Uncovered Footage: Watch This Video Of Bill Clinton Actually Grabbing A Woman By The P***y

by | Oct 8, 2016 | Headline News | 306 comments

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    While hypocrite Hillary Clinton is “shocked” by a newly released video showing Donald Trump making some raunchy comments when referring to women, we are curious if she was equally as shocked when she saw a video of her husband actually acting out the very same.

    As you’ll see in the uncovered ABC footage below, Bill Clinton didn’t realize he was on camera until it was too late. Moreover, it appeared to be an uncomfortable grope for the woman sitting to his right, because as soon as he sticks his hands between her legs she grabs his arm and moves it off to the side.

    Watch for yourself and decide which is worse, a man making a comment about his sexual fantasies with women, or a married President of the United States actually acting them out in what appears to be a very inappropriate, if not criminal, way?

    Though she is hammering Trump for being a sexist, Hillary Clinton has thus far avoided re-tweeting the following video capture to her 9 million followers.

    Via Youtube:

    But perhaps even more shocking is the fact that Hillary Clinton not only defended a child rapist, she laughed off the fact that she “got him off” after knowing full well he was guilt as charged:

    If you are a Hillary supporter, consider which is worse.


    Another Hillary Event, Another Plant: Campaign “Caught Using Child Actor” At Town Hall

    Hillary Is Either a Liar Or She’s Grossly Incompetent: “There Is No Other Interpretation Possible”

    Hillary Caught on Video “Using Hand Signals to Communicate With Moderator Lester Holt”

    This Radio Host Was “Abruptly Censored” For Saying THIS WORD About Hillary


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      1. Careful Mac….Satori will have a hissy fit.

        • That was just the Crocodile Dundee way of saying “Hi”…

          • After receiving donations of almost $11.9 million, it should be no surprise that Hillary receives and follows Soros directives.

            Leaked e-mail shows Soros gave Hillary directives…

            Secret effort to sell Hillary to rich liberals – 06/02/15
            “Hillary Clinton’s allies are working to win over unenthusiastic rich liberals by pitting her against the Koch brothers and prospective GOP rivals rather than more progressive Democrats, according to a draft of a secret memo obtained by POLITICO.”

            “The memo was prepared for Clinton enforcer David Brock ahead of a major donor meeting in April in San Francisco.”

            Apparently, the “secret” effort is working…

            Billionaires overwhelmingly support Hillary Clinton with LARGE donations – 9/26/16

            “Hillary Clinton has collected $21.1 million dollars for her campaign from 17 U.S donors on the Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index while Trump has only received $1.2 million from 12 members.”

            I agree with the comment by Thomas Peterffy:
            “I think this election will determine the course of this country for a long time into the future.”

            “If we are going to continue on our current progressive course by appointing liberal judges and piling on more regulations and not simplifying the tax code, it will be very difficult to reverse at a later date. We are on a slippery slope sliding towards socialism.”

            (Thomas Peterffy is “a Trump donor, Hungarian immigrant and multi-billionaire from founding electronic brokerage Interactive Brokers Group Inc.”)

            Billionaire George Soros, who has given almost $11.9 million to Clinton.

            • Kym, good info.
              I try to keep up with Soros doings.

              He is an evil man. Glad Jim Rogers broke from him in 1980.
              Soros needs to just die off, but he has sons to carry on.
              Will we ever get to live truely free???

              • Eppe,

                I agree Soros is an EVIL man!

                Leaked emails show Clinton campaign coordinating with Soros organization

                The Daily Caller

                  • While everyone watching the debate Sun Nt, Silver is taking off again. We will see $20 soon.


                    • I hope we see $40.

                    • Trump has knocked it out of the park! Incredible comeback! It is quite apparent that the whole elitist world including all democrats, many republicans, all MSM, most of academia, the ‘stinking’ rich funders of campaigns, the globalists, etc., have rallied against the Trump in a desperate attempt to beat him down.

                      It has been said that “Hell knows no fury, like a woman scorned”, and surely that whole elitist establishment has risen up as one to gang up and raucously rail in fury against Donald Trump! Wow! That was quite a debate! Trump has finally shown his mettle. Hillary and gang may have met their match!

                      This old goat thinks there are/were no other Republican challengers out there who could do what the Donald has done to beat this ‘witch out of hell’! The show is not over. A lot can happen between now and election day. I hope the Donald can stay strong and healthy. Hang on to your seats! Keep prepping and keep your powder dry.

                      Old Goat

                    • Leaked: Democrats Plan to Pin Rape Hoax on Trump

                      Alex Jones Breaks this down, unravels the NWO scam and this election. 1.6 Million Views so far. Pass this video on.

                      ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPxkHTyWjwI





                  • Newly Leaked Emails Reveal Unprecedented Coordination Between Hillary Campaign And Press

                    New leaked emails reveal the very tight relationships between the mainstream media and the Hillary Clinton campaign

                    “Placing a Story”

                    “It is no secret that the mainstream media has a “slight” left-leaning bias in their political reporting. But newly leaked emails from Guccifer 2.0, obtained exclusively by The Intercept, reveal just how “cozy” and pervasive the Clinton campaign’s relationship is with the press.

                    From “off-the-record dinners with the key national reporters” to feeding pre-written propaganda pieces to “friendly” journalists, the new leaks reveal startling coordination between the Clinton campaign and the mainstream media.

                    The first revelation comes from a January 2015 strategy document written by Hillary’s press secretary, Nick Merrill, about how the campaign should approach reporting on Hillary’s decision to run for president.

                    The memo identifies “Maggie Haberman” of Politico as someone who had a “very good relationship” with the campaign and who had “teed up stories” for Hillary in the past.”

                    “The latest WikiLeaks dump of the “Podesta Emails” revealed that the Hillary campaign potentially coordinated directly with Brock’s “Correct the Record” Super PAC, which is technically a felony…”

                    ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-09/new-email-leak-reveals-unprecedented-coordination-between-hillary-campaign-and-press


              • Yes Eppe we will , but only if we take the 100 heads approach

                Thus being the elimination of all that are suppressing the republic or trying to undermine it

                Gonna be a bloody war my friends if we ever want to truly remove this enemy force in occupation

                Definetly not for the weak or ill informed

                • Trump grabs p*ssy just as much as Hiliary grabs p*ssy. Yes, they are both crazy over p*ssy. What’s the big deal? Is Hiliary jealous of Trump for not grabbing hers too?

                  • Oh and that Hurricane Matthew that was supposed to do a Loop and come back to South Florida. NOT, Never happened. After So Carolina, It took a direct EAST Path and headed out to the Atlantic. bye bye!! Updated Link to Tracking Map – ht tp://www.nhc.noaa.gov/graphics_at4.shtml?5-daynl#contents

                    ~WWTI… Did anybody hear the Fox News Shepard Smith tell everybody to evacuate or you will die and your children will die too, he said. lol Another F-n Dope.

                  • I just want to know is whether or not Bill will have his own “Rape Room” at the White House if Hillarrhoid wins?

          • Yeah but she was a he in that one. LOL.

            • Actually he did it twice, second was with the husky voice older lady at a party.

              But hey, if it works, maybe everyone could do it to the opposite sex just to be sure.

              Instead of dogs sniffing butts, we could greet the opposite sex with a feel to be sure.

              You may be on to a new greeting…

              Ice Tea at a lemonaide stand???

              Strange days indeed…

              • My personal hemmoriod must not have internet service.
                Happy days indeed…

                • Prepping/ barter tip.
                  Go to your local tobacco discount store.
                  Buy bagged tobacco and rolling papers.
                  Selco said that was a premimun barter tool.

                  Flints for lighers also.

                  But you all know that, right???

                  • Buy tobacco seed (multiple varieties) and learn how to grow it. Hint: tobacco seed need light to germinate, so plant on top of the soil.

                    If you don’t have rolling papers, just roll some cigars.

                    • Arch, you are so correct.
                      Jawja has a site that deals in people who sell seeds online, but by snail mail

                      Many heirloom seeds.
                      I would guess most states have the same thing.

                      Inputs anyone???

                  • What is the shelf life of bulk tobacco? Would vacuum sealing it extend its shelf life? I’ve been thinking about buying tobacco for that very reason but I haven’t cause I don’t know whether it can be stored long term.

                  • Eppe, that advice would be for any preppers who still smoke. As an ex-smoker myself, I’ve tried some of that bagged tobacco with rolling papers and it is VERY STRONG without a filter. It will have you coughing like crazy. I quit smoking 10 years ago and haven’t regretted it for one minute. My advice would be quit smoking altogether before TSHTF, but that’s just me.

                    • Braveheart1776

                      The last think one needs in good times is an expensive unhealthy vice. In hard times its potentially deadly as it takes effort to satisfy, depletes vital resources from useful rather than harmful endeavors along with the increased health risk at a time of limited if not non existent health care.

                    • thing not think

                    • There may be some medicinal value to tobacco. I remember a crazy guy saying smoking protected him from getting gored by bulls, others say that the smoke keeps the mosquitos away. Does it have a calming effect in some smokers? Some people use the juice of the fresh tobacco leaf to make less smoke black gun powder when making it from scratch. I have seen it used as a leach repellent in the jungles of SEA.

                      Louisiana Eagle

                    • It is good for barter.

                      Also, dried powdered tobacco, or snuff, can be mixed in your saved seeds to keep the bugs out. My parents did that. I have some snuff just for that purpose.

                      The Indians didn’t smoke 3 packs a day. They smoked only occasionally. An excess of anything is bad for you.

                    • Tobacco can be quite useful. This is supposed to work with garden insects as well.
                      “Homemade Insecticide Recipe using Nicotine to get rid of Aphids. 1 cup chewing tobacco juice (Place 3 fingers of chewing tobacco in an old nylon stocking and soak in a gallon of hot water until mixture turns dark brown.) Put mixture into a 20 gallon sprayer and fill the rest of the container with warm water.”

                      Natural Garden Pest Control with Homemade Recipes
                      w ww.countryfarm-lifestyles.com/natural-pesticides.html

                • And I gotta say, I hate everyone equally…

                  So I ain’t racist.

                  When you prove to me you are worth caring for, the equasion changes…

                  Be careful whom one listens to…

                  • May I also say, it is nice NOT to get gigged for posting.

                    GOD bless all here..



                    • Eppe it is nice that a certain poster isn’t here this evening. I’d like to think maybe a gator got him, but can we really be that lucky? LOL!

                    • Bravefart should be at his new BOL in N. GA already right. He told us that 300 times here over the months, October he is there baby in Oct. How about it Barf, did ya make it yet. Your food is expiring in the shed behind your Cuz’s shack. Quit your big door shaken job yet big guy? Did ya tell em to “Take this Job and shove it, ain’t working here no more”….lol

                      Johnny Paycheck – You can take this job and shove it
                      ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPrSVkTRb24


                    • Eppe, just like a yeast infection, he will be back, sad to say. On subject of heirloom seeds, check out The Seedsaver’s Exchange. Been a client since the 1970’s. Very reliable, very good prices–they don’t gouge like the “Survival Seed” hustlers.

                  • eppe, up here in Maryland they killed tobacco growing. Would not alot farmers here the minimum 5 acres to grow tobacco. Don’t understand why. I used to smoke cigars and chew Red Man but gave it up later in life. I’ve got a customer (a woman) who chews and sometimes when I’m passin’ through I drop by and give leave her a pint of some Lemon Drop (shine). Good folks…salt of the earth.

                    • WWTI, I’ve got something you can take and shove up your sorry ass.

                    • “Hey every body, hey everybody in October I’m going to my BOL. Yep first week in October, maybe sooner if the balloons go up. Hey every body guess what I’m going to my BOL in OCT My Cuz ‘s place in N GA.”

                      Guess who the Broken record parrot is on here that said this above a thousand times. Well its October and the shlep is still shaking door handles in TN.

                      I told this Guy to STFU, and just tell us when you actually get there. Crickets… Now his perverted shlep wants to stick things up my Ass.. Sorry not interested you freak. I prefer women.


                  • Kevin2, that was my whole point. Any bad habits people have now they should give up BEFORE the balloon goes up. A post-SHTF scenario is the WRONG time for giving up smoking or whatever other habit you have. I kicked the habit back during Bush Jr’s 2nd term and don’t regret it at all. alcoholics and drug addicts will be among the most dangerous people in the first hours of SHTF. They’ll do literally anything to get that bottle of booze or that hit of meth or whatever. People like that will have to be put down; no other solution.

                    • Just ordered some seeds and a shredder 😛 We be smokin’!

                  • WTF? Everybody hates you too equally. Its called hate a dope. lol Like dope on a rope.

                    ~WWTI… Your personal hemorrhoid which you don’t even know how to spell, is why you fart every time you open your mouth. The Drawback to that is that draws flies.

                    ~WWTI… Learn how to spell, did they not teach you that in 3rd grade? Did you even complete grade school?

                    • Yeha, because your punctuation, which sucks and was also taught in grade school, means you’re somehow superior. At least get that part right before you rip someone else dick breath.

                • No sun in this storm. Panels won’t work and batteries don’t last too long. That’s the only drawback to solar.

                  • Pop, the real question here is how to store electriciy.
                    Maybe one day, someone will come up with a way to store energy in a chrystal like quartz.
                    Read Cayce.
                    I know, fucking dreaming again…

                    • Maybe there is a better way to transmit electricty, but different, like on a wavelink we have no idea of at the moment.

                      Screw this cell phone…

                    • PO’d, thats why most people on solar have a generator backup. The gen not only runs the house it charges the batteries through the built in charger most decent inverters have. I have a 2K inverter (12V) and it has a built in 100 amp charger. A good way to start an off grid place is to have batteries and good inverter, that way you cut your gen run time way down. Add solar panels as you go to phase out the gennyrater.

                    • Eppe,
                      There is a really solid electrical storage choice.

                      Edison patented a nickel-iron battery. They are still made. You can buy banks of them along with solar compatible charging circuits. These batteries have a 25 year lifespan. They are a prepoers dream.

                      Downside, these batteries are crazy expensive, however understand the best lead acid batteries are only good for 3 to 5 years, so think 5 to 8X the cost of the best deep cycle lead acid batteries is the equivalent. The other downside is they are huge and heavy. Build a secure fireproof battery room to hold them and their weight alone makes them tough to steal.

                      Google Edison battery or Nickel Iron battery for more info and vendors.

                    • PTPO, Your full of shit. You obviously know 0 about batteries or have researched anything your saying. A good set of lead acid batteries (industrial forklift type) have an expected life of 20 years on a solar sytem. Good L-16 batteries should last 10 years NOT 3-5 jesus christ you fool, I had a set of good golf cart batteries last 7 years and I abused them!

                      Now as far as your nickel iron battery bullshit they take up about 4 times as much space for the same amp hours as lead batteries and cost about 4 times the price! Don’t believe me? Look it up fool… arizonawindandsun dot com crown industrial batteries VS> iron edison. For 2000 bux I can get 6 L-16 top notch 420ah batteries for a total of 1260ah at 12 volts, look at the price of that with iron edison. AND iron edison needs maintenence (add fluid) just like a lead acid battery.

                    • Dopes daydream as usual. Others (Real Preppers) acted and already have solar and a BOL and weapons to defend it. Dreamers have.. Daydreams. Fantasys as they poor the booze down wishing.


                    • Must be the weekend, Clock puncher is drunk tying again. His usual MO, daydreaming, back in 1970’s when he peaked in highschool as an adult. All downhill from there. People Actually With Solar Systems, have Batteries to store the power. Look it up dopey.

                      And btw/ the best time to buy gold was not in the 1970’s, but 1849’s when it was free in them thar hills panning for free. California Gold Rush. Look it up dopey. Learn something. The best time to buy Gold and Silver today is Well, YEP you guessed it “TODAY”. And any dope who failed to sell their Sold of Silver at the peak in 2011 is Yep you guessed it a dope. Dumped all my Silver back in March 2011 $42 an ounce. Buy low sell high. Who gets it and acts, vs. who just day dreams and wish they could store electricity is a crystal ball. LMFAO!!


                    • I knew asshole would return.
                      We were hoping a large pine tree had fallen on your shack and taken you out of this life.


                    • First you need to know your to Spell ELECTRICITY you dope, before you try to harness it with your dreamy wishy rock. lol Trying to talk above your IQ again or is it the alcohol?


                    • Has one considered dilithium crystals? Works quite well for warp drive systems!

                    • Eppe; Well hell, I know you didn’t pick “quartz” out of thin air, as quartz does ’emit’ a ‘tic’ every second (or so close it isn’t funny), so why couldn’t it be harnessed to hold more of the same …assuming we could imitate the crystalline-structure that retains the charge). Fun stuff to work with on a bench …like putting a quartz crystal ‘inline’ with a capacitor or two (which does not add to the output voltage but just sits in the ‘cap’ and never discharges). Seems to me there must be a way to ‘harness the earth’ for power. Nikola Tesla figured it out but kept the missing link in his head (last I knew The Germans had his documents from his lab). Also, he worked with ‘positive ground’ electricity (so did my ’51 Chrysler) 🙂 …makes me wonder A LOT what might exist about positive-ground that we are not being told of (cause it was changed right at the beginning, when Tesla told Edison (?) about using AC vs DC along with transformers and voila, juice for the millions. Tesla is said to have powered his lab “from the earths” stored up power. Had antennaes to ‘harness’ that energy too …well, it would have had to been ‘negatively’ charged (meaning a ‘positive ground’).

                      Someday, someone will rediscover what I can’t imagine…grr.

                  • PO’d Patriot:

                    In the hills in northern CA there are windmills that create lots of energy. If they could be made to withstand hurricane force, those winds could give off tons of electricity. There’s a residential home totally off grid with it’s own windmill. Not secret. Everybody in the area knows the house. But never heard about any problems. Might be a target under bad circumstances. But not if entire community is served.

                    How’s it going otherwise. What’s happening with the storm? Wish you the best.


                    • RE: Your Energy Usage. I bought one of these Wattage Meter reading devices that you can plug into the wall outlet, and then plug in an appliance into the device. There is a digital meter reading the Wattage that device is using. The one I have is called, “Kill A Watt” Model P4400, by P3 International, bought it at Harbor Freight, with a 20% discount my price was $23.

                      IN checking energy consumption I found this.

                      *My Internet modem & laptop is about 30-35 Watts continuous.
                      *Small Fan from 25 Watts to 33 depending on fan speed low to high.
                      *Cell Phone Charger, Charging – 4 Watts
                      *Ham Radio hand held Charging- 3.5 Watts
                      *Coffee Grinder – 70 Watts, but just runs for a short period.

                      *Coffee maker – Get this: 850+ Watts.*
                      Small Electric Space Heater – 850 to 1200 Watts*
                      *Most any appliance that uses electricity to create HEAT, are the biggest energy hogs. Those appliances are hair dryers, curling irons, irons, heaters, coffee makers, electric grills, crockpots, electric stoves are all 800 Watts Plus of energy usage.

                      Heating Alternative: When living off the grid, the goal is to create a small foot print of electricity as possible by using less electricity than your Solar System can produce daily. To accomplish this, you can use an alternative energy source to do certain tasks more efficient and cost effective. Propane is very cheap alternative for heat and has many uses, like cooking and making hot water in a tea kettle, water purification, hot water for doing dishes and hot water on demand showers.

                      The current challenge is integrating my New 5.3 Cu Ft chest freezer. The specifications said 75 Watts, but it seemed to draw more than that, so I put the Watt meter on it and sure enough, it was pulling 108 to 142 Watts when running. I am going to call the Manufacture and ask how they arrived at 75 Watts? I’m guessing they use the average 24 hour cycle of running on half the time and off half the time. If I let it run at night it drains my system down to 11.3 Volts.. I really don’t want to go below 11. As 10.5 is the bottom of the Volts charging and the inverter will kick off. So I can unplug it and the frozen ice in the freezer keeps everything cold until Morning 25 Deg and still below freezing, but, I dolt want to mess with unplugging it. Some people use timers so it shuts off at night, and run it Max -13 during the day for that residual freezing temps. There is no problem when the sun is shining, my system charges up to 13.5 Vt for the battery bank and freezer running. I also picked up a couple of Freezer Thermometers, so I know where on the scale my freezer settings are. I also filled the freezer about half with frozen bottles of water. Which helps for sure, and with the rest of the contents, and covered the top with a few solar blankets to keep the cold in.

                      There are a number of things I can do, including trimming some more vine covered trees, because in the winter the sun falls behind these set trees on the west side, and I loose sun about 4pm now. That’s 3 more hours of sun charging I am loosing. My property is pretty tree covered with these giant Oak trees, 45-50+ feet high, it’s a jungle with vines as thick as your arm that climb the trees. The solar system is sitting in the best place possible as I can get South facing. It’s all an experiment out here, and mastering the challenges. 20 months, and having fun.

                      Anybody who thinks they will all the sudden Bug Out and go live off the grid, keep dreaming. It takes work and ambition with a lot of curiosity and brut strength to get it done. Quitters never win and winners never quit. Losers just dream about it talking smack. They will get their asses handed to them when SHTF. Can’t fake prepping. Also bought another 55 gal burn barrel, plan on one a year as they break down and rust from the heat. Last one was $15, this one was $20, then these idiots say well I only pay $5 for barrels, and I say “OK get me 4 of them..” crickets.. BS is just more BS.


                • We all know WWTFK doesn’t mind being off topic. So why isn’t he crying about the hurricane in his usual scalded school girl m. o. ?
                  That’s because he doesn’t live in Florida.
                  HE’s A BIG FAT LARDASS LIAR THATS WHY….
                  ROFLMAO .. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

                  • Or maybe it’s because the hype was just that, HYPE. Believe everything you see on tv dumbass? I could tell from here it was all mostly bullshit hype. Who’s a fatassed idiot now minimus?

                    • Awwww look WWTFK bitch is defending him that’s so precious…HAHAHAHAHA

                    • Well WHOWTF kept posting links and Updates on the Hurricane. Some here just like to BS, drifters and dreamers in life. Drift through life waiting for someone else to serve up the news. They don’t know how to do research or look up any facts or links. They ask stooped questions like where did life come from? Pathetic really.

                      I was never Frightened of any hurricane as I am prepared. Can’t fake prepping or links, or facts, or the truth. You either got all that, or you don’t like day dreamer eppe, aka dopey. Then when called out he shakes his baby rattle..


              • Hacked emails show excerpts of Hillary’s paid speeches…

                Hilary dreams of “open trade and open borders”

                Hillary admits she takes “2” positions on policy issues.
                One in private, the “real” position
                One for the public…

                • Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be “cured” against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.

          • eppe DUNDEE degrades women all the time. He will soon learn how uncool that is, when his daughters start dating. You know date rape.

            -WWTI… Yeah, real funny A-hole. Then Uncle Karma comes a knocking.

            • That must of been the way you got 500 women…


              • Its the only way you get laid. Get drunk all night till 3 AM when your sheep herder wife is in a sleepy coma, then you jump on her for 10 seconds of great sex, as you called it..

                It’s in the archives dopey you said it.


                • Wrong again asshole.
                  It is the way your messed up mind perceives it.

                  And that is one messed up place…


                  • The prick is back? HO HUM, I’m going back to sleep.

                    • Sleeping in your 2000 Odyssey van? Bragging to everybody about your 3 new motor mounts? lol

                      ~WWTI… It used to shake, rattle and roll now it just rattles and rolls.

          • Uncovered Footage: Watch This Video Of Bill Clinton Actually Grabbing A Woman By The P***y

            So … … … what’s the problem here? … … … oh … ‘duh … very inappropriate behavior – but hey … for Unkle Fucka Bills Defense … she wasn’t an underage girl/boy.

            This is what people … with power/who think they have power can do/get away with.

            Government is loaded with these types … I’m not surprised by such behavior … all of ’em deserve a bullet in the face / twice / three times a lady’!!!

          • i wonder how often killary knees that muthuhfugguh in the balls?…..i bet it happens more often than you ThINK….at least it SHOULD.

          • Are the Clinton’s living together?

            • Maybe under the same roof, most likely not in the same bed.

        • Below is the list of women Bill sexually assaulted – and these ************are women Hilary personally went after to destroy as Bill’s “Bimbogate eruptions manager.”******** Sleazy comments are not appropriate by Trump – BUT **ACTUALLY** RAPING AND ASSAULTING MULTIPLE WOMEN – OR MANAGING THE OUTCOME OF THESE AS HILARY DID – IS ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE GREATER, AND ACTUALLY CRIMINAL. Once again, the leftist media thinks America won’t be smart enough to see through this veneer. Now you know.

          1.) Juanita Broaddrick, a gubernatorial campaign volunteer, accused Bill Clinton of rape in 1978, saying Then he tries to kiss me again. And the second time he tries to kiss me he starts biting my lip … He starts to, um, bite on my top lip and I tried to pull away from him. And then he forces me down on the bed. And I just was very frightened, and I tried to get away from him and I told him ‘No,’ that I didn’t want this to happen but he wouldn’t listen to me. … It was a real panicky, panicky situation. I was even to the point where I was getting very noisy, you know, yelling to ‘Please stop.’ And that’s when he pressed down on my right shoulder and he would bite my lip. … When everything was over with, he got up and straightened himself, and I was crying at the moment and he walks to the door, and calmly puts on his sunglasses. And before he goes out the door he says ‘You better get some ice on that.’ And he turned and went out the door.

          2. Eileen Wellstone, an English woman who met Clinton at a pub, alleged the former president of sexual assaulted her in 1969.

          3. Carolyn Moffet, a legal secretary, accused Clinton of sexually assaulting her in 1979.

          4. Elizabeth Ward Gracen, reigning Miss America and married at the time, originally told friends that Clinton had sexually assaulted her in 1982. It is reported that Gracen has privately condemned the encounter as rape but has publicly claimed it was “consensual,” presumably out of fear.

          5. Per Breitbart, “Flight attendant Christy Zercher, who worked on Clinton’s plane in 1992, allegedly accused Clinton of exposing his genitals to her and grabbing her breasts.”

          6. Former DC fundraiser, Sandra Allen James alleged that Clinton “invited her to his hotel room and then sexually assaulted her in 1991.”

          7. Kathleen Willey, former Democrat activists, per WND, accused Clinton of sexually assaulting her in 1993.

          8. Paula Jones claimed that Clinton exposed his penis to her and then asked “Would you kiss it for me?” She filed a sexual harassment claim against him soon after.

          9. An unnamed 22-year-old woman came forward in 1972 to accuse Clinton of sexual assault. “According to Capitol Hill Blue, in 1972, while Bill was dating Hillary at Yale Law School, a 22-year-old woman told campus police that Bill Clinton had sexually assaulted her. She confirmed the assault to Capitol Hill Blue but did not want her name used. Clinton was still president in 1999 when the article was written.”

          10. As a professor at the University of Arkansas, Clinton “allegedly sexually attacked a female student, groped her and tried to physically trap her in his office.”

          11. According to an article penned by Daniel J. Harris and Teresa Hampton, “former Arkansas students confirmed that Clinton tried to force himself on them when he was a professor.”

          12. Roger Morris wrote in Partners In Power that another unnamed victim accused Clinton of unwanted sexual advances:
          A young woman lawyer in Little Rock claimed that she was accosted by Clinton while he was attorney general and that when she recoiled he forced himself on her, biting and bruising her. Deeply affected by the assault, the woman decided to keep it all quiet for the sake of her own hard-won career and that of her husband.

          13. In the book, Uncovering Clinton, another woman, “the wife of a prominent Democract” (who remained unnamed), accused Clinton of sexual abuse in 1996:Clinton started getting physical, trying to kiss her, touching her breasts. The woman said she was stunned. She had no idea how to respond. “I’ve never had a man take advantage of me like that” … As Clinton pressed himself on her, she said, she resisted–and finally pushed him away. What happened after that? I asked. Clinton turned away, she said. She hesitated, and she said softly and with apparent discomfort, “I think he finished the job himself.”

          14. Lt. Col. Robert “Buzz” Patterson wrote a book about Clinton called, Dereliction of Duty in which he accounted yet another victim of sexual abuse by the then-president. He wrote that a female stewardess on Air Force One complained that Clinton “sexually molested” and “cornered” her on the flight. Per Patterson, the woman only “wanted an apology.”

          (Note: Women like Monica Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers have admitted to having extramarital affairs with Clinton but are not on the list because they have never professed any nonconsensual abuse. A case could be made that Clinton took extreme advantage of Lewinsky. But do not expect any “feminists” to agree with that notion.)

        • In sum, it is Trump *saying* inappropriate things bad, but SLICK, WITH HIS WIFE AS ACTIVE ACCOMPLICE ACTUALLY ****DOING*** THINGS LIKE RAPE AND ASSAULT is just dandy.

          And the fascist leftist media things America is stupid enough to vote for Hilary. Look, just on raw numbers is vile Clintons 14, Trump 1… or if these were football scores, the Clintons just won the sleazeball Superbowl 98 – 7.

          Nice work sleazeball hypocrite left.

          Now…. back to your Bill Cosby bad, Slick Clinton good vile gambit.

        • http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/russia-is-preparing-for-a-nuclear-war-with-the-united-states






          • Acid:

            So you survived the mountain. So glad. Would rather have an update of your travels than your opinions about women’s suffrage. Suff + rage . Looks like women suffered so many years under male oppression and stupidity, they intend to express their rage by making us all suffer.

            I have no problem with women voting. But, yes women have certain weaknesses which can be exploited, just as Northern Europeans have. Compared to other races, white men especially Northern Europeans have similar psychological tendencies toward altruism, trust, and other mostly feminine views. An honest acceptance of truths and appropriate cautions are required.

            We all are probably burnt out commenting on Putin and nuclear war. But since you’ve been gone it’s no wonder you can’t enjoy this little break from the really stark realities facing us.


            • If only more women would suffer in silence…

          • Acid, that article was written by Michael Snyder, therefore it has no merit or credibility IMO.

        • THE FASCIST LEFT, 1998, DURING MONICA ERA: “ETHICS DON’T MATTER” AND “IT’S ONLY SEX.” Those were the buzzwords from the fascist left back then. Don’t expect the leftist media to remind you of THAT!

          You may remember those mantras of the left during all the Clinton affairs, sex assaults and rapes. I sure do. And of course Hilary ran lead on crushing the women victims as leader of the “Bimbogate eruptions” team.

          And, yes, you are indeed correct: the fascist leftist media will never, ever, ever remind you of this

      2. It is really too bad that liberals live in such a bubble, so afraid of the truth, that 99% of Hillary voters will never see these videos.

        • Anonymous, even if they saw the videos they won’t care. Look at everything about the Clintons’ dealings in Arkansas that came out during Bill’s first presidential campaign in 1992. He won anyway. Even more things about them came out during the first term in the WH. Bill ran for re-election in 1996 and won again. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT IS SAID ABOUT BILL OR HILLARY CLINTON. TO THIS DAY THEY ARE STILL THE DARLINGS OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND I DON’T SEE ANYTHING CHANGING THAT.

        • As for Hillary ‘hen-pecking’ Trump’s “totally normal man-talk” that women can’t stand, yet in reality I’ve heard women at parties get far more ‘raw’ than men…

          Bottom Line For Trump’s Answer To The World: “Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone” : Correct?

            • KY Mom:

              Now, be fair. ?bama was just reading some black “literature”. He may eat ribs, but no one has ever accused him of eating p****y.


              • Obama loves ‘da cock … just ask Michelle … oops … I meant … Michael.

              • Obama confirms it. You know why Adam, of Adam and Eve could not have been a black man? Ever try taking a rib away from a black man? lol You know, the Bable story, take a rib from Adam, wrap it in flesh and a woman was made? They bunk all science in this hoax, as well as the Black Ghetto food chain philosophy. Didn’t happen.


      3. Trump was just talking shit like most every other guy does. It may have been sexist and raunchy, but no worse than what most guys talk about out of earshot of women.

        I am not excusing the language, and as much as I might get hated on for this comment, it’s true.

        Guys are pigs. Saying it and doing it are two very different things and it is obvious by what I just saw above that Bill Clinton is a much much bigger dirtbag.

        • comments like this piss me off BIG TIME

          I don’t know what kind of Cretans you hang out with
          all men DO NOT TALK LIKE THAT

          stop using that as a defense for the indefensible

          I have NEVER talked like that NEVER
          NO ONE in my circle of friends talks like that
          no one I work with talks like that

          • The you obviously live a sheltered life dude (or dudette). Grow some balls sunshine and move on!

            • Yup

              • Satori,

                Calm down man! I don’t use words like that either but I can attest to the fact that it is quite prevalent. I have heard both men and women talk like that. The folks at the MSM are hyping things up big time and are broadcasting stuff they have no business broadcasting where/when they don’t know who is listening. They are being more abhorable than Trump or what he said. What was it that Bill told one of the women he raped that Hillary had even eaten more of? Shouldn’t Megan Kelly and all the other outraged MSM folks be repeating what Bill said in the name of fairness? Come on man, don’t give us that false outrage. What can be more dispicable than the MSM repeatedly broadcasting that stuff? Should the press broadcast on national television the personal activities and conversations of Huma and Hillery in bed or on the kitchen table?

                • Dopes like eppe degrade women. Then have to resort to mail order sheep herder brides from peru. You know, those who cant understand the language slang. They nod and act obediant. Small penis syndrome.

                  -WWTI… I agree Genius. Clieless Dopes talking smack about solar batteries. A good 10 years they last if you maintain them. I check the water level once a month in mine. Add a little distilled. Work horses get thirsty.


                  • 13.5 vt ?Virginia Tech ? Vermont?
                    Did you mean 13.5VDC?
                    You must be running those Harbor Freight amorphous panels.

                    • What you though I may be running the 12 AC batteries? ROAFLMAO!!! Yeah that’s what they are… stupid is.

                      ~WWTI… I was going to tell you my secret place to get really cheap solar panels at 65 cents per watt, but now I will not. Go Fu*ck yourself grid hopper.

                  • Vaffanculo…

                    • The definition of Vaffanculo means Italian. Not sure what you point is here, but your little zinger dropped like a lead balloon.

                      ~WWTI.. You must be Italian, because I am not. Not even close.

                  • “eppe” is the slang word for “dopey.” Pretty appropriate in this case.


                    • Attention Real Preppers, Its October Fire Prevention Month. Got smoke detectors? Change the battery? Give it a test. Smoke inhalation is the leading cause of death in house fires. Also consider carbon monoxide Detectors as well. Carbon Mo is causes by any source of burning fuels.

                      ~WWTI.., Stay Safe… eppe you can use your quartz crystal rock for your smoke detector battery.. lol

            • A real man does not kiss his wife goodbye in the morning and says I love you and then goes to work and allows his coworkers to make nasty vile remarks about her

              a real man does not give his granddaughter a hug and congratulate her when she graduates college all the while secretly thinking “damn I wish we weren’t related cause I would like to hit that”

              a real man doesn’t say things in private about women that he wouldn’t say in the presence of his wife and daughters

              if you or anyone else who approves of this behavior was brought up in such a vile nasty environment then you have my sincerest sympathy,your father FAILED miserably in instilling proper values

              if you are part of that environment and that group of wanna be men who does make vulgar,vile and nasty comments about women then you have my utmost contempt

              you aren’t men
              not real men

              and sunshine

              those aren’t balls between yer legs
              they are shriveled up grapes

              YOUR job and everyone else’s job is to leave this planet a little better than you found it

              you are FAILING miserably

              women should be treated with respect,cared for,protected and valued

              you can make all the excuses you like

              apparently you have NO decency whatsoever in that you allow,and even encourage that type of behavior

              • I live in the real world sunshine. Not the puffy cloud one where skittle shitting unicorns float by like the one you inhabit.

              • Satori:

                That exact same speech was delivered to us kids practically word for word by the Nuns when our grammar school class reached age eleven. It sounded good then and it sounds good now. Children entering puberty need to be taught right from wrong. Little boys were starting to feel up the little girls as their little chests were budding. The little girls were still a little bigger tan the boys and too many boys were going home with black eyes. It was becoming scandalous. Somebody had to bring civility back.

                Your comments are fine. We should all comport ourselves like ladies and gentlemen.

                __. ?

              • I agree, Satari. So where where you for those leftist mantras during all the Clinton rapes and assaults of the 1990s, where the left repeatedly told us “Ethics dont matter” and “It’s only sex.” And of course Hilary ran lead on crushing the women victims as leader of the “Bimbogate eruptions” team.

          • Satori, let me know when the Trump body count
            reaches sixty.

          • I don’t, but most of the men I’ve worked around do.

          • Most of us don’t associate with anyone from Crete.

            You might learn how to spell the words you use, especially when you enjoy claiming how smart you are when you disagree with another poster here.

          • Satori, neither you or any of your inner circle have ever said anything so vile and disgusting? I don’t believe you, but if I’m wrong and your holier than thou self never did, then that explains why you always seem constipated. Let loose and have a little fun. I bet you’re so uptight, your asshole is puckered up tighter than a clogged drain.

            • Funnnnny! Ha!

          • You just don’t hear it Satori or you work by yourself.

            • Satori, try hanging around with men once in a while and you will see lol.

            • no dude
              I work for a company with over 2,000 employees
              and I have to honestly say that in DECADES of employment there
              I have NEVER,NEVER heard anyone say anything like the filth and vulgarity that came out of Trumps’s mouth

              so there are plenty of decent people left in the world
              and there are plenty of people with strong family values
              I guess I am just privileged
              or maybe
              like attracts like ???

              • @Satori…

                I’d suggest that you are both deaf and blind.

                • Like the 3 monkeys! Hear no evil..see no evil (especially concerning the Clintons), speak no evil..
                  Blinders, anyone? 🙂

          • Hey Satalisha , get real , and stop pushing the MSM agenda .
            My guess is ya know better .

          • Satori,

            that’s because you are a pussy!!!

          • Someone’s never had a blue collar job, have they?

            • well apparently we just move in different social circles

              and apparently our parents taught us quite different family values

              the rude,vulgar,ignorant,uniformed,uneducated comments I see posted here
              just make me all the more thankful for the family I grew up in

            • wrong again
              and quit insulting blue collar workers
              not everyone who gets their hands dirty is a vulgar vile pig

              I think it all goes back to family values
              and being brought up by parents with strong ethical and moral values

              apparently I am quite the rarity

              • Satori says:
                apparently I am quite the rarity

                And we can thank God for that!
                1 is enough!

          • Satori
            Don’t be a dope. There’s not a man (heterosexual) alive who hasn’t said something stupid like Trump did. The statement was vulgar and really pretty disgusting. But that was 11+ years ago. I would be willing to bet he doesn’t talk like that now. All of his female employees have stated that he treated them “appropriately”.

            The real tragedy is that the Hillary camp hasn’t been able to come up with anything on Trump. So they are getting desperate and throw this crap out there. Just to see if it will stick to the wall. Maybe get a few votes. Compare what Trump stated and didn’t follow through to Bengazi, the Clinton Foundation, Whitewater, getting thrown off of the Watergate investigation for ethics items. There’s just no comparison. For the democrats…Really, is that all you got? Talk about JV players.

            The silver lining…Trumps first move Monday morning is to get with his lawyers to determine the appropriate compensation for WAPO using an illegally obtained taped conversation to smear his good name. It it illegal to tape a conversation without consent. Given the person who actually taped the conversation did so without consent leads me to believe there most likely was some coercion going on. Maybe Trump was lead into the conversation by this person in an attempt to get some dirt on him. The first item of any recorded conversation should be the person doing the recording stating date, time, persons present and include notification of the recording to all parties present. Some of our legal experts can chime in and clarify better than I can. But I believe this is correct. The one loophole is “reasonable expectation of privacy”.

            “Under the federal Wiretap Act, it is illegal for any person to secretly record an oral, telephonic, or electronic communication that other parties to the communication reasonably expect to be private. (18 U.S.C. § 2511.)”
            ht tp://www.criminaldefenselawyer.com/resources/criminal-defense/felony-offense/can-i-record-a-conversation-between-myself-anothe#

            • Paula Deen’s career was destroyed just because she admitted to saying the N word many years ago. And there’s not even a recording of it. I would be willing to bet that there are very few white people in this country over 40 who haven’t said the N word at least once, and probably very loudly.

              • Unfortunately I’m seeing a return of the term in many chat rooms. Most of the posters are 20-30ish. The term is back to stay thanks to the racial divide created by the Obama camp.

            • Hey eppe is the dope #1 here, OK Satori is a dope #2. If we hang them both, we can call them, 2 dopes on a rope. lol


          • ht tp://www.thefreedictionary.com/denial

          • Perhaps it is dependent upon testosterone levels.

          • I knew it…….Satori would just have a fit….and there it is.

            He’s so predictable…….and blind. Hillary has done more to harm women than anything Trump has ever done.

          • That’s because you are a p*ssy. Typically used by guys as a way of telling some one they are weak. The term fits O’Bammy
            and Satori. Probably not used in your circle of LBGTQ buddies.

        • Yeah. I find his stance on the Central Park Five much more disturbing than some words he said once when he thought no one was recording.

        • Pure genius now he gets to discuss what Clinton’s are trying to hide from young people
          Who did not experience it for themselves.

      4. Was it not Bill who said that Hillary has slept with more women that he has?

        Donald need not to fire back if this is the worst she can bring up and yes no doubt he has been guilty of abusing his power and money.

        Hope he has learned from that and grown.

        If you consider the similar accusations made in the past against others candidates, some have terminated
        their political ambitions.

        I remember Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and what he had to endure.

        • Watching And Waiting, you’re talking about Anita Hill. yes, that poor man went through some hell over those lies that lying black jezebel said about him. In the end he was cleared and went on to be on the SCOTUS.

      5. A video is worth 2,000 words! End of story!

        • your right?
          the Trump video may be the end of the story

          • Everyone I know has said “so what” about the video. They know that Hillary is the worst thing to ever run for president. And I do mean thing.

            Dinesh D’Souza was right when he said “Never before have I seen the media so aggressively huffing and puffing to drag this crooked hag across the finish line.”

            • Archivist, Hillary makes Trump look like a Boy Scout.

            • D’Souza

              the guy who brags about his evangelical faith
              who was committing adultery ???

              that D’Souza???

              • Attack the messenger.

          • Really, Bill Clinton was a freaking serial rapist and got reelected! The man is known to have RAPED a dozen women at least.

            Could you even make this shit up.

            Hillary enabled Bill, and went after these women to destroy them, it was all a complex coverup.

            They said of Nixon, it wasn’t the crime, but the coverup that sank him and Hillary is the chief architect of Bill’s coverup. She is desperate, and the 11 year old video they found of a private citizen in a conversation he thought was private is now being used to attack him.

            It has no moral equivalence to a serial RAPIST or the Hillary coverup of Bill Clinton’s serial rapes.

            • Plan:

              “There is no moral equivalency”.

              That may be too hard a concept for dummies.

              There are people who believe words are equal to acts.

              Once a child became enraged when another child called out to him as the family drove by. The adult in the car stopped the child from leaving the car to engage the verbal offender. “What did he say?”, the adult asked the child next to him. “He called my mother a bad word”, the boy replied.
              “That’s very nice that you want to defend your mother’s honor. But it is not necessary. Look, she is not concerned about what that silly little boy over there says about her. She is concerned that you are allowing yourself to be lulled into running over there to fight that rude youngster. Did you stop to think that perhaps there are 4 or 5 other boys waiting to pounce on you when you jump out of the car?”, said the adult to the boy. “No”, replied the boy. “Never be conned into action by another’s words. Always ask yourself ‘what effect is this person trying to cause with his words. Then ask yourself if you desire that effect'”, said the adult to the child.


      6. I do not care what Trump said to another guy (if Billy Bush qualifies as a guy) 11 years ago. Better than Shrillery by any measure.

        • your ignoring one important fact

          Trump has a long LONG record of making these type of remarks
          if it was a one time thing a decade ago that would be one thing
          it’s not
          on Monday NUMEROUS people who worked on the set of The Apprentice came out and said the very same things about Trump
          however Trump is protected legally by non disclosure agreements
          what’s the chance of those remarks getting leaked too ???

          • “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

            • +100 points for Archivist!

            • wow
              Hillary posting here

              I’m thrilled !!!

          • And satori knows for sure cause he was there and heard it himself.

            Facts, proof, documentation, links. Got any of that to back up your drooling liberal rant about President Trump?


          • Satori is all worried about some off-color comments Trump has made.

            Meanwhile…..we still have four dead Americans as a result of Hillary’s incompetence (or willful intent). And she said it was because of a video.

            Satori claims the moral high ground in support of a woman who sought to destroy women who had actually been sexually abused by her husband.

            Talk about screwed up values……

            • yep!

          • Satori, we get it. You’re a bipartisan pro r@pist and pro r@pe accomplice. Now go vote for r@pe you f*cking r@pist. It’s bad enough that you are a SJW, but the fact that you are a FAKE SJW is sickening.

      7. anyone surprised ?

        the leaked Hillary emails
        has made it clear
        that she has public views and private views

        and please
        really ???

        Trumpsters live in just a big as bubble as Hillary supporters do
        been watching the news today ??? or ever for that matter ?

        everyone knew something like this was coming

        it’s like a Shakespearean play at this point

        this story on Trump should be the headline on TSHTF PLAN
        it’s not ?
        why ???

        there’s your living in a bubble right there

        now what do you think about Pence/Carson ?

        I could vote for that ticket

        • You really are living in la-la land are you not? Get over it Satori. There are only TWO FRIGGEN CANDIDATES that are garnering this election. If you’re for Hillary, I don’t hate you for it. It is your right. My money is on Trump. If he don’t make it then it wasn’t in the cards. Don’t blow a gasket over it. It ain’t the first time we’ve been handed a shit sandwich if Hillary gets in. If you don’t like Donald, fine, there’s always the next election (maybe).

          • Giant metiorite 2016

          • Vote for Po’d/ Genius ticket! We’ll straighten this shit out once and for all lol 😀

            • Genius and PO as potus,uh…….,plan on some succession!

              • TIME FOR ONE OF MY POEMS 🙂

                Their makin a list
                Their checkin it twice
                Their gonna find out whos naughty or nice
                Federal Claws is comin to town..

                They see you when your sleeping
                They see when your awake
                They know if you been bad or good so shut up for goodness sake

                You better not pout
                You better not cry
                Just do what your told and never ask why
                Federal Claws is comin to town

                The NSA is watching
                The CIA is too
                The FBI is on your trail
                Now whatcha gonna do?

                Oh you better not pout
                You better not cry
                Think of fighting back you better not try
                Federal Claws is comin to town..

                With facial recognition
                And cell phone spying too
                A database as big as hell
                Has all the dirt on you

                Oh you better not speak
                You better not type
                Orwell was completely right
                Federal Claws is comin to town….

                Thank you people thank you! 🙂

                • Genius:

                  Pure genius. I enjoyed your poem immensely.☺️

                  • TY 🙂

          • If Hillary wins, I’m breaking ground on an underground wine cellar that has a full bath, water supply, bedroom, entertainment center, solar power and bomb proof doors.

            What can I say, I like wine!

        • didn’t matter who the republicans put up the democrats were going to trash that person,demonize them and spit them out. what matters is what kind of country you expect on the other end of November,what kind of supreme court we’ll have and any number of issues get dealt with. you can bet hillary has been vile behind closed doors,she just never got caught with a hot mike…the secret service could tell you some stories.

        • Hillary Voters are on the low end of the Information scale. They worship Main Stream Media bias and Psyopps that makes them feel good about themselves as they sit in their lazyboys, being unemployed and on food stamps. I listened to Hillary’s speeches and 95% of the words that come out of her mouth are lies. She is a master liar. And Bill is a Master Baiter.

          Do you really want this Clinton Embarrassment representing America and Americans? I think NOT!! People who degrade women are real POS. I have 2 sisters, and a mother.


          • Don’t forget 2 ex wives that figured you out early and cleaned you out…

            Jeez posters, what is this pricks problem???

            • I have had many great relationships with women. Most remained friends even after we broke up. 2 wives never cleaned me out. The first was a multi millionaire’s daughter with 4 airplanes, multiple corporations. We parted and $250 later we were divorced and still having sex with each other. The other was a witch, just had to get out of that greedy one.

              However you living in your mother’s basement until you were 40 must have been sumthing eh eppe, then found your mail order bride Peruvian sheep herder, who barely speaks English. Looks like you got lucky and hit the hole at least twice in your 10 seconds of great sex. Then you wait for her relatives to die to collect some inheritance. You are quite the romancer there chief.


        • “Just 5.7% of the Clinton Foundation’s massive 2014 budget actually went to charitable grants, according to the tax-exempt organization’s IRS filings. The rest went to salaries and employee benefits, fundraising and “other expenses.”
          -The Daily Caller

          Re: Satori’s response to me, on this topic
          Satori on Comment ID: 3617806
          “bottom line is
          you tell me what YOU want to believe
          and I will find you the “evidence” to back that up
          (for a reasonable research fee of course )

          LMAO !!!

          what is THE truth ???”

          Apparently the TRUTH to you is ONLY what is posted on the mainstream media (such as NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC & CNN), that will print what the White House dictates.

          Just go to ANY of those sites if you want to read about the Trump story.

          Your comment to me was rather snarky.

          I know how to do my own research and have been for years.

          KY Mom

          • KY mom
            my apologies for any snarkiness
            I generally enjoy your posts since you are one of the few sane ones here

            I must continue to disagree with you on this matter
            apparently you do not understand the working of charitable organizations
            The Clinton Foundation is not a funnel for money
            they do not take in donations and then distribute it in
            “grants”,they do their own work

            just like Doctors Without Borders does
            and NUMEROUS other charities

            h ttps://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=16680

            ht tps://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=3628

            I’ll let you check these links
            I think you will find I am correct

            should you need any further info
            let me know

            instead of checking an independent website
            you chose to take the word of the Daily Caller
            which is a right wing extremist site
            they have DELIBERATELY mislead you and others

            kinda like that story the other day
            where Trump supposedly brought all kinds of jobs back to Detroit in relation to the production of the Bronco and Ranger

            remember that ???
            on a right wing site
            and TOTALLY FALSE wasn’t it ???

            right wing sites produce just as much propaganda as left wing sites

            • Satori,

              I went to the Charity Navigator website. They ranked the Clinton Foundation with an “A” rating. That told me all I needed to know.

              The website said it is an “independent charity watchdog organization.”

              If “A” ranked charity can only give only 5.7% to charitable grants, then I shudder to think of the meager amount actually helping anyone in “B” or “C” ranked charities.

              I donate to our local Salvation Army, where over 90% of donations actually goes to helping needy people.

              Yet, Charity Navigator does NOT rate the Salvation Army.

              I also donate to our local Food Pantry where 100% of donations goes to purchasing food to help needy families. Volunteers work at the food pantry, which is only open once a week.

              We are seeing the Obama “recovery” here with MANY coal mines, manufacturing plants and other businesses CLOSING.

      8. and now Republican heavy weight Senator John Thune has said Trump should step down

        even Pence cancelled a campaign appearance

        and Paul Ryan cancelled a joint appearance with Trump

        this is beyond serious at this point

        now you can deflect onto Bill Clinton all you like
        at this point it is the ONLY “defense”

        but if your keeping up
        you’ll see that so far it has been TOTALLY ineffective
        Bill Clinton has been smeared with his own mud so many times over the decades that it just doesn’t matter that much to people anymore

        but hey
        you got a losing strategy
        keep beating that dead horse

        Trump made a non apology
        and was defiant in doing so

        turns out that was a BIG mistake wasn’t it ???

        he should have done a major mea culpa
        put his head down and his tail between his legs
        and shown some contrition
        that might have saved him
        but that is not who he is
        his middle name is Hubris

        he is going to do what he wants
        when he wants
        and that is why he is so popular
        but sometimes you gotta know which way the wind is blowing
        and alter your strategy
        one trick ponies don’t last long

        • Satori if you like Hillary you can keep Hillary. If you like to ride the fence, the best you’ll get is a mighty sore crotch.

        • All bullshit. ……

          Got the same shit on Barry0, bill clinton, lbj and jfk.

          A big nothing burger held by the Hitlery camp until needed to change the focus from her treason!!!

      9. Anonymous, I have to agree. I’ve also said some things about certain people in the past that I later regretted. Once you’ve made the remark, what’s done is done. All you can really do is try your best to make up for the mistake and hope the offended person will be receptive to it. There are a lot of guys who are pigs. Like you said, SAYING AND DOING SOMETHING ARE TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS. Trump has a made a lot of stupid remarks in his lifetime and that 2005 recording may be one of his worst. The hildebeast’s campaign is really desperate to stop Trump. If it was up to me. Bill Clinton would get castrated and left to die in his own pool of blood.

      10. My wife even said what’s the problem. So what trump said some things all guys do. Why is it a problem. This plays into the democrats always portraying women as victims and men the perp. Women are just as filthy talking when they are amongst each other. My wife is a school bus driver and when she’s at the bus yard it’s just her coworkers who are women and she said they say shit too. Why should women take this personally really. Maybe the woman he was talking about should and that’s between him and her not the public. Democrats are fucking hypocrites. They want to use ethics and morality against their enemies but break these rules themselves. Fucking total scum. I appreciate trump being this way shows he’s a real person. Now it a crime for men to appreciate a womans body. This is war on men fucking wake up guys.

        • ASSHAT , This is reality in flyover country where most Trump supporters are .
          Nobody cares !!!
          This is only an issue because of the opposition who are afraid of a guy who wont be PC and follow the playbook .
          This video wont change a thing unless Trump lets it .

        • Asshat, every blue collar men’s job has men that talk shit. Every one I ever worked anyway. Maybe if your behind a computer in an office full of liberals and thin skinned idiots all you talk about is where to get your nails done lol.

          • I started out at a job where at the end of the day it took me an hour to get the dirt and grease out from underneath my fingernails

            but then I made a choice
            educated myself with some help from the local college and now I work at a job where I make approximately 10X
            what I made before
            and I take a vacation every 3 months

            and now Satori pays someone to do his nails ! LMAO !!!

            • So happy you got a JOB , lmao , ive run a business 25 + years and you wanna tell me your a smart guy ?
              Go kiss yer bosses ass .
              And please explain why you “get” your nails done ????
              Damn fool…..

              • He probably gets them done at the beauty parlor when he gets his hair done, like rude Nicholas Sparks. He was at the beauty parlor the same time my wife was a few years ago. He’s not very nice in person.

              • hammer, Because he works in an office and doesn’t own any tools or have any skills or knowledge to actually construct anything (might break a nail). Makes me wonder why he posts here if he’s not a prepping type. I doubt he can change his own oil. Bug out in his bmw with a 72 hour kit lol. Cannon fodder for the hordes….

            • Someone to do your nails?!Damn,identifying as a ring tailed lemur really looking good,at least I clip me own nails!

      11. Grow up, we’re not electing a Pope.

        This election is for all the marbles. If you want to retain your rights, vote accordingly.

        If you want to lose them, either don’t vote, or vote for Hillary. Either way, you’ll lose them.

        Elections have consequences, whether you like it or not.

        • You got that right Smokey.

          Trump makes a few verbal gaffs, so what. Her limitless lies that have been forced onto the general public for years and years are far worse when you see the big picture. I for one feel she is truly dangerous to our constitutional form of government. 2nd amendment, wide open borders and the purest form of corruption ever seen will have me vote for ANY ONE but her. And I will vote.

          Trumps biggest hurdle isn’t his mouth, its a media TOTALLY complicit with the liberal agenda. BHO and HRC could bar-b-que babies on the front lawn of the white house and the liberal zombies would find a way to accept it.

        • YEP

      12. I know this kind of thing sways many people because of the emotion it can arouse.

        Regarding Hillary, she has done illegal things. Laughing with a friend while discussing a criminal case is not illegal, it’s what lawyers do. Defending a criminal pedophile is a disgusting job, but that’s what lawyers do. Hill said initially that it was an awful case. I wouldn’t use this to defeat her among people familiar with the legal system. But among emotionally managed public, it will move some of her supporters.

        Bill is living a separate life as a bachelor. These two are married for the sake of their careers. At least, that is the impression I have. I don’t know what Bill’s relation to the woman in the video is or was. Perhaps they were intimate earlier and his action of putting his hand on her thigh was a show of affection and not a cheap opportunistic attempt to grab a feel while she was too busy talking on the microphone to be able to defend herself. We don’t know what the real story is.

        What we do know, and this is proof. Bill Clinton is interested in women other than his wife. Whether or not Bill and Hill have an agreed upon understanding (open marriage) or if Bill is cheating is speculation. I guess, it is the former. I think Hill is a bi-sexual, if not a straight up lesbian. The marriage serves them both politically. So, in this day and age, it’s a non-issue for most people.

        Unless, Bill is formally charged with rape or child molestation or murder, and Hillary the same, their followers will brush this off as old news. After all, who doesn’t already know that Bill Clinton “loves” the ladies.


        • Can you imagine being married to that bag of shit? EWWWWWWWWWWW I’m gonna puke 🙁

      13. “Can’t touch this.”
        OOOOh, OOOOOOh, OoooooooH.



      14. It won’t really matter who I vote for, since my state will go for trump(went for Cruz in primary), so I’ll vote for Castle. Not only is this a protest vote against Trump, but honestly I feel that if one must disregard their own principles to vote for someone who can win, then those principles are worthless. Not playing that game anymore. It also doesn’t matter who wins, we are financially screwed on a global level. Maybe we should vote for the candidate who can kick the can down the road the longest, because none can save us in the end…

      15. Thirty one more days and who gives a shit about who said what and what they grabbed.

        We are playing in the toilet while Russia is preparing to flame us.

        • Yeah but the party is still happening so no one gives a phuck.

            • Genius.. I listened to that Boston Album thousands of times, its embedded. lol They put out 3 Albums and disappeared. All great Party Albums.

              ~WWTI… They may have put out a 4th Album, but… who gives a sh!t.

              Here is another good one – Van Halen – Running with the Devil – (FULL ALBUM) Turn up the volume to Max. – ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZTOskJha8c Enjoy!!

        • What a freakin sideshow. Its pathetic that this is the state of our country, these are our choices? Really? What a freakin joke

          • Nailbanger

            I believe the Russians are waiting to see if Hillary gets elected before the ICBM’s fly.

            • Come January, if we see a witch in a wheelchair and a senile old First Gentleman skulking about the White House, we are gonna ask ourselves: Whose finger is on the Red Button—-Huma’s?

              • If Hillary’s button is red.

          • NB, Its almost laughable if it wasn’t so much shit ridin’ on it.

        • anon

          “We are playing in the toilet while Russia is preparing to flame us.”

          The solution is very easy, quit pissing in Russia’s sandbox. The US has no moral (using Islamic Terrorist Fundamentalists to overthrow a the secular Syrian government) or legal (Its illegal to overthrow nations) justification in Syria and its a fight for a globalist monopoly of energy resources and distribution.

          “Thirty one more days and who gives a shit about who said what and what they grabbed.”

          This stuff bounces off of Trump because people aren’t voting for him but rather against a system that they quite rightfully believe is rigged against them. Hillary is a representative, contributor and benefactor of that rigged system.

          • Kevin

            The Presidential candidates, along with the news media is in the toilet. I would rather they be debating what they will do for the country instead of these potshots at each other.
            We still have the Jerkoff in the White House. I have nothing good to say about him. Maybe he will start WW3.

            I watched a tree get snapped by the wind in the hurricane and I thought. Not much difference in time with a thermonuclear device to hit the ground and feel the effects.
            Really we are all waiting on the election. The country is sick and not much chance of becoming great again.

            • Regarding WWIII Obama was the least likely to go down that route. Do I like him? No. However McCain is edging for a military confrontation with Russia and Romney is little better. Neither of them had a stellar 2nd Amendment background either.

              I agree that the campaign is about everything it shouldn’t be and virtually nothing about what it should be. We have a crook running up against a juvenile. The best contender hands down was Dr Rand Paul MD.

              320 million people and these are our choices. Louis Black had a better plan with parachuting a monkey out out of a plane and the first person he touches is the next President.

      16. Hillary wants your son’s balls, and Donald wants your daughters p***Y, as I said, two demon psychopaths from the inner bowels of hell….God help us all!!!!!!!

      17. If they run Trump out of the race, I refuse to vote for his replacement. I have faith Trump will stay and fight the establishment and media. If he doesn’t or can’t stay in, whoever votes for his replacement is a sell out son of a bitch. Who knows what the media is capable of? Who knows what sort they have on any member of Trumps family? He needs to stay and fight.

      18. PO’d, thats why most people on solar have a generator backup. The gen not only runs the house it charges the batteries through the built in charger most decent inverters have. I have a 2K inverter (12V) and it has a built in 100 amp charger. A good way to start an off grid place is to have batteries and good inverter, that way you cut your gen run time way down. Add solar panels as you go to phase out the generator.

        • I also swear Big time to use the “Outback80” Controller $500. And I found a great 30 Amp battery Bank charger. “Samlex SEC1230UL” I can charge 2 battery banks at the same time. Cost a measly $200 and plug that into my Whisper Generator and it boosts the bank up pretty good. I mounted a small led digital Volt meter on the side of the battery bank and using speaker wire to connect it. I can look out my cottage window to see the bank Volt charge. Lights up at night as well. Why guess at it? My entire system is framed out in Pool Enclosure aluminum, and sheets of aluminum for the side covers. The entire battery bank and electronics are mounted under the Solar panels with an enclosure lid. One enclosure for the batteries and electronics on the other side. I keep it vented well. Never want to put electronics in the same enclosure with the batteries. The fumes off the batteries can affect the electronics.

          ~WWTI… I run with about 1200 Watts of Panels. 4x 312 Watt rated panels 6′-6″ tall by 3′-6″ wide. Mounted side by side. My entire system less than $5K for a small cottage to run the basics, power tools, fridge and A/C. I have not had an electric bill in 20 months. Stop feeding the beast. Only a 4 year ROI- return on my investment, then free for a long time Off their Grid Tollbooth. Its all paid for, so basically its free right now. Batteries 10 years life, Solar panels 25 year warrantee. Let er’ Rip!! Why pay someone else, when the Sun is shining daily for free.

        • My inverter is Cen-Tec 3000 continuous, 6000 Peak. $279 Harbour Freight. So cheap I should buy a back up, or use it for the next addition of doubling this system. Panels are cheap low as .65 cents a Watt, every part of it is inexpensive. The Batteries are the biggest cost. 8x Duracel 6 Volt batteries part number# SLIGC110, hooked in series, then parallel for the true 12 Volt output.

          Wiring a lot more to that. Like same lengths battery cable between the batteries, and the right gauge wiring to the controller. I think it was 8 guage. Anyway. These are the parts, start collecting the parts and assemble your own. Pretty simple really, once you see how it works.

          ~WWTI… 1700’s Benjamin Franklin refused to patent his Franklin Wood Stove, as he wanted every American to keep warm in the winter, and prosper quickly, because they had a nation to build.. So many built their own stoves in many similar models with out infringement. We are at the same crossroads here again, fighting the beast for electricity. Be your own power company. Screw them and all their BS Taxes attached. The info is here people I just listed, get busy. Act instead of day dreaming like you know who BS’er on here, who thinks this is all fear porn. lol

          • Unless you are certified and completely familiar with N.E.C. …. Please keep your advice to yourself.

            • Anonymous, I have had to go fix 2 systems that were installed by MASTER electricians lol. Not journeyman but master electricians. Ac and DC are 2 completely different animals. I have 2 certifications from SEC one in grid tie and one in battery based solar. I have done solar for a living. Every system I have installed is working perectly to this day and very happy clients. Just because someone is an electrician doen’t mean shit! You would not believe some of the shit I have seen and had to repair. The biggest mistake people make is wire sizing. DC voltage drop is huge and the lower the voltage the bigger the wire you need. One electrician wired the DC circuits in a house with 14awg romex lol. Installation guidelines and wire sizing charts can be found online and from major solar dealers sites.

          • WWTI, Sounds like you have figured out a lot of the tricks to off grid living. Besides the jugs in the freezer you can put the blue ice packs in the freezer part of a refrigerator and at night shut off the refer and put the packs in the top shelf of the fridge. This keeps your food cold/cool all night long then turn it back on in the morning and repeat. On demand propane water heaters are the shit, they use very little gas and you don’t need a very big one. Camping World has a ventless on demand for about 150 bux that works fine for me. I store 5 100lb. tanks and 1 tank lasts a looonnnnggg time. You can also convert an electric water heater very easily (kit on ebay for 70 bux) just swap out the lower element and wire it to the thermostat and then straight to the solar panels. No fuel needed whatsoever, wrap it good with insulation and you have a great/cheap water heater. Next time you need to change out the battery bank try US Battery, they are great batteries for the money…

            • Genius,convert a electric water heater to propane,sounds very expensive,I would need a licensed electrician and a licensed gas installer!Following all the codes to a t and also some inspections!Damn,we all don’t have rock n roll salaries!

              • WC, it is still electric. All you do is change the element and add a dc thermostat and run it fron SOLAR PANELS lol. 70 bux and some panels.

                • If you would like, I can send you some reading glasses lol.

        • Power inverters are way too inefficient in my experience and eat up too much current. I have 1000 watt units.

          Most household electrical devices have a built in step down xformer, rectifiers, and filter caps. They typically drop the 110 VAC down to 12-24 VAC and then rectify to DC.

          It is not difficult to bypass the xformer and just run stuff directly from batteries. Larger conductors are needed in some cases because the amperage will increase. Still cheaper than power sucking inverters.

          Simply running an inverter with zero load ( at least the units I have ) will kill my batteries in short order.

          Air conditioning is not really doable though due to expense.

          Household lighting can be cheap by using 12v LED bulbs.

          • Bob, If an idle inverter drains your batteries way down then you probably have a deficient battery bank. Most inverters are about 90% efficient. I can’t remember for sure but the idle wattage on mine is about 5 watts. It’s probably a bad idea to connect DC from a solar bank to an appliance directly because the voltage on a solar bank varies a LOT. Your typical 12 volt system starts out at about 12.4 then bulk charges to about 14.5-14.9 volts then tapers off to absorb charge at about 14.5 then tapers down to about 13.5 or so float charge. I have fried some security equipment because of the high voltage so now I have regulators on my 12 volt power outlets. Just get a good battery bank that is sized correctly and be done with it….

            • Well, I might decide to get larger, more sophisticated inverters with a “sleep” mode. My batteries are fine.

              Here’s some more info:

              “Efficiency may vary from something just over 50% when a trickle of power is being used, to something over 90% when the output is approaching the inverters rated output.

              An inverter will use some power from your batteries even when you are not drawing any AC power from it. This results in the low efficiencies at low power levels.

              A 3Kw inverter may typically draw around 20 watts from your batteries when no AC current is being used.

              It would then follow that if you are using 20 watts of AC power, the inverter will be drawing 40 watts from the batteries and the efficiency will only be 50%.”

              • Bob, why waste yer $ on a different inverter or whatever? Just get a realistic battery bank and you will be fine. Your going down the wrong trail my man….

                • As I said, my batteries are not an issue. The inverters are.

                  I know what I’m talking about. I was an EE from 1994 until 2007.

                  I was trying to get across is that it’s is preposterous to use inverters to power small items such as a few bulbs or a radio.

                  Big waste.

                  For example, a typical PC power supply takes 120/240vac and steps down and rectifies to provide -12vdc, +12vdc, 5vdc, and 3.3vdc. No worry about voltage regulation since it’s already there. Of course it’s run only from batteries as I would never try to run direct from panels.

                  The cost savings and efficiency that have been achieved due to not having to use an inverter for applications like those is pretty nice. My router and scanner are also battery run.

                  I have a collection of tube type shortwave receivers and a 6 meter xmitter that runs on 12vdc using a mechanical vibrator to get high voltage.

            • The thing about solar is one that WWTI will never admit to and that is, IT IS NOT FREE!
              He spends 5 grand on the system, it won’t handle the new freezer, but hey, everybody, it’s free energy! BS.

              At $60. a month for a regular electric bill, (it’s a cottage, remember) that 5 grand (which I suspect is a conservative estimate) will pay for about 7 years of electricity. 20 months in and WWTI says all is great. Let us know in 3 or 4 years about that.
              I’ve gone through inverters, batteries, & charge controllers in 5 years (professionally installed) and no matter what any cheerleader tells you, it isn’t free.

              And I haven’t had a lightning strike yet; can’t wait for that to buy everything again.

              Add in the second law of thermodynamics and solar will never be mainstream. With 15-18% solar panel efficiency ratings, that is guaranteed. (85-82% INEFFICIENT!)
              It is good for small stand alone installations, I’ll give you that. I’m using 2 60 watt panels for water pumping, a 30 watt panel for the gate opener, a smaller system for bathroom lights and fan, and they work great.
              But with cloudy days the 3000w inverter and main solar array works fair; I’d give it a fair rating. Washer/dryer but it’ll never run the house. I knew that and that’s why I didn’t waste money trying.
              It is not free, WWTI, and the fact is, it’s too expensive to ever power the country. Not a chance.

              • Got a response, WWTI?

                • Actually,I would say we don’t blow up the world/get govt. out of our way we could see huge increases in solar for heat and electric,the tech gets better daily.Nothing wrong with being on grid but even a small system could be the difference between surviving or not long term grid down,buys you time also to ready for even a lower standard of energy things go really wrong.

                  • WC, ya but the thing is even though we can reduce dependence on oil, hydro and nookleer power, we are just helping enable the massive overpopulation of earth. If you use serious long term thinking and logic you can see that either by man or nature, the hordes will be culled. I just hope that on the other side of the epic reduction the survivors will limit reproduction and use the best most sound tech for power. A paradise can be had if humans stop having so many fookin kids and use sustainable power sources and stop mining the living hell out of earth. Care to disagree?

                    • Animals have nature to cull them. Not enough food they die off. Survival of the fittest (or smartest). That is just natural law. Humans have made it possible to drastically increase their population with science. No regard whatsoever to natural law and the laws of sustainability. Until the age of oil and the industrial age the population was fairly constant. The earth would sustain what it would allow. Now that there are 6 billion new consumers since then the earth is going to kill the consumer hordes by shortage or the powers that be will make a war like no other (they know wtf is going on). One huge problem (like it or not) is that the overpopulation is caused mainly by low IQ knuckledragging retards! Stupid as fuck people are the fastest growing breed by 100000 miles! This can only lead to an epic disaster! Anyone with any critical thinking ability at all can see this……

                    • The worst thing is, I feel so sorry for the animals and sealife on this planet. Man will kill it all. A beautiful gem destroyed by a bunch of subintelligent asswipes. If in my soul journey I ever get to create a planet, humans will NEVER be allowed!

                    • If you give money to one of these save the kids bullshit things YOU ARE EVEN MORE RESPOSIBLE FOR THIS SHIT! Ya enable them to have even more kids that will starve and die or whatever. These fuckers have no brains whatsoever and just want to eat and fuck! Americans are just as bad. Oh the buybull says be fruitful and multiply. To what end you brainwashed assholes? Shit out some more un needed/ unwanted zombie consumers. Just thinking of the ignorance of mankind is pissing me off. Fuckin retarded zombies deserve to die….

                    • I’m pretty fuckin sure no one that disagrees has enough brains to even respond to this….

                    • Genius, the reply button is blank but I do agree with your writings completely!
                      Too many worthless breeders and eaters and killers, and that includes the world, not just the USA.

      19. Back to the tobacco issue yea every one should get some seed cus it will be a luxury item kinda like pa on little house on the Prairie and makeing a corn cob pipe is easy and simple i could see the value of it surpass Marijuana cus no one would be able to grow cus most people dont have seed so it would be a cash crop so to say

        • Ive got some seed in freezer got a couple years ago and planted some and it grew pretty easy

          • 4 different varieties

            • My wife plants seeds every year from frozen heiloom packs and they are probably 5-6 years old now and still germinate and do well. I bet frozen seeds will last 15+ years.

        • Tobacco seeds are very tiny, so they don’t take much room to store.

          I have a letter from a relative in KY to another relative in NC back in the 1800s requesting that he mail him a particular variety of tobacco seeds. He said just a teaspoonful would be enough to plant his crop.

      20. Yeah but it’s not bad when he does it because he’s a liberal communist bastard and he’s SOOOOOO DREAMMMYYY SIGHHHHHHHH

        Plus he promised all my sisters free shit! ^^

        As an aside I think he better amputate that hand.

        At the elbow.

        It’s the only way to be sure. Assuming you unwisely chose to forego the biohazard suit from the get-go…

      21. Theres a website dedicated to tobacco seeds and growing your own plants to smoke it.

        it has cool pictures from litterally every state in usa and many euro zone nations that folks who grow their own tobacco plants have sent the photos in. Even a few in Alaska with Huge sized plants close to 20 ft tall! It grows easy everywheres almost.

        Many plants shown at the website are as tall as second story house!

        And each plant typically produces 3,000 seeds you can dry out for later palanting of.

        the website is from the UK england if I recall corect(?)

        And his site has sections on how to grow, how to dry tobacco leaves, which are best sized/types leaves for ciggs to be made from. Which are best for home rolled cigars.

        plus website has a section devoted to how to make a fast easy cheep leaves drying unit out of styrofoam insulation 4ftX8ft sheets of styrofoam, and a few plumbing plastic pipes to circulate air etc.

        All in All the website has every part of info needed to Buy seeds from several good proven seeds locations with typical seed prices to expect to pay. With every step by step part to do from actual plant growing, to harvesting leaves and seeds and to finally drying leaves into smokable tobacco.

        That website owner guy and most forum replies at his site forum, state that a combo of 2 to 3 different types tobacco are needed to make very smooth and good tasteing ciggaretts or cigars.

        They all also agreed that once you smoke home grown plants it is far better in every sense compared to store bought pack of giggs or cigars.

        probably due to zero additives or added chemicals are used which cigarette makers all make use of.

        Those poster folks claim home rolled ciggs and cigars taste and smoke far better than any store bought brand they ever smoked prior.

        And it is leagle to grow and consume and is very Cheep compared to store priced ciggs with attached massive Taxes!

        Plus the tobacoo plants look swell as a indoor plant if you desire a huge house plant indoors. I mean Very Huge plants too!

        Avg sized plants in his pictures at the website were aprox 4 to 6 ft width X as tall as 15+ feet tall! With at least 3,000 individual seeds Per seed pod and each plant had several pods!

        Very amazeing website and great info for newbees.

        If I can find a link to it I will post it up on a new article here once I find it if I find it. a web search should locate it or others like it.

        ps: seed Prices at several linked other sites he had were around an avg of $12 to $20 per seed packet and each has enough seeds to grow far more plants than you’d ever need for several growing seasons.

        I found several such sites but this one from UK guy was absolute best site and had best total of instructions and setp by step’s to grow and even had pictures of step by step how to make hand rolled cigars! looks fairly Easy to do.

        • Thanks Them Guys. I looked into it last night and ordered 500 seeds for just over 7 bux. A hand crank shredder for 40 bux. Many of the sites had good info on growing, curing, types of tobacco. I buy 1 pound bags of pipe tobacco from the reservation for 12 bux each (makes 2.5 cartons) and tubes for 3.50 for 250 tubes. Pretty cheap and not as many additives as cigarette tobacco. Get the 100% natural tobacco. Looks like next spring I will give growing a try, I like making my own stuff. SMOKE EM’ IF YOU GOT EM’!

        • Them guys:

          • B from CA

      22. Wwti:


      23. here you go

        this is for all the “real” men here

        Donald Trump: Sure, Call My Daughter A ‘Piece Of Ass’

        h ttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/donald-trump-ivanka-ass_us_57f9553ae4b0b6a43032d9a0?section=&

        talk about your wives like this?
        talk about your mothers like this?
        talk about your daughters like this ?

        from some of the comments I’ve seen posted here
        no doubt many do

        now excuse me while I go throw up

        • But you think Hillary is better.

          What a moron.

          • and sir
            yet AGAIN I wall say this


            now I put that in caps to draw yer attention to it
            and reinforce the content of the message

            let me repeat myself


            • So, you secretly like Trump?

        • Satori, I respect the beautiful women in my life.
          This site went sour when one poster came here 34 months ago, you know the one that gigs us for no real reason.
          Gets old, does it not?
          My dundee pun was just that.

          Who is next for w to gig on???

          • While engaging govt. plants seems a waste of time(it is!)I suppose as I self identify as a ring tailed lemur I am up for the challenge!

        • Ah sunshine, there you go assuming again.

        • Satori admitted to being a troll paid by Hitlery.

          As a matter of fact, he said so because he was Pissed someone else bragged about how much he made trolling websites and Satori was Pissed that he didn’t make as much….

          Just proof you can believe nothing he says as his is strictly paid for bullshit.

          Doesn’t matter anyway…

          Trump for potus
          Hitlery for prison

          • After exposing you a few threads ago WhoWTF/boyo, you return with yet another screen name, TakenItEasy.

            Quite clever WhoWTF, but you’re not fooling me.

          • LMAO !!!

            you take things a little too literally my friend

            no wait
            email coming in from Hitlery

            my per post reimbursement just went up to 39 cents per post
            from 37 cents

            free drinks all around

            now excuse me
            I snorted some beer out my nose

            • So the beauty parlor using, never heard a curse word person drinks beer? For shame.

              • seriously dude ?
                that’s your A game ???

                take some Viagra
                and come back for another go at it

                and the Jeopardy question is?

                What did Archivists wife say to him on their wedding night?

      24. Anyone voting for either of these two
        Are aiding this enemy force in occupation
        Regardless of the crap the candidates say or do , you will be part of the problem if you cast a vote for either of them

        Anyone on here advocating for the presidency of either of these two
        Are traitors to your fellow man and I hope if you do vote for either , that your day comes at the war you helped create to be your last day with us Patriots and true holders of this great republic
        And our Bill of Rights

        May your days in hell burn you endlessly

        • 10-4 Billy-Bob Badass. You fire the first shot and we’ll be along to help.

          • First shot has already been fired

            And with a screen name as you have , I would think you would already know this

            And just like any coward
            You wait to follow , try standing up for something and be first for a change
            Make yer mom proud

            EOTS is 100% on the mark

            • Yeah I know its two shit sandwiches to choose from. If you don’t vote then you are just as much an enabler. As far as being a follower, depends on the circumstances. You’re wrong too RS. EOTS is way off the mark. But everybody has the right to pull the lever in the booth or stay home.

        • Enemy,while I agree to a degree(hmmmm…..rhyme!)until it all kicks off am sure of billaries scotus choices,trump’s choices are russian roulette with a revolver/billarie,russian roulette with a semi-automatic!

      25. We all wish for better choices, but they are not there. Trump is the best choice for change. For anyone to play this up and overlook the crimes of the Clinton’s is just BS.

      26. No one realized that yesterday was shtfplan’s birthday?

        I was going to say something, but I waited to see if any posters would speak up.

        Might be time to move on…
        Be well most of you…

        • Mac, sure have enjoyed the 8 years here.
          But the cliental sure has changed.
          Be well sir…

          • Strange how I mention todacco and papers as a barter tool, and get hit about bad habits.
            Never said I smoked…
            See you guys later…

            • Eppe, I understand what you’re going through but don’t let that prick drive you away. I’ve been here 4 years and been through attacks from trolls and even a few misinformed good people and I’m still here. It’ll take more than the prick to drive me away from this site. BTW, since you mentioned it, Happy Birthday to SHTFPlan.com.

              • eppe
                don’t let the riff raff run you off

                you may have heard this quote attributed to Edmund Burke

                “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

                let me rephrase it a bit

                “All that is necessary for the triumph of ignorance is that educated men do nothing”

                your one of the few sane posters here
                SUCKS being a minority don’t it ?

                if you need a pair of asbestos underwear let me know
                I have a good supply,just got a brand new fresh shipment in
                and you’ll always have me to be the main target and take the heat off
                people love me or hate me
                (ok,mostly HATE)

                but someone has to toss a turd in the punch bowl once in a while just to keep people thinking and from getting complacent and in an attempt to break that group mind set

                now I gotta go
                some of the nastiness on this particular topic
                made me realize I need to send my beautiful,attractive in every way,faithful,educated,amazing and the love of my life wife
                a dozen roses
                I would suggest that every man here who has a good wife or significant other do the same
                as for those of you who pull a Trump behind closed doors
                well what can I say for those poor wives,daughters and mothers except be a REAL man

                a good man can go even further in life when he has a good woman at his side
                and I am so damned blessed it brings tears to my eyes

                • Satori, I read the exchange between you and the others about Trump with interest. You make some valid points about how to treat women and I’m the same way as you. When my wife was alive, I used to get her flowers and candy not only on our anniversary and her birthdays but on other occasions as well. The others also made some valid points about the kind of world we live in, so I’m not standing up for either side 100%. You’re most fortunate to still have a wife. I lost mine shortly after our sixth anniversary when she was run over by that POS Haitian drunk driver. Never found anyone else worth having for a 2nd wife. Since I’m pushing 60 I think it’s too late for me to have love again. I hurt every day from her loss. When you lose a loved one, the pain stays with you forever. Best wishes to you and your wife.

            • If ignorance is bliss, WWTI must be the happiest person on earth. I AM starting to wonder about mac’s ability to “control” this website’s content, i just wish that rat/bastard WWTI would chew off his tongue with a mouth full of gasoline. i would PAY to see THAT!!!!

              • I second that, bc.

                • BCOD and Ketchup, AMEN to that one. WWTI doesn’t know what respect is. Otherwise he wouldn’t attack people like me and Eppe for no good reason. If I was WWTI’s Dad, I would’ve put him in the hospital.

      27. People have the power to boycott any business collectively. This seems to be the power the people overlook as being instrumental for showing that the people can force change simply through uniting around a boycott of anything. That’s the start to piss off the establishment and there isn’t a damn thing the pigs can do about such an action. Step one of power to the people. Presently this is the best option to piss off corporate America. People Power!

      28. The only thing I know for sure, is that the Fat Newspaper comes on Sunday.

      29. Anon!Fat!?You realize that tis a racist/micro bordering on macro aggression on said paper!We like the phrase well rounded/stout/big boned ect.!

        Oh hell,call it what it is,progressive bird cage liner/fire starting material!

      30. If the Republicans had voted for Rand Paul they would have had a platform that not only brought in the middle class due to the anti NAFTA stand but also brought in the Sanders people with his Libertarian pro 4th Amendment anti militaristic view. I’de say that Dr Rand Paul MD Ophthalmologist who does free eye surgery for third world patients could make a humanitarian commercial that would bring a tear to your eye.

        Hillary lives in a glass house and would be fatigued attempting to throw stones at DR Rand Paul MD. Her entire campaign would be reduced to, “I want to to shoot down Russian jets and you don’t”. Thats a tough sell.

        If only.

        • ^100% truth, but TPTB won’t allow people to wake up from the media and social matrix.

        • Hillary wants a no fly zone in Syria.

          Shoot down a Russian aircraft after that is in place and see what happens.

          • anon

            “Shoot down a Russian aircraft after that is in place and see what happens.”

            Its not just the response but the reason. The US is funding, training and supplying the anti Syrian forces including ISIS. Russia is attacking the US ostensible enemies. The real enemy of the US is the Assad government. The real reason is to dominate with the intent to monopolize global energy resources and distribution to de-facto control the world.

            TPTB with the US in lockstep are apparently quite willing to gamble the lines of quite probably at least one billion people to further their desire of global control. Talk about, “In for a dime, in for a dollar”; damn. At an absolute minimum its a “Black Swan” event. Within minutes of the news of a Russian jet being shot down by the US over Syria, where Russia has every legal right to be and the US doesn’t every financial market in the world will crash.

      31. Speaking of pussies

        This country should have never fallen this far , accepted scum like this in power
        Before hundreds of thousands of us marched on Washington DC and took it back over

        And every pussy expects one man to stand and fight for them as they sit with their ass in their hands and not get their hands dirty cleaning up this mess

        Typ answer to that is for some pussy to sit at their key board expecting the other guy to do it for them

        Typ pussy

        • Red Hawk:

          “She walks these halls with a long black veil
          Nobody knows, nobody sees
          Nobody knows, but me.”


        • Red Hawk, Ok you lead the way. Get out there and start and I will be right behind you. Just give the orders and I will follow (not)! Or be a pu**y and stay where yer at…. Funny I haven’t heard anything about your brave actions so far, must be media censorship eh?

      32. Not voting gonna stay home. As I see it America is finished no matter what. I gave up on that long ago took my flags down and put them away to be a memory of what used to be. Globalists control this world now. I’m convinced hitlery is the devil and trump is an idiot. Neither fit to lead.

      33. Red Hawk

        How do you know what a person will do when the time comes? Are there enough of YOUR TYPES to get it going?
        Do you have a plan and know what strengths of your enemy. What is the amount of training that you expect in your force. Have they worked together or even seen war.
        I bet you have no maps or radios or even continuity in your group if you have a fighting force at all.
        So don’t come on here call us cowards cause you are no better than the bastard in the white house with his fucking remarks on the Vets of this nation.
        We all want a change and we will get one soon enough. If it is to slow for you then do your thing and we will read about you on the news.

        • That also goes for Rebel Son.

        • Anon, I agree on Red Hawk. He needs to go put his money where his mouth is instead of running us down.

          • Braveheart1776

            I bet Custer’s last words were, “Where in the hell did all the Indians come from”.

      34. Wow, been waiting for two days for my post to be put up. Guess if you don’t say the write thing you have no chance. Same people, same thoughts, same, same, same.

        • SOSDD

      35. I miss HCKS. His posts were pretty out there

        • CC, I’ll take HCKS or even Acid any day over a certain one I’ll leave nameless.

          • If Eppe leaves here for good, I’ll already know who is to blame.

        • Sometimes Hicks had some good impuit. But his crazy ranting and paranoia negatively effected his post. I don’t miss him. I think him and acid etch where the same person.

        • I think HCKs may be setting up a new house right now, and if he is in the flipping/financial business in Houston, he probably got some work to keep him busy too.

      36. To those of you watching the debate,you have my sympathy!Warchild will stream a movie for free while we still have the net!This little commercial ditty came to mind while making a late dinner,see if you recognize the tune!

        Down The Drain
        Down The Drain
        Get Set,Were Going Down The Drain
        Try And Bring your Coins Up to The Top
        The Trick Is Not To Let Them….

        Go Keprlop!

        Have fun,catch you on the other side of the insanity,by the way,is “kerplop”even a word”!

      37. Every one say hi to hicks cus you know he is reading all this cus even if you dont respond you cant help but to read shtf daily . At least I know I have too…

      38. Hillary Clinton is an investment wizard who turned $1,000 into more than $100,000 in less than a year trading cattle futures. She went long and short contracts to benefit from short-term trends in the market. Despite her astounding market timing skills, she chose to focus on public service as her source of wealth creation. This decision, in all likelihood, had nothing to do with the fact that her futures broker was suspended for violating exchange rules regarding cattle futures trading.

        Clinton’s proven ability to time markets with pinpoint precision makes it surprising that she reported a loss of $726,721 in an equity partnership in 2008. This 100 percent loss did provide her with capital loss carryover losses the Clintons’ now use to lower their tax bill.

        Between 2003and 2006, Bill and Hillary Clintons’ tax returns show income from that investment of $12.5 million. In 2007, the Clintons earned $2.75 million from this partnership. Somehow, in 2008, this cash cow became completely worthless allowing Clinton to generate a paper loss that offsets future taxes.

        There is most likely nothing wrong with Clinton’s 2008 write-off of the investment. And, there is most likely nothing wrong with Trump’s write-offs. Using the tax code to your advantage is an American right. The best outcome from all this would be to fix the code so no one can benefit like this in the future.

        Michael Carr, CMT

      39. Trump kicked her a** tonight. Loved the part where he will appoint special counsel to go after HRC.

      40. Both the partys are bottom feeders. The try and build themselves up by attacking and discrediting the opposition. I think even they know we aint voting for them. We aint voting for anyone. We are just voting against who we think is the greater evil.

        • ’bout sums it up.

      41. Ain’t it strange that this MAIN POST is about sex and it got an astounding number of Comments. I’ll leave it at that…

        • Enquiring minds would like to know, LOL. Just messin’ with ya. Probably a good call with your last sentence.

      42. WHO GIVES A SHIT

      43. Let’s face it, not many people could pass the scrutiny of the public when running for public office. Trump may be a pile of crap, but he is the least smelly of the two.

      44. Sex is part of the human condition. My favorite US president, Jack Kennedy, was a poon hound of the highest order. He also had the best taste any president has had in marrying Jackie Kennedy. Skinny with a tight figure, beautiful face and great style. Compare that with what we have these days.

        Money and power attract women like nothing else. It is beyond naive to make a stink about something that is integral to the human condition: it is like wasting the election campaign debating the need to take a dump every day.

        Hillary was once very hot and I can see why Bill married her in the first place. What happened over the years since then was a classic tale: Hillary became consumed by a lust for power and her sexual proclivities shifted towards women. No wonder Bill strayed. Any guy would.

        I actually respect men who are red blooded and do not hide a desire for women. Being successful in life requires great effort. When you achieve those goals, you also want to celebrate and to have the best women too. It is like when you were young and poor a bag of Doritos was good enough for dinner. But, when you hit 45 and have your first million, you want to take a beautiful woman to a fine French restaurant. Why not? And do you really give a damn that some PC, social justice warrior is offended that you took a hot woman in a mini skirt to the restaurant? Or a crazy Muslim doesn’t like your passion for women who dress sexy? Give it a rest…

      45. Trump really really REALLLY liked talking about emails during the 2nd debate

        here’s one I found that he didn’t mention for some reason

        Leaked Emails Show That Trump Was a Tool Used by the Hillary Campaign From Day One

        h ttp://www.redstate.com/brandon_morse/2016/10/08/leaked-emails-show-trump-tool-used-hillary-campaign-day-one/

        “The summary is that the DNC and the Clinton campaign wanted Trump to be Hillary’s opponent because they knew his extreme stances could be used to alienate and divide. They could then use these candidates to paint the Republican party as a whole as something dangerous.”

        “Trump was a tool for Hillary’s campaign all along. She wanted the press to take Trump seriously, put him up as the most viable option for Republicans, and the right took the bait, hook, line, and sinker”

        “In short, the Republicans have been played. Trump was a unknowing puppet for Hillary from the get-go”

        and if the election were held today,Trump has NOWHERE near enough electoral votes to even come close to winning

        he had been making steady gains and was well withing striking distance
        but the poor performance in the first debate and then the release of the 2005 video tanked him BIG TIME

        he still has a month to try and recover

        all Hillary has to do
        is just run out the clock
        she doesn’t need to score any more points

        and meanwhile the internet is all abuzz with the possible release of even more damaging videos

        former employees of Trump have come forward and said
        “you ain’t seen nothing yet”
        Trumps response?
        he has already threatened legal action

        if you have something to hide
        you plead the fifth
        or you threaten to sue and try and intimidate people into silence

        • Satori

          Hillary is not so smug today after that debate.

          • Hillary’s lead over Trump is rather substantial now in terms of electoral votes

            all she has to do is remain steady for one more month

            Trump “won” the second debate

            he won no electoral or popular votes

            congratulate him for me

            sorry guys
            it is what it is

      46. i call bullshit on this there is nothing in the video that shows bill grabbing a pussy, are you going to get as bad a (before its news) wtf

      47. Bill Clinton is a typical Gentleman with the nineteenth century manners that deal with the focus on how to treat women. Meaningless rules on opening doors, helping with their chairs, letting them go before you, etc. Start telling the truth, stop stealing, start keeping your promises and commitments, fulfill your responsibilities to your families, treat people as you want to be treated! These are what you have been missing! Man up! William Cosby and Anthony Wiener are also good examples of these gentlemen!

      48. Satori, who gives a sh*t anymore.
        Best thing that could happen is Hillary drop dead or land in a coma.

        • Classic case of Denial

          ht tp://www.thefreedictionary.com/denial

          • Satori, that is

            • so you have evidence the email is false do you ???

              bring it

              otherwise you need to read your own link

              someone is in denial

              and it ain’t Satori

              the email says what it says

              • What your post about the email tells us is that Hillary used THE MEDIA, not Trump.

      49. I urge all Wisconsin voters to vote against the punk Paul Ryan. Might as well have a demacrap in there, at least you know how they will vote.

      50. Hillary said in last nights debate “I will appoint supreme court judges who have a WORLD view”

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