Ukraine’s Military Mobilizes, Prepares For Combat: Trucks, APCs, SAMs, Howitzers, Tanks Rolling Out

by | Mar 9, 2014 | Headline News | 169 comments


Editor’s Note: Ukrainian forces have, for the most part, made no significant movements in recent weeks as their government re-organized post-revolution. Until now. As the following pictures and videos show, the situation on Russia’s eastern front is not in any sort of de-escalation as some would have us believe. Just the opposite. Military assets on both sides are now reinforcing the border, and the Russians have even gone so far as to start laying land mines (see pictures below). 

No worries though, because as soon as President Obama finishes up the Back 9 at his latest golf outing he’ll jump on the phone (with the Presidential Pen in tow) to hash things out with Vladimir Putin.

Originally published at Zero Hedge and sourced via Info Wars

Did somebody say de-escalation?

Earlier today, photos were distributed showing the latest military convoy reinforcements heading into the Crimea, accompanies by a Police car demonstrating Moscow license plate numbers, most likely providing further support to the pro-Russian forces in the peninsula.

Supposedly the trucks are carrying troops to reinforces the members of the new Crimean army, pictured below:


While at the same time along the makeshift border between Crimea and the mainland, the Pro-Russian forces are putting down minefields.

However, the Ukrainians, having already been mobilized for over a week, finally appear set to seize back the offensive:

The first clip below captured the 80th Airborne Regiment out of Lviv moving out, direction mainland, preparing to repel foreign attack.

The next video shows what are allegedly Buk SAM batteries deployed in the Donetsk region, a city in Eastern Ukraine which in the past week has swayed between Ukraine and Russian authority.

The clip below shows the 95th Airborne brigade also moving out of their barracks in Zhytomyr in western Ukraine, heading East, with an impressive deployment of trucks and APCs.

2S19 “Msta-S” 152mm Howitzers on the move to Crimea.

 Finally, 20 T-64 tanks preparing to depart in Bila Tserkva, a city in central Ukraine:

So where again are all those pundits who were so eager to explain away the Ukraine confrontation as one that will promptly be forgotten, and is by now most certainly priced in?

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    1. buttcrackofdoom

      oh DEAR!

      • Iowa

        Lions and tigers = Target practice

          • JayJay


            • OutWest

              Obama says:

              At least our war on the American
              people is going well …..

            • jerrytbg

              Oh Jay Jay…that was beautiful!!!

              May I borrow that…

              • yourmotherwaswrong

                Boobus Americanus logic:

                The U.S. military fights for our freedoms.

                Sending more troops throughout the world equals fighting for our freedoms.

                And since the “good guys” always win, we will end up with more freedoms!

                Thus, we need a war with Russia over the Ukraine.

                USA… USA… USA.

                • jerrytbg

                  What are you talking about?

                  I’m a little dense today…please explain.

                  You do know Jay Jay was a little TiC there, right?

                • 1braveheart

                  Howdy, YMWW, and I agree we don’t need to be in any more wars anywhere. I think “Boobus Americanus”=neocons and libturds. MOLON LABE braveheart

            • 1braveheart

              JayJay, I like my guns and I’m keeping my guns, regardless!

            • Mountain Trekker

              Hope it ain’t an AK, MAC90 or SKS. Well you can keep it, but only if you don’t have any ammo for it. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

            • Louis XIV

              If we like your country, WE will keep your country.

        • laeagle

          Pray for the Ukrainians. Definitely a David and Goliath match up. I will stand with the Ukrainians.

          • John Q. Public

            Maybe because I agree with him, but I think that Brandon Smith’s analysis is the most sensible and insightful analysis of the Mossad/CIA (“Ukrainian” bankster) versus KGB/FSB (“Russian” bankster) confrontation—just one more fund-both-sides-for-power-and-profit War by Satan’s banksters:


            If we let them consolidate tribal control, guess who wins? Guess who dies?

            Nuremberg 2 to prosecute and punish ALL crimes agains humanity, including genocide, warmongering and economic crimes against humanity! Let that be OUR battle cry!

            Prosecute ALL the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

            • Bedeomm

              You obviously don’t know much about history as the Nurnburg ‘trials’ were a farce and much of the ‘evidence’ presented at the time has since been proven to have been false. It was as bad as the Communist charade at Potsdam.

              • John Q. Public

                @ Bedeomm

                I am fully aware of the travesties of the original Nuremberg kangaroo court—that is to say, the phony “evidence” and coerced “confessions”:

                • the fake gas chamber built at Auschwitz AFTER the war by the Soviet Judeo-Communists
                • the ridiculous “eyewitness” testimony such as “geysers of Jewish blood” erupting from the ground, different-colored crematoria smoke for different ethnicities
                • the “lampshades”
                • the “soap made of Jewish fat”
                • the absurd accounting
                • the tortured “confessions,” etc.

                I will reiterate what I have previously proposed, that Nuremberg 2 must be honest and just, everything that the Jewish kangaroo court was not. Nuremberg 2 must be just with open proceedings, honest evidence and without any of the lying and absurd “eyewitness” testimony or faked or coerced testimony. Indeed, there will be great irony when the world discovers that the perpetrators of our misery are disproportionately the ones who perpetually feign that they are the victims.

                “Never again!” Yes, great irony.

                Prosecute and punish ALL the guilty for their capital crimes against humanity—banksters, command and control, enforcers, puppets, middlemen, mouthpieces, talking heads, collaborators, accomplices—ALL the guilty.

                Leave the innocent alone.

                • Them Guys

                  Wait till folks realize the united states was Changed in name in 1913 to ZOG Run JewnitedSnakes!

          • Anonymous

            Here or there, wallet, blood or good wishes?

          • Hey You

            The USA and Europe want Ukraine to politically tilt toward the West. Russia wants the Ukraine to politically tilt toward Russia. This is not a battle so much as political realignments. It is doubtful that more than a few shots will be exchanged.

            I don’t stand with either and it seems that the USA government is getting involved because we have a warfare mentality.

            • Cede

              No, the US and the Middle East want the Ukraine because, all of Russia’s oil and gas pipe lines to Europe run through the Ukraine!! Sadly, for countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Bahrain, Yemmin and Kuwait, there oil has to go via ship to Europe and the Russians are squeezing them out of the market with there direct pipe lines straight into countries like Germany, Italy, Poland, Belgium and France!! And for the US, this is bad for the Petro Dollar, cause if our Middle East flunky Arab lap dogs aren’t making money because the Russkies are controlling the market then we don’t get our “cut”

              It’s nothing to do with communism v capatilism. It’s not East v West. It’s got nothing to do with religion. it’s all about oil and money. And right now, the Russians are taking over from the Middle East as the major supplier to Europe and the only thing we can do to stop them is force a war in the Ukraine so we can ‘legally’ destroy the pipelines in a ‘legitimate’ war to stop Russian aggression ….. That we started.

              If we don’t get a war started now, the Russian oil supply to Europe will eclipse the Middle East production and once the kick OPEC out of Europe it’s good nite USA, usa, us….a …… Crickets!!!!

              • Hillbilly

                Cede, what we “U.S.” needs to do is Drill baby Drill, and tell the rusky’s and the saudi’s we don’t need any oil. In fact we could sell you some… Wages go up here, energy cost go down.The only countries we will invade will be as wealthy tourists spreading the wealth. Why are you so..Negitive?

              • California Girl

                @ Cede

                Wow! Your post makes the most sense when it comes to the New World Order. From what I understand the PTB need to be in control of all oil production in order to shut it down when they need to. If they can control the flow of energy they can control us. Thanks for the info.

                • Bella

                  It has nothing to do with oil, people like you came out with those lies ten years ago with all your deluded nonsense of huge pipelines being laid back to the West, none of this has materialised, total nonsense. Just a cover for Jewish barbarism and murder of Israel’s enemies using thick, fat Americans as the cat’s paw.

              • Louis XIV

                I guess Russia gave up on new pipelines that circumvent Ukraine. That’s what they said they wanted to do during the big gas supply confrontation a few years ago. Probably decided it would be cheaper to just use their tanks, as long as a girly man lives at 1600 Pennsylvania ave. Said girly man gave Putin the green light (it started out as a red line) in Syria.

            • sixpack

              …and the U.S. has some sort of stake in Ukraine becoming part of the EU and NATO, so the NWO banksters (who also own the US) can take over the finances of another country, and NATO can put some more weaponry on Russia’s doorstep…

              …and the big banksters can pocket some more profit. If we really want to starve the beast, we need to STOP THE WARS.

            • Louis XIV

              If USA gets militarily involved, it’ll be our undoing as an empire. We’ll be biting a hog in the ass.

        • Unreconstructed Southron

          More like Bears and Dragons, Iowa.

        • Indy Colts

          Russian Ammo scare was a hoax. Told YA!! Tula/Wolf has confirmed this.

      • Iowa


        ( I )

        • Iowa

          Meanwhile Venezuela is BLACKED OUT.

          • BJ

            Do you know where the new ammo, Steel Ridge Ammunition is in Iowa?

            • Iowa

              Allison, IA

          • Sgt. Dale

            Very good point there is revolution going on in Venezuela. But no news on it. More than likely it’s because WW3 won’t start in Venezuela.
            Thanks for bring it up! I think we should be working on our own back yard and let Europe take care of its self!


            • Iowa

              Before we work on our front/back yard, we should focus on cleaning our house.

              • Miss DeeDee

                I presume you mean clean house with a solution of liquid tar and a mop made with feathers !!!
                — Miss Dee Dee

                • 1braveheart

                  Howdy, Miss DeeDee. That solution should be applied to DC and all 50 state capitals. Oh, I should include all major cities also.

                • Hunter

                  Naw…let’s use ZYKLON-B…since most folks think it works!

            • Them Guys

              RT Tv news has been showing Tons of info and videos of venezuala riots. Last nite had full documentary on it and chavez leaders life and how he got to be in charge etc.

              • hammerhead

                well , you wouldnt want RT to focus on Ukraine would you?
                More theater for popcorn eaters.
                Look over here while i,m over there.

                • Them Guys

                  RT Is showing Tons on Ukraine too. Facts and TRUTH unlike FOXjews zog run jewnitedsnakes TV(talmudvision)

            • Yourdaddy

              @Sgt Dale:
              The famous Catholic mystic, Maria Esperanza (from Betania Venezuela) once said, “It will begin in Venezuela.”

              I wouldn’t be too dismissive of what transpires down there as the very likely primer to global events unfolding.

              • BJ

                Nice to see you again….it has been quite a long time.


        • John Q. Public

          @ Iowa

          Best news of the year so far!

          • nopittypartyhere

            i wonder if dear hubbys cousin signed the letter. we registered our ARs because we would lose our licenses to practice our profession for a felony, and DH doesn’t know shit about OPSEC and told the cousin about our rifles last year. I’m glad to hear we have LEOs on board, but we have a LOT more than 250 LEOs in CT.

            • jerrytbg

              What …you think that this is something that’s just going to pass away and all will be good…

              When you registered did you make sure they had your GPS coordinates correct…

              • Nopittypartyhere

                I didn’t think it would go away, but I have to protect my livelihood if they pulled sales records from shops. My arms are safe, and secure. No one will get them. I’ll be out of CT ASAP. Just waiting on a call back from an interview. Headed to. Pro 2a state.

                • jerrytbg


                • Miss DeeDee

                  I’m happy for you. Good Luck
                  — Miss Dee Dee

        • Anonymous

          Sounds really good, Iowa, but lets just hope the Fed doesn’t send in too much money to enforce the new unconstitutional law… Unfortunately, people and departments have a tendency to give in to US govt when offered enough carrots.

          That’s what happened to DMV (outbid us with cash).

          • sixpack

            …and knowing that the stick isn’t too far behind those carrots…

        • Miss DeeDee

          — I do not think that either the state of CT. Or the Fed Att. Gen. cares at this time if the law is enforced as so long as the people feel that it does not affect themselves. They want the law to stand in the background until it looks harmless and is ratified over a majority of the country. Then it is too late . You had your chance to repeal but were too busy watching the Kaddashians.
          — Miss Dee Dee.

      • Rodster

        Dr. Paul Craig Roberts summed it best by saying the Washington Fool and his incompetent administration will get us all killed and they have no idea how easily this can go nuclear.

        • Shooter

          This is all being staged like a broadway play.

      • Anonymous

        More updates on this crisis at Really scary!

    2. Overwatch

      I find it hard to sympathize with the Ukes. They were naive enough to allow themselves to be disarmed by Clinton and the West 20 years ago. Hell, they had nukes after the Soviet collapse. To have let go of your “big stick” in the face of a bully is the very depth of stupidity.

      • Barn Cat

        No, they were betrayed by their leadership. Just like Americans have been. No loyal Ukrainian leader would have given up their nukes and their army in exchange for EU and American guarantees of their sovereignty.

    3. buttcrackofdoom

      RUSSIANS, ….friends with benefits…..only there aint no benefits, and they aint yer FRIENDS, ukraine!

    4. braahaahaa

      A war between Russia and Ukraine will be planetarily devastating.

      • Acard134

        A war between Russia and Ukraine will be short.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          like shootin’ fish in a crackerbarrel!

        • sixpack

          They are NOT going to go to war with Ukraine. They are going up against US/EU bankster sponsored terrorists, who are trying to install another western puppet who will open the door for the IMF.

          This was NEVER about Ukrainian freedom.

    5. Socrates

      …and the ‘swinging’ starts soon- film at 11:00.

      See all those nice neat columns of troops carriers? One or two A-10 warthogs could wipe that all out in seconds.
      Funny how the government tried over and over to mothball them. If I was on the ground, I wouldn’t want to go up against them! This is going to get MESSY real soon, I’m afraid.

      I posted this the other day as well:

      DoD: US increasing fighter jet & surveillance patrols of airspace over NATO members Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Other force increases also underway.

      Amid tensions, Russia has just test-fired a nuclear-capable SS-25 ICBM. Launch site only 280 miles east of the Ukrainian border. Missile landed in Kazakhstan..

      US Embassy Moscow warning Americans in Russia of possible anti-American actions in light of rising political tensions from Ukraine conflict. Vigilance urged.

      Poland positioning tanks and other forces along border w Ukraine (defensive). Baltic neighbors increasing fighter jet patrols + requesting add’l NATO forces..

      Concerns grow over safety of Ukrainian nuclear reactors (15). Ukraine gov asking int’l community for assistance in protecting facilities. Developing situation…

      Following last week’s relatively non-violent surge of Russian forces onto the Crimean peninsula, former Soviet-bloc Baltic nations including Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are understandably nervous and have been stepping up defensive measures, including movement of tanks and personnel into border positions, as well as seeking additional assistance from other NATO members.

      On Wednesday of this week Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced that the U.S. was increasing fighter jet & surveillance patrols of airspace over these countries. On Thursday, the Pentagon announced that an initial group of 12 U.S. fighters had deployed to the region.

      Speaking of dangers to Nuclear Facilities, we have problems at home as well:

      AlertsUSA monitoring major crack discovery in Wanapum Dam on Columbia River ~ 20 mi upriver from Hanford nuclear site in WA state. Significant risk of failure.

      Potentially dangerous situation unfolding at the Wanapum hydroelectric dam located on the Columbia River in Washington state. A 2 inch wide, 65 foot long crack has been discovered in the structure and deformation of the dam is clearly visible. A potential threat of national significance exists as the dam is located less than 21 miles upstream from the Hanford Nuclear Site and approximately 60 miles upstream from the Columbia Generating Station, the Pacific Northwest’s only commercial nuclear reactor.

      Got preps? Make sure.

      • Spud

        Poor buggers, they will be rubbed out by the Russian military in a day. Why do these people want to fight for Jewish banks?

        • .02

          I was going to say the same thing Spud, what they have is a damned if you do damned if you don’t.

      • Anonymous

        I like what Wes at said… we need to tell the US govt to just get the fuck out of there…

      • sixpack

        The missile landed in Kazakhstan, because the Russians LEASED the land there, especially for the test.

        Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania all had “revolutions” similar to the newest Ukrainian “revolution”. The goal was for them to Join the EU and NATO. LOOK AT THE PATTERN HERE, PEOPLE! Then…


    6. Northern Grower

      The pen is Not mightier than the sword in this case!

    7. eppe

      Sand will be slung…

      • 1braveheart

        Howdy, Eppe. If I was one of those Ukrainians, I would’ve already been fighting. No way I would bow down to Putin or any other Commie SOB.

        • Seedling

          The Russians kicked the Commies out of Russia in 1989 if you remember, they now run America and will destroy America when they have finished with using it as a useful load of idiots.

          “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” – Benjamin Netanyahu.

          A comment made by Benjamin Netanyahu to Jonathan Pollard (convicted traitor and spy) upon exiting Pollard’s jail cell.

          • Mountain Trekker

            The Russians kicked the Commies out, keep on dreaming seedling, you may never become a plant.

            • Hillbilly

              Mountain Trek.. How is it you get it and I get it, yet so many are not? Not that hard.

              • California Girl

                The communists never left Russia they just went underground so that the American people would think the cold war was over. Then there were the disarmament treaties. Russia is still arming themselves to the hilt underground. Our leaders know this, but don’t tell us. Putin was and still is KGB.

                • Potsdam

                  The Russians also kicked out the Jewish Oligarchs as well, they now reside in America too. A day doesn’t go by that we don’t seea Communist Jew at the Whitehouse telling the world what they have decided for America’s foreign policy.

                  It seems the Communist run America has now put a puppet Jew in power in the Ukraine as well.

      • PO'd Patriot

        It can chafe you.

    8. Stew Pedaso

      omg…this is getting like drunk sex…keep pumping, pumping, pumping, no orgasm. Do something or don’t do anything I say…this comparing dick sizes was old in the 80’s.

    9. 1braveheart

      I would only say one thing to the Ukrainians, “Why didn’t you mobilize sooner?” I wouldn’t have been taking the first amount of Russian BS, period! Let’s see what the old Soviet KGB thug Putin says about this move.

      • hammerhead

        I would only say one thing to the Ukrainians, “Why didn’t you mobilize sooner?”

        And guess what the rest of the world is sayin about Americans where our constitution is concerned ?
        It is obvious to the rest of the world that our constitutional freedoms are being usurped by the communist regime in washington.
        Why arent you mobilizeing now?

        • sixpack

          AMEN, Hammerhead—unlike the Ukrainians, WE KNOW WHO OUR REAL ENEMY IS.

        • Hillbilly

          Hammer, some of us are… prepping…arming…forming militia groups, join us why don’t ya.

    10. buttcrackofdoom

      hope “stonewall jackoff” putin realises lettin’ the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier than puttin’ it back in.

      • Kulafarmer

        Didnt he do that in Georgia a few years back?

        • 1braveheart

          Kula, he sure did, but Georgia was a small nation with a small army and was sold down the river by Bush Jr. Ukraine is a different story. It won’t be a cakewalk like Georgia. In fact, Putin had better hope it doesn’t become another Chechnya.

          • sixpack

            Chechnya, you mean where all of those Saudi controlled terrorists-for-hire come from?

      • Them Guys

        This all looks like we are seeing Ukraines 5 top military and Navy comanders, along with hoards of reg army guys, and the Air Force base Moving into the crimea due to they QUIT obeying orders as they Stated on Live TV a week ago.

        They said they no longer obey a fraud self apointed ukraine govnt “actors” and pledged aligence to Crimea and Russia.

        And these photos show what looks exactly like is happening. They aint going to Fight russians!…They are JOINING Russians and Crimea folks!

        Nobody can Blame them neither since they recognized the fraud self anointed usa state dept jewess Nuland funded, mega jewish banksters cartel of “new” govnt of west ukraine!

        if the Only real choice is between Jewish banksters allied with zio jew state dept etc, and that of White Christian Russia?….Its an easy choice. Screw jew swindler banksters and zios and Join Russia!

        Its real good those crimea joining ukraine navy and military guys aint stuck still in 40 yrs ago cold war scams, and believing Todays russia is the same as jewdeo kommie bolshie russia Was prior, as some folks Here seem stuck on believing in eh.

        • .02

          1000+ thumbs up, and yet look at the lost souls of the blind and hanging on to the old guard down thumbing you. Fools one and all. Go ahead you dorks, follow your money masters into the pit of hell, it is your choice.

          • Them Guys

            Thanks .02: I used to get pissed off at idiot red thumbs types. Then I realized they are just stupidly, foolishly delusionally deluded. Deluded due to being life long HOLOHOAXED, Kosherized, Khazerized, Judiazed, and brainwashed by Govnt agendas, MSM jew run TV and hollywood, phony WWII movies by the hundreds! and Phony Jewdeo christian preachermen who are Judiaizering these deluded fools constantly 24/7.

            Typical sunday sermon: Pastor sez “God is NOT predjudiced since God Loves ALL peoples and races Equally folks!” …FOLKS:…”Yeah! Halleluyahs!”

            Pastor in Next Breath: “And Thats why God Loves jews MORE folks! because everybodys equal in Gods eyes except that Jews are MORE equal!” Folks in Pews rattle windows and doors with shouts of Halleluyah!

            Pastors passes huge Hat around to collect huge Cash donations for zionist khazar fraud jews to rebilud 3rd temple….Where recently new formed Renewal of ancient San hedrin Rabbis, that consist of 72 Supreme Judges of san hedrin, are going to JUDGE those fool jewdeo christians and once foud Guilty of IDOL worship based on Talmudic Law, since talmud claims Jesus christ belief IS Idol worship!…Same San hedrin rabbi pharise will Then sentence said fools to DEATH! by Beheadings!

            And them fool delusional jew firsters can gaze in wonderment that THEY is who Paid to fund that evil 3rd temple of kahzarian Posers of a real israelite!

            And amazeingly even Then at point of Death, most of said jewdeo zio christian deluded fools will STILL refuse to Admit they was Wrong and were blessing and worshipping their Worst possible Enemys!…Total delusional idiots.

            Why Else do they keep refuseing to research or view any info or links or videos many of us here has provided them so often eh?…They FEAR Truth!…Jesus commanded KNOW truth and SPEAK Truths!…The deluded fols cower in Fear of jews where truth is involved.

            They Fear being called an antisemite or raysssis, More than they fear false beliefs!…That about should sum up eh .02?

            • Aurelius

              Them Guys; I hope you are aware that your frustrations are so very totally understood by so many of us! It pains the lot of us to the bone, that our fellow Americans have been so crippled by the never ending onslaught of Jew deviltry. They have even created, as one of their latest accomplishments, yet another new hyphenate citizen to covertly support their evil, the Hageeite American!! We have a task ahead of us in the awakening of so many fools!

              • Yezhovthepygmy

                Turns out the new Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, is a Jew.


                Yatsenyuk’s Judaism is not his only identity related political problem. Members of his family were prominent in the Ukrainian nationalist movement, which will doubtless cost him votes in the country’s Russian-speaking east.

                So, a Jew has been brought to power by Neo-Nazi-militia under an Israeli Veteran officer´s command. Is that about right? And now it seems the Mossad and Blackwater (behind the sniper killings) are now all over the Ukraine and, it also seems the Ukraine’s gold reserves have now been loaded onto an unknown aircraft and flown to America.

                Wow, what misery the Ukrainians are in for, tricked by the revolutionary Jew to flush their country down the toilet.

              • Them Guys

                Aurelius: Yes you are so correct.

                What does the bible claim is Satan the Devils greatest TOOL? DECEPTION!=LIES!

                What IS Rabid Bandit State of Israel’s National Slogan found written in Stone/cement over entrance of MOSSAD HQ?

                “By DECEPTION, You Will Cause WARS”!..Fits very swell once one comprehends Who Satans actual Flesh and blood DNA Chlidren are, also as Per your bibles(genesis enmity between Your satans, and the womens offspring) Cant have enmity between offspring aka Children unless Satan really does have actual factual DNA Live Flesh & Blood Offspring Childrens right folks?

                Your next Task is determine whom are satans earthly CHILDREN aka offspring as wrote in Genesis.

                JOHN chapter 8 VS 44 Has that answer for you naysayer jewdeo christian fool jew israel worshipers!

                Its the JEWS stupid! God says so! Jesus Christ Said so! John the apostle said so!…So who am I to bark against the wind. Those who FEAR jews calling them an antisemite nazi and Cower in Fear daily of it are Listed at very top of listing of Who aint going to heaven! COWARDS!#1 at top of that biblical List!…Good Riddence if they refuse to awaken too!

    11. glacialhills

      “No worries though, because as soon as President Obama finishes up the Back 9 at his latest golf outing he’ll jump on the phone (with the Presidential Pen in tow) to hash things out with Vladimir Putin.”

      Is this the part where they splt up the spoils from eastern Europe? after all, ohbummer now has more flexibility to do things he spoke of to His bro Vlad? It is AFTER the “election” is it not?…

      • BJ

        I love that guy, especially when he gets on a rant, calling bo “Mac Daddy.”

        • Unreconstructed Southron

          LONG LEGGED Mac Daddy.

          MANning is duh MAN!

      • Barn Cat

        I don’t think there will be revolution in the US. Obama has been purging the military of any officers that would refuse to fire on US citizens. And presumably, anyone who would fight against Obama in a coup.

        • sixpack

          That’s a GOOD thing, BC, now those well trained, freedom-minded patriots, are no longer under orders of the usurpers.

      • .02

        Manning is definitely way cool.

        • jerrytbg

          On him…Manning…we certainly agree…

    12. maudy frickett

      Very old troops in new uniforms. Interesting. And mine fields laid out in straight lines? I’d fire the guy in charge of that one. Both sides use the same equipment. Friendly fire will be a problem.

      • db427

        looked more like a veterans day parade.

      • Sgt. Dale

        Hey don’t pick on us old guys. (LOL) You do know that we have been around the block a time or two, and have more smarts that those 18 year old farts. The other thing is we don’t run well any more so, WE WILL HAVE TO STAND AND FIGHT!!!
        You know that if you take out lots of there young men the young men, and their moms will get pissed and not want to fight in some foreign land.
        I pray that this just settles down, and cooler heads prevail.
        Remember Obullshit might be acting stupid over this to cover up what might be coming to the Good Old USA. Collapse, Martial Law Who knows?

        • maudy frickett

          Sarge, I not laughing. I’m older than you.

        • 1braveheart

          Howdy, Sarge, and I have to agree we’re too old to run so we have to stand and fight. I turn another year older 1 week from today and I’m already feeling it. I hope it all settles down also. We don’t need another war. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • gun

            join a gym

      • BJ

        I posted this yesterday, I think they would be good to use against the corp enforcers in blue.

    13. BJ

      There saying that plane may of “disintegrated?” mid air.

      That crack is truly something to be concerned with Socrates.

      I got a Nikon laser range finder for $179, it is good for 11-550 yards. I figure that is all I need at this point. A guy at work the other day showed me some cool stuff on my white board in my office. It made total sense to me and was cool to learn something. He convincingly talked me out of spending 2-3K on a scope. He told me that as of now I cannot out shoot the Tasco Pronghorn on my 10/22. I thought about that for a minute and thought he is right. So for now, I just want to, as someone on here suggested a week ago or so, to m aster the .22 at 200-300 yards, then move up and spend some good dough on glass. I tried zeroing in the Tasco at 100 yards the other day, since my cousin messed with it and had it in at a shorter range. The target area landlord has set up here out by the edge of the corn field is 87.5 yards from grill deck off three season room. First 10 shots were not even on paper….ugghh! Second ten shots, I grouped 5-7 (hard to tell from holes) in an inch, but were 2 inches low and 2 inches left. So I clicked 7 clicks low, and 7 left. I did not go 8 due to it not being 100 yards, but only 87.5. And next 10 shots were not on paper again…..*(*&^$$^%&*&(*)(_^$!@#. Then wife said at seeing my frustration and disappointment, asked “will the wind effect it?”


      Here where I am at out in the open west of Clinton, Iowa, the wind always blows and I absolutely hate the wind, but I really hate it here. The wind was blowing from the W/NW at 7-9 mph. That is a normal day here, a minimum of 7-9 mph wind. I was shooting in a SW direction.

      Now what?

      Here’s to hoping Junior can win another one today in Vegas.

      • .02

        Sight in the rifle to hit at 25 yards, and beyond that, the still-climbing bullet and the downward pull of gravity wrestle each other to a virtual standstill. The bullet hits no more than a fifth of an inch high from 30 to 45 yards. Then it drops to zero again at 50. At 55 yards, the bullet hits just a fifth of an inch low.

        Beyond 55 yards, however, its drop is very apparent, hitting almost 2 inches low at 75 yards and more than 5 inches low at 100 yards. All bullet trajectories drop faster once the initial climb is past.

      • .02

        A 22 is just not a 100 yard caliber. If you sight dead on for 100 you will miss that so easy I cant miss it shot 10 yards from you where most small game is taken. If you want a 100 yard rim fire then the 17hmr is the ticket for you. Also sighting in dead on @25 yards gives the wind little time to mess with it. After you get the zero go out to 50 and watch what the wind does and then the “doping” begins.
        Like I said before, practice practice practice.. IN ALL weather conditions. You will be amazed what a driving rainstorm does to accuracy.

      • .02

        I would guess that most squirrels are shot at 25 to 40 yards, though an accurate .22 and good shooting skills will allow head shots out to 50 yards or so. And, by pure chance, a scoped .22 is unique in the shooting world, with a seemingly flat trajectory throughout all of this, its normal hunting range. A properly sighted-in scoped .22 has squirrel-in-the-head potential from 20 yards all the way out to 55 yards. Just aim and shoot. The trajectory is so flat a hunter may simply ignore it.

        • maudy frickett

          .22 caliber is normally for close in. Aquila Ammo claims their .22 subsonic sniper ammo in 60gr. will penetrate 20 inches of gelatin at 200 yards. Must have a trajectery like a rock. I have some of that ammo. It has a very small case and a long bullet. 60 gr. It does cycle in semi-autos.

        • Eagle Eye

          Amen to that. Shoot wallaby by the hundred and use a variety of brands.
          CCI Stinger is flat to 75 yeards.
          The rest are ok to 50 yards.

          Watch out if you are shooting downhill. Aim about 2″ over the target at 50m because for some technical reason I forget right now the tendency is to shoot low when shooting downhill.

          Works for my crew most of the time, except when impatience gets the better of them.

          • BJ

            I was shooting CCI 36 grain.

            So I should sight scope in at 25 or 50 yards? since you are saying trajectory is flat to 50 yards?

          • BJ

            Yes, I was up on the little deck for a gas grill outside the 3 season room…..about 10′ or so off the ground. And the target 87 yards away is also down hill some from the ground below where I am at on deck using railing to rest gun on.

    14. clint

      I’m afraid that Putin will not back down, they don’t. The USA will only put more sanctions on them and then it will effect us and raise prices here bigtime on gas and everything else. Why can’t we have business that is not part of the stock market (I know there are some that don’t) but that would be great if we didn’t have the corruption that we do. Get you mags loaded and keep your weapons in different locations to prevent all of them seized in case something would happen. Witness the greatest work of bastards of the Obama team trying to destroy us. I can’t believe the democrats can’t see whats going on. They must be getting kickbacks in swiss accounts for all the Obamacare accounts they get setup in their states. They probably all sitdown in a meeting behind closed doors and some smuck comes in and hands out papers for the democrat senate and house members to sign and issue payout charts and benefits for every Obama care account they get in their state which the money will be put directly in this swiss account from the money made from middleclass americans. What a crock!! We have to do something folks.

      • clint

        if you take a close look many of the russian troops are holding their Ak47’s without mags in them. That must mean something. Either all a stunt and show or some attempt to hide something. I noticed that on more than a few occasions. Anybody else see the same thing. Anybody else see anything out of the ordinary??

        • BJ

          I think it is all a show Clint.

        • jerrytbg

          In looking into all the hoopla over Crimea, just look at the location of the Russia naval base at Sevastopol… That says it all in so far as who is going to rule the day… The Russians will never ever give up that base… Because from there you rule the Black Sea…

          After the Crimean war, circa 1850’s, the Russians agreed to no major naval presence there…
          Times have changed over the decades…and there’s no going back.

          • Them Guys

            Putin and Ukraines Duly Elected govnt signed a Port Treaty to be IN effect from 2010 to 2042…Putin has every Right to use what was agreed to and have russian ships there.

            Look Back a few articles here on same russia putin vs ukraine issues posted in last week here.

            I several Times in two or more articles Posted the Exact Treaty infos, and outlined info on what the TRUE Deal is about.

            FACT: US State dept’s Victoria Nuland is a jewess zio and has funded $5 Billion to get an ALL jewish Bankster bunch into the ukraine self apointed NON elected govnt now.

            Georgia war few yrs ago Putin sent russian troops in due to Russian citizens got Killed there First. His duty Is to protect Russians from Death by fanatical zionist funded usurpers and as in georgias case, a Israeli citizen jew zio Prez installed by usa and EU zios who have infiltrated our mutual govnts in every western nation.

            Ukraines “new” self apointed Fraud govnt leadership is, One main Jew zio Prez, “Yatz the Yid” banksterboy…and at least THREE more he apointed as Governers. ALL Three are Multi Billionaires, jewish Banksterboys…ONE was Just recently taken off Interpols Most wanted lists for charges of corruption, and Murder and he also is a permanant Residnt of Switzerland!…He Lives in Switzerland NOT ukraine yet was apointed a Governer?

            Why are so many here so deluded and supportive of said fraud self apointed govnt in ukraine especially when its the Same jewish bankster cabals so screwing up america and the entire EU nations govnt’s?

            Cold war was a zionist swindle. There NEVER was any real cold war threat. It was a Hoax designed to Converge Communisim WITH Capitolisim as ONE. Both systems are jewish inventions. Both communisim and capitolisim were invented And Funded BY NY, British, German, jewish banksters.

            What is it You folks still do Not yet Get?

            An ENTIRE Ukraine air force Base announced few days ago they are doing same as navy commander and 4 more top military commanders in ukraines army and navy, along with vast numbers of reg troops men.

            That they NO longer agree with NOR will Obey any Longer ukraines Fake fraud govnt “actors”. AND therefore ALL said they are headed to Crimea to support Them there.

            These videos obviously are showing That very move and that they meant what they said on LIVE TV as shown on RT news for one. ALl 5 top navy and army comanders said they REMAIN Loyal to duly elected Prez booted out of ukraine by radical neonazi rioters funded BY usa state dept jewess Nuland. What do you not get?

            Russia TODAY is NOT run by soviet jew bolsheviks responsible for Past kommie atrocities and Holodomer.

            Todays russia is rebuilding as a Christian Mainly Whiteman Nation…Bolshevik soviet jews got Booted or jailed. Those booted , Most, are Now HERE in USA!

            plotting the Same soviet mass genocidal killings of whites here as done in russia 1918, What do You not yet Get?

            Must you idiot fools stuck in 1960 cold war swindles first get arrested and tortured then Killed before You get it Yet?…Wake Up. Stop being so delusioanly fooled by Khazar induced lies from MSM and fed govnt sources.

            What the Hell you going to Tell Your grandkids when they ask “Granny, Gramps…Why did You Fail to listen to folks like,,,Them Guys and JQP”?…oh wait! You wont answer as You will be dead by then while grandkiddies work as Slaves to jewish khazar soviets in america!

            • sixpack

              Thank you, TG. I get it. I’ve always been able to see through the lies of the NWO—and when I’m in doubt? I automatically oppose anything NWO, with or without “proof”.

              Propaganda is irrelevant.

              The pot AND the kettle are both black.

            • California Girl

              So I guess the question is, what are Them Guys and JQP going to actually do about it? Form a militia and march on Washington right now before it’s too late?

              • Them Guys

                Kalif Girl: Are You really That dense?…What better can I or JQP NOW be doing than try to wake folks to the Facts and Truth so many, like You too, seem to be blind to?

                Kalif is a good location for you as you sound like a typical west coast lib, and a female who never got it on Logic neither.

                Just keep remaining silent due to Your fear of govnt or jews or whatever. I plan to keep trying to wake folks to the true deals they are blinded to.

        • PO'd Patriot

          Our government bought the mags up and they don’t have anymore?????

          • gun

            the mags are 3 round from Ney York city, so they dont stick out pass the mag well.

      • Anonymous


        • sixpack

          PUTIN IS DECLARING WAR AGAINST THE NWO…which is what WE should also be doing.

    15. RickInOregon

      Off topic:

      This weekend has been a homesteading weekend. Been planting starter seeds and this morning I’ve been planting medicinal herb seeds. I’ve also been putting together a folder with their uses. While researching I stumbled across the medicinal uses for blackberry and I was pleasantly surprised, it looks like they will fill in nicely. Blackberries grow like a weed around these parts and now I’m going to be looking pretty hard at the medicinal properties of some of the other local wild plants.

      May even plant some of the left over medicinal seeds away from my house as an emergency forage reserve. I’ve been doing it with food plants but now I’ll add medicinal plants to it.

      • REB

        Ive used blackberry/raspberry leaves for years in teas for my family…even use young leaves in salads(before the thorns get grown)…saved alot of goats/rabbits from the scours over the years…good stuff!

      • nopittypartyhere

        see if you can find the Navajo variety of black berry online at a nursery. I get quarter to half dollar sized berries and the canes are THORNLESS. Unless you want the bramble for defense. I got gallons and gallons of berries off of six plants with 4-6 canes each last august.

    16. Kulafarmer

      To all you liberal socialism lovers out there,

      Look how well it has worked out in Venezuela!

      • Satori

        and conversely

        look at how “capitalism” has worked out here

        we’re on the same slippery slope

        we’re just not quite that far down


        the people who run the world
        don’t give a flying crap about ANY “ism”

        the form of government is irrelevant

        control the money,control the food,control the oil

        now lets all run off and vote
        and pretend that it really makes a difference

        • Kulafarmer

          I would like to point out that we dont really have capitolism either my friend
          More like fascism

    17. Mal Reynolds

      I see no reason why there needs to be a fight. The Crimea has been part of Russia for 300 years. It only became part of the Ukraine in 1954 when Khrushchev (who was 1/2 Ukrainian) went on a drunken bender one night. Divide the country along ethnic lines and let the areas that were traditionally part of Russia go back to Russia. And the Russians need to realize that their thuggish behavior puts fear into the hearts of their smaller neighbors. They need to let the Ukrainians become part of the EU. Seriously, what does Russia have to fear from the EU? It’s not exactly an aggressive organization.

      And in 100 years, none of this will matter anyway. Because the only people in Europe and Russia having kids are Musloids.


      • sixpack

        No, they don’t need to let Ukraine join The EU/NWO banksters club. We need to DISSOLVE that club.

    18. YH

      You know what really pis**s me off folks? The fact that the U.S. deliberately violated the sovereignty of Iraq and Libya, and now we have zero moral authority or credibility to tell Putin to stop without looking like a bunch of imbecilic hypocritical condescending community organizers.

      The U.S. was supposed to be a moral anchor, (pardon the graphic description) but we’ve have been so thoroughly raped and bastardized by immoral progressive politicians and their equally immoral constituent ilk. And Putin knows it. He’s going to take advantage for all it’s worth, and there’s not a damned thing we can do to stop him.

      Get ready folks, Putin is still in the bullpen getting warmed up.

      • Sgt. Dale

        I gave you a thumbs up! But Iraq had around 25 UN orders given to them about the WMDS, and to let the UN go in and search, They did not respond to all of them. You know that they used them against the Kurds, and they were more than likely transferred to Syria. I can’t prove it but we have our troops coming home from there right after the war with symptoms of chemical weapons. That was hushed up because we said we would turn them into an ash tray if they used them. Also there were some Iraq Generals given orders to use them and they didn’t.

        Libya attack was B.S. and should have never been done. I agree whole heartedly with you. We are also involved in other Nation we are involved with things we have no business in. We turn our backs on Christians all over the world being Rape, and Slaughtered. The USA dose NOTHING. This is total B.S.
        Again I do agree with you.

        • Them Guys

          SGT DALE: WMD’s= 3rd Biggest Hoax in 20th century.

          2nd biggest HOAX in 20th century was the “cold war with russia”

          And the Number One Biggest all time 20th century HOAX was…The “HOLOHOAX and its claimed SIX Million numbers”!

          They turned 60,000 jews into six million! and now Today holohoax survivor rolls of jews collectine Pay for surviving it numbers around 4 1/2 MILLION so called survivors!…Plus ten million More who simply “escaped” ahead of it…Fuzzy math? how can just 13-14 million jews exist globally yet have such huge numbers that way go past 13 million total?

          You need do serious Research on these issues Sgt Dale. At minimum on WMD scams.

          Maybe you guys Will believe truths once israel expaneds its bandit state holdings into Greater Yisreal, and hundreds of Millions arabs Not killed off Migrate into usa eh….Because thats the real plans for all the mid east wars you know. To Expand israel lands and kill or boot out ALL non jews. Where do You think all them booted arabs will go to next eh?

          EU nations are so full of arabs now they got one place left to infiltrate…the USA!…Thanks to all those zio jews so many fooled usa zio christians support and so defend! That are Rapeing america Blind, importing as many negroes, hispanics, and arabs as they can possibly do untill whiteys a Minority and can be killed off by those non white hoards taught from Birth to Hate whites.

          Thansk zio jews. And Thank You jewdeo christian delusional fools! Glad I got zero kids to worry for! do You have kids or grandkids folks? Why aint You concerned?

          What a delema when jewdeo christian deluded fools Must choose between their Own kids and grandkids future, or defend and support all issues israel, jewish and zionists!

          So far looks like jews, israel and zios are WINNING that choice eh!…Now red thumb My truths and show us all how you Hate truth eh!

          PS: SGT DALE: Only the WMD Parts pertians to You here. I am Not acuseing you of the other stuff I wrote of. Just an FYI on Faked WMD’s meant for You.

    19. Agent Provocatour

      This is not our fight- Yet, once again America is going to get roped into changing the “European Diaper” for a Third time!

      • sixpack

        That’s because we are owned by the same banksters who own the EU. We must obey.

    20. 1940justme

      more bull, you don’t go to war with a civilian police car leading the charge and you do not mobilize them in the day time unless it’s for a photo pt.

    21. MilesN

      Check. Getting 404 while trying to cooment.

    22. MilesN

      Just an observation..
      WW3 is nearing its end.
      It is not a typo.
      Wars end when both sides stand down – either avoiding conflict, or as a victor and defeated.
      If you count Cold War as WW3 (for all intents and purposes it is)neither side stood down. USSR fell, yes. But above fallacies of USSR this fall was one giant, colossal betrayal by the Soviert elite – not even most of it, but select few (just for the notes – referendum held on question wheter or not to keep USSR intact while changing internal mechanisms of power resulted in over 60 % answers “keep”).

    23. MilesN

      Defection of entire HQ is terrible blow… but its not a guaratee of defeat – which is attested by current events. The war MICHT have ended in early 90s but… I doubt that anyone in the know here can verify US stand down from global conflict – which should have been marked by massive cuts and layoffs across the military and intelligence – as nation stood down from active warfare. There was none. Thus, from the US perspective, since it still needed the troops of all sorts on active duty in ever-increasing numbers and funding, the War WAS NOT OVER. Medals for the victory in the Cold War was issued prematurely. Global wars ends with the new set of rules emeging, as it happened after both WW1 and 2. But this new set didnt appeared after USSR fall.
      Global wars are also wars of attrition – always. And after additional 20+ years of combat US is drained dry just as USSR was. In Ukraine we are witnessing one of the closing battles of the Cold War (for real, this time). From there it could either go hot (farewell, Earth) or we are in for new Yalta conference. Although this time there would be no CLEAR victor- just sides who have stronger or weaker relative positions. What we can expect, though is a new set of rules being hammered out.
      As I said, just an observation.

      • clint hospo

        I agree to that unless there a few on the Putin side that want to see conflict and will engage the US. I don’t see that happening but there are always a few that want to use their military equipment. Most don’t buy it just to have it. They want to use it and if a few people go rogue then we could see something happen. I think Putin will do something non military back at us when sanctions from the Obama side happen. I don’t know what it will be but not good. But I don’t see military conflict here. We could all be wrong. Off topic but just saw they are signing up prisoners in jail on Obamacare to get them on the federal debt and not on the states, so then the states who are liberal go along with this. This is sad country anymore with deadbeats because of regulations. I know there are minorities out there that want to work but cant since they had pot or something and now are felons.

    24. Grey Dog

      This was over last week. Russia got what it wanted with very little trouble. All ready starting to be old news. Like I said before we will not get in a shooting over this. Our economy will not end because Russia took some of it’s lane back.

    25. Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Green Eggs & Ham. Who can see Russia now. Affordable Care Act. Is it affordable, do they really care, or is it just an act. Was Wernher Von Braun above it all or do you think you are important. Take a pill.

      • Grey Dog

        Didn’t say it wasn’t bad just the US nor any other country want be going to war with Russia over this. When China moves to take the area they want , then I will start to worry.

      • 1braveheart

        I hope this one is not related to eisen; I’m suspicious of him using all caps.

    26. Christian Man

      Just another KGB playboy photo op. Using a Moscow police car to escort a military Convoy, as far as they needed to travel is crazy. Probably just making a movie of the “Powerful Soviet Union!”

      Putin, is a pedophile, has been for years.

      Nothing happening here, move on the the next days great “Collapse”!, coming to a Blog near you.

    27. j-bird

      OFF TOPIC:

      I just bought an oster dehydrator at a yard sale. No manual. I’ve looked on line but am unable to find one. Does anyone know where to get one? Trying to start dehydrating food.

      • gun

        google it. manuallib has them on pdf. Oster didnt have them on line. If it has a temp control and timer, you can use another manual or just look up a recipe. Jerky usually takes about 24 hrs @ 140 degrees.

    28. Satori

      and the REAL crux of the matter is ???

      Ukraine is About Oil. So Was World War I

      just an excerpt

      “Oil recalls that old expression: “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” In industrial civilization, the nation that controls the oil is king. And 60% of the known oil reserves are in the Persian Gulf. That’s why the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003: to seize control of the oil. Alan Greenspan told at least one truth in his life: “I hate to have to admit what everybody knows. Iraq is about oil.”

      freedom ?
      democracy ?
      over throwing dictators ??

      ha ha ha
      TOO funny

    29. Sgt. Dale

      I don’t think there will be a fight between Ukraine and Russia, But You don’t keep all of your Stuff in a small area where it can be taken out with a first strike. You put it all over the place so it can be moved into action if needed.

      The older guys in the parade. Well just think if Russia invaded you would see a lot of us old guys in the parade.

      The mine field I think is just for show. we are told it was mine field there is no photos of it being laid.

      As far as a squad car leading the equipment on the streets. I have done this several times when they took a large amount of equipment to the National Guard ground south of town.

      You know that in the last month or so Steve Quayle has had the same thing on his site as we have here. Dose Quayle have anything to do with this site? Just asking.


      • Kulafarmer

        These sites share the same stories back and forth,,, its been on infowars and others too

    30. BK

      Victoria Nuland is married to Kagan, the co-founder of the infamous war-mongers, the PNAC.
      This whole U.S. outrage has nothing to do with human rights and everything to do with resource control.

    31. southside

      With all respect,Sarge, I think there will be a shooting war. Sooner than later. Putin can’t back down now,or he loses ‘face’.Same with Ukraine. They can’t just sit there while part of their country is swallowed up. No matter what side your’e on,that is what happenend. No,I only pray we keep out of it. As for Steve Quayle,who cares,imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

    32. Be informed

      I was watching a Fox News interview with some Russian expert on what is going on. Real simple. Russia is reacting to a push of NATO to their borders. He said Putin is not Hitler, he is doing exactly what the U.S. would be doing if an enemy was taking over the U.S. borders. Russia was lied to by the west when they promised not to go eastward with NATO. Yet Estonia, Lativa, Lithuania were admitted that were part of the USSR. Other satellite states such as Poland, Czechoslavakia, Hungary, Romania, etc. were also given membership.

      NATO has one sole purpose, as a military base against Russia. The west was not satisfied with what they had, they had to continue to try to box in Russia even more so with Georgia in 2008, and look what happened. Then they wanted to push Ukraine into NATO and take 800 miles of Russian borders with a NATO country. This is pure horsesh%^. If this was the U.S. with Mexico and Mexico was joining up with China, the U.S. would envoke the Monroe Doctrine and attack the same as Russia did, probably even more so.

      This is exactly what BO and the U.S. are doing as every empire desperate to get out of its economic woes, start a war. War time economies flourish. This is crap. Russia is not the one to blame. I am not pro Russia, I am pro being fair to what is right and wrong. The west is 100% wrong, plain and simple. The same as if and when the west attacks the people and tries to take away their self defense like they have in most western countries. What is fair? Get the hell out of another person’s backyard in Russia and over in China. Leave them alone in their sphere of influence.

      • Kulafarmer

        This war time economy will destroy us,,,

      • buttcrackofdoom

        who was it said the other day…”it takes a village to mind their OWN GODDAMNED BUSINESS”?

      • Them Guys

        BI: I agree 100%. Although I would also add that BO is just doing the exact same as Every usa prez has since at least 100 yrs ago when Prez Wilson was in ofice.

        They ALl have been in Strict Obedience to their zionist jewish master controlers. After 20+ yrs of research of everything, especially WWI and WWII events, also russia revolution era 1918 events.

        The Only sane, honest, logical conclusion one can have is that all of it…ALL of it, was BY and For the profits and benifits primarily of zionists jewish agendas.

        Same for communisim VS. Capitalisim…BOTH invented by same bunch of zionists jewish kommies and funded by jewish banksters like jacob Shiff, top usa agent early 1900’s for Rothschilds family banksters. Warburg’s banksters of Germany back then also funded bolshevisim commies. GOAL was to play off commies VS capitalists, then CONVERGE Both as a NWO form of govnt systems.

        This Is the main reason capitalisim has been hyjacked into nothing resembling True Honest capitalisim.

        Hobammy is just a new pawn for same zionists and jewish intrests. Yes hes worst ever Prez usa had no doubt.

        But like wilson, klinton, both bushes, Reagan, ALL of them Pawns of zionist jewish intrests.

        • lemmingsrnotusdamnit

          You’re a piece of work.


    33. maudy frickett

      Went on to read up on the Ukrainian Air Force. They’re screwed. The pilots only get about 45 hours of flight time a year. And that’s only been in effect for the last 2 years. Before that, almost nothing.

    34. lemmingsrnotusdamnit

      #1 Putin will do whatever the hell he wants, and Europe and the U.S. will do nothing except posturing. If Ukraine fights back, they’ll be on their own. That’s my prediction. How do I know? Facts, history, and logic.

      #2 Wow!

      A bunch of Holocaust Deniers and apologists for the Russian Government’s Propaganda Channel, RT, have hi-jacked the thread. Or is that normal here?

      Since conspiracy theories are so popular on here, I’ll give another which makes way more sense than any of the nonsense being spewed.

      Progressive Trolls are behind these posts whose aim is to discredit Preppers and and Liberty Movement folks so they can be proclaimed “enemies of the State” when the time is right.

    35. lemmingsrnotusdamnit

      Holocaust deniers are the lowest form of human existence.

      The ones who really believe it are the most gullible, pathetic people alive.

      The ones who don’t believe it but spread the lies anyway are basically evil.

      Shame on anyone who reads their garbage and doesn’t speak out.

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