UN Arms Chief Says Nuclear War Is Closer Than Ever Since WW2

by | May 23, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 42 comments

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    A United Nations arms official has declared nuclear war to be closer than it has ever been since World War II. The geopolitical climate is so divisive and disturbing right now, that globalists are actually telling us a nuclear war could be coming.

    The head of the United Nations’ Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) Director Renata Dwan said in an interview that the use of nuclear weapons is more likely today than any time since the U.S. bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan in 1945, adding that the use of such weapons today carried a greater risk than ever, according to Reuters. 

    “I think that it’s genuinely a call to recognize — and this has been somewhat missing in the media coverage of the issues — that the risks of nuclear war are particularly high now, and the risks of the use of nuclear weapons, for some of the factors I pointed out, are higher now than at any time since World War II,” she told the news service, speaking about a call from 122 nations to ban such weapons entirely. Dawn says that the UN should be doing more to ban nuclear weapons. “How we think about that, and how we act on that risk and the management of that risk, seems to me a pretty significant and urgent question that isn’t reflected fully in the (U.N.) Security Council,” she told Reuters according to The Hill.

    Of course, a ban only works if countries are going to obey. Should nations defy a UN nuclear weapons ban, there is literally nothing the UN can do about it. There are far too many nukes out there for the UN’s words to matter. The Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, which is backed by a group that won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017, is currently supported by more than 100 nations, most of which do not have any nuclear weapons anyway. It has been ratified by 23 countries out of the 50 it requires to take effect. Again, even if it “takes effect,” large players such as the United States, Russia, and China could defy the ban and still start a nuclear war.

    The U.S., which has advocated against the proliferation of nuclear weapons around the world, has opposed the treaty, as do other nuclear powers such as Russia and China. And that’s all it would take to negate any kind of ban.

    Hopefully, politicians all over the world can refrain from starting a nuclear war.  But if they can’t, know how to protect yourself the best you can:




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      1. Same song second verse.

        • not even second verse, same old song.
          six months ago it was the iranians (sanctions)
          a year ago it was north korea (sanctions)
          two years ago it was the Russians (Trump election)
          5 years ago- Russia (Crimean invasion)
          2012 it was North Korea (nuclear/emp satellite launches)
          I’m not even going to bother going on.
          every 6-12 months someone somewhere wants to use the spectre of nuclear war to bludgeon a political enemy, frighten a population, or drum support for an incursion/invasion. Usually its those wacky Nuclear Doomsday Clock guys who have had us under 5 min to midnight for ages.

      2. Trump said, “Yes, we have a Military Industrial Complex and they do Love War.”
        The propaganda and fear BS has been over the top for decades all to jack up their already over-bloated budgets for war. Bunch of psychopaths with a fat wallet is what we got and no leadership to control these war criminal’s perpetual conflict.

      3. The only good that come of this is,
        Mostly Democrats will die.

        • Relik LOL. It’s so true that those with no situational awareness congregate in massive target zones. No guns, no awareness, no preps, leads to easy conquests by the evil-doers around the world.

      4. ” We can skin a Buck and run a trot line, and a Country Boy can survive” Hank Jr.

        Now y’all, watch out fur dem hogs!

      5. Some wealthy merchant country and military hammer over all the Earth — whichever country that is — is prophesied to be hated, and falls within one hour, to a Beast.

        As the story goes, merchants at sea cry, because they have no place to sell their wares. (Whichever country that is…)

        • Wherefore didst thou marvel?

          • Notice, there is no mark of the harlot; she is not the preeminent superpower of the End Times.

      6. Thermonuclear weapons or sweet meteor of death. Fun for everyone.

        • Election 2020: Giant Meteor vs Lord Humongous

      7. The UN is soooooo credible. More fear porn from the globalists.

      8. Ipse Dixit.

        No one will die due to a nuclear war. However half the American population are eating themselves to an early grave, and on the way to ‘Glutimus Maximus’ will cost the taxpayer $20 trillion during the next 30 years.

        The real 800 pound woman in the room is not the fear of a nuke war. Try focusing on what is really actually occurring, not some IF or COULD or MIGHT bullshit.

        • “Try focusing on what is really actually occurring.Not some IF,Could or Might Bullsh*t”.

          IF,Could,Might makes up 99% of the entire SHTF phenomenon that has totally consumed some people and convinced them that what they see in Hollywood motion pictures and “shit fan sites” is real and about to happen.Gullible is a word that is not used enough here.

      9. I believe that the 2020 election will end up in a second Civil War. This might spread if say the Chinese or Soviet Russians (Yes, they are Soviets, they support Communist Venezuela and Red China) aid our home grown Left in an attempt to rule the whole enchilada .

        • One more time.


          A system of government where the means of production are owned by the government.

          A country can be totalitarian and be fascist, a monarchy, or a simple dictatorship. The defense and energy sectors are government owned in the Russian Federation. Oligarchs, very capitalistic largely own the means of production from farming through manufacturing. Red China is an inverse hybrid where communism uses capitalism.

          Communism is often confused with totalitarianism using the words inaccurately interchangeably.

        • Communism exportability was largely predicated upon the sales pitch of, “from those according to their means to those according to their needs”, motivating the masses, generally abused by uncontrolled greedy capitalists (the greatest recruiting agent). China is now using capitalist business to further their aims making the above not just non useful but dangerous for their expansion as it would literally overthrow that they are attempting to globally achieve. Russia likewise has abandoned “from those to those” by the mere dissolving of the Soviet Union and subsequent rise of the oligarch class.

      10. Lol ban nuclear weapons.

        These people are sniffing their own farts. Making a law is always the answer because words on a piece of paper are so binding.

        The most un-bannable thing on earth and you think you can stop it with a piece of paper.

        Pray tell what will you do if someone violates your ban and is capable of nuking you?

        Nuke them back?

      11. “The U.S., which has advocated against the proliferation of nuclear weapons around the world, has opposed the treaty…”

        How did I know this was coming. Gonna be mighty hard to convince anyone now, ain’t it Uncle?

      12. Why does anyone pay any attention whatsoever to the utterings of the idiots at the U.N.?

      13. Say the 2020 election is Biden/Harris vs Trump/Pence. Around 14 blue states have thrown the Constitution aside and signed up to change their Electoral Collage votes. So Biden wins by their new rules and Trump wins by the Constitution. Both claim victory, what happens? Does the 14 states declare martial law and try to remove Trump? Does Trump send troops in to stop Biden from declaring a new country? Does Harris/Biden sign an Executive order banning all gun ownership in their new country? Does China or Russia land troops on American soil to side with our Lefties?

        • An interesting scenario. Makes one want to go scuba diving for items lost in a boating accident.

        • SW,
          Two questions.
          Who has all the guns?
          Who is willing to use them?

          • rellik,

            While the Right certainly has far more guns, the Left is the one who historically has the will to actually use them. The idiots on the Right talk about burying them.

      14. This nuclear threat is always with us, but it is beyond our ability to change. President Kennedy learned the hard way when he demanded to inspect the nukes in Israel. Interestingly, however, Iran has co-operated completely.

        The nuclear scare serves as a distraction.

        The loss of our Constitutional rights of freedom of speech; freedom of speech, assembly, association, and the right to arms, to travel freely, to be unmolested- the right to our possessions, to our property, to not be taxed, to control our own minting of coins. And to not be brainwashed into wars for the benefit of greedy lying snakes.

        Oh, and yes, I agree, Americans are dying from obesity due in large part to poor dietary choices, lack of exercise, and eating too much too often.

        Fasting helps. Drinking water instead of soda, sugary coffee, and denatured juice.




          I will NOT give up my sugary coffee.

          • every man has his breaking point.

      15. Could we please hear something different.
        I am getting tired of hearing the old same thing.
        So please give us something to think about , and
        PROVE IT !

        NO MORE FEAR PORN !!
        NO MORE FEAR PORN !!!

      16. In your wildest dreams, did you ever think World War III might be started with a tweet?

        Melania Honey, where is my phone?

        • youtube.com/watch?v=Yq7FKO5DlV0

      17. Forget nuke war, this is how most Americans will die:

        1) White people: obesity and the health consequences of obesity (diabetes, heart attack, stroke, cancer, etc.). Or opioid overdose.

        2) Black people: before the age of 30, at the hands of another black person, usually in a handgun killing. After 30, consequences of extreme obesity. The other day saw a black woman who took up the entire sidewalk with her girth, could barely walk, and was forcing others to have to dangerously step into the road to get around her. That is just a small example of the way obese people drag the rest of us down. The other is in rising healthcare costs.

        3) Asians: from old age in bed, or, if you are a man, in a massage parlour getting a handjob.

        4) Hispanics: death from the consequences of obesity. Grim deaths from cancer, diabetes, heart attacks etc. Because of diets.

        5) Native Americans: alcoholism, suicide, drug overdoses.

        • so a collapse scenario will likely be a saving moment for 2/3rds the population, saving them from obesity…

          • Yep. Think of it as extreme dieting.

            Fat, lazy countries always lose out to lean, smarter countries.

        • . . .he may be receiving the hand job from his own hand. . .

      18. Is this the same UN institute for disarmament that wants the US to turn in all their small arms?

      19. Daniel Ellsberg book “The Doomsday Machine” chronicles the evolving strategy from MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) to first use (either officially sanctioned or structurally by default). It’s a worthwhile read to understand the insanity of the dynamics of governance.

        • The longer we go from their use and the smaller and more accurate they become the greater the probability of their use. The use of nuclear weapons beyond the deterrence has been the Rubicon of sanity to insanity.

          • “The use of nuclear weapons beyond the deterrence has been the Rubicon of sanity to insanity.”

            Oh, I don’t know Kev. Seems to have worked out OK in Japan.

            • “Beyond deterrence”, makes the implied assumption that there is not a monopoly on their possession. There was a monopoly of their possession in WWII therefore Japan is not a viable example.

              • Lighten up Kev, you’re far too serious 🙂

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