Urban Disasters: Have These 20 Items On You If You Want to Make It Home

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    This guide was originally published by Tess Pennington at ReadyNutrition.com

    Tess is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Guide To Prepare For Any Disaster


    From previous disasters, we find clarification and better ways to prepare. Urban disasters happen all the time leaving many stranded in the city. Consider for a moment what you would do if you found yourself in the midst of an emergency where you couldn’t get home using your vehicle. For example, after the terror attacks in New York, the country’s transportation system was shut down – including city transportation systems. Due to the destruction of this event, many commuters were left with no other option but to walk home. Another example occurred in Tokyo after a number of sizable earthquake tremors occurred, many commuters and students were stranded after railways were temporarily stopped. As a result, the majority of commuters who are unable to return home had to wait in facilities such as offices and stations until railway services resumed. Source Severe weather and car breakdowns can also be a reason for having to walk home.

    Between work and commutes, most of us spend a majority of our time away from home. About 8% of workers in the USA have commutes of an hour or longer, and nearly 600,000 full-time workers endure “megacommutes” of at least an hour-and-a-half and 50 miles, according to new U.S. Census data on commuting. The national average, one-way daily commute is 25.5 minutes.

    If an emergency occurred while you were at work, would you be equipped to handle the ordeal?

    Have you considered what you would do if you had to walk back home? How many miles would it take for you to get home? If the average one-way commute is 25 miles, not many could make that in a single day. It could take on average 10-12 hours of straight walking at a fast pace – and that is only if you are in good shape and have no physical limitations. For the majority of us, it would be a multi-day journey to get home.

    One of the biggest issues I see is preparedness experts loading up their get home bags and adding additional weight. To prepare for an urban disaster scenario, consider having a lightweight bag packed with the bare essential of gear to get home. This is not your fully loaded bug-out bag. The contents of a get home bag should be minimal and the items stored should be able carry you through the duration of getting home. Keep practicality and weight of the contents in mind when putting your gear together. If you are walking long distances, you do not want to be lugging around a pack with non-essential items.

    20 Must-Have Items to Add to Your Get-Home

    Depending on the area you live, you may want to consider using a small messenger bag or small hiking pack. If you live in an area where the bag wouldn’t draw too much attention, consider a duffle bag or a Maxpedition Versipak type bag. These are the perfect size for this type of get home bag and both have adequate space to add most of these lightweight items.

    1. Basic first aid kit with moleskins included
    2. Multi-tool
    3. Machete
    4. Flashlight and/or headlamp
    5. Lightsticks
    6. Bivvy sac or Mylar blanket
    7. Bandana or hat
    8. Bic lighter or matches
    9. Two-way radio with extra batteries
    10. Extra cell phone charger or charged energy pack
    11. Durable poncho
    12. Small sewing kit
    13. Package of hand wipes
    14. 6 energy bars or lightweight homemade MREs
    15. Water purifier container
    16. Map
    17. Compass
    18. Small roll of duct tape
    19. Pre-paid credit card or cash
    20. Hiking boots with extra pair of socks

    A few additional considerations:

    • Put thought into how you plan on getting home. If you plan to trek home, have a path mapped out that avoids highways to travel on foot. Some have gone to the extreme of keeping a folded bicycle or collapsible walking stick in their vehicles to prepare for the possibility of trekking back home.
    • If you are in a densely populated area, consider the fact that thousands of commuters will be displaced and hotel rooms will quickly run out. If you are unable to shelter in the workplace, research beforehand where the shelters will be set up (Contact your local area Red Cross chapter, they usually know) or a local park. If the disaster occurs in the late afternoon, it may be worthwhile to walk to a shelter or park, sleep there for the night and start the journey to get back home first thing in the morning.
    • Keeping a weapon in your vehicle (provided you have a conceal carry permit) may also be beneficial if you feel the need for additional protection.

    Emergencies happen all the time – even while we are at work. It takes a few minutes to gather these items together and create a dependable get home bag. We never know when the next emergency will hit and these 20 items could save your life.

    What items do you keep in your bug out bag for work?

    This article was originally published by Tess Pennington at ReadyNutrition.com

    Additional Resources:

    The Prepper’s Blueprint: The Step-By-Step Guide To Help You Through Any Disaster

    The Prepper’s Cookbook: 300 Recipes to Turn Your Emergency Food into Nutritious, Delicious, Life-Saving Meals

    Prepper’s Home Defense: Security Strategies to Protect Your Family by Any Means Necessary

    The Survival Medicine Handbook: A Guide for When Help is Not on the Way

    SAS Survival Handbook, Revised Edition: For Any Climate, in Any Situation

    The Prepper's Blueprint

    Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help you prepare for any disaster. Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists.

    Tess is also the author of the highly rated Prepper’s Cookbook, which helps you to create a plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply and includes over 300 recipes for nutritious, delicious, life-saving meals. 

    Visit her web site at ReadyNutrition.com for an extensive compilation of free information on preparedness, homesteading, and healthy living.


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      1. Water
        N95 masks
        #19 cash only

        • Agree fully,
          Especially on the cash,,, if TSHTF you wont want to be standing in line at anywhere,,,,,

        • Thinking about this article some more Tess has given me some serious food for thought.

          #1 for sure moleskins, hadn’t thought about that
          #3 probably not, unless I went into suburbs or rural area where I might have to go cross country, Nailbanger might need this!
          #4 with extra batteries
          #7 both
          #8 fire steel and tinder
          #9 police scanner or portable HAM radio with longer antenna, you don’t need a license to listen and get information
          #15 treatment tabs, small bottle of bleach
          #16 depending on how far you have to travel, a detailed city street map for a large city like Indianapolis, or detailed county map, perhaps a bike trail map or a map showing railroad tracks for alternate routes

          #21 a 4 way stem sillcock key for turning on water faucets on the outside of buildings to get water I got mine an Ace hardware store. Looks like these:

          https://www.amazon.com/gp/search?ie=UTF8&tag=123feebet-20&linkCode=ur2&linkId=0fbc34a6198d544131324ac764ca30cc&camp=1789&creative=9325&index=aps&keywords=stem key

          • Wilson, that list sounds like my BOB. For water treatment, I carry a Sawyer Water Filter Bottle with built-in straw and a filter which can be cleaned and never needs replacing. I have 2; keep one in the bag and another at home as a spare. You can get them at http://www.sawyer.com. One thing not mentioned is a good semiauto pistol which some hi-capacity magazines.

            • REGULAR capacity magazines….there, i fixed it for you.

              • might as well reprint my comment from a couple days ago. one thing i do is i bought a 4xl field jacket(thank you shtfplan!) that is way too big for me, but if it’s not HOT, i can wear a vest under it, if the bell has rung, and room for a holster in there too….an added bonus, i have GIANT pockets with flashlight, paracord(100′), folding knife, electrical tape and napkins(wound dressing or butwipe), fleece hat, gloves, scarf…it’s my instant bugout coat, and has been useful MANY times already….i can wear it into the theatre with drinks and popcorn seasoning, and nobody looks 3 times….they DO look twice at it i suppose, but nobody EVER asks to search me……and if i was REALLY serious about all this, i could sew panels from body armor into that coat…..just one more thing….buy all the body armor you can find, when cheap. SOMEDAY, you will drape it over your seats, on the dash,, between door and you, and one on yer lap, when you get into the car, your life will be in MUCH more danger WITHOUT it. right now it can be had for just a few dollars if you got sharp eyes… it will be PRICELESS after the bell rings…..maybe even MORE expensive.

                • oops! forgot the tourniquet….practice putting it on with ONE HAND!

                  • BCD,
                    Congratulations on being the biggest loser!! wink, wink
                    You should be proud of yourself for losing all of that excess weight. The coat is way to big for you now, but it would be a shame to toss it out when there are so many years of wear left in it. wink, wink

        • I keep 40 gallons of water and lots of 20 oz plastic bottles. I plan to sell them for $20 a pop during the event.

          Also keep your night vision handy so you can travel at night with all the loot you made.

          Guns are optional, with NVG you can always sneak up behind someone in the dark with. Machete if needed.

          • Clearly not a tactical guy! Just because you have NVG doesn’t mean you’ll get close enough to use your machete. Another armchair ranger! Take some real training or someone will put your head on a stick!

          • The last place on earth i want to be is in a city during a collapse without a firearm. So i think a firearm should be on that list, i mean just think about being surrounded by EBT card holders during a EMP event without a firearm for protection.

          • Seriously, on the water? Because that’s pretty messed up.

        • A good detailed County paper map of your area with terrain and fresh wayerways and back roads. Taking short cuts to reduce your travel distance is helpful. A roll of toilet paper and sanitary wipes to clean your hands. Bottled water at least 2 min. And a good handgun 9mm and 2 extra magazines.

      2. That idiot “Nazi” meme by the Antifas group – who are themselves the biggest fascists out there:

        Nazi stands for the Nazionale Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei – the National SOCIALIST German Workers Party. Was it just a name, as some say? Then why did the Nazi’s introduce the “Reichsarbeitsdienst” – the National Labour Svc that had public work systems; why the “Kraft durch Freude,” where the STATE even took care of the leisure time of workers?

        Here are some of the planks of the Nazis, adopted in Munich on February 24, 1920:
        “We ask that the government undertake the obligation above all of providing citizens with adequate opportunity for employment and earning a living… We demand profit sharing in big business… the government must provide an all-around enlargement of our system of public education. . . We demand the education at government expense of gifted children of poor parents. . . . The government must undertake the improvement of public health… permanent recovery of our people can only proceed from within on the foundation of The Common Good Before the Individual Good”

        No the Nazis did not advocate public ownership of production, only that the govt oversee and run the economy, as they knew that legal ownership wasn’t what counted, but rather CONTROL. So, private citizens could hold title – as long as the state had the unqualified right to use their property. I.e., de facto socialism, the STATE still controls. Or, as Carl Limbacher wrote in NewsMax, Dec. 5, 2005, “Benito Mussolini’s Fascist economic policy, which he called the “mixed economy,” tried to combine Marxism with capitalism. What resulted was a dictatorship which allowed limited economic freedom to those favored industries willing to operate under government patronage.” The observant among you will note well the phrase “operate under government patronage.” In fact, private industry was a hostage of the Nazis. They did not hesitate to confiscate Junker’s aircraft business, or threaten the others with creating a government-run business to compete with it. BASF was so created. Hitler also did not hesitate to threaten the lives and families of any industrialist who did not cooperate. Speer allegedly did so when he ran the German economy. Why leftists think ANY private citizen would be able to thwart somebody who literally controlled the power of life and death over them is beyond me. Wages of Destruction by Adam Tooze is one book exploring this.

        The only seeming difference between Hitler’s Nazism and today’s National Socialists is that Aryan racial purity. Or is it? Truth is, the self-proclaimed “elite” are now the uber menschen, and we hoi polloi in flyover country are the new Poles, Jews, bibleforschers (in English, we would call them “Bible bangers) -10% of the Dachau concentration camp was made up of Christian clergy, as one example), etc. And of course, relative to racial purity as http://www.blackgeocide.com notes, over 15.5 million black babies have been aborted since 1973 – 1,876 babies every single day, while in 2010, the most recent year available, 138,539 black babies were aborted – nearly one baby in three was murdered in the womb in 2010, per http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jan/21/j-kenneth-blackwell-black-abortions-a-crisis-in-am/ Sadly, leftist blacks are voting for their own liquidation.

        And while Trump and Reagan are called “fascist” by the factually ignorant left, Bruce Thornton writes of everyone’s favourite leftist, the late Fidel Castro that “…it was Castro and his regime who had more in common with fascism. The state’s control and plundering of the economy, the repression of human rights, the secret police, and the cult of personality surrounding the messianic leader are classic fascism.”

        Likewise, apologist for Castro’s brutality always ring use the same argument for Hitler: “he made the trains run on time.” Meanwhile, a Inga Andrews who lived in Dusseldorf, Nazi Germany (and later came to the US… legally) went on record that it is the leftist protesters themselves who most remind her of the Nazis, stating after the Trump inauguration: “What is going on in this country is giving me chills. Trump is not like Hitler. Just because a leader wants order doesn’t mean they’re like a dictator. What reminds me more of Hitler than anything else isn’t Trump, it’s the destruction of freedom of speech on the college campuses — the agendas fueled by the professors. That’s how Hitler started, he pulled in the youth to miseducate them, to brainwash them, it’s happening today.” The truth of the matter is that the left wants to state to control everything… which comports perfectly with thoughts of Mussolini, the originator of fascism, who stated “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” Similarly, Hitler’s Nazis thought that that individual should be always and everywhere be subsumed under a group (usually military in nature). The collectivist nature of both communism and fascism (derived from fasces, or a group of sticks bundled together for strength) is clearly at odds with today’s “right wingers” who strongly support individual autonomy.

      3. Then why did Hitler invade Russia? is the standard, leftist reply. Truth is, Stalin’s Soviet Union was a de facto ally of Nazi Germany by virtue of the August 1939 signing of the Ribbentrop/Molotov non-aggression pact. Yes, some of this was indeed expediency and a ploy to buy time, but in fact, Stalin’s Union of Soviet Socialist Republics supplied Germany with key resources that helped the Luftwaffe bomb a solitary Britain during the Blitz of 1940-1941, and the communists in France, England etc suddenly became in agreement with Nazism.

        But the truth is, the National Socialist war with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was an internecine one – exactly the same at the Shi’ite/Sunni wars. We all know that these “family” wars are some of the most bitter. Another example is Hitler’s Operation Hummingbird, where Ernest Rohm and his SA cohorts where murdered. And why did the Soviets start a brief war with Mao’s China on the Ussuri River in 1969, with the dispute not resolved until the Soviet Union ended in 1991? Why did Brezhnev reportedly ask Nixon that, if he nuked Mao, would the US respond? Why did Red China might Ho Chi Minh’s Socialist Republic of Vietnam in early 1979? What about the full scale invasion of Kampuchea (Cambodia) against the Khmer Rouge, which started Dec. 1978? The usual answer to this is “historic animosities.” But wasn’t the whole Communist “schtict” that their philosophy trumped all that Old World stuff, and there was now a “new man?”

        And why was Trotsky murdered by his fellow leftists? Why was Lavrentiy Beria, head of the NKVD (precursor to the KGB) suddently found persona non grata, taken out, had a rag stuffed in his mouth so he couldn’t whine, and shot dead? Why did Stalin purge his fellow communist generals in the 1930s? Why did Castro have his popular General Arnaldo Ochoa taken out and shot? Should I go on? And interestingly, Roland Freisler, one of Hitler’s lead judges, and who managed the trial of those who tried to assassinate the Fuhrer, was heavily involved in communism after being taken prisoner in WWI, and was even used as a commissar in the prison camp.

        Truth is, there is no final basis for ethics in materialistic socialism or communism (Dostoyevski wrote, “If there is no God… everything is permissible” – and yes, he DID, in fact write that; rather it is, as philosopher Schaeffer wrote, in their materialistic world it is necessarily the case that “whatever is, is right.). Truth is, to the fascist/communist/socialist left, no one is ever pure enough, and left to their own devices, communism will end with the very last two communists having one murder the other one. Unfortunately, then, that last communist won’t be a communist, as there won’t be another person to live off of.

        Worse, all these campus young socialists today, who only have utilitarian value, will end up no better than Ernst Rohm and his SA after the Night of the Long Knives. No, they won’t be murdered – rather, they will just collectively end up with $1.3 trillion in debt, and have no future, no career, no money, no home, no marriage, no children – the Fabian socialist version of the Rohm putsch. Marching for faux global warming? The architects of this scam make no bones about reducing living standards, and in some cases – such as former Obama advisor John Holdren (who is a former global cooler in the 1970s) – actually call for de-industrialization and things like actually razing dams. The victims of all this new poverty, of course, will be these very same campus radicals who will realize, too late, that they are in the same long line of Ernst Rohm, Leon Trotsky, Lavrentiy Beria, Gen. Arnaldo Ochoa in Cuba, and worse (don’t know who they are, young leftist? You had better look them up, as you, dear leftist, are slated for the same fate, if “only” economically. Perhaps of of the most revealing comments betraying this real attitude of young leftists being cannon fodder is Che Guevara’s comment about the peasants in one South American country he was active, where he state “I know the campesinos (peasants) support us now; however, when we come to power, they, too, will have to be liquidated.”

        The “useful idiots” attitude toward humanity has always been extant with the left – given that man has no inherent value – going back to its founding, where Jacques Mallet du Pan (1749—10 May 1800), wrote about the first leftist reign of terror, in his 1793 essay that ”…the Revolution always eats its own children” (“A l’exemple de Saturne, la révolution dévore ses enfants”). To the left, it truly is, as Russian philosopher Nicolai Berdyaev once noted, “If God doesn’t exist, then man does not exist either.” Here, he meant the “mannishness,” of man, where the mass of people are now nothing more than future Solyent Green.

        The National Socialist philosophy is right out of the Obama/Pelosi playbook., and you can read more about the socialism of the Nazis with any Google search, though http://encyclopedia.laborlawtalk.com/Nazi#Key_elements_of_the_Nazi_ideology exposes a lot about the National Socialist Program which was big on Euthanasia, Eugenics and Social Darwinism , which are big hits with libs today, too.

        • Could you say all that in a short equation: MSM=Propaganda
          Plus History=Wrtten by the Winner.

        • Refresher, thanks, Test !

        • WHAT THE FUCK???? Are you rambling bout???????

          • Danger Will Robinson. Warning. Warning.

        • Everything you write is true but … fascism is the highest form of human organization and thus it has prevailed for this reason. What you are advocating is akin to a romantic fairy tale involving some crackers, some beer, waving around the Constitution as if it is some holy book (no better than those who wave about the Koran or the Bible).

          Fascism works for a reason: because it works. It is the best system for handling modern science and technology. No other system can handle and manage these things and achieve goals (colonizing space, bringing order to the planet, etc.). The poverty that existed prior to the rise of fascism was horrific, something you do not mention.

          As for Nazism and race science, things have moved on a bit since the 1930s. It has been discovered since that there are untermensch in all races, as there are supermensch in all races. The thing is to bring together the supermensch of all races. A big, brainy, brawny black man is superior to a pot-bellied, baldy Brit with low-quality genes. Equally, a high specimen Swede is superior to many other people out there. It is a matter of knowing what the physical and mental qualities are.

          There are, clearly, physically preferential women for breeding and pleasure. Most people would agree that a Nordic woman is very desirable, as are many Asian women. Look at what people do, not what they say. Trump married a babe for a reason.

      4. If you are fit, you are fit to fight. It is that simple. Most people I know who do monster commutes are in terrible physical shape. They are fat, they do not have the strength or stamina to undertake long walks, let alone in the heat or under severe stress. I don’t like to brag (because most braggers are idiots, but I have been in some of the toughest environments this planet has to throw at a human being), and I know how it can break you super fast. I have seen many get cut down fast when things get real, quick.

        There is always something, one thing, that you didn’t consider and you will need to think fast on your feet. So, what gives you the best chance: hauling around a massive belly, two chins, and spindly arms and legs, or having man-thighs, stamina, strong arms, a tight gut and butt?

        You can have the most awesome go bag going but if you have a heart attack a mile into your escape, that’s it: you’re done. Good luck getting the angry negro who finds you in some crappy neighborhood, to give you first aid, or get you an ambulance.

        • I agree with most of what you said besides the statement…

          “Good luck getting the angry negro who finds you in some crappy neighborhood, to give you first aid, or get you an ambulance.”

          In my experience, its near impossible to get help from ANYONE, whether it be a black, white, or yellow person. Criminal tenancies do not discriminate. In an urban disaster, most people will be running around with their metaphorical “head cut off”, meaning I wouldn’t be trusting anyone I haven’t already set up an emergency plan or at least minimal communication with.

          I live in the outskirts of the D.C Metro area in Northern Va, so I’m fortunate to be a concealed carrier and my family all know the “plan” if I happen to be late to come home or have not contacted them in emergencies. They know I have what I need to get home and get to them. Also, there is a bike shop right across the street so, grabbing an alternate form of transportation would be fairly simple.

          I would recommend a good pair of walking or trail shoes to be placed in either your get home bag or trunk of your car. Try a 15-20 mile trek in work leather work shoes or heels and then tell me if that get home bag is worth a damn.

          Blessings to you all, the summer of establishment terror is among us.

      5. Depends on what you do, where you live/work, lots of variables, like for myself a map and compas are useless, can see the ocean from almost anywhere that i would be, and am rarely anywhere that i cant make a march for home and be there in 6 hours or less,
        Two way radio? That assumes theres somebody on the other end, a scanner that can listen in on LEO fire and rescue, but most places thats almost impossible now without really expensive equipment, money better spent on other stuff.
        I live in my boots,
        Bivy sack? Mylar blanket?
        I guess this is just a starting point for new folks, good to get the seed planted, but every AO is different, first thing i would do if anywhere considered urban would be to get out of there,,,

        • In a grid down senerio your electronics will be useless.
          2 way radio will be good

          • your advise would be great if that was the ONLY scenario….you might consider there are OTHER outcomes. i can think of DOZENS of “emergency” situations where the grid aint down.

      6. #1 should be some water with a means to treat water followed by a concealed handgun with extra magazines.

        #3 Machete – not so much…

        • Would rather have a good bushcraft knife than a machete to just get home from work. Mission drives equipment and you pack/prep accordingly.

      7. How far away from home will you be? 100 miles or ten blocks? A bike might be needed. Where do you live? Earthquake, hurricane zone? Civil unrest area? It all depends on your individual needs.

      8. Your prescription medications, especially if you are diabetic or have high blood pressure. What if you have no home to go back to?

      9. The article jumped from 25 minutes to 25 miles. Most 25 minute commutes are just a few miles through congested areas, not 25 straight miles on an interstate.

        Most people will not have to walk for days to get home.

        Maybe once or twice a year I might be far enough away from home to need anything on the list.

      10. Lightweight collapsible baton has severed me well over the years.

        • Severed?? That can’t be good

      11. they forgot something

        the list of all the tyrants that need to go within the first hour

        • THIS. If the head monkeys are not “pacified”, all of this will repeat for our kids (or theirs down the line) to deal with.

          • hopefully the head monkeys will be “REFORMED” during the apocalypse.

      12. One of the small bic lighters have around 1200 lights before it runs out of fuel. Get the light colored ones so you can hold it up to light and see the fuel level that remains. Wrap some of the narrower Gorilla tape around the lighter. That tape can be used to help get your tinder bundle going if you tear it off in long thin strips and wad it up loosely. Trust me it will burn for a good amount of time to get your tinder going. Everyone should know and be proficient with at least three different methods for starting a fire. Ponchos…. I recently purchased some German military surplus ponchos from Midway. These Ponchos are of rubber and very well made. They also have grommets down the sides and can be used with paracord to construct a temporary shelter if need be. Down side of the poncho is they are heavier than the cheap ponchos.

        • The lighter can be used to start a fire even after the fuel is gone, because it can still throw sparks.

      13. 3.Machete good to have, but Do you really want to take a knife to a gun fight. I think you should have a 22Cal. pistol just in case.


        • Yup .22 revolver (S&W 34) or Ruger MkII would be good to target small game if you’re quite aways from home. Protein meat from a few “tree rats” (squirrels) would keep your stomach happy.

          • PO’d, Ruger SR22 with a few extra mags and a brick of ammo always in my BOB.

            • A work place “bug out bag” is not a good place for a firearm. Often companies have rules, as well I’d never leave a loaded firearm where nutty people at work could get at it.

              Most employers will however look the other way if you carry pepper spray.

              I’m also thinking in many locations, concealed carry may be canceled in a state of emergency, just like firearm sales and ammo sales are shut off during riots.

              As far as carrying a firearm illegally, you could likely get away with it for a short time, but if Venezualia is any example, a SHTF event could last years. Don’t take this decision lightly. Getting cought could net ten years in prison. What is the probability of needing the firearm, and will then using it in self defense itself create a shitstorm. In inner cities a lot of people carry illegally for protection. They are the first to run, and run fast at the first sign of trouble.

              Have a plan B is all I’m saying.

              • “Often companies have rules…”

                The company and Venezuelan police will not have caused a moral dilemma, for those who still believe in natural rights. Whether or not you pay lip service to tyrants, whether you avoid confrontation, it should still be considered a tyranny, first and foremost.

        • But what if you forget the ammo, or you don’t have a hunting lisence, or in Utah squirrels are a protected species, or they are not in season in summer? Might be better to just have prepaid road side insurance card.

      14. Mar 11, 2017 How to easily build a 2 week emergency food supply

        When getting into prepping, building a long-term food storage setup can be intimidating. By starting with just a 2 week food backup, you can start down the path of ensuring your family will be covered during a major catastrophe.



        Pregnancy is going to happen, even during SHTF! If society collapses there are a few things that the prepper minded individual should consider.


        • Going back to basics is probably the only way modern people are going to have sex, in the first place.

      16. My hike home will be about 300 miles. My bag differs from this list drastically. The list is a good start, some items are not needed, while other items will be. It all depends on your location and distance.

        • a bicycle(and the stuff to keep it going down the road), or at LEAST a jogging stroller would be ESSENTIAL….speaking of essential, look up the boy scouts “ten essentials”….that would probably get you home….don’t forget the boy scout handbook….there’s a WEALTH of information on survival in there.

      17. I travel a lot. I carry a small bag with most of the items.
        I carry a small 9mm and a box of ammo. I have a led headlamp with spare batteries, meds and a compass. and a roll of TP. water is the biggest thing. its heavy but necessary. more than 3 days and I’ll have to resupply.

        the best way to win a fight is to avoid it in the first place.

        • Indeed. Your last sentence says it all. You want to win every time? Evade!

      18. EDC kit mixed with my day pack kept in the vehicle FTW. Have used this set up to go on week long treks into the Huron National Forest.
        EDC: Bersa bp9cc on me all the time. Mora Companion which I keep in my pocket at all times. Pouch with Altoids tin with cotton balls, small piece of fat wood, mini bic, tea light candle. 2 Fero rods and strikers. Second Altoids tin with First aide. attached to pouch: Penlight slingshot and random folding blade Lansky blade medic.

        Day Pack: (Is actually an old picnic backpack so it has a small soft cooler on the bottom.)
        Fero rod small bag of tinder with white birch bark and small kindling. All weather Space Tarp 5ft by7ft. Light Weight Mess Kit. 5inch blade and 3 inch blade.
        Small food package. ( energy bars, oatmeal, coffee, Dehydrated soup mixes ) 4 16oz bottles of water. Total day pack weight is less than 15 lbs.
        Okuma voyager fishing kit. Lightweight and has everything i need to catch fish with in the kit. including 2 reels a full 6ft rod and assorted hooks and lures.

        When on Backpacking treks my pack is normally only 25-30 lbs.
        More food is carried and extra clothing.

        Honestly the EDC is more than enough the day pack is just for added comfort and makes it easier.

        Learn about wild edibles in the areas you live in. Plants will provide you with food medicine and hygiene items.

      19. 1. In my opinion should be firearm.
        2. 2000 bullets for the firearm.

        Michael Savage said that it is good to have a firearm, but there is no reason to have more than three.
        Michael Savage says some very strange things, and this is one.
        Firearms are the perfect BANK. Quality Firearms never lose their value, they only increase in value. A stock of firearms purchased in 1970, and that are still new in box, and if you purchased
        $100,000.00 worth, it would now be worth more than $2,000,000.00.

        #19. Cash and/or barter items. Alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines, thyroid meds, any med that keeps people alive,
        and of course food.

      20. Extra Large Condoms.

        Think about it.


        • Water container? Let your adversaries find one and think “Holy shit we better not try to mess with this guy”…. and they break off pursuit? Or… the pursuers give up and decide not to take your woman cause what would be the use?

        • STDs

      21. Sigh. I hate fear mongering, however, I hate bad advice even worse.
        Get all gussied up with a rifle and machete on your side and see how long you’ll last before being taken down by LE, the triggered, or anyone else whom want’s to make an example.

        Forget money and avoid the stores!

        The first two hours will be like anything else, all confusion, folks getting mad for missing dinner and the game. That is when you make a bee line for getting out. This is why we prepare, so we can both recognize and then take advantage of the moment without further question.

        Eventually the yahoo’s will figure it out as opportunity not to be missed, and will need time to find their friends to engage in their fun activities.

        Go Grey man, shed the suit for jeans and T’s: Neck knife and belly pack of items under loose fitting a zippered hoodie and a small day pack. You’re a nobody with nothing worthwhile to bother with.

        Pocket the jewelry and forget wearing headphones. Put it a away. You want both eyes, ears and hands free.

        There will be plenty of panicked attention getters and easy targets to mask your hasty, but calm exit.

        Do not run. Conserve energy.

        Know where you’re going and look the part. Be kind and avoid the obvious. Don’t stick around in any place too long. Help where you can, but keep moving. You more than likely have family elsewhere and you need to get there.

        Avoid long periods of eye contact. Train yourself to observe movement, intent and what’s in the hands, or why are they hidden?

        Hopefully, along the way, you’ll discover others with the same idea and thinking. It won’t take much to form a pact and watch each others back. Having a common goal helps, but try not be more than three, and space accordingly.

        This is all common sense. You are not invincible. Being scared means all systems are functioning normally and ready for the adrenaline injection.

        Other than that? Try to have a nice day, while we’re still living and breathing.

        • while riding my bicycle around town, i have been asked several times lately “do you know where so and so is”, or other questions that make me realize they think i’m one of them,….the homeless….guess i’m doing SUMTHIN’ right.

      22. The best tool for survival is your brain. But your mind can be your biggest obstacle!2

      23. The best tool for survival is your brain. But your mind can be your biggest obstacle!

      24. 25 miles or less.? water and ammo……carry a max of 10% of your body weight. If your 200 lbs, then 20 lbs max. That’s about 2 gallons of water, and 100 rounds of .45 ammo.!!!!

      25. Chill out nothing is going to happen brothers and sister.
        GOD has spoken to me.


        • PFFT!

          • What does PFFT mean ?

            • Pfft.
              1) Practically synonomous to a scoff. Used to express a feeling of superiority/indifference….that’s good enough for MY interpretation.

      26. power bars,water,small water filter,pistol(9mm)with ammo,lighter,compass,knife,flashlight,cash,tp and plastic rain cover,extra pair of socks and small first aid kit. Try and travel light.

      27. The trick is to be around the homestead when TSHTF then all you need are your LPC’s to
        take you to the front door. Leather Personnel Carriers. Fancy way of saying shoes or boots.

      28. I had a breakdown about a year ago on the way home at night . Nobody answering phone , so I walked about 7 of my 19 mile trek .edge of major city out to bedroom com. Little spooky at the start , heavy Motorcycle boots and a good folding knife. When I made it to a gas station with an ATM to get some $$$ and call a cab. The strange part of this is at the gas station 4 nonresident roofers wanted to give me a ride , I felt a cold chill when they kept offering to give me SOME help. Only a sucker would of got in that car . I still would of had 12 miles to walk with out a cab and it showed me this would best be done with some of the tools mentioned . After water and weapon I got footware top 5 along with second weapon and gray man garment , maybe some hard candy . It could be a bit different with out the halfway cab and roofers telling you instead of asking you .

      29. Keep a breaching tool in your vehicle so you can open trailer trucks to loot for swag. Couple the breaching tool with a car jack break locks and gates. Also a hose and can to syphon fuel.

      30. First a heads up on walkie talkie’s – go to AliExpress for a great or best deal on a walkie talkie.

        BaoFeng GT-3TP MarkIII – 1/4/8W Tri-Power UHF/VHF – Dual Band. (and get a few extra batteries with it)

        This excellent up to 8W walkie is really a small Short Band/Wave radio – it can even be set up to talk as far as other states in range – you can program or enter any list of frequencies; this one with its special antenna has at least near twice the range of a common 4/5w Motorola or whatever.

        On Preparation – allow me to mention the warnings of Catholic Prophecy – in which over 100 authentic mystics, stigmatics, visionaries, etc, all have warned that because of the sins of the people – abortion, homosexuality, contraception, immodesty in dress, pornography, etc, but mostly for the “Apostasy” the abandonment of the true faith and doctrines for the worship of man by not only the peoples but the hierarchy of the Church up to the TOP.

        – Sister Lucia of Fatima said, April 1990: Because Russia was not converted, Russia attacks both Europe and America, however, America will be spared the prison camps (we win)

        – Blessed Sister Elena Aiello, 1895-1961, Italian mystic and stigmatic: Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe an she will attack America with her secret armies.

        – In 1984, Pope JPII asked a respected German mystic what he had seen in his visions, to which he replied: I saw the sky black with planes and missiles coming out of Russia towards the West (Europe) and two submarines firing their missiles at the East and West Coast of America. Russia attacks in mass with millions of soldiers, tanks, fighters, armaments, missiles in numbers the world never imagined they had been amassing.

        Marie-Julie Jahenny, French Mystic and Stigmatic 1850-1941)- whom Our Lord showed her in the late 1800’s WWI, WWII and WWIII among many other visions of coming events, and of which was a detailed vision of WWIII.
        Russia attacks in three wedges: 1. Russia attacks and defeats all the Scandinavian and Baltic countries. 2. Russia attacks through East Germany towards Frances where there is the most resistance. 3. Russia attacks through and with Iran to the Balkans, Turkey, Greece and then Italy, defeating all quickly.

        Pope St. Pius X and St. John Bosco, both had similar visions of the Russians attacking Italy and occupying Rome, killing all the priests and many innocents.

        Russia wins everywhere for the first year or so and then comes the “Great Monarch”. A man with the blood of all of the royalty of Europe, of a family thought to be extinct and living in self exile – this man with a small army faces a massive Russian/Islamic army and they apocalyptic things happen where he defeats both the Russian armies, pursues them into Russia and annihilates them – then pursues he Muslims to the Valley of Armageddon and after a 24/7 two week battle – he wins and it takes six months to bury the dead.

        In America:

        We get attacked from six sides:

        1. Alaska/Arctic – Russians attempt to drive from Alaska and the Artic straight to the Manitoba/Minnesota border to reach the Mississippi, but are stopped by US/Can forces and many civilians.

        2. Florida: Many south American countries side with Russia and attack here – Cuba, Venezuela, Panama, Brazil, etc. (Plans and agreements already completed)

        3. Mexico: As above – sides with Russia (Russian heavy armaments have been coming into many S. American countries for a few years now, according to our Intel.

        4. Pennsylvania: Russian elements and others? (maybe American Marxists?) attempt to drive from the East Coast (Penn) through Pittsburgh to the interior.

        5. Minnesota: Russian/Muslim elements strike out to attack railways, bridges, airports, dams, electrical grid, water supplies. Note: The large number of Russians in the Dakota’s and that area, plus the large numbers of Muslims in the Dakota’s, Minnesota, Mich, Ohio. Also – the Russian defectors, such as Col. Lunev and Maj. Anatoly Golitsyn, both warned of such plus the many “larg arms caches” they have secretly buried in the Northern States for supply and re-supply.

        In 2016: At three Western Ports and two Eastern Ports, Russian and Chinese ships have been caught bringing in heavy weapons, shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles, explosives, etc. And the Chinese now “control” two of our biggest deep water ports in California – with dozens of massive cargo ships (troops?) in port and waiting to port.

        California: One million man Chinese amphibious landing on the West Coast. They take to the Rockies for six months killing every man, woman and child they encounter, before we drive them back into the ocean.

        No electricity, food, transportation, stores, clothes, boots, gloves, meds, gas, etc, for over a years near one and one half – nothing but oppressive martial law, rioting, gangs, mobs, neighbors once docile now monsters. Starvation on a level never imagined in America leading to widespread cannibalism.

        We win in the end, but these mystics and saints warn that over 75% of the world dies, 95% of France.

        This all to happen very suddenly and soon, this coming summer or maybe next at most.

        When the Pope dies – know that all this will then begin. A disputed election – the new Pope condemns all the popes from John XXIII on, the Vatican Council is condemned and all it’s aftermath and proponents 0- all the previous doctrines, dogmas, rituals, Mass, restored.
        All the evils condemned and that’s when the devil realizes his time is up and he screams ” so be it – WAR”.

        • Lone Ranger!!! That you? Sounds like you. And where is our Army, Navy and Air Force when
          all this is going on? You have been watching Red Dawn too many times. Only thing coming out of Manitoba is mosquitos. You have one hell of an imagination. Write a novel and leave
          us be.

        • JarheadUsmc is as wacked out as Hcks. Are you meth cousins?

      31. My job is 15 miles away working in a prison. No weapons allowed in cars.So,I’ve got a pair of sneakers,two pairs of socks,protein bars,hat,sunglasses,rain poncho,and water.My guess it would take me a quarter to half day to make it home.II have a choice of walking along the freeway or side roads.I’m pretty much ready

      32. A bic lighter is always suggested….I strongly disagree and would take matches and a good Zippo over a bic lighter any day. I have been in extreme cold weather conditions and a bic lighter when it gets to cold-WILL NOT LIGHT.

      33. As someone who can literally walk for 10-12 hours:
        If you’re built like Shrek and not like a humming bird, more food and water.

        If you see hunger as an impediment or medical issue, then, prepare for that.

      34. If I was going to hoof it the 11 miles from work to my house I dang sure would not be wearing hiking boots. I’d be wearing some cushioning, breathable running shoes like Asics Cumulus. I’d have a small, light backpack with 4 bottles of Gatorade and 4 high carb, high protein nutrition bars. I’d have a lightweight poncho and that’s it. Call me an optimist but I wouldn’t be concerned about being assaulted even though a couple of areas I’d have to walk through are not the best – but I believe initially a catastrophe brings out the nurturing side of people, not the violent side. I’d be looking for people that I could help (a year down the road might be another story).

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