U.S. Army General: The Whole Northern Hemisphere is at Risk of Becoming Largely Uninhabitable

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    You may have entertained the idea of an improbable civilization ending events such as a ‘global killer’ asteroid, earth crust displacement or massive solar storms, but what if there existed a situation right now that was so serious that it literally threatened our very existence?

    According to a host of scientists, nuclear experts and researchers, were are facing exactly such a scenario – and current efforts may not be able to stop it.

    When the Fukushima nuclear plants sustained structural damage and a catastrophic failure of their spent fuel cooling systems in the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and Tsunami in 2011, it left the government of Japan, Tokyo Power and nuclear regulatory agencies around the world powerless to contain the release of deadly radiation. A year on, the battle for control of Fukushima continues to no avail.

    It’s estimated that tens of thousands of people in Japan and the whole of North America have been affected, with reports indicating that children in Japan and the U.S. are already being born with birth defects, as well as thousands who have already succumbed to radiation related illness. As we initially followed the breaking news during the first thirty days of the accident, we suggested the Fukushima disaster would be worse than Chernobyl. Not even we could have imagined how much worse it would be.

    If current estimates are correct, Fukushima has already released as much radiation into the atmosphere and Pacific Ocean as Chernobyl, and the potential for a disaster at least ten times worse is highly probable in the event of another earthquake or accident that leads to a collapse of the cooling structures which are above ground and have already suffered significant damage.

    According to U.S. Army General Albert N. Stubblebine (ret.) of the Natural Solutions Foundation, the situation is extremely serious and poses a significant danger to our entire civilization. Since TEPCO and the Japanese government have refused the entombment option (as the Russians did with Chernobyl) the world is at the mercy of nature. A mistake here would cause the deaths of tens of millions of people across the globe.

    If there ever existed a threat that could cause the end of the world as we know it, it’s the ongoing and unresolved nuclear saga in Japan:

    When the highly radioactive Spent Fuel Rods are exposed to air, there will be massive explosions releasing many times the amount or radiation released thus far. Bizarrely, they are stored three stories above ground in open concrete storage pools. Whether through evaporation of the water in the pools, or due to the inevitable further collapse of the structure, there is a severe risk. United States public health authorities agree that tens of thousands of North Americans have already died from the Fukushima calamity. When the final cataclysm occurs, sooner rather than later, the whole Northern Hemisphere is at risk of becoming largely uninhabitable.

    Fact. On March 11, 2011, Fukushima Daichi nuclear power station with six nuclear reactors suffered cataclysmic damage that some believe was a man made event,and the resulting Tsunami. Hydrogen explosions…at least one nuclear explosion… and then subsequent deterioration of the visible plants at five of those reactors have created a threat situation unparalleled in human history.

    Fact. Despite denial and cover-up, the reality has emerged, that enormous amounts of radioactive material has been spewing into the atmosphere, polluting the groundwater, and the food of Japan, and entering by the tens of millions of gallons the waters of the Pacific.

    There’s no way to sugarcoat these facts. Denying them, blocking them out, pretending that they are not real is of no help to you and your family, and it leaves you totally unprepared for a danger that the Natural Solutions Foundation has been warning about since the first day. As of three weeks ago the levels of radiation inside of the spent fuel pools of unit no. 2 are too high to measure. Get that… too high to measure. And, the water there is evaporating, meaning that heat and radiation could easily build to very high levels.

    Very simply put, if this much Cesium 137 is released, it will destroy the world environment and our civilization. This is not rocket science, nor does it connect to the pugulistic debate over nuclear power plants.

    This is an issue of human survival.

    We can play the denial game all day long and pretend that, because the mainstream media is not reporting on it, there is no threat, but the facts are quite clear.

    This is, without a doubt, the most immediate threat faced by the world. It’s so serious, in fact, that the Japanese government has considered and put into place evacuation plans for the whole of Tokyo – some 40 million people. Reports are also emerging that suggest a collapse of the spent fuel pools would be so serious that the entire country of Japan may have to be evacuated. The entire country – that’s 125 million refugees that will cause an unprecedented humanitarian disaster.

    Before you argue that these are the ravings of just alternative media conspiracy theorists and fearmongers, consider the assessment put forth by Robert Alvarez , a senior policy adviser to the Secretary for National Security and the Environment for the US Department of Energy:

    The No. 4 pool is about 100 feet above ground, is structurally damaged and is exposed to the open elements. If an earthquake or other event were to cause this pool to drain this could result in a catastrophic radiological fire involving nearly 10 times the amount of Cs-137 released by the Chernobyl accident.

    The infrastructure to safely remove this material was destroyed as it was at the other three reactors.  Spent reactor fuel cannot be simply lifted into the air by a crane as if it were routine cargo.  In order to prevent severe radiation exposures, fires and possible explosions, it must be transferred at all times in water and heavily shielded structures into dry casks.. As this has never been done before, the removal of the spent fuel from the pools at the damaged Fukushima-Dai-Ichi reactors will require a major and time-consuming re-construction effort and will be charting in unknown waters.

    The total spent reactor fuel inventory at the Fukushima-Daichi site contains nearly half of  the total amount of Cs-137 estimated by the NCRP to have been released by all atmospheric nuclear weapons testing, Chernobyl, and world-wide reprocessing plants (~270 million curies or ~9.9 E+18 Becquerel).

    It is important for the public to understand that reactors that have been operating for decades, such as those at the Fukushima-Dai-Ichi site, have generated some of the largest concentrations of radioactivity on the planet.

    Regulatory agencies all over the world are warning of the potentiality of a further degradation of the Fukushima nuclear reactors and spent fuel pools, and the subsequent nuclear fallout that would follow.

    If these reactors go – and they could at any moment for any number of reasons – we’re looking at a situation for which you simply cannot stock enough food, or water, or supplies. Radiation would spread across the entire northern hemisphere and would be impossible to contain.

    While we’ve argued in the past that there is no place we’d rather be than in the United States of America in the event of a socio-economic collapse or global conflict, if these spent fuel pools collapse, then an international exit strategy may be the only option.

    Because details are sparse and research limited, it is difficult to predict what nuclear fall out from Japan may look like. The following map may be of some help, as it details the estimated fallout pattern resulting from a nuclear war between Russia and the United States. You’ll note that, while most of the world would be irradiated, the southern hemisphere would be your best bet to avoid the brunt of it:

    (via Where Do I Go If Fukushima Blows?)

    Beachfront property in Antarctica sounds quite appealing right about now.

    For breaking news on Fukushima follow: Stan Deyo, Jeff Rense, Steve Quayle, Alexander Higgins, Infowars, The Intel Hub


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      1. You can only prepare so much! In this instance, make sure you’re good with GOD!

        • I agree! We cannot worry about things over which we have no control.

          God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,courage to change the things I can,and wisdom to know the difference. – Serenity Prayer

          • Prepared pastor say’s we have no control.. Typical cop out attitude. General Electric Had control when they built 23 more of these faulty plants, right here in the good old U.S.A. As for your Serenity Prayer, we’re talking Radiation here not Drugs or alcohol … My advice to you is get a much larger support group together. With your passive sit back and wait attitude , you are going to need all the help you can get

            • So what you’re saying is, we all need to band together and bury the nuclear plants in the good ole Usa? Why Not? Hell, I’ll even bring my own shovel! Lets git er done!

            • Digging time! Time to go underground, real deep, or spelunkering or something! Can’t go up, so we gotta go down. Break out the shovels boys, and start digging.

          • The psychopathic criminals responsible for policies that promote nuclear energy, when such a technology has always obviously and inevitably leading to disaster. It’s never been a matter of “if”, but only “when”. What we alive today have allowed to happen will kill countless millions of people over the next 10000 years. The gift that keeps on giving. It will one day (perhaps soon) be deemed insane that we allowed this to happen. All for short-term corporate profit. IF this nuclear disaster isn’t an extinction event, we’ll only have to contend with millions of cases of cancer all over Japan and North America for the coming decades. But don’t worry, future disasters are inevitable.

            • Rafael E.: Everyone needs to get a grip here before they really go off the deep end. This is a replay of the movie “On the Beach” where everyone that wasn’t killed in the nuclear war heads for Australia, only to die later rather than sooner from the radioactive cloud. This movie along with Carl Sagan and other scientists warnings about a nuclear winter have both been scientically proven to be highly inaccurate (exagerated). From 1945-1963 the U.S. alone conducted nearly 1,100 nuclear tests above ground before the Test Ban Treaty was signed, 900 were conducted in Nevada alone. Downwind from the Nevada test site in St. George, Utah, as in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, cancer rates went up some (especially in children) along with a small rise in birth defects, but nothing like the fear mongers are predicting. Today people still live in these cities with no real residual effects. Chernobyl didn’t cause world wide death and destruction, only severe contamination in the surrounding area. Yeah, nuclear radiation is dangerous, but Fukushima certainly isn’t going TEOTWAWKI, so take a chill pill all of you worriers. There are other real dangers that are waiting at our doorstep. As a side note, I and my family went to St. George, Utah 40 years ago and we still don’t glow in the dark.

            • Gregory8: No kidding..glad someone has some sanity beyond the tinfoil hat wearing bobble heads.

          • Everyone should check out the pictures of reactor 4 on Fukushima-diary. Reactor 4 looks like if you sneeze, the whole mess will come crashing down. I am still disgusted that the main steam media is totally ignoring the biggest environmental disaster of our time. Much worse than Chernobyl. This is truly sad for all us.

            • Maybe if we all pressured the media everywhere, we can all stop these rumors of war and every other crap we here from the media and spread the word to alot of americans that don’t know about this upcoming disaster and shift the attention to japan. I mean the whole world would focus on japan and helping them with this problem. I read in an article saying that the reason its taking long for them to contain this disaster is because they don’t have funds to tackle this big of a job. If we all stop playing the dumb card and thinking nothing will ever happen and get involved then maybe we will have a chance. Ill tell you if it ever do explode and we have hours to live ima smoke me some dmt and leave this world and my phisical body behind.

        • Media Blackout as Obama Appoints First Ever Assassination Czar

          “According to reports from the Associated Press, John Brennan has now seized the lead in choosing who will be targeted for drone attacks and raids and Obama has delegated him the sole authority to designate people for assassination under the United States top-secret assassination program.”


            • thank you for this link! you are sooo good about finding pertinent material and keeping us up to date!

            • Kimintn,

              You are welcome!

              TPTB are at work in so many areas. It is like an octopus assault.

              We need teamwork to keep up to date!

              Take care! Hope you have a great weekend!

              KY Mom

            • KY MOM, et al: Now there’s credibility for you; a group of right-wing super conspiracy theorists who weave together an improbable plot to enslave us all, and kill those who resist. Reynold’s must working over time to keep you and your friends in tin-foil hats. Who’s behind all of this? What combination of folks could it be? Why don’t some of you put together your favorite groups: Satan, The Anti-Christ, The Illuminati, The Masons, The Shriners, The Knights of Columbus, The Knights Templar, The Tri-Lateral Commission, The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), The Bildiburger Group, Space Aliens including the reptilians and shape shifters that have already replaced many key world leaders. Please add any group that I may have forgotten. Feel free to make up your favorite ‘Dream/Scream Team’ for world domination and destruction. This could be like fantasy football, only better.

          • So can they please confirm that Andrew Brietbart was on this list?

          • Really? Maybe things in KY are different but did you not see the thread of this article??

            George Noory says the drones are operated by “space aliens”…hmmm.

          • Really KM? did you read the article above? Do you understand what this thread is about ? not every thread is an opportunity to throw some bullshit anti obama propaganda out there you know. You need to step away from the key board, turn fox news off, and settle down.

          • Gregory8 and Maindawg,

            You must be in denial.

            I am not a conspiracy theorist. Nor do I think every thread is an opportunity to spread “anti Obama bullsh*t.”

            When I see something that may be of interest, I pass along the information. If the main stream media was doing its JOB reporting the news…so many people wouldn’t be reading alternative news sites.

            Hello…you need to READ some of the recent laws and Executive orders enacted in the last couple years. They continue to disregard our Constitution. The momentum of this “change” is SPEEDING UP.

            “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.” – Thomas Jefferson

            Here is an article you might want to read…

            What If We Have Only Memories of Freedom?
            by Andrew P. Napolitano


            • KY Mom, for the record, I greatly appreciate the information you share here, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that!

              Please keep it coming!

              As for G8 and Maindawg, maybe they’ll wake up before it’s too late. Probably not, but I like to give the benefit of the doubt.


            • KY Mom: Denial my hairy white tushy. I know things are bad and getting worse by the day, but it’s not being done by some super-secret cabal as suggested by the last tread you posted from Kirk Cameron and his band of religious zealots. This is all caused by big government getting in bed with big business-period. Their greed for money and power have created policies that are destroying this once great nation and the rest of the world along with it. Every war we have ever fought over the last 300 hundred years has been about businesses using government/military power to further their agenda. But don’t believe me-read USMC Gen. S. Butler’s book “War is a Racket”. He served for 33 years and is a double recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor. He knew that the military was being used as hitmen for big business and he spells it out in his book. The book was written in the 1930’s but nothing has changed other than the some of the names of the players (businesses). We’ve been cow-towing to big business ever since President Jefferson sent the Marines and Navy to defend private shipping interests near the Barbary Coast in the early 1800’s. Denial my ass, we’re so screwed it’s not funny. But you and the others have got to stop listening to these nut cases and their wild, unsubstantiated rants. A clear head and a firm plan are what is necessary.

            • I am tired of people labeling anyone who questions what is really going on in this world a conspiracy theorist. In other words, if you investigate further than the main stream media reporting (which is lame, at best) you are crazy? Well, I guess I am crazy. Do your homework on every subject before you label people “conspiracy theorists”. Maybe you will find some enlightenment.

          • Can you stay on the topic at hand? There is nothing more distracting than someone taking up their own cause on a different subject.

        • For all you bible thumpers..If there really was a God, then this kind of crap would never happen.

          To say otherwise is stupid..If your God is so cruel as to let billions die and millions of innocent babies to be born with horrible disease and defects, then he is an incredibly vicious arrogant asshole.

          The governments of the world are to blame for hiding the truth and not allowing us the opportunity to prepare. It is time for world wide revolution, these moneywhores that run our governments should be rounded up and stoned to death in the public square.

          • You are a fool!

            • “you are a fool”

              Thanks for backing up your statement and explaining why.

            • Listen up Mike! For you Non bible thumpers! If there was a God?? If there was a God, he would make a beautiful country where everyone who was living in tyranny could move to where there was freedom. He would call it the United States of America. People would risk all to get into this great FREE nation. There would be freedom of religion, (unlike other countries where it is not allowed). When God goes, so does God.

            • Unprepared, its really an easy one for us Bible thumpers. The Bible states ” The fool has said in his heart that there is no God.” If you and others want to be fools its ok by me. I am not making a judgement call, just a scriptural based answer.

            • In response to what “mike” says: “that God is an incredibly vicious asshole”; I have to agree with what Highspeedloafer said about him (mike), and I might add “dumbass” to that. mike’s ignorance and that of all whom gave him a “thumb’s up”, are treading on dangerous ground by using such language against our Heavenly Father. In these last days we need Him (God) more than ever. To blame God, for what man(with his freewill) and nature’s course has done is not the smartest thing to be doing. God had everything set up nicely in the “first” earth age but; Satan and his followers spoiled it for the remaining two thirds of God’s children. That is why we have life as we know it, to do the sorting out.

          • The money whores will get theirs in the end. They cannot buy their way out of this.

            • Nice comprimise 🙂

            • Too bad the rest of us have to get it as well. 🙁

            • The Rothchild$/moneymafia have their own ‘flying saucers’ saved from long time ago. They plan to ‘bug out’ when the catastrophies start. Wouldn ‘t it be great if somehow God prevented the whores from returning’???? hahahahaahaha more fun than a barrel of monkeys ahahahahahaha

            • Nope! Their going underground to survive, and leave us Surfs up here to die and rot. That’s the plan Stan!~

            • Go to google Mars and put in these coordinates 71491890N 29323942W and zoom in to less than 10,000 feet , now you see why they don’t care about this planet they have the next one lined up.

          • I really feel sorry for you Mike. He never promised this life to be simple or easy. Look at the pain and suffering He let His Son endure for our sakes. The phrase for your little rant is “free will”. He doesnt want docile little robots, He wants us to come to Him because we want to. I will pray for your soul Mike, may you find peace

            • A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.
              Albert Einstein

            • “I really feel sorry for you Mike. He never promised this life to be simple or easy. Look at the pain and suffering He let His Son endure for our sakes. The phrase for your little rant is “free will”. He doesnt want docile little robots”

              If He doesn’t want docile little robots why does he gives us rules to follow?

              but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die.

              If your trying to learn about good and evil you have not followed gods words. You must remain ignorant of knowledge of good and evil otherwise you die. Thanks for the great advice “God.”

              So essentially He doesn’t want you to be docile but He has given you a list of rules to follow. Also don’t eat fruit from the tree of knowledge. That one line essentially makes all schools a sinners training ground.

              Good luck trying to explain that with out using logic and reason.

          • why do you have to dump on other peoples belief’s? maybe this is gods judgment on man. he gave man free will and look what he did with it. i don’t know the truth but i don’t go around blaming everyone elses belief’s.

            • If you don’t know the truth stop talking like you do.

          • Mike,

            If given a choice, would you want God to make all of your choices for you, even in the name of keeping you safe? I’m willing to bet not, in which case you would be allowed to make all of your own choices, regardless of how they affect you or others. You will make bad choices, IE mistakes, and they will affect you adversely so that you may learn from them and not repeat the mistakes.

            Guess what – God is not going to step in and stop you or anyone else from making a bad choice, regardless of its effect. Since you have not done so, I recommend you get used to a concept known as “free moral agency.” You have the power to make choices because God blessed you with that power. Everyone else can make choices too. Guess what else – you are living in a fallen world thanks to your, and everyone else’s, choices in life.

            God is not to blame for this mess. Man is, for making bad choices, evil ones. Don’t put on God your reponsibility for the choices you make. You are to blame when you screw up, not God. He gave you all the right instructions to live right. Whether you or anyone chooses to follow those instructions is another thing altogether.

            If you want God’s intervention, then you will do what He commands. If you do not do what He commands, don’t blame Him when your life is garbage. That goes on a global scale for those who snub God, as well.

            • I think that’s what Mike was trying to get accross.

            • Brainwashed m_r_n

            • 82nd, then read mike’s post again. What I posted is nothing like what he said.

              g’d, I’m disappointed in your response. Stop mumbling.

            • Exactly, precisely and to the point!

            • So then if we’d let the nukes fly in say 1968 and turned this planet into the surface of the moon…

              WEhen does God get to be called a failure?

              ‘Cause last I checked, you give your kids free choice too, and if they end up high as a kite on drugs and kill a family in a car accident, you get called a failure as a parent…

          • Dude your talking shit to the wrong kinda people, liberal revolution means your not gonna be around anymore…

            What is it with you guys and money anyways?…. Good final point on how stupid you really are.

          • Mike,

            I’m a Christian. I try to do the right thing but I will never be perfect.

            Alot of people resent Christians and I think the reason is because they think that by calling ourselves Christians we are saying somehow that we are perfect. It is actually the exact opposite. For most people the day they become a Christian is the same day that they realize that they are not the person they should be. Christianity has made me alot better person and that is a fact.

            I do not claim to know for a fact that what I believe is 100% correct.

            All I know is that if I live my life trying to be as much like Jesus as I possibly can then I know that I will have lived a life that was worth living.

            There are many historians that have studied Jesus. None of them have been able to prove or disprove that he was the SON OF GOD. However they all agree on one thing.
            He was an amazing man that lived a life of love and had a heart like no other.

            The GOD that I believe in does not want to force us into cooperation or to give us perfect little lives like some spoiled little kids. He wants us to do it on our own by following the example that JESUS gave us.

            • No. It’s when they become saved, become a hypocrite, while pointing their fingers at others saying how awful they are. Also, isn’t it quite proud to say you are a Christian. It’s like I belong to something.

              I realize I am not perfect and I didn’t need God to see that, I needed someone that loved me enough to show it by being so good in comparison.

            • If you call your self a christian and you notice other people who also call themselves Christians behaving in a way that is similar to “by calling ourselves Christians we are saying somehow that we are perfect.” Then you should do something about that, they are giving good Christians a bad name, and for the most part people who aren’t Christians or aren’t religious notice the bad things more than the good.

              I’ve noticed that good Christians for the most part are good people, they just lack the creativity, logic, and reason to come up with morals on their own so they default to a religion that explains very little and demands it from them or threatens punishment.

              Bad Christians on the other hand are no different from an other bad person, they are just ignorant and use incredibly bad logic to justify their ideals.

            • Find the Urantia Book online, then you will know the whole deal with Jesus and for the unbelievers, God also…..Christians only have part of the story:)

              Actually, Jesus said “Be Perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect”….he meant it and you will, it just takes a very long time…..as long as you care about doing it and take action to follow the example of Jesus…..a long time from now, you will pull it off:)

              Might as well start now, it takes lots of practice and many, many planets! We are in pre-school right now……..can’t you tell…….lol

          • Well… Christianity, Islam, etc are all just updated copies of copies of copies of earlier Pagan religions. There is really no disputing that.

            • So stop shooting you mouth off and prove it for all of us dumb Christians.

            • Really…? Early pagan religions took care of the poor? Taught that you should love your enemies? Strived to care for the less fortunate, such as widows,and orphans. Fed the hungry? Built hospitals and orphanages? Once more we see a totally uninformed person commenting on a faith they know so little about.

            • @Toney I was clearing commenting on ALL RELIGIONS you double dumbass. They ALL share dozens of core fairy tales.

              @My Bible Prove it to yourself. Take a Theology 101 at your local community college. There you will learn how dozens of pre-Christian and post-Christian religions share dozens of the same parables.

            • toomanyfakecons
              yes, i believeyou are correct. they are all offshoots of ancient paganism and wiccanism, currently showing its nasty underbelly as what i call luciferianism. these people all worship the devil and dont realize it.

            • Only to a person who knows nothing of what any of these religions (including Christianity) is. If you did know, you would not say something so silly.

            • That’s false. The gospels came from within the same and next generation of Christ’s life. Paganism was injected later. Study some more because your misguided. Look up “Chris White” and the consistency of the Bible. It has only been copied from the Greek into many other languages. That is ONE time copied. Indeed there are many copies but they are ALL copied from the original Greek. Jesus IS “The Christ!” God Bless

            • I don’t claim to know all of the answers about God and whether I am 100% right. Actually I would say that the only thing I am 100% certain of is that my religious views are wrong in some areas. That is why we ALL rely on the GRACE OF GOD. And MY OPINION is that the way we receive the GRACE OF GOD is through JESUS. By following JESUS’ example and loving one another as ourself. Now I am not saying that I have proof that this is how it is, or that it is the only way. It’s just how I feel-MY OPINION.

              The great thing about Christianity is that even if I am
              completely wrong-I am still (LIVING) right!

          • Make the first move Mike… What, no balls?

            • Do your own research – it’s a fact Christianity is a fairy tale.

            • Spoken like a true idiot, Carter. You wouldn’t know a fact if it hit you upside the head.

          • God takes different forms to different minds and souls. For some He is a single being, for others a form of natural energy.

            That you say the idea of a higher power is stupid merely means that you have no idea of what God is to you.

            One day, you will know.

            • my children; my Gods.

            • GC – this is one of the first times I’ve actually agreed with you – and over religion no doubt! I’m agnostic, and to me that means that I simply haven’t had the “event” yet in my life that turns me toward religion. I don’t try and disprove others. I don’t try and prove them either. In fact I’m very strongly in agreement with the late George Carlin when he said it doesn’t matter what religion you are as long as you keep it to yourself. In other words, let me discover my own beliefs and stop preaching them down my throat.

              As an agnostic, that’s probably the single most driving force behind why religion hasn’t played a larger role in my life – the fact that I despise being spoon fed. If I want to pray to a God, I will. If I don’t, I won’t. End of story.

              Relating to your comment, I see you’ve captured a lot of negative votes and that is a perfect illustration of the “my God or no God” attitude that makes me agnostic. I think your statement “That you say the idea of a higher power is stupid merely means that you have no idea of what God is to you” is dead on, but clearly the majority of people here want conformance, hence the vote down. If only they would understand that everyone is different and needs to recognize religion at their own pace and not “you will accept my God now!”

            • NO god!! never has bin, never will, it’s all BS,,

            • i have no doubt that god, in some form exists. but it is now without question that the “sick story” is just that and a fraud. I am referring to both the old and new testaments of the bible.

            • People, People, People! especially you Atheist. Yes there has been religions and gods since man has been able to fart, and all of them mostly center on mans attitude towards life and his fellow man, basically, but, the christian god, is the only one with thousand and thousands of witness’s to his existence and miracles on earth as a man, and followers above 2 billion, and fairness and forgiveness for all. You can talk all you want about pagan gods from Zoraster to Zeuss, but you can’t get any forgiveness or fairness from them, because they all are an illusion of a mans deception. Get a grip, grow a pair, and join the winners, and quit whinning dammit.

          • You must understand the gift/ curse of free will!

            • Curse! If you didn’t have free will, you wouldn’t even be posting on this forum right now. We all of sound mind have a choice. “Either get busy living, or get busy dying!”

          • Religion is a contrived control mechanism, that is all it has ever been, and all it will ever be. That does not mean there is no Ultimate Being, all this had to come from somewhere.

            • WalMart

            • Religion is CERTAINLY a contrived control mechanism. Any time you get multiple people together in any type of unity psychopaths will certainly see an opportunity to capitalize on it for profit, power and control.

              However, the misconception of most is that “religion” has anything to do with God, The Creator. In today’s society, we’ve been dumbed down to think that to worship or believe in The Creator or God you have to be “religious”. In most cases religion is at worst an insult to God and at best a way to get believers to realize that church and religion is but a social club and that the real “God” or “Creator” works in ways that cannot be explained by the church. Jesus nearly told us this word for word.

              Being religious is to be susceptible to the control and whims of men who desire that control. But, spirituality is much more than that. Jesus was anti-religious. …when he wiped the tables clean of the merchant thieves and the money changers. …when he forgave the sins of the two thieves. Religion requires control. Jesus told us that we have direct access to The Creator with no one in between.

              Modern society wishes to confuse this to keep your access “cloudy”. Don’t let them. Religion is as dirty rags to the one who loves us. Religion is easily corrupted and hijacked. Don’t forget that. Love God. Worship The Creator. Religion, frankly, is evil corruptible and unnecessary.

            • IN THE MINDS of the mortals of Urantia — that being the name of your world — there exists great confusion respecting the meaning of such terms as God, divinity, and deity.

              Human beings are still more confused and uncertain about the relationships of the divine personalities designated by these numerous appellations.

              Because of this conceptual poverty associated with so much ideational confusion,

              I have been directed to formulate this introductory statement in explanation of the meanings which should be attached to certain word symbols as they may be hereinafter used in those papers

              which the Orvonton corps of truth revealers have been authorized to translate into the English language of Urantia.


          • Mike, you need to change your name. You’re named after an Archangel. And if there is no God, then certainly there are no Archangels.

            FYI: Dweezil and Moon Unit are both taken. Choose another.

            Have a great weekend,

            • What the…huh? Your argument has no bearing. So “Mike” had control in what name he was giving at birth and how it affects his beliefs? Stick to the point.

            • And Mikey(Michael) has the CHOICE to change his name to anything he wants, if he doesn’t like being named after an Arch-Angel!

          • I will pray for your lack of wisdom and ignorance of what you speak. You have obviously not read of Daniel, nor do you understand the love that is free will

          • @Mike,
            All of the horror proves that there is a Satan. The fact that you know good from evil leads to an understanding that there is good in this world, thus A GOD!

            But don’t take my word for it, just prove to me, using HARD EVIDENCE that ther is no God! Either that, or shut up stupid!

            • Why do you religious douche bags always have to drag the beliefs of God into everything. Stick to the facts. This is a man made disaster so stop trying to force God into the picture. Ignorant F**k!!!!

            • you just blew my mind, wow, so very very deep

            • Exactly! like without the “Yin” there can be no “Yang”!

            • 82nd, You need to re-read the posts son. Mike started it with his obnoxious attitude, and you came in right behind him like an echo. I know there is a God and you will know it one day too. Good luck with that.

            • MY Bible Says: Proof is something that can be experienced by one or more of the five human sense and independently verified by others. The horrors caused by the evil you speak of does not prove the existance of Satan anymore than presents under the Christmas Tree proves the existance of Santa Clause. This is called “Begging the Question” in logic. Good is what we call actions that help or improve people’s well being and evil is that which harms. That fact that we understand this is also not proof of God’s exitance, for the same reason as before. All it proves is that we have an understanding of the two and their consequences in this world. People can and are good without God. The most moral people I know are atheists and agnostics. They do good and enshew evil because it’s the right (Humanist) thing to do, not because they hope for some reward or to avoid some punishment as religious people do. So who really are the more moral ones here? Now, as to your challenge to Mike: It’s all on you pal, not him. He who asserts the positive claim has the burden of proof. If God, or anything for that matter, does not exist and never did, it is an impossible task to prove that negative, that non-existance, because proof will always be lacking. Now if God did exist, like the dinosaurs, but is no longer alive, then perhaps he may be able to prove it. And if God still exists, then it’s still on you to prove with facts, not supposition. In all of your arguements, you religionists offer only sacred verses, never any facts (provable by the five senses stuff). But what I fail to understand is why you need these proofs in the first place if you already have your faith. After all, what is religion but faith in something not seen. So be happy in your faith and don’t so feel threatened when someone questions your views.

            • This country was founded by Men that believed in God. It developed into the greatest nation this earth has ever known by men that believed in God. And now it is crumbling under men who have no faith in God but believe that THEY have all the answers.

          • So God owes you and everyone else ANYTHING? Seeing as you love Him so much and all… The fact that you aren’t already in the Lake of Fire is a mercy. What is it with humanity and this absurd sense of entitlement when it comes to a God they abhor?

            • Poor little stupid thing…………..I do not ‘believe’ in God………………….I KNOW HIM. I know Him not from other people, but for myself. I KNOW HIM. I’ll still get trash from you ’cause you can’t accept that some people KNOW Obviously, you can not experience what you will NOT see. Jesus said, ‘None so blind as those who WILLNOT see. None so deaf as those who cover their ears.’
              Probably you can not see the world as Rodin(famous artist) but you do not rant abt that being fake because you do see it. Kodiak, troll for the Rothchild$/moneymafia who just HAVE to kill GOD. (GalacticOrderDept.) Troll, troll, troll, trolls have NO BRAINS.

          • god is testing to see if we are really human or not, s/he might save a few good ones if so inclined…

          • “For all you bible thumpers..If there really was a God, then this kind of crap would never happen.”

            That is an assumption on your part. Fact is, God does not care a lot about our physical bodies. It and its problems are for us to deal with and not Him. It is the spiritual realm that God really cares about, so deal with it.

            As to your blasphemous comments, they are based upon your own ignorant assumptions and not on any truth whatsoever. Yes, we have problems. Yes, we have free will. If we are so stupid as to cause ourselves problems, then it is up to us to resolve those problems. EOS

          • Hey, Mike…my 12 year-old niece just said…you are poorly-rated.
            Even the young’uns know!!!

          • What an ignorant statement. God gave man free will to good or evil and much of suffering due our choices and mistakes without free will we would be nothing but robots. the idea that there is no God since life is not perfect is ridculous if it was we would not need nor look to Him

          • Well Mike: You’ve prompted me to change my handle. There was getting to be about 6 of us on here anyway.
            I am not 100% sure of God but believe that we all need something bigger than ourselves to believe in. We need some sort of higher power. Maybe when I pass on from this world I will only become worm dirt. Maybe. But taking comfort in a God in the final moments does no harm.
            I don’t think that, if there is a god, his purpose for us is to micromanage our lives. To place blame on him for something that we have done or caused is like blaming a gun for a homicide. I would argue that if we would be following his word alot of this crap wouldn’t be happening to start with.
            I think that there should be a distinction between religions and god. Religions have embraced other things for membership and financial reasons. Religions are flexible.

            • While I agree with much you’ve said, Saddle Up, I also completely agree with Dr. Lowell Davey of the Bible Broadcasting Network (bbnradio.org), that true Christianity is NOT a religion. Religions per se have done much harm in the name of their gods. People who truly follow the teachings and example of Jesus of Nazareth are not the folks who are destroying the world. They are merely trying to point the way to its Savior, nothing more. Anything else (like cathedrals, funny hats, gaily-colored gowns & jewelry, and the continual crying for MONEY) is just a show for the suckers. Look up the Synagogue of Satan, and you will easily recognize these charlatans for what they are. I truly hope and pray that you, personally, will find the real Jesus one day very soon. Amen (Let it be so.).

          • Omnipotent/omniscient/omnibenevolent… and this is the best “God” can do? I’m absolutely amazed at how many “awake” people that there are out there who are only selectively awake. I thought truthers sought out truth… about everything. Oh, well. I just don’t get it. But, hey… to each, his own.

          • Your thinking is a mile wide and an inch deep.

          • I’m not a bible thumper (I’d never thump someone with a bible) but what’s God got to do with this? Men did this, not God. It’s called free-will. He didn’t make robots. God isn’t letting billions die. Men are doing this to the planet. And men need to stop it. You want god to click his fingers and make it all go away but that isn’t going to happen. Your 3rd paragraph says it all.

          • So, your saying that God should intervene in every single situation around the world and take away humans freewill to make decisions? You presupposition is that if there is a Creator God then there would be no bad things happening in the world due to man making a decision to break the laws that God gave us for our own good?

            Your hatred for God is so crystal clear. So, according to your logic, If God does exist, he is a vicious, arrogant asshole. God gave us the commands to live by. Man in his lust for power and money have disobeyed, and the disease, defects, murder, poverty, etc, are fruits of mans rebellion against God.

          • Mike: The question/comment you pose regarding God allowing evil in the world is a philosophical one not a religious one. Read Schopenhauer’s discussion on the presence of evil in the world. As for the other comments regarding radiation and other topics FEW are related to the article. Some of the comments show a real ignorance regarding radiation. The facts are that even BETA radiation which can be stopped by clothes or even paper can kill you if a person breathes it in. As for the comment “glow in the dark”, that person seems to forget that at one time wrist watch faces were painted with radioactive paint and there were people who died of it due to exposure. A fact not a theory. Protection against radiation entails three things: time, shielding, and distance. Time for the radiative element to decay to a safe level. Shielding to block the alpha, beta, or gamma rays. Distance since the rays have a limited range. Remember radiation is colorless, odorless, tasteless, invisible. Because you can’t see it or smell it doesn’t mean it can’t hurt you. Also, if a person is not exposed to a lethal dose, the body can repair the cell damage done. I suggest seeing the movie “Threads”. It is fiction, but everything regarding the dangers of radiation are fact. It paints a picture worse than “The Day After” . I , also, suggest going on IMDB and reading what happened when the movie “The Conqueror” was filmed. A number of the cast died after the filming. As for the comment regarding tin foil hats and conspiracies regarding radiation, pls look at some of the pictures of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Those are facts not theories. My comments are based on experience not something I gleaned off some website.

            • Thank you. In more ways than one.

          • @mike:

            “…If there really was a God, then this kind of crap would never happen.

            To say otherwise is stupid..If your God is so cruel as to let billions die and millions of innocent babies to be born with horrible disease and defects, then he is an incredibly vicious arrogant asshole.”

            so we can then say – seeing it was the actions and decisions of governments and people that allowed this situation to develop:

            “If there really was no government , then this kind of crap would never happen.

            To say otherwise is stupid..If your governments are so cruel as to let billions die and millions of innocent babies to be born with horrible disease and defects, then they are incredibly vicious arrogant assholes.”

          • Justsayin Says: Just because someone puts something out on the internet that you happen to agree with doesn’t make it true. And just because one site references another isn’t corrobration of a fact discovered in research. One of the sites that KY Mom had was from some questionable right-wing Christain organization making unsubstantiated claims: In a word-Cuckoo. So yeah, I’m calling Bull Shit and saying that anyone who buys this stuff without verification from a more credible source is a believer in conspiracies. A fact is something independently verifiable by anyone outside the reporting party. Clowns who gobble these sites up like they were printing the gosple truth are also the same mental midgets who believe that UFOs and Wrestling are real. Most of you haven’t a clue what “Real Research” entails. It involves a lot more than just surfing a few of your favorite sites on the internet. So please stop pretending that you are all some kind of jounalistic crusaders for the truth. A few of you seem to be, but most of what I read here is from people who still live in their mother’s basement, listen to George Nory, and only have a part time job. Grow up and get a life!

            • wow!!!! harsh shit man.
              Grow up? where do those pointless antonyms even come from anyways. Are you programmed to say these things. Your’re sure about the UFO’s are you!!!!!!!! Do you work for the government?? Conspiracies?? Mental midget??
              Well if I didn’t know any better, I would say you are some sort of twisted spy or perhaps you are living in moms basement. Make sure you have all your crayons before you start coloring the picture dude!

          • Sorry Mike… There is a God, and I am Living Proof of that ,as I was involved in an accident in which I received 19,600 volts of electricity through the back of the Skull and down through my body, causing the Amputation of both of my legs and multiple Skin graftings because of Flame Burns ! I am listed in the American Medical Journal as The Western Pennsylvania Hospitals Miracle Patient ,as Doctors there say that Medically and Logically I am a Dead Man ! It was God whom saved me, and has given me the Ability to see the Truth about Obama and the Government in Washington that is hard at work to destroy our rights and Freedom !

            • I find it funny for all who don’t believe in god he believes in you . It’s wierd how he’s worked his way into this conversation . Yet there are those that will deny him that is biblical there are those on the other side that will defend him till the bitter end . And believe it or not he is aware of both Arguments and still loves us agree or disagree !

          • Well, Mike, you express your thoughts very succinctly and bluntly. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

          • there is no god, there is no heaven and subsequently there is no HELL? It seems that peoples life here on earth has been all of just that … HELL.
            Can no one see that we are just part of a plan? we are just like chickens and cattle, except we need cars and shit to get around in. Where chickens and cattle just produce eats, we actually can produce things!!! By following instructions we can even produce a nuclear reactor or bomb or skyscraper or fit the car together that will get us to the reactor!
            We are just farm animals in a more high tech farm. Never knowing, seeing, understanding or even aware of our masters. Government is not to blame… come on. do you really think that anyone there has any control over anything? What do you mean Japan doesn’t have the funds to clean up the mess?? I wonder if the groups that stole a few hundred trillion bucks and forced the world into a economic seizure in 2008 would have any loose change rolling around? You have to face it, we are all SWINE, born raised and penned. We should really get off our high horses and come to grips with; that we are not in control of shit. We are the absolute furthest thing from knowledgeable on any events and especially the facts that surround them, being main stream, underground, black, foreign, local, post-dated, telepathic. We are here to do one thing, like the chickens and cows, PRODUCE. Other wise here, follow ME and we will go to war and KILL THEM ALL. Whats our choices????

        • Yes. Stick your head in the sand and pray to your imaginary friend in the sky. Definitely do not ponder the simple mistakes made by Tepco in the name of money. Mistakes that may kill billions. God wanted it that way or it wouldn’t have happened. It’s great that none of us have any responsibility for our lives.

          • just because we pray does not mean we bury our heads in the sand. we are reading the same article you are right! atheists like to blame everyone but themselves. you phonies really crack me up. you have never done something wrong im sure. get off your high horse!

          • @Rufus
            Prove that their is no God, it should be really easy for a super smart guy like you. Stop running your big mouth and give us evidence that there is no God!

            • @My Bible Says

              Rufus does not need to prove your beliefs. You need to check your premise. That burden belongs to you.

              You might want to google Betrand Russell’s Celestial Tea Cup to gain some perspective.

              Russell’s teapot, sometimes called the celestial teapot or cosmic teapot, is an analogy first coined by the philosopher Bertrand Russell (1872–1970) to illustrate the idea that the philosophic burden of proof lies upon a person making scientifically unfalsifiable claims rather than shifting the burden of proof to others, specifically in the case of religion. Russell wrote that if he claimed that a teapot were orbiting the Sun somewhere in space between the Earth and Mars, it would be nonsensical for him to expect others to believe him on the grounds that they could not prove him wrong. Russell’s teapot is still referred to in discussions concerning the existence of God, and is in essence an example illustrating the uselessness of advocating a position based on the logical fallacy known as argument from ignorance.


            • Barak Obama. ’nuff said.

            • Prove that there is a God!More and more smart people are so sick and tired having this religious BS stuffed down the throat.
              Religion is indeed a fairy tale and not even a good one, extremely ignorant, stupid and responsible for a good portion of all the misery on earth.
              I sure hope you are praying 24/7 to avoid nuclear Armageddon

          • @ Rufus ans mike/ First let me say You have the right to believe in whatever ou would like and I as a Christian respect that. I am not one to push my belief down anyones throuats at all. I choose my belief initially as a young woman as fire insurance. I figures what do I have to loose, believe in something as not to burn in hell for eternity in death, sure why not. As I age I have come to a greater understanding of God. I hope that you are not offended by my addressing this with you both but I do find comfort in the fact that when I die there is a a better place for me. I do not wanna risk my human mind to scientific facts ( lool where that gets us with global warming, economics etc) I will risk my logic on something that has prophecy that comes true and leave my soul to that belief. And my theory on suffering, if there was none there would be no compassion. MHO again just sharing my thoughts and belief, that is what America was built on….Happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend to all be safe,take a moment to remeber the sacrafice of others, And God Bless America

            • There are extremely too many intolerant, non-freedom believing, anti-God folks here isn’t there? Is it not everyone’s right to believe how he/she wishes? Is it not everyone’s right and freedom to choose the “faith” they so choose? Has our God-fearing country really degraded so far into an evil abyss that even a Patriotic site like this one has to lambaste any and every comment made about “religion”?

              I too am a Christian, so what? What vile retorts will the good people of SHTFPlan cast upon me? I would hope none. That is IF we are still the America that was founded on FREEDOM, LIBERTY and RIGHTS!

            • I am the God of all gods, so who is the Jesus god you speak of? Hispanic? Don’t tell me thats Yawah’s boy your talking about, shit he has nothing on my half son half god Dionysus who raised from the dead. What? So did heyzeus (Jesus) no way, he stole that shit. Wine too, no fucking way. That’s it I’m telling Dionsysus about this shit and he will not be happy. He’s gonna call his buddies Rah, Buddha, Krishna and some Jews are not going to be so Kosher about the upcoming brawl.

              For $999.99 dont miss out on the fight for the universe
              Tonight *Pay Per View* on channel 666 and 40 for local outlets
              Gods vs gods
              The fight of all time

              Zeus vs Yaweha
              Dionsys vs Jesus

          • The demons you speak of also have free will……………Yes, demons, or fallen angels. Demons have been great DS for humanity showcasing all the evil there is to choose from. People bash the people who KNOW because they’re just so jealous…………………….Jesus said, ‘I know mine and mine KNOW ME. We do not ‘believe’ we KNOW.

          • “MONEY” is the Atheist’s god, cause that is all they care about.

        • Roger Out!

        • Or the Aliens.

        • It’s THAT Serious but the ‘Govt refuses to entomb it”


          There ya all kooks go again.

          • Greetings Everyone!
            To justincase:Yes it IS that serious…
            Just like global warming,the impending implosion of the “derivatives market”.To name just a few.
            kooks are only kooks until the crisis.
            As for the Faith thing,either you have it or you don’t.Even unbelief is a form of faith in only yourself.
            All types of faith are a form of betting your life and values on something ephemeral.EVERYTHING is or was made by someone or something.Cars,Large dreamliner aircraft,fine watches and clocks and weapons of all types.I choose to believe that God made humans and the wonderful ecology of this planet.The two need not be mutually exclusive.If you choose to believe otherwise,it’s O.K.Really and truly O.K.
            “Faith is NOT a possession of all people”.That fact has around for as long as religion itself.
            However true Christians have no need to force their faith on others who think otherwise.False religions(and that includes pagans!)always resort to violence in the end to “win others” to their viewpoint.
            So I understand why many people don’t have faith in God or religion.
            I would hope that no matter where you are in the debate you can have at least a modicum of civility to differing viewpoints.
            Otherwise I have a mud pie with your name on it!

            • Exactly, precisely, and to the point!

        • Well said. There comes a point when you can only do so much.

          Ad Gloriosum et Dei æterni

        • and just where are the sources of viable readings indicating the impending radiation..that is.. deadly radiation?

          and just what is the deadly radiation that we should be concerned about..?

          We need facts/links and resources immediately if..this is indeed fact..

          Thanks mac


          • go to radnet, find a reading near where you live, has data going back to 1978. Check for Cesium-137 and Radium, thats been detected since March 2011 where I live, Albany, ny

          • http://www.examiner.com/article/fukushima-cesium-equals-4-023-hiroshima-bombs

            “Last August the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) estimated 15,000 tera becquerels of cesium radiation had leaked from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan.

            One tera becquerel equals 1 trillion becquerels.

            At that time, the Telegraph reported the estimated cesium release was ‘equal 168 Hiroshima bombs’ as the atomic bomb atomic bomb dropped on Japan during World War II had only released 89 tera becquerels of cesium.

            On Wednesday, TEPCO released revised estimates of the amount of radiation leaked from Fukushima.

            The new estimated calculated the level of cesium released to be 360,000 tera becquerels.

            That is 24 times higher than last August’s estimate and represents a cesium leak equal to 4,023 Hiroshima bombs.

            The estimate is also more than 4 times Chernobyl which is estimated to have released 85,000 tera becquerels of cesium radiation into atmosphere.

            TEPCO’s newly revised estimates of the Fukushima leak are also not all-inclusive and do not cover the entire date range from the start of the disaster.

            The estimate of the total atmosphere release is based on data collected from between March 12 to 31, 2011,

          • Our so-called ‘government’ is suppressing the facts abt. the Japan disaster, actually it is an ongoing catastrophy,…………………………………………and plans to allow 90% of the world’s population to DIE. The rotten demon Rothchild$/moneymafia plan to ‘bug out’ when the huge Solar Storms come, just like they did with the flood. Bug out………………come back to dominate what’s left of the world. Wouldn’t it be great if GOD prevented this wolf-pack from returning????

        • Look up the naturak foundation solutions. It is a scam and a fraud. I expect more from you mac this generalhas an agenda

        • Please US citizens, don’t come to South America.

          There is no room for you ‘dry back’ monolinguals and I don’t want my tax pesos to be used on your welfare.

        • If that does it for you…

        • I agree. God is what this made this great country great. We are talking about Fukushima though. I think we should stay on topic. Ok? Please look online at fukushima-diary, Enenews, Naturalnews. Thank you.

          • I hate I missed out on the “holy roller” hour. Seriously, I do. I know people get upset about mixing up the topics, and I apoligize for doing that a lot, so I’ll be brief. One thing that needs to be understood about Christianity before one starts casting insults about religions is this fact: Christianity is not a religion! Being Christian is a way of life and not beholding to any particular “religion”. I grew up in a little country “southern Baptist” church. That doesn’t make me a christian. If I had grown up in a mosque and later learned the truth, and became a christian, that wouldn’t make me a religious fanatic or a “bible thumper.” It just means I love Jesus for dying for my sins and giving me the opportunity for an eternal life of peace after this flesh life.

        • Considering that the “Kill Shot” from a hyper-active sun is supposed to fry the southern hemisphere; and Fuku and a couple of other nasties (like BP in the Gulf (yes it is still making a mess) and another deep one off Brazil – we don’t have the technology to stop them you see…well that pretty much takes out both north and south. I’m really not making light of this, but we are ruled by the insane and it seems that nobody will stand and say STOP. How does Gos stop a cat from killing even Christian mice – bad analogy – OK why didn’t he stop all those Christians from killing each other in WWI & II. Point being – this is not really Her fight – it’s ours. And it’s time for us to put up, shut up or turn on a sitcom.

        • there is no god, there is no heaven and subsequently there is no HELL? It seems that peoples life here on earth has been all of just that … HELL.
          Can no one see that we are just part of a plan? we are just like chickens and cattle, except we need cars and shit to get around in. Where chickens and cattle just produce eats, we actually can produce things!!! By following instructions we can even produce a nuclear reactor or bomb or skyscraper or fit the car together that will get us to the reactor!
          We are just farm animals in a more high tech farm. Never knowing, seeing, understanding or even aware of our masters. Government is not to blame… come on. do you really think that anyone there has any control over anything? What do you mean Japan doesn’t have the funds to clean up the mess?? I wonder if the groups that stole a few hundred trillion bucks and forced the world into a economic seizure in 2008 would have any loose change rolling around? You have to face it, we are all SWINE, born raised and penned. We should really get off our high horses and come to grips with; that we are not in control of shit. We are the absolute furthest thing from knowledgeable on any events and especially the facts that surround them, being main stream, underground, black, foreign, local, post-dated, telepathic. We are here to do one thing, like the chickens and cows, PRODUCE. Other wise here, follow ME and we will go to war and KILL THEM ALL. Whats our choices????

      2. Man my first comment went away, sounds like bad times alright!

        • You did get the “first” comment Peterson 🙂

          To avoid backlash in the comment forums (and my inbox) I went ahead and ‘pulled it’ like WTC 7.

          • Thanks for the recognition Buddy!

            I show up here everyday to see whats not being said on the TV.

            • Thanks for visiting Peterson, and for your regular contributions in the comment forum.

              Have a good weekend all!


        • its incredible that you guys act like children with your 1ST and 2ND comments and then actually get mad because it didnt register…….this is an EXTREMELY important article and being first is whats important……wanna know whats wrong with america……there ya go !!!

          • ….and your also talking shit to the wrong the person.

            I like to know, thats why i pay attention…. let things go to hell yesterday, im ready and tired of waiting. Can you say that Rich?

          • Rich99 shut up please.

      3. Second!

        • Good-bye fun little comment…

        • Good job buddy!

        • QB! You crack me up! …I know what you’re doing! You’re trying to set another record you sneaky little bubbler, you!



      5. The Sky is falling !!!! I’m moving to Montanna with Charlie
        McGrath in his bunker. Or maybe Christopher Greene will let
        me in his desert bunker

        • Cesium 137 has a half life of over 30 years so the will be down there a long, long, time.

        • 1 million dead from Chernobyl and totally covered up… I’d say ‘unbelievable’ but it’s not…

          As Ms. Caldicott suggests, Fukushima is orders of magnitude worse than Chernobyl.

          Thanks for the video Satori.


          • sounds like the fork has been stuck in us..and our off spring for many many generations…if there will continue to be any

          • not cheery but TRUTH we find so little of TRUTH anyplace in this world, but 2012 will be the end of the demons, so rejoice!! For the first time since the beg. of time…………the very first time, this precious planet has been demon-free. The mayan prophesy for 2012 says, ‘A time when world leaders (sic) are out of touch with population.’……………the end of demons!

        • There are now several good videos on YouTube about the human after effects of Chernobyl. The video about the kids will point up the most serious and sad effects. They and THEIR children suffer the most health effects and pass on DNA destruction causing severe birth defects and abnormalities. The suffering is so widespread. Most of Europe and south to northern Africa have hotspots of radioactive disease,deaths and birth defects from the rains bringing down the radiation of Chernobyl.

        • There are now several good videos on YouTube about the human after effects of Chernobyl. The video about the kids will point up the most serious and sad effects. They and THEIR children suffer the most health effects and pass on DNA destruction causing severe birth defects and abnormalities. The suffering is so widespread. Most of Europe and south to northern Africa have hotspots of radioactive disease,deaths and birth defects from the rains bringing down the radiation of Chernobyl.

        • There are now several good videos on YouTube about the human after effects of Chernobyl. The video about the kids will point up the most serious and sad effects. They and THEIR children suffer the most health effects and pass on DNA destruction causing severe birth defects and abnormalities. The suffering is so widespread. Most of Europe and south to northern Africa have hotspots of radioactive disease,deaths and birth defects from the rains bringing down the radiation of Chernobyl.

        • Excellent and very well explained, Thanks! Buddy

        • I watched the Caldicott video, and it sounded serious. Then I clicked on a related video of her that was supposed to be about Fukushima. She was ranting about how talk show hosts needed freedom of speech taken away so they couldn’t lie to us and how denying global warming is evil. She spewed so much vitriol and incorrect information, I had to quit watching. She must be a tree-hugging liberal. She’s good at spouting the numbers on half-lives of isotopes, but I don’t trust her on the Rachel Carson type doom and gloom.

          I would not recommend that anyone listen to Dr. Helen Caldicott.

      6. WOW! You mean children born in the Northern Hemisphere before this event never had birth defects?????

        This story is a crock of crap.

        • Greetings Everyone!
          To GoneWithTheWind:
          No doubt like Chernobyl.Or Three mile Island.Or Global climate change.You are right about the crock of course,except we are ALL sitting in it.
          Thank you Mac and co. for the story and videos.I’ll keep you and yours in my prayers.It’s been fun while it lasted.
          Time to buy those iodine pills and a well-built rad detector.
          Best to All
          Hope you have a food this day and a safe place to sleep.

          • Chernobyl killed a handfull of first responders who out of bravery or ignorance went into the reactor building to fight the fires. No one else died. No millions, no thousands not even hundreds.

            Three mile island: zero fatalities

            Fukushima: zero fatalities.

            food poisoning in the U.S. : about 6000 fatalities a year.

            Illega drugs: about 60,000 fatalities a year.

            Illegal aliens kill over 3000 Americans a year.

            And you are worried about non-existent radiation…

            • What are you smoking? No fatalities? do you just regurgitate everything the mass media tells you or are you just naturally retarded? I agree with you other problems that you listed but to say that fukushima is a non factor is just plains stupid! No amount of radiation is safe for human …none ….ZERO and here you guys are spouting the same nonsense that eveeryone else like Tempco is saying ….maybe it should read flapping in the wind

            • I personally know a woman who watched her mother die from thyroid cancer caused by the Chernobyl problem. The only reason the daughter is healthy is that her mother sent her far away to avoid the radiation. There were many other deaths among the local population. Just talk to a few people who used to live in that area.

            • @GONEWITHTHEWIND…

              Yeah and there are little leprechauns hiding little buckets full of gold all over your yard….
              Better start digging!

            • FDA approved pharmaceuticals kill around 120,000 Americans every year. Illegal drugs… a little over 10,000 annually in the U.S.

            • gone with the wind.
              you are , perhaps , the dumbest most ignorant fucktard i have ever seen spew vile rubbish in words. you FUCKEN MAKE ME SICK!

        • YOUR A RETARD !!!

          • that would be”you’re a retard”‘ Retard.

        • Agreed. The articles of a few weeks ago were saying we were being “slammed” with radiation… when I sat down and ran the calcs, I discovered that it was much ado about nothing.

          Having worked directly with nuclear fuel rods, it’s obvious that this is VERY heavy on hype, and nonexistent on actual data.

      7. Lions, tigers, and bears…

        Got Jesus?

        • As I post this, 11 thumbs up for Jesus and 7 thumbs down for Jesus.

          I hate commies.

          • Yep

          • As I post this, 5 thumbs against commies, 5 thumbs for commies.

            Well at least we got our God and guns!

          • @ Iowa
            I’m safe within His loving arms, can I get an Amen?

            • Amen on this good Sabbath.

      8. I really don’t understand why someone doesn’t bury it with a mountain of ANYTHING. I would think that dealing with the groundwater and other ground level issues would be a lot easier to handle than if this got into the air. They have tested huge hydrogen bombs underground and very little radiation has come out. Why not bury the thing with about 500 feet of sand or more and handle the “underground” problem as best you can. At least prevent it from reaching the atmosphere. Mass reduces radiation, and the more mass the less it becomes.

        There is plenty of sand on all the beaches, you could literally entomb the thing with a mountain hundreds of feet high. If it gets into the ocean it would be much less harmful than if it got into the air. BURY the thing. Even if it exploded, several hundred feet of soil or sand would almost certainly contain it like with these huge nuclear tests that the 5 nuclear powers have conducted during the 1950’s to 1980’s. I rather try to handle the water issue in the Pacific than the atmosphere being poisoned all over most of the planet. BURY the thing, and I mean bury it with at least several hundred feet of material.

        IF a bunch of slaves can construct the pyramids if all the world powers came together they could bury that THING within 12 hours. Just look at what the tiny termites and ants build. BURY IT NOW!

        • It’s all about GREED,pure and simple…

        • unfortunately its not that simple


          such massive amounts of radiation are being emitted that
          it has “fried” some of the robots sent in to assess the situation


          the “liquidators” of Chernobyl
          ya didn’t want to be one of these poor slobs
          their lives have not ended well


          • can extract rods and dump in big volcano?

          • Well someone’s gonna die in the process, no doubt.

            I volunteer. F*ck it, my life’s a steaming pile of dog sh*t anyway, and I kind of still (for some reason) hate the idea of my species going extinct. I’m pretty sure you can find 10,000 or more of me. You might be surprised if you put up an online volunteer form.

        • the helcopter pilots would burn to death from radiation just trying to hover over it to deliver the sand, cement or whatever.

          It would take thousands of Kamikaze pilots to accomplish this.. Additionally the choppers would require shielding so that they could even operate in that environment, something that is currently impossible to accomplish.

          • You don’t have to air drop something to bury it. Like the pyramids were assumed by some people to have been built by ET’s because of the weight of the stone blocks being brought up to the tops, there are other means of transporting this blocks. Literally building up the soil around the pyramid site and then lowering the heavy blocks on top of each other is one theory about the way this was accomplished thousands of years ago. How can they do, it is too much soil people might say? When you have hundreds of thousands of slaves it can easily be done. Just look at tiny bugs that do this, termite mounds the size of houses.

            Backfilling it till it was covered enough, then safely dropping the rest of the sand or soil on top of it is one way of accomplishing this. Aircraft at higher altitudes can drop material on drop runs. Literally firing it in from safer locations is another. There are no excuses for not even trying to bury it. We are talking about the northern hempishere from 10 degrees north up to the pole at risk for deadly toxins, and from 10 degrees to about 50 degrees south. There is no excuse for not BURYING IT right now. Engineering has come leaps and bounds, it can be done if there is the will to do it.

            By the way towards the equator the air is constantly rising and spreading out to about 10 degrees north and south of the equator, this zone is safe from Fukushima and nuclear war. At the horse latitudes about 25 to 35 degrees north and south is the worst place to be because of the Coriolis Effect in which the air circulation catches up with the rotation of the planet and sinks. When air sinks it compresses and heats up and why most of the deserts of the world are at the horse latitudes. Towards 45 degrees to about 55 degrees north and south the air rises but does not spread out north and south like towards the equator zones, and the air masses condensed and much rainfall comes down here, OUCH for radiation.

            Look at what the Chinese did with the Great Wall that can be seen from space, with no modern technology. IF the world powers put the manpower and their machines behind it, that Fukushima death pit could be covered in hours. Look at how fast they shut down the Kuwait oil being spilled by hussein. NEVER under-estimate what the military can do when it has to, NEVER. Even private firms around the world could bury it with the resources they have. Like I said in the previous comment, BURY IT NOW. It is all about money. There are no excuses for saving much of the northern hemisphere, BURY IT right now.

            • first they have to admit that they have a problem..that seems to be a problem, always is

              by admitting they have a problem is admitting they F’ed up..and the liability is what they care about..not people..humans..animals..possibly the entire eco system


              denial is a bitch

            • Yea, I think they should bury it. But even if they do, the hydrogen build-up under whatever we bury it under may be able to explode, perhaps along with whatever is enclosing it…

            • @Rafael Espericueta. Overkill it and bury with as much mass as possible. Hydrogen bombs were tested for years underground, the megaton types and contained. Any hydrogen explosion would not likely even be in the several kiloton range, even if it was several hundred feet of sand or even soil would contain it. What I would worry about is if they buried it, that they would skimp on the amount of mass covering it and something like a hydrogen explosion could pop some of the material loose.

              You look at just how much material retards (holds back) any exposion you can see how hundreds of feet would easily control this. There say that for each 5.5 inches of soil the gamma ray count is reduced 1/2. Sand is a little less. That means for each 5.5 inches of just plain ordinary dirt you have 1/2 less amount of radiation. To show this check this out to see how more mass doubles the shielding effect of deadly radiation:

              Inches of soil Protection factor
              5.5 2
              11 4
              16.5 8
              22 16
              27.5 32
              33 64
              38.5 128
              44 256
              49.5 512
              55 1024
              60.5 2048
              66 4096
              71.5 8192
              77 16384
              82.5 32768
              88 65536
              93.5 131072
              99 262144
              104.5 524288
              110 1048576
              115.5 2097152
              121 4194304
              126.5 8388608
              132 16777216
              137.5 33554432
              143 67108864

              Most fallout shelters have about 60-72 inches of soil or sand piled on top of them. Giving them a protection rate in the several thousand range from the outside radiation. Even around ICBM hardened targets, after a nuclear war the RAD (radiation accumulation dosage) count is not expected to be much above 20000 RAD’s a hour. The rule of 7 cuts that to 1/10. After 7 hours there is 10 times less RAD’s, then 7×7 or 49 hours there is 100 times less RAD’s. Someone could easily avoid radiation sickness in a fallout shelter down 8 feet or more as long as the air filteration system and other openings were well prepared to avoid letting anything in.

              I could go all the way up to 100 feet of soil or more, but everyone gets the idea. JUST 12 feet of soil will reduce the radiation count 67 million times. Double that to 24 feet and you have a protection factor of 4.5 to the 15th power or 4500000000000000 protection power. This means that only 1/4500000000000000 of the gamma radiation will seap out when buried under JUST 24 feet of soil. Isn’t mass incredible when protecting the outside from radiation. MY BATTLE CRY, “BURY IT”!

          • Yet there are dogs and cats living next to the site, and they all seem to be quite healthy. WTF is up with that?

          • So who is this “US Army General”, and what are his credentials?

            • Stubblebine graduated from the United States Military Academy and received a master’s degree in chemical engineering from Columbia University. His active duty career spanned 32 years, and he is credited with redesigning the U.S. Army intelligence architecture during his command of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command from 1981 to 1984.

              Other U.S. Army commands that he led included the Electronic Research and Development Command (ERADCOM) and the Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM). Stubblebine was a key person in the U.S. military invasions of Panama and Grenada and was, according to a report published by the Daily Mail, “at the heart of America’s military machine”. He is a member of the Military Intelligence Hall of Fame.


            • And where are the supporting “facts” that the nuclear event and tsunami were caused by a manmade effort??

              This requires not only a tinfoil hat but also a fully encapsulated tinfoil suit!

            • If Stubblebine was a “key person” involved in Panama, he should be on trial for crimes against humanity.

            • betcha a fake fiat dollar – he knows where the iraqi’s are hiding their nuke “yellow cake” and weapons of mass destruction!

              ;0P pssszzt don’t trust u.s. army traitors they are traitor dawgs to the zionist globalists nothing more … trained dawgs. woof woof general traitor just as was army general uncle.tom colin powell and u.s. marine colonel traitor oliver north!!!

              dumb useless animals!!! ~says the old jew henry kissinger

            • Chuckles, Glad you ask this — Stubblebine has been compared to the Major-General in the “Pirates of Penzance”! Somewhere along the way, his mind went into full-tilt and his once-respected credentials fell by the wayside.

              The seriousness of Fukushima should be obtained from legitimate, bonafide sources, not someone like Stubblebine who serves only to cheapen the seriousness of the global problems with Fukushima.

        • You could bury it securely with all of the fiat currency’s of the world. This use would actually bring more value to the money. Add to that the “stock” certificates for FB, and all could be saved.

        • rope isnt strong enough to hoist tens of thousands of pounds of boulders up to construct pyramids besides the fact that the pyramids and the sphynx’s have extremely sophisticated astrological alignments…….so your gonna tell me that people who couldnt even produce real clothing for themselves have the ability to align massive pieces of architecture in certain astrological alignments ?

          • @ RICH99. I was not there to see what actually happened with the pyramids. I just know that there are ways of putting those blocks on top of each other without lifting them. You literally backfill the soil or sand to a certain level and place the blocks at “ground level” on top of each other. Upon completion of the pyramid you then remove all the soil from the top down to the bottom. When you have hundreds of thousands of slaves this can be done and is a way of avoiding hoisting the heavy blocks.

            I am not saying that ET’s don’t exist and perhaps played a role in building these marvels. What I am trying to say with this in comparison to Fukushima is that there are solutions and answers to every problem. People often don’t think of these as they are not obvious. The fact is Fukushima can and MUST be buried. There are no excuses for a radioctive disaster in the atmosphere, NONE. There are solutions and answers to this, those suckers just don’t want to spend the money to fix it.

            • but i see you conveniently avoided the astrological part of the equation……i guess they were that sophisticated with their loin cloths !

            • That is one way, and the other is using a heavier weight to move the mass – like a bigger square. That is how the chap in Florida built is famous back yard all by himself…its pretty cool.

            • Round and round, attack, attack. Like angry ants; mad for the smell of gasoline!

            • I reckon you got a bargain, eh?

          • Why do spout off about things you obviously know absolutely nothing about? Do you really thing the Egyptians didn’t even know how to make clothing? They made some of the most amazing artifacts that the world has ever recovered. Just because alot of the population couldn’t afford clothing doesn’t mean that they didn’t have the means. That would be like someone 2000 years from now saying that Americans couldn’t even produce airplanes.

          • yeah Rich, how do we electronically post information on an ever expanding world wide web, when we cant even take care of the planet that keeps us alive?? right? Sorry, had to post it…

          • @ RICH99. I was only trying to compare the equation that those that feel that something is impossible to repair or construct, there are other answers and solutions to the problems. Fukushima does not have to poison the world if the world stops it before it becomes a doomsday event. Remember Deepwater Horizon when they ONLY started to even address the problem when they realized that money, big money was involved. It was not until there were forced to repair that gushing leak by the threat of hundreds of billions of dollars worth of lawsuits. Fukushima is no different.

            As for what you were saying about ancient Egypt I did not want to go into as much because it was kind of off the subject and out of respect to this site I attempt to stay on the subject as much as possible. The ancient Egyptians were anything but stupid. They had very elaborate systems of irrigation and were quite astute in mathematics and very well organized in the process of agricultre. They knew exactly the cycles of the moon and the times each year of the Nile region flooding and grew crops accordingly.

            This is something that very few people know, that some of the pyramids have channels that catch the dew during the morning and the water is diverted into the King and Quuen’s chambers below. I guess to take baths or something. These people were not stupid and had some knowledge about much. There were using ear candles thousands of years before the homopathics were doing this.

            I reference to the alien aspect of this. I don’t know if aliens helped them or not, or guided them. The astronomic part of it definitely deserves consideration. There are many unexplained questions about how they were able to know the distances of the planet and I believe they were close to the distance of the sun.

            There is a way of determining distance called Trigonometrical parallax in which you use the distance from a known distance to determine the distance of an object much further away. In laymen’s terms you take the known distance of say the Earth’s orbit in position to the sun and then the distance exactly opposite of it 1/2 year later and using this angle with the formula of tangent times Pie(3.14……..) = 1/ distance you can get the distance of stars light years away. Did the Egyptians know how to do this? Your guess is as good as mine.

            There are many unanswered questions about many ancient civilizations. The main question with me in regards to this article is why anyone would even consider allowing radioactive poison to get into the atmosphere. BURY IT! I get so sick and tired of excuse, just like Deepwater Horizon. Fix the problem. The three worst words anyone can say with this radioactive mess are “cannot be done”.

        • The ground is a landfill. If someone builds something too heavy, like a concrete ‘tomb’, the whole thing will just sink to the ground and drift to the sea.

          • @ Comenius. One way is to completely encircle the area with a breakwater so nothing sinks and floats out to sea. Breakwaters are built all the time to keep out hurricanes and storm surges. IT CAN BE DONE. The real issue is money, they are trying to take the least costly method to stop this, which is like trying to fix a major problem with cheap parts. When I see all the reclaimed land in the Netherlands that was once underwater, not entombing that deadly mess doesn’t make a bit of sense to me.

          • Sure that’s why the great Pyramid is underwater in the Med Sea: NOT!

        • Just send Moochelle over there and make her sit.

          Good Bitch!

          • I apologize. That was unchristian and not the words of a gentleman.

            • Oh Com’on do not apologize for good humor. Your first comment made me smile, then you ruin it with an apology.

        • just get Prisoners to clean that mess UP =)

        • If you had to bribe your way in today, would you rather be carrying extra home canned food for trade or a fanny pack full of silver coins?

          • both!!

          • The question might be, how to get that much silver (my fanny pack could hold quite a few 1 ounce rounds) out of the country. Hmm, all the way down to the tip of South America. Plane. Boat. Land Vehicle. Walk.
            Not plane, unless it’s a private jet. If it’s a private jet then we wouldn’t need to go any further with this discussion.
            Boat… Cruise liner “possibly”, private sailboat decent chance, my choice.
            Land Vehicle…all the way down to the tip of South America? Through the multitude of road blocks, legally and illegal? No way.

            Walk? Hable Espanol?

          • The correct question is if you never had to bribe someone and were bugging in which would you rather have food or silver coins? I never ate a silver coin but logic says it’s not good for you.

            • If you read the comment to which I replied you will see it was about going to South America.

              It’s not either/or unless you’re poor. By all means buy food first, but if all you have is food you won’t be bugging in long. Someone will be along to collect taxes/tribute sooner than you think. Precious metals have had value throughout recorded history. Silver has the added benefit of industrial use. If you own a good water filter it is probably silver impregnated. I can trade a Silver Eagle for 100# of rice today here or in South America.

              Mad Max is Science FICTION, not future history.

            • Neither. Medical supplies and ammunition would be the things to carry on you to barter your way into anywhere.

          • lol, the government Teaches well, “always ask permission”…

      9. If someone really believes this report, I wouldn’t bother spending any time looking up supporting (or denial) stories on-line. Buy and learn to use a geiger counter. If you measure elevated background levels take action to protect you and yours. If you don’t then put your efforts onto other fronts. Either way turn as blind ear to both panic and normalcy web postings. There are all too many of both. Get the important information you need about your safety. Ignore everything else.

        • So, “DumbDude”, (no offense), but what do YOU think is happening in Fukushima? Have you been there? Do you have a geiger counter? Do you use it? What region of the world do you live in? Who do you believe when it comes to reporting “what’s happening” there? And, how is one able to “Get the important information you need about your safety.”? From whom or what?

          Are these headlines (todays) just “stories on-line” (rense.com)?

          TEPCO – 900,000 Terabecquerels From Fukushima On 3-11

          Fukushima March 11 Triple Meltdown Radiation Release ‘Massive’

          Radiation Very High In MOX Reactor 3 TIP Room

          WHO Coverup Of Fukushima Radiation Is Unscientific Hogwash

          Next 6m Or 7m Quake Hitting SFP 4 Starts Ultimate Catastrophe – Vid

      10. hmmm…. I wonder why http://www.radiationnetwork.com does not show levels up to 100 yet? Is it a monitoring short-fall? Are they covering up?
        Are the one or two radioactive atoms that might get ya not registerable and handheld geiger counters?
        How much do these heavy atoms swirl around…

      11. JPMorgan will get you first.

      12. Seems like being right with God is paramount. Prepping is always a good thing, but remembering that this world is temporary is of high importance. Fukushima is proving that this world is nothing to focus on.

        The Bilderbergs want population reduction. Fukushima will do just that, unfortunately.

      13. What if we nuked Japan again? Dropped a nuclear bomb right into the reactors.

        • Yeah, what could go wrong with that plan? 😉

          • Nothing, I want to bomb Japan Every Dec 7th, just on general principles

            • Yep, but first look who sold the Japanese the oil and steel she needed to move into China through the mid/late 1930’s, then when she was fully engaged and possibly going to succeed; pulled the rug from under her by choking off the oil. Japan then had two choices.1) operate with the 6 months stock she had, then run out of oil and steel, and be beaten then invaded by the Chinese and the Russians, or strike south and take the oil from the Dutch East Indies and the American Philippines(yes they were called that) where she had been buying them previously, What a lovely choice the US and her allies left Japan with that resource embargo.
              Learn your history, and you will realise that Dec 7 1941 was not unexpected.

      14. We go to war with tiny countries that are a minimal threat, yet we won’t take action to prevent a major, not catastrophic threat to the US if not the entire world? Yes the elites do have an exit plan that doesn’t involve the rest of the world.

      15. This is why I started gathering radiation detection equipment years before Fukushima, and even before I was a prepper. Fortunately for me though my equipment hasn’t really picked anything up yet. I zeroed my dosimeters months ago and they still sit at zero. Unfortunately, I now need to fix the probe on my Geiger counter as the wire frayed and it was shorting. Still, it wasn’t picking up much before it’s failure. Hopefully that will still be the case when I fix it.

        • I bought a radiation detector last year. I live in the Denver area. Last time I turned it on, there was an occasional blip indicated.

          I’m planning a trip to Portland, Oregon later in the year. I’m taking the ddetector with me and scoping out the territory.

          • The thing is, the occasional blip is normal. It’s knowing what your normal background radiation started as and then comparing it to what it is now that tells the tale. Sadly, I have old early 1960’s civil defence meters (CDV 700 6A Geiger counter, CDV 715 survey meter and CDV 742 dosimeters) that are not really sensitive enough to detect the sort of minute changes in radiation that you would see with an event like this. They were intended for dealing with the aftermath of nuclear war, not a nuclear accident. What you would need is an actual counter that counts the hits for a given time period so that you could make a statistically relevant measurement.

            Now you could turn a CDV 700 into an actual counter if you could connect the output to the speaker to a digital counter of some sort. I was thinking a pedometer could be fairly easy to convert as it has to have some sort of electrical input to count the impact of the wearer’s steps. It’s one of those geeky little projects I have in the back of my mind that I never got around to actually trying. One day…

            • Admittedly, I am a novice on the subject. I’m just doing what I can to be in the know and be prepared.

      16. Baltic Dry Index is collapsing. It was going up slowly for several weeks, even then it was still very low. Now it’s going back down and rather quickly. Indicaters suggest quick drop in economic activity. Gasoline demand in the US has dropped off the face of the earth, even before the recent higher prices. Derivative markets are taking a hit (Interest Rate Swaps). Have a nice Holiday. I’ll stop by the cemetary to see my best friend KIA RVN 1969. PFC Mike Waterloo 25th Infantry.

        • Old fuzzy and the SHTF Crew; did anybody listen to Coast to Coast the other night? , when this gentleman said; “to watch for the crack in the derivative market.” (paraphrase) this is when the SHTF.

          • wanna BET that the shit doesnt hit the fan any time soon except for maybe fukushima ?? they will find a way to prevent the derivatives market from really affecting anything .
            I have been saying for 8 months now that the economy wouldnt collapse and things would chug along for another 5-8 years economically but now we have to deal with FUCKushima which will affect us way before any economic calamity.

          • Ummmmm…. no. I’m banking on the mass arrests of banksters and politicians as illustrated in the Drake interview. Yes, there will be some serious disruptions and limited violenece, but it will be more than worth it to restore the Constitution and see Obama and Brenanke in chains and perp walked in from of the cameras long before November.


            • I pray that you are so right. 🙂

          • talking ‘weather derivatives’…

        • Old Fuzzy,

          Your comment reminded me of an article this morning at the Daily Crux.

          MUST-READ: The biggest Federal Reserve “money printing” in history could be coming soon

          The Big Print is Coming…

          “I think there is a good chance the U.S. is now experiencing negative growth.”

          “Stocks are collapsing on bad news.”

          “If I am correct, and the U.S. economy itself is now in the early stages of what will probably turn into a serious economic slowdown, then it will not be easily stopped with incremental Central Bank policies.”


          • i am reading your comment and chuckling line by line….hers why
            1- the biggest FED money print in history could be coming soon……are you kidding its been happening on a massive scale since 2008
            2-the big print is coming…….THE BIG PRINT IS HERE AND HAS BEEN HERE
            3-i think there is a good chance the u.s. is now experiencing negative growth…….so you mean with every damn thing in the world made nowadays comes from china and that everything is outsourced to india/china that we actually had positive growth up till now
            4-stocks are collapsing on bad news……..looking at the dow right now its down 49 points ….hardly what i would call collapsing….if it were dropping by 500 points or more i would agree

            • Rich99,

              The phrases in quotations were taken directly from the article – their words.

              I am glad I could brighten your day. 🙂

              Here is some more news to make you chuckle…

              Baltic Dry Index: This little-known index shows the true strength of the global economy.

              Economic Alert: If You’re Not Worried Yet…You Should Be (May 8, 2012)

              “At the end of January, I covered the incredible nosedive of the Baltic Dry Index (a measure of global shipping rates that signals a fall in global demand) to historic lows.

              I pointed out the tendency of stocks and the general economy to crash around 8 months (sometimes a little longer) after the BDI makes such a dramatic downturn.

              Mainstream analysts, of course, attributed the fall to an “overproduction of ships”, which is the same exact excuse they used when the BDI collapsed back in 2008 just before the derivatives bubble burst.”


              Nope, no need for you to prepare at all.

            • Rich, the Dow dropped by 700 points over the last few weeks. Not what I call a good sign.

        • Old Fuzzy – we wish you a good Memorial Day weekend as well…going to a memorial service Monday morning – hubby will take his copy of “In Flanders’ Fields” to read aloud. Then on to cemetery to visit our fathers’ graves (both WWII veterans). We remember poppy sales on downtown streets years ago – whatever happened to them? Same with porch flags and bunting. Young people don’t seem to have the time nor the interest. Shame.

      17. That should be, NO catastrophic threat to the US…..


      19. Folks, let’s get some perspective. We should all fear manipulation by fearmongers, and there is no excuse for ignorance of the numbers involved here. The article breathlessly states radioactive water is “entering by the tens of millions of gallons the waters of the Pacific.” Sounds like a lot, and could send us all running for the hills. But since the earth’s oceans are estimated to contain around 340 QUINTILLION gallons (a quintillion is a billion billion), this is quite literally a drop in a bucket. In other words, even if a billion gallons of radioactive water hits the ocean, that is only 1 part per 340 billion. Our drinking water is filled with impurities of greater concentration than that.

        The volume of air in our atmosphere versus the amount of radiation being put out by Fukushima would also lend itself to similar miniscule concentrations.

        I think we have other more pressing issues to worry about. Be sure this isn’t an attempted distraction.

        • Dunkirk ~

          If this was an attempted distraction it would be all over the mainstream media, not alternative. How many sheeple do you know that read this kind of stuff? If “the PTB” wanted to use this as a scare tactic, they’d be interrupting American Idol to “bring you as special report”.

          Trust me, this is real.

          • Daisy,

            Hi! I know you have written about the Chinese economic zones here in the US. Here is some news I thought you might find interesting.

            I spoke with a friend yesterday from a neighboring county here in eastern Kentucky.

            He told me that the Chinese are BUYING UP the COAL MINES in this area – that have been SHUT DOWN by this administration and the EPA.

            One school district (in eastern Kentucky) is NOW going to start teaching Mandarin Chinese…as there are so many Chinese children now in the school.

            Apparently the Chinese are bringing their own workers for the mines.

            KY Mom

            • to comment on your last blocked comment……we have had all those signs before whether it be the BDI or the market nosediving or whatever other nonsense you wanna mention…….8 months out huh…….i betcha 2 years out that it still hasnt crashed yet…….wanna take that bet ??? IM CONFIDENT IN MY ASSESSMENT

            • You’ve gotta be kidding me! They’re teaching Chinese language classes in Kentucky?!?!

              Doesn’t it make your wheels turn, wondering what the plan is with that coal that AMERICANS were not allowed to mine and use?

              Wow – great info, KYM. I’m shaking my head over the whole thing!

            • That’s what we get for ignoring George Washington and his farewell address…

            • My daughter said that she can take Mandarin as another language class, but were not near coal mines.
              But have heard the Chinese have bought a huge piece of property in my state and its going to be developed entirely by them.

            • if you ‘donate’ to the economy you get a free green-card, or citizenship….

            • who need nuclear when we have coal mined by chinese?

            • My dad told me about 6 years ago there was a story on the news (yea msm) that china bought a mountain here in America. Was only mentioned one time. Wonder how much more land they really own here. can you believe we are selling our land to the enemy? just when you think it is bad really bad it ges worse be the minute. do they not even own a baseball team here too? I think so but I am not real sure. the favorite american sport opwned by china…..sheez

              • The Chinese own the taconite mines in northern Minnesota, for almost 2 decades.

            • VRF,

              Are you located near (potential) or existing oil or gas or other mineral deposits? Farming land?
              There has to be a reason the Chinese have selected the area near you.

              KY Mom

        • I guess I’ll just have to drink WINE instead !

      20. Time to start singin. I’ll start it off with a couple of appropriate verses from some old songs written when life in America at least seemed a lot better…

        “Turn out the lights
        the party’s over
        they say that all
        good things must end”

        Don Meredith,
        ABC Monday Night Football

        “Gloom, despair and agony on me
        Deep dark depression
        Excessive misery

        If it weren’t for bad luck
        I’d have no luck at all

        Gloom, despair and agony on me…

        Buck Owens, Roy Clark and Grandpa
        Hee Haw

        I loved that show. What does this have to do with anything?



        Well, I’m just tryin’ to keep everyone’s spirit up I guess.

        Maybe a little dark humor will lighten the load:

        Why is it every 3 legged dog I’ve ever known is named “Lucky”?

        I ran across a dog who lost both his hind legs. Poor thing. You’d never have known it bothered him though. He was just happy to be alive I think. You know what his name was?


      21. Personally, I’m a bit more worried about where those refugees are going to go should Japan have to be evacuated. Hope they don’t come here – we’ve got enough “immigrants” already!

      22. Told ya so … a year ago … and you laughed … suckers

        ;0P pssszzt

        Now all you Zionist Tax Debt Enslaved AmeriKans get to know how it feels to be under constant threat of radiation cancers disease and DU Depleted Uranium malformed dna destroyed monster birth defects from Radiation just as the Iraqi’s Kurd’s Palestinian’s and Afghani’s now suffer daily from AmeriKan made illegally intentionally used Depleted Uranium Ammunition and Low Yield Nukes used against them by AmeriKan Israeli Forces in their Global Fake False-Flag Wars on Terror!!!

        How does it feel AmeriKa to finally reap what you have sown the world over!!!

        AmeriKan and Israeli caused Global Terror has finally come home to Roost on AmeriKan soil!!!

        Enjoy the fruits of your ZIONIST FREEMASON CIA FBI NSA Israeli jew Mossad Terrorizing labors AmeriKa you desire it and more!!!

        AmeriKa – What a Zionist Fascist Freemason controlled Shit Hole!!!


      23. I took a Geiger reading of my area (central USA) and got a reading of less than .1 rads/hr. Now, if any of you are on the West coast, I would appreciate a reading from your AO (area of operation, i.e. your home). This would allow us to help each other monitor and prepare.

        • im glad that you did this and wish people on here would take things more serious. from some of the comments they are in a dream world and its fun to read this but when it really happens they will be clueless. just a couple not many. leave your feedback now. you get the point

          • Yes Clint, I do get the seriousness of any situation where a manmade structure, or otherwise, threatens life as we know it. However, my main objective was for us to not only take it seriously but to look at it from a factual viewpoint. If radiation comes our way, and there’s nothing that says it is for certain, then we all either need to get a Geiger Counter, or take the one we have and post some readings. What better way of KNOWING for ourselves IF any of that nasty Cesium 137 and other rads are affecting us?

        • What would be helpful is knowing what kind of geiger counter you are using. I am assuming it is an older model as most of the more modern ones read either in sieverts or grays. Rads, REM, Roentgens are part of the older system of measurement and have largely been replaced by the more modern SI units (kilogram, meter, etc.) in every country except for the US and Miramar.

          What is important with radiation is the dose over a given period of time. Thus, having the ability to time a count is critical in determining the amount of danger you are in. If you have an older device without a counter, there are still methods of determining dose. They are outlined in the OCD/FEMA booklet “Handbook For Radiological Monitors”, which can usually be found inexpensively on E-Bay or probably as a PDF if you look hard enough for it.

          • Good point.

            The one I am using is a Cold War era, OCD CDV-715 made by Victoreen Instruments. If you’ve ever watched Jericho, you know which one I have. It has the X100, X10, X1 and X0.1 settings and allows me to monitor the Rads/hr.

            The reading this morning on the setting of X1 (times one) is 0.2 R/hr…well WNL.

            • @”V”. These radiation detectors have to be occasionally re-calibrated so someone can get an accurate reading. This company is the only one I know that can make those older detectors as accurate as they once were: http://www.ki4u.com/main.htm At .2 RADS a hour this seems extremely high, as over 24 hours someone would have almost 5 RADS, and over a month almost 150 RADS. 50 RADS can make you feel sick, 200 RADS can make your hair fall out, and 400 RADS kills 50% of the people. I hope you are not receiving this much radiation.

              From what I have read these detectors need to be re-calibrated every 2-5 years depending on how often someone jars them. Some will last without having to be re-calibrated for many years if they sit on some shelf undisturbed. The more movement they have, the sooner they have to go in and let a professional make sure the readings are correct. This is really good you have one of these, but sometimes it has to be fine tuned up.

            • The 715 is NOT a geiger counter! It’s an ion chamber survey meter and is not calibrated to read anything unless you are near the aftermath of a nuclear war or next to a melted down reactor core. The 715 starts reading where the 700 stops reading on it’s highest setting. Basically, if a 715 reads anything and is working and calibrated properly-RUN!!!

              If you want a geiger counter and want a surplus civil defence meter, you want a CDV 700 6A or 6B. Try to stay away from the model 5 as it uses old high voltage batteries that have not been produced in dozens of years. Likewise, many other 1950’s and earlier gieger counters also use these obsolete batteries and are nothing more than a curiosity today.

              Now if I were you, I would look into getting it calibrated at a certified testing facility (like rad detectors 4 u). It’s the only way you can know that it works properly and is accurate. Many times the ion chamber’s hermetic seal fails over time and lets moisture in, rendering it inoperable. Also, the high voltage circuits can become contaminated and show erroneous readings. I clean mine with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and let it dry thoroughly. While doing this, I also dry out the desiccant pack to be put back into the case when the procedure is finished. Remember that both an ion chamber and a geiger-mueller tube operate on a similar principal. They set up a surface charge of high voltage (note I didn’t say amperage?) and when the particles break through the charged field they give a reading. The problem is that a geiger-mueller tube can become saturated at high radiation field strengths and give a false low reading. The ion chamber doesn’t do this but is much slower to respond than the geiger counter is. Thus, a geiger counter is usually used in decontamination while a ion chamber (AKA survey meter) is usually used for surveying an area for when it is safe to resume certain activities outside a shelter.

            • Be informed and Winston Smith,

              Thanks for all the info. These were calibrated 4 years ago, but we have move since then, so it’s time again.

              Here’s a website (take out the spaces) that shows my model and an in depth description of what it does. It’s a very good site and A LOT of info:

              http:// www. civildefensemuseum. com/southrad/cdv715.html

              Here’s one paragraph from that site,
              “The CD V-715 is a portable monitoring instrument which measures gamma radiation dose rates as high
              as 500 roentgens per hour. It is designed to be used by radiological Civil Defense personnel in determining
              radioactive contamination levels that may result from an enemy attack or other nuclear disasters.
              Instrument accuracy on any of its four ranges is within ± 20% of the true dose rate from Cobalt 60 gamma
              radiation. This accuracy is maintained throughout a temperature range of -20° F to +125° F, relative
              humidities to 100% and at altitudes from sea level to 25,000 feet.”

              Thanks again!

      24. Welcome to barter town and to all the Mad Maxes coming.Man is just a animal.Who turned into a monster.Are children will soon turn into mutants of the monsters. Thanks to the misfits of mankind.Black Oak Arkanas.lord have mercy on our souls.

        • Saw Black Oak…mid 70’s… Great show.

        • As stated above, if Stubblebine was one of the “key people” involved in the Panama invasion, he should be on trial for war crimes against civilians.

      25. Help off topic question. person is going to sta out of town and looked up hotelthat they will be staying at when you go to the siteI scrolled to facility to check out room info it states FEMA nc855 what is this? Does anyone know why a hotel would be asssociated with FEMA? Thank you in advance for info.

        • After a little research and being a GM at a hotel, I would think that it stands for Non-Compliant list by the US Fire adminstraion that is under FEMA. I think.

          • Thanx for the info. It really creeped me out when I saw this, strange it is on the web page for the hotel though…thing that make ya go Hmmm.

      26. After viewing the video above.. It is official..I WILL NEVER SLEEP EVER AGAIN!!!!


      27. Ok, you know I have to look at the bright side. 125,000,000 Japanese gotta be re located and my guess is here in the US is as good as anywhere. Look how those people responded to that horrible wave….no riots, no looting, nada…I propose we give them New Orleans; that’s south enough right? Might teach the people there a few things.

        • Jim,

          Why don’t we send them to Mexico as payback for all the illegals.

          And the answer to New Orleans is HELL NO!

          • Another one you need to issue an apology for, eh? You’re batting a 1000 today!

        • Jim,

          Why don’t we send them to Mexico as payback for all the illegals.

          And the answer to New Orleans is HELL NO!

          • They are smart, hardworking and how they helped each other after the disater was admirable. They didn’t stand around yelling “Hep! Hep” They helped their own damn selves and each other. They deserve better than New Orleans.

        • Okay..I did the math.
          84 persons per sq. mile in America.
          870 persons per sq. mile in Japan.

          Correct me if I’m wrong.

      28. Bwaaaaaaaaahahaha ;0) yur’ All so screwed and your kids a properly Pucked!!! And their kids are even more screwed as the fukushima radiation literally dissolves their DNA , soon AmeriKa will be nothing but Radiated Cancerous Idiot Retards and Elephant Man looking DNA Scrambled Human Monsters!!!

        You have no further than yourselves to blame for it , yes AmeriKa is was “you” who helped Israel attack Japan and Destroy the Fukushima Nuke Facility!!!

        Fukushima was caused by the Israeli Mossad and AmeriKan CIA your own countries Israeli Mossad CIA False-Flag attack on Japan is now killing you with Radiation Poisoning!!!

        All because Japan didn’t want to pay Israeli bribe distortion money and join the nwo gestapo global terrorist family!!!

        Israel is a AmeriKan Freemason created terrorist monster you pay israel to literally terrorize you an the world and it was you who created armed israel with nukes and a ameriKan underground nuke factory … israel has 400 nukes and 4 nuke powered nuke missile submarines with a nuke missile range of 12,000 miles.

        Real Smart AmeriKa!!!

        Israel owns you Now!!! Even your own puppet prez and u.s congress are Scared of the israeli jews , maybe it’s time you were scared of the jews to AmeriKa!!!


        *** Something you should All keep in mind … HEMP THC COLD PRESSED MARIJUANA OIL kills Cancer Naturally!!! Your gonna need it here real soon for when you get fukushima cancer!!!



          • YOU CAN’T even HANDLE THE TRUTH !!!





            FOOLS !!!


        • Well, if that is true about THC,I got no worries

      29. They’ve “refused the entombment option?” I say we refuse their refusal and bury that thing, along with anyone there who disagrees.

        • If money represents human labor (as capital),and an entity wishes to “borrow” that capital and deploy it over a period of time, the owner of the capital does not have a right to request payment (interest) for the use of the capital over a period of time?
          I see no problem with being compensated for the use of your capital.

          I do see problems when;
          A) The capital is created out of thin air (frac. res.banking).
          B) The capital is converted into or “quantified” by a currency that is in turn manipulated (diluted).
          C) The lack of a stable, agreed upon (organicly or inorganicly) standard of measure. ( ie Gold ).

          Mac, I’m trying to look at this bibocurrency with an open mind, but I just don’t get it. I do believe we have been conditioned to believe the terms “currency” and “money” are the same, and they are not.

          I believe the uneasy feelings we have that something is not right, is our gut telling us that this currency game has gone to far and HAS to collapse. And our gut is telling us it is going to be soon.
          It seems the sooner it happens and we deal with it, the sooner we can get on with fixing the other vexing problems in the world.

          This “currency”, “money”, “financial” crap is just sitting there like a giant boulder at the top of the hill, and we can’t take our eyes off!

        • A Passive BIBO Currency Initiative

          Marc Gauvin BSc.

          Copyright © 07/05/2012

          So its not copyrighted till July 5?

      30. Get your passport in order. Stay on top of the news. Be ready to get to the airport as soon as you hear the thing has collapsed and get a flight south.

        My two cents!

        • AZ Ready,

          There won’t BE any flights out! The Robert Mugabe wannabe in the White House WILL SEE TO IT!! WHEN Oblowjob succeeds in instigating racial violence, collapsing the economy, and promoting himself to DICTATOR, he’ll be certain to have the entire country LOCKED DOWN!!

          Nope…the ONLY option we have, IF we are to DEFEND and RESTORE FREEDOM, is to PREPARE, STOCK UP, TRAIN UP, AND GET READY TO DEFEND FREEDOM. Folks…like or not…IT’S GO TIME!

      31. I don’t believe that one nuclear reactor could make the whole hemisphere uninhabitable. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were nuked in 1945. It wasn’t long and they were rebuilt. The radiation dissipated and caused no further problems. Warnings about the dangers of radiation continue to be exaggerated. The area around Chernobyl is uninhabited but all kinds of animals live there and they’re healthy. There was a recent program on it on “Nature”. Here’s a clip from it:

        • yeah
          your kid has two heads and 3 eyes
          but he’s doing well in school



          exposure to low levels of radiation doesnt kill you any time soon
          it may take decades

          radiation damage is cumulative over your life time
          one chest x ray isnt going to give the average person cancer
          but combine that with environmental exposure, a couple ov CT scans,regular dental x rays
          and its a different story


        • with all due respect, but you have no understanding about radioactivity at all. if your take on the subjected is based on that show alone, you’re pretty much screwed in any nuclear scenario…
          I won’t be going into the details, because it took me years to finally gather all the pieces of the info on that and that was even after I completed NBC course….
          few things:
          different isotopes -different half lives
          nuclear blast ain’t nuclear meltdown
          Fukushima ain’t Chernobyl (in so many ways!)
          neutrons, alpha, beta and gamma rays – different effects and different sources
          oh and stop watching shows, go read a book damn ya!

          • You must be 1000 years old. You’re an expert on EVERYTHUNG.

            • eh, whatever, I just started to write a lengthy answer to that with reference to induced radiation, how nuclear blast differs from nuclear meltdown and how Fukushima is different from Chernobyl, but whatever…
              yes I am 1000 yr old and I know everythUng…

            • yeah, whatever, I started to write a lengthy answer to that with reference to induced radiation, differences between nuclear blasts (air and ground bursts), difference between Chernobyl and Fukushima, how soviets closed that damn thing comparatively fast and all that stuff, but half way through I thought – whatever…
              yeah, I’m 1000 year old and I know everythUng… watch some “Nature” and take it to the bank

        • Barncat

          With all due respect, I have seen the official photographs of deformity in newborns as a direct result of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

          You are incorrect in your assumptions that re-building meant life moved forward as normal.

          Radioactive particles that get into the system can and do alter DNA. Miscarriage and birth defects were well above the normal levels for those area for at least 2 decades.

          Take care

          • OK. WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      32. I think everyone is missing the point. Japan will not be evacuated because there is no need for them to go anywhere. The same multiple Mixed oxide radiation related cancers they have is the same cancer we all will have in less than five years.

        Everyone that shares the Pacific and Atlantic oceans have been getting a daily wind, rain, seawater, and pollen ingested diet of contamination for the past 14 months. That is over 400 straight days of unceasing exposure. There is no ETA for containment. The first best guess is 2015 according to Tepco.

        So where will everyone run to escape the Atlantic and Pacific winds and ocean currents? Where will they go to escape the seasonal rainstorms? How will you stop the contaminated pollen from traveling the winds?

        There is no place to go now. The imminent eruption is going to create an ash cloud that is going to turn the whole world into a Winterland nightmare.

        People should be working together now. It’s too late to point fingers. Prepare for incoming.

        • Grace,

          Imminent eruption? How do you know this? Have you proof for this conclusion or is it just a theory? It is not right to make such a statement and portray it as absolute. I need much more proof then what I have read so far. For something of this potential magnitude, I would need at the very least a 10th opinion from a qualified person, with no agenda.

      33. Why just chuck the Rods in the ocean? Thats a massive volume of water and I wouldn’t think it would kill all life..Just look at the Gulf states in the USA..Tons of oil and especially dispersant and there are still living, although I am sure heavily contaminated shrimp still wiggling around…Really though WTF is going on? The Gulf Region is destroyed and contaminated forever and now the whole Pacific at the very least. I would guess it will be the Indian Ocean next then wrap it up with the Atlantic.

        • Because salt water corrodes, and those lil’ puppies don’t like sodium chloride.

      34. Hey, but Obama is going golfing this weekend…

        • Golfer in Chief.

      35. Cover it in concrete……….Please. Last time I checked
        I’ts still on the most active EARTHQUAKE FAULT IN THE WORLD. HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO

      36. Animals and plants of lower genetic complexity are less prone to damage from radiation, so of course they will be the first to return. Try eating something wild over there, then feel free to claim that since you didnt die instantly that the animals are healthy. Of course you just poisoned yourself, but you can’t tell so it’s not true, right?
        As for the birth defects straw man, what a joke. No one’s claiming birth defects didn’t exist before, they’re pointing to a stark increase in then. But since you bring it up, with gm foods, heavily treated pesticide-laden, nutritionally bankrupt foods, and the overall increase in background radiation, Fukushima notwithstanding (even without there is more radioactivity overall), contributed too. These are app tragedies as well, but don’t permit straw man arguments to obfuscate things with non points. I’ve seen a million joke news stories this past yeAr, and not a word on where all the deadly radiation’s going. Remember, when Obama declared his unofficial war on Yemen and seized all assets with Yemeni ties, the mainstream media was frantically reporting on a 6 year old’s sexual harassment. Because people dying isn’t news, 6 year olds offending other 6 year olds with song lyrics is

      37. Dip very large bales of peat moss into the contaminated water with large steel weights to sink them. Peat moss absorbs chemicals which make water ‘hard’, perhaps it will absorb radioactive particles. Take them out and encase them. Continue process for ever.

        Or entomb the place.

      38. Alot of people are truely goverment educated, they believe everthing is ok. Look you die from the inside mostly from radiation, so one day ok the next game over before you know it. The power grabers are already in the southern him., and their plan for cutting the people out is working quite well, but one thing winter in the south food from the north, but oh my no north now. I for one believe in GOD but if there is no GOD I have lost nothing but if there is I have gained everthing. With him I fear nothing, for we all die sometime. For the love of money we have destroyed ourseleves. People prepare for yourself and your love ones and forget about the others, if they want something sorry you were to dumb to prepare because it cut into your sports games or x-box or what ever it maybe. All I can say is love the lord with all your heart.
        LIVE FREE

      39. There is no god. Stop praying to an imaginary super hero. Wake up and smell some science and reason.

        • You sir, are the kind of person who sees a painting hanging on a wall and then denies that there are artists. What’s that called….?? Oh yeah…that’s called willful ignorance.

          • Evolution.

            There is no watchmaker.

            Not willful ignorance. Just enlightenment. I was brainwashed and brought up catholic. Spent most of my life with the wool pulled over my eyes. Suit yourself though – believe if you want. I just hate seeing all the ‘recommendations’ to ‘get right with god.’ There is no god.

        • Troll alert! Ignore the ignorant. They’re only good for bait on those deep sea adventures!

      40. This one subject – Fukushima – makes ALL other survival topics a moot point. I came to the survivalist blogs after a year of anti nuclear ones so I could join the crowd that ‘pretends’ we have a chance of surviving a catastrophic event. It worked for a while…I now prepare to have a few remedies to ease the transmission into a continued, accumulating poisonous environment Forever. (Wish I had a stash of liquid morphine. Cancer can be very painful I hear.)
        Unless you have a ticket to one of the many underground cities built for the elite, it is a slow downward spiral from here. And would you really want to live underground with the Ass Hats that made it required?
        When did cancer become the ‘new’ disease? Starting about July 16th 1945 after the first bomb in Nevada. Look up Hibakusha. It refers to the survivors of the bomb, our plutonium factories in Washington state and Tennessee, and our uranium mines on the Native American reservations. Look up the book the Atomic Farmer, or ring worm children. Nasty stuff. This site contains many many stories from this country, not just Japan –

        It starts close to my home and heart like this:
        Tom Bailie
        Hanford Downwinder
        I am not a peacemaker, just a simple farmer that has become your storyteller. It is my duty not to invent but simply transmit a simple story that you have in your hands. Please read it.
        The life work of this simple farmer has always been to grant and nurture new life every year. Simply put, a lifemaker.
        My Hanford Hibakusha story shows the making of nukes destroys life.
        The Hiroshima Hibakusha story shows the use of nukes destroys life.

        I personally will not probably die of cancer, but my old click murmur in my heart can only take sooo much radioactive cesium, the one that attacks muscles.
        I wonder every day which one or how many of my grandchildren will get thyroid cancer first. And the hope of them ever having a healthy live birth diminishes every hour.
        It is day 466 now and counting, the Fukushima clock is gearing up and counting down…
        Yes, I woke up sad today, I now remember why. No amount of RO water or Hepa air filters will take this away. It is Accumulative.

      41. http://naturalsociety.com/fukushima-radiation-levels-two-times-amount-claimed/

        TEPCO and the Japanese government
        have LIED FROM DAY ONE


        I’m guessing its because things are even worse than we can imagine

        the Soviet government lied about Chernobyl
        and is still doing so to this day

        there have been MULTIPLE serious events involving nuclear power
        most of which we have never heard of
        it often takes decades for the truth to leak to the surface
        before Fukushima
        I was pretty much neutral on the subject
        after have done extensive research
        when it comes to nuclear power
        my answer is
        HELL NO
        its insanity
        its a demon in a bottle
        its just not worth the risk

        • You mean it’s not worth splitting an atom to boil water?

      42. Look up
        Norwegian watching Fukushima

        seems we cant trust our own government to be up front about anything

      43. You know, what I think get forgotten in all this planet catastrophy type talk is how few humans are necessary for humanity to survive. Its strange, if u think about it. Just a few thousand, thousands out of almost 7 billion. So, I think “humanity” will survive, but cultures will b lost.
        And you wonder how they’ll remember us, don’t you?

        • Your post brought to mind several people we felt were essential to survival a mere 60 years ago:
          1.The milkman
          2 The ice man
          3.The vegetable man
          4.Telephone operators
          5.Elevator operators
          10.Pump boys
          Most young people today have NO IDEA what these are…YIKES!

          Now a

      44. “Will you teach your children what we have taught our children? That the earth is our mother? What befalls the earth befalls all the sons of the earth. “This we know: the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself. “One thing we know: our god is also your god. The earth is precious to him and to harm the earth is to heap contempt on its creator.

        Chief Seattle

        We are entering no mans land when it comes to predicting what will happen with Fukushima. It will be what it will be and this we will either live with or die with, due to mans own destructive behavior. I personally believe that this will be handled in a way that will contain the spreading of fallout. You should always have hope because without it, there really is nothing to live for.

        • Imagine if all the time and energy that we have invested into a God was instead directed towards our planet. We might be worshipping the wrong thing and it’s too late.

      45. Just a single particle of Plutonium in your system and your dead in 3 days from bleeding on the inside. CANCER IS NOT THE PROBLEM YOU RETARDS! GO TOO FUCKING SCHOOL!
        Its almost impossible too detect a single particle of plutonium so dont expect your goverment to give you a heads up. Your all complete fools, If you dont got your airplane ticket too the Falkland Islands you better start digging your grave right now.

        I will meet several of you on this website i bet in the coming years.

        • Go too f—– school? Man talk about someone lacking in education. You can not spell, can not construct a sentence, can not make an argument, or even make sense. Still you call others retards, and fools. Ironic, huh?


      46. Sorry but no sale, so the pool contains half the CS released by all the N testing, SO? All the N Testing didn’t destroy the world. That map is a map of WWIII? lord that was something like an estimated 7000,-15.000 Megatons of explosive force. Tons and tons of Plutonium, far more than in any reactor. Scattered all over the earth, fresh decay products, all at once, This reactor has already had a year to decay, 95 to 98% of all the radioactive energy is already gone. Ruin Japan; at least that island, possible, give some problem to US west coast yes, destroy the earth No. And I’ll be happy to put some major cash on that bet

        • paranoid, yes, it maybe overstating the problem, but from what I’ve found, and I live near Albany, NY, Cesium-137 has now been detected in the rain consistently since March 2011, with no prior detection at all going back to 2000. So the jetstream is continuing to carry the emissions from Japan across the country. Check our the EPA site Radnet to get readings for your area of residence.

          • With modern equipment I presume you can detect anything, anywhere, so what. The world is not as frail as you think, Yes we are all going to die, so what? Never seen so many people thump bibles but be afraid to see their maker, I neither fear evil, nor God, up or down, I am not perfect, but I will stand for my life and am not afraid. Buck up people. I don’t know how any of you can make out if TSHTF. You are afraid of shadows. Darn few of you would I want watching my back. I’m just lucky I know a few people that are worth standing with.

      47. Mac, why? This article is 99.44% Bravo Sierra. Surely you haven’t bought into it! Or have you. . .

        Just for starters, using a map designed to describe fallout from a nuclear weapons war isn’t within 5 orders of magnitude accurate to describe a release from Fukushima.

        For shame. We’ve got much more pressing problems with our government and banksters to worry about.

        • I take Warnings like this with a grain of salt when the issuer seems to have a solution for sale.

      48. What happened to the NATO meeting riots and FEMA camp internments ..
        Answer .. NOTHING. What a bunch of Rubes

      49. United States public health authorities agree that tens of thousands of North Americans have already died from the Fukushima calamity.

        Gotta call the BS card on this…no reports or news from any US source…..

        • There are too many arguments from ignorance in this article for me to find it credible. I agree that if there were all of these officials that agree on this fact then where are they? Who are they? Without a source to check, you can claim damn near anything from some anonymous source. Plus, there are key phrases in this piece that suggest to me that it’s a bit of trolling. The suggestion that not everyone agrees this was a result of a natural disaster should raise everyone’s eyebrows. Instead, it is passed right over by those who wish to find something to be paranoid about and have suspended their critical thinking skills to do so.

          Am I arguing that Fukushima is a non-event? No. Do we have all the facts? No. However, it is all too easy to get caught up in someone’s creative writing project when you fail to remain skeptical.

      50. Hi all! It’s been a very long time but I find myself busy with tending to spring things that sustain my family through the year and so have not had time to post. I’m still living the sustainable life for as long as my sore old bones will let me!

        As for the article, radiation is always a mess when we can’t trust the “facts” being given to us -I think this lack of factual information contributes to all of the hot debates lol.
        There is radioactivity all around us all of the time and it is naturally occuring and harmless. However, when living things are exposed to certain isotopes (and as others have mentioned types of rays) the consequences are deadly. The cumulative effects of radiation over time are very damaging as well as brief exposure in high amounts (like the workers at Chernoble). Radiation sickness and death are a horrible way to die and if you don’t believe it, it is my opinion you should volunteer to go into Fukoshima and deal with whatever needs tending.

        I would like to mention for whoever was saying something about morphine for dealing with pain when the end comes for you if you end up being struck down by radiation… Herione was invented to help get morphine addicts off of morphine and as it turned out was more powerful of an opiate than morphine was -hence the drug is now illegal. There is also fentanyl which is 100 times more potent than morphine. So, if you’re concerned about horrible suffering and pain and you can’t get morphine from a doc, you can always “score” some morphine, heroine, or fentanyl on the street if you honestly think it’ll get that bad. I don’t really recommend it, but there you are, an option for the worst.

        I hope this day finds you all well and still preppin’!

        • Looking at the data you might be better off trying to get some poppy seeds of returning Afghan vets. One of the reasons we said we went in was to stop them from growing poppies, so now they are growing 3 times as much as they were.

      51. Max, Did you research anything about Robert Alvarez before posting this? I had never heard of him so I began searching online and sure don’t care for what I have found. He received his DOE position as a political appointment. From the NRC website, he has a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Pittsburgh. He also has a BS in Physics and BA in English from Carnegie-Mellon. He is an activist type who is anti-nuclear. Seems to me that Alvarez packs quite a bit of biased politicking in his statements, creating more shock-value than reality.

        • unfortunately for us
          his is not the only voice

          numerous others are attempting to get the facts out

          Dr Caldicott being one of them

          and yes they are biased
          they know how very dangerous nuclear power is
          and they strongly believe in their positions

          if anyone can attack their “facts”
          with “facts” of their own
          that may disprove what they say
          lets hear it

          dont attack the messenger
          attack the facts

        • Good for you Zoltanne, you have probably calmed a few people and brought them back to reality. Tomorrow it may be some other earth destroying event to worry about. There are too many doomsday scenarios to keep up with lately.

      52. I assume that Fukushima releases more radiation than both atom bombs used in Japan, and release is pretty constant compared to instant release, but Hiroshima and Nagasaki recovered fairly quickly.

        The thousands of megatons tested above ground also lead to no remarkable issues (compared to Chernobyl). They certainly did not render the a hemisphere of the Earth uninhabitable.

        So instantly vaporizing into an explosion might actually be better than continually sitting there and spewing out radiation.

        • Oldboy, Yes the Fukushima releases are much greater than the a-bombs in Japan. I’m unsure what your definition and time-table of recovery for either Hiroshima and Nagasaki are, though. Immediate and short-term deaths were approx. 200,000 (about half of them died at the time of the bombings). To date, the cancer registry for the 2 cities are tracking about 10,500 remaining survivors who have suffered primary cancers and many of them have had repeat primary cancers.

          Chernobyl’s accident is worse than Fukushima — at this point. “Japan’s damaged nuclear plant in Fukushima has been emitting radioactive iodine and caesium at levels approaching those seen in the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident in 1986. Austrian researchers have used a worldwide network of radiation detectors – designed to spot clandestine nuclear bomb tests – to show that iodine-131 is being released at daily levels 73 per cent of those seen after the 1986 disaster. The daily amount of caesium-137 released from Fukushima Daiichi is around 60 per cent of the amount released from Chernobyl.” (Source at newscientist dot com)

          Fukushima officials are misleading the public, though, and there is a general blackout here in the US, even though we are taking measurements. The related Fukushima articles over at Energy News (enenews dot com) and yesterday’s article about the Mayor has a chilling headline: “Mayor: “We are definitely suffering from radiation exposure in our bodies” and want health care — Just 2% of Fukushima residents have had radiation testing by gov’t” (How could anyone could escape the exposure in the Fukushima region?)

          Radioactive isotopes have various half-life factors. The half-life of Iodine is 8 days. The half-life of Cesium is 30 years. What will be deniable in the future are cancer clusters. From here on, higher incidents of cancer will be observed unless there is mass migration/evacuation. No doubt the govt will implement this (for political reasons) which will mean that cancers could only be tracked by incident reporting via a cancer database registry.

          Our worries in the US begin with exposure on the Left Coast. The food supply (and wines) coming from Kalifornia have been tainted with radiation. But we are not being warned. Eat Left Coast foods at your own discretion.

      53. I read that Apple Pectin pills helps remove bad shit from your body. I take a daily pill with two oat fiber pills the keep the pipes flowing. Why didn’t they build these fucking things deep inside a mountain? Stupid fucks.

        We are all so fucked.

      54. so please verify the readings here in the U.S.A. of the destructive radiation descending upon us.

        by a reputable independent source of course


      55. Stubblebine is a fraud. He has been raising money for his South American “health farm” with shock stories that turn out to be false. According to soem the health farm turnd out to be non-existent and no, you don’t get your money back. So, this is just another esales pitch. Son;t fall for ti.

        • Agreed. This “story” doesn’t belong on SHTF or even a Marxist rag like the Huffington Post.

      56. So..coupling the wiping out of the northern hemisphere by radiation AND the wiping out of the southern hemisphere by “The Killshot” the Moon is looking increasingly attractive ! LOL..

        Perhaps I’ll just turn to religion and be magically saved…

        • Dumb ass!!

      57. This Army General is a government hack and I can’t help but question why he is making some of the statements about Fukushima that he has made. That being said, there is lots of sound evidence that radiation levels have increased worldwide from the Fukushima crisis and it is ongoing as Fukushima is still emitting radiation and it is carried in the jet stream, the oceans, the fish. Best web site for ongoing radiation readings in the US is radiationnetwork.com as all volunteers uploading Geiger counter readings minute by minute. There are things you can do to remove radiation from your body and these things are posted also in various places. High doses of Vitamin C, adding bentonite clay to water and drinking, taking NAC helps pull out the heavy metals. Unsafe levels of radiation have been found in Pacific ocean fish, seaweed form California, milk and beef to name a few. We cannot get it out of the environment but we can mitigate it’s effects on our bodies.

        • ruth, i found the radnet info recently, live near albany, ny. interesting data on cesium-137 in rain here, showing up consistently since march 2011. I’m not a scientist, so not sure at what level it becomes a concern. Any suggestions? I live on clay soil, which i’ve read works as a good filter to water to remove radiation, of course, that means, my garden soil is going to buildup cesium to a point that at sometime, the veggies will become toxic I imagine. Not sure your science background, but open to any suggestions.

          • oh, the radnet i’m talking about is thru the EPA website

          • The government radnet has been seen to modify numbers in past or to shut down sites they don’t want to report. The radiationnetwork site is more reliable. Ongoing low level radiation is a concern as accumulates in the body and will lead to high risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, other chronic health problems. If you ingest even a tiny particle of plutonium you will die quickly. Tons of plutonium released at Fukushima but most went into ocean. Planting in green house best to keep radiated rain off of plants but still found in local water systems. Some are using zeolite or boron as soil admendment as sucks up the radiation keeping it from plant roots. Check out enenews.com. They have a discussion forum on the right side of site that provides good radiation mitigation information.

      58. Lots of experts here.

      59. I have an idea?…let’s do the opposite of what the rest of the planet is doing be friends…doing what we’ve never been able to do…and that is trust. I mean if this is “it” then why not? why live in protest or be miserable…im not trying to preach or sound out there…if you knew me then you’d understand i’m for real…just a thought, and as much as the thought might seem funny to everyone; put thought into it…and just imagine if everyone put that one piece of faith and trust…it would spread like an infection…and if you notice everyday our trust is broken so we never try. I’m one person who will always be there for everyone and anyone…no matter the color, religion, whatever…i’ve figured life out.

      60. I guess Dr. Michio Kaku is lying too


        YOU can send YOUR kids to school with radiation badges on

        MINE would be in another state

      61. make that UPWIND

        downwind from an out of control nuclear reaction
        yer gonna die
        maybe not today
        maybe not tomorrow
        but there will be chemotherapy in your future

        • You got a spot where I can stand that I won’t die? Get real, I do happen to be a trained Radiation monitor and the radiation is minimal, but yes, you are going to die. Me too, hopefully, wherever I end up Chicken Little will have been fried.

          • paranoid, since you are trained radiation monitor, can you explain the data on the EPA radnet site to me. Cesium 137 has showed up in the only 4 readings listed after march 2011, but i can’t understand what it means. To me, just being there where in the prior readings it was all ND for not detected, indicates the rainfall is definelty getting fallout from fukishima. But, at what point does it build up to a health concern. Is it a concern for any food grown outside, and if so, at what level. How long at the current rate of fallout will it take to build up to a toxic level. Your comments seem to indicate you don’t feel this is a problem, so am interested in when you think it would be. Or am I misinterpretting.

            • No I don’t think it’s a problem. In my younger days I was trained for rad clean up. I’m retired now, If I were in Japan and had young Kids I would not let them drink the milk and I would worry for them. Even relatively low amounts of I-131, and Cs are not good, esp for kids. Here, now, in US, Iodine is gone, 8 day half life. Cs at 30 years can be a problem, have seen no data indicating significant amounts in US. Problem is people panic and our instruments can detect very low amounts and under the new system they sound like a lot

      62. Why are the people behind the mess satanists or zionst… It seems every time there is a look the same crew supporting the lies and the war machine are in it. They promote the vaccine racket use linguist trickery and fraudulent convayence in the media…. They are in the market manipulation suppressing innovation with counterfiet naked short sales covered up by secretary of state Clinton ….. The trick is transparent and done by satanists. Baal worship secret covens etc. chemtrails in the sky harp on aspartame and control of the food supply. Reason an logic can see through this trick….. The greatest deception to believe evil does not exist.

        • Look,look there’s a conspiracy behind every tree. Churches everywhere, preachers by the thousands and the Satanists are all powerful, Literally: GOOD LORD, If your GOD is so powerful, What’s with all the Bad guys? I don’t even know where I could find a satanist and I can find 100 churches easy. Take a break.

      63. The map above is rubbish- it’s from here. http://www.nucleardarkness.org/index2.php and describes a nuclear war and the spread of radioactive smoke after MULTIPLE nuclear ground and air bursts, and the resultant firestorms. While there are some similarities in how it spreads, it is a false assumption to put forward an “On the Beach” scenario here.
        C’mon folks, you are better than this.

        • Bravo! Good catch!

      64. Why aren’t the spent fuel rods being dry casked and buried in Yucca Mtn. here in the US? The MIC needs depleted uranium for their bombs and armor plating for their vehicles. This is the main reason they have not decommissioned the current reactors and gone to something like a thorium reactor with no deadly by products. They have the technology but they need the waste material for their war on the brown man.

        • Sorry, but you know nothing, We have so much depleted Uranium we are using enriched stuff we paid billion for to fortify it back up and use it for fuel. Second: YOU DON”T GET DEPLETED Ur from old fuel rods! Third: We have been reducing our Bomb inventory for years. Forth, you CANNOT use depleted Uranium for bombs or Armor. Overall, sorry to say there is nothing in your statement that’s true. NADA

          • I didn’t mean to say depleted uranium came from spent fuel rods. I was merely questioning why it wasn’t being dry casked and buried. Perhaps I should have worded that differently. As far as using depleted uranium (the by product of enriching uranium for fuel) in weapons and armor, they have been used in Abrams tank armor and shells for years. Also used as armor for Bradley vehicles and in missles on the A 10 Warthog. I seriously doubt there has been any reduction in the bomb inventory unless, of course, they have been used on the brown people.The US won’t decommission any reactors as long as they need depleted uranium for weapons.

      65. I really hope those in the Northern Hemisphere can clean up there mess. Personally, I don’t want to see millions of people pouring into the Southern Hemisphere to save there own arses. Down here in the Southern Hemisphere we are pretty much Nuclear Free (not sure about Africa or South America) We are cleaner, take better care of our environments and resources and have much more reapect for wildlife as compared to those from the North. So why should we (if the need arose) take on tens or even hundreds of millions of refugees? From what I’ve seen, most Northern Hemispherians don’t care about their own back yards, so I’m guessing they’d try come down here and ruin ours!! If the shoe was on the other foot and it was the Southern Hemisphere in trouble, I’d bet my last dollar that any move by Southern refugees to move North would be blocked by the US, NATO and Asian Militaries. So what I’m saying is: You built it, you allowed it and you continue to use nuclear power systems, so deal with your own mess ….. Northeners!!!
        Fix it up or die!!! I don’t care.
        But don’t come down here to our part of the world. Suck it up and die with dignity in your own mess. Obviously most people are too gutless to get off there own arses up there to make changes or do the right thing. Generally speaking, I think most Europeans, Brits, Canadians and Americans, and Japs are a buch of useless pricks, blind and ignorant, too stupid, or just out an out too bloody coward to stand up and say. ENOUGH!!!!
        You continue to allow yourselves to be raped financially by your own governments and banking system, yet you do nothing but bitch and moan. You elect complete morons to run your respective countries into the dirt and simply allow those morons to appoint people to rape you a little bit more or impede your basic rights. The world ….. Or more to the point, the Northern Hemisphere is close to collapse. And now we have Fukashima. So does this mean well see millions ….. Billions of people who were too gutless to clean there own mess or fix there own problems come down here and destroy us?
        I hope we can sink as many Northern refugee boats as we can, if push comes to shove. We don’t want you, we don’t need you, we don’t want your old, hungry, tired. We dont want your children or you, your parents or any memeber of your family. Fix your own shit up and leave us ta hell alone!

        • wow, a lot of really stupid comments here, but my favorite:

          Down here in the Southern Hemisphere we are pretty much Nuclear Free (not sure about Africa or South America)

          uh, don’t count Africa/South America, that leaves Australia and a few islands. OK a person could also can count Antarctica (if you wish) as being Heaven on Earth (rolls eyes)

          Oh yeah, if only those damn Northern Hemisphere people had just followed the the wonderful examples of the Southern Hemisphere people. Yep, just consider all the advances in recent years that have come from Southern Hemisphere people, and all the world problems coming from the North.

          Wow red coat you live in some kind of fantasy world….

        • Sorry to inform you but the Fukushima radiation is also in the Southern hemisphere. It has been consistently measured in Australia, South America and New Zealand and elevated levels are there also. The Fukushima radiation has a distinct signature and it is found in the southern hemisphere also albeit in smaller levels but still accumulating in air,water, soil, animals, and humans. The jet stream has taken it everywhere.

        • REDCOAT:):(
          Not to worry my fellow bretheren those responsible for Fuk u have claimed the Americas (plural) as their new Headquarters.

      66. if you go to the EPA Radnet site, you can find current radiation levels for your region. Seems its only updated thru end of 2011 interestingly. But what I’ve found is that in district 1, New England, Cesium-137 and Radium are starting to build up, and be detected regularly. Cesium in the rain, Radium i think was in the milk. So, to any of you scientists out there, take a look at the data, and tell us, how long do we have before the buildup becomes a problem, based on the rates of accumulation we’re seeing. In particular, Cesium has been registered in every reading of rainfall in Albany NY since April 2011, right after Fukishima. And why aren’t we hearing more about this in the press?

      67. Nowhere to run to, baby… nowhere to hide…

      68. Jct: They have no funds to fix the problem! Luckily, there is a way to fund the clean-up everwhere: Occupy Wall St.”Silver Bullet” Video Winner: Argentine Solution http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0o7CVhsLOQ
        Also used in the 1990s Russian banking system crash, the Argentine Solution of paying workers with small-denomination government bonds or currencies they can use to pay for Power, Taxes, Medical and Licenses works and everyone can do it too. If we don’t use the Argentine Solution to pay to clean it up with bond currency in exchange for labor, we’re maybe dead. But at least there was a way to fund the clean-up even if we failt to get our politicians to do it.

      69. Wealth is the prize for elites, Land is the prize for the poor ,, Poop dogs and wolverines . what a great bloody day of cleansing it will be..

      70. I used to love this site, but it is jumping the shark now.

        First we get ‘remote viewing warnings’ about solar flares. Now we are getting nuclear warnings by a General who believes he can turn himself invisible and spent 10 years trying to walk through walls with psychic powers.

        It is sad when otherwise intelligent people get sucked into the New Age / Conspiracy Theory cult.

        • What is sadder is that most people like you are too stupid to see………………Jesus said, ‘None so blind as those who WILL NOT SEE.

        • @Veridical Driver … it is not important what you believe … nor what I believe … the only thing important is what TPTB believe.

          they are luciferians satanists and they are determined to destroy humanity in order to create their ONE WORLD GLOBAL CONTROL EUGENICS GOVERNMENT !!!

          this threat is very real and there are signs everywhere warning us all of what is too pass.

          open your eyes mind soul … see the signs of what has transpired by their evil luciferian zionist greed driven hands and what is too come .

          just look at the back of a one dollar bill and you will see they are watching you , manipulating you , brainwashing you daily by constant viewing of regular every day images , movies , shows , commercial , logo’s .

          wake up and smell the FREEMASON ZIONIST Fascism !


      71. BEWARE ZION for Lucifer Rules within its city walls!

        “By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down. Yea! we wept when we remembered Zion. We hanged our harps upon the willows in the midst thereof. For there, they that carried us away captive, required of us a song; and they who wasted us required of us mirth, saying, Sing us one of the songs of Zion. How can we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land? If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning. If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth.”

        * Desire is the greatest poison of All!


      72. It seems to me: It is only fitting that recalcitrant man should destroy himself by his own hand.

        • Adj. 1. recalcitrant – stubbornly resistant to authority or control; “a fractious animal that would not submit to the harness”; “a refractory child”
          fractious, refractory
          disobedient – not obeying or complying with commands of those in authority; “disobedient children”
          2. recalcitrant – marked by stubborn resistance to authority; “the University suspended the most recalcitrant demonstrators”
          defiant, noncompliant – boldly resisting authority or an opposing force; “brought up to be aggressive and defiant”; “a defiant attitude”

      73. ATF to accept public comments prior to outlawing shotguns

        The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is taking a rare step of allowing public comments prior to issuing a decision on a study that could result in outlawing certain types of shotguns currently available to citizens.

        email anonymously your nwo masters at :

        [email protected]

      74. **Disclaimer** long, boring sermon ahead. Proceed at your own risk.

        It’s like that Hindu movie director said: Lights, Karma, Action!

        One thing is for sure about Japanese radiation. It’s built much better and will last twice as long as the cheaper Chinese radiation.
        We started with an article about Fukushima, then quickliy transitioned into a theological debate, then went on to disparage the verasity of the Army general quoted in the article. Wow! I see it’s another typical day at Mac’s Place! So, in the spirit of Rahm Immanuel, (never let an argument go to waste) perhaps I can help stir the pot a little.
        My opinion of nuclear energy generation has changed 180 degrees over the last few years. Now, I don’t think we should be using it at all. Too many down sides. First- the probability of an accident. Which could be more or less localized (Three Mile Island), or which could potentially screw up an huge geographical area(Chernobyl). Now, with Fukushima, we are seeing the real possibility of an even bigger mess.
        Second reason not to nuke- The absolute certainty of waste material. Yes, I know some of it is ‘reprocessed’ to one extent or another, but even after that, there remains some waste, which is very dangerous, and outrageously expensive to deal with. And notice that it’s not the utility companies that ultimately pay that handling cost. It’s the taxpayers that get stuck with the cost of guarding, storing, and transporting the junk. That ain’t right.
        By the way, I had an idea about building some not-too-expensive space vehicles and taking all the waste into orbit. Then, we hook the nuclear waste containers all together like a train. Then, using a propulsion unit (like a locomotive) we steer the train directly into the sun.
        Is that a crazy idea or am I a genius, years ahead of my time? (don’t answer that) You gotta admit it would be an effective way to permanently dispose of the waste. We could charge a per-ton fee to other countries to haul their nuclear trash as well. Might even make a profit. Not to mention all the cool names and corporate marketing slogans we could come up with…Buck Rogers Trash Hauling, Inc…Nuke ‘Em And Spook ‘Em…Isotopes R Us…To Hell With The Radiation…

        Now, about this General in the article. A brief bit of net research has set off my BS detector. I’m not making a blanket statement on his honesty (or sanity) based on a few web searches, but I think we need a much more circumspect source than this guy. Just sayin.
        (confession- I have no idea what circumspect means but I always wanted to use it in a sentence and this seemed like a good opportunity)

        Now, about that running debate on religion. (you knew this was coming, didn’t you?)…

        “Come now and let us reason together…” Isaiah 1:18
        As a Christian, and admittedly a weak, sinful one who is plagued with bouts of ignorance, I still must defend the faith to the best of my ability. But first, let’s set a few ground rules, ok?
        To all the nonbelievers: I won’t blame you for ANY of the approximately 130 million people killed in the last century by non-Christians. You know, like the humanist/agnostic/atheist Marxists such as Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Che Guevara, Mao and the rest. Just because you’re a nonbeliever, and they were all nonbeleivers, I promise not to try and transfer any of their guilt onto you.
        In return, I must insist that you not transfer any of the ‘so-called’ religious massacres onto me (or any Christians of today) OK? Good. Now, I don’t want to hear a peep about the crusades, salem witch trials or the inquisition. Thank you.
        So, what would I, as a Christian, say to an agnostic? Or to anyone with confusion in their hearts and minds? I’d say: It matters what you believe. In this life and certainly for eternity. There is a God. Only one God. Even though the trinity is true, it simply can not be fully explained enough to satisfy your human reason. You CAN’T grasp it. Neither can I. But it is true.
        There is a heaven and a hell. Heaven is good beyond your wildest dreams, and hell is worse than the worst nightmare of Stephen King on acid. And EVERY ONE of us ends up in one place or the other. There is a judgement when this life is over. And ALL of us will be judged by the one God. Even you.
        I’d also say: All of us are born with a pre-arranged ticket that goes to hell (I’m not denying predestination, it’s just a way to make a point). The good news is that we can change our ticket. There is one, and only ONE, way out of hell and into heaven. That would be your basic John 3:16. If you don’t have a Bible, look it up online. The internet is free, and so is the ticket exchange.
        Also, you cannot rely on your own wisdom or the wisdom of others. Especially the pointy headed nitwits in colleges and (sadly) most seminaries. Those folks are mostly humanist in their beliefs. So if that’s your only source, you’re only examining half of the possibilities.
        “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools” Romans 1:22
        You can’t get to God through human wisdom. And you won’t find him with countless hours of introspection. He isn’t to be found by navel gazing, mysticism, or any other esoteric Harry Potter type of ‘spirituality.’ You can do the yoga and meditate til your eyeballs roll back in your transcendentalized head and you won’t find Him. But He isn’t hiding. He can be found in the Bible. That’s pretty narrow-minded of me, but that’s just the way it is.
        Our invisible, ever-lasting, omnipotent Creator has chosen to reveal himself to us in that way. Now, once you truly know Him (by the John 3:16 method) then He may reveal a bit more in some other ways. Just keep in mind though, He won’t give you anything that adds to, or changes, what we already know about Him in the Bible. Still, it can be an awesome experience to commune with Him from time to time.
        Once you have the introduction down, (did I mention it’s in John 3:16?) then you can take it from there. And learn from people far more capable than I, as you search the heart of God. You may have to change a few of your attitudes, particularly about what you THOUGHT you used to know. And the trustworthyness of the deniers who’ve swindled you out of the truth, such as those pesky college profs. Still, when you get to the truth, you’ll see it was well worth the journey.
        Lastly, I’d say: I present this information to you out of love. No, really. It’s out of love for you, even though I don’t know you. And if you choose to ignore or deny it, I’m ok with that. I gave you the truth. What you do with it is up to you. And I have no authority, from my faith or anything else, to twist your arm or threaten or insult you if you reject it. But please remember two things- One: there IS a judgement coming. And two: you have no prerogative to threaten or insult me for my beliefs. But some of you will do that anyway. That’s ok too. My faith says I’m not supposed to respond in kind, and today I’m pretty mellow, so…let the slander begin! (go ahead, I’m a big boy. I can take it)

        *for anyone interested- there’s a transcript online of an interesting debate between Frederick Copleston (Catholic priest) and Bertrand Russell. just search Copleston Russell debate.
        **mike @ 5-25 12:58pm said we should take all the moneywhores in government and stone them. Mike, isn’t that a bit too biblical for an atheist? Couldn’t we just put them in a Stephen Hawking lecture til they’re bored to death? Sorry, I couldn’t resist! And I do agree with you that we should get rid of them.

        • SmokinOkie,

          You are a fine example of a man with insight, humility, decency, humor, spirituality and wit! That was a great read.

          • Thanks Ohcumgache. You’re too kind. 🙂

        • Smokie…are you sitting in a truck stop parking lot waiting for the next load?? Long post!

      75. What’s all this defeatist bull about having no control and just accepting the genocidal actions of the corporate/government criminals in Japan? The mega corporations, the central banks, and those who control these genocidal operations of the world, are murdering the people, ONLY BECAUSE THE PEOPLE ARE ALLOWING IT.

        The genocide to date from Fukushima is already bad and cannot be reversed; BUT IT SURE AS HELL CAN BE MITIGATED. If the criminals responsible for this abomination were removed from providing their bullshit protect profits “solutions”, then real solutions can be implemented. One action, may be entombment of some of the reactors, like Chernobyl. At this point it is hard to determine what the plan of attack should be, since it is difficult to get real info from the gang of murderers in charge. Raising a mythical “safe” level of radiation exposure, isn’t a solution.

        Step number one must be for the people to defend themselves and remove the murderers running Fukushima operations. Only then can real mitigating solutions can be determined and implemented.

        • Mass arrests are coming to the U.S. soon. The head of the snake will be cut off.


      76. I like radiation. It makes me feel sexy. It’s difficult to drive and type. I think I’ll pull over and go into the next gin mill.

        • Fuzzy, you’re crackin me up! Are you in one of those ‘No surfing the net while driving’ states? what a bummer.

      77. GREGORY8:(
        What part do you not understand? This was no accident. Therefore, we are slowly being murdered/sacrificed. Also, the sea life aka food chain is being affected that there is no comparison for you to even compare it to. Please explain it to us since your a nuclear engineer of sorts. Do I wish with all my heart it’s not true, sure i do but my gut tells me otherwise. “The goyim are so dumb they can’t even believe were doing it to them” Zionism 101

        • One thumbs up out of five ain’t bad. I’ll take it! Speaking of five thumbs…

      78. Go to goldenjackass.com and read the article about the USTBond Tower of Babble. I know it’s not about radiation, but it covers the big problem we all have because of derivitives. The JPMorgan “mistake’ is much bigger than they admit. Derivitives are one of the ways TPTB keep things going a little longer. No one is buying our debt any more. Yet our debt continues upward. How can this be? Derivitives.

      79. We need LFTR power and we need it NOW!

      80. Those with the most toys win?

      81. WHAT a load of utter PORK-SHIT by nato Demonic Cock-SUCKERS!! This is just yet another genocide of people not like “northerners” FOR THEIR LAND. WFT!! If the north is MESSED UP, GUESS WHAT, It won’t be long before those notherners MESS UP Elswhere!! TAKE some RAT Poison and GO TO SLEEP!

      82. “The norther part of japan must go into the sea.” Edgar Cayce.

        • apparently he had it wrong then. It will glow in the dark instead.

        • Head South young man, head South!

      83. Seriously sir, I hae to say to the moderator, your site is F*CKED UP big time.

        Do something please for the love of God and all that is Holy.

        At least it doesn’t do the “compatibility view” thing anymore but it takes forever and ever to load and I’ve had it crash my browser more than once.

        Something in your sponsor links I have to believe.

        • the guy
          i imagine its anti troll software as i have never had a problem… and my nose smells a troll!

      84. This is truly concerning to me. So, we can either be irradiated in the northern hemisphere, or avoid the heavy radiation, move south and experience the sun’s wrath. Our options are not looking very appealing at the moment. I’m so stressed out with current events lately that I’m in a perpetual state of anxiety. It’s something big and egregious every day… I’m not a wimp… but extremely weary at the moment. I have a gut feeling that we are experiencing the calm before the storm… with everything.

        • you should kill yourself. they’re TPTB are going to kill you eventually any ways . it’s better if you do it yourself !!!

          • What the hell is wrong with you, Anonymous?

            ExittheMatrix, just when it seems darkest, sometimes the light is right around the corner. As bad as things seem, sometimes these astounding moments of joy and beauty occur, maybe even more beautiful because of the divergence from the norm.

          • anon, by all means , do it!

      85. There are the “sheople” and there are the “black sheople” and there are the “anti-sheople” and there are “the awakened”.

        Bear with me. My conspiracy classifications are like The Kenyan’s view of marriage: They are evolving.

        Sheople believe every thing that is fed to them.

        Black Sheople believe nothing the mainstream says but will seize upon wild and crazy “tinfoil hat” theories that rail against what the mainstream has said.

        The Anti-Sheople believe EVERYTHING the mainstream says is a total lie. While they may indulge into the tinfoilness of the Black Sheople, they certainly dabble in it.

        The Awakened ones have realized that there is truth in many things and it takes research to dig it out.

        The black sheople and the anti-sheople overlap a bit. The awakened ones have figured out that what is presented is not always what is, in all three camps. They have neither normalcy bias nor anti-normalcy bias. It is quite apparent when you read the comments which camp each person is in.

        I agree with several on here. Most of this is fear mongering and flat out fantasy. Its the stuff of the black sheople. I’m not buying into it all that far.

        Its possible, of course, though, not very probable.

        I like to imagine it possible, keep it in my head and then refer back to it if it happens.

        I am a “theorizer”. I can take two completely opposing theories, hold them both as valid until one or the other proves wrong. During the time they are introduced to me and accepted by me, I can form ideas on what to do.

        For instance, I have a friend, we’ll call him Crazy Steve (who, in reality, isn’t all that crazy) is just sure there is going to be a complete collapse, the government going door to door seizing guns, etc, etc. Could it happen? Sure. But, my theory is that it will be a slow grind and things will turn out different. While my theory opposes his in some ways, I learn as much as I can about his, thinking of solutions to what he says he’s sure is going to happen. I also think of ways I can prep for both.

        I do the same here. Every single theory has some merit regardless of which camp you are in. While I think in my mind “Oh, that will never happen.” and I may act like I discount your theory, I really don’t.

        It really bothers me when people get angry on here saying stuff like, “Thats just stupid. Shut up you ignorant fuck!” or telling people they are idiots. You do all of us a disfavor by inhibiting the conversation. If nothing else the “ignorant fuck” just got you thinking of why his theory is flat out stupid and got you to consider it at some level.

        So, rock on people! You’re awesome, but, some of you need to take a chill pill else you piss people off like Crazy Steve and train people to not listen to you because of your incendiary comments.

      86. We’re sitting here debating God when we should be getting together, setting up an independent radiation monitoring netowrk, and flooding the .gov with calls to get off their ass and throw some of their non-existent money at THIS problem instead of their pet projects.

        Don’t just do something, stand there.

      87. This article sounds like nothing but a bunch of fear-mongering taken WAAAYYYY out of control. I am sure any radiation from Japan that is affecting anyone in the United States is so small we might as well discount it entirely.

        We must continue to invest in new greener technologies that drive innovation such as Solar, Geothermal, Hydroelectric, and Nuclear. I am glad that companies like Cameco Corp. are continually mining and refining uranium and building nuclear power plants. We can’t be dependent on oil forever and we must begin to wean ourselves off this environmentally detrimental resource.

      88. A single average size nuclear warhead is reputed to contain roughly 20 lbs of plutonium or uranium. According to Rense’s sources: Tim Rifat, Dr. Bill et al, the mass of spent fuel in fuel pool 4 is in the range of 18,000 warheads. Certainly you don’t have the nuclear explosions, but the fallout is at least 10X the number of open air tests conducted in all of history. Bad $hit to say the least.

        • What you do not understand is, while the Plutonium s very ugly, The Uranium is very little problem You could put a slab of the stuff under your bed and not notice for a long time. Most Of it is U-238 half life of Billion years. yeah it’s radioactive. And not good for you but it’s all over the earth naturally. It can be a local problem cause there is so much of it, but bother the world no. The Plut is another case. The one thing you are right on is the Japanese Gov has been, to put it nicely, not very good at providing good info. But considering the USSR has 47,000 weapons and the US around 15,000, the map is still full of S

      89. I’m not putting down this article, but I find it funny that we tend not to trust the government officials in most instances (and we shouldn’t), yet we readily quote them when we want to show something more “credible” (which they aren’t), as in this article with the commander guy. We, as a human race, should all take mandatory logic classes.

      90. OOO, black sheeple, what a neat term. You sound so enlightened NetRanger. Maybe enlightened people don’t go around the internet telling others how enlightened they are ;/

      91. Let’s not forget the reason the reactors did not shutdown as designed is because the Siemens controllers were infected with the stuxnet virus/trojan, written by the Israelis to target Iran.

        • One had absolutley nothing to do with the other.

        • The reason it ddn’t shut down is all the pipes and controls were destroyed by the earthquake before the water hit and destroyed the entire electrical system. These units are so old I doubt they even have a computer system. Please get real

        • Poliminance:
          Careful there those are fightin words. We can’t have the Goyim thinkin for thimselves can we?

      92. Ok I am stupid and NOT and expert BUT here ya go. In my personal oppinion it would be utterly stupid beyond anything to think that the elite that wants to so us all in would go for the nuclear melt down. Why not? you may think it would be a fast way to wipe out us bottom feeder but stop and think. Yes they have lovely bunkers that are like cities but if it were as bad as this article is making it the elite would be livin like moles forever. No No No they do not want that. They want ALL the fresh air, vegies, oceans, fish yadda yadda to themsleves. They will nbot let it get so bad as to harm things. If it were really bad they would be underground already as they would not want thier superior DNA altered. Just my way of thinking but I am a little concerned mut not too bad, I do not have the bunker anyway so I will still hope and just use some common sense, all I can do…

      93. So here’s an awesome thought…

        If we have a big enough solar flare event, and the grid goes down…

        What happens to ALL the nuclear reactors on the planet?

      94. Christians feed the poor, clothe the naked, visit the imprisoned. They don’t promote war, greed or hate of the poor and defenseless. Few here do any of this.

      95. STOP !!! LOOK !!! READ PLEASE …


        The ILLUMINATI NWO PTB FREEMASON GLOBALISTS are going to force you All to give up your Religious Beliefs , no more judaism , no more christianity , no more muslim etc etc .


        They are going to Force you All to become pagan GAEA MOTHER EARTH Sun God Worshippers !!!

        It is True !!! It even shows it even in the Armageddon Mural at the Denver Colorado International Airport !!!

        They are going to Kill all those off who do not convert to their NWO ONE WORLD GLOBAL EARTH SOCIETY !!!

        It’s already started … the transformation is here NOW !!!

        If you believe in Any God , I suggest you talk to your Religious Leaders of this very real u.n. globalist threat !!! The Black Pope is real , the Jesuits are real , they are pagan luciferians satanists as are the Freemasons and Zionists !!! Even the Mormons have Sold out to the NWO and turned Traitor !!!

        If you consider yourself a true believer in jesus christ and his father god … you really need to open your eyes and see this as truth !!! It is here NOW !!! PROTECT YOUR FAITH EDUCATE YOURSELVES ON WHAT IS COMING !!!

        *** note: i am a Dark Atheist … my own god is Death the Bringer of Life. So I gain nothing politically telling you all of this … I warn you All of what is coming simply because you All need to protect your own beliefs or they will become outlawed soon it will be Illegal for you to Worship as you choose !!! Your own children are being right this minute brain-washed trained re-educated at schools every where globally of worshiping pagan luciferian satanist Gaea the mother of earth and of following blindly as told by their one world government !!!

        This is real !!! It is happening right this minute !!! Only Armed Rebellion will stop it !!!

        Population control Death Eugenics is real !!!

        Educate yourselves of the Truth and FIGHT for your Beliefs or Die under Global Eugenics Martial Law… those are your choices !!!

        I do hope you choose wisely !!!


      96. Take a serious look at who commissioned, licensed and approved the site for the Fukushima reactors. Also see jim stone’s considerable evidence on projectcamelot.com, and other sources. Also see as many videos of Fukushima before the water hit to see there was very little earthquake damage. Start with Jim Stone’s ‘Dimona Dozen v. the Fukushima 50’. The facility was built to blow up later on command. The initial blast apparently instantly destroyed the reactor#3 MOX spent fuel pool and scattered the fuel and sent the radiation cloud straight into Tokyo. Much evidence exists for a Stuxnet virus/3 or 4 mininukes attack. This warrants an investigation the traitorous entities in the White House will not undertake. Just like with the GoM DH oil well blow out. Obama stays completely passive, on command, and lets the carnage continue.

      97. There is indeed something you can do for yourself! See fallout-protection.blogspot.com for proven nutritional radiation immunity, mutant cell-killing plant extract, and radiation filtration for drinking water.

      98. How does it feel AmeriKa to finally reap what you have sown the world over!!!

        AmeriKan and Israeli caused Global Terror has finally come home to Roost on AmeriKan soil!!!

        Enjoy the fruits of your ZIONIST FREEMASON CIA FBI NSA Israeli jew Mossad Terrorizing labors AmeriKa you deserve it and more!!!

        AmeriKa – What a Zionist Fascist Freemason controlled Shit Hole!!!


      99. You have no further than yourselves to blame for it , yes AmeriKa is was “you” who helped Israel attack Japan and Destroy the Fukushima Nuke Facility!!!

        Fukushima was caused by the Israeli Mossad and AmeriKan CIA your own countries Israeli Mossad CIA False-Flag attack on Japan is now killing you with Radiation Poisoning!!!

        All because Japan didn’t want to pay Israeli bribe distortion money and join the nwo gestapo global terrorist family!!!

        Israel is a AmeriKan Freemason created terrorist monster you pay israel to literally terrorize you an the world and it was you who created armed israel with nukes and a ameriKan underground nuke factory … israel has 400 nukes and 4 nuke powered nuke missile submarines with a nuke missile range of 12,000 miles.

        Real Smart AmeriKa!!!

        Israel owns you Now!!! Even your own puppet prez and u.s congress are Scared of the israeli jews , maybe it’s time you were scared of the jews to AmeriKa!!!


        • there is no question nina , that AIPAC is one of , if not our biggest problems and threats. I describe Israel, America and AIPAC as existential threats.

      100. Mac., after reading all this., I am ready for the next article. UUUUHHHGGG .

      101. Your are all fools!

        This disaster is not man made, its alien made just like the human race itself. We are nothing to the controllers but a commercial human slaughterhouse for the sole purpose of creating misery and suffering for as many as possible while not making it to obvious. Its all about the negative energy people, kinda like the movie Monsters Inc. Get it and watch it, because that’s what this is about!! We have been grown to 7 billion for the slaughter and suffering unfolding before you. Your fictitious money they allow you to have will be taken away from you very shortly, all part of the grand misery scheme for you and you alone.

        You have been grown here to be nothing more then a living bio negative energy unit solely to be harvested for your negative emotions as you are given the stimulus to do so. You are born here into slavery and a tool to be used by the corporation as they wish. You are property of the corporation, that is why your name is always in capital letters on all official documents. Look at you documents for your self and then Google the question and read.

        When you are sick or your children develop the cancer they gave you with their nuclear testing exploding 1,000s of bombs in the atmosphere, dumping it in the oceans, using depleted uranium for wars they create and on, and on it just goes. fluoride in your water and food, mercury in your filings and vaccines, chem trails over your head i wont go on, wake up, its a plan, not an accident.

        When you or your loved ones develop cancer we all suffer. We suffer along with our children and our loved ones who get sick while they offer you nothing more than more radiation with more pills that kill you and make you sick. All this to cure you of the cancer they gave you from radiation exposure in the first place. Totally ridiculous. My Doctor says, my Doctor thinks i should. If you use chemo for the cancer they gave you and you think this is the best remedy they can offer you, you are fool and you deserve to suffer and die!!

        It was never about bomb testing, the bombs were exploded to poison the world with invisible poison, now they are really going to make a lot more suffering, just look at what they are bringing us now. Its getting very obvious to even the sleeping masses of fools that have been mind controlled to be blind, ignorant, and passive to the reality before your faces. The masters don’t live here, we do. The care nothing for this planet and all the things that dwell here.

        Why do you think they built these reactors along the ocean, in the most earthquake and tsunami region of the world, on land fill and then stuck thousands of tuns of this unbelievably toxic waste a 100 feet up in the air that needs constant water and cooling?. Did you ever wonder how can they be so stupid? because they are not stupid, it was a plan that worked perfectly. Look how stupid and blind you all are to the truth. Don’t you think its kinda peculiar that the Japanese government and the world governments alike are doing absolutely nothing about this disaster?? This is beyond belief, it makes no other sense?

        Wake up and stop playing their game, this is the only way to change the direction we are going! See the truth, entertain the unbelievable and possibly you will understand why everything around is so bad and getting worse on every level, every day. Its a unbelievably orchestrated show from the aliens behind the curtain. We are being jerked by an intelligence far beyond human! Wake Up Please!

      102. Humanity at the Height of Folly
        Nuclear Power and Earthquake Zones

        TEPCO Cheapskate Tactics Put Entire World At Risk
        While ‘Fifty-Year Battle’ To Save Japan Rages On

        Japan’s Near Miss With Large Scale Nuclear Catastrophe And The Ongoing Crisis

      103. It’s not a guess but, this disaster is being allowed to be on going. Notice, everything that could be done to hold it back, at least a bit….isn’t being attempted. Nothing.

        Also, Billions of people will be affected and die. Not millions or hundreds of millions….Billions. Your talking about a planetary hemisphere and migration eventually to the Southern Hemisphere….you know a little thing like air flow?

        Someone wants this planet’s life gone. The question is why?

        • The Earthquake started the whole thing, I don’t think it’s “someone” or a group, its just bad luck along with crappy decision making by the Japanese with regards to their reactor location.

        • Never ascribe to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity or incompetence.

          We humans look for patterns. Sometimes, we even see them where they don’t exist. Sometimes we actually do see the patterns, but we misinterpret them. Sometimes, stuff just happens.

      104. Can you say karma? We spilled nuclear depleted uranium all over parts of Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan, and now it is payback.

      105. Really believe there’s somewhere to run if the entire Northern Hemisphere of human head south?

        Your mind can’t imagine the vast militaries the worlds nations have and are presently building. Now, let’s get real about the Northern Hemisphere radiation blow out… All those armies will be fighting for possession of any “Safe” area and soon there would be mushroom clouds there too! All man’s wars so far will look like child’s play in comparison. You can count on the stupidity of man every time!!!!

        Stay at home and live with it, it’s fate and your neighbors will be needing your help. Don’t run like a chicken, face it like a man. Come on Mike, have some balls.

      106. Revelation 16:8-9

        8 The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and the sun was allowed to scorch people with fire. 9 They were seared by the intense heat and they cursed the name of God, who had control over these plagues, but they refused to repent and glorify him.

      107. Magnitude of original earthquake is highly questionable. It looks more like 3 offshore nuclear detonations.

        Israel has received several (free) submarines from Germany.

        Japan had offered to help Iran and the Palestinians. Payback?

        We knwow Israel did 9/11 … we ignored it at our own peril!

      108. They said that solar panels covering the size of Nevada can power the whole of the USA. Shut down all those nuke plants and decommission all nuke warheads, bury ll of the nuclear material in a NON-QUAKE ZONE and go non-GMO already. Distribute the land equally to everyone for subsistence farming, end of the food stamp and distribution or labour and work problems.

        Need to eat? Grow own food. Need materials for house? Grow materials and build your own, quarry your own stones. The earth belongs to everyone right?

        So everyone has the right to a piece of land enough for their own families (thats right no 2nd 3rd or 10th homes for plutocrats). The cities we build needn’t even be abandoned though different rules could apply (Capitalist non-distribution Zones?) since those are supposed to be ‘prime territory’.

        WTF is UN doing? And don’t vote plutocrats or fundos or undemocratic minded nepotists into power who do not respect term limits. Whats wrong with everyone? Too stupid? Who have you been voting for?

      109. This certainly explains why the Bush family is investing in agricultural land in Argentina.

        • Yes…and especially since they have no extradition treaties. The Bush NWO syndicate has been the cause of a HUGE amount of death and destruction in the world ever since grandpappy Prescott Bush bankrolled the Nazis in WWII. They have been playing the American people as fools.The next Bush NWO cabal traitor in line is Jeb.Next VP?

      110. I see that this could be a major threat, but I don’t believe that as of today, “the whole of North America has been affected”.

        There are thousands of private citizens with geiger counters. Someone would be posting online & breaking this story if the readings were high.

      111. This is absurd. The article uses Anti-nuke propaganda.

        The world chart by Dr. Luke Oman does not portray what would happen if the #4 cooling pond at Fukushima failed. It is Cold War propaganda against Nuclear Winter. It does not show what scale the map was taken in, so we cannot determine what the danger is. Nor is there any realistic claims about what would happen if the cooling pond at #4 reactor failed.

        There were hydrogen explosions at Fukushima, but no nuclear explosion. The lowest purity nuclear bomb ever exploded was at 65% purity, while Fukushima’s purity is in the 3 to 4% range. Even North Korea’s fizzle yields had a higher purity than 65%.

        There were melt downs of two cores. That would tend to lower radioactivity over time, because it would dilute the fissile material, in concrete and then granite, until no nuclear reaction could take place. Eventually, the danger would be little worse than any Uranium mining site. I’ve seen no evidence that the radioactivity is increasing.

        Are there dangers here? Yes, but there is no reason for panic or disinformation. Could it harm the Japanese? Yes. Could it harm the US and Europe? Highly unlikely.

      112. Does this mean I can eventually default on my mortgage to the jewish bankers. Perfect. They can have my house, it’s a shit hole.

      113. Anonymous, answer to your post at 6:09 to ExitTheMatrix.

        Why would you say such a horrible thing to someone who is in their words, (extremely weary)? You are either sadistic or insane. My suggestion to (ExitTheMatrix) is, stop reading about things that you have no control over. Do not rely on your gut when your gut is full of what ifs and doomsday scenarios. Today is a beautiful day and tomorrow will probably be the same. You are what you fill your head with, so stop filling your head with paranoia and bias information, that will only keep you from living in the real world. If you did not have access to a computer, cell phone, television, etc. you would be thinking about normal everyday things and would probably not be weary from anything more than working hard. Have faith and do not listen to anyone who flippantly tells you to kill yourself. I am sure you’re better than that?

        I take it very seriously when someone tells another person who seems to be extremely vulnerable, to kill themselves, this should not be condoned or allowed on this site.

        • Ohcumgache ~

          I had skipped right over that without noticing Anon’s post when I read through the posts earlier today. Your post is what brought his/her ignorance to my attention. I’m really glad you said something.


          • Thank you Daisy,

            I know how much you truly care.

      114. Gregory i suggest you pull your head out of the sand and dig the sand out of your ears so you will be able to hear the sound of the blast when the plant explodes or at least hear the final broadcast telling you to run for your life. As for that SCAAAAARY pastor I’m with you on this one.

      115. Mac Salvo, GOLDSTAR BROTHER. I saw Gen. Stubblebine’s assessment of the 9-11 pentagon hit. He is definitely on the ball with maintaining our constitutional government,and helping, with adjustments here and there, of course. Check up on his 9-11 full report of the pentagon attack. They agree with the most prudent, objective assessments I have seen. Personally, my assessments of Fukushima radiation release are much worse, but for the next ten years, Gen. Stubblebine’s assessments and recommendations fit the situation far better than anything I could ever derive.

        Please try to help dig out and eliminate the root of this stupid “End Times” Biblical bastardization problem by noting the politically dominant entity and individuals who had the self-destruct built into the WTCs I,II, and 7, the Chicago Sears & Roebuck(Willis) tower, the Deepwater Horizon oil well at the Maconda Prospect(signed off on as an “INTENTIONAL” oil well blow out), as well as had the U.S. stock markets deregulated for today’s looting with lobobama sitting passive on the floor until posed. I have working experience in nuclear and oil field exploitation construction as an engineer’s assistant and file clerk and draftsman. I also had the run of these projects and am very aware that a minimum of 8 completely independent inspections went into each component.
        Let it be known throughout the land that the wealthy individual who paid fools to destroy the Fukushima facility is the dummest mothrfucher that ever lived. And those that voted him in or perform at his command have a date with hell. The devil does not share his toys.
        I have a sound track of a Rothschild boasting of plans to produce huge quantities of dry ice to ship(at a profit), to the poles to stop ‘global warming’ just a few years ago. I also have a photo of the U.S.S. Skate submarine surfaced at the North Pole in 1958 with very small pieces of ice only present. The destroyers of the Fukushima reactor array can’t be far away from the Bush/City of London interface. Israel is the Rothschild bank’s boardgame. Too much inbreeding and cocaine are not a good thing.

      116. Off topic, but I’m about to vomit from all the romanticization of war and the enshrinement of who paid the ultimate price. The crying widow, the Hollywood idiots narrating, war criminal Powell spouting off, and the rest of them making such a fuss. I’m a vet and the Memorial Day stuff on T.V. turns my stomach. There is nothing particularly glorious about being another victim of another for-profit war. Around 50,000 a year die on our highways and over 100,000 a year die from FDA-approved pharmaceuticals. When is their Memorial Day?

      117. United States public health authorities agree that tens of thousands of North Americans have already died from the Fukushima ..???



      118. You know what folks? The answer is THORIUM power. We’d have the same clean power, and none of the mess. I have no investments or affiliation with the Thorium Energy Alliance, but they are a good place to start

      119. It’s too late the zombies are already here,
        maybe the military knows something we don’t?

        Zombie Apocalypse? Mindless Man Feasting On Another Mans Face In Miami

        This ain’t no joke

        • The CDC did try to warn us years in advance of the up coming zombie apocalypse. I guess it wasn’t satire after all. They truly must be psychic;)

      120. We were forewarned in Rev…. “and the third part of the waters became wormwood( translation = chernobyl); and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.”

      121. Blah, blah, blah……Jesus H. Christ!! If I worried about every earthquake, killer asteroid, ancient civilizations’doomsday prediction, solar flare, super tsunami or hyperinflationary scenario I would literally go insane.

        Some events are simply beyond our control and if we are going to be eradicated from this earth, then there is nothing we can do about it.

        If this far-fetched scenario (just my humble opinion) comes to pass then I will just go with it and take it as it comes.

        I chose to focus onthe most likely event, prepare for same and then adapt/overcome when whatever is going to happen happens.

      122. This General is playing on your ‘trust of authority’ and hysterical fear of radiation and perhaps, secret desire to spot and identify the single best end-of-world scenario. Do not get me wrong, I approve of this line of purpose, it sets us apart as a forward thinking species. But I can see that this whole radiation Armageddon is a rabbit hole and the General is only the latest pocket-watch wielding rabbit to lead you into pointless distraction.

        Unless you are as quick and clever to evaluate and discard shoddy premises as you are to seize on valid threats you will be led in endless circles.

        He has taken a worst case plot of plutonium release from all stockpiled cold war weapons (deployed everywhere at once) and recycled it so you will have something frightening to look at. He willfully disregards the inverse-square law which means that such radiation’s global impact can only be miniscule, hidden in background radiation. Oh, so Fukushima contains a total level half to all the world’s atmospheric tests…! Which is radiation that has actually been released over the past decades. Now he claims this ‘half’ threatens all life on Earth.

        Has been released… half… now look around you. Do you see death everywhere such as he claims. Is something wrong here? That’s only one of the ridiculous (but UNfunny) holes in his work.

        We have the capability to measure and fingerprint AMAZINGLY TINY levels of radiation, that is how it is being measured and tracked, NOT because the levels are so high as to cause danger. This ability to detect tiny amount of radiation is being systematically PERVERTED into hysterical fear by people who want you to fear the plutonium atom. And the carbon atom. And anything necessary to turn you into carbon-taxed sheep who cannot think straight.

        Eating a banana, brushing your teeth in Denver, breathing the still air in your basement, these are all things which subject you to measurable levels of radiation. Pay attention to the magnitude of the numbers people. Peace and love.

      123. We could add a couple of sites for [breaking or other] news:

        [people watching the TEPCO cameras and commenting 24/7; technical details from nuclear and other personnel]

        [for technical details on the above dangers – they’re real]

        It’s also best to check for large earthquakes worldwide that are greater than Force 5—–24/7 and check their location with Google Earth, to see if they’re close to any nuke plant (especially Fukushima).

        Use the Google overlay to get colored dots on the GoogleEarth map showing all earthquakes in the past week and currently including their depth:


      124. Here’s the file you need for Google Earth to show you realtime earthquakes in the world:


        1. Open Google Earth
        2. Click File/Open——open the above file

        [you might be able to simply drag the file onto Google Earth or even just double-click it if .kml files have been previously associated with Google Earth]

        enenews.com is also very quick on breaking news, earthquakes or anything even slightly odd happening with the reactors–in realtime, such as large emissions, a buckled building frame, a flashing light and so on. These are often correlated with geiger counter detections to see if any kind of accident might have occurred.


        For instance, they’re now advising against eating bluefin tuna:

        CNN: Clearly the radiation has not dissipated — Cesium in seafood off California ‘raises a lot of alarm bells’ (VIDEO)

        Webcam Video Archive: fuku1live’s YouTube Channel

        Watch the JNN/TBS feed here: http://www.youtube.com/user/tbsnewsi/featured

        Direct Link to Tepco Webcam: http://mfile.akamai.com/127380/live/reflector:51361.asx

        Cheers and great article which unfortunately corresponds with our current earthly circumstances.


      125. The article is correct in stating it as a grave and present danger.

        Just a note that pronuclear claims that “nobody has been killed by a nuclear power plant in the U.S.” or that “only 89 people died at Chernobyl” and the like are used to disguise the fact that the effects of nuclear particles take place over long periods, e.g. from about 3 to 60 years for leukemia.

        Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment

        Man-made nuclear particles cause just about every health problem there is – cancer, leukemia, cystic fibrosis, decreased intelligence, feminization of populations chromosome damage, premature aging, heart defects, sudden heart attacks, hair loss and many more.

        The Cesium recently discovered off California may only be a small amount now in the ocean, but the effect of eating a fish that bioaccumulated Cesium-134 or Cesium-137 from eating other contaminated fish piles up inside you. Cesium is your worst nightmare and is the main one to avoid, but often things like Strontium and Cobalt and Tellurium, Americium and others are not mentioned.

        Perhaps we are only getting the proverbial “low levels” but we can be sure that we are getting quite a mix of radionuclides now through the air, ocean, goods (Japanese exports), food, fish, people, seaweed and other means.

        For example, Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds.com (Fairewinds Associates) talks of “hot particles”, and there is talk now of “buckyballs” which will have more effect as the radioactive ocean plume nears the west coast of north america.

      126. So many of you are right to hate religion! Religion joined with politics crucified Christ! He hated religion too. I don’t understand most churches yet my relationship with him came at 10yrs. old running from a mother who had undisciplined discipline, sleeping in an old dead tree out in the woods, scared to death..I heard His comforting voice say, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” and that is a scripture, I didn’t know that. 3 open hearts later, 3 children that I had that they tried to abort and He has never left me nor forsaken me. He is like a blind date..you can choose to go meet Him or not..you can choose to get to know Him or not. Its a matter of choice. Love is the key to being a believer and so few have that these days. I’ve seen His hand in my life through the good and the bad but I never cease to know His love. We want to be free yet we want a God who does not give us the freedom of choice? People choose to do the bad things they do which triggers more bad things and it snowballs. For those of you who think it is bunk, fairytails..I’m sorry. It is not my place to judge you nor will I tell you you will burn in hell forever (alot of wrong teaching) no..you will just cease to exist. Life is so precious and so short..there is only one problem, if your right and I am wrong, I have lost nothing, my life has been good, I have much to be thankful for. But..if I’m right and your wrong, you have lost alot. I hate to see everyone fighting so much, we are all in the same boat, we all have the same fears and we feel our hands are tied and there isn’t much we can do, there really isn’t. Don’t judge the Lord by what you see others do…go find Him and make your own judgement, but you can’t find the truth in anything unless you really want it! Religion is very dangerous..but a relationship is something totally different. He must be VERY important..how do I know? Cause even non-believers love to use His name when ever possible..why that name “Jesus Christ”..why not another name..even in your unbelief you cry out His name, you can’t help yourself…He is real!! 🙂

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      128. Enlightening to read all the posts and opinions here.My take on this is to immediately dismiss any post that includes how I should”get right with god”,or “tinfoil hat”/”conspiracy theorist”…..simply because of the obvious fact that nobody has all the answers.ALL the information human beings base their belief systems on are subject to scrutiny.Preparing yourself and loved ones for any possible calamity is just plane smart NOT paranoid.Wandering around aimlessly because your thoughts tell you you’re “right” with god,may be your ultimate demise.Maybe not.Creating your “self”,though frowned on by many,to me is the ultimate freedom.Trying to maintai a healthy body and open mind even under these extreme circumstances is my best defense.

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