U.S. General Confirms: Special Operations Teams Will Be Sent To Take Out North Korean Nuke Sites

by | May 3, 2017 | Headline News | 72 comments

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    With China issuing a final warning to North Korea earlier today, and U.S. President Donald Trump keeping all options on the table as he prepares a response to continued North Korean military posturing and rhetoric, Army General Raymond A. Thomas confirmed in sworn testimony to a Congressional sub committee that special operations teams will be utilized as part of any conflict with the rogue state and would likely be sent in to secure and/or destroy North Korean nuclear facilities in the event of war:

    Army Gen. Raymond A. Thomas stated in testimony to a House subcommittee that Army, Navy, and Air Force commandos are based both permanently and in rotations on the Korean peninsula in case conflict breaks out.

    The special operations training and preparation is a warfighting priority, Thomas said in prepared testimony. There are currently around 8,000 special operations troops deployed in more than 80 countries.

    “We are actively pursuing a training path to ensure readiness for the entire range of contingency operations in which [special operations forces], to include our exquisite [countering weapons of mass destruction] capabilities, may play a critical role,” he told the subcommittee on emerging threats.

    “We are looking comprehensively at our force structure and capabilities on the peninsula and across the region to maximize our support to U.S. [Pacific Command] and [U.S. Forces Korea]. This is my warfighting priority for planning and support.”

    Special forces troops would be responsible for locating and destroying North Korean nuclear weapons and missile delivery systems, such as mobile missiles. They also would seek to prevent the movement of the weapons out of the country during a conflict.

    Special operations missions are said by military experts to include intelligence gathering on the location of nuclear and chemical weapons sites for targeting by bombers. They also are likely to include direct action assaults on facilities to sabotage the weapons, or to prevent the weapons from being stolen, or set off at the sites by the North Koreans.

    Source: Free Beacon

    In earlier reports it was noted that SEALs and other commandos could be used in a first strike to decapitate North Korean leadership at the onset of any military engagement.

    The President deployed high altitude surveillance drones over North Korea earlier this week in a bid to gather intelligence about the secretive country’s nuclear and military capabilities ahead of any military action.

    The latest moves, coupled with recent mobilizations of Chinese, Russian and U.S. military assets suggests previous policies of patient diplomacy under President Obama and President Bush have been thrown out the window.

    The world appears to be moving towards war at a feverish pace.


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      1. Lil Kim is gonna be in a world of shit soon unless he backs off and even then, I am not so sure he is going to survive for too much longer. Trump wants to resolve North Korea as part of his legacy. If that means war, he’ll do it.

        • You can have the best paid and trained troops and all the newest gadgets and gizmos and technology to use, but when they CONINUALLY VIOLATE THE RULE NUMBER ONE of warfare, that is practicing OPSEC, they defeat themselves and all their advantages at the costs of brave mens lives to suffer bragging politician fools.

          This is what foolhardy faux patriotism gets you…dead men in caskets to parade before news cameras…otherwise known as tragedies that could have been avoided.

          • precisely

            • The US has not won a war since WW2, and the US has been on the wrong side of history since WW2. Including WW2. If Hitler had his way the US would not be speaking Jewish today. Think about that one my peeps. Looks what we got. Hijacked by the Zionist Cabal Tribe pillaging and raping America for all its worth including foreign policy all for what? The enemy is plenty embedded in America in every major sector in our society and Government.

              • Ha, the US won in Granada and Panama!

                • Ummm, what exactly did we win in either case. We lost troops, but what did we win?

          • NJ, I agree. That general should have told the Congress that any and all plans for dealing with NK are classified information and cannot be revealed. At least Trump is practicing OPSEC; I’ll give him credit for that. POTUS appears to have more sense than the damn general.

          • Propaganda,,,, run em in circles chasing shadows

          • Wag The Dog

          • If they really intend on taking down North Korea, talking about it, having hearing, etc, is probably the last thing they should be doing. This gives them plenty of opportunity to prepare defenses, or even leave their country. On the other hand, there are occasions when those to be attacked don’t take it seriously, thinking bluster will continue to save them.

            Maybe they think they can scare Kim Jong Un into standing down. If he is not even willing to listen to China’s overt warnings, he will unlikely be scared by US war talk. Perhaps he wants to be like Paraguayan president Francisco Solano Lopez, and go down shouting “I die with my country.”

          • Here we go announcing our intentions. I guess those in charge never heard the term, “Loose lips sink ships”.

        • Oh send in the Spec Operations to do what??? Blow up a Nuke Plant. How safe for the environment is that? Total BS Fake News. The US military needs to go protect the Mexican Border, and their budget cut in half for starters and close half of the world bases abroad. Way too much money and time on their hands beating up third world countries for the sport of it.

          US Military = Frikkin psychopaths.

          • Really?!!? You would be speaking German if not for the U.S. military. Wow.

          • ***Secure USA Border with Mexico.
            -Send Spec Ops to eliminate Mexican Drug Dealers.
            -Send Spec Ops to eliminate MS 13 and other gangs within USA cities.
            -Retrieve USA troops from around the globe for deployment on USA Borders.
            -Secure USA borders from Chinese troops CURRENTLY deployed in Mexico. China currently has troop bases and equipment in Mexico. (Seen China troop bases.
            HCKS is correct on this point. I believe Obama wanted to use these china troops.)
            -Cut off ALL drug trafficking across USA borders. Choke Drug Cartels profit.
            -Then decriminalize drugs within USA. This removes profit. just like what was done with repeal of alcohol prohibition. Take away the drug profit. You then take away drug street violence. You also reestablish American citizens constitutional rights. You also eliminate 75% of USA prison population. Have a war on drug cartels. NOT a war on American citizens as is current USA policy.
            ***Secure our Nations Borders. Job ONE.

            Stay out of Syria. Make Peace with Russia.
            -Have a JOINT China-Russia-USA strike mission to Decapitate North Korea Leadership/missile launch facilities/nuclear development.

            Work with Russia to travel to-colonize-terra form, Mars. From there work towards space exploration. Co operate with Russia to Develop space exploration technology. Not weapons. Become partners in exploration.

            • I have a better idea, Anon. Wean millions of drug addicted scumbag Americans off dope.
              Problem solved. No more cartels. No more dope slangers on the corners. Its supply and
              demand. Americans create their own problems. Most of the people in prisons deserve to
              be in prison. They want to make a quick buck and they don’t care how they do it. The
              problem is LAWLESSNESS. People do not want to obey laws. OH, YOU HAVE ACTUALLY

        • ///It’s in the tea leaf’s, we will sweep the guy with the bad hair cut, but at the same time, there the dead man switch in place folks, for a EMP blast over our azzes, prepare before it’s too late get the hell out of the cities, good luck too all

        • if lil kim sets off an emp from his satelite over the us we are going to be in a world of trouble

        • ///No matter the hell we do folk’s, dead man switch is already in place, EMP anybody, get your azzes out of the cities, be prepare, good luck 2 all/

        • well, I don’t know why China would suddenly side with the US… unless we packed their bags with lots of green stuff…

          Or maybe its the ET’s? I read they don’t like us testing nuclear missiles. (Read the book, “Disclosure” if you think I’m joking.) Maybe the Chinese and the US empire doesn’t want to piss of the ETs.

        • When have we ever stopped a country from attaining nukes? This would be a first for us if we did. Israel, Pakistan, India, China, none of the present nuclear countries were prevented from it…by us or the UN.

      2. Beware the ides of June

        • LOL

        • Et tu, Brute-san?

      3. Well there they go, violating OPSEC, telegraphing strategic planning and tactical plans

        This is why America cannot nor ever will WIN a conflict or war. Politics ALWAYS defeats us by being self absorbed narcissistic morons who just cant keep their stupid yaps shut..Now good men will end up dying because of POLITICIANS and politics…

        • that , and fighting wars promoted by the politicians for their own financial gain

          its all about money , and screw the people they put in harms way

      4. Let’s keep this a secret just between us.

        We couldn’t want NK to be forewarned of our intentions and ready for us, now would we?

        • Definitely — luckily they don’t know about the secret drone flying overhead 🙂

      5. It does not seem smart to make this public information.

        • More psyops. What they fail to realize is that North Korea has its own Special Ops Forces
          GUARDING the nuke sites. Yeah. That means our own SOF teams will be deep in country
          and outnumbered and outgunned. Good luck trying to get our guys inside for that
          clandestine operation without being compromised. Good luck trying to get them out.
          Most likely we would crater those nuke sites with serious ordinance.

          • Its not psyops. moron. I was in the Army for 14 years, you NEVER PUBLICLY state what your intentions and plans or mission posture and training objectives are.. NEVER. To do so WILLINGLY ( at least in the 90s early 2000) and PUBLICLY would have result (if you were lower ranked) in GUARANTEED COURT MARTIAL.

            • Neal Jensen

              I was in the Army too, ASSHOLE. They are not sending SOF teams to the nuke sites. When
              the allies sent false info out to German intelligence operatives about landing at places like
              Calais, it was part of a plan. Thats why they landed in Normandy. You publish false info to
              keep the enemy off balance. To keep them guessing. Sending SOF teams to the nuke sites
              is a suicide mission. It’s called disinformation. They don’t need forward observers for that.
              We have satellites. We have heavy ordinance to bust up that shit. You want the gooks to
              think we are sending people in there. Its part of the game. IT IS PSYOPS!

      6. Dead idea in North Korea to deploy special forces.
        They would not even cross the border. Only an EMP attack would be effective.

      7. Dead idea in North Korea to deploy special forces.
        They would not even cross the border. Only an EMP attack would be effective.

        • So what would be their play then? Why wouldn’t they cross the border at all?

      8. North Korea is a prime example of why you cannot act like a liberal, sweet, pussy and allow the monsters of the world to grow unchecked. How many times does history have to repeat itself with certain mental-minded midgets such as Hitler and now the Fat GOOK Boy. Stop being pussies and take care of these assholes in the world!!

      9. I don’t suppose that the North Koreans would maybe be somewhat prepared for an attack on their Dear Leader or the nuke sights. The political structure and military of the US is casualty averse. So, I would think that maybe we’re talking about drone strikes on those targets. And I wouldn’t be quick to assume the logic of any politician for military action, anywhere. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. For the sake of all Koreans and US personnel.

        • Exactly ‘Him’. Exactly. The Nork are more than ready for any type of subterfuge attack. Take the failed Operation Eagle Claw during the Carter administration – that worked out real well, huh? Sending our soldiers – even our best – into an Asian country and expecting “nothing to see here” from the citizens and their military? Yeah, right. And for any news outlet; or worse, our own military/government to announce in advance such a possibility? Ludicrous. Best bet if we need to take Fatty-Un out is to determine his scheduled location in advance and MOAB the hell out of the place when we can confirm he is present. Couple with a rapid push along the DMZ/38th Parallel to take out the border troops stationed there and the whole issue would be over in a week. But for all that’s sacred – don’t say a word until it’s over.

      10. Day after day, people on this site fall prey to the propaganda machine. Lil Kim, Fat Gook. What did he do to you guys? Crap in your kimshi? The Globalist propaganda machine could convince you guys to go to war against your own mothers.

        • My mother used to beat me like a dog.
          Sometimes I deserved it, most the time
          I didn’t. Especially when she was
          screaming “you are just like your dad”.
          It is easy to go to war against Mom.
          When she finally grew up, we settled
          When Korea grows up then the world
          will welcome them.

        • no one is convincing me of shit .. what this establishment is trying to do is convince everyone else to fight their fight for them

          this time i say send DC to the shores of NK and let them fight their own dam war

          not one of our kids should be going anywhere but guarding our shores , and draining DC

          • You do realize that will never happen though,,,,
            The elite always find a way for their spawn to get a pass

            • I was at the tail end of Vietnam.
              Thankfully I never had to serve with
              McCain, but he was an Admirals son.
              Elite do serve, as did us poor

        • What did he do? Well, his grand-father started a war that killed an uncle of mine. And this fat f*ck glorifies that same man and continues as program of torture across his nation, has the nerve to flip the bird at the one country that has allowed his sorry pudgy butt to live as some sort of heavenly spawn by allowing an armistice when we could’ve taken the whole country to the Yalu. Yeah, that’s right. He actually acts like he’s self-convinced he’s godly. But that aside – the bastard’s family killed one mine. So? Paybacks are hell Un.

        • amazing what a low iq redkneck will believe

          • Jerkoff!!

      11. The seals are one of our assets in certain U.S operations> However DO NOT Even believe for one milisecond that the Roc North Koreans would obliterate the seals before they new what hit them. This idea is a suicide mission to escalate U.S policy and a form of propogada to incite ? I have had close encounters with these and other chinese combat trained. ALL WILLING to DIE without regret or fear. Not unlike our U.S SP F who are highly trained and ready to die for their operation. ALL ROC S are this way. SORRY BUT THIS IS REAL AND WE WOULD FAIL SIMPLY PUT

      12. Our SP F would be better utilized anywhere but North Korea and would rise above any forces they are up against and that includes The Russian Federations SPKT We are the best well equipped trained in the World NROC will Eat a HUMAN and enjoy the flavor AS I HAve Witnessed Any commander who is engineering an operation of this Scenario IS INCOMPREHENSIBLE Meaning NOT a CHANCE IN HELL

      13. I sense a Jimmy Carter moment approaching.
        Unless we have wonder woman’s Invisi-jet. And a thousand or so Cloaks of Invisibility for SpecOps it will be a big fail. Perhaps that is what is needed precisely,the American public needs to be hoodwinked into another ground war in Asia, they won’t go willingly(gulf on Tonkin has a nice ring). A rescue mission for hundreds of spec ops hostage Mccain’omuffins with egg on our face sandwiches,might be on the menu. Tricky. We aren’t chuck Heston and today’s chinkies aren’t the Boxers. They won’t let us have military bases on the inside of the yellow sea on Korea bay, 380 miles from the Imperial city, Beijing (would we allow them Montreal or Toronto?). And the Russians won’t allow us to be 80 miles from Vladivostok Pacific naval fleet base. Ever. If that were the case Russia and China would deal with them and install another more controllable buffer zone puppet. I used to support Trump, but losing the budget, the wall and going full Neo-Cahn in Syria was not what his words promised. He’s a Sell out or a Democrat in sheep’s clothing. I won’t be voting for him again. I smell rats who have set a trap for the kind(and blind), decent, patriotic(if slightly jingoistic), real American folk, once again.

        • I also smell Jimmy Carter 2.0. Simply put, even if they get in and successfully take out a couple of the sites, what makes them believe the NKs wouldn’t strike at SK right away? Any action would be a declaration of war and the NKs would be in the fight from day one.

          It doesn’t matter if the special forces are totally invisible ninjas with 10 dicks: there are more sites than there are special forces. The ratio of operational screw ups alone dictates that each mission will have serious casualties. When they took out Osama, they lost a stealth chopper and nearly lost the mission; when they went to Yemen, they were ‘surprised’ to find women firing back at them, and took casualties. Now, imagine coming up against real Asians, not desert dwellers, who know how to fight and are motivated to fight?

      14. Tptb love to refer to anyone who opposes them with derogatory adjectives: insane, narcisisstic, mad, evil, warmongering, etc. Hitler was not the most evil. Kim is not crazy.

        Don’t be taken in by propaganda.


      15. I think its a rouse to get NK to put their efforts close to the weapons. All efforts will be from that which the US has a complete advantage, airpower. We get some of their prized troops as a bonus.

        A US POW would be a nightmare.

      16. Keep in mind when trying to analyze Kim Jong that he has never dealt with an America other than one ruled by Obama and doesn’t realize that it is different now than it was then.

        Obama was the roll over and give in guy, Trump is the stand up and stand your ground guy.

        Kim Jong needs to learn this real quick like if he wants to stay around for much longer.

      17. I wonder if our peace loving North Korean brothers read SHTF.

      18. The sooner the better then we can move on to some other problem. Why don’t they just take out Kim Suk Dung and be done with it. Let China deal with the power void in N.K. After all they are their bastard children.

      19. Totally fabricated BS. The fake news gets their redemption with the drooling warmongers slaughtering innocent people in faraway lands. The American people are expected to accept this in the name of fighting terror. Fake don’t matter because the majority can’t tell the difference between truth and lies.

      20. Total bullshit as usual. North Korea is a US Colony. Its about starting he war and taking out the American people not north korea. THEY HAVE TO HAVE A REASON, 2020 IS TE DEADLINE TO WIPE OUT 265,000,000 of us. Believe me, the plan has not changed.

        That will be used to declare martial law and get the blue helmets to come after us. when did Trump ever bring up this topic. Its been avoided during the election, and never mentioned post election. WE EITHER WAKE THE HELL UP TO THE REALITY OF THE REAL SITUATION, OR STAY STUPID.


        • HCKS, a huge percentage of those blue helmets will get ventilated if/when they show up on our streets.

      21. Gen Thomas was there begging for money that is all. He admitted we are in a perpetual war and that after 15 years of continual battle he is feeling a little fatigued and depleted. Well no shit. No more for the Pentagram until you come clean on the 9 trillion you cannot account for that was spent promulgating the last 15 years of war. But most importantly get congressional approval. If you cannot perhaps we should not be fighting there like our Founders intended. These are illegal wars and these people create their own reason for being and at the cost of ours. Anybody ever ask Kim why he feels so defensive?

      22. This is a disaster waiting to happen….McAurther was correct in the 50’s when he wanted to wipe NK, and China off the map. He wanted (6-8) nukes, and an operation rolling thunder (that’s the Air Force unleashed) to complete the mission. He said “we need to take care of China/NK right now, or we’re going to regret it generations from now”. He was correct. It’s too late to take out NK without massive casualties….and likely the incineration of millions in SK and/or Japan by 15 kT fission warheads mounted on their crude but effective short range mobile missiles. !!!!!!

      23. We need to build the border wall.

        Underreported: How Building a Border Wall Changed San Diego

        “In 1986, the San Diego Border Patrol sector accounted for approximately one-third of all apprehensions along the U.S.-Mexico border. Today, it accounts for only a small fraction.”


      24. No war with the US. North Koreas policy of shaking down the western world is coming to an end.

        This is from a Hong Kong newspaper.

        It said a Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs junior minister invited Park Myung-ho, an official of North Korea, for a meeting. China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the meeting and asked his junior to read aloud the warning to the North over the nuclear test.

        The memorandum mentioned that China will condemn strongly, pull back on all economic cooperation and even blockade North Korea if it conducted the test.

      25. It sounds like sending our best men on a suicide mission . Our best men . Who would all volunteer. But you don’t let them because we would probably loose them. And they are our best. But we must get rid of those pesky patriots. They are nationalists and we need globolists. We need a strong UN to get what we want? Big money? They are pawns to the big picture. If their rulers had our best interests . But dosent it seem obvious they don’t? The domestic enemy rules? Isn’t it obvious? But that’s bad for moral?They will be faced with the question. Us or them?

      26. May 1, 2017 War and the State: Business as usual Part 5 of 6 parts: Critical Thinking: A bridge to the future

        Step 1: Rid your brain of the nonsense you consider to be sacred truth.
        Step 2: Look behind the looking glass.
        Step 3: Take a step back.
        Step 4: Accept your powerlessness, instead of denying it.
        Step 5: Read history.
        Step 6: Avoid non-rational statements.
        Step 7: Think small


      27. Trump is posturing. Maybe more NK troops surround important sites. China russsia will talk NK down and impose sanctions until an internal coup. We will blow up NK satellites that have emp dead man switch on them, first during Kim suck ums meeting with china Russia (this keeps the leader who is revered as a fat god unavailable for umderlings to be in Disaray and not know what to do). However, such false flags we have seen before and now gov had admitted to (Tonkin, ww2 etc). I do not put it past the tptb they will allow Kim suck um to blow up our current fleet that is there now to drag us into or even pop our own emp above us and blame NK for martial law. I just find it hard to believe that our government would pop an emp over us knowing it puts 360m of us on defensive (we are the most armed citizenry). This will keep others from invading and allow gov to put the patriots down for a dirt nap and shoe in more snowflakes for generational panacea. But many let their defenses down once trump won and think everything is ok. Trumps ego and reliving past wins is becoming an issue. He has lost on every front to democrats as if being blackmailed. It just too weird for such a flip flop in 100 days. He has not won anything on any front and not even been able to defend against the demoncrats. Weird. Is he a patsy to appease an awakening mass of patriots until tptb are ready? I wonder…..

      28. THAAD takes a missile to shoot down a missile. So I’m guessing we need to send a lot more
        THAAD’s over there if we want to save South Korea.

      29. “Shall we play a game” estimates that in the 1st hour 55K shells could rain down on Seoul. Who in their right mind would think that is acceptable. Even if? one could take out half the artillery aimed at Seoul there would still be mass destruction which hasn’t been seen since WW2. NK has an estimated 4800 tanks if I remember correctly. Yes the US has 8600+ but they are NOT all on the Korea side of the world. NK has over 1 million ground troops and another 3 million reserves. Hwat does SK have even with US very little. If it does start I forsee the little Fat Guy marching to the south like Sherman from Atlanta to the sea. I see the US crying for a peace settlement after the 1 st 2 weeks with 1000’s of boxes being returned to the US with a lot of postage due.

      30. Chinese troops in Houston burned a very large BBQ place to the ground yesterday. It was on Fox news. I hope HCKS is ok.

      31. Neal Jensen,OPSEC also includes the troops themselves keeping their mouth shut.SEALS being the most to run their mouths.Especially SEALTeam 6. Ever since UBL was shot up in Pakistan,all one hears is SEALs this SEALs that.From SEALs.And then write books! The only thing the world needs to know about seals,are the ones at San Diego’s Sea World

        • Big difference between talking AFTER the events than telegraphing the PLANS AND PREPARATIONS BEFORE the conflict.


        The blood of every single military person who dies now in the coming North Korea conflict IS ON YOUR HANDS!!!

        This is what foolhardy faux patriotism gets you…dead men in caskets to parade before news cameras…otherwise known as tragedies that could have been avoided.

        Well there they go (A GENERAL AT THAT!!!) , violating OPSEC( he obviously didn’t understand Sun Tsu’s Art of War, and NO don’t try to sell me that this is PSYOPS, this is pure unadulterated BULLSCHIT OPSEC violations), telegraphing strategic planning and tactical plans

      33. Just another country that refuses a RKM CENTRAL bank. JUSA can’t have that , just like Ali the other ME countries that refuse a RKM (Rothschilds khazarian mafia) central bank. Lil Kim is fighting the Jew world order and like Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, IS= REAL-HELL orders it’s vassal bully to take it out.

      34. By implication…

        American energy-independence, as from China, would have caused NK to lose their funding, without the need for diplomatic concessions.

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