US Mint Halts Sale of Gold and Silver Eagles

by | Nov 27, 2009 | Headline News, Precious Metals | 1 comment

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    Citing problems with supply, the US Mint has stopped selling gold and silver coins, even though it is against the law to do so.

    From Project Mayhem at Zero Hedge:

    In another case of “color me unsurprised” the US mint has halted sales of gold and silver eagles citing “depleted inventories of the metals”. As can be seen by our wonderful colored charts, sales have skyrocketed indicating public non-confidence in the US dollar. Or better yet, public non-confidence in hallucinated ETF computer-pixels.

    For those wishing to look beneath the surface, this is simply another confirmation of supply tightness in the gold market. Though officially the US mint has run out of blanks, it would make more sense that the Western oligarchs have simply decided is enough is enough and do not wish to further feed the fire of gold price appreciation until 2010. Perhaps it is simply not ‘that time’ yet, which would make sense considering the leaked information out of Bilderberg 2009 that the world is not yet ripe for the much-anticipated global currency crisis.

    I hesitate to believe that the US Mint has run out of silver/gold blanks for striking coins. Project Mayhem is on the right track when he suggests that this is nothing more than an attempt to keep silver and gold out of the hands of the average prole.

    While I realize that our dear leaders think we should believe everything that government agencies shove down our throats, other motivating factors should also be considered before wholeheartedly believing the reasons put forth by the Mint.


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      1. I want to know where the Federal Reserve sent the $3 trillion. The Bloomberg case went against the Fed but to date I have seen no answer to the question. Can anyone out there updat me on this? Personally, I think the $3 trillion went to friendly banksters who placed it in offshore numbered accounts then converted it to gold as insurance against the fall of the dollar. Remember there was recently a story in the news that Swiss banks had run out of room for bullion. That makes me very suspicious.

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