this recession will be short, sharp and over by this time next year, not unlike 1987.

          Keep prepping. Prepare for war. It follows a recession like the growth of grass after the summer rains. 🙂

        • The volatility is good for trading and I love it !

          Schiff is not exactly a guru per-se and anybody who knows anything about the markets knows this is the biggest bubble ever of all time. So the correction will be much grander than any prior. I started writing about Trump talking and relying too much about the ramped markets could well come back and bite him in the ass. It was clear the Trump affect could NOT continue on the same curve the markets had been ramped since 2009 on stimulus and then continue on via any Trump affect ? So I think Trump may have played that card too much. We will see a correction but it will likely not happen all at once and we will see volatility and move sideways, then down, then up, then sideways and on and on for a very long while. All we have seen so far with 1000 point moves is a defining point of a top finally. It will be a good thing except for those fools that stayed long too long and are now stuck in it. Going forward we will see earnings reports that actually mean something and analyst stop being so absurdly gung-ho with upgrades and ramping methods. This will not happen quickly but in fits and starts. Two days ago I made a good trade and picked up a thousand dollars overnite and that will happen many times going forward, both short and long ! So I look forward to it for many valid reasons. Besides it will help bring things down to reality in many ways. Don’t forget the USD has also been ramped during the BHO years and Trump and crew do not want a strong USD for trade reasons. That too is part of the mix. It is all good !

      2. “But this time, the crash would be massive and go global”

        Same as 2008, massive and global. That’s to be expected with interconnected trade worldwide. As for Fridays selloff, maybe 2% across the board average, no big deal. 666 points is a sensational beastly drop isn’t it?

        • No crash. There’s still standing room only in the temple for the money changers. They’re such a tease.

          • PO’d: maybe, like many teasers before thru many decades, but retirees need to stop loss their stocks (call broker now) also move all 401/ IRA’s into bonds or buy muni’s. Younger ones close to retirement need to move into gov. bonds like we did.

            • I hear what you’re saying but I got out of stocks long ago. I like the precious metals for the long run. After my ashes are scattered that silver become theirs. They’d have no clue of the stock market unless it is a 401K and that in itself is a trap. Everything I have purchased is a tangible. If by slim chance that there is not collapse and we return to a Utopian existence, then the stock market is an option on the table.

              • The Wall Street Casino is a TOTAL FRAUD. I hope the entire market crashes to ZERO and there is Blood in the streets, as I will be killing most of the ignoramouses. Aim Fire.. Again and again.


                • Much of the military also on SNAP cards and subsidized housing, like it’s been for decades. Besides, so many “street people” and those that cannot find work join the service they don’t need a draft. If econ. was good, these people would not join the military, instead they’d find a real job.

                  • “instead theyd find a real job”

                    youre an imbecile

                  • laura ann, I hope it wasn’t your intention to insult military members and veterans.

                  • According to a recent article on my FB news feed, thousands of manufacturing jobs are going begging in Ohio because job seekers cannot pass drug tests.

                    Just saying. 🙁

            • Right now most can still get out at the top or very near and simply trade trends and hedge until we see some kind of stability and less volatility. I agree anybody just now trying to unwind too large a position or their entire nest egg has already made a huge mistake and there will be serious losses. But the losses can be less if they pay attention and start unwinding now at the top. The hangers on ad afraid will take the biggest losses , they always do.The worse mistake you mention is having a broker managing your money. This is what happens when the fools count on a bubble as their long term plan in either bonds, treasuries or equities. Truth is, there is no SAFE anything. It is all a sham and an illusion until the day you cash in and take profits. Then do something else.

        • Why I believe it is so important to be able to grow/raise our food.

          Gold & Debt: The 1929 Great Depression vs The Next Great Collapse
          “The situation Americans face in the future will be nothing like anything they have experienced in the past. While we have seen old footage and heard stories about the Great Depression (starting in 1929), we have no idea how bad things really were during the 1930’s.

          At that time, approximately 25% of the American population were farmers. Thus, when things really got bad, folks in the cities could move out and stay with their families or relatives on the country farm. This is not an option for most Americans today as only 2% of the population are farmers and ranchers.”

          Debt and our currency…
          “The $20 Gold Certificate was printed in 1929, and the $20 Federal Reserve Note was printed 80 years later in 2009. Both are bills, but one was backed by real gold and the other is now backed by $19.4 trillion in U.S. Public Debt. That is why it’s called a “Note.”

          We must remember, a “Note” is an obligation. When you take out a home mortgage or car loan, it can be also called a “Note.” So, all those Federal Reserve Notes we keep in our wallet or purse are debts or obligations we owe, rather than an asset such as a Gold Certificate that represents physical gold.”

          ht tps://

          • KY Mom, you are so right about raising & growing our own food. Back in the 1960s, I asked my Grandmother if the Depression was very hard on them. She lived on a small 80 acre farm in MS, my grandfather had just passed away, and she had about five children at home. She stated that they hardly knew that there was a depression. She said that she had vegetables from her garden, had milk cows, hogs, and chickens. When she needed money she would take eggs to town to sell. Of course, it was tough without my grandfather but they had money and plenty to eat.

      3. Another Chicken Little essay. Damn people – enough is enough. Let it crash, let it soar – tell me any of you… how will it affect you either way? Have you fallen for the socialism that is FDR’s social security, Medicare, Medicaid? Will your EBT no longer be swipeable? Do you honestly think your pension will survive? You are your pension. I hope you have loved ones younger that will let you live with them until you reach your peace. Either you are a prepped individual or you are not. Can’t have it both ways folks. You either are ready as possible to live with or without any so-called ‘programs’/entitlements/fiat… or you are not.

      4. I’m thinking. The powers that be hit their level and are letting it crash.

        • i agree, i think they are ready to let it al go.

      5. The world economy has been imminently crashing for years. I have no doubt it will someday. But again it will be the death of a thousand cuts. I really don’t think it likely we’ll wake up broke.our bank account drained. Taxes will continue to go up. Food just gets more expensive.
        And our dollar buys less and less. Remember the world is a big place is the us dollar goes down the world will turn to a more stable currancy. Take your pick.
        Point is something will replace it but the world economy will keep spinning.
        Save for a global catastrophe. Locals will definitely pick up the trade and barter.
        I really think the only thing that’s going to stop this shit storm. Asteroid meteorites. Some other such cataclysm.
        All.if south America is in a economic collapse. And the world keeps spinning.
        It’s very controlled.

        • AB,
          What stable currencies? The only one besides the dollar would be the Swiss Franc.
          No thinking person would trust Chinese, Russian, or the Euro
          as stable money.

          • rellik, I’ve been reading about the Swiss Nat. Bank..they’re deep in US stocks. Really deep.
            The Franc probably wouldn’t survive much of a market crash.

            • Ketch,
              Since the worlds money is really only a promise to pay, I approach it as a “who do you trust”?
              That is why I maintain that money is only a means to exchange wealth. Money itself is useless unless it is Gold, Silver, or other such useful metal.
              I recently tried to import a pallet of solar panels from China(that’s another horror story) they wanted payment in dollars FOB. I jestingly asked if they accepted Pandas(gold) at spot price. Answer was an adamant no! So much for gold being money.
              I wasn’t being a smart ass, I was going to claim the value of the shipment as the face value of the coins, which would be quite legal.

              I learned a lot about importation last year and what a pain it is!

              • Last year I sent a Xmas package to a friend in Spain. The authorities landed on her like a ton of bricks, threatening to put her IN JAIL if she failed to disclose even a single item that was in the package. Since the whole thing was a gift, the contents were supposed to be a surprise… she had no idea what was inside. (Books, food items, etc.)

                This poor lady was terrified and sent the package back to me unopened. $135 in postage wasted. I have since looked online to see whether I did anything wrong, and discovered dozens of horror stories posted by others who tried to send packages to Spain. The bottom line is, don’t even think about it.

                Anyone contemplating either getting anything from another country, or sending anything to another country, better darn well do their homework first. The whole issue of international packages has gotten very tense and you are likely to be treated like a criminal just for attempting to mail somebody a cookbook or a t-shirt. Tons of regulations, laws, fees, and restrictions; and you’ll be looked at as “guilty until proven innocent”.

      6. Your health is your greatest wealth.
        Stress is a killer.
        Sunshine makes me happy.
        An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
        A house is only as strong as its foundation.


      7. manulipated to go up and down. not based on any logical real thing.

      8. Mac, only two articles back you said the Trump tax cuts postponed the economic collapse for another 10 years. Please explain.

        • Brave, you asked about a shortwave radio and, no, I don’t have one. It’s on THE LIST though!
          Money only goes so far these days, you know.
          Tripled the cost of electricity for 4 & 1/2 mos. putting gas in the generator, car repairs, etc. etc.

        • Mac never seems to care enough to chime in on these conversations. Wonder why?

        • Its called jinx

        • That and these assholes need something major to get everyone to look at that squirrel

        • Brave,
          There’s been a lot of people saying the stock market could go on like it WAS for 10 years. The panicky bunch is saying what’s going on right now is a stock market Armageddon. Most of the pundits are saying we are headed for something like a 10-20% correction. It’s stuff we hadn’t seen since ’08. So we were due.

          If you want to look, here’s the premarket for tomorrow. It ain’t pretty.
          ht tps://

          Good Luck to All!

      9. No crash. Just a blip on the radar. Just keep training for the real deal.

      10. This is my opinion.

        Brave, a tax cut means nothing when the rent is going through the roof in Houston and all over Texas. It wont make a difference in my city. People in Houston cannot find jobs, I run into people and have a habit of starting up conservations with people and I get to hear a lot. I don’t believe it postponed it.

        Its going to happen. I told a friend the Bitcoin was bullshit and I was told that I dint know what I was talking about, it crashed. 2018-2025 in when the wars begin. 2025-2035, by the time 2035 arrives, all of the major cities of the United states will be in ruins, and 90% of the people will be dead and gone. All of this will go down. I will be 65 by then and lucky if I even make to that point alive with how things are going.

        Some other points I’d like to comment on?

        It’s questionable but some interesting things are taking place that seems like its being brushed under the carpet. I strive to be positive in my life, but some facts are literally up in my face and I simply cannot just ignore these things anymore.

        Trump was put in as president, to prevent the patriots from triggering a revolutionary war. Alex Jones is another fraud, who is constantly pushing Trump, talking about him as if Trump is on the people’s side, while chefs and getting raided by AR15 Tactical teams, while the Bundies are still locked up. Look who he picked for his VP, and look who is attorney general and Sessions is making sure that the Bundies stay locked up. He moved in the military at keystone and arrested everyone, Indians and patriots. I believe by October 2018, that by this time, everyone will be awake on Trump?. This is a one term president?, who will be replaced by another deep state fake?, who will show with some other bullshit pitch, possibly? or is Trump the real deal fighting the deep state. It does not appear to the case based on certain facts.

        Prepping is still best option for those who need to survive. I do not support the democrat liberals and do not support anyone who is a president, not do I trust anyone in office or congress, and this is common sense.
        Trump is working with and for the deep state. Get mad and attack all you want on this site, this will not change the real facts as in what is really going on in America and the world today. I cannot and will not lie to myself anymore. You look at what happened in Vegas, lie and lie after lie. What has the president done so far. So far, all the witnesses have been murdered and most of the worst videos have been taken down. This is what I monitor and watch. Fox news is not talking about it. The police state will be brought in by Trump.? or is this not possible and he is working for the interest of the American people? Or not.


        • Or not.

        • HCKS, welcome back. I’m no longer the cheerleader I was for Trump. The majority of Trump supporters are in for a rude awakening. I was awakened to the true nature of Alex Jones long before I even first came to this site. The same things that have happened going back to Reagan are still happening. Mickey Mouse could be POTUS and it would still be business as usual. I still believe we’re headed for civil war 2. I owe you an apology for our past differences and want to bury the hatchet right now. I already know who my real enemies are.

        • Agree with what you said but have to add to something.

          When you see terms like ‘Globalists’ or ‘Deep state’ these are covers for the Zionists that want to bring in their New World Order. Look at Agenda 21, vaccinations, cashless, decline of the family and promotion of gays/lesbians/transgenders and mixed race relationships.

          YouTube is a great start but beware of shill channels.

        • Doesnt matter who is driving, same broken old jaloppy, only thing is a complete restore

      11. I have been saying we went over the “fiscal cliff” in 2008 but because of the Fed and Government interference and manipulation we haven’t hit the ground yet. The market today is down another 650 points as I type. I hope everyone is ready bracing for impact.

      12. Buying opportunity, a correction. 30 days you’ll see new record highs, the government is stopping spending, they will set another record in deficit spending this year it already was a news story last week. All that new debt money ends up on Wall Street. Nothing can stop the debt creation as that is all there is!! I’ll sell weeks before an oil crisis appears, then you’ll get a recession.

      13. err, I wish I could edit last post… the government is NOT stopping their spending, they will set another record in deficit spending this year…

      14. OK Marc….which is it…the downturn is put off by 10 years or we are imploding right now ?

      15. We are pretty heavily invested in the market, but not only so. A person only needs so many bullets and beans. If your assets are considerable you have to diversify somewhat. Have real estate and we can’t eat that either. Still, I think, it is better to have shit than not. Hopefully all of your assets will not disappear at the same time. Good luck to all.

        • It went to build O’bammys’ Billion Dollar grass Hovel in Kenya cause he sure cut that department way back when he was in office.

      16. Head for the hills, boys! This is the Big One! 😉

        • No it is not. If it were I would agree with you because, as I have always said, “Be there to get there.” Not yet. 🙂

      17. well is this the beginning of the end after the market close today

        • I believe its just the intermission so get your second bag of popcorn while the lights are on.

      18. Can you say correction? Sure you can!

      19. I have made money in the stock market with a simple strategy that works for me. For the most part I stay clear of gambling, and the market is always a gamble even when you have inside information. The only time I take a chance is when I have some extra funds which would likely go to some other foolishness. I view the investment as an expense. I simply write it off. I go in believing I have insider info or a flash of genius.

        Even a “sure thing” will never get more than 20% of my total savings.

        When the bottom falls out, I rush in. The “blood is in the streets” and I am a vampire. If I lose my shirt, I have more; and I will have had a little fun. If the stock goes up, I get out while it is still rising. Never mind that there is more money to be made.

        It takes diligence and patience. It also takes self control. People who invest everything they have into one venture are likely to wind up jumping from twenty stories up. I have one story and I’m sticking to it.


        • BA from CA;
          Be careful, you will be attacked. I’m assuming you buy dividend stocks. I don’t see a lot of alternative ideas here for investing. Only negative, live in the swamp and be more clever than anyone else posts. Bet this will draw some hatred.

      20. Meh

      21. what goes up must come down……..happens regularly.

      22. Tomorrow is looking fugly.
        ht tps://

      23. B from CA….I spent most of my money on investments of women and liquor….I wasted the rest .

      24. everyone said the same thing in 2015 and 2016 when it crashed but came right back. I dont see why it wouldnt again this time. Feds still have more ammo to keep the markets high before the real crash.

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