U.S. Ruling Class Created An Artificial Intelligence Tool That Will Police Free Speech

by | May 10, 2023 | Headline News

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    Under the guise of “Russian disinformation,” the United States ruling class has created an artificial intelligence tool that will police free speech. The Ukraine Content Aggregator is used to catch “fake news” and share data on it with foreign partners, the secretary of state claims.

    U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken claimed on Tuesday that Washington is not giving up on the policing of speech. The rulers have developed an artificial intelligence-based system to detect and gather “Russian disinformation” online. Blinkin made the announcement at the Freedom House 2023 Annual Awards Ceremony.

    According to a quote from Blinkin himself, the State Department has created “an AI-enabled online Ukraine Content Aggregator to collect verifiable Russian disinformation and then to share that with partners around the world”. The U.S. ruling class is cooperating with scholars to be able to reliably detect fake text generated by Russian chatbots,” he added as reported by RT

    Last year, social media analytics company Graphika and the Stanford Internet Observatory said hundreds of accounts disseminating pro-Western narratives over the past five were likely being run by the Pentagon’s Centcom unit. In March, the news website The Intercept reported on federal contract documents, which suggest that the US Special Operations Command is planning to conduct propaganda and deception campaigns online using deep fake technology. –RT

    The U.S. has become increasingly concerned with people having the right to speak freely.

    U.S. Rulers Launch ANOTHER “Ministry of Truth”

    It’s gotten so obvious that the ruling class in the U.S. is dystopian that even other countries have taken notice.

    Last month, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova accused the U.S. of waging “an unprecedented information campaign” against Russia since the start of the conflict in Ukraine. Washington and its allies “need war at any cost, and their favorite method of solving their own problems is provocations, disinformation, and threats,” Zakharova argued.

    Consider The Possibility That This Is Already The Dystopia You Fear


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