United States Marine to NYPD Cops: “There is No Honor In This” *Video*

by | Oct 17, 2011 | Headline News | 188 comments

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    United States Marine Corps. Sgt. Shamar Thomas faces off with the NYPD on the streets of New York over police brutality:

    Via The Total CollapseThe Daily Crux, Zero Hedge

    There is no honor in what you’re doing to this people. No honor.

    …How do you do this to people? How do you sleep at night?

    …You’re here to protect them… You’re here to protect us… Why are you hurting U.S. citizens…

    …If you want to go kill and hurt people, go to Iraq… do you get honor out of this?

    …Why are ya’ll doing this to people? Ya’ll are walking around here in riot gear – these people don’t have guns.

    …This is not war… This is not war… there are no bullets flying out here… how tough are you?

    …There is no honor in hurting unarmed civilians.


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      1. Its time for veteran’s organizations to step up!

        • The police are just trying to enforce the laws equally. Those laws keep the parks and streets clean and safe for all users. The local people who live near those encampments are complaining about the streets being used as open toilets and nakedness and sex right on the street for all to see. If you lived there would you think it was ok? Would you like to be afraid to take your kids outside or have your home curtains open for the kids to see it all.
          The people who are NOT doing their job is the mayor and his city officials who are in league with the socialist agenda and helping the organizers to have this function with NO permits. The laws of that city say NO sleeping in the parks and streets. So do the laws just apply to some people or to all for the benefit of all?

      2. yeah, there is no honor in killing unarmed citizens in iraq and afghanistan, is there marine? Clean up your own corps first then we can talk. Maybe.

        • Bring the military corporate machine home, now. What the fuck are we doing out there anyway… spreading Democracy?

          Oct 27, 2007 Barack Hussein Obama:

          “I will promise you this, that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am President, it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home. We will bring an end to this war. You can take that to the bank.“

          Why did the Liar not follow through on his promise? Cause the corporations are taking it to the bank.

          “War is our business and business is good”.

          Did you see his press conference today? Cut one trillion a year to help restore America.

        • I think you are mistaking the actions of a few dishonorable soldiers for the actions of the entire Corps. I guess that old saying goes: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

          • My, my, my….before we bombed those villages, towns, I didn’t know we sent memos alerting the innocent babies, women, children and elderly to leave?? What page is that on in the “Rules of Engagement” book??

            Read Dave’s comments—he’s been there, done that. Listen to his testimony.

            • let me reiterate, because apparently your comprehension is a little off:
              I think you are mistaking the actions of a few dishonorable soldiers for the actions of the entire Corps.

              Hastened attacks lacking adequate intel will result in collateral damage, agreed. But you cannot fault the guy working in the CALA as being responsible for the deaths caused by the bomb he loaded onto the plane. How was he to know the structure being bombed had civies?

          • Your right bought the urea at the army/ navy store

          • The unfortunate reality is that ANYONE CAN QUOTE THE BIBLE FOR ANYTHING.

        • I was in the marines (1983-87) and I completely agree with your comment.
          The US has killed something around 500 thousand men, women & children (just in Iraq, not Pakistan or Libya), so for this veteran to criticize the cops for spraying mace on people who are trying to move barricades is hypocritical to the extreme.

          • Dave-

            True, but you gotta understand that he was brainwashed into believing the people he killed wanted to kill him, so at least his intentions are good (i.e., He thought he was killing enemies over there, whereas he thinks he is defending innocents over here).

          • marine sargents and privates do not give the orders to bomb, you should take that up with Bush and Obama.

          • I disagree. Not hypocritical. He is doing what he is supposed to do- protect Americans on American soil, as well as protect the Constitution, which includes the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights giving Americans the right to assemble. The killing of others, overseas in foreign places is almost irrelevant at this point. The US military, in general, is full of people with good intentions, or at least once had good intentions. There are a fair share of sh*y bags, but they are the minority. They enlisted under the illusion that they would be protecting Americans. Killing of labeled bad guys, terrorists, or whatever they might be labeled at the time, along with a war byproduct, the killing of innocent bystanders, seems(seemed) justified in order to protect Americans. Yes, an illusion, but you really can’t fault one for falling into the propoganda machine at young ages. Doesn’t look like he is active any longer any way.

            • The First Admendment does not give anyone the RIGHT to do what they want, where they want and when they want! This is total B.S.

          • Your kill count is off get your numbers right

          • Only in 4 years? Couldn’t cut it, I see.

        • No, 308 is not an area code but I bet that Marine could arrange something special in the 50 Cal. area code for you. It’s just like AT&T. Reach out and touch someone!!

        • 308…..and how many deployment have you been on? If you answer is none, you have no idea!

          • I’m not arguing this. I already have an appointment with a wise ass marine youngster who called me a liar when I told him that I quit the army after order to deploy to Afghanistan, because I believed that what Lithuanian army was doing there was a plain and simple occupation with very lousy excuse.
            every military person should remember, that after Nurnberg there is no such excuse – “I just followed orders”
            Army, Navy, Marine and Air force’s primary and only mission and purpose is to defend homeland, not to occupy other countries under false pretences.

        • Distraction

        • 99% of Marines only target combatants. Don’t paint with such a broad brush A-hole. This man obviously has honor.

        • .308; cops here don’t have to worry about explosives in baby carrages, bombs strapped to women and children. Every part of our society has crooks/criminals. The SGT has seen enough of war and didn’t expect to see what he has on his home turf.

          • Too bad the NYPD is full of criminals…

        • For one, that marine is following orders. He’s not the one making the calls so you can take that up with the current administration…not him. Two, I’ll bet you’ve never served your country from the sounds of your comment. At least he had the courage to take on the NYPD, saying what NEEDED to be said. Real easy to sit behind your keyboard and critique someone, isn’t it… yeah that takes courage. If we had more Americans like that man things may change. It’s time to get off our butts and get out there! We are the 99%, can you imagine what could get done if we all stood together? One nation under God, remember? Lets take our country back!!

          • Amen to that. When will “We The People” wake up and see what is going on right under our noses? I know that a small percentage of “We The People” see what is going on but what will it take to wake up the other percentage? But you are right, Its time we take our country back!!!!!!

        • Your kidding right left wing liberal…dying hearts are the ones to get shot first…its a war. If you served shame on you, if you didn’t than I understand why your blowing this out of your rear end. Who do you think keeps you free, the Iranians, Muslims, people from Afghanistan? No, the ones who put on their uniform and defend the constitution of the United States…

          You people make me sick with your stick and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me… grow up and smell the real coffee – its called get a life, dumbass.

      3. Veterans org. according to others I know, don’t do diddly squat! They are social clubs, holding dances, potlucks, bingo, dominoes, other social events producing zero results to help veterans. Husband is retired Army, and he will not get involved in these groups because they are pinheads. He went to a few meetings and quit. Like all other “groups” to incl all patriot org., ALL they do is collect donations, membership dues and sell: magazines, books, dvd’s, tshirts, and other useless crap. Stick with small close knit groups of well known folks and stay out of crowds, rallies, etc.

        • Agree, laura, in many respects they are just drinking clubs but it is TIME for them to do something and that is my point.

          They are organized, have funds, and some political influence but so far, that these veterans groups are sitting on the sidelines is reprehensible.

          • dk, that’s because many have the attitude that they have already served. What a shame, they think they were fighting for our freedom abroad but can’t do it at home.

            • Agreed. Service never ends. Only the form of service changes. If We want to keep the America OUR founding fathers gave US, WE must participate.

              WE must engage.

        • Agree, Laura. On the off chance anyone reads this I just want to point out a cornerstone of my philosophy is observable in laura’s statement. Groups are social clubs. Groups are NOT greater than any individual (in the eyes of God) hence groups fail. That is what the world is witnessing now, is the failure of social contracting through the auspices of groups. Like God showed JC, 1 out of 12 people are defective in the presence of riches and power. A group of 1200 will have 100 of these people, the more defective ones become the ‘leaders’ as the compliant people of the group step to the back and get on with Living. Now we look up, and behold, the group is failing us. Should have seen it coming and thrown them out a long time ago.

          • QB: Organized groups always have more power than an individual. There is strength in numbers. There is power when intellects and resources are pooled for a common cause; even if that common cause is to cheat, steal, lie, and defraud US, as the PTB have done.

            The answer is not to withdraw and step back.

            The answer to corruption, theft, oppression, and the erosion of OUR Liberties IS and has ALWAYS been, to step up; to organize and multiply the power of the individual with the power of the group.

            This is the challenge that presents itself to US today. Are WE going to stand back and let George do it? I suggest that WE tried that and George fucked US over pretty good. It will take a generation to repair the damage that HE and O’Bummer have caused.

            Or, are WE going to step up, make OUR voices heard, and make a difference in OUR lives for ourselves, OUR families, and future generations of America?

            The cause is not lost except by the naysayers, losers, and cowards that pass themselves off as Citizens.

            WE have the power and time enough to turn this nation around. Let’s Roll!

        • We support WOUNDED WARRIORS of Omaha, Nebraska run by Marine Col. that have built a 60 acre ranch for returning vets to take a two week reunite with family. all volunteer

      4. Repetitive, but he made some excellent points. And he was so dang big none of the cops even came up to his shoulder. I got a chuckle out of the dude with the bullhorn right in front of him.

      5. Why would this guy be proud about DOING TIME in Iraq and killing people who did nothing to the united states, and then suggest that other filthy americans go to Iraq and murder innocent people, people protecting their country? Wasn’t he the equivalent of the cop on the beat in Iraq, and taking it to the extreme by murdering innocent people? Wake up, people!

      6. If he is active I wonder what his commanding officer will have to say about this?

        • if that marine(?) is active duty then he is either awol or currently in a brig somewhere…or possibly in a military medical ward (psych).

        • It’s called freedom of speech.

          • It’s called an impostor and a fraud. He’s there to create a youtube moment and post it for propaganda.

            Excellent work by NYPD in remaining professional and calm. I think they smelled this progressive troll the moment he opened his Marxist mouth. They know you don’t feed trolls.


            • Someone got it right! Everyones first tip should have been the fact that he’s walking around in that sloppy half assed used to be a uniform. Second tip off…nothing is happening here. He starts his rant out of the blue in what appeared to be a calm street. Don’t feed the trolls! lol

            • RWM – absolutely correct. The fakeness of this video is apparent. Very sad.

              The Trolls are becoming more and more visible.. aren’t they ? Especially here…

            • WELL SAID MOM !

          • Freedom to choose is dead. Freedom is and always has been an illusion. Try voting and see what happens. Dont believe me check who owns all those voting machines around our nation. Hint it started with,”Die”.

      7. No it’s not time for veteran organizations to step up; at least not for this single issue. The very people that organized this little party would destroy the United States of America and wipe their ass with the U.S. Constitution if given the chance. And apparently they are getting their chance via corrupt politicians (DNC/GOP) and an apathetic populace. Time is running out !!!!!

      8. is this guy active duty, cops have always had a thing about getting involved with active military. i was in the navy and we used to do exercises with various seal teams carrying around m-60 in parks and cops would drive by in north carolina look real hard and then keep going. I always wondered back then when i was younger if cops can do anything about me walking around with a automatic weapon. I mean if you could see someone carrying auto guns around oceanways where we would put our boats in and people would just look and park rangers wouldnt say a word either. lol those were the old days but he had some good points about the protestors to certain points. good for him for sticking up. would of been a complete different story if he was arrested. that would of been all over the news.

        • IN North Carolina when the Army has military exercises that are excursions into the community, the community police and state police are notified long before hand.
          That is why the cops look, then move on.
          I wonder if this guy really earned his ribbons or if like after Vietnam there are people wearing uniforms they never earned.

          • Excuse me…my dh is a VietNam vet..meaning??

          • Exactly correct my Brother!

      9. You need a whole fing Battalion to drive right into DC and arrest the criminals. Otherwise there will be alot blood spilt in the streets.

        • I’m hoping for a military coup to do just that in D.C. Lock up the politicians. Put Ron Paul in temporarily until a vote takes place. The Military likes Paul.

          The military could pull it off. That would be the honorable thing to do. Any Generals out there following this blog?

          • That call is for sedition………they use to hang people for it. Paul might be ok to you but he’s a pacificist Chamberlin to me. Not much could cause me to rise up for this government, but your call sure would. That’d be one dead battalion.

            • And what would you call what the banksters and corrupt govt servants are doing to our nation. They sure as hell are not promtoing freedom.

          • I think that is the responsibility of the Citizens, if I’m reading my Constitution correctly.

            • Speaking of reading the Constitution right…

              what we need, to begin the process of turning this country around (at least half way for starters, if even that is possible at this stage in the game) is to make the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, mandatory studies in our school system. To get through grade school, one would at least have to be able to read both. To graduate from Middle School, one would have to be able to recite them both, verbatim. To graduate from High School, one would have to understand both inside and out and apply their principles, on a practical level, to the world we live in.

              IMHO, I think the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were cognized through some form of divine intervention.

              I’d have to go back to middle school if I were to practice what I preach.

          • I know many here think RP is the bee’s knees, but one thing I don’t like about RP is that he HAS been in office for a long time. That is a big problem with the current federal government.

          • Ron Paul is no traitor, sir. He would never go along with such a traitorous act, and neither would any other patriot. Google Lt. Gen. Smedley Butler, USMC.

      10. Did that cop have a permit for the electronic amplification device (Megaphone)?

        That marine had the entire group of police scared. One man. A real hero.

        • The police looked rather bored to me. I have no respect for OWS, and there is no evidence that the police had done anything from the video.

        • I think those cops wanted to work on the marines head with their clubs and if there had been no cameras, he would have known what Rodney King went thru.

      11. Is there any way to validate his claim that he was ever in the service. I’m just saying, anyone can don a uniform, Google the service medals, and walk around fabricating a military story. He better not be wearing that uniform if he never served.
        My take on the OWS movement still has me concerned that this is nothing but a lashing out by socialists against capitalism instead of channeling their anger solely at the banking institutions- the liberal leeches of society funneling the streets to ensure their bottles are topped off and they are kept in clean diapers.

      12. If he is active he’s in deep guano for being in uniform at a protest. I suspect hes not though with facial hair like that. He is likely a Black Panther plant, trying real hard to stir up trouble.

        • He’s not allowed in his utilities off base.

          • Maybe he has been discharged.

          • That is not true.

            I traveled freely throughout Europe and the US in fatigues when I was in. I have a step son on active duty at Ft Lewis that wears his ACU / BDU all the time.

      13. Right on!

      14. I’m sorry I must have missed the brutality. Half the officers on the street more then likely served in the Military. Its obvious that Marine has blown a gasket. There are many that didn’t come back the way they left and this one may need some assistance, it’s not for me to judge.

        I think this video should be taken down. At best it will be used to exploit him and or the Military. No matter how your look at it it will be used as propaganda.

        • most the ones that didn’t return the way they left, are now donning a cops uniform working for the Corp

        • Did I read you correctly, half the officers in NYC have been in the military???

      15. Nervous About How this is coming around on the The (state run t.v.)The whole thing is a little scary to me.My Question to you all does this movement have a socialist party feel to it.Spread the wealth .you dollar is really mine kinda thing.Some kinda smoke screen to get the people on there side.?

        • It’s got it all, but I would tend to agree, a strong odor of socialism permeating the Occupy Collective air.

          This is not the same country most Americans, brought up in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, grew up with. I think the younger generation(s), those born in 80’s and later, have been totally brainwashed. Well, not 100%, but the vast majority are now under “the spell”. Not sure “who’s” fault that is, but it seems most parents have lost touch with their parenting skills. Likewise, teachers in our public schools gravitating towards the socialist side.

          Mind control is big business. It’s tentacles are everywhere.

      16. I probably get some flak, and that’s ok I’ve got big broad shoulders. I am grateful for those who have served in the military, thank you all. Now I have an understanding that our military leadership and Raytheon and other contractors use our depleted uranium from our plants in their ordinances. Is this right, a soldier knows one thing and that is too follow orders. It wrong to harm innocents, either way. Only the dead have seen an end to war! Opium cultivation in Afghanistan to fund black ops, please.

        • Copout I’m sure our military does some horrible things. Sadly though it does some great things too. We sent 250,000 people into Iraq over 8 years and who is remembered – the 15 at Abhu Grab that abused prisoners. America loves to “hate” and focus on a “negative.” I’m not saying it should be ignored, but the good is ignored and that is wrong. I’m proud to say I’ve served our nation in a variety of roles, does that make our nation “right” in every equation hell no, but far from being the Corp Elitist machine so many around here think it is too.

          • Jim: I did say thank you for your service. Now wrong is wrong no matter how its sliced. A soilder does what he is told, like that piece of s#@& of a human being kissenger stated military personel are pawns, trash I believe in his words. Pearl harbor They knew allowed the attacks, fact. Gulf of Tonkin they knew let it happen, fact. Uss liberty, they knew let it happen, fact. 911 need I say anymore. All world wars mapped out disgust and carried out, why have we profited, no, our sons and daughters die for what? I stand and defend my country here for the right reasons, not for their bull@@st! Enough waste.

            • Oops: Sorry I meant I believe those were kissenger words.

      17. Ok look, we have no business messing around in all these other countries, we need to fix us first, thats all I am trying too say, good night all!

      18. I was in the Army 2/75 (Ranger Ft. Lewis), and I am not sure but that guys medals are on at a slant with his pocket…that is not the way they are worn.

        Some Marine help me out here and let me know if I am incorrect as all I can speak for is the Army.

        • You are correct! That Negro does NOT represent the United States Marine Corps! He is a Communist/Union/Acorn plant!

          P.S. Rudy, thank you for your service Ranger!

        • You’re right: supposed to be squared to his pocket.
          HMC(SS/FMF), USN

      19. that guy in the video is not, i repeat NOT an active duty or reserve Marine…he is a damned fruitcake probably daring those cops to come on and try arresting me or locking me up..come on cop, shoot my ass! No active duty military man or woman would dare even be seen in a protest of any kind wearing their uniform and making such declarations…unless they are looking for a way out of a career.

        • Absolutely right about that. He would be going to office hours, if not courts-martial, if his skipper ever saw that video.

      20. Great stuff. Obama supporters can’t call this patriot a ‘racist’. However the rest of us are convinced that OBAMA = EPIC FAIL.

      21. This was very puzzling. I am not impressed with the Geo. Soros funded OWS people. No doubt not all of them are, but I KNOW this movement will be co-opted if it isn’t already. Yes, I think crony capitalism stinks, but we in the Tea Party have been addressing that for THREE years. And now the Lady Gaga-esque protesters think they are doing something brave. Too funny. But, apropos of the video, no one has pointed out exactly WHERE anyone was being attacked.

        Did anyone actually watch the video? People are just milling around as if nothing was happening, which I assume means… NOTHING much was happening. At least insofar as we can tell from the video. Who was being arrested? Maybe someone in the background, maybe not; maybe someone did something like break a window, but who knows? The video show NOTHING. Rather, it just shows some guy yelling and the NYPD showing proper restraint.

        I love SHTF and ZeroHedge, but this is really a non-event

      22. He’s not in uniform and probably on some well deserved leave. He’s a US citizen too. 90% of these kids don’t want to be in Iraq any more than you do. The evil elements of the Pentigon don’t want these soldiers to come home. There’s nothing here for ’em. No jobs, half of them are probably divorced, they’ve been fighting for over 10 years so their PO at the world, Etc…. This is why the WH is trying to get us into another war with Iran. I don’t like Iran anymore than you do but all these false flag events have bankrupted this country while at the same time making a few famlies and bankers incredibly wealthy. Wealth redistribution in the US is about to come home to roost. Wait ’till this time next year. You may just want this Marine as a buddy of yours!

      23. The OWS people should be protesting in front of Obama’s crony “capitalists,” in front of the Oval Office, in front of carbon billionaire Al Gore’s mansion, in front of Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama’s monthly jet trip to rent the country of Lichtenstien for her cronies, or perhaps in front of leftist Tom Hanks 14,000 ft mansion or Mikey Moore’s mansion on Torch Lake.

        And THAT is a fact

        • That would mean a real political movement and real change. Like 80 new congressman in the midterm election kind of change, tea party kind of change, but that isn’t the focus. We attack an extreme minority the 1% because of their evil success these masses are starting to have trouble affording the latest xbox game, iPhone and app.

          I’ll repeat the fact: The top 1 earns 18.3 percent of all earnings and pays 27.6% of all taxes. I think that’s fair.

          • I do too Jim.

          • Yes Jim, it is amazing how quickly a persons perspective of the so called 1% changes the closer they get to becoming one themselves ? The hypocracy of the few “rich” celebrities that vocalize this crap is also amazing.. don’t they realize that they are perfectly free to donate their millions / billions to the OWS crowd ? Yes, they realize it; but THEY are special.. THEY deserve their wealth because they spend their time denegrating others who have also achieved wealth..

            This is Troll bait.. let’s see how many I catch .. 😉

      24. So,is this guy supposed to be a hero or something? He can say what he wants,but I didnt see anyone being hurt by the police. He disrespected the uniform and made an ass out of himself.

      25. He’s totally in the wrong. The Occupy idiots always break the law. They show themselves to be anti-semites, Marxists, anarchists, and parasites on society. They also buy into the class warfare that just being rich is wrong.


      26. The video is a setup. There is no police violence taking place, else, they would have shown it. I very much doung that this is a real military person. His demenor was wrong, the way he walked was wrong, the way he was confrontational against authority was wrong; the way he was dressed was wrong.. completely wrong.

        This is fake and a setup. The left has no shame.

        And its OOO-RAH !! not hurr-ah

        • Quote: “the way he was confrontational against authority was wrong;”
          And what tree did you just fall off of? Authority my arse! These ARE NOT authorities, these are corporate goons in uniform that are paid $37 an hour to abuse their authority and position to protect the ELITE and the Fed.

        • SnS,
          Good catch on the OOO-RAH!

          Anyone who believes this is a real needs to waking. Waiting for this leftist plant to be outed, just like the law student crying in front of Chase bank that his dad’s house was taken by them.

          Liars all. The propaganda machine continues.

          • Thanks RWM… I almost missed it, but right at the very end of the video, as this putz is walking away, he seems to be the one saying “hurr-ah”.. no real Marine would ever make that mistake.. typical…

            • No problem SnS. 🙂

          • A little history: Recon marines way, way back would shout “Arruughah” in imitation of a submarine’s diving alarm (klaxon), because they were often deployed from subs. This eventually evolved into “ooo-rah”.
            HMC(SS/FMF), USN


      27. “I very much doubt…”

      28. we need more Americans like Him.


      29. Semper Fi! Lets bring in the troops from the sandbox! We’ll see who they side with.

      30. Just look at the cops, all bloated, fat, dumb looking – its so disgusting, it makes me want to spit! These are the oathkeepers? They won’t even have stamina to run after a shop lifter, let alone serve and protect.

        • Wow… Trolls CAN type.. but apparently, they can’t see too well.

      31. I applaud the professionalism and restraint shown by the NYPD. Policing the worlds most dynamic city is a dangerous and noble cause. Those men and women are facing the same struggles at home as the rest of us regarding mortgages, college debt, etc. I don’t see the reason for calling them out as the enemy.

        The only shameful thing in that video is the fool attempting to antagonize the policefor the sake of a video clip.

      32. I got one minute into this video before I stopped it. I called my dad (active military 10 yrs of service) and asked
        1. what would happen if you were caught at a protest in uniform
        2 what would happen if you were seen with your uniform on but it was not being worn correctly (shirt untucked, jacket not buttoned)
        3 what would happen if he was seen yelling at off base police
        for the first 2 his answer was his but would get thrown in the sling, for the 3rd, it would depend on what the cops do.
        I think this person was just looking for attention, and found a way to get it.

      33. This Honorable Marine is quite simply a True American Badass. He earns the Academy Award for Real Hero. For those of us who love freedom, we have to remind ourselves to support individuals like him who stand up to and revolt against Tyranny. If only all those Occupy Wall Street protesters could be like him . . . then that would be a real example of common sense!

        At any point, these fascist bastard cops could have tried to arrest him, shoot him, or faked an encounter to kill him. You can see them having those nasty thoughts, “Does he want to be Rodney King?” Thank God for the cameras! Still, he stands up to the Bolsheviks with absolute moral rage. He even asks them, “How do you sleep with yourselves?”

        It should be the Motto of the Protest: “There is no honor in hurting unarmed citizens.” That would be real Common Sense.

        The NYPD are a group of Giuliani-inspired self-serving pussy ass bastard scumbags Nazi Fascist Bolsheviks who don’t know their ass from their face. That guy with the bullhorn is the paragon of pussiness. What’s that Benedict’s real name?

        Bullhorn Bastard represents the tactics of fear and intimidation these fascist wannabe storm troopers try to use to silence a True American. The Bullhorn Bastard reminded me of another compulsive liar like him. All of these scoundrel ragamuffin criminals with a badge should be deported to Iraq (if they’ll have them) or launched off into the vacuum of space where they belong. Forever.

        Here’s another True American who deserves the Academy Award for Real Hero in my book:


      34. Looks like an act to get attention to me. I am a former NCO in the US Army. What ever happened to being a quiet professional? There may be some bad apples in the NYPD however ever cop in that video was very professional and even were asking please. I saw ZERO acts of violence for him to be that upset.

        Looks like a plant to get attention of a fight started. I know my chain of command would have been disappointed in me if I had done that. Does not represent the uniform well if you ask me.

      35. I can hear the grinding sounds of cognitive dissonance, like sand in gears, from some on the board. “Wait, I support the troops, but I hate the protestors. Troops are patriotic, protestors are traitors and hippies. Can’t… make… it… fit.. together.”

        Biggest smile I’ve had all day.

        Support the Oathkeepers.

      36. At least he had the balls to stand up and say what he thought. Not many people do. Most people have got the walk but not the talk, cause they to chicken shit.

      37. Another psychopath allowed his two minutes of fame.

          • Don’t forget to send in your donation. While you’ve got the credit card handy be sure to head on over to Ebay and check out all of the ‘Occupy’ merchandise that is up for bid. Remember, the early bird gets the worm, as this stuff is hotter than the “I survived Y2K” apparel of yesteryear.

          • Junk me all you want. His demeanor lends nothing whatsoever to the message he (may be) trying to convey. He appears to be instigating violence and the officers involved are indeed showing great restraint in dealing with a potentially violent madman. Those cops are American citizens as well and I would suggest that more than a few of them have “served their country” as well. Being a Marine, this person should be setting a higher standard……..don’t you think?? All I see in these videos is people acting with intentional hysteria in order to gain recognition. You’ll know when it’s for real, and this guy ain’t it. Think for yourselves; before it’s too late.

            • You are 100% correct.. Trolls have discovered our lovely little community here..

            • But if he was voicing your a view that was in line with yours then he’d be a true hero, right? Funny how that works.

              He was sworn to protec the Constitution though, not a poltical view. Seems to me he’s doing just that.

      38. In addition to living in an absolute shit hole, the poor New York City taxpayer sacrifices his hard earned money for this: a bunch of Nitwit Yankee Patrolling Dunderheads, standing around with their thumbs stuck in their asses.

        Not a single one of these knuckleheads has the foresight to think, “Maybe I should walk away, and go catch some real criminals . . . AT THE BANK.”

        Instead, they mill around, absorbing the tongue lashing dutifully, while attempting to provoke an altercation, and make themselves feel important for the six-figure salary they embezzle from New York City taxpayers courtesy of their union. Can you say Racketeering? How about Fraud?

        Folks, these douche bags are no better than the criminal molesters at the TSA. And that’s the best compliment they deserve.

      39. Are these real cops? Seriously. A lot of these NYC cops look like the kids who were beat up in grade school. They look kind dorky. Maybe it’s just me.

      40. “It does not take a majority to prevail … but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”

        ~Samuel Adams

        • He makes beer too!

      41. Allons enfants de la Patrie
        Le jour de gloire est arrivé !
        Contre nous de la tyrannie
        L’étendard sanglant est levé
        Entendez-vous dans nos campagnes
        Mugir ces féroces soldats?
        Ils viennent jusque dans vos bras.
        Égorger vos fils, vos compagnes!

        Aux armes citoyens
        Formez vos bataillons
        Marchons, marchons
        Qu’un sang impur
        Abreuve nos sillons

        • Giurza: I agree, you tell em! Don’t let nothing hold ya back!

      42. i’d like someone to compare and contrast the ows behavior with that of ANY of the TEA Party rallies and ask one simple question: why were the riot squads called out for this and never for the TEA Party..??? i’m a child of the ’60’s and know the answer but i wonder if many others do… and no, there is no “honor” in bullying or brutalizing, which i see as his point – provided he wasn’t there just to incite… there didn’t seem to be any provocation for his outburst, at least on tape…

        • The dogs were trying to provoke him with the bullhorn. They were standing around, thinking they could trump up some charge to arrest him. Eventually, they realized they had nothing except the shame of having incited this person’s anger at their morally repugnant actions and behavior. I saw earlier films where some of these same goons were macing and beating with a baton innocent bystanders for leaning on a barricade . . . Tell me, is leaning on a barricade a crime?

          • You remind me of my ex.

            You can tell what people are thinking without speaking with them.

      43. the wars have resulted in over 2 million dead civilians in Iraq and Afgan. The number is still climbing due to drone attacks.

        and thousands of our troops have been wounded or killed as well.

        I am glad to see the marine upholding his oath to prtect the constituion. not nearly enough are doing it.

        many of the protestors in the vietnam area were also vets who served. the biggest difference between now and then was the draft.

        if we had a draft today these wars would end very quickly. and if we go into Iran a draft maybe on it’s way.

      44. In addition to living in a shit hole, the poor New York City taxpayer has to expend his hard earned money for these criminal cops.

        They are milling around trying to provoke an altercation with this brave individual.

        Not one of these knuckleheads thinks, “Perhaps I should go catch some real criminals . . . AT THE BANK.”

        The Wall Street executives are the ones who stole $700 billion worth of TARP funds in order to pay out big fat bonuses and severance packages for themselves and their cronies.

        And these Nitwit Yankees Patrolling Dunderheads, with their unions to back them, never go and catch those crooks.

        You would think they knew Racketeering and Fraud when they see it. It takes a thief to catch one. They’re too pathetic to even try . . .

      45. It will only take one shot from either side, then you will see 194 million guns in the US do their job….

        scary thought isnt it…we are there….

      46. This Marine is just using his 1st amendment rights under the document he swore to uphold.

        How many of you can say the same?

        Have you taken the oath?

        Have you pledged your very life for something higher than your own personal survival?

        You prattle on endlessly questioning his validity yet completely missing the entire point. It “IS” time for us veterans to make a stand and choose a side. THEY use our honor and our moral code as weapons to silence our objections.

        Some of you people piss me off. You spew forth your vitriol like your words mean nothing. Questioning his uniform and patriotism like it was some relativistic choice on a McDonald’s breakfast menu. You call us pawns…mindless killing machines for the corporate elite who never question orders.


        The PTB may have changed but we have not. Yes I have awakened and it has been a new trial by fire for me too. No one wants to think they have been used, that their love of country and fellow soldiers has been abused yet here I stand…guilty as charged.

        Fire away, I kept my body armor.

      47. The marine is right. There’s no honor in what he’s doing. Lawlessness is never good.

      48. This Marine will be given a jeweled crown by God when he enters heaven!

      49. He is not in uniform. He has a desert Marine Corps blouse (CUU) on with ribbons which is not worn together. Three rows of ribbons with top left MC Achievement Medal, Combat Action Ribbon & NUC top right and is center above name stencil. Sleeves are mid rolled up and blouse is too small to fit if buttoned up. Appears to have prior served and he’s a big guy!

        • Good catch Slim.. he is an obvious fake.

      50. Finally – a real American Hero standing up for American values – he is courageous for being in the Army and in speaking to the police about NOT TURNING AGAINST UNITED STATES CITIZENS….


        • The problem is that most of these morons protesting at OWS are nothing more than useful idiots.

          Just like many posting here they can prattle on about greed and bankers but cannot elucidate any difference between an honorable provider of capital and a manipulative, corrupt organization.

          Yes, I believe that we are going to have complete chaos and a civil war / revolution combination. Most folks are going to choose their side based upon some slick marketing scheme as opposed to making that decision based upon their core beliefs and seious deliberation.

      51. I can make no judgement on this situation. There isnt enough information.
        Not all cops are badguys and not all soldiers are good guys.
        Lastly, I dont agree with 90% of the occupy wallstreet crew because they believe in communism.

      52. This should be no surprise to some of us. There has always been dissident, Muslim, Negro’s in the Military.
        This clown does NOT represent The United States Marine Corps! He represents the Communists!

        • Boy, your comments are extremely offensive and ignorant. He said nothing that deserves to be portrayed in the manner that you have. In fact, he is trying to protect and defend the right of individuals to have the freedom to protest.

          Perhaps your mind is not able to endure ‘cognitive dissonance,’ but for your information, not every protester is a communist.

          This country was founded by protesters who would have been hung as traitors if apprehended. They were not communists either. They simply had hopes for a better way of doing things.

          I suggest you check out Charlie’s links above to edify yourself.

          • Obviously you are A bleeding heart Liberal Pal!
            Get stuffed!

            • As someone who supports the Tea Party, I believe in the First Amendment. Obviously, you have a First Amendment right to say so, and that’s exactly what the Honorable Marine is saying. So what’s your beef? I don’t get it. Do you understand what ‘cognitive dissonance’ means?

        • And obviously you represent “Douchbags of America.”

      53. Those Utilities and those medals are all available at any local Army/Navy store! DO NOT BE FOOLED!

        • Are you JEALOUS? LOL!

          • For your information Punk, I was in Vietnam in 1968.
            I was a combat Marine and have 2 Purple Hearts to prove it! What do you have besides a huge pie hole? What have you done for your Country besides run your little coward mouth? Typical Liberal panty waist!

            • Are you suffering from PTSD too? I know, they make you kill people who are complete strangers.


        • Thank you. I WILL NOT BE FOOLED! Wonderful.

        • “Saw the vid, not sure of the content,where was the incident that fired this guy up? He did not act like a Marine, If he was defending these scumbags of OWS I do not believe him to be Real..Why? Because a real Patroit or Marine would not side with these Commie asshhats unless he was One of them..My whole family is a SERVICE FAMILY Marine Corp, Army And Air Force…We know hoe Real Marines Act…Semper Fi

      54. The fact that he has parts of a uniform on is meaningless. He may or may not be a veteran.

        Should the police stop mobs from causing violence and destroying property? If you answer “no” then there is nothing I can say to you, we live in different worlds. If you answer “yes” then think about it. How do you stop a mob??? The only way to stop a mob is with force or the threat of force. You cannot bluff, you must actually be ready and willing to use force. So who is responsible if force is required to prevent violence and property damage? The police or the mob?

        One thing to remember as this movement progresses is that the OWS crowd wants violence. They need violence and will provoke it because without it they are just another bunch of kooks. They believe that if they can create a “Kent State” moment that America will rally behind them. So they will continue to push and break the law and hope that sooner or later it provokes a violent incident. Don’t be fooled by these marxist anarchists.

      55. This website is shit.

        • Then tell your master to re-program your hard drive to block coming here.

          • I order you to leave RoboCop, Charlie & The Marine alone. This is all about the First Amendment. I reject your interpretation that the First Amendment is not absolute, which amounts to treason. Neither you nor your government Bolshevik masters can interfere with my or anyone else’s First Amendment rights.

            What you better program into your hard drive & software about the Bill of Rights is that the First Amendment was instituted specifically to protect UNPOPULAR speech and dissent against government action and other intrusions like yours on this website.

            I suggest you think before you judge, because crying FIRE! in a crowded theatre, where dozens may be hurt in a stampede, due to YOUR penchant for falsehood, is not protected speech.

            The Honorable Marine understood this, and was attempting to protect the Constitutional rights of his fellow citizens. Simple.

        • NO…….BUT YOU ARE !

      56. What would you expect coming from NYPD.Brain dead robo cops..

        • Know any? I do. They work for substandard pay, considering the filth they have to protect you from. Ever hear of MS13? Crips? Bloods? They’re gangbangers one step evolved from apes. And violent as all hell. Go do a ride-along with the NYPD for a night or two. It might change your opinion of them.


        • Nitwit Yankee Patrolling Dunderheads (completely ruthless, draconian zombie henchmen for Mob Rule, capiche?)

      57. i praise the man ,no other person stood beside him as he was talking to the cops .he was saying the truth .people wake up .maybe this man has woken up to see the truth for whats wrong in wars by killing others who dont need to be.he was the only who had the balls to tell the cops what they need to hear.for those who are agaist him on here i dont see you out there telling the cops to bug offan maybe get a beat down if they feel like it.the truth was told .they better learn or they will get what coming.

        • You’re right, you don’t see me out there telling the cops to butg off, but it’s not out of fear of getting a beat down. It’s cause I don’t think all cops are bad, in fact I’m a firm believer that most of them are great people, who as long as you respect them, respect you and treat you decently. All the contacts I’ve ever had with the cops have turned out well because I was polite and respectful to the cops, and TOOK RESPONSIBILITY for my actions. In return the cops were respectful and fair to me in return. You don’t see me doing what this guy did because I’m not a disrespectful, arrogant, loud mouth douche bag who likes to make a spectacle of myself and end up looking like a loud mouthed Jack A**

      58. Assuming he’s not a poser…
        He’s acting like a coward….why do I say that ?
        He’s there mouthing off at dozens of cops that he knows are going to let his rantings roll off their backs.
        He knows they aren’t going to react to him…so he ‘s deliberately dissing them for his own attention.
        That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the Right to do this…he does.
        In the same way it’d be cowardly to cuss out returning troops, knowing that they’d ignore you too.
        He’s a coward.
        And not for anything…those cops are also protecting his Right to be a fool.

      59. RoboCop likes the Marine but not JJ, the nypd govt plant?

      60. By all accounts the cops have reacted with restraint at all the protests.

        I feel bad for this guy, if he’s really a Marine. He’s now an advocate for George Soros and the Communist and Nazi parties. (Both have publicly thrown in their support for the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests). And if he’s still in the Marines, he’s going to get busted down by his CO. He’s unshaven, w/o a cover, and wearing medals on his MCCUUs, a major no-no. Might be able to throw in conduct unbecoming an NCO too. YOU DON’T ACT THAT WAY WHEN IN UNIFORM. Period.

        C’mon, folks. Do you really think these protests would be going on if a Republican was in the White House? No. They’d ALL be camped out outside the White House.
        Wanna hear another bit of news about these dirtbag protesters? A 19 yr old girl was raped in a tent last night at the Cleveland protest. Ever hear of anyone getting raped at a Tea Party event? Nah, didn’t think so.

        For the most part, these protesters are a bunch of trust fund, mind-numbed teenagers from your local garbage dump of a university or they’re a bunch of dumb ass, senile, hippies looking to ‘fight the man’ one last time. They’re useful tools for the communist/socialist elite and nothing more. If these guys ever get to implement their idea of the future, this country is going to look a lot more like Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge than the Republic we once had. I’d like to see this country return to its roots via a Ron Paul presidency. (Won’t happen, but I can dream). These guys are going to march out to the voting booths next November and blindly pull the lever for Obummer… And in some states, they’ll do it multiple times.

        The enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend in this instance.

        Have a good evening,

        • Excellent post Mal!

        • Well said.


        • Exactly correct!

      62. As a former officer myself, I believe the actions and behavior of these knucklehead cops are emblematic of their total incompetence and ignorance. They are abject fascists who want to destroy the Republic on behalf of the forces for a Bolshevik USSA. I agree with Danlee – they are totally brain dead zombies with a badge.

        One question: have they ever arrested a SINGLE investment banker, who has defrauded and stolen from the American people for the sake of their fat cat bonuses for themselves and their cartel cronies?

        • Funny, the federal government has stolen $15+ trillion from the American people, and you’re angry at Wall Street bankers? You’re a tool for the communists. They play the class warfare card and you fall in line. If you’re going to fault the CEOs, fault ALL of the CEOs that have crawled in bed with Big Government. Jeff Immelt comes to mind. GE paid ZERO corporate taxes last year. Who’s protesting outside of GE’s corporate offices? What? Nobody? Because Jeff Immelt’s BFF is none other than Barack Obama!! Wow!! Imagine that!!
          Try scratching underneath the surface, and you’ll find that 99% of our problems originate from the worthless politicians and the worthless media that aids in keeping them in power.
          This country is a car about ready to run off a cliff, and Washington has been, and still is, in the driver’s seat.
          Capitalism is NOT the problem. Crony capitalism is.


          • Another great post Mal!

          • The federal government is owned by Wall Street. They’re the ones who get elected all the candidates they want. And it does not matter what party they represent.

            Please read comments above about ‘cognitive dissnonance.’ Your mind is warped to believe in this versus that, when in reality, it’s only this and nothing more.

            RoboCop, do you understand basic economics?

            Of course it’s crony capitalism, and that’s the problem. ALL of the Wall Street banking executives are in bed with the federal government. ALL of the major ones accepted bailout money for TARP funds.

            And ALL Americans have suffered due to this corruption. For example, there is no one who can say the value of their real estate has appreciated. Why? Because Wall Street was cooking the books.

            Don’t be a treasonous monkey who tries to attack the protections of the First Amendment.


        • HORSESHIT!

          • My comment was in reply to Robopunk! You don’t hold a candle to any REAL Police!

            • You are not a real Marine if you do not stand to protect the First Amendment. Party politics of Republican vs. Democrat have nothing to do with that.

              For this reason, it does not matter where the protesters are protesting, whether in front of some specific bank or politician’s home.

              In fact, that’s only buying into the morally bankrupt political machine that does not work in the first place.

              Obviously, at both the Tea Party and OWS events,there were many protesters that supported Ron Paul 2012.

              During the debate last night, Ron Paul indicated his sympathy for the OWS protesters because of the way in which the Central Bank has ruined America, on behalf of the bankers and bureaucrats.

              Obviously, this is communism, crony capitalism, police state fascism wrapped into ONE package, and BOTH parties are guilty.

              I sincerely do not believe NamGuy or Mal understands this principle.

              At this point, everyone knows that the two-party system does not work. It’s a pure disgrace.

              That’s why I like this website. People are able to think and write outside the box.

              It takes deep reflection to understand . . .

              Don’t believe the disinformation.

      63. All I saw in this video was 5 + minutes and some stupid Douchebag making an a** out of himself. Why you all hurting these people?? Theres no honor in hurting people!! and the whole time the cops didn’t touch one single person. Why you all in riot gear with your guns?? there aint no bullets?? Not one single cop even had a gun drawn. They stood there staring at the dude wondering when you was gonna shut up. Ha Ha Ha, it made me laugh. An F’ing wind bag yelling and crying for attention. That’s the good thing about america though, even a**holes have the right to be a**holes and get away with it.

      64. RoboCop, do you understand basic Economics?

        The people have lost their homes, their jobs, and their lives and livelihoods to the crooked fraudster bankers on Wall Street.

        They have every right to be angry!

        These lending institutions are infinitely more dangerous than standing armies, certainly MORE DANGEROUS than one marine trying to protect those who have lost everything.

        That’s the way I see it. QED

      65. its time for armed revolution!!
        if everyone at the protests rushed the cops, they would be outnumbered. there’s what, 5 cops for every 20 people? so why don’t we all rush the cops, hold them down, and go from there?
        whats it going to take?

        • These unwashed idiots at OWS protests are there at the design of the ruling elite / big bankers. If you desire to start a shooting war I can only say that you’ve not experienced unbridled violence. Or maybe you have and are simply a psychopath looking for an excuse to kill.

          What I find truly lamentable is that so many will form such strong opinions that they will kill or die for them without researching what it is they are supporting or opposing. The propaganda on both sides is terrible.

          Whether they know it or not these fools that want to replace capitalism with socialism have obviously never read the Black Book of Communism. Communism is a criminal enterprise masquerading as a government.

          I agree that there needs to be serious, fundamental changes in the way America is being ran. The very first should be that the educators inculcating our youth with respect for a system that has spawned mass murder, starvation, imprisonment and the destruction of ambition need to be countered. We need to have real, honest Americans teach the truth about liberty and the responsibilities of self government. And no, I don’t mean the mindless folks that support the patriot act when their team (“r” or “d”) is in power.

          Honestly, when enough people actually comprehend the subtle ways that the truly evil globalist banker and corrupt politicians work together then mitigating their power would be as simple as pulling your money from mutual funds, investing locally and working en mass to starve the leviathon. When the bullets start to fly, as I am certain they will, millions are going to get a first hand education on the horrors of war.

          Unfortunately, for too many brainwashed fools on both sides, the pain of war will be preferable to reading and learning with an open and questioning mind.

      66. Marine.
        Welcome home Sir. This is what you fought for. The police merely work for the same bankers and militarized industrial complex as you. The ones getting filthy rich of the American people have also gotten filthy rich from the blood spilt in Iraq & Afghanistan, blood from are sons & daughters and the innocent civilians. Your right marine, there’s no honor in what the police are doing, like wise there’s no honor to invading sovereign nations that pose no threat. Hopefully Marine your out and starting to think for yourself, waking up to a nightmare sucks. “Oh, you asked why are the police dressed for war?” That’s because the establishment has declared war on the American people, you are the enemy soldier. Make no mistake about it Marine there is a Revolution happening, it started a long time ago and we’re getting are asses kicked.

      67. As per the Constitution,. This brave Sargent PROTECTS OUR BORDERS! Enough said! GET THEM HOME! Before the UN comes in as some kind of HEROS or something,.. that are NOT limited to harming the American people.

        • Darrin, That Sgt. is as much a Marine as you are…..NOT!

          • Nam Marine, were you ever held hostage by the Viet Cong, and tortured by them until you were black and blue or purple, then went and killed innocent villagers who were “communists,” but then got your ass kicked on TET? Just wondering . . . . . Nam Marine, were you ever held hostage by the Amer Govt, and tortured by them until you were black and blue or purple, then went and killed innocent proteters who were “communists,” but then got your ass kicked on SHTF? Just wondering . . . . .

      68. Nam Marine, were you ever held hostage by the Viet Cong, and tortured by them until you were black and blue or purple, then went and killed innocent villagers who were “communists,” but then got your ass kicked on TET? Just wondering . . . . .

        Nam Marine, were you ever held hostage by the Amer Govt, and tortured by them until you were black and blue or purple, then went and killed innocent protesters who were “communists,” but then got your ass kicked on SHTF? Just wondering . . . . .

      69. I’m glad he was in uniform. Otherwise they would have beat him down.

      70. What this marine does not understand is that these scumbags with badges have no honor and flat out just don’t care.

      71. I have a 5 month old, seeing him born was the most incredible thing I have witnessed.

        And I worry about his future, what kind of life he’ll have. For I know it will be a lot harder than mine. The die is cast. It might be a year, five, or ten but you’ll see tanks on the streets of every city in North America. The die is cast.

        Class warfare, even Buffet said it was. And they’re beating the tar out of us. The one world order is coming and if you haven’t made peace with God I suggest you do so.

        Believe on Christ! For he died on the cross not because he was guilty, but because we are.

        These elect, these men of wealth and power, they’ve made their choices. They’ve chosen a side, for better or worse, for good or evil.

        There is no greater sacrifice than to lay down your life for a friend, a loved one. In the purest sense that is what it means to be a soldier. I respect that immensely but, BUT, war must be just.

        What is Iraq today? A shattered people in a charred land, full of DU munitions and orphans. And there is no word to describe a parent who has lost a child. No word. And what good has come from it? A tyrant gone? Funny how the MSM never mentioned the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Catholics that lived under Saddam with relative security (I’m not a Catholic by the by). That’s all changed now, God help them. And I know this to be true, I work with an Iraqi engineer who’s terrified for her family still living back. Not to mentioned the half million already dead.

        Where is the good in that? What has been achieved? Where is the great victory?

        Our society is on the precipice, hard choices our coming our way and will all be blessed to live through it (I don’t believe in luck).

        Christ has risen, Selah


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