UAW Boss to Members: ‘Shut the F*%k Up, You Motherf*%kers…’

by | Jan 28, 2010 | Headline News | 20 comments



The unions are starting to feel the pinch, as companies are now indicating that they can no longer make concessions. This means that either union membership has to give up some of their benefits and pay, or everyone gets canned.

Via Labor Union Report:

On March 31st, NUMMI, the UAW-represented joint venture between Toyota and General Motors, will be closing its doors in California, throwing another 4,700 United Auto Workers out of work.

With 80% of the UAW members upset with their union, this past Sunday, the Union of Ailing Workplaces (aka UAW) held a membership meeting that turned into a shouting match between rank-and-file members and their union leadership.

At one point, one UAW leader (identified as Javier Contreras) yelled at the crowd, telling them to “…Shut the f*ck up, you motherf*ckers!…”

Things got so bad, that UAW leaders had to call the police to restore order.

Millions of jobs are being lost in America, and if a union member thinks he/she is somehow immune to the effects of our sinking economy then they are delusional.  The reality is that companies can no longer afford to pay the benefits, pensions, and wages for work that is worth half the price.

Either union members get real or they will be walking the streets looking for jobs in short order.


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    1. Patrick

      Of course they are delusional! They think it’s reasonable, if not expected, to make $80k per year with full retirement and lifetime medical at age 55, for driving a fork lift around for a few hours/day with a GED. Time for reality to set in… and they DON’T like it!

    2. sjdude

      We’ve all known for years that US auto workers were overpaid. I only wish us idiots who invested their degrees and lives in technology could have had as long a run as the people in the UAW have had. Instead, our jobs got sold off cheap to India and China over ten years ago in the mid-1990’s. And, unlike the guys at NUMMI, we had to work along side and sometimes train our cheap replacements, right here in the US as H1-B’s! I feel sorry for anybody losing their jobs, but as Patrick points out, their “investment” in their jobs is largely a GED, not a 4 year degree plus 5+ of experience before you could make a decent living. FWIW, I also feel sorry for the aerospace engineers who were dumped by NASA in the 1970’s. They made big investments in their education and work experience and many lost their homes and took crappy jobs when the space program was no longer “fashionable”. Do we have a history in the USA of “throw away” jobs and workers?

    3. kevin


    4. kevin


    5. The other Kevin

      That Union Boss had best had his last day in that position. Whoever chose him did not “know” him. Communication, especially when it comes to someones livelyhood, is paramount.

      Unions have LONG lost their original use and intent. Nowadays (sic) the unions are all about dues and growing the numbers.

      To be honest, I was absolutely shocked to learn that Gov’t employee’s were even allowed to form unions. WTF? Don’t they get good enough beni’s as it is?

      The unions and their pension plans are bankrupting our nation.

    6. Red Dog

      My Grandfather worked in a union shop as a machinist. The light bulb above his lathe went out and he changed it so he could get back to work. He was written up by the shop steward and fined by the union for not calling an electrician. The next time the light went out he called the electrictian. The electrician did not show up until the end of the day and he lost almost a whole day of productivity.

      This is why unions have priced themselves out of the market. Also, paying someone 25 bucks an hour to sweep the floor.

      I bet that this don’t happen in Japan!

    7. Airborne71

      I have had nothing but bad memorys of the unions I have had to join to get a job , all thay ever did was collect the dues and sit on there a**. Unions are destroying this country with all the demands thay make and forcing business to look elsewhere for workers .

    8. Terri

      Yeah, shut the f*ck up and just keep sending us your dues, motherf*ckers… as usual.

    9. george

      Get your facts straight repubs! Meetings can not be ran if a bunch of anarchists are intent on disruptive tactics. Toyota is closing the plant, not the workers. How come those mouthy anarchists were not taking up their case with Toyota ? The Chairman lost his temper because insults were hurled at him with vicious lies from a disruptive idiot. The UAW is fighting to keep this plant open which is more than YOU people are doing!

    10. Fed up

      Sounds like the guy whose now running Local 290 in Oregon whose run that Union into the ground.

    11. zukadu

      Unions, like Corporations, have their pluses and minuses. I have been a umion member (steelworker, aerospace, etc) and I have been also been a bank VP for a major bank (that still exists). I have also been a small business owner and entrepuener. I suspect I know all of the arguments as well as anyone by first hand experience.
      The Unions were necessary and still are, like regulations, to protect workers from bad managers, poor working environments, and exploitation by the corporations. But, like regulation, too much of a good thing is bad for everone.
      The fault lies with the political parties that control the government for THEIR own benefit and for the benefit of those who fund them. The political system that controls OUR government must be DISBANDED. A NEW political structure must be developed from the ground up. The tea parties MAY be the solution. But the fortune of America will not change, and therefore the fortunes of Americans will not change, until and unless the RULES that Congress operates under that serve both POLITICAL PARTIES and NOT the American people must be DESTROYED!
      It was our own government, with taxpayer money, that has subsidized the industrialization of China and India to the benefit of Wall Street, funded the bailout of the Asian Tigers, and propped up a failing Russian economy with artificially high O&G prices so the Commies would not regain power.
      It has been our own government with the knowledge and consent of BOTH political parties, that has allowed our own regulatory agencies to mismange trillions of dollars of taxpayer funds; yet not ONE individual has gone to jail, or for that matter, lost their job for malfeasence.
      What we need is a good COUP! we need the Commandant of the Marine Corp to surround Washington DC with the 1st Marine Division, arrest ever last one of the bastards and whores in Congress: especially the Gang of Three, and call for new elections ……….
      Wasn’t it Shakespear who said, “KILL ALL OF THE LAWYERS!” Today, I think he would include all of the LOBBYISTS, but then again, they are Lawyers aren’t they?

    12. Airborne71

      george get your facts stright unions have ruined this country thay will continue to do so . Thay have financed the liberals for years and won’t stop , even as thay force businessess to go overseas to produce goods because of the tax policys of the dems . Like it or not bho and his thugs are anti-business , in a recent poll 71% of business men said so .Thay all can’t be wrong . Do you want work or a soup line ? bho is doing his best to get you the soup line . Lastly the person who was arguing with the union boss has a right to do so its called free speech we all have it unless you work for a union then its what ever the boss says and the rest be dammed .

    13. kevin

      HEY GEORGE- are you a democratic party hack? DO you work for accorn? Are you the guy in the video? Why would you bring up political party affiliation? Anarchy will be a reality when every one is out of work, and all the social nets do not exist anymore, then you union guys will descover that your not special, you are just like the rest of us!

    14. george

      Comments…..Wait a minute.  No one has the right to disrupt a meeting when someone else has the floor. Where do you get your logic Kevin?  Oh yea…unions have ruined this country.  Real brilliant remark and exactly the same thing that has been the rallying cry for the far right since the 1920’s.  Do you remember the “billy club” days of industry when workers asked for a fair share ?  Now you goof balls blame the unions while corporate America ravages the middle class by sending jobs overseas to 3rd world and Communist countries. Does China ring a bell, boys? All of you people who believe that union workers should have their pay and benefits reduced are the same idiots who think that they (themselves) deserve a raise.  You damn right I am a Democrat. After 8 years of Bush/Cheney, I could not stand to call myself a Repub.  Thanks a lot Repubs for destroying American jobs with all of your so called “free trade” agreements.

    15. kevin

      Comments…..HEY GEORGE-I did not say “unions ruined MY (OUR) country( I could care less about them), I asked if you are ACCORN(if so ,how much do they pay a week?), and I said alot of the union guys think they are better then everone else!  BOTH PARTIES HAVE  HAD A HAND IN DESTROYING THE JOB BASE! ,You might want to get with the program and become an independant, and vote the people into office who want to start repealling all these INSANE laws, that have nothing to do with a free market, or  the next 2 generations will not have a chance! History isn’t going to be kind to us!

    16. kevin

      Comments….. The union guys are going to get pay cuts, then they will loose their jobs forever, WHY SHOULD I (and many other millions on non-union workers) HAVE ALL THE FUN,  HELL, STATE EMPLOYEES(who are union) actually PROTEST FOR HIGHER TAXES(that , THAT IS INSANITY, A COMEDY and A TRAGEDY ALL  IN ONE!  DEMOCRACY is when 51% of the people vote themselves the other 49%’s money.    OUR REPUBLIC IS DEAD! WE ARE NOT FREE, WE ARE SERFS! (please exclude the union guys from that, they are royalty, we should pay more taxes, so they can have more!   

    17. kevin


    18. kevin

      Comments…..HEY GEORGE- one last thing, the manufacturing jobs started to leave a LONG time ago!   CARTER,REAGAN,REAGAN,BUSH,CLINTON,CLINTON,BUSH,BUSH , the damage was done during  republican and democrat presidents, so its time for a third party!

    19. Bruce

      Comments…..Sure I love it some Union guy shows up and starts crying about the 30’s like you were even born yet George. The Union have not help save this country just the opposite is true they help run all the jobs over seas. The Unions supported that idiot Clinton who passed Nafta and GATT to ship union jobs overseas. The funny part is union guys were too stupid to research the facts so you paid union dues to get Clinton elected your own money help to ship your jobs overseas. Talk about gullible people. LOL

      The idiot Union bosses told you to vote for Clinton and like lemming you did what you were told. LOL

    20. kevin

      Comments…..gullible is the word,  8 years of bush, and personal attacks, is all you hear from alot of them, (george,accorn,union guy)When the dollar dies(When not if)people like george(ignorant,entitled, and hateful)Will be dangerous!, BUT men protecting life, property, and family will prevail, on earth and in the eyes of God!

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