Report: Parts of Louisiana Militarized; Road Blocks, ID Requirements

by | Jul 16, 2010 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    In May we reported that reports were surfacing of multi-state National Guard mobilizations. We opined that this might be due to the Gulf disaster and that FEMA may be taking pre-emptive steps for imminent evacuations. In June, Fox News confirmed that 17,500 NG soldiers were being deployed to the Gulf in “minimal roles.”

    Based on troop movements and the severity of the oil disaster, those without their head buried in the sand were able to deduce that the National Guard would be in Gulf areas for policing actions, and if necessary, mass evacuations.

    A report from the Dallas Examiner suggests that the National Guard is now moving to secure parts of the oil-leak affected areas:

    A rapid military build-up and an unconfirmed road-block maneuver is being conducted, along with a visible exodus of residents in the Barataria Bay area of Jefferson Parish in South Louisiana. This news from Intel Hub coincides with the new military rule, gently broken to the public.

    Reporters ad photographers are now required to obtain from the military and carry papers in the region, starting with reporters and photographers, a psyop squarely focusing on “public victory” rather than covert military take-over in the Gulf and martial law in the region.

    South Louisiana residents who have seen hurricane emergency operations for decades say they have never seen anything like this type of emergency preparedness according to the report.

    At midnight, the military moved into the Baratarria Bay area and immediately began setting up the road blocks.

    Sunday evening after a call to his radio listeners for ‘intel soldiers’ to phone in information, Intel Hub Radio host Shepard Ambellas received calls from military personnel reporting they have seen a massive build up of combat troops, heavy combat equipment and weaponry including Active Denial Systems.

    This is not your run of the mill evacuation planning. Normally, this is left to local emergency responders. Considering the magnitude of the spill and potential for catastrophe it makes sense that the National Guard has been deployed. However, officials have yet to announce publicly that the National Guard has enacted a state of martial law or that evacuations are about to take place.

    Other than a massive military exercise or media blackout controls, it is hard not to think that the Guard is planning for something serious, significant and large scale:

    “Of course they’ll give some ‘Simple Simon’ excuses for the military and the road-blocks.

    “Either we are going to see masses of people getting sick or a mass evacuation.

    Smith says, “These people reporting this have lived here all of their lives and say this is is very out-of-the ordinary.

    “One woman said it looks like Afghanistan down there.”

    Something is up.

    Though we’re not seeing any troop movements in the Houston, TX area, from the looks of things, parts of Louisiana are now under military control.

    Listen to Intel Hub radio for more:

    Follow Project Gulf Impact for the latest…

    Hat tip Chip for alerting us to this development.


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      1. Oh no people grab your hundreds of pounds of gold silver beans and rice and head to the hills. AHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHH

      2. That was posted on Youtube on July 12 and obviously there was no nuclear blast in the Gulf, at least not one that caused any damage to anything.  Whether the residents in parts of LA are about to be evacuated or not, I have not idea.

      3. From what I heard, Opera was visiting the Gulf and had some Cajun dirty rice with oyster on the oil shell and got an explosive upset stomach.  Fearing a gas fart that could wipe out city blocks, the National Guard evacuated the surrounding area.

        Luckily someone had Pepto Bismal and some Alka Seltza and Opera woofed it down thinking the Pepto was a strawberry milkshake and the Alka Seltza was popcorn .

        with all the previous rumors hitting blog land of  an imminent influx of national Guard troops, did anyone expect anything different.??? Everyone who lives in that region will wake up soon one morning and have road blocks everywhere. And even local emergency officials will be kept in the dark.  Again, does anyone expect anthing different???  Things are getting interesting, are they not??

      5. I would be very carefull if I were one of these National Guard homies and was ordered to implement martial law or attempt to enforce a forced evacuation in LA. They are dealing with a completely different type of individual when they go into LA.

        #1 – The people of LA are still really pissed-off about the lack of government response after Hurricane Katrina. Anybody remember the chemical contaminated trailers? Near 0 response for the better part of a week to 10 days?

        #2 – The way of life in LA and all along the gulf coast has been completely destroyed by this latest oil gusher into the gulf. This crap will never be completely cleaned up & BP has no intention of paying the full cost of their liability.

        Good luck attempting to force a bunch of really angry Cajuns who have lost everything to do anything that they don’t want to.

        As far as interesting times go ………. they’re not coming …… we’re there now …… we’re living them.

      6. What are the people of LA going to do, “Rise Up”? Any individual that defends himself would be eliminated. The last time the Amerikwan people actually “Rose up” and defended their freedoms and individual rights was during the War of Northern Aggression. And we all know how that turned out, don’t we?

      7. And still no national guard for the border…

      8. I just love the word “Unconfirmed” especially when used in conjunction with a faux new story.

        Unconfirmed reports have said that bigfoot has been sighted in Miami beach raping old people at a horrendous pace!  The unconfirmed mood is very tense at local old folks homes as the military has been deployed to stop bigfoot!!

        If someone hasn’t witnessed it first hand, it didn’t happen.

      9. Comments…..stock up on food now.  it is hap-pening

      10. No guard for the border, but AP is reporting that a Neo-nazi, ex-marine is patroling it with  some friends (cell), which is ok with me, I would rather have a nazi patroling the border than a Kenyan in the White House.

      11. And OBTW did you read the story of the twenty Mexicans that tried to inflitrate the States by making an amphibious assault on Camp Pendelton?

        That’s funnier than 20 clowns getting out of a very small car!   LOL

      12. I was at Pendelton over 20 years ago doing some field exercises, and a guy in our unit on patrol at night rounded up over 125 illegals with his rifle.  They were so stupid they didn’t even know what a BFA was.  HAHAHAHAHA!  They gave him a Navy Achievement Medal for it.

      13. I’M so glad that some of you are having a laugh. I’m sure not laughing. There are no insects in my yard in LA? 5 species only. WOW ! If they are deploying NG from all over the usa, then they must be readiing for the blast to kill the well? or what? Wonder how fast the NG runs in marshes. We have legal AK 47’S ALSO!They shut down buying of ammo this year!We ain’t leavin. We’ll die or change to survive. Our Heritage. all of usa is needed right now. Word Press had authorities shut down 73,000 Blogs. what next? NEED LOVE!-COASTAL? Comments…..

      14. Dialogue is that there is a significant methane buildup under the sea floor which could be catastrophic to Gulf coast communities should the bubble burst.  Otherwise, there’s nothing like an administration that holds itself to function in a transparent manner.


      1. Tropical Storm Bonnie…this COULD be the nail in the coffin - [...] Law will start rolling out, and as you can see over on SHTF plan the National Guard has been…

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