U.S. Government Secretly Using Flu Shot to Seize Control of EVERY AMERICAN’S Immune System

by | Oct 27, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 10 comments

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    This article was originally published by S.D. Wells at Mike Adam’s Natural News.

    The vaccine industry always says “the science is settled” when it comes to any concoction they slap together and call a “vaccine.” The science isn’t “settled” because it’s never settled.

    You can’t predict the future, and organic and genetically modified things can quickly morph and mutate, changing everything. There’s a quote on vaccine research we must share, and it comes from the vaccine industry themselves, via the CDC, informing everyone they’ve got all the ingredients in vaccines already figured out, and that nobody should ever question, research, test or deny the “settled science” of any vaccine ever again.

    Before we get to that crazy quote, realize there is still a significant amount of mercury in flu shots. No, the CDC didn’t remove it back in 2003, like they said. They lied. And, few people know, the same industry that just shelled out $4 billion dollars in compensation through their secretive court for the vaccine-damaged families, also shelled out $3 billion of that $4 billion for the… wait for it…. damage the flu shot inflicted. So here we go with the quote: “Despite a lack of good-quality evidence, we do not recommend that any further research on this topic is undertaken.” (regarding vaccines that contain aluminum).

    The CDC doesn’t mention the “neurotoxic and cancer-causing agents” (per Dr. John Bergman from embedded video below), they just talk about trying to get the strains of flu right in their “wild” guess for each “flu season” – which is listed by the CDC as being October through May – yes, that means virtually three quarters of the entire year is “flu season” according to and CDC and the U.S. Government.

    Warning: There have been NO controlled trials done for the flu shot, at all. They admit it right on the vaccine insert and warning label, that nobody seems to ever read: “There have been no controlled trials adequately demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination.” Huh?

    There’s absolutely no way anyone should get the flu shot after reading this. There’s no good “trade-off” to avoid the flu if the shot doesn’t even work and you’re getting injected with mercury that can cause dementia, especially at 25,000 times more per dose than the EPA warns about in fish. Oops. In fact, there are 25 micrograms in one average flu vaccine, and the EPA safety limit is 5 micrograms, so children who are vaccinated simultaneously with multiple vaccines can receive over 10 times the safety limit of mercury in one day.

    It’s not just about the mercury either. You’re also dealing with MSG, formaldehyde, cancer cells and toxic heavy metals poisoning. It just gets worse. It’s all about mind control. You drink tap water with fluoride that lowers your IQ. Then you get injected with the world’s most lethal non-radioactive substance known to man. Then you watch TV and read the newspaper and voila, you think socialism might just work. Wake up. The U.S. government is secretly using flu shots to seize control of every American’s immune system.


    Flu shots are nothing but quack science and a horrible medical hoax that rakes in billions in profit, far more than they pay out for damages

    Don’t jump to conclusions so fast. Vaccines aren’t quack science. Some can confer immunization effectiveness, but not the influenza vaccine. The flu shot weakens your immunity for the following years, and that’s why they tell you not to get another one if you’ve ever received one before.

    Then, when they guess the wrong viral strains, the “vaxxed” people are shedding and spreading strains that aren’t even in the wild or from the wild but manufactured in laboratories using genetic engineering.

    There are no double-blind, placebo-controlled studies for this. Every single method of modern flu vaccination CAUSES viral strains to mutate, so the immunity they claim you might get is not even conferred. Get it? You can’t get protection from the wild virus when what you got injected into your muscle tissue was manufactured, mutated, and loaded with mercury.

    The science is never “settled.” Then it wouldn’t be science. Heck, the second you think you’ve got something figured out for good, it will change on you, maybe even blow your hypothesis to bits. Remember back when they thought the world was flat? How about when they thought the sun revolved around the Earth? And remember when people thought Pluto was a planet? Wasn’t that science “settled” then? Or, remember way back when they thought the world was getting hotter too fast? Wait, that’s now.

    Folks, the theory that flu shots work has been blown to bits, plus it’s loaded with chemicals that impair cognitive function AND immune function. It’s a lose, lose situation folks, and the less you can think for yourself, and the sicker you get, the better chance Big Government will take away every right you’re taking for granted right now.

    Think for a second about this – how many people have died from the flu AFTER getting the flu shot? Take a real close look at that.

    The flu shot is a hoax. It’s deadly too. Yes, this is happening, this year. Watch this complete analysis of the entire vaccine hoax, by the brilliant Dr. John Bergman:


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      1. It isn’t a hoax, but more like the “Oat Bran lowers cholesterol” leading to eating lots of oat bran muffins. Oh, but Cholesterol doesn’t cause arterial plaques or heart attacks and is needed and made by your body. Statins ARE a hoax, as is eating fewer calories short of actual starvation since your body will slow down to compensate.

        On the Flu Vaccine:
        IF they picked the right strain, and
        IF you are exposed to that strain, and
        IF you weren’t already immune or resistant anyway, and
        IF you might have a weakened immune system, and
        IF it would have been a really serious case of flu, maybe with complications,

        (or if you have someone in your home where it might be risky if they got the flu)

        THEN it might make sense to take the risk injecting that toxic cocktail that has a few antigens to program your immune system.

        • Your body does employ temporary strategies to avoid change or more positively to maintain homeostasis, but know that the Law of Conservation of Energy is obeyed at all times in this part of the universe on the macro scale.

          At all times and in all places: The ‘Energy In’ MUST equal the sum of the ‘Energy Used’ plus the ‘Energy Stored.’

          You can, and many people do, employ a calorie counting strategy to change their weight (both up and down)

          Psychologically, this method is one that is unsatisfying to many people because without employing special knowledge about carbs and fat in particular, the changes come too slow for many to maintain the strategy and they quit trying.

          It ALWAYS works in the long run. For instance (barring some serious disease), if your base burn rate is 10 calories/lb (and you don’t do anything to change it) and you average 2000 calories/day, at some point in the future you will weigh 200 lbs whether you presently weigh more or less than that number now.

          It is the Law.


      2. No flu shot or any other type of vaccine for me ever. There’s more effective ways of dealing with flu.

      3. Oh thank Goodness! next time my mercury levels get a little low
        all I need to do it get a flu shot. I won’t have to go out and eat a dozen of those nasty oysters and a pound of boiled Gulf shrimp.

        Honestly, the worst flu I ever did have was after getting the flu shot. That was the last one, about 37 years ago. Or maybe 27 years ago. Can’t recall when the fedgov started selling flu shots.

        Maybe next year they will put the RFID chip in their flu shots so they can track you better. You know in case you lose your wallet or something and the fedgov can find you to return it to you.

      4. I had this doctor taking care of my elderly father. The part of his brain that creates manners and makes a gentleman has vanished. So he is old and has no filter. She became irritated with him. She suddenly was requesting vaccinations and x-rays that he never had before. If you think your doctor is unaware of the damage the vaccines and too many x-rays do, think again. My father now has a new doctor. The medical system IS NOT your friend…Navigate with the same care you take in traffic, or you will be run down. Find a virtuous doctor. Breast cancer went up when the screening for it increased. X-rays in moderation people, that is exposing your body to small doses of lethal radiation. Too many x-rays cause fast acting cancers. The vaccines are so bad, even this article only touches on it. People are so brainwashed, they can’t think for themselves and put 2 and 2 together. Stand or fall, everyday is a new challenge. You can’t survive the future, if these bastards get you now.

      5. flu shots are for everyone but me. i figure if everyone is vaccinated then the flu wont be going around so i have no need to get the shot. its worked for me never got a flu shot in my life.

      6. my 2 bits

        Only a few issues I have with vaccines.
        1) components included often are foodstuffs directly injected directly into body bypassing natural digestion/absorption/transportation. You wouldn’t liquefy a steak and inject it, would you? Yet gelatin or cellular components (proteins, people) are included
        2) The immune system likes to find non-you proteins and protect you from them. So injecting a whole bunch on non-you proteins that have similar or dissimilar makeup to you is a good idea?
        3) Years ago there was the first synthetic human growth hormone (HGH). Proteins as in HGH can be a hormone.
        This Somatrem/Protropin was a little off in its build. Some people’s immune systems recognized it and made antibodies to it. These antibodies also showed to be useful against real HGH. HGH is needed for a healthy individual and to some people HGH became all but worthless.
        4) So if similar HGH can be recognized, what of our connective tissues vs heat treated collagen that could be altered? (autoimmune disorders?) Why inject cell cultures, admitted to be animal (dissimilar to us with similarities included) or human (more similar to us with dissimilarities included)? Never mind the satanic implications of directly consuming human flesh.
        5) Protein structures are incredibly valuable to life. Their proper functioning is not only the proper string of amino acids in the chain but shape of the protein molecules as well.

        Never mind about the metals, polysorbate etc….

      7. They’re estimating that 95% of people get vaccinated, so tying mandatory rfid to vaccinations.

        The argument is not about the safety sheets, on each minute ingredient, or how industrial poisons may have some utilitarian value. Those are red herrings, and could be forgotten, for just a moment.

        The real argument is about tracking a person.

      8. Yup. Every doctor, nurse and scientist involved in developing and administering flu shots is part of a secret clique trying to take over your mind. All of the nurses that do give the shots to their family members, including their own children, cannot possibly be as well informed as someone who watches Mike Adams on Youtube. Not me though! I don’t get vaccines and never remove my tin foil hat.

        Seriously though, I have not missed a flu shot in decades with the exception of 2006 when I spent 2 weeks flat on my back with the flu, sicker than a dog. I’ll take my mercury and used motor oil raw, thank you.

        • Plain Old American, I smiled at your comment thinking about my extensive shot record from 21 years in the military and remembering my Anthrax and Smallpox vaccinations while waiting for Operation Iraqi Freedom to begin. I didn’t have the option to say no shots for me thank you, and even though we were not hit with biological weapons, a lab was later discovered in Yemen with a bunch of dead terrorists inside, victims of their own experiments. Bad actors do want to kill people with biological weapons but it’s not our government. So whether it’s the Flu or Smallpox I think my “Personal Preference” is to take a chance with the vaccination rather than trust in going without. God Bless America.

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