U.S. Secretary of State: “We Want Very Much to Have a Strong Russia”

by | Jul 19, 2018 | Headline News | 18 comments

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      1. Yeah. Look, you don’t want to declare war on a weaker nation, right? That wouldn’t look good.

        I mean, in the event this sucker goes nuclear, you don’t want history (if there is any left), to remember that the (self-proclaimed), most powerful military in the free world took on a country (Russia) with the GDP of Texas? Do you?

        War with Russia would be like a bunch of teenagers beating a homeless person to death. Except that Russia is the teenagers. Hillary will be the homeless person. The teenagers will be heard to say: “We came. We saw. They died.”

        What does the “free world” come to, exactly, these days? One hotdog stand on a street corner in downtown DC?

        • The powers to be Globalists, want White man fighting against other White man. We Americans are just like Russians, and they are just like us. We want peace and a good life and so do they. Trump is doing the right thing for us Americans to end these costly fraudulent wars that does not benefit Americans.

          Its those who want war to divide the White man up into littler segments, so they can rule us all. Not on my watch. A Strong American and Russian Alliance and communication is the best thing we can do and learn from. Russia does not have any Z-I-o-n-I-s-t-s in their government do they? Putin drained the swamp over there, and we need to do the same. Orkin!! Russia knows this problem America has being hijacked and why our foreign policy is a disaster and failure. Diplomacy over War. Look for a win-win situation and Trump knows how to win, and win big league. MAGA!!

      2. Blame-e, the hildebeast made that statement and no one even batted an eye because that was the libturds’ beloved HILLARY AND OBAMA ADMINISTRATION. But when anyone in the Trump Administration makes a similar statement the entire establishment has the biggest meltdown. It’s the same libturd/neocon establishment that’s pushing for a major confrontation with Russia.

      3. I want a VERY STRONG EUROPEAN (WHITE NATIONALIST STATE) RUSSIA so my kids and grand-kids can escape this Third World America and be safe.

        I want a STRONG Eastern Europe so those Whites who love their community and are willing to be community activists can move there and avoid the beatings and rapes from the Muslims.

        War is coming.

      4. I’ve read so much about the possibility of Russian weapon superiority in some areas, don’t have a clue if it’s true. Hard to believe with how much is said to be spent here in the US every year. Or is much of that money just payoffs to keep the illusions propped up? Ignorance is bliss keeping the majority in the dark. Life is so complicated, from above the stench is nauseating and which way is up is hard to determine. We don’t get the big bucks to make the wrong decisions.

      5. I know one thing for sure. About all of this.

        This Government is fucked up. Nobody seems to know anything.

      6. The establishment wants Trump impeached for a lot of reasons. We can all imagine the meltdown they would have if Trump had made that statement about Russia. But Hillary or even Obama can say that and all you’ll hear is crickets.

      7. Hillary wanted to NUKE Russia.

        Hillary wanted a no-fly zone in Syria that would have immediately escalated to hot war within days, literally.

        If it wasn’t for that I might have held my nose and voted for the child-thieving bitch as I knew damn well Trump would create a recession of epic proportions, or one would be created with him as a scapegoat, either way.

        But there’s something about having all the paint sucked off my house and having a permanent orange afro that doesn’t appeal to me.

      8. The establishment is dead meat and their society is crumbling with half of them being arrested for pedophilia. They are the closet freaks that need to be locked up. Most of them inherited their money so they have no idea what work is, just slave mastering and bullying their opponennts. Turn the tables. Boycott all of their assets. Retail Stores to sports teams to Cable TV outlets, ESPN to Disney. Starve the beast into bankruptcy.

      9. Before going to Russia, maybe visit Alaska. Learn how to build a house with snow. Do some ice fishing. Then visit Iceland, Norway, and Germany.

        It was 100 degrees here yesterday. Today was cooler, about 95. It’s a far cry from winter in Siberia. Although with the air conditioning on, I’m freezing.



      10. Well, I hope everyone here in Amerika likes Vodka….

      11. Making nice and becoming friendly with Russia may be part of a larger plan. Has anybody taken any notice of who Trump has been visiting lately. Notice how a number of those countries tend to surround one of America’s biggest headaches, China.
        Sort of like many of the countries where America has gained a lot of control or influence in recent years, sort of surround Iran.

      12. An actual prepper article a day would be nice and one less poltical article.

      13. Strong is not at the top of my list. The adjectives that are more important are: rational, peace-loving, reasonable, honest, live-and-let-live, and emotionally stable. Strong is down the list.

      14. Was that before Putin betrayed the Democrats by leaking what he’d taught them to do, KGB-style? No wonder the Democrats are now so furiously anti-Putin–and try to cast him and Trump as the diversionary mirror image of what the Democrats themselves have been with Putin?

      15. h. clit-on likes rush-ia, gave them uranium – but it was so long ago, who cares at this point?

      16. I grew up through the Cold War where any member of the USSR especially Russia and Communist China were our worst enemies. I fully expected a nuclear holocaust every single day because some fool would try a limited use like tactical nukes and would cause complete cascading chaos.

        Thank GOD it didn’t happen. Instead the USSR fell and there was WORSE CONSTERNATION as the Russian mob sold armaments and radioactive material and terrorsist had weapons and in such an impotent state, Russia was an even worse enemy.

        I presume that is what the demon Hillarybeast is discussing as she is a glbalist neocon and that is neocon rhetoric that requires hating Russia illogically and without any sense of measure because they want to reinforce the nilitary industrial complex NOW and take Russia eventually to have the natural resources.

        Whereas a John Bircher isolationist like me is a conservative Republican who hates Communists because they are satanic atheists in theory but Birchers hate the military industrial complex and want all the troops to come home. Now we have space technology that is far safer to deploy versus the sitting ducks of the aircraft carriers. And we realize that America lack the capacity to realistically man all the military bases as Millennials are weaklings and unfit for the infantry.

        The only way is a rigorous physical education program to better the physical fitness and discipline to remediate this inability to muster. And that would be for all to save on healthcare costs.

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