U.S. Military Grants Itself the Authority to Deploy Troops in American Cities Without Presidential or Local Approval

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    Military no longer under civilian control?

    In a move that makes clear the direction that our country is increasingly heading towards, the Department of Defense has published an update to a US code that outlines military power during civil unrest.

    The code, ““Defense Support of Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies,” was slightly altered during a May 13th update which now allows the military to unilaterally declare martial law without presidential approval.

    Multiple sections of the code outline plans and policies for a martial law scenario and should be considered a must read for any American worried about their freedoms in what has become a hostile American police state.

    The rule seems to actually contradict itself, in one part claiming that the military can only be used during extreme circumstances with Presidential approval and then, in an updated part of the code, declaring that the military can put troops on the streets without approval from the president or local law enforcement.

    The primary restriction on DoD participation in civilian law enforcement activities is the Posse Comitatus Act. It provides that whoever willfully uses any part of the Army or the Air Force as a posse comitatus or otherwise to execute U.S. laws, except in cases and under circumstances expressly authorized by the Constitution or Act of Congress, shall be fined under title 18, U.S.C., or imprisoned not more than two years, or both. Section 182.6 (a) describes in detail the assistance that the Department of Defense may and may not provide civilian law enforcement agencies.

    b. Support During Civil Disturbances
    The President is authorized by the Constitution and laws of the United States to employ the Armed Forces of the United States to suppress insurrections, rebellions, and domestic violence under various conditions and circumstances. Planning and preparedness by the Federal Government, including the Department of Defense, for civil disturbances is important due to the potential severity of the consequences of such events for the Nation and the population. The employment of Federal military forces to control civil disturbances shall only occur in a specified civil jurisdiction under specific circumstances as authorized by the President, normally through issuance of an Executive order or other Presidential directive authorizing and directing the Secretary of Defense to provide for the restoration of law and order in a specific State or locality.

    A little further down within the code the above text is made completely irrelevant. (emphasis mine)

    Domestic emergencies. Emergencies affecting the public welfare and occurring within the 50 states, District of Columbia, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, U.S. possessions and territories, or any political subdivision thereof, as a result of enemy attack, insurrection, civil disturbance, earthquake, fire, flood, or other public disasters or equivalent emergencies that endanger life and property or disrupt the usual process of government. Domestic emergencies include civil defense emergencies, civil disturbances, major disasters, and natural disasters.

    [[Page 21829]]

    Emergency authority. A Federal military commander’s authority, in extraordinary emergency circumstances where prior authorization by the President is impossible and duly constituted local authorities are unable to control the situation, to engage temporarily in activities that are necessary to quell large-scale, unexpected civil disturbances

    (1) Such activities are necessary to prevent significant loss of life or wanton destruction of property and are necessary to restore governmental function and public order; or
    (2) Duly constituted Federal, State, or local authorities are unable or decline to provide adequate protection for Federal property or Federal governmental functions.

    Most worrying is that the examples given as possible reasons for when the military would need to use their, “emergency authority,” are so broad and open to interpretation that it essentially gives them the power to declare martial law whenever they choose.

    A recent piece published by the Long Island Press further expanded on the repercussions of these “subtle” changes to the US code.

    The lines blurred even further Monday as a new dynamic was introduced to the militarization of domestic law enforcement.

    By making a few subtle changes to a regulation in the U.S. Code titled “Defense Support of Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies” the military has quietly granted itself the ability to police the streets without obtaining prior local or state consent, upending a precedent that has been in place for more than two centuries.


    Bruce Afran, a civil liberties attorney and constitutional law professor at Rutgers University, calls the rule, “a wanton power grab by the military,” and says, “It’s quite shocking actually because it violates the long-standing presumption that the military is under civilian control.”

    What exactly giving the power of martial law to a military commander actually means was also explained:

    One of the more disturbing aspects of the new procedures that govern military command on the ground in the event of a civil disturbance relates to authority. Not only does it fail to define what circumstances would be so severe that the president’s authorization is “impossible,” it grants full presidential authority to “Federal military commanders.”

    According to the defense official, a commander is defined as follows: “Somebody who’s in the position of command, has the title commander. And most of the time they are centrally selected by a board, they’ve gone through additional schooling to exercise command authority.”

    As it is written, this “commander” has the same power to authorize military force as the president in the event the president is somehow unable to access a telephone. (The rule doesn’t address the statutory chain of authority that already exists in the event a sitting president is unavailable.)

    In doing so, this commander must exercise judgment in determining what constitutes, “wanton destruction of property,” “adequate protection for Federal property,” “domestic violence,” or “conspiracy that hinders the execution of State or Federal law,” as these are the circumstances that might be considered an “emergency.”

    “These phrases don’t have any legal meaning,” says Afran. “It’s no different than the emergency powers clause in the Weimar constitution [of the German Reich]. It’s a grant of emergency power to the military to rule over parts of the country at their own discretion.

    Boston-martial-law2bThis power grab comes at a time when police forces throughout the country are already becoming increasingly militarized, with the recent police response during the manhunt for one of the Boston Bombings suspects being a prime example.

    Rather than a force of peacekeepers, the police looked more like troops on the battlefield, and in many ways they acted like it. This has all been made possible by little reported on Pentagon programs that give military gear to police forces.

    The focus on the DoD regulatory change obscures the creeping militarization that has already occurred in police departments across the nation.

    Even prior to the NDAA lawsuit, journalist Chris Hedges was critical of domestic law enforcement agencies saying, “The widening use of militarized police units effectively nullifies the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.”

    This de facto nullification isn’t lost on the DoD.

    The DoD official even referred to the Boston bombing suspects manhunt saying, “Like most major police departments, if you didn’t know they were a police department you would think they were the military.”

    According to this official there has purposely been a “large transfer of technology so that the military doesn’t have to get involved.” Moreover, he says the military has learned from past events, such as the siege at Waco, where ATF officials mishandled military equipment. “We have transferred the technology so we don’t have to loan it,” he states.

    This so called large transfer of technology has allowed law enforcement to basically change their entire purpose by implementing gear and weaponry that twenty years ago would never have been considered for use on the American people.

    Sadly, America is increasing becoming eerily similar to many different dictatorships throughout history. From unilateral powers to declare martial law, to the ability to indefinitely detain American citizens without charge, the powers that be have truly moved towards an American police state.

    Further Information:

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      1. The FIRST thing to consider is that the military will NEVER fire on us. Riiiiiiight!!

        • @ BOBO Brazil. You want to know the worst case scenario with any martial law? It is when the majority of those in the military are totally convinced that they are doing what is right for the survival and safety of the country. ANYONE, and including the Constitution, that gets in the way of that objective is the enemy, including American citizens and even their own neighbors.

          I go back to that BO plan to map the brain and know what is going on with the very thought process of humans. It seems like the very few experiments with any new technology goes to the military. I would not put it pass BO and his cronies trying to brain wash the military first and get their loyalty through chemical or some other means. This is the plan, get the full support of the military and you can then easily have martial law without a bunch of defections like in Syria and other dictator run countries. Before that you limit the amount of firearms the common citizen can have and the amount of ammunition they can get. See where this little sick plan is going? Terrible times we live in now isn’t it?

          • What happens when backs are against the wall and radio controlled aircraft start being released out of tinted car windows loaded with small cans of sarin gas and when get shot down or not, they will have massive impact either way.

            • LARRY the LORD said they plan to rain missiles down on the ROCKY MOUNTAIN REGION,so remember HES ON YOUR SIDE,and when you need help, CALL ON HIS NAME,the guardian angels will be standing by to help,and thats something the commies won’t have……………….

          • They’re ok with the situation as long as THEY’RE the ones doing the oppressing. I guess they just hope all their buddies got the memo to leave THEIR families alone.

            • THE AIR FORCE,has already said,they plan to BOMB AMERICA INTO SUBMISSION,thats what happens when you allow a foreign military to take over your country,AND THEY HAVE,PLUS all the stupid police gangs,and other government agents who are wanting to try out their latest weapons,ON AMERICANS……..

              • You do realize you sound like a lunatic, right? Hard to believe 10 people believe the Air Force has said they “plan to BOMB AMERICA INTO SUBMISSION.”

                Please provide the cite or link to that admission. And if it’s THE LORD talking to you, don’t waste our time.

          • It’s the job of anyone in the military to be totally convinced that they are doing what’s right for the survival and the safety of the country.

            They don’t train you to be philosophical in boot camp.

            • they also don’t train you critical thinking

              • Wow, really? I am sure you have first hand experience and are a subject matter expert. Your are incorrect! Our Oath is to the Constitution…you should rest easy and have faith…and I do speak as a subject matter expert having served 24 years…12 as an enlisted member and 12 as an officer. Despite your disrespectfulness, the Oath remains the same….to protect our Republic against all enemies and protect her people….no matter how disrespectful they are. Enjoy your freedom…I am sure you’ve earned it!

                • “Freedom”?????? What freedom????The freedom forthe criminals in Wash.,D.C. to change the constitution at will and have you protect their right to do so?

                  • Freedom you ask….spend a week in a country where any American representative is hated….you scoff at the freedom that has been provided for you at no cost to you….I understand you r anger at the government….but tell me what government is EVER a true reflection of the people of a country…there is a time for everything…just watch how this plays out…

                  • they are hated for good reason……shouldn’t be there!

                • Is that right? Well then, tell us where was that “critical thinking” during the Boston bombing? Because as I remember, NONE of those soldiers upheld their oath to protect our constitutional liberties. So, while you may believe in the constitution, you can’t possibly compare all soldiers to yourself.

                  On a side note, I’m happy to have you on our side. I’m just saying that the guys on here are speaking from what has factually happened within the past month.

                  • Brother…posse comitatus is there for a good reason….look at history. Even us military understand that and we serve the masses…not rule the masses. We should not be allowed in domestic problems,,,,that is what local authorities are for.

                    I am happy to be on your side as well.

                  • Yes, president Bush himself exclaimed that the Constitution’s just a damn piece of paper, and Obama has just continued the same repudiation of our liberties constantly during his presidency. Obama said he would repeal some of Bush’s executive orders, but he’s done nothing of the kind; he has just continued the same police state tendencies only worse. NDAA to name just one.

                • The nitwits have never served a day in uniform and they don’t understand that 90% of the military would go AWOL and join the resistance the second they were told to fire on American citizens.

                • @JC, thank you for serving. God Bless

                  • My honor to serve all….especially God!

                • @ Selkirk @ BJ: :

                  I’ve gotten roundly boo’d for saying the same thing. After the increasingly totalitarian anti-self defense laws are passed, after the artful propaganda campaign to equate anyone who challenges government with terrorism, any member of the military who dissents from the program handed down from on high is liable to being arrested if not shot.

                  Persons who tend to question commands directed their way tend not to make a career in a follow orders culture.

                  @ JC With all due respect, you have drunk the company kool aid. I don’t have the cite in front of me but 7 or 8 threads back I referred to an article roughly titled,
                  Why Your Police Buddy Will Confiscate Your Firearms (when ordered to do so) written by a retired supervisory DEA agent.

                  Define the alleged terrorists (us) as other. Paint them as a threat (well under way). The highest civilian and chain of command authority enthusiastically leaps on board.
                  Each succeeding local command level embellished the heinousness of the perps and piles on the lies about how dangerous the bad guys are.

                  Whatever common sense objections the troops might privately have get lost in the peer bonded see how macho we are, we’re heroes protecting the sheep mentality.

                  Everyone gears up and rides to the take down. Grandparents in wheel chairs, french poodles and pre-school children are all startled by the flash bangs. Forty heroes more heavily armored than the SEAL Teams who took out OBL burst in, guns drawn.

                  The couple’s college age son is thrown to the floor with 8 heroes piling on top. The family dogs are shot …

                  I could go on. There have been literally hundreds of news stories the last ten years documenting this scenario.

                  People in “Follow Orders” cultures are there because they want to be. Because they like being able to throw their weight around. Strict constitutionalists and Thoreauesque dissenters 98 percent of them ARE NOT.

                  The kill them all mind set that we’ve seen for at least ten years abroad is waiting the right match spark to be unleashed on the right (unpopular, friendless, easily intimidated) people near you.

                  Maybe you and your loved ones.

                  And PLEASE, don’t give me that dreck that anything you did in the military was “defending our freedom.” You went to war to profit a lying power elite. Who made and is making billions while the cemeteries fill with you and your buddies.

                  If the lies are so worth dying for, where are the power elite kids and their parents, who are safely on Wall Street raking it in, while someone else does the dying for them.

                  • 6.8…what are you doing to fix the problem? One problem for that matter?!?! Speaking…educating your neighbors, your fellow countrymen and women….what? or just sitting on the sideline pointing out everything that is wrong? Really, what are you doing man? I know the truth….much more than you speak of…I know what I will do….the Oath has not changed….but now there comes a cause worthy to stand for…and a true enemy to confront….what will you do?

                • @JC, That oath says “all enemies both foreign and domestic”. The past two administrations have given themselves the authority to declare almost anyone a terrorist.

                  • You are correct…get ready….I stand by you or in front of you facing “the real” enemy.

            • Yes Selkirk that is correct and is also the very reason we must reexamine how and why our military is trained in this manner.
              It is always a very dicey prospect when you train a killer, that you have also trained them to not go berserk and kill whatever suits them when their intellect and emotions get confused as to whom they are supposed to be killing.
              Compared to the draft, when many of our military had college educations, they understood what was right and what was wrong. With an all volunteer military force the largely uneducated ground pounders do not understand the righteousness of always questioning authority.
              Recent studies have revealed that our military boys and girls WILL shoot and kill Americans if they are ordered to do so, because they have been led to believe that everything they are involved in Militarily is to be taken personally. Thus you have boys wanting to kill out of revenge instead of for military reasons.

              • That happened in China already ~1990,- when the local military refused to police and pull the trigger on neighbors, cousins and family they brought in resources from the outskirts of the country for the dirty work. It was a blood letting then and will be again. It’s coming. Prepare accordingly. Homeland my arse.

                • That’s not a legit comparison. The Chinks weren’t nearly as pissed in 1990 as the American are in 2013. Stop comparing these sad, defeated, piss-and-shit countries to the U.S. where the spirit of freedom is alive and well, no matter what the media and chicken littles may say.

                  • Wow. Your the type that gets us all painted as bible thumping rednecks with ignorant statements about a country that sucks up all those dollars.

            • It’s called a coup and they won’t just touch you with their smokepole, damned commies.

        • The first thing to remember is, the right they have to do it, is the same right the public has to say no. Or as Mao said: “All power comes from a gun” They say yes, I say no. One big fight, they win, millions of small fights, they lose. They want to go into Detroit and shoot the whole town, OH Well. Context counts

          • First thing to remember is your AR-15 will not penetrate body armour. Better get 7.62 x 39 or 308 rounds. Sissy 5.56/2.23 just won’t cut it. Just ask my friend who came back from Afghanistan how much damage an AK round can do. He said its rare to even get a kill shot with 5.56.

            • Rare to get a kill shot? He must have been in the Army!

              Semper Fi

              • Oorah!

                • Oh boy, here we go, again…..Army ver Marines, 5.56 ver 7.62×39. 🙂

              • Marines

                • What’s happening Apone? Goddamn it I can’t see anything in here…

              • BS, Marine, you used squad weapons, or better. 5.56 is a POS and you know it.

                Semper Fi

                • What are you talking about? Ever tried clearing a house with a 240G? Its like driving a thumb tack with a sledge. It is not the right tool for the job.
                  And if you are going against unarmourd personal you try to get a follow shot with a 7.62 as fast as you can with a 5.56. Dont try to blow the smoke that you only need 1 with a big cal. Anyone who has seen the elefant knows thats true shooting a target at the range and shooting someone who is trying to kill you while the world is exploding is somthing you DONT LEARN FROM WATCHING MOVIES!

                  • Nor do you learn it from message board gurus.

                  • 7.62 X 39 isn’t even close to 240 grain. Follow up shots are just as fast as 5.56 I don’t learn anything from watching movies; I learn from shooting my own weapons. But I’m sure you clear houses with a 5.56 for a living so you know it all right?

              • He needs to shoot at a site other than the toes !!!!
                Dufus Dumasses; good thing they’re service trash and not in my neighborhood collecting the garbage or mowing yards. Of course, they will be when they return. Suuuprise boys!!!

              • No body armour is 100% to a 5.56 and if you say it is I say put some on and try it out! And I can tell you if you get hit with any cal in arm, leg, hell even the foot in a SHTF you are for a fact 100% F*#$#@! Sorry to tell you war is for anyone with a gun of any size. Just ask any of the ghosts out there killed with a 5.56.

                • Body armor was recalled as they stopped 62 grain .223 ,but it seems the 55 grain .223 sometimes got thru.
                  Been there and done that,it will kill you.

              • Only a Marine would stoop so low to insult another,older,bigger,original freedom fighting patriots to make himself seem better. This Army sniper would wipe a platoon of marines off the planet if need be. We are supposed to be on the same side and all these wannabes are just weak minded idiots.

                • You my friend must have never been in the service. All branches and I mean all. Talk crap about the others its part of the game. And we are on the same side. But you are reaching even for a civ to say a army sniper could take a platoon of marines.

                  • Shit like jarhead would know what to do against a sniper but duck and cover. Still your right all branches think shit of other and even from the same branch we fight over whose manhood is bigger, its all monkey shit thinking.

                    To many jarheads blowing squids manhood raw. When you get your own ships then talk smack.


            • Thats what an E0tech is for and head shots,, ask your buddy how much damage a 5.56 can do to a cranium

              • Last time I checked my AK had a picitanny rail just like an AR-15. Just because everyone runs out and buys an AR doesn’t make it the best carbine ever. Try putting 1000 rounds through one without cleaning it.

                The only advantage is would give the AR is accuracy over 100 yards but when the AK12 comes out that will be nagated. How many AR owners can say they’ve never had a single jam or FTE after putting 20k rounds through it. HONEST AR OWNERS!

                • Havent had the need to shoot at 1000 active targets, so no need to run 1000 rounds with out running a brush thru it,,( not to mention its not usualy the only arm in the fold) i bet many in combat dont need to run 1000 rounds thru one either with out a brush up… and many trained can FS, and FC an AR within minuets

                  also I never said it was the “best” but it sure as hell aint the worst your making them out to being, plus getting nailed in a vest with the energy of a .223/5.56 will do a good enough wake up call..as they are stumbling around you can get a good hip joint hit off, and that target is done, laying on the ground useless for the fight.

                  plus a jam in any gun can happen and usually they occur with most guns due to ammo issues, not the gun,or ammo compatability,, ie lead length, shoulder sizing, and projectile shape.. so that can happen with any platform given the cercumstances.

                  • Never had a jam on my AK and I use crappy steel cases. If your planning on a round giving your enemy a wake up call then I don’t want to be on your team. Bottomline, the 5.56/2.23 is an under powered round. Americans refuse to believe the AK is superior because they didn’t train with it. Just because its the bad guys carbine doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one. I personally hope you all keep buying AR’s so my AK ammo remains cheap. I was simply pointing out you better take a head shot with the wimpy round.

                  • who said all I have is an AR? who even said I have one to begin with?

                    the wake up call comes first, the few seconds of reality comes right before it goes dark

                    Those on “my team” (as you put it) dont worry about shit like you do, no time for it

                  • anybody tried shooting the Galil it has all the strengths of the kalishnikov (AK) but shooting the Nato .556/223. it is a great rifle I can say nothing bad about, wikipedia Galil for yourself

                  • I like my 5.56 penetrators, they work good, but also have AKs and semi auto 308s, like the finance people say, it is good to diversify. Would have to say my favorite round is 308 though, but that is me.

                • Besides..No one is getting off 1000 rounds, no matter what ammo before their world goes dark, your living in a video game

                  • The point is you may not have the option to clean your rifle in the heat of battle. Your the one defending a crappy round and a crappy rifle that’s why we’re having this discussion;remember?

                    I don’t worry when I have superior equipment. I plan for the worst hope for the best.

                  • Indy here is a fucking idiot. I wouldnt doubt it if he were in law enforcement.

                • Many people have been killed by both weapons and many people have been killed carrying both weapons! Pick your poison.

            • You don’t want to kill anyone. Don’t know what the figure is now, but in WWII the Army figured it took 14 people to take care of one wounded. If it starts, it ends when the gov runs out of money, they never run out of privates.

              • You are correct
                the wounded take up way more resources then the dead ones

                • Yeah well that’s when they care…

                  There would be no one on the “home front” to placate in your hypothetical scenario.

            • Depends on what level body armor as to whether.556 will penetrate or not. 111A (usually 28 layers of kevlar) the .556 will penetrate. You get into the ballistic rifle plates a level 4 ceramic will stop a 7.62×39 and up to a 30.06ap. Trauma plates are behind these ballistic plates to absorb the energy also. Shoot for the head if you can and if you relly want to kill.

              • Is there body armor that could stop a 762x 54 steel? I know it will shoot through a 1/2 inch steel bulldozer blade. Looks like you drilled a 3/8 hole in it. Shoot someome in the butt and they wouldnt die. but they woulnt be a threat anymore.

                • The ceramic level 4 or ar500 level 4 ballistic steel plates will stop 7.62×54. Level 3 or 3+ has a chance of stopping it. I put level 3+ plates in the front and back of my level 111A Kevlar vest with trauma plates behind the plates. Its not very heavy. I run with it on weekly.

              • Your an idiot if you think 5.56/2.23 penetrates deeper than 7.62 x 39 5.56/2.23 is a varmit rated round. The reason some states won’t let you hunt with it is because it doesn’t go all the way through the animal.

                Here’s a test for you. Take some 5.56 tracer rounds at night and fire into a forest and watch the bullets ping all over the place. Try the same is 7.62 and you will understand your opinion is incorrect.

                Go to Utube and type in 5.56 bodyarmour test and see for yourself. 5.56 was made to tumble and roll, the AK is made for blast thought walls, car doors, and sand bags. It usually has about 70 more grains of powder also with a larger diameter. Bottomline buddy, your just plain wrong to think 5.56 would beat 7.62 in any ballistics test.

                • You can’t even read and comprehend what youve read boy. I suggest you shoot for the torso, I doubt youre much of a shot. By the way, fuck you.

                  • yeah, I was thinking the same, ballistics show 5.56 to have greater velocity and will actually go straight through, AK ammo tumbles. I have hot load penatrator rounds whose velocity will literally cause your bones to snap as they pass through the adjacent muscle.

                  • Such elegant words from a person of such high education of firearms and ammo. LOL typical redneck How did you get a computer?

            • @Indy Colt:

              Put on anything less than Level IIIA body armor, give me an AR-15 with FMJs and I’ll show you just how easy it is to punch thru body armor. You need level IV armor to stop a rifle round. Sorry, you’re incorrect on this topic.

              Also, small caliber, high velocity rounds are actually BETTER at punching thru the armor. That’s why the Secret Service carry FN Five SeveN pistols.



              • OK. I’m not in love with myself. Double posting the name is solely due to a third glass of Cabernet Sauvignon tonight. I blame the wife.


              • I concur, you need level 4 to stop majority of the rounds. The level 4 plates are rated to stop the 30-06 M2AP round (not that I want to try it). As to best or worst caliber, it all depends on the terrain, target and level of compency of the shooter with thier chosen weapon. For me I have no problems utilizing both my 5.56 and 7.62 rifles as I was trained in the military, but for longer distances or potential armored individuals I will us my M1903A3 with M2 rounds. In am urban enviroment( such as my house) I would with out a doubt utilize my 12GA with 3″ 00 buck shot.

                • Most LE wear level 3 and 5.56 will not penetrate Example: when EU tried to get the Greek military to switch to 5.56 they refused because it wouldn’t penetrate level 3 but the 7.62 would. Nothing makes the redneck trolls come out like insulting their underperforming rifle and ammo.

            • Aim for the head no armour there. shoot the legs first if you have too and then there is also shotgun slugs that will do serious damage.

              • Soilder’s helmets are usually level lllA as well as their shoulder, groin, and knee pads. .556 and up will pierce it.

          • Just a thought experiment: If our military attacked us, we would stop paying taxes immediately and I’m not too sure other countries would continue to buy our bonds so the military would not get paid. Also, they’ve been in Afghanistan and Iraq for 10 years and they have not defeated them. Actually they haven’t defeated any enemy since I don’t know when, WW2? So what are they going to do, fight in the Middle East and the US at the same time?

        • all one has to do is look back at the kent state shooting ,i dont want to get in a pissing contest as to whether the pecker headed kids were right or wrong ,the fact is “the goverment” killed americans because in there view were out of line ,and nothing happend ,because the country was divided (still is) ,i remember people saying they got what they deserved ,like all them children at waco ,got what they deserved ,i hope in my life i can see the saying you reep what you sow come to fruition

          • Yeah! Don’t taze me bro!

        • We all need to go out and buy the same helmets, fatigues and boots they have so it will be much harder to tell who is who.

          • Yep your correct. we need to dress like them. Wear white and paint your vehicle white with a big UN on the side.

            • SHEPTICALCITIZEN you are correct it will either be UN
              peacekeepers or it will obamma’s DHS which most likely
              be arabs since the last 4or5 presidents have a loud
              thousands of arab refuges to come here the only DHS people Ive seen are American puppets training to be the scum leaders they ordered 2billion rounds so theres a
              whole lot more of them then weve seen I don’t think our
              military will be involved they will be sent to the middle
              east war and most likely Korea stop bitchin about what weapon to use if you hit them in the face,neck or balls
              they will fall….. keep preppin its coming soon

          • that means the good guys (us) would also have same problem, meaning you adn I die from friendly fire

          • Bingo

            • Double Bingo!

            • Aloha Kula farmer. You’re on Maui? I’m on a Big Island farm.

            • Aloha Kula farmer. You’re on Maui? I’m farming on the Big Island neighbor.

          • I was just thinking of saving the money and taking it off them when the time comes. Can get myself a few other nice to have items at the same time.

            • THESE RUSSIANS have got the best night vision gear I ever saw,BE SURE TO GRAB IT,looks like goggles with big lences,YOU WON’T BE SORRY YOU DID…………..

              • Link?

        • Can anyone say “White House Down”
          How ironic that we now have two movies in less than 12 months about the White House being attacked & taken over.

          I can see now how families were torn apart in 1861……and that is exactly what I just emailed my older brother, a Colonenl in the USAF.

          Thanks for ruining my day Mac

          • yeah , aint they a bit late to the white house being taken over?

            bit slow on the up take eh?

        • Yeh Right

        • Headshots!

        • Where is the congress?

        • Let me throw you guys a left curve ball here:

          As an active duty military member trust me you WANT us there.
          When the chips are down the vast majority of troops would help the local sheriffs defend against 3 letter agency’s overreach and /or oppression.

          The US military is not an automaton of oppression and cant easily be made to be one. The liberal extremists may have fantasies of using us to bust the citizens rights but we simply will not do it.

          So anything that make sit easier for us to help local LEOs ( who are also Waaay more pro 2 A that most folks realize) is a good thing.

        • The cited DOD doc is not found. Unless there is this supporting evidence, then this “report” is only just that.

        • Do not be so sure.You deserve to be wiped out of the face of the earth and should be arrested and charged for crimes against humanity .Bloody bastards who has elected you God hu? You had to start WW3 you could not leave well alone .you are greedy pigs

      2. You have GOT to be ‘effin sh_tt_ng me…

        The Military GAVE itself this authority…since WHEN do THEY have THAT ‘Authority’!!! Anyone here..please answer?!
        IF so..might be about time to ‘saddle up’ Y’all…just sayin here…


        • In the past month or so, the Tucson Mayor (Joe Rothchild) and the Tucson City Council passed a resolution stating that an “emergency situation existed” and ceded authority to the Air Force Commander of Davis Monthan Air Force Base, granting him all power and authority necessary to protect the air base.

          Engage your employees or be enslaved by them.

          • @DK he already had that authority he is the commander. It’s federal property the mayor has absolutely zero authority on that base. The commander doesn’t take orders from some podunk mayor.

            • He does when he enters Podunksville. He falls under state law and the Sheriff.

              • Truth is, where DMAFB is located,South Tucson has been occupied bye Mexican Drug Cartels for the past 30 years, and nothing has been done to fix the problems! War zone! They are all complacent! Move along, nothing too see hear, move along!

            • ED: His authority now includes the City of Tucson, not just the Air Force base.

          • @DK:

            Not sure if you’re still following this post, but ed is right. The base is federal property and he is authorized to use deadly force to protect it, if need be.
            The article, though, is disturbing because this new legislation allows an installation commander to use deadly force outside of the federal property for… shall we say… ubiquitous purposes. Originally, the feds were looking at giving forces falling under Title 10 more leeway to help out during Natural Disasters only. However, it looks like the PTB altered the original intent and now Federal Troops can wantonly violate Posse Comitatus. Disturbing.
            Hope you are well.


        • Have we had a coup?

          • Not yet….

            Howdy ENFP, DK,

            Sheesh, as ex-mil I HAVE TO WONDER what IS going though the minds of the ‘Brass’ at this point, that they would FOR ANY reason even CONTEMPLATE such a scheme, let alone be actively particiapnt therein…there is NOT a military Commander in ANY of the services that DOES KNOW – CLEARLY – where that particular road leads…for THEM as well as US…it leads to HELL…and THEY know it.

            Maybe your insistence on ‘forwardness’ is merited DK…

            …I’m beginning to WONDER at this point…

            Looks like we’re back to …NOMI, CATIMF…and WY6.


            • Have you ever read the book Starship Troopers by Heinlen? In chapter 8 it talks about the filing of democracy and how the veterans/military took over. Interesting read. Also mandatory at all the military academies except the air force and on the marine corp commandants recommended list for the corps…..

              just saying

              • Howdy JJsan,

                I have indeed. In SOME sense, that is one POSSIBLE solution to the ‘ill’s of democracy’. Instead of EVERYONE having a ‘full and perfect’ right to whip-saw the mechanism’s of governance, make em ‘put a little skin in the game first’ through Service…don’t WANT to SERVE, then No Citizenship…not neccearily a ejection from participation in society…but NOT governance. Still, that would posit a truly Draconian ‘Federal system’, so….

                However, I did NOT know that that was ‘recommended reading’ at the Academy’s…interesting, to say the least, I wonder…


            • My sources tell me that Senator McLame made a trip to Tucson prior to the Resolution which was drafted and passed without debate. This was directed by DC in collusion with, and at the direction of the Administration.

              Traitors all! Engage!

          • If it walks like a duck …

          • Coup?

            I think another question is this an effort by the military to make it easier to deny the president should martial law be ordered?
            I know many feel the folks in the military are against the common man but having been in I know many volunteer to play their part in keeping America free. I have to believe that many are not comfortable with oppressing their communities. I believe a HUGE bug out/bug in clue will be conflict in the military TPTB cannot hide.
            Time to gear up those preps.


            • “I think another question is this an effort by the military to make it “easier to deny” the president should martial law be ordered?”

              Wouldn’t that be good… maybe also getting ready to arrest those in gov., at all levels, for acting unconstitutionally…I can always hope can’t I?
              The problem with that though…who’s the arbiter?

              • Howdy jerryTBG!! 😉

                I NEVER will forget that!! Good one! How’s it going Brother?

                “The problem with that though…who’s the arbiter?”

                Indeed, who? Most of the Military – at the root of it all – know that the Political arena is ‘just two pigs wallowing in a shit-hole” and as such most REALLY don’t want anything to do with that; How many ex-General’s have went on to seek political office? My point exactly.

                That the system we have TODAY is ‘broken’ BEYOND repair is – in the minds of many, I think – beyond debate,; but what to replace it with? JJsan makes an interesting observation above and jerry concludes with the effective counter-point. In all the long history of Humanity it has EVER been the case that the most effective Truth of which we know is that “Power Corrupts…and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” looking around us today, who could argue against that?

                For all that it might yet be worth examining – closely – just WHAT the phrase above means in the context of HOW we got into this sorry-assed mess. To wit: That in all time previous to now, the actual mechanism of the Corruption we see lays in the actions of those who WERE NOT under scrutiny overtly…that ALL the Corruption we SEE today has it’s roots in ‘deal’s done by thoe who ARE excesively Wealthy, out of the view of their Fellows, Deals done ‘in the Dark’…What if we had instead a system which FORCED all such dealings OUT into the OPEN? Into ‘the Full Light of Day’?…that might well be a ‘game-changer’…credit to JJsan for the lead here.

                There is MUCH to think upon here…and We NEED a Solution Folks…QUICKLY, lest the ‘Reptiles’ among us CONSUME us ALL…and all the generations of our Children as well. Food for thought.


                • Yes JOG…much to ponder…
                  As we all know most everything is local…got to start there.
                  I see no other effective way. Just rebuild the whole system..With strict adherence to the Constitution.

            • that would be cool

            • While I’m in sympathy with your point Dick, and wish I could whole-heartedly believe that, I cannot get past the notion that those people operating Guantanamo, what they are doing there, if they can do that, they can and will do what they are ordered to do to anyone.

          • Yep. Nov. 4, 2008!!! Oh, it’s no fricking joke or a secret.

          • You can bet two ponies on that. Mercenary military, they’ll kill for a buck.

            • Private Contractors will have to be engaged at a future date. Shoot and scoot.

              • DK ain’t gonna shoot nothing.

                Punk loves government.

                He probably works for government!

                Hey DK, how do you acquire your federal reserve notes?

                Engage Us!

        • The military does not give itself authority. The SECDEF issues the directive and underlings follow direction. THis kind of directive came from the White House, obviously in an under-the-table manner so the Pres can deny knowledge of it.

          The military is just like any other organization, it takes its orders from the top. There are good and bad people in every organization, whether government, private corporations or religious organizations. It is up to the honest and level headed , e.g., “good” people in each organization to lead others to correct decisions and “mob mentality”.

          • The AUMF gives them the “authority.”

          • Commies top to bottom.

        • Think it can happen under the NDAA ObuttLips signed into play.

        • I’m with JOG on this one…
          WHEN does the military get the authority to modify US CODE?

          I guess all those ‘tin foil hat rumors’ about the officer corps being decimated by transfers and retirements might have a little less tin foil?

          I think the Chief (forget his name), of JCS, is an evil MotherF**ker. He just reeks in my mind.

          Evil knows evil. Where is there a Peoples General?
          A general willing to stand up and say;

          NOT ONE MORE INCH.

          • See my post above.

        • Hey, it’s all good per Senator Graham. Put those forces in Boston if you need ’em there.


          Hey Mac, had you seen this (the link above)? Just picked it up this morning.

        • The Mil did not give them selves any authority it was given to them by Bush and congress after 9/11 its just that now the Republicans have realized that the shit they passed then can still be used now and into the future. Don’t get me wrong I am not excusing the Democrats in congress either they did not speak out so they are as guilty as the republicans.

          Congress went insane and blind and now we have to worry about it for another decade, someone tell me the terrorist did not win.

      3. Well for a communications breakdown or blackout, they won’t have to wait for idiots in office to okay help. I live in an army town and most of the troops around here seem like good people.
        Frankly it would be REALLY nice if they gave themselves power to defy the presidents orders. Especially with the ass we have in office now.

        • Careful what you wish for.

          • I don’t wish for it, my biggest downfall is trying to see the best in people. With my beliefs certain things have to happen before the return of Christ. Things are going to get really, really bad. It’s my goal to fly under the radar, I know most won’t understand or accept but I am supposed to follow the laws of the land I live as long as they are in accordance with Gods laws.
            I prep because time and unforeseen occurrence will befall us all. I don’t vote, but I do have opinions of elected officials. I also don’t believe in joining the military or having a job that requires you to carry a gun. I respect them, but my allegiance is to God, not man or man made government.

            • I agree with your Christian beliefs but I feel its my duty as a Christian to vote for the candidate that most closely aligns with our beliefs. By not voting; your not doing your part to keep people out of the office that would oppress Christians. Sorry sir but I don’t agree with your logic.

              • voting is fixed…..you really haven’t realized this yet??

              • Vote? It’s all fixed–has been for years.

                Question to ponder….How many ‘pretended’ to have your beliefs to just be bought after elected?
                Take your time–the list is loooooooong!!

                • I know some of the people who tally the votes at our local poll so I don’t believe all voting is fixed. Presidentcy maybe yes; but not local government.

                  I like Alex Jones too but don’t believe everything he says because he makes a lot of money getting people scared.

                  Voting is a right and if you don’t use it you lose it. I believe the party lines are crap and most deals are made behind closed doors with a smile and a handshake but there is not excuse not to vote no matter how you rationalize it in your mind. I know when I stand in front of GOD I can say without a doubt I did everything in my power to keep our nation serving him.

                  • Think about this,if everything going on against obamas team of assholes leads to his impeachment,CRAZY uncle joe becomes pres….!
                    Holy F@&$?@& ……

                  • Oh God. Not Uncle Joe.

                    We’d all be legally required to cross-dress…

                  • Time to take the Rogue American Government back from the NWO. There are plans in process and funding being developed. When YOUR opportunity arises to become a Patriot, it will be time to participate ……

                    or forever hold your peace.

                  • ~~I know some of the people who tally the votes at our local poll~~

                    Your county/district and how many others are paper ballots counted by your officials.
                    Of the millions of votes tallied, they are electronic–changing those is as easy as changing your ringtone on your cell.
                    Agreed, not as easy locally to fudge the numbers. But when a company in Spain is counting your votes in America??

                    Voting is for those that haven’t figured it out yet–the choice is not yours–higher powers, the elite choose.

            • Sure Christ is coming like every generation has not said the same crap for a few 100 years, religions have been born from that believe alone. He is not coming we are on our own to fix our mess.

              Children wanting daddy to clean up their mess, well its not going to happen. We are stuck with each other and we better clean up our own crap.

        • All of those Military Coues worked out so well in South America in the 60’s, lest not forget to mention Cuba. Don’t think for a minute that if ordered to the troops will get righteous about killing everything in sight; With a blood lust!
          There will probably be some resistance in the beginning, but after you see your top shot by a firing squad you will toe the line with a smartness!
          It’s going to be long and ugly make no mistake about that my friend. I’m not even sure those that see the other side are going to be any better off, but they will be alive…….

          Standing by in SC out!

          • GSM, you might be right but (opinion based on talking with many active duty now) the ones I’ve talked with concerning your scenario (2nd paragraph) have all said it won’t change them. The other fact to consider is that the military is full of combat vets now and this is their home to defend also from tyranny.
            CSM, you know combat changes a person and with many, they lose their fear of death.

            • Well I have limited CZ experience, but I was scared when I got there, scared to death while I was there, and Scared POOPless when I left. I did ten years, and I never read the Constitution until after I was out. Most of the guys serving are just drones going through the motions, a big part of why I left.
              Always remember that when the hurt locker opens up all you have to depend on is Yankee Oscar Uniform!

              Standing by in SC OUT!

              • CSM, Roger That and Tango Mike.

          • Brother…fellow American…i served 24 yrs and would never turn my weapon on a member of this republic…we are a breed apart…that is why we serve….we live our Oath…against all enemies, foreign and domestic…not Our people of the republic.

            • Don’t blame these civilian weenies who never served a day in uniform for not knowing that the military at large would never fire on American citizens (meaning their neighbors, friends, and their own families).

        • JL, people just are not listening to what has been said on internet radio. There is an internal fight going on in the US. Listen to what Pieczenik, Stew Webb and even to some degree what Duff is saying. Webb and Pieczenik specifically say something big is about to happen. Webb says to help the military when they begin their push to clean out the sewer in America. I invite everyone to look them up and to go to their websites and listen closely to what is said. If God does not restore this country and try those who are guilty of treason and sentence them accordingly we are sunk. Can God use our military remains to be seen. If you see them cleaning out DHS and local law enforcement traitors and the restoring the Constitution we will know what is going on. Take care in your understanding and pray that God will restore our country’s sanity. “In your patience posses your soul.” Pray that God will not allow a greater evil to replace what we now have. Make no mistake these traitors will not go down without a fight using every trick in the book and then some, after all they are hell-bent on the destruction of Christianity, the Constitution and everything we stand for. Only God knows the outcome. Dual citizenship must be stopped in America, borders closed, moral values restored, the drug mafia destroyed, human trafficking eliminated, internet pornography obliterated from our children’s computers, evil men must again be made to fear a righteous God. To spread and teach filth and degradation is not a Constitutional right, it is dirty and has no place in a sound and healthy society that fears God. If you want to hang onto your filth get ready because good men will not put up with it. God’s iron rod will eventually come whether you like it or not. He has put up with this filth for long enough and Jesus Christ WILL come again. The upright will rejoice when wickedness is subdued. All things will be put under His feet! Not all things are under Him yet! Bind them in bundles to burn! They have been warned! Do not be lawless. Has evil passed over God’s Rubicon, we will shortly see. Are the wicked about to be given to the sword that will go forth from one nation to the next? Fear God! Will it begin in America? You patriots that hate God take note he is tired of your pusillanimous ways and harsh speech against him! Better to hear it from me and repent than to fall into the hands of the living God. Your choices are eternal! Some men’s sins are open, going before.

          • IKE, Your post is very good I think. I agree on what you said about folks confusing rights with “licence”. Seems many folks today speak alot of everybody should have the right to do all or anything posible they can dream up. As long as they avoid the One only “Forbiden” fruit. IE: everything should be us cosnt legit, EXCEPT of course, any violent agression towards others, unless in self defence etc.

            On the surface that may sound swell. Total freedom for all to do whatever their hearts desire. However if you look deeper, they hardly if ever mention “Responsibility” along with exersize of rights. Oh yes they always mention responsibility when it comes to Pay your Own Fare. But when asked “What about all of todays evils or immorals such as faggots parading naked down main street forceing all to allow it like it or not”. They Always answer “Too bad if ya dont like that stuff, change channel-close drapes-Move to another area(as if evil and imorals wont go there too?).

            Many who promote such are also atheists. Yes they have the right to be so. Nobody said they don’t. But America always was and still mainly is a majority of Moral & Christian folks, and I doubt faggots or lezbos will ever get anywheres near 1/2 or majority support for their lifestyles.

            I think thats main reason after 40-45 yrs of folks trying to create a Third party or get a prez elected thats libertarian etc has continued to fail and fail badly. It may sound swell to pals who support “anything goes society”(as long as Nobody phys harms you of course). But look how badly that works out at election time.

            Back prior to 1960 way more usa folks were Godly Believers. Thats reason as small kiddies we never had to worry of faggot parades and such. Since that era we have seen a massive move to get america to fully accept anything goes like in Amsterdam in europe is. Name it there and its ok. Want to shoot up heroin on main street where kids walk passed watching it? No problem. Can three fags and two lezbos with dildos take turns ass screwing each other in broad daylite? Sure! why not? Hey Just Move away if ya hate that crap!

            Well sorry but as you said in your post, like it or not, call it religious or some other name, but good decent moral folks in the usa Are getting very fed up. And when the Harvest time comes, them evil root based folks will be Uprooted and ended for good. Perhaps those promoters of all things faggot or dope or anything goes except phys harm did far better back when they Remained in Their Closets eh?…America sure seemed alot more happy across all sides then. After 50 yrs of all forms kommie and godless crap its about ready to Burst wide open. In my opinion the decent still moral folks highly Outnumber the anything goes and worse crowds.

            I know I will likly see many posts try to convince me that our Founders wanted such an anything is ok nation, and how theres No God so who decideds whats Moral etc etc.

            All I can say is look back at the first 350 yrs of america and see the falacy in such thinking. Most all our founders wrote has many mentions of Christianity and Moral nation type country they built. I highly Doubt Jefferson or washington or any other founders lined up at the NY shorlines, happily awaiting Hoards of Muslims-jews-atheists-shaman wiches-or any other non christian types to begin flooding our borders as soon as word went across thge ocean that, “Hey the new america now allows all forms religion etc!” If they did see todays type Multicultic racial troubles we have, I’d bey they would have fast made changes to ward off any such crap Before it got bad.

            Its likly the founders automatically figured america would continue to see mainly European White Christian type folks arrive here. After all thats almost all that came here at first. Anybody who really thinks to turn liberty into Licence and screw all that Moral Responsibility stuff just make anything BUT violence ok?…Try it see how that ends up is all I can say. History has several examples of such nations. None ended swell. Personally I don’t think promotors of that will ever get many more votes than they already got. Fastest method to turn OFF potential voter supporters is begin telling them what a Fairy Tale Utopian Unicorns and rainbows everywheres nation is possible! if we all join forces and begin to allow “anything” goes(except of course phys harm) Really believe if done that way, 315 Million Others will keep obeying that One single Ban on phys violence except in self defense? Good luck with that.

            ps, in support of My way to think, I can say in ALL Honsety I am age 60 now, in my ENTIRE Lifetime, I have NEVER yet heard Any “Parents” at any venue, private home talks-Open party conversations-In grocery store check out waiting-Churchs-not anywheres at all have I heard parents speak out and say “Boy Oh GEE! I sure hope MY little suzi or jonnie grow up to become a Flameing Faggot! or Dyke lezbo!”

            Never heard any hubbys or wives chime in as spouse support and say “Yeah me too! except I hope besides a flameing faggot My joey grows up to be a Dope Junki also cause drugs is real swell for a free society!”

            Or this: “I simply cannot await the day My little Karen is old enough to plan her Marriage…To an Ape Monky black as ace of spades inner city ghetto dweller Rap star!”(that would be a Whitey Karens mommy of course).

            Yeah while we are at this free for all stuff Open the Borders as wide as we can let the whole fuckin world, 3rd worlders enter so they too can do any/all stuff free as a bird(as long as NO phys violence happens its OK).

            After nearly 1/2 century of promotors of it, maybe it just aint going to happen, and effort be best spent elswheres. I do think that divide thats mainly between Conservatives has done alot to screw up voteing by divisions into smaller groups who disagree always. While we know Dems keep sticking tight and haven’t lost a single of the 95% Black voters yet in all that time.

            Sometimes I do wonder if these divisions such as indep, or libertarians was actually a dem lib kommie plot all along to devide our side? Stranger stuff has occured eh.

            • Wow them guys, this is quite the rant.
              I do have a few questions.
              Do you ever wear clothing made of a blend of fabrics?
              Did you stone to death your children or you neighbors children when they failed to show their elders respect?
              Is it OK to sell your daughter into slavery?
              Any non-virgin wives you’ve stoned to death lately?
              Ever enjoyed a plate of crab, shrimp, or lobster?

              Because I find it hard to believe you are living up to gods laws. I think you will find you have chosen for youself what is moral and simply like to pretend that god is on your side. I imagine you find slavery and stoning people to death as immoral. So please give it a rest that people without god are somehow worse than you.

              Should I even bring up those pedo priests?

              • Your stupid rant questions show that explainations from me are Not what you really desire. I never said folks who dont believe in God are not as good as others. I just think they are very foolish to be atheists is all. Read again. I said its their right to choose that way.

                All your stupid referals to stoning etc show You are a foolish clown in need to change your screen name as common sense dont seem to fit to swell.

                Choose what ever you want to I care Not either way. If you think total anarchy is a good way?…You really are ignorant of history of past civilations etc.

                Barbarisim is what it really amounts to. If you cannot see that most laws and the us const and BOR Were based mainly on New testement biblical principals?…Better study more usa history. All that documeted history shows is that basically what existed in the entire world Before Gods laws, was total barbaric kings or leaders who changed laws to suit their wishes. Many areas had zero law. And You like that right. Some of your posts and replies sound immature or inexperienced, and with perhaps a goodly portion of Todays type Univ level education from kommie professors.

                If you disagree with me? So what. do what you want see how it works out.

                • You directly equate all manner of what you describe as unacceptable behaviour to the reduction of self proclaiming christians. I can only assume you think of yourself as a good christian and the sheer volume of racist, bigoted hate that flows from you should remind all of us exactly how closely you adhere to christs teachings.

                  I do appreschiate how you skillfully avoid having to actually deal with the content of my post by turning on the personal attacks. I can guess you are a new covenant type with your refernce to the new testiment but I think you will find you “faggot” hating and other vile behaviour will be less defensable if you choose to ignore the old testement.

                  I can only say if you are an example of the more “moral” world you wish to live in I will have to do my part to prevent you from succeding.

                  Keep guessing about me if you will but the “commie” label does not fit very well and immature and inexperienced are simply easily thrown about insults which are apparently meant to lessen my apparent level of worthiness.

                  Have a nice day mr moral.
                  You make me sad.

                • You directly equate all manner of what you describe as unacceptable behaviour to the reduction of self proclaiming christians. I can only assume you think of yourself as a good christian and the sheer volume of racist, bigoted hate that flows from you should remind all of us exactly how closely you adhere to christs teachings.

                  I do appreschiate how you skillfully avoid having to actually deal with the content of my post by turning on the personal attacks. I can guess you are a new covenant type with your refernce to the new testiment but I think you will find you “faggot” hating and other vile behaviour will be less defensable if you choose to ignore the old testement.

                  I can only say if you are an example of the more “moral” world you wish to live in I will have to do my part to prevent you from succeding.

                  Keep guessing about me if you will but the “commie” label does not fit very well and immature and inexperienced are simply easily thrown about insults which are apparently meant to lessen my apparent level of worthiness.

                  Also since you have decided what I am ignorant of and seem so very sure of how you interpret history I will refrain from wasting any more time.

                  Have a nice day mr moral.
                  You make me sad.

                  • Well,I think that’s one point all can agree on is you are pretty goddamned sad.

          • What ever your belief system is, it is time for the silent majority to overcome the shouting minority. Our voices need to be heard.

        • Well with the way the legislative and executive villify returning vets and patriots as domestic terrorists, maybe the pentagon is taking care of its own by utilizing allys within the legislative to get the wording of the law slid through, most of these active duty are our friends, neighbors, family, etc… Perhaps they are tired of being used as a bunch of pawns overseas only to return home and get screwed.

          • I meant wording in the code,,, not law,

          • I am telling you people. If you think the military wants to take over for Obama your nuts. The majority of the military know the enemy when they see one. If anything it will blow up on the man who has his boot on the neck of the military.
            God save the flag! The rest can go.

            • well ramadiron

              that’s where your wrong the majority of the current military Voted Obummer in.
              the biggest bunch of Black Military and a lot of the white and Hispanic also voted him in. they for the most part don’t give a shit if he screws them over or sends them out to be killed. there all counting on him being so against starting another war that they feel safe with him in.

              the few white non obummer voters i have talked to have said how shitty the moral is among the more conservative white service members. NOW maybe its different in other areas but here in the south west its mostly Pro Obummer in the service.

              A lot of the current service personnel are one time gang bangers. and that arrogance shows in the way they carry them selves in civilian areas.

              i am also seeing at Gun stores a LOT Of black males loading up on ARs and ammo if they can get it. and No there not prepping there all saying that if the shit hits there going out and shooting as many whites they can. i am even seeing so called CHURCH people buying guns.

              at local gun shows its about 20% Black and most of them are what i would call hard core gang banger types.
              you can say what you want BUT if the SHTF watch out as the Ghetto areas will be first to go crazy. there is a lot of fire power in those areas now.

        • >>Frankly it would be REALLY nice if they gave themselves power to defy the presidents orders.

          Military and gvt employees swear an oath to uphold the Constitution, NOT an oath to the Presidency.

          • Military swears an oath to uphold the Constitution…..Then someone is failing miserably!!

            • Enlisted swear to the Constitution, Officers swear to the president.

        • I can see you are not a believer in the US Constitution.

      4. What is most concerning is why is there such an increase of this military type power grab. Why now and the past few weeks are we seeing this desperate state to change the laws to favor martial law. I would say that there are better darn sure that something quite large is coming. This could be an orchestrated fat planned false flag or they know of upcoming war, know when the economy is going to collapse, know when a major geophysical event is going to occur, or some other unseen black swan. What is most alarming is the desperate need to get this done as quickly as possible, because something huge is on the horizon.

        • Howdy BI,

          Umm, we ARE having a ‘little’ activity from 11748…a couple of hours ago it belched up an M-1.0, then thereafter returend to quiescence…almost…the ‘High Band’ is NO longer on the ‘floor’ as it had been for the last 20 or so hours…we are NOT at this time concerned, but were this activity to continue or increase we MIGHT get that way…


          • @ JustOneGuy. In relation to this theme of the military and the obsession with passing as many executive orders as possible and other anti-freedom laws, could they know something about the Sun? Could they know that a super X-flare is coming in the next few days, weeks, or months. I see this everyday, some need to grab power, and as much as possible before time runs out it seems like. An EMP would give the military a huge advantage over citizens because their equipment, at least some of it, has been protected against an EMP.

            I noticed that NOAA still gives a 50% chance of an X-flare as that region is rotating closer and closer into a direct hit towards Earth. I don’t trust the government agencies, so I will ask you. Straight up, what percentage do you give of an X flare below 5 between now and Friday of next week? And a percentage of something above a X-5. I would far more trust your % than them.

            Did you notice that nice little line from south of Africa to west of Chile of earthquakes. This is very disturbing to see this because I checked those locations that were hit in the exact same spots, and ALL of them had either a 100% major earthquake coming 15 days after, with just one 12 out of 13 times. Something is pointing to a true whopper on the way. I am really beginning to wonder whether the government knows that one or more of the massive faults in the U.S. is going to get hit and this is what all that martial law build-up is about. A 8+ pointer would sure devastate enough of urban and suburban land that they could easily justify at least regional martial law.

            There are so many potential game changers out there right now as Mac has covered them well beforehand over the months. I mean you could go back into the archieve of past articles, and practically even of them could be the one that shows what is coming. It is that wide open, and shows just how critical times are. I am watching the earthquakes and other Earth based natural disaster potential, and you are watching a very potential civilization ending EMP or other catastrophe from space. Others are watching the economy and like Satori is watching a deadly plague in the making. I think the good people here have the bases covered well don’t you?

            • Back again BI,

              That’s a question that we simply don’t have the enough data/knowledfe to ferret our way through Friend. To even befin to answer that question we would need to consider what might be happening…as we currently know it, therefor…

              JAXA’s HINODE definitively determined that the Sun – as of last spring – has become ‘Quadrupolar”…implication: uncertain…

              The events of the 27th of April and subsequently the 5th of May (GRB) are KNOWN but the ‘connection’ if one exists, HAS never been treated by the Scientific community on ANY level whatsoever…that said, there IS a correpondence in the historical record (what little we have…) that suggests – tentatively – that there IS a causal relationship between the occurance of such and later Solar activity….implication: extent unknown…

              The nature of this, cycle 24, has heretofor been that of a GREATLY reduced amount of Soalr aCtivity when compared to any previous Solar cycle for which we have an instrumentally derived recordset….Solar cycles DO vary in intensity as a simple matter of fact. However, it was the estimations of the ENTIRETY of the Scientific/Academic community BEFORE the onset of this cycle that it was to be rather “Grand’…such HAS NOT proved out in the passage of time, thus far.

              As to the CUURENT probability’s as I see them… barring any return of the current High Band to an active state, i would assess the probabilty of an X-5 or less at 5%…but shold we SEE a return to such over the next 48 hours I would IMMEDIATELY raise that to 25%…without so much as even needing to consult the current relevant immaging. The probability’s for any ewvent larger than the X-5 mark, based on the EXISTENT ditribution and character of ALL Currently active Solar regions to produce anything higher is far less…perhaps LESS than 1%. There are simply NO groups on the face of visible Solar Disk whose areal ‘size’ is sufficient to form the basis of any such emissions as the AREA IS related to the TOTAL potential thereof…lil-bitty teensy-weensy less than 500 SM spots (SM=Solar millionths, an areal measure of the surface of the Sun) simply DO NOT have THAT level of total contined energy, Eh?

              Once you get above, OPh, say 1500 SM…you might befin to get a tad nervous, but only if the magnetic complexity IS high as well there were evident large gradients in the associated HMID (Doppler) imaging indicative of STRONG flows of matter within the associated prominences along with the implied large gradient angular displacements whcih are evident therein when viewed as highly ‘zoomed’…

              In short I DON’T think at present that this COYLD be Solar in origin…it’s something else. While we’reon that subject…yo ARE AWARE thar Japan – who HOLDS 1.2 TRILLION of our own Treasury notes is in ‘Deep Doo’, Yes?
              Abe’s policy of turning the Japanese printing presses into the ‘warp-speed’ setting and LOCKING them there is infuriating every Pac-Rim nation there is by effectively undercutting every competitor. Consider IF Japan gets aay WORSE…in extremis they MIGHT befin consolidated DUMPING of UST in the open markets….the next thing to happen wold ba a flooded market for our own Treasury paper…reslting in the DOOM of all financial-types WORST nightmare’s…a FAILED Treasury auction. Read as ‘instant, world-wide financial COLLAPSE, with the US, to which EVETYONE is TIED being taken OUT with us as we go down.

              That worry’s me MORE than any other scenario at hand currently…Remember, the Japanese now OWN more UST than CHINA DOES…China is down to just under 1 Trillion!?!?!?

              Whatever THIS is, we’ll KNOW all too soon, I suspect.

              Whew, JOG tired! headin’ for horizotal land, Friend!


            • Now bring in the sun gods, emps, and earthquakes. Maybe zeus ‘ll cream ’em.

              SOB’n commies everywhere.

          • @ BI ang Jog:
            Any feedback on the Comet ISON? I read that the close pass to Earth is a given, but that it ‘may or may not’ have a LOT of debris surrounding it- the kind of stuff that can zip through Earths atmosphere and potentially make a dent in the crust. Im under the assumption that if that’s a Worst Case Scenario, it explains the increased ramp up on martial law drills and all those Fema camps/fema coffins.
            A wild card, sure, but you two seem to know the tech details I’m not privy to

            • Howdy SS!

              I see where you are going with that…In truth though, AFAIK, ISON won’t be an ‘issue in play’ till later on in the year…latter October roundabouts. That said, it is also the case that most of what we see in terms of ‘Cometary debirs fields’ occurs pst-ffacto to a given transit…afterwards. Good thinking though…I wonder about next Spring then…I’ll fet back to yo on that…


        • Be Informed…

          Going back about 6 months or so..I communicated with a local former National Guard reservist who is now hosting on a major talk radio station here in the Boston locale.

          Anyways, publicly stated over the air (and on blog site )that the reason (given by former commander) for all the military buildup and subsequent laws was the issue of a likely severe emp aka solar flare of quite some magnitude..

          And we all know that that info is never revealed to the public..as always..

          The local state and fed s always prepare for the worst scenarios..perhaps this is the mother lode..that would trump all other planned or natural disasters..

          Your thoughts?


          • possee – what ever happened to the seven muslims that they found at the boston water plant ?
            last i heard they let them go, but it dont seem right.
            there is hardly any news on this .
            but chemical engineers from mid eastern countries deciding to “check out ” a water plant after midnight raises some alarm .

            you mentioned boston, thought you could be in that area.

            • mac – please look up the story
              i saw it on cbs boston and the blaze.
              seven muslim chemical engineers on student visa’s getting busted inside a water treatment plant that serves the boston area , SHOULD be a big story.
              the MSM is ignreing it to be PC ,i suppose.

            • What if this was another inside job..false flag??
              What if the security wasn’t supposed to spot that boat?
              What if the DamnedStream News was pulled off this story by ________(fill in the blank) —another Benghazi?

            • That was at the Quabbin Reservoir which provides all drinking water for all metro Boston and many other towns statewide..

              State Police let them go with a summons…afterall they were @ the reservoir at 100am..go figure..

              I don’t think we were supposed to find out about this one..


          • in the event of martial law, I wouldn’t be allowed to openly and legally travel from PA where I am working to MI where family is, would I?

            Man that is one hell of a long walk through the woods 🙁
            God be with me and others in this type of situation should something like that occur

            Thanks for making my day Mac 🙁

        • Here is something that crossed my mind the other day, when I noticed (with some amazement) that suddenly, the liberal commies in the media all seemed to be turning on the Top Commie in the White House.

          Maybe one or more of these latest ‘scandals’ – which I personally believe are being pushed by the Israeli Lobby and the war mongering thugs who sit over in Tel Aviv, who are pissed at their stooge for not attacking Iran yet – will turn out to have ‘legs’ and the powers behind the curtain really do plan to try to either impeach the guy or drive him to resign from office.

          If this is the case, looking back and remembering all these massive ammunition purchases and militarization of law enforcement agencies – plus the big staged military jackbooted thug show in Boston – maybe all these things were deliberately announced and got plenty of media coverage – because the Israeli Lobby fears massive rioting and civil disobedience from millions of surly and disgruntled blacks, who will very likely throw a major tantrum if they see their hero getting expelled from the White House?

          Maybe all of this is part of an intimidation campaign, designed to ‘scare’ blacks into behaving themselves in case the lobby decides to jettison the illegal alien from Kenya?

          Just speculating.

          • Obama will not be impeached.
            He CANNOT be impeached.
            If obama was impeached, it would require all the major news agencies that failed to properly vet him before to admit that they were wrong about him.
            Not going to happen.
            If obama was impeached, it would require all those that covered his tracks and refused to hold him accountable to admit he was not the messiah he was proclaimed to be.
            Not going to happen.
            If obama was impeached, it would require further investigation into the numerous other scandals he has been accused of being involved in, as well as the democrats that supported him and his agendas.
            Not going to happen.
            And even if there WAS a possibility for these things happening, they would still be shut down.
            Why, you ask?
            It’s simple: FEAR.
            Because everybody, except the most obtuse and blind liberals, will be afraid of the very definite outcome of an impeachment: Black Anger.
            Yes- BLACK ANGER.
            The matter of their beloved black president will cause blacks to riot. This is a fact. Look at what they did for the Rodney King trial.
            This will be so much bigger than Rodney King. Black mobs will tear their cities apart. They will destroy anything in their paths. Black mobs cannot be contained on a local level, let alone a national scale.
            So FEAR will prevent any hint of an impeachment.
            Naysayers will deny that blacks will mob over this, but history proves that not only will they mob- they will loot, kill, rape, and pillage.
            And FEAR of an angry black mob in their voting district will cause any congressman to deny the motion forward for an impeachment.

            Say what you will. Deny all you like. Facts are facts. Blacks look for any reason at all to mob and loot.
            obama’s impeachment would be their call to the Crusades.
            They will denounce it as racist, and use that as justification to rob, loot, rape, and destroy anything they see as a target.

            The facts are simple: No one wants an angry mob of blacks, so there will be no impeachment for what is not a FULL LIST of impeachable offenses.

            America is finished.

        • Even if we are tremendously and unrealistically optimistic, and assume that the ‘good guys’ who are still in the military – and by good guys, I mean supporters of the US Constitution and complete Bill of Rights – are the guys who might lead a military coup de tat and impose a martial law situation that they’ll say needs to last long enough for them to arrest all the communists and restore our nation to its original foundations – I would still be extremely worried about the idea of allowing these ‘good guys’ to confiscate our personal defense weapons.

          It is my firm conviction that, once they take our firearms – they will NEVER give them back to us. The temptation, even for supposedly ‘patriotic good guys’ would be far too great and you can bet your sweet bippy that they will dream up all kinds of excuses as to why they decided to keep us disarmed, for our ‘own good’.

          Be forewarned.

          • Arrest all the commies? Hell, that’d be almost everybody, except a few on this site, of course.

      5. The United States of America = Banana Republic.

        • Howdy Walt!

          How you been Brother?

          Yep….maybe kinda BE gettin that way by the look of it….Oh well, I wonder what WE will call ourselves AFTER there in’t an ‘America’ anymore….have to start thinking up a new name for us all I suppose…this whole state of affairs is gettin worse by the DAY.


          • Hey look daddy kokesh is in deep shit with the SEC

            which makes me speculate that junior is an agent provacateur to mitigate some things for daddy , like going too club fed , instead club butt pussy

            Watch and see and for those who want too look it up themselves. adam is a kosher kind of guy. If it looks like a zionist , quacks like a zionist , it is most likely a zionist.

            Apples do not fall far from tress , and crap doesn’t fall far from the sphincter. ie if daddy is thieving , amoral , fraudster. Most likely junior is too.

          • Hey man…

            Sorry for the late reply.

            Just watching and listening.

            Keep your head down and your powder dry.

            • Howdy Walt,

              ‘No Problemo’ Friend…I’m getting a bit ‘whip-sawed’ myself here the last few days…in and out…in and out…in and out…Gee, kinda feels like ‘coitus’ here
              I think I REMEMBER what that was like….. 😉

              “Half–Hiemers’ settin it, Don’cha know…


      6. The armed protest planned for July 4th might be just the excuse they need to enact said powers…I hope everyone is ready, because when it hits the fan, you’re gonna get get some on you…

        • So whats the plan if Koekeah gets fired on?

          • As long as they don’t use silver bullets, I don’t think he has anything to worry about.

            Takes a silver bullet or a wooden stake to off a vampire, Kula.

            • Tucker, your prior posts make much sense. I too thought that about the big military/cops showdown in Boston. That it is a primer of sorts. Only I was instead thinking they soon plan to use such cop/military forces to finally clean up all the inner city ghettos troubles.

              I also very first thing suspected Israeli lobby etc. Just that untill I read your post it never dawned on me it would be as a primer to booting the head monky out of the whitehouse. I bet them israeli lobby folks as well as Netanyhaoo rather see Joey Biden in top spot eh. Biden Loves to brag of what a huge zionistic kommie he truly is.

              Biden long ago would have carpet bombed Iran into “Freedom & Democracy”.

              As a Side Note: Check Out RT News latest documentary video on how badly its going in Iraq ever since boywonder bushII carpet bombed iraq into freedom and democray.

              The Main highlites of iraq today video was about the massive Mess with water grid there and also even worse yet the entire electric grid! Thats After Countless Tens of Billions of$$$$$ USA spent to “rebuild Iraq”!

              One pro electrician iraq guy interviewed says he now eartns 4 times more than before iraq war occured due to how badly elec grid is screwed up.

              The other main issue in that video shows how Many Many Displaced iraq folks are now forced to reside in their massive size garbage landfill areas!

              I swear, if america ever does see real blow back due to all these phony wars for isreal/jewish intrests, I for one wont be shocked. Rather am suprized it aint happened as yet!(I do Hope I am wrong of course, facts is facts though and who can blame them folks for being hate filled towards us in usa after all was done there and ALL Based on Huge WMD LIES!)

              • I’m wondering if the reason that all of these scandals are being revealed is that TPTB are looking to take Obama out of the picture.

                It’s been obvious that there has been a push by certain elements within the government (e.g.: McCain/Graham) for an increased military action on our part in Syria….and Obama has at least “appeared” to be resistant to it.

                Is it possible that because of this resistance, they want to move Obama out of the way? As you said, Biden could probably be counted on to up the ante and possibly escalate our level of involvement to the point of pulling the trigger on both Syria and Iran.

                I am reminded of the words of Gerald Celente….”When all else fails, they take you to war.”

                I think there is imminent danger of a major false-flag terrorist attack that could serve as “justification” for doing it.

                Rest assured that whatever they do will be so designed as to be able to kill several birds with one stone.

                Notice also how that recent events (Boston and Obama administration scandals) have served to divert attention from N. Korea (Did the little fat man go away?) and the situation with Syria, Iran and Israel?

                Whenever the focus of the media changes, I always ask myself, “Ok….what’s happening in the background that they don’t want us to see?”

                Nothing happens by accident. The global elites are following a plan. What we are seeing now are simply more pieces of the puzzle falling into place.

              • I share your disgust and anger over what the Bush Crime Family wrought upon the Iraqi people, friend. Every time I see Bush’s face in the news, I feel the urge to vomit.

                Frankly, I am amazed at how that piece of evil, mass murdering, lying, psychopathic hyena manure can look at himself in the mirror each day and resist the urge to commit suicide to relieve himself of what ought to be a massive sense of guilt and shame over what he has done.
                The only thing I suspect that prevents him from doing so, must be that the cockroach has no conscience and has no soul. Which, if you look into the characteristics of a psychopath – one of the primary traits is their inability to feel remorse or experience feelings of guilt over the evil that they do.

                Under Saddam, as mean and ornery as he probably was – Iraq was the closest thing the Arab world had to a near first world caliber nation. Thanks to Bush and Cheney and the Israeli dual citizen neo-cons, now the entire nation has been destroyed and contaminated with Depleted Uranium, which will go on killing Iraqis for the next 500 million years, if any of them are still around by then.

      7. go ahead deploy on once free ZOG AmeriKan streets

        see what happens

        first we will take out their officers …



      8. Also, while it could happen I have a very hard time believing our troops will open fire on American citizens. Maybe I am being naive but I can’t see it. Personally I think it’sthe local law enforcement that’s a bigger threat. I know troops can become disillusioned, so maybe.

        • Once again it’s context: LA riots yes, About two more IRS, and Fast and furious operations; and rioters burn parts of DC, likely not.

          • The volume and pace of un Constitutional attacks on Our Republic staggers the imagination. Benghazi assassinations, Seal Team Six assassinations, West Texas Missile Attack, Drones, Sandy Hook PSYOP, B.M.B. by Mercs, etc. etc. etc… It will mean one of three things, a coup de gras, a civil war, or the restoration of our Constitutional Republic. Its a risky proposition, military officers know it, they must have information that leads them to believe they have no other choice.

            • That was sort of where my mind went with this,
              Military knows stuff about the administration and legislators
              And is positioning to re establish the constitution as the law of the land and allow the people to establish new and effective representation, and to remove these special interest jacks in state govt as well.
              Worth hoping!

              • So the same military that has spent the last 60 years depriving people around the globe of those human rights codified in the us constitution are going to magically do a 180 and begin upholding human rights?

                Hope in one hand…

                I think you know which one fills up first

                • 2000 lb of laser-guided freedom. Nam, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq x2. We bomb and drone strike our allies on a regular basis. After a major disaster, who’d be surprised to see the rest of the world come to pick over the corpse of USA? Americans are gonna get a taste of what our soldiers do “over there”.

                  Let’s hear it! SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!

                  • Get your fact straight.

                    The government follows the bidding of your heroes, George Soros and the banksters! Millions of us have ALWAYS VOCALLY opposed the drones, the undeclared wars, the unprovoked invasions, the TRILLIONS spent on war and the hundreds of military bases. And opponents of the regime are being monitored, tracked, audited by the IRS, labelled enemies of the state, denounced as terrorists, ad nauseum! And your mullah wants to bomb Syria?

                    The ladies in Code Stink and MoveON dropped all opposition to the wars and the killing of Pakistani civilians in January 2009! You wanted gay marriage and free healthcare like all the other losers! Now you demand gun confiscation and carbon taxes.

                • Ever notice how the “democracy” the commies push all over the world never includes the right to keep and bear arms.

                  Commies throughout our .gov and commies voted them in.

                  • Just about every communist country in the world has the word “Democratic” somewhere in its name.

              • beautiful dream, but now it’s time to wake up and make the donuts

            • I have been keeping a fairly close eye on the enormous number of high and medium level ranking military officers, in all branches of the military – who’ve been purged, fired, demoted, or forced to resign – over the last 4-8 years. And, yes, these mysterious purges DID begin when the coke snorting, 9-11 complicit, sadistic torture loving war criminal rat from Crawford was still in office.

              The total numbers are difficult to track, but believe me – these purges have reached almost unbelievable highs.

              So, it was clear to me from the beginning that there was a move afoot to cleanse certain individuals from their positions of authority and responsibility at the highest echelons of our U.S. Military – and I also noticed that there seemed to be a ‘racial angle’ to these purges that started to become really apparent once the Kenyan assumed the top gig. Huge numbers of White male officers were suddenly being removed, which I initially chalked up to to being just one more aspect to the 50 year long Cultural Marxist declared war on White males and on White European people in general.

              But, the more I thought about it – and the more I became aware of the strong resistance and opposition within the top military ranks to starting any more wars that Israel was screaming for us to fight on their behalf, plus the exposure by Dr. Alan Sabrosky that he had personal contacts with top military brass who are finally aware of the identity of the real perps of 9-11 – it began to dawn on me that these purges were probably designed to remove the officers who stood in the way of a new war with Iran, and then replace them with stooges who would take their orders from Tel Aviv.

              Hence, and I want to say that I am being deliberately optimistic here – when one factors in the advanced education levels that are required for military top ranked officers, it might be a reasonable assumption that the top brass have become aware of these efforts to purge the ranks and it might even be remotely possible that a few of these guys are ‘savvy’ as to the identity of the forces who are behind this effort to cleanse all America-First patriot minded military officers.

              Thus, if any of my suspicions are true – we could be seeing these patriot minded military brass trying to fight back against the neo-con stooges who are being placed into the vacant top brass spots which have been made available as a result of the purges.

              • Add to that the reduced support given to the military both active and retired
                On top of that look at how illegals are being given preferential treatment, patriots demonized, old school American values negated,
                There is a lot to all of this,
                Eyes wide open folks

        • I have a hard time believing that the sheepos will not show up at installations in a collapse. Then demand to be fed , clothed and sheltered . Put the thinking cap on , what will most preppers do if an angry mob showed up on the property demanding access to your supplies ? Now think on this , it is not just a post it is the military members home. Complete with family and personal belongings.

          Angry mob threatening my family/property/home/friends/community ? I know what to do in that situation living on post would make no difference too me. Threaten me and mine , stuff happens , consequences be damned.

        • what??? they already did in 1932 when people were generally more moral, not so dumbed down and they not only did it to civilians, but to civilians that were veterans from ww1 just 15 years earlier

      9. Starting to get interesting.

      10. The little o has been replacing officers whose loyalty is to the Constitution with officers loyal to Him. Just as Stalin purged his officer corps before WW2.

        • Stalin murdered his officer corps.

          Stalinist commies everywhere.

      11. So now the military defacto rules our country .
        The best equipped, and trained fighting force on the planet .
        Ready and able to quell the civilian population of this country in times of unrest or civil disturbance .
        Isn’t this about where we are almost at today?
        And they granted themselves this power?

        Chilling, I would say .

        take care


        • Even if the military were smaller in number of men, they have more power in technology and weapons. Nevertheless, even the Afghans are successfully resisting them, so there is still hope.



          • @ENFP
            You are correct they have resisted but the population size is much smaller now. Think about it.

        • Both the standing army and leos are post constitutional creations.
          Remember those warnings about standing armies?
          The leos we are all so familiar with simply did not exist at the beginning of this country.

          The militia was suppose to be the army and the police.

          But we so easily forget.

          • After the war of 1812 when the redcoats burned down the white house, they reconsidered this “no standing army” thing.

            • I was commenting about your claim that the 2nd amendment was to have a militia with which to intimidate police and military. My statement is correct and your initial statement is false.

              Of course the desire to alter the constitution began immediately after its creation. It flat out states that government is subordinate to people. A government cannot function which is subordinate to those it is suppose to rule. The creators simply failed to take the next logical step and simply deny the entire “need” for a government in the first place.

              I know plenty of you will raise hell about anarchy but the entire justification for government is a logical failure. You fear theft and violence and as your attempt to protect yourselves you create a group who commits theft and violence.

              No worries though, I understand why so many refuse to acknowledge what is staring you in the face with regard to our nation. Human nature is a bitch.

            • A little over 200 years later when the public burns DC we may think it over again

        • Bravo Eisen. Now just take the caps off.

        • When the Second Amendment was written, the United Stated didn’t have a standing military.

          • Good point. And, a correct point. Our 100 percent White European Founding Fathers did not approve of maintaining standing armies, and nor did they have any faith in the ability of the leadership of a standing army to not become corrupted and politicized by the present or future civilian political leadership.

            For a recent example, we can reflect back on a rat faced, treasonous asshole by the name of Gen. Stanley McChrystal – who appeared on several major network news programs and lied through his stinking, mulatto excrement stained teeth and spouted a massive pile of bovine excrement about how ‘deadly’ and ‘dangerous’ and ‘horribly destructive’ the .223 caliber bullet was – and he did this as a means of kissing the commie ass of a turd at the top who is lusting to make it illegal for law abiding, patriotic American citizens to own AR-style personal defense weapons.

            Anyone with 2 healthy, properly functioning brain cells in their heads and a half ounce of honesty and integrity in their souls – and who has even a moderate level of education in the area of ballistics and firearms knows full well that the U.S. Marines have complained about the .223 caliber bullet for years, and their complaints were that it was grossly underpowered and that their data from its use in combat said that in many cases, Marines had to shoot the enemy multiple times in order to put them down for the count.

            McChrystal was clearly sucking fart bubbles out of the ass of a gun grabbing, gun and freedom despising communist cockroach-in-chief and was probably trying to ingratiate himself in some way, in hopes of getting some kind of personal, high-paying and very lucrative appointment of some kind.

            This kind of nauseating, treasonous behavior is the bitter fruit borne from the tree of maintaining a ‘standing army’, folks. Hence, once again, we have to acknowledge the absolutely incredible brilliance, instincts and foresight of our Founding Fathers.

            • @Tucker, you have a great way with words.

      13. Howdy, BI, and once again I must agree. This is one more example of what I’ve been saying all along since I first start posting here on 7-17-12. We are facing a government with some of the worst intentions imaginable toward us all. One question about their martial law plans must be addressed, however. Since they’re being affected by budget cuts and 80-90% of the troops are overseas, where will they get the manpower to carry this out? You guessed it; foreign troops aka “un peacekeepers”. When martial law gets declared, IT WILL BE GAME ON AND THERE WILL BE NO TURNING BACK. We’ll finally be in the nightmare scenario we’ve all been hoping would never come. Civil war 2 will become fact and we’ll have no choice but to stand and fight. NOMI CATIMF braveheart

        • @ braveheart. I ask that you and others watch the USGS map, as bad as it has become like JustOneGuy says, something very horrible is coming. When you have a line in the southern hempishere along the Antarctic plate like this in the past couple of days, something massive is likely coming. A strong enough geophysical event could in a matter of hours throw the entire country into a state of hard core martial law. A lot of people would be shellshocked from this and unfortunately much more interested in what is happening with the geology rather than what is happening to their freedoms.

          These massive quake swarms happen like in 1812 and 1700 to the US fault zones. If you had two of the tree faults break, I could almost guarantee that BO would have some form of military rule over a large portion of the country. Then use an excuse that the economy is in collapse and declare the whole country under martial law.

          By the way, I tried again to get Eisen from insulting the people on the site for their age. I am getting a little sick and tired of this crap as I have known total fools from age 5 to 95. Unless someone is age resistant, a vampire or something, they are going to reach into “geezerhood” and wish that they had done and said things much differently. Of course they can kill themselves before they reach 40. I wonder how Eisen would commit harry karry if he decided that he was not going be over a certain age no matter what.

          • Howdy BI,

            After lonf and careful consideration i spoke my peace on THAT subject already…you know the one I mean…


          • “herikeri”, not “harry karry”

            • 3 possums in the tow sack and a hound dog on a leash. THAT’S a hairy carry….and a good night’s hunting!

            • Hey Eisencrap…..Your mommy buy you a dictionary?

          • Do you have a link to the antarctic plate Crack?

            • I read awhile back that the Ross Ice shelf has cracked considerably. Thats a really BIG block of ice. If it broke away from the continent it would be a game changer.

            • When I was a youth it was an entirly different type crack we sought info on.

        • Braveheart I sure hope you are wrong. I cannot believe this shit. It would appear that the gloves are coming off and someone somewhere knows something big is about to happen. Without the Presidents authority? WTF? Are we looking at a military coup? I don’t know about the rest of you but this is some scary stuff! Why is the press not reporting this? Is the fear of reprisals such a reality that the press is being controlled as I have long feared? God help us.

          NOMI just took on a new meaning.


          • One of the first things I thought of was a military coup. They did this change during the scandals. I understand that the British have found O’s birth records, in Kenya. Maybe they have enough on him, and are readying for serious unrest due to O being removed from power.

            I do not know. Just putting a few data points together.

            Take care.

            • ~~~Maybe they have enough on him, and are readying for serious unrest due to O being removed from power.~~~

              Oh, please…That scenario will NEVER play out–too many court judges,secretaries of state, electors, news agencies, congresscritters, and more will eat crow and still have egg on their faces.

              • There’s a commie behind every blade of grass, cowards, yes, but they have done and will do what commies do. Sixty million of them voted for bommie.

          • lol..”why isnt the press reporting this”

            thats a good one

        • if it is us against foreign troops, a foreign unlawful president….would it actually be a civil war.

          And what’s so civil about war?

        • Yes, I like your comment. For one reason, I’d rather have to fight a UN robot than fire on our own troops, two of whom might be my sons. No matter how naive this sounds, I really don’t think either of my kids would go along with this, nor would many other soldiers who were gifted with a sound upbringing. This is really troubling. BI and JOG, thank you again for the information. I’m becoming more savvy about your areas of expertise, and while I’m not close to being an expert, I can at least follow what you’re saying. Any impetus toward learning a new skill is a good thing.

          • Being a human being is not dependant on US citizenship.

            Perhaps some could try and remember this when rooting on the murder of “them”.

            • Have no idea how this got stuck here. Someone called UN troops “robots”. This was a response to them.

            • Think they would think twice before murdering you or I????

              • Which “they” are you speaking of?
                Which boogeyman am I suppose to be afraid of?
                Will it be a skin color, religion, ideology, or some other trait I am suppose to want to kill?

                Nevermind, I am never going to buy into some trait equaling murder without thought.
                It is actions which matter and I have plenty of evidence as to whom is actually a danger to myself.

      14. All must prepared for the possibility of military action. Prepare daily as if all depends on your actions, either by preparing or fortifying.

        Only you can unsterstand you capabilities along with functions within each “Unit”.

        Prepare, set, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO………………

      15. cyprus was their beta test

        chris dorner was our beta test

        i don’t wanna live under tyranny

        how did America fall so far to become Amerikkka?

        just 30 years ago we had clean and decent people

        now it’s materialism, electronic gadgets, sex, and entertainment

        • I would submit that a good percentage of the ‘blame’ for how we got here, Eisenkreuz – can be laid at the feet of millions of inattentive, beer guzzling and pretzel munching White male descendants of our 100 percent White European Founding Fathers who failed to do their duty to keep a vigilant, sharp and critical eye on the rats in blue suits who occupy the sewers of Washington D.C. and who are instead wasting all of their free time, with their eyeballs glued to their 32″ wide electronic sewage dispensing devices, slobbering over and slavishly obsessed with worshiping IQ of 80-85 dred-locked, criminally prone, violent and largely degenerate inner city ghetto gang bangers who are being paid ridiculous sums of money to play various kids games on TV.

          Believe me, man. Try to engage any White guy who is between the ages of 20 and 40 these days in a conversation about politics and current events. Within about 10 seconds, their eyes will glaze over and they’ll start fidgeting and just like clockwork – they’ll try to change the subject to sports and the NFL or fantasy football or some other equally foolish nonsense.

          Heck, I’ve got an old friend who is almost 74 years old – and he is the exact same way.

          • Tucker, Besides how you mentioned how they in 10 sec change subject to sports etc. Another trait I see that has massivly overtaken them is how fast they check their wrist watch, then say “gee I don’t know if I can grab a beer or talk more because My Wife/Girlfriend might have stuff for me to do!”

            Todays white males, especially the younger crowd has been totally brainwashed to act as wimps and effeminate fools who always feel its best to confer with the Female 1/2 prior to makeing any serious decisions, such as a quick beer or hamburger and chance to talk for a 1/2 hr.

            Even Older white guys do that! And when you ask them “Why do You need the wife or girlfriends Permission before you can decide to do Anything?” They just stare back like deer in headlights looks. It never dawned on them to even for a minute think the Man is supposed to act like a manly man, and a good wifey or girlfrined will have been raised to honor a males Godly mandated position in life and relationships.

            Like the cowboy days out west era. No women would even dream of questioning her man or husband in public. No matter what the man said, the women would at least wait for Privacy to ask or debate the mans decision or orders.

            Women Used to wear a head covering in Church as a sign they adhere to the biblical commands that women obey husbands as Head and the Man as Under His head which is Christ as head of all. And back then 99% of marriages remained together, and most men honored such wifly respect and men Protected a women etc. Women never had it so good as them older days. Once women fell for kommie liberal “Femminst Liberation”(sounds alot like Black or Hispanic liberation theology no?) and joined the femminist crowd it all began to come Unglued.

            Now today after the last 50 yrs, most avg white males are pitifull dumbed down effeminate liberalized monkys on a short string, with of course is controled by the Manly women as Leadership in ALL things related to daily life…Especially in the decision makeing areas of life.

            Ask todays males most anything you can go do together.(other than view sports) and 95% of the time they will look at watch, act Very nervous(thats their inner guilt for acting effeminate so often) and say “Well…I best phone the wife to see if its Ok for me to go with you for??? (most anything).

            I am so sick of it all, I have simply gone off to live alot closer to a Hermits life the last 25 yrs or so. More Lonely? yes for certain. But way More peacefull and no longer get such a sick stomach feeling whenever I see or hear a white male act that way.

            Discalimer: I do NOT promote any anti female issues, I Do agree on what the biblical version says is best scenario between men and women Both. Which also says to Men to LOVE wives like Christ Loves His church. Respect-Honor etc etc. I do NOT mean what most femministic libs claim that if men mention God ordained the Man or Husband to be the Head, really means a man wants to beat his women etc!

            If you read Both parts that describe the relationship God ordained since the begining it makes for a better system then anything kommie fems has wrought on america and males has.

            If the day arives in the usa that Men must again go into Protect women mode as in war etc, God help them femminist kommie bitches and all women who follow that lead. Because Thats when the real deal will show the femnazis how feeble the woman truly will be as compared to men in True Open Battles of War. Other than a small select “few” women who lift weights or take male steroid hormones to act more Manly or deepen their voice(think DHC-Dyke honcho). The rest of avg size and avg female capabilities will sorley Regret that they effeminized all their Males into scardy cats who must seek female permission to go to the store for a candy bar. If such a day ever reaches Our shores, fem nazis will go Out of buisness quick.

            But its likly to take longer than Ten Minits to Re teach males how to act as real men again. I doubt any real enemys shall allow more time.

            “hey chuck! Shoot that Kommie bastard!”…”ok Tim,but First let me borrow your cell so’s I can phone the wifey and se if She agrees”!

            • @Tucker and Them Guys….

              Well said….both of you.

              • Why do you respond to EISENKREUZ?

                He has some insight but he is clearly befuddled and all over the map.

                It’s called…Confusion.

        • Eisen. Donner? Cyprus? There are better examples than donner. The guy was just plain nuts and killed people who were related to people who he thought did him wrong. I would point to Boston as the best example. Boston actually applies to your fear. They didn’t have sex 30 years ago? No entertainment? No materialism in the 80’s? You really are a special kind of dumb. These are not the reasons for our decline.

          • Why do you swallow what they tell you about Dorner. Wouldn’t you like to have some evidence before labeling someone a nut and a murderer? Some talking head on TV says he killed some people and point to some “manifesto” online and you have convicted this guy? Ever wonder why they were out to murder this guy? Could it be they did not want him to talk?

            What happened in Aurora, California, Boston, or Cyprus has absolutely zero impact on my life. Not my city, state, or even country in regards to Cyprus. Let those people respond to their local problems how they see fit. I sure as shit wouldn’t want some guy in Boston (or DC) to tell me how to deal with my life.

            I understand that we can learn from events but we could all do to relearn the power of noncompliance. The single greatest suggestion I have seen on this site is to stop paying taxes. Become self sufficent and uncouple from the system. Stop working for the government. Stop joining the military. Stop justifying the tyranny of others because you suffer from it.

            • So he didn’t shoot the victims? I don’t get it. They framed him for what reason.

              • I have no idea if he shot who they say he shot. What I do know is that any conclusion I come to is based on ignorance and I prefer to stand by “innocent until proven guilty”. I also know that the leo’s behaviour appeared to be similar to a lynch mob and far from a police force.

                • Yes I would say the police were more than a little angry. I really don’t get the pro Donner language or in your case neutral. He was unbalanced, got fired, blamed others and killed family members. Just common sense. No need to find a fall guy for killing two 28 year old nobodies.

      16. I respect the guys that hold those umbrellas up but I’d never do it…

        • The silence from the “oathkeepers” is deafening.

          • How do you know? You obviously are not one. That is an honorable organization, and maybe our best last hope for sane action by military/LEO. I suggest support for them and not derision.

      17. I heard that last week nicholsstoredotcom in Rock Hill, SC (close to Charlotte, NC) had about 25 AR15s for sale from about 4 different manufacturers. All were in 223 no 308 but they said they will get some in.

        They are out there and we just need to keep our friends informed before this method of communication is gone too!

        Y’all Beware! HS@25

        • Howdy From the Up State!

          Standing by in SC out!

        • @ Eisenkreuz. Why do you continue to attack people that are older than you? Unless you are immortal, die for some reason, or decide to take a header off a cliff before you grow old, you will one day be old. I see some of your comments and you seem like you want good change in the country, but follow this up with this old people horse manure. We have all gone through this young buck stage in which we think that we can do anything and everything. Unfortunately this leads to asinine taking chances because we have felt we are invulnerable. Many young bucks run right in front of the upcoming truck, dazed by the headlights, and end up becoming vension burgers.

          As you age you find out that discreation is needed instead of running head on right into a brick wall over and over again till your brains are scrambled. If you want us old people to listen to what you are saying, how about not ending each comment with “stupid old people” or some other attack on something that you one day will become if you don’t get killed rushing head in first on some endeavor. I myself got lucky I did not die several times when I was a stupid young buck that didn’t think before I leaped. When I think about the stupid ass things I did without thinking.

          If you want results with what you are saying, attack those MF politicans and BO, and the other screwballs in the government, rather than the people that are in the same boat as you on this site and other preppers/survivalists. WE ALL ARE GOING TO BE FACED WITH LIFE AND DEATH TIMES COMING, YOUR ATTACKS ON PEOPLE THAT ARE TRYING TO DO THEIR VERY BEST TO READY THEMSELVES AND THEIR FAMILIES ARE WHAT IS INTOLERABLE. Notice I left the capitals lock on for that one.

          • Before you old people leave this Earth the least you can do is try to unfuck the mess you created for me. Where has the outrage been for the past 30 years, old people?

            • @ Eisenkreuz. I don’t see anyone older than 40 going out trying to get others to sign a petetion to ban pressure cookers. Stupid is as stupid does at any age. Your age group was out there trying to get rid of cooking equipment, also your age group are the ones trying to destroy the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution. I still don’t condemn people that are Generation Y and Z, because there are some really good kids still out there. You should condemn those at fault regardless of age.

              • BI,

                Holy crap, Pelosi looks awful for a 30 something!

                Perhaps you should “be informed” about the age of those spearheading gun control before typing.

                • @ common sense. You totally failed to read what I said, “you should condemn those at fault regardless of age”. Screw pelosi and every last dirty politician that tries to destroy our freedoms. There are highly intelligent people of all ages, and incredible dumb asses. It is a fact, whe you see these anti-gunners, MOST of them, not all, MOST are younger. The youth many times is clueless about freedom as tey have not experienced what it is like to live through the cold war and had the threats constantly there. They were brainwashed about 9/11 and why the patriot act was so easily passed.

                  When I watched these total imbeciles going around trying to ban pressure cookers, whom were they? You did not see too many people over 30 out there. When I see these anti-gun rallies, anti-2nd Amendment what age group dominates these massings of fools? When I see this political correctness crap, anti-1st. Amendment, which group again swarms these “meetings”? It ain’t middle age to older people. I still contend that there ae some really good kids out there. I was only trying to show that Eisen needs to cut out the old people garbage and concentrate on the real enemy.

                  • Be Informed says “your age group are the ones trying to destroy the 2nd amendment and the Constitution.”

                    The young may not have lived through the cold war but they have lived during the war on terror and the war on drugs both of which have been a much larger danger to their freedom than the cold war ever was.

                    The young were not the only ones “brainwashed” about 9/11.

                    As I have never been to an anti-gun, anti- free speah, or any other anti-anything ralley I would have to admit I have no idea who “swarms” to these things. What I do know is that the people actually writing, proposing, and voting on these anti-freedom laws are not people of the younger generation. I do not agree with eisen but at least I can understand why he feels as he does and see why he could come to his conclusion. But to do exactly the same thing as eisen but to blame the young is without merit.

                    I did read your comment. And I use the quote at the beginning of this post to show that the later statement “condemn those at fault regardless of age” must be put into the context of “your generation”. So don’t blame me that your comment does not reflect the singular quote you pulled from it.

                    I Propose you cut out the young people garbage before getting all holier than thou towards eisen. Or as some here would prefer,
                    “Pluck the beam from thine own eye…”

                  • @common sense….

                    Young people and minorities are the ones who elected the POS we have occupying the oval office right now…..TWICE.

                    Talk to your average under 30 person or minority and ask them about Benghazi…or anything else that’s going on besides American Idol and Dancing With The Stars, and watch their eyes glaze over.

                    Close to half of the babies born in this country now….in all ethic groups….are born to unwed mothers. Child bearing is almost exclusively done by females between 14 and 35. And you can bet that 90% of those single-moms will be sucking at the government teat. Meanwhile, the “daddies” will be out smoking dope, drinking and making more babies.

                    You younger generation folks need to get off your self-righteous high-horse. You aren’t making things any better. In fact….for the most part, you’re contributing to the problems.

                  • Walt,

                    And the old, the rich and the rednecks elected the POS we had before him. All we have shown is that the voting majority of this country seem to be dumber that a sack of rocks.

                    Talk to any average american about world events and that glazed look will come over there eyes. Talk to the over 50′ and they will rant about commies and tell you to keep your hands off their SS and medicare in the same breath. Those young government teat sucking mommies came from older americans who demand more police, better roads, and a bunch of other government programs for the good of society. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

                    Perhaps that is the real reason so many have an unreasoning dislike for the young. Deep down you simply cannot escape that they are exactly what this nation made them.

              • There is also nobody over 40 on jersy shores, honey booboo, of some of the other filth people pass off as entertainment these days

                • Common Yes! Sense? hardly. Your final sentence says it all. “Perhaps that is the real reason so many have an unreasoning dislike for the young. Deep down you simply cannot escape that they are exactly what this nation made them”…

                  Yep same as blacks You and the Youth today Blame all or any thing posible. But like blacks never blame Yourselves for any failures.

                  Its not the avg older boomers who fucked Your heads up. Its mainly the public schools and especially university professors who are mostly kommie marxist’s, and How many of Your youths take classes in subjects such as “Black liberationizim” or “Rap Musicology” or “Black femministic Lezbianizim” or My Favorite! “African Black Studies”!?

                  Yeah such a degree as a Major in african studies, and a Minor in Rap musicology sure goes Far to get you a high pay job at McDonalds eh.

                  But at least todays youth will be well versed and taught on Cannibalizim, Junglebunnizim, and Ten Thousand ways to get free shit by crying “We are Victims”!

                  Now if You are a white man or woman? be sure to Obey all Multicultic pre-trainings and brainwashings, and begin to Manufacture as many Mixed Mulato babies in the shortest amount of time, to assure not only additional free cash from Older workers taxes, but also to assure a total demise of the Greatest Race to ever exist.

                  And if you are going to Bash christianity more?…Try to brush up on a few verses regarding the Christian Duty to “reprove and Rebuke”…That means Yes christians are duty bound to Expose various Immoral and Unethical and Outright Unlawfull persons or the things those persons do.

                  Their Duty is to Out such and Disaprove(rebuke/condemn).

                  You seem to equate that as a Hate of the person. As You accuse Me of being a racist etc. Why? Because I say what Many think yet are afraid to say it too?…Its racist to make note of how many more violent crimes are commited by Blacks and Hispanics?…No! Not Racist, rather Realistic and Truth! You like most todays youth Project Your guilt or failures onto Others. IE: Boomers and Hate for God or christians. Perhaps as You age you will learn too.

            • Eisen: How old are you, really? I veer between thinking you’re 55 and resentful, to 18 and entitled. What exactly do you think we should have done differently? You certainly have an inflated idea of our power. I can’t think of any parent, except the Clintons, the Obamas or any politician, who doesn’t care about the world they are leaving their children. How ironic that it’s always about “The Children” with the leftists. I can only surmise that you received the standard public school version of history and have no idea what life was like for us. We weren’t all sitting around singing and puffing on a joint. Many of us were poor, struggling and still trying to be decent people and decent parents. Every generation has challenges, but to give you your due, I think the world is much more frightening now. My husband and I still work, and we have children. I worry about them all the time and don’t know how they will make it. Possibly you need a mom, and maybe I can adopt you. BI, JOG, Brave heart, SmokinOkie and KYmom can be your Godparents, and THEN you will be a man, my son.

              • vicky

                eisen is about 13 i guess he talks about riding his skateboard on the side walk. i guess he cant drive to a skate park.
                he brag’s like some one who has NEVER had to earn his own way in the world and most likely lives in his mommys house ( or basement)typical entitled little brat. its all about me me me.

                he has in the past said people have called him a weirdo kid so i guess hes stupid enough to actually spout this crap out to any one. again the sign of a juvenile mind.
                instead of keeping his yap shut and actually learning some thing.

                troll killer

              • Young Eisen was created at CAl-Tech in 93-94…

                Sorry Eisen, couldn’t resist…please, leave my accounts alone… 🙂

            • Just like you, eisen, the old people have been voting for commies like bommie. Sixty million voted for bommie, many of them old.

            • Actually considering your attitude and conduct; I’d say you deserve what ever bad hits and I hope it splatters all over you

          • @Be Informed….

            Eisencrap ain’t gonna get old. Like I’ve said before, his big mouth is going to write a check one day that his ass can’t cash.

            Then there’ll be no more Eisencrap.

            • That day can’t get here soon enough!

            • Fellow preppers dipshit Eisen is winning this bullshit
              comment war and any obamanite pricks surfering this site
              see it and will use the same tactic in the future if their not already so do not respond to the little bastard
              and he will go away

          • BI,
            Your Totally 100 % right ! I was once young to, now I am middle age Can’t carry as much gear as when younger but will do what I can when the time comes . It gets to a point in life when you can see your time on this place is limited . self importance diminishes what it is replace with is what can I do to help those that will come after me? I made peace a long time ago with what could happen if the events we war gamed on this site occur , my biggest fear is not dying ( which I have no intention of doing if I can help it) but Dying knowing nothing will survive. I sincerely hope everyone comes to their senses before it gets to this point. Those who have ever faced these difficulties before ,Armed conflict, do not want to get into a mess like this unless there is not any viable option to avoid it. Avoiding a scenario like this is not Cowardness, no man who has experience the whole sale death and destruction of war really wants to run in that direction.

            keep your powder dry , be alert , be prepared and trust in a higher power that has more wisdom than we have, in the end none of this is under our control.

            Semper Fi 8541

            • Loved your comment! We are the same age, I imagine, with the same physical ability, and like you, we see the end ahead. I want my kids to live and prosper and, through them, we will have made a difference. I am afraid, but will hold up my responsibilities.

            • @NightBreaker
              Excellent post, am in the same boat and the same line of thought, God forbid we ever have to face open warfare on our doorstep,
              But at the same time, how much crap do we take?
              A conundrum to be sure.

            • The Best weapon the Opressors have aginst the Oppressed, is the Minds of those so oppressed. And None are more so evidence of the abject truth of that quote I found(forgot who to atribute it to?) than Todays Youth!(yes it should not need be said, but I will say it again, “NO Not all of their group is that way” Just Most).

              Todays death by thousand cuts is being perpetrated mainly thru the propaganda efforts of msm-hollywood-ad agencys-schools/universities etc, upon the Minds of people. It has caused a vast change in what and how people think.

              This is an out and out War on the very Minds of americans. And once a majority are convinced to base their minds thoughts on Emotional Feelings, and Guilt complexes, instead of logic and real common sense, it is an easy task to totally communize any nation.

              Picture how everything would Change is for example the very next time Al Sharpton again ranted of how blacks are “Victims” of Whites etc…..AND if as a National america wide Resposponse, 50-Million Whites Combined Voices told Sharpton to get screwed as we no longer accept ANY blame for ANY Black Failures Period.

              That would cause their Entire past 50 yrs of guilt-tripping of whites to all come Unglued fast. Then what would Al Sharpton and the blacks who agree or support him have left as a Mind-Weapon against whites? Nothing is what. They have one single weapon. End that for good and see how stuff changes for the better.

          • Well for some reason I can’t see his crap even if I click on the hidden due to low comment rating link ? Oh well doesn’t sound like I’m missing anything of any value not being able to see them !

        • How old are you , you little shit ? I’m 32 and I think you need to learn some respect. I was taught to respect my elders, not to bash them at every turn.


            • Now Eisen…if you don’t like the culture of materialism, just give up that skateboard, right?

              Unfortunately dear, we are all in the same boat. Does no good to be blasting people. Does no good to blast them with your bad language – if anything, it makes you seem more immature. All of us here are just ordinary citizens just like you. I can drop the F-bomb just as easily as you, however I am able to make my point without it quite clearly.

              Not sure how old you are…I don’t come and read here every day but I have a son who is almost 22. He would never blast anyone like you have, even if he disagreed with them.

              By the way, you shouldn’t be able to ride your skateboard down a sidewalk. There are reasons for this. Find a skate part near you…and hang in there. And try not to use the F-bomb – it just makes you sound stupid. Just letting you know.

            • Eisen. Most of the 17 trillion was wasted on your watch. Where the fuck where you? You sat at a computer blaming, bitching, and crying. Now you are organizing the one man march on Washington? Why now and not when they wasted most of the money. Where were you when tarp passed? You are the little bitch who makes his points in caps and doesn’t do a fucking thing. Hahahahaha. You really are a different and special kind of stupid.

          • As a group, us boomers deserve lots of bashing. Our grandkids are gonna be pissed.

            • Your kids are pissed too, BOBO. (not yours personally)

              Boomers kept telling us that everything made sense, acting like there was some kind of order in the world. Then they created this fragmented, postmodern clusterfuck and left us to sort it out.

              They gave us the wrong tools for the world that they created.

              The grandkids (generation what, Y or Z?) are doing much better in a way because they grew up seeing my generation gradually figuring out that we live in disjointed chaos. They don’t worry about moral issues, or reality, or anything of the sort. They are consummately pragmatic. They get slightly bummed out when they realize that they’re not Mark Zuckerberg, but they get over it fast.

              Since I was raised by Boomers, I find this troubling. On the other hand, I think that they may be better off for it.

              • Civilizations don’t tread long without some form of good fundamental morality. As you stated this is what the new kids lack. It may seem great in the present but virtue, honor, dignity, self-respect, and general respect for others cannot be left behind. You see things around us have not been allowed yet to come undone (QE). It is when they do and times get BAD that we will know who has what it takes to be a part of a surviving generation of people. A group cannot sustain without morals in times of hardship. Has been proven time and time again.

            • Maybe I prefer to think of boomers as drill sergeants. They made generation x hard , remorseless and ferocious . Right from the first paycheck in high school , they laughed saying I would never get a dime out of FICA. The lessons were brutal , however they paid off in the long run.

              However my old DS , I wouldn’t piss on their faces if they were on fire. The same goes for boomers in general.

          • There’s no sense wasting precious time arguing with him.
            He’s obviously been raised by some real dimwits.
            Let’s just thumb him down and move on.
            TGIF everyone!

        • Old people don’t have computers.

          • Seriously?

            I forgot that nobody has a sense of humor on the internet.

            Of course old people have computers. They retire, and then they get online and start playing World of Warcraft 8 hours a day.

            • HA!

              Selkirk, I like your sense of humor! 🙂

          • Yes we do. I got the new steam powered one. Pretty soon I figure I can afford the big one with 8K of memory and whole line editing.

      18. You won’t need to worry about our military killing us; our NATO and UN friends, i.e. the Chinese and Russian Spetsnaz will take care of that.

        • Google NATO, man.

          • OK, don’t Google NATO. Go on thinking that the Chinese and the Russians are in it.

      19. On 9-11 I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around the popular thought that Bush,Rumsfeld, and the vice president planned it. Maybe they didn’t but it was the military instead. Wouldn’t that be a hoot. That would explain what they are doing now. Maybe we have a runaway military like in a lot of countries, a Junta.

      20. hello all. Been awhile since I have written. Been busy in the garden. After 3 years of trying so far it is beautiful. A lil Eden of our own. We have had it die year after year but I guess third time is a charm. I am so pleased with what we have.I also have went organic and it is wonderful. We should be finished our chicken coupe this weekend and will have some lil chicks running about. Working on getting some goats too. I am hoping still for more time as I need it. started later than some but I guess sooner than most. Now onto the above topic….well all I cn say is we all knew this was coming up the pike for some time now. Read that Dorney Park in PA had some emergeny training with military and all…..what are they planning> I think it will be disease somehting only TPTB have a vaccine for….that is my personal opinion, easy to do. It would not affect the enviorment like nuke stuff etc; just a massic=ve pandemic and they would need to control the masses because of panic….no shock to see this reprted though, non at all. PS hey mac hope that all is well, any word from Manos?

        • ~~~I think it will be disease somehting only TPTB have a vaccine for~~~

          To inject a poison for die-off? Or refuse undesirables the vaccine?
          Not gonna happen.
          If they couldn’t get water to Hurricane Sandy victims, how can we see them disposing of millions of bodies??

        • Welcome back Justin,

          I DID wonder where youu got off to! 😉 Congrat’s on your garden!


      21. The legal power of the military during an “emergency” only matters insofar as order is restored after the “emergency.”

        In an actual, long-lasting, SHTF-type situation bombs and tanks and machine guns provide all of the authority that’s necessary.

        That sounds like paranoid lunacy to some people, I’m sure, but look to history for a moment and tell me who ends up in charge when there’s a violent overthrow of the government. In every case, it’s the best armed band of thugs on the street, and 9 times of 10 that’s the military.

      22. Solar Update,

        An M-3.2 peaked at 08:57 UTC…the genitive region WAS NOAA 11748. By all appearances the decay curve at this time is proceeding as expected. Needless to say the relative probabilites for additional flaring are now altered…increased. 11748 is proceeding in it’s rotation and is roughly 36 hours from point of maximum geo-effective postion.

        Further upgates to follow as warranted.


        • @ JOG,
          Sorry Friend, your Treatise got high jacked in the middle (some type of space issue). I found myself involved in a philosophical discussion about the merits of ex post facto Judaism. Can you give me an idea of where you were headed.

          Potato out

          • Howdy ‘Tater,

            Brother, it seems we gave a small problem with WordPress on the site (the program which monitors user input) I will effort myself to re-input the second half of that piece as soon as I ca talk to Mac.

            Y did get a bit distracted, both by this particualr forum and also by the return top activity of 11748…again I WILL eort myself to conclude the posting….thanks for asking Brother. As a ‘trailer’ so to speak, I submit that the only method for Humanity to obtain fur itelf what it now lacks must come FROM Humnaity…for a time We are alone in this matter, neccessarily: tis time to ‘Prove’ oursleves, or be denied a more fuull entry into what lies beyond. I apologixe for such a poor summation, here…’tis difficult to compres so much into a line or two…a little!


      23. this is true. they are being trained to move against the
        american public and control us. they will have a fignt on their hands many of the american people (my self inclued) will not give up freedom and the constitution freely. dam why does the troops obey orders that they know are illegal and wrong. i served 6 years in the u.s.army and we would have never never never done such a thing to this people.
        most of the i see and talk to are great americans and loyal to america. but will obey orders. dont think just obey. crap. fight for freedom. fight for what is right and stand for something. see ya on the battle field

      24. I don’t believe that the military would act without orders from the president. We will see the military act against citizens during martial law. With the worst deeds done by foreign troops.

      25. Whatever the case, it is clear. TPTB believe something is going down within a relatively short time frame. My guess is that they think possibly another Boston scenario. Then they can pounce without any hesitation and take over entire counties or more. Honestly, let’s say someone who they don’t like is on there radar. They call up a small false flag event located within a mile or so of the subject. Now they have the cause and “right” to go in house to house and do whatever the hell they want. Then they get their original subject or intel. Hell who knows, BO may have set this up. Let’s say the military does make a move. Guess what, again BO won’t “know” anything about it or be responsible for it just as all of these other scandals.


        • Then you’ve been listening to the “wrong elders” kiddo.

        • You just bash the military because you aren’t qualified to join them.

      27. The military needs to remember who they work for and this ain’t a banana republic (yet). They don’t have the Constitutional authority to do anything like this, and should they do it, would be considered some of those “enemy combatants” they seem to love talking about.

        • ALL enemies
          Foreign and Domestic
          It is still We The People
          And Of For and By The People
          Weather the government and their minions agree or not.

      28. Great article!

        Always wondered how it would get militarily junta-like here. Depressing.

        Now back to weeding. Uplifting!

        Life is Good no matter how much ‘they’ mis-direct you to by their laws. Just ‘Don’t go there!’

        • Good post for a sunny friday!

      29. I believe we could be looking at a coup attempt. It’s possible we may be seeing a split in the government and military in a power grab. There are very powerful people who still want us to bomb Iran and go into Syria, ect. If Obama is removed Biden will bomb Iran, no doubt. Not sure which is worse: President Biden or President Obama? Only thing worse would be President Pelosi!

        • You know, you have a point there rachel. I have heard others say that there is a civil war going on inside the Pentagon between the military and the CIA. Some of those “friend of a friend” rumors, but it is possible.

          • @JRS….

            The CIA doesn’t work for us. They work for the banksters.

            It’s been that way for a long time.

        • Nightmare scenario makes me shutter…President Biden…..or President Pelosi..ahhhhhh!

          • I wouldn’t be allowed to legally and openly travel from PA to MI to get to my family in case of martial law would I?

          • Shows how much you know, Pelosi is not speaker of the house anymore thus she cannot become president, Do some work and figure out that 2nd in line is John the Boner

        • What difference does it make, they’re all commies.

      30. Good morning, BI and BigB, I just finished reading your comments #1682187 and #1682214 respectively. BI, I will start checking USGS every day now. BigB, we can all only wish nothing bad will happen. However, looking at all the events since Electio Day, especially the new push by the gun grabbers, how can any rational-thinking person conclude otherwise? Hell, I wish the economy would recover, we could get back our manufacturing base and all the other jobs that have been lost, etc. but we all know that’s not going to happen. Everything I see points to what I stated earlier, to the best of my knowledge. now if they would overthrow obama that would be different, but I’m not holding my breath on that one. everyone continue prepping for what’s coming. it’s not going to be nice. braveheart

      31. Eisen, you made some good points that I totally agree with. Now if you just stop the insults and unlock your caps lock, you just might start earning our respect. braveheart

      32. May I suggest that if you have not yet or haven’t in awhile go to http://WWW.oathkeepers.org, you do not have to join to understand they’re purpose.

        Every concerned individual needs to talk to anyone they know in the Military or L.E. community, they will have to pick a side, they must be told that they either stand with the people or they don’t.

        The Military and L.E.O’s need to hear from their family and friends that they need to be Honoring their Oaths to protect the Constitution and B.O.R.

        By honoring their Oaths they will be protecting the People, standing up against corruption. http://WWW.oathkeepers.org, just remember that the Declaration of Independence does not say it is the military’s responsibility to tho rt off a corrupt Government, rather it is the Peoples responsibility and obligation.

        Having the support of a military Honoring it’s Oath to protect the Constitution against “Foreign and Domestic Enemies” is a plus.

        This is the Oath Veterans & active duty took:

        “I, A.B., do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

      33. All of this can have four different meanings.

        1. The Military is getting ready to Shit Can all these Ass Clowns in charge and I mean all. (Not Likely)
        2. The Ass Clowns are going to turn their Pit Bulls loose on the American people to take total control and I mean Total Control. (Very possible)
        3. The Ass Clowns are throwing this out there to scare the Shit out of the Sheeple to not turn away for the DARK side (one of my other post about the word DARK), and start questioning them.
        4. Or to tell the PATRIOTS ok we’re ready; come and take back your America and Constitution or sit down and shut the F-CK UP.

        The way I see this is a combination of the last two. But that’s my thinking.

        Just keep with the prep’s, time will tell.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Your possible explanations are interesting.

          Whatever the explanation, one thing seems clear: The wording refers to a situation in which it would be “impossible” for the President, the Commander in Chief, to issue orders. That implies a complete and total breakdown in the ability to communicate, i.e. all forms and formats of communication are no longer functioning and individual military commanders must take action according to their best assessment of the situation at hand.

          There are only a handful of scenarios in which all forms of communication over medium-to-long distances are nonfunctioning, and on a long term basis. Some of those scenarios include: an EMP; a natural event that could wipe out communications such as these sun flares that have been, and currently are, in the news; a nationwide failure of the electric grid affecting even satellite feeds; or, the destruction in space of U.S. communications satellites, and it so happens the Chinese have been reported in the news this week as having tested a missile designed secretly to do exactly that.

          If anyone else has other plausible, credible causes or scenarios, it would be interesting to hear about them.

          In any event, it is repeating the obvious to say that this change in language is precedent-setting and unsettling.

          It would be highly useful if a Pentagon spokesperson could elaborate publicly on these changes and respond to questions.

      34. For the one thousandth time, you have to read Bracken’s ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC trilogy. It is ALL in there.

      35. Off Topic ~ Be Informed – My area felt an earthquake.
        I live in Upstate New York, between Buffalo and Syracuse.
        It was located in Ottawa, Canada – 4.8 to 5.0.
        Time was 9:43 a.m. I was sitting at my computer desk and
        heard this racket. It was like a rattling, trembling sound. I literally stopped and looked around the room, and outside to try to determine where it was coming from.

        On Nov. 30th, a few years ago, NYCity had a 3.9 earthquake, 122 miles outside of New York City.
        I have an old flip phone, so I can’t give you a date.

        How about that?

        • An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.2 struck eastern Canada on Friday morning, the government said.

          The quake was centered about 11 miles (18 kilometers) from Shawville, in western Quebec, near the Ontario border. It was felt in the Ottawa-Gatineau area and out to Toronto, more than 260 miles away, and in New York state.

          Authorities say it is unlikely the quake, which occurred at 9:43 a.m., caused significant damage.

          The quake was followed 10 minutes later by a magnitude-4.1 aftershock, about 12 miles (19 kilometers) from Shawville.

          • @ Emily and VRF. This area has earthquakes and is a long extension of the St. Lawrence seaway. Further down the river the area of Quebec is capable of a high 7 and has had large recent earthquakes. The area that just got hit had a quake of 5.2 three years ago on June 23. There is something really going on with the planet, as there were earthquakes alos in Wyoming and Montana. The real area to be concerned with is Northern Chile to Mexico, this is a place that is going to get hit bad. The west Chile Rise that is the Nazca plate is again on the move and leads to big earthquakes afterwards. 100% of the time before it failed before April 30 to produce a large one.

            Western China and a few other locations I gave on comment #1675600 are in extreme danger, and some less so such as Hawaii, on top of Alaska and a couple of others that were added such as the Kermadec Islands. What I equate it with is the roaring of a rocket ready to launch, the cold phase and then it gets hot. To watch what is going on is important. The USGS OF COURSE downgraded the size of the Ontario earthquake like they always do with it scares too many people. The government stinks.

            • Thanks BI,, was just a heads up.. you da man when it comes to this type of thing.

      36. Im granting my self some shit too..Umm, I grant myself a few billion dollars, a limo, a 1095′ boat, a place in dubi, peru, florida, alaska, and my own island, and all the ammo i want..

        must be nice to just say what you ant and expect it to come true, oh and fuck everyone else, right?

        • Could you grant me some new banjo strings while you’re at it? (i’m a simple man, easily pleased)
          Thanks VRF

          • conciter it done Smokin’ , hell there cheap enough we might as well tell them you need 2 billion of them eh?

      37. It doesn’t matter who is president

      38. Off topic but,,
        this is what I was in a CNS news article,,,

        House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Thursday that Republicans are using scandals coming out of the White House to undermine President Barack Obama out of “fear,” because he is “such a great president.”

        maybe this is why the military is giving itself the power to go all gangnam style on their own

        this sort of statement from a legislator and stuff like joe bidens shoot through the door or in the air with a shotgun and your good to go,

        pile on top of that DHS buying more ammo than the entire active military uses in a year the shutting down of paying for the education of vets per their contract with the gov for serving because of sequester and a few of the other gems and you have a recipe for some seriously disgruntled top brass in the pentagon

      39. This is also a off topic. Good news: IRS during congressional hearings today stated that “paying income tax is voluntary”. I’m glad that it issue was finally put to bed.

        Potato out

        • it was dem. rep. from CA Xavier Becerra who made that ….comment at 9:30AM……I quote ” It is a voluntary system” and then “they participate voluntarily” they being us, the taxpayers…..ha

          • I caught that, too…Had to replay to make sure I was hearing right. Hmmmm.

      40. Nancy Pelosi is an insipid, arrogant idiot that has no clue on the pulse of the American people.

        Listened to Mike Savage on the radio two nights ago.

        He called Obama ‘a Telfon Swan’, meaning nothing will
        stick to him and he will not be impeached.

        However, with General Eric Holder, Mike Savage said
        ‘if he was Jimmy the Greek’ he would place the odds of
        Holder leaving of 55 to 43.

      41. “Turn off The Lights, the Partys Over, All Good Things Must Come To An End” reminds me of that song.
        But, the party is over and America will Never be the same as when I was young.
        Pitty, we did not realize how special and fragile it was.

      42. I have experience with the US military being ordered to round up firearms in foreign countries. If there are simpathetic troops they will ask you to turn in any old or inoperable guns so the troops have something to show their bosses. Hang on to those oldies that don’t work anymore. If anyone thinks totalitarianism can’t happen here and now, you just don’t have a chance to survive. Bush and Obama are following the orders they recieved from the TPTB. Here it comes. No. Here it is!

        • maudy:

          ” Bush and Obama are following the orders they recieved from the TPTB.”

          Bush _is_?

          Bush is confiscating firearms?

          Bush confiscated firearms in the past?u
          Bush Derangement Syndrome lives!

          As for this article, it is SOP in case there is a loss of communication with the chain of command. Troops defend their base.

          If you have military experience, you know that, right?

      43. Anger? Wait ’til people do their taxes next year?

        “A look at the text of the health care law reveals that much of it consists of amending the Internal Revenue Code to give the IRS more power.

        When Obamacare goes fully into effect in January, every American will have to prove to the IRS that he or she has “qualifying” health coverage, meaning coverage with a list of features approved by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. That will be done by submitting a document to the IRS, something like a W-2, to confirm coverage.”

        “There is more. In simple language, the IRS will be the manager of the new law.”

        “The IRS will ask you questions that you thought heretofore belonged in the very confidential relationship between doctors and patients.”

        “The IRS and HHS will monitor the people through a “database,” or a huge intrusion into your personal, financial and health information.”

        American Thinker dot com

        Who is in charge of Obamacare at the IRS?


        IRS henchwoman got $103,390 in bonuses…

        links on Drudge Report

      44. Do you know where your AR-15 is tonight? And be sure to kiss your ammo pile. Molon labe.

      45. I’m far more concerned about an Executive Order from the President than the Military assuming law enforcement duties in they event they cannot contact the Commander in Chief. That circumstance is in the event of a decapitation of government. If that did occur there would be a pile of very serious stuff to worry about.

        • Just a hypothetical.
          Suppose during a SHTF the civilian Gov is not available, maybe they were wiped out, maybe the are rushing to hiding spots and cannot be contacted, maybe they don’t give a damn.
          Now let us say there is a large city in total chaos and the mobs are moving towards a large nuclear facility, If they reach it and disrupt the facility it could release enough radiation to kill everyone in the city 100 times over, now you are in charge of military assets that can reach the plant before the mob.
          Do you stand down and wait for the chain of command or deploy without civilian government authorization ?

          Just saying…

          • Are you just stupid? The military has ALWAYS had the right to defend it’s Property. Haven’t you ever bothered to read those signs on the barbed wire around their property?

      46. Am I missing something—I read the paragraphs referenced in Mark article about the USC and found that the DOD commander can and should defend DOD property. That goes without saying. That has always been that way. Ask anyone who has been in the military and they will tell you that any and all military pesonnel will defend their post, camp, station, base with lethal force against any and all attackers. That means YOU and ME if we so desire to raise a mob and create a civil disturbance that gets out of hand and attacks any DOD equipment, personnel or property.

      47. Sounds like the time is near. The next shoe to fall, a collapse will over power the scandals. I’m not afraid of our military as long as they remember, we are not their enemy.

      48. The slippery slope is now turning into an avalanche. And we all thought the military was on our side.

      49. @BI: Was told that the USGS are out in full force checking their ground stakes in southern Illinois, we know whats up and they also know. Major events are about to happen. Everyone had better tie everything down and hold on.

        Keep the FAITH

        PS: PE buddy say he looks for a fair size quake on the Southern part of the Caribbean in the very near future.

      50. @ Watchman. The whole Central and South American area has an amount of stress on it that says, very large shaker coming. The southern part of the Caribbean would be Venezuela which is overdue, or even some of the islands out there. WHEN the Caribbean goes, so does one of the faults to the north, either and, the San Andreas, Cascadia, or New Madrid fault, as this has happened in the past. Those at the USGS are not idiots, they are just atypical government employees, they know what is happening. There has been way too much action on the plates, and way too much past major earthquakes after these exact sopts were hit before. Something quite large is coming.


        1. It is important to maintain a belief in final victory. Morale is everything.

        2. Large numbers of [counter propaganda] appearing day after day, night after night, everywhere, will make the Regime nervous and raise the self-confidence of the population since such activities demonstrate the inefficiency of the existing Regime and the power and strength of the resistance movement.

        3. Whenever practical, successful guerrilla forces use non-electronic means to communicate.

        4. It is a principle of political science that it is easier to persuade people to vote against something or someone than to persuade them to vote in favor of something.

        5. Liberty guerrillas form centers of resistance EVERYWHERE and they are always in action. Thus, when the Regime attempts to confront/solve one “media” crisis of anti-Regime opinion, another flares up. This serves to also drain the Regime’s manpower and resources.

        6. Always, always, ALWAYS be on the offensive.

        7. Short, snappy slogans spread the message. Advertising/marketing gurus know that to gain traction, a slogan must be 7 words or less.


        Turn the tables on the opposition: Palin’s “Obama: WTF indeed” is classic.

        8. Mix it up. Never be predictable. But always be lawful.

        9. Undermine the Regime’s morale and their propaganda by exposing their methods and by constant emphasis on the unjustness of their cause and effects on the population.
        (Higher prices? Thanks, Obama).

        10. Exploit the alternative media to communicate the ideas of the Liberty movement and resistance to the Regime. Be everywhere; be informed; make it known you are aware of the lies disseminated by the Regime and aren’t falling for them.

        THE MOMENTUM IS ON OUR SIDE. Do not be deterred!

        Was sent to me thought I’d pass it on.

        Keep the FAITH

      52. “…the partisan treatment of hundreds of groups is stunning.”

        “But after the last week, Americans should know there is no guarantee of personal privacy with the government or impartiality in how their information is used.

        It should also put Americans on notice that their political party could determine the quality of their health care.”

        Oops, maybe government is tyrannical

      53. “there is only one thing scarier than the US Government, what could take it’s place”
        Butterknife Quote 1996

      54. Thank you, B.I. for the reply. Appreciate it.

      55. I think we are forgetting something here. The vast majority of our military are pro Constitutional patriots. The military rising up against a un Constitutional treasonous federal government is merely upholding the oath every single one of them has taken to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic. Besides the few the brass knuckleheads at the top that have sold to the like of Obama…who is the overwhelming majority of our military – they are us – we the people.

        • I’m not believer but anyone here that is, shold pray you are right.

        • I totally agree with you. Obama has been trying to replace brass at the pentagon with men who are willing to shoot on americans but it is the average soldier who would be doing it and they know while they are killing you someone else could be killing their friends and family. i believe there would be massive defections to the side of we the people! i pray we never have to do this!

        • Couldn’t have said it better myself….now we have a real cause to fight for…rest easy my fellow Americans.

      56. So it’s official now right? The military industrial complex owns this country. Heh, there are 101 other things the government/military could be doing besides this. But hey, stay indoors and watch that electronic reproduction of life you sheeple call a TV!

        If you still can afford to keep yours that is….

        Squad up fellow preppers!

      57. Connecticut is going to need to ban trains now too. Those things are dangerous!

      58. Tragically, I think it is a reflection of the far left leadership (well intentioned or not) that is self perpetuating (IRS scandal) at all levels of govt resulting in the destruction of America that has prompted the military to make this change. Benghazi is a primary example.

      59. Do the math: Three million members of the military, versus 310 million Americans. I’m not that great in statistics, but I’d say that the odds are stacked against major military victories against civilians outside of a few major metro areas. And you can bet your MREs that a lot of members of the military, politically conservative as they are, won’t follow orders to oppress their fellow Americans.

        • Brother…i served 24 yrs….i’ll be in front of you facing the real bad guys…have faith in your vets man…really

      60. Just remember the best weapon to have, is in the same caliber as your enemy is using. That way after the fire fight you will be able to reload.

        • If you have to reload for the first decade or two of any war you don’t have enough ammo. Likewise the public is stockpiling 25 million rds per week or more. How many times we supposed to miss?

      61. “U.S. Military Grants Itself the Authority to Deploy Troops in American Cities Without Presidential or Local Approval” — Daniel Jackson, the Daily Sheeple

        Since WHEN does any country need the local residents’ approval to save the country and their lives???? 🙁

        1. Did the Chinese military asked for their citizens’ approval to defend them when the Mongol attacked their country each time? 🙁

        2. Did all the small countries in Asia asked for their citizens’ approval to defend them when the Mongol and the France attacked their country each time?

        Absolutely not, if that the case every Asian countries would be wipe off the map.

        In fact, the military in every country, they are ready at any moment to defend their country and its citizens when the attack happens.

        If they have to wait for permissions from the king/president or politicians’ permission, then it’s too late; your country will be taken over within an hour. 🙁

        Because when the Mongols invaded your countries, they attacked, robbed, burned all these countries down, captured young women (for sexual acts & made babies for future warriors) and ran away very quickly.

        The Mongols KILLED all the YOUNG MEN, because they did not want the risks of them going against them later. 🙁

        Citizens are not trained to understand military TACTICS, the types of WEAPONS, and THE ART OF WAR (aka DECEPTION), and if politicians and the military do not work for its citizens, then we’re doomed.

        This article and the media outlets lead you to believe, there will be military on the streets to terrorize American people. 🙁

        1. There are many contradictions indicating there will not be military soldiers available.

        2. The FAUX Army Soldiers like Robert Bales (in the Afghan massacre) does terrify people; and his action has put our SOLDIERS and the NATO troops in great danger. 🙁

        It took the press at least a week to disclose his name and disclosed nothing about Bales. But from his victims who came out to expose him. We know one of his victims said Robert Bales was an investment broker and robbed him around $900,000.00.

      62. HISTORY:

        On the taking of Vietnam, when the French (not ethnic French but Easten Europeans) invaded Hanoi: 🙁

        “All right! With a mere two hundred I have taken Hanoi (Vietnam). For us not a scratch, the surprise was complete and succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. Our gunboat cannon stunned the POOR BRUTES, Who had never seen an exploding shell. It has been a model operation. If I am supported soon all INDO-CHINA IS FRENCH.” — Francis Garnier, French Naval Officer, Explorer and author 1873

        However, the French did not invent the weapons, they copied the technology from the English. 🙁

        After several blood bath battles with the French, Vietnam regained their sovereignty from the French in 1954. And in the same year 1954 Amrican troops was brought in to fight the French War.

        Related comments:

      63. Don’t get me started on real martial law vs. fake martial law again. Real martial law is when the *military declares it*. After all that is the very definition of martial law… rule by the military, not rule by the President and the civilian government hiding behind the military. Fake martial law on the other hand is not really martial law at all, it’s an attempt by a dictator to rule by force, using the military as a pawn. That would last about two days in America because the people would absolutely unload on anyone in uniform treasonous enough to raise his rifle against civilians.

        Please everyone, get your facts straight. Actual martial law is when the military declares it because the civilian government has become compormised, absent, or *ineffective*. Only the military can declare martial law. The President cannot declare martial law no matter what you may think, because that would be a complete abdication of power.

        • Somehow, your take on martial law is wrong. Who is the “Commander in Chief”? Article II Section 2 reads “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual service of the United States.” This also means that, even for all those that dream of going against the US gov with a militia, the CIC will issue a “stand down” or “disband” order that Constitutionally is valid. It also means that all “Oathkeepers” in the military are bound to follow CIC orders when directed to. So don’t let the Oathkeepers fool you that they will Constitutionally be on the common man’s side. Their oath is to the corporate government.

      64. Listen up all you Fuck sticks!

        It doesn’t matter which branch of service you are / were a part of. At the end of the day the defense of our constitution & our way of life is all that matters.

        Either you do or you don’t have the nuggets to do something about it. Talking aboout it is one thing; doing something about it is another.

        We are a land of laws (supposedly). We try to change things at the ballot box first. If that doesn’t work, then we go to court. If that doesn’t work, then we fight.

        Here are a few things that I have learned in my 3 1/2 days in the military.

        1. two to the body; one to the head

        2. two to the nuts; one to the head ( defeats that body armor real quick)

        3. always use smoke when covering your movement

        4. booby traps & snipers tend to slow down formations / movement real quick

        5. always make contact with the smallest element as possible

        6. take out their C3

        Amen & pass the bullets!

        • Smoke to move? Formations? Close combat? When did you spend 3 1/2 ( days) in the military? 1940?

        • Your Constitution is like poo-poo paper to my mother. Meaningless.

      65. @Durango Kid-

        One of my sources showed me video footage of about 15 humvees with troops in full gear practicing live fire drills with MK19 and MK32 Six Pack grande launchers near Idaho Springs Colorado on 5-18-2013. Also LARGE convoy of Deuce and Half covered trucks with gen sets and mobile artillary pieces headed NORTH from Colorado Springs area on I-25. When my source questioned them up close and personal what they were practicing for the C.O. replied “Civil Unrest Training”.
        SHTF plan or WTF?!!!

      66. This is nonsense: the military has had these powers for decades. We trained in the 80s to take and hold civ pop areas. The legislation is there across North America if necessary so this is a load of hogwash.

        We work for something I shall just call “Operation Backstop” (not the real name). We are ready to deploy on a moment’s notice and to flood, disperse and hold and control (like a good hair spray). We are international and we are intelligent; much more than your average American. Think Alan Rickman in Die Hard.

      67. Your stupidity is amazing. The military is under civilian control. The military can only act under orders from civilian orders unless some rogue general decides he knows better. In that case, I bet other generals would step in. Get your head out of your asses.

      68. Wow! Paranoia can really kick in without faith. If a part of society erupted into chaos why wouldn’t you want the nearest dudes in fatigues on the scene right away? I would want them on site a.s.a.p. to impose order and save lives and property. That’s what government is supposed to do. I would want them to move innocents to a place of safety, house them, clean them, and feed them. Will you drive into that chaos and set things right yourself? I don’t think so. You will hunker down instead and watch & listen. Who is supposed to help the citizens in immediate danger the article alludes to? The government. The service people with guns. Thank God for them! Yes – the military is under civilian control, and the civilian control just amended the law which directs the military what to do in such situations. Seems as if 90% of commentators would rather see innocent citizens perish. That’s a horrible mindset. Horrible.

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