US Food Banks Warn Soaring Prices Will Affect Distributions

by | Jun 29, 2021 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    Soaring food prices aren’t just impacting financially strapped families and the working poor. They’re also affecting the mission of US food banks who are spending a lot more on food than ever before.

    “We’re already spending a lot more on food than we have in years past,” said Greg Trotter, a spokesman for the Greater Chicago Food Depository, a large food bank, who spoke with VOA News. “Our food purchasing budget has doubled this year.”

    In the coming weeks and or months, food banks across the country may experience a surge in food demand from millions of folks who are set to have their stimmy checks expire. At least 25 states are ending federal unemployment benefits.

    The perfect storm of factors (soaring food costs and unemployment benefits expiring) may stress food banks even further.

    “The high prices are costing us more to feed a family in need,” said Alison Padget, development and outreach director at Food for Others. “We’ll have to rethink our purchasing decisions because economists say the prices are going to be high for at least a year.”

    In Phoenix, Arizona, Jerry Brown, director of public relations at St. Mary’s Food Bank, told VOA that food banks could face severe difficulty once federal money dries up.

    It seems the problem has already begun at the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, which covers a large portion of the state. Impact leader Triada Stampas said the food bank serves more people than ever because of out-of-control prices at grocery stores.

    According to Father English Food Pantry officials in Paterson, New Jersey, the food bank is already experiencing financial strain.

    Kelly Mott, external affairs director at the Mississippi Food Network, said, “We already see the price changes will affect us soon, adding that “we are in the process of buying turkeys for the Thanksgiving holiday in November. And since they are so expensive, we won’t be able to purchase as many as we usually do, especially for the families with children who rely on us.”

    And by the way, there are still 15 million Americans on some form of government dole…

    The crisis is far from over as food bank stress begins to materialize, and not everyone might be fed this year. 


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      1. Upper middle class groceries go on sale, then, to crisis houses.

        If you’re not from a politically-correct demographic, you could starve and die of exposure. Productive labor of any kind is not wanted — depending on you describe yourself as a healthy and high functioning individualist.

        If you fit some kind of tax advantage, it will be lavished on you. Boxcars of donations are sent away.

      2. Don’t worry, there is still a bunch of stimulus set to be distributed starting in July and every month thereafter if you make under $150,000 a year and have kids.

        You will get $300 a month for every kid under 5 and $250 a month for every one 5 to 17. It’s called a “tax credit” but even if it is more than the tax you would owe at the end of the year, you will not have to pay it back.

        This UBI should relieve some pressure on food banks since Taneesha and her brood will still be able to afford Popeyes and avoid the government surplus cheese.

        • Taneesha and her brood, got to love it..

      3. Lack of food will affect food banks even more, And between Biden’s policies and the western drought that is coming soon.

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