Unrest and Martial Law? Leaked Military Drill Anticipates “No Rule of Law” After Election Results

by | Oct 21, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 211 comments

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    This tip came through the back channels; its implications are astounding.

    If there is any truth to it, the 2016 election could be a kick-off for total tyranny.

    According to an unnamed source – who has provided accurate intel in the past – an unannounced military drill is scheduled to take place during a period leading up to the election and throughout the month after.

    It appears that the system is gearing up to handle outbreaks of violence, chaotic rallies and poll stations, and the possibility that the people of the United States may become very dissatisfied with the outcome by using military force and martial law.

    The drill could, of course, go live at any time; Homeland Security and the military are prepared to contend with a period of unrest, and restore order to a divided and broken country – regardless of whether people like their new leader or not.

    As you know, DHS is already monitoring this election and prepared to take over its ‘critical infrastructure’. The scope of this drill would, of course, take things much further:

    Hi Guys,

    I got some gouge from a former military colleague who is in contact with active duty personnel and he received an email about an upcoming drill.  We need confirmation on this, but if we put it out there we might get a leaker to come forward and confirm:

    Date:  October 30th – 30 days after the election
    Suspected Region:  Northeast, specifically New York

    1st Phase:  NROL (No Rule of Law) – drill involving combat arms in metro areas (active and reserve).  Source says active duty and reserve service members are being vaccinated as if they are being deployed in theatre.

    2nd Phase:  LROL (Limited Rule of Law) – Military/FEMA consolidating resources, controlling water supply, handing out to public as needed.

    3rd Phase:  AROL (Authoritarian Rule of Law) – Possible new acronym or term for “Martial Law”.  Curfew, restricted movements, basically martial law scenario.

    Source said exercise involves FEMA/DHS/Military

    At this time, information concerning a drill has not been confirmed, nor has it been announced publicly.

    However, there is reason to believe that the federal government is preparing for all contingencies – including those that might lead to violence or civil unrest after the election.

    With Donald Trump openly calling out the “rigged” electoral system, there is reason to think that the public may not accept a Hillary win – particularly if there is any clear evidence that the vote was rigged, manipulated or poorly counted.

    Just imagine for a moment thousands or even millions of people rising up in protest.

    But is the system really expecting this could happen?

    All bets are off in 2016, and quite frankly, it seems like something very creepy is rising to the surface.

    The email also noted that this same source provided information which was covered by Shephard Ambellas and Infowars exposing that a mock American town had been constructed for urban warfare training under SPECWAR and DHS:

    FORT CHAFFEE, ARKANSAS — Carnis Village is what the Army National Guard calls it. A mock American town which even contains dummy citizens for domestic training purposes. Located on the grounds of the Fort Chaffee Maneuver Training Center, the massive training compound is likely a dead-ringer clue foreshadowing the grim path we are now traversing as a nation.


    The center at Ft. Chaffee seems eerily similar to any given US downtown location. There is a church, not a mosque. There is a bank that has a drive in ATM and even has the triangle of the local Arvest Bank. There are townhouses, a city hall, a two story high school with boys and girls restrooms and more.

    The fine details of the facility make it quite obvious to myself that this site was set up for domestic warfare training proposes or for a westernized nation that shares a similar culture of architecture to that of America.

    They are training to take on Americans after an economic collapse, an election upset, or an attack by an enemy… and the photos (via Intellihub.com) are chilling.

    Photo: Intellihub

    Photo: Intellihub.com

    Image: Intellihub.com

    Image: Intellihub.com


    Image: Intellihub.com

    While nothing in particular may occur after election results are announced, there is every sense that America is at its last crossroads.

    World War is on the horizon, the economy is breaking down and the reign of the dollar on the global stage is rapidly fading.

    Is the contest between Trump vs. Hillary enough to be a real trigger point?

    Hillary could bring very dark days to this country just by being declared the next president; Obama might, in turn, declare martial law.

    At that point, the situation will be very clear.

    It could happen; there are numerous pretenses that could be used to break down civilian order and take back the streets by force. Let’s hope none of them happen.

    Be vigilant. Find out what you can. And be prepared for anything.

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    If Martial Law Comes to America “Dissidents and Subversives Would Be Rounded Up”

    “The Fraud Is Rampant”: Registering the Dead And Illegal Immigrants to Steal the Election

    Trump Resists Pledge To “Absolutely Accept” Election Results… But Why Should Anyone Accept Fraud?


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      1. Its been my observation that Republicans don’t riot.

        • Kevin2……..More like most educated people don’t riot! OH Wait, that is Republicans!!

          • Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

            “In this explosive new video from Project Veritas Action, a Democratic dirty tricks operative unwittingly provides a dark money trail to the DNC and Clinton campaign. The video documents violence at Trump rallies that is traced to the Clinton campaign and the DNC through a process called birddogging.

            A shady coordinated communications chain between the DNC, Clinton Campaign, Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC (Priorities) and other organizations are revealed. A key Clinton operative is on camera saying, “It doesn’t matter what the friggin’ legal and ethics people say, we need to win this motherfu**er.”


              • There will be no winners in this election. No matter the outcome, everyone will lose.

                • That is correct! No winners!

            • Well considering the fruit loop Trump and his fruit loop followers, add the fact that inside the altered reality (A reality that does NOT exist by the way) that Trump thinks this is, he is so WONDERFULLY WONDERFUL that all his MANY failures are non existent/crooked media lies, and he has since day one of his “campaign”/EGO BOOSTER he has been doing and saying EVERYTHING he can dream up or Alex Jones dreams up for him to divide the nation and to ensure that win or loose, ESPECIALLY loose that he turns the nation into a chaotic war zone, so they can practice their WONDERFUL Hypocrisy and BOLD FACED LIES and of coarse blame Obama for declaring martial law, not because Trump excited his fruit loop Klan to start a revolution and order needs restored but simply because Obama is a “Tyrant hell bent on starting in power”. Of coarse let’s flash back to the real world and remind everyone that prior to the most unfit, distempered, know nothing, egotistical con man in history deciding he wanted to rule the world, Obama was the “Lame Duck president who didn’t want to do anything but take vacations and play golf”, although in the real worlds reality here near the end of his 8 year term he has taken less vacation days than their beloved Republican parties last president who brought the nation to the brink of complete collapse took in his first two years of his first term before he ever even got around to having his brother hijack the election in Florida to give him the election he lost so he could continue redistributing the wealth from the bottom up and destroying the American Way Of Life. Anyway back to my point in Trump’s mentally disturbed distortion of reality he is SO WONDERFUL that the fact that he lost the election is all the proof he needs to convince himself and in turn for him to convince his fellow alternate reality existing followrs that the election was rigged against him, just like time, facts, the live microphone and TV cameras that conspired together to make him look and sound like a pathetic little know nothing 8 year old spoiled brat who’s mommy wouldn’t buy him the toy he wanted at walk Mart on live television when in altered reality he was actually very WONDERFULLY composed and spoke in great detail of his WONDERFUL policy ideas and his WONDERFUL plans of how he would achieve the most WONDERFUL job of “Making America The Most WONDERFULLY great nation in the Trump Universe again”. All these factors and the real world REALITY that he has been programming his Klan Of Trumpeting PUPPETS to go bat sh*t crazy, revolt and bring about complete chaos after the voters who care about their children’s future and especially want them to have one would not consider voting for absolute destruction/DONALD TRUMP… YES martial law likely will be declared not because of “Obama the tyrant” but because of Trump the Tyrant, his hate and division spewing ego boosting campaign for guarenteed destruction and the many hate filled reality blind followers who HEIL TRUMP AND HIS EVERY COMMAND, without regard to decency, fact and/or REALITY!! GOD HELP US, AT LEAST THOSE OF US WHO’S HATE FILLED HEARTS HAVENT BEEN FOAMING AT THE MOUTH AT THE PROSPECT OF DESTRUCTION BY “DONALD THE GREAT”!!

              • Bro..!

                CALM YOUR SHIT!

                You are obvi having an emotional overreaction right now and you need to step AWAY from the keyboard IMMEDIATELY until YOU are back in REALITY.

                • I don’t even read stupid long winded posters like RealWorldReality. He is obviously mentally handicapped.The election is already over. They picked Hillary and will seal the deal thru the electoral college process.

                • Best laugh of the morning so far. Think a lot of people have been there, HC and the Clinton Foundation are the ones selling out the USA. Have a great day.

              • You are certainly a genius! Why don’t you cut your nuts loose so you can lose them.

              • Real world reality viewer? You know the real world? Your girl deleted 30 thousand supenaed entries and got away with it . Is that reality? Your girl said . We came we saw he died. Is that reality. Hate ? Do you hate coruption? How bout serial killers? How about the domestic enemy? Because we do and we are ready to butcher the enemy. And it’s obvious who you are. Do you think the police will protect you and your kind . They can’t wait to get rid of you just like us. WW3 is coming. Our window of opportunity. The Tares must burn.

              • Did you copy this from CNN. Cause it sounds like you been drinking the CNN flavored koolaid.

                • Yeah, RealWorld needs to take his medication, or at least learn how to use paragraphs. He may be having a stream of consciousness in his room with the padded walls, but he’s not James Joyce.

              • STFU troll. Yet another ‘progressive’ (aka Bolshevik) that whines about tolerance and democracy when it suits them. Your neo con psycho-witch wants WW3 and has the support of lobotomites and cant win ANYTHING without fraud. You’re a criminal like that thing is.

              • Sounds to me like you are describing the obama administration and the clinton corrupt campaign.

              • Typical useless Libturd!

              • This guy is a typical liberal. Always angry. Perhaps they are angry because they cannot come up with a good reason for their poor decision making abilities.

              • You really need to get into drug intervention program.

              • There are those who eat shit, those who lick it, and those who never will. Those that support Hillary, are the biggest fruit loops, delusional, grossly ignorant, and have severe emotional problems.

              • You must be eating to many fruit loops ! Lmao you troll

              • YOUR IGNORANCE!!!…..obama has done “nothing” except
                (divide a country) worse than ever before, explode our
                DEBT (like never before) and encourage muslims to invade our
                country with their religion,and label “CHRISTIANITY
                as a cult”….remember from his fathers book,his desires were to make America a 3rd world country!….so the damage is done!
                and it looks as if obama is gonna get away with it,and the blame
                is gonna fall on someone else!..like carefully orchestrated
                by him!…however I don’t think he”s going to leave!…either he’ll declare war or marshal law to cover up his failures!
                all the while “playing the race card” his entire term,every
                time he got caught destroying America and our constitution!

              • Hey asshole, fruit loop follower here~ And you better hope fruit loop Trump is elected or this country will be down the shitter with Hitlary and her corrupt machine, we will become be like a third world country but maybe that would suit you just fine numb nuts!

              • Does your doctor know that you escaped? Wipe off the foam around the mouth, look into the mirror, repeat “I am OK, you are OK “, three times, then call 911, ask for a white jacket.

                On the other hand, this entire article is based on something someone told someone at sometime and somewhere that has not been verified, i.e., this is all an assumption, i.e., total BS !

                If you do not have facts, facts that have been verified with verifiable sources, then shut the hell up and save your ink and paper for when things actually happen. Anyone can blather and get some form of reaction. All you have done is spit in the soup, and stand back reading with glee the reaction. Papers like this spread to your other publications and taint them as well. Do a service to the people, tell the truth, and become a source the people can believe without having to verify or screen for lies and stupidity…

              • What a loser you are!

              • You know I sit here and read comments on here everyday without commting.Can you please explain to me why you think Hillary would do anything she says her and soros wants to turn this country into A communist country.She wants open borders and give them everything free.Explain to me why you think this is right plus there are people that has been waiting in line to come to America.Why shouldn’t they be allowed to come first and don’t you have A family you want to protect she has plainly said she want’s open borders that in my opinion will cause America to go down in flames.I would like comments from anyone about this.

              • “Trump the Tyrant, his hate and division spewing…” You mean like the division and hate spewing that Hillary and her surrogates that are paying protesters to cause at Trump’s rallies? You filthy liberals are the lowest life form on the planet.

              • Wooooow. You need therapy, lady.

              • RealWorldRealityViewer… Sounds like that MTV reality show “The Real world” We all know how confused they were.

            • That’s weird, as my copy clearly states him saying “…we’ve got a god-damned election to win.” So, already this is getting dicey…

              • ‘REALWORLDREALITYVIEWER’. Now that’s a very misleading moniker for the most long-winded troll I’ve ever encountered. He sounds like a regular from huffpost.com where he should go back to.

          • Even the core blue collar religious, rural Republicans don’t riot. They’re too busy working and being responsible. They might under some rare circumstances physically protect but they don’t loot.

        • You’re right, Kevin. Even if Trump is robbed by blatant election fraud, white middle America will loudly complain, but won’t start an armed insurrection.
          But there are a host of other reasons as to why the military may be training for martial law, – asteroid strike or solar mass ejection, World War 3, economic and financial collapse. etc.

          • Rigging the Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud

            “In the second video of James O’Keefe’s new explosive series on the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign, Democratic party operatives tell us how to successfully commit voter fraud on a massive scale. Scott Foval, who has since been fired, admits that the Democrats have been rigging elections for fifty years.”


          • “But there are a host of other reasons as to why the military may be training for martial law”

            Three words sum it up:

            To Maintain Control

            • SO. Sightings of Russians in key locations from Alaska to Louisiana…and military-made, moc-USA towns are the most likely place “they” all train at for what is obviously coming…I served and deployed all over the world. These towns/UN and or Russian troops sightings are very obvious.

              • Russian troops in the US to enact martial law? Nonsense.

                Economy might crash. Likely cause is a Back Swan event caused by the threat of global war. Russia or China isn’t the enemy. Let the global economy fall apart and no country will have anyone to spare because they’ll all be quite busy at home.

                “Russian troops sightings are very obvious.”

                One More Time


                • This internet mass outages have always been implemented right before an area is to be attacked so comm is controlled and leaks minimized. Iraq 2003, Lebanon before Israel attacked in 2006, Syria 2007 etc.
                  So US is the next target on that basis w/ the national internet outages today- which web monitors showed were emanating from INSIDE US into other areas of US. Will the banks be next? Blamed as cyber warfare by Russia?
                  PS: Obomber just signed an EO last week on a state of national emergency due to SPACE ‘WEATHER’ Events and cyber disruption- which then went on to discuss not weather, but cyber terrorism
                  PSS: Okla NATIONAL GUARD just got called up for UKRAINE deployment…

                • What kind of people use the word nonsense? Think about it? Anyone who makes a conclusion based on the information we have available . Can’t be trusted?

                  • Russian troops in the US is nonsense.

                    Nonsense Defined:

                    words or ideas that are foolish or untrue

                    “based on the information we have available”

                    What information?

            • To get shot

        • 4th Phase: BHWH (Blue Helmets With Holes)– UN rolls in and attempts their takeover and receives green-tipped messages that they are not welcome here.

          • Sites across the internet suffer outage after cyberattack

            ht tp://mashable.com/2016/10/21/sites-across-internet-struggle-after-cyberattack/#qPTIJ_UyZOqO

          • BlackMoe, same here. I’ll also be ‘ventilating’ a lot of those blue helmets.

            • Trick I learned.
              Don’t shoot troops in the head – that holds them up for a second or two longer than if you shoot them in the crotch. Crotch shots force them to bend over IMMEDIATELY. Second advantage – Crotch shots make troops much more cautious if not paranoid. Head shots are fatal and medics have less time spent on such shots whereas a crotch shot is extremely pain full and will consume a medics attention for much much longer.

              • Bill,
                The way we’ve been training is legs, hips and center mass. In case they’re wearing body armor, the hips and legs rip up pretty good. Besides, hip shots have a better than 80% chance of bouncing around the lower body cavity and raise heck inside the body cavity.
                Head shots on the fly and in a rounds coming in situation is only seen in movies…IRL – it’s a crap shoot if you tag the bad guy in the head on the move.
                Be well.

              • Blind them with bird shot.

          • Yeah Moe! I’ve got boxes and boxes of those little messages with the green arrow tip! Didn’t know they were for sending messages so this I’ll get on it and make me some up (cuz I’ve got a shitload to say to them).

            FUCK YOU

        • This is bullcrap…. getting tired of the “a friend of mine sent me an e-mail from a friend in the army…..” Lets get some CREDIBLE info and stop with this baloney fear porn….. lot bigger things happening and that you Mac could be reporting on…. Just sayin….

          • Whistleblowers won’t come forward these days unless they are allowed to remain anonymous… I am sure most can understand that in this environment. Unfortunately that’s where we are in America now.

            The source for this report has been vetted



            • Bolderdash! Whistleblowers are revered and celebrated by the current US government.

          • The article says “OCT 30 A Month after the election” Do you mean NOV 30??? I thought the election was scheduled for NOV 8 Oct 30 is a good bit before the sham election !

            • “OCT 30”: Date of the exercise
              “A month after the election”: Scenario

          • Amen, I kept looking for Steve Quayle’s name attached to this.

        • THE WORD IS “RIOTS OR NO RIOTS” the military and police gangs and UN troops will stage an attack on “”BLACK FRIDAY””..this could also involve the chinese crossing the TEXAS& MEXICO BORDER and attacking southern texas,and possible attack on california,oregon,washington,the east coast and california is Unarmed they’ll go down like a rock…be ready..STOP RUNNING AROUND UNARMED,unless you don’t care if your killed in a road block…..

          • Arizona

            What? Are they going early Christmas shopping At Wal-Mart.


        • Mine, too. In fact the NE part of the country is usually solidly left.Perhaps Trump is expected to win,and angry negroes,angry homos, angry wetbacks and angry commies are expected to burn cities…

      2. Kevin2, I agree, but if Trump wins…..welll everyone knows the George Soros crowd will probably riot.

        • They can get them to riot very easily. Keeping them from rioting is the difficulty.

          If Trump wins the Establishment will put every land mine in front of him to create a failed presidency. Like a spoiled kid they will break all of their toys before having to share them.

          I see the problem as too much power in too few hands. It destroys every system of governing. You can’t have the Rule Of Law when six corporate conglomerates own the Main Stream Media. The Rule Of Law is predicated on “One Man, One Vote”. You can’t effectively have that with billionaires as their influence far outweighs. An oligarchy is the inevitable result.

          • Oh yea those poor Republicans, after they worked SO HARD preserve the nation as the cooperated 100% with Obama the last 8 years to ensure that all the hard work the Republicans Bush Regime put in to bring the U.S. to the very height of its prosperity and greatness wasn’t done in vein and now those damn Democrats are gonna do everything in their power to stop Trump from making the U.S. stay as WONDERFUL as it was in 2008 thru now, even after the Republicans cooperated with and assisted Obama so patriotically for the last 8 years!… WOW!!! Trump, the Republican party and their cult members truly are convinced we are in an alternate reality… GOD HELP US WHO ACTUALLY SEE THE REAL WORLD, A VIEW THAT APPARENTLY IS THE ONLY ONE THAT HOUSES PEOPLE WHO CARE AND ARE NOT MOTIVATED BY HATE AND/OR THRIVE ON THE PROSPECT OF DESTEUCTION AND THE CHOAOS THAT FOLLOWS!

            • You seem to think we are all republicans. Most of us can’t stand either. But most do hate the perversion of the domestic enemy. You seem to hate republicans . Nothin wrong with that. View your reality.

            • REALWORLDREALITYVIEWER, F#$% you! Go back to MSM where you belong.

            • RealWorldRealityViewer

              NAFTA, China Free Trade and Glass-Steagall, all signed into law by Bill Clinton and supported by Hillary is her demise. The 1400 workers at Carrier Air Conditioner, white, black, brown, yellow and red that are losing their jobs with a corporate move to Mexico guaranteed will not vote for Hillary. Thats a core group that were traditionally Democrats. Take note of the past tense.

              • And there’s millions more where they came from.

          • Seems reasonable to me that what’s in Obama emails is more than adequate to force their hand, meaning they’ll “call” the election due to Hacking and National Security (it’s impossible to say what might become of either candidate, though one or both being ‘wiped’ wouldn’t be out of the question).

            Our troops would NOT obey orders to engage in Martial Law (our military is already fully aware they are in a balancing act of Muslim leaders attempting to dominate the world in the name of Allah, and all white and Christian heads must roll (so there’s your warranty of a war right there. Can’t kill you without war, and biological warfare couple with hackers killing anything and everything that has been wired into The Internet (EVERYTHING is wired into The Internet, therefore anything can be done, and all you need is the fastest, biggest HDDs, unbelievable “boards” running “servers from hell” (yet still a little ole linux system can chug right through undetected using any number of never-heard of OS’s (for linux/unix/sun-microsystems only).

            Can’t let Trump win, all American cities would go up in flames then all the blacks would be screaming for OUR homes (God forbid they lift a finger to attend their personal needs). YOU burn it, YOU live in the damned rubble.

            Either way, no matter how we slice it, there is no way this is going to come out fair (already it is as corrupt and dirty as can be, and more is to follow that makes now pale by comparison). We should not remotely expect anything but bad trouble from now on, so steering clear of everything would be what I’d strive to do as we slide into the last leg of “The Beginning of What End?”

            • History says 2 out of 3 will do as they’re told. Obama has stacket the upper end of the command structure with sycophants. The US military would end up fighting itself, as well as the peasantry.

        • Remember, you have a right to use armed force to protect yourself and property from democrat rioters. Better have your guns ready.

      3. I know a guy, whos friend is in the Army. He was told by his supperior that there rumor of…… Jade helm 2015, Shemitah, jubilee…

        Be ready for anything but dont cry wolf. What we do know is one day the dollar will die, society makes sodom and gomorra look clean. And the world is run by “deplorables”. I do expect a gun and ammo run if Hillary wins. This election feels choreographed, im not accusing the writer of false info but the source is thirdish party.

        • “don’t cry wolf”?…..no you better start SCREAMING WOLF from the rooftops. no matter which side wins, there’s going to be gnashing of teeth….and don’t forget, when martial law comes, the COPS GO HOME….they won’t have jobs anymore. i have a friend who’s a contracter, and he told me that. i hadn’t heard this before, but it made sense when he told me about it…oh, one more thing, black multicam is the pattern they will use. i buy/sell military gear and i had never seen it before, but he says that’s what the troops will be wearing. he says it will distinguish the good guys from the bad guys….i don’t know about that….

          • BCOD

            I buy and sell military gear and have not seen any Black

            If that is the case do not wear anthing black that has a digital screne to it. Almost as good as Blue helmets.

            • Anon, for me it’s real simple. ANYONE who comes to me with evil intentions toward me is committing suicide and it doesn’t matter what they’re wearing.

              • Braveheart1776

                Won’t be long now as the time winds down. Country is going one way or the other. Incidents will accelerate and their intensity increase, for whatever rhyme or reason. I will say by reading here, there are many who are way below where they should be both in preps and training.
                As the attacks are upon the internet now and in as many as eighteen days, many may go to ground from this site. Should Hillary win and it sure looks that way.

                One point to make.

                If the media has covered up so much shit from Obama and Hillary as of now. What will they cover up when the government plans
                to do us in and install the NWO. No warning. Increased propaganda and Lies. Like most Republicans that would rather see Democrats dead, it would be the same for us by Democrat hands. The country is polarized along many issues. Too many to heal itself.

                Just my opinion. Tempest Fugit.

                • Anon, I have the same feelings so I agree. I can picture TPTB trying to coverup everything once the balloon goes up. Don’t be surprised if the internet gets taken down. I’m almost where I want to be on prepping.

              • I caught wind of that same camera story, which makes for yet another reason to keep your activity to nights only. I also used ‘Rit’ dye (black), and gave all my older ‘clouds’ some serious darkening down, as it fits with the vegetation and forest lighting in my area excellently.

                A pail, of bit of dye and whatever to poke it around every now and then, the longer it sets the darker it will get. Just busy-work until something happens…

                • Equorial

                  Oh yes on the Rit dye. Used it on some M1956 canvas web gear (Brown) and the color fits well to the background in my area.

                  Doing busy work myself. I have improved my efficiency in time to get ready. A few minutes here and there and it adds up when it get tight.

          • Relax!! Nothing Bad is going to happen untill the Exact Moment that the clock strikes the very start of…PURIM!

            Thats the tribal favorite day/timeing to start Wars.

            Well, actually they get usa official clowns in fed govnt and the pentagon to play their role as worlds biggest Shabozz Goyim, and do those Wars For their tribal self chozen masters desires.

            While on purim day the entire international tribe goes to celebrate every past war thay instigated or caused, and of course get dizzey and loony while mezmerized by their revenge minded mass deaths done in said past wars.

            Like small kids at xmass time that get all giddy at the thought of brand new Toys wrapped in pretty foil gift wrap and tied with a red bow of soft shinny satin.

            Only the tribal self chozens gift that keeps on giving and never runs out of shabozz goy clowns, nor of innocent whiteys and christians to get killed off, have instead of red shinny satin bows, a profound bloodlust for bright red gentile blood.

            All always justified via their inbred fear tactics that create rabid paranoid fear of being dealt harshly with due to they are all always innocent victims and never do wrong.

            And don’t You Dare question it! Elsewize You will be labeled and called an evil nazi antisemite in order to stiffle and silence you.

            Even though all of the worst wars and world wars aka jewwar#1 and jewwar#2 were started and run by and profited from by, self chozens! oy vehy! and, ChaChing$$!

      4. The military will be trained to consider people that the government doesn’t like to be “domestic terrorists”. This avoids troops thinking about who they are suppressing and why those people don’t want to be suppressed. I’m not taking some guys squirrel rifle – I am disarming a domestic terrorist (or insert other generic label for the people the government dislikes).

        • If its a terrorist they want then i say give em the best, pricks better be careful what they do to average every day Americans

        • Everyone in the military is fully aware they cannot be used to fire upon their own countrymen. Trust me when I say that much ain’t going to happen. Mercenaries, sure. Our men? Never.

          • Equorial

            “Everyone in the military is fully aware they cannot be used to fire upon their own countrymen. Trust me when I say that much ain’t going to happen. Mercenaries, sure. Our men? Never.”

            History says your wrong.

            h ttp://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/militia-slaughters-strikers-at-ludlow-colorado

            • “Everyone in the military is fully aware they cannot be used to fire upon their own countrymen. Trust me when I say that much ain’t going to happen. Mercenaries, sure. Our men? Never.”

              Americans aren’t special. Regardless what propaganda we have been fed, push the right buttons, at the right time, in the right order and you have NAZI Germany or the Soviet Union right here. All that is needed is a sufficient dose of poverty and fear. Its all just one panic away. The Founding Fathers realized this and codified a rule book that unfortunately, to our peril, has over time been increasingly ignored with the blessing of the body politic.

              • Watch. Hellstorm. Before you comment on 1930s Germany.

              • Or watch … The greatest story never told. Satan greatest weapon is the lie. Don’t believe it.

                • What am I not to believe?

                  • Kevin2:

                    You are spot on in so many ways, but you are still viewing Hitler through a distorted lense created by The Media. Forget everything you think you know and start listening to Hitler in his own words. There are Hitler speeches on the Net which will be brought down when Hillary or her minions get the opportunity.

                    Stalin starved his people, sold the farmer’s crops and tools and allowed seven million people to starve before the beginning of war. All, so he could build up tanks and planes to attack Europe.

                    Hitler, in stark contrast, turned a failed State into a beautiful, successful, happy place for the vast majority. Yes, he gave Jews a hard time. Most left with money and valuables in tact with the Agreement he forged with Isreal. These people represented only a few. They were ruining Germany with banking fraud, prostitution, homo-sexual exalting, destroying the quality of art, and turning Germany communist. Hitler saved Germany and the Germans experienced 12 years of prosperity before the war, forced on the Germans because of numerous reasons.

                    Stalin hated the Russian people and treated them like less than animals.

                    Watch this video, on YouTube before it goes down, 30 minutes approx.
                    “Hitler Gives Speech About Stalin’s Agression”

                    Hitler came so close to winning. At the time, the Germans were beating the Russians. That was before the Winter stopped the Germans, and , well watch this. Then start listening to Hitler’s speeches and see if you don’t start to realize that comparing Hitler to Stalin does not make sense.


                    • Kevin2 is a jew

          • Military are mostly ok, though the shake ups in leadership have been a bit scary. DHS not so sure. Mercenaries like Blackwater? they have families too and will be more inclined to hunker down and guard their own I think. There aren’t enough UN troops to handle the unarmed civilians in a 3rd world nation, they wouldn’t stand a chance here. does anyone know what % of the population has any kind of combat training? I’m sure it’s significant.

          • And the “bonus army” was given a stern warning and asked to go home.

      5. Why do we not get this shit over with.

        I am tired of hearing all this shit about WAR, RIOTING, LOOTING,

        Now a word from our SPONSOR.
        Brought to you by INSANITY we are looking for more of it.

        OH !!!! how about the WORLD, and the HUMAN RACE ????????

        • Bravo!
          That makes at least two of us

        • Warmongering, economic collapse, daily crisis du jour etc… it’s all part of the psych war to designed to wear down the population on a psychological basis. A worn out population will offer up little resistance to change.
          Jus’ sayin’

      6. “Is the contest between Trump vs. Hillary enough to be a real trigger point?”

        This is very much plausible – Trump already has the popular vote/support by a large margin in this country and abroad, regardless of what MSM Polls say.

        The way this circus show of political theater has been unfolding, just backs up my thoughts of Trump being a “ringer”.
        All planned by design, to create a disturbance within our country.

        Question is: are people going to sit back and play the “go along … to get along routine” – or will they actually react to the fraudulent government vocally & physically?

        I suppose TPTB are curious as well, and time will tell.

        • Obama destroys another International relationship. This time the Philippians break ties with the US and chooses, China, Russia, etc for alliances.

          “America Has Lost” – Duterte Announces “Separation” From United States, Alligns With China; Seeks Alliance With Putin
          It was only a matter of time before Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte put an end to the speculation if and when he would officially pivot the country’s long-held diplomatic alliance away from the US and toward China. He did so today when, during a visit to China’s capital, Duterte announced his “separation” from the United States, declaring he had realigned with China as the two agreed to resolve their South China Sea dispute through talks.

          Duterte is currently in Beijing, where he is visiting with at least 200 business people to pave the way for what he calls a new commercial alliance as relations with longtime ally Washington deteriorate.

          Link: ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-20/

          ~WWTI… Obama and Hillary’s Wrecking Ball Foreign Policy is destroying America’s standing in the world.
          Had enough of this Zippo ZOG BS yet?

          • Dear prepping friend in Florida… the chinks will OWN his ass AND his country… don’t be surprised if a shadowy figure busts a cap in his ass…

            • “don’t be surprised if a shadowy figure busts a cap in his ass”

              That “shadowy figure” would be coming from the CIA or other western equivalent.

              • The Only Equivelent to the CIA, is..Wait for it!

                The israel Mossad! And they have the arab costumes and fake long beards as worn in many past israeli and mossad opps, such as the King David hotel bombing, the uss liberty ship event and too many more to here list as proof solid. That when it comes to shady dealings, scam swindles, bribery, murderous hits, mass murderings, and overall grand scale chaos galore globally…

                The cia has but One equal…Israels Mossad, who’s motto slogan in english reads…”Thru Deception you shall cause Wars”!

                So to Sum Up here…Deception is…Lying!

                And what was it that Christ told and said about those self chozens? “Ye are Of your Father Satan the Devil, who was a LIAR and theif and murderer and has been such ever since the beginning, and his Lusts you shall Do!”…Boy was He spot on eh!

        • WHAT CONTEST, FTW? All I hear and read is how GREAT HITLERY IS AND HOW AWFUL TRUMP IS… there is no contest– they have already picked the winner.

        • WHAT WINNER, FTW? the only thing I see or read is how great Hitlery is and how awful Trump is… THERE IS NO CONTEST!! THYE HAVE ALREADY PICKED THE WINNER

        • FTW:

          People just miss this every time. The way to destroy them is NOT by becoming violent, marching around in the street carrying signs like people in a fooling parade, rioting, burning down places of worship. No.

          This is the secret. Listen well.

          The way to destroy is to: STOP C R E A T I N G “IT” !!!

          The power comes from the control of money.
          Reminder “I care not etc. etc. Nathan Amscher de Rothschild…

          Since we have zero chance of getting away with just printing our own dollars…
          Reminder: Kennedy, Lincoln, et al…

          Competition, Competition, Competition… What do the “elites” hate most? Answer: COMPETITION

          Why: they create monopolies. With these monopolies, they enslave.

          Tell Trump. Tell Duke. Tell the common man and the King.

          The way to defeat the “elites” is through self employment and barter. That is our power.

          Women working outside the home helps the “elites” by doubling their take (taxes). And by leaving the door open to our house. Women not only cooked and cleaned. Women educated the next generation. Women cared for the elders. Women are the glue that holds society together. Bring women back into their rightful place, not as servants and slaves of men, but as honored, loved and respected help mates.


          • You do what you feel you must. I’m going to go shoot something..

        • Assuming Trump ever sits in the oval orifice, he better not get cheap (as he has a tendency to do) and hire private security to watch his SS detail. They are part of the machine.

          • That problem is unfortunately more common than you think as Putin has private bodyguards as the Russian oligarchs are globalist inclined too at Russia’s expense and are enemies of Putin.

      7. Behind every blade of grass will be an American , ready do his/her duty to this country, For God and country they will stand against tyranny.

        • Anonymous…….. The problem with your post is the number of patriots in the USA is way too low Vs the fat, lazy drugged Americans eating GMO at McDonald and Burger king. Therefore the PTB will crush any revolt in a heart beat.

          • Time for guerilla warfare… A small number of people creating a tremendous effect against a larger force.

            The “fat, lazy drugged Americans” will become fodder. I hate it, but it’s a fact. Some will wake up. Most, not until it’s too late.

            • It’s not just the ‘fat’ folks that stick their heads in the sand… I know plenty of skinny people that tend to ignore anything that does not directly effect them, and they come up with and endless list of excuses not to do what is in their best interests. Most of them are simply cowards to the core, then add in the laziness, with a large dose of stupidity.

            • Guerilla-style is the only option left available to We The People, or at least at this stage of the game. Later on we’ll have picked up some very nice equipment (and plenty of us are fully aware of how to use it most destructively).

              And what is all this “drugged American, fat in McDonald’s getting slaughtered shit?” Troll come through here?

              Whether you are an ex-commando or of ANY fighting age and can “do what it takes”, then you’ll be as effective as will anyone else when it comes to winning this damned “siege” we are under.

              Granted, they’ve planned their asses off, they’ve got an endless supply of drone “ready to go” and one may have your GPS coordinates upon it.

              When The Internet goes offline; for a long time; next will follow communications (TV, telephone, cells, etc). That will be followed by loss of grid power, one area at a time, as if they are losing a losing battle (against an imaginary enemy that they are already announcing on Fox News (for one), and how this hacking is going to negatively or possibly change the very outcome of how we go about this election (whatever, the wording used was meant to purposely mislead).

              I found it stunning that the day before had an article that clearly stated “preemptive first strike” yet in the comments not one person stated their dislike for such an action, or for what possible reason to nuke Russia, other than to overtake them before they “see” it best to the same with us (and Putin must already be WAY past that point if we unload on Syria).

              I never, ever get my ammo at Wally World, but has anyone noticed that they’ve suddenly got about every kind of ‘common ammos’ needed lately? (For the last decade they rarely had more than next to nothing and nothing ‘common’). A pack of .308s for 9 bucks is incredibly cheap, and upon inspection you’ll see why …and WalMart is still making their markup? Wow these are really POS rounds they are selling the public. The smart ones use their most trusted reloader for many reasons. For quite some time it may well be what I end up doing for bartering along with gunsmithing, or about anything related to metal or machining). I’d get popular fast if I could crank out Colt lowers eh? heheh…

          • Dream on Anonymous; scared to use your real name yet leave your IP for all to see. Ever hear of OPSEC?

        • And all it will take to get at least a full Half of those “Every american behind a blade of grass” people to fast emerge out from behind that blade of grass, and Bow down in abject apostate worship of their main idol, israel.

          Would be for some Breaking News Tv news Alert on Faux news tv, telling those shabozz goy foolish dupes something akin to “News alert! Nuttyahoo just kosher butchered some small 4 year old pallistinian kid and slit kids throat on Live Likudnik tv in israel, because he wishes it to show his manliness and staunch support for usa neocon war mongering hawks at nuttyahoos next soon visit to collect yet more 38 billion dollar cash grant allotments”

          And fully half of the usa goy goats that live for such news alerts, will arise from their bowing and praising to all shout amen and Ca-ching! And march off to meet and greet nuttyboy at his DC arrival…Where there they can shmooze and have a nice tea party event complete with bagels.

      8. Do sheeple revolt?

        • No it’s to hard and they would have to take off that Jersey (not creepy at all)
          Put on their big boy Underwood and deal with reality.
          The founding fathers would already be killing the vermin.
          They went to war for far less.

      9. And don’t get your panties in an uproar over the city. The Army has been using that site since the early ’90’s.

        • There’s one in Perquimans Co., NC also.

          ht tps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harvey_Point_Defense_Testing_Activity

      10. Most republicans will be at work. Its the gimmedats that will be rioting.

        • Good! Let the gimmedats draw their fire. When the bullets are gone, what’s left will be ours!!! LOL

        • Here we go again with the Reps.Vs Dems. Jim In VA wake up dude.

      11. Whatever the election results after it’s over the sheep will go back to getting fleeced. Their may be sprodic places scattered across the lower 48 were protests erupt but business as usual will prevail.

        • How in the world does anyone think we’ll not have an outlandish ‘post election’ period (with tons of events), seeing that the real figures are 25% unemployment and worsening by the minute and even MORE plans to send MORE jobs overseas (to make things cheaper and better).

          Everything foreign made that I’ve had, except BMW’s have sucked in quality, and at the same time US Products seem to be built to last an exact length of time then it is all over …buy another.

          This entire year has been a circus with matters now becoming extremely serious. Biden said that he hoped the American people didn’t find out about what’s going on in The Middle East, and all medias, the largest, are going to keep it top secret as they’ve been requested to do (dammit, how can our very own media, journalists, etc., turn their backs on fellow Americans in favor of allowing these bastards to destroy the country, and look so very pretty showing lots of leg while doing it)! RANT RAGE HUFF PUFF PISS MOAN BELLYACHE SHIT!

          I really do not wish to see an all out war erupt out of this, but yet we are going to have to hold a “house cleaning party” for as long as it might take to restore America (after we hit that mark I’ll shut up if not die and be buried in peace …with boots on either way).

      12. Definitely see top down controls after the election, even with Hillary winning.

        Let’s see: the economy is heading back into recession, threats worldwide are increasing, how does Hillary get the public otherwise occupied.

        set up trump riots all over and send in total control of the country shortly after with control of all media. seems like as good of a plan as any for Hillary to run things as she sees fit.

      13. The image at the top of the article is not realistic…it has no visable chemtrails.

        Cripes, go to googlemaps sometime…then go to ‘street-view’ and scroll around to look at the sky.

        • We don’t have any of those supposed “chemtrails” in eastern NC. We had a clear blue, nearly cloudless sky yesterday. There are a few more clouds today, as it’s supposed to rain tonight.

          I was in Norfolk, VA and around Oceana yesterday afternoon and didn’t see any there either.

          • Activist, One thing about farming it’s slow and that gives you a lot of time to observe your surroundings. I have watched this over the years jet tails that seem to be inline with Pittsburgh too NY or NJ lot of days clear sky’s, but then there are days where it looks like a checkers board clear out in left field nowhere near the normal path. Makes a person think.

            • here in cen tx it is crazy. I watch this crap daily. 90% of commercial air traffic is north/south. dallas to Houston, san Antonio direction. when the chemtrails come, it is the checkerboard pattern. last Tuesday I had two x’s in my view, very concentrated that day. clear blue yesterday. I am very concerned with our exposure and the total coverage of the earth with whatever they are spraying. scary so far what I have read.

      14. Just look at how everything that the government meddles in becomes a total clusterfook,,,
        Its getting ridiculous,
        But by all means keep funding this pig

      15. If Martial Law is declared after the “Election” for whatever reason, the Military(commanded by the President)will be in charge … so any kind of ‘revolt’ would not be very smart. Depending on what the Gov. does to the American People during Martial Law, any resistance would have to be Guerilla styled to have any chance of accomplishing anything … like “cut the head off of the snake and the snake dies” … in our case, the snake has many heads, but not ‘that’ many. So be prepared, but don’t do anything stupid.

      16. SECURE the voting places,machines,and vote counting FIRST to AVOID a REVOLUTION caused by CRIMINALS cheating and defrauding the US CITIZENS!

        Make this years VOTER FRAUD a DEATH PENALTY OFFENSE , the criminals will NEVER STOP , the last debate where everyone was watching H.from hell to see her cheat and SHE DID right on Q, talking to herself using ear piece and a HIDDEN teleprompter ON CAMERA!

        ELECTION FRAUD is GUARANTEED with H from hell!

        There are nowhere need enough troops to stop the response from another stollen presidential election! LOTS of the TROOPS WILL JOIN in with the CITIZENS this time!

        • ‘We Can’t Fix a Rigged System By Relying on the Very People Who Rigged It’

          • They have already had so very much to say about the election machines, fraud and hacking that it is now obvious there won’t be an election of the kind that we know. It will be an unprecedented NEW way that is unhackable that will show Hillary to be the winner by all but two votes …in DC. Among her voters will be 11,231 million people who died in the early ’70s, but still manage to vote.

            I’m going to stick to my guns and assume TPTB will find a SURE WAY to stop the elections and then restart them at a time when the sheeple no longer care who the hell gets elected, because either way will be a loss (in one manner or another).

            Trump would surely be preferred, and yet Hillary would about guarantee that we would have a revolution in order to oust all of the corruption from the government. And it would be fitting to have the worst corruptionist of history taken down first and foremost, and escorted to a noose or lifetime federal prison cell.

            But, that won’t happen either. We’ll have no choice but to wait then say, OF COURSE! (Hind sight is always 20/20).

      17. Your system educated too many people.

      18. Dave,really only need a million citizens to not put up with stupid,i.e. govt. forces killing citizens/un forces what have you,I do believe the country will come up with that million easy.Many more citizens though not directly in fight will help those fighting evil,and,govt. forces killing citizens is evil.No matter the odds one needs to fight,chose time/place if you can but always,fight.

      19. This sounds like BS. There’s no reason to believe the gov is planning to take over the country after the election.

        I suspect the govt is working overtime to find, identify, assess, and stop terror plots focusing on election day as a symbolic high-profile target.

        If there were a plot for some kind of coup, how long do you think it would survive? The govt can’t even keep its most secret secrets secret, so why would you believe they could keep THAT secret? Look at Snowden and Manning. Look at Wikileaks. Look at DC Leaks.
        The Feds just busted an NSA contractor who stole Metric S#!T Tons of classified data after 20 years. How many secrets have our leaders outed, themselves? Just look at Joe Biden. Do you think he could keep that secret for 5 minutes?

        I suspect this conspiracy theory will go the way of the black helicopters, Jade Helm, the Alex Jones Pantex/SC nuclear bomb threat from last year, the Russian troops occupying the East Coast story from last year, the rumor of guillotines being stored in national parks, and so on.

        • …and I’m assuming you don’t find anything about the Middle East and “up and coming” events to be rather “tell-tale” either? Just more of nothing at all to worry about as more and more nuclear devices are erected, set and then precisely aimed?

      20. “If there is any truth to it, the 2016 election could be a kick-off for total tyranny”…..uh, that “kicked off” in 1963 when the Globalist fascist psychopaths with the help of treasonous alphabet agency criminals murdered our President, the last one we had.

      21. Reader 1,was working Boston area the week of supposed training with Boston pd and the military,flying in Blackhawks around the city and practicing rappelling troops onto high rises ect.I would think if they were training for overseas city stuff(like they don’t have 15 years of practice in combat now)they would at least inform Boston PD of their future deployment.I saw em head into city many nights and some exits in morning,heading believe to NY state base,not positive what but the military id definitely training for some incident in the US.

      22. There is military training, including live fire and bombs, coming up in eastern NC and southeastern VA.

        I was near Oceana yesterday and the jet engines overhead were deafening.

      23. 3rd cyber attack today

        ‘Trial run’ fears

        Drudge Report

      24. There was the BEST, MOST CONCISE, ‘paper’ put up here in the last week, outlining what and who can do thus and so. READ the F’n Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, THEY ARE UNTOUCHABLE! All E.O.’s, Directives, etc. ARE NOT LAW! Martial Law does not even exist. IF, ANYONE from civil police to county police/sheriffs, state police, AND ALL levels of the military active/reserve/NG attempt to enter your property, seize weapons, rations, water, etc., THEY ARE COMMITTING TREASON AND under multiple Supreme Court rulings, acting in violation of the aforementioned are TERRORISTS. ALL their crimes are under “color of law”, a crime w/i itself.

        New Orleans-‘Katrina’….that BS was limited to primarily the 9th ward, and other areas, that they thought there would be little resistance. Who can forget the ‘burly’ cops, slamming grandma down, holding what was an unloaded what appeared to be and old H & R .32 pop open. There were Fed/NG Co’s. from out of state who actually DIDN’T boot any doors, did their jobs. The ‘stats’ I’ve seen, show the bulk of active military WILL NOT OBEY any unlawful orders. The Marines (of course) came in tops at 90%….no way. Everyone on here who has been talking the talk, I pray will walk the walk. They are up to something, just what or when, I say if Trump wins. Their game will be over, and that M/F’r in the W/H won’t go out without destroying our Republic.

        • We have a friend the wife worked with that went to Iraq. He was in the Marine Reserves. I asked him after he returned regarding an order to disarm Americans and his reply was, “Marines obey orders”. From one judge the rest? I don’t know. I do know that I then thought that we wasted our time, money and effort sending him care packages.

          Too much brainwashing for comfort.

      25. When Obama was running for his first term I got a Obama/Biden bumper sticker and put it in the glove compartment. If he lost or anything happened to him and his hard core supporters got violent its pays to use camouflage. Its wise to get a Hillary sticker today and put it in your glove compartment.

        • I’ve got a “Liar,Liar Pantsuit on Fire” bumper sticker. Does that count as a Hillary bumper sticker?

      26. Kevin 2,that sticker would make you a target in many areas/no sticker much better idea!

        • When things calm down it goes in the trashcan. Its foolish to face a potential violent crowd, possibly with others in your vehicle under your protection like the wife, kids and grandchildren if it can be avoided. Change your political hat, pass through, avoid a futile, useless and very counterproductive confrontation. Its the smart play.

          • The smart play is to let it all go down and do nothing cause you might loose? Let someone else resist evil ? Me and my family might be inconvenienced or God forbid injured. If we all have that attitude we have already lost.

            • “The smart play is to let it all go down and do nothing cause you might loose? Let someone else resist evil ? Me and my family might be inconvenienced or God forbid injured. If we all have that attitude we have already lost.”

              How in the hell do you connect the dots of a bumper sticker put on a car to get you by rioters post election with “Doing Nothing”?

              I vote. I post on main stream BB boards pointing out Hillary’s corruption. The NRA ILA PVF got $200 out of me this election and I’m itching to toss in a few more bucks. I protested and organized more for Second Amendment Rights rallies over the years than anyone I know not employed in the same. Spent every weekend for well over a year (and days during the week) to see that Jim Florio and his Senate / Assembly would not be re-elected. Got a Pro-Gun State Senator a few hundred, yes a few hundred (close to 400 if memory serves me) write in votes for Congress in a race he wasn’t even running in. Our political group got enough political opposition stirred up at gun clubs to see that anti gun Congressman Bill Hughes quit and we got in far more pro Second Amendment Frank LoBiondio in office. If you have done 10% of my contribution I shake your hand sir.

              I won’t sacrifice my safety or my families safety when a bullshit number sticker, put on post election when it does no good for Hillary, can offer a free pass through a bad area. Its the smart play.

              • Sounds like you’re in New Jersey… one of the most draconian gun control states in America. That’s why he’ll put a bumber sticker on the car. NO CCW in that shit hole of a state… republicans are nothing of the sort, democratic lite…only.

                • I voted with my feet and moved to Delaware back in the early 90s as it was pretty much just across the river. Got a CCW in Delaware and they’re not even Shall Issue. Actually Delaware is strange politically. The Democrats at the state level outside of Wilmington were “Good Old Boys” and pro gun. Actually Joe Biden’s son was AG and had the power to put a lot of problems in Carry Permit issuance but didn’t. If you came back squeaky clean, and I mean squeaky you got one after jumping through the hoops. The Republicans up northern Delaware were “DuPont Country Club Republicans” RINO like former US Senator Mike Castle. Joe Biden as we know is rabidly anti gun. I have since moved to Florida. I tried talking everyone into moving out of NJ back in 90 and drive an hour to work if you must. I’ll put on my damn tombstone “Better Here Than NJ”. I hate to even visit people in NJ.

                  • Here in Florida there are TV commercials of gun stores and the local news tends to put a favorable or at the least not unfavorable slant on news stories regarding guns. Recently one story was about Realestate Agents getting carry permits. In this county alone there are over 33,000 issued with zero problems. Its a good area as its predominately retired people with solid financials. Not rich to be a target, not poor to be the underclass. Very safe.

        • I disagree with your analysis. Those that are pro Trump as I am would be on the winning side in event of me even being tempted to put a Hillary For President bumper sticker on my vehicle as the election would be over. Trump supporters are largely law abiding unlike the low social economic Hillary supporters and will attack no one.

      27. They WILL steal the election
        They WILL blame Russia
        They WILL declare martial law
        They WILL murder an awful lot of angry Americans.
        All those guillotines and plastic coffins will be very useful after all. And all that ammunition.

      28. Well considering the fruit loop Trump and his fruit loop followers, add the fact that inside the altered reality (A reality that does NOT exist by the way) that Trump thinks this is, he is so WONDERFULLY WONDERFUL that all his MANY failures are non existent/crooked media lies, and he has since day one of his “campaign”/EGO BOOSTER he has been doing and saying EVERYTHING he can dream up or Alex Jones dreams up for him to divide the nation and to ensure that win or loose, ESPECIALLY loose that he turns the nation into a chaotic war zone, so they can practice their WONDERFUL Hypocrisy and BOLD FACED LIES and of coarse blame Obama for declaring martial law, not because Trump excited his fruit loop Klan to start a revolution and order needs restored but simply because Obama is a “Tyrant hell bent on starting in power”. Of coarse let’s flash back to the real world and remind everyone that prior to the most unfit, distempered, know nothing, egotistical con man in history deciding he wanted to rule the world, Obama was the “Lame Duck president who didn’t want to do anything but take vacations and play golf”, although in the real worlds reality here near the end of his 8 year term he has taken less vacation days than their beloved Republican parties last president who brought the nation to the brink of complete collapse took in his first two years of his first term before he ever even got around to having his brother hijack the election in Florida to give him the election he lost so he could continue redistributing the wealth from the bottom up and destroying the American Way Of Life. Anyway back to my point in Trump’s mentally disturbed distortion of reality he is SO WONDERFUL that the fact that he lost the election is all the proof he needs to convince himself and in turn for him to convince his fellow alternate reality existing followrs that the election was rigged against him, just like time, facts, the live microphone and TV cameras that conspired together to make him look and sound like a pathetic little know nothing 8 year old spoiled brat who’s mommy wouldn’t buy him the toy he wanted at walk Mart on live television when in altered reality he was actually very WONDERFULLY composed and spoke in great detail of his WONDERFUL policy ideas and his WONDERFUL plans of how he would achieve the most WONDERFUL job of “Making America The Most WONDERFULLY great nation in the Trump Universe again”. All these factors and the real world REALITY that he has been programming his Klan Of Trumpeting PUPPETS to go bat sh*t crazy, revolt and bring about complete chaos after the voters who care about their children’s future and especially want them to have one would not consider voting for absolute destruction/DONALD TRUMP… YES martial law likely will be declared not because of “Obama the tyrant” but because of Trump the Tyrant, his hate and division spewing ego boosting campaign for guarenteed destruction and the many hate filled reality blind followers who HEIL TRUMP AND HIS EVERY COMMAND, without regard to decency, fact and/or REALITY!! GOD HELP US, AT LEAST THOSE OF US WHO’S HATE FILLED HEARTS HAVENT BEEN FOAMING AT THE MOUTH AT THE PROSPECT OF DESTRUCTION BY “DONALD THE GREAT”!!

        • RWRV

          You already said that. Blah, blah, blah.

          • Anon, RWRV is the most long-winded troll I’ve ever seen. And I can’t help but laugh at his moniker. LOL! What a dildo!

        • RealWorldRealityViewer

          Hillary desires to establish a No Fly Zone over Syria. No sane person would push such an agenda.

          While Trump is personally offensive Hillary is professionally offensive. The Clintons had a net worth of slightly less than one million in 1993. Their net worth now is $100 million. The only thing they had for sale in their entire lives were their respective public offices. Bill gave the bankers / financiers / global business interests NAFTA, China Free Trade and the evisceration of Financial Regulations with the gutting of Glass-Steagall. These three endeavors, all at the bequest of money interests, were at the expense of the US middle class.

          President Harry Truman stated it very clearly; “The only war to get rich in politics is to be a crook”.

          The Clintons cannot be defended.

        • Shock us, say something intelligent.

        • HEY, special snow flake, howsabout you go back to Hoboken and sell pencils on the street control for your j*w master…

        • You sound like a man who really LOVES the taste of Hillary’s dick…

      29. Wow, so all the anti-terror infrastructure that was contrived after 911 is now being turned against the American people, because the current Obama regime in DC is more afraid of the American people than any other threat on plant Earth?

        Yup that sounds like Obama, the man is psychotic.

        • Plan twice, prep once

          “…Obama regime in DC is more afraid of the American people than any other threat on plant Earth?”

          It was never planned for Islamic terrorists; they were just the ostensible excuse. It was politically impossible to create the framework for an internal threat. I’m afraid that the entire war on terrorism is a ruse. This is why nothing adds up. The US funds Islamic Fundamentalists terrorists to overthrow secular (not governed by religion) nations. Borders are wide open, more Islamic refugees invited in; the list is growing. Its not Obama, he is an employee, its the globalist establishment.

          Take a breather, look at the big picture, connect the dots.

          • Kevin2,

            When the “Fast and Furious” program was uncovered, it was found the Obama regime was trying to exploit selling guns illegally so there would be chaos and murder in the streets like we are seeing in Chicago under the Rob Imanual criminal administration, to further their calls for draconian gun control.

            When caught with their pants down Obama had Rob leave, then helped him get elected mayor of Chi. It’s looking like Rob Imanual may be running a “Fast and Furious” program in Chicago, if anyone looks at the Chicago murder rate.

            Someone is dropping cases of illegal guns in Chicago. They are selling on the street cheaper than gun store prices, which guarantees they are not straw purchases. Nobody buys cheap guns by the case in state X and sells them on the streets of Chicago at a lower price than they paid. This whole crime wave in Chicago stinks of Democtrat dirty tricks.

            The people of Chicago should be furious with the powers that be that have been running Chicago for the last 80 years.

            • ” This whole crime wave in Chicago stinks of Democtrat dirty tricks.”

              You won’t get me to defend the Democrats as they’re the communist end of TPTB and likely the most useful for their endeavors. The Republicans are the Neo-Conservative wing that hijacked the last vestige of conservatism from Reagan with GH Bush, son of Prescott, genetic donator of GW Bush. The “left” pushes TPTB domestic agenda and doesn’t stop the “right’ foreign affairs. Actually the “left” can quell any opposition to the use of the military more easily than the “right” with Mr “Vietnam Veteran Against The War” , now Secretary Of State John Kerry being the biggest hypocrite. A point has been reached that only Abortion and the Second Amendment separates the two party’s.

              I gave up some time ago the futility of blaming individuals. The government has been hijacked, period.

          • Ptpo, here’s a little hint…it’s the jews baby…who controls THE money? Who pulls the strings of the politicians? Who controls the media?? Who controls Hollywood and the pornography industry??? Who has been working both sides of every WAR for the past 2-3 hundred years???? Are you seeing a pattern here?????

            • Rockefeller is about as up there as one can get and they are not Jewish.

              I had the good fortune of having Aaron Zelman (May He Be Known For Good) of JPFO as my personal friend. Sorry but I’m not Anti Semitic.

              • Kevin2, of The 9 founders of the Federal Reserve 8 were jews, Rockefeller many say are crypto jews, he was the one token gentile if you dont believe he is jew. They are following almost word for word, the protocols of zion. Better wake, the enemy is the zionist goy and the jew.

                $1. Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin.

                $2. Lazard Brothers Banks of Paris.

                $3. Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy.

                $4. Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam.

                $5. Lehman Brothers of NY.

                $6. Kuhn, Loeb Bank of NY (Now Shearson American Express).

                $7. Goldman, Sachs of NY.

                $8. National Bank of Commerce NY/Morgan Guaranty Trust (J. P. Morgan Bank – Equitable Life – Levi P. Morton are principal shareholders).

                $9. Hanover Trust of NY (William and David Rockefeller & Chase National Bank NY are principal shareholders).

            • Chauffeur,
              You don’t have a clue do you!
              I know lots of Jews, they are doctors, lawyers, engineers, and evil shop owners. You might have bought a car or a refrigerator from one!

              I don’t know one that is a globalist banker intent on taking over the world, and neither do you.

              Keep attacking Jews and you like Hitler will do nothing but kill a lot of clock makers, doctors, lawyers and shop owners.

              The cabal that runs planet earth, is not on your radar. Kill all the Jews and Christians you can find and you’ll never touch the cabal running the world.

              You haven’t a clue!

              Shear stupidity!

            • They control a lot more than that, Chauffer. Apparently they also control the drywall installation industry, too.Just saw a a pickup driven by a joo that personally installs drywall–probably for the NWO, of course…

              • Leonard,
                + 50 points

      30. There isn’t a war on Terrorism (per se), but you’ll someday find yourself fighting Muslims in order to keep them from overtaking the entire nation and carrying out Allah’s orders regarding the infidels, and already you haven’t seen enough heads roll and whites burnt alive, or children stolen and sold into slavery, to convince you that we may be in just a bit of trouble?

        Dayam. You are a “trusting soul” for sure.

        • “There isn’t a war on Terrorism (per se)”

          There isn’t a war on terrorism at all. ISIS was created by who? Funded by who? Supplied by who? Used against who for who?

          Muslims are just a tool that the globalists use. Notice the Muslims that pose a problem are on top of or adjacent to massive energy supplies. Why no problem out of Indonesia that has the greatest Islamic population?

          Don’t think at it, think through it. The body politic plays checkers. TPTB play chess and we’re pawns.

          • The Indonesians don’t have oil money to finance their attacks.

            • 911 was done on less than $50,000.

              Indonesia poses no problem because its not economically or geographically important for TPTB to be actively involved in. TPTB are financing Islamic Terrorism to overthrow Secular (Non Religious Rule) middle east governments to control them. Both Libya and Iraq were overthrown because they were breaking the Oil Peg. Neither was involved in 911. Both are now havens for Islamic Fundamentalists with fragmented to non existent government. Syria is next.

        • “Dayam. You are a “trusting soul” for sure.”

          Quite to the contrary. I don’t trust those entrusted to protect me. What we’re being told doesn’t add up but actions do. The actions add up to destroying sovereign governments with energy supplies and or geographic location for distribution leaving politically fragility in its wake. The result is politically compliant nations that will either do what they’re told or face a revolution and change in government. Islamic Fundamentalists are, unknown to them, mercenaries of the globalist elite. The US and UK are expanding their capabilities on purpose.

          No sir. I don’t trust the official line and see through the deception.

      31. I have just realized that the Press to delete comment prompt on the comment board is very important and underused.

      32. All of the people who have bought caches of food and other necessary items will find themselves condemned as “hoarders”. The big lie will be that there is plenty of supplies if only hoarders wouldn’t hoard. Search and confiscate with promises of some future redistribution to the have-nots. Lies, lies, and more lies. Pity that noses don’t grow when you lie. Liars would have a hard time with those long noses.

      33. Seeing through the deception. Satans greatest weapon is the lie . And his children are well trained. They are in control now . But not for much longer. There is a fight coming . The third bulation. WW3. The Tribulation. Fill your lamps.

      34. 40,000 G.I.’s against 320,000,000 people! Plus 95% of the G.I.’s won’t follow the Orders! National Guard from the 50 States won’t either! Maybe they would try it for a City? But, for the whole country? It just can’t happen!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • 30% of the GIs will follow orders, the rest will be sent to Iran and Syria to fight. The Israeli plan is destroy our Army after it has destroyed Iran and Syria. Our enemy is Israel, always has been and always will be. It makes ZERO sense to have nearly 3/4ths of our naval power within the Strike zones of our enemies. The opening salvos of WW3 will see our navy almost completely destroyed. The ISRAELI plan is destroy the US, that is why they have hollowed out our manufacturing, we cannot wage war against any major power in this state. That is exactly what they plan, the Israeli Firsters in our government are trying to get us in a war so our miltary can be wiped out and their agents can then invade the US proper. Its pretty obvious to me. There is no way to supply a million man army in Iran or Syria especially when you factor in Russia, China, Pakistan and the dubious loyalty of Turkey. Not to mention every single Western ally has an insurgency of millions of military aged Islamic males who rise up at the commencement of any war. You can bet the Israelis are arming the “refugees” in Europe while the citizenry is not allowed to own weapons. Their plan is terrifying yet logical. It is up to us, the one variable they count on failing is us. We number more than all the world’s armies combined, every one of us is better equipped than most of the world’s armies. 120,000,000 Americans can fight for the republic, they will try to arm BLM against us but my experience in the military showed me blacks are not effective troops, many execrated themselves when any live fire exercise commenced. None of the blacks I went to Basic with passed BRM yet they passed them anyway, so BLM as a strike force against patriots will not materialize but if they do… That leaves DHS, the federal agencies and UN troops, an invasion by Chinese on the West Coast and likely Latin American invasions from the South. . They can and will probably invade with around 10-15,000,000 troop in total with DHS as the tip of the spear. Its a tall order. This is why Deagel has our population at 65,000,000 in 2025. California and the rest of the West Coast is already communist, they will provide an open vector into the heart of the US for the Chinese. It is possible that Russia will invade through Alaska if this scenario is gamed and the Nato alliance is routed. This is just one scenario, it is possible, but requires complete defeat of Nato after Iran is destroyed. I believe this is why Israel has hamstrung us in the long term, we can fight effectively for about 6 months, the dual citizen traitors in our government will prevent a nuclear response. The Manufacturing is in Asia so they can gear for large scale invasions if nukes are taken off the table and our Navy is effectively diminished. We should AT MOST have only 20% of our Navy in strike zones, what is happening is we are being set up. That is how I see it anyway.

      35. No laws now your talking.

      36. For all you Trump haters – chew on this: there is a reason this is going to take place in NYC, and it ain’t because it’s such a conservative city. If they want to practice fighting Trump voters, they need to get out of the big urban areas. All the Trumpers have to do is stay home from work a while, and the groceries in the cities will be empty, gas stations will go dry, etc. THEN, there will be a problem to worry about.

      37. I work on a US Military base with liberal access and I have not seen any evidence of this. How about some actual proof?

      38. I call total BS. ! Our Military will NOT go against the
        American people ! We have 300 million firearms and at least
        25 Million pissed off Veterans ! “They” have no chance at all !

        • AMEN MARINE! Having been in LE, County Police, NW suburb of DC, where ALL the elite escape to at nightfall from K St. to Embassy row to the Hill, grew up there, policed these fuckers, fought fire as a ‘volly’ in the County Seat, (that’s for NO PAY), trust me, they bleed red, not blue, and when they are dead and bloated, stink as bad as poor folk. Shit, my Dad worked 3 jobs to put 5 of us through Cath. school. His second job was evening mgr. of ‘Soper’s Esso’, coin changer on his belt, where he met Sargent Shriver, married to Eunice Kennedy, and lived on Golf Ln. off the Rockville Pike, next door to Georgetown Prep….before there was a Capitol beltway. He and the 3 oldest of us cut his 2acs. by hand, for $25.00. I remember Maria Shriver as a child, running around, catching toads in the window wells of the large,white brick estate. They are no more special than us, no magic shields, just money, corruption and the false sense of power. Therefore, when we put a gun to their heads, they will piss their pants, and cry like babies.

          Ah. MD my MD, I will never go back…….

        • I agree, Nam Marine. My concern is the number of UN and Nato, and other foreign soldiers we have in our midst. Obama has spent the last 8 years ridding our military of its brightest and best, but there are still plenty of us still ready to do battle if necessary.
          Against all odds, there was a Brexit vote. I believe we have a chance to get a real born and raised American back into our WH. From our lips to God’s ears…

      39. There is going to be no mass rioting, martial law or civil war if Trump loses. The hysteria on these blogs is getting old.

      40. That’s what everyone said about the Brexit vote, but in the end, the people won. If there is any violence, it will be from a few DNC miscreants still on the payroll.

        I choose to believe that against all odds, we’ll be just fine when Donald Trump wins.

        • Brexit was about Britain being able to print its own currency, the people didnt win. Quite the opposite, they will still allow unlimited mud people to swarm the Isles but they will exclude the counter balance of millions of masculine whites from Eastern Europe. Brexit was about stopping the EU from taking the right of Britain to mint its own currency, this was a huge win for British elites. Dont let the lies fool you, if they didnt want Brexit to pass it would not have.

      41. The main question is, if there is resistance will China and Russia get heavy weapons and other supplies to the revolution. Like France’s intervention in the 1st Revolution this aid would be absolutely necessary in order to overthrow the Zionist Occupied Government.

      42. Remember the first thing they will do before they commit to an offensive operation is cut all communications. it will be nigh impossible at the early stages to have concerted resistance. I expect millions of patriot casualties at the opening of their offensive. I dont think they will react but I think they are planning going on the offensive, this is why DHS was formed by Israel. DHS is an occupation army in our own border formed with the express intent of waging war on our citizens. DHS is NKVD. They will import as many IDF and dual citizen Israeli traitors as they can to lead this new NKVD. DHS has an army of 185,000 armed with tanks, air power, heavy weapons etc… They can probably gather another 200,000 from all federal agencies…a formidable force to say the least. I dont think they will act until they destroy our army in Iran and subsequent destruction of naval power. I believe the ISRAELI plan is to have us destroy Syria and Iran and then have our army terminated in Iran before they commence the attack on the US proper. 9/11 was jew-dawn not red dawn, they have waged war by deception and have turned local, state and federal government against we the people. I expect they will try gun confiscation after they install Hillary. Their end goal and only goal is the destruction of the United States.

      43. in the last few years Obama has used our own FDA and other agencies to shut down all of the gun powder factories in this country. now he can limit and control the amount( which is all of it ) that is imported without any problems. he and Hillary have been at the head of all the unrest this country is dealing with right now. just look how they are using it for the elections right now. all I can say is get ready and be prepared for it when happens and it will happen.do you think that he passed all his bills behind congresses back for Nothing? look at 22LR now has 40 grains of powder now to buy anything stronger you have to give your DL for them to copy all your info to turn in. then limit you to only 2 boxes . all I can say is open your eyes and don’t be the hillbillies that they think you are.

      44. It is time for the Silent Majority to stand up and say “Not This Time, No More” It is time to rebel against all that is wrong. That means take out the brain dead liberals, the Homo Lobby and Freak show, terrorist groups like BLM, the Illegals, refugees, Islam antichrist types and more. It is NOW or Never!!

      45. I think we’ll see the silent majority at the polls.

        • That is straight up child abuse.

      46. Can anyone please explain to me as to how they are going to carry out martial law across the U.S.? Seems to me that they don’t have the manpower to do what they are saying they are going to do. Example. How do they deploy the troops if more than one city is breaking down? Folks, we only have 183,000 active duty US Marines. When you break this down, only 90,000 = or – can be used on a 12 hour shift. How long do they do this is the protests/unlawful behavior lasts for more than a month. These people will need to be taken off line and recharged, healed up and re-equipped. The same goes for the cops too. During Hurricane Katrina about 100 cops didn’t even show up if I remember correctly. How many cops are going to leave their families at home with no one to protect them? To make this short research how many cops are on the respective forces, add your national guard troops and active duty personnel to that number. I will think you will conclude, as have I, that there is no way they can enforce martial law. They know this but they keep screaming it to all that will hear. I feel, based on the information that I stated above that there will not be any martial law. That’s right NO MARTIAL LAW! As soon as the cities mentioned in the article go postal every political official is going to cry out they need a cop to protect them. Well, there is more work for your martial law enforcers to deal with and it also takes manpower from the boots on the ground.


        Please plan accordingly

      47. You are not factoring nearly 10,000,000 they could draw from the UN. These would be hell bent on raping and pillaging. Much like the Hessians of old.

      48. Do you really think any country is going to send their troops here to die on our soil when they will have as bad if not worse in their own countries when things go South?

        UN troops have never been a force to be reckoned with. America has the 4th largest Army in the world. I am not talking active duty Marines or even the US Army. Its the American hunter. Millions of them are gearing up for hunting season as I speak. Remember the Japanese Admiral who didn’t want to invade America because there would be a gun behind every blade of grass?

        Stop being scared of the propaganda they are spewing at us. Its meaningless and they know it. To even put that info out in the public is showing them that its is working.

        They are scared of us and they know we can take them down.

        • DOK- I dont think there are countries anymore, there is the world’s political/financial elites who have all of their populace enslaved, then there is the US whose populace is still free. the world as separate countries is an illusion, there is only one people who remain as a thorn in the side of the NWO, the American citizen. Although asleep we still have the potential to mess up their whole plan. So yes I do think foreign political elites would send their people to die in order to help secure their world order of which they believe they have a part. Their world order begins with the destruction of the United States. They already treat their citizens like slaves and believe they have too many, China would not hesitate to send as many as they could in order to reduce their population. I dont think they will hesitate that is why they are already here.

      49. Also their plan is to annihilate our armed forces after we have destroyed the remaining holdouts to the jwo…syria, Iran and N korea. After we dispatch them they will destroy our armed forces in Iran at least our obvert one which is loyal to the constitution… there is an entire breakaway civilization of which former American citizens are a major part who have no loyalty to us and would actively engage our military. I think its pretty obvious, they are making our Navy sitting ducks, they are ridiculously over extending our logistics, Iran will be our stalingrad and it is planned in order to open the vectors of invasion into the US. After the military is rendered a non entity they will have no problem transporting millions of troops. This is why you have China screaming at Obama to disarm Americans, they know they might lose if we are not disarmed. Americans are the largest armed military force on the planet, 150,000,000 men and women (who will fight) with nearly 400,000,000 million firearms and perhaps 10-20,000,000,000,000 rounds of ammunition. We have not yet begun to understand how powerful we are as citizens. Everything is pointing to a terrible betrayal all of it planned by Israel.

      50. I agree! Lets do our best to ensure they don’t get their way in what they have planned for us.

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