US Defense Secretary: Russia Has “Impressive Weapons”

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Headline News | 1 comment

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    The United States defense secretary Lloyd Austin is continuing to keep the fear of Russia high. He said that Russia has “impressive weapons” and its massive military hasn’t done it any good in the ongoing Ukrainian conflict.

    “You know, the Russians have a massive military and impressive weapons,” but this “hasn’t helped them prevail in a campaign of conquest and cruelty,” Austin claimed, speaking at the Halifax International Security Forum in Canada on Saturday. According to the official, “it’s about the cause,” as well as “those who fight for it.”

    If no one fights in the wars no one dies in wars then there are no wars. So the rulers constantly need to perpetuate the war machine and foment division to keep their power. The war cries will continue. Until we stop killing each other because our masters told us to, they will continue to “rally” us to a side and make us kill each other for them.

    Austin added that NATO will not be dragged into what he described as the “worst crisis in [European] security since the end of the Second World War,” unless Moscow attacks one of its member states.

    Russia Warns The West That Ukraine is Plotting A False Flag “Dirty Bomb” Attack

    The defense secretary claimed that the military alliance is defensive in nature while noting that Washington has brought the number of US troops stationed in Europe to more than 100,000.

    Some of these forces have been deployed to Poland, representing the “first permanent US forces on NATO’s Eastern Flank,” Austin noted. -RT

    He concluded by saying that the “basic principles of democracy are under siege around the world,” and it was “US leadership” that helped shape the post-World War II rules-based international order, and Washington’s role remains “vital to sustain it.” Remember, democracy is a system of government and government is slavery. So do we really want to live under a “democracy?” Unfortunately, these are the hard questions we are going to need to ask ourselves if we want to prevent the advancement of slavery and war.

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