U.S. Website Seizures Is The ‘Act of a Tyrant’

by | Jun 27, 2021 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    The United States has become increasingly tyrannical in the past hundred or so years, but the seizure of journalistic websites has to be one of the most obvious.  Do the rulers of the U.S. even try to pretend they want free speech anymore?

    With obvious censorship of those in America who dissent and research and use their own critical thinking and discernment to come to their own conclusions, it has become blatant that there is no such thing as a Constitution that will “protect” the rights of anyone.

    Ron Paul Institute Director Daniel McAdams appeared on RT International to discuss the U.S. government’s seizure of more than 30 news websites in Iran and the Middle East including at least one in “ally” Iraq. While the U.S. lies and talks up its support for press freedom internationally, this seizure demonstrates that the only press considered “free” by the US government is the press that praises the US government. Watch the interview here:

    Are any of the slaves still living under the illusion of freedom?


    The cold reality is that the U.S. government believes they own everyone and everything.  The last time I checked, that’s the definition of slavery.

    According to a report by RT, Washington’s apparent move comes just a day after the newly elected Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi urged the US to lift all sanctions on Tehran and rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal, negotiated by the Obama administration but unilaterally repudiated by President Donald Trump in 2018. Raisi called on the US to “live up to your commitments” in the deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). He also said the Iranian ballistic missile program was “not up for negotiation.”

    Could this be ramping up of tensions toward a war? Or is this a psychological operation designed to “prove” the U.S. totalitarian regime can silence and seize anything they want? Hard to say, but continue to use critical thinking. Use discernment and think about things instead of just accepting them. This is an issue that could be a part of the overall agenda, but a smaller part than the “vaccine.”

    What do you think?


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      1. Wait until the FBI goes after an American website!
        But wait, what is the difference from having twitter or facebook banning an individual in the USA based on arbitrary decisions (mostly against Conservatives)
        Our constitutional rights are under attack by the socialist left.

        • A private business which finds it in their business interests to remove individuals who violate their policies is much different than the US Government using its power to silence uncomfortable criticism. The funny thing is that this article is based on news from Russian state media, which isn’t allowed to criticize Russia.

      2. What do I think?

        I think I’ll finish the rest of the story. PRESS TV and some of the others merely switched to servers out of US jurisdiction and were back in business in no time.

        Lesson: If you don’t kiss empire’s ass, they have “seven ways from Sunday to get back at you”.

      3. “The cold reality is that the U.S. government believes they own everyone and everything.”

        Their unexplainedly-high technology and banana republic(s) may actually be owned by the US, though.

        While I can’t agree to a fundamentalist version of Islam, those notorious 57 states convened, and virtue-signalled, and regarded their prophet along the lines of our Hallmark holidays.

        Hillary is on Youtube, in multiple places, defending jihad as part her Afghan Strategy or proxy war against the East Bloc.

      4. I suppose this means we can’t blame Biden for being soft on Iran anymore?

        • Lol.

          Nobody believes drooling pedo joe is in charge of anything. I don’t know where this originated but those able to follow the “signal” for this operation will get closer to the real power than we (the common man) know.

      5. Seizing those websites is not just the act of a tyrant, it is an act of war. Yet these small countries on the other side of the world lack the capacity to respond. No wonder they want nuclear bombs.

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