CONTAGION: Second Ebola Case Suspected In Dallas: “This Is Real”

by | Oct 1, 2014 | Headline News | 329 comments

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    Less than 24 hours after the first US-based Ebola infection was confirmed in Dallas, TX it is being reported that another individual who had contact with Patient Zero is now in strict isolation and being tested for possible infection.

    Dallas health officials are now monitoring another person who they fear may have Ebola after coming into contact with the infected man currently being treated in Dallas, Texas.

    “Let me be real frank to the Dallas County residents: the fact that we have one confirmed case, there may be another case that is a close associate with this particular patient,” Dallas County Health and Human Services Director Zachary Thompson said Wednesday in an interview with local ABC affiliate WFAA. “So this is real.”

    “There should be a concern, but it’s contained to the specific family members and close friends at this moment.”

    Via Infowars

    According to a developing story linked via Drudge Report, there is a serious possibility that school-aged children have been exposed to the first infected individual. Those children are also being monitored for the virus in isolation units.

    Contagion model researchers have previously warned that Ebola was only a plane ride away and that it could potentially infect hundreds of thousands of people in coming weeks and months, and millions by next year. Now it’s here and the American public has no real idea of the extent of the exposure. Moreover, there are thousands of people in Africa with the virus and it continues to spread, so it’s quite possible that more infections unrelated to Dallas will soon show up in major transportation hubs like Los Angeles, Houston, New York, Paris, London, and Shanghai.

    We urge readers to continue to monitor the situation, especially in their local and regional areas and take appropriate actions should it become necessary.

    Note: Numerous preparedness tips, strategies and supply lists have been researched and developed over the last several months from the preparedness community. Links to some of these have been provided below. Please feel free to share any relevant material and information in the comment section.

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    Map of Ebola CDC Quarantine Stations

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      1. This is the definition of crazy! Has anyone looked at the federal guidelines for containment? It is Marshall Law! God save us.


        • Per the CDC, there’s nothing to worry about, we have this contained.

          That’s sorta like that famous line of lies from back in the day; the check is in the mail, black is beautiful and I won’t … well you get the picture and the more modern version we’re from the government and we’re here to help. What a clusterfook!!!

          • We are wise to prepare.

            Top infectious disease specialist: It’s likely that MANY more will be infected.

            “A former Food and Drug Administration chief scientist and top infectious disease specialist said that several people were exposed to the Ebola virus by the unidentified patient in Dallas, America’s first case, and IT’S LIKELY THAT MANY MORE WILL BE INFECTED.”

            “Dr. Jesse L. Goodman, now a professor of medicine at Georgetown University Medical Center, said while the nation shouldn’t panic, it’s best to prepare for the worst.”


            • I just bought $150 worth of food from Wal Mart last night. $40 of that went to a homeless woman who came up in the store begging for food. (Been seeing more of that lately, which is unusual for this city.) I don’t know exactly how much we’ve got stockpiled already but it’s enough to make it through at least 3-4 months. I’ve been warning people on Facebook and it’s beginning to sink in with some people that this really has the potential to be some serious shit.

              • Yup. I ordered a few more Tyvek suits and another package of N95 respirators last night. If it’s going to happen here, it’s going to become apparent to everyone in the coming weeks. When it does, kiss your chance to get this stuff good bye.

                • “Got more bleach today.”

                  “This is the definition of crazy!”

                  “Per the CDC, there’s nothing to worry about.”

                  “Several people were exposed to the Ebola virus by the unidentified patient in Dallas.”

                  “I just bought $150 worth of food from Wal Mart last night.”

                  “This is the definition of crazy!”

                  “Yup. I ordered a few more Tyvek suits and another package of N95 respirators last night.”

                  “What will it take for people to wake up to the truth?”

                  “Just a thought?”

                  “This is the definition of crazy!”

                  “…and away we go!!!!!!!!!!”

                  “Were counting on you Mac.”

                  “This line never gets old… ever!”

                  “…and away we go!!!!!!!!!!”

                  “I can fight a Zombie or a Leach, but fighting Ebola I have a good idea, and will do my best. AIM SMALL MISS SMALL. Sgt.”


                  “…and away we go!!!!!!!!!!”

                  “Were counting on you Mac.”

                  • If you can keep your head when all about you
                    are losing theirs ……

                  • And your point is? Do you think you are the smartest person here? Oh come on now don’t keep us waiting to hear your genius.

                  • CNBC covered Daisy Luther in an article today. I think I linked to it from Drudge today at work.

                  • You forgot to mention that this info comes from Alex Jones. I agree that we should be prepared, but Jones is unreliable, and most of y’all know it. Search the net to confirm Jones’ claims. That is all.

                  • We now have a name for patient zero: Thomas Eric Duncan. He also came in contact with at least 5 school children in the Dallas Independent School District.

                    ht tp://

                  • If what I did is the definition of crazy, then you’re the definition of stupid. I purchase at least a few large cans of food every time I go to the store, and it just so happened to be time to make another run when this Ebola thing broke in Texas. I will never go hungry…will you?

                • I’m sorry but I disagree. I don’t think masks etc are very useful. Several reasons. 1 To many health care people have died using them, 2. Far better protection, just stay home, spend the money on supplies to stay inside. 3. People in this country are such nerds they will panic far before the problem gets real, Be prepared for people refusing to deliver goods or go to work long before Ebola really gets a lot of people.
                  Not that a few masks and some bleach isn’t a good idea; but just where do you want to go and what’s going to be there?

                  • I will use masks , just in case they help.
                    Kinda like the same reason i vote, just in case its counted .
                    Cant hurt.

                  • Well maddog, I’m not sure there is a point
                    to be made.
                    What I am seeing is a froth being stirred up
                    about a concern (a virus) not unlike the common
                    cold, of which there is no cure.
                    So one either dodges the bullet or they don’t
                    but losing clear thought takes away from any
                    preventive measures that might be taken.
                    I caught the polio virus when I was a kid and
                    was the only victim in a six block area. WTF!!

                    As for being the smartest person here, I’m far
                    from it, as I only have an eighth grade education,
                    and as for genius I have no idea what that even
                    means, let alone putting it into practice. I leave
                    such matters as genius to those best qualified.

                  • Roger that. Good post…….

                  • I 100% agree with you Paranoid…. EVERY picture I have seen of these health care workers has them covered from head to toe with protective covering….

                    Stay home, lock your doors and stay away from people. If you want to talk with someone….? use your phone.

                  • The point to having them is in case a need arises. Of course I plan to stay inside and quarantined from the rest of the public while this is going on. That’s just common sense. However, as time goes on I may well need to go outside and do something. At that point I will be very happy to have the masks. They aren’t a 100% guarantee that I won’t catch it, but then nothing is when you have to go out in public during a pandemic. Preparedness is about being ready for the unexpected. If this thing gets bad (I don’t think it will) then the best laid plans will fall by the wayside at some point. At that point, you need to have a backup plan. The masks are part of mine.

                  • I somewhat (get) your point? Masks and bleach and all these “preparedness” is for weak minded and limited people.
                    Like kY Mom, and ex navy idk and they will negatively and angrily reply to my comment bc deep down, they are wrong; oh well, let them live in their own world instead of the real one

                    • Janice, in the real world the preparedness community warned since early this year that this particular Ebola outbreak was a dangerous threat and would eventually end up in America. If choosing to prepare for the possibility of what’s happening in Africa taking place in our own neighborhoods is “weak minded” then, I guess, guilty as charged.

                      Perhaps the reason that some people reply negatively and angrily to your comments is because you have chosen to disparage people on this web site (and probably others like it) for their various ideas, strategies and discussions, as well as for sharing news and developing information. You call us idiots, or crazy, or hysterical. In fact, what you’ll see is REAL hysteria, panic, idiocy and a complete breakdown in sanity should this virus (or another disaster) cripple this nation’s food, energy and medical infrastructure.

                      Remember that time they locked down an entire city and raided peoples’ homes after a couple of guys detonated two bombs at the Boston Marathon? That was an extremely limited, isolated event and look at the hysteria it caused.

                      What do you think will happen if this virus were to start popping up on the scale of Africa? Nothing? Will there not be a massive policing and military effort in such a scenario? They won’t force people to stay in their homes for days or weeks, making them wholly dependent on their daily ration deliveries from the government (and those will run out rather quickly, btw)? Will they not go door-to-door looking for people in ‘hot zones’ and forcibly remove them from their homes? Will essential supplies required to stay alive not run low?

                      Contemplating these as real possibilities, especially given that the President just sent 3,000 soldiers to Africa purportedly in an effort to contain this very virus, is not hysteria or anything of the sort. I’d consider it prudent behavior.

                      So, whatever world you live in – that’s great. Have fun there.

                      I’m just fine in my little world here and I think many of the folks here would agree that they’re pretty solid with their views and belief systems.

                      If you can’t carry on a conversation here without insulting people, then please move along and have fun in the ‘real’ world simulacra you’ve created for yourself.

                  • I want one of those giant condoms like Leslie Nielsen wore in that spoof movie!

                • New Preppers. Starting out, you want to get the hardest to get items first like Guns Ammo and your Concealed weapons permit. Parallel that with mass canned foods bulking up. Canned seafood like salmon keeps for 4 to 5 yrs out.

                  • Wow you sound crazy (although you and the rest of the idiots on here won’t think so and be so angry grrrr at my reply.
                    What I see is mass hysteria.. Not preparedness and to think I happened on this site for what I thought was real news not morons living in a fantasy world who refuse to see how skewed (look it up) their rational is

                  • @Janice Dont get confused w/ yourself.
                    If you already see “mass hysteria” (your words, not mine), just keep watching. You aint seen nothin yet.
                    Those of us who are well prepped aint hysterical. Weve been prepping for things like disasters or catastrophic events. They really do happen. Most of us here are learning what we can, topping off our supplies, and venting because we saw this train wreck coming right through our unprotected borders.
                    For those of us who have prepped we wont be part of the real hysteria that is gonna happen once there are a few more infected patients and deaths. Well be home, hunkered down, doing just fine as long as the govt stays out of our lives. You stay tuned though because “mass hysteria” will be on the streets faster than ebola can spread.
                    So far the g-man has lied to us. Maybe its time you get yourself educated to learn that a sneeze or cough can send the virus into the air to contaminate someone or a surface. The g-man says ebola isnt airborne. The g-man dont say it transmits through aerosol particles. The g-man dont want us to know what we need to know to protect ourselves. But we learned ebola is an efficient traveler virus, spreads by any body fluid, and can live on a surface for some time. Long enough for some poor soul to touch that contaminated surface and then rub there eye or scratch there skin.
                    Probably best you spend your time learning how to help yourself instead of bitching about everyone here. Save your bitching for the real “mass hysteria” coming to a neighborhood near you.

                  • Who,would first say,food & water,don’t get me wrong,believe in defensive weapons but no good if you starve/dehydrate,some folks can hide and eat.As for a permit,screw that,private sales/transactions/hell,make your self if skilled a bit,do not end up on the hit list for confiscation.I would also say think beyond firearms i.e. bows/crossbows/hell,a good axe,bleach and ammonia separate but quickly mixed i.e. in two glass bottles broken will deter many door kickers or poison em!

                  • Troll….and so obvious at that…


              • I have fired up the silver machine and have begun taking it, and giving it to the family daily. I feel very safe without further precaution, even against a man-made threat.

                Biological war is serious shit, and we are under attack. They fired the first missile months ago, and it is just now hitting.

                What will it take for people to wake up to the truth of what the worst of humanity is trying to do to the best of humanity?

                • Are you starting out with smaller doses for family just starting to take it?

              • That’s funny, I dropped $120 on canned goods at WallyWorld last night after watching the news. I’ll eat it eventually anyway.

                • Daisy Luther and dr bones featured in cnbc article on crazy preppers. Ck it out on drudge

              • Nathan,damn good of you to help someone out in their time of need when your time of need(and all of us)may be soon.It is people like you and actions like that are the reason I prep,so perhaps I can help others.I have no wife/kids ect. so my survival really doesn’t matter unless I help others when I can.I hope all who can safely will help others,sure,some may be folks with their heads stuck in sand but many will be even prepared victims to a degree of circumstance/timing.On a side note Nathan,if you didn’t see near bottom have a link for a basic food supply for a year for four @ roughly 300 bucks,worth a look if you have not seen,can obviously add/subtract to your needs/wants in food preps.

              • Nathan, While your eefort to warn folks is noble. I would not waste any moe time trying. The poeple in the country have know about all kinds of danger for over 20 years. I know I too have tried to warn fokls. But they are too tied up with facebook, dancing with the stars and other time wasting crap like that. They worry more about keeping up with their friends and neighbors and having cheap made junk than getting ready for even small emergencies. Ask any of you have been trying to warn those one simple question, do they have even one first-aid kit that has more than a few band-aids and peroxide in it. That will show you they just do not care enough to even help their family if they have a bad cut.. Just say’en…

                • Sorry about all of the spelling mistakes… Only 2 hours sleep in the last 28 hours…

                  • Who,would first say,food & water,don’t get me wrong,believe in defensive weapons but no good if you starve/dehydrate,some folks can hide and eat.As for a permit,screw that,private sales/transactions/hell,make your self if skilled a bit,do not end up on the hit list for confiscation.I would also say think beyond firearms i.e. bows/crossbows/hell,a good axe,bleach and ammonia separate but quickly mixed i.e. in two glass bottles broken will deter many door kickers or poison em!

                  • Dragon,I will never give up till the end,have gotten some folks to envision that things could go horribly wrong,that is the hardest part,then,they listen and research and at least have some basics,the more we get to prep,the better we all can be if a man made or natural disaster hits.I do emphasize things like you pointed out basic med kit for more then just boo boo’s,buying food and other stuff you will use anyhow,but also try to get folks to look at things they already own and think how they can improvise for new uses,a skill good in a shtf situation but also helpful in day to day living.

                • OMG will you just shut up!
                  And oh thank you for trying to “warn us” you are soooo noble kind. Do you not think that people don’t know the dangers that face them you idiot.
                  You need to be informed as well as the other guy Nathan – that you maybe paranoids with feelings of granduer – no one cares what you think and maybe you are ignored because you having nothing to say!

                  • It’s ok, Janice. Here, take your medicine. Breath. Now tell me about your childhood.

                  • Poor janice the troll

                    no one will bite on the shit she/he is spewing ,i got an idea why dont you go out and play in the traffic

                  • Janice; I’m sorry to say you are the one contributing nothing. If you don’t like this site or the comments, you are free to go. All of us can insult others; it takes little to do that. Nor do intelligent people mind when others disagree with them; that is after all the best way to learn. So I kindly suggest you get your panties out of a wad and go elsewhere.

                  • OMG! Troll Alert.

                  • Janice.

                    What does it hurt to have people prepare and share information? Why would you care what they spend their time and money on? Because you can’t? Jealous. Maybe you want us to die along with you because of your stupidity and ignorance.
                    There are many here who are long time preppers and have been Bitching a long time before you were born. You are nothing new or unique.
                    You insult good people here. The skills they have learned. The experiences in life they share.
                    I was prepared a long time before I came here. Why I came here at SHTF is to read what people say and think without censorship. I have said some nasty things and not been booted. So I read your words and expressions and learn to prepare against people like you should it all goes south. I learn how to identify your type and what you are capable of doing. Should we meet under bad times I will know you for what you are. You could turn me in to the authorities but what will that get you? Are you that Callus? Not afraid of judgementin the after life.
                    Even as you read our comments you do obtain knowledge to survive while giving us grief. Must be part of the Free Shit Army.

                    In the event that things bad happen it might be good for you to stay away from preppers because you might meet up with me. And that’s not good.

                  • Just move to a web site that you like Janice. No one here is trying to offend you. Just trying to help your poor sole because we love you. You don’t have to read this or any other comment.
                    I sure hope we have helped you my dear.

                  • “no one cares what you think and maybe you are ignored because you having nothing to say!”

                    I think this may be the first time I’ve seen a comment on this site that was so unpopular NOBODY liked it enough to upvote. So maybe you should reflect on the irony of this before posting your next ignorant comment. My comments may be controversial sometimes but hopefully I will never post something so stupid that not one person likes it.

                • Dragon, I agree that people are ignorant and stupid. I mentioned Ebola to my cousin on FB and she said “What’s that?” I wanted to bash my head into a wall. After all the posts I’ve made, you don’t know what I’m talking about? For the most part people do not listen. But I have to disagree that continuing to warn them is a waste of time. As stubborn and hard headed as people are, it’s moments like this when we are actually on the verge of disaster that people will begin to listen. When they hear warnings coming from everywhere including the TV news, and not just the lone conspiracy theorist on their FB page, then they are more inclined to take what we say seriously. I feel like the years I’ve spent warning people was not wasted, but only a necessary prelude to right NOW when it is more important than ever to keep warning them.

              • some serious manufactured shit

              • Weird. I just traded a bottle of ripple to a homeless lady for $40 worth of food…

                • She could have been a scammer. The thought did occur to me, but I could not be sure. I could not take the risk of letting a woman go hungry when it was in my power to help. Even if she were to trade it off for some booze, at least somebody somewhere will have some food.

            • Reuters) – Two days after he was sent home from a Dallas hospital, the man who is the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States was seen vomiting on the ground outside an apartment complex as he was bundled into an ambulance.

              “His whole family was screaming. He got outside and he was throwing up all over the place,” resident Mesud Osmanovic, 21, said on Wednesday, describing the chaotic scene before the man was admitted to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital on Sunday where he is in serious condition.

              The hospital cited the man’s privacy as the reason for not identifying him, but the New York Times gave his name as Thomas Eric Duncan.

              Texas health officials said that up to 18 people, including five children, had contact with the Ebola patient after he traveled to the United States from Liberia in late September. The children had gone to school early this week but have since been

              • I have no”handle’. I have been reading here for two years and prepping accordingly. This scares me. I have 5 children. Three who are out of the house who I printed out article from BI. My youngest daughter’s best friend’s mom( I know ridiculous) is flying into Dallas tomorrow for a birthday party. She is coming home Sunday the 5th. Am I wrong for not letting them hang out for at least 21 days???? My daughter ok with it but yikes!!!

                • Could be ridiculous panic mode, but prudence says avoid daughter’s best friends home for a month. Can’t do anything about her school, but after hours is your regime.

                  Of course your teenager is OK with her friend, she has no idea of risk, consequences, or anything bad. All you can do is minimize the risk right now, however infinitesimal it is.

                  We’re going to hear a lot more about this in Dallas over the next few days.

                • Relax, Good grief; If you go outside to meet her, your chances of being struck by lightning are far worse than Ebola! Grant Wood died from a toothpick, in the olive, in the drink he was drinking. YOU ARE GOING TO DIE! But not from Ebola, this week, or next. You would have made a very poor person back in the old days; they really had these problems; All the time.

              • they didn’t include in that number the massive number of people who would have been in that crowded ER waiting room…either time.

                • Airlines scramble to track down HUNDREDS who came in contact…

                  “U.S. officials had refused to release Duncan’s flight details, but United Airlines chose to make his itinerary public.

                  Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian national, arrived in the U.S. at Washington Dulles International Airport on United Flight 951 on September 20, the airline revealed today.

                  He then boarded United Flight 822 to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

                  U.S. officials had previously refused to provide details of his itinerary, claiming none of his fellow passengers were at risk because he was not showing symptoms at that time.”

                  “The New York Times reports that Duncan helped care for a woman who later died of the disease just days before his journey. Had a customs official asked him about his contact with Ebola patients, he could have been flagged as being at high risk for infection.”

                  Drudge Report

                  • I bet he was hoping to get out of Dodge before he got sick.

                    Although he could be an Ebola Terrorist, helping a sick person to catch the bug. Even though he turned himself in. I guess a real terorist would have never gone to a hospital and kept going spreading the sickness. Until he collapsed.

                  • U.S. Ebola Patient Had a (3 Hour) Layover in Dulles, CDC Didn’t Inform Other Passengers

                    “The federal health agency abandoned its normal policy of informing fellow passengers of which flights Duncan took from Liberia to the U.S.”

                    “Thomas Eric Duncan left Monrovia, Liberia, on Sept. 19 aboard a Brussels Airlines jet to the Belgian capital, according to a Belgian official.

                    After layover of nearly SEVEN HOURS, he boarded United Airlines Flight 951 to Dulles International Airport in northern Virginia.

                    After another layover of nearly THREE HOURS, he then flew Flight 822 from Dulles to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, the airline confirmed.”

                    “The CDC typically notifies an airline when it learns that an infectious person traveled on that carrier. The airline then turns over the flight manifest to the CDC, and health officials notify other passengers while the airline deals with crew members.”


              • I wonder if this guy will make it through this?

          • And if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it,,,,,,

            • Good… I’ll keep my colloidal silver.

            • Well well well..

              I must digress my last comment from Daisy’s post yesterday..

              It appears that Lakeland Industries just noted that the feds have procured 160000 Hazmat suits from them for the oncoming Ebola scare upon us…at a mere cost of a measly 1200 bucks a pop!….

              Lakeland Industries, Inc. (LAKE), a leading global manufacturer of industrial protective clothing for industry, municipalities, healthcare and to first responders on the federal, state and local levels, today announced the global availability of its protective apparel for use in handling the Ebola virus. In response to the increasing demand for specialty protective suits to be worm by healthcare workers and others being exposed to Ebola, Lakeland is increasing its manufacturing capacity for these garments and includes proprietary processes for specialized seam sealing, a far superior technology for protecting against viral hazards than non-sealed products.

              “Lakeland stands ready to join the fight against the spread of Ebola,” said Christopher J. Ryan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lakeland Industries. “We understand the difficulty of getting appropriate products through a procurement system that in times of crisis favors availability over specification, and we hope our added capacity will help alleviate that problem. With the U.S. State Department alone putting out a bid for 160,000 suits, we encourage all protective apparel companies to increase their manufacturing capacity for sealed seam garments so that our industry can do its part in addressing this threat to global health.

              I stand corrected!


              • @POSSEE , Did ya notice the stock in the drug companies today ?
                And especially the company that makes the “cure” for ebola , kinda warms the heart .

              • Possee, Yeah they waste our tax money for 4 times the cost of a protective suit. How many of those suits they going to hand out to the public? Yeah Nada. Our money wasted and we get nothing.

              • I want the same thing they use at Fort Detrick.

          • Going according to plan.Always believe opposite of what gov tells you.

            • speaking of sticking with the plan…..

              We have now taken on Phase Two of our SHTF Plan.

              This has been a part of the Plan for over five years now and it has always been first an foremost in our minds. We even have a list above the computer that is a constant reminder that the day will come to act on this plan. More for the little woman’s benefit, in case i have suddenly “bought the farm”, and she needs the reminder. She don’t think to well on her feet.

              The name of this Phase two Plan is called… F.U.C.T.

              Flag Up Crunch Time

              Without going into too many details and boring folks, I’ll just say the biggest, or most important part of this fuct, contingency plan, is to recognize indicators and plan for a possible six month lock down/staying put, at the retreat.
              Our list consist of items we label as semi-perishable.

              A few of our fuct items include:

              large quantities of oil & lard
              additional canned and powdered milk, and coffee.

              We always keep some of these items on hand and have some in our preps, which are neatly and discreetly packed away. However we don’t stock enough of those items to get us thru a “no trips to the market” period of sixmonths, or more.

              Well, except our instant coffee and powdered creamer. The little woman has become addicted to the honey mocha latte i got her to try a couple years ago. she won’t even go camping without it, in fact, has to have two cups if she is going trout fishing in the cold river, or the weather is just plain chilly.

              For inquiring minds here is my receipe:

              Boil a pot of spring water or distilled water.
              Put one heaping teaspoon of Tasters Choice Instant into a 16 oz. mug( or larger),
              and pour in 10 oz. of boiling water and four tablespoons of half and half or other cream. Immediately add one or two teaspoons of honey. and stir briskly.
              Add two tablespoons of Hershey’s chocolate syrup and stir briskly again.
              Top off with a few big swirls of canned sweetened and extra creamy whipped cream.
              As you gently stir pick up some of the liquid and let pour over the whipped cream and take little sips of the coffee mixture and the cream, until it is all dissolved and cooled to drink straight down. It is a wonderful eye opener first thing in the am and helps start you day off with a smile.

              The little woman makes a variation using hazelnut creamer in place of the half and half.

              i am content with black coffee most of the time but it is a cool change.

              Keep prepping!
              PS…. don’t forget, to get fuct, items.


              • The Ebola is a convenient distraction for the mass genocide going on in Syria by the USS AIRFORCE ENTERMINATION CREW. WHO ALSO BOMBED THE WRONG OIL REFINERIES. Well another Nation and Generation going to hate the US. Good job sociopaths.

          • Let me ask a question about patient zero. I am wondering, if you were from Africa and knew all too well how those people were dying over there, and you knew that everyone who had the disease and went to the US was saved by American medicine, and you suddenly realize you’ve been infected, wouldn’t you get on a plane and head to the USA? This is what I think happened and there may be many more to follow. Just a thought.

            • Yep, and they’re keeping the skies open for business.

            • Yes. And with the continued flights, why wouldn’t they? Free medical and all, you don’t need to be a citizen.

              This is all so well planned.

            • Why is this so hard???? Suspend all flights from West African countries. No-brainer, right?? UNLESS….this is exactly what TPTB want. I think it’s all planned. Ready or not, here it comes!

            • same comment was just made on faux news. this guy helped a dying pregnant woman get into a taxi 4 days before he left. They said that right after their paid doctor said it could not be transmitted through casual contact. at least 4 of the 5 hosts on the five gave the doctor a run for his money asking all the right questions.

              • Let me guess. Either Beckle or Williams did not say anything. Disgusting liberals.

            • Highspeed – this guy was named (cant remember his name) in our media just now. He is a 40 year old Liberian national who helped a severely infected woman (who died only hours later) into a taxi and then 4 days later got on a flight to the USA. Not sure if this was the only contact he had with the woman.

              Also in the report we got here, 5 kids from 4 different schools (?) who had contact with this guy are under virtual home containment and constant monitoring. What was a foreign national doing there anyway and what was his business that he was in contact with kids? Gradually more details will emerge but for now, any information coming from TPTB is only what they are willing (or forced) to give.

              In the 5 days in the USA that this dude was contagious how many people did he have sufficient contact with to pass on the virus? He went to a hospital and was sent home with antibiotics.

              Go back through your own movements and think about that!


              • Went to the store a little while ago and got the hebbie jebbies and felt like bugs were crawling all over me after being around all the shitbags. Great, along with everything else to deal with now I’m phobic.

                • I may look paranoid, but I’m wearing latex gloves to do my monthly shopping. No handling of communicable items, with my bare hands, for me. I care more about living than I do about what I look like to other people.

              • They said on TV, he came in contact with between 8 and 15 people… also, he and his friend TOLD the nurse and the doctor that he was from Liberia, and they saw he was vomitting, etc, and they gave him anti-biotics and sent him home!!!

                Then the CDC people say, “don’t worry, we’ve got this under control.” yeah, right!

              • Guys name is Thomas Edward Duncan, a black guy and Liberian National. Been photos of him on TV here, and the 5 kids who are being monitored are his girlfriends. The kids go to 4 different schools.

                I wonder if when he got back to the USA he had sex with his girlfriend (a certainty wouldn’t you think?).

                Sooooooo, who did she have contact with and 5 kids in 4 schools would come in contact with how many other kids?……. what a mess!!!


                • Definitely Twelve Monkey stuff.

            • Highspeed->

              Granted sir.

              ..but I ask you this, per the fundamentals of ‘BATTLEFIELD TRIAGE DOCTRINE’..why hasn’t our command authority instituted the “QUARANTINE” procedures..that proved effective, generations ago??!!??

              ..see ‘polio’ in the early / mid 20th century as an example………….


              Bottom line =

              ..this is an elitist(enemy) assault / attack!!!!!

              Its purpose is to ‘KILL’ you, me, everybody else here… and our offspring too!

              ..funny thing is…the sons-o-bitches told us so, long ago!


              We’ve been infected w/ political correctness, multi-culturalisn & tolerance memes for decades now.

              ..and thus, the chickens have come home to roost!


              For the newbies here:

              ..grab a dictionary..look up the word “tolerate”..

              Definition = (ad libded, but valid)

              “ put up with something one finds disagreeable / false.


              -(deep sigh)-

              “..class dismissed!!!!!!!!!!”

              • You are more likely to get hit by lightening than catch Ebola. You are more likely to die from a hospital infection or shot by a cop than a terrorist than catch Ebola.

            • Why didnt America create a no fly zone over the areas of Africa suffering Ebola? Why was no quarentine of all travelers returning from Africa not imposed? Why are Ebola infected people allowed to return to America?
              The people who allowed this should be charged with treason and executed.

            • I think that’s what he did and more are sure to follow… unless US charges him w/bioterrorism or something. I’m sure a lot of people would take the trip with no regard to others but I would not. It’s just not my nature. I’d rather face death than knowingly risk infecting anyone, especially my family.

          • Watch Atlanta closely!

            ..’tis a must win / critical OP, for the ‘Elites’ to decimate the strong / independent spirit of the former Confederacy.

            ..’cuz ole Johnny Reb’s DNA, still runs deep..and as far as he’s concerned..per the War of Northern(Washington DC) Aggression….

            ..we’re merely at halftime! -(grin)-**


            **sorry yankees…I couldn’t resist!!!!!

            • Hunter,as a proud New England Yankee have had no illusions the civil war is over,kinda a fan of John.I also as a yankee hate zombies,just wish there was ,well,some sort of plan for em!

              • Warchild->

                ‘Twas humor sir!

                ..just something to evoke a laugh of sorts.


                ..but the ‘halftime’ reference is serious..(per DC’s case)!!!

                • Yep Hunter, its all a game to them and we are the Christians in the lions den. If this thing spreads, all sick people should be shuttled to DC and touch every politician they can.

        • DRUDGE REPORT—

          …former Food and Drug Administration chief scientist and top infectious disease specialist said that several people were exposed to the Ebola virus by the unidentified patient in Dallas, America’s first case, and it’s likely that many more will be infected.

          Dr. Jesse L. Goodman, now a professor of medicine at Georgetown University Medical Center, said while the nation shouldn’t panic, it’s best to prepare for the worst.

          “It is quite appropriate to be concerned on many fronts,” he said in a statement provided to Secrets. “First, it is a tragedy for the patient and family and, as well, a stress to contacts, health care workers and the community at large. Second, it appears several people were exposed before the individual was placed in isolation, and it is quite possible that one or more of his contacts will be infected,” he added.

          What’s more, he conceded that it was “only a matter of time” that the swift-killing African virus arrived in the U.S.

          “If anyone did not agree before, bringing the epidemic in Africa under control is an absolute emergency and requires a massive effort and global commitment now long overdue. This is a matter not just of preventing death and suffering in Africa, but, as this case brings home to the U.S., of global

          • >>”If anyone did not agree before, bringing the epidemic in Africa under control is an absolute emergency and requires a massive effort and global commitment now long overdue.”<<

            Not going to happen as long as airline and corporate profits in West Africa remain the top priority. The bankers could care less if a few million people die for a profit.

        • This Ebola Scam is all one Big distraction, as the US Military is illegally Bombing Syrian Villages Killing Thousands of women and children and just a few terrorists in the process. The US Air Force, mistakenly bombed a few oil refineries which were the wrong target. Of course all they say is OOPS!! Nothing like creating a whole NEW Country and Generation of New People who will Hate America. F-n Brilliant!!! When will the madness end?? Of course the MSM talks about one simple case of the Ebola sniffles and avoids talking bout the thousands of villagers in Syria getting slaughtered. And Oh BTW/ That little stunt of Obama Flying down to MacDill AFB in Tampa FL a few weeks ago, to talk up this new illegal Syrian War, cost Tax payers $100,000 to build the stage for the puppet master show shine boy to stand on to give his War Hate Speech to to start bombing Syria. $100,000 to build a F-N Stage to stand on. Madness!!!

          • And people wonder why i am becoming more and more removed from society,,,
            Such bullshit, most people are totally oblivious,

            • I hear ya Kula. I am ready to go play MacDodge on Nat Geo go live in the woods and find peace with nature. Man is corrupt thieving lying rats.

          • The Ebola cases are real enough, but I wholely agree that this is “gaggin on a nat, while swallowing a camel”. The whole US is dessensitized to this murderous foreign policy. The mission objective is to take/control all that they have – and put them on the never ending debt plan. Imagine you being an average Joe Syrian, just trying to live and give food and shelter to your family – and then this Superpower portraying you and all your fellow citizens as a crazed, rag head, evil Islamist that needs to be exterminated onsight due to his threat to the US lifestyle – this guy is just trying to live and dodge rocks and bullets. And what about the elderly, children, widowed mothers. How do you really explain what we’re doing there? These people are being killed as a result of currency and resource wars of the bigger powers. The only case against Syrian and Iran was their planning to leave the petrodollar plantation; they can go, they just have to leave their resources and control behind.

        • Air travel just might grind to a halt. At least in the Dallas area. The TSA gropers might be calling out sick along with the pilots. Latex gloves provide minimal protection if any at all. Panic will spread even if the virus doesn’t. Attendance at football games and other sporting events may or may not be affected; there are some die-hard sheeple out there.
          We are living in “interesting” times…..

          • Airlines made like $3 Billion in profit last year just from charging baggage fees.

          • @ Meathead,

            Hmmm, that’s an interesting thought…after a fashion. It hadn’t occured to me until you mentioned it here; talk about ‘poetic JUSTCE’!

            Hell, this has almost a ‘biblical’ flavor to it people, think about it: The TSA, gropers par excellant’, having to MANUALLY screen all those people, one by ONE…or LOSE thier jobs for refusing to do so. Oh my…that’s STARKLY funny!…in a really DARK sort of way. Hahahahaa…

            Thanks!…EASILY the best laugh I’ve had all week! God knows I needed one.

            • I agree, this is starkly funny. They get to grab Ebola crotches. Surprised only 2 green thumbs.

              • Yep, same here Bro…or Sis.

            • Mr. Rodgers. “Tell the truth and shame the devil”….
              I’m just a little nervous about the possibility of the virus spreading. Well, more than a little nervous. I’ve been wondering about the planes that went missing from Libya this summer. Wouldn’t be surprised if they showed up in the U.S. airports with lots of passengers from Liberia. Just a scenario. Why in God’s name would Obama want to send U.S. soldiers over to the hot zones in Liberia? If this virus is real, everything shuts down.
              Was it in the Steven King novel (The Stand) where I saw the 2 words “Rome Falls”?
              I don’t know about you or anyone else, but I’m getting creeped out.

              • @ Meathead,

                “Why in God’s name would Obama want to send U.S. soldiers over to the hot zones in Liberia? If this virus is real, everything shuts down.”

                I’m as mystified as you sre about THAT Friend….no matter WHO you are, the spectre of entering an Ebola ‘hot zone’ is horrifying…in extremis. To have to do so under ORDERS infinitely WORSE. Truth be told, I’m not at all SURE that even the Commander-in-Chief has the legal authority to send American Soldiers into any such area; truly!, I am ex-mil and there are such things as ‘illegal orders’, in a variety of circumstances and this might VERY well qualify as onesuch, on a variety of legal grounds. as I said, ‘mysitified’ utterly here! I about had a ‘sanitary accident’ when I first heard that!

                From a moral/ethical perspective it is one thing to order someone into ‘Combat’ where there at least exists a reasonable probability of returning alive…better than 50%! What troubles me is that AFTER that announcement that THOSANDS of people didn’t immediately jump up shouting, “Not my SON…and NOT MY DAUGHTER EITHER DAMMIT!”…or did I miss something in the news lately?!?!?!? Fuck a duck…I am beginning to BELEIVE that Americans are TRULY just ‘sheeple’…and not much ELSE after this…

                As ar as the spreading-thing goes Friend be ‘at ease’ for yet a time….I have a ‘background’ in such things and as said here previously, “Now is NOT the time to panic …not quite yet.”

                As a guide here I would strongly suggest the following:

                WATCH all things now more closely than normal, WAY more closely…IF and WHEN you begin to hear any intimations from the authority’s that NEW cases…physically seperate from each other are being reported, then GET NERVOUS. That state of affairs signify’s that the virus IS successfully ‘penetrating’ the population at large….meaning as well that it has continued to succesifully adapt to the Human genome, regardless of the specific fashion in which it is reported to originate; it might, it might NOT in either case. God FORBID…If SO, then begin to execute that ‘inward turn’ that all of us have thought on down deep since this began, in that place that we seldom talk to others about. “Cordon Sanitaire’ is then the only likely method to assure safety…and that – at that point – must be utterly absolute – no one IN…and NO ONE OUT either – since heart-strings would be pulled badly and temptation would draw one to do the unthinkable were a loved one suffering in front of your very eyes. We ARE dealing with a currently incurable, effectively untreatable, LETHAL pathogen…as it has already demonstrated in West Africa.

                Be STILL and WATCH for now Friend…but keep on preppin’ as well: Every little bit will help if it comes to THAT. Good Luck and God Bless…

                IF this gets any WORSE hereinafter I WILL post a LONG missive – here, in forum – relating the basics involved, you will want to read that if it comes.

                • Read a novel about a virus that wiped out most of humanity (Justin Cronin’s “The Passage”). Guess what the 1st patient’s nickname was when he was in quarantine?
                  Patient Zero.
                  Maybe that’s standard procedure for people in quarantine.
                  Anyways, it does pay for us to keep our eyes and ears open. But it’s not always what we see. Sometimes it’s what we don’t see.
                  The Ebola virus, false flag or not, may be part of a multi-pronged attack for all I know.
                  And all I know, is I don’t know.
                  I remember a college professor telling us in his class that we do our best thinking in the early am hours while it’s still dark.
                  And, per your suggestion, I am watching. And waiting. And of course, there’s a thunderstorm passing over my area which adds to the creep-out factor.

                  • And now we’re getting some hail? Awesome. Previous post commenting on novel is response to Mr. Rodgers. The posts on this site tend to get scrambled out of sequence. But that’s ok. All of you wonderful preppers have great things to say……

        • It’s more than crazy…..!

          What kind of moron would:

          Believe it be a bright idea to go traveling to a country in the middle of a pandemic?

          Believe it would be proper to NOT mention to the doctor where you had just traveled to?

          Believe it should be OK to mingle with people (kids) when you just came back from a pandemic riddled country and YOU, YOURSELF feel sick

          Then to top it off….

          Why are we still accepting flights from these countries with ZERO restrictions?

          Why is our Southern border still allowed to be overrun by God knows who, EACH AND EVERY SINGLE DAY?

          This lack of prevention by this administration verges on purposeful negligence….

        • Send all ov the victoms to D.C. on a white house tour…. or they could just jump the fence……

        • BB,no need to worry about Marshall Law,was a dumb ass tv show in the late 90’s,figures given this dumb ass govt. a lame tv show is the best response they can come up with!Why not something say Rockford Files,something with a little teeth!

        • Bigb, no I haven’t why don’t you link that so we can all read it?

        • You cannot even spell martial law correctly. Sure destroys your credibility. Personally I believe that this was allowed to spread in Africa so when it showed up here it would not look as suspicious since previously Ebola has always been a short term localized event. Something is different this time and I suspect that the virus may have had help spreading. It sure looks like the Govt. is determined to help the spread with their criminal immigration policies. A visa for someone in Liberia? WTF are they thinking?

      2. …and away we go!!!!!!!!!!

        • XXL Gloves. You know what that means?

          • Yes,means extra extra large gloves,I had to ask for when at pharmacy for XXL cond,eh,never mind.

        • I sure hope I DON’T have use all that 6mil plastic…
          I’ll get more duck tape and bleach tomorrow anyway…


          • And a little “travelin’ music.”

      3. The guy ran around for days after becoming sick. He went to the hospital and was sent home even after he said he was from Liberia. God only knows how many people he contaminated. One thing for sure is the LSM and government will lie to us. Were counting on you Mac to keep us informed. Thanks in advance.

        • I clicked to that other post about it spreading (SHTF) and it said there could be 10,000 cases by September. Well… its October and only about 3,100 cases or so, so thankfully it has not spread as they feared. Not to downplay the situation, but it just has not gotten that bad yet. Yet. ;(

          • The numbers the LSM are reporting today are over 3100 dead and nearly 10000 infected Annon. I’d bet the numbers are double what their lying asses are reporting.

            • double would still be an understatement.

            • Lots of folks unaccounted for as well. Many people have not gone to the clinics…and what clinics are there are turning people away.

              The figures they have are the ones that they have counted. How many have not been counted? No way to know that at this time.

              • Scientists warned curbing air travel would only delay spread
                Read more at ht tp://

            • Given the third world reporting and containment systems, double the number is a certainty, no one has to lie, they just don’t know what the real numbers are and won’t ever find out.

          • Anon,

            Both the CDC and WHO have stated that the “official” toll numbers are significantly under reported as the 80% of infected people who are turned away from hospitals, those who are being nursed at home, and the unknown number of dead victims cannot be accurately accounted for.

            It is entirely possible that there could be far more than 10,000 infected people already. Trust the official numbers at you own risk. Grave diggers in West Africa are working around the clock to bury bodies. That should give us some idea how bad things are there.

            IMO, except for emergency personnel, all flights to and from infected countries should be severely curtailed. Airlines should not be allowed to place profits ahead of public safety.

            • Unfortunately the Airlines will ALWAYS put profits above everything!

          • anon death toll is just over 3000. the number of cases reported is 8-10000.

            • Also, 80% of the people showing up to the Ebola clinics are being turned away, to be cared for and die who knows where. Thus these people are not being counted in the official numbers. The real infection number may exceed 30,000 at this point as there is simply no way to count. To say that they are overwhelmed right now is a massive understatement. These are not developed countries with good infrastructure on a good day. They simply do not have any way to count that which happens outside the clinics.

          • “so thankfully it has not spread as they feared”

            Anon, you mean “thankfully it has not spread as they had HOPED”

          • There are probably a huge number of cases that never get reported. All the dead need to be incinerated not buried where they can infect the ground water or be gug up and eaten by animals.

        • These CDC people and the US govt in greneral are extremely stupid(I know, what else is new).

          To not stop flights coming in from the infected regions in Africa(Like other countries did) is extreme stupidity on the part of the US govt.

          To allow anyone that came from an infected region to go home after going to a hospital saying they were feeling ill, was extreme stupidity on the CDC and Dallas hospital system.

          In Dallas, there’s a Cowboys game on Sunday and the Texas State Fair is ongoing for the next 3 weeks just east of downtown.

          It will be real interesting to compare this years state fair and the football games attendence to the average. I bet it’s 20% less minimum because knowledgeable people are not as stupid as our government and will likely stay home.

          • Lena,

            >>”To not stop flights coming in from the infected regions in Africa(Like other countries did) is extreme stupidity on the part of the US govt.”<<

            It's all about profit and greed. Corporations, which run the U.S. government, are willing to throw every single one of us under the bus just to make a buck. They could care less if a million people die in a horrible gruesome death, as long as those profits keep rolling in.

            Bankers are vampires.

            • It would be racist to ban africans with ebola from america.
              Even if it’s common sense.
              And that’s why they will not stop it.
              just remember when your kids are bleeding and dying, that diversity is our strength!

              • Being “tolerant” in my book, does not include deadly infectious diseases…

            • Profit my ass, it’s all about the Obama administration and their Undocumented Democrat Amnesty plans. Close the air bridge to Africa over Ebola, and they’ll have to close the border with Mexico over the polio virus that is beginning to erupt nationwide here.

              They won’t do that, the party is more important than the people, you know.

          • It’s not stupidity but planned and deliberate malevolence. They want this to spread for quite simply there is something seriously wrong in their twisted heads. Never discount the existence of pure evil.

        • The idiot at the hospital didn’t know where Liberia is! Geography isn’t taught like it use to be.

          • Liberia is the country that Pres Lincoln wanted to send the Slaves back to after the Civil War. It was Liberty. LIBERIA. I wish Abe could see today the product of that clusterfock did to our country. Half are in jail and the other half are on welfare and food stamps.

      4. Amazon is selling out of N100 masks and Tyvek suits quickly.

        Plastic sheeting will be gone soon too.

        Thanks for the lists Tess!

        • EBOLA = DISTRACTION in this country. Pay closer attention to what this “horror fantasy” is designed to cover via drawing YOUR attention away from much more significant and immediate concerns.

          Not to mention, HERDING the masses into GOOBERMENT CORRALS.

          • they’re going to blame the economic crash on ebola…..

          • I fear our government will use this as the cause of the economical collapse many have been forewarning for quite some time now! Treason for sure at the cost of many great Americans and allies around the world. Is this what the government has been gearing up for? How dare they.

            • “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

              -Rahm Emanuel

        • Glad mine is already on the way!

      5. Time to nuke ourselves from orbit…
        Its the only way to make sure.

        • HAHA

          We better head back, cause it’ll be dark soon, and they mostly come at night. Mostly.

        • This line never gets old… ever!

      6. So the question is…. How many people have to contract ebola before the country starts to freak out, we shall let the media decide i guess

        • I say 3

        • About 3 before I start to freak out.

          At a dozen I start peeing myself.

          At 100 I start running around flapping my arms like my head’s on fire.

          That boat. Ah that boat is looking like a good idea. I wonder how much of a craptastical boat I could get for 10k? Not that I have 10k but worst came to worst I could probably get it.

          Long as the thing floats…

          • Im already freaked out man!!!!
            Going to the bunker!!!!

          • I think there might still be a wooden fishing boat lying beside Highway 33 near Greenville, NC with a “FREE” sign on it. It would need a lot of work.

            • HAH you’d be surprised. I saw a yacht with a gutted interior and a seized up motor going for $900…

              The interior? Beh it’s got all the equipment, just no floor or wall lining. Eff it, that’s what Epoxy paint is for. Close enough.

              The motor… well heck if it’s anything like rebuilding a car engine we’re talking under $1400…

              It’s tempting. I just think there has to be more wrong with it than that at that price. Sucker ain’t small. It’s a really big boat.

              • Rot
                Had a friend who thought they scored on a fishing boat,
                Was a glass ply Raden
                Most of the hull had termites in it and he didnt really check it out, got it home climbed up on it into the flying bridge, when he jumped off the ladder coming back down he went through the deck, long story short, he then had to pay to dispose of the damn thing.

          • after this is over, all survivors will be able to get a boat….a yacht a mansion. It’s actually pretty cool to think about. A system reboot and billions dead. We all dream of that, getting rid of the banker pigs and starting over in the garden of Eden. My guess is we are all here subconsciously hoping for that, right? Admit it, come on people

            • Yeah. Well. The bummer is it’s like playing Russian Roulette with 4 in the… spinny… thingy (technical term)…

              Odds are… real bad.

        • I give it 25-50. Right now, many people are still fast asleep. Amazingly, I had to actually explain what Ebola was to a co-worker yesterday! She had never even heard of it! I gave her some basic resources to read when she got home as well as a list of basic supplies to have on hand. I hope she listens.

          • I was talking to a guy a few weeks ago who had no idea what Ferguson, MO, was all about. But he could speak eloquently about metal rock bands and legal pot.

            He might make a good field hand when SHTF, but I doubt it.

          • Yeah, well let me blow all your minds….
            A friend of my brothers, who happens to be a nurse in Southern Calif, was over this last weekend. I asked him as a medical professional what he thought of Ebola coming to the US and if it concerned him that many medical professionals had died. He had no idea it was going on!

            I was flabbergasted to say the least.

          • Like to place a bet that she voted for the Won twice?

      7. Got more bleach today.

        Could only find 6mil plastic sheeting.

        Got some gloves.

        Got some thickest I could find garbage bags.

        Next pay day will continue the effort.

        In the mean time–will continue meat canning.

        Slow and Steady
        Gets us Ready.

        • Don’t forget ammonia also grandee..make a spray bottle with ammonia and bleach from a old windex bottle…if you can’t afford a hand pump sprayer.


            • Especially to Ebola zombies..I’m sure we all know how to store it from doing us harm

              • You try combining those 2 substances and you most likely will end up dead, Talon. Just a warning. Up to you.

                • It’s actually like mustard gas!

                • Anon..its not for daily around the house use…its use is as a weapon..never to be sprayed in your house..but at your enemy. Don’t know where you live, but in LA. It will be a valuable tool to keeping maraunders, MS13, Commie LEO’s who have no mask protection from advancing..and if it kills them..well that’s good for me. You don’t mix this in your house..but outdoors..and when the SHTF…you will know when to mix and use..but you should always think about how to weaponized from common products..the other side doesn’t think you will.

                  • It produces chlorine gas. This is coming from an idiot who accidentally mixed bleach with what I thought was dawn. I accidentally grabbed Amway Toilet Bowl Cleaner which is ammonia. Put me in the ER on oxygen for 2 hours.

                    I the idiot did that about 25 years ago. Be extremely careful doing that talon. The bottle may burst on you. It is a violent chemical reaction.

                • It actually produces a nerve agent (gas) that when breathed causes asphyxiation. Will also cause other vital organs to shut down. Attempting to contain it in a “spay bottle” may be a mistake as well. The gas produced will eventually increase the pressure causing bursting of the container. This is why most people acquire a chemistry degree before handle potent chemicals. Others usually die due to low information voter ailment.

                  • We may have us a Darwin Award candidate in Talon1776.

                    Just sayin’….

                  • We may have us a Darwin Award candidate in Talon1776.

                    Just sayin’….

                • I know a female tennis coach who, when she was a kid, her brother did that and it ruined her vocal chords. She now speaks with a raspy voice. Be careful folks. Not good to kill ourselves off. Government hates the competition

            • Makes chlorine gas. Don’t mix them

              • I <3 Chemistry equations!

            • Yes it is. Killed one of my old ladies uncles. Did not die right away but he had such severe lung damage that it killed him in two years. Back in the day of glass bottles for everything the store he managed piled bleach and ammonia together in a display and it collapsed and mixed the contents. He stayed to get all the customers out and had a fatal exposure from the fumes.

          • Hey talon1776 if you drink it regularly it will make strong and a female magnet. Also increases male size. Hope this helps.

            • Late word has it that it cures Ebola.

        • Do you know how to tell when a government spokesperson is lying; Their lips are moving. “Ebola isn’t THAT contagious and we can insure it wouldn’t get loose here in America.” They are impotent (limp dicks) but they keep telling the American Sheeple that they’ve got everything under control. A little off topic, but talking about control; one deranged gunman in Pennsylvania has eluded over 1,000 state and federal cops (according to the news) for more than two weeks now. So much for TPTB and their enforcers of the NWO. These are some of the same incompetent boobs that couldn’t find one severely injured teenager in Boston after the bombing, and who couldn’t stop a lone vet with PTSD from breaking into the White House with a knife. Anyone who’s still afraid of some all powerful NWO just hasn’t been paying attention. All of these ‘misadventures’ do prove one thing; that when things do finally fall apart we will really be on our own.

      8. Here we go again.

        • Ammonia and bleach mixed together(i.e. door booby trap breaks bottles),is a great thing for defense,mixing in a squirt gun,bad idea.Folks,a lot of common household goods that make fantastic weapons if done in a safe manner,think outside the box!

      9. Relax folks. That little dweeb from the CDC stated that it is very difficult to catch the virus and they will eradicate it. Never said how many people we’d be down to once they eradicated it, but that’s a minor issue. They have your best interest and welfare at heart. Hell its all spelled out in Agenda 21. Forget all those rolls of plastic. Just get plenty of lime.

        • “it is very difficult to catch the virus ”

          That’s why the doctors with the equipment and knowledge to prevent infection are becoming sick. PO’d you know as well as I do they will only bullshit us sheeple. Its my belief this hole Dallas Ebola thingy is intentional and will be spread by the little dweeb and his pals. I’ll post any pertinent info and hope you and others will do the same. Good luck.

        • Yeah, but what’s ten or twenty million people to the CDC?

          • chump change.

          • A start. Just be getting warmed up a ten million.

      10. They are now saying that only those demonstrating symptoms can spread it.
        It take 21 days to start showing symptoms after being infected.
        At first, I thought I heard that once infected you can spread it regardless of showing symptoms.
        So, which is it?

        • It takes UP TO 21 days to show symptoms… most show in about 5 days
          I keep hearing it takes 21 days to show symptoms…and this is going to delay treatment for people thinking oh its just the flu or whatever in the next couple days/weeks thinking they couldnt have it because it hasnt been 21 days

          • Looks like roughly 50% will show signs by day 5 after exposure, some sooner, some way later.

        • Kinda sorta like what Pelosi said. You’ll have to catch it before you know if you’ll spread it.

      11. Since the Gov’t constantly does double speak, all you have to remember is if the gov’t says something’s black, then its white. And if they something’s white, then its actually black..simple!

      12. Really think the gov is looking out for your best interests?
        Seems they have been trying to figure out how to DISPOSE of your dead bloated bodies since before 2009:

        Plans for Mass Graves Confirmed: Government Surveying Cemetery Readiness for Flu Outbreak

        Aaron Dykes
        Jones Report
        April 3, 2009

        The State of New York Division of Cemeteries has sent out “Mass Fatality forms” to cemeteries in that state to collect data about their ability to deal with the high volume of casualties that would occur if their were a flu pandemic or other disaster. The form letter that this office received was dated April 4, 2007 [pdf], so clearly preparation for such disasters has been ongoing for some time.

        Along with other data, cemeterians were asked in this survey:

        “Should a prolonged mass fatality disaster or pandemic flu occur in your community would your cemetery be able to provide temporary or permanent internment space for a significant number of disaster or flu deaths in additional to your current burial services?”

        Cemetery owners were also asked to detail the business structure and capacity of their facilities, including proximity to roads, train lines and airfields. The Division of Cemeteries requested data to calculate the number of acres that could be made available “at 950 graves per acre.”

        It is clear that emergency and disaster forces are being mobilized at the state and federal level. There is no data to predict what disasters could come– forces of nature, false-flag attacks, biological attacks/ flu outbreaks, quarantines etc. However, a pattern of data including news items, reports, photos and tips have all pointed to an incremental gearing up for a cataclysmic situation that includes mass casualties.

        Whether it is half a million plastic coffin liners videotaped at a truck depot, or massive expansion at dozens of cemeteries across the country or FEMA and Homeland Security agents preparing for an avian bird flu outbreak, it is clear that government agencies are expecting something to happen and their agencies are expanding in accordance.

        • I thought that was what empty container ships, pitchforks, and the middle of the Pacific Ocean were for…

          Let’s face facts, kids, with a 50-70% mortality rate… if this gets really going there ain’t enough dirt on the planet.

          • Correct.

            And THAT is why the new FEMA coffins are ‘cremation ready’.

            They were also designed to not spew out toxic gases during the cremation process…have to think about the environment and all that.

            • RRRR….,they are NOT coffins Dammit!Stop trying to panic folks!

              • @Warchild

                They ARE in fact, over-size coffins. Because they tell the PUBLIC they are ‘coffin holders’ or ‘gravesite liners’ is complete and utter BS. Tell me when the last time they needed coffin or grave liners that were purposely designed to be incinerated? You can’t- because THESE are patented for one of those very reasons. By the way the specific REASONS are outlined in the patent itself, FOR ALL TO READ.
                To Wit:

                Multi-functional cremation container for a cadaver
                US 5425163 A


                A multi-functional cremation container for a cadaver is provided.

                FIELD OF THE INVENTION
                This invention relates to a casket for the transport, storage and cremation of a cadaver, and, more particularly, to such a casket having certain improvements in use and especially in providing non-polluting combustion byproducts.

                Considerable handling of a corpse is required prior to final disposition of the body. The corpse must be moved from the site of death, possibly stored for identification and mounted for autopsy, moved to a funeral preparation site, mounted again for funeral preparation, moved again to the funeral site, handled in preparing the corpse for the funeral, with possible viewing, and then finally moved to the site for final disposition. In all of the moving and handling, the body and body substances may be exposed to a number of people, both in line of professional services and mourners. It has long been known that the deceased continue to carry the diseases of the cause of death as well as those incidental to such cause, and that these diseases may be highly contagious during the period of time from the moment of death to the final disposition of the body. Today, more then ever, it has become most imperative to treat the deceased with a great deal of care in avoiding the spread of infection. There is a great need for a cremation container for the deceased that is able to contain the corpse and fluids expelled therefrom in such a manner that the spread of infection is totally avoided.

                h t tp://

                • Well, that just made me s**t bricks.

                  Wow, even talking about infection and body fluids and everything huh?

                  Really… you really can’t burn that many. A few hundred thousand sure. You start getting north of 10 million you are gonna start having problems. Let’s recall we have a world population of 7.2 BILLION.

                  You can’t cremate 3.6 billion plus bodies. You can’t. You might as well pour gasoline on the Earth and light the whole planet up.

                  Basically that many people can’t die all at once (or within the span of a couple of years). That’s extinction level event there is what that is. Disease if unburied, contaminated water table if buried, more smog than Venus if burned.

                  • The only way to dispose of millions upon millions of those bodies…is to airlift an drop em into any number of LIVE Volcanoes active all over the world, containers and all. They are meant to stack, by the way, for easier shipping. Really, timing IS everything.

                    Future generations (if any) will never have to worry about disrupting mass burial sites or unleashing the plague again from exhuming disease ridden corpses. Or learning the truth about why so many had to die. No evidence whatsoever and re-written history…kind of like it is- now.

                    Isn’t mother nature an efficient biatch?

              • Of course not! They’re… Christmas present boxes ^^. They’re going to give us all nice Christmas presents! That happen to be 7 feet long ^^.

                Can’t burn ’em either. That’s going to emit more crap than lighting every forest on Earth on fire.

                See, this here’s a real problem.

                Maybe we can put them all on the moon… 9_9

                • Jeeez,they are cake molds,with hermetic seals to keep said cake fresh!This is welcome to camp fema party cakes,tis all.I also would again like to point out the story of govt. buying guillotines are for cutting the cake,with millions of campers without em not every one would get a piece!

                • The Pacific ocean. Why not?. Fukishima(sp) is still contaminating the ocean just start dumping Ebola infested corpses in the oversized coffins, then problem solved.

              • Nope. They are just giant Tupperware containers designed to store large quantities of sunshine and unicorns! Get it right.

      13. Does this mean the gov will have to bail out the Dallas hospital…

        “This is what we do and we’re happy to do it”. “We’ve been waiting on this”. “No,we will not release the airline flight number”.

        • Missed you Ted….get lost on the cape?

          • Easy Anon,ted has has 5 + years of sobriety!

      14. You have to wonder how many more people are infected but don’t have symptoms yet. Especially by the guy who came back from Liberia. There could be new ebola cases popping up all over the world in the next couple of weeks.

      15. Seriously, this just another bullet point on the list of possible catastrophes, no more, no less.

        Regardless of your personal top 3, basic preparations should cover the majority of the top 20 life changers that you might come up against.

        So in a word, don’t panic, just keep on doing what you’ve been doing and we’ll get through this eventuality if it actually becomes something other than a news item you read about that’s happening to someone else far away.

      16. But Ebola isn’t airborne correct?

        • This outbreak has spread farther, faster, then any previous outbreak. I’d bet on it being airborne.

          It’s better to be a disappointed pessimist, than a slowly dying optimist.

        • Nope. It’s aerosolized. That means it can spread in droplets but doesn’t live on surfaces for a long time. So, as long as you are 10-15 feet away from a ebola victim you should be safe. BTW, how’s your Christmas shopping going? I hear there are some great sales down at the mall, you know, with all of those people packed tightly together…

        • It’s worthless. It’s the cider vinegar & honey of this generation.

        • And remember,
          When you start to turn blue you’re doing it right!

          • Blue is the new white!

      17. New Obama plan…
        Relatives (still in Central America) of the flood of illegal minors to be “resettled in the U.S.”… all at taxpayer expense.

        U.S. Considering Refugee Status for Hondurans

        “The proposal, prepared by several federal agencies, says the pilot program under consideration would cost up to $47 million over two years, assuming 5,000 applied and about 1,750 people were accepted.

        If successful, it would be adopted in Guatemala and El Salvador as well.

        It is unclear how the administration determined those estimates, given that since Oct. 1 more than 16,500 unaccompanied children traveled to the United States from Honduras alone.”

        Refugee plan set up for Central American minors

        “The Obama administration is initiating a program to give refugee status to some young people from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador in response to the influx of unaccompanied minors arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border.”

        “Under the program, immigrants from those countries who are lawfully in the United States will be able to request that child relatives still in those three countries be resettled in the United States as refugees.”

        “Last month, Border Patrol agents apprehended 3,129 young people, mostly from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

        Since the start of the budget year in October, more than 66,000 unaccompanied children have apprehended crossing the border illegally, nearly double the number from the 2013 budget year.”

        • Ya know, I get it as to why these people want to come to the USA, even though things are sluggish right now the possibilities are 1000 times better for these kids or adults here in our country vs wherever they are coming from. But there is a process for immigrating to the USA.
          Not that TPTB follow the rules, mind you they should be checked and removed from their positions if they will not enforce the rules, but none the less there is a system.
          Its broken because every damn bleeding heart whiner is pushing for an exception…….
          Time for a reality check and some serious replacement of these ineffective bureaucrats who have been in office for far too long.

        • I am sure that the Stupid party will put a stop to that. Just kidding.

      18. According to the Univ of Minnesota article, there are a few different strands of this virus and they prob spread a little differently, so noting is etched in stone. But we have to assume that there are at least around a handful of infected people in the US right now!!! But should be controlled fairly quickly

      19. I hate being right…it always sucks when I’m right. Before it ever left its orifin I said…”They are not taking this seriously enough and this is far from over.”

      20. Every


        • Epidemic

      21. I said earlier. I believe that the reason Texas had this is because it is one of the few states that can stand on its own.

        It has millions pouring over the border. Now Tex. has Ebola, D68, T.B. and how knows what they are bring across the border?

        I just heard that now this guys nieces and nephews now may have it. And are being told to stay home.

        What is Obullshit doing? He out playing golf! The piece of *&^% should close down all flights coming out of West Africa. Next you will hear that he just found out about it, and it was CDC’s fault. What a P.O.S.

        What is HLS doing? Now if you want to protect the Homeland I think that they should be doing something. No they would rater go after Gun owners Vets, retired Cops, Tea Party members, PATRIOTS. But they won’t go after these sick people coming in. B.S.

        This might be a good time to go over your PREPS!
        I’m going out tomorrow get some more bleach, face mask and gloves.
        Just ordered more ammo, and reloading equipment.
        Pray Prep Pray prep!!!
        I can fight a Zombie or a Leach, but fighting Ebola I have a good idea, and will do my best.


        • It’ll be hard to confirm that Texas was intentionally targeted.

          Have heard of conservatives in blue states (such as Kalifornia) who want to move to Texas. This may cause them to rethink those plans and hopes.

        • Sure wish this ebola guy lived near DC.

          Not sure if Ebola is strong enough to take down whatever in the DC virus though.

          • Lena,
            I live approximately 20 miles or so from Dulles – one of the layover stops this guy had on his flight to Dallas.
            I am pretty certain that he had contact with at least 10 or so people – and in which case – 5 to 21 days from now, the Mordor (D.C.) area will know…

        • Sarge, Hot lead injections….Hot lead injections will cure those who contract ebola. Keep your tyvek suits. I can administer them 600 yards out. I’ll see the red mist through the optics so I won’t need to walk up to check.

        • Pool shock Sarge,the long lasting till mixed bleach product that is also inexpensive since you are not paying to ship a gallon of water for most part,average bleach about 6%.The stuffs label should read somewhere between 65-73% Calcium Hypochlorite,not the sodium but calcium,the rest of label should read inert ingredients as in no algicides ect.,makes a boatload of bleach for cheap.

          • WD
            Hey Thanks Man. This is what this site is all about and thanks to great people like you I stay on it.

        • To shut down flights from Africa would be racist. Even if every passenger onboard had active Ebola they would not do it.

      22. Ohh… s&%t.

        .., oh… dammit. My Dad has to go to the Doctor. A LOT. Right now.


        That’s great. Where do you think it will concentrate first? Hmm. Let’s see… where do sick people go to?

        Lovely. That’s lovely.

      23. i ain’t scared.

        this is what i do to stay free of sickness…

        first off i wash my hands and face with non toxic ivory bar soap religiously.

        i use a honeywell electro air purifier with micro charcoal filters in my home and a micro electro air purifier in my bedroom/ office, all my sinks and shower has a water filter head installed.

        it’s an awesome setup, haven’t been sick for 4 years now.

        i take a 2 ounce daily shot of home brewed colloidal silver.

        home brew my own kombucha culture tea with Cinnamon , have a daily glass first with breakfast.

        i also now add ALL NON-GMO a teaspoon of raw cinnamon , tumeric and ginger to my daily choco protein drinks , real raw garlic-onion-red pepper-tumeric root to my daily meals and real raw honey to my daily green tea.

        And take in daily 2000mg of vit c , d , a , k , omega/ fish oils , amino acids etc etc

        the idea is to boost my immune system, heart , lungs , mind and keep em’ strong an be a poor host for disease or infection.

        it seems to work so far, it all adds a extra $100. a month to my regular food bill, it’s worth every penny especially the real honey , herbs and spices.

        And it tastes great… most of the time ;0).

        And i never go to the doctors or a hospital.


        p.s. – if and when ebola hits my state i plan to establish a strict containment protocol at my front door with a clean room area at my front door – nothing comes in uncleaned , outside shoes stay outside , outside clothing get cleaned washed or plastic bagged till enough to wash after each use , all foods get a thorough wash and cooking. And i will avoid all close contact in public and be wearing bio hepa mask an gloves.

        • your immune system is certainly robust…

        • rideph, you need to check out puritanpride for your vitamins and herbs.

        • How do you determine your parts per million? And what PPM do you go for in your 2 shots?

          • i’m a lazy brewer, an don’t really fret over ppm. i’m more concern with clean filtered distilled water and clean silver wire electrodes and batch brew time.

            ppm is a good thing to know, the particle size is far more important in terms of the ability of a colloidal silver solution to produce healing results in the human body.


      24. YEAH, THEY COMPLAIN, WARN AND TAKE AWAY OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES BECAUSE OF THE “TERRRORISTS” yet have open borders for the benefit of any would-be-“terrorists”…

        Likewise, they tell you not to worry about Ebola but don’t do a damn thing to prevent it from coming to our borders.

        Basically, the people in US government are useless!!!

      25. Some SOB from Goldman Sachs was on CNBC having an orgasmic talk about multiple big Pharma and how successful they are reaching the last phase of the Ebola Vaccine development. Looking at the red sea of the stocks today, I noticed only those pharma stocks were green and up. This is a ZOG made virus to reduce the population.

        All of this is directed just like a ZOG operated Hollywood movie to profit the ZOG owned Pharma’s. Wait and soon you’ll see the truth if you survive.


        Off the World News Desk:

        Health care system in collapse as Ebola death toll passes 3,000

        “As fast as clinics are built, they are filled up, leaving scores of the sick and dying to sit or crouch on the ground outside the gates. Ebola is turning into an insurmountable obstacle as health care workers labor day and night, fighting a losing battle.

        In the West African countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, the Ebola virus continues to spread. The Wall Street Journal on Sunday is reporting the World health Organization (WHO) is saying that 3,091 have died of confirmed, suspected or probable cases of Ebola.

        Doctors and health care workers are in very short supply. Without things like protective clothing, masks and gloves, as well as clinics and beds, patients will continue to go unattended for want of needed care. Health care resources in the countries affected by the Ebola epidemic have been stretched to their limit. TheCDC and WHO are very concerned about this, especially if the number of cases continues to rise as predicted…”

        • Randall Flagg and Trashcan Man are enroute.

          • Captain Trips is already here!

      27. The Stephen King movie the stand comes to mind? Im still nor worried about ebola. Back when I drove truck I carried water from home. Also carried all my own food. I learned how to cook food on the exhaust manifold. When I stopped for fuel I wore gloves who knows how many folks had ahold of those pump handles. never used the public restrooms. pissed along the roadside. Lined a 5 gallon bucket with walmart bags and shit in that inside the truck. I dumped the crap in the trash cans at the rest areas. Way back 30 years ago I quit eating anything prepared by someone other than my wife or me. Ill not eat where someone has the opportunity to spit in my food! We likely wont leave the place for the next two weeks. Actually we aren’t doing anything different from what we normally do. The last few years we got into the habit of carrying & using hand sanitizer. Yet we can still catch something. I went to the livestock sale barn. and a few days later I developed a kind of sinus flu. My head stopped up sore throat and later my nose ran like water. Took some golden seal and it cleared up. My wife took golden seal as soon as I told her I was feeling poorly and she was never sick?

        • Awesome post Old Guy! But I’m just wondering how far those rest stops were away and how long you had to travel with those shitty Walmart bags! Sheesh

      28. illegals by the thousands have been sent to every state in the country is what im reading, it is no telling what has crossed our borders and beginning to spread, i guess the least you can do now is thank all those politicians that you voted for who let this happen.

      29. Golden Seal? Sounds like some kind of butt-crack putty.

        • Talk about stopped up.

        • don’t like the name golden seal. how about Yellow Pocoon Root Powder?

            NAMES: Orange Root, Yellow Root, Yellow Puccoon Root
            HABITAT: Native to North America, it was used extensively by Native Americans as an herbal medication and clothing dye.

            PART USED: Root and rhizome

            ACTIONS: Bitter, hepatic, alterative, anti-catarrhal, anti-microbial, anti- inflammatory, astringent, laxative, expectorant, emmenagogue, oxytocic. INDICATIONS: One of our most useful remedies owing much of its value to the tonic effects it has on the mucous membranes of the body. This is why it is of such help in all digestive problems, from peptic ulcers to colitis. Its bitter stimulation helps in loss of appetite, and the alkaloids it contains stimulate bile production and secretion. All catarrhal conditions improve with Golden Seal, especially sinus ones. The anti-microbial properties appear to due to alkaloids present. As an example of research that has been done on plant constituents we shall consider berberine. Berberine, found in a number of other herbs as well, has antibiotic, immunostimulatory, antispasmodic, sedative, hypotensive, uterotonic, cholerectic, & carminative activity Its medicinal use centered around its ability to soothe the mucous membranes of the respiratory, digestive, and genitourinary tracts in inflammatory conditions induced by allergy or infection.Applied externally it can be helpful in eczema, ringworm, itching, earache and conjunctivitis.

            PREPARATIONS & DOSAGE: Infusion: pour a cup of boiling water onto l/2-l teaspoonful of the powdered herb and leave to infuse for l0-l5 minutes, This should be drunk three times a day. Tincture: take 1 ml of the tincture three times a day.

            • Thanks OG for the lowdown on GS. Apparently a couple of thumbdowners could use some cause they got their shitters twisted. Anyway gonna look into putting together some myself.

              If you get the chance check out Survival Sherpa and see his method for making Plantain Salve using beeswax, plantain, honey and some essential oils.

      30. Patient zero in Dallas went to the hospital and was sent home…HOME!!!!!…2 days later he was admitted and tested for Ebola. So now we are double dipping…They are still not taking itr seriously enough.

      31. Has the virus gone airborne or must you come in contact with body fluids of an effected person?

      32. LET THE CULLING BEGIN! Gee, ya think DC let in enough diseases and viruses yet? At this point, it kind of looks obvious!

      33. When this hits the dirty streets of Houston it will spread faster than water down a drain.

      34. Not sure this was mentioned but if this virus even gets spread a little in more than 1 city, the economy is going to implode, may be slow at first, but people aren’t going to go to work, shop, etc. out of fear, plus the stock market will respond in kind.

        If this isn’t nipped in the bud now by stopping these flights and other precautions – all common sense actions, then the near future is looking pretty rocky.

        Think about it…all the workers that have public contact, all the kids in school…if the guv doesn’t stop it immediately people will just stop showing up, halting production and so on.

        • Oh and then if they don’t take the correct measures then we know for certain it is not a lack of incompetence, but f’ing evil. Just in case there was any question in anyone’s mind still.

          Be well my friends and be wise when you move to your bol.

        • Yep… just read the economies in Africa are hitting the dust.

        • It’s a good thing we all have Obamacare! 😀

          …ok I can’t say that with a straight face…

      35. As I indicated in a previous post, the US has dealt with outbreaks of Ebola-type events for the last twenty years. Most people probably don’t know that people die every year due to plague in the southwestern

      36. I just had to pipe up with all this unintentional bad info. If you do not know for sure what chemicals will do if you mix them, DON’T DO IT!
        The plastic isolation rooms with heating and cooling. This is problematic as the air condition or heating needs a return to function properly. Now where is that HEPA filter? In the unit itself. Where does that air flow? Right past you face. So will the germ. You see, if EBOLA goes AIRBOURNE and can be spread by only breathing, then your sick room will have to be heated and cooled in containment. Window unit AC and Buddy heater. If Ebola is only spread by contact with fluids then sealing the room off my be counter productive, as in no fresh air.
        I hope this is a wake up call and people do not go back to sleep. I suggest you copy the info you need. I have not seen anything on how to treat and prepare the dead. Disposal of waste. Feeding the sick. Passing info by CD. E-Mail, Copies in paper, to others when they call in panic.

        Daisy and Mac have done a Great Job on the articles on EBOLA and Preps.

        So far so good. We only have suspicion that Ebola is airborne. Pigs to Monkeys. So how virulent will it get and will it just be of aerosol nature ( Low contagion) or atomized nature, (High Contagion).

        Check out the Nuclear, Biological, Chemical procedures the military use.

        • I think he’s pretty sure he’s gonna kill somebody besides himself, but I think it’s a bad Idea. spray bottles can explode. I responded to his plan in an earlier post, but gave up at his persistence.

          Not trying to be obnoxious, just hate to see somebody get hurt.
          Maybe he’ll listen this time.

          • NPPH.

            Bad Info.

            This is where people can get seriously hurt. Two Parts. One done by accident. The other is intentional. This to include Disinformation whereby the common man can by no means make a solid ground decision.
            The government has lied about plenty of things and then tied to cover it up. The country is doing fine. Oh, Yeah. Unemployment, Bank trouble, Market Trouble, Housing trouble, Homeless and Hungry. Wars and a Golfing President. Attorney General failing to prosecute IRS.
            Going behind our backs with United Nations treatise’s. Executive orders by the President.
            Amnesty for Illegal Aliens for future democratic votes while they infect our children with diseases.

            Should Ebola spread, what better way to avoid elections. I have said it before and say it again ,like others, that we may not even have Mid Term Elections.

            No wonder Obama said that the little man can not make a decision. We need authorities to do it for Us. As for the CDC. They are more reactive than active in response to outbreaks of disease.

            Fucking SOB’s.

            • “I just had to pipe up with all this unintentional bad info. If you do not know for sure what chemicals will do if you mix them, DON’T DO IT!”

              My comment was a play on the above words. Should have used the (sarc). He’s def gonna kill himself if he mixes that shit.

            • WOW…EPIC RANT slingshot…+50 if I could, honestly.

              Ummm, here’s a little info that some might find useful.

              In surgery’s – everywhere – they use a a UV-B (the ‘hard’ stuff that gives skin cancer on exposure) sterilizing appatatus in the ductwork that irradiates the incoming air so as to kill any ‘lil bugs’ that MIGHT be floating through…for patient safety and all. It is the case that this can be added to ANY home heating/cooling setup if done properly by someone who knows HOW; a HVAC-type installer. Naturally, with that available at least the AIR that you breathe at home is OK. My brother installs that type of thing all the time; it even ‘messe-up’ allergens so as they cannot tear up your sinuses…just a thought.

              Again, ‘HeLLuva’ RANT…IMPRESSIVE!!!

              Oh…and GOOD call on the ‘chemical thing’…”if you don’t KNOW, then DON’T DO”….always.

        • The plastic isolation rooms with heating and cooling

          Propane is king.

        • Maybe the best thing to do is get a tent to set up outside for the “sick room”

      37. A question for everyone on this site…at what point do you go into “lockdown” and cease contact with the outside world?

        • I have been into lockdown since Bush was elected and I ceased contact with the outside world when Oboso replaced him.

        • Southern Gal.

          Paranoid gave you an excellent answer but to add to his.

          If there is an upturn in Ebola you can use how far away from you. One Hundred, Two Hundred miles. Big city or country would be a factor. Once the Flu Season Kicks in with the same symptoms? See what the CDC does. If Ebola is still on the upswing.

          If it hits the city near me. I will go into lockdown.

          • we get ebola at my hospital and my happy @$$ is staying HOME.

        • Already did after returning home today with my new found phobia.

        • I think it depends on where you live now. It will also depend on reported cases in the coming couple of weeks. For me this is not a danger right now due to where I live.
          My fear is where this will be one month from now.
          We are already cautious around large crowds.

          To top it off. I may have torn my ACL two days ago at Krav Maga. I will know more when I see the orthopedic doctor tomorrow. I am not nervous about being there right now but if this spreads even a little then I would be.

      38. This Ebola situation in America is one where we will have to seriously seek for the truth and act accordingly to what is revealed.

        For example, although we know the CDC has admitted that the man in Dallas has Ebola, we cannot take everything they say or may suggest as the truth. The CDC is the same organization that refuses to admit that chemtrail spraying is real. So when they suggest or hint that the Ebola situation in America is contained or under control, we have every reason to believe the opposite.

        I suggest that everyone who is willing to, should pray and ask Jesus for discernment about what is the truth concerning the Ebola outbreak here in America. God loves you all.

        • I believe as Paul Craig Roberts put it: the US government has lied about everything they ever said since year 2,000… they haven’t told the truth about one little thing in the past 14 years… or something like that.

      39. Items I just picked up:

        3M 6391 P100 Reusable respirator mask (with extra filters)

        Wells Lamont Heavyweight PVC fully coated gloves

        3M TEKK Professional chemical splash goggles

        Dupont Large Tychem Qc protection coveralls (With built in foot coverings)

        How’d I do guys?

        • San Diegan, wouldn’t the boxes of disposable gloves for food prep be better than pvc gloves??
          Before leaving the isolation room, remove, bag, and later burn??

          • Yes they would be easier, but if I have to go out in public for some reason, I’m going PVC.

          • I like the idea of having the disposable gloves as well though.

      40. Nothing vigorous masturbation cannot cure!

      41. Gawd, it’s sad that so many people are falling for this CDC bullcrap: hook, line and sinker.

        Spend half an hour reading this guy’s stuff and then you’ll likely wonder, “What the heck is wrong with people? Can’t they read?” ..Or, are they just Pavlov’s dogs?:

        Do you bark, bahh, or bleat?
        … Or, none of the above?

        Read, will ya!? …Please.

        Then, maybe we can talk about how you’ve been bamboozled into seeing Islamic people as an enemy while wondering why the Islamic people never speak out against the actions of ISIS and the other newest group.

        Hint: They are.
        You just Never see it on the TeeVee or online on the mainstream media. …But, if you like being played for a sucker, just carry on. …Ignorance is bliss, I’ve heard. …Until, it isn’t.

      42. The CDC is also the same organization that says vaccinations are safe. When there’s plenty of evidence which says they are not.

        …But you know, there’s a Lot of people who love the government more than their own children.

      43. Just revving up the engine so Obozo can declare MARTIAL LAW and we are done.

      44. Come on people living in Tyvek Suit, mask/gas mask, eye protection is not an option, you will still have bodily functions, still have to drink, eat, so if you remove any of these guess what you are now exposed.
        This is just one of the little nasty things out there you cannot see, so for me I’ll trust gut and do what it tells me. Only the rocks live forever. We do not when or how we will die, but we will die, just be prepared for anything that comes your way.

      45. I replied to someone who is recognizable in this forum and don’t know if it went in. I have been reading here for a few years. I have never typed a word on any site. I have been prepping for two years after finding you guys by sheer accident What an eye opener. Some of the ranting goes in one ear and out the other. I have never wanted to draw attention because I think we are already on some list or another. My then 14 yr old daughter did not believe, after a debate on the spying on twitter,etc at dinner,decided to write that she did not believe that the SS would care if she threatened you know who. The SS was at my house 3 days later, reading us our miranda rights and searching the house. I am now concerned about this health crisis. My same daughter’s best friend’s
        mom( I know silly) is flying to Dallas tomorrow and coming back the 5th. Would any of you agree to make the girls wait 21 days to get together again??? I have a teaching degree, five kids; three who are on their own sucessfully. Not a dummy

        • Wow. Thx for posting. Ss visited some one I no 4 sayin someone better watch out. Indirect visit. 8 yr ago.
          Honeztly, I think exposure is a given now. Might be best to contract now while healthcare dxists. Might be 3 months, 1 year, or a few years (my guess). Better to bone up the immune. Sleep. Vitamin c. Etc.
          Nothing wrong with protecting your kids. Thats good parenting. Better safe than sorry.
          Like the mafia inyour computer, prob the outbreak will be unseen. Some dude in dallas is a know quantity. What about an unknown food worker. Here. In spain. In brazil. On a cruise ship. Somewhere.

        • That waiting period in my mind makes perfect sense,, better safe than sorry, if the kids dont like it, ground them,,,

      46. anybody seen the stock market? This corresponds really well. Add a terror attack or 2000 cases of Ebola in the US and boom! Collapse of economy and martial law. Brilliant move if that’s what they’re planning. Be careful. They know that we won’t go quietly, and they’re prepared for that.

        • that would be one way to eradicate the free shit army,,, and also the subset who feel the need to riot whenever they feel they have been slighted, look at the demographic of the majority of the violence, then look at the demographic of who so far has borne the brunt of this outbreak,,, interesting times we live in, Im ok with the violent drugged up assholes falling over bleeding from all openings,,,

      47. Reading all of the comments I am glad I am not the only “crazy” guy who went out to Walmart last night and stocked up. A community mindset like this is very important. We will be the 10% that makes it through to the other side. The jews who left everything behind in Germany early in the 1930’s I am sure were called crazy.

        Worst case we know that any food item will cost more next year then this year, so we are smart food investors!

      48. Am I the only one that thinks it’s odd this outbreak is starting in Texas? Smells fishy to me.

        • smells more like a bean burrito fart

      49. One part bleach to ine parts bleach mixed up in a spray bottle will kill any virus or bacteria.

        Never mix bleach and ammonia, it produces deadly ammonia gas, I think thats what the rebels in Syria used.

        Remember if things get real dad you can always depend on FEMA to help. Hehehehheheh

      50. One part bleach to nine parts water mixture will kill viruses and germs. Never mix bleach and ammonia it makes deadly ammonia gas.

      51. My brother- in – law works as a research sciencetist in Boston. Gonna call him and ask him to PLEASE send over any heavy duty gloves,respirators,and biosuits he can scrounge up around the lab. His specialty is cancer,but he should know people who can get ahold of this stuff. Keep y’all posted.

      52. Anyone purchase body bags off E-Bay?

      53. BTW: Anyone living in or near Tucson,Az, Walmart is short of bleach.

        • South,make your own with pool shock,have details about 1/2 way up this discussion page.

      54. Does anybody out there have any ideas how to use UV rays to combat ebola? UV has a 99.9% success at stopping the virus. Maybe walk around the house every couple hours with a portable light to disinfect?

        Everyone should be taking vitamin C now! Some clinical studies show that 60k to 100k mgs. per day are needed if you are infected. Don’t take that much if not infected. And don’t smoke!! Smoking uses a lot of the vitamin c in your body that would otherwise be used to fight viruses.
        molon labe

        • They make a uv light that goes in the return duct of your forced air HVAC system.

      55. In Asia people wear medical masks all the time. Now what would you think if a few people in your town started to wear blue gloves and N-95 masks into the store you shop at. In the Dallas ,Fort worth area.


      57. It might be good news that he first landed in Dulles Airport in D.C. Perhaps karma will finally come about for all the criminal NWO Government.

      58. Obola
        Yet another FAILURE of this administration.

      59. Point to consider:
        The state of Texas was contemplating seceding from the USA. Ebola just happened to make landfall in Dallas, Texas first. No coincidence…
        Keep connecting the dots and keep an open mind.
        It will all begin make sense very soon.
        Protocols of the Elders of Zion – Version 2014

      60. so heres something to consider,,,
        just suppose, TPTB know exactly who we all are,,, Im actually sure they do, then all of a sudden they start showing up at all our homes and hauling us away,
        man that would suck,,,
        they go and accuse us of some obscure violation of the un-patriot act,,,
        bam we are fema camped

        • because you know they dont like anyone thinking independently, nor do they like anyone who questions their athority

        • FEMA camp is perfect!!!
          3 meals a day; free medical care; bed to sleep in; no taxes or bills to pay!!!
          I’m ready. Come and get me… please!!!

          • Always a bright side 🙂

      61. wstory



        What deep thinkers men are… I mowed the lawn today, and after doing so I sat down and had a cold beer.
        The day was really quite beautiful, and the drink facilitated some deep thinking.
        My wife walked by and asked me what I was doing and I said ‘nothing’. The reason I said that instead of saying’just thinking’ is because she would have said ‘about what’. At that point I would have to explain that men aredeep thinkers about various topics which would lead to other questions.
        Finally I thought about an age old question: Is giving birth more painful than getting kicked in the nuts?
        Women always maintain that giving birth is way more painful than a guy getting kicked in the nuts.
        Well, after another beer, and some heavy deductive thinking, I have come up with the answer to that question.
        Getting kicked in the nuts is more painful than having a baby; and here is the reason for my conclusion.
        A year or so after giving birth, a woman will often say, “It might be nice to have another child.”
        On the other hand, you never hear a guy say, “You know, I think I would like another kick in the nuts.” I rest my case.
        Time for another beer.

      62. I’ve wondered if this question has been posed yet. ‘If Chikungunya, malaria and quite a few other maladies can be and are spread by one mosquito species or another, why has the concept that Ebola too might possibly be spread via the same vector?’ Seems that any virus that attaches itself to blood, sweat and other body fluids could be quite capable of ‘hitchhiking’ so to speak in that manner.

      63. @ Old Guy,

        THAT is a particularly lucid and cogent observation about THAT ‘event’…I am amazed it has never occured to me before. Kudo’s….

        • Howzit k hope this doesnt hit home
          Take it easy

          • Aloha Kula, hope so too. It would be bad would be bad for everyone…especially Keiki.

            • Yep, bad stuff,, plenty of families with big numbers living under one roof,
              God bless K have a good one, enjoy life while we can yea,, can never tell when our number has been called

      64. Guidance on Air Medical Transport for Patients with Ebola Virus Disease

        ” Procedures that might generate aerosols, such as intubation, should be avoided unless necessary for patient care;”

        there’s that nasty little word that keeps creeping into the conversation “aerosols”

        Local hospitals bracing for the appearance, however unlikely, of Ebola

        take a look at the pic

        these guys are doing in right

        CIDRAP style

        following the CDC and WHO is gonna get you dead

        Isolation and Reverse Isolation

        ” Airborne transmission Airborne transmission occurs by dissemination of either airborne droplet nuclei or small particles in the respirable size range containing infectious agents that remain infective over time and distance.”

        “Airborne Precautions:
        The preferred placement for patients who require Airborne Precautions is in an airborne infection isolation room (AIIR) – negative pressure room –”

        are EBOLA patients being placed in negative pressure rooms ?

        and curiously this article recommends N95 or higher

        are YOU going to just wear a mask that is only 95% effective

        against a disease with a 70% or better fatality rate ?

        gonna go home and give yer wife/husband and kids a big hug when you get home from work???

        gonna take that chance ???


        I’m not taking that chance

        I’m going the FULL monty

        or not at all

        Contagion Blast Radius: How Far Can Ebola Droplets Travel?

      65. i have been prepping for 2 years. this is the first time
        i have wished i had been doing more. god bless all of us.

      66. Fear mongering, perhaps…put the consequences of inaction on this are so dire…maybe the fear could use a little mongering. I have been storing ammo and food for years. For years I have been crazy. Today I am smart. All a question of perspective.

      67. Re-post*

        Thieves oil originated from around the 15th century, when the bubonic plague was running rampid through Europe and Asia. Four thieves from Europe, who were notoriously robbing the infectious dead bodies of all their possessions. They, miraculously, never contracted the highly infectious plague and this led to deep inquiry in court after they were caught and charged. The magistrate offered them a deal, their secret for a reduced sentence. Taking the deal, they told stories of their knowledge of essential oils and their powerful medicinal properties when combined in certain ways. This specific oil that they had created, concocted from aromatic herbs and oils, was HIGHLY EFFECTIVE in killing all of the airborne bacteria. In fact, in 1997, Weber State University did a study that found this oil to have a 99.96% success rate at killing airborne bacteria. We don’t know whether or not this story is true, but the essential oils are antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-infectious. They will stimulate the immune system, circulation and respiratory system, and help protect against the flu, colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, sore throats, cuts, and more.

        “Research conducted at Weber State University in cooperation with D. Gary Young, as well as other documented research, indicates that most viruses, fungi, and bacteria cannot live in the presence of many essential oils, especially those high in phenols, carcacrol, thymol, and terpenes. This, perhaps, offers a modern explanation why the Old Testament prophet Moses used aromatic substances to protect the Isrealites from the plagues that decimated ancient Egypt. It may also help us understand why a notorious group of theives, reputed to be spice traders and perfumers, was protected from the Black Plague as they robbed the bodies of the dead during the 15th century.” (Essential Oils Desk Reference, 4th Edition, p6)

      68. Another*

        How to make your Thieves essential oil blend.

        It is important to not at this time order that the essential oils go into this blend is just as important as how much of each, so start at #1.

        40 drops clove bud essential oil
        36 drops lemon essential oil
        20 drops cinnamon bark essential oil
        16 drops eucalyptus essential oil
        10 drops rosemary essential oil

        In a glass amber bottle with either a normal lid, a dropper or a spray top, combine all oils, to make a larger amount at once just double amounts. Store just as you would any other essential oils, avoiding direct sunlight.

      69. Liposomal Vit C

        ht tp://

      70. Forgot to split the web address so 2 previous posts in moderation. Immune system boosters.

        ht tp://

        ht tp://

      71. down here in cajun country if you tell us Ebola was good with a roux and rice, it would be on the endangered species list in less than 2 weeks

      72. does anyone know what happens to the human waste of someone infected and they happen to use the local sewer system,can it spread that way?

        • My class went on a field trip to the local sewage plant many years ago. The waste is treated with chlorine on the way in. It goes into open ponds for bacteria treatment. Worms grow on the bacteria. Every so often they back flush the water, bacteria, and worms into the river. The solids are eventually used as landfill or spread on farmers’ fields. Where the flushed material enters the river, there are always ducks waiting to eat the worms. I don’t know if Ebola would survive all that, but it might.

          That was over 40 years ago, so they might have changed the process, or I might not have remembered it exactly right.

      73. Now it turnes out Mr. Dunkin, (patient 0), lied about his having been in exposed to ebola while in Liberia before boarding his flight. I looks alot like came here int the hope of better medical care. How crimnally selfish! I think soon he will be the most hated person in the US.

      74. How long does one wait to leave the Dallas area? I don’t wont to get stuck here and have a safe place far away to go to however I need my job too.. But I don’t want to wait until everyone else tries to leave too and or until the US govt. shuts down the highways. Or is it best to stay at home and wait it out if you have food and water?

      75. I have been reading and watching stories about Ebola since 1980, and things that I have read about it’s spread and how contagious it is has now been contradicted by the CDC, so what is the truth? I believe more what was said in the past than what the CDC is saying now, ANY contact with an infected person’s bodily fluid can transmit the disease, sweat,tears,urine, feces, blood, mucus. For me and mine it will be absolute caution from now on until this is contained, only time that living in the Dallas fort worth area has really sucked

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