University of California Guide: Saying “I’m Not Racist” Is Racist

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Headline News | 76 comments

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    This report was originally published by Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars

    An official University of California list of racist “microaggressions” asserts that saying “I’m not racist” is racist.

    The university guide defines microaggressions as, “everyday verbal, nonverbal, and environmental slights, snubs, or insults, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative messages to target persons based solely upon their marginalized group membership.”

    Examples listed on the university’s official website include telling someone, “you speak English very well,” telling an Asian person that they are good at math and insisting that “America is a melting pot”.

    Using the phrase, “I’m not racist, I have several black friends” is also listed as an example of “racism”.

    Radio host Dennis Prager highlighted some other examples, which include saying, “There is only one race, the human race,” and also remarking, “I believe the most qualified person should get the job.” Thinking that, “America is the land of opportunity” is also racist, according to the guide.

    A white woman who clutches her purse or bag when approached by a black or Latino person is also committing a racist microaggression, according to the guide. Asking non-white people why they are being quiet or loud is also racist.

    We’ve previously reported on other universities that use similar guidelines for “microaggressions,” including the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, which launched a campaign that claimed using the term “politically correct” as a pejorative is a politically incorrect “microaggression”.

    A “Bias-Free Language Guide” posted on the University of New Hampshire website also asserted that the word “American” is “problematic” because it “assumes the U.S. is the only country inside [the continents of North and South America].”

    Other discouraged words and phrases included, “obese,” “normal,” “mothering,” “fathering,” “homosexual,” “illegal alien,” and “senior citizens.”

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    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison


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        • “Books are like kryptonite……”

          Thats funny

          • There would be no racist problem if all non-whites were eliminated.

        • Not an endorsement. Offered for general interest —

          Rock is actually practicing a form of cultural appropriation, in which he becomes the moral authority.

          Like the feminists, who claimed to be the voice of motherhood, then eventually wanted to kill the fathers and babies.

          Red Communists began by telling you they were humaninatarians, except for the backward rubes in flyover country.

          Revolutionaries tell you they have values, to gain your trust.

      1. This is the end result of posting warning labels on everything. The stupid people survive to water down the gene pool. It is a vicious cycle.

        • What irks me is they call scum muslims a race. There are several races that join them and then turn into crazed islamic savages.

        • It’s against nature.

      2. When the heck did institute of higher learning become synonymous with idiocy?
        What a bunch of retards

        • A microaggression violation! You said the word “retard.” How deeply offensive!

          You lose!

          • FreeSlave, I’m glad you’re just being sarcastic, otherwise I would’ve told you where to go with that.

            • If I’m ever out and someone tells me I’ve committed a microaggression I will break their nose the next second.

              • Menzo, if anyone tries to enforce a race-based speech code on me, someone is going to the hospital and it won’t be me.

      3. “I’m not racist! I’m not racist!” says the grandee.

        I’ve also come to the conclusion, you can’t communicate with these people.

        So I don’t even try anymore.

        • Grandee,

          As the saying goes, you cannot fix stupid.

          • The worst part,
            I doubt we can vote it away either….

            • we’re ALL stupid now!

        • all this rayciss crap ASSUMES that we are all equal…..i got news for these simps……WE AINT ALL EQUAL!….let’s take this to the extreme. am i, a person that has a business, and provides for a family, on an equal basis with the homeless person i talked to yesterday that hasn’t had a job in over 7 years? he left his family, and decided to be a bum, probably because of drugs, by looking at him. how am i supposed to be equal with him? we aint all equal……

          • BCOD, it’s LIBTURDS that are stupid and there’s no such thing as equality, at least not in real life.

          • BCOD, great points. I like to ask Libturds who they would like to do their brain surgery – the dumbest & laziest person in their High School or the valedictorian that was brighter and worked harder than everybody else & went to the best medical schools. Libturds will obviously need brain surgery – wouldn’t any intelligent person prefer the BEST person do the job.

          • Of course people are not equal but, at least initially, it was meant that everybody has equality in terms of their rights. Of course you and that homeless have equal rights but you and him are different.

        • Why would you want to?

        • grandee – I’ll say it. “I am racist”. I tend to always suspect more, go with greater care, be more cautious around any race other than my own. To me, it is normal to just feel differently when a person of another race is encountered. As time goes on, as trust is gained individually – that initial reaction changes. But, anytime something or someone not of my origin is met, I do respond in what could be termed ‘racist’. Sorry all. That’s just who I am.

          • I agree Heartless. Everything you said is right on. We are actually biologically programmed to suspect those outside of our race until they prove they are safe and harmless.

            “We are all equal” is an illusion.

            The truth is that the most racist people are actually black people. And as far as any white person who insists they aren’t racist I invite them to walk down any Martin Luther King Blvd after 10:00pm. By themselves. They won’t do it because they know they will be mugged at knife-point or shot full of lead, and if they aren’t attacked and the victim of a (black on white) crime they’ll be witnessing one.

      4. if you want to silence me come on and try, someone goes to the hospital.

        • Goofygal, Braveheart is exactly the same way. Everyone can take those race-based speech policies and stuff them. BTW, you sound real good to me, so why the moniker of ‘goofygal’?

      5. So If I say I am a Racist means Im not a racist

        • To them anyone not like them is a racist.
          Weak minded people are always the ones pulling the racist card.

      6. So, what they are really saying with this list is: “You should walk on eggshells. Always be afraid that you might offend someone so simply keep your mouth shut and don’t be a social person. Other people might be offended by you. Your mere presence is offensive. Keep your head down when you leave your house. We would prefer that you stayed away from us, the better people (whoever they are that wrote this oppressive poppycock).

        But, what we secretly feel is that you are better than us (which is realistically certain) and we hate you for your superior appearance, intellect, mental and physical health, and we the truly inferior ones conspire to oppress and suppress you so that you will stop offending us by living; when your very existence brings shame on us who by comparison will always be inferior, so just go away and die because we want a world of our own.

        _ ?


        • Lol. Die stinky B, die!

        • This philosophy, applied to the working translates into the following: “You will have a job until somebody doesn’t like you. And then you will not.”

          Remember, unless you are a professional politician or a celebrity, there are no second acts in America.

          For the average American, you either work or you starve. It doesn’t matter that in today’s America there are no jobs. No real jobs anyway. And if you can’t hack working three (3) or even four (4) fake jobs then tough sh*t. You’re dead.

          Matter of fact, you are dead regardless.

          • Blame-e:

            I always have been of the more independent type who prefers to be in business for myself. The benefit (insurance aside) is that it is safer in the long run. Nobody fires the boss. The owner may lose a customer. He may have problems. He can be sabotaged, sued, excluded and his business may suffer loses, but in general it is much more difficult to destroy a man who is selfemployed.

            A job and being an employee is one way to get experience and to save money toward starting some enterprise out of the garage like Steve Jobs and others.


            • Corporations today are hotbeds of feminist vitriol. Even if a corporation is 90% female employees, they will bitch and bitch about how they need more opportunities for women. Any men employed at these corporations are merely there as objects of scorn and derision (for daring to show themselves among the sorority of corporate women–all of whom are, naturally, oppressed).

              Sooner or later, each man will commit a corporate offense, and the skirts will run him out on a rail. It will be interesting when US corporations are 100% female. Will these women claw each other’s eyes out without the traditional male scapegoat around?

        • B from CA, agreed. Although I don’t claim to be any better than a libturd, I know I’m not one of them. I’d rather be dead than red. [OLD SAYING FROM THE COLD WAR ERA]

        • If (((they))) ever got a world of their own, who would do the work?

          • The Republicans. We are now in that world. Virtually all of the people spouting this crap are on the dole of one kind or another!

      7. The whole of academia is one big S-Hole.

        • Why? Because completely fed controlled and financed.

          We are trying to get off the (((grid))), the (((grid))) being the federal regulatory apparatus.

          • a said, “We are trying to get off the (((grid)))…”

            Type B’s have a need for masochism, pedantism, and are produced in roughly the same proportion as worker bees to queens.

            Although vital resources do technically exist, independently of a grid, the concept of a hierarchical structure happens to be hardwired into the human specie by brute instinct.

            Successful offshoots would arrive at a polity.

      8. I’m surprised by now that certain paperwork that requires “ethnicity” to be filled out hasn’t changed.

        Instead of White/Caucasian – it should be replaced with “RACIST”!!!

        Without having to do or say anything in todays modern society … as a White Privileged Male such as myself … I’m already been MARKED!

        Fine with me I guess – I’ll accept the label and be completely happy and content with it.

        • FTW, same here but I refuse to follow any race-based policy.

        • Why don’t corporations just hire dark-skinned people? Diversity has been ‘proven’ to increase profits, so why keep any white employees on the payroll?

      9. When every word or phrase is racist, how can anything be racists?

      10. Ah. The conundrum of “free will”. One man’s freedom is another Man’s burden. One curses the rain for ruining his outdoor activity, while another praises it for watering his crops. Yet, the rain doesn’t care. It falls as designed.

        All diversity is welcome, (so long as youy diversity doesn’t clash mine).

        Can you imagine if the rest of nature had the same logic?

        Logic does not explain Man at all.

        Tell me that Earth isn’t some kind of reality program for the entertainment of others. Eh?

        “…EACH another’s audience outside the gilded cage.” -Rush.

      11. So, saying you’re not racist means your racist.

        It’s like whitey (white males) saying: “But I love the blacks. I have friends who are black.”

        The logic is a real killer. “All white males are racist. Therefore, all racists are white males.”

        Kill all the first born male children. That will cure racism. [sarcasm]

        Man, you are racist as sh*t.

        I’ve got the next move in racist evolution. If you are an American you must be racist. [sarcasm]

        Or, all people of color (any color) are racist. [sarcasm]

        Having a color is a color, makes you colored, makes you a racist. [sarcasm]

        Is sarcasm racist?

        I smell death and violence. [No. Really.]

        • Blame-e, the libturds can take their antiwhite policies and shove them.

      12. This is only a problem for those who feel that being politically correct will gain them some graces among the libtards. Hint, it won’t, so why play the game. Say what you feel.

        • Felonious, welcome aboard. You sound just like me.

      13. Since the dark people are infected to a large degree with hubris, even those of low IQ are aware that smarter and more talented people can be hoodwinked into being their own self slave masters. All you gotta do is whip a guilt trip on them, and play that race card like you mean it. Nothing speaks louder of personal weakness like some one insisting on controlling the subject and the words in a conversation. The perpetually offended class are no different. This is just another con job, among many other con jobs. When I hear this rubbish in a conversation, I just walk away. I have nothing to say to boors, or adults talking like half-idiot children.

        • Sean, agreed. I don’t have anything to do with black scammers either. They’re not worth my time.

        • This is 1984 pure and simple. Once they start micro-managing language you know you are living in a tyranny. It is one thing to remind people to be respectful and polite to other human beings; it is another to micro-manage what they think and say.

          People should be free to think what they want.

          Any white person listening to this nonsense needs to take a trip to the third world. Find out firsthand that actually the nicest, politest place in the world is in the white-majority Western world. Everywhere else in the world plays to a rougher game. Try being black in China, or Muslim In India, or dark-skinned in Russia on a Saturday night, or gay in Saudi Arabia, or a hot little teen princess in Pakistan, or a fat, lazy slob in Japan. In all those places people will be in your face fast about any transgression. Micro aggressions just make me laugh. In the real world there are bigger things to worry about.

          • We have a lot of dark skinned here in Russia and people have normal relationships between each other except some cases from the all sides. I repeat – FROM ALL SIDES! You were told of attacks to dark skinned in Russia but seems you’ve never been told of attacks of dark skinned to others including Russians. Racist actions in Russia are carefully exaggerated by Western media to make you sure that Russians are racists while inter-nation and national celebrations are simply omitted. But in fact Russians don’t have even close those racism tensions as you have in the US. So don’t even try to compare America and Russia, it’s clueless.

      14. True blacks — true to their race — live in Africa, and refuse all western European culture. True blacks to their culture run around with no clothing, no laws, no currency, no toilets, no running water, no medicine, no medical, no schooling, no electronic devices, no automobile, no jobs, and sleep in grass huts.

        Blacks in America imitate white people too much. They ought to return to their roots.

        • Still waiting for the founding of Wakandia. Joking aside, you make a good point: all the technology and wealth that makes black Americans the richest blacks in the world comes from white and Asian work, technology/science and wealth.

          If they were reliant on black technology/science and wealth they would be all living in grass huts and carrying spears. A fine life if you want it but a simple existence.

        • Ain’t that partially because the Africa been sucked dry by Western countries?

      15. Calling someone else “racist” is the truest sign of being a racist yourself! Same with sexist.

      16. If there were no racism the US government would not exist. Some bodies have to be at the bottom. A clever method to mix the opposition and keep everyone at each others backs. It’s not the government, it’s these other damn people that works.

      17. This is what happens when everyone gets a trophy for showing up.

      18. Im a culturalist. Black culture sucks. Brown culture sucks. Yellow culture sucks.

      19. These speech policies are only aimed at white people and no one else. Totally race-based and illegitimate. So I don’t follow them.

      20. My neighbor is a schizophrenic racist….he burned a cross on his own front lawn…left a note telling himself to move .

      21. And of course Dear Academic ones, by your logic, if I show in court accused of some crime and I plead “Not Guilty” then that means I am “Guilty, as charged”

        No need for trials, we can handle it all at the plea hearings.

        “Not Guilty” means “Guilty” and “Guilty” pleas will be accepted from all (and especially) Southern, Straight, Christian, White Males.

        That sure simplifies things…


      22. I’ve seen this crap in communist countries to the point that nobody looked at anybody else in the eye and afraid to say anything that might offend somebody else. They became controlled by the state because of it. I see it happening here….

      23. The most hated identified group in America are not blacks, or Mexicans, or Jews, or any other group that “civil rights” organizations usually say. Rather, the most hated, reviled, ridiculed, and maligned group in America are traditional Southern white straight Christian males. Hollywood, the MSM, leftist academia, “civil rights” organizations, and officialdom constantly denigrate Southerners. We are always depicted in the most vile manner, always being made out to be universally uneducated, inbred, and hopelessly racist, and are tired of generational condescension. We are even being labeled terrorists. We are not enemies of America (in fact the military has been made up disproportionately of Southerners for decades). The real reasons for implacable hatred towards the South include; we fought to have our own country (which many millions still desire), we still have a strong identity to Christianity, are traditional, and usually vote Republican.
        It is obvious there is a deliberate and coordinated though “unofficial” effort to assign us to a second-class citizen status; socially now, legally later. There is fast approaching a point where there will no longer be any benefit or purpose to remain as what is currently known as American citizenship. There are remedies for this problem; however, it is probable the US will experience existential problems anyway within 40 to 50 years, any thinking and independent-minded person can see it; not if but when, unless issues of today can be solved.

        • Bill, agreed. Good post.

        • Really good post! They ran a documentary in the UK that basically was your thesis. It was all about how horrible white Southerners are to the educated blacks who hold up the US South economy. It showed the whites as being nose pickers, ignorant, racist, living in shacks and even drinking cokes and then throwing the cans in the nearby river.

          The viewer was made to feel they were this retarded sub-species of whites.

          • I’ll bet that documentary was funded by the (((BBC))).

      24. Wonder what happens when they get their first real job???

        They must go screaming down the hall looking for the designated safe space???

        Friggin’ idgits???

      25. I always insure I commit at least three micro-aggressions when in such company…

      26. Ok
        I just HATE everybody equally.
        How Does That Bite Your Butt!!!!

        • Aww, Sh*t Sarge-Sugar. I thought we were buds!!! OWWWCH!! LOL Okay, hate ya right back – may it be a long and mutual hate for both of us.

      27. Thanks to PC common sense isn’t common anymore..

      28. I solved this micro-aggression problem. I don’t speak or have any other interaction with easily offended liberals. I remain in my rural setting as much as possible and have little or no interaction with non-whites because of that. If I never see one, never speak to one, I cannot be accused of micro-aggressions and racist behaviours, right??? LOL of course I can, because AVOIDING them to begin with is a racist act on my part.Apparently, it doesn’t matter what you do or say (or don’t do or don’t say) you are racist now…

      29. I am now going to get the list and go out of my way to use every word and phrase they hate.

      30. Unfortunately, my side business has been losing ground as I get older so more work for me depends on the military industrial complex. Avoiding these numbnuts is proving to be impossible. Just the other day I was at the post office and I politely said “Hey Yo, is this right?”. I was informed the her name was not Yo and was given a lecture on respect. I was flabergasted. Too bad I work in a sensitive environment or I’d have given her what for

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