Ex-Pentagon Official: The US MUST Prepare For War With Russia

by | Jan 13, 2022 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    An ex-Pentagon official is saying the United States must prepare for a war with Russia. Evelyn Farkas, a former Obama administration official, said Washington could be obliged to step in militarily if Moscow decides to mount an invasion of Ukraine in the near future.

    The war hawks have been out if force lately, and Farkas is no different. According to a report by RT, she published an op-ed in Defense One on Tuesday in which she claimed that an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine is more likely than not. Farkas also insisted that diplomatic talks between Moscow and Washington, taking place this week, are likely to fail and that the United States should already be getting ready for a war with Russia.

    “If Russia prevails again,” she warned, “we will remain stuck in a crisis not just over Ukraine but about the future of the global order far beyond that country’s borders. Left unrestrained, Putin will move swiftly, grab some land, consolidate his gains, and set his sights on the next satellite state in his long game to restore all the pre-1991 borders: the sphere of geographical influence he deems was unjustly stripped from Great Russia.”

    War rhetoric continues to mount as tensions also rise.

    Russia Lays Out Security Demands At NATO HQ Amid ‘Live Fire’ Exercises Near Ukraine

    Farkas’ article comes as senior diplomats from the US and Russia are meeting in Geneva this week to discuss security proposals that Moscow delivered to Washington in December. The Kremlin has requested written guarantees that NATO, the US-led military bloc, will not expand into Ukraine and Georgia, two countries that share borders with Russia. American officials, meanwhile, have expressed concern about the alleged Russian troop buildup near Ukraine, and have said that they will not make any promises about NATO membership.-RT

    Russia has repeatedly denied it has any aggressive intentions towards Ukraine and has accused the US of fueling tensions by providing Kiev with arms and military support.


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      1. Why has Russia gotten to be such a problem over the past year?

        • Anon – You are asking a question based on the wrong premise. Russia is merely acting in its self interest. It doesn’t want Ukraine in NATO, it’s that simple. We have troops and military facilities close to Russia’s borders to where it is practically surrounded, Russia has no installations anywhere near us, not even in our hemisphere. We have about 800 facilities around the world, you can count Russia’s on one hand. We have been waging wars in several countries almost non stop for 30 years, they have only had boots on the ground in Syria, and that was by invitation.
          The average European couldn’t care less if Ukraine is part of NATO. How would the US like it if the Bahamas or Mexico or Bermuda allowed a large permanent Russian presence so close to us. That’s what we are doing to them. When the USSR collapsed and the Iron Curtain came down the US promised Russia that NATO would never move east one inch. That promise has been broken again and again. I’m not a friend or supporter of Russia, but you have to give them credit for their restraint. Now, Russia has drawn the line in Ukraine.
          How is Ukraine in NATO a matter of national security. Their gov’t is corrupt through and through, the population is dropping year after year, and their economy is not much more than a few billionaires and the rest are poor. Furthermore, the eastern third of Ukraine wants to be part of Russia.
          A main instigator of the whole mess are the neocons. They are upset because Russia is too powerful to bully, and won’t go along with their globalist scheme. And the neocons still wish Russia was still in the grips of Bolshevik communism. When it was in the USSR it was okay. Now that the Russians have thrown off communism the neocons hate them and they take every opportunity to undermine them. The actions of neocons are not out of patriotism, they are merely exploiting the might and resources of the US for their own goals.
          Our own borders go unprotected and were overran by almost 2 million illegal immigrants in 2021, yet for some reason the US is concerned to the point of war about Ukraine’s borders. Regardless what happens in Ukraine it won’t affect our national security one bit. Let them work out there own problems.

      2. A war with Russia would embolden China and lead to another war over Taiwan. The US fighting on two fronts would lead to chaos in the Middle east. Biden has really screwed this up, and our country is in dire circumstances. We have a depleted, “Woke” Armed forces lacking experienced leadership over Biden’s ‘extremist” purges and vaccine mandates. Young people are chanting “FJB”. Do anyone think these people will enlist to fight for him? Or fight for our racist, unequal nation? Rhetoric has consequences.
        God help this nation, as I doubt it can help itself with Biden at the helm.

        • Totally agree. Whilst the US still has impressive war-fighting capability it can only do so with over-whelming force (the Powell doctrine). The US military cannot handle a peer-level war that lasts more than a few months.

          As we saw with Iraq, the US sailed through the initial invasion but ended up getting bogged down in a guerilla war and to this day has retreated into garrisons which are under constant attack (see Beau Jest).

          But let’s also look at what the US military is today, 2022, compared to say 2001. In 2001, the US military was a tougher force and still predominately white European in origin. Today, the US military has gone ‘woke’, actually has trans troops, and is heavily reliant on recruiting ghetto trash to pack out its frontline ranks.

          Ghetto trash are so not going to perform well in the frozen steppe of Ukraine and Russia. They would be fighting on white man’s patch.

          In 2001 Russia was only just recovering from the 1990s, where the country was economically destroyed. Its military was a rust-bucket force using weapons from the Soviet Union. Today, Russia has been undergoing two decades of military modernisation. It actually has several weapons categories that are superior to the US and could be called a ‘game-changer’ in war.

          Russia today also has allies. China, for example, would definitely offer logistics and material support to Russia. Having China as your material source is like having America in the 1940s.

          Russia has also shown steller battlefield intelligence and stealth to get what it wants. Its incursion into Ukraine was a masterstroke. Its blackmailing and interjection into the Middle East was also a masterstroke. Expect Russia to think outside of the box in war.

          Putin is not Saddam Hussein or MOMO Ghaddafi. Putin only acts after extensive risk analysis.

          But I guess the most dramatic difference to 2001 is the state of America. In 2001 the US was riding a high, with the 1990s tech boom dominating the world. Apart from blacks the US population was very happy and enjoying the rising living standards of the Clinton presidency. Today, the US is fractured, with even groups that should be very contented – doctors, lawyers, successful businessmen, white professionals – very angry and so angry some even stormed the capitol. As for the people who ‘benefited’ from Obama’s wokism – blacks, Muslims, lesbians, trans, etc. – I just can’t see them getting really excited to fight a war in Europe.

          • Don’t disparage all blacks in general. They have fought admiralty in every war since WW2, even when there they were in segregated units.
            That is not to say there are not problem blacks, but every race and ethnicity has problem people in the service. I served with many admirable black people in my time in service.

            • Well said Jocko.
              Frank tends to paint with one brush.
              No clue how it is in his country but in America every race has its good and bad.

      3. Two reasons I disregard Evelyn Farkas call to go to war with Russia. She’s a woman and an Obama appointee….

      4. You know Joe is going to follow Obama’s example and will lead with his behind.

      5. Evelyn Farkas is a member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), like most players on the “Biden team” including the secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense, Commerce, and Homeland Security; the secretaries of the Army, Navy, and Air Force; the CIA director, the Fed chairman, and dozens more.

      6. RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA, has gotten a little old Mr. Gubermint! The average American could care less!

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