U.S. Warships Surround Disputed Chinese Waters, Prepared for War: “WWIII At Stake”

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    Territorial disputes are a delicate thing… and potentially deadly as well.

    That’s why the U.S. is backing up its positions with an ever-increasing presence of warships  in the South China Sea.

    China is very touchy about these territories, and unwilling to give up what they perceive as their waters, even as a UN tribunal just denied their claims and strengthened the U.S. hand.

    Indeed, the entire situation is combustible and very dangerous.

    As James Holbrooks of the Underground Reporter noted:

    In a congressional hearing on Wednesday, former Director of National Intelligence and retired Navy admiral Dennis Blair told the panel that the United States should be prepared to use military force to oppose Chinese aggression in the South China Sea.

    “I think we need to have some specific lines and then encourage China to compromise on some of its objectives,” Blair, who headed the U.S. Pacific Command while in the Navy, said at the hearing.

    The admiral’s recommendation came the day after a United Nations tribunal invalidated China’s claim of territorial rights to nearly all of the waters in the South China Sea.

    The U.S., citing the territorial dispute and security concerns raised by its allies in the region, have for months been sending warships into the South China Sea as a check against Chinese hostility.

    Beijing, acutely aware of the military buildup off its coast, has publicly warned the U.S. it’s more than ready to defend against provocations. “China hopes disputes can be resolved by talks… but it must be prepared for any military confrontation.”

    It seems that the situation is being deliberately stoked into conflict, and that tensions are programmed to reach a boiling over point. If true, there is no indication of where the point of no return would be.

    The U.S. has the excuse of protecting its ally, and former territory, the Philippines, and thus has a pretext to play policeman in the region.

    But in turn, that is only a thinly-veiled ruse to amplify the military pressure, and let bloated speech and menacing saber-rattling episodes set the tone for ‘diplomacy’ with the Red Dragon.

    Now, there is not only an escalation, but an acknowledgement on both sides of the Pacific that things are headed towards war – and it is being openly discussed in those stark terms:

    “If our security is being threatened, of course we have the right to demarcate a zone,” Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin said Wednesday at a briefing in Beijing. “We hope that other countries will not take this opportunity to threaten China and work with China to protect the peace and stability of the South China Sea, and not let it become the origin of a war.”

    And war, it appears, is becoming increasingly likely by the day — with other countries in Southeast Asia beginning to take sides.


    So, with the U.S. demanding compromise from a China who refuses to bow down — and forcing local powers to choose sides in the process — it seems the stage is being set for a potential military conflict in the South China Sea that could engulf the entire region.

    Are we really to expect a looming world war from China, who has played the parts of villain, ally, trade partner and rival all at the same time?

    No one can say, but there is plenty of worry that war could really happen. Even billionaire George Soros warned that the potential danger of WWIII breaking out with China was ‘not an exaggeration’:

    The US government has little to gain and much to lose by treating the relationship with China as a zero-sum game. In other words it has little bargaining power. It could, of course, obstruct China’s progress, but that would be very dangerous. President Xi Jinping has taken personal responsibility for the economy and national security. If his market-oriented reforms fail, he may foster some external conflicts to keep the country united and maintain himself in power. This could lead China to align itself with Russia not only financially but also politically and militarily. In that case, should the external conflict escalate into a military confrontation with an ally of the United States such as Japan, it is not an exaggeration to say that we would be on the threshold of a third world war.

    And yet, President Obama and numerous other U.S. officials have been deliberately stoking the tension and adding fuel to the fire with provocation in the disputed waters.

    As Michael Snyder wrote several months ago:

    Barack Obama sent a guided missile destroyer into disputed waters in the South China Sea to see if the Chinese would start shooting at it. Yes, this is what he actually did. Fortunately for us, the Chinese backed down and did not follow through on their threats to take military action. Instead, the Chinese have chosen to respond with very angry words. The Chinese ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai, says that what Obama did was “a very serious provocation, politically and militarily.” And as you will see below, a state-run newspaper stated that China “is not frightened to fight a war with the US in the region”. So why in the world would Obama provoke the Chinese like this? Yes, the Chinese claims in the South China Sea are questionable. But there are other ways to resolve things like this.

    Most Americans assume that an actual shooting war between the United States and China is not even within the realm of possibility, but many of our leaders see things very differently. For instance, just check out what CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell thinks…

    The current posturing in the area has led to heightened tensions between the world’s preeminent military powers, and in May Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell told CNN that the confrontation indicates there is “absolutely” a risk of the U.S. and China going to war sometime in the future.

    Not long ago, the U.S. also demonstrated ballistic missiles – armed with nuclear warheads – over the coast of California in an apparent demonstration towards China regarding the readiness and seriousness of their clash.

    Though it isn’t on the front burner right now amid other sensational headlines, keep an eye to the fact that World War III is slowly being brewed on the back burner. Someday, it could ignite into a full blown nightmare. Stay vigilant. Hope for peace, prepare for war.

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      1. something else to take the attention off shillary’s crimes?

        • That particular demon bìtch is a chink operative

          • US NAVY = PAPER TIGER



            • You’re smoking something good. Puff puff pass.

              China cant even build decent ships and gets obsolete aircraft carriers from other countries.

              • ALL this is, is the US Military Industrial Complex Mafia and CIA trying to get in their last sucker punch throws in, before they are Axed in half by President Trump. It is Trillions of OUR TAX Dollars wasted every year stirring the shit up in other countries, all to enrich the psychopaths who build missiles and get Fat Defense contracts for ship fuel, plane fuel and movement of troops and supplies. Its all BS and fleecing.

                For fucksake decapitate these bastards Mr Trump. We have way more important things to do with Trillions of Tax Payer Dollars, than wasting it in adventurism and creating Global chaos. The US Military and CIA are like a gang of Hoodie Thugs sucker punching other countries for profit. STOP FEEDING THE BEAST!!!


                • Isn’t Trump the one who said nobody is going to mess with us once he’s in office because he’s going to make the military even LARGER and more powerful?

                  Not sure which Trump you are referring to, but he’s a warmonger just as much as the rest of them…

              • the chink regime is NOTHING but a BIG FAT RED PAPER DRAGON with a moronic dumbed down populace!

              • IF U CHOW MERIN, I,LL CHOW YOURS

            • seems like Dalton got a little high doing the laundry,time to take a break chin….

            • Dalton

              Bull$hit, China isnt even close, and our systems are proven. Even if it were true, there would be “a gun behind every blade of grass”

              Bring it.

            • I really wish they had the capability to do something like that. I’d love to kick the shit out of some chinese punk without leaving the comfort of my home, plus the economic aftermath of the US seizing Chinese assets would be juicy. Knock it out of the park. Go on, I dare you. Just remember, the FBI processed over 250 Million background checks for firearms transfers since 1999. 250 Million. Try & figure out how many Army Divisions that is. There are over 5 Million AR 15’s in circulation alone.

            • It is a known Fact, that the US Dept of Defense cannot account for 25% of their annual Budgets year after year. SO lets cut their budgets in Half and make them cough up the other 25% they swindled for the last 20 years. This is Billions annually Missing, and no body is accountable. This really pisses me off every year I have to send in a tax payment at a point of a fucking GUN. All my work profit goes toward this BS adventurism, stiring up BS, for their profit.

              Trump will slam the hammer down on these Mafia thieves. Throw them all in prison. Hang the thieves. Cut them off entirely. Fuckem.


            • Chinese military = paper tiger.

              They couldn’t even make a beachhead landing on Taiwan, they don’t have the sea or air lift to do it.

            • You live by the sword you die by the sword.
              It is possible that an air battle could occur without involving the civilian public directly …is what makes this situation so volatile. I think that naval power will be made redundant by air power as predicted by many military experts in the past. Naval ships will be sitting targets possibly including sub mariners. China can will the battle in many other ways.

          • This is certainly so…

            Don’t you think though they still want to know just how advanced our exotic weapons really are…
            yes that was rhetorical, because it’s self evident.

            They are willing to take a bloody nose to see if they can compete with conventional kinetics…

            I believe we won’t reveal unless it’s all out war…
            In which case no one wins.

            The simple fact is, what you know we have is generations behind reality… The Russians on the other hand are right behind us on most and ahead on some and are willing to use the Chinese to see where THEY really stand…

            The old world orientals think they have a lock on those things generational… HA…The Russians are playing them like the proverbial fiddle.

            • Russia with China…. USA goner

              • Russia with China = USA goner

                But in reality it’ll never be that. More like:

                Russia with China US, Europe, Japan, Canada and prolly a few others.

        • Obamanista provoking Russia into a war.
          Intentional poking the Russian bear with a stick.
          Obaminista provoking China into a war.
          Provoking China Dragon with destroyers.
          Obaminista opening US borders to Anyone that can come across.
          Allowing those that hate Americans to do us harm. Allowing them in our gates.

          Looks like Comrad Obaminista just might get the US Nuked or into a hot war before he leaves office. Or is he setting it up so he does not ever leave office?
          Tyrants seldom like giving up power.

          Are the Treasonous Criminal Politicians, Obamanista and Hitlery Rotten Clinton, going to murder Trump? That is what crime boss criminals do. They take out competition. Obaminista and Hitlery are Criminals and Traitors. Both belong in Prison.

          But the Criminal Traitors are protected by a FBI director who is on board of directors of Bank tied DIRECTLY to Drug Cartel money Laundering. I suggest you research these FACTS.

          Pray for Trump to Survive Obaminista and Hitlery schemes. I would put NOTHING past these criminal leftist, NWO communist, TRAITORS. Obaminista-Hitlery and their ilk are hard core Anti American Leftist criminals.

          I am Very worried about Trump’s safety. Extra caution.

          Dr. KIng. Malcom X. JFK. Anyone that pulls people together they murder.
          The criminal government bastards took out JFK. They tried to take out Reagan.
          I don’t believe the official versions. BS.

          Why did Trump choose a NWO pro NAFTA pro Muslim supporter as VP? I don’t understand. Why?

          Isn’t there a better choice? Like any random guy off the street.
          Maybe Jimmy Buffet?

          • “Why did Trump choose a NWO pro NAFTA pro Muslim supporter as VP? I don’t understand. Why?”

            He has to get elected POTUS first, if he is to roll back the NW and address trade, immigration, and the Muslim problem. That will require a billion dollars for his election campaign and the support of the majority of the Retarded party.

            Politics is essentially about compromise.

            Once he is elected by a LANDSLIDE he will have the mandate he needs to implement his policies. The asshat political class will tuck their tail between their legs to protect their seats, their wallets, and their asses. 🙂

            • DK

              Having a successor that is Establishment is dangerous. JFK had LBJ.

              • K2: No one is perfect. Pence is a hard nosed ex-Marine and a Patriot. I will gladly take my chances with him as second in command before anyone else, especially if he must step into the Oval Office.

                In Congress you have to be more accommodating to get along and re-elected. To get re-elected you need your party. To get re-elected you must compromise.

                Right now, Trump needs someone in Congress to move his American Agenda. Pence can do that. I expect new leaders in the leadership posts after Hillary is TRUMPED !!!

                If elevated to the oval office his (Pence’s) true colors would emerge, because being President is the ultimate opportunity for self expression (as we have seen with Obola). Those colors in Pence are red, white, and blue.

                Obola’s ??? Muslim Green. 🙁

          • Easy there, Edward.
            You trash Trump’s VP pick, but offer no acceptable alternative.

            I’ve listened to Pence on radio/tv here locally for well over 20 years. He’s a good man .. exactly as he appears.
            Trump needs that calmness & humility as a balance for his ego.
            This decision all but locked up the Presidency for him.

            • The acceptable alternative was Jeff Sessions .. Some Mickey Mouse story about Klan attendance in his younger years cannot compare to Grand Wizard Robert Byrd and the connection to the Clinton’s. This was pure pandering and will disgust many Trump supporters.

            • Hoover

              “no acceptable alternative”

              Rand Paul

            • Can’t the VP be sacked pretty much at will? I’m not sure a replacement even requires ‘advice and consent’.

        • Obama will do whatever it takes to fuck our country completely up

          • The South China Sea does not belong to China. It is international waters and under international law it must be free for all nations to traverse.

            China has breached all of its agreements with the USA and the international community when they don’t benefit China. If war must come, better now while we have the advantage in weapon superiority, than later.

            Relationships of any kind cannot be a one-way street. 🙂

            • DK

              “The South China Sea does not belong to China. It is international waters and under international law….”

              I don’t think China is too concerned about international law as the US breaks it all the time overthrowing nations in complete violation of it.

              Legally or not China desires an independent source of oil or it becomes a vassal state. They will fight over this. Watch out for a mutual defense treaty between China and Russia. What did someone say, “History doesn’t repeat itself but it sure rhymes”.

              While the populations of US and Europe are focused domestically the chess pieces internationally dwarf the significance of of what the body politic is focused upon.

              • K2: “They will fight over this.” Not likely. They cannot win that fight (at this time) and they do not have the “moral” high ground for it.

                I expect them to keep ratcheting up the rhetoric and possibly exchanging some fire with Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Remember they have had “border disputes” with other countries before.

                Eventually, China will flex its military capabilities, but not yet. And not against a superior foe. Inferior foes ensure victory, build moral, and foster national pride.

                The world is waiting for the US Elections before getting “jiggy”. And see what emerges from DC. 🙂

            • Freedom of navigation*

              *As long as USA approves

        • If it doesn’t go nuclear, China wins. US supply lines are much too long. China can outlast USA in a protracted regional conflict. The raw numbers are on their side. Read “The War in 2020”. I think it was written in the 80s. We knew even then that China would beat USA in a conventional war in China’s back yard.

          • Connie Lingus

            Conventionally China owns the ground it can walk or swim to. They are not a global power with a long reach but they can damn sure skip over the border fences if they desire.

            The economic impact of such actions would be a Black Swan event, that in the end one could say, “Round and round it goes and where it stops no one knows”.

          • Correct. And more to the point, “Why?”

            China is 8000 miles away, on the other side of the widest ocean on planet earth. The US, the Philippines, and Japan insist that these bones of contention are merely “reefs” or “rocks”. If that is the case, then why so much ado about almost nothing?

            In particular, why should the US give a damn whether China builds some shacks on them? How is that any skin off America’s ass?

            President Barack Hussein claims that the reason he is meddling in China’s front yard is “Defending freedom of navigation?”


            This, from the same Liar in Chief who promised Americans “change you can believe in”. Since when does anyone still believe anything to come out of his mouth?

            In fact, merchant ships, freighters and tankers, ply the sea lanes of the South China Sea day in and day out, entirely without incident. If mainland China were intercepting them, you can bet your ass the presstitudes in the Western MSM would be reporting them.

            In order to get a rise out of mainland China, President Hussein, America’s first Muslim president, had to deliberately order the US Navy to sail within 12 nautical miles of these reefs/rocks/islets.

            Does anyone actually believe “freedom of navigation” requires sailing within 12 nautical miles of these reefs/rocks/islets? If anything, sailing that close puts the ships in danger of running aground. These reefs/rocks/islets used to be considered navigational hazards.

            The entire argument is bogus.

            The US should return home and take care of business there, where Muslim rapefugees threaten domestic tranquility, and leave Asian problems for Asians to resolve.

            • Bevin Chu

              Kissinger said, “You control food and you control people”. “You control oil and you control nations”.

              China, now industrialized desires a reliable under all circumstances supply of oil. TPTB wish to control that supply and thus control China. This is the point of contention and its a doozy.

            • Bevin, your points are bogus. Next time, try it without making up straw man statements to self-refute.

              The USA has made Freedom of the Seas a national policy since 1783. Your approval is not required.

              • Was there either a factual or logical argument in there somewhere?
                Not really.
                But you knew that, right?

      2. Americans just can’t mind our own business. Washington and Jefferson specifically warned us to avoid foreign entanglements and alliances. Who in hell do we think we are? Our Day of Judgement is coming and we will have to answer that question.

        • The world has (regrettably) changed since the days of Washington and Jefferson. America is no longer protected by the Atlantic, Pacific, and Caribbean Sea.

          Nature abhors a vacuum. Especially a power vacuum. If America doesn’t fill that vacuum, another nation will. That’s reality. That’s the lesson of history.

          Better US than someone else. 🙂

          • DK

            “America is no longer protected by the Atlantic, Pacific, and Caribbean Sea.”

            But it is 100% protected by 7000 or so nuclear weapons; that is an indisputable fact.

            US foreign policy isn’t defensive its offensive. Its purpose is to keep and expand the globalist empire. The US military is just their tool. Libya, Iraq and now the Ukraine and Syria are examples as none of them are a threat to the US. Two of them threatened the Oil Peg Petroleum Dollar ; the other two are economically expansionist at Russia’s expense.

        • Jefferson also warned us of Central banks and the control of money by entities other than the people. So we have the Fed, so wisely given to us by his professorship Woodrow Wilson in the cover of night. Now the Fed merely takes its orders from a Foreign entanglement known as Rothschild and the people are resources to be dispensed with by another Foreign entanglement known as the UN.
          The worst Foreign entanglement of all…is Barrack Obama.

          Live Free or Die…get ready to water the tree.

        • Well said.

          As John Quincy Adams put it so eloquently,

          [America] goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy…

          She well knows that by once enlisting under other banners than her own… she would involve herself, beyond the power of extrication, in all the wars of interest and intrigue, of individual avarice, envy, and ambition…

          The fundamental maxims of her policy would insensibly change from liberty to force…

          She might become the dictatress of the world: she would be no longer the ruler of her own spirit.”

        • Don’t you mean USGovernment?
          We the people are seemingly powerless when it comes to this cabal

        • Freedom of the Seas has been national policy since 1783. We are minding our own business.

          • Freedom of the seas as long as USA approves. If not, we’ll free you into the stone age.

      3. This is going to go hot all at once all over and im not going to participate

        my mountain top cabin is sounding nice and safe at the moment

        • Who knows? Maybe my participation will be forced.

          • Capt.
            if it goes that hot sometime in the future(if we don’t win) you will be forced into it. and i am in the same boat. i am not holding my breathe that it will come out for the better, too many negative signs so other wise

      4. They can’t lose power so start a war no election. Obama stay in power.

      5. They can’t lose power so start a war no election. Obama stay in power.

      6. No war with China coming… this is all flexing

      7. Are we Stupid? That is like me sparring with my hands at my side to invite an attack.
        The commander in chief is an idiot

        • I don’t know why this happened…seems my copy url’s reverted to the last URL. Anyway, Stefan Molyneux has an excellent breakdown as to why the Chicom’s want war at YouTube… Sorry for the previous post.

          • give us a link.

        • Of course China wants war! Look at them sending their navy all over the world to provoke conflict.

      8. Check out . Bataclan torture. And wonder what else they are hiding from us?

      9. fuckin get it on already. Christ.

      10. Don’t worry, it’ll all be OOOOOO k.

      11. When USA started selling off a lot of our water right of ways and other shore land in USA, is where they crap in their hats

      12. ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3X3W-Bx4NvY

      13. Remember now if something happens it was completely unintentional…. No matter how many people die . Therefore no crime was committed and nobody is responsible. Have a nice day!

        • WW…
          One of the best feelings in the human interaction. Is when you make a smart ass like Comey or bitchllary eat their own words. Well said WW!

          Live Free or Die…in the old days it was the firing squad…ahhhhhh the good old days.


      14. How interesting the days are!!!!

        • Sgt,
          Yes they are interesting BUT i can think of MORE interesting things than the way the days are currently going !!!

      15. The new Philippine President wants to dialogue with China over the dispute so the Philippine protectorate argument doesn’t yet hold up. Does freedom of navigation trump sovereignty? Underestimating your enemies while overestimating your capabilities will lead military alliances and to larger weapons being deployed, among other things. Lets see, Russia’s on to testing elements of their six generation fighter and we cannot even make our fifth work, we presently have no capability against supercavitation torpedoes coming at our carriers at two hundred miles per hour fired from “black hole” undetectable submarines, hypersonic strategic missiles that they are too afraid to test (got a test site the size of Texas you don’t need?), Tsunami bombs, S600 air defenses two generations ahead of ours. Electronic countermeasures that can disable equipment. The madness is rogue, rabid like a mad dog. You can see it in real time. Obama meeting with BLM, next day DHS and FBI say to expect violence at the Republican Convention, timely global diversion, Day of Rage, and here you are. Time to make great.

      16. Before the Shooting Starts
        Send our Politicians in Those Weanee suckers Will Come up with A Peaceful Solution over Getting There Butts Shot off

      17. Does this mean I won’t be able to spend money Chinese trinkets and geegaws with I don’t have, on things I don’t need, to impress people I don’t care about, at Walmart?

      18. Let’s bring out the gorilla in the closet please. Few people seem to remember that China was the number one world power in the 1700s. England destroyed China from the roots up by saturating the country with opium. China has not forgotten this and they will not go down again. Payback is a medivac. thanks

        • Taxed:

          Payback is synthetic Mary Jane aka Spice aka Bath Salts, lead painted children’s toys, dog food that kills your dog.

          Buying up real estate. Flooding us with products that break and Mal function at prices that undercut American made products.

          Attending universities here and using the knowledge to undermine us.

          Buying up water from the Great Lakes.

      19. The Tribunal was some qasi b/s setup using rented rooms. The U.N. deny any involvement. The International Court of Justice deny any involvement

      20. I think it more likely war will unintentionally be forced in the South China Sea than the Baltic countries. And I think for China, any response will generates a US reply, so it makes sense to try and sink the whole US fleet to prevent retaliation.

        This might buy enough time to convince the idiots in Washington to de-escalate, by assuring them that in this war they’ll die too. They should be targeted relentlessly. Bring war to them all.

        • With these guys..nothing is unintentional

      21. It’s none of the USA’s business anyway, what happens in China’s back yard.

      22. The Chinese own shopping malls in America. Find out who owns the malls where you live. If Walmart or other stores that deliver food close down; guess what happens.

        We should Repeal THE IMMIGRATION ACT of 1965

        ••••••••••. Repeal THE FREE TRADE ACT
        .. ______Make it illegal to buy Property if you are not An American Citizen, living here

        •••. only allow homeowners to vote
        •••••••. Repeal Rowe vs Wade
        •••••••. Deny welfare to non citizen’s families
        •••••. Deny welfare benefits to non citizens
        •••••. “Kill kill you Brave Soldiers of the…Revolution”
        •••••. Stop supporting Countries that eulogized war criminals that raped innocent women and children and then killed most of them.
        .•••• See the murderers of the twentieth century for what and who they really are. These same people have infiltrated our government. They are robbing us through taxation and other means. We can only win if we know the age old enemy of the European people and the World is still working to kill and/or make us his SLAVE. Wake the hell up fast.

      23. The top comment has it right, everything happening is to take the heat off the chosen criminal as the next president. Her high crimes and misdemeanors are examples of violations of the Espionage Act. “The fix was in, as in so many other instances in this Administration, political expedience in service to the president’s agenda superseded justice and the rule of law. If prosecutors will not charge Clinton, if a grand jury will not be allowed to indict her, if a court of law will not be allowed to hear the case against her, then voters must deny her the presidency. In short, all American’s must demand equal justice because without it our nation devolves into petty tyranny. Because the FBI director and Attorney General have failed us, we must restore justice through the ballot box; there is no other way. Hillary Clinton must never become president of the US if the principle of Equal Justice Under Law is to triumph over political favoritism and tyranny.”- Jonathon Emord. Even this Saudi 9-11 connection being released, which is a fallback continuation of the truth coverup, is to take the spotlight off the crime of not prosecuting above the law Billary. I believe the France murders also are the same deflection.

        • Did you hear her today issuing statements of support for the Erdogan government in Turkey? She’s been dealing with the Gehlen movement for some time, those are the people behind the coup attempt.

          She’s going to have some explaining to do in the next couple of days, the emails tying her and Gehlen are out there.

          • If that guy in PA has any sense, he’ll slip out of USA. Don’t even try flying out.

          • So just because Erdogan accused Gülen of being behind the coup attempt, you repeat it as factual? Where’s the evidence?

            Erdogan benefits most from the failed coup, and he is quickly using it to his advantage by tightening his grip over Turkey. It’s much more likely that Erdogan himself had the coup staged and/or allowed it to occur.

      24. Georgia guide stones reduce the population to 500 000 000.

        • Yep. 7 billion – ,5 billion = 6.5 billion must die. An EMP has been offered as the least destructive and most viable option. An estimated 90% casutallity rate brings the numbers really close. Hmmmm.,,, Anybody else smell something cooking?

        • Martus
          I think several things are going on there.
          Chemical Warfare: i.e. Bill Gates, Monsanto, Dow, Dupont, Syngenta, Bayer, KochMachine, etc.
          Divide and Conquer: keep people divided in hate so they can’t unite against being poisoned, police brutality and militarization, corporate welfare, financial rape of our country, illegal immigration, etc.
          WWIII: endless massacres and wars, formal or informal.
          Financial Collapse: Starvation will be the number 1 killer, and the thug force aka militarized police is to protect tptb and their toys.
          Because TPTB want a clean environment for themselves and their servants.

      25. Those chinks mess with Ramboob, they’ll get hot 9mm lead from my ventilation team.

        • Chinese women are much hotter than fat-assed ‘muricun bitches. So are Russian babes. Even white ‘muricun land whale whores are near the bottom of the desirability scale, slightly above black women.

      26. I look upon the USA with a business analogy. We’re like a company with a terrific brand name that made high quality goods that everyone wanted. The company sold out to foreign interests, kept the name, but then proceeded to at first gradually, then greatly, lowering the quality of everything. During this time significant money was spent on advertisements touting the greatness of the company while the decline continues. There were frequent changes in CEOs without abating the downward trend while creative accounting disguises the real condition of the company. Anyone within the company discussing the reality with non employees is economically punished and in some cases their “employment” terminated. Company employees and business associates are rewarded for loyal service in maintaining the charade.

        • USA is like once-great companies pimping out their name.

      27. We are already at war with China and they are winning. I’m sorry Mac but our apathy and appeasement toward China has only emboldened them to amplify and execute their totalitarian ambitions. You can’t be more red than the Red Chinese. We have to firmly confront China before this dragon grows out of control. Secure the Philippines now.

        • Wow. Talk about being “behind the curve”.

          You do know this is 2016, don’t you, and not 1949?

          Russia and “Red China” today are economically freer than the US. Income taxes in both countries are far lower than they are in the USSA.

          I guess you didn’t get the memo?

      28. In the event of a nuclear attack, those near the event are doomed. But others far enough away will do ok if taking plenty of iodine/iodide and selenium. These are generally severely deficient in most Americans and deficiencies lead to breast cysts, ovary cysts, Cancers of the reproductive organs in males and females, also metabolic disorders and weight problems. Take a multiMineral supplement and get adequate iodine/iodide and selenium.

        • B from CA

          There is sufficient nuclear weapon capacity to target 100 per state with plenty left over for overseas bases too. Do the math if only 25% get through its 25 per state plus foreign targets. Its naive to think that a biological attack wouldn’t follow up a nuclear exchange. No technology, doctors dead, manufacturing gone, infrastructure destroyed, the list goes on.

          “others far enough away will do ok ”

          Not hardly, instant stone age for generations shifting power from the formerly developed to the undeveloped world of too little importance to use a nuclear weapon on.

      29. With fallout stay inside for at least two weeks . That’s two weeks of water and food at least. Turn off ac or heat that brings in outside air . Their is water in your water heater. I buy Icelandic kelp iodine . Get those cheap throw away ponchos. And small trash bags for over your boots. Dust masks or wet rags if you have to go out. Don’t try to wash anything throw it all outside the house. Radiation levels drop fast after two weeks. Unless your in a bad spot. Where it might be best to run immediately. If you could get a little trailer . And have it stocked and ready. If near a nuke reactor. Or military base.. But I’m sure they will use neutron bombs . So reactors are the big problem

      30. British universities now have thousands of Chinese students, you’d think you were in Chinatown when anywhere near a campus. They’re mainly studying civic engineering or architecture, reckon they’re looking to build rather than destroy… We’re sure are living in interesting times!

      31. You know what? Why the fuck are we even debating and discussing such a fucked up topic? Really? It had to come to this? That we now, as humans in our lifetime have normalized and accepted mutual conversation about surviving mass nuclear strikes and living w tumors, horrors of such scope that you will never recover from in a post apocalyptic nuclear armageddon??!!

        Fuck This Shit!! I didnt sign up for this kind of world. This future when I was a depressed stoner teenager living in the beautiful 1970s. Oh, if I only knew than that those times, those days in my life. Those times in this country were sooo beautiful, so sweet and soo innocent compared to this fucking hellish nightmare dystopian totalitarian, soul murder death to humanity, filthy perverse polluted, burning drowning scum world I find myself now living in today!!!

        I would rather die than go onto another dimension of ecen more hellish experience; which would be to live on still, desperately clinging onto whats left after this SHIT is even gone!! Are you people crazy? You actually think life is this precious that youd try to cling onto the last piece of shit suffering left of this earth and its failed species reduced to abjectness in irradiated soil and air with everything dead or dying, including all and anyone you birthed, or loved..? Youre idiots. Cant you see how stupid it is to discuss the fine points of 12 miles out, post zero nuclear blast zone existence?

        I would rather take a lethal dose and slide gently into the velvet darkness. Morpheus arms embrace far sweeter than to try to survive the unlivable eventuality. Give it up. Let go. Time to throw the towel in. Its too much work. Life really shouldnt be this hard. Dont you guys rather agree? Save your children the horror of a forced existence in this kind of world.

        • Very good “reality check”.

          As George Washington stated in his Farewell Address of 1796:

          “The Great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign Nations is in extending our comercial relations to have with them as little political connection as possible… Tis our true policy to steer clear of permanent Alliances, with any portion of the foreign World.”

          Washington was hardly alone. His resolute opposition to foreign intervention was shared by all the Founders.

          As James Madison put it:

          “Indulging no passions which trespass on the rights or the repose of other nations… fulfilling their neutral obligations with… scrupulous impartiality… sincere neutrality toward belligerent nations… [excluding] foreign intrigues and , none of whom intended any exceptions to be made for Kosovo or Taiwanforeign partialities…”

          As Thomas Jefferson put it:

          “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship, with all nations — entangling alliances with none… Our first and fundamental maxim should be, never to entangle ourselves in the broils of Europe.”

          And finally, as John Quincy Adams, author of the Monroe Doctrine put it:

          “America… does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own.”

          America has no business in the South China Sea. Return home and take care of America’s own problems, of which there are many, instead of provoking WWIII with China on the other side of the Pacific, and with Russia on the other side of the Atlantic.

      32. My point is its totally insane to discuss such content as if its normal or reasonable to do so.We have gone over the cliff! Were insane! Youre insane! All of you are insane for unself consciously discussing this ad nauseam here!!

        We have accepted the unacceptable. We have been reduced to cockroaches that are considered the one creature that would survive nuclear armageddon. It looks like we can too.

        And like the hardy, mindless cockroaches, we wont care where or how we live, but only that we live.

        Have some self respect.

      33. The US has absolutely no intention of fighting a war with anyone who can actually fight back. It never has and never will start a war it doesn’t absolutely know it can win. The US only joined WWI and WWII after the Germans were basically beaten down and defeated. The US has only the will to fight proxy wars as it did in Afghanastan against the USSR. China knows fully well that the US has no interest in fighting a global war. The two economomies are inexorably linked at this point. Saber Rattling at it’s finest. The only global wars that will be fought will be economic ones. When Russia and China shuck off the Dollar as the global reserve currency, the US Empire will fold like a house of cards. China and Russia have learned from History. The US thinks it can re-write history.

        • “The only global wars that will be fought will be economic ones. When Russia and China shuck off the Dollar as the global reserve currency, the US Empire will fold like a house of cards. China and Russia have learned from History. The US thinks it can re-write history.”

          You very well may be right. I certainly hope you are. Because that may be the only hope of avoiding WWIII and nuclear holocaust.

          Many self-styled “strategic analysts” assume that military hardware is the key determinant in great power struggles. They go online and post long-winded comments about this or that weapons system that amount to juvenile dick measuring.

          They don’t realize “It’s the economy, stupid!” Ultimately it boils down to who can afford the bill for all that military hardware and all those military personnel.

          Worse, they don’t realize that their real enemy is not Russia or China, but “their own leaders”, seedy, power hungry, war-mongering sociopaths such as Hussein Obomber, Killary Clinton, John “Jack D. Ripper” McCain, et al. These are the people who are trying to deprive them of their guns, who are taxing them into the poor house, who are subjecting them to TSA police state humiliation.

          The USG has been swindling everyone on planet earth who has ever used US dollars, including every American citizen, beginning with the creation of the “Federal Reserve System”, a legalized counterfeiting ring.

          Putin and Xi, among others, have belatedly caught on to this, the world’s most successful long con. When Russia and China divest themselves totally of all US Dollar denominated assets, and the USG collapses, they will be doing the entire world, including every American citizen, an huge favor.

          Want to make America great again? Pray for the collapse of the USG, a shell company for the UK/US bankster elites. Because only then can America get out from under their thumb. Only then do Americans have any hope of returning to their former glory.

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