U.S. Commander Warns Russia: “We Will Defend Ourselves If We Feel Threatened”

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 63 comments

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    The civil war in Syria has heated up once again into an open proxy war between the U.S. and Russia, while Russian troops have also recently been deploying on the Crimean border and publicizing their training.

    One has to wonder if someone is deliberately attempting to stir up a hot world war.

    The propaganda in response to Russian airstrikes in defense of the Assad regime has been kicking into overdrive, as the media remains focused on this image – which is stirring heartstrings and putting Syria back in the headlines.

    Just after this exploitative image went viral, the U.S. issued some veiled threats in the general direction of Russia, with regard to an allegedly close encounter between Syrian planes and U.S. special forces.

    via the Daily Mail:

    A top US commander has warned Russia that the United States ‘will defend itself if threatened’ after warplanes attacked near American forces operating in Syria.

    Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, based in Baghdad, vowed to defend US special operations forces in northern Syria if they come under another attack.

    ‘We’ve informed the Russians where we’re at,’ he told CNN. ‘(They) tell us they’ve informed the Syrians, and I’d just say that we will defend ourselves if we feel threatened.’

    The warning follows what defense officials described as an ‘unusual’ incident Thursday when President Bashar al-Assad’s regime deployed warplanes to attack an area near where US special operations forces were operating.


    He also said he believes this is the first time the U.S. has scrambled aircraft in response to an incident like this involving Syrian government bombings. […] [Navy Capt. Jeff Davis] added, ‘The Syrian regime would be well advised not to do things that would place them at risk.’

    The message is clear enough. The pretense of an allied front against terrorism in Syria may as well not exist.

    The ISIS threat is a screen for proxy war in Syria and regime change for little reason other than world order building (just imagine what Syria would be like if it were an island apart from its place in the Middle East).

    The 2016 U.S. election is likely to fuel that escalation to war, taking focus away from dreary economic news and the scandals entangled in Hillary’s campaign. ISIS, Russia, Iran and Syria will all likely be major talking points in the Hillary-Trump debates, not to mention points of actual conflict.

    Though it hasn’t been a focus of the election, the unspoken expectation in American politics is that 2016 will decide the president that will take us to war next.

    Hillary is all-in for a renewed push by neocons and the establishment coalition for a major conflict, likely with boots on the ground, in Syria and/or other theaters (in 2015, she  outright promised to attack Iran if she becomes president).

    Trump has vowed to take on ISIS, and his advisors could easily get him behind a major war there as well (but for now, it remains to be seen what he would do in terms of war). While Trump’s intentions in foreign policy are less clearly carved out, his inexperience could make it easy to manipulate the facts and goad him into action.

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    U.S. and Russian Jets Dangerously Close in Syria: “A Mere Proxy War About to Become Full Blown”


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      1. Amazing how the criminal treasonous psychopaths controlling the US Government and collapsing Police State America use the same tactics as the programmed indoctrinated Children of the Corn insane toxic dump so-called Social Justice warriors SJW’s, they threaten, push, shove, and spit on Russia and then whine and complain that Russia is threatening them?????????


          WHY doesn’t someone fix a poster with the very famous photo of the little Japanese children running desperately to escape the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima…? the little girl’s clothes were completely blown off her and the little boy had only his underwear on and they both had this most HOORIFIC, heartbreaking look on their faces which I shall NEVER FORGET!!!

          Under this photo, someone could write that a vote for Hillary is a vote for WW3, as she is a warmonger, calls Putin “Hitler” and will bring WW3.

          AS FOR MYSELF, WW3 IS NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL, AS I AM AN OLD WOMAN WHO HAS LIVED MY LIFE… But for these precious little children– they wanted DESPARATELY TO LIVE AND BE WHOLE AND HEALTHY!!! But because of Roosevelt– our f— president– I don’t know if they were able to have their wish.

          • America is just a paper tiger…Russia is ready to obliterate US armed forces anywhere in the world.

            The United States is a superpower in an irreversible decline and nothing will stop this unavoidable outcome.

            • You are incorrect.
              But that is no reason to poke anyone, American or Russian, in the eye.
              This trial is coming and the people will suffer…on all sides.
              This time, it is the leaders that must pay…with their lives, for the treachery they plan.
              Don’t buy into “America is weak” thinking.
              it is a mistake.

            • My posts do Not seem Allowed by GateKeepers SHTFplan. Maybe site is just FED honey pot for list collection? I GAFL. Been listed since I saw the death camp in USA.
              Also rural areas being cleaned out of population. Areas cleaned out has dark purple paint on pole.
              You are wrong.
              China and Russia don’t attack because of weapons they “Know” the USA has.
              ***They don’t attack because of the weapons they “Don’t” know about.
              There is some really sick technology. Death-Disruption-Destruction.
              What yourself and general public are aware of, is 25 to 50 years BEHIND the real USA technology capabilities. China/Russia knows this too.
              Like I said. There is some really sick tech.
              Do you actually believe the space shuttle from the 1980’s is current craft for space?
              You are clueless.
              Why do you think they dumb down the schools?
              Vaccinate the general population to lower IQ? Flu shots loaded with cancer.
              Spray chemicals in housing areas at night and say it is for “mosquitoes?

              ***Herd animal livestock easy to control when dumbed down, You and your children are considered herd livestock by those few that really run things.
              -Stop eating corporate food.
              -Stay away from all the meds. Never do drugs.
              -Don’t ever drink city lead-fluoride water. ONLY Well water only after tested.
              -Get your children out of public schools where they are dumbed down with lead in water-vaccines-psychological control and compliance exercises. common -core
              -Stop the damn fluoride toothpaste.
              -Stop TV, wireless in home.

              Then research-study-educate yourself on net while you still can. Time is short. Internet is likely closing down within two years. USSA traitor Obama already gave over control to foreign powers.
              Free speech and free thought is Not to be allowed by the tyrants.
              Half my posts never allowed on web sites. Including this one.
              My IP blocked by two.
              They don’t want you to stop being dumbed down compliant fluoridated herd livestock. People don’t like bad news. Their false sense of reality is important to their psychological comfort zone. False reality is also necessary for the few to continue controlling the many.

          • anon…I believe you are writing about a picture from the nam…it was taken after we fire bombed one of the hamlets…seemed right at the time, after all we were trying to stop the commies from coming here…too bad we didn’t realize they were already here, would have saved a lot of lives on both sides.

        • I’m just replying under your name because I am not very
          savvy about this place and don’t know how to get into the
          system on my own, as a writer.

          I just would like to ask Mac Salvo when he (the shit)
          plans to hit the fan.

      2. Looks to me that the NeoCon war hawks of the US have been the instigators of the MENA problems, plus pushing NATO and its war games right up to the Russian border.

        Wolfowitz Doctrine at work.

        If the Soviets were wrong to put missiles in Cuba, what makes it right for us to put war toys adjacent to Russia?

        • Spot on Sir.

        • Totally agree with you on your assessment of the neocons. As Paul Craig Roberts has stated on many occasions, the neocons will destroy all life on this planet for their quest of global hegemony.

        • Leave Russia alone. let Russia do their thing in their sphere of influence.
          Have some F ing respect for other nuclear powers.

          Russia and America should be Allies. Not enemy.
          Co Operate and Work together for reaching Mars collinization and Interstellar space travel. Much better than blowing the hell out of each other.
          Why fight for scraps. There is Mars and beyond. Work together.

          Stop treating China as “trade partner”. China is an enemy.

          Impeach and Arrest Obummer-Hillary for TREASON.
          Arrest FBI director for being “accomplice after the fact” for pardoning Hillary CRIMES against USA National Security.
          Arrest ATF chief for Fast and Furious weapons to drug cartels fiasco.
          Arrest IRS chief for TARGETING conservative groups and misuse of office.
          Arrest and charge Police that MURDER unarmed People.
          Arrest Looters, Burners, Police Killers, hiding behind “social equality cover”.
          Looting and Burning are crimes to be prosecuted.

          ACCOUNTABILITY for Treason and Criminal behavior.
          —————————————-Make America Great Again.

          Stop World War III stirred up by Bankers in the west and defense contractors.

          MAKE America Great Again————————————–

          • One can’t have global dominance or global governance without cementing demand for institutions to do so with absolute authority. Hence why governmental fiefdoms aka oligarchy, public private partnerships aka kleptocracy promoted by socialism, and public provate mergers aka plutocracy promoted respectively by national/supranational socialism being the catalysts for centralization of both wealth effect and wealth redistribution.

        • Are neocons in control? no, liberal democrats are you dumb asses

          • ^^^ We have a winner. ^^^

            The world is run by liberals and progressives.

            Neocons are mystical non existent scapegoats, who have no power. They are a mishmash of arms dealers and nutty senators.

            • HEY ptpo, you really need to get a grip on some TRUTH…the NEOCONS have been told WHAT to do, and THEY have been steering the ship of state towards disaster… ALL by design…

          • Sorry but your 100% wrong. The Neo Cons establish the policy such as the Wolfowitz Doctrine which is very likely to lead us to WWIII. The Neo Cons are the Wall Street globalists who are in control. Democrat progressives pacify the masses of asses into an illusionary world of sex, dope and hedonistic equality which stifles and placates political opposition to globalist endeavors. The control was spelled out in a book long before the term Neo Con came to be that was written by two time Medal Of Honor Recipient USMC Major General Smedley Butler, “War Is A Racket” where he stated that he was, ” A racketeer for Wall Street”.

            Follow the money. Rothschild, Warburg, Rockefeller and the new kid Soros are not themselves progressive communists, they’re not sharing their wealth, but they do fund them and use them for their advantage.

            • Please name names.

              Name the twelve most influential people that run the world.

              Stop just throwing the term neocon around and use names. I’m tired of the “it’s not Obama crap” it’s an UN-named boogeyman in the closet. Don’t see a Jewish banker in Europe writing executive memos, or signing bad laws.

        • a screen keeps coming up saying this is a “questionable integrity” website… BULLSHIT FROM THE GOVT??!! NO DOUBT!! I have to click over and over again, saying, yes, I REALLY DO want to get on this f… website!!!

          I had this problem one other time when I used a neighbor’s computer…

        • (((Wolfowitz))) Doctrine…7 country’s in 5 years…once again, the ((( chosen motherfuckers))) ARE pursuing a course of action that will lead to the deaths of billions… beautiful

          • ^^^^

            100% correct.

      3. I dont get it. Syria and its lawfull government invites the Russians and to my knowlege has not extended that invitation to U.S. forces. Is any government not legitimate because the U.S. says so?

        • Dugtrux, welcome. US troops are in Syria in violation of international law. That US commander needs to STFU. He doesn’t have a leg to stand on. those troops need to be pulled out ASAP.

      4. Germany is advising it’s citizens to become preppers. Calling for 10 days of supplies in case of an attack.

      5. … this Concord: “While Trump’s intentions in foreign policy are less clearly carved out, his inexperience could make it easy to manipulate the facts and goad him into action.” … IS GROSS EXAGGERATION of situational IGNORANCE!!! … The man has spent his past three decades assessing, negotiating and INTRICATELY INVOLVED IN FINANCIAL & POLITICAL MATTERS IN THE VERY REGION, AND HAS ALREADY GATHERED TOP MILITARY ADVISORY TALENT IN HIS CADRE!!!!

        … LORD God KNOWS Trumps WORST leadership options — in whatever element of Presidential decisions shall be superior to the Obama~Clinton nefarious ISIS/ISIL MACHINATIONS!!!!

      6. Hey there Desertrat; You recall that too, and you’re right. Looks like we have finally discovered exactly what Kerry has been so secretive about (since he’s been overseas far more than stateside for months and months now).

        I can “see” the “why” (we are encircling him with nukes). But, what of Crimea. (Obviously I missed something along the way, as I do not understand why Putin would suddenly bring “big guns” (and at the very same time, China ‘stacks and packs’ their new base with munitions …if what I was just told is correct), plus ‘saber rattling’ somewhere AND ‘fatso’ Kim Hung Some Notmuch is insane enough to think they’ll get any attention? The gang members in LA are tougher than any ONE of their men. imho But where’d they get their nukes so quickly? Last we were told they had not miniaturized them enough for use with rockets, now, two months later they can reach out and touch us? (Most likely from underwater/off-shore or a well disguised fishing vessel …but that’s pretty unlikely cuz we watch their ports like hawks for activity.

      7. It Is time for countries of the world to ban together and KICK AMERIKA’S ZIONIST ASS!

        I’ll gladly help em as a Freedom Patriot.

        • Precisely what gives anyone the distinct impression that it is Zionist activities and agendas taking place in America?

          I see a Kenyan, Muslim-loving, white-man-Christian hating president colluding with many non-allied nations to FUBAR The USA shortly after his departure from office (in this way he can’t be blamed directly, in HIS eyes that is).

          I see ‘blacks’ all screaming again for things they’ve already been given, like reparations, free housing, food stamp increases …but they just keep on bitchin’, taking and killing and then about how the prisons only contain them. Well, why is that ya dumbasses?

          I see a nation looking for a free ride when the one I grew up taught me to work until I die, that way I’ll live longer (or it was the ‘adage’ at the time).

          As for you mg, if you wish to fight for America “as she once was” that’s one thing, our REAL problem is a government that has lost its way and needs tearing down …which will be easy (especially if they option to start a war …which they WOULD DO IN ORDER TO PREVENT AN “INTERNAL WAR” …besides, a war would greatly lessen the numbers of available freedom fighters (call them what you like). Hillary can’t WAIT to start a war (to prevent an internal war, which it wouldn’t).

          Tell y’all what, from where I stood in January 2016 compared to right now has become two totally different places, and “the name of this game” has just had the stakes raised from Revolution to World War (damn near every nation). TPTB surely are going to see a good part of The Georgia Stones “realized” (may-haps), or perhaps their POS Karma will catch up with them and spare us.

          Otherwise, it appears we have arrived since it appears impossible for the next 10 days to pass without “a trip-up’ setting off a scenario that cannot be stopped, and Putin isn’t going to be stopped, challenged nor lose (on his soil).

          Europe will be nailed (via NATO & UN agendas), or perhaps The USA would take hell first. Either way, I don’t see how this could NOT become “global” (for all the wrong reasons too).

          Frustration goes with it all, as we are adults and damn well know better, but TPTB can’t handle themselves or “greeds” and are most willing to wipe out our asses to ensure they have a life of luxury for their last 4 years (most are over 80 aren’t they)? Or millions to add to their billions?

          I guess we’ll just keep making more and more little nasties to greet them with, should they arrive. Oh, and go get some diapers just in case this last far longer than I’m thinking, and need them for myself. DEPENDS are the best right?

        • mg…..indeed and you won’t be alone. I’ll fight next to my true American patriots and anyone else who loves freedom for mankind to destroy the tribe of the children of satan.

        • You overshot the last thread there, MG.

        • mg, you are part of the establishment, no doubt, or you wouldn’t be attempting the trick of “divide and conquer”. The establishment WANTS us divided, at each others’ throats so as to leave them in peace so they can continue with the destruction of our country.

          AS A WHITE FEMALE.. I can tell you that blacks and whites and Hispanic men are ALL DISPICABLE when it comes to women’s boundaries… they ALL treat females as things to use– they have no respect for us.

          I am not speaking about everyone in all races… obviously, there are good men in ALL races. But just don’t try to pull that bullshit on me as if only black men rape because I KNOW BETTER… A HOLE!!

          • well said, Anonymous. Think you’re exactly right.

          • Further more, if women WERE REPECTED BY MEN OF ALL COLORS, there wouldn’t be the destruction of our planet. The female energies (compassion, Love, nurturing, etc.) are JUST AS VITAL as the male energies (conquer, dominate, subdue, be strong, aggression, etc.) We NEED BALANCE BETWEEN THE YING AND THE YANG. But right now, only the male energies are driving the world, and so we have the world on the edge of extinction/destruction.

            Reason (male energies) and emotion/feeling (female energies) are both necessary… the HEART AND THE MIND should be in balance… the YING AND THE YANG.

            • Anonymous, I do my best to respect and care about women with the right mindset and go the extra mile for them. But when it comes to feminists, I draw a line. I’ve already studied what they’ve been brainwashed with and concluded there’s no hope for them so I avoid them altogether. I also have a problem with men who have the kind of attitude toward women as you described. I also believe in compassion, love, nurturing, etc. My late wife certainly had those virtues. I lost her to a drunk driver and never found anyone worth having for a 2nd wife. I’m pushing 60 and I’m ‘old school’, so I understand where you’re coming from.

      8. NATO is crumbling, as Turkey kicks the US out, including the US Nukes, then sides with Russia. The US allied shills claim they are moving the Nukes to Romania. Romanian Pres denies that is happening. So the lies continue.

        And all of this is designed to create puppet dictatorship pawns for the western allies to exploit, Oil resources and Oil Pipelines to funnel their stolen loot out of these controlled countries.

        How did this WW3 BS get this far??
        Here are the Western Allied Psychopaths that are in charge. Military Industrial Complex Mafia, NATO, Neocons, Conservative Washingscum Think Tanks, AIPAC, Bill Krystols, Zionist Israel, Rockafeller’s, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, Rothchilds, Obama’s Trilateral appointees include:
        * Secretary of Treasury, Tim Geithner
        * Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice
        * National Security Advisor, Gen. James L. Jones
        * Deputy National Security Advisor, Thomas Donilon
        * Chairman, Economic Recovery Committee, Paul Volker
        * Director of National Intelligence, Admiral Dennis C. Blair
        * Assistant Secretary of State, Asia & Pacific, Kurt M. Campbell
        * Deputy Secretary of State, James Steinberg
        * State Department, Special Envoy, Richard Haass
        * State Department, Special Envoy, Dennis Ross
        * State Department, Special Envoy, Richard Holbrooke

        There are many other links in the Obama administration to the Trilateral Commission. For instance, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is married to Commission member William Jefferson Clinton.
        Secretary of Treasury Tim Geithner’s informal group of advisors include E. Gerald Corrigan, Paul Volker, Alan Greenspan, and Peter G. Peterson, all members. Geithner’s first job after college was with Trilateralist Henry Kissinger at Kissinger Associates.

        Trilateralist Brent Scowcroft has been an unofficial advisor to Obama and was mentor to Defense Secretary Robert Gates. And Robert Zoelick, current president of the World Bank appointed during the G.W. Bush administration, is a member.

        That’s Who has America on the path to WW3 and self destruction…


        • I would also like to add the CIA to the list above. The CIA’s new plan is to reduce the US population by 90% by the year 2025, and to maintain just 66 Million people and push all of these left overs into just 11 Mega-Cities and house them in 300 sq ft squalor shoebox size apartments by the year 2050. The master plan is to kill of many Americans in a WW3 war. And decimate the US Military in the process. Looks like they are on schedule.

          Part of the article:

          For three plus years, The Common Sense Show has stated that World War III will begin in Syria.

          Most court cases are decided by circumstantial evidence, alone. Both circumstantial and direct evidence demonstrate that the United States is destined to lose World War III along with 90% of its people. There are two smoking guns which conclusively support this assertion.
          1.The emergence of the mega-cities concept which will replace our present societal structure. In this post-war America, 90% of the people are unaccounted for.
          2.The release of the CIA controlled Deagel documents which demonstrates that both the US and the UK lose most of their military before 2025. As is the case for the mega-cities concept, the Deagel documents demonstrate that the United States will have lost 90% of its people by the year 2025.

          The remainder of this article will expose the links between the Deagel and the Mega-Cities plan, known as America 2050.

          Read this:
          Deagel Documents Reveal CIA Depopulation Plans for the US

          ht tp://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2016/08/19/deagel-documents-reveal-cia-depopulation-plans-for-the-us/

          ~WWTI… The 90% of Americans that are not prepared will be toast. The rest will fight their asses off to resist. Got your battle rifle and plenty of ammo?

      9. This statement: U.S. Commander Warns Russia: “We Will Defend Ourselves If We Feel Threatened”

        This is like a Thief that enters a store and threatens the storekeeper, that he will defend himself if the storekeeper threatens his looting activities.”

        ~WWTI… blah blah blah….

      10. Two tuffs kids on the block sooner or later they are going to fight. Quote from 1984 RED DAWN.

      11. Dear US commander. Get the fuck out of other countries and try to defend the US 0f A against its zionist occupiers in DC for change.

        Stop making imaginary enemies and criminal wars to satisfy your subhuman masters in TelAviv and London and NY.

      12. Hi guys! Hope any and all who are in flooded areas are doing well, a group of local patriots collected and delivered a trailer full Of items yesterday. It’s important to help when needed.
        I did not make it to Boston last week night watchman. A coworker fell critically ill AND I Had a family issue that had to be handled in court. Now I’ll be watching my six and keeping my head on a swivel. What the fam thought was psychiatric behavior (me included -as a medical professional) has drug influence and I have now been threatened. When he’s off his commitment I’ll be on guard. Asshole has obsession with guns and suppressor as well as violent and paranoid tendencies. Oh well!

        I know many of you may have come across this website, but I just found it and have been diggin through old blog posts. What a wealth of info. For those in urban areas, this may be worth checking out to cache small supplies.
        http www .itstactical dot com/intellicom/tradecraft/diy-dead-drop-devices-to-hide-and-pass-messages-like-a-spy/

        I particularly like the commenters idea to use spray foam to make an irregular shape cache holder.

        A while back we were chatting about root cellars in The Deep South. I found something my husband was interested in to preppers network–> americanpreppersnetwork dot net/viewtopic.php?f=432&t=20659

        Option for concealed storage.

        • NPPH, if I could I would come down and ‘take care’ of the problem for you. Best wishes.

          • I figure it’ll be all talk and no action until he’s high as a kite. Then he’ll go nuts keep my .380 lcp, 1911 and we 5.56 with me where ever I travel. Pray I never have use them.

      13. The globalist and rinos have to worry about trump unfunding Isis if he is elected. McCain and Obama established Isis to take out Assad, after the U.S. Citizens refused to go to war in Syria to overthrow Asad. Obama and McCain did not foresee Isis taking off in their own direction. This was all in the news, however folks don’t remember squat anymore and cannot add 2+2

        • “Obama and McCain did not foresee Isis taking off in their own direction.”

          The ISIS inspired terrorist incidents not only don’t bother TPTB of which Obama and McCain are top level employees but it actually justifies the ostensible military involvement to “fight them over there”. If TPTB desired to contain terrorists, “taking off in their own direction” they would not be facilitating the relocation of “refugees” to prime targets.

      14. Maybe the plan is start a hot war, Obama declares his martial law bullcrap, and suspends the election.
        He doesn’t need much of a reason. Republicans and democrats won’t do a damned thing.

        On another front, what becomes of the internet after October 1st?
        Mac, Archivist, and you savvy internet types, we need to know. Might be time to think about goin’ dark..?
        Granted we’re on the lists already, but what do you think?

        • Ketch, This is how the P2B will control the last vestige of free communication called the Internet, especially if Hillary is anointed as dictator. If You or I talk bad about the tyrannical scoundrels you get cut off from the Internet or banned. Put on a list and picked on, like Audits, banks calling in your notes, or credit cards, financially ruin you, throw you in a debtors prison. Drivers licenses revoked, fined, ruin your credit, put in a FEMA Camp.. Being called a terrorist..

          That’s why this is so important to get off their Grid ASAP and be as independent as possible. Be a Real Prepper, Not BS. They may even cut off your electric, or your water supply. And this is exactly what the Zionists occupiers are doing in Palestine to the Palestinians to suppress and oppress these people and their quality of life. You see if Israel can break them, they can steal the rest of their land. Same with Free speech, the Democrats want to trash the Constitution and rewrite their own rules to benefit them to suppress the public, like taking our guns away. SO we offer little to no resistance to their tyranny.


      15. Sarge, these neocon scum need to be overthrown and eliminated before they get our country destroyed. I’m not necessarily standing up for Russia but there are NO WINNERS in a nuclear war.

      16. Hasaka is the place where the Kurds (who previously were allied with the Syrian government against ISIS) have started an offensive against the governemnt. Interestingly, the offensive against the government (and not against ISIS) started after the Kurds have been trained and equipped by the US. Also interesting is that after the Kurd victory at Manbij, the same Kurds (trained and equipeed byt the US provided the ISIS sharia headchoppers free passage… The geography shows Hasaka far from the ISIS lines. The US troops are there ILLEGALLY under the pretense of helping the Kurds fighting ISIS. Well the Kurds are fighting the legitimate government of Syria at Hasaka. What precisely are doeing those US troops there? Aren’t they helping the Kurds kill government soldiers? The nearest ISIS front lines are at 35 miles from Hasaka. Aren’t the Syrians supposed to defend themselves on their own land? What gives the US troops the right to “defend” themselves when they side illegally with the ethnic cleansing rebels? It looks like US is looking for big trouble. Even a bigger trouble is to be expected from the US sponsored Kurds who are now openly busy with secession from Syria, they are ethnically cleansing the North of the country from non-Kurd ethnics (with US approval), and by setting up their state they jeopardize the integrity of Turkey where more than 20% of the territory is populated by ethnic Kurds (is this what the US wishes their ally?) By consequence Turkey is about to dump NATO and let the Russians use Incirlik.
        Boy, the US is addicted to trouble, they just can’t get enough of it! They must “defend” themselves in Hasaka. Wauw!

      17. Poking at TRUMP 2016 makes barry’s inexperience that much more evident…. and pathetic.
        2017 can’t get here quick enough!

      18. Why are American forces even in Syria since they are not welcome and were never invited? The neocons will continue the push to oust Assad until Russia accidentally kills some Americans by bombing the “terrorists”. Then the media uproar will be all encompassing to demonize Putin and promote war. Less than half the population here will buy the warmongers tricks, no matter the widespread war will escalate. There will be no turning back. The bankers need a way out of the financial collapse mess, world war the perfect ticket. The real terrorists get their way again. Same script works every time. Plus the additional benefits to the NWO are through the roof. Been here, done this already.

        • aljamo…….We need to let the dumb people to get killed no matter where they live. For example if the people in Germany can’t see how their country was destroyed by bunch of parasite claiming some imaginary death and receiving ransom for decades then such Germans should die. Same goes for the folks here in the J*SA. How many time you have to witness the same crime by the specific tribe before you destroy that tribe.

      19. At least Putin built nuclear shelters for his people. The J*ws in Washington have nuclear shelters but the people of America will be dead if there is nuclear war. That is the J*ws agenda. Genocide is their objective. Go to YouTube. Start educating yourself. Michael Anthony Hoffman explains that J*ws want to kill off all the “Nations” according to their religious writings. Men, women, and children should be killed “in time of war”, which is all the time. The best of the nonJ*ws should be killed. Face facts. If you aren’t a J*w, you don’t deserve life. Nuclear war, vaccines with poisonous Mercury, Silver fillings with poisonous Mercury, Genetically poisonous Cancer causing foods, aerosol sprays that cause your children’s brains to shrink; what the Fock does it take to make people face the facts. The aliens have taken over and they are wiping us out. Slowly or quickly. It’s genocide. First white genocide, the rest fall like dominos.
        How to stop them. That’s the real question. Start by reading Hoffman to fully understand these people’s mind. Then when enough people know the truth. Either the bastards back up or we come up with a plan of action of our own, I think. I don’t know. I’m Just flabbergasted by the realities that seem to be becoming more dangerous every day, or maybe it’s the J*ws who are in more danger every day now that their secret evil plans for mankind are no longer secret.


      20. Just who is the evil empire now? Putin doesn’t want any war with the USA. The USA needs to mind our own business. Tell the UN and NATO to take a flying leap. Take care of the great number of problems at home. First and foremost the illegal invaders need to be vanquished.

      21. The difference between Trump and Hillary is that Trump can be coated into a war with a false flag while Hillary in office would be helping to plan the false flag. If Trump is elected the Intelligence Agencies will lie to him about everything.

        • Kevin2….I think Trump is aware of the Intelligence Agencies and their lies. I heard a comment from him saying “I (he) don’t trust these people ” after his first IB( Intelligence Breifing) .

          • stolz, if Trump said he doesn’t trust the intelligence agencies, that’s a HUGE thing in his favor.

        • KEVIN, I think you mean GOADED, not coated in your post! It is bad enough that you use YOUR instead of YOU’RE in every post that you use those words.
          It hurts to see the English language massacred.

          • ACE

            I accept constructive criticism. Thanks. Some of this is auto spell, some laziness in wording as I’m too busy formulating the ideas.

      22. Goated not coated

      23. He looking to park the troops somewhere . So he can take it over.

      24. “One has to wonder if someone is deliberately attempting to stir up a hot world war.”
        I don’t have to wonder, they are.
        ever heard of the logan act?…well even though this isn’t negotiations…it still undermines the governments possible position with regards to russia.
        By the way, all of you ignorant assholes that keep trying to pin this on “neocons” read and learn. it is the liberal, progressive quasi communist pukes that are selling the U.S. up the river and any of those criminals in congress that go along with it (republican, democrat or otherwise), these people are not our friends. these people have given us away for the false promise of power. these people divide us into left/right camps to keep us weak while they plot behind our backs to destroy the greatest nation ever to exist. these people have forfeited their own rights and earned the death penalty….for treason.

      25. I fault the United States far more than Putin. We have no business in Syria, had none in Iraq – we’ve killed half a million CIVILIANS in Syria alone and caused the refugee crisis. Never have the words of Thomas Jefferson been more relevant and applicable: “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice will not slumber forever.”

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