U.S. Navy Upgrades “SSBN Nuclear Sub Electronic Security” With World War On the Horizon

by | Oct 6, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 74 comments

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    SSBN Ohio-class submarine

    Image: U.S. Navy, public domain

    With little fanfare in the U.S. media, President Obama and his team of war hawks have cut off diplomatic relations with Russia, and are instead maneuvering aggressively towards a war footing.

    The clash of objectives in Syria – namely, the fundamental differences in their position on Assad remaining in power as well as the underlying causes that led to the tension, fueled the rise of ISIS and pitted world powers against each other – are increasingly drawing the world into a perilous position.

    President Putin, as well as his ministers, have made clear that if the U.S. strikes Syrian forces or attempts to directly take out Assad, it will also be prodding for world war – and that could mean the gravest threat to Western civilization since the Cold War. Because apparently American leaders just can’t resist intervening in Middle Eastern affairs.

    Russia is on high alert, and its newspapers recently echoed the warnings of its leadership:

    “Just imagine that the US does what it has wanted to do for a long time and strike against Assad, not by mistake but on purpose and openly.

    “Should Russia defend its ally or consider striking against the Americans but this would definitely lead to a Third World War.

    • While Americans are scared up over creepy clowns, Russians are conducting drills for tens of millions of people taking shelter from nuclear war.

    • While Hillary Clinton attempts to convince Americans to go back to sleep and ignore her emails, her many corrupt dealings and breaches of security, foreign adversaries – including Russia and China – are engaged in cyber warfare, while a few dissidents are also attempting to expose Hillary and other leaders.

    • While the U.S. diplomats are covertly arming ISIS, al Nusra and what remains of the “moderate Free Syrian Army,” and scheming to unseat Assad through outside groups and public pressure in the media, Russia is flexing its next generation of electronic warfare devices, jamming equipment, cloaking devices and demonstrating its sophisticated ability to control and maintain airspace.

    Russia’s Next Gen Electromagnetic Weapons

    The future of war is increasingly intertwined with major threats, focal flashpoints and communications-based electronic warfare.

    To give just one prominent example, the threat from an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) could shut down the grid, kill millions of people in the aftermath and bring an enemy population to its knees overnight.

    With these new threats in mind, the U.S. military and armed services are preparing quietly but steadily for a war that could become inevitable, though no one wants to admit it.

    Solicitation notices on FedBizOpps.gov reveals that there is considerable effort going into upgrading, fortifying and securing communications technology– particularly for SSBNs, one of the most important pieces on the chess board.

    Nuclear submarines must be in constant communication around the world, in any waters, and be able to avoid detection. However, compromised communications could cutoff communications or render subs ineffective when they are needed most.

    Very Low Frequency and ELF wavelengths are used to cover the long distances, but are also subject to interception and manipulation. These electromagnetic signals require powerful equipment and can have negative biological effects on human operators, as well as populations of human and animal life. VLF and ELF electromagnetic weapons are very potent when in capable hands, and quite dangerous in the face of an oblivious and naive population.


    Time to upgrade the electromagnetic communications devices that could make or break the outcome of a nuclear war.

    A solicitation from the Department of the Navy is seeking to upgrade and repair obsolete equipment with the latest in technology – particularly with respect to Strategic Submarine Ballistic Nuclear (SSBN) and Strategic Submarine Nuclear (SSN) submarines:

    Space and Naval Warfare System Center (SPAWARSYSCEN) Atlantic has a requirement to provide professional engineering services in support of the Fixed Very Low Frequency/Low Frequency (FVLF/LF) transmitter and antenna systems. The contractor will be required to provide engineering services on an on call basis to conduct analysis and to identify/implement solutions for the FVLF/LF transmitter and antenna system problems created by design deficiencies, equipment obsolesce or technical changes which have resulted in a degraded reliability or in less than optimum performance.

    The FVLF/LF transmitting stations provide the primary broadcast communications link for the command and control of Strategic Submarine Ballistic Nuclear (SSBN) and Strategic Submarine Nuclear (SSN) submarines making it part of the Nuclear Command and Control Communications (NC3) architecture. Those stations were designed and constructed at various times over the past six decades. Consequently, each is unique and all are subject to problems peculiar to particular stations requiring the employment of consultants well versed in highly specialized areas of FVLF/LF transmitter, antenna, and antenna network theoretical and applications engineering. Timely solution to problems as they develop is necessary to ensure reliable communications to fleet commanders in command and control of submarines.

    Additionally, the Navy has current bids for maintenance and repair of Trident II missile guidance and navigation systems, on board safety systems and installations and upgraded security technologies for SSBN submarines – which play a significant role in both deterrence and provocation.

    These are crucial factors, particularly in the context of sophisticated, technologically-driven warfare.

    Proposals listed on FBO.gov

    Again, the proposal hints strongly at the known and unknown vulnerabilities of submarines in being detected and communicating covertly. SSBN security technology is critical:

    The Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the Undersea Influence, Counter-USW Branch (N974B) of the Chief of Naval Operations’ (CNO) Undersea Warfare Division (N97) are interested in receiving proposals focused on the identification of science and physics based signal detection technologies that, individually or as a system, can impact the security of the SSBN and submarines in general. Passive and active detection technologies with near term (0-5 years), mid-term (5-10 years) and far term (10-20 years) implications will be considered.

    [T]he SSBN Security Technology Program (SSTP) may entertain proposals focused on improving the understanding of the generation, radiation, propagation, scatter, and detection of a variety of signal types (acoustic, chemical, optical, electromagnetic, hydrodynamic and radiological) associated with a submarine’s operation.

    It looks like the old fleet is getting dusted off, fixed up or making way for new and better models, ready for war – if the need arises.

    Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that.

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      1. ht tps://youtu.be/FODnzZRy784

        any opinions?

        • What is it in regard to?

          • cant hold yer hand from here.. click on it n see

            • I’ll pass opening it. Thanks anyway.

          • “war footing”… same damn words Hitler used before confiscating guns and doing genocide. 🙁

            Also, same words GW Bush used before the Patriot act, etc.:(

            • I hope the idiot globalist followers know that they are ALONE on this. Believing that their propaganda has fooled everyone is a big mistake They’ll soon face the reality;a Nuremberg like tribunal…

        • Why does the address look like YouTube but its not YouTube?

          ( youtu.be )

          • That is the “embedded code” – it is the one used that actually shows up with a player on these forums and blogs.

            If the settings are correct – it should show the player – Rebel son put the “spaces” in th http. … so it did not load …

            • The Video is 7:32 long … Titled: NBC Broadcast False Report From Hill Force One

            • thanks for helping .. I didnt do it to piss anyone off.. but 2 days in Moderation sucks

              sorry Keven if you dont trust things on here , i totally understand

              I didnt intend to come off shitty.. i just dont know who im dealing with out there in this world any more so i dont make it a point to waste my time

              if people dont want to learn, im not going to force it upon you

              • No problem.No offense taken. I’m just cautious or try to be. Views here often aren’t welcome by TPTB.

                • Very true boss

      2. It has come to that point

        Good luck everyone

        • The globalists were not able to stabilize Afghanistan.. Cannot wait to see them decimated…

      3. Everything looks like a replay of 1938 Germany with the US seeing enemies everywhere threatening us. The weak minded conditioned with blind patriotism and obedience follow like a rally in Nuremberg. Post 911 the US has bombed who they want when they want where they want. Parents are proud to sacrifice their children for the globalists too ignorant to see that they’re being lied to.

        TPTB Plan


        • Exactly!

      4. The Russians are moving more naval assets from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. They already have an aircraft carrier group there. I bet you didn’t know that the Chinese have an aircraft carrier in the eastern Mediterranean. It’s been there for awhile now. Russia is also moving more anti-air systems into Syria. Do we have more stuff than the Russians? Yes. Is our stuff better? Probably. We will be unscathed? Nope. This may very well be the prelude to the big one. And it’s got nothing to do with freedom, democracy terrorism at all. Expansion of the hegemonic globalist empire. Nothing to die for. But you will.

        • A pipeline, a stinking f**king pipeline, so the (((cartel))) can pocket more shekels from the European people AND THEY get to tell Putin F… YOU. WELL I think Vlad is a little bit smarter than them…Sadly, WAY too many innocent people will be killed because of these (((scumbag muh fuggers))).

          • Interestingly its about my globalist energy corporations obtaining more market share from your nationalistic energy corporations. US Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Air Force personnel that don’t stand a chance to get one of their coveted blue collar jobs in the US energy industry are fighting and dying for them.

            At least the people who fought WWII came home to well paying jobs not outsourced closed factories.

        • After 9/11 there was nothing to do with the terrorism but the globalism…

          • Syria and Natural Gas.


            I’m not surprised by the, “man on the street” being misinformed regarding what is actually going on but to be on this BB and read it, over and over, tells me that many are not doing any research that happens to be right here.

            Its Fact

            1. The US has intentionally funded, armed and trained ISIS directly with the CIA or using other groups supported by the CIA that are allied with ISIS.

            2. ISIS would rapidly disappear if the support in #1 ended.

            3. All of the turmoil in the middle east is over who’s companies control the supply and distribution of energy.

            4. Terrorism is not only the excuse for #3 but its also used to facilitate it by overthrowing secular (multi religions accepted) governments by Islamic Fundamentalists.

            5. Both political party’s in the US are equally currently responsible and have been facilitating the actions and goals in 1 through 4.

            1 through 5 is indisputable fact as the evidence to support it is so overwhelming, only those so blind and deft that they ideologically refuse to see and hear can support any other conclusion.

        • It is an expansion of global empire but even more so it is the realization of Greater Israel. They are the ones who started the Syrian war and most others since WW2 and have us do all the fighting. Putin would be a fool to not be aiming at the real enemies of peace.

      5. O’Bammy is maybe removing the nukes from them. Can’t trust him or his new generals.

        • Good point DOBIE , “his new generals” .
          Yeah , lets not forget obamas purge of his opposition in the military . They are all like minded socialists, lock step with the anti constitution crowd .

          • Obuttboy got rid of OFFICERS who he didn’t like. The people who actually operate the weapons, not so much. The US military will end up fighting mostly themselves (and in frustration, turn on the American (white) people).

      6. Submarines are one weapon Russia has made great advancements in. From the nuclear drone subs to the most impressive and undetectable “black hole” submarine. If nuclear subs are pivotal in any conflict between the US and Russia, then we are at a point where we all lose. Hopefully cooler heads prevail in Syria.

      7. “fair and balanced ”

        I Listened to a Trump Supporter

        h ttps://extranewsfeed.com/i-listened-to-a-trump-supporter-49a41a9a99de#.8wvs4rbct

        “I talked at length with a Trump supporter I grew up around. I wanted to understand. I respected her growing up. I wanted to know why a person as kind and compassionate as I remember her is voting for someone like Donald Trump.”

        in my opinion
        a very well written,insightful piece

        • another bullshit link from that troll satori…really? “clinton wants to build the wall TOO”…PFFT….and we don’t NEED a wall, if you just stop the catch and releasee policies of obammy and killary. trump wouldn’t be my choice, but he’s our best option available.

          • wow
            an article that is VERY pro Trump
            and ya still ain’t happpy!!!

            politicians LOVE people like you
            your easy to manipulate and control

            and all you took away from that article was a very brief reference to “the wall”
            as Trump would say “sad” maybe even “hugely sad”

            and you are criticizing the wall ???

            WTF??? WTF??? WTF??? WTF???

            that is a main stay of Trump’s immigration policy

            whose the troll now ?????

            take a long look in the mirror
            you are the VERY personification of a SHEEP

            readin’ KOmPERhEnhsHuN is yer friend

            I leave you with this

            baaa baaaa baaaaa your momma is callin’

            • @Satori…

              4 dead Americans in Benghazi as a direct result of Hillary’s incompetence (or willful intent) and you’re still in her camp.

              If Hitler or Stalin were Democrats, you’d vote for them before you would a Republican….wouldn’t you?

            • Satori,
              it appears ALL you wish to do on this site is to put people on this site DOWN!! the world has enough CRAP going on and everyone is just trying to get to the truth and we don’t need anymore BS from jerks just trying to stir the pot for there own ego!! get the point?? fuck off and go elsewhere!! is that clear enough??

        • A real piece of garbage. People afraid to try something new. The globalism is here to “stay” ? F..k them all…

      8. U.S. Navy Upgrades “SSBN Nuclear Sub Electronic Security” With World War On the Horizon

        With any luck … it’ll turn out just as wonderful as the F-35 fiasco. The U.S. Military has dropped the ball when it comes to technological advances.

        While the U.S. make up fake foreign proxy enemies to destabilize the Middle East.

        Russia focus’s on better & superior technological advances while providing economic growth and stability within it’s own country and abroad.

        Someone please remind me – “who is truly the enemy here?”

        AmeriKa is on the wrong side of History – and they have been for several Decades and counting.

        • FTW:

          Yes, we, America, are on the wrong side of history, and have been for several decades.

          When Johnathan Pollard, an Israeli spy who caused the deaths of Americans, was released from prison, the President of our supposed to be ally, Isreal, said something to the effect that Isreal will suck us dry and then when we are withered and dead will have nothing more to do with us. So any one under the delusional belief that our “friends” in Isreal don’t crave our utter annihilation, wake up.

          The globalists are simply what Henry Ford, and many other great men, called International J*ws. This obsession with world domination, accompanied by fear of and contempt for mankind, save themselves, justifies wars for profit with the intentional deaths of as many nonJ*ws as can be arranged.

          So, where our logic and the logic of globalists (J*ws) diverge is that in your mind you are a human being and infinitely precious, whereas to the globalist, you are of zero, and I mean zero, consequence. Your wives are whores. Your daughters are little whores. They are the water that fills the bucket. You are the drops sticking to the side of the bucket after it is emptied. Got it ??


          • B from CA –

            I would like to refute and deny any and all of your information, but I have a problem with trying to do that.

            Your information is very much correct, and if I was to refute the things you said – then it would only make me out to look like a Troll.

            This sentence I said here: Someone please remind me – “who is truly the enemy here?”

            Is purely a rhetorical question – I’m very much aware of the “true enemy”.

            The question was reference between Russia/United States only.

        • The USA (government) has become everything we accused USSR (and Russia) of being, and then some.

      9. Both Cyprus and Israel have major, major gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean Things could get interesting in the next decade. Wonder if the Chinese will try that bit on building islands and then claiming the area around them?

      10. Mac, I don’t know where you got this article from but that one part about diplomatic relations between US and Russia cut off can’t be true. Otherwise a good article.

        • It IS true. What rock did you crawl out from under?

        • BRAVE , only in regards to Syria have diplomatic ties been cut.

      11. It’s to late to start to prepare for a war when the others are already prepared .. party over.

      12. Will we EVER be free of American warmongering?

        • “Will we EVER be free of American warmongering?”

          Not unless some other country finally puts a stop to U.S. Foreign “bully” Policies … otherwise – it’s “business” as usual for the Military Industrial Complex- and business is booming for them.

      13. Obama is the most dangerous president in the history of
        America ! He is bound and determined to get us all killed !

        • Actually Obama rightfully backed away from Syria when be was being pushed for war. Both the Neo-Con Right & Left (exemplified in Christie & Hillary) want a no fly zone to ground Russian and Syrian aircraft from bombing Islamic Fundamentalists that the US armed and funded. Christie said that he would shoot down Russian jets violating “our” no fly zone. Who are we to tell a sovereign country and her nuclear armed allies where to fly? When did the fighting in the Middle East go from a post 911 policy of fighting terrorism to using terrorists to overthrow sovereign nations? Syria is no threat to the US. Syria has a 10% Christian population that is protected by the government. Thats far more than I can say for the nut cases the US is allied with.

          If McCain or Romney won we very well could have went in to Syria with regular forces. I’m no Obama fan on other policy’s but I thank him for at least delaying WWIII.

          • “… we very well could have went in to Syria with regular forces..” Who “WE”? What’s my business there? This complex superiority mindset has destroyed America…

            • joe

              Its the same tribal mindset of worshippers of the sphere saying “My Team” when a billionaire owns the team and charges you $100 just to watch them.

              Newsflash to the readers; It hasn’t been you country in a long time.

        • Hiliary will be the most dangerous president of all time, past and future.

      14. The great tragedy of a conflict is this: the real enemy is Islam and both the US and Russia should team up to tackle that, not kill each other.

        I would suggest a compromise: let’s put all Muslim men in uniform and ship them to the Middle East to fight it out. Russia and the US could provide the weapons and we can use biodata to prevent these guys coming back into the West. Whoever is left alive after the fighting can get a free camel and a bag of dates.

        I know I would never fight to kill blonde white people, certainly not in a world where whites are being outnumbered exponentially. We should band together and face the real enemies out there.

        • Frank Thoughts

          Please watch this video from former Undersecretary Of The US Treasury in President Reagan’s First Administration, Dr Paul Craig Roberts. These Islamic Fundamentalists have economic and logistical backing. They are unknowingly fulfilling an agenda that emanates from those they hate. Things are not as they appear. We’re being played.


        • Nice FRANK , youve solved the worlds problems with a common sence solution . Got my vote !

        • FT and hammerhead,
          WWIII has already begun.
          It is not a matter of race against race,
          it is cultural. Moslems against the rest
          of the world.
          Eliminate Moslems and the world will be at peace.

          • rellik

            Do you understand that these Islamic Fundamentalists are being funded, suppled, trained and transported by the US to overthrow secular Islamic nations?

          • Let’s see now.
            WW1, check.
            Moslems against the ROW.
            WW2, check, Moslems vs. the ROW.
            Korea, check; Vietnam, check.
            Mao’s Great Leap Forward, check.
            Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya,Syria….

            By Jove, I think you’ve got it!

          • To “rellik says”,
            Kill all white pussies and their minions in the west and the world will be in piece. Fuckin idol worshiping double standard maintaining cowards.

        • “The great tragedy of a conflict is this: the real enemy is Islam”…Wrong, you’ve been brainwashed. The real enemy is the Globalism architects…

      15. Too bad the fascist leftist lamestream media won’t bring back Cyndi Sheehan!

        When the final rollcall of Hell is called, you have to wonder if Alinsky and many of the leftist, lying media will be there.

      16. Having served on a few submarines I can tell you this article is not complete BS but understandably it does not have all the info concerning submarine communications. I would let all of you know what really goes on but understandably do not want a visit from the black SUV guys.

      17. I wonder if it’s all about selling ammunition to both sides. Sounds like a real money maker. Million dollar smart bombs. Air craft carriers , subs. Jets, who pays for all that? Tax the peasants? And send them off to die? The end of that crap is coming. And the Tares will burn. Fill your lamps.

      18. Can’t Fight and Win a WAR as a nation if you are at least 20 trillion in the red, your military has been reduced, Obama or Hitlery is president. You can try upgrades to the Subs but our nuclear program hasn’t been updated, our nation is war weary and getting divided on all fronts. Also all military branches have had there budget reduced.
        We would win IMO but we would suffer. We have the Bravest most outstanding fighting force there IS. We may not have China’s military infantry numbers, and Russian tank numbers but our Military has improvisation, and dedicated soldiers with dang Good equipment through some are aged and needs upgrades and updates. I firmly believe the USA Special Soldiers are Above the Competition. Only issue I’ll say is we have Fought in the Desert, we have Fought Insurgents and Jihad terrorists. We I think need more training for all terrains, from Jungle to Forest to desert and others. Some do 4 months of Basic and AIT. I think it should include another month of Field training and tactics. I also think we should have a Military Discharge state readiness Militia, termed for a Minimum of a Year. to help out in Disasters and invasion and to help separate them from military active service.

        • All branches of the US military have plenty of money to spend. Most of it is spent on gems like the F-35 and LGBTQRSTUV “tolerance” training.
          USA is responsible for something like 47% of worldwide military spending. Everybody else just gets a lot more bang for their buck.

        • US ground forces have become very skilled at Company and Platoon level operations these last few years that are geared towards Counter Insergentcey, which is fine if you’re operating against small groups of poorly trained, under equiped insurgents. But if we end up facing Chinese and Russian Forces, we will most definitely be up against multiple divisional sized organisations who train towards fighting ….. us! And it wouldn’t be a country by country fight either. We would have to be able to fight across Western Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans, the Caucasus, secure the Middle East, deal with Afghanistan (and their neighbors) as well as fight the Chinese in South Korea, South East Asia and on the Japanese mainland, as well as secure the Suez Canal, Panama Canal and secure Alaska through to the Pacific North West. Can it be done? Of course it can!!! Where the money comes from to fight a 30-50 trillion dollar war for 2 years might be a little hard to find …..
          Our Tier 1 Special Forces might be great operators, but they would be pushed beyond their capabilities fighting on a multiple front, global conflict.
          So I’m thinking WWIII might be a tougher nut to crack than most people think

        • Actually, the bravest, most outstanding fighting force there is, is not fighting a bankers’ war in a foreign country.
          It is composed of small men with huge hearts, who are fighting, not for bankers, but for their families and the country they love.
          Thus, the VC defeated the yanqui devil in Vietnam.
          The Afghans, ditto.
          You can have all the tech and weaponry and men you like; but until they are fighting for truth and justice; on their own soil, for their own friends and neighbours, and against the global tyranny exemplified by the US, then they will die ignominious and shameful deaths, and history will record their efforts as such.

      19. If the government is advertising these procurements now, the radioactive dust that was formerly our bodies will have reached its first Half-Life before anything actually gets installed in a sub!

      20. Ok yeah you know what?

        Not a huge fan of Putin…

        LESS of a huge fan of nuclear war…???

        I mean… yes it’s naive to think he wont’ fuck is over SOMEHOW if we cooperate with him. He’s ex-KGB, it’s what the fuckers DO.

        On the other hand…

        As bad as getting nuked???? I mean I kind of doubt it!

        Doesn’t the CIA and all the intelligence community get PAID to ensure that if we DO cooperate and do a “joint” SOMETHING or other… that we keep the “getting ass raped” to a minimum? I mean that’s kind of their job right?!

        It’s got to beat being fucking radioactive don’t it?

        I mean what’s the rush???

        If he fucks you in the ass THAT bad you can always nuke his shit LATER… right?

      21. well

      22. A fundamental misunderstanding of 21st century armed conflict is an inhibiting of awareness of who will win a WWIII conflict. The victor will be the one who has the population capable of holding it together and surviving. And the West does not have the population capable of holding it together and surviving (not enough shelter space for one). Anybody who knows about fighting BIG wars knows the military needs a big civilian workforce behind them. You can have the best special forces, the best fighter pilots, but if they are ‘supported’ by drugged up, criminal, obese ghetto junk with low IQs and little education, working in a logistics network falling apart due to urban rioting, then they won’t last long in the field.

        Modern military forces are logistical entities: they have long supply lines, they have highly technical and advanced machinery needing maintenance constantly, and they depend on creating a highly ‘luxury’ base environment for troops (junk food restaurants, coffee shops, PXs filled with stuff like a Walmart, entertainment, etc.) to keep them even basically motivated. Take some or all of that away, and the troops morale sinks super fast. Then throw in all the race and identity garbage, the LGBT agenda, infiltrating Muslims (Fort Hood etc.) and you have a fighting force that can be broken up with a few events.

      23. “The victor will be the one who has the population capable of holding it together and surviving”

        Go to war with Russia and it goes nuclear and bio. Winning is losing on a scale slightly less than the other nation. Actually there won’t be enough of society left to make a reasonable accounting regarding , “Who Won”.

      24. And China thinks it will be like the Cheshire cat smiling all the way back with it’s 1.5 billion population. Recent thinking was the winner is decided by who recovers first.

        Absolute insanity if everything is glowing.
        You guys in the black suv’s get it?

      25. China has no desire for a nuclear war.


        There would be no winner any measure that one could remotely describe as victory.

        “If WWIII is fought with nuclear weapons, WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones”
        Albert Einstein (A man that knew a bit about the above)

      26. Hmmmm. Interesting.
        ” the THREAT from an EMP could shut down the grid,…”
        So it wouldn’t actually take the EMP itself?

        Spell-checkers will NEVER take the place of actual proofreading.

      27. Wishing you all well.
        Even sitting here in South Africa, supposedly far from any (nuclear) conflict, does not make me feel secure at all.
        Does anyone think a (nuclear) war today will end after only one or two bombs are dropped?!! Like in WW2?
        Let’s hope all decision makers in the world realize that nuclear war is absolute, sure suicide.
        Only ONE American SSBN or the equivalent thereof has the ability to totally obliterate ALL life on earth FIVE TIMES OVER, no matter where those ‘nukes’ fall.
        Firstly, ‘cos the atmosphere’s temperature will rise high enough for all combustables on earth to catch fire and burn till all the oxygen in the air is consumed.
        Secondly, all life needing oxygen will suffocate in the totally polluted atmosphere.
        Thirdly, all life will be killed by intense radioactivity.
        Fourthly, the temperature of the atmosphere will afterwards fall to minus 45 degrees Centigrade at the equator, because no sunlight will be penetrating the polluted atmosphere. Total pitchblack darkness.
        Fifthly, a 1000 year long total food absence will starve anything that survives the first four calamities, because that is the minimum timespan that such a cataclysm will last.
        After the Great Flood, as told in the Bible, God said He will not allow another flood, but in the end the earth and heavens will perish by fire.
        Seems we are near that possibility.

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