UK Suffers Record Jump In Daily COVID Cases As EU Warns Pandemic Could Last 2-3 More Years

by | Dec 16, 2021 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    Across the UK, medical experts have been warning that the omicron variant is on track to outmuscle the delta strain by Christmas. But the latest round of models created by the European Union and European Economic Area are warning that the “community-based” spread of omicron will almost certainly dominate the British Isles by early 2022.

    “We therefore assess the probability of further spread of the Omicron variant in the EU/EEA as VERY HIGH,” the EU/EEA said.

    While omicron is believed to have first reached the UK via travel (although HMG is already scrapping its controversial “red list” mandating lengthy quarantines for travelers from high-risk countries), few experts doubt that the variant has already spread wide enough in the UK to make it endemic. As we said,  while omicron VOC cases initially reported in the EU/EEA were linked to travel, an increasing number of cases are now recorded as having been acquired within the EU/EEA, including as parts of clusters and outbreaks.

    And as the fearmongering escalates, the UK’s health authorities reported 78,610 new COVID cases on Wednesday, compared with 59,610 a day earlier. This new number is the highest daily count of new cases since the pandemic began.

    BUT, deaths (and hospitalizations) remain extremely muted for now…

    However, do not stop being terrified as England’s Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty, warned that Omicron “is a really serious threat,” adding that “all the things we know about it are bad.” (which isn’t exactly true since the South African doctors have repeatedly said that while it is more transmissible, its is notably less aggressive with most having mild symptoms or completely asymptomatic).

    Whitty went on to warn that a “substantial number” will be hospitalized and he expects the pace of hospitalizations to rise post-Christmas.

    The European Center for Disease and Control ended with a dire warning: that is, the organization doesn’t expect the pandemic to end any time soon. In fact, we’re not even halfway through the ordeal, it warned – forecasting another 2 or perhaps 3 years for the pandemic to run wild before finally disappearing – or rather becoming endemic in the human population.

    The UK Health and Security Agency estimated earlier this week that the number of daily Omicron infections was about 200K, according to Jenny Harries, chief executive of the UKHSA. They also warned that the spread of the omicron variant was “probably the most significant threat we’ve had since the start of the pandemic.”

    All of this creates new complications for British PM Boris Johnson, which adds another wild card for the UK economy as political uncertainty rears its ugly head again.

    Yesterday evening, 98 Tory MPs voted against Boris Johnson’s plans to introduce COVID vaccine passes. This is a huge Tory rebellion, with only 20 fewer rebels than his predecessor May had over her proposed way out of the Brexit conundrum. In 2019 this eventually triggered a leadership crisis. A loss in tomorrow’s by-election in North Shropshire may strengthen the criticism around Johnson. The underlying irony, per the BBC, is that BoJo may have lost his parliamentary authority on one of his more sensible proposals – that is, doing more to protect Britons from omicron.


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      1. Overwhelmed hospitals
        in 3 – 2 – 1?

      2. the spread of the omicron variant was “probably the most significant threat we’ve had since the start of the pandemic.”

        Actually, the most significant
        threats we’ve had are the all out assault on our freedoms
        by these evil psychopaths!!!

      3. In 2-3 years most of the vaxxed will be dead and the rest will be hiding from skynet.

        • Opinion or fact?
          Yeah there’s a GIGANTIC difference.

      4. It’s the Vaxx don’t work variant

      5. I wish Christians would promote the Gospel as fervently as the Branch Covidians promote their vaccine.

        The world would become a much better place than it is if they did.

      6. Don’t fear the Moronic Variiant, live your life to the fullest. Every day above ground is a bonus! Be with like minded people and laugh; mock, ridicule these idiots! 99.97 percent or higher survival rate! This is absolutely retarded! The feral gubermint has broken the social contract! Do not comply!!!!!

      7. It’s a little too early to tell the cases and deaths in the UK since the Omicron just started, and it takes time before it causes death.

        Looking at South Africa is not a very good guide for the Northern Hemisphere. It’s meteorological summer down there and respiratory infections are not a summer event overall.

      8. DRACO and PANACEA have promised, for a generation, to end all human contagion.

        I predict that the discussion will mutate into open transhumanism, by tiny increments, in which, say, a <1% change to your genome makes you immune to the common cold and AIDS.

      9. The vaccinated are spreading the virus and son that wil be over as they start to die in a mysterious way.

      10. Just another 2 or 300 years more years of medical tyranny if you let them bloody old England! Scared cucks to say the least. Stay safe and lock your self down for all eternity. I’m so happy to be an American! When we have had enough the world will witness freedom without bloodshed! Do not comply, nothing they can do! The tyranny tide is a shifting!

      11. The EU Globalist Socialists wish the pandemic would last forever.

        Omicron theoretically should end COVID and the pretext for COVID-1984 with mass immunity from the mild, fast-spreading variant.

      12. Two or three years, hell, the “pandemic” can last forever as long as we insist that nobody should ever get sick and old-people (like me) may never die. Medical professionals in past generations did NOT have the hubris required to support & sustain that type of imbecilic ideology.

        Let’s rush to judgement to approve “vaccines” that are ineffective & cause many adverse reactions – Oh, we already did that. Of course, we have NO idea what is in store for the Guinea pigs during ensuing decades.

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