UPDATE: Coast Guard Found No ‘Dirty Bomb’ Aboard Maersk Memphis, Source Of Info Arrested

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Headline News | 39 comments

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    Editor’s Note: This report is an update to the alert we published Wednesday evening regarding a possible “dirty bomb” and emergency services deployment of Coast Guard, FBI, local police and hazmat teams to Charleston, South Carolina. 

    The following report was originally published by Shepard Ambellas at Intellihub.com

    George Web appeared on the Jason Goodman YouTube channel Thursday to report that the cargo ship “Maersk Memphis” may be carrying a “dirty bomb” aboard which later prompted law enforcement officials to search the vessel which is currently moored in the Wando Terminal following a call to the U.S. Coast Guard made by Web.

    “The dirty bomb is going to be on the Memphis in one of our ports, I’ll tell you that right now,” Web stated, who said he got his information from one of five people online. “I’m an American, I have nothing to gain here […] this is clear and present danger.”

    Goodman admits he placed a call to the U.S. Coast Guard Southeast to make the report which the online researcher maintains was provided to him by a “credentialed counter-intelligence expert [with] over thirty-years in the business.”

    “I just got off the phone with the Coast Guard in South Carolina and they were obviously very, you know, hesitant to call out all the dogs and call out all the radiation meters and all of that without knowing who our source is,” Web told his co-host Jason Goodman in a YouTube video posted on June 14. ”

    Thursday night the U.S. Coast Guard Southeast tweeted: “#BreakingNews Potential threat reported in Port of Charleston. Read more at https://goo.gl/zfdr7j

    Subsequently, the Maersk Memphis was evacuated by local, state, and federal law enforcement late Thursday night to allow a authorities to conduct a full sweep of the vessel after the Coast Guard established a 1 nautical mile safety zone around the ship.

    24-minutes before midnight, the Coast Guard tweeted: “ A 1 NM safety zone has been established around the vessel while law enforcement authorities investigate the threat.”

    By 2:43 a.m. the Coast Guard issued an all clear after focusing its search on 4 specific containers, finding no device.

    #update Unified Command determines no existing threat to the port. Terminal will reopen & safety zone has been lifted,” USCGSoutheast tweeted.

    #update there were 4 containers where threat was posed at terminal in Charleston, SC. These have been scanned and cleared by authorities.”

    At 2:57 a.m. Friday morning the Coast Guard announced that “the original reporting source of the threat in port of Charleston has been detained by authorities for further questioning.”

    An updated Media Advisory released by the Coast Guard and Department of Homeland Security reads as follows:


    Via USCGSoutheast/DHS

    Unrelated to the Coast Guard arrest, George Web was independently detained in Ohio by the Zanesville Police for “driving under the influence of alcohol,” according to his co-host Goodman who released the info on a Friday morning internet transmission. Goodman also reported that Web is set to appear in court Friday.

    H/T: Tabertronic/Twitter

    Via Intellihub

    Featured Image: Maurice King/Flickr

    ©2017. INTELLIHUB.COM. All Rights Reserved.


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      1. whewwwww

        dodged another one

        • The sykes fairbairn is far too small for my hand.

        • Grandee, I sincerely hope you’re right. I’m afraid of a whole series of false flags after that VA shooting.

          • This is a Test, A False Flag Test, Practice your panic mode, your freaking out, and outright Batshit crazy mode. We will tell you when the coast is clear.

            As far as I know, of all the shipping containers coming into the US, only about 5% are actually inspected. Anything could be sitting in those containers ready to blow at any time.

            OK after I posted this 5% figure above I though, hmmm lets look it up. Well here are the facts. or at least what they claim. ht tp://www.itintl.com/the-5-percent-myth-vs-us-customs-and-border-protection-reality.html

            The 5 Percent Myth vs. US Customs and Border Protection Reality


            95-percent of the containers that come into the ports are not inspected.

            Summary of Reality:

            The 95-percent figure is misleading and falsely implies that we do nothing to inspect cargo containers arriving at our seaports. We use intelligence to review information on 100 % of cargo entering our ports, and all cargo that presents a risk to our country is inspected using large x-ray and radiation detection equipment. Following 9/11, the Administration developed and implemented a smarter strategy to identify, target, and inspect cargo containers before they reach U.S. ports. While it is possible to secure a nation by closing its borders and inspecting everything and everybody that enters, doing so would render us obsolete.

            None of the security measures implemented as a result of this strategy existed before 9/11.

            Our strategy is to rule out potential threats before they arrive at our borders and ports. In fact, the security measures now in place allow us to rule out 94 % of the cargo as potential threats prior to its arrival into the United States. Six percent (6 %) of total cargo containers were identified this year as potential threats and were physically inspected immediately upon arrival. (The percentage will change annually because the inspections are based upon identified risk following intensive screening.) Dramatically increasing physical inspections after arrival is a waste of resources that will not appreciably increase our national security. In fact, the type of increase in physical inspections implied by this allegation would cost billions of dollars in resources and cripple not only the U.S. economy, but the global economy as well.

            **OK do you feel better now?

            • maybe

            • Crack, what the inspectors do is this: If the container is from a known shipper, it is considered ok. The shipper is expected to know who he is taking freight from. If the customer is not a regular customer of the shipper, then the shipper is supposed to inspect the freight before accepting it. Does this happen as it’s supposed to? Probably not all of the time. But it is the only economically viable system available. Customs then probably does some random inspections to verify that the freight in the container is what is on the bill of lading. Then throw in some human intelligence and signals intelligence and that’s the best that can be done. Smugglers make a fortune off of the volume of containers out there.

              • Yes HIM, Pretty much most likely. Every day they cross their fingers and hope for the best. Mean while we spend trillions Blowing up other Countries infrastructure and displacing massive refugees creating millions of new pissed off refugees turn Terrorists. None of it makes any sense. We could be spending that money on protecting our own. Just don’t live any where near any Shipping Port or down wind from any port. Shipping ports are dirty cesspools of filth, Dumping millions of gallons of polluted foreign ship’s ballast water and creatures from all over the world into our waters so they can make a buck. Its a mess.

          • A crackpot drunk calling a false report is not a false flag, it’s a crackpot.

            • Dennis Rodman’s Gift To Kim Jong Un:

              06-15-2017 • zerohedge.com by Tyler Durden
              America’s “new normal” diplomacy under Trump is a page turner… of Trump’s own book.

              While Dennis Rodman may not have had a role in this week’s release of Otto Warmbier, the American university student who had been imprisoned for 15 years, the NBA Hall of Famer appears to have delivered a symbolic message to North Korea’s leader: Rodman gifted Kim Jong Un with a copy of Donald Trump’s “The Art of the Deal” on Thursday, according to the AP.

              • OFF topic, but Relevant. Ready for the BIG Squeeze?
                Two out of every three states in America took in less tax revenue than expected this year, the worst performance since the depths of the recession, and twenty states expect to address budget shortfalls in the coming year.

                The new data, contained in three reports released by state budget analysts this week, raise concerns that states could face a new round of belt-tightening — and that another economic slowdown could be just around the corner.
                Link: ht tp://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/337776-ominous-signs-for-states-as-revenue-targets-missed

                ***Retail is dead, and where a lot of the sales tax revenue is coming up short. So you know what that means? Higher Property Taxes, and if you live in the Cities, get ready to take a clobbering over you heads. They will tax you right out of your homes. We have been warning you all here at SHTFPlan for years now. Did you get out of the city yet? Sell your houses now before the housing crash, and go buy some rural property for Cash and live debt free. No Brainer vs. Or wait for the housing crash, get your high tax bill and then nobody is going to want to buy your high taxed city house that worth less, and you will end up dying in your city house, cause you can’t sell it or just walk away from it, when you loose your job as well. Its all moving in that direction. You counting on your Pension to live in the city? LMFAO!!! Another fantasy turned nightmare, when your pension payments get wacked.

              • Good old Hanoi Rodman.

                You dig how his father used to run over Christians with a steam roller, feet first? I mean that literally…

                Or was it the artillery gun he used on that dude that got you hard, Dennis?

          • The deep dark state would prefer to rule from the shadows, but it’s been outed and now must use a false flag to get control.

            The same gang of hoodlums is still in charge and running the world. They are not rational. They are rabid, political regressive marxists/communists, tyrants-in-training, and are not going to stop on their own.

            What’s even more sickening and disgusting is that they are all tied to the international child and sex trafficking ring. The official sport of the dark state is pedophilia. These luciferians of the perpetual war, sleaze, and pedophilia party are in panic mode because President Trump is on their case. They will do anything in their power to remain in control and protect their game, including whatever false flag they can possibly manufacture.

            Meanwhile, the state propaganda media is silent about the arrests of 1500 pedophiles in the first six weeks after President Trump took office. He is going after the low-level pedophiles in order to extract confessions, to make arrests of the higher level pedophiles, drug dealers, etc.

            The Congressman who was shot in VA, Steve Scalise, has been a big part of the movement to expose sex trafficking and pedogate, stating: “The sad truth is that human trafficking is a real problem plaguing each and every community in the United States. This week the House took strong action to stand up for the victims of human trafficking, passing tough bills to provide them protection and to target child predators.”

            Is it merely a coincidence that he was shot? Given the raw evil that permeates the deep dark state,clearly the answer is a resounding no. This is what President Trump and Americans are up against.

            “If you think they’re going to give you your country back without a fight, you’re sadly mistaken.” – Steve Bannon

            Si vis pacem, para bellum (If you seek peace, prepare for war.)

            • Part of the Deep State, is the Israeli’s luring US politicians to Lolita Island for some Pedophile action, Then they use that video evidence to black mail our creepy politicians. Bill Clinton is black mailed, Chucky Schumer Pedophile, and so many more. So when a Vote come up to say like Give Israel $38 Billion Dollars they (AIPAC) is right there telling these blackmailed politicians, you better vote for that or we will expose you and ruin your career. The CIA is also in on this Black mailing scheme to keep their budgets fat ad happy.

              This is why we need Term Limits to weed out all of those who are being black mailed, and vote against the good of America. All of this info is out there is you take the time to do your research. The enemy is well embedded here in America.

              • Cont. And all of these false flags here in the US are just distractions to keep the focus off (((THEM))). Oh 9-11 was a big power grab by them, and to create the Muslims as the enemy. Its all an illusion. But to make it work even better, they import a bunch of Muslim refugees they know cannot assimilate, and con them into attacking or creating false flags. Boston Marathon Bombing is a perfect example. The Dual Israeli Citizen Michael Chertoff was the Chief of the DHS and approved the Israeli security company to take charge of the security at the Boston Bombing WInk WInk. Its all BS and People need to hang for this. And then their Controlled (((MSM))) keeps the message on track making Muslims the villains. This is all part of their Operation: “Pull the Wool over your Eyes”

                Ask Silverstein who bought the World Trade Centers and took out Terrorism Insurance a few months before they were hit and walked away with $5 Billion in Insurance money. And oh lets not forget the 5 Dancing Israeli’s who were sent over by Israel to film the world trade centers being hit. They returned as heroes to Israel.

                And we give them $38 Billion of our Tax Payer money for more beatings? Want to know who the real enemy is? Connect the dots.

              • Have always been curious why most politicians go to Israel for a FREE Vacation so to say.

                • Israel has a massive brain washing Training technique and always invite for free visits. Many US City Police Dept’s send their force of there to get a bowl full of BS and then come back brainwashed to think every American is the enemy. Gews are the most despicable Scum on the planet. Manipulative, blackmailing, criminal parasites, raping the planet for their pleasure. Boycott Every Gew business out there including all Cable TV and many radio stations. Its all brainwashing.

            • We all know who mamy of these deep state globalist communist satanistedophiles are, yet, they only seem to die of old age. Grow a pair and get busy taking care of business.

      2. False Flag exposed? Arrest reactionary to cover?

        Am I too paranoid/suspicious?

        Blame it on The Russians, The missile mole theory?

        Somebody have a grudge against Charleston S.C.?

        Whoever, she was, please fess up!

      3. What!!!

        We can’t make false allegations to police and cause a public panic?

        Since when is this a crime?

        Oh I see. This guy forgot to claim the Russians created the dirty bomb. If he had done that he would have been a hero for the Democrats.

        Note to self: Make fake dirty bomb calls to 911, be sure to claim the Trump Russian conspiracy is involved — Win the Medal of Freedom.

      4. Unless they have some X-ray machine to see in the container there is no way of knowing what’s inside. They are not gonna go through containers that are floor loaded from top to bottom. The shit is not on pallets. It’s all lumped shit. Now look at the amount of containers on the ship. They won’t go that route. Now for the X-ray that would need to be done while the ship is off the coast say 100miles or so. Not gonna happen. This is a real possibility and our enemies are willing to exploit every option. Do not be gullible and dismiss this type of attack. It’s totally possible. if they don’t know what’s in the containers by the time ship is tied up it’s too late for that city at least. They could do this as an attack on supply chain and the port will be contaminated with radiation which would render it useless meaning trucks couldn’t go in there to get containers and ships couldn’t dock there till whenever the radiation levels are low enough for people to go back in there which could be years. The next nearest shipping port would not be able to handle the freight container volume which would cause problems in the supply chain. Could be hard to get food to the store. If North Korea was to go to war with us they could sink all the the shipping and fuel tankers with their submarines. The gov has reserves but this would force rationing of fuel. This would impact logistics.. I wouldn’t screw around get the food and water you need

      5. Milwaukee, Minnisota epidemic 8,000 cases of Measles in anchor babies of Somali migrants. They are being referred to as Somali Americans. They are very low IQ and have a “culture of rape” making the threat even greater. Cholera and other diseases also out of control in the Congo and these uncivilized disease carriers are here and more on the way.

        Real Americans must do something or this is going to cause a pandemic and kill our children. If this news on gov. med are true, our government is deliberately and knowingly exposing us to life threatening diseases; and uncivilized “savages” incapable of living in a civilized Country. Recall that Africans genocide whites.

        Polio from Nigeria, Pakastan, and Afganastan is coming here, because of lack of sanitation. 150,000 muslim females in Sweden have had their genitals mutilated. Genocide by migration from these backward Countries into our European Countries and increasingly more into America.

        The government is deflecting responsibility by blaming the parents of autistic children denouncing vaccines. The anti-vaccine people did not import these diseased savage raping people.


        • These Muslims are a HUGE public health risk in various ways folks, please wake up and take a damn notice and do it now! They are very low IQ, no education, very lazy, radical, dangerous, feel rape is just fine and do not want to work and have this grand idea that the shitty ass Gov’t will take care of them forever and a day while they sit home and do nothing at all!! We have plenty of scum in this country, we do NOT need anymore.
          Do you really want these dangerous, filthy, disease infested rats running the streets of America? ?

        • If you want to dramatically protect against measles just be sure you have adequate Vitamin A in your system and to take regularly as a supplement. You can get adequate amounts of vitamin A and D in cod liver oil. We had to take that stuff when we were kids. Not one of the 10 of us ever really knew we were sick, despite all of us having measles, mumps, chicken pox etc.

      6. I notice no story on the two escaped murdering inmates
        And even in the news they won’t post that these two dangerous individuals
        Was caught by a Tennessee home owner WITH A GUN!

        • Rebel. I heard on the radio those 2 inmates were finally caught after a car chase by cops. Got any links? I don’t really care about the story, but if you post something, provide a link with proof. The inmates killed 2 prison guards according to the radio news on that.

          • I’ll look
            I heard the deal on the Tennessee thing from another person
            I probably shouldn’t trust anyone or anything without further proof now a days

            I’ll see if what he said to me is true and try linking

            • Plus I found this comment on a yahoo news article

              “why is the media forgetting to tell the true story ? These men were captured by an armed civilian when they tried to steal his car ,I suppose the antigun group is running the show .”

              • http ://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/261762448-story

                Here it is
                “Alert home owner caught them”

                • A spokesperson for the Tennessee Highway Patrol said that homeowner held the pair at gunpoint until deputies arrived.

                • CNN & Fox on line have it too. Homeowners with guns capture escaped inmates.

                  Those boys tied up an elderly couple in Shelbyville. Took their jeep. That’s next to my county in southern middle TN.

                  • OK It was both a Car Chase and a Home Owner with a Gun that held them until police arrived.

                    2 escaped Georgia inmates caught after Tennessee chase
                    Published:Thursday, June 15th 2017, 11:38 am EDTUpdated:Friday, June 16th 2017, 10:49 am EDT

                    By Jasmine Agyemang, Digital Content Manager

                    (WTVM) – Two escaped inmates wanted in the killings of two correctional officers on a Georgia prison bus were captured Thursday in Tennessee after holding an elderly couple captive and leading police on a chase by car and foot.

                    The capture

                    The Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Georgia Governor Nathan Deal confirms the wanted inmates are in custody following a high-speed car chase in Tennessee.

                    Donnie Rowe and Ricky Dubose were captured in Christiana, Tennessee, Georgia Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Nelly Miles said.

                    Georgia Bureau of Investigation

                    According to sources with the Jones County, GA Sheriff’s Office, the two inmates committed a home invasion of an elderly couple in Shelbyville, Tennessee, and stole a vehicle. The inmates held the couple captive and then fled the scene in the couple’s vehicle.

                    This vehicle was spotted by law enforcement and the suspects abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot.

                    The inmates got into a wreck, left the vehicle, and then led police on a foot chase. After a brief shootout, the suspects were taken into custody in Christiana, Tennessee.

                    A Rutherford County, Tennessee, homeowner held the two inmates at gunpoint after they attempted to steal a car at his house, authorities said at a Thursday night press conference.

                    Jones County Sheriff’s Office

                    At around 7:55 p.m. ET Thursday, authorities have confirmed that the two inmates were spotted in Shelbyville, Tennessee, about an hour south of Nashville.

                    All across Georgia and South Carolina, there have been several reports of possible sightings of 43-year-old Donnie Russell Rowe and 24-year-old Ricky Dubose.

                    Investigators say they were last seen in a white 2008 Ford F-250 truck with a Georgia license plate BCX5372.

                    The reward for the capture of Rowe and Dubose was increased to $130,000.

                    The escape

                    The shooting took place in Putnam County around 6:45 a.m. Tuesday on Highway 16 between Eatonton and Sparta, about 80 miles east of Atlanta.

                    Authorities said the inmates were being transported when they overpowered the two officers, one of whom was driving the transport bus. They disarmed one of the officers and fatally shot both. 31 other prisoners were on board the bus and they all stayed behind until officers arrived on scene.

                    The inmates also carjacked a 2004 green Honda Civic 4-door with a Georgia license plate RBJ6601 on Tuesday.

                    Rowe, a repeat offender currently serving life without parole, was imprisoned after being convicted on charges of armed robbery and aggravated assault. He is described as a white male standing around 6’2″ and weighing about 150 pounds. He has brown hair and blue eyes.

                    DuBose was imprisoned after being found guilty of armed robbery, aggravated assault, credit card fraud and theft by taking. He is described as a white male standing about 6 feet tall and weighing about 150 pounds. He also has tattoos on his face.

                    The correctional officers

                    The corrections officers killed have been identified as 42-year-old Christopher Monica and 58-year-old Curtis Billue.

                    Monica had worked for the facility for nearly eight years after being hired in October of 2009.

                    Billue was nearing his 10th anniversary with the facility after being hired in July of 2007.

                    Funeral services for Christopher Monica will be held on Tuesday, June 20 at 2 p.m. at First United Methodist Church in Milledgeville. Funeral services for Curtis Billue will take place on Saturday, June 17 at 11 a.m. at the Wilkinson County High School Auditorium in McIntyre, Ga.

                    Governor Deal reacts

                    Georgia Governor Nathan Deal initially tweeted the news that the inmates had been captured.

                    CAPTURED: Fugitives in custody following car chase in TN. More info will be forthcoming.
                    — Governor Nathan Deal (@GovernorDeal) June 16, 2017
                    Deal released the following statement on the capture of the two escaped inmates:

                    “Earlier tonight, with the assistance of our law enforcement partners in Tennessee, dangerous fugitives were captured and taken into custody,” said Deal. “Rest assured, justice will be served. My sincere thanks to our local, state and federal law enforcement officers who assisted in the manhunt. Because of their tireless efforts, the public is safe. The pain endured by the families and loved ones of Sergeant Christopher Monica and Sergeant Curtis Billue endures, however. We will do everything in our power to support their loved ones, and we will not forget their sacrifice and service.””

                    MORE: ht tp://www.wtvm.com/story/35672940/2-escaped-georgia-inmates-caught-following-chase-in-tennessee

      7. Shit is getting serious all over the country.


        • Yes, it sure seems that way buddy!! Very concerning and dangerous, many threats to be concerned with!

      8. If you see something…

        And you say something…

        Go to jail.


        Same as elementary school. GOT IT.

        • See Something?….

          Shoot, Shovel and Shut Up!!

      9. how to change the date on iphone 5


      10. when should i start dating quiz questions


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