U.S. Continues To Provoke Russia: U.S. General Attends Ukraine War-Planning Drills

by | Mar 3, 2023 | Headline News

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    The United States is continuing to provoke Russia. This time, the country has sent a top general to Ukrainian war-planning drills increasing the likelihood that Russia will see the U.S. as an active participant in this conflict.

    This is all while the Pentagon claims it is not a party to the conflict despite providing weapons, training, intelligence, and strategic combat decision expertise. The only thing the U.S. has yet to provide is actual human cattle or “boots on the ground”. Despite tens of billions of dollars in weapons donated to Ukrainian forces, multiple training programs hosted by the U.S. military, and Western intelligence support offered to Kiev, American officials continue to insist Washington is not a participant in the conflict.

    America’s top general has visited a base in Germany where the U.S. military is overseeing war games to train Ukrainian officers. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley arrived in Wiesbaden on Thursday, where he attempted to downplay the American role, according to a report by RT.

    No one is sitting there telling the Ukrainians, go left or go right or do this or do that. That is not the job of the international community,” Milley told reporters. “All we’re doing is setting up the framework and the mechanics to allow the Ukrainians to self-learn, to learn against a situation, or various scenarios.”

    While officials declined to provide further details about the scenarios presented to the Ukrainian officers, Reuters reported that they would involve “thought exercises to evaluate potential military courses of action.” –RT

    Surprisingly, Russia has yet to really take action against the U.S. for its continued involvement in this conflict. Even though it’s become obvious the U.S. is actively trying to elicit a response from the former Soviet Union.

    The latest drills follow another round of U.S.-led combined-arms training for Ukrainian troops elsewhere in Germany, who received instruction on a variety of American-made weapons, including Bradley Fighting Vehicles supplied in previous arms packages to Kiev. –RT

    The Ukrainian president has also threatened Americans saying they are about to be killed in this war if they don’t start supporting it.

    Zelensky Stoops To Threatening Americans Who Do Not Support War

    Moscow has repeatedly and loudly warned against such training and weapons shipments, arguing they only prolong the fighting and make a diplomatic settlement impossible. On Thursday, the former Russian president and current deputy chair of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, said that Washington and its allies must be treated as direct parties to the conflict if “in addition to supplying weapons, they train personnel to operate them.”

    “Everyone who made the decision to deliver those weapons or repair them, along with foreign mercenaries and military trainers, ought to be considered legitimate military targets,” Medvedev insisted, adding that the provision of Western warplanes to Kiev would also constitute a major ‘red line’ for Russia.

    Contrary to the actions of the U.S., it continues denying Moscow’s accusations that its forces have supplied intelligence for recent attacks inside Russian territory, Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder claimed on Thursday that “we are not at war with Russia, nor do we seek war with Russia.”


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