US Navy SEALs On Power Grid Attack: ‘A Carbon Copy’ of How We Would Do It

by | Feb 19, 2014 | Headline News | 195 comments

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    The threat of a breakdown of our national power infrastructure has been a growing concern for the last decade. With the invention of “Super EMP” electro-magnetic pulse weapons, the possibility of Carrington-class solar flares, and the potential for cyber attackers to remotely compromise our interconnected computer systems, there may come a time in our country’s future when our entire way of life is threatened because we no longer have access to the one thing that keeps it all moving – electricity. Outgoing Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano recently suggested that such a widespread outage is imminent and Congresswoman Yvette Clarke who is a senior member of the House Homeland Security Committee concluded that the chance of a serious geo-magnetic event crippling our power grid is 100%.

    The threat is real.

    And as recently as last year Americans got a taste of what such an attack may look like. Though not reported at the time out of national security concerns, it was recently revealed that an entire domestic power grid sub-station came under attack in what seems to be a professionally executed assault. The attackers first cut phone lines from the sub-station and they then proceeded to fire 100 rounds from long-range at critical components such as the generators that keep the station cooling systems operational. This resulted in millions of dollars worth of damage and a reported electrical outage that spanned nearly a month.

    According to officials this was a sophisticated attack likely involving the coordination of multiple individuals. And they’re not the only ones who think so.

    (Closed Circuit cameras capture  San Josa, CA power grid sniper attack)

    US Navy Seals have said it is a carbon copy of how they would carry out such an operation.

    According to Sky News the FBI doesn’t believe this was an act of terrorism – though stamping your own gold coins, questioning mainstream ideologies, or purchasing food in bulk do qualify as suspected terrorist operations:

    The FBI says it does not believe the attack was terrorism. No one has been arrested.

    There are differing opinions at government agencies about what happened. Head of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Jon Wellinghoff called it “the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred.”

    Investigators don’t know for sure who did it or why, but it’s clear that our power grid has not been secured, despite billions of dollars being spent on the security of the homeland over the last decade.

    If a few individuals with an AK-47 are capable of bringing down a sub-station and 17 massive transformers that provide power to hundreds of thousands of people, consider what would happen if a rogue terrorist organization or foreign-sponsored military teams were to target 100 key power stations that provide the electricity for tens of millions of people.

    Next time they might not be bringing an AK-47. They could target sub-station components with easily obtained explosive through U.S. black markets and take down scores of transformers that switch electricity across the grid. Should those transformers be destroyed (and not just damaged as they were in this recent attack), then it could take months or years to restore conditions to 100%.

    Most transformer components are manufactured overseas and production time in opportune conditions is about 18 months. If hundreds of these transformers were all of a sudden destroyed there is simply no way to bring everything back online in any reasonable amount of time.

    As the threat of a power grid outage becomes ever more real, we strongly urge readers to develop a personal preparedness plan that includes long-term food supplies, water, and self defense strategies.

    Preparing one second after such an event will be too late.

    Hattip Underground Medic


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      1. the scenario described here would be insane… just insane.

        i watched that recent documentary about the black out. it took place over 10 days. from what I gathered thousands of people across the country died.

        if that was ten days, what would 3 months or longer look like?

        • ” it’s clear that our power grid has not been secured”

          No shit. There is no way that all of these can be secured without a massive price increase. I shudder to think of the consequences if multiple teams hit at the same time. Scary stuff.

          • *sarcasm clause*
            So what I’m reading is that the Seals are as incompetent as a disgruntled worker and are in no way to be deemed a credible threat to anyone, anywhere.
            If this ‘carbon copy’ attack is the best the Seals are capable of, maybe we need to reconsider the viability of even having Seals teams.
            Hell, not even the FBI thinks there attacks are worth guarding against!
            I for one feel much safer knowing that the credibility of the FBI has determined that this pathetic ‘attack’ poses no danger to Americans.
            Maybe the Seals should just retire.
            *sarcasm off*

            • “Head of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Jon Wellinghoff called it “the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred.”

              How does he know it was “domestic” terrorism?


              Was it a navy seals training excersize?

              • I think in this case, the word Domestic refers to terrorism within the US borders. Kind of like airline flights are domestic or international.

                But if foreign terrorists are not to blame, it does show that there are some Joe Shmoes out there that can do work just like Navy Seals, even without the billions of dollars in logistics capability.

              • I have read several accounts of this, none of which has given good confirmation of caliber type or ammunition source. Each article has described stone markers left at the location where the shell casings were. The casing can provide information regarding source, team support sources, etc. If one is making a clandestine hit, shell casings are not left behind and marked. If one is sending a message or staging a “story” they are. The FBI reaction is a real warning sign that something is afoot. “What” is the question. Was this a not too subtle warning from a foreign entity? A false flag training exercise? This event bears watching.

            • A seal team would have painted the target and called in an air strike. Or would have planted timed explosives and left quietly and unseen. They would not have stayed on seen and take pot shots with an AK. Yes Fed Up your sarcasm is spot on.

              • Rick

                Depends on the mission. They can easily fire quietly on a few transformers from a great distance. They only fire a few shots and then are gone. Power goes down within minutes and they carry out there mission. They trained at some of the power stations for the company I work with.

                • Yeah maybe so, but an AK-47 is not a “sniper” weapon, and shooting from a long distance is not an AK characteristic. Earlier reports mentioned that the ammunition used was like that fired in an AK. Now it has morphed into being factually stated it was an AK.

              • I think it has more to do with the concepts of the attack than anything else.

                First, the assailants disabled communications for the facility. And really, it is only an offshoot of sentry removal or radio jamming against an enemy lacking proper EW capabilities.

                Second, the strike was pretty surgical, targeting only specific kit instead of razing the whole place. And part of that is the lack of collateral damage or casualties. It would have been a lot easier to blow the whole place to kingdom come all right but instead went for a low-cost, high-effect approach that didn’t require outside assets like an aircraft, indirect fire support or a nearby Tomahawk-armed ship or sub.

                Third, the lack of forensic evidence. No prints, no tracks, no footage. Zilch.

                For the get-go I was getting the feeling something didn’t smell right with that particular event. It is too clean and too skillful for just some random with an AK knockoff or an SKS. It was done by someone who knew what he was doing.

                • had there not been back up telemetry the transformers would have overheated and been destroyed. they were shut down before that happened. it was a good plan.

          • I have long thought that such an attack on the power grid would come via cyber attacks. These would be far easier and less planning, less manpower and more damaging.

            A physical attack in the U.S. would be far more likely in the form of something like India a few years ago or a type of Kenya attack but over a couple of dozen malls or other soft targets. When those two snipers were terrorizing the DC area the anti-terrorist experts said that if there had been 10 of these in separate cities around the country it would have shut down everything. Same holds true if many different locations had terrorist attacks on people, power grids, water treatment plants, whatever that would shut down life. The way the news overblows stories, something like this would be portrayed as an invasion or something. This is from a legitimate international terrorist group(s).

            A true false flag to attack the 2nd Amendment would be so called terrorists that bought firearms in stores, or even got “legal” firearms from shows or private owners and then went on some mass shooting that was many times worse than any of these other massacres. Just like what happen in Australia with the mass shooting in Tasmania, the masses in their true ignorance would of course blame firearms and the way firearms are obtained. Not blame the maniac criminals, blame the guns.

            The real danger to the 2nd Amendment is not the government trying to take firearms suddenly under some sudden martial law premise. It is passing NEW laws with the blessing of the masses to restrict firearms and magazine sizes that is the real problem. Just like in police states like most of the east coast and california, firearms are being limited to what a person can legally own. Have a catastrophic mass shooting and the masses will follow Australia out of pure stupidity. This is what is possible for some physical attack in this country, an under belly false flag attack on the 2nd Amendment. Once a law is passed, it is very difficult to change it, especially when the anti-gunners like piles morgan would use an attack like this to keep saying to the ignorant public, “do you want this to happen again?”. I know, depressing thought isn’t it?

        • Not for nothing, but this scenario was presented in an episode of NCIS. The ENTIRE East coast is vulnerable to a cascade failure if key points in the infrastructure were to be taken out. This is old news, if people truly wanted to darken the US, all it would take is a coordinated strike at key points simultaneously. The train of though that follows to increase “Awareness” to this threat, (Which was assessed back in the 90’s FYI) is to now tighten security, strip more liberties from the average citizen. Believe me when I say this, If an extremist truly wants to do something horrific, there isn’t any amount of survellience that could stop the horrific from happening. That is why terrorism is still used today. Because is preys on the fearful. Sorry, im rambling between thoughts.


          • This is one reason that demonstrates the purpose of a citizen militia. A citizen militia would be able to secure their local substations pronto once word went out we were under attack. The current administration makes militias all out to be kooks wanting to take over the government. Historically they were there to protect the neighborhood from hostiles. But then again the current administration would probably be happy if the grid went down as it just aids in the downfall of America.

            • Spot on FF!

        • well on the plus side, you only need 3-4 months of preps to outlast the masses. ammo, food, water, fire extinguishers

          • Incorrect. Once the power is turned off the water will be turned off as well. A person can only live for three days without water. Once the grid goes down, disease and dehydration will will have taken most of the population and it will happen at frightening speed.

            • Preps, I’m assuming would include water. That should always be priority #1

            • That’s very true. It’s the reason we’re adding a hand pump to our well.

          • When did prepping become a game of “who dies last?”

            I wanna LIVE, baby.

          • History has shown people to be a lot more resilient than preppers want to believe. One example is that American Indians used to scrape the inner bark from trees and survive on that. Better plan for at least a couple years of anarchy.

        • 3 months = millions dead

          1 year = 280 million dead

          • This would occur in Blue States where the population cannot think for themselves. Red states however, a completely different story altogether.

          • Yep – That’s what I’m counting on.

        • I happen to live next to 2 very large and very important generating stations. I can tell everyone one thing I have noticed with both of them, virtually no security! Sure they have several individuals with badges walking around but to say that the facility is secure is pure nonsense. I believe anyone with the intent to do harm would find it very easy to attack them.

        • ALL “attacks” on the power grid are FALSE FLAGS perpetrated by the REAL terrorists–that are the Bilderberg Group, banking oligarchy that own the Pentagon, Northern Command, criminal traitor defense contractors like MITRE Corporation, Raytheon, or SAIC. Criminal traitor terrorist think tanks like the CSIS, CFR, and RAND Corporation. Intel agencies like CIA, NSA, NRO, DARPA, Booz Allen Hamilton, NARUS. ALL of which are enemy traitors worthy of being publicly executed. Northcom General Renuart talked about how Northcom will “provide security” to the energy grid in an mp3 file–an illegally created MILITARY force to supervise the power grid.

          This is being done to RAM through ULTRA-FASCIST cyber “security” laws, AND the ULTRA FASCIST EUGENICS/AUSTERITY ENFORCING “SMART” GRID by terrorist, war criminal, Nazi corporations like IBM, Lockheed Martin, and General Electric.

          If you think this was actually a “terrorist” attack by some ne’er-do-well disgruntled vets, or some “domestic homegrown” attacks, you are a completely indoctrinated fool who has never stopped drinking government and military industrial complex KOOL-AID. Time to wake up and start researching RED TEAMS and false flags.

        • This is more than real. Our own prez intended to detonate a missle with an EMP warhead over the nation. But was block from this by 3 top rank military men. Watch this video for a short over view, and follow up on other videos with ex-CIA Operative Jim Garrow, recently fired by Obama, as he reports on other threats he’s aware of on the horizon:

        • Hackers in china have hacked the power grid recently is it to far fetched to think that they also have sleeper cells in the U.S. that would have a test run such as this. Maybe not ak47’s maybe sks’s

      2. “The FBI says it does not believe the attack was terrorism. No one has been arrested.” —Why you may ask? Because it was a dry run by the gov’t. How else are they going to measure and gauge what needs to be done in a real world situation without actually reproducing one. SMH..

        • Get real! They don’t need to shoot a transformer actually in use to figure that out. They tested H bombs and didn’t use a real American city. Snipers shoot targets all the time, they don’t just start shooting people in Downtown LA ,for practice. You take stupid pills

        • There’s no offered evidence that the government was involved. To me, at this time, it could certainly be a home grown group. There was scant evidence at the scene; the FBI doesn’t like having to admit that the agency is flummoxed. Whether it was the government, or a home grown group, neither party will own up to it. There’s no proof, only speculation.

          If it was an isolated incident, life here will go on as usual. Should there be coordinated attacks along these lines, with equally scant evidence, we still will not know for sure which party did it, home grown, or government grown.

          Whichever suspect did it, the typical govenemtn response these days would seem to be to continue the crushing of liberty for law abiding citizens, while continuing the falsely legal governmental rapine of our treasury.

          Operationally, I’m thinking all that would have been needed is two guys with a walkie talkie. One to shoot, the other for the getaway car and to snip the cables. So technically, that’s a “group”.

      3. Whether this was vandalism, terrorism (there is no such thing in my opinion), false flag, or stupidity, it looks as the grid is not protected, and the government has one more reason to spend out tax dollars.

        • It was not a serious terrorist attack, Hate to agree with the FBI but anyone this ill equipped and stupid is not a threat. They shot at it for almost an hour. Good lord, Any terrorist that doesn’t have some C4, or a grenade launcher isn’t much of a terrorist. I don’t even believe any SEAL is stupid enough to say that. Using the grenade launcher under the M4 those 4 SEALs could destroy the whole place in about 30 seconds and you couldn’t fix the transformers, they would be scrap.

          • @ Paranoid…. At least you got it right. A 7.62×39 123 grain bullet at 2300fps isnt going to do harm to the Transformers. The real damage was to the fiber optic cable which cost big bucks and specialized equipment to repair and most likely replace. If it was a SF style attack, There wouldnt be anything left and they would have used thermite or c4 .

        • You can’t guard everything, everywhere, 24/7/365.
          But they sure are trying to watch it all.

      4. Well…since they are talking about it…I say we better be ready for something like that to happen.

      5. Well As I have said before… The wholesale solar store sells panels for $1.04 a watt. Two 300 watt panels is 700 bucks delivered to your door. One of our team members and his wife picked up part time jobs delivering Pizza at night and for the last 16 months have bought three panels a month. 750-900 watts a month. They have 8 kilowatts on their roof, a 6 kilowatt inverter and 16 batteries and they don’t care about electricity or the grid. You have limited time left to get ready. Do what is ever necessary to get your prep in order. Do it for the ones you love. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

        • Nobody where I live has solar powered anything. I’m not about to stand out like that where I live. It’s not safe. Blend in. Look like everyone else from the outside.

          • That’s a scary admission Barn Cat, but it’s true.

          • you don’t have to have light blazing all thru the night.

            Think it thru man. There are so many other discreet needs for electricity. You don’t have to have your whole house wired either. Just a battery bank to run a few key items, like a small refrigerator or you house alarm system…

            • I think he was talking about the honking big solar panels on the roof, ret ard.

          • Yep Barn, be the first on the street begging for food is my motto

          • Don’t put your solar panels in the front yard or on the front of your roof. Put them where no one can see them. And don’t light up your house at night.

            The location for my panels cannot be seen from any other property.

          • We live in rural areas. You would be amazed on how easy it is to hide solar, (and security cameras). Like me their panels are on the back side of the barn and home roof. Being well off the road keeps the looky looes away…. ( the .308 will help with this). PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS. ….. and move out of the city….

            • To Barn Cat and Man on the Inside.

              My neighbor tells me that they have solar panels now that look like regular shingles. She encouraged me to get those, but I don’t have the money. However, I did research them and found some on the internet. As I recall, they had some disadvantages and were expensive, but it might be an option for some.

              I may come back and post a link. I have found that if you post links, you wait several hours while Mac and Associates figure out whether your links are safe.

              • I googled “solar power roof shingles.” lots of hits. Also try “solar roof tiles” or “solar shingles”

                I copied this from oksolar:

                “Roof Shingles roof shingles, and photovoltaic shingles

                Combining solar innovation with award winning design, the flexible SHR assumes the pattern of traditional asphalt shingles. The new PV shingle enables roofs of residential or commercial buildings to become sources of electricity as well as protection from the elements. The PV shingle face is textured to blend and complement the granular surface of conventional surrounding shingles. Each shingle is 12 inches (30.48 cm) wide by 86.5 inches (219.71 cm) long and nailed in place on roof decking over 30 lb. felt sheeting. Electrical lead wires, #18AWG, extend 12 inches (30.48 cm) from underside of each shingle and pass through the roof deck allowing interior roof space connections. Once in place, the sun’s warmth helps bond shingles together forming a weather-resistant seal. Cell exposure 5.0 inches (12.7 cm) x 86.4 inches (219.46 cm). Array size depends on power demands.”

                It seems that these are less efficient than regular solar panels and cost more. Also, you could void your roof warranty. However, some claim that they are actually less expensive, since they serve two functions — roofing and energy.

              • Eagle tile makes them. Far as I know they are only available for tile roofs. Go to the Eagle tile website for more than I know.

        • Something to consider, in the event of an EMP. With short-wave (E1 waveform) electromagnetic radiation, your solar charge controller and power inverter will likely be toasted, thereby rendering your system useless.

          I don’t know if that’s something you considered relative to what you believe is possible, but it’s food for thought. Maybe have an extra of each stowed away in a faraday cage?

      6. What are you gonna do?

        • Just wait until some of the smuggled weapons that are in the country are deployed. Just think what someone with one of those 40MM grenade launchers or a fifty cal could do. Someone better start taking the border serious but then again that is not in the plan. Chaos is the game plan. This country has absolutely committed suicide and no one cares. I guess they think life is like a movie where everyone gets to go home to a steak and a beer.

        • I am going deer hunting

          • I’d start with the 2 legged dopes

      7. Most who are aware know the multiple projections/possibilities. And are more than prepared to face any and all evil which comes our way…stand tall and stand with your hand in the air showing exactly what we think of intimidation….you all know the flying salute, right? Enough already with the scare tactics…we get/got it..If you do not know what to do if the grid goes down, you are behind…..move on to something far more current…How about some more info regarding the Iranian boats heading our way…or how they may be merely a distraction? And that is just ONE of many issues which require attention at this time….

        • FoB-

          C’mon now…forget the Persians(Iranians)..the real monsters-of-the-hood…are the Israelis (see 9/11..USS Liberty/AIPAC & manifold other incidents, for details.)

          -(groan)- this crap is getting so..passe’

          I guarantee you, per the Iranian frigates, there’s at least one LA or Va class SSN shadowing them.

          ..the camel jockeys just don’t know it yet!


          Squids will get it/understand!

          • Hunter,

            With all due respect for the squids, camel jockey boats can be sold as patsies to unquestioning sheeple in event of a false flag. I have the utmost respect and regard for those in uniform who took the oath & serve our country. I just know how those who move the chess pieces think. Y’all ready for the Big Show?

            Speaking of squids, one of my best memories was a night in the submarine veterans club in Groton, March 1975. That was really something….

            • “Speaking of squids, one of my best memories was a night in the submarine veterans club in Groton, March 1975. That was really something”

              • Mcdave,

                It’s really a long story, not room for it here. Suffice it to say that submariners are a special breed. When they’re ashore they have a particularly carefree joie de vivre. Have I said enough?

                • MmmHmmmm…
                  Maybe too much…

                • Gayest sailors in the Navy, and that’s saying something.

              • Ever go to Rosies cantina down on HWY 12? That was a real dive. Fun though. I spent seventeen weeks in Groton at the sub base in 83. Not a bad place.

          • Come on now hunter…Really want to get into a diatribe regarding Israel? Why don’t you spend a little time doing some REAL research into who/what/when/where/how…and let me know when you get to soros…among others…connect the dots..

            • Bingo!

            • FOB: FYI Soros is a Zionist and wants to genocide all founding stock Americans; therefore, Hunter is right and you supported his point.

              • Actually soros is an atheist….

              • Soros is a Zionist! Thanks, I needed a laugh today !

              • Soros IS NOT a Zionist….do the research as I did…and as a Bonus you will learn far more than you think you know now…..

              • Hmmm, a Zionist AND a Nazi collaborator? Neat trick.

          • Your giggling gaiety knows no bounds…

          • There is indeed no way Iranian warships can go anywhere without someone knowing about them. There are it too many assets out there and the Iranians just so happen to be on a threat matrix somewhere. So even if they aren’t being shadowed at this time, the right people know precisely where they are.

            Also I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a surface shadow as well. Maybe something big like a Ticonderoga-class cruiser as a show of force and a few destroyers to help keep them in check. And since I don’t know squat about their ASW TTPs and capabilities, I have no idea how effective a sub would be either. Granted, if they stay directly astern and they don’t have/use a towed array,they should be able tot stay undetectable.

            Oh, and I am Navy. Within the Canadian Armed Forces there are tri-service trades such as mine, meaning that Army, Navy or Air Force, it doesn’t matter, we all do the same job. I’ve been to sea, done Afghanistan and driven a desk.

            • They dont even have At Sea refueling capabilities. Thats why the Visiting Port stops.

            • Sorry…but just because these boats can be tracked does not mean that they are of no threat…collusion runs rampant within this administration…odd that no one in the media has revisited the status of these boats…I use the term ‘boat’ loosely…as we really have no clear concept of what their capabilities are…

          • The REAL monsters in the hood are called U.S. politicians.

        • Hmm, no arrests. Not terrorism. Yeah, right. Nothing to see here folks, move along. Let’s just get back to groping granny at the airport OK?

      8. I don’t suggest much here, but I just finished the first two hours of Haggman and Haggman’s Monday night show.
        It is interesting and I learned a lot.
        Many of you know about China’s plans–I didn’t.
        It’s not speculation now.
        Come quickly. Lord.

        • What are their plans?


            Too involved; explains the China buying of the JPM building and vault for peanuts, Whale’s involvement and the 100 BILLION dollar loss(yes, billion), Iran, bank murder connections.

      9. Time to think alternate power systems, propane, solar etc. We are all to easily swayed by TPTB and thier minions. You need to think ouside the BOX. Your life and those depending on you may be at stake without considering the issues daily. A simple solar system will keep you in lights and refridge your essentials. The rest can be worked out in a timely manner providing you prepared on the other end of the spectrum. You know GUNS, AMMO, FOOD, WATER, just the simple things all take for granted. Consider this a possible warning from TPTB.Best of luck to all.

        • Nope, too modern “propane, solar etc.” Time to think candles and animal fats (oil) lamps. Learn to brain tan hides, slow cook animals and collect the fats, make oil lamps.

          • I have a 5 gallon container of lard in a cool, dark room. The price I paid in 2009 has doubled since then. If I can’t use it for cooking, it will be used for candles.

        • A good idea on refrigeration is to buy a very small refrigerator. Most refrigerators now are full of leftovers, science projects, and a few things that don’t even need refrigeration, such as mustard. A small refrigerator can hold all the essentials, and it uses much less power. I have one that will hold all the beverages, butter, etc. that need refrigeration.

      10. “US Navy Seals have said it is a carbon copy of how they would carry out such an operation.”

        It would be nice if you had attribution or reference for that statement, since your entire article uses that for a premise … where is the info on them saying that? Just curious …

        • There is a video pasted below that statement and the excerpt itself is linked to the Skynews article in the paragraph directly above it… ‘According to officials’ is linked to the Skynews report where this was sourced.


          • Mac; any SEAL that would use wire cutters on telephone lines and then shoot at a transformer for an hour is, I hope, on the Terrorists side. Cut a hole into the site, place one stick of C4 sticky side down on each one, pull the cord and exit stage right. All over, CARBON COPY my Butt.

            • Yea, but that would “look” like a Seal op.

              • I agree. These tactic would be used when you don’t want anyone to think it is a military op.

              • I’m glad someone else has thought of that.

        • Val

          I work in a power station. The seals have trained in the past in the Hampton Roads area at one of the stations. They asked employees at the station about the transformers and critical equipment.
          I know this from talking to one of my bosses the other day. The information on the attack was released and we had to go over it with our teams. Everything stated is correct.

          • Almost moved to Hampton to be closer to my in-laws, but thankfully it fell through since that area is always on the short list of military targets. Their own transportation engineer said it would take 36 hours to evacuate Hampton Roads and 30 of that would be sitting in traffic so practically everyone who didn’t turn back and go home.

            I’m sure living there you have a better plan, but I was planning to travel up and across the James River to my old diesel pickup assuming I could pay someone to store it for me.

            • Pastor

              I live more in central Va. I am a supervisor at at 2 power stations there. My boss used to work in the area and knew of the seals training at the station. We discussed it when the article of the attack was made public. I am out in the country and happy about it. Could not pay me enough to live in Hampton or Northern VA.

      11. Ya know I thought about this and from what I have concluded its probably not such a bad thing in the long run. It would stop everything in its tracks. Everything dependant on electricity is over and done with in one fell swoop.

        Shock, you betcha, pain, misery, death, oh yeah, but at some point in the not so distant future we would all flourish from a cleansing.

        Back to the simple life, not the easy life, the simple one. Work hard you eat dont work dont eat-simple.

        Cut wood have heat dont cut wood freeze to death- simple.

        A resurgence in the traditional family, big one lots of kids, aunts uncles granfolks all under the same roof or same land. That whole gay marriage thing not going to pan out for long-simple.

        The local Church will be honored as the hub of society as it should be, all news, charity, networking etc will return to the church as it used to be before electicity.

        Obesity will no longer even be part of a conversation, nor will medical malpractice or Miley Cyrus for that matter, I’m still looking for the down side here.

        No more candy crush, angry birds, facebook, traffic lights, surveilence cameras, crappy music way too loud from the neighbors punk a$$ kid, I’m still looking for the down side.

        People will have to talk to each other learn manners and the art of polite and interesting conversation. Books will be prized possesions and the appreciation of litterature will thrive as will authors, artists and musicians. People will find themselves in a new renaisance. We will develop a culture free of propagana and contamination from the MSM. I swear the more I think about it the more I think it would be hard and horrid at first but just grand in the long term.

        • Spot on Boss,,,
          While i like tippity tapping my way around the net on my phone or ordering seeds and reloading or hunting stuff online,
          I live for the day when none of it works anymore,,,
          The simple life, how nice that would be to go back in time,

          • In my mind, I’m already there.

        • If you can stay alive, it will be a new Renaissance.

        • You don’t think TPTB have alternate sources of energy already developed to use in case of such an emergency? Think Tesla, and you and I are living in the dark ages while the oligarchs are living it up on the spoils.

      12. Hell, a bunch of kids or a gang with .22’s could do it. Just run around shooting porcelain insulators on the telephone poles. Might not even need a .22, who knows. Bunch of shitass kids doing that can get real expensive.

      13. Navy Seals said it was a corbon copy of how they would do it. If a Seal said that, I’d kick his incompetent ass out of the Navy.

        • Maudy they actually would do it the way the article stated. In there situation they want to knock power out in a large area for a couple of days. All they have to do is take out a few large transformers and power goes down for sure. The bullet penetrates the transformer and lets the oil drain out. The transformer then automatically shuts down. It is just so simple.
          They have trained at some of our stations for that reason.

          • I say again, the Seals would not have done the attack that way. You may work at the electric company, but this is not how a team would attack that particular type of station. Number two, the station would have been totally destroyed. If anybody thinks a team would have gone there and just shot up the place, then I would say that the years of training were for nothing. That the teams skills are only as good as the people reading this.

            • I disagree, Maudy Fricket.

              Give two guys a year to plan, within a hundred mile radius. Give ’em a 50 cal.

              They will have, if they’ve planned properly, a sequence of attacks, perhaps starting an hour after sunset, until dawn. They will have prioritized which substations to attack, where to hit them, and how to get away. Their goal would be to cut off power, not destroy the stations completely.

              Assuming twelve hours of darkness, an hour’s drive between targets and a half an hour at each site, they could be able to completely disable about six substations in that night.

              Again, if they had done their homework, the ability of the power company to re-route power would be greatly compromised over those six substations.

              Just sayin’ that total destruction is one thing, but disrupting power over a large area is another.

              • My point exactly, not a corbon copy.

            • While I’m not necessarily supporting the Seal “carbon copy” statement, don’t you think that an attack of this nature is subtle and quieter than just rolling in and blowing the hell out of everything… obviously you don’t want to draw attention to your presence within a given area…

              • Think, the explosion would come long after egress from the area. They don’t care about getting someone’s attention after the juice goes off. They just want the juice off.

            • Maudy

              Sorry but that is not true. The seals have silenced weapens. They shoot a few transformers and it would take some time to figure out why they shut down. The seals are not there to destroy the plant. They just want power down to more easily perform there mission. Seals don’t generally do missions that require destruction. That is more for the rangers or marine force recon. Seals do missions to take out individual targets, kidnap enemies, or gather intelligence. You have confused the mission of seals with the regular military or other special operations units.

              • Mike, my point exactly. Seals have silenced weapons. So it could not have been a carbon copy of them as the attackers did not use silenced weapons. They used common ak47’s.

      14. There is no way to secure the power grid.
        Yes we can secure the power stations, most transformers, substations, nuke plants.
        We can not secure the high tension power lines that run across the country. most of them run out into the middle of nowhere.
        All it would take is a cordinanted (sp) attack on several towers to take down the lines, at special connection points.
        Bingo black out in several areas and it would spread across the country.
        The power would have to go somewhere and it would go to any other line that would still be up and running this would put to much stress on those lines and it would fry them and causing them to short out.
        It would be like trying to run 240 volts through an 120 volt wire.
        The power plant would have to slow down if not shut down because, there would be no place to send the power if the tranmission lines are down.
        So prepair for the worst and prey for the best.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • Northern

          Yes we could secure the switch yards and substations. It would just cause our electric bills to skyrocket. It will not be done unless the government mandates that armed guards be put in place. Even then a couple of rounds from 500 yards out would take out a transformer or two.
          The nuke stations are secure already. It is the substations and switchyards in cities or other types of power stations that are not.
          All the power companies have procedures in place for situations where there is no place to send the power. The units shut down so that you do not damage equipment that is still operable.

        • NR,
          Those utility easements are PATROLED by DHS at intervals throughout the day and night , the smaller utility easements are not , the major transmission lines and substations would most likely not be the target it is the smaller DISTRIBUTION stations like the one attacked that are the most vulnerable .
          There are back up switching and substations in high demand areas that are kept off line some even have on site generation capabilities even though not as common. The resulting power system failure would not be totally complete at first , it will be worse with power in some areas remaining on where high speeding switching to active substations occur in the attempt to keep the power on until they are overloaded by the demand Imposed upon them setting up a cascading failure effect. The smaller substations with on site generation may survive if the demands do not exceed their capacity and their fault interrupt system disconnects them from the grid in time. ( use this time to orient , observe , decide , act OODA in preparation for what is to come. )

          No system is 100 % capable , nor can all locations be Patrolled. The panic that will occur will be extremely disruptive to say the least and could possibably cause the regime to overreact in a hostile manner . Which in turn will cause an angry populace to further turn against the regime. With no distractions to divert attention ( TV, entertainment , MSM) the sheeple may finally wake up with the proverbial 2×4 to the head to get their attention and the FSA ( Free S**t Army ) will predictably act out as expected .

          You know the rest of the scenario , think Katrina minus the flood and wind with an even more incompetent leadership in charge . martial law will be declared by the end of the first 24 to 72 hour period.

          Then Welcome to FUSA .

          You are the resistance ,
          behind every blade of grass




          Semper Fi 8541

        • Bingo, Northern Reb:

          The transmission lines would be the softest targets of all. If the power companies are paying attention, they would be establishing video oversight along some routes.

        • Northern Reb says:
          Comment ID: 2944126
          February 19, 2014 at 10:44 pm

          There is no way to secure the power grid.
          -Of course there isn’t. That is an inherent failure of large area, centrally controlled constructs.
          There is also no way to secure the air supply, medical care infrastructure, or agricultural resources. This is why we prepare for disruption of our lives. Eventually something will break or get broken and it will be up to us individually to cope until either normalcy is restored or a new normal is established.
          Whether this was terrorism, good ol’ boys having fun (my vote) or the Government dry running a response scenario it is still an illustration of why we need local capabilities as a back-up plan.

          • SWFL, JOHN, NIGHT, MIKE:
            Thanks for the input, I was looking at you all’s comments, It sounds like you know what you are talking about.
            Keep Prepairing, good Luck and My GOD BLESS
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      15. “US Navy SEALs On Power Grid Attack: ‘A Carbon Copy’ of How We Would Do It”
        Verrrrryyy telling!
        Nuff said.

      16. Seriously Mac?

      17. “The FBI says it does not believe the attack was terrorism. No one has been arrested.”

        Of course they don’t suspect terrorism…it was a PLANNED and executed dry run to begin with! I mean really!

        As for AK-47 rounds being used, of COURSE they were! The AK-47 is the favorite weapon of ALL terror cells- everyone that watches TV knows that one right? 😉

        This thing stinks to high heaven of a SLOPPY dry run/ false flag precursor if I ever smelled one.

        Firstly- PROS don’t leave brass behind…even without fingerprints, period. If you have several riflemen expending a small amount of AP (armor piercing)rounds each, brass catchers would not be out of the question. Would leave NO tell tale signs behind, other than the extreme damage.

        Secondly- Standard 7.62mm AK rounds are fairly heavy, but steel or tungsten core 3.08 AP rounds would have been a better choice for penetrating heavy transformer cases. They basically shot the transformers full of holes so the dielectric fluid (basically mineral oil)would leak out and cause them to overheat.

        Thirdly- Navy SEALS don’t need to shoot up transformers somewhere unless it is a surgical hit and they cannot fly in the Microwave or Graphite bomb drones. These are much more effective as they totally FRY the substations, transformers and electronics…not just cause them to overheat.

        Fourth- Former head of DHS J. Napolitano stated that the certainty of the U.S. grid going down was 100%. Pretty bold statement and foreshadowing of the events to come. I love how these clowns always pre-announce their evil plans before they implement them…they think it makes them look smart or something, who knows.

        And lastly- There is NO WAY on earth that we can protect all of the assets or infrastructure in the U.S. Face it- we are a ‘target rich’ environment. If they want to take it all down…they can and will. Got your backup power yet?

        • 1. I don’t see any necessity to hide the brass, unless you have stamped your name and address on it previously.

          2. They disabled the transformers by causing them to overheat, by shooting them full of holes. Will cost the power company a month and thosands of dollars to repair. OK. So 308 or 50 cal would have been “better”. Looks to me like their “mission” was accomplished. It’s more about accomplishment than finesse.

          3. If the Seals had been ordered to disable, they would have disabled. If they had been ordered to destroy, they would have destroyed.

          4. Ok, Napolitano said that.

          5. Ok, we can’t protect the grid. What I don’t get, is ever since I was a kid, fifty years ago, the grid has been vulnerable to attack, and it has not been attacked. But that’s an aside.

          None of these observations proves anything about whether it was government grown or home grown.

          • The brass will have markings on it from the chamber and extractor which can be tied to a specific weapon at a later time…

      18. This smells like a set up for a larger false flag. Can you see a time where something like this is done, and it is blamed on the TEA Party?
        Why take out a power station? It would have more effect it you took out the heavy power lines this would cause a feed back and blow transforms, and it would take longer to fix.
        I still think this was a dry run for something else. It will be on larger scale and will be blamed on some one else, This I believe will be another push for gun control.
        Shooting up a power station is too noisy, and takes too much time. Blowing up power grid lines would also be noisy but you still do more damage, and get better results.

        • Ding, ding, ding! we have a winner! Your choice of cupie dolls is in isle number seven!

        • Does seem like a dry run to me too. But who? Government or home grown?

        • I know this may sound crazy, but not everything is a ‘false flag.’ Sometimes there are people who just do things because they decided to. Not everything is a massive conspiracy (not to say there aren’t conspiracies).

      19. should be an interesting year *grabs non gmo pop corn*

      20. Well now we have a reason for why our electricity rates keep going (and will keep going) up. “We need to pay for armed guards” will be the chant as the power companies get more gov subsidies and pocket the cash while still sending the bill to us.

      21. Sgt Dale

        All transformers have breakers on the high and low side of them. The breakers are there to protect the transformer. If the breaker senses a fault it opens and prevents the transformer from getting damaged.
        All power stations have switchyards. Some are a mile or more from the plant. The switchyards have the large transformers which cannot be replaced easily. Also there are substations all over. Those are not normally placed close to houses. It is easy just to fire a few rounds and let the oil drain out of the transformers. If this was done at several key locations then it would cause large blackouts. It would not be easy or timely to repair either.

        • Mike
          Thanks for the Info.
          It just goes to show how smart people are on this site.
          Thanks for setting me strait.
          What about the LARGE lines coming from NUKE plant?
          I live near one and Had always thought it would be a good target for a terrorist group to hit if they want to cause a BIG problem.
          Again THANKS for the INFO!

          • Sgt Dale,
            I do not worry too much about a nuke plant being attacked, I won’t and can’t go into detail here. Have to be careful here too, but most switch yards I am familiar with are not that far from the plants…at least not the ones I know of. The lines are 345-365 Kv and you ought to hear those suckers snap crackle and pop on a foggy misty morning. There is plenty of worry about grid going down and that affecting nukes from people high up in the organizations, but they don’t openly or publicly talk about it…..but it is not necessarily from an attack specifically on the nuke plant, but from power coming in being attacked or affected from outside and uncontrollable sources, like the sun or emp.

          • It would be a good target. The nuke stations put out large amount’s of power. The lines are more easily repaired though. If I were to plan an attack then I would hit the substation that the lines from the nuke plant go too. Kill the transformers at the other end of the line and the power has no where to go. Nuke station then has to shut down.
            If an attack was planned well then key interconnections in the grid would be hit. Then power companies could not send power to other power companies. If enough transformers were hit in the right places it would take months to repair. It would take coordination and some man power. video surveillance and locks are already in most substations and switchyards. They would do nothing to prevent the attack. It just cost to much to put armed guards at every substation and switch yard.

      22. Use of a .50 caliber DU round fired when the transformer was energized would have resulted in an immediate fireball, total destruction of that particular transformer, and months long lead times for replacements. We are very vulnerable should our enemies become organized and prepared. As for programming, a good virus could take out most PLC systems used today.

        With a grid as large as ours it is near impossible to harden.

        • And speaking of DU, is there any supplier of 308 DU? I understand that it will work for typical automobile interdiction.

      23. f*ck the seals

        true fact :

        u.s. navy seals are a bunch of weak minded cowardly p*ssies .

        barry the fairy has false-fag FRAGGED democided assassinated murdered killed “36” THIRTY-SIX of them so far while in the nwo zog puppet prez office of the ussa united socialist states of amerika :

        And the cowardly u.s. navy seals haven’t done sheeit to stop him or remove him from his nwo zog dicktator throne .

        f*ck the seals

        n.o. ;0p

      24. Regarding the comment that be-informed made about some mass shooting in Tasmania, There were three shooters, it was set and carried out by mossad, and the some what mentally retarded young lad they pinned it on was trialed so fast , then locked away for life yet died in prison a few years into his prison term. Johnny Howard had a massive set of gun control reg’s at the ready and passed through the senate in no time and semi auto’s were confiscated ( that is if you did the buy back or not) either way only single shot rifles and shotguns allowed since then, recently as 2 years ago primers n powder became not purchasable without a license so you see the agenda to slowly cripple gun ownership using staged massacre to hasten the control. only as far back as 1985 anything was available without license, it was in 1975 they started on the licensing track and yet we are still no where near Cyprus where only shotguns 12 gauge are allowed with 250 rounds allowed per year or if you need more ammo than that you can beg and get nowhere. So we are still way ahead in aussie.

      25. this is a really great idea

        a nationwide electric grid shut-down would be a good thing

        why ???

        only by great sacrifice suffering will anything change in once free nwo zog amerika .

        zog amerika needs a revolutionary civil war enema

        a grid down would sure get rid of a bunch of once free american traitorous zionist fascist commies socialist and weak minded co-dependent bibble smoking sheeple .

        if you properly prepare as all U.S. CONSTITUTIONALISTS AND FREEMAN FREEWOMEN PATRIOTS SHOULD BE you will survive and be stronger wiser FREER for it .


        n.o. ;0p

      26. lights out

        1 one just 1 one

        just 1 one emp nuke bomb electrode-magnetic pulse nuke bomb detonation explosion directly over head of once free nwo zog amerika

        lights out permanently

        would send the entire country into the dark ages for the next 150 years

        no electric anything

        just complete darkness

        alot of deadly brutal medieval evil sheeit happens in darkness


        n.o. ;0p

        • And whats the bad part of that???
          Just sayin,
          Might be good to clean shit up!

      27. It could also be some of the Muslims who have been training here in America. In their hidden camps.

        As others have said. It wasn’t a particularly clever attack. More brute force with a bunch of bullets. The long line towers would be easier and more isolated to take out. Damage bunches of them at your leisure. So when the winds come they get blown over.

        • There has already been someone in cabot arkansas that done some damage to some towers a couple months ago that caused some problems haven’t heard any thing else about it on the news.

      28. “u.s. navy seals are nothing more than …

        ‘DUMB STUPID ANIMALS’ !!!”

        ~henry kissinger

      29. the truth :

        the u.s. navy seals are honestly nothing but just glorified military mk-ultra brain-washed ignorant killer pawns and dupes of the nwo zog military industrial machine mafia .

        they are no better than trained killer thug attack dogs .

        and they only serve the nwo zog or they and their families die .

        if you think for a minute they will save once free america , you’ve already lost the fight for your freedoms .

        only YOU can save yourself from what is coming .

        n.o. ;0p

        • Wow, Nina O is back , wonder where he’s been ?? Guess he just couldn’t Resist ! Maybe he has some new material now !?? No Wait ….guess NOT !!!…

      30. Hell.when we were kids we used 22shorts with our Ithaca single shots to take out street lamps..back then they were inverted pie pans with a bulb inside..
        Of course this was done on relatively deserted side roads.

        On our way to the local sand pit we would go on a Saturday morning,22’s slung over our shoulders, coffee cans full of shorts, and a wave from the local p.d as they drove by..

        Those were the days..

        Do that now and you’d have swat teams and helicopters from every direction and many years spent in a penitentiary as a home grown terrorist..

        By the way,this was in Massachusetts of all places in the early 60’s..

        My how life has changed..


        • Howdy, Possee. You mean MA used to be NORMAL? Now, THAT is scary!

          • Yeah Braveheart..
            a time long ago..where the shot heard round the world was the homeland of traitors and co conspirators

            Home of.. lurch sec of state
            Home of Wellesley of hillarah former sec of state

            just to name a few..


            • Its sad posseecom, from ” the shot heard round the world” to cower in place. America is truly gone!

          • Many parts of the country are unfortunately in the police state-of-mind. It’s not limited to one state. Things that would cause an officer to bring a kid home with a warning after doing something might now result in jail time.

      31. No need to “war game” these scenarios.

        The grid will go down on it’s own…first with brownouts, then rolling blackouts, then service for select areas (think DC and Manhattan).

        When the hydrocarbons become too expensive for the power companies to acquire, only the “important” areas will have juice.

        You won’t need electricity, anyway. Most will be too busy trying to get food to feed themselves to watch teevee or pound the keyboard. Electricity is an “Industrial Age” luxury that spoiled Westerners have become to think is a “right”. It isn’t.

        “Back to the simple life” as Boss Hog said. Get crackin’.

        • JRS

          There is plenty of indigenous Natural Gas for power generation. The grid on the other hand has been neglected since the deregulation of the 1980s. Let a mouse connect phases with nose and tail at the wrong place at the wrong time and watch the lights go out because of a lack of redundancy which is considered a waste of money for corporate bean counters.

          • Kevin2…

            There is also neglect in NG infrastructure; lack of pipeline distribution…at least in the NE.

            Drilling in the Marcellus has slowed considerably because the drillers have moved their rigs to tight oil wells. The price of NG is too low for them to profit. NG in storage has taken hits in the last two months and there was a scramble to get NG at any price during these cold snaps.

            When the price of NG gets up a couple dollars more per bcf, the rigs will start up again. But the wells themselves have a high depletion rate. They have to keep drilling wells faster and faster just to keep up. “Red Queen” syndrome.

            I think many people that thought switching to NG was a good thing will be surprised when they get their bills…and this includes electric bills. They are only gonna go up from here on out. When people can’t pay their utility bills they get cut off. When the utilities lose revenue, they cannot operate at a profit and eventually the scenario I described comes about.

            Hedge accordingly

        • The government is no longer acting in the best interest of the people,,,
          Barack Obama,,,,
          Your getting your change, you can shove it!

      32. The attack took place in April. If someone wanted to maximize effect, they should have attacked during peak usage during a heat wave. Seals would not have stood around plinking at transformers. They would have used explosives and those would have been timed to go off after the Seals were clear and long gone. It was not a corbon copy. It’s on the internet, it’s got to be true. Not.

      33. There is so much facing the average “joe” on the streets.
        It can be overwhelming.
        This strike on this power sub station was no doubt a well planned operation carried out by skilled shooters.
        But when you go around the states you see all these things and you ponder why hasn’t someone done this before?
        Not only vulnerable power sub stations, but telephone, pipeline sub stations.
        Recently, an Iranian general stated that they had forces(terrorist) in the USA ready to strike key material places upon command. Not only that, we also have to assume home grown jiadist that we unknowing(perhaps a an assumption) work with and unknowing live, next door?

        When America acknowledged God, and revered him, he kept his hand on us. Now that we are kicking him to the curb and beginning to acknowledge other gods, belief he is removing his hand of protection over this nation and the talks of the types of threats we are facing will come to fruit.

        With the population as armed as we are, any break down that we see in eastern Europe would be a bloodbath here.

        Regardless of what type of home self defense plan you and I may have, it will all go out the window the first 48 hours and has been posted on this site, it will be an hours by hour survival until you and i adjust to the situation.

        Which means, a very touchy trigger finger………

        Everybody be safe and pray for God’s protection on our country which is the best protection so we won’t have to do the things we have talked about.

        We are not animals, we re just looking at things that may come and prepare for it…..


        • W and W, It was not obviously a well planned attack. They spent way too much time there. These were rank amateurs. Hasn’t anybody been in the military? Have all the Rangers, LRRPs, SF, Force Recon guys, etc. died off? Speak up if you’re out there. You get in, quickly complete mission and get the fuck out. 2 minutes would be a long time for a mission of this type. How long does the article state these guys spent there?

      34. Yeah that’s how the Seals do it, but anyone who could hit a a 3 to 5 foot target a a few hundred yards could do it. Many of these sub-stations are miles from anywhere.

        Now that everyone knows how to do it we need to guard against copy cats and other idiots who might try this just for fun or having nothing better to do.

      35. Anyhow…

        “Preparing one second after such an event will be too late.”

        According to my math, preparing two seconds after such an event will also be too late. Anybody care to do the calcs on three seconds?

        • I went for the 2.375 seconds. I’ll get back to you when the calculator finishes.

      36. This article is basically a reworded version of the main need articles out there discussing the attack. It has nothing to do with the seals. It doesn’t even provide any citations to anything said by any navy seal. It just has one unsupported sentence stating that this is exactly what he seals would do. What a bunch of crap.

        Ya just how the seals would do it.

        And just how the army/marines/coast guard/navy/mujahideen/you grandma would do it.

        Thanks for recycling a year old story, while adding no new information.

        • “News” not “need”

      37. Is somebody totally stupid?! If “we” have been worrying about a grid-down situation for the past decade, doesn’t it make sense to order some replacement parts for critical electrical components that will only take 18 months to get, now?
        It’s as if somebody wants a grid-down situation to happen.

        • Fix it if it ain’t broke? Like, prepare for an emergency? Hahhh…. Ya think?

          We (Americans and Amerikans) do have a quiet strength: With all the nuts, guns, explosives, and so forth, we don’t have the levels of unrest, car bombings, and total mayhem experienced in so much of the world out there.

          Let’s keep it that way, OK?

      38. Could this be the reason that the 99% just don’t “Get It” Great article on Natural News,
        “Battle for humanity nearly lost:
        Global Food Supply deliberately engineered to end life,not nourish it”
        Another thing for us to think about?
        Be Aware!!

      39. Bruce Willis in his Live free or Die movie about the
        “firesale” it could happen Communication, transportation and banking all wiped out!!!

        • Hahahaha..I was JUST about to post that! You are correct.

      40. The global chess pieces continue to move on the board:

        Iran-Russia oil deal threatens nuclear negotiations

        Published 20 February 2014

        Iran said that in exchange for Iranian oil, Russia could build a second reactor at Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant. Russia could also provide Iran with trucks, railroad tracks, mini-refineries, grain, and other goods for Iranian oil. In a deal worth $1.5 billion a month, Iran would export 500,000 barrels of oil per day to Russia. The deal would increase Iran’s oil exports, which have been reduced to about one million barrels a day by American and European sanctions aimed at curbing Iran’s nuclear program.

        Iran’s ambassador to Russia, Mehdi Sanaei, said that in exchange for Iranian oil, Russia could build a second reactor at Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant. Russia could also provide Iran with trucks, railroad tracks, mini-refineries, or other goods for Iranian oil. “Iran could use some of the proceeds (to pay for) the construction by Russian companies of a second unit at the nuclear power plant in Bushehr,” Sanaei said.

        Yahoo News reports that in a deal worth $1.5 billion a month, Iran would export 500,000 barrels of oil per day to Russia. The deal would increase Iran’s oil exports, which have been reduced to about one million barrels a day by American and European sanctions aimed at curbing Iran’s nuclear program.

        “We are concerned about these reports and Secretary (of State John) Kerry directly expressed this concern with (Russian) Foreign Minister (Sergei) Lavrov today,” Caitlin Hayden, spokeswoman for the White House National Security Council, said on Monday.

        According to Sanaei, an oil deal and agreements on major economic policy between Iran and Russia could be signed before August 2014. Russian Economy Minister Alexei Ulyukayev will visit Iran in April to discuss trade.

        In addition to building a second nuclear reactor at Bushehr, Russia could provide Iran with investment in gas fields, and Russian grain.

        Sanaei has advised Russia to ignore the U.S. government concerns. “Our Russian friends, who have stood by us at difficult moments, should have advantages on the Iranian market … But Russian companies must hurry to get into their niche in our market and not hesitate out of fear of Western sanctions,” he said.

        U.S. Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman insists that the Russian-Iranian oil deal is unlikely because such a deal could make the current nuclear discussions between Iran and the West difficult to continue.

        On Monday, a senior Obama administration official said that the White House doubts the proposed oil agreement. “I think that we will hear a lot of people hoping to put things together, but I think you have heard from the President of the United States, from the Secretary of State, from me, from my colleagues at Treasury, that the major parts of our sanctions are in place and our underlying sanctions architecture is in place both on the oil side, on the financial and banking side, and if people try to evade our sanctions, we will find them.” the official said at a press conference.

        Reza Marashi, research director at the National Iranian American Council and former U.S. State department official, told Al Jazeera he understands the U.S. concerns. “I think there is concern on the part of the United States because right now we feel we have Iran in a good place; meaning that we are in the diplomatic process in an effort to try and get a larger deal, a final deal, that solves all of the problems and there is concern that we can empower elements inside of Iran that are opposed to diplomacy if we go forward with this deal between Iran and Russia.”

        • I know this gets old each month, but the next New Moon is March 1 for a possible Israeli attack on Iran. That means Feb.24 to March 6 is the window for the sky to be dark enough for attacks. Israel has almost always attacked someone, other than Hamas, when the Moon is dark enough. So the window opens this coming Monday. News of such an attack would hit the news at 4PM eastern to about 9PM each day. Just something to think about with all this that is going on in this world.

        • Good article thanks for posting

          • above was for Socrates

      41. This “attack” is EXACTLY how I said it would happen to the U.S. power grid. I’ve been in the nuclear power industry since 1978 and after 9-11 when the feds forced all the nuke plants to upgrade their security onsite with concrete barriers and barb wire as well as missile systems to shoot down planes I said “Why do all this when all a terrorist has to do is take out the unguarded substations all across the country?”. I’ve said this would be the prime way to take out the power grid because no one is watching or guarding them and everyone is concentrating on the nuke plants for fear of radioactive material release. It also amazes me at how stupid our government is. Reminds me of the days when I was in the Navy and our “security” training in port was complete B.S. No one but the topside watch was armed with an unloaded .45 so if anyone wanted to take over a nuclear submarine all they had to do was take their small team of merc’s to the sub at night just before 2200 (only emergency announcements on the 1MC after 2200) and kill the topside watch with a crossbow. Then, go to the topside comm box and announce on the 1MC “U.S.S. XXXXXX (insert name of sub here) Arriving!”. The Duty Officer and Forward Duty Chief head to the only opening in the submarine to meet the Commanding Officer. Of course, the merc’s would be there and take out these two idiots and guess what? Those two are the ONLY two people on board the submarine that have the keys to the small arms locker on the sub. Oh yeah. From that point the small band of merc’s can easily take out the rest of the crew and commandeer the sub. A group of four guys (three if they are REALLY good) could take over the submarine and off they go. When I stated all this in security training one night everyone there said I was paranoid and a nut. No, not paranoid, I had my eyes open and could use my brain. They couldn’t.

        Carry on!

        • No way were they getting underway. They could do a lot of damage. Getting underway requires a lot of people and a tug since single screw vessels have a hard time maneuvering at a dead stop. You are correct though at that time security was a joke. They finally got the sense to at least move the topside from just behind the sail and weapons shipping hatch 637/594 out to the pier. Things are really tight now and no one without some serious checking get near the boats. The Trident bases used to be a royal pain to get on.

        • I think the main reason for upgrading security at nuke plants was to guard against potential attackers trying to either cause a meltdown or attempting to steal radioactive material.

          That said I agree that substations need to be better protected. Given the fact transformers take months to build and are shipped in from overseas, it really should be taken more seriously.

      42. Mac, You will tell us when the FCC monitors show up at your place I hope?

      43. Jon Wellinghoff, the FERC Chairman, is the leading proponent for the “smart meter program”. Appointed by Bush, Jr. and promoted by Obama. This is a case of vandalism, until there is motive established.

      44. I’ve been banging the ‘power grid’ drum since I first read Forstchen’s book “One Second After” back in ’09. He convinced me that if anyone really wanted to mess with us, they’d go after the power grid.

        Our power grid is a 50+ year old mess of patches over patches… and most places don’t have enough transformers stashed away. I looked around and found where our county stores it’s spares, maybe 20 of them?. They’re just sitting there. Oh sure, there’s a chain-link fence, but whooptie do.

        The article raises some serious concerns, but this kind of stuck out:

        “They could target sub-station components with easily obtained explosive through U.S. black markets…”

        I am in no way a ‘bad guy’. That said, I wouldn’t know where to look to ‘easily obtain’ military-grade explosives, but I seriously doubt that there’s an active trade going on with stuff like semtex and C4, etc.

        Besides, you need initiators (caps and/or det cord) to set the stuff off, and those are even more tightly controlled than your primary.

        I think the author just pulled “easily obtained explosives” out of his fourth point of contact to make his article even more scary… ain’t saying it’s not out there, I’m saying ‘easily obtained’ is a load of hooey…

        • “Fourth point of contact.” Consider the phrase stolen.

        • Info on making dets readily available on the ‘net-AP is dead simple to make [sensitive, but not suicidal if you can comprehend English]. It will initiate just about anything if properly pressed…

      45. I’ve been in the power generation industry for 40 years. The article has several misstatements and information that is just not true. Also if you want to shut down the grid for real this just isn’t going to get it down.

        • quit shaking the wingnut tree because when they hit the ground they may hurt their pointy little heads. you know how fragile angry old white farts are.

      46. Power Station Man, Thank you.

      47. This attack was an Auburn Calloway wake up call. If that name doesn’t ring a bell then look him up. He was the one that tried to demonstrate the first 9-11 type attack.

      48. I know this is off subject, but I was shopping in a military store this week and was alarmed to see Russians, dressed in civilian clothes, but completely military looking, shopping in there. They were asking about American troop patches. American patches…WTF?
        The store owner said they have been coming in the past week.
        I remember reading a while ago about them being here to take care of things if our American troops didn’t want to stand against their own people…things feel weird. Hard assets is the name of the game right now. I don’t trust anything or anybody.

      49. I know this is off subject, but I was shopping in a military store this week and was alarmed to see Russians, dressed in civilian clothes, but completely military looking, shopping in there. They were asking about American troop patches. American patches…WTF?
        The store owner said they have been coming in the past week.
        I remember reading a while ago about them being here to take care of things if our American troops didn’t want to stand against their own people…things feel weird. Hard assets is the name of the game right now. I don’t trust anything or anybody.

      50. Imagine the havok they could have reigned if they took out a few cell towers… OMG… the mental break-downs for those who spend 24/7 of thier time on Facebook gaming and texting would have them marching in the streets. Now there is a disaster that president would have had a national TV news conference on.

      51. Tactics to scare the people, if that would have been a real attack there would have been real long term damageevery body just get back underneath governments wing, you’ll be ok now.

      52. We’ll be able to deal with the rest of the world more effectively if we stop blaming conspiracies for EVERYTHING negative that happens here.

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