US Officials Warn Americans Of A Possible Russian Invasion

by | Jan 19, 2022 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    While speaking to officials in the Ukrainian capital on Wednesday, United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that there is going to possibly be a Russian invasion of Ukraine. If this happens, we can all bet the United States will be first in line to “help” with war efforts.

    Russian soldiers, tanks, and military hardware could begin pouring over the shared border with Ukraine with little or no warning, Washington’s top diplomat has told American embassy staff in Kyiv as part of a whistle-stop diplomatic tour of Europe, according to a report by RT

    Blinken said that Russia is amassing troops and weapons systems near the frontier “with no provocation, no reason. We know that there are plans in place to increase that force even more on very short notice, and that gives Russian President [Vladimir] Putin the capacity, also on very short notice, to take further aggressive action against Ukraine,” Blinken claimed.

    Jens Stoltenberg, the US-led bloc’s secretary-general, has described the draft treaties put forward by Russia as unacceptable, saying that “the decision on whether Ukraine can join NATO will be taken by Ukraine and 30 NATO Allies alone.”

    The Kremlin has repeatedly denied the accusations that it is planning to attack, with its press secretary Dmitry Peskov slamming them as “groundless” and manifestations of “hysteria.” The official also previously said that the movement of the country’s armed forces on its own territory is an internal matter and of no concern to anyone else. -RT

    A report published earlier this week by The New York Times, citing unnamed officials, claimed that Moscow has started to evacuate its diplomats and their families from its embassy in Kyiv and consulate in Lvov.

    Earlier this year, another U.S. official said the US “must” prepare for war with Russia.

    Ex-Pentagon Official: The US MUST Prepare For War With Russia

    The rhetoric is ongoing. Hopefully, it’s nothing more than talk. Be prepared either way though. Everything seems a little strange on the planet right now.


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      1. Tell your kids to get ready to be drafted!

        • Genius

          In rapid order the “war” would cease as sanity prevailed or in its absence cross into the use of nuclear weapons. A protracted conventional war would not occur. The collateral result with the first bullet fired is a world financial collapse; this is certainly a frightening “Black Swan Event”. The impact of that upon geo-politics would likely be a predicate for global wars and revolutions. It’s no coincidence that WWII came on the heels of The Great Depression. The world is a very fragile place.

          • Hey Kevin, good to see you. I know that is not logical but it IS the plan. Order out of chaos. The depopulation agenda is in full force and they will achieve it at all cost. People are waking up to the vaxx scam so it’s on to plan B. Collapsing countries go to war. I don’t know if they are all planning it or behind it (controlled genocide) but they will not stop until the agenda is achieved. I would expect another plandemic of something that really is deadly. Hang on to yer hat cowboy, we’re going for a ride!

            • At the incipient stage a US / Russia confrontation will collapse the world economy. The banksters won’t get the blame even though for decades they set up the conditions to facilitate it. They damn sure will be there for the post collapse fire sale buying up the world for pennies on a dollar.

      2. Putin better be careful or he’ll end up like Corn Pop, a lesson he’ll not soon forget!

      3. No Red Dawn? Wolverines!

      4. Not to be a downer, but the
        U. S. in no position to help in a war – because as everyone knows by now everyone here is already deceased due to the fierce, unstoppable monster that goes by the
        name of covid.

      5. Of course there’s going to be war. It’s always old men in power who want to kill others.

        • That’s because the young put them in power.

        • Humanity still isn’t emotionally intelligent enough to solve conflicts. No wonder our younger generations are angry. No older human adult has shown the rest of us how to be decent. Start wars, kill others, cause hardship to others. Yeah, real good influence you older ones have shown. ?

          • Every generation needs to be blooded. The Boomers were blooded in Vietnam; Gen X had Iraq, Afghanistan, the War on Terror, endless regional conflicts, from Bosnia to the Congo. Gen X has been the most war burdened generation if you look at the quantity of conflicts in their lifetime.

            Whereas Generation nano, the dipshit generation of the meta-wank-verse, the wokistas of planet dumb-ass, those dudes and dudettes and trannyettes have never had a real test of their metal. They are Generation Obama. Digital douche bags raised on over-speculated tech bro nonsense, suckled by video games and porn, hiding in mama’s basement: they need to be drafted and to be sent to Parris Island where a Gunny can whip their diversity-loving, BLM butts into a frozen steppe fighting force to take on Mother Russia. Or not.

      6. Who are we going to “help?” Don’t be surprised if Biden takes the Russian side.

      7. I told you so last week. Bribe me thought that if he just sent in the Social Worker, everything would work out just fine.

      8. Is the Gubermint saying this is a Red Dawn situation in the USSA? We have the largest standing army in the world and millions of vets that know how to shoot. Oh me not worried to say the least but hey let’s go Brandon!

      9. I remember the various times the US has gone to war in my lifetime. What stood out was how contained each conflict was. There tended to be a very long build-up, evidence the ‘enemy’ was weak and the US could attack at will on a timetable.

        When the war began it was also on a start line with the President making a big announcement. “My fellow Americans, tonight combined services and our allies are engaged in air combat over Iraq. This was a difficult decision but we will prevail. God Bless our brave men and women in uniform!”

        There was enormous good will towards the military and they were a professional force.

        But what is different about today is this: if there is conflict with Russia and China it will be starting on THEIR timetable. The US and its allies would be caught on the hop – just as they were with COVID – scrambling to put together a strategy. This means men and material would need to be lifted into the war theatre under COMBAT conditions. That is a very dangerous task to do. Both Russia and China have advanced weapons systems for aircraft. It would look at bit like Khe Sanh in the Vietnam War: every second aircraft getting hit on the way in, smouldering ruins on the runway, troops cut off from supplies and under siege, most resupplies reduced to air drops.

        Ukraine is cold. And muddy. Ground war would be dirty and miserable. The US would be fighting Russia on a patch it knows very well. Russia is a vast country. For sure China would be feeding in supplies and those supply depots would be deep in the country and hard to take out because of Russian air defences. The US would be bringing in supplies across the ocean and by air. Keep in mind: Russia is not Iraq. They can fight and plan and execute. Battles would be vicious and the US would take heavy casualties.

      10. I know this sounds like hyperbole, but a war with a country like Russia (and China would be their ally who would also take Taiwan) would be perhaps the greatest folly in military history. The US, with its allies like NATO and Ukraine, have absolutely no stomach for a real war. And who would help us in the Far East, Japan and South Korea, who very much dislike each other? N. Korea would definitely take advantage of the chaos and go for S. Korea. And if someone, anyone, lobs a nuke, even only a tactical nuke, well, there goes the whole show. We have some fruitcake politicians here in the US who have actually advocated for first strike use of nukes if Russia goes into Ukraine.
        All this is only typifies how the gov’t and officialdom and their corporate friends have grossly abused this country, of the terrible position they have put the American people in, and how weak we really are. What absolute miscreants we have “governing” this country. Then we have these neocons (consisting of both officials and private individuals and entities who meet and plan in secret-they crave to have Europeans fighting Europeans and Christians fighting Christians) constantly pushing for wars and want to use your children and grandchildren as cannon fodder for their own goals. The prezz isn’t making all these decisions, so one has to ask, who the hell is?
        Meanwhile, trade would stop and China would close the door to manufactured goods, which is literally almost everything Americans needs. Without this trade, it would only be a month or two there before there would be real chaos on the home front, and they know it. And since our beloved prezz (that is, the people who ordered him to) have shut down some oil pipelines, we must now import most of our oil, you could expect severe energy shortages.
        Again, all this only proves we live in a kakistocracy, which is a gov’t that consists of the most incompetent, morally depraved, and worst individuals society has to offer. Therefore, expect anything. Perhaps the other side will just back off and let us finish ourselves off.

      11. If they invade, Blinken can get a bunch of Democrats, ANTIFA and BLM folks to help. They made the s_ _t sandwich, so they can eat it.

      12. What Russian invasion force??? Why Ukraine???

        What about the southern US border???

      13. The pigs are going to fight again.

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