UK: Kitchen Knives Are Too Sharp! Filing Them Down Will Stop Stabbing Violence

by | May 29, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 39 comments

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    This is a look into the future of the United States.  Although the anti-gun nuts in the US are focusing on “assault weapons” those in the United Kingdom want to curb knife violence in their anti-gun utopia by “filing down” the knives that are too sharp.

    A judge in the UK has proposed a nationwide program to file down the points of kitchen knives as a solution to the country’s soaring knife crime epidemic. Because filing down the knives people use to cut their vegetables will stop criminals from stabbing others with those now duller knives.

    According to The Telegraph UK, in his valedictory address last week, retiring Luton Crown Court Judge Nic Madge spoke of his concern that carrying a knife had become routine in some circles and called on the government to ban the sale of large pointed kitchen knives.  In the gun free zone that is the United Kingdom, the latest figures show stabbing deaths among teenagers and young adults have reached the highest level for eight years, and knife crime overall rose 22 percent in 2017. If you’ve ever wondered just how tyrannical things have gotten across the pond:

    In the past two months, he said, there have been 77 knife-related incidents in Bedfordshire, including three killings.  So a ban on guns turned violent homicidal maniacs into knife-wielding, stab-hungry sociopaths.  On top of the increased bans and laws on knives, the UK is actually punishing its own people for having the nerve to defend themselves or their property from grave bodily harm. 

    Judge Madge told the assembled  judges, barristers, and court staff: “These offenses often seem motiveless – one boy was stabbed because he had an argument a couple of years before at his junior school.” He also said the laws which were designed to reduce the availability of weapons to young would-be offenders had had “almost no effect” on stabbing violence since the vast majority of had merely taken the knives from a cutlery drawer.  “A few of the blades carried by youths are so-called ‘Rambo knives’ or samurai swords. They though are a very small minority. The reason why these measures have little effect is that the vast majority of knives carried by youths are ordinary kitchen knives. Every kitchen contains lethal knives which are potential murder weapons.”

    Even better, the judge used the same argument we get from anti-gun activists in the United States. “Why do you need that?” Judge Madge said: “Accordingly, it is very easy for any youth who wants to obtain a knife to take it from the kitchen drawer in his home or in the home of one of his friends.” As a result, according to the judge, the most common knife a youth will take out is eight to ten inches, long and pointed, from his mother’s cutlery tray. “But why we do need eight-inch or ten-inch kitchen knives with points? Butchers and fishmongers do, but how often, if at all, does a domestic chef use the point of an eight-inch or ten-inch knife? Rarely, if at all.”  

    Sound familiar?


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      1. You can’t save people, from themselves, who shouldn’t be trusted with sharp objects.

        If it comes down to moral equivalence, I have to call myself elitist, at this point.

        Madge is telling you that a common person is beneath the use of a primal tool, and Britain is accepting it. Let them.

        • I heard the next move by the snowflakes in the UK is to put SPOONS on a “watchlist”. Just saying, I heard that. 🙂

          • Never ever give up your guns or register them.

            A guy in California registered his AR-15 like a good little slave, and he was soon arrested. Don’t be tricked or intimidated by Gun confiscation, or any of their illegal laws. Give them all your lead, fast and furious like if they try. That’s what the 2nd Amendment is for.. Send a message. Read the Constitution. Know the Law.

            4th Amendment
            ACT: Call the Justice Department (202-353-1555) and read them the Fourth Amendment:

            “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

            Put up “NO Trespass” signs at your property lines. Enforced by Rule 12g and 5.56. Nothing back here worth dying for.

            • TSB, well said. Same sentiments here.

              • Both of you are retarded….

        • Looks like the black market in knife making could be a real money maker, for anyone who can make those “new illegal pointy” knifes. I can’t wait to read all the story’s about Travelers, and Roma setting up shops all over England to cash in on this new money making law.

        • Western civilization has turned “survival of the fittest” upside down.
          Stupid people breed the most.

          I don’t advocate killing off stupid people. Just removing warning labels (like on plastic bags) and letting nature take it’s course.

        • because no ones ever been killed with, you know, a meat cleaver or baseball bat or rock or other non-pointed object

          • Remember Wrangler this crap is not about people being killed. The Elite Ruling Class could care less about people being killed.
            It is all about control so if they win they will eventually take anything that would allow us to fight back….. guns, knives, bats and privacy.

      2. Does it hurt less to get stabbed by a dull knife than a sharp one?

      3. Note to the West: We don’t have a knife problem. We have a (radicalized, extremist, Muslim) people problem. You also have an out of control (meaning non-existent) immigration problem. That’s a people (specifically a professional politician and rogue billionaire George Soros), problem, too.

      4. It is often said that Hitler banned guns. This is half truth and half disinformation. The truth is that during the interim between ww1 and the election of Chancellor Hitler in 1933, a time known as the Weimer Republic, anti-gun laws were passed. Hitler took rights away from Communists, Criminals, and those deemed “enemies of the State” (that ethnic group who had called for a boycott of all goods manufactured by Germany and made a worldwide declararation of war against Germany because of Hitler’s removing these Communists from positions of power and influence inside Germany). All other German people were entitled to greater liberty of gun possession under Hitler’s leadership.

        Having lost to the “enemies of the State” who now have almost Omni-potent power in not only Germany, but England, France, Sweden, and most of Europe; the native Europeans are stripped of any and all means of self defense. The people can not resist this oppressive government. The people have been invaded by more hostile enemies by opened borders, a plan for the destruction of Europe by “enemies of the state” Hitler failed to defeat. But, at least he tried.


        • Spot on!

        • He also Aryanized and Judaized people, on a whim. (Luckily, for me.)

        • You nailed it BA from CA. History is not written by the losers is it? Those are the facts, like it or not.. I have said here many times Hitler was right and the KKK was spot on also giving America Plenty of Warning when they witness this country being hijacked and destroyed like they do to every nations for their greed and tyrannical power. Unfortunately the KKK’s radical spooky costumes did them in, as well as our hijacked government and MS Media by (((THEM))) Propaganda (((Hacks))) to shun them and create Anti-free speech. (((They)) don’t want America to be Great. Putin in Russia cleaned the barn out from those undesirables. That’s why (((they))) paint them to be the enemy. America needs a good scrub down right now.

          • The time for talk is over, the time for action is now!

      5. It’s just common sense knife control. No one wants to take your knives away.
        Oh, wait. They do.

      6. …..and the criminals will be the only ones to have them.

        • . . .by criminals I presume u mean governments. . .

        • You mean like David Hogg?

      7. A friend of mine who is a professional meat cutter who went through an ACME markets apprenticeship three plus decades ago said many times, “A dull knife is what cuts you”. “A sharp knife goes where you want it to”.

      8. You just can’t fix STUPID!
        How about we Ban people not Guns/Knives?

        • We already ban plenty of people.

          Remember the good old days when they just banned books. Oh, wait. And burned books, too.

        • Factoid: America Demographics – 75% of the crime convictions in America are caused by just 17% of the population called Blacks. FBI & Justice Dept Statistics.

          Ban Blacks too. Imagine how Great America could be again, instead of being burdened by these jackasses.

          • TSB, once again that is well said.

          • Don’t be too general in your statements or you sound like a racist. The MAJORITY of black people are very nice hard working citizens, and want America to be great again just like anyone else. It’s that small % that screw everything up for all the rest. Be nice.

      9. Remember when the Brits outlawed swords in Scotland? Where is William Wallace when we really need him?

        Never bring a butter knife to a sword fight…

      10. Better ban files, forks and spoons too. Even sharpened plastic utensils can cause serious harm. Watch the show I Survived on the Justice Network, way more stabbing than shooting intruder incidents.

        • Let’s also in the light of this video clip ban all cooking pots.

      11. (My file is too sharp.)


        • Liberty or Death? You will be half right, one or the other. I’d rather Choose Liberty and their Death.

          Btw/ the real quote was by Patrick Henry 1775 “Give me Liberty or Give me Death.” Kind of sounds suicidal.. Always, Always make them work for it, and pay for it, and die for it, not you. Just be quicker and faster.

          The whole Patrick Henry speech is here:
          St. John’s Church, Richmond, Virginia March 23, 1775.

          ht tp://

          • Give me liberty or give me your life.

      13. I have knives AND the means available to KEEP THEM SHARP. How about that, snowflakes?

      14. America declared and won our freedoms 242 years ago. Imagine all that Freedom that was created in the beginning, and then lost since then.

        Remember, Every law that is created, takes away another right, from the people. The Oppressors Monetizes and Tax your actions with criminal fines, you have to pay the State. If You can’t pay their violated illegal laws with extortion fines, they come to steal your property at the point of a Gun to satisfy their bogus debt to the state that you incurred.

        A Question that EVERY American needs to Answer. Do you want to be the Generation Responsible that Lost America and our Freedoms from these Deep State Pedophile Tyrants?

        I suggest You get your Battle Rifle and Gear together and get your Militia set up. Or go be an Army of One and take care of business. This situation isn’t getting any better here in America is it? If our guns were every taken we would be living like the Folks in the UK, getting knives taken way. That Axe may be heavy but you can do some damage also with it.

      15. Hard to believe that Great Britain is the land that gave us Magna Carta,which placed limits on government interference on its people. It also gave British citizens the right to bear arms for defense of self,family,and property. How sad things have turned out.

      16. Remember the Tenn Congress women
        Porn leads to murder.

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