Ukraine Will JOIN NATO, Blinken Announces, Signaling Imminent WWIII With Russia

by | Apr 7, 2024 | Headline News

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    This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

    In the clearest indication yet that the planet is on the verge of being plunged into another world war, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has stated that Ukraine will, in fact, be joining NATO.

    The reason this is more serious than perhaps anything else that has happened yet between Russia and the West is because much of Ukraine is disputed territory. Russia controls Crimea and Donbas, and the whole point of President Putin’s special operation in Ukraine is to get back the rest of what he says is Russia’s.

    By allowing Ukraine to join NATO, the West is basically declaring all of what is currently known as Ukraine to be outside of Russia’s control, which crosses a very clear red line.

    “This is intentionally starting WWIII to help Hunter Biden’s paymasters level of insane,” tweeted one X account about how “insane” this latest development really is.

    If, or rather when, Ukraine joins NATO, there will be a ton of “unresolved” territorial issues and border conflicts that are likely to spark a much larger war that drags NATO through Article V.

    “Such a war would be extremely bloody and potentially escalate to nuclear Armageddon,” the same X account warns.

    (Related: Israel also did its part to provoke WWIII by bombing the Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria.)

    America promised not to do this

    Back in the 1990s when the former Soviet Union (USSR) fell, the United States promised Russia that NATO would not expand any further to the east. That promise was later broken when Goldman Sachs looted Russia by privatizing much of the country, allowing NATO to in fact move further east.

    Those developments upset Putin, but up until now he has restrained himself – that is until this latest announcement about Ukraine joining NATO. Again, because so much of Ukraine is disputed territory that Putin says is rightfully Russia’s, such a move crosses a very serious red line.

    “It is utterly unacceptable and would have been like Ireland or Canada joining the Warsaw Pact,” tweeted “Will Tanner” (@Will_Tanner_1). “That’s why he launched the war.”

    “By ‘demilitarizing’ Ukraine by shelling its army into oblivion and by creating a constant conflict, he wants to keep Ukraine out of NATO without going to war with NATO. He thought we wouldn’t be so dumb as to bring it into the alliance if it is fighting a war with Russia.”

    But dumb the West truly is as it makes this dangerous move in the interest of the one percent, and at the expense of everyone else.

    “Apparently [Biden’s] administration is that insane and is willing to spark World War III so that Ukraine is controlled by the oligarchs that paid off Hunter rather than Putin and the oligarchs in his camp.”

    This article explains in much further depth how the reason Putin launched an offensive against Ukraine in the first place has everything to do with NATO’s broken promises concerning a NATO expansion in eastern Europe.

    “The war could have been avoided,” The American Tribune reported. “The hundreds of thousands dead, the millions who are now refugees, the wasted resources and human misery all could have been avoided.”

    “All it would have taken is NATO keeping its word and not expanding, not recklessly dancing on Russia’s red line for indiscernible reasons not related to the national interest.”

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