Hospitals Prep For Ebola Outbreak: Cases May Exceed 100,000 By December: “The Numbers Are Really Scary”

by | Sep 1, 2014 | Headline News | 235 comments

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    Though news on the Ebola virus has been muted since two American health care workers were admitted to U.S.-based facilities last month, the deadly contagion continues to spread. According to the World Health Organization more than 40% of all Ebola cases thus far have occurred in just the last three months, suggesting that the virus is continuing to build steam.

    Physicist Alessandro Vespignani of Northeastern University in Boston is one of several researchers trying to figure out how far Ebola may spread and how many people around the world could be affected. Based on his findings, there will be 10,000 cases by September of this year and it only gets worse from there.


    (A model created by Alessandro Vespignani and his colleagues suggests that, at its current spread, Ebola may infect up to 10,000 people by September 24. Other models suggest up to 100,000 infected globally by December of this year. The shaded area is the variability range.)

    Extrapolating existing trends, the number of the sick and dying mounts rapidly from the current toll—more than 3000 cases and 1500 deaths—to around 10,000 cases by September 24, and hundreds of thousands in the months after that. “The numbers are really scary,” he says—although he stresses that the model assumes control efforts aren’t stepped up. “We all hope to see this NOT happening,” Vespigani writes in an e-mail.

    Vespignani is not the only one trying to predict how the unprecedented outbreak will progress. Last week, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that the number of cases could ultimately exceed 20,000. And scientists across the world are scrambling to create computer models that accurately describe the spread of the deadly virus. Not all of them look quite as bleak as Vespignani’s. But the modelers all agree that current efforts to control the epidemic are not enough to stop the deadly pathogen in its tracks.

    “If the epidemic in Liberia were to continue in this way until the 1st of December, the cumulative number of cases would exceed 100,000,” predicts Althaus. Such long-term forecasts are error-prone, he acknowledges.

    Vespignani has analyzed the likelihood that Ebola will spread to other countries. Using data on millions of air travelers and commuters, as well as mobility patterns based on data from censuses and mobile devices, he has built a model of the world, into which he can introduce Ebola and then run hundreds of thousands of simulations. In general, the chance of further spread beyond West Africa is small, Vespignani says, but the risk grows with the scale of the epidemic.

    Ghana, the United Kingdom, and the United States are among the countries most likely to have an introduced case, according to the model.

    Source: Science Mag and WHO via Investment Watch

    Though researchers and officials hope that this is “not happening,” the fact is that Ebola spread has only increased since it was first identified earlier this year. And now it is spreading to densely populated African cities like Lagos, Nigeria.

    The Centers for Disease Control and US-based hospitals maintain that the likelihood of Ebola spreading to the United States remains “extremely low,” but that hasn’t stopped them from preparing infection control protocols because of the extremely high fatality rates associated with those who contract the virus.

    Hospitals throughout Southern California are preparing for potential Ebola cases, even as they seek to reassure patients and health care workers that the risk is very low.

    Public health officials say with the right isolation and infection control procedures, all hospitals could safely handle a patient with Ebola without exposing staff or other patients.

    “We have the infrastructure anyway because we see these things on a daily basis. We see tuberculosis, influenza, potentially measles, and whooping cough,” said Dr. Zachary Rubin, medical director of clinical epidemiology and infection prevention at UCLA. “Even though Ebola is in the news, this is something we do day in and day out.”

    The CDC’s Ebola recommendations for hospitals include an array of measures such as private rooms for patients, protective coverings for staff, and limiting use of needles as much as possible to prevent transmission.

    “In the context of overall diseases, the likelihood of Ebola even coming to the U.S. or to UCI Medical Center is so extremely low, we just don’t expect it to happen,” Gohil said.

    “However, the fatalities are so high and the possibility of travel in the global context is just enough that we have to prepare. One of the reasons you want to prepare is to reassure your staff and your patients that it’s perfectly handleable.”

    Public health officials say with the right isolation and infection control procedures, all hospitals could safely handle a patient with Ebola without exposing staff or other patients.

    Source: Los Angeles Register

    Experts say the virus doesn’t spread like the flu or measles because it is not airborne. However, there are some indications that current strain of the Ebola virus may be mutating. Last month a warning issued by the CDC claimed that infectious Ebola materials could be spread through the air.

    The advisory urges airline staff to provide surgical masks to potential Ebola victims in order “to reduce the number of droplets expelled into the air by talking, sneezing, or coughing.”

    The CDC is also directing airline cleaning personnel to, “not use compressed air, which might spread infectious material through the air.” (emphasis mine).

    The CDC’s concern about the Ebola virus being spread via the air is understandable in light of a 2012 experiment conducted by Canadian scientists which proved that, “the ebola virus could be transmitted by air between species.”

    At this time it is too early to tell if efforts by health officials in Africa, Europe and the USA will be effective in stopping the virus. All indications suggest it will continue to spread, just as it has for nearly a year.

    The disease models, which are based on population density and mobility patterns, show that it is only a matter of time before an infection is identified in the United States.

    In the event that a single person in the Western hemisphere acquires it, then chances are there will be more.

    Hospitals in the United States may be preparing isolation protocols, but what about Mexico, where the southern border has been left completely exposed? With cramped quarters on trains and trucks carrying hundreds or thousands of migrants, and unsanitary conditions, it is quite possible that a single infected individual could pass the virus on to scores of others, who in turn would disperse to various cities as soon as they reached US-soil.

    And that doesn’t even include the millions of travelers arriving and departing at US airports from coast to coast on a daily basis.

    The CDC and US healthcare officials may think they can control it, but all such efforts around the world have failed thus far.

    Moreover, should an Ebola outbreak occur in the United States, the panic it will cause may exceed what we saw during the H1N1 flu scare several years ago. Over 25% of American adults fear that the virus could spread to a family member or close friend because of its high fatality rate. This suggests that any indication of contagion on US shores will lead to a run on medical supplies once the virus becomes reality here at home.

    The healthcare system could be overwhelmed and medical supplies could feel a serious crunch as panicked Americans race to acquire everything from WHO recommended N-100 masks to protective body suits.

    The best prevention will start at home and being positioned with pandemic supplies before such a crisis will be critical, as noted by The Prepper’s Blueprint author Tess Pennington. Some of the supplies she recommends can be purchased now – before the panic – at your local grocery, hardware store, or online.

    Pennington recommends getting ready for not just infection prevention, but the overall effect it will have on businesses and government operations.

    Having first hand knowledge of the government’s protocols before this type of emergency arises can help put you ahead of the game. Understanding that our lives will change drastically if the population is faced with a pandemic and being prepared for this can help you make better choices toward the well being of your family. Some changes could be:

    • Challenges or shut downs of business commerce
    • Breakdown of our basic infrastructure: communications, mass transportation, supply chains
    • Payroll service interruptions
    • Staffing shortages in hospitals and medical clinics
    • Interruptions in public facilities – Schools, workplaces may close, and public gatherings such as sporting events or worship services may close temporarily.
    • Government mandated voluntary or involuntary home quarantine.

    Among her instructions for creating a sick room, Tess recommends a basic supply list.

    Basic Pandemic Preparedness Supply List

    We can never be 100% certain of the outcome, especially when dealing with outliers like pandemics. But chances are that government emergency responders will be swamped, grocery stores will be empty, and the majority of people will have no idea what to do.

    We can, however, prepare ourselves with basic supplies and the knowledge necessary to increase our ability to prevent contagion reaching those closest to us and staying safe should such an outbreak take hold.


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      1. Ebola:
        Great just another thing to prepare for.
        Stay as healthy as you can for now. If it breaks out you can bet Obullshit will declare martial law.
        Can anyone say false flag!

        • Not just ebola…these immigrants also carry God knows what.

          • You mean like nukes and bio-weapons?

            • No no Billy, haven’t you heard?!

              The border is the safest its ever been.


              • Why worry, uncle BO gots it handled and his dog holder has our backs

                • Yeah, but Mac is filtering his statement through the lens of Politically Correct Mathematics.

                  See below.

                  • “…Public health officials say with the right isolation and infection control procedures, all hospitals could safely handle a patient with Ebola without exposing staff or other patients….”

                    Such hubris! The sin of PRIDE!

                    “Pride goeth before destruction: and the spirit is lifted up before a fall.”
                    Proverbs 16:18

                  • Some “physicists”, seeing they arent doing much in their field, pose as “outside experts” in other fields.
                    Need some examples?
                    Remember our own PhDs going to work on Wall Street?

                  • Also, a reminder:

                    IMPERMEABLE SHOE COVERS

                  • I know this is kind of a crazy analogy, but I equate Ebola sort of to the Africanized bees that have an extremely difficult time migrating past a certain latitude and altitide. There is a barrier in which the winters are too cold for the bees to survive. The big problem is that the African Bee can mate with bees that can easily winter even Canadian winters. This is the issue with Ebola, is it going to adapt or marriage into another pathogen somehow naturally or via lunatic scientist?

                    Up until now Ebola has not gotten a few hundred miles away from the equator. Ebola has also NOT infected the mountains and highlands above 6000 feet, at least as far as I know. Right now I would be extremely worried if Ebola spread rapidly in the much drier areas away from the moist tropics. This is in the cooler mountains and of course the deserts to the north and south of the Ebola Hot Zones. IF Ebola can survive and mass infect people in the Saraha, Kalahari, or Namib desert regions this is the time to panic because most places in the world experience a summer warm enough and most of these places eventually dry out. Until this time, Ebola will likely have a limited scope of infecting people.

                  • I hope that Be Informed is correct and that the virus likes warm weather. I am at a northern latitude and over 4 thousand feet in altitude. Plus I am in a small town, with no medical facilities where the sick might be brought for treatment. (Our only town doctor left town after Obamacare passed.)

                    In general, I would think the rural areas like where I live would be much safer than the cities. But I am afraid. After years of good health, I have suddenly started suffering from a pinched nerve in my back that keeps me awake all night. I really hope that I can get that taken care of before it becomes too dangerous for me to travel to a medical facility. closest one is 60 miles away. That is my first order of business today — try to get an immediate appointment.

                    Gotta take care of your health when you can. Or you might be stuck indefinitely with a dangerous or painful medical condition and no way to resolve it. Anybody have a home remedy for sciatic pain?

                • OOOOOO come on now the HNIC will save us all after he plays a few more rounds of pasture pool

                  • reminds me of a few years ago, on CNBS, a guy was being interviewed about the bird flu…”it’s going to go human to human, it’s inevitable”, he says….
                    so what’s an investor to do when we hear it has gone human to human?, maria says.
                    “sell everything”, the expert says
                    then maria says…”oh, so you think ALL investments should be sold when it happens?”
                    “no”, he says….”sell EVVVERRYYYYTHING!!!
                    that was a sobering moment for ME, it sent a shiver up my spine…and from what I know about ebola, it could be like THAT.

                  • EBOLA
                    there is no way in hell anyone in this country is ready for it.
                    who in the hell is WHO kidding,
                    hospitals are, and will always be, the most pathonogenic carriers of what is to come to the masses type of problem that there ever was. they are taking in the sickest of us, at a public center, and exposing whatever that may be to the rest. whether your there for a child birth, to a follow up exam. our protocols are no better than any 3rd world county to say the least.
                    I’m not saying ebola is at my doorstep, or yours, but man, it really doesn’t take much more than a plane trip.
                    to contain such a thing would mean ‘Burn everything’ type of attitude, and that just isn’t going to happen.
                    if you all haven’t seen it, I would suggest watching ‘The Stand’ by steven king, or better yet, read it.
                    the shitkicker with this ebola thing, is it can take up to 3 weeks to incubate. that is a long freaking time for something that can kill you at 60%. and trust me, it will mutate along the way.
                    a microbes life compared to yours is like Gods 7 days of creation, it has no balance of time at all.
                    what are you supposed to do to protect your family, oh, I don’t know, I suppose it is impossible, either your immune, or your not,.
                    as an afterthought:
                    17.8 trillion dollars in debt
                    devaluation of the spirit of humans
                    dependence upon drugs for a ‘cure’ type mentality
                    GMO food for our overweight fellowship
                    along with BRIC I should state the devaluation of the petro dollar. hyperinflation right around the corner
                    some say that hyperinflation will be the cure for their debt, no way, just because you owe 50k, doesn’t mean 50k will be available to you when bread cost $40.
                    the true and hardy spirit of the American people has been bred out to political correctness.
                    the EBT crowd has had success in the continuation of immoral behavior, and been rewarded for it. the more you are a miscreviante, the more you are rewarded behavior has to be stopped.
                    there are so many things, all I can say is:
                    Learn to use old tools.
                    I sometimes wish I was smart enough to say what I mean.

                  • Well, well, well, how about that huge Ebola outbreak here in the good old USA. Back on Aug. 8th when all of you were wetting your panties ,I said I’d be back by Sept. 1st to see how many of you had died. Well, anyone here in America get Ebola from some traveler? NO! Anyone dying from the spread of Ebola here in the homeland? NO! Well then how about those other diseases that you were all talking about like SARS, the flu, and small pox? Still no outbreaks? NO! Guess your paranoid fantasy of TEOTWAWKI hasn’t come to pass. But wait, wait, I know, it’s still coming, right. Pestilence, famine, monetary collapse, or nuclear war, one of them just has to be coming, gasp, if not that would mean that your years and years of preparations, not to mention the thousands of dollars you’ve spend, will be for nothing, say it isn’t so! I’ve already been on an 11 day Caribbean cruise, and two other mini vacations this year and will top it (2014) off with a trip to the gulf coast of Florida. We’ve got two cruises next year, including one on the Mississippi while you work more so you can spend yet more money on preps for something that will never happen. SUCKERS!!!

                  • Daisy,sorry to post lower but for some reason(?!)some posts reply rectangle blank.I can not say enough good things about a inversion table,perhaps it can help you.With it’s use have brought myself back(pun intended!)from a lot of back pain/issues and also just a better off feeling of wellness.I have friends with joint pains/aches in different part of body has also helped.A good inversion table can be bought used(CL ect.)for 100-150-,a good brand new one delivered to door for about 300,these are really a simple yet amazing tool for health.You are interested will post name of only one thru research/trying em really like,don’t want though to be spamming a brand for no legit reasonBack issues suck,give it a try,and,just good for back/spine health ect.

                  • “…Public health officials say with the right isolation and infection control procedures, all hospitals could safely handle a patient with Ebola without exposing staff or other patients….”

                    The important words in that statement are ” a patient “. That’s One per hospital. I looked it up and there are just over 5700 hospitals in the U.S. many of them are county. Not to down play the importance of county hospitals( I’ve worked at one and we use our county hosp. when we have an emergency) but they are not equipped to handle an ebola patient properly.

                  • Warchild,

                    They have a limit on how many levels of conversation they will allow. I should have found a place to post where my reply rectangle wouldn’t have been blank.

                    Thank you for the info. I have a MRI this afternoon. They wanted to schedule it next week, but I finally convinced them. So they added an extra time slot at the end of their day.

                    In the meantime the doctor prescribed an opioid, which I can’t take as I already know that opioids make my blood pressure go down too low. So I have 25 Tramadol pills to trade to someone (maybe for something I forgot to stock?) when TSHTF.

                • Seal the border. Mine the border. Shoot any Invader who attempts to cross. Death to the North American Union. Death to the New World Order!!! 🙂

                  • durango kidd says:
                    Comment ID: 3217199
                    September 1, 2014 at 11:35 pm Seal the border. Mine the border. Shoot any Invader who attempts to cross. Death to the North American Union. Death to the New World Order!!!

                    I can live with that! 🙂 Really I can!

                • We are done as a nation! Liberals/communists winning and Patriots keep posting!

              • So you guys all really think Ebola is going to hit the US and 100,000 people will be dead by December? What’s the death toll in Africa now? Under 3000? You guys are insane.

                • We are not as insane as someone who refers to himself as, ‘a dude.’ Anything is possible if something like this is weaponized correctly. Let us hope they got it wrong.

                • No but the math to get that number can show how insane contagion can be. Can you do basic math? Here’s one quick example:

                  1 person infects 5 people, next 2 people each infect 8 people, those 8 then infect 12. Out of the 12, 2 infect 4 people, 3 infect 5, 1 infects 20 and on it goes.

                  See how ebola can spread?

                  Oh I forgot to say that all of this happened in just 1 place in 2 days. How many countries is ebola in now?

                  • Yea but dude, do you understand HOW it spreads? It is not as simple as a Math equation.

                  • now boys…don’t forget…math is LAW!….not to be dicked with.

                  • Dr. Todd Rider, in conjunction with MIT, has apparently developed an antiviral he calls DRACO (Double stranded RNA Activated Caspase Oligomerizer).

                    An excerpt from MIT press release found at

                    “In work reported in the journal PLoS ONE, DRACO was shown to be effective against all 15 viruses that the team has so far tested in cells, including cold viruses (rhinoviruses), H1N1 influenza strains, adenoviruses, a stomach virus (reovirus), a polio virus, dengue fever virus, and several members of hemorrhagic fever arenavirus and bunyavirus families. DRACO was also demonstrated to be nontoxic in 11 different cell types representing various species (e.g., humans, monkeys, mice) and organ types (e.g., heart, lung, liver, kidney). In addition, experiments demonstrated that DRACO not only is nontoxic to mice but also can save mice infected with a lethal dose of H1N1 influenza. Currently, the team is testing additional viruses in mice and beginning to get promising results with those as well.”

                    Dr. Rider’s research has been stalled because of a lack of funding. Why that should be is a VERY good question. Trying to further his research into human trials, Dr. Rider has establisehd a funding site called, which will tell you more about DRACO.

                    An excerpt from his site:

                    “DRACO is a broad spectrum antiviral candidate developed by Dr. Todd Rider at MIT. So far DRACO, has cleared infections by every virus it has been challenged with including rhinovirus (the common cold) and H1N1 influenza (the flu) in mice and human cells. DRACO research has now moved to Draper Labs, however, it has entered what is known as the “Valley of Death” because its NIH funding is not sufficient to continue testing.”

                    People should start demanding that our government immediately fund his research.

                  • In response to PWYPreach:

                    “I Am Legend”

                • It was not widely covered by the media but the Canadian authorities say this version of Ebola is airborne over short distances.

                  • Nightshade: And of course we all know what experts the Canadians are on tropical diseases and the great threat Ebola poses for them, what with their dense population and sub-tropical climate.

                  • ‘Airborne over short distances’?

                    Note to self: Make some adjustments to the rifle scope zero setting.

                  • Different ebola- ebola reston

                • A dude: You’ve committed a cardinal sin by pricking the paranoid fantasies of the frightened children that haunt this site. You’ve done the unthinkable; you’ve used facts and logic to determine that their hope of some/any TEOTWAWKI will come to pass, in this case, a pandemic. If it doesn’t happen then their years of sacrifice will be for nothing. They’ve logged in extra work hours, spent every penny possible on preps, denied themselves any outside pleasures, and some have even been left by family members who couldn’t take their constant gloom-and-doom anymore. They cling to any bad news (pestilence, famine, or war) for hope that their sacrifices have not been in vain. They’ve all lost time, money, friends, and even some family, in the belief that they will survive some fictional calamity. They’re so embedded in their delusion that any talk of it not being true sends them into a frenzy. It’s tough when your told that your life is a total waste. Most will end up broke and friendless. Some will eventually commit suicide rather than admit they’re wrong. But hey, on the bright side, the makers of survival products are making money hand-over-fist. Hell, it’s even on TV.

                  • Anon-ass. I strongly suspect you will be shot by a prepper at some point when you go trying to desperately take what’s not yours as you have failed to prepare. OR you are a scum pig paid to post shit like this here which makes you our enemy. Assuring the same outcome as possibility #1. Either way, screw you.

                  • Anon7:

                    Did you break your hand patting yourself on the back when you posted these snarky comments about preppers. Why would you waste several precious moments of your day to even bother coming to this site.

                    At some point, in the not too distant future, I know that smug look on your face is going to get wiped off.

                    That will be worth waiting for!

                  • @anon

                    …” denied themselves any outside pleasures”….

                    Not so, why just yesterday I enjoyed an outside walk around my land. Quite pleasurable! More so than any cruise up the Mississipi! LOL! I got a kick out of that one. Who pays actual money to cruise the Mississippi!

                  • Anon7:

                    You’re a paid disinfo agent.

                  • “Nothing’s going to happen”

                    “Money on these preps is wasted”

                    “Those evil preppers want a calamity”

                    Combination of gaslighting and shaming. Elementary level manipulation strategies designed to make people question their own beliefs, and feel embarrassed. The problem for AnonFedPet is, manipulation is defeated by a simple concept called the truth.

                    The truth is, and even the CDC is admitting that the spread of this virus increasing exponentially. The truth is, it can come to the US either accidentally or because Johnny Jihad infected himself and crossed the border so he can have his 72 virgins. The truth is, it’s better to have preps and not need them.

                • DUDE… you are a stupid ignorami


              • I’m sure the golf course is one of the safer places you can be in the event of a pandemic.

                • A golf course at 8,000 feet above sea level should be sufficient to thwart a sub-tropical disease too.

                  Fore!!! 🙂

                  • If you are NOT a goon, awaken the patriots/constitutionslists, war is here!

                • Haaaa!haaa!haaaa!…I bet you got a million of em Walt…that was a insightful joke!

                • Pissed Off Granny: Nah, my arms are just fine because I’ve kept them flexible from swimming and snorkeling on all my vacation cruises. You and the others have been waiting for the “Big-One” since at least 1999 (Y2K). That’s 15 going on 16 years now. You’re all hoping that something, anything, will happen to justify all the time (decades preparing) and money (thousands upon thousands of dollars spent) for the latest collapse scenario to hit the news. What is this week; nuclear war, pandemic-of-the-month, or currency collapse? Living your sorry little lives in fear of everything is just pathetic. Your families, friends, neighbors, and even co-workers all think you’re nuts and many have distanced themselves from you. You’ve all grown old and bitter waiting for the end, an end that may never come. You wake up every single day secretly hoping this will be ‘the day’ but then you go to bed each night saying ‘tomorrow’ will be the day. And it goes on this way day after day, week after week, then month after month until the years all bleed together in one giant prepping scene. The real problem is that IF anything big does come your survival will mean nothing because you’ve forgotten how to live and have a little fun because your whole life is nothing but prepping. You’re not living, you’re just in basic existence mode. You and the others are just sad, angry little people.

                • Buck=Broke: When you have no money, people like you walk. When I have money I cruise, which is all the time. It must kill you that I can do these things because I annually net more in retirement than you gross while working. Keep working and keep walking, maybe some day you can take a trip to Disney!

              • Mac Slavo says:
                Comment ID: 3216984
                September 1, 2014 at 3:23 pm No no Billy, haven’t you heard?! The border is the safest its ever been.

                Yes and the Titanic was unsinkable too!

                • Yes the Titanic was unsinkable, the border is secure, Brobama is the doing a great job, ISIS is nothing to worry about and monkeys will someday come flying out of my butt ! Keep your eyes open, mouth shut and practice OPSEC. It probably wouldn’t hurt to learn Spanish as a form of prepping so you can understand what the illegals are talking about when you overhear their conversations. The reality is in a few short years 1 in 4 people living in the US will speak Spanish. Notice I didn’t say US citizens. People, we have been sold down river and we as individuals have to take care of ourselves.

            • In addition to some stocked medical supplies, we need to learn to grow and use herbs and medicinal plants to heal and keep our families healthy.

              This will be valued knowledge when the SHTF. There are many good books on medicinal plants. Below are some helpful links.

              List of over 150 Herbs, Together With Their Uses & Benefits

              Survival Food Series: Medicinal Plants for the Survival Garden

              Type in “medicinal uses” in the search bar at
              A number of common plants and their uses will come up.

              Plantain – Medicinal Properties and Herbal Use
              It is a common weed that can be used to treat snake bites, bee stings, spider bites, pain relief (earache, toothache) and even severe blood poisoning.

              30 Most Popular Herbs for Natural Medicine

              Wooly Lamb’s Ear – Medicinal and Edible

              Wooly Lamb’s Ear: Natural Antibacterial Bandages that you can grow

              • Re: “Basic Pandemic Preparedness Supply List”

                Excellent advice!

                If Ebola starts spreading in the U.S., we will want to AVOID the doctor’s office or hospital if we possibly can.
                This would a time when medical preps and knowledge will be especially valued.

                • Social distancing. You are correct stay away from the cesspools that Hospitals and Dr offices will become.Eat only at home. don’t go out unless you have to and when you do maintain a minimum of 3-6 feet from other people.USE N-95 masks when push comes to shove. This also applies to Flu season and any other en or epidemic. Great advise KY Mom !

              • KM,

                Thanks for all the useful information you post.

                Louisiana Eagle

              • Nup. ObummerCare. All medical crises solved.

            • Noo billy

              like Lice TB antibotic resistant type of Hep c malaria
              scabies etc etc
              Mexico is just a third world hell hole
              i have a friend ( should read HAD a friend ) who died after a trip to mexico
              came back with a scratch on her leg and lost her life
              and this WAS after a dr down there tried to treat her
              all we can guess is He had dirty hands and tools
              Nothing else makes sense

              WE need to stop this plague AT THE BORDER shoot them and hang there bodies on poles sends a real clear quick message

              Nothing but cock roaches

              skittle shittin unicorn

              • nice. BTW that is sarcasm Sheldon.

              • Germs are deadly in Mexico because they have been selling 800 mg capsules of penicillin OVER THE COUNTER, like aspirin, for decades.

                Seal the border. Mine the border. Shoot any SOB who attempts to cross. 🙂

          • Parents need to contact their public school board and demand to know if any of these illegal immigrants are being to the classroom or school that your child is attending. As a Parent you have the “Right To Know” what possible hazards your children are being exposed to that could compromise their health. Cause you know sure as well kids sticky fingers touch everything out there. Door handles to drinking fountains, to toilets to the lunch room. As well as sitting next to some illegal sniffling with some disease. This could get scary and your kids bring all of these diseases and sickness home and touch everything in your house.

            • who wouldathunkit
              re comment id no 3217052

              not to mention that MOST illegals have no F*&king idea of what a toilet is used for
              there worse then Cattle they Shit in the corner of a bldg and walk away. and i have seen it

              they shit in there own drinking water
              They all share ONE toothbrush if there lucky to even have one.
              i have worked with Fresh from the border types
              we gave them a bag with tooth brushes tooth paste etc
              the kids thought the paste was candy and spit it out when they found out it wasent. and then threw it away
              they have the worst teeth of any one even the British !!!

              The moms sold the Brushes at yard sales for 10 cents
              any free items given to them they sell for a few cents just to buy more cheap nail polish etc

              they smear poop all over and after wiping there butts never wash there hands. once saw a women Smack her kid around for NOT pooping in the ditch out front because it lead to the Garden next door. Savages one and all

              No idea about hygiene never touch a door handle in mexico. that’s how 50% of Americans get sick after trips to Mexico. its not always the water lots of times its food and clue about food sanitation except the Big hotels

              Parents need to pull there children out of public schools and home school them or YOU will be taking your kids to the Drs a lot.There children live with LICE Scabies etc and Never get proper treatment.
              the parents exchange clothes even underwear with out washing it Hats etc are worn by every member of the family with out any laundry soap or bleach

              We need to hurt the govt where it hurts the most in the wallet Pull your kids out and don’t put them back in the school district loses $$$ for each kid pulled out
              Deny the state and fed govt YOUR $$$ and Teach your children at home Or get together with other folks and Start Home schooling a group of kids

              Also Blame this mess on Harry ding bat Reid this is the result Of the Dream act
              These Dreamers are dragging us down he is the one who sent messages down to central and south america and told them to “Send your children they wont be deported EVER !!!”

              and now they expect the US to keep that promise
              in the next 6 months to a year look for tens of thousands of adults to start rushing to the border to “FIND there children ”

              Time to actually send a message to DC Stop Obama Stop Reid and his party from completing the job of destroying the U S

              OVOMIT IS never going to stop even after the mid term elections

              • And these are the people Kalifornia farmers want harvesting and handling your “fresh” vegetables.

              • On the “turd world Mexicans”…..

                a true story for ya……

                Because of Tyson Foods Poultry Plant and their continued efforts to bring in “cheap labor”…. aka “illegals”; we have a steady influx in our community.

                This one particular man has a small trailer park that he had a hard time keeping white residents in because the place was so run down and the white trash that would stay there, wouldn’t pay.

                Then the mexicans started pouring in. The trailer park owner went around bragging that he was renting all his trailers to mexicans and they always paid on time. he crowed for about three months until a nearby neighborhood, downwind, started calling the county commissioners and complaining about the awful smells from the place. Finally, a county health inspector got the owner to go with him to inspect for possible septic line leaks. Nope no leaks could be found but the awful smell was unmistakable.

                The inspector said he wanted to inspect the inside bathrooms. After finally getting an interpreter, cause almost none could speak english, they were allowed entry.

                Almost every trailer bathtub was running over with the mexicans excrement and right beside the darn things were perfectly fine, working toilets.

                The park owner was out of business for a long time after that.

                now imagine the stench that these sick bastards carried around with them all the time, and hsving to work beside one of them. peeeeuuuuu!

                The county does stay on top of the issue now and it hasn’t been a problem that has been reported in several years.

                i wouldn’t want to shake hands with one of them, though.

            • nope you are wrong. Privacy rules trump any parent’s concern. Good luck with that. teach your kids how to protect themselves. wash hands with the “waterless” type soap often. Don’t teach them to be afraid of people tho. Make it a “teaching ” moment.

        • Deadly diseases, Islamic savages, scum illegals, fucking traitor politicians, poisonous medicine and food. Oh yea, and all pigs. I’m sure I left a few problems out. Got enough ammo and colloidal silver?

          • The Patriot Nurse – SHTF medical info.

            Top 5 Antibiotics for SHTF Storage

            The Role of Dental Health in Survival

            The True Shelf Life of Drugs – What the FDA isn’t Telling

            The ULTIMATE Medical Kit! Part 1

            The ULTIMATE Medical Kit! Part 2

            The ULTIMATE Medical Kit! Part 3

            • @KY Mom,

              You are the ” Hershel” of this site!

              Don’t forget the Elderberry syrup, it helped my family through the flu last year.

              • Walgreens sells Elderberry syrup, so does Amazon. I’m not certain of the science behind it, but it does seem to build up resistance to virus caused diseases.

                • Wonder where JayJay is? Elderberry was one of her favorite. She told us the dosage, but I can’t find the notes that I wrote it down. I wrote that down plus the pool shock of 1:2 and then 2:1 ratio….

                  • I don’t like to speak for anyone, but she is on other sites. Had enough of the keyboard commandos around here whose Mickey mouse junior high Bullshit would be my guess. There have been several people lately that won’t comment and have left. That is truly a shame. But hey back up ole dumb ass braveheart….. ciao.

                  • Nothing has changed much on this site since I started reading here back in ’09, or maybe it was ’08. The foul language has been dialed back a little from what it was at one point, i think.

                    Anyways, the ability to have free speech has gained more folks attention here than the squelched and highly monitored sites.

                    I only remember once that Mac has asked anyone to go somewhere else and he did it very eloquently and fair.

                    Folks come and go, and that sometimes may have a little something to do with the “mickey mouse bs”, but that kind of stuff will go on regardless of where you visit.

                    I, for one have not found any site that offers this kind of fellowship and with such varying classes and types of people.

                    i was visiting and stirring things up on Jonathan Turley’s website a few years ago. As a left-wing professor of law, I have respect for his intellect and smart views about some things…..But talk about feeling like a bantam rooster in a den of foxes.

                    I got tired of all the liberal loathing of conservatives and christianity, so i eventually took off the link and never returned.

                    Many links have come and gone, but SHTF Plan has been a constant.

                    Keep up the good work Mac, and I fully agree….
                    “You can never have too many latex gloves”.


                • Elderberry is a tested anti viral so it helps protect against viruses but won’t help against bacteria or fungus. Best to use a syrup of a proven strength when illness is present but for general health you can include the berries in your daily foods.

              • I prefer no contact with other humans or avoid mass public places. I have not been sick in years and years. I work from home. Its the grocery cart where you put your eggs and milk, that just 5 mins earlier a child with diarrhea was sitting spreading its germs on the cart. Wipe the cart handles down. When you come home the first thing you do is wash your hands. Anti-bacterial soap. Put it on and let is sit for a minute before rinsing the soap off.

                • Oh My. Look up Jewish Diseases. There are a ton carried by the Genes in Jews. It is estimated that 1 in 3 Ashkenazi Jews is a carrier of at least one of these 19 diseases.
                  Go to for more information. Must be the Mongoloid family tree that God created as the chosen.

                  • Check out this Video. TPTB are developing strains of Eboli that infect certain DNA Types. It is DNA sequencing that spreads Eboli faster in certain DNA Types. Like Blacks.

                    Watch “EXPOSED! DNA Sequences Reveal Ebola’s Spread and Mutation!” –

                    • …or like white males…

            • KY Mom, the patriot nurse is a great resource. I’ve watched a few of her videos and she knows her business. she reminds me of my wife who was a nurse. If she was still alive, I’m sure she and patriot nurse would hit it right off.

          • You said that right FP

          • Yeah!!! We Americans are the most wonderful people in the world, as we watch our country massacre these countries you are hinting at. You should take a real close look at your self, at ourselves before we blame anyone outside of the USA.

          • Does lead cure obola?

            • Warchild, I think lead would be a lot more merciful than ebola.

          • I can’t tell you how glad I am that I don’t live on your world! Long on rage and short on brains (or facts). Your fear makes you a prisoner.

      2. It’s interesting to note that EVERY single case outside of Africa that has been suspected to be Ebola has tested “negative”. Every single one. Even the ones where people dropped dead with symptoms consistent with the virus in question.

        They have made a point, if you just look at the MSM news, of flying positive cases into countries where this virus does not or supposedly isn’t. Spain, Germany, USA, everywhere.

        I believe at this point everyone is being lied too in the Western world. No one will know the truth of this until everyone knows. They don’t want panic, yet. When they decide they are ready for the panic, then the truth will come out and not one minute before.

        On a side note, the illegal immigrant diseases drug resistant TB and scabies have shown up in my state in several schools now.

        • I agree, that out of all that appears to be wrong, it is “the powers that be” that scares me and I believe most of us the most!!

        • Don’t forget that North America has a native hemorrhagic fever too, Hantavirus. Also, Ebola isn’t the only virus of it’s kind in Africa as there is also Marburg HF, which is very similar to Ebola but has a lower mortality rate.

          I do agree though that it is unlikely that a case has not yet made it here. However, they are trying to stop people from overreacting while they can contain it. Thus, by the time the sheeple learn of it and panic into preparedness it will already be too late. It’s why I started preparing a while ago and while I don’t have everything I would want to have, I have more than most do.

        • TPTB created Eboli strainsthat infect certa in DNA types more than others. They are testing this out is the black race in Africa first. They will bring this to the States to wipe out certain races. Look up “Cicle Cell Anemia” that affects Blacks.

      3. I’m considering going into business. Buy 100’s of masks. Mark up.


        • It certainly worked for the Potassium Iodide businesses… When that Fukushima radiation warning was announced by DHS the price of 30 pills went from $20 to $200 overnight!

          Then, same thing happened with ammo (but not as drastic) when talks of bans started following the Sandy Hook event.

          When the shit hits the fan and people realize they don’t have what they need, they will pay unbelievable prices to get it.

          • I remember that! While I didn’t panic into buying any at that time, once things cooled down a bit I bought some for $10 a package, shipped. I also finished buying my basic nuclear war instruments off Ebay, learned how to use them, learned how to do all of the field tests and repairs on them and replaced anything that did not pass minimum function tests. I’m still planning to buy a really good geiger counter in the future because, let’s face it, radiation is fun!

            • UH,nuclear war instruments Winston?I take it you found the seller of some of them suitcase nukes?!

              • Sadly I did not. No, I was referring to US Civil Defense stuff (CDV-700, CDV-715, CDV-742, etc.). I also try to collect souvenirs from different important moments in nuclear history like Chernobyl, Fukushima, Three Mile Island, etc. Usually I just try to have some form of instrument (geiger counter,etc.). However, my next acquisition will probably be a small sample of Trinitite, so I can have something from the world’s first nuclear weapons detonation. I’d also like to buy a Soviet instrument like a DP-5V, so I can have something that would have been used by the Chernobyl liquidators. Hey, some people collect stamps or sports cards. At least I collect something that may be useful at TEOTWAWKI!

                • In Alamogordo, back in the 40’s-50’s-60’s, they were using “Trinitite” in landscaping and concrete work. As a kid in the 70’s, I thought it odd that some neighborhoods from that era had this weird green glass in their yards, and embedded into their outside walls… It is interesting stuff to look at, but don’t know about the wisdom of having it laying around.

                  Anyway, if you look around, you can find old Civil Defense Geiger counters around, still functional, in good condition. But, if you need a Geiger counter, it probably a bit too late anyway…

                  • Actually, the Civil Defense geiger counters (CDV-700 in all it’s various forms) are really only useful for dealing with low level radiation. They were meant for decontamination, not fallout. Fallout fell to the ion chamber survey meters (CDV-710, CDV-715, CDV-717, CDV-720) which could measure up to 500 Roentgen per hour, or enough to assure death if you stayed there for an hour (about the radiation level at the sore of lake Karachay- dumping site of Mayak). The lowest possible movement of those meters was the highest possible reading of the CDV-700. Of the survey meters, the only ones worth having are the CDV-715 1A or 1B with the mandatory retrofit done to them (indicated by a letter “R” written on the face and circuit board of the meter in permanent marker). Even then, it has to pass not only the circuit check function on the meter itself, but the testing procedure for the electrometer tube (after giving it a minute or two to warm up, slowly cycle it up through the ranges. If it jumps more than 5 clicks on any of them it’s no good.) Also, certain manufacturers were known for building mostly duds that failed within 5 years of manufacture! The worst is Landers, Fraray and Clark. The one I recommend is Victoreen as they seem to have done the best job making them. BTW, I have a Landers and two Victoreens, and the only one that works is one of the Victoreens.

                    Also, if you decide to get any of them be certain to get one that takes D cell batteries and NOT B cells! What are B cells, you ask? They were high voltage (around 50 Volt) batteries designed to operate the cathode of a vacuum tube. They are obsolete today and no one has made new ones in decades. Even if you do find one, it likely will be an old carbon-zinc battery with barely any juice in it. For this reason, avoid any CDV-710 or any CDV-700 that is not a model 5, 6, 6A, 6B, or the model 7 retrofit performed by the State of Florida. Even if you buy the right meter, it still needs calibration to be accurate, and must be run no less than once a month to keep the electrometer tube functioning. When stored, it needs to have dessicant packs in the box to keep moisture out of the circuits. High voltage circuitry does funny things around moisture and even just touching the circuit board with a finger can be enough to make it go crazy. Ask me how I know! It took almost an hour cleaning the traces with isopropyl alcohol and a hair dryer to get my one good CDV-715 working again afterwards.

                  • As far as Trinitite goes, it’s a NRC exempt source that’s only slightly radioactive. It’s safe if you know how to handle it and take some very basic precautions. I don’t even think that most of it is as radioactive as a piece of orange (red) Fiestaware from the period. You have to remember that it came from a nuclear detonation 70 years ago. As such, most of the radiation it once had was from fairly short-lived fission isotopes that have mostly decayed by now (7 half-lives). A small nuclear weapon like the Trinity gadget/Fat Man doesn’t have a lot of uranium in it to begin with, maybe 50 lbs. Compare that to a nuclear power plant though that can have tons of uranium or Plutonium in it and you’ll see why the contamination from a single small bomb is nowhere near a power plant or processing facility accident.

                    (By today’s standards, The Gadget and Fat Man (The bomb used on Nagasaki) would be small enough to be considered a tactical nuclear weapon at around 20 kt. Just remember that the next time a politician starts talking about using tactical nukes in war.)

          • No they won’t pay anything. They will kill to get it. Most people have no money, nor gold, silver and preps. The philosophy will be what you have is mine too….

          • When are masks and gloves a run? Stock up! Keep posting as we ALL lose freedom!

          • Hi Mac..I’ve resided myself to just load up iodize salt..may not be the most effective..but its affordable

        • S.D.
          You have a great idea!
          You know it wouldn’t hurt to get some more mask, gloves and bleach to add to the stash.

          • My daughter broke into our latex glove stash… she likes to fill them up with water and pretend they’re cow utters… Totally random happening, but I thought I’d share… You can never have too many latex gloves is all I’m sayin’ !

            • I prefer nitrile…They don’t dissolve as fast with resins and acetone…besides many people are allergic to latex…

          • You can’t go wrong.

            More in your stash. A positive!

            Sell for a profit. A positive!

            Just say there’s no panic. They’re price will go up due to inflation. A positive!

      4. It will hit the big cities the hardest. Will we miss 50 million Democrats? I don’t think so. I won’t.

        • The loss of human life would be a tragedy to be sure.

          But, admittedly, I still laughed at your comment Rellik… That’s just good comedy.

          • @mac…its nice to see you engage more in the conversation.

      5. Almost time to get into the bunker…..

      6. Ebola: Obama’s new population control method behind open southern borders and his own incompetence.

        • Confed:
          You are right as I was reading your post Fox news just had a segment about all the crap these Illegals are bring across the border. They are bringing into the schools. WTH. All of the kids in this area has to have shots to go to school. They don’t? B.S. Keep them away from my grand kids until they have all the shots and are cleared!!!! Better yet SEND THEIR ASSES BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Ebola just might be the beginning of all the sickness they can be bring her.

          • Hey Sgt., I can’t disagree with you. I’ve said before that all illegals should be dumped on the WH lawn, perhaps Obama and his ilk could contract the various disease’s but alas, he’s not on obamacare.

            • Dump them on the golf course. He’s never at the WH.

            • Given the slipshod nature of our ‘healthcare’ system, and dipshit ‘anti-vacers’ the refugee children crossing our southern boarder (in fear of their lives I might add) are statistically better vaccinated, and less likely to be carrying a disease, than a native citizen. But please feel free to continue with clutching your pearls and screaming ‘the end is neigh’ at the top of your lungs. Candy ass.

      7. “Experts say the virus doesn’t spread like the flu or measles because it is not airborne. However, there are some indications that current strain of the Ebola virus may be mutating. Last month a warning issued by the CDC claimed that infectious Ebola materials could be spread through the air.”

        A ‘weaponized’ or lab created version could easily spread through the air. Think crowded cities,subways and airports. This is actually perfect for sickos and TPTB to achieve both Agenda 21 depopulation efforts as well as excuses for the final petrodollar collapse.

        The banksters have long been searching for the next patsy excuse as to why the U.S. dollar is failing and falling fast. They will state every reason in the book including cold, harsh winters, Ebola outbreaks and even WWIII…anything but the truth.

        Russia and China broke ground the other day on the worlds largest natural gas pipeline and it looks like the Ukraine is still in the mix for further war complications. It truly is going to be a long, cold winter this year. The Farmers Almanac is usually 75-80% correct. Got firewood?

        • Not to bring in the Bible, but the 4 horseman of Revelation starts with a false peacemaker that is followed by war, deaths, famine, and pestilences. If I remember a third population perishes early and later it is around 2/3rds. Thus,

          (1/4 + 2/3) x (7 billion people) = ?

          Shit, I was educated in America, thus the answer adds to more than 6 billion gone….doesn’t agenda 21 and the NWO want 1 billion or less?

          • Sorry,

            I meant one fourth, not one third. Maybe our resident expert, Sinner, can weigh in on this one….

        • Ebola Zaire (EZ) is the hottest strain with a mortality rate of +90% when untreated. It has also been proven to be airborne – in 1983 Col Nancy Jaax was part of a team that was injecting monkeys with EZ that were being treated with drugs. All died, nothing worked. There were 2 “control” monkeys – in the same area but caged separately that “went down” with EZ. Her statement that “that was conclusive proof that EZ can be transmitted through the air” seems to have been sanitized by TPTB and dutifully parroted in the MSM as I continually read references that state it cannot.

          Personally, I don’t trust ’em!


          PS – I read in our media yesterday there was a confirmed case of EZ in Sweden – seems someone came back from a business trip to the hot zone and brought it back with him/her.

          • Update – now the person in Sweden is negative. Yesterday positive, today ……?

            Manipulation? Or am I just a cynic?


            • Aussie.
              It is hard to trust too much anymore of what MSM reports these days. Some stuff is legit, but most is what they want people to hear and believe. A good example is the economy and whom is behind the wars. Cheers!

          • Uuhhmmm…..ever been in the company of captive monkeys? They explore their various orifices. They fling their poo..etc…not sure that equals eboba virus is airborne. ..:) However the driver transporting the infected traveler
            A few weeks back who then got sick may be an indication for concern.

        • Got firewood,already working on next seasons assuming not needed this season due to ultra artic freeze ect..I did give a cord plus last year to neighbor when their heater broke down.They had had their stove cleaned/inspected but never used,needless to say they love their kitchen wood burning stove and have set up home so they could live in one part and stay warm with just stove,they learned and though too old to do the wood themselves got a few cord delivered late spring.They have given me veggies from garden/eggs from their chickens so it all works out well.They are also interested in some of the low tech solar info handed their way in regards to heat.

      8. I still don’t see it. 3,000 cases since December of last year. So that’s 3,000 cases in the first 8 months of the epidemic. I don’t see how it gets to 100,000 by December of this year. Or December of next year either. I’m in my 50s. I could die of old age before the one millionth person catches the disease. It moves way too slow for it to become the 21st century version of the 1918 Spanish flu.

        • Barn Cat-

          You are still thinking that the virus has not mutated or become airborne yet. The CDC and WHO have both stated this has been the WORST Ebola outbreak in recorded history thus far. What has changed? Why is THIS one worse? We may not know till it’s too late.

          One thing for certain DO NOT expect the Gov. or MSM to give any credible warnings or help. I am afraid they want the U.S. population to become the petri dish that infects the rest of the world. Would not surprise me one bit.

        • Just wait.

          Politically Correct Mathematics can make anything possible.

          Just look at the National Debt.

          “Raising the debt ceiling doesn’t raise the debt.” = Quarantine stops the spread of ebola.

          The first part is true. But the first part gives the government the “ability” to raise the debt.

          The second half is also true, until PC math is entered into it.

          Quarantine who? Africans? Anyone of color? That’s racist!! Since that is racist, we have to change that half of the equation:

          Quarantine (persons of color) can’t stop the spread of ebola because minorities can’t spread it.

          So now the equation is:

          “Raising the debt ceiling doesn’t raise the debt.” = People of color don’t spread ebola.

          Filter this through MSNBC or CNN, and the equation combines to form the following:

          “White Americans who don’t want to spend money on social programs for illegal imm…..(i’m sorry)… Undocumented immigrants are responsible for the increases of ebola worldwide.”

          I have a headache.

          • PC Mathematics ultimate solution to any equation:

            It’s all Whitey’s fault.


            • Someone can take that pc math and shove it!

          • What?
            How very “Common Core” of you. Except you did not use enough steps to qualify for a correct answer.
            Funny though.

      9. This appears to be getting worse pretty fast. And I work at a County hospital. I’m screwed if this multiplies. Early retirement for me I guess. Time to pick up my prepping. This can turn ugly. IF this does hit the USA, watch Executive Orders be implemented to impose medical martial law and Obummer goes for a third term. They’ll force to take a vaccine which will probably kill us too. No way to win. NWO control. It’ll look like The Hunger Games or Elysium!!!

        • The forcing of vaccines will be the straw(that poor but tough camel)that breaks camels back,there would be at that point dictatorship ect. so time s up.

          • If they force vaccination, it will be everybody not just medical personal or kids. And it will be hard to stay off their radar unless you are really keeping to yourself.

            • Oh,will be on the radar,short term perhaps but on radar non the less!

      10. Ebola has found a new way to spread.

        Report: Dogs Eating Dead Bodies of Ebola Victims

        Dogs in one community in Liberia have been reported eating the remains of dead Ebola victims lying on the streets and seen pulling the bodies out of the graves and eating the remains.

        “Dogs can be infected with the Ebola virus but that infections appear to be ASYMPTOMATIC.”

        “This means that dogs won’t get sick, but they still could carry AND SPREAD EBOLA through licking or biting…”

        Many other animals could just as easily spread this virus – rodents, birds or insects like flies or mosquitos.

        • mosquitos…Maybe monsanto will come up with a gm bugger like they did in brazil to help quell the dengue fever outbreak…
          oh wait…that’s certainly contained isn’t it… re
          They’re all evil…

          • Just take the AIDS epidemic as an example. In the beginning we had no idea of all the ways it could spread. Maybe you could catch it just by kissing? It took decades to unravel that mystery meanwhile the Gay flight attendant kept on spreading his cheeks at every city. Best advice stay away from mass gatherings where congo looking people with no health care or sanitary conditions exist. You do not want to be a CARE worker trying to save the planet right now.

        • Does this mean that Obama will quit eating dog meat?

          • Old Geezer:

            That is right. He does eat dog meat. Thst missus/mr of his is a real dog.

            • No need to insult dogs here. Bammy will keep eating steak and lobster while fucking the Americans at a rate of $250,000 per minute flying golf course to golf course, fund raiser to fund raiser on air force one. With that possum eating shit grin on his fag face all the while. Will we survive 2 more years of this bull shit ? I doubt it. Keep a whack’in and stack’in everyone.

            • Whitehouse- Hey has anybody seen Bo lately? Here Bo!! Here Bo!! Come out from where you are hiding. Maybe he ran away?? Dad you seen Bo??? Uhhhh err…..uhhhh. Bo went to go see a dog about a man….

        • @ KY Mom

          THAT is not good news M’am, Oh Boy, really not good news.

          Ummm, might to check out a potential last-ditch BOL in a post of mine in the last strat-BOL article; it has been pre-vetted by an ‘old friend’ rather well. Regards…

        • Hell I’ve seen dogs lick their butt and then owner tells the mutt, “c’mon poochie, give mommy kisses”.


        • I never celebrate Labor Day. Unions have had a big part in the downfall of America. Did not out the flag out today.
          So many threats from so many places! Place you bets now on which one hits the fan first.

          • So! We have at least two posters here who think unions are just hunky dory? Well, you are wrong.

          • So! We have at least two posters here who think unions are just hunky dory? Well, you are wrong.

            • Texan, I agree with you about unions. They originally started out with good intentions to help the average worker, but once they came under mafia/political control, they were ruined.

        • Just another day,personally I never observe it…too commie sounding to me I guess 😉

        • Yes keep working hard the more you earn the more Obama Care Tax you get to pay. 1% of earned income. Belly up to the slave masters bar folks for you daily whipping and beating.

          • Labor Day. – The day nobody is required to show up to do any work. Another great American tradition For Federal Employees and banksters to avoid responsibility or accountability at tax payers expense.

            • Kind of like Columbus Day. A day to celebrate a Spanish Genocidal Invader who never set foot on the land or continent called North America. Then Blacks need their Holiday so the celebrate a black guy who got shot. Maybe that’s why there are so many black on black shootings in Chicago so they can get another day off. (Sarcastic)

      12. speaking of mutations

        Ebola virus is ‘mutating rapidly’, experts warn

        and the actual number of cases is most certainly much higher than what is being reported by WHO
        some estimate by as much as 50%


        because of things like this

        Sudan bans reporting on Ebola

        and this

        Fear of Ebola Breeds a Terror of Physicians

        you’ve all read the stories of medical personnel being attacked and driven out of villages and towns
        of clinics and hospitals being looted

        do you think a population that is afraid to go to a doctor is reporting to authorities family members with EBOLA?

        of course not

        and some time ago
        the government of Guinea made it official policy not to report
        on EBOLA

      13. IF…and that’s a BIG IF Obozo wanted to keep us safe, all he would have to do is BAN all flights from Africa to the US. Any connecting flights from Africa will be banned from entering US airspace. Problem solved. Of course, knowing Obozo and his hate for this country, he’ll find a way to get them (infected people) here so he can get complete control of the country.

        • They’re already here. They’ve come across our southern border already. Bank on it. If a Muslim will strap a bomb to his body to kill people in the village square, what makes you don’t think he/she (or 500) get infected on purpose, land in Mexico and come over into the U.S., and mix into a large Metro area. Just like fleas on a dog.
          Furthermore, what makes you wanna think if an outbreak gets started, we’ll be informed of it.

          • The patriots keep posting.. while borders are open to war with Americans! Keep posting as enemies winning war! Patriots great at posting as we lose fredom and our lives!!

      14. man
        these guys must be wetting themselves over this

        As CDC Director warns President!!

        “The Director of the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC),Dr. Tom Frieden has on Friday August 29th 2014 at State House, sternly advised His Excellency the President of Sierra Leone that President Koroma needs to act fast and implement certain changes before it is too late to save his citizens. Dr. Frieden was shown on SLBC Television as he firmly warned the country only has “hours and not days” within which the President should take adequate steps to stem the ravaging Ebola virus transmission.”


        “hours and not days”

        and with epidemics come what ???

        Ebola Threatens Food Security Here, FAO Fears

        prep now
        cause’ ya damn sure won’t have the chance later

        Just In Time: When the Trucks Stop, America Will Stop (With Immediate and Catastrophic Consequences)

      15. It’s only going to get worse in the winter time when our immune systems are already fighting off other viruses. I know people don’t have an immunity to ebola nor can you get a shot to make it go away. People are going to get the common cold and the standard flu and panic because they will all have ebola on their minds.

        It’s going to be ugly. Hell, it already is ugly. But just imagine a few people being officially declared to have the disease. By then the people they affected will have already mingled with the population. Pandemic was on the bottom of my list as far as what is most likely to occur concerning SHTF events. Always in the very far back of my mind. However, there is no difference in bugging in and involuntary isolation.

      16. Last year it was SARS. Now its Ebola, anthrax? whatever!

        Just keep looking into your big bright box and everything will be ok.

        • Only if there’s sunshine and lollipops.

          • Blue PIll


            Red Pill

            • Take both!

      17. ISIS, Economic Collapse, Ukraine, Fukushima and all other daily dooms news are either true or just scare tactics. Either way the international criminal banking cartels are the sole beneficiaries who will profit from the human suffering since all of these catastrophe are man made and not the act of mother nature.

        Kill the bankers worldwide and destroy their tribe.

        • Anonymous:

          Just for another view of the CDC, vaccines, big pharma have Rappoports nomorefakenews sent to your e-mail. His articles are priceless.

      18. If it is 100,000 in New Jersey or Seattle, then it won’t be too scary. Just joking. I don’t wish this on anyone, including myself and my hometown. A lot of things to worry about. Pestilences and severe outbreaks are definitely one of them. For those that get this, hopefully there is medicine that works….

      19. A couple of points. To my understanding (this to KY Mom) tobacco plant derived material(s) seem to have the most efficacious results as regards the Ebola virus. Not what is normally grown by those of the herbal bent.

        The next point is pragmatic. In dire circumstances, historically, quarantine has been effected by shooting the suspected carrier; or, at least the threat of shooting. In the case of Ebola, the act of bullet penetration would be catastrophic to any and all in the area.

        The exponential rise in the number of cases possible in the USA will be in large part due to intent of those who will cause the rapid dissemination of those infected via public transport and placement in highly populated areas.

        Like the ol’ Looney Toons cartoons ended….. “That’s all Folks!!!”

        • I actually have some tobacco growing this year,only doing ok and decided to let it flower and go to seed,so,I will investigate a bit on what of the plant has some other uses besides seed for next year.

          • It works great when you make a tea from it and spray it on your plants for natural pest control. Do not drink it or allow any animal to drink it. It will kill you.
            When you cut down the plants later spread a tarp below to catch any seeds that fall as you cut it down. They will spread like a true weed. My uncle’s tobacco patch took over one side of his garden.

            • Heartless & SCTV,

              Thank you for the information about tobacco.

              Tobacco can also be used for worm control in horses. My daughter has been using this off-grid recipe on her horses for years.

              Off-Grid Worming Recipe for Horses
              (Most of these items you can grow yourself.)

              Use a mixture of 40% sunflower and pumpkin seeds, 30% tobacco leaves (or use loose pipe tobacco from the store) and the rest parsley flakes and garlic. Fill up a gallon ice cream bucket and you can worm over 20 horses with it.

              According to research, intestinal worms release from the stomach and intestinal lining during the full moon to breed. If you use a mixture such as this or others, the rough texture of the mixture scrapes the worms away and right out of the horses.

              It is much cheaper than conventional worming, which can run up to $10/tube every 60 days. And the horse manure (garden fertilizer) isn’t contaminated by the chemicals in the tube wormer. But what most people don’t think about is that horse manure tainted with worming medication is also tainted and will kill the good worms in the soil once the manure is on the ground.

              *Ivermectin products in the manure will continue to kill beneficial stuff in your soil for 28 days post worming. Daily feed through wormer like strongid will eventually sterilize your whole place. Panacure or safeguard does the least damage to your soil.

              • On the dewormer passing thru and contaminating the soil from collecting the manure for fertilizer……

                First of all; no fresh manure of any kind should be used on plants that are going to produce edible fruits/veggies.

                For a fresh manure based compost to be used on a garden it must be fully composted/turned/heated by the sun and/or heat build up, internally for a minimum of 90 days.

                We prefer at least six months to a year for our horse manure.

                To avoid dewormer contamination into the compost piles/pits; we collect all the manure, that would normally go into the composting, after deworming; for at least three days after being dewormed, and discard it.

                Not a big problem, just a minor adjustment.

                Thanks, KY Mom for the SHTF receipe for deworming.

                I have it written down, just in case. Until then I will keep with the proven chemicals. Parasites in horses, if left untreated and unchecked, can and will cause a number of problems and some are irreversable.

                A person that doesn’t take care of their animals to the full extent, shouldn’t own them. God is watching those that mistreat and abuse their animals/pets, because He created them and He loves His animals.

          • The legalization of Pot has decreased overdoses of Big Pharma drugs by 25%. Look that up. Another fact the war on drugs is a failure and scam to imprison our population.

      20. …Swell………

      21. Democrap vs Republicon, like it makes any difference. Do you think Romney would of done anything different? TPTB sure have some drinking the brainwash kool ade. How about another Bush-Cheney debacle? Would that make you feel better? Romney would of had the same number on food stamps, the same illegal immigrant invasion and the exact same decline of rights and police state gone berzerk policies. There was no cholce to improve America’s decline. Like the Ebola scare, it’s all part of the plan playing out while voters still think they have the power to change the direction that’s locked in. Why would they fear the guns when they can kill everybody without firing a shot? To vote for either party is mentally ill.

        • Do you think Romney would of done anything different?


          Romney would not have told you what he was going to do. He would have found a way to make it look like that wasn’t part of the plan. Everything else would be pretty much the same.

          • Romney would have transfered the US Government over to Big Corporations whereas Monsanto and Johnson and Johnson would be running the FDA. The Carlyly Group would be running the Dept of Defense, and Black Water would be Running DHS.

            • WWTI:

              Seems to me that is what is happening anyway….

              • Well, Romney probably would have played less golf and, at least, would have looked more presidential.

      22. ““In the context of overall diseases, the likelihood of Ebola even coming to the U.S. or to UCI Medical Center is so extremely low, we just don’t expect it to happen,” Gohil said.”

        Boy, if that isn’t a warning, I don’t know what is. They shipped two cases from Africa to Atlanta, then claim ebola hasn’t reached us yet. They’ll hide the truth and cook the numbers until it gets a solid foot hold, then they’ll cry “Epidemic”, everyone has to have the shot…

        Their not fooling anyone.

        • Sixpack. Its just like the phony war on drugs. They scream about all the drugs the drugs coming across the boarder and shores, but then they send the DEA and US Coast Guard down to seize drugs in Bahamas, Panama and ofoff the Shores of Columbia. Guess where they bring the seized drugs back to? You got it, to the shores of the US. How much of those drugs do you think make it to the streets of Americs under phony drug buys or to put on the streets to convict citizens. Thats why the war on drugs is phony. The CIA is over in Afghanistan protecting the poppy fields.

          • Absolutely, WWTI. But just the fact that the warnings suit the agenda of the elitists, doesn’t mean they won’t take the epidemic ‘live.’ Yes they LIE when it suits them, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be careful in our daily lives. I try never to intentionally put myself at risk, especially when it isn’t necessary.

      23. Take it all with a grain of salt,prep accordingly.

        • yeah…but I gotta have a WHEELBARROW to CARRY that grain of salt!

      24. 100,000 infected by November…

        The numbers are grim to say the least.

        It gets worse though, the curve being projected presumes that during the course of the outbreak the virus does not succesfully acheieve to fullbore airborne transmission…as all here know. So it is

        What is troubling to me peronally is that the basic mechanics of nby viral manifestation include the slow, subtle shift in the pathogens own genetic make-up which occurs subsequent to entry into each individual new ‘host’, successively. Sometimes, the virus loses transmissiblity or lethality as that slow genetic drift occurs. Thank God for miracles!

        However, it is also the case – which occurs more and more, with alarming frequency – that multiple trips through multiple host serves only to ‘fine-tune; the viral payload to a a single species, sometimnes multiple. Also well-known facts.

        It is the case that IF any-such randomly mutates into a truly succesful adaptation to the host’s fundamental base-code that quite suddenly – either or both the transmisibility or the lethality can evince completely non-linear increases in same.

        As if from out of the BLUE, without WARNING, suddenly 50 miilion are dead in a week. Which is the basic problem since by the time that THEY (the corporate interestss) have ‘pre-vetted’ that information (via the ever diligent MSM) for YOUR consumption – IF they do so! – then the DELAY in doing so all but assures that by the time you DO hear about it the figure will have increased exponentially, soooo…

        Any sign that ‘something just ain’t right’, just a few weeks down the road MIGHT well be the ‘lil tap on the shoulder’ that you SHOULD pay attention to. Further, the GREATER the apparent magnitude of ANY signiicant jump in those rates of activity will FURTHER delay thier RESPONSE to you as they have to go higher and higher up the chain of to get ‘permission’ to broadcast that information.

        Q: How BAD might it be till they DON’T make ANY ATTEMPT to notify the general public, ie, such as when the researchers have started calling Friends and Family surreptitiously with short, brief mesages that any casual bystander would think were non-sensical…at least on the face of it…which those who received said mesages responded to ‘oddly’…perhaps with HASTE?

        Just joking here Folks!…or am I? You decide when.

      25. Hospitals can contain it? The article downplays the risk in hospitals.

        I work in the industry and I am here to tell you, we cannot get people to properly wash their hands…let alone engage in proper use of isolation or PPE for contact precautions for MRSA, C dif, or influenza….I see this being easily disseminated amongst hospital patients and possibly be the next new hospital acquired infection….

        • Hospitals kill the most people out there with infectious diseases. More deaths than smoking or DUI’s OR Guns. Wash your hands first thing when you come home and walk in the door. Preppers stock up on bulk antibacterial hand soap. .

      26. just a little story from over on LLAMEDOS
        hat tip Xeluc

        “I just got back from my sister’s house and heard a story I wouldn’t have believed if she hadn’t told me.

        She is a nurse at a hospital here in Ohio. A woman flew back here from Guinea last month and my sister ended up caring for her at the hospital. This woman had bloodshot eyes, blood blisters on her face, (mostly the nose area and inner lips) fatigue, bloody vomit, etc. She was tested for Malaria, and two other illnesses that I forget. They also did two other tests, they were called IGG and IGM. I forget how exactly these tests work but I’m told that if you test positive for both, that is Ebola. This woman tested positive for one. The CDC said they didn’t think it was Ebola and didn’t show up.

        Here is the kicker. When this woman came into the hospital, she was given a robe and a mask. THAT’S IT! My sister has no idea what ended up happening to her. She may have gotten better or died, but the hospital is hush hush about the whole thing, presumably for PR reasons. There was absolutely nothing about this in the media.

        This is the level of security this particular (large) hospital uses for potential Ebola patients. She wasn’t even admitted to a negative pressure room even though they have one for TB patients. Just a regular room…

        I am so proud of my sisters dedication. I really don’t know if I could take care of a patient like that . She was a nervous wreck for the next 21 days. She said it killed her inside to handle her four year old daughter. I’m pleased to say that she is fine now, but my god, I’ve lost so much faith in our medical system…”

        • IgG (Gamma globulin) and IgM are antibodies produced by white blood cells (B cells). Elevated levels indicate recent exposure to an infection. It’s easy to find info about these antibodies on the

          *admin edit — link removed because of non-working URL*

        • Remember back in march there was concern that the testing being done was not catching all the cases because the virus had mutated. Scares the crap outta me.

        • Good Evening Satori,

          Reminicent of the scene from ‘Red October’, wherein the Admiral says,

          This will get out of hand…this WILL get OUT OF HAND and People wILL die!”

          Only question is when…keep your bags packed…but again then you likely already do have them setting aside handy for ‘an emergency’, No?

          Thanks for the diligence, it’s more appreciated than I can say.

        • That’s just what I’ve always thought. Hope that infected woman was flown out over the great lakes, dropped out the door and told to ‘swim back’. We’ll never know and we won’t until it can’t be contained any longer. By that time a lot of folks will be shittin’ blood.

      27. IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN: Jesus Christ will keep terrible diseases like Ebola out of the USA if we do one thing: REPENT

        Repent of: porn, fornication, adultery, lust, drugs, drunkenness, greedy love of money, idolizing career over God, hatred, faithlessness, arrogance, abortion, and all other sins.

        Why has the USA been so prosperous, and so peaceful for so long until the the 21st century? RIGHTEOUSNESS

        PROVERBS 14:34 – Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin [is] a reproach to any people.

        USA Christians have been becoming ever more arrogant, sinful, self-righteous, etc.

        If you were Jesus Christ, would YOU bless the USA like he used to, with endless prosperity and peace? It doesn’t matter, you’re not Him.

        BUT, if we repent and live righteously, we can be blessed like that again per 2 Chronicles 7:14:

        1) repent of your sins, all of them
        2) earnestly pray with faith (not doubting God exists, and rewards sincere prayer) for other Christians to stop sinning. If I could quit porn by believing and saying Romans 6:2,3,4,18,21, Colossians 2:11, and 2 Corinthians 5:17 whenever I was tempted, then you can also. I haven’t used porn since late 2009. You can too.
        3) hold meetings where you invite Christians to pray with faith with you for the USA, our leaders, and for a Christian revival to sweep the USA of sin and hate and disease.
        4) tell everyone, “A Christian revival has started, pray for it to grow.”

        • I think its a little too late for this nation to turn around.

        • You are all going to Hell God told me this last week and asked me to keep tight lipped about it cause he still needs your money. Lots of money. He can move heaven and earth create the world in 7 days but just hasn’t figured out yet how to make his own money so he needs yours with the promise he will protect you and give you ever lasting life. And btw/ he asked that everybody donate their wealth and estates to the church upon your death. Cause you don’t need money in heaven cause you get 3 squares a day just like in a FEMA CAMP. LOTS of money.

          • WWTI:

            Come on WWTI. I already “spanked” you for that post. Jesus Christ tells you what is going to happen to those 501C3 churches and all their splendor.

            Think it took any money for God to create the beautiful things you are allowed to enjoy every day? The landscape, the animals, the flowers, etc. Nope, WWTI, he didn’t need or ask for one penny.

            And at the time HE decides, it will not take one penny for him to cleanse the earth of all the abominations that both of us are concerned about.

            HE is no happier about the stupidity and untruths and graft going on in those congregations then you are.

            There is an entity called Satan who has his worker bees here on earth and they are working overtime to destroy everything good that God created; and a lot of that destruction is coming from the pulpits of those churches.

            Jesus Christ tells parishners to get out of those churches but few listen.

            We are living Revelation, whether you choose to believe it or not WWTI. You would be pleasantly surprised to know God has his plans and it is happening as I type.

            You are an intelligent human being WWTI. Please stick to the truth you post, and until you understand the KJV of the Bible, leave Jesus/God to his work.

            Above ALL, HIS will be done……

            • You are so right PO Granny…..

              I would like to add this important fact; from Revelation.

              Of the “seven churches” not denominations; but, ideology and type of worship, thru the full understanding of truths or lack thereof; God is only giving His approval/favor, to “two” of them.

              I can’t get into that topic now, but it does just go to show us that there are way, way, many more false teachers/preachers out there, than good truthful ones.

              Don’t get caught up, = trapped, (not rapture-caught up) with the church of being mislead.

        • @Allen P
          Soooooooooo…. the people who are dying in Africa, Iran, Ukraine and the folks in the twin towers were all sinners? Seriously?

      28. The death toll will climb fast, because if I get it I’m using up my ammo before I go !!!

      29. Ebola is opportunistic so it is no surprise it is spreading in a part of the world where health and hygiene standards are the worst that can be found on planet earth. I wouldn’t be surprised if it will run its course over the next six months and take a few hundred thousands with it. Those countries will need to go with mass containment measures and probably the burning down of whole communities to clean out the contamination.

        But as for the West, that is a different story. We have multiple advantages to contain and control Ebola. Firstly, we have functioning health systems and hygiene measures. Secondly, most people get a reasonable diet. Thirdly, we have excellent communications systems, most believing in rational scientific solutions and functioning governments, whatever their flaws. None of these things exist in West Africa.

        This is also occurring in countries, that, to be frank, could lose a few hundred thousand and it would not make a wit of difference since their cities are already over-crowded, impoverished cess pits. It happened in Europe until they learned their lessons the hard way and so Africa will too.

        • Just wait the CDC, FDA and DHS will require all Americans to get the Eboli shot. And if you refuse, off to the FEMA camps you go, for retraining in the worker bee slave camp.

      30. ….This Ebola pandemic is all fake…
        (cough cough)
        ….It is all made up government propaganda…..
        (uncontrollable itching)
        ….I don’t believe the lies…..
        (vomit with blood)
        ….I won’t prepare….
        (uncontrollable flatulence)
        ….Obama says all is well and I believe him…
        (craps self then slowly dies)
        …..The US will stop any pandemic….
        (dogs chewing on my body in the street)

        • Yeah, saw THAT, amazing.

          Did ya see the cooment section where a guy said,

          Up yours CIA, screwed up THIS time…Hired some SMART and Ethical PEOPLE!…

          or somesuch (from memeory, might be wrong…off a bit!)

      31. What makes me wonder is this – if this particular strain is mutating rapidly, and if the DNA manipulation theory can be believed; then would it not stand to reason that this particular strain was weaponized? If so – then wouldn’t there be “markers” proving as such?

      32. Oh-ho, this is good,

        Remember that global wind curret and such I refered to previously? Relative to a BOL choice? Yes?!

        Try this link out, JUST stumbled over it, damn, can’t remember WHERE…it’s a prayer answered!,29.12,512

        That happens to be centered on the North American continent – though you can GRAB it with your mouse and spin it around – at the co-ords listed in the net addy, FASCINATING. Truly though, I’m NOT sure if this is something that is updated REGULARLY (semi REAL TIME) or is instead fixed and static…just DON’T know, SHE-it!!! IF someone here has the time – I DON’T, gettin ready to scoot BACK HOME, leave a note here !PLEASE! so I know, Thanks! …someone is gonna LUV this, oooOOH YEAH!

        • Yes. It updates. You can click on “EARTH” and check time and date and change the display to, among other things, temperature and ocean currents.

          I like to use this display when I’m interested in the progression of typhoons and hurricanes and also the “polar vortex” we had this winter.

          • post script…it updates every four hours…

            • @ JRS,

              THANKS…great info!, Later, as time permits, I’ll explore this RELIGIOUSLY. Prior to finding this this, the reliance was on tabular data….yeah, it can be ‘visualized’ mentally with practice but it’s a pain…to say the least. With everything else currently ‘on the front burner’ and ‘no back burner’ space available it’s a real assist. Thanks again!

      33. natural viruses want to survive , multiply , spread and therefore will evolve from it’s original deadly strain to a more passive strain, so it wont kill off the human hosts… unless it’s been deliberately weaponized.

        viruses are the Illuminati #1 way to kill off the unwanted human masses around the globe.

        am curious to see what they do when they themselves and their own families start dying off.


      34. WhoWuddaThunkIt says:
        Comment ID: 3217068
        September 1, 2014 at 6:34 pm Check out this Video. TPTB are developing strains of Eboli that infect certain DNA Types. It is DNA sequencing that spreads Eboli faster in certain DNA Types. Like Blacks.

        That would be one method to cull the EBT, Section 8 Housing, TANF,WIC, Medicade,Medicare,AFDC,Head Start,Earned Income Credit,Welfare crowd.
        And lets not forget culling the prison population, as well as inspiring third world illegals to depart post haste.

      35. Q: what’s worse than a chauvinist pig?

        A: a woman who won’t do what she’s told!



        barry obama really hates gays… so much he has them whacked, after having sex with them.

        Flashback: Mom of Murdered Obama Gay Lover Speaks Up

        In late May, Wash. DC-based investigative journalist Wayne Madsen had a bombshell revelation about Obama’s membership in a Chicago gay club, Man’s Country.

        Madsen also reported on Obama’s sexual relationships with other men, including named D.C. politicians and Donald Young, the openly-gay choir-director of the church in Chicago of which Obama was a member for some 20 years — Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ black liberation theology.

        Obama’s relationship with Young was confirmed by Larry Sinclair, who claims to have had two sex-cocaine trysts with Obama.

        … more


        Joan Rivers Bombshell: Barack is Gay and Michelle is a Tranny

        Asked by a street reporter whether a gay president or a female president will take office first, Rivers replied,

        “We already have it with Obama who is gay.”

        “You know Michelle is a tr*nny,” she went on. “A transgender. We all know.”

        As Gossip Cop previously reported, Rivers officiated a gay wedding on Monday.

        Last week, she was threatened with a lawsuit for jokes she made about Kristen Stewart.



      38. california is no longer considered a “bugout to” state.

        if you live in cali it’s time to move to where there is a viable real natural watershed and water source.

        California Drought: What Loosing ’63 Trillion Gallons of Water’ Looks Like!


      39. ISIS was created by the CIA and MOSSAD to scare Westerns into giving up what’s left of their civil rights and to snatch large chunks of ground that Israel will eventually get to form their dream of an Eretz Israel, stretching from the River Nile to the Euphrates, and from Turkey to the Red Sea.

        All paid with American tax dollars and American lives.


        • Playing the Western public is as easy as playing a tin whistle. Get ’em good and scared, then the older ones will accept any draconian measure to make the bad man go away. Most people have been suckered into massive debt and must run the rat wheel to stay on top of it. They can’t afford to go out and protest or resist the government.

          While they are distracted, ramp the military up and grab territory pronto. Since 9/11, we have expanded US bases around the world by at least a thousand percent. They are now mushrooming all over Africa. While Detroit crumbles into its footprint, gleaming palaces rise up at bases everywhere and state department outposts. But most Americans do not have a passport or the money or mental capability to purchase an air ticket and go and see for themselves, so they will never know.

      40. Several weeks ago I wrote in another comment thread that the medical community suspected that this Ebola strain is different than previously studied strains. Last week a piece in Science conclusively proves that this strain is not only different, but also mutating quickly for Ebola which causes many false-negatives during tests. Use the terms “Ebola” and “false negative” to read about infected individuals being released after testing “negative” then returning days later with blatant symptoms to die within hours or days at the hospital.

        With the rapid mutation rate of an entirely new strain, all assumptions made about this specific virus are simply guesses. Transmission rates, vectors and all other particulars simply cannot be known at this point. The research has not been done/completed. Some of the assumptions will be true, others will be false.

        One thing known about it, though: it is transmissible via “fomites,” a term that means surfaces contaminated with the virus. Consider how many surfaces you touch in your everyday life, particularly in public venues. Door handles/knobs. Elevator buttons. Vending machines. Keyboards. Touch screens. Stair rails. The list is endless.

        If this strain is similar to other strains in one respect, it will remain infective in dried droplets for at least three days. Unlike the flu, which requires several hundred virus particles to make one ill, one needs only 1-10 Ebola particles to become ill.

        For those disbelieving the projections, I recommend an internet search for the terms “Disease modelers project a rapidly rising toll from Ebola.” It appears on sciencemag’s website but I don’t want to use a URL and lock up my comment.

        I’ve long been a member of “the don’t panic but watch for problems” contingent. I wasn’t afraid of SARS or West Nile or swine flu. As of two weeks ago I moved to the “getting ready for all hell to break loose within three months” contingent. All it will take is a single person wandering around a large US airport with what (s)he assumes is a stomach bug (fever and tummy trouble) to kick it off. Worse is someone totally asymptomatic returning from Liberia and becoming symptomatic ten days later, said person assuming again it’s only a stomach bug, while going about their day in LA or NYC or any other major city.

        Anyone who doesn’t take this virus seriously is taking huge risks with his/her future.

        • I would be more worried about the panic and over-reaction than Ebola. Like any opportunistic infection/disease, you should take care of your immune system and overall health: that is the best protection. So, no unprotected sex with monkeys or guys at the glory hole down at the club.

          The panic will be highly disruptive to normal medical services and so you will need to be prepared for that. The way modern health care works, any mass epidemic – or perceived mass epidemic – will be met with chaos, confusion, unions and medical associations freaking out and withdrawing staff, or making employment rules unworkable, so that the impact is much worse than it should be. It would be better if the military took charge from the beginning but that probably won’t happen.

          • Part of the Marxist/Communist Manifesto is to keep the citizens in terror…..terror, terror, everywhere…

            Doing a good number on the USA, aren’t they?

          • My son-in-law is stationed on Fort Campbell and is watching for any indication of abnormal activity and/or odd orders. We think that the military will be called up if and/or when (still hoping it’s IF) Ebola emerges in the US, mainly to deal with Ferguson-type situations and guard the 20 some odd quarantine centers already set up.

            We live in a rural area and are finalizing preparations to stay put for up to six months. If I lived in a city, I’d be looking to get out of there post haste.

            Your point about non-pandemic medical services is already happening in West Africa. I read of six women who died in labor because they couldn’t find medical care. I have no doubt we will see similar situations if, as I expect, Ebola starts spreading in the US.

            It’s chaos on the horizon and I don’t like that one bit.

            I do try to look at the bright side, however. I’ve been watching Ebola since college (morbid fascination with that nasty virus) and when this one started I was struck by how different the virus is behaving compared to previous strains. I told my husband that it’s NOT Zaire or Congo, it’s something new, and he offered up his patronizing look. Now he’s lost that look and I get to smirk every once in a while. 😀

      41. There certainly are ways of staying healthy during a pandemic. One important way is to keep your immune system strong. Another is to provide an unfavorable medium for the virus to develop in, such as keeping your blood pH slightly on the alkaline side. How? By avoiding acid forming foods like sugar, meat, alcohol and artifical ingredients and using lemon juice (which is alkaline forming) and sodium bicarbonate or magnesium bicarbonate daily. See Dr. Marc Sircus of IMVA at

      42. It is my understanding, the symptoms start like the common flu, this country is going to freak out once the flu season starts. Its going to get crazy!

      43. what if the entire Ebola thing is a distraction?


        If it was engineered on purpose ..

      44. It was engineered by the usual suspects. Our future is bleak to non-existant.

        • Oktoberfest
          The haaj
          black friday

          All mass moron events coming right up on the event horizon.

          Ya’ll are in knowing about giving blankets too injuns . Well it was also an early psyop , they told the injuns run run away from the bad spirits. It worked good too , spread that sht far and wide.

          What do ya’ll think is going to happen in beaner villes if ebola catches on down there ?
          The greasos are going to run for the border en masse to get dat free helfcare .
          Perhaps soon it begins , the great shitstorm of our time )

      45. Dispatches from Occupied Territory – Fear is the Mind Killer–-fear-mind-killer

        ” It is you who have changed, not your surroundings and most certainly not the machine. The government has always been your enemy and not your friend; those multinational corporations have always pursued power and profit first at yours and my expense; the education system is designed to condition and indoctrinate, not liberate your mind, and your family is just as asleep as you were and maybe even more so. This was always the case with the danger partially hidden behind an obscuring lace veil. The only difference now is you have looked into the abyss and are shocked by what you have found”

      46. Isn’t there a Japanese scientist here in America that has created a virus? That he calls “the enemy of mankind” From somewhere that I read he is working on Ebola or something to that effect. Just seems odd, that they would be making this at the same time? Kind of like everything is just coincidence? The borders are wide open, the terrorist are acting up in the middle east, they(politicians) keep saying something bad is going to happen. Here we are it’s SEPTEMBER again. Every one should wear black on the 11th. What a sad day! None of this is on accident I know that! Just making comments….

      47. All this fear based crap!! Nothing good comes out of this so called ‘alternative new outlet’. I think this is all one big psyop, force feeding the massess (sheeple) fear, fear and more fear. All this chicken little stuff for how many years now? “The sky is falling”. As always, as we lead into Sept 11th, they turn up they hype on the big bad faceless boogie man called ‘terrorism’, and lock more of the sheeple minded masses into fear. “They’re gonna get us, they’re gonna get us, lock your doors, stock up on weapons, ammo, food, the apocalypse is coming”. Bunch’a meat heads! Wake up to what the heck they’re doing. Funny that even those that claim to be awake and in the ‘know’ are just like sheep being lead to the slaughter.

        • lol…time to drag that old H.L.Mencken quote out again:

          “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed and hence clamorous to be led to safety… by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

          Although the Anglo Zionist US Empire is usually lying to the people, it has gotten more blatant in it’s efforts in the past year. A new “law” that went into effect last year gives them the green light for all out domestic propaganda…which was forbidden before.

      48. Easy air travel plus a 21 day incubation period does not bode well for containment of ebola. Once its gets started it will be very hard to stop.

      49. And with open borders, we are screwed. By design.

      50. Knowing WHAT to fear and WHEN are the key factors to remember. Don’t fear the Reaper…or should we?

        “World Is Losing Battle To Contain Ebola Epidemic,” MSF Warns Response “Lethally Inadequate”
        (from ZeroHedge site)

        The CDC’s worst nightmare is coming true. Despite reassurances from the government that it was ‘contained’, the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria is accelerating fast. Health Minister Chukwu said that 17 had now been infected and 271 were under surveillance (including most horrifyingly, 72 in Lagos). In addition, Congo is seeing cases increase rapidly, with WHO reporting 53 cases of Ebola (31 dead) and warning, perhaps ominously, that there is no link with the West Africa strain. Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said the situation in her country “remains grave,” adding “People now don’t see this as a Liberia or West Africa crisis. It could easily become a global crisis.” Furthermore, Doctors-without-Borders warns, “the world is losing the battle to contain the Ebola epidemic.”

        • guys only manufacture the adjuvant.

          Your just as vile for making the “delivery” system.

      51. Fixin To Die Rag 2014!
        By Skot Pierson
        Copyright 8/17/2014
        * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
        Well ya read the papers and watch the news,
        CNN is a’singin the blues:
        The Ebola virus is on the way
        There’s cases on our shores today!
        But don’t you worry and don’t you fret,
        The CDC will save us all yet!

        And it’s one-two-three
        What are ya panickin’ for?
        Monsanto is on the scene,
        Everything is peachy-keen!
        And it’s five-six-seven
        Are the lines forming yet?
        Their vaccine has not been tested yet
        But it’s all we’re gonna get.

        As bad as Monsanto’s record is
        They’d like your patience, they KNOW their biz…
        Agent Orange, Roundup and GMOs,
        Have performed SO WELL, as everybody knows!
        So trust Monsanto and the CDC,
        All is well in the land of the free!

        And it’s one-two-three
        What are ya panickin’ for?
        Monsanto is on the scene,
        And everything is peachy-keen!
        And it’s five-six-seven
        Are the lines forming yet?
        Their vaccine has not been tested yet
        But it’s the best we’re gonna get.

        Well Americans caught it overseas,
        So let’s fly em to Atlanta and the CDC,
        Cause their record in containing viral strains
        ALWAYS turns out well (or so Obama claims)!
        They have a patent on Ebola so have no fear!
        (We’ll all be dead within the year)

        And it’s one-two-three
        What are ya panickin’ for?
        Monsanto is on the scene,
        Everything is peachy-keen!
        And it’s five-six-seven
        Are the lines forming yet?
        Their vaccine has not been tested yet
        But it’s all we’re gonna get.

        Well is it airborne or is it not?
        If it IS, we’re all in a helluva spot!
        The CDC can’t seem to get their story straight
        And all we can do is sit and wait…
        Thanks to Obama and the CDC
        For endangering you and me!

        And it’s one-two-three
        What are ya panickin’ for?
        Monsanto is on the scene,
        Everything is peachy-keen!
        And it’s five-six-seven
        Are the lines forming yet?
        Their vaccine has not been tested yet
        But it’s all we’re gonna get.

      52. Ebola is a s easy to catch as the flu and common cold..and is transmitted exactly the same ways…
        let me know when you EVER STOP the flu..cant be done..
        quarantine and keeping it OUT are the only hopes…

        at this point its TOO LATE..shoukda stopped it in afrika with 100 deaths in 90 days..
        now it will be 100s of thousands..

        100 cases in 100 days in 100s places in usa….
        200 countries infected in 4 months….
        how will you STOP THAT from coming here…

        1000 cases in 6 months….
        10s of thousands quarantined or observed….

        will we beat ebola here???..of course..but a 1000 cases is enough to panic a whole nation for 2 years….

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