US State Department Says ‘Conspiracy Theories Exist in the Realm of Myth’

by | May 23, 2010 | Headline News | 33 comments

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    The US State Department’s web site, which purports to engage international audiences on issues of foreign policy, society and values, has dedicated a special section to conspiracy theories and misinformation, claiming:

    “Conspiracy theories exist in the realm of myth, where imaginations run wild, fears trump facts, and evidence is ignored. As a superpower, the United States is often cast as a villain in these dramas.”

    Some of the conspiratorial myths “officially” debunked by the State Department include:

    The US military’s use of depleted uranium in combat and comparing this to radioactivity from detonations of nuclear weapons.

    “Uranium evokes very powerful fears. It is associated with atomic weapons, mass annihilation, radiation sickness, cancer and birth defects. Depleted uranium evokes these same fears, despite the fact that it has been depleted of much of its radioactivity. Even if you accept this fact, your fear-based associations can be more powerful than logic and facts. Compare how you feel about tungsten to how you feel about depleted uranium. Both are heavy metals, but “depleted uranium” might sound scarier to you.”

    Never mind that the World Health Organization says that depleted uranium is weakly radioactive and a radiation dose from it would be about 60% of that from purified natural uranium with the same mass. It’s only 60% as radioactive as the real stuff, so it’s safe to use in weapons systems we’re lobbing into neighborhoods in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The employment of economic hit men to entrap countries in huge amounts of debt.

    “Economic conspiracy theories are often based on the false, but popular, idea that powerful individuals are motivated overwhelmingly by their desire for wealth, rather than the wide variety of human motivations we all experience. (This one-dimensional, cartoonish view of human nature is at the heart of Marxist ideology, which once held hundreds of millions under its sway.)”

    “One fantasy, reflecting this simplistic, unimaginative way of interpreting human events, falsely claims that U.S. national security agencies employ “economic hit men” to entrap countries with huge amounts of debt.”

    “Within the United States, those who fear international influences may believe false stories that, with Canada and Mexico, the United States is replacing the dollar with a new “Amero” currency, patterned after the Euro, or that the United States is sacrificing its sovereignty to an imaginary “North American Union.”

    Two words: Goldman Sachs.

    And, while the Amero may not be a reality now, there is only one way that the United States is going to pay off the national debt that our domestic economic hit men have strapped us with, and this is through either devaluation or all out default. In both cases the US dollar as we know it today will be completely destroyed and a new currency system will be required. Call it a theory, we think it’s fact, and if they’re doing it to our own country, why would they not do it to third-world foreigners?

    The State Department has also made efforts to debunk the myth that President Obama is not a US citizen.

    “Today, some conspiracy theorists falsely claim President Obama was not born in the United States, making him ineligible to be president. However, there is no doubt that he was born in Hawaii.”

    There may be no doubt in the minds of those appointed to their posts by President Obama or those hired to write the State Departments debunking blogs, but millions of Americans question the President’s eligibility to serve for a number of reasons that include his failure to provide a legitimate Certificate of Live Birth issued by the State of Hawaii, his inability to explain his trip to Pakistan in the 1980’s when holders of US passports were not allowed into the country, and most recently, his use of a social security number issued only for residents of the State of Connecticut, in which he never lived.

    No government debunking of conspiracy myths would be complete without discussion of September 11th:

    Dramatic, polarizing events often give rise to conspiracy theories, and the September 11 attacks were the most dramatic terrorist attacks in history. Nonsense about them abounds, especially in the popular video “Loose Change.”

    See “The Top September 11 Conspiracy Theories” for an overview. There was no “controlled demolition” of the World Trade Center towers. Instead, the unprecedented attack by hijacked airliners full of jet fuel destroyed support pillars, loosened fireproofing insulation, and ignited fires that destroyed the twin towers. The collapse of the north tower heavily damaged World Trade Center 7, igniting fires and causing its collapse.

    A hijacked plane, not a cruise missile, hit the Pentagon, as detailed in a photo gallery. Four thousand Jews did not miss work at the World Trade Center on September 11. And al-Qaida has admitted, many times, that it carried out the attacks.

    At the risk of sounding like Debra Medina Truthers, we’ll refrain from arguing every point, however we’d like to point out to those of our readers who have not yet viewed the popular video “Loose Change,” that they take the time to do so before swallowing this nine sentence so-called debunking of the largest crime in American history.

    If nothing else, we’d suggest to readers that there are many questions that went unanswered about 9/11 which include, but are not limited to, over fifty (50) missing closed circuit videos around the Pentagon that were never released to the public and the fact the Osama Bin Laden was never officially implicated for his role in the September 11th WTC plot.

    A couple of conspiracies which were considered myths at the time of their occurrence, yet were not debunked by the State Department’s new web site include the Gulf of Tonkin incident which lead to the Vietnam war and the CIA drug transportation rings of the 1980’s. Because of the overwhelming evidence that was uncovered by independent researchers and reluctantly released by the government, these myths and fantasies eventually became realities.

    We wonder if the US government may be rushing to judgment about wild imaginations and irrational fears when they have failed to answer simple questions regarding many of the conspiracy “theories” above. Naturally, many of these will remain theories until the facts are openly provided to those requesting the information, at which point they will either be conspiracy fact or non-truths.

    For the time being, those who seek the truth will likely remain baffled, confused and misdirected, much like the magic bullet that killed JFK, because any good conspiracy creates a web of illegible disinformation and misinformation, not from those looking for answers, but by those who have the power to provide them.

    “What is it men cannot be made to believe!”
    Thomas Jefferson
    April 22, 1786


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      1. I see no “debunking”  in the Governments response to the so called conspiracies……..merely denial.  How many other “conspiracies” have been proven factual over the years? Many.  

      2. Mac – you are watering down the impact of my “Shoemaker-Levy” serial comments bombardment by consolidating them. This is how they are meant to work: Think of a boxer throwing a devasting combination of punches. While the opponent is still reeling from the 1st right uppercut, the left cross arrives – and then, while the poor slob is staggering around in total confusion, the coup-de-grace knockout punch lands on the chin. Get it?

      3. Tungsten, huh? They are really comparing depleted uranium to tungsten?  If you aren’t supposed to breathe the dust created by grinding tungsten due to health risks, what about DU rounds?
        Also, what photo gallery of the pentagon? I have never seen a photo or video of a plant hitting the pentagon.

      4. The real problem is that the people have no advocate in the government. The truth is what the government says it is. They appoint their  people to tell the story their way. There is no debate.
        It is what they  say it is. And if  you become a boil on their butt you are ruined personally, financially and physically.
        There is no independent studies. We only use the photographs and written documents they provide. Therefore it only leads to speculation on our part. And speculation does not stand up to their truth.
        When the truth comes out it’s because enough of the people involved in the conspiracy are either dead or they want the rest personally  ruined. Do you think they are really going to let us drive this train. Driving this engine is not for the weak minded people who can’t make a decision about what coffee to drink. This world can only be ran by men of stature who are willing to to take the reins and step on the rights of those servants  for the greater  cause of prosperity and fortune of  us who deserve to be called leaders, gods,masters of the universe (and all around nice guy)  of this miserable dirtball called earth. It is ours because we can take it and deserve the admiration of the people.
        Iced Caffe Americano please.

        go back to grazing that was just the wind making that swooshing sound.

      5. Speaking of myths, the biggest myths in the United States are as follows:

        1) President Obama is a man citizens can trust.
        2) The U.S. Congress supports the will of U.S. citizens
        3) The U.S. State Department’s Hillary Clinton is a strong advocate of U.S. sovereignity.  
        4) The Treasury Department’s Tim Geithner personal and professional credibility is beyond reproach.
        5) The Federal Reserve and Wall Street Banks do not conspire to manipulate stock and commodity prices.      
        6) Janet Napolitano has done a excellent job securing the nation’s borders and stopping terrorist incidents.
        7) The citizens of the United States are overwhelmingly in favor of everything Washington D.C has done for them in the last 17 months.   


      6. “Conspiracy theories exist in the realm of myth, where imaginations run wild, fears trump facts, and evidence is ignored. As a superpower, the United States is often cast as a villain in these dramas.”

        Unfortunately for these government shills, anybody with an ounce of brains can figure out that the “official” fairy tale about the 9/11 attacks is a conspiracy theory.

      7. GodSend, while your approach is funny and I see what you’re trying to do I am just trying to keep the comment area manageable. If you could refrain from comment strings it would be much appreciated.

        Paul : You should apply for a job with the blogging arm… LOL..

        Ray, mt, SJ: great comments.

      8. To me it seems that most “long-lived” conspiracy theories and “myths” of all kinds have a couple of nuances, or pieces of information, that can “reasonably” be said “not to be complete BS.”

        For example, with the WTC attack – to this day, I have not heard a reasonable explanation of why Building 7 collapsed in the prestine manner it did.  Sure, it may have sustained some damage from the collapses of the towers…and fires may helped serious damage it…

        …but WTC 7’s collapse looked EXACTLY like a staged demolition to me…and that is just NOT how (steel-framed) buildings collapse from uneven damage.  There are countless videos of non-staged building collapses on the web.

        (I, personally, can not say the same thing about the towers because of their unique structure.)

        I’m not saying that I believe 9/11 was an “inside” job or something…I’m just saying that “something is up” with Building 7.

        Now, I know I’m going to take some abuse for this next one…

        …but on a much, much, much less serious note, while I do NOT believe there is a population of unknown primates (e.g., Bigfoot) running around North America, I still am still “impressed” by the Patterson-Gimlin film.

        Why?  Because is was filmed over 40 years ago…and to this day, no one has made a better hoax – and there have been many efforts.  That, in and of itself, is interesting.

      9. Paul – Excellent!!!    

      10. Since just about everything coming from the government is a lie, then this must be too. 

      11. Mac,

        To guarantee success in acquiring that job I’m  changing my anglo name of Paul Revere……… to it’s hispanic equivalent……… Pablo Rivera.   

        Why?   Because Obama favors illegal LAH-TEE-NO’s rights far more than the rights of those damn whitey’s in El Norte.

        Viva Mexico!  

        Viva Pendejo Obama!       


      12. Mac – I find your approach to consolidating – and then CENSORING (as in REMOVING) – my brilliant combination comments in this thread, totally unfunny, unacceptable and unconsistent with your self-acclaimed objectivity. What is it that you’re afraid of, huh? Do the Zionist Shills here find my well-substantiated and self-evident and fact-filled anti-Israel fare unpalatable? Are they sending you emails and threatening to boycott your nascent Blog?

        To recapitulate, when that brilliant Senator Fulbright asserted some years ago that the US Congress (particularly the Senate) is “Israel-Occupied Territory”, he knew what he was talking about. Now, many years later, the entire Federal government, from the WH to the State Department (and everything else in between) has morphed into Israel-FORTIFIED Territory, or, in the infamous words of the now-comatose ex-PM of Zionist Israel, Ariel Sharon: “Don’t worry about the Americans. We, the Jewish people (he meant Zionists), CONTROL America, and the Americans know it.” Yes, my fellow Americans, the “Israel Lobby” now occupies ALL of America – not just the lobby!

        The State Department website makes clear that it is an Agency of the State of Israel – just like the WH, CONgress, Homeland Security, the FED, the Treasury, etc., etc., etc. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out!

        And what’s with handing out Brownie points to commenters? Has someone appointed you to the Supreme Court lately?

      13. OK, Mac – you can stop moderating my first 3 comments in this thread now. I simplified things for you in my last comment (2:35 pm)

      14. Mr. Slavo,
        We the commenters respect your authority. We recognize your power to fold, bend, staple and mutilate anything posted here. Let me step back please. I don’t want to get any stains on these new shoes. Oh and thanks for the brownine points. I wish you would start handing out TSC. (tough shit chits) The chaplain knows what to do with them. The meaning can be found here. 

      15. It appears that ray has been nominated by unknown entities to speak for “We the commenters” – or perhaps he just nominated himself!? ray, you are not “We” – and you DEFINITELY do not speak for me! Kindergarten teachers hand out Brownie points – and only “Kinder” enjoy receiving them!

      16. GS – see how easy that was — you put all your ideas into one comment instead of 3 or 4 or 5 in a row… It’s not an issue of censorship…

        YoucancallmeRay: TSC… someone should make a wordpress plugin for that.. haha…  also, youcancallmemac 🙂

        Pablo – if you need assistance with this page, go here

        Rick, you’ve mentioned the Patterson-Gimlin film before, and I think I need to finally check it out. Many a hominid species has walked the earth in the last million years. Can we completely rule out their extinction?

      17. Ray, your first comment was a joke, wasn’t it???? If not, it was.

      18. Mac – you are watering down the impact of my “Shoemaker-Levy” serial comments bombardment by consolidating them. This is how they are meant to work: Think of a boxer throwing a devasting combination of punches. While the opponent is still reeling from the 1st right uppercut, the left cross arrives – and then, while the poor slob is staggering around in total confusion, the coup-de-grace knockout punch lands on the chin. Get it?

        I just combined my comments  in 2:35 pm to demonstrate just how easy it is – embellished, even. But you can see how the impact – POW power – is lost, right?! Nevertheless, if you prefer bland bundling, so be it. But do spare me from Brownie points, OK! – they bring back best-buried childhood memories of Father John (Egads!)

      19. Can I call you BIGmac? – or is that too beefy? Would ‘Mein Führer’ be going too far, Mr. Slavo? Oooops – that’s 2 in a row. 😮 Where is my xanadu interjector, when I need him???

      20. This world can only be ran by men of stature who are willing to to take the reins and step on the rights of those servants  for the greater  cause of prosperity and fortune of  us who deserve to be called leaders, gods,masters of the universe (and all around nice guy)  of this miserable dirtball called earth. It is ours because we can take it and deserve the admiration of the people.

        I guess I needed to be more specific on the joke part. That SURE sounds like a “chosenite” type statement. That really IS a joke.

      21. “We will know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
        William Casey, CIA Director 1981

        No one of any consequence knows with any detail, the facts surrounding the economy, the oil spill, the bailouts, Obama’s past, etc, just to name a few recent examples of intentional misrepresentation/cover-up of the facts surrounding these issues. Were they not high profile……deny, deny, deny. It’s bad enough that the government controlled press is so busy  trying to convince Americans that they are not seeing what they see………….what is truly alarming is the willingness of the sheeple to swallow the stories (worship the Beast).

      22. sanityjones:

        Alarming, YES! – surprising, NO! The American sheeple have been continuously brainwashed by the Zionist-controlled MSM for decades. Every day, they hammer away with distracting trivia, disinformation, misinformation, omission of criminals at work in high places and outright LIES, emanating from “official” sources.

        We are a hair’s breadth away from the next 911 (II), martial law, “Financial Armageddon” (engineered!) and a Fascist Police State – courtesy of Zionist Slimeballs and their Goy Stooges.

        Time to water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants! (Thomas Jefferson).

        MAZEL TOV!

      23. MDF ,
        I was speaking of  how  “they” (those in power)   think of people below them. Isn’t that how the elite think? Now you know why I’m not a writer.

        No , I’m not chosen just forgiven.

      24. Ray, Thank you sir. I’ve had a few “battles” on this blog with some tribe members who are constantly spewing their lies. Their view of being “The Ones” in the eyes of the Big Guy are the biggest joke of them all. They seem to think all of us “goy” are brainwashed fools. Maybe a good stare in the mirror would help these folks, but when you’re that full of yourself, nothing will help.
        I understand your statement about how the PTB think they know best. Very, very soon they are going to get to know how WE think and I don’t think they’re going to like it.

        Sorry for the attack.

      25. A story is not true until it has been offically denied

      26. We certainly don’t want any discussion of the devices that were declared under the Peaceful use of nuclear weapons Treaty that were under the WTC complex.
        We don’t want to talk about the bubbling pools of molten iron that remained liquid for 6 months.
        We don’t want to talk about the seismic jolts 10 seconds before the crush zone disintegration of the towers.
        And we certainly don’t want to talk about the radiation levels on the pile, or the radiation deaths.

        All that stuff is just crazy conspiracy disinformation, and it’s a darn good thin that someone keeps pulling and disappearing Dimitri Khalezov’s videos on this wild stuff.
        I mean after all,  he only worked on the opposite side of that Treaty – How would he know anything???

      27. Hey godsend……..can we send you back?

      28. When are people going to realize that it’s conspiracy theories that drive much of human history? Just because it’s a conspiracy does not mean it’s untrue! Besides, if the government has to officially address these theories now, I know that there must be a kernel of truth in them somewhere. This is psychology 101. They deny it — it must be true.

        I have followed the 9/11 conspiracy theory for at least 6 years now, and it’s not getting old. All I end up with are yet more questions. For instance:

        1) Why did the airline stocks tank just a few days before 9/11? Who knew that was going to happen? Why weren’t those traders who profited called in for questioning?

        2) How come it just so happened that Enron and Arthur Anderson’s accounting files were stored in building 7, who were being investigated for fraud?

        3) Who is that man in those videos the Pentagon keeps showing us? (it’s not Bin Laden)

        4) Why was there just garbage strewn in a line in that field in Shanksville PA? Where were the bodies?

        Too many other questions to list – questions that will never be answered satisfactorily. My theory is this was all connected to what is going on today. The economy was supposed to collapse back then. Remember the missing trillion $ the day before 9/11? It was ransom for saving the Fed’s asses. How could they cover that up and all the crap affiliated with the government being in bed with Enron/Worldcom? Why, destroy Building 7! Clear out the files and reset the debt. Why do you think it’s called Ground Zero?

        I believe this is all connected – how’s that for a master conspiracy theory?

      29. Hope and Change…………..the ultimate myth!

        Yeah, I’m talking about you Obama, your a freaking LIAR!

      30. So the US government says all these conspiracy notions are pure myth.

        And the last time the US government told the truth was. . . ??

      31. Good news for everyone: Dimitri Khalezov’s movies prohibited on YouTube and Dailymotion have just re-appeared on  Besides, they could be downloaded from here: Watch and you will find all answers to your questions. This movie answers them all. That is why it is the most prohibited item on the Internet now. But if you google for it you will definitely find it somewhere. Many people now try to re-distribute this video.

      32. DECEPTION comes from the Devil! (the “Great Deceiver“). So what does that tell us about the Zionist-controlled Federal government, including the State Department? Remember this equation:


        If truth comes from the Federal government, it is an ACCIDENT!

      33. youcancallmeray:  “The real problem is that the people have no advocate in the government.”

        Actually, the real problem is that the people have no advocate, generally, in the Press, which is owned by the same monied interests (i.e., the bankers) who control the political process (phony “2” party system) and the politicians. If it weren’t for the internet, none of this stuff would get more than a 20 second soundbite, one time, on a Saturday night newscast on some national holiday weekend.

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