US Prepares For ‘Action’ Against Venezuela In Coming Days

by | Sep 24, 2018 | Headline News | 36 comments

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    The United States is preparing to take “action” against socialist Venezuela, while simultaneously going down the same path. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that in the coming days, the US’s “series of actions” will put pressure on the Venezuelan government.

    “You’ll see in the coming days a series of actions that continue to increase the pressure level against the Venezuelan leadership folks, who are working directly against the best interest of the Venezuelan people,” Pompeo said according to Reuters. “We’re determined to ensure that the Venezuelan people get their say.”

    The Trump administration has been steadily increasing sanctions against officials in the leftist socialist government of President Nicolas Maduro, accusing it of “stifling democracy” by jailing opposition leaders. Although Pompeo did not say what actions specifically would be taken, it appears the US seeks to somehow “punish” Venezuela while continuing to take America down the same path.

    According to Reuters, Venezuela’s economy has collapsed under Maduro’s socialist policies, with annual inflation running at 200,000 percent, and staple foods and basic medicine increasingly difficult to obtain, which has led to mass emigration and starvation. All of this, as Americans clamor for more government and the exact same socialist policies of stealing from those who produce to give to those who do not.

    Pompeo’s warning to Venezuela comes ahead of the annual United Nations General Assembly in New York next week. That event will be attended by heads of state from around the world. Maduro has not attended the meetings since 2015 and this week said he may not attend the gathering because of concerns about his safety. Maduro insists that he was the victim of an assassination attempt in August.

    In August, two drones exploded over an outdoor rally in Caracas where Maduro was giving a speech, injuring seven soldiers and leading to the arrest of over a dozen suspects, including several military officials. Maduro described it as an assassination attempt. Maduro has blamed Colombia for the attack, which was denied by Bogota as a “baseless” accusation, according to the BBC.


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      1. I have no problem in putting the squeeze on these pukes.
        I however do have a problem with getting our military involved in any way

      2. Butt out! nunyuhbidnuss, america.

        • Until we have to start taking in millions of refugee migrants from there.

          But, of course, at that time it won’t make any difference if we do try to something or not.

      3. Wait a second, so the clown criminal US Gov’t wants to punish another country while at the same time, becoming more and more like that very country daily. . . oh okay, just wanted to make sure I understood.

        • Trump is doing his best to change just that. It’s the young left that is pushing this crap but will not win

      4. Venezuela is a perfect example of the failed system of Govt. we call a socialist dictatorship. Why would we but our nose into a teachable example for all the American snowflakes that want to try a similar (democratic socialism) application of this with CRAZY BERNIE.

      5. What is the rationalization for interfering with Venezuela? How are they an existential threat???

        • Central America -all the nations there- and Mexico don’t present an existential threat to us either.

          Or do they?

          No of course not. We have easily absorbed tens of millions of their “refugees” and can take in tens of millions more with no problem at all.

          • Yes, its absolutely true that we have massive illegal alien problem due to the leftists and due to payoff to the RINOs. But if we have any military response…MORE will flee,not less.

            Ideally financial stability in Mexico and Central and South America means LESS illegal aliens.

            • I don’t hear anyone talking about an American military response except Maduro to try to absolve his socialist regime from any accountability and keep the Venezuelan people in line through fear of one.

              From what I can see from where I am, the people there aren’t buying it although many of them would actually welcome one to free them from Maduro.

          • “We have easily absorbed tens of millions of their “refugees” and can take in tens of millions more with no problem at all.”

            Did you perhaps forget the brackets? e.g. [sarcasm] ??

            • Thought it was obvious enough it didn’t need them.

      6. When you harvest fruit trees, make fruit pies with a crust made of crushed nuts. Can some fruit in jars. Dehydrate or freeze dry the rest; store in vacuum sealed small portions, and freeze. Dehydrated fruit will last for a very long time when frozen. Make your own jams, jellies, and candies, and deserts. Stop buying imported fruit, and start growing instead. Get ahead of government bs.


        • Our ancestors typically did not eat very much fresh produce UNLESS they grew it or bought it locally and in season. That was the whole basis for canning. Only wealthy people ate fragile fresh fruit out of season.

          The ramifications are terrible as much of this fresh produce is thrown away. And groceries then add on this cost to other products. It’s considered de rigeur to have a fancy produce display and much is wasted. Very little is donated to food banks.

        • Go peddle your truth somewhere else…

          In California they were at one point (still?) spraying up to 480.000ppm oil on crops . That’s just shy of HALF OIL.

          naturalnews DOT com/050624_fracking_chemicals_food_crops_waste_water.html

          I can’t wait until BIOSLUDGED is finally released by Mike Adams.

            • We have been leaving behind toxic pollution not for generations on one side (the future) of the equation, but for generations in the past. So, both sides of the equation are just full of this shit.

              Take Love Canal. That sucker is going to get loose again someday. If it does while the US is in a Deep State collapse then no one will be there to clean it up (again). People will die. People did die.

              My thought is the Black Swan awaiting us is an Earth made toxic by humans. Forget “climate change.” Climate change is (fully-rigged, manipulated, and controlled), small potatoes.

          • 480 ppm is nowhere near half oil.

            It’s 480/1,000,000 or .00048% oil.

            ppm means parts per million parts, not parts per hundred parts.

            Check your figures.

            • 480,000ppm. That’s 480 THOUSAND parts per million
              500,000ppm is half of 1,000,000
              480,000/1,000,000 ???…=0.48 = 48%

              if you like math then may I suggest 480×10^3 / 1×10^6 for engineering notation and 4.8×10^5 / 1×10^6 for scientific notation.

              or read the article…with glasses.

              • This is what was posted. “480.000ppm”

                In math, 480 is the same as 480.000 or even 480.000000000000000000000000 or 480.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.

                Zero’s after a decimal point, no matter how many, are of no significance since they represent a value of zero with the numbers in front of the decimal point being the only value the number has.

                Do you understand the mathematical difference between a decimal and a comma? What each of them signifies?

                • As posted by the LA times…direct COPY.
                  An accompanying graphic cited the levels of three chemicals found in untreated oil field water: oil, 240,000-480,000 parts per million; acetone, 440-530 parts per billion; and methylene chloride, 82-89 parts per billion.

                  As posted at NaturalNews…direct COPY.
                  The levels of three chemicals found in untreated oil field water were: 240,000 – 480,000 parts per million of oil; 440 – 530 parts per billion of acetone; and 82 – 89 parts per bill of methylene chloride.

                  Those are COMMAS. 24-48% as noted by source article and article citing source.

                  There is a thing called a magnifying glass my dear, but it may require an opposable thumb.

                  • i just LOVE hot popcorn, with real butter drizzled all over it, and a lil salt……

                    • Haha haha.

                      And French toast?

        • If you buy bottled/cartoned orange juice, please consider only purchasing NOT FROM CONCENTRATE juice because that product is from USA grown (usually Florida)oranges.

          Nearly half the OJ Concentrate is imported, primarily from Brazil.

          If buying home grown is important to you, choosing NFC orange juice has a better chance of helping.


          • We may be thankful to be getting our oranges (and bananas, and coffee, and chocolate, and processed cheese), from anywhere — if the climates necessary to grow this stuff keep disappearing.

            Florida oranges are suffering from a green blight. Comes from over-growing and habitat destruction. You can also add salt water intrusion into the limestone aquifers.

            Further south bananas are suffering from Panama Disease or Tropical Race 4 (TR4). Some speculate that chocolate will be gone in 40-years; not to any disease, just climate change. Same thing with coffee. You can thank Starbucks for demand destruction.

            Cheese is the one I like. Instead of real cheese the industry has had to substitute “cheese food.” Real cheese is now in your deli isle — at 5-times the price. But you even have to be careful in the deli isle now.

            Meat is another. Population growth, demand destruction, land and water shortages, drought, etc. Steak or a hamburger is going to be something explained to our grandchildren. They’ll never eat one.

            Watch “Soylent Green.” The older I get the more that movie scares the crap out of me.

            So, what’s for breakfast? Got Dystopia?

        • Quit buying California produce years ago. It’s the worst produce in the world. Strawberries that are all white on the inside. Melons with no taste. All junk.
          Buy locally grown produce. Support your local small scale farmer. Far better.
          Screw California.

          • For some good homegrown fruit, sweet and succulent, epsom salts , baby.

            • Can’t beat homegrown. Tomatoes. Peaches. Plums. Nuts and berries. Corn. Apples. Homemade cheeses. Apple Cider. Grapes. Cherries. Concord Grape Juice fresh off the press. Potatoes.

              It’s like the difference between having a lobster from the grocery store, and eating one fresh off the Maine lobster boat. The closer to the source you get, the better the food is.

      7. The CIA and all of the intelligence agencies have confirmed that there is evidence, which must maintain secrecy for National Security, that Venezuela is in the late stages of a planned attack on Pearl Harbor. As patriotic Americans we must support our government to maintain our freedom.

      8. They grow everything in California and the prices are jacked up. At Publix a medium seedless warermelon had a $10 price tag on it. All of the prices are grossly jacked up. They would rather throw it away than lower the price. On Venezuela, the capitalists are controlling that disaster worried about their precious profits while spreading murder and mayhem throughout the civilized world. Meanwhile Hillary before the cameras answering questions about whether Trump can be indicted for pre presidential crimes as if her credibility wasn’t completely shot as the war on the Bill of Rights steadily intensifies.

      9. The Executive Orders that take effect when martial law is declared, put all power in the hands of the Government. They assign the areas of responsibility to the different Government agencies. The Executive Orders establish a socialist state. Why does anyone believe that it will work any better than Venezuela’s?

      10. America has an interest in the Americas, North, central and south, including the surrounding waters.
        Eff the middle east and Asia. Pay attention to our home and our local resources.

      11. “The Trump administration has been steadily increasing sanctions against officials in the leftist socialist government of President Nicolas Maduro, accusing it of “stifling democracy” . . . .””

        Whenever you hear the word “democracy” spoken by the US government think “Bullshit.”

      12. Sure, we’ve hurt them so much with the “sanctions”, lets go in and kill them all so rockefellers can sell the oil.

      13. “Maduro recognizes Venezuela is still a capitalist-based economy…” (Popular Resistance newsletter, 27 May, 2018).

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