Ukraine Used U.S.-Made Missiles To Strike the Russian City of Lugansk

by | Jun 7, 2024 | Headline News | 0 comments

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    Ukraine has used missiles made and provided by the United States to strike the Russian city of Lugansk. One of the fired ATACMS projectiles killed at least three people and left over 20 wounded, officials have said.

    According to a report by The Kyiv Independent, Russia alleged that residential areas were hit and 20 people were injured. The media outlet could not verify the claims. The Ukrainian military has not commented on the purported attack.

    At least three people have been killed and dozens injured in the Russian city of Lugansk after Ukraine used U.S.-donated missiles to attack the city, Russian officials have said. Russia has increased its rhetoric lately and has laid down several red lines. Most have been crossed by the West and Ukraine. Due to Russia’s restraint in retaliation, however, the West is getting more bold about crossing said “red lines.”

    Medvedev Warns That Any U.S. Strike On Russian Targets Will Be The “Start of World War”

    Kyiv fired five ATACMS (Army Tactical Missile Systems) missiles, four of which Russian air defenses intercepted, the Defense Ministry said. The fifth caused damage and resulted in more than 20 casualties on the ground, according to the statement. The military claimed that the weapons were intentionally directed at a residential area.

    Local emergency services reported the partial collapse of an apartment building, with multiple people trapped under the rubble. Three dead bodies have been recovered by rescue workers.

    Natalia Pashchenko, Health Minister for the Lugansk People’s Republic, reported that two boys aged eight and 16 were rushed to the hospital in the wake of the attack. The  military commented that two residential buildings were seriously damaged, while journalists on the ground said as many as ten were “affected.”

    Putin Claims The “Plans” To Attack NATO Are All Lies

    Russia has warned repeatedly that U.S. and Western weapons should not be used to attack within its borders, and doing so will result in a broader war.


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