Uncensored: Shocking Graphic Video: Islamic Terrorists Kill Paris Cop, 11 Others In Muhammad Revenge Raid

by | Jan 7, 2015 | Headline News | 416 comments

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    Shocking video of a shooting in Paris that left 12 dead has emerged.

    We have chosen to publish this amateur video from the streets of Paris in full and uncensored in order to show the brutality, complete lack of hesitancy, and total disregard for human life by radical Islamists.

    It has been reported that the massacre took place in a gun-free area, and even the police officer who was killed appears to be unarmed.

    Video via Liveleak (Disturbing Footage):

    (Trouble viewing video? Watch it at LiveLeak)

    Rooftop Footage:

    It is believed that Europe is a hotbed of radical Islamist thought and activity with some governments giving up total control of certain areas dubbed “No-Go Zones” where non-Muslims are not allowed enter. These areas have no traditional law enforcement and operate almost like independent Islamic countries:

    Many of the “no-go” zones function as microstates governed by Islamic Sharia law. Host-country authorities effectively have lost control in these areas and in many instances are unable to provide even basic public aid such as police, fire fighting and ambulance services.

    The “no-go” areas are the by-product of decades of multicultural policies that have encouraged Muslim immigrants to create parallel societies and remain segregated rather than become integrated into their European host nations.

    Source: Gatestone Institute

    Paris has similar zones:

    In France, large swaths of Muslim neighborhoods are now considered “no-go” zones by French police. At last count, there are 751 Sensitive Urban Zones (Zones Urbaines Sensibles, ZUS), as they are euphemistically called. A complete list of the ZUS can be found on a French government website, complete with satellite maps and precise street demarcations. An estimated 5 million Muslims live in the ZUS, parts of France over which the French state has lost control.

    Muslim immigrants are taking control of other parts of France too. In Paris and other French cities with high Muslim populations, such as Lyons, Marseilles and Toulouse, thousands of Muslims are closing off streets and sidewalks (and by extension, are closing down local businesses and trapping non-Muslim residents in their homes and offices) to accommodate overflowing crowds for Friday prayers.

    For years the French, British and other European nations have allowed their sovereignty to be dissected by groups who follow Sharia law without the regard for the laws of the land.

    Today, many Europeans are likely reconsidering their position on such No-Go areas.

    As well, they may be contemplating how future events like this may be prevented. The terrorists in today’s Paris attack were heavily armed with semi-automatic rifles that are purportedly illegal to own in France. Yet, they still managed to get a hold of these weapons. Then, they brought the weapons to gun free zones, again illegally.

    Perhaps now the French people will begin to understand why Americans prefer to be personally armed, as opposed to depending on SWAT teams to respond to such threats, oftentimes after the fact.

    But, as we noted previously, even some Americans haven’t yet realized that a weapon in the heads of a law abiding citizen could prove to be the only way to stop such attacks in their tracks. During the 2012 Aurora shootings not one person in the movie theater – a gun free zone – had a weapon. Twelve people were killed and another 70 were injured. A single moviegoer with a gun could have prevented much of the carnage that day.

    Likewise, just one individual with a gun may have been able to minimize the attacks in Paris. At the very least, those who were attacked could have at least had a chance of defending themselves as opposed to being slaughtered like lambs.

    How long before governments in supposedly free countries around the world realize that the only way to stop the actions of individuals like those who killed twelve people in Paris today is to allow peaceful, law abiding members of their societies to be armed?


    Recommended Reading:

    The Citizen’s Guide To Stopping Suicide Attackers: Secrets of an Israeli Counterterrorist

    Surviving Armed Assaults: A Martial Artists Guide to Weapons, Street Violence, and Countervailing Force

    Rapid Fire!: Tactics for High Threat, Protection and Combat Operations 


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        • Very interesting — thanks for posting. I wondered the same when I saw no blood there. The officer may have played dead? I am unaware of his current status.

          • Any deer hunter can tell you from that video that that bullet never hit that police man’s head.

            • He shot him in the body, not the head.
              Full jacketed ammo also leaves only a
              30 caliber hole to bleed from, hence
              the lack of gushing.

              • Mac,
                The headline says “graphic video Terrorist kill cop”

                I watched the video in the article and only seen 1 minute of nothing footage from a rooftop….??

                I have to use IE at work adn it definitely doesn’t liek your website, especially since the thumb graphics showed up. Am I missing a video??

                  • BUT BUT WAIT,
                    Islam is a peaceful religion, sarcasm on full auto

                    • This is the result of White people’s failure to face some brutally cold ugly truths about the world, but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet… White Genocide coming to your neighborhood…

                    • Muddy, thats right! George W. Bush who said he was a conservative, you know, like us, assured us that islam (I REFUSE to capitalize is!) was a religion of peace. …or was that pieces?

                      Go to youtube.

                      Type the following words into the search box:

                      why we are afraid bill warner

                      No bullshit. No politics. Just plain, unvarnished fact. After you see that video you will realize there is only one thing those SOBs deserve.

                      The cult of violence and murder must stop.

                      No go zones? WTF!

                      Dear Muslims: Just try some of that shit on a street in a town near me. You want to meet allah (also known as “satan”) in a hurry? We’ll be glad to help you out. We don’t shoot big guns but a 22lr through the temple sends you to allah (also known as “satan”) just about as fast as anything.

                    • Just me…. Dead on. I like what John Travolta said in “Swordfish”…. They kill twenty of ours we nuke one of there cities. Don’t go into gun free zones or disregard the law and carry (I know many people here like myself do this. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

                    • The one advantage that many European countries have is that it is often easier to expel people from those countries because they don’t have the same protections we have. I see this beginning to happen in the no-to- distant future from some of these countries with large Muslim populations. In the mean time I also see the non-Muslim populations of the countries attacking Muslims both as spontaneous groups, and more vicious attacks from organized (so-called right-wing) group by the press. I have a bad feeling about this part of it. But over 18 months ago, on this site, I also predicted that folks were going to get sick and tired of cops behavior and they would start shooting back. Well, it started in Las Vegas with two cops being shot and it’s been slowly been escalating with these other ‘assassinations’. Over time pressure, creates enough stress to cause things to crack and I think we’ll see it in Europe too with Muslims.

                    • Maybe we should start taking out muslims starting with the muslim brotherhood in the white house and working downward to the mosques, schools and other areas, give’em a taste of their own medicine. Sooner or later it’s going to come down to do.

                    • The world is so f– up… nothing makes sense. Policemen and citizens should have had guns to stop this. F– Islamists should have been dead instead.

                • When you have Zog Shill propaganda agencies like this French company that tries to call itself a news agency which is driven hate and degrading the “Prophet of Mohamed” through cartoons, you should expect to be attacked. I put this French company in the same Hate company classification as SONY Pictures and the movie the Interview about assassinating a world leader. All of these uncivilized Freaks are Religious Hate Mongers.

                  There is a difference between Facts and Propaganda. Some can call these 2 guys Terrorists, and others can call them Patriots or heroes. Its all Religion driven by Hate. And another reason why all religions should be banned in the world. You can surely be sure this Cartoon Jokester will never tell or print any more Hate Cartoons again. I say kill or destroy every hate driven company out there or governments that allow this kind of Hate.

                  People need to accept responsibility and stop their whining if they like to spread hate, and then are killed. Who is the next class clown out there going to die for a good reason. Then you have these other shills come out today and say “Oh they don’t like our freedoms.” so they attacked us. No its your irresponsible Hate spreading that cause these Muslims to kill you for good reason. These 2 guys are now named and will be hunted down. This is nothing about protecting freedoms and more about spreading Hate. How about everybody ditch their Hoax religions and start loving each other.

                  I will also say there is a difference when disputing the validity of religion through discussions and each side can present facts to support their claims. You either have facts or you don’t. I like to stick to the facts and Proof of the matter. This crap by the french company is Hate Propaganda. KARMA’S A BITCH, THIS CARTOON MET HIS MAKER. A DIRT NAP.

                  • “Degrading the prophet of muhammed?”

                    Hahahaha! You call one self appointed “man” (I use the term loosely, in this case a violent pedophile mass murderer of a man) a “prophet”? Are you one of those who preach tolerance half the time and “kill them all” half the time? If you want to know about propaganda, let me assure you, that allowing any part of any “religion” of islam to even live is a mistake. islam is a political ideology masquerading as a religion to FOOL YOU into permiting it to persist. It is the enemy of all mankind. These are not muslim exremists. No, they are most certainly not. They are simply loyal to islam. This is why islam kills islam. Those “peaceful” islamics are the “radicals” because peace in islam is a very radical idea since none of the 3 holy books preach any such they. Apparently you have believe the propagands.

                    Personally, I don’t believe the ZOG propaganda either, but, there are more than two sides of this story. Simply pointing out the ZOG liars doesn’t mean that the truth is 180 degrees from their story. …more like about 37.5 degrees.

                    RTFM: Why we are afraid bill warner

                    Search it in youtube. You act like you know the facts but you KNOW NOTHING!

                    • Net Ranger. There is no religion type, less evil than the other. Time to ban these cults that love to hate and kill. How about the MSM show the Genocide on the ground from the Wests Drone Bombs that kill so many innocent women and children. How about 360 Degrees of honesty of all sides and let us decide then.

                    • NetRanger, I have .22LR and several other calibers in my “ventilation team” to handle members of the religion of pieces of shit.

                    • How about you realize that most “extremism” on the part or religion is co-opted religion and has absolutely NOTHING to do with the actual religion itself.

                      They Israel, for instance. They’re not “Israel”. If you understand one thing, understand that only two of the “Tribes Of Israel” were “Jewish”. Menassa and Juda. They came back after the captivity. They were Judah, not Israel. The Khazars formed Israel. Zionists are co-opting the Jewish religion.

                      Besides, religion is that “dirty rags” that Saul/Paul talked of in his letters. But, it rings true with the sheeple. They’ll believe anything.

                      “In the name of Jesus, I murder these people!!!” and guys like you run around pointing, “See! See! Violence! Religion. Ban! Ban! Ban!” Claiming the religion doesn’t mean squat. The trouble is, this kind for murdering stuff? Yeah, thats exactly what the three “holy” (…again, I use the term VERY loosely) books of islam CONDONE!!! It is the peaceful ones that are the deviants. …and they’re only peaceful until they get enough numbers to be brazen. You want a peaceful religion? Look at modern American Christianity. No, not the corporate churches. They’re in it for the money or government propaganda dissemination. Look at the little churches. They love and help everyone, even those that curse them. I know. I’m a member of one.

                      Besides, I don’t have a religion. I have a relationship.

                      Two books every person needs to read before they start bashing religions and faiths:

                      Pagan Christianity – To understand how the modern Christian Church is not at all Biblical.

                      Jesus For President – To understand what it means to be a Christian.

                      It sounds like you have believed the propaganda pumped into your head about religion instead of actually either studying it or experiencing it. I feel very bad for you. The damage this world does to people is inexcusable.

                    • Well, at least we now know who and what this anti-semetic ranting fool Who-Da-Dumb-Ass is.

                    • The West can hardly claim innocence and purity – given our own appalling record of inflicting brutality overseas.

                      Who put the House of Saud in power? They fund the “Islamic” sect that provide the physiological brainwash training for human beings to become the monsters capable of these acts.

                      Who has a track record for torture in the sand box? Breeding intrinsic hatred in peoples who previously couldn’t have found us on a world map & had no issues with us whatsoever.

                      Who funded AL CIA Duh and it’s horrific mutant super evolved younger brother ISIS?

                      We have to cut the head off the snake before all humanity is swallowed by the abyss. We have to do this quickly. Ignorance stopped being an excuse far too long ago. We need to start by calling it what it is – Satanic. Remember Satan is the great deceiver and to avoid detection he hides behind other labels. (In this instance Islam, but we would shirk in horror at what has happened in the of the spread of the Christian Gospels by Satan if we could just remove the propaganda blinkers for long enough to see clearly).

                      Nobody wants to live like an animal, fearful for the lives of their loved ones and children, consumed by a hatred so intense it separates them from all that once made them human. Those that actively promote the conditions for this to happen need to be stopped. I have yet to see the true instigators sacrificing their OWN first born sons to the alter of this Satanic war on humanity.

                    • The cartoonist who lives by the sowrd and dies by the sword- these could have been avoided if they are more sensitive to the Muslims

                  • I’m reading a lot of comments on this video regarding basically pole-vaulting over ant shit.

                    The majority of you are missing the entire point.

                    1. The Islamists intend to kill anyone who will not submit, and/or mocks Islam.

                    2. They shooter intended to kill the guy laying on the ground. Whether he actually got shot or not is irrelevant.

                    3. Islam is NOT a religion; it is a political ideology like (Communism/Marxism) for example.

                    4. The victim was reportedly UNARMED.

                    5. These attacks persist because of political correctness on the part of the French government, and rampant panty-waist liberalism.

                    6. The USA is next.

                    7. Wake the fuck up and arm yourselves and get some trigger time combined with tactical training.

                    8. Don’t ever be afraid of knuckle-dragging ragheads.


                    • While I agree with most of your points, they really start making less sense when you realize that most things like this have been created by governments and larger organizations for agenda fullfilment purposes.

                      I do, however, completely love the term “musloids”, however, I prefer the alternate “muzloid” spelling.

                      Thanks for the link.

                    • I’m not missing any point. Once, decades ago as a young fun loving student I lived on the very same street that the Lee Rigby atrocity would happen on far into the future. The monsters that did that went to state schools and were raised by respectable Christian families in the UK.

                      The hatred is being home grown and nurtured right under our noses in the West- it’s not a foreign import! I needed to understand how such wickedness could occur in a place I have fond memories of (though it was never what you’d call a salubrious neighbourhood). Nurturing the fear and hatred needed to drive an ordinary somebody to do something so awful takes a LOT of skill, planning, and isn’t just random.

                      I’m not an idiot and know the extent of the surveillance and government intrusion into our privacy that occurs here in the UK. A movement like this can ONLY grow if someone in power makes the conscious choice to allow it to be nourished and watered carefully. This type of atrocity occurs because someone right here in the west wants it to! Look not at the puppets but for the controlling hidden hand for the source of the sick madness.

                      Here in the UK the general public has no access to guns (though you’ll note the rich still have their shooting and hunting celebrations at their grand country retreats!). Here we have boys as young as 13 chopping each other up with kitchen knives in some areas. If someone is hellbent on murderous violence they will use their bare hands to kill if that is the only thing available to do so with. Here we have a media and political establishment hell bent on creating fear, loathing and hatred where none previously existed before.

                      At some point you have to ask yourself WHY? Only once you have surmised for yourself the answers can you begin to fight back.

                    • Thank you CR from another ca. resident.

                      Well said!!

                  • WWTI: “And another reason why all religions should be banned in the world.”

                    “For this reason also, God highly exalted Him, and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE WILL BOW, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

                    Philipians 2: 9-11.

                    Meditate on this passage WWTI.

                  • freedom of speech and blah blah blah, but i do agree. even though speech is free, doesn’t mean idiots should go around stirring sh1t because they feel it’s their right to be able to voice their sh1t disturbing opinions.

                    i’m all for freedom of speech, but is really necessary to start a fight with words?

                    they knew making fun of their “prophet” is something they could/would retaliate over and did it anyways. so they did this to themselves. that’s all there is to it.

                    • Haha, no. no. no. I have no more energy to even bother with explaining it. Good grief, they asked for it? Rhetorical question.

                    • StupidAzzCracka. There, that sounds better.

                  • @WhoWuddaThunkIt,
                    Tell ya what. Take a plane over to Iraq, and let the ISIS guys know what you think. Tell them to ditch their hoax religion, and just love everybody.

                    Let me know how that turns out for ya.

                    Everybody is at fault except for the Islamic Fundamentalists, right?

              • An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less until he knows absolutely everything about nothing.

                Weber’s Definition

                Same shit, new day.

                • It looks like 2015 is starting off with a BANG ! 😛

                  • Fissed. 😉

                    It looks like 2015 is starting off with a BANG ! BANG BANG BANG !

                  • I’m surprised no one is blaming the US for this yet.

                    • Yes, all we need is for the Muslim in the White House to push for some “common sense” gun control so that this tragedy could be avoided in the future. Doesn’t matter if this happened I another country. I am sure his pen and phone will get pressed into action.

              • BULL SHIT

              • That does not look fake to me.

                Looks like a round bouncing off A VERY HARD side walk.

                Even with a blank adapter I have never seen that happen.

              • You can see the bullet ricochet off the sidewalk past his head. He was not shot in the body.

                • You see a dust cloud. You see no bullet mark on the pavement. The dust cloud would be indicative of the muzzle blast focused on that area.

              • OutWest

                “Full jacketed ammo also leaves only a
                30 caliber hole to bleed from, hence
                the lack of gushing.”

                A 7.62-39 will literally blow off the top of ones head or blow out a fist size chunk of meat on exit. The hydraulic shock does it. The bullet tends to tumble too.

                No need for a hollow point.

                • Done the tests. Not with 7.62×39 but with other ammo. Even 130 RNC 30 caliber lead bullets traveling 1500 fps (about half that of a 7.62×39 FMJ) will get quite a bit of blow from hydraulic shock. Double the speed, quadruple the effect.

                  Kevn2, didn’t know you knew so much about firearms and their terminology?

                  • “didn’t know you knew so much about firearms and their terminology?”

                    I know a bit. I like all motion making machinery from internal combustion engines through industrial having retired as a power plant operations supervisor.

                    Look at BoxO truth on the net. He shoots cool stuff. Probably makes a living doing it.

                    “Double the speed, quadruple the effect.”

                    Didn’t know you knew basic physics. Square of the velocity. Care to start up a power plant?

                    • K2,box of truth a great site,informative and a wide variety of toys and food for research or just plain curiosity as to how it works/whether might be something you.

                    • I’ll be EHS, but the plant has to be out in the NW 🙂

                    • Start up a power plant? Eh?

                      Yeah! In my back yard. Photovoltiac. I’m working on it.

                    • Old school magnet spinner here. Good luck with your system.

              • You dumb crackers

                • Caveman, what is your problem?

                  • Wilma probably telling him to take Deno for another walk,he’s just hen pecked!

                • i’m a cracker and that still makes me chuckle…so there’s you an upvote.

                  cracker, honky…words so stupid and lame, they’re actually funny…but they’ll never be as fun to say as the ones us crackers made up for non-crackers. 😉

                  • Cracka, welcome aboard, and I agree.

              • Vive La France! Vive Liberte!

                • La France won’t vive very long if they don’t start packin’ some heat 😉

              • He didn’t shoot him at all.

                You clearly have no understanding of ballistics or physics, nor have you ever witnessed the actual intersection of projectile and human.

                This “shooting” is as fake as they come.

              • Absolutely, correct, OutWest.

              • Would it be possible that gushing of blood would start after a delay? Sufficient to cause a large stain on the pavement?

            • Look at the longer cuts of the video; a pool of blood emerges under his head, so that’s the “no blood” nonsense eliminated. It’s hard to judge recoil because the camera is not steady and the gunman is moving as he fires.

              And do American hunters shoot deer with assault rifles? I know we don’t in N Ireland. So the comparison is suspect.

              Now, tell me, if this possible (guys with AR experience only please, no armchair experts):

              High velocity round at point blank range = non-exploding skull. Possible?

              Large calibre sniper round fired from afar and slowed down through its flight = head and body ripped asunder. Correct?

              Let’s not conflate the two phenomena in any rush to cry “fake!”

              • Jay in UK says:

                “Look at the longer cuts of the video; a pool of blood emerges under his head, so that’s the “no blood” nonsense eliminated.”

                Post the link to the video Jay!!!

              • “High velocity round at point blank range = non-exploding skull. Possible?”

                NO absolutely not, nope. The shock wave would blow apart the skull, period.

                Does shooting cantaloupes and watermelons qualify?

            • You’re incorrect. It’s not like the movies, heads don’t explode. The unfortunate reality officers across the world have to face on a daily basis.

              • Me

                With a 123 grain projectile at 2300 FPS that generates 1500 ft lbs of energy? Drop a pebble into a still pond. Now increase the speed. As the speed is increased the energy increases in proportion to its square. Toss that pebble at 2300 fps. Better yet take that rifle and shoot into that pond. Its guyser time.

                9mm FMJ has 1/4 of the energy of the 7.62-39 with the same bullet weight but the 7.62 has 2x speed. Double speed, energy increases 4x. Square of the velocity.

                Things move when hit. Seen the video. Eyes don’t lie but I tend to raise an alarm when the video is pulled for being too graphic when we’re here debating seeing anything at all.

                Go to the web site BoxO Truth.

                • Okay Kevin, let’s analyse the pond scenario again (if I can be so bold as to speak in the context of my educational background as an aeronautical engineer, which means I should have a bit of an idea about physics).

                  For one, you’re invoking a pond, that is, a body of water. Not the same thing as a human head, never mind a watermelon.

                  Then you’re talking about geysers. The reality is, slower projectiles cause more messy, explosion-like effects on human targets than high velocity ones, which punch right through; for this reason, a single bullet fired at point blank range can often pass right through a head or torso and kill another person standing behind the initial target.

                  So your geyser analogy more properly applied would be like this: a slow pebble creates a wide wave (and aftershocks) with large amplification, with the main collateral energy spreading outwards along the surface of the water. A high velocity pebble creates more of a vertical splash – your “geyser” effect – and less in the way of transverse collateral energy along the surface of the water. In other words, high speed produces a clean punch-through effect, low speed produces a more messy, gore splattered everywhere effect.

                  Now, let’s look at some real life examples. Ever heard of anyone surviving a point blank shot to the head? I was born and raised in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, so amazingly enough, I know that heads don’t explode when shot at close range by automatic weapons. Consider this guy who was a high profile politician in NI while I was growing up: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Taylor,_Baron_Kilclooney#Arms

                  Five bullets to the head and he’s still alive… Wow, it didn’t explode then?

                  Or this guy: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/41046340/ns/health-health_care/t/bullet-head-can-be-overcome-survivors-say/

                  The problem is, too many chaps have half an idea about how things work in the real world. I grew up in a war zone where people were being shot every week. Exploding heads were largely unheard of, even in sniper attacks (which invariably were aimed at the torso – go figure).

                  • There is head and there is cranium. A jaw, cheek and the like. Head wounds bleed like hell too.

                    I seen photos from Vietnam Vets I worked with. The exit wounds at the cranium were huge, closed hand size or greater. I assume a vacuum (low pressure area) of sorts is behind the bullet after first the expansion. I seen gallon milk jugs of water filled with drenched toilet paper shot with similar projectiles. The plastic was literally torn from the inside. I “assume” from the temporary cavity caused by the projectile. That plastic along the fault was uneven, shredded. Thats a lot of force to pull that apart. Not sheered but literally pushed beyond its elastic limit from the inside. A skull is like an egg. Let it hit something hard at 10 ft sec or so and without helmet see if its not fractured. 1500 ft lbs and 2300 fps. Literally a no brainer.

                    I seen stuff shot that is too similar.

                    I would bet my life savings on it. Hell i made bets with it that were far more iffy and made out.

                    The nature of the weapon, its functioning is not important be it auto or not. Is it a 9MM pistol round? An AK round be it 7.62 or worse yet 5.45 will vacate tissue the size of an open hand on exit if hit in the cranium. See the Zapruder Film? See that chunk of the cerebellum that Jacky tried to retrieve? Look at the real photos in the book Best Evidence.

                    • “So your geyser analogy more properly applied would be like this: ”

                      No. I have fired similar rifles into a pond. Its a geyser a huge geyser.

                      Want some real examples. Go to BoxO Truth on the net. The guy has shot everything.

                    • Oops one more.

                      I seen groundhogs. Lots of groundhogs shot with a .223 at 150-200 yards. Thats about 2500 FPS (at that range) or so and 55 grains of projectile that were FMJ as opposed to 123 grains of projectile and 2300 fps. The creature is a red mist and what is left is pretty much unrecognizable mix of flesh and fur.

                      Your example did not mention a high velocity rifle. I missed the 5 rounds in the head too.

                      High velocity bullets do far more damage than heavy low velocity bullets. Its for good reason that projectiles have got smaller and faster in warfare.

                    • GET SOME, K2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      ..you’re 100% spot on the money, dude!!


                      I have/use a chronograph, so as to check various bench-load reloading specs, per the calibers I reload for..that said: ..I often check ‘factory’ loads for the calibers I DO NOT LOAD / RELOAD for..specifically, 7.62x39mm and 5.45x39mm.

                      1.> ..per 7.62x39mm(123gr. w/ manifold mfgrs. tested, all steel case mostly ..(Russian/east-Commbloc stuff/Chi-com & (choke!!!) Egyptian brass, but berdan-primed ammo.
                      …the results were shocking!

                      The Russian FMJ & HP were the most consistent..max deviation was within 45-95fps @ 1 meter. -(not bad)-
                      The Yugo rds spread were close to 120fps.
                      The Chinese rds. were junk…the Arab crap was ‘off the chart’…well over 1000fps spread between 15rds fired.

                      Test mule was a friend’s Bulgarian (milled receiver) AK w/ a muzzle-brake/flash suppressor.

                      Max velocity recorded = 2355fps (Russian, Brown Bear brand, 123gr/hp)
                      Min velocity recorded = 1965fps (Egyptian, 123-4gr/FMJ)


                      Redneck terminal ‘damage’ tests were conducted using 15-20lb large hard pumpkins from my garden, wrapped in old furniture shipping blankets (thick) & duct-tapped. Distance to targets = 50yds.
                      Only Russian ‘Brown-Bear’ brand and ‘TULA’ were used, per this test.

                      Results confirmed that the HP rds caused considerably more trauma upon exiting ..but surprisingly, even the FMJ stuff produced serious(IMO) evidence of ‘hydro-static shock/tumbling’…

                      Since there are some real professional shooters, who visit & post herein…perhaps they can provide better data…as, like I said…’twas a Redneck testing session only!


                      Per the AK-74 ..only Barnual(sp?) ammo was tested. Results per velocity deviation, was on par/ close to USA mfgrd PMC brand 55gr/5.56 out of an AR-15 ..again, am talking about DEVIATIONS in velocity …not max velocity!

                      That said: ..the pumpkins exploded!!!!!!!


                      In closing, allow me to state unequivocally, thus:

                      ..Jay in UK ….Kevin 2, owned/owns…your ass!!!!!!!

                • And here’s another example from… PARIS. Today. A second gun attack leaving a policewoman dead and a passer-by severely injured with a shot to the face from… An AUTOMATIC RIFLE. He challenged a gunman who was armed with an M5 assault rifle. Interestingly enough, the victim’s head did not explode… (apologies if I appear flippant given the the wounded man is in extremis).

                  LINK IN FRENCH (use Google Translate if you can’t read French): http://www.leparisien.fr/faits-divers/malakoff-une-policiere-blessee-par-balles-ce-matin-08-01-2015-4428367.php

                  • So Kevin, you didn’t bother to visit that link I provided for the Northern Irish politician who had 5 rounds fired into his head from close range and lived?

                    I don’t believe you know what you’re talking about at all, sad to say.

                    High speed non hollow point rounds from close range DO NOT EXPLODE HUMAN HEADS.

                    • I read it. I did not read that he was hit with 5 rounds in the head. The caliber of the weapon is is not mentioned. We’re discussing an AK47 rifle firing a projectile with a diameter of 7.62MM at 2300 FPS with 1500 ft lbs of energy.

                      You can shoot someone in the mouth and have it exit a cheek. They survive. No head to explode because little of the hear is hit. Land an AK47 or worse yet an AK74 round to the cranium and good by cranium. Period.

                      The temporary cavity from that 7.62-39 round would be approximately 5″. Look up temporary cavity gunshot wound. That violent expansion is what blows out the brains. Brain matter is not held in very well. Its soft and probably virtually liquified by that trama. Handguns punch a hole relatively proportional to the diameter of the projectile. Little in regards to temporary cavity. Handguns are not good man stoppers for this reason. Your instance on “an automatic weapon” means nothing, its the bullet that does the damage.

                      You cannot compare a handgun with a rifle. In defensive circles a handgun is called, “A tool you use to get to a rifle”. As I said I have shot similar things. I have seen ballistic gel that has one purpose to simulate flesh. Military rifles in general and an AK47 in specific will blow off the top of a cranium.

                    • Jan in UK

                      This is from a book written by a physician regarding the wound likely seen from an AK47 to the cranium.

                      ” Large pieces of the skull and brain are typically blown away, with pulpification of the residual brain in the cranial cavity. Pieces of scalp may be sheared off. The skull shows extensive commi- nuted fractures.”

            • MAC,

              “But, as we noted previously, even some Americans haven’t yet realized that a weapon in the HEADS of a law abiding citizen”

              ??? Sorry, I’m typo trolling.

              • Yeah, I saw that too. I think Mac needs to hire a proof reader, He has made typos on at least the last several articles.

                It’s alright Mac, we still love ya !


            • …or any other part of his body…

            • i just watched that video in slo-mo on another site and the bullet clearly misses the officer and hits the sidewalk.

            • You’re an idiot. I’ve been hunting deer and other game for 40 years. I use a 7mm Remington Magnum which travels over 3000 feet per second. The bullet passes through so fast the deer don’t know they’re hit. My son has a AR which shoots 5.56 and/or 223 over 4000 feet per second. We buy the 223 for deer since they come in soft tipped bullets that expand and tranfer a lot of shock. However, the 5.56 only comes in full metal jacket which will poke through leaving a pencil sized hole. The don’t mushroom so don’t have any knock down power. They are the nato round which these pussy child molesting Sunnis are using. It’s obvious the cop was hit in the leg and his leg bone was shattered before the piece of shit killed him. It’s also obvious from the strike on the sidewalk where the bullet passed through that the trajectory was in line to pass through his head or neck. Although, there would be a substantial amount of blood after it had a chance to drain out, it’s not going to instantly spray onto the sidewalk. Hell the camera was only on him for a couple seconds after he was assassinated. WTF is wrong with you that you think everything is a fucking conspiracy. It doesn’t take any skill to run up on a wounded unarmed cop and head shoot him so quit spreading stupid theories about some dumb ass conspiracy. Why would the government spend so much time faking something like that. To get us pissed at the Sunni’s? Hell we already hate the rapist for beheading the other innocent victims. Show some respect for the dead or, else, go to Syria and try to conspire with ISIL to fake your death. You’re going to wind up with a major pain in the neck but don’t worry it quits hurting once your head is severed. Then all the other idiots can come on here and accuse your dead ass of faking it like you say the dead cop did. You stupid piece of shit.

              • What hunter would used a 7mag or 300mag on deer…unless your shot is maybe +400yds or so?
                Idiots like you, evidently enjoy wasting both shoulders, yes?

                Unless, you’re using a lighter bullet..or a Nosler ballistic-tip, for explosive expansion.


                …but per your +4000fps AR-15…you sir,IMO..are a ‘gawd-damned liar’!!!!

                So I ask you, please provide proof..per the ammo mfgr, the bullet weight…or if you reload, the powder/primer used, the bullet weight/profile, the weapon’s barrel length…and how many rounds @ +4000fps you /your stupid son fired thru it..prior to the weapon’s chamber-throat evaporating..

                ..or more than likely, having the side of your/his face ‘wiped-out’..as the bolt/charging handle smashes your skull, due to overloading/over-stressing/rupturing the receiver!!!

                FYI…the max velocity you’re gonna get outta an AR(5.56/223)..is maybe +3600-low 3700fps.
                ..and that’s w/ a tiny 40gr. Hornady V-max.


                You want +4000fps??? Buy a 22-250Remmington..in a bolt-gun configuration…or go ‘wildcat’ w/ a 6mm/.338.

                ..and learn to reload…and quit lying while you’re at it!!!!

                • ^^^^^

                  What Hunter said. I agree.

                  • Deerhunter

                    A .223 / 5.56 will tumble within 12″ of impact and fragment. Muscle being far stiffer than brain mass will likely have an exit wound 2″ in diameter but the blood shot tissue is likely double that. If the animal was hit in the head there goes that good mount over the fireplace.

                    4000 FPS? That is 220 swift at maximum MAYBE. .223 / 5.56 a tad over 3100 FPS.

                    No blood, no blown out brain, no bullet strike. Why the grand theatrics? What purpose does it serve? We can only speculate. Regardless when one removes that which is impossible (and in that video that “officer” was not shot in the head) what remains, regardless how one feels is probable.

                • Yeah, you’re right about the velocity. We have to damn many guns and it’s the remington 700 bdl 22-250 I was thinking of that breaks 4000 but his little 22 caliber AR is way out there around 3500. When I first started hunting there were only a few shells that were in the 3000 club but there seems to be plenty now.

                  Anyway, you are an ass too to think no one uses a 7mm mag on deer. Down here in Texas, we hunt long sederos which often require long shots. I’m currently hunting 16,000 acres on the Brisco ranch in South Texas with many senderos reaching way beyond my range.

                  I quit reloading noslers 140 grain bullistic tips when Winchester started factory loading them about 10 years ago. They may not rip five shot holes in targets like my handloads did but they are still accurate enough for all of our game. I have shot many, many, many big bucks in the shoulder because they were huge wall hangers that I didn’t want to take a chance on loosing. Yeah I lost some meat but you don’t get that much meat off the shoulder anyway and the big 6 1/2 and 7 1/2 year olds are more suited for sausage that steaks anyway so you can still salvage plenty of meat. However, this year I have used all 5 of my tags on culls and a couple does. Although the first cull was a 22 inch short tined 10 pointer, it only scored 137 5/8 and we didn’t want it breeding in the place of the 170+ bucks roaming down here. Anyway, l shot them all behind the shoulder when they were broadside. The 7mm mag only broke a couple ribs and made a quarter sized hole through the lungs. Right now my chest freezer can barely close so if I had lost some meat to a shoulder shot, it sure wouldn’t have made any difference.

                  But ultimately, you are right in that I misspoke about the velocity of my son’s new AR and was thinking of a different gun. I had just came to this site for the first time ever to see the unblurred impact on the dead cop and then got wound up when folks were suggesting the cop somehow was faking it and part of some crazy conspiracy while his family was grieving their loss somewhere in france. Yeah I hammered out a reactive response and hit send. To me the most ironic thing about it was that supposedly the dead cop was himself a muslim. When I saw the video, all I could think about was why didn’t the cop have a gun and I wish I were on that roof top so I could have shot those pieces of shit Jihadists.

                  Luckily today, someone else had the pleasure of killing them. I just wish I could have pulled that trigger.

                  Happy conspiracy hunting you bunch of paranoid fucks.

          • “No blood there???”

            If you’re shot in the head with an AK at that range, your head is at least going to bounce off the pavement.

            This guy just rolls over.

            Like the video caption says:

            No Blood + No Recoil + No Body Movement = FAKE.

            • Yep. But millions will argue with you because we live in a world of know-nuthin’ moron who’ve never done or even witnessed anything of significance and believe ANYthing told them by their ‘minders.’

            • You got it Yo-mama”, there’s ZERO body-twitch..one would expect at bullet impact..nor blood/tissue spray upon exiting.

              ..funny how this incident occurs right after France votes “YES”…to allowing the Palestinians, membership into the ICC!!! -(International Criminal Court)-
              And French MPs voting for a Palestinian state and against Israel in the U.N.

              Perhaps the Mossad, is sending a message, in prime-time.

              ..if nothing else, at least this event will get Jeffrey Epstein, Allen Dershowitz and Prince Andrew…off the newspaper’s front page.



              Ok, here’s the shark….

              ht tp://whatreallyhappened.com/IMAGES/parisshooterID.jpg

              • “Funny how this incident occurs right after France votes “YES”…to allowing the Palestinians, membership into the ICC!!! -(International Criminal Court)- And French MPs voting for a Palestinian state and against Israel in the U.N.”

                I THINK YOU NAILED IT, hunter! Piss israhell off and this is what you get…message is pretty clear to me.

                • There’s also Sandy Hook after UN’s recognition of Palestine (that some believe had Mossad involvement) and Anders Breivik for Norway’s support of Palestine against Israel.

                • I think yer right, sixpack!

                  Thumbs up to ya.

              • And you have this

                Last month, a new anti-terrorism bill went through the French parliament which many fear will change the landscape of the internet in that country as well as threaten all sorts of dissenters with all sorts of unconstitutional measures.

                The translated version of the bill can be found here.



                What do you mean “here’s the shark?”

            • You might be on to something there. I remember watching an older video from Mexico which caught a few jewelry thieves bursting into a shop and spraying a man from a few feet away. He pretty much turned into hamburger with bits and pieces everywhere. And I remember another video from Africa where a man lying on the street was shot in the head point blank. His face was gone.

              Fake? Just might be. These days the thought does not seem very strange.

            • Agreed, no splatter and no movement. If he was shot, I doubt it was a headshot.

          • Look at the puff of smoke, looks like it could be mistaken for muzzle blast but also it looks like the shot missed and impacted the ground. A 7.62 at that range would have blown his head wide open.

            • I’m sure there are combat vets reading this that have witnessed just such a shot.

              • Here’s a perfect example. The president Kennedy head shot.

          • That cement sidewalk should have had a permanent mark from the projectile and the bullet fragments should have peppered that officer with enough shrapnel that he would have flinched. The dust cloud on the sidewalk looks like it came from the venting of expanding gasses only as there is no mark from the bullet.

            Then again I could be wrong.

            • The resolution of the video might keep us from actually seeing the damage to the concrete from that angle, at that distance.

              • Having seen actual human beings being shot and killed with AK-47’s in my past law enforcement careers, I’ve never seen a head “explode” from a near-point blank shooting. I do however believe that the officer did not get hit in that attempted assassination, but bled to death from the shots he DID take to his unarmored torso. Not having been at that shooting scene, and neither has anyone else posting here, I do believe that the alleged head shot missed the mark, OR, was another shot to the neck or torso. I’ve seen many homicide victims and several shooting victims(in person shootings)where there was a whole less bleeding than Hollywood likes to portray on screen. Films and television have never been “reality” and shooting rifle cartridges into water or other non-human targets, NEVER has been an accurate empirical evidence of “how bullets work”. Just my past professional experience is all.

          • Here we go again:
            Your taxes at work , by your dear Khazarian Warlord Banksters.

          • OK, here’s my take on this. Even if the shooting had been real, what did the French expect when they allowed Muslims into their country in the first place? What did ALL of the EU nations who allowed Muslims into their country expect for that matter? What did the US govt. expect when they STILL allowed Muslims into this country AFTER 9/11 and said we were in a “war on terror”? Why the hell are Muslims being accommodated on anything? THEY ALL NEED TO BE SENT BACK TO WHATEVER SANDBOXES THEY CAME FROM. All I know for sure is le a Muslim attack me and I’ll send him to Allah.

            • The importation of the third world into the west has to stop. Multiculturalism is a dangerous failure because not everyone wants to be friends, they don’t want to assimilate but want everyone else to adopt their beliefs, not all cultures and peoples are equally civilized. 100% of the rapes in Oslo, Norway are by Muslim immigrants. Any rational person can see the problem here.

            • What happens when muslim populations increase in countries? The article is dated 2010 so the numbers are off but shows the sequence of events that happens when muslims increase their population percentage over 2% , which is considered the threshold for peace loving muslims. After 2%, the peaceful muslim group begins its transformation.


              Lets hope someone does something with these ” no-go” areas.

            • Renegade- perhaps we need to send your type to the caves because when the Muslims were leaders in science You were barbarians of the dark ages!

          • agents provocateur


          • muhammad was a baby-raper who is now quite dead, thankfully.

          • I never liked him, but John Major summed it up nicely when he said “We can defeat them, or be defeated by them”.

            I keep hearing poliwusses whine that “We are not at war with Islam”. Mu slimes make no secret of the fact that they are at war with us. Make no mistake, this is an existencial struggle.

          • I am wondering if this is what Moishela was talking about:

            Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
            A Handicapped child
            3 Cheshvan 5775 (Oct 26, ’14)


            “The Noose Is Getting Tighter”

            The world has absolutely gone mad, absolutely mad. Murder, accidents, weather related deaths, riots, plagues, Mamash a very scary world. Every day something new. Every day something more bloody. Every day more and more deaths. Every day we become more and more frightened.

            The noose is getting tighter and tighter around us, and the worst part about it is that no one seems to feel it except a very few. Very few people feel it at all. Either they don’t want to feel it so they ignore it, or they are really in some very strong daze or under some kind of drug that keeps them from seeing what is happening. It doesn’t even have to be medication, although I would imagine that in the western world at least 50% of the people are on some kind of psychiatric medication. They drug themselves on Gashmius on materialism so they won’t know, so they won’t feel, so they won’t be afraid. What is happening is frightening because the world is beginning to feel the effects of being ruled by a group of absolute maniacs, of people that are evil to their bone. They are planning crazy things and thinking they can get away with it, thinking that they can turn the world into their private domain, that they can take the Jewish people and turn them into Goyim. Their greatest goal that they want to achieve is they want to destroy, to kill nine-tenths of the world population. What can I tell you? We Yidden are being targeted. Our faith is being targeted, and we must, must come back to Hashem in order to stop it.

            I have dreams, I have such frightening dreams every night. I see cities being blown up. I see all kinds of terrible things happening. I see wild men killing and plundering. I see planes shooting and bombing. I see people dying of thirst and hunger, and I cry and I cry. I am so nervous and so afraid, not for myself – for my family and for Am Yisroel, how terrible, how terrible. I’m not even giving you the details of what I see but it’s very very frightening! I don’t know how to pass on to my fellow Jews through what I am writing, the difficult things we still have to face.

            How can I beg? How can I plead with Am Yisroel to open their eyes, to get rid of the Gashmius, to stop looking like street people, to start looking again like Yidden, to start acting again like Yissen? I’m talking to the Frum. What else can I say to you? What else can I do? If you read over everything I’ve said to this point, you should already be doing Teshuva in the strongest way, but I see in the streets that people are buying and buying things that are not necessary. I see that they are making fancy parties and fancy Chasunas and things that are not necessary. I see and I feel that children are growing up to love, to lust after Gashmius. I see how we are eating like gluttons, but have become very very weak in our Mitzvos and it makes me cry. Now we are facing the most horribly difficult time in history and we’re messing around with nonsense.

            What can I say? What can I do? I’m only a young person with an old head and an old heart, but I can tell you this: you better straighten up fast. You better get your act together because the suffering is going to be unbelievable if not, and if you take yourself in hand then you can save yourself so much suffering, so much misery. Do you understand? People, do you understand? You can save yourselves so much suffering, but if not it will be unimaginable suffering. I’m begging you. I’m begging you. Put your trust in Hashem not in people, not in science, not in chief rabbis, or in heads of state. Put your trust only in Hashem, only in Hashem, only in Hashem. We have to be like the Yidden that left Mitzrayim and spent forty years in the desert. We have to be like that. We have to have that kind of trust of Hashem without question, no matter what happens, no questions asked. We must know in our hearts and our souls that it’s all for our good, it’s to help us go higher, to help us reach the next stage of Creation which is Olam Habah of Moshiach Tzidkainu, and our journey upwards, to total salvation, to completely become one with Hashem. That’s what I have to say.

            I’m afraid that my words have become useless because people have become used to listening to them, even though they are harsh and they are strong and people see around them terrible things happening, but they are getting used to it. They want their Gashmius more than they want to listen. So I will say a few more

            sentences to make sure you understand. Please, please do Teshuva. Change your way of life. Become Tzniusdik, (dressing modest) the men and the women. Trust Hashem in everything. Don’t go looking outside of your Daled Amos for the Yeshua. The Yeshua is only with Hashem, only with Hashem. In the near future we are going to witness very bloody happenings, very frightening and very bloody. Here in Eretz Yisroel there will be more riots and more trouble, but in Chutz La’aretz it will be really bad, really bad.

            Between now and Chanukah we are going to have a rush of incidents all over the world, that will put great fear into most of the population of the world. You won’t know where to look first, up, down, left, right. Everywhere there will be trouble big big trouble. Hashem is trying to show us that the inevitable must be and that means that we are coming very close to the Geula Sheleima, and the hardest part of this birth is now and therefore you can either have an easy birth or a very difficult one. It’s your choice.

            • Moishela—-

              Please define & translate “Hashem” into English, along with its complete/accepted English spelling..and who or what entities “Hashem” encompasses.

              ..thank you.

              • Yawn, go suck an egg.


        • It’s also been reported that these so called “Islamic Terrorist” spoke perfect French!

          • Well……if they were born there…….

            Just sayin’

          • They were Algerian French, born in France.

          • AND how is it that it is now being reported everywhere (since 12 f’ing french dying seems to be worthy of 24 hr news coverage???) who they were? With their pics everywhere?? How do we know who they are? Did they take their hood/masks off? Were there witnesses that saw their face?

            I watch the news now and I seriously feel like I am really in Alice in Winderland. The whole world done went f*#king nuts. Nothing is real….nothing from the media and govt is real, NOTHING!

        • That is NOT a Head Shot!

          Bullet has gone through the Ballistic vest at upper shoulder, to exit in the front. Dust is from the STEEL CORE ammunition hitting sidewalk. Blood splatter contained by front vest. At 2600 ft. per sec. 126 gr. if it hit his head at that range his head would have exploded like a melon. His chest/internals are mush. Shock wave.

          • slingshot says:

            “Bullet has gone through the Ballistic vest at upper shoulder, to exit in the front.”

            How do you arrive at that conclusion???

            The video speaks for itself.

            The shooter was on a plane above the shoulder area!

            Look at it again!!

            Besides that… any self-respecting Islamic terrorist would never be so sloppy in shot placement.

            Did your Christmas list this year include Islamic terrorists (boogeymen) slingshot?

            • YMWW

              So are you saying he missed him completely?

              The barrel downward angle is on the body. The shot exits in front of the body by deflection by going through the vest or hitting bone. I used 7.62×39 for hunting hog and I have shot disabled animals still alive. They never bounced off the ground on the kill shot.

              Islamic Boogeymen?

              Time will tell.

              • slingshot says:

                “I used 7.62×39 for hunting hog and I have shot disabled animals still alive. They never bounced off the ground on the kill shot.”

                Two questions for you:

                1. Are you suggesting this “cop” died from a 7.62×39 shoulder wound?


                2. How many “disabled” hogs/pigs have you shot on concrete?

                • YWWW.

                  It looks like he has been hit and disabled. The shoulder shot could cause him go into immediate shock.
                  Did he bleed out internally. He could have been paralysed as he moves his upper body and not his legs, That is pure dead weight which may account for the non- movement of the shoulder shot on concrete. Would a body bounce if a sandbag/dead wieght was on the hips.

          • We’re not on top of the scene but I don’t see any mark on the sidewalk from a bullet impact.

            Its truly impossible to determine with absolute accuracy but it look fishy.

            • I didn’t notice the officer move with the impact of 1500 ft/lbs of energy impacting on him. It would have been even more pronounced due to the impact upon his vest in your explanation.

              • Kevin2

                Steel core is surrounded by a thin coat of lead and covered with copper case. I believe it is the steel core center that hits the side walk punching through the vest leaving the lead center and copper jacket behind by expansion. That would account for a small dust cloud and small impact on the sidewalk.

                Now I will admit that if it is the 5.65 AKM 74? ammo I would be wrong.

                • I don’t see any projectile mark on the sidewalk. I only see a dust cloud. I see no blood nor movement from the bullet impact. When your as moveable as a human body and its hit with 1500 ft lbs of energy, it moves in the direction of the projectile.

                  I just don’t see what I’m think I’m supposed to see.

                  • Kevin2

                    O.K. I get it with the laws of motion.

                    If this is a false flag like all the other false flags. Then all we have to do is sit tight. We fight the legislation that comes from the event and do not care what happens overseas.

                    Do we care more about it being a false flag or it being a terrorist attack that may come to the USA.

                    Not throwing stones at you.

                    • I don’t think this has anything to do with domestic US legislation. This is geo-political. This validates some kind of multi governmental response that ordinarily would not be justified. The question is who will be the real recipient? Real because someone, or nation, or group is officially targeted the actual military response may hurt someone else as collateral damage; the true intended target. Its like striking Syrian Oil Refineries to get at ISIS. Once you see who, you can possibly piece together they ultimate question; why?

                      What is very difficult is connecting the dots with vast amounts of incomplete information and doses of disinformation. Its like playing a chess game both blindfolded and without the sense of touch.

                      One can say what they want, but the people that orchestrate this stuff are very good at being very bad.

                    • I know. you guys are thinking small. Saudi has declared econimic war on Russia and others. Do you think there will be no blowback. My guess is this is a first strike by other team to allow them to occupy oil producing islamic country. Doesn’t seem like enough to declare war and occupy though. But, its either simple chimpanzee territory warfare disguised as a religion or a message from one superpower to another. I lean towards the first. When you teach Billions of people its OK to denigrate and group everyone else and even to murder them, then you will have these sorts of nutcases. So, you can directly compare Islam as a religion of MURDER to what the religion on which is was based said in that one should never murder. Many of you have heard it as ‘Thou shalt not kill’; but, I think the original language was murder. Perhaps Muslims claim murdering anyone non-Muslim is not murder?

                  • exactly…….if you just bump the scalp too hard blood gushes out……………its fake hollywood theatrics…fearmongering psyop……….fools…yawn.

                    • Yawn,

                      Nailed it dude, the same dumb ole’ geezers swaller the bait over and over and over again, they LIVE for it!

                • Actually the AK-74 caliber is 5.45×39.

                  Ditto per Kevin2’s astute observation. If said round was in fact steel-core (i.e. hardened steel), there should’ve been a flash-spark at impact w/ the concrete & considerable spalling of debris, away from the victim..maybe at 30 to 45 degree angle or so.

                  Look closely…the evidence isn’t NOT there!

                  • Hunter.

                    I agree with you on the steel core flash spark. Have seen it when using stone targets like fire bricks. BUT, it doesn’t flash every time. Spalding would be much more if the complete bullet came through the vest. The steel core is only one third of the bullet weight, (APPROX) and velocity has been slowed.. Now did the bullet go through a vest? Vest then body and vest again.

                    Bullet leaves barrel intact. High Velocity
                    Bullet hits back vest. Penetrates. Slows down.
                    Bullet expands. Lead filler and copper jacket expands into tissue.
                    Steel core continues through body and contacts front vest. Now like an Ice Pick.
                    Steel core penetrates vest. Lower velocity
                    Hits concrete creates dust cloud.

                    • Slingshot—-

                      Perhaps there is merit in your post. Thus, I’m not going to argue your point.

                      I am basing my supposition of basic physics…velocity/mass, target density & width of projectile’s passage.

                      ..if the weapon was an AK-47 (w/ ~ 7.62x39mm/123gr projectile)..and considering the distance from muzzle to target, being less than 1 meter or thereabouts..projectile velocity would maybe fall somewhere between +1900-2100fps.

                      ..if it were an AK-74 (+/- 60gr or so 5.45x39mm)..velocity approaches +2800fps or more.

                      ..in either case, per a hardened steel-core bullet, the jacket & lead filler around the core..would have likely maintained sufficient energy, while fragmenting/tumbling..to punch thru roughly 12-13 inches thickness(tops)..of the victim w/ a class-3 vest.

                      ..by the way, researching the Soviet/Afghan conflict long ago, per the wounds received by the Afghans, courtesy of Russian AK-74s..revealed that the steel-core rounds tumbled..almost immediately, upon impact!!!

                      Thus, they perceived the Russians were using “exploding ammunition”…so ghastly were the wounds!

                      Just something to think about.

                      Yeah, I gave you…you’re 1st up-thumb too!

                  • Hunter and everyone else here at SHTF.


                    I always enjoy a good exchange of information and investigative points.

        • Ok, I just got home from work and now I can see the video up in the article that I couldn’t see at work. I know some are going to accuse me of being a CTN….like I’ve exhibited characteristics of someone who gives a shit what others here think of me, but this looks fake as heck to me. The two in the black car run around like this is a drill…..they look just like the security guards look when they practice force on force where I work.

          The head doesn’t bounce at all when the gun fired and there is never any blood that shows up and there was no splatter when the gun fired.

          WTF….this wasn’t even a good show of acting or graphics….hollywood movies look more realistic than this.

          And now this is all the news fakes are going to talk about. This whole world is a joke!!

        • THE VIDEO IS REMOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Video Removed

          Like the church lady from SNL used to say, “How convenient”.

        • where’s the blood???? Can you say fake? You can tell shot never hits him in the head…

        • where’s the blood???? Can you say fake? You can tell shot never hits him in the head. Its such an amateur video.

        • The deal Obama is cutting with Cuba will be to build a giagantic prison of high rise buildings to house millions of these camel jockeys. I hear the menu will be stickily pork raised on Cuban plantations. Cuba gets to do what it does best lock up people and Oboma frees himself from the torture issue whlis his commie buddies do the work for him. I also hear Diane Frankinstien will be be a big investor in the project

        • Whatever the truth is, these events are happening so that the general population will support an invasion of Syria and allow the powers that be to continue their goal. 7 countries in 5 years.

        • It is obvious he missed with that last shot. The cop probably died anyways though.

      1. Don’t those darned terrorists know that the building they shot up is a GUN FREE ZONE???

        And don’t they realize that the automatic weapons they were using are ILLEGAL???


        It’s like France’s gun laws mean NOTHING to these people. I think they need MORE gun laws so things like this won’t happen anymore.

        • couldnt have said it any better

        • Billy Hill, what scares me is that most Americans think like that for real.

          It’s very simple, drugs are illegal and you can get them everywhere. How is making firearms illegal going to be any different. Criminals will get them easily, the only people disarmed will be law abiding people.

          My God, what is so hard to understand. Unless, what they really want to do is disarm law abiding people. No, why would they do that?

          • 1. When those who assert that they have no legal nor moral responsibility to defend you, want you disarmed…they are planning your execution.
            2. Anyone denying themselves the right and the means to defend their wives and daughters is mentally ill.
            3. Anyone denying me the right and the means to defend my wife and daughters is evil.

            • I’ll drink to that.

              • ditto that officer got shot seen it before watch his hands ballistics aside, bullets do what bullets do

        • BillyHill – Like I said many times. when these events first happen listen to the first news report facts on the scene come out. The Sissy French police rode up on their bicycles heard the gun shots and ran off. This is what happens when the Public cannot carry firearms, and the police are sissys.

          This also is a reason why you don’t bring just a Pistol to a rifle fight. At least get your Pistol in 5.56 or 7.62 x 39 and put it concealed in a backpack. Take a look at the Keltec PLR-16 in 5.56. Fire breather. And pack at least a 60 Round Surefire Magazine.

      2. It’s just as bad in Sweden.

        But hey, it’s a good thing there is gun control right? That way no one could defend themselves.

        • Right!

          The less people that have guns, the less people that are going to be kil……………… ummmm…….

          Wait, what was my point?

          • Please don’t bring the stupid gun debate here. This is an unforeseen and rare occurrence and so using it to justify having guns is utterly absurd. Guns illegal, fewer guns, fewer shootings. America is a living example of why legalising guns is bad. yes, criminals will have access to guns, even if they r illegal, but i would rather have only criminals with guns than criminals and the en tire population having guns.

            • yeah cause if everybody had a gun then the criminals might not get away with shit. that would be bad right? WRONG

              • Don’t feed the trolls. 🙂

              • T-town,

                Please tell me that this (Anon) was you being sarcastic. If not, WTF?!?!

                This level of “thinking” is prevalent at two levels in our society:
                1. Mentally incompetent
                2. Indoctrinated progressive liberal

                You have to be properly “educated” to lack enough common sense to think this way.


                • Of course I was being sarcastic in response to Anony. statement that read ” but i would rather have only criminals with guns than criminals and the en tire population having guns.” You are correct, that kind of thinking is mentally incompetent!

                  • uh, 1938 Germany ?

            • Madam, I think it is you who should, not bring that nonsense here. This is the perfect time for a gun debate. You didn’t spout this idiocy after Newtown CT. People like you should not even be in the debate, you lack the capacity to add new thought. No one who doesn’t already agree with you will ever care what you think, and even they won’t learn anything.

            • Anon, if you’re being sarcastic, OK. If you’re speaking out against legitimate self-defense, you’re at the wrong site.

            • Debating the Second Amendment (which is part of our Bill of Rights) is not “stupid”. Hold tight to the chains that bind you – they just make it easier.

            • ” i would rather have only criminals with guns than criminals and the en tire population having guns.”

              That is rocket scientist logic if I ever heard it.

              Florida has issued over 2 million, yes million carry permits since 1987 and revoked 168 for a crime committed in which a firearm was used. That is 168 out of 2 million.

              And you:

              1. Are uncomfortable with the (rounding off) 1,999,832 law abiding?

              BRILLIANT…..remind me not to have you do my taxes. Ratios and percentages just isn’t your thing.


            • Your brain is not connected to anything. Nothing. You would rather have guns illegal and criminals have them than the entire population having them? Can you explain your logic here? Are you suggesting the more guns the more murders? Because if you are then you need to look at the statistics of gun free areas and crime/murder.

              Is there smoke coming out of your ears right now…are you repeating, “does not compute”?

            • If the victims had guns then there would have been fewer dead. I would rather depend on my on than to wait for police to save me like a little bitch

      3. Sick bastards.

        They want to bring this to America as soon as possible — the Sharia law AND the terror.

        • These snackbarians wouldn’t last more than a few minutes in my town.

        • Anon

          The sad fact is attacks like this in the US under our current one party system will only provide the progressives ammo to continue the assault on our 2nd AMD rights.

          This was a well-planned mission conducted in a city with as many or more cameras then NYC (Gun free zone) every major US City is ripe for a terrorist threat like this, also these sick Islamic scum don’t care if they die in the act, this alone makes them formidable.

          A purge is needed, the FBI should round up any muslime that is even minutely connected to any radical activity and deport them. The alternative is waiting until the attacks start and the Bubba effect kicks in, of course that could be what TPTB want.

          • y99,

            I’ve often wondered what to do about this cancer of islam. It wont be long before it will turn to all out war between us and them. IMO we must drastically scale down the number of middle eastern immigrants allowed in this country. but I’m not a fan of the gov’t rounding up anybody or group or really of gov’t doin much of anything for our safety… ever heard of the “patriot” act. But everyone needs to be responsible for their own safety and defense some situational awareness and firearms training would be my recommendation. But ths thing has the potential to go all out crusades in the future, that is if things don’t go HOT from Lord knows whaat else before then

            • Richard

              In 1972 during the Olympics my WWII father told me straight out that someday I would more than likely have to go to war against Muslims. He of course was right, I did go, and even now at 52 I would consider going back if I knew we’d fight it in the only way they understand, and that’s just short of their utter destruction.

              • y99

                another wise man had some thoughts on them too:

                “Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion
                paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde
                force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant
                and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising
                fearless warriors at every step, and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the
                strong arms of science, the science against which it (Islam) has vainly struggled,
                the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.”
                -Winston Churchill

                Let them bring it over here, I think you’ll start seeing a lot more rifle racks in cars and trucks again….or at least I would hope.

                • y99
                  well…. that or the populace and CNN and Fox and peter king and every other empty suit tyrant would start clamoring for the all mighty gov’t to step in and do whatever it takes to “make us safe”, and that Sir is really my only fear.

            • Richard Head, welcome aboard, and I agree. I’m never giving up my means of self-defense, period. If any Muslim comes to harm me, I’ll give him a one-way ticket to his Muslim paradise.

          • Weird that my nearest town isn’t in danger of this type event. We don’t have as many cameras, but frequently you will see dudes walking around openly carrying.

            I have personally walked over 3 blocks downtown with a newly purchased rifle in my left hand and a new shotgun propped on my right shoulder on the way to my car from a gun store. I admit that it was kind of surreal at first, but no one even looked at me twice. Not the nice young mom loading an infant in her car, not the dude getting cash from the atm in front of a bank, not anyone in the cars as I waited at redlights. I have seen several other men doing the same thing as I drive to work and it makes me smile every time.

            We don’t have much crime either.

            • Rebel, your town ROCKS! Don’t ever let it change. Please.

            • Reb—-

              Never get too comfy, brother …as sooner or later, we’re gonna have to fight/resist ..so as to insure our children/grand-children ..will enjoy the same “FREEDOMS”..

              ..that you’ve experienced, recently!

              Thumbs up, sir!

        • They already have Sharia law in parts of Detroit. No body bothers them

          • In several cities in the worst of the areas there is for practical purposes no law as murderers are not caught and drugs are openly sold.

      4. Dearborn, Mi is the only predominately Moslem enclave I know of in the US. I am sure there are small pockets all over the Country. There is at least one mosque now in every state. I’d like to think that we can co-exist but from what I have read, many Moslems are first and foremost Moslems and place that above citizenry, etc.

        • Minneapolis has a huge Muslim population and it’s growing as The Dork in the White House keeps bringing them in by the plane full.

          Don’t count on “your Government” to protect you, when they can’t even turn back Obamacare, or kick out the rat-bastard Speaker!

          • St. Paul MN,= Mecca on the Mississippi River!

          • PC

            You are right. He is bringing them in by the plane full.

            When he gets enough of them here, so they feel confident. They will begin the terrorist acts upon us more than ever. And Obama Will Smile.

            • And Patriots everywhere will start bagging and tagging them.

            • Sling…

              I agree, but gonna take it one step further… I don’t think we will see an election in 2016. Some “catastrophic ” event happens by then, and the Obastard uses his phone and pen, and either cancels the elections for the sake of “national security” or brings in the UN to police us.

              Can’t be sure, but with the one worlders supporting him with cash and mindless suiciders, anything is possible…


              • Hilldweller.

                Too many lies. Our government sucks. Our News Agency’s suck. Information withheld from the public. No
                accountability for crime.
                I await until it gets so bad that the backlash will be
                unreal. Regular Hell on Earth. If your cause is just.

                Don’t fear the Reaper

            • You people and the terrorists are insane. Arm chair soldiers to fat to tie your own boots. Not all people are the same. Some are bad some are good but your lack of a life leads you to wild conspiracies. Everything is Obama’s fault down to Hitler and 9/11. What time does the train to loony land depart? Make sure you don’t miss it.

              • huh?

                Gonna stick around?

              • huh?
                good criticism. you are right, Obama is not responsible for all of it. Its cultural. I mean this in the sense of Organizational Learning or Organizational Culture, if you have a business education. The culture has permeated all levels of rulership (“government”). At almost any level down to the HOA you can find directly corrupt behavior. Not 75 years ago men who hid behind laws like this would get their ass beaten. Today, the gestapo enforces the positions of the corrupt. There is no justice. These men are Sheriffs of Nottingham in 2015. You do know “Forest” was a legal term right? Same things happened with lands here in the USA. Same things happened with human rights. I know of a group that built its home. Had kids and they built their home… one more generation and then the authorities came and tore it all down. These were beavers – but the citizenry of the USA is treated almost the same. Not outrightly exterminated, but have no real rights other than those burning embers of freedom left by our forefathers.
                In contrast to your claim, I believe you will find many on this site are prepared and you yourself are not. I believe you will find the time of imaginary “growth” will come to an end. God has shielded the USA from self-destruction because of the Christians but I believe Christians are being called out and a time of destruction is coming. Serving pizza, chips, and coke as a school lunch provides its own long term destruction. The rulership has destroyed the school in many areas but the Christian insight has restored it through alternatives like state chartered schools, private school vouchers, and support for homeschools. A multi-generational schizm is happening. You will see the lands of the corrupt in the USA 100’s of miles from the cities of The Good. When a person from California tells you “I don’t care is my neighbor is an axe murderer” they are not exaggerating. They are being honest. Not all Californians are morally devoid – but the schizm is a slowly developing one.

          • America used to be the land of the Irish, Swedish, Polish, English, Italian, and many other European countries that were based on a White Dominated civilized society. Then the Blacks earned their rights, then our country all went to hell, with little work ethics, crime, drugs, greed, and the gays, and all of this was designed and rearranged by the Jews who only represent 2.1 of the Population, but control the 95% of the media, the banks, Wallstreet, the courts, and own the politician Puppets. The Jews goal is to keep diluting the foundation of the US, with polluted gutter slime Hollywood garbage, and dumbed down MSM news propaganda. I can’t see what their end game is, other than trying to take over America as a back up plan when Israel falls. These hellbent psychopaths, are trying to disarm the American population, the last Hurdle to crush us, for complete dominance to rule like tyrants and we the slaves. SO when they come for your guns give them you lead. Sony who is run by a ZOG Shill puts this Hate crap out there so other countries will attack America. We need clean house and kick the ZOG out of America like Putin did in Russia. Putin has an 85% approval rating While Obummer idles at 40% and only 15% of the US Military approves of Obama, and 55% disapproval rating of Americans. Had enough yet of this Zippo ZOG?? These are the facts Jack!!

            • Have any of you tried going to any >95% black neighborhood after dark? No go zones all of them. If you go to any >95% black neighborhood after dark without a heavily armed group you are crazy and are needlessly risking your life.

              People want to tiptoe around the truth because it makes them uncomfortable and so they use euphemisms like “high crime area” instead of black neighborhood. Has anyone ever been to an all white “high crime area?” You fled the “inner city” for “good schools” did you? Ever heard of a good school that is majority black? Anyone care to compare results of the worst all white or asian school against the best all black school?

              We homeschool and didn’t leave Dixie for the great schools here. Among the many reasons we came here was to get away from black people. While some individual blacks can be quite civilized, as a group they are incapable of maintaining civilization. I’d wager that great black thinkers like Dr. Thomas Sowell and Dr Walter Williams have more white readers than black and I’d further wager that they don’t live in majority black neighborhoods.

              • You guys are full of it. Firstly, if your grandparents were uneducated and penniless, then its not probable you’ll be a rocket scientist. Secondly, blacks and whites and any other race all live great together in many areas. There are bad neighborhoods; but, the racism is collectivism and just a tool of the local rulers, not truly race based. Who was more at fault? The black who beat the truck driver over the head or the newsman who filmed it and did nothing to stop it?
                I know many blacks I would entrust to protect my family. And many other races too. I know many more of all races I would not. BTW, you are both part black most probably. Get your DNA done it you are a bigot!

            • Blacks did not EARN their rights, who.

              They CLAIMED their human rights, their GOD-given rights, who, and WHY NOT?

              They had been DENIED them!

              The same way the un-Patriot Act DENIED all of us our GOD-given rights!

              The same way one political party (or whatever poster here) pits ONE group against ANOTHER! One president (reagan) did that for eight years.

              I support your right to put up posts here, who, but like 96% of them are divisive, derisive, and prejudgmental, and often with no sources cited.

              Why is that, who?

              Also, your second sentence shows that you are just not aware that after they savagely murdered President Kennedy 51+ years ago on 11/22/63, the mob prospered, the elites prospered, the military-industrial complex prospered, the weapons manufacturers prospered, and the intelligence community prospered and grew its UGLY tentacles so large that they code and store our posts, your i.p. address, your supermarket purchases, what porn you downloaded on your non-private = “spy”-TV and I could go on and on.

              Skynet IS here! And it’s been operational since the 1950’s, only now, more refined.

              Meanwhile, with Kennedy’s murder, the culture of death was instituted, we permitted the killing of 53 million babies, we permitted the conversion of pensions (once part of the social contract) into 401k gimmicks, we permitted the “selling” of TV that once used to be free, and I could go on and on.

              Read the award winning, oft-cited book, “JFK & the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters” by James Douglas, and you will see that the people who organized his murder led our country to where it is now.

              (That also goes for your NSA folk who read all these posts. Read that book. You might learn what REAL patriotism IS. It’s not taking orders blindly and listening to superiors who “demonize” law-abiding, God-fearing people you find here. JFK had more balls than all of you put together. Please don’t confuse power with courage. They are vastly different entities.)

              By the way, who, although blacks have a higher rate of poverty, numerically there are more impoverished whites than non-whites. Their poverty pockets are the mountains and other rural areas. All of this is documented.

              So let me ask you, who: after they come for the blacks, the Jews, the Christians, the Patriots, the people who STILL believe in the CONSTITUTION, and other God-fearing people, what will you then do, who, especially when they come after YOU?

              – the Lone Ranger

              “Those that think they know it all upset those of us who do.”


              “One person who speaks the truth constitutes a majority of one.” – Thoreau

              “There is a conspiracy to enslave every man, woman, and child on this planet.” – JFK

              • “Skynet IS here! And it’s been operational since the 1950′s, only now, more refined.”
                mac should do an article on this. At least for opsec. You guys talk about your BOL but if you carry Apple or Google with you then its all documented. Etc. Good to know this stuff.

                just watched the video. yeah, they didn’t hit the cop the second time. His hand goes down slowly etc as he covers his face. dead animals collapse – in my limited experience. Smart enough to lay there if he was unarmed. These were thugs. Ought to bring their whole families and communities up for trial. Aiding.

        • I don’t understand why a people from generally a predominately warm climate would desire to move to a cold area?

          • Why don’t they move to say Florida? I don’t understand warm weather people moving to Michigan.

            • Dunno K2..maybe Michigan gives ’em a minority bonus, per the EBT thingy..and business loans for 7-11 convenience-stores.

              On the flip-side, there’s a shit-load of jews/negroes & ‘gators in Florida.

              Perhaps said Arabs have standards, we’re not knowledgeable of…yet!!!!

              • Jews, Negroes and Gators in Florida

                And never the three will mix.


          • @ Hunter —

            The hordes of Third World savages that have been settled on the soil of our ancestral continent are but a symptom. The PARASITIC TRIBE that brought them there (under the auspices of the US occupying power) constitute the infectious DISEASE that caused the symptom.

            This tribe has an aversion to Muslims in Gaza and Baghdad, but positively oozes LOVE for them on the streets of Berlin, Paris, Rome and London. They even established an agency in occupied Palestine, headed by Israeli civil servants and rabbis, to promote the emigration of Arabs (both Muslim and Christian) from territories coveted by Israhell and FACILITE their IMMIGRATION into Europe, Australia and N. America. They then laugh themselves silly in this “two for one” deal — they get the Arabs’ land, AND they promote the eventual demographic destruction of their most hated enemy: the White West.

            Here is a link to a program broadcast on NPR (one of the quasi-official mouthpieces of the USan regime) a little over a month ago, on the supposed menace of resurgent “European” anti-semitism.


            The three Jews on the panel — 1) Rabbi Andrew Baker, Director for International Jewish affairs at the American Jewish Committee, 2) Michael Brenner, director of the Center for Israel Studies, American University and 3) Naftali Bendavid, correspondent for The Wall Street Journal, currently based in Brussels — can be heard brazenly admitting the true nature of their tribe’s attitude to White Europeans.

            In the program, these influential but rather second-rate figures bemoan the rise in “European” attacks on Jews (in fact perpetrated almost exclusively by the non-whites their tribe imports into our ancestral continent), while calling for Jews and Muslims in Europe to STICK TOGETHER to oppose their shared enemy.

            The shared enemy they have in mind is WESTERN CIVILIZATION and the WHITE MAN who created it.

            A crusade to remove the alien implant of Afro-Asian Islam from OUR PEOPLE’S living space is exactly what is needed, but only if it also deals with the circumcised, inbred, orthopedically-challenged descendants of medieval well-poisoners and tax collectors for the Moors, who have subverted our institutions to promote our cultural, racial and civilizational demise.

            • Ahab—

              We both know of & identify the real monsters, bent upon eliminating the European-genome..via flooding our “lebensraum” w/ turd-world detritus..yet, that’s but one aspect, of their attack plan!

              Their mission encompasses such a broad-spectrum collection of wicked strategies/tactics, that the uninformed tend to recoil in horror..then reject the premise that a collective/tribe, could manifest such evil…even when presented w/ the evidence!

              ..and per your last paragraph, I agree!
              But, I go a bit further than you, per history …I lay the ‘charge of Blood Libel’ squarely at their feet, citing WW-I, WW-II and soon..WW-III, as evidence of said tribal deed(s) on an industrial scale.

              I also think its gonna take 100’s, maybe 1000’s of replays of Teutobugerwald (9 AD)…before we succeed.

              Thumbs up to you!

        • Chantilly Lady, good evening to you, ma’am. There are also a few mosques where I live, unfortunately.

      5. This video looks fake to me. Like the used blanks. No blood anywhere. Not even a misting.

        I shoot several raccoons each year and it’s a single headshot with a .22lr and there’s blood everywhere. Quite disgusting actually.

        This video is false as hell in my opinion.

      6. In Paris on New Years Eve 9,000+ cars were burned by members of the Religion of Peace. Christmas Eve a couple were beaten to death in Denmark after attending Midnight Mass by a group of Muslim Thugs. The bozo who shot the two Cops in NY City was a Muslim, while the pilot of the recent plane crash in Asia was a devout Muslin and may have crashed on purpose in an act of Jihad.

      7. France should ban all guns and see if that works…

        • And Oldsmobiles………..ban those also.


      8. Are they Muslim? French speaking, well trained three man squad, and going out of thier way to say they are Al Quieda. Something smells here. Who benefits from this attack?

        • Also, they appear white not middle eastern. Also, no blood or jerking of the body during the headshot? I’ve done my fair share of head shots as a paramedic. That guy wasn’t shot in the head. Something seriously smells here.

        • R 63
          There is no benefit that they are seeking. They were the cops and non muslim so they killed him & others to make it look that way.
          Non muslim they shoot because they can’t shoot back, GUN FREE ZONE. Only the “law abiding folks” aren’t caring guns but the muslims can and do. The Government in France doesn’t have the ball to take back their own country.
          I just how we in the USA will!

      9. Looks staged. Conveniently has jerky camera footage of the perfect moment. Also, no blood. 7.62 rounds are pretty powerful. Anticipating possible other shoe to drop in US. Good excuse for market crash and martial law.

      10. Nuke them all into the g. damn ice age.

      11. Couldn’t happen here. Besides, I do believe that Kerry signed the UN’s small arms treaty. There’ll be a knot tied in the gun barrel of every firearm once King Koon signs off on it with his magic pen. That’s right, the Senate is irrelevant and not needed to approve it first.

        • Der der der racist blah blah blah

        • PO’d Patriot, I don’t care what the “African Virus” says. I’m not giving up shit.

          • An impacted colon IS a serious health risk.


      12. Looking at the video the turd with the AK missed and shot under the head hitting the side walk. That is what it looked like to me. For what it is worth.
        Living with muslims. You can’t it is there way or the highway. Convert or die, or pay a tax,
        Muhammad (figgin spell check capitalized the 1st m I didn’t what it that way, SHIT))was nothing but a general and the power went to his head. It is all about holding people back, and making woman a second class citizen.
        Shit they can’t even get along with each other. They have been killing each other for almost 2,000 years now. Hell if they ain’t fighting with each other they are fighting with the all the other religion. This is all they fight about.
        In the USA we get along with all religions. When they start to get some power then it will be over. If you want to convert to islam go ahead, because they will be fighting with every other religion in the USA and it won’t be with words it will be with guns, knifes, IEDs. Take not look around the Mid East, Asia, now Europe. We are next.
        Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior! Not muhhamad. The only question is will you fight for your right of free of religion? They will kill you over it. Where do you stand. It is coming just as sure as the sun comes up in the east.

        • The will be looking for you now, Sgt Dale, disrespecting their m-word man.

          I hope we don’t have the opportunity to help some of these lead deficient SOBs get over their deficiency, but if they come around needing our help, make sure we give them what they need.

          • NCC
            Believe me I will. I also hear that they are copper deficient.
            I don’t dislike muslims or any other religion, just as long as they don’t try to push it on me. I can get along with anyone just as long as they don’t preach to me or try and convert me. I’m a Christian. Not a catholic, luther, methodist, Baptist. or what ever just a Christian PERIOD.
            If they come after me for that so be it. The will no longer be mineral deficient any longer.

          • Sgt. Dale is… ummmm…. ***armed*** and trained. So are many of the rest of us.

        • Sarge,you can override/ignore spellcheck,do it all the time when they want to say obama needs to be capitalised!Oooopppss….,sorry,meant obola!

        • Good evening, Sgt. Dale. Braveheart feels the same way as you do, sir. Braveheart will not bow down to any Muslim scum, period. Braveheart will send Muslim scum straight to hell. That is where Braveheart stands.

          • More hot air from the master of empty threats himself.

        • It’s already happening here. The Boston bombing, the hatchet attack on NY officers, the assassination of the two NY cops, the beheading at Vaughan Foods were all done by Islamists. And that’s just the (recent) ones in the US. What I’m most worried about is a Beslan or Pakistan school massacre or Kenya Westgate mall style attack here, even a smaller scale incident would be enough to cause some hysteria. We also have a radical Muslim sympathizer in the WH, Muslim radicals domestically, more Muslims dumped here by the UN, terror groups like ISIS recruiting and capitalizing on civil unrest.

        • Sgt.
          saying your fine with any religion as long as they don’t pressure you into their beliefs/worship is like saying: I’m fine with rapist, murderers, child molesters and gays as long as they don’t try to rape, murder or cornhole me.

          I use to say let sleeping giants sleep, until I decided NO, I’m not fine with it, I’m not fine with any of it; many actions by religion(s) aren’t moral, normal, natural or just.

          Organized religion has caused more death and suffering throughout history than any other action/inaction by any other type government. Yes, I said religion is a government.“They” will use it and their means against the “good”..

          Justification in Isreahell is: kidnap one isreali (we think you did it false flag) and we kill 250 Palestinian women and children as a sacrificial rite, and then get away with it. Just to show you who’s boss. That is barbarous my man. How/why do(es) actions like this happen? The people that do stand-up against it are classified as _______________ist

          It’s time to stop being brainwashed by the elitist “want to be global mind/labor rulers” telling us life is “good” and if it isn’t, it’s because we should be more “tolerant”. Tolerant to what, evil corrupt inhuman behavior and downright sick behavior? I won’t even go into corrupt gov.
          Hard to break the authorities mold/confine they have Implanted everyone’s mind with.

          Good = Bad
          Bad = Good
          Up = Dpwn
          Left = Right

          BTW, he did miss. Armor or no armor it’s not water/fluid tight, if his heart was pumping> leaking would have occurred rapidly and we don’t know what plates he had/didn’t have or gen/type of ballistic vest or lbe. Given that the peace officer was in a “gun free zone”, he probably was only knife/sword/hammer/club/tire iron/ screw driver, ball point pen, bar stool, etc. resistant.

          • VT
            I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with you.
            Big difference in the two.
            To me being Gay is a religion.
            Now for the Murders, C.M. Rapist, have all broken the LAW against man kind.
            If you can’t see the difference in religions and criminals. You my friend have a problem.

      13. The sick animals enjoy cutting off peoples heads too.
        Nuke them into oblivion.

        • Calm yourself little neocon, I’m sure they’ve got brainwashed psychos over there that say the same about us. Of course, our govt has killed far more innocents there than their terrorists have done here. Think about that for a bit.

          Just more divisive false flags to keep the plebs from banding together and rising up against the elite.

        • That’s right KY Mom, thousands will be getting a pink slip. A ton of loans on the line for this fuel fracking. They claim they can’t do it for less than $80-ish a barrel. The 48 bucks a barrel is shutting it down. Somebody claimed a lot of derivatives tied all up in it. Its being done for a reason. Obviously we are very well liked here in America.
          But gettn’ back to the subject, the first thing my eyes went to when I saw the this vid on the news was the AKs. What an awesome firearm. If you get the chance get yourself one.

          • PO’d Patriot,

            I agree! Good advice about the AKs.

          • They were selling fracked oil to east coast refineries for $65 a bbl according to sources I know. It was moved by rail car at 750 bbls per car. The stuff is light and sweet so its so easy to refine into gasoline; actually too easy so many refineries can’t do it as they’re set up for very viscus crude.

            An AK is an MI Garand that has its gas piston on top. Its no wonder it works so well. Kalishnakov copied the best and copy he did.

      14. To all the cops in Canada and the U.S. who are pushing for a disarmed populace, they should move to France or Turkmenistan, where even LEO’s are mostly unarmed. What is
        good for the goose is also good for the gander. Disarmed
        public, disarmed police. Sounds fair, no?

      15. Glad to see the terrorist picked up that perfectly good shoe, wouldn’t want to leave that behind. There are strict laws for littering in France.

        That would be one of my first concerns in an armed confrontation/attack, picking up my brass.

      16. I make sure to wipe my guns down with a rag impregnated with bacon grease….just incase ya gotta shoot one of those goat fuckers. Tactical Bacon I call it.

      17. Very similar attire as it looks to me. Smells very fishy in Paris.

      18. We all have our own war to fight, just like they are doing in Syria. The French people will have to fight or get overrun. We can’t fight their war for them. I’m very confident this act would have had return fire in my TX town, I know for a fact if on my street.

        Stop dying you cowards.


      19. Very fishy here.

      20. War,how about swine impregnated rounds?!That said,do not waste perfectly good edible pork!

        • just fill the end of your HP’s with bacon grease .. problem solved

        • Seriously, why not? Why not let it be known publicly that you put a tiny bit of bacon grease on the tips of your bullets? I know this sounds absurd… but LOOK at whom you are dealing with!

          • Test
            Great idea. It improves on accuracy! By pre lubing the rifling!

      21. On Mondays. We fight the Cops.
        On Tuesday. We fight the Jews.
        On Wednesday. We fight The Blacks.
        On Thursday. We fight the Mexicans.
        On Friday. We fight the Muslims.
        On Saturday. Take your Pick.
        On Sunday. Go to Church.

        • LMAO ,SLING Thats funny.
          Hows about we fight global warming on saturday ?

          • Hammerhead.

            Fine with me.

            There is also a Mix and Match week.

        • In case you didn’t notice, a MASSIVE amount of conservatives are BLACK – Sen. Tim Scott, Mia Love, who has a Haitian background, Col West, Alan Keys, Ben Carson (my choice for pres), Clarence Thomas, Thowas Sowell, Walter Williams, of course Govs Nikki Haley and Bobby Jindal who are East Indian; Gov. Martinez in NM is a female Hispanic – any female Hispanic govs in your fascist, H8TE filled leftist world??? Didn’t think so. People like Sgt Dale, or my state trooper neighbor, and a LOT of other police are STRONG conservatives and Constitutionalists. Most people here are not anti-police – they just want a police force that abides by the Constitution, which many, many do. There are as many Jew-baiters here as there are homosexuals that have sex with dolphins, so if you want to play that ignorant game, there you go. No one is fighting Muslims, either. On the other hand, if they want to do what they did in Paris, self-defense is something we do. Of course, when the radical Muslims come marching into your leftist gay bath houses in SF, we know you won’t fight back, right? You’ll just all meekly go get beheaded?

          You leftists should really refrain from posting, and it only tells the world how utterly uninformed and ignorant you are.

          Now…. back to your secular humanist “church” and the temple of Al Gore, right?

          • TEST, Where does that “leftist” comment come from.
            Unless i missed something “slings” comment was sarcasm, Based on the stories we see in the news cycle on a daily basis and some comments made here .
            I didnt read anything hateful into it, sorry.

            • Hammerhead.

              We will do all sorts of bad things during the week and end up going to church on Sunday. Maybe ask for forgiveness. Not to mention we are fighting everyone and you can’t tell me that people here don’t have lots of problems with other types of people.

              So when it becomes crunch time all we have said here will go out the window. Preppers will disappear like the wind. Fear and duress will rule the day.

              • Maybe i am just a little niave.
                But i dont have a problem right now with any “type” of people .
                Hell, the make-up of my county is all white conservative types , so my exposure to other ethnic groups is really limited. Aint holdin hate on anyone , until the day someone trys to impose their will upon me or mine , i am a quiet guy but mean as hell when backed into a corner.
                Not bravado , just sayin.
                “Fear and duress will rule the day.”
                I would hope not.

                • Hammerhead.

                  Many are playing prepper as of now. We can only assume how it is going to be and it will be different for everyone. All that I have prepared for, myself and loved ones, can be over with one well placed shot to the head from a 22 cal. rifle.

                  • Slingshot, all the members of my “ventilation team” are ready to go to work. Great comments.

                    • Braveheart.

                      Standing By.

                      I brought a Tomahawk. Wife asked. What did I need that for?
                      Answer. You never know. ;0)

              • My god.. How did that whole thing need explaining? Seemed pretty self evident to me.

                Anyway, I’m not sure its possible to focus that much hate in so many directions. You’ve gotta pick a main one and maybe a couple others as side projects. Then you have more time to think about what you’re going to tell the priest in confession.

                • Bishop.

                  Have not been to confession in YEARS. Heard you don’t need it with a good act of contrition. Anyway the priest would keel over if I ever entered the box.

                  • Actually, we do need the Sacrament of Confession at the END of which we say the Act of Contrition. Trust me, a priest in his 30’s – 40’s will NOT keel over. Go to Confession and get right with God. We all need those Sacramental Graces, my friend.

              • Amen, slingshot!!!

          • “There are as many Jew-baiters here as there are homosexuals that have sex with dolphins.”

            I’m sorry, is that a real thing?

            Does that mean there are a lot of Jew-baiters, or not?

            What? Confused.

          • Ben Carson is no friend of the 2nd Amendment.

            • Slingshot, I also have a tomahawk, machete, etc. I also collect a few knives. Like you said, you just never know.

          • Test, AMEN to your comments

          • So when push comes to shove which group are you going to side with ?? The fanatical Moslems ? The militant blacks ? The perverted gays ? The reconquesta latinos ? The mentally ill liberals ? I’m sure all those groups have some good decent people in them.Although, The problem with this line of thinking is that, an exception does not the rule make.

          • TEST are you really serious? A massive amount of blacks are Coservative? I guess in some black districts where the vote was 100% for obama the black Conservatives were on vacation! Maybe MASSIVE was an overstatement. Any who, I don’t believe that there is even a Massive amount of white Conservatives. The vote for Speaker of the House proves that. Trekker Out.

            • Test after rereading your comment I must apologize, There maybe more True Conservatives that are black than white. It seems true white Conservatives are getting hard to find. Trekker Out.

        • LOOOL. Good one sling.

        • SS
          I don’t want to fight with anyone. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to run away from any of them!

          • SGT Dale.

            I know you don’t want to fight anyone.

            All that I have read here is that we will “NEVER” band together. Oh there are a few hard core and you better understand their views before you join up with them.
            Majority will be loners fighting one house at a time.


        FRANCES CHICKENS HAVE COME HOME TO ROOST. Algeria was held from 1830 to 1962. It was a major colonial war. There is also Chad which the French took in 1897 and were forced to withdraw from there in 1914. Napolean invaded Egypt from 1798 – 1801 and Napolean also attacked Algeirs. Guinea, Sudan, Togo, Mali, the French Congo were all taken over by France.



        • ACID , The french have had an open border for decades , musslims just keep moving in.
          The french have had about 1.3 kids per family , while the musslims have 10 kids .
          Now france is 40% musslim ,and the musslims never assimilated , they want france to be the same pisspot that they moved from in the first place.
          Black ops helicopter aint got nothin to do with it.

          • hammerhead

            France is having the same legacy problem as the US as it wanted something for virtually nothing. In the US it was free labor complements of slavery. We’re now reaping the result of that. France used indigenous colonial troops in her Foreign Legion to enforce rule upon people that did not desire to be ruled. The payoff was automatic French citizenship upon completion of 25 years in the service. They then legally immigrated and now as full French citizens they sponsored their extended family and friends.

            They wanted cheap cannon fodder and got it. You never get something for nothing.

        • Acid, I agree with your points but I wish you would quit showing your ass.

          • I make my points forcefully and get people to think.

            Did you notice the underage prostitution story the MSM is ignoring involving Prince Charles and Bill Clinton? Of course the pimp was Jerry Epstein, a fucking Joo.

        • Acid: Up yours from an old person! Go bury your head in the sand which is located in kitty’s litter box!

      23. They killed 12 people, we shoul’d nuke 12 cities in their beloved sandbox called the middle east.

        • I think that is just the response TPTB desire the body politic to have.

        • 88. two days after 9/11 in Phoenix, AZ, an idiot walked into a 7/11 and just shot the guy behind the counter. He was arrested and when asked why you shot him he said because he was a muslim and was wearing turban. The truth was the poor man was hindu and wearing a hindu turban.

          These folks were wearing masks, even Anderson Copper at CNN can pronounce alahakbar without an accent like the arabs do.

          This event could be staged, remember who created ISIS and trained them, remember that even the 9/11 commission can’t release the docs linking Saudis and Israelis to the 9/11 event.

          All I am saying, under the mask we may discover many surprises if he truth even becomes available. We don’t want to rush into judgment and just kill people because the CNN or FOX or the French media are spreading. Who controls the media in the US and the entire Europe?

        • They did no such thing….wise up. It’s all smoke and mirrors for some sick fucks entertainment.

          • We all need to calm down and keep looking at the evidence coming in. Nothing hidden remains hidden forever. I remember in the days following Sandy Hoax, I was really thinking maybe we really do need some sort of restriction arms. You have to realize who you’re talking to here. The crime was so horrific, maybe a few restrictions were in order. Imagine my once I started REALLY digging into it. FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! I now openly call anyone that thinks anyone that was murdered at Sandy Hoax either an ignorant or an idiot.

            So, while I know what islam is and I know that it doesn’t deserve consideration of any sort (its a bad political ideology and an even worse religion) I still hesitate to be manipulated. Sandy Hoax taught me: bide your time. Watch and be patient. The facts will come.

            • Net Ranger

              “Watch and be patient. The facts will come.”

              No offense buddy but I been waiting since November 22nd, 1963. They Joseph Goebbels
              the public with, “You didn’t see what you thought you seen”, “You didn’t see what you thought you seen”, “You didn’t see what you thought you seen”.

              After a while the public around the water cooler says, “You know, I didn’t see what I thought I seen”.

              • Exactly what I’m talking about. So, you can’t make snap judgements based on initial reports from the lamestream.

                Sandy Hoax?

                You disagreed with me then you made my point for me.

                The reason you’ve been “waiting since November 22nd, 1963” is because most of all we had back then was lamestream. The real facts are out there. All one has to do is read them and reason. The scenario they paint for Oswald requires some type of personal teleportation device. Simply, the people that did the deed knew Oswald would be an easy patsy even though he was probably a patriotic American, along with his Russian wife. Why do you think they had to have him put down? They lost control of the narrative and had to kill him off before the courts started investigating.

                The only people that still think Oswald killed Kennedy are the same people that think that children actually died and Sandy Hoax. Simply: sheople will be sheople.

                The real problem is that these sheople vote and pay taxes. You’ll never get the dumbed down masses to do anything more that respond with a initial reaction from an initial impression.

                Sit and wait for the real information. It comes. It might take 50 years (like JFK) but it will come. The more government is involved, the longer it takes.

                Don’t forget! The three actions of a functioning government:

                1. Lie
                2. Steal
                3. Murder

                The “facts” don’t support those actions. So, until the false flag value has subsided, the facts are suppressed.

                • I read Best Evidence by David Lifton. It focused not on the assassination in general but the mishandling of the corpse and subsequent autopsy in specific. Great reading. Another book focused on the I believe the 43 people that met an untimely demise prior to testifying with official explanations of their deaths that that were ridiculous.

                  Regarding, “The Truth”. We don’t know who were the assassins, who (group) issued the orders and who was involved in the wide spread cover up. No one has been held accountable and the perpetrators not only remained but continued their mayhem in the high positions they were in or literally owned.

                  Its like the scene in the classic movie, Animal House when Otter says to Flounder, “Face it, you fucked up, you trusted us”. The body politic is repeatedly lied to and continues to fall for the subsequent lies. Its a Stockholm Syndrome on a governmental if not worldwide scale.

                  We’re mushrooms, “Kept in the dark and fed only bullshit”. Some of us get flickers of light through the cracks and bother to take a look when the door fleetingly opens.

                  • I called it Stockholm Syndrome the other day, when NetRanger coined the phrase “flag waver syndrome.” I think we should go with that……flag waver syndrome or FWS. Many here (some fo them good people) suffer from it and I am to the point of believing, they have the drug resistant kind.

                • Net Ranger—–

                  “..Sit and wait for the real information. It comes…”

                  Indeed sir! See links below for details:





                  The two things that are glaringly obvious, per who the real perps are:

                  1.> ..the initial getaway car was found parked in the parking lot, of a “genuine kosher restaurant” in Paris and…

                  2.> ..a Mr. Amchai Stein, the deputy editor of Israeli IBA channel 1 (TV), just happened to be at the scene..and has been posting photos online, ever since!


                  Like you ofttimes reference:

                  The TRUTH eventually becomes, self-evident.

                  Kudos to you!

                  • –{{ Oops! Initial post is stuck in “posting purgatory”…remove the space in the addresses.}}–


                    Net Ranger—–

                    “..Sit and wait for the real information. It comes…”

                    Indeed sir! See links below for details:

                    ht tp://21stcenturywire.com/2015/01/07/paris-shooting-the-magazine-murders-at-charlie-hebdo-reveal-evidence-of-staging/

                    ht tp://www.realjewnews.com/?p=995

                    ht tp://21stcenturywire.com/2015/01/07/dead-men-walking-french-police-release-photos-of-2-likely-patsies/


                    The two things that are glaringly obvious, per who the real perps are:

                    1.> ..the initial getaway car was found parked in the parking lot, of a “genuine kosher restaurant” in Paris and…

                    2.> ..a Mr. Amchai Stein, the deputy editor of Israeli IBA channel 1 (TV), just happened to be at the scene..and has been posting photos online, ever since!


                    Like you ofttimes reference:

                    The TRUTH eventually becomes, self-evident.

                    Kudos to you!

                    • Yeah right!

                      So this guy Atta’ed his ID….Bullshit!!!!

                      Just like Ata and his ID was found, this guy’s ID is also founf in the car. BULLSHIT!!

                      It’s like these fuckers don’t even try that hard to actually fool people anymore.

                    • I agree BJ.

                      The script & film presentation of such nowadays, is inferior to the B-grade horror movies…we watched as kids w/ Elvira**

                      **remember her? ..that HOT Vampire-vixen on late night TV.


                      At least her stuff(wink-grin), kept us enthralled!!!!

                • I had my doubts about Sandy Hook when it happened…where was all the family and extended family talking uabout their murdered loved one? But I confess, I never really looked into any of it. Can you share any more as to why you don’t believe it happened keeping in mind it won’t be a hard sell?

        • ” They killed 12 people, we shoul’d nuke 12 cities in their beloved sandbox called the middle east. ”

          Blacks kill and rape thousands of our white brothers and sisters every year in America and Europe. How many African cities should we nuke, and how many blacks should die, according to your infantile logic ??

        • 88 Why should WE nuke there cities. Maybe its time the French stood up for themselves. Trekker Out.

      24. Totally faked. Hard to kill a cop with blanks!!!!. No blood and I know what happens when something gets hit by a bullet moving over 3000 ft per second. The good thing is now that we know this was staged you can bet the whole thing is HOAX false flag!..









        DO YOU THINK WE ARE AT WAR YET ?????????????????????????


        • suuuuuccckkkkeeeeerrrrrr

          • BJ—-

            This ones for you, per the trainers influencing the tactics & mindset..of those who ‘oppress w/ immunity’..enjoy!

            ht tp://www.jinsa.org/board-advisors/all

            ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZqK3u8SlX4

            • Funny timing Hunter……..all day since seeing the headline about a terrorist killing a cop who was pleading for mercy, the thoughts of terorists and cops just seemed to merge in a new way from before. I won’t go into all the details but you know what I mean.

            • WTF!!!!!! I now see these people in a whole new light

          • …or tool.

            See, thats what they did with 9/11 and Sandy Hoax. they took well meaning people like BAM and NBCD’d them. They showed them a world of terrorists for the Normalcy Bias and then they said they flew planes into the buildings. Since it is way to painful to realize it was an inside they believed the lie to avoid the mental anguish. The American People were “Cognitive Dissonanced”.

            NBCD’d to push an agenda of rights abbrogation that still hasn’t ended.

            I think I see the future: everybody hating muslims and blaming them for everything from power outages to food shortages. Nobody buys, nobody hires, the economy collapses!

            Them DAMNED MUSLIMS!

            Normalcy Bias: Muslims are violent murdering fools. We see it over and over. They don’t have to fake this!

            Cognitive Dissonance: Some stategically placed attacks (maybe this one to get it started) are done by the NBCD con artists. Its too painful to realize you’ve been set up and conned.

            Result: attention is averted from the real criminals. Wars are justified. The actual incompetence and its appearance is turned into “THEM DAMNED MUZLEMS!!!” The elites get richer. The middle class gets poorer. (They, or course, have to raise taxes to keep us safe, you know!)

            Who said it first? SSDD – Same Shit Different Day.

            • Outstanding post “NetRanger”. Mega up-thumbs, sir!

              Excellent analysis!!!

            • I believe Mushroom …or e’hem, I mean GMAFB said it first.

              ALONG WITH

              Save $10 bills in #10 cans 🙂

        • Keep waving your Flag idiot, I bet you believe 9-11 was done by them ” camel jockeys ” also. You’re obviously to stupid to comprehend the greater subterfuge and strategies playing out before you. Also, learn to type with lowercase letters, its not that difficult, I promise.

      26. This is a dry run for what could be coming to the U.S. Most muslims are quiet for now. But at some point, what is happening in France will be happening here to. Alls it would take would be a newspaper cartoon of mohamed, and then we will have the same thing happening here.

        • Tool:
          You must not have heard that the New Black Panther Party/Hewi Newton group. AKA muslim thugs with weapons and now following the Dallas/ Austin Cops around when they are on duty.
          Just wait till there is a gun fight and one or two of them Turd panthers get shot. (always in season)
          Then you will see, mark my words, a bunch of them muslim thugs going crazy!!!
          Notice I said “muslim thugs”, not all Muslims are thugs, just the ones that what to start a fight. Like Fairycon said start killing some of them when one of us are killed, then they will talk. B.S. Shoot more rounds down range!

          • The Black panthers are not Muslim. I consider them to be racial Marxists. Although , if he have proof then prove me wrong.

            • Mieszko, research it yourself. Just check out their”names”, not their given names, the names they go by now.

          • So what…..is following a cop around against some color of law now too? Cops follow others around, they can be followed too.

      27. I am not sure why each time Euro and Dollar are facing issues, we have some masked gunmen start the killing.

        • That was a sarcastic comment, right? Not sure? Really?

          Yes you are!


      28. buncha ignorant prepper muppets!

        it wasn’t the mooslims!

        it was an israehell joo mossad false-flag attack!

        it was the zio-joo’s sending france a warning message in blood!


        • bugsy, valid assumption…knowing that France voted for palestinian independent state recently.

        • Bugsy

          It’s Not Tuesday.

          • LOL, just choked on my coffee.

            need a clean up on isle 2 and a new keyboard


      29. I don’t much about the forensics of the situation, but it does say a lot about the lack of regard for human life shown by the terrorists.

        • I’m not an apologist for any side, but where is the “regard for human live ” when one of our drones blows away, yet another wedding party, kids and all.

          • Where was this wedding party? I do not think I have heard any mention of this.

      30. Hi all,
        I posted the link because im a bit confuesed, if this was real then i pity the way our world is going.

        However if this is fake, who gains from doing this?
        Why stage all these scenarios?
        We are the public, we only get told what to think, why?

        • Government and elites gain from turmoil.

          Here is the facts:

          The ponzi scheme known as central banking / fiat currency (currency based on NOTHING) is on a huge, huge bubble and is about to fail. If they (they being TPTB, ZOG, Joos, NWO, maybe even the skittle pooping unicorn cult) can create enough turmoil, they think the people that can do them the most damage won’t blame them and they will blame something else or each other and will, during the collapse, tear each other apart instead of tearing THEM apart.

          This is the reason for the false flag ops. Not sure this one is an FF but it certainly could be.

          • The harder the media beat and pound the drum, the more that tells me (without even looking at anything else) that what ever they are preaching and selling, they want and need it to be bought, to be eaten….hook, line and sinker.

            • Yep! And large cross section of America went “GULP! GULP! GULP!”

              It took me three years to suspect the MIHOP/LIHOP scenarios that were 911.

              It took me three months to realize the Aurora shooting had government involvment.

              It took me three days to start questioning Sandy Hoax.

              …and there are more and more people waking up to the fact that the three actions of government are:

              1. Lie
              2. Steal
              3. Murder

              There is a reason “Lie” is number one.

              • Hmmmmm…..

                Reminds me of someone the bible called a lion roaming about hunting mankind.

                1 Peter 5:8
                8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.

                John 10:10
                10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

                You ever had an aha moment in regards to your faith Christianity, like an epiphany? I just had one as I was typing this post and thinking about some of the other professed Christians on this site. It’s one of those no brainers we all have from time to time, like looking at scripture a thousand times and then all the sudden He shows you something new. Remind me to share it with you via other comms. It’s actually a positive thing.

                • yes I realized it was all bull shit!

          • Listening to the CNN (commie network) today; one of their brainwashing ‘themes’ running through their program was the need for laws against “hate speech”.

            If you have done any research on “hate speech”, not only would it pertain to what a mooslum might have to say, it would also limit anyone’s ability to verbally point out who the bankster/gangsters are who make up the hierarchy
            of TPTB.

            Some countries already have laws on their books limiting free speech. Is it going to be Americas turn next?

            One thing about CNN. They are unabashed in their support for the downfall of America. Limiting patriots free speech would be high on their list.

            Most of what was portrayed that happened in France stinks as bad as 9/11, Sandy Hook, etc.

            If you have never watched the movie Wag the Dog, it is a must see. We are watching an updated version daily.

        • ” However if this is fake, who gains from doing this?
          Why stage all these scenarios? ”

          The western powers are currently losing control of Libya. There’s already talk that, France and England, might need to get involved with bombing runs and possibly ground troops. Gotta get the gullible public frenzied up before that occurs, otherwise they might start those inconvenient protests.

      31. If I was in that window, I would have had my AR instead of a camera and both those guys would be dead; false flag or not, especially after seeing them shoot a cop. That’s an easy distance for a head shot on both of them.

      32. Both Cops were on bicycle patrol and UNARMED… according to news reports.

        Don’t worry the muzzies will be pulling this crap here soon… Just be prepared and CCW at all times.

      33. Is it possible the weapon is actually an AK-74 or variant firing the 5.45x39mm round? This would explain the low bolt thrust and no recoil. Of coarse the round has different ballistic characteristics than the larger more powerful 7.62x39mm round for the AK-47.

        • Q.

          I thought of the AK-74 round as possible. You may be right.

      34. Beginnings of a holy war these Muslims are evil period the criminals will get guns even if they didn’t get them there are a whole host of other weapons there are plans to build bombs and other WMD s they can get all the stuff at Home Depot people .guns are just tools to kill with just like hammers you can build with it or hit someone in the head with it . All it takes is hatred and ill will. It seems as time goes by people get stupider. This is why the gun debate is not valid . If I run you over with my truck . I can say you ran in front of it you must have been suicidal. It was an accident even if I did it on purpose. Unarmed people are always the victims. The evil people are running the gov because they want to ban guns and have us be unarmed so they can victimize the public. There should be uprising already but people are still eating and there needs are being met . My point is why there so many gutless men who will wait till their last meal to do anything . Why do things have to get that bad before action is taken. Why not do something now before the sacrifice is greater. I would rather go on the offense and take action than sit back until something just has to be done now you are on defense. That’s a bad place to be . I mean cutting off people’s heads is not enough. Or are people that terrified like a deer in the lights. If there is gonna be a war wouldn’t you rather be the first to attack this would shock our enemies and they would be on the defense for the duration of the war. This is not a matter of nations but a matter of evil vs good . War sucks of course but we are not to civilized to make it. Good people know evil will win if nothing is done . This should unite the people . Yet it does not

      35. All right,this is a good and funny read,Dimitri,owner of Ares Armour,writes a letter to head of atf,but also includes a colouring book so the folks @atf understand it: ht tp://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2015/01/07/aresarmor-letter-to-batfe/ ,the owner of ares has been in it seems constant battle with authorities both local and fed,does not seem to give in though!As always,a space between http to avoid moderation,once again,could we let known handles post live links for regulars ease?

      36. History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.
        –Mark Twain

        10 Key Events That Preceded The Last Financial Crisis That Are Happening Again RIGHT NOW

        “The mainstream media and our politicians are promising Americans that everything is going to be okay somehow, and that seems to be good enough for most people. But the signs that another massive financial crisis is on the horizon are everywhere.”

        Economic Collapse blog

      37. I’m curious how they printed and distributed those “Je suis Charlie” posters so quickly. And now they’ve identified the guys already. Wonders never cease.

        • AnneMarrie. Last I heard the Mossad hired and trained Inspector Crusoe who knows the location of the ISIS monsters as they were trained together.

          On a serious note….two masked man did something and few hours later their faces were 100% identified. Frenchies must be really good.

      38. When is the world going to stand up and pull their heads out of their rectums and tell the Islamic, community at large you have 1 week to put a stop to this or face total elimination. It’s not Christian, Catholics, or any other religion including Jewish do this; only one ISLAMIC. Make no mistake about it they all are following the Koran I say the time to act is now.

        • ANON….How is the weather in TelAviv? Are you getting any pay raises from the non tribal American citizen’s tax Money this year?

          • LOL..Stolz!

            That was classic!!!

            • Yeah stolz, not bad for a Nazi!

      39. Fake. Period.

      40. It’s time to engage pig blood dunk tanks. Capture those radical Islamic terrorists responsible, dunk them in the tank, then send them off to the guillotine. Period. No afterlife wonders or virgins, permanently defiled into eternity, and no onerous burden on taxpayers for incarceration.

      41. Why can’t this ever happen in front of me when I am carrying?

        • Because they know you can carry and they don’t want to take the chance. This is one argument to Gun Free Zone Carry. GFCZ is legal. After all, what part of “shall not be infringed” do they not understand? Actually, us gun toters have no friends. The chicken shit public is afraid of us. The cops are afraid of us. The islamic pedomurderers are afraid of us. We only have each other.

        • Charley, whats the deal with the “when” in your comment. This probably won’t ever happen in front of you, but if it does, it’ll probably be “when” your not carrying, and if your still alive you’ll say, next time I’ll be carrying. Trekker Out. Always Carry or Never Carry!

          • Wise words Trekker. This little French Stunt, be it falsey flagy or organically germinated, is a really good example why nobody that carries should have a “when” in there!

        • If it had of happened in front of me, I sure as hell wouldn’t of been putting my, my childrens father and wifes husbands ass on the line for no damned cop!

          But then again, it would of been cool to of been front row seat to a real live false flag drill and to of got it all on video.

          My favorite part was the little prancy jog they were doing and stopping to pick up the shoe or what ever it was at the car. They looked just like the guards practicing force on force.

          When it’s real it is real and you can’t fake it. When it is practice it’s just that and you can’t fake that either!

      42. Black Swan for France???

      43. Funny the MSM will show this shooting, but don’t show the thousands of innocent murdered by the West’s Drone Bombings. So who’s the terrorists? And BTW/ Who funded, trained and armed ISIS? The world is a stage. And they wonder why the cartoonist was attacked. Duh!! These freaks are begging for perpetual war.

        • STFU

      44. fuck islam
        fuck mohammed
        fuck allah

        I will be waiting for you.

      45. Just my two cents, I watched the video over and over. Seems to me the shot went thru the cops neck, hence not a lot of blood if an artery was not hit. And if you watch the very end of the video using stop and go you can see blood starting to run out of the front of his neck. Someone mentioned JFK, on the zapruder film when he was shot in the neck no blood. Same bullet to the head and whammo. Does not matter really if it was real ( I think it was ) we can look forward to that type of thing here very soon. Two things about Islamic terrorists #1 They are very well trained #2 They are not afraid to die.

      46. Remember folks our president calls it work place violence not terrorist.

      47. Sick of these Muslims fuckin killing people people need to say screw you I don’t feel safe at work I’m bringing my pistol with me or I’m not coming in period. They will let us or economy stops. This is no big deal

      48. Can one say U. N. Small Arms Treaty. We are going see more and more of these false flag events involving guns that will make your head turn circles.

      49. ” I fully support the militarization of the police”
        -Michael Savage

        That’s what he just said on the radio while listening to him on my way to overpay for some taco bell. For any few of you whom may still think these guys actually have our country’s best interest at heart… He was speaking about this stuff in paris when he said it

        But I figure if America is going to become a war zone, it is our duty and let it be us as citizens to be the soldiers fighting it. How can someone advocate an occupying army on American soil over a bunch of rag tag islamist pricks. News flash that’s why everyone has a god given right to defend themselves (bear arms). Its a shame too because I used to actually kinda like the guy but I’ve been catching onto these radio personality’s for quite some time now.

        Any opinions?

        • Wow! He really said that? I think he’s about half crazy anyways.

          You are correct, btw. In my state you are automatically part of the militia when you turn 17. I think it was T-Jeff that said that the militia was the body of the whole people or something like that.

          They’re not here because there is too much pushback. The first judge that hears sharia (sounds like to much “sharing”…) 😀 and considers it will be shot by the militia for treason.

          • I think they already have sharia law in dearborn ???

          • And hopefully they shoot the bassturds bringing the claim under this sharia BS too! REB

        • @Richard Head – I had to look that up myself re: Savage and militarization of police and sure enough, I found this. That’s too bad, I used to like Savage.

          Per WND:

          “On the other hand, Savage said he was in favor of the so-called “militarization of the police” that some say lead to incidents like that one.

          “Obama also said he was worried about how much military equipment is being handed down to the nation’s police forces,” Savage noted. “Now let’s say your husband or your father is a policeman who is working in a community where the gang bangers have AK-47s and other assault weapons. What are they supposed to do? Go out on patrol naked?” (Free audio).

          Read more at http://mobile.wnd.com/2014/12/michael-savage-black-man-murdered-by-nypd/#P122DvR1FrHfx03p.99

      50. Is this real? I ain’t seen violence or shocking anything. No blood stain, nothing. This must be a fake. They are at it!Sheeple will believe anything though.

      51. Looks like the next crusade is underway. I do so love religion and the murder it creates. Thanks a lot Jesus and Mohammed! I’m changing my God to Joe Pesci, cuz he could kick all your asses….and he’s the size of a Hobbit!!! Suck it Religion!

        • If you think Jesus has anything to do with the violence, you are the MORON you sound like. Your god hasalways been Hollywood apparently.

      52. Anon is right they are the only faith that destroys I say we kill them all . Islam is bad religion pure evil . Gotta kill every last one women and children too . A total genocide of Islamists then things will be better. It’s that simple nobody else has a better plan for this type of cancer

        • Ass hat: “It’s that simple nobody else has a better plan for this type of cancer”?


          AIPAC does. Actually Jonatan Gruber stated: Americans are stupid. Don’t fall into their trap.

          But go ahead and kill mooslim babies, women and all of them and then come back and report if things are better.

          • Stolz:

            You see, Stolz, that what has transpired in France, regardless of who the real perpetrators are/were or what really happened it is having the desired effect.

            We WILL send our kids to war against the mooslums, it is just a matter of how many false flags it is going to take.

            • POG, As long as we have uneducated majority and tyrannical minority in power we can expect such events.

              The funniest but saddest part is the international media focus is on this event but not a mention of the Buckingham palace’s involvement in sex trafficking using underage teens and a Jew acting as their organizer.

              And we all know that British Royals are not owned and directed by their Zionist masters.

              • Stolz:

                Anyone else wondering why faux news chose this date to suspend its network?

                Also, the poor souls that died in that Asian plane crash that took up days of news have now been replaced by the 24/7 France news.

                Once again “Paris attack sparks debate about free speech in US”, headlines on CNN. What connection does that attack have on free speech in America? Yesterday, that theme was carried all day on CNN. Get ready for a law that limits anything you say about who the PTB are that are ruining our world.

                The ‘lid’ is coming off of what and who they are. Limiting our ability to become enlightened about these criminals certainly must be high on their agenda.

                • POG, The main topic on CNN and Fox 25 hours after this Paris staged event is:

                  DHS budget must be increased.

                  • faux news suspends it’s network???

                    • Yep BJ:

                      Faux news on my satellite has a message that Fox has removed channel 205 and their business channel 206. Has been removed for about the same time as the Asian plane crash.

                      Becks programs are filling in on those channels.

                    • Didn’t happen here with mediacom

                • Amen Granny!

                  ..and if I were to make an educated guess..I’d put some serious money on the likelihood, that we’re gonna see a flurry of cascading false-flags ..soon!

                  –lots-n-lots ‘o them, btw–

                  ..’cuz, like all psychopathic/sociopaths, who lie & perpetuate murderous false-flags..they always end up having to commit ever more….to cover and distract, from the previous ones!!!

      53. The American and Mossad military industrial complex created and trained muslim terrorists. The American military industrial complex has hyper armed the domestic police force while calling parts of the nation’s population terrorists. Gee, wonder where this is headed.

        • Aljamo—-

          Hmmmm?!? Good question, sir!

          To hazard a guess, per the Geo-political arena..my money would be on some “European/American or israeli intel-agency” presenting evidence that the ($$$) funding for said op…originated in IRAN!!! ..or (less likely) Russia, maybe!

          And per the domestic angle…we’ll find out soon enough!

      54. Jcpenny in the The biggest mall in my state just anounced they are closing I’m sure a lot of people work there now its hitting the upscale retailers .I think 2015 will be a year of lots of store closings because the gas prices falling I don’t know how to correlate this but it is my gut feeling. Low gas prices are good for us little people . But I’m sure it’s not good for finance company’s and banks. rapid deflation is coming if this keeps up. This will cause an unpredictable economy the prices of goods will have to come down. That can’t be good for stores bottom line. This will force closings . Watch for lower prices possibly and get that big $ prep if you can. I’m a get a wood stove if prices go down.

        • Low gas prices? What are we saving? Ten dollars a week? Fifteen? Less? Maybe more? People are still not employed at decent wages. For some, the savings is a good thing…but will it in all reality be, and I hesitate to use the word, a ‘collective’ benefit?

      55. Misogyny is prevalent in Toronto. Patriarchy men are calling Toronto District School Board secretaries and harassing them over the phone


        Moselems and men are scum! They should learn to respect women.

        • Feminists are murderous whores!

          I love my husband and my sons so stfu you idiot.

          I’m not tolerating feminist bullshit anymore. You fools are the only ones who believe the filth you spew and by the way, nobody likes you, no one.

        • timara, I can agree about Muslims, but not about American or Canadian men. feminists need to stop their campaign against men.

      56. Liberalism has ruined the West and left us as wimps, apologists, cowards and appeasers. Muslim terrorists have northing to fear from us. It’s time these radical bastards were bombed into oblivion or worse.

      57. Are you people that narrow minded? Fake! It’s NOT FAKE! Ever consider that he didn’t get hit in the head? That’s why no blood. Maybe he died from the other wounds he suffered that is why he was laying on the ground. This site has gone totally anti-semite. You people are disgusting!

        Come, we that love the Lord,
        And let our joys be known;
        Join in a song with sweet accord,
        And thus surround the throne.
        We’re marching to Zion,
        Beautiful, beautiful Zion;
        We’re marching upward to Zion,
        The beautiful city of God.
        The sorrows of the mind
        Be banished from the place;
        Religion never was designed
        To make our pleasures less.
        Let those refuse to sing,
        Who never knew our God;
        But children of the heav’nly King
        May speak their joys abroad.
        The men of grace have found
        Glory begun below;
        Celestial fruits on earthly ground
        From faith and hope may grow.
        The hill of Zion yields
        A thousand sacred sweets
        Before we reach the heav’nly fields,
        Or walk the golden streets.
        Then let our songs abound,
        And every tear be dry;
        We’re marching through Immanuel’s ground
        To fairer worlds on high.


      58. Some of the debate here is just unreal to me. I watched the video, the cop was OBVIOUSLY unarmed and was executed. All this bullshit about ZOG and conspiracies is irrelevant to what happened here. Muslim terrorists killed at least 12 unarmed people simply because they didn’t like what they had to say. It is a cautionary tale about what happens to a society that disarms its citizens and allows religious fanatics to operate within its borders with impunity. Could have happened in many states in this country. I can promise you that if these ass clowns had walked around brazenly in the street shooting folks in my state(Tennessee) somebody would have returned fire because a lot of us go armed everywhere. Watching those guys gun that poor cop down was sickening. It is time we stop all the bullshit and identify the real enemy ISLAM and deal with it. We in America need to see the light and do what’s right. Stop waiting for government to solve this problem and arm ourselves and deal with these bastards whenever they appear. Buy ammo go to the range and be ready to fight, it’s coming here, he’ll it’s already here.

        • Bigbluedrew, don’t come on here spewing common logic, everybody knows this didn’t happen, and that school shooting in Conn. well it didn’t happen either, all those little children are still happily going to school, and if you go to New York City you will still see the twin towers standing tall and proud. Some even enjoy seeing that Cop in France getting shot, even though we know it never really happened. Boy talk about a bunch of Looney Toones. Trekker Out.

          • Sorry Trekker:

            I know you are a ‘Glen Beck’ follower; so we need to consider your posts in that light. Now MT, that is a true Looney Tune…..

      59. Here’s what is a bit “off” about this coverage. I hearing it described that these guys are “very professional” by every MM outlet but I’m not seeing it and here’s why:

        – They don’t maneuver like professionals
        – They don’t adhere to specified sectors of fire
        – There is no muzzle awareness discipline. The haji on the bottom of the video muzzle flashes his buddy at least once
        – No one watches their 6, they’re both 12 o’clock facing the same direction the entire time…hell, they don’t even watch their flanks!
        – They don’t use cover when moving
        – They don’t use cover when shooting
        – The other video shows the shooter engaging targets while standing upright, right in the middle of an open intersection (again, not using cover) while firing. Haji #2 is facing Haji #1 the same direction: again, no rear coverage

        This is literally, basic training shit that would be ingrained in a pair of professional soldiers regardless of the fact that no one is shooting back. Even your basic infantry private will know this shit.

        If you want to see footage of REAL professionals operate to compare to these haji scumbags (aka Salafis Sunni dickweeds), youtube any Army Ranger video.

        Time to train up folks if you aren’t already. Yep, even civilians. Especially prepper gear dudes who think they know “tactics”. Do some PT. Get into shape. Get some real training (Max, Mosby…). I think we’ll see more and more of these types of attacks in the States and it’s time to fight back.

        • Really good points! They were not ‘military-quality’ fighters by any stretch. They operated like we see with so many adhoc or terrorist elements out there. It is pretty easy to harm unarmed civilians caught off guard in a peacetime situation. It doesn’t take much in the way of capability apart from being able to hold a weapon in your hands. As we used to say, even an 18-year-old hoodie-wearing scumbag with an Uzi in a drive-by can get lucky once in awhile.

          I will not reveal the secrets of the special forces, but a special forces raid would not be executed like that. Professional soldiers would never stand up Rambo style and open fire. These are postures from Hollywood films but not how a professional would do it. Professionals want to live to see the next day and to keep casualties to a minimum. The rule is to make the enemy die for their country, not you.

          As for what is happening in Europe, it is a social and economic tragedy of epic proportions. Basically, the wealth and civility of Europe is being sold out to appease various communities. The French lost control of many urban areas years ago and the UK and other countries are, sadly, going in the same direction. It will provoke some very unpleasant political backlashes that will ripple across Europe for decades to come.

          • Lonelonmum would call London, England – Londonstain.
            I wonder what her opinion is of all this.

        • That’s why/what I was saying last night. They look worse than the guards where I workl practicing “force on force” drills.

      60. Shannon Watts believes and promotes it is very fortunate no one other than the terrorists were armed. Hard to believe she and other anti’s sell this and get buyers. Maybe they will wise-up seeing things like the Paris incident.

      61. The cult of islam is the ENEMY of the world….

      62. My question is how many native people in these countries have to die before the populace will start taking matters into their own hands?? Start by wiping out many of those cretins, then deporting the rest to the country of origin, including ( especially!) the children!

      63. Regardless if the shooting of the cop was real or not, we can all agree that the government is behind this in one for or another. Via training actual terrorist or using actors it doesn’t matter. The focus must be on who benefits and what governments are involved.

      64. I cant believe there are people here frothing at the mouth over Islam here.


        The people of the world say NO TO PLANET AMERICA.
        When you try and throttle a planet by the throat, often you will get kicked in the PHUCKING BALLS.


        This is Planet Earth….not Planet America.

        Take your armies back home and watch the world move toward peace.

        Accept that you ARE NOT masters of this world.

        You are our brothers and sisters. Not Masters.


      65. first create the problem, then rush in and fix it.
        why do so many western countries have such lousy “laws” and
        “immigration policies” about muslims. to start a problem!!
        which we all see is definitely happening. then instead of shtf, you have u.n. forces everywhere controlling everything
        ochola can’t be president again but maybe a u.n. special posting that everyone will follow. and when the muslim world finds out he is a sausage hound, they will go nuts.

        • terrible comment. pls kill yourself.

      66. where is the blood from shooting the cop, a 7.62×39 would have done serious damage to his head at that range and the full metal jacket bullet would have knocked a piece of concrete loose. there is a serious problem with this vid, i dont believe the cop was shot from what i see and im familiar with this weapen and round that was used.

      67. F*&k mohammed, F*&k Islam. Hell these animals have been violent since the beginning of time (Hence the Pope’s comments from 700 years ago about the violence of islam) and ALWAYS will be. No amount of appeasement or political correct bullshit will change that!!!
        Who wants to join me for a nice old fashioned koran burning???

      68. This is the way it works:

        They value honor over life. We value life over honor. Dishonor to them is the same as the loss of life to us. Loss of life to us is the same as dishonor to them.

        They are as outraged at insults as we are outraged over loss of life.

        There can be no peaceful integration what-so-ever

        Soon, you will be begging white south africans to teach you how to implement apartheid because it will be THAT bad.

      69. the only way to deal with this radicals is with NAPALM!!!!!!!!!

        Tons and tons and more tons of NAPALM!!!!

        if innocent people dies because un bombings its because of your non-sense kind of believing on radicalism inside the muaslim culture where real innocent people unfortunly lives!!
        youre just like the cruzades, convert or obligate people to believe in some bullshit that you think its your religion that told you to do so!!!

        ill let israel deal with you all you bastards-on-rags!!!!!
        hope you fucking burn in the flames of shame and misery and your people to be forgotten or eventualy erased from the surface of this planet where you shouldnt even breath the air that we breath!!

        and i hope that air raids still rollin above your heads!

        i only have respect for the children and the women of your countries , those are hostages from their own people who just bring them misery and desgrace! and im so sorry that some of they have to die to eliminate every single one of you lunatics!
        but its for the greater good of the rest of free civilizations!
        you dont have the right to kill even a flie in the name of no one, less in the name of a religious figure, you and no one has!!!!!!

        die you bastards hope you fucking die all of you…

        sorry my english its no good but i have to try to express my anger for this events! i wish some day you pay for all the terror you bring to your own population and to the world.

        i have nothing against the middle east people or culture, just those radicals!

      70. Just to remind some of y’all…muzzys didnt just become known for insane violence yesterday…they didnt just wake up and decide to get even with everyone on the planet who isnt them and even with their own as an after thought this morning,those who know history will remember that Mr Jefferson in 1801 when ordered by the muzzies to pay them tribute sent in the marines to put an end to their BS and that makes them an enemy as old as our founding,long before any evil like the cia or such things came to be…liberty and tyranny of any flavor can never co-exist,one must perish,as a son of liberty I will defend her regardless of any real or imagined wrongs done to islam by anyone anywhere at anytime,I had nothing to do with any of it and I danged well aint gonna coddle them and show some form of regret and forced respect to something I loathe…sorry but they are not going to allow us to live in peace or to live at all…so if its an us or them thing I choose us,freemen and freewomen and the life we want over them or any like them,they dont like it they can kiss off! REB

      71. Islam has become a disease to Europe. When I think of what Europe was like – in the 70s, 80s – and what is happening now, I cry. The pressure and the reactionary and backward culture they are trying to impose on Europe, erases all the social, political, and economic gains made by hard-working Europeans.

        For Americans, they do not know how dirty and crime-ridden the places are where they live. I invite you to come and see. The many millions living on welfare in ghettos that were not there even ten or 15 years ago. It is a social disaster. And now this vicious violence. They think they are at war with Europe – an advance guard for the others to come flooding in. They are bad for Europe and, ironically, bad for their home countries, as we can see from the horrible wars there and acts of barbarism.

      72. The French police officer in the video was not killed by the gunman.

        1) The round from what looks like an AK 47 would have spattered the cops head. For the sake of argument you would have at least seen a spray of blood from the supposed head shot. Think of the Kennedy Zapruder film.

        2) the officer doesn’t appear to fear his imminent death. Was he previously wounded, stunned, in shock? Is that the reason he is already on the ground? If he wasn’t hurt, then his reaction is completely fake. He wasn’t kicking, swinging his arms, trying to get away, or screaming, he basically wasn’t doing anything a “normal” human being would do to stay alive in that situation. He looked like he just rolled over and went to sleep. I say he’s an actor and a bad one at that.

        3) There was no recoil of the cops body from being hit by the AK-47 round at close range. There were 2 gunman, why didn’t they fire more than 1 round between them? They didn’t because it would have been obvious that no bullets were hitting the police officer.

        It amazes me that governments throughout the world are completely taking part in these deceiving fake operations and then selling it to the public as real.

        • Kudos to you “DOORMAN”!

          Now if I may, quote your last sentence:..

          —It amazes me that governments throughout the world are completely taking part in these deceiving fake operations and then selling it to the public as real.—


          ..rest assured sir, they have an endgame ‘agenda’….a ‘goal’ they’re striving for …and their main-stream media outlet talking-heads / talking-boobs –(yeah, there’s some “serious racks” in studio-land)– ..are the snake-oil sales persons!!!

          ..fortunately, some are awakening to the truth that we peasants, are NOT going to benefit from their agenda’s outcome/result!

        • We will never know the truth but I suspect that there is a significant amount of cross over from the entertainment “Industry” and Intelligence agencies worldwide.

          The question, “Does life imitate art or does art imitate life” may be answered with, “There is no distinction between the two”.

      73. Beware the comments being made that this cop being shot was faked and this whole thing was a false flag is disinformation. Put out by TROLLS to make this website and the people who follow it to look like fools

      74. Pisslam is a death cult, an ideology of control and slavery with form of gov’t, sharia law, and economic system. It is not a religion per se. It’s phony prophet pedophile mohammed stole his ideas from already established Christian and Judeo set ups. Muzzie fanatics don’t respect freedom or civil rights, pisslam is the most intolerant cult today. These barbaric savages need to be culled, castrated, and hog tied from normal society. Bring out the bacon grease and butane burners. It’s time for a roast.

      75. God save my loyal subjects from the murderous muslim hordes. My politicians have failed to protect our once happy land… America be strong.

      76. The long arch of European civilization, which lead to the freedoms and rights of universality (advocated by French men Voltaire and Rousseau), are under direct attack from those who wish to impose Sharia law in Europe. French academics were on the BBC saying France is now a Muslim country and people need to get used to it. Others in the UK are saying people deserve death if they slander the prophet. These are views incompatible with a rule-based, law-based society that respects freedom of expression and speech. It is that simple. And if these individuals do not like this society, then they should not live in such a society and instead seek out places more compatible with their views.

        We hear about the demographic argument – that Europe needs these people to keep its economies going – yet youth unemployment in Southern Europe is approaching 50 per cent, there are many millions in Eastern Europe and Russia who are more than happy to take on jobs in Western Europe. There is no shortage of Europeans available for work. Kick them off of welfare if they do not get out there and seek work. In fact, Europe has a labour surplus that will take decades to exhaust. What is required is greater movement within Europe and a stop to bringing in people from outside Europe apart from the best educated and/or those who aspire to freedom and a secular society.

      77. Above top secret are also deleting threads about this incident and some of the members are none too happy about it.


        Youtube and Google most the time will hide news that they dont want you to read and are the worlds worse for stopping our freedom of speech and it is time we went after them until they leave things as a level playing field.

        People have dies for our freedom of speech in France and it is our duty to protect it.

      78. BI ThE PeOplE FoR ThE PEoPLe… OOoOoOoOH,OooOOoOh…CitiZeNs oF AmeRiCa, MusliMs AnD IsLAm is FoR pEaSe… lEt uS eMBrACE thE Islamic FaITH AnD oUr MoOsliM BrOthers & sIsTERs wIth OPeN ArmS…wE aRe OnE PEoPLE UNdeR tHe One gOd… ALAh… ERRRRRRRRM, I meen JESUS!… AllaHu Akbar… ERRRRRRRM, I Meant GOD BLESS AMERICA. OH MAAAAAAAAN.

      79. Nice fake out, aint buying this BS story

      80. For the gun guys and ladies. I seen several French Police on TV armed with wood stocked, Ruger Mini 14s or Mini 30s or AC556. Difficult to tell from the video distance. Actually difficult to tell from 10 ft away.

        My guess it was the best weapon for their needs for the money.

      81. Radical Mohammedans want to kill you.

        Moderate Mohammedans want radical Mohammedans to kill you.

      82. NOT EVEN A GOOD FAKE!!!!!!!

      83. You’ve got to fight for what you want, for all that you believe. It’s right to fight for what we want, to live the way we please. As long as we have done our best, then no-one can do more, and life and love and happiness are well worth fighting for. And we should never count the cost, or worry that we will fail. It’s better to have fought and lost than not have fought at all. Lets always take whatever comes and never try to hide. Face anything and anyone together side by side.

      84. Anybody else getting sick ‘n’ tired of being told by politicians and the media that islam is for peace? Whenever any of these satanic muslims goes on a crime spree raping,stabbing,shooting,bombing, the leftists are always there spouting the same old duff time and time and bloody time again “This is nothing to do with islam… islam is for peace”… Man how many times has this bad stuff got to happen before those in power grow a spine, admit that islam is a major problem and put an end to the senseless, needless suffering at the hands of those who belong to this evil cult. ISLAM.

      85. all u muslim haters here are too stupid to understand anything. you deserve everything nasty in life. the jewish media got a hold of ur simple minds. you live in the matrix find ur way out now u fucks. jewfux fucked ur minds n will continue to rape ur stupid childrens minds 2. peace will never be achieved with jewpig headed dumb white race disappearing.white disease will be extinct soon.

        • Chill out maaaaaaaan… No point in losing your head!

      86. your a fake and a crook mac…stop peddling your bullshit to the weak and small minded morons. Get a real job son! You should be ashamed of yourself for making a living off of selling lies to dumb asses.

      87. This web site is GREAT… Thanks for giving us an opportunity to speak freely… THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY MUCH.

      88. Any one with a lick of common sense and an intellectual thought can tell you that police man was not shot.
        False flag terror event…

      89. Not only is there no blood with the execution shot, but there is no blood when he first gets wounded, prior to the execution and there is no blood later when the car is driving past the down police man as the terrorists drive by. I can’t believe that the vest and clothing would hold back the blood that long. In every other real life shooting scene there is blood almost immediately, at least some! As someone noted, the bullet would have done massive damage internally, and blood would have been flowing from the multiple shots.

      90. Not only is there no blood with the execution shot, but there is no blood when he first gets wounded, prior to the execution and there is no blood later when the car is driving past the down police man as the terrorists drive by. I can’t believe that the vest and clothing would hold back the blood that long. In every other real life shooting scene there is blood almost immediately, at least some! As someone noted, the bullet would have done massive damage internally, and blood would have been flowing from the multiple shots.

      91. Unless I see the wounds on his body and stick my finger into the bullet holes and shove my hand into the wound, I will not belive! Please remove you tinfoil hats as a mark of respect towards the French police officer who was buried last Sunday. Lord have mercy.

      92. It’s been over a week now since the three Charlie Hebdo Islamic terrorists were sent to hell and I still cannot find any news about what happened to their bodies… hmmmmmmmm… Why the secrecy? Or am I missing something?

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