U.S. Army Builds ‘Fake City’ in Virginia to Practice Military Occupation

by | Feb 14, 2014 | Headline News | 345 comments


The U.S. Army has built a 300 acre ‘fake city’ complete with a sports stadium, bank, school, and an underground subway in order to train for unspecified future combat scenarios.

The recently opened site is located in Virginia and was built at a cost of $96 million dollars, taking just two years to complete.

While the city was ostensibly built to prepare U.S. troops for the occupation of cities abroad, some will undoubtedly fear that the real intention could be closer to home. Although the site includes a mosque, the town looks American in every other way, with signs in English.

The fact that, as the Telegraph reports, “The subway carriages even carry the same logo as the carriages in Washington DC,” could suggest that the site was built to double both as a foreign city and a mock domestic town.

According to Colonel John P. Petkosek, “This is the place where we can be creative, where we can come up with solutions for problems that we don’t even know we have yet….This is where we’ll look at solutions for the future–material solutions and non-material solutions…anything from how you’re going to operate in a subterranean environment to how you dismount a Humvee to avoid an IED strike.”

The increasing demonization of domestic political groups as extremists has prompted numerous scenarios where commentators have suggested that U.S. Army and National Guard personnel could be needed to quell civil unrest.

In 2012, an academic study about the future use of the military as a peacekeeping force within the United States written by a retired Army Colonel depicted a shocking scenario in which the U.S. Army is used to restore order to a town that has been seized by Tea Party “insurrectionists”.

The study dovetailed with a leaked U.S. Army manual which revealed plans for the military to carry out “Civil Disturbance Operations” during which troops would be used domestically to quell riots, confiscate firearms and even kill Americans on U.S. soil during mass civil unrest.

The manual also describes how prisoners will be processed through temporary internment camps under the guidance of U.S. Army FM 3-19.40 Internment/Resettlement Operations, which outlines how internees would be “re-educated” into developing an “appreciation of U.S. policies” while detained in prison camps inside the United States.

Fort Hood soldiers are also being taught by their superiors that Christians, Tea Party supporters and anti-abortion activists represent a radical terror threat, mirroring rhetoric backed by the Department of Homeland Security which frames “liberty lovers” as domestic extremists.

Last year, former Navy SEAL Ben Smith warned that the Obama administration is asking top brass in the military if they would be comfortable with disarming U.S. citizens, a litmus test that includes gauging whether they would be prepared to order NCOs to fire on Americans.

During a recent Ohio National Guard exercise, second amendment proponents were portrayed as domestic terrorists as part of a mock disaster drill.

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    1. Rodster

      There’s definitely nothing nafarious about any of this. 😉

      • OutWest

        Well, if they are gonna come after me
        they had better mock up some high hills,
        deep woods, thick swamps and big water.

        • durango kidd

          Why is our government preparing for mass civil unrest? Because they know that Nibiru IS coming … eventually. When? A Russian report says March 2016.

          If true, you will want American troops in the cities maintaining order to stop the chaos. Personally, I think the time frame is longer than that.

          My intel says it is still OUTSIDE the solar system, but headed this way, and under close observation by the PTB. They know something WE are not suppose to know; but WE know. Keep prepping.

          Engage your employees or be enslaved by them one war game at a time. 🙁

          • Barn Cat

            Nibiru doesn’t exist. This is what wikipedia says about it:

            The Nibiru cataclysm is a supposed disastrous encounter between the Earth and a large planetary object (either a collision or a near-miss) which certain groups believe will take place in the early 21st century. Believers in this doomsday event usually refer to this object as Planet X or Nibiru. The idea that a planet-sized object will collide with or pass by Earth in the near future is not supported by any scientific evidence and has been rejected as pseudoscience by astronomers and planetary scientists.[1]
            The idea was first put forward in 1995 by Nancy Lieder,[2][3] founder of the website ZetaTalk. Lieder describes herself as a contactee with the ability to receive messages from extra-terrestrials from the Zeta Reticuli star system through an implant in her brain. She states that she was chosen to warn mankind that the object would sweep through the inner Solar System in May 2003 (though that date was later abandoned) causing Earth to undergo a pole shift that would destroy most of humanity. The prediction has subsequently spread beyond Lieder’s website and has been embraced by numerous Internet doomsday groups, most of which linked the event to the 2012 phenomenon. Although the name “Nibiru” is derived from the works of the late ancient astronaut writer Zecharia Sitchin and his interpretations of Babylonian and Sumerian mythology, Sitchin denied any connection between his work and various claims of a coming apocalypse.

            • Be informed

              The most likely collison with the Earth will be with a comet as this has happened many times before. Comets have paths that can be altered by the heating up of what is called their jets. Comets unlike asteroids can have very unusual orbits that are extremely long in duration. A comet sometimes can do more destruction than an asteroid because they are moving faster upon impact.

              • Barn Cat

                No, that’s not true. Comets and asteroids have the same speed. The damage done is due to their momentum. Momentum is calculated using m squared v squared which means the damage increases exponentially with the increased mass.

                • Be informed

                  @ Barn Cat. Please read this, typical comets are faster.


                  You can also use this feature to input different impacts and see the results. This is a really nice way of seeing just how much destruction a comet or asteroid can do.

                • Be informed

                  @ Barn cat. The typcial comet is going 51 kilometers per second and the typical asteroid is going 17 kilometers per second. I have linked a site showing this as proof. When Mac approves it through moderation please check it out, there are some interesting calculations that can be done for comet and asteroid impacts.

                • jack nichols

                  Newton made it simple “Object in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force”.

                • Love Cats

                  No. The damage done is due to kinetic energy, which is 0.5 times Mass times Velocity squared. Momentum is mass times velocity.

            • durango kidd

              Barn Cat: A brown dwarf star was discovered in 1983, invisible only in the infra red spectrum, and its distance was estimated at 50 billion miles from earth at that time. MILES. Not light years. MILES. That is scientific fact, not pseudo science and it was reported in all of LSM at the time.

              It is moving this way.

              At 100,000 mph it is halfway here. Comets travel at 100k to 200k mph. ISON was traveling at 200K mph when it went around the sun. The earth for example travels at about 60k mph through space.

              An elongated elliptical planetary orbit of a single planet, different and contrary from the normal pattern in our solar system has been discovered in other solar systems. So a similar phenomena in our own system would not be unusual, if previously unknown. That is also scientific fact, not pseudo science.

              Most star systems are binary systems so a failed brown dwarf visible only in the infra red spectrum would not be unusual or contrary to established scientific fact either and the population of brown dwarf stars has recently been re-estimated, much higher.

              If there is a “destroyer” planet or a failed red dwarf star in an elongated elliptical orbit that circles its companion every 4,000 years, plus or minus, it would explain many earth mysteries of lost civilizations and earth changes which scientists are coming to understand.

              If “Nibiru” does exist, and its trajectory would bring it close to the earth as it revolves around its companion star, do you think the PTB would admit to it until it was so close that it couldn’t be denied: understanding the affect that heavenly body might have on our solar system and the Earth?

              If YOU were the PTB in our government, would you build underground bases and prepare for the continuity of government and Western Civilization? Would you understand the impact that such an event would have on the population and develop plans to mitigate the chaos that will surely ensue? And would you make it a “high priority national security issue” for all astronomers who use government telescopes and receive their funding from government?

              I think so.

              The government controls the LSM and has made it LEGAL to lie to Americans, to hide their crimes. To be sure, the PTB intend to use this event to dissolve the US Constitution and remake the world in their image and to their benefit: one rule, regulation, and euphemism at a time. 🙂

              • Be informed

                Durango Kidd is correct about binary star systems in that single stars are actually more rare than double, triple, quadruple, and so on star systems. Class M or Red Stars are way more common than this star which is white/yellow. Brown dwarfs are stars that basically never really formed, not hot enough and not large enough. Jupiter COULD have been a star if the conditions were right and Earth would never have had life if it had.

                Larger bodies such as brown dwarfs can have this very highly elliptical orbits that you describe. The one symptom of this is comets. In the Oort cloud, where many feel that most comets form, could be affected by a body such as this. The planets, such as Neptune, Saturn, Uranus, even Pluto, along with the moons have not had the gravitation influence on them that such a body like this would certainly affect. This is not from amatuer astronomies that the government could not influence and force them to hide this. That of course does not mean that some body is not influencing the comet community. There are tens of thousands of good size objects, size of small to medium size moons in what is called the Kuiper Belt.

                Any large body in these regions of a lot of floating mass is kind of like a pinball and where when it influences and moves or pulls away one object another affects someone else. These erractic movements can cause these comets and other smaller asteroid size balls of rock to move into the solar system towards the Sun.

                I have not heard of Nibiru influencing the gravity of any body within the inner solar system. This I would imagine would be quite the news with those in the astronomy world not affiliated with any government that spend hundreds of thousands or millions on really nice telescopes and star gazing equipment. Out of the immediate solar system range, way beyond Pluto and Neptune I could not be so sure of this that there is not some planetoid or dead type star “bumping” things around.

                • Be informed

                  Throughout Earth history that main cause of global catastrophes has been supervolcanoes and asteroid and comet impacts. Layers of iridium which is very rare is produced with meteorite impacts and is in severe layers of rock where impacts have occurred before, many times over the course of history. This describes all about iridium which is of the family of platinum:


                • Old Guy

                  I have no opinion about nibiru. ill have to see it to believe it. Now the magnetic poles shifting by large amounts and the earthquakes. volcano eruptions and weird claytclismic weather events that are increasing in both magnitude and frequency? Those are indeed happening? and that by itself is enough to cause world wide SHTF.

                • Be informed

                  @ Old Guy. Any magnetic pole shifting, the severity of it, will be determined how quickly it occurs. Just like the closeness or lack of it with the isobars of pressure that generate wind. In a tornado they are extremely tightly packed together, so you have 200+ mph winds. Pressure isobars that are far apart create gentle breezes. Same holds true for any magnetic pole reversal. If it continues on slowly even in excessively large amounts, the results will be gentle in comparison to a sudden shift that would be unbelivable and cataclysmic.

              • Okay

                Just because you type eloquently doesn’t mean any of what you say is true. Heck, I could make up anything I like…

                NASA just discovered rings around the moon.

                • Anonymous

                  He doesn’t type eloquently,; he WRITES eloquently, informative, in detail, and IMO, believable. Although, he could be wrong. In any event, he seems a lot more knowledgeable about the subject than you or me.

                • durango kidd

                  Okay: It was only recently (last year) that NASA found a new radiation belt around the earth, other than the Van Allen Belt.

                  Keep an open mind. 🙂

              • Barn Cat

                Yeah right, 50 billion miles away. The earth is about 93 million miles from the sun. Its orbital diameter is about 186 million miles. That dwarf star, even if it exists has as much chance of threatening the earth as Elvis is likely to be found alive.

                • Be informed

                  If this is true that some dwarf brown star is 50 billion miles away and is travelling at 100,000 miles per hour, this means that in one day it will move 2.4 million miles a day, or 876 million miles a year. This means it would be 57 years away. IF discovered in 1983, this means that it would reach the planet in the year 2040. Before it would even reach the inner solar system, which is considered between 2-4 billion miles from Earth, this would still mean that IF this was on a direct course it would not be in the solar system until at least the early to mid 2030’s. That is IF the thing is 50 billion miles away 31 years ago and travelling at 100,000 mph.

                  I would be personally more concerned about supervolcanoes as this is something that has geoelogical records all over the planet. There are at least 15 supervolcanoes capable in the future of at least a VEI 8 eruption. That is just me.

                • Anonymous

                  Scientists believe it was a giant comet/asteroids that killed off the dinosaurs.

                • durango kidd

                  BI: Yeah, I did the math too when I estimated that it was half way here at 100k mph. If that is its speed (and I don’t know that it is) it could start picking up speed as it approaches the sun like comets do, as the attraction between them would be magnified as the distance got shorter.

                  It could also be moving faster than 100k. At 150k mph its three quarters of the way here. 🙁

                  What I can say with CERTAINTY is that it exists, it is outside the solar system, and the PTB are monitoring it. I suspect the preparations that government is making is their response to its passing.

                  With respect to Jupiter, an amateur astronomer recently was filming the planet and it briefly turned BLUE for a few moments, according to the digital recording anyway. A hoax? Maybe. Maybe there are things happening within Jupiter that WE do not understand. Could Jupiter be the Blue Kachina of Hopi Legend?

                  If you believe the bible and most of the readers here, do, then you have to ask yourself what phenomena would cause the earth to “move to and fro (in space) like a drunkard?”

                  That is the real question, isn’t it? 🙂

                • Shootit

                  and “scientists” believe that obanana is god, in evolution, global warming, ozone holes, and AL is obanana’s prophet.

              • Barn Cat

                (Josh 10:12-13 NIV) On the day the LORD gave the Amorites over to Israel, Joshua said to the LORD in the presence of Israel: “O sun, stand still over Gibeon, O moon, over the Valley of Aijalon.” {13} So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the nation avenged itself on its enemies, as it is written in the Book of Jashar. The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day.

                Those verses have nothing to do with Planet X or Nibiru or any additional sun passing through near our solar system.

            • wncmountainboy

              The world’s foremost expert on near east ancient dialects, Dr. Michael Heiser, has stated on numerous occasions that Sitchin’s interpretations of sumerian, akkadian, and canaanite texts are way off the mark.
              Dr. Heiser’s work is truly fascinating if your interested in how ancient religious thought shaped human society. Particularly, his work on The Divine Council theory is a good read.
              Seems the Greeks, Romans, Babylonians, et al weren’t worshipping man-made dieties, but the fallen angels that were cast out of the divine realm after an insurrection against YHWH.

            • Fatty Okenshite

              I’m not a doctor but I would say that brain implant Miss Nancy had may have caused what is known professionally as “contraindications.”

            • Gods Creation

              Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source of info. To prove this to yourself look at some topics you KNOW about, and you will see the lies or bogus facts. The Federal Reserve is a good place to start.

              Choose your information providers wisely. Basing an assumption of fact on Wikipedia is a grave mistake and will lead to false conclusions that could be costly down the road.

            • whistle blower


              the preppers cannot should not ignore the prophets sent to you for your correction. you will find on this facebook link plenty of UNDEBUNKABLE photos of our moon caught in planet-x’s powerful gravitational field.

              this is NOT the first time i came here to WARN the preppers.

              hopefully this communicae will make it through.

              • whistle blower

                https:// w ww.facebook.c om/rich.ross.9889

                the preppers cannot should not ignore the prophets sent to you for your correction. you will find on this facebook link plenty of UNDEBUNKABLE photos of our moon caught in planet-x’s powerful gravitational field.

                this is NOT the first time i came here to WARN the preppers.

                hopefully this communicae will make it through.

          • JayJay

            dk, for once, I agree with your post.
            Yes, the privileged have been given this information.
            We peons can’t handle this, don’t ya know??

            • durango kidd

              I know. 🙂

            • buttcrackofdoom

              we don’t have TIME for the truth!

          • Barn Cat

            No, the government is preparing for the collapse of the dollar, complete economic collapse, and mass civil unrest. The collapse of the dollar is a 100% economic certainty. You can’t create a trillion dollars a year out of thin air without drastic consequences to the currency. Maybe John Williams at showstats dot com is right and the dollar will collapse by the end of the second quarter of this year.

            • Fatty Okenshite

              A 300 acre fake city? I can beat that easy: We have a 320 million person fake economy. It’s used for training “better citizens” through the use of pepper spray, bald faced lies, subverting the Constitution and a level of corruption that is seeping into every aspect of America.

              If Planet X is coming, I hope to direct it through my anti-gravity brainwaves to land squarely on Washington. Hopefully only the cockroaches on K street will struggle out of the ruins.

            • HTJ

              Yeah BARNCAT, and maybe Gerald Celente is right and it will collapse before the end of 2009.

              Oh, wait…

          • Gregory8

            DK: Nibiru is really the UFO mother ship with Elvis at the helm and his first officer; Big Foot. Or Am I confusing that with Star Wars with Harrison Ford and Chewy?

            • durango kidd

              G8: Elvis is NOT on the mother ship. I saw him in Vegas two weeks ago, but he looks like he is getting shorter with age. 🙂

        • wrong

          My thoughts exactly. Who the hell is gonna be in a city. Not this old guy.

          I wonder if the “mock” city has “mock” armed citizens?

          • gun

            send some mock liberals in to live there.

            • Yuri

              Hell, Gun, send real ones.

              Then let the exercises be “live fire”.**

              **[for any libs present, that was t.i.c. ***, ****]

              *** [for any libs present, that means tongue-in-cheek.]

              **** [For any libs present, I don’t condone rounding up and slaughtering the defenseless*****. Keep that in mind when, eventually, you scoff at reports of your Gov’t doing the same to real Americans.]

              ***** [Besides, you may yet have your chance to be shot at … we just want it to be sporting.]

              • buttcrackofdoom

                if libs WERE defenseless, then why do so many voters BELIEVE in these creten’s disinformation? i would argue these wretches are FAR from defenseless! and furthermore, these menaces to society deserve whatever they get. liberalism IS a disease!

          • c

            The citizens they will round up will be the peaceful, hardworkding, taxpaying type of people who actually take care of themselves and are therefore a threat. You know all those Christians and anti abortion types etc.
            Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!

            • Fatty Okenshite

              According to Colonel John P. Petkosek, “This is the place where we can be creative, where we can come up with solutions for problems that we don’t even know we have yet….

              Here’s one you’ll want to think through: How your guys are going to look being sent home to their loved ones with a face full of 12 gauge flechettes.

              All is fair in love and war.

            • Them Guys

              LUKE 21:11 & 12:…In Verse 11, Jesus Warns of events in last days etc…Then next verse in LUKE,21 vs 12 Christ also warns that “Before these things happen…THEY(Who?) will Persecute You(christians and partiots), and take you captive into Their Prisons and into Their SYNAGOUGES!”

              Hmmmm…Who calls their churchs’ a synagouge eh? Only One tribal group I ever heard of does…

              QUESTION: for Barn Cat and his fellow travelers here who always promote that we must all defend and fully support all issues/things pertaining to jews and state of israel or else God aint going to Bless us or the usa..

              “IF” what you promote Barn cat, is what christians must do etc?…Then why did Jesus Himself(red letter edition bibles, red ink means Christs Own actual words as spoken) Pre Warn us in advance that before bad stuff and tribulations evils occures. That the jews will subdue, Persecute, and take us captive into Their jewish synagouges and prisons?

              “IF” what Barn cat and most preachers today promote is correct…That makes Christs Own words incorrect. Because certainly one cannot defend and fully unquestionably support All that group or Tribe does….While at same time Heed Christ’s Dire Warnings of what the tribes plans and doings shall be and how it will affect us eh.

              Someboys wrong eh barn cat, and I’d say its NOT Christs warnings thats wrong. That only leaves Barn cats advise!

              ALSO: is it just a “coincidence” that after remaining Defunct and Disbanned for aprox 1600 Years, that now just a couple years ago, Talmudic Rabbis Pharisee’s announced they are RE-Convening their San Heedrin group of Rabbis?

              The orig San hedrin consisted of if I rcall correctly a group of jewish temple rabbis numbering, 72 in total.

              They were like our US Supreme court today, only with 72 Judges. They, the san heedrin rabbis are who Judged-decided-sentenced to Death whoever was brought before their council of 72 Rabbi’s in their temple.

              So after 16 centuries of NON existence, why all a sudden do jewish rabbis need to reconveen a San Heedrin group again?…

              Can that have anything to do with or be related to that Dire Warning from Jesus Christ in, LUKE,21 vs 12 perhaps?

              IE: They(jews) will Persecute You, and take you Captive into Their(jewsih) Synagouges and prisons…

              That Is the exact Job description of the original former jewish rabbi san heedrin group of 72 “judges and sentencers to Death” of all who san heedrin decided were guilty…Guilty of What? Oh just stuff such as idol worship etc…of which their Talmud teaches that a belife in Jesus IS idol worship! and worthy of the Death sentence! ( that coincides with soon comming Noahide laws too)

              And while many foolish folks gaze at distant non existing planets like nibaru, they surely won’t become aware of actual real Plans being introduced by that ever so sneeky tribe of Nation Wreckers eh…Like a resurgence of a re-constituted body of Rabbis called the San heedrin with the power to sentence christians to death due to belief in Christ!

              Since the favorite word the tribe uses to describe gentiles is “Goyim” whoch means “Herd Animals” like cattle…

              And since its NO secret the rabbis and tribe are accepting Massive tens, maybe Hundreds of Millions of dollars From, delsuional evangelicals such as john hagee are gathering in huge Bundles of Cash to hand over to the Tribe members in Israel…

              TO…Rebuild a 3rd temple, so jew rabbis can once again Renew their Animal Sacrafices and Burnt Offerings to rid the world of ALL sins(I thought Christs sacraficial death already Did that eh?)…

              Can it be possible that This time around, due to mucho expected protests from PETA-types etc, that the Animals jewish rabbis plans to Kill and offer as a Burnt offering in a 3rd temple actually consist of “Goyims”? Since to them a goyim means all non jew gentiles are herd animals like cattle and such?

              Now That would definatly ring a huge Bell of warning related to Christs warnings in Luke 21 vs 12 no?

              My only remaining question is How in the world can professing christians who believe that Christs death on his cross Was “It is Finished” as jesus spoke his final words, meaning His death was the Final sacrafice and made obsolete all animal sacrafices ever since…

              How can such christians get so duped into donating cash, and fully supporting jewish plans to again do animal sacrafices and burnt offerings?

              Isn’t That way to think and those type actions Blasphemic, Heretical to the inth Degree?

              Maybe somebody should alert those deluded souls trapped in Heretics like Hagee’s teachings eh.

              Carefull out there all you Goyims/aka/Herd Animals! That next burnt offering Animal you smell cooking may be…YOU! or a Loved One of Your’s!

              Unless of course 50 million delusional evangelicals duped by the likes of John Hagee and many other pastors today, finally wake up! And Halt all cash support, Halt all other forms support for any form or return to Talmudic babylonian Pharisitical rabinical falsehoods eh.

              Remember folks! That Goyim/animal You save…maybe someone you know and Love!

              Bringin in da Sheeps!

              Sheering all their Fleece ($$$$!)

              All we wanna do is

              Kill and Burn a few more Goyim offerings!

              Best sung while Hagee plays Your Minds like a fine tuned fiddle!

              • BJ

                @ Them Guys….excellent post

            • Keep it real

              Yep. Wars have recently and will continue to be fought in urban areas. I would think it would be best to train in a simulated city. It’s kind of like Y2k, the confiscation of guns, the UN invading, the FEMA camp roundup etc. none of this happened but the hysteria never stops.

          • Shooter

            There are plenty of closed military bases they could use for their training for free. Building a fake city is another example of how the government wastes our money.

            • Dave

              The money is only wasted if it is paid back. buying gold leaf coated toilet paper is not a waste if it is done on credit and you are never going to pay the bill other than with credit.

              • Shooter

                Very true. Sorry I was thinking logically I forgot for a minute what the thought process is in DC.

              • buttcrackofdoom

                makes a lot of sense when you don’t stop and think about it.

            • chad

              Only 96 million to build? Makes the story sound like bs as 96 mill doesn’t buy much these days. Our new high school here in Kentucky cost 80 million. The govt cant do anything without wasting millions, a website costs $600 million (obamacare), probably could have been built for 20.

        • Balls deep...

          It will be funny too see what becomes of things.

          So many are fed up.

          Personally… I think we need to zone off states.
          Put the repubs in one corner, dems in another and so on.

          Then….see how they do.

          I just know this..
          Hide all your wealth… the commies are coming after it.

          I’ll say this… I’m so looking forward to a good hard collapse.
          As I’m always working…it’s just much easier to pick up women when you have a job.
          Thin the dating herd and I’ll continue to have all the pussy i want.

          • durango kidd

            The democrats have ruled in the major inner cities for decades, getting billions in federal money, while republicans, in general, have moved to the suburbs.

            The cities are broke and in disarray. The suburbs are not. There is your answer. 🙂

            • louis XIV

              Thus the “regional tax sharing” scheme.

            • sdmule

              You’re still stuck in the Right/Left paradigm?? I don’t understand why the obvious is so hard to grasp. Years of programming, I guess. Throw off your mental chains!!

              • Maudy Frickett

                SDM, there is not much difference between Reps. and Dems. However, there is a big difference between left and right.

              • ReFounding Father

                Not the Left / Right paradigm, the dem/rep paradigm. The problem is that those who believe that the Left /Right paradigm is a problem don’t take into account that the Right wing is the constitutional wing. Not the Republicans, the right wing. Semantics maybe. I’m a proud right winger and constitutional liberty minded individual.

                • Them Guys

                  OY VEH! not all that antisemantics stuff again! you are all a bunch of hate mongering evil racist nazis!

                  Just wait! you antisemantics cause yer days comming!

                  Ok now for some real and serious commentary..

                  “All of You who Seek and Speak truth…They are going to call you all evil racists and Nazis!….So….you may as well go..All…OUT!”…Incogman, 2001

              • durango kidd

                SD Mule: I am not stuck in the left/right paradigm. I was merely pointing out where the dems and repubs lived. There is black and white and many shades of gray; but there is only one US Constitution.

                Those who believe in it and want to manage life in these United States by it are Patriots and those who do not, are Traitors.

                Death to Traitors!!! 🙂

          • para bellum

            BD (or VD)
            Hope you stocked up on the penicillin.

          • Xena

            The last 2 sentences are what gives many of you (us) a bad name. Don’t be a Neanderthal…neither me or any of my circle are impressed with that attitude.

            Then again, like the rest of us, your water will seek its own level.

          • Xena

            The last 2 sentences are what gives many of you (us) a bad name. Don’t be a Neanderthal…neither me or any of my circle are impressed with that attitude.

            Then again, like the rest of us, your water will seek its own level.

            • Xena

              What’s with the down thumbs? You people agree with mr. Balls deep? Gdamn….

          • Anonymous

            Looks like Eisen is back. : (

        • 0311

          OutWest- I was at just the place you speak of. It was called VIETNAM, and we climbed many hills ( and took them) walk through more swamp then you could ever imagine, and jungles that you could not see a person 2 feet in front of you they were so think
          SO, I don’t think they will have a problem sluggin thru some wimpy ass swamp down south that you may THINK you know and are safe in.

          You are underestimating the training that is given. Bigtime. And the equipment today? Make swhat we had look like the dinosaur age. Good luck.

          These kids now know how to fight, same as we did 40 years ago. You wouldn’t have a chance.

          • wrong


            I don’t think you know OutWest. He doesn’t live down south and I wouldn’t prejudge him. I happen to know the area he lives in and what he’s capable of. That sort of thinking or assuming will be what gets you killed.

            And Thanks for Serving.

            • 0311

              @WRONG… three combat tours in Nam… I’ll take my chances on OutWest. But thanks for looking out for me, and speaking for HIM.

              • Night Breaker

                What unit were you in ? your name is a Marine MOS , infantry Rifleman?
                Three tours in country is a long long time , NCO?

                My MOS was 8541 older designation they revised the military occupational system since then
                I served in the newly reconstituted 2 Force Recon in the late 1980’s , speciality was Target Acquisition and Reconassianse . A lot of my training officers at Quantico served in that conflict hunting charlie in the DMZ and Central highlands RVN. Worst I was in was gulf war 1 my unit was cut off for 7 days in a place called KAFJI.

                Grenada, Panama and El Salvador were not much fun either.

                GI bill paid for engineering school ( Aerospace) after I transitioned to civilian life.
                Did a short stint for Blackwater in the early 2000’s Too much like what I left.
                Worked in R&D for a government agency til 2007 end of program cutbacks .
                Ended up being reassigned to DHS . I feel like a ping pong ball sometimes, getting to old for this shit.

                I have had a chance to evaluate some of the new equipment used today in my current line of work it makes the stuff I used in 1980’s and 1990’s look like dinosaur stuff , uniforms, clothing system some with built in tourniquets , low IR signature , multi climate and light weight , the ruck systems are light years ahead of the old ALICE equipment everything is modular and can be configured for each mission , ACOG scope’s on the M4 systems all this stuff in a lighter and more versitial configuration for the warfighter. 50 BMG barrets for long range reach out and touch capability.
                One thing that has not changed much is Field rations still suck. Last saw C-Rats in 1981 , MRE’s really not much of an improvement they all taste the same after while regardless of whats on the label.

                Man I bet you have some stories to tell. From your time.

                Semper Fi 8541
                USMC 1977 -1993

          • Sgt. Dale

            You saying you were in the Nam. So you are saying you were a Soldier?
            I CALL B.S. You called it on me for saying I’m a cop. So I say B.S. becasue you are saying you are a Soldier.
            What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

        • Anonymous


      • man on the inside

        Glencoe Georgia the federal Training Center has one exactly like it I have seen it and it’s kind of scary slowly but surely the plans are being made PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS…..

      • Mountain Trekker

        Just remember, take down all street signs and remove all house numbers. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

      • lonelonmum

        Given that many are likely to be homeless for months following this winter’s storms – couldn’t they just evacuate the vulnerable to the spare city and get the military out sandbagging and HELPING those citizens that pay their taxes instead of planning their democide?

        Or would that make sense if only we were not ruled by pyschopaths but instead by ordinary good Christian souls?


        Some of the storms that have been battering the UK, Eire, Portugal, France and Spain are now heading to your East Coast. Please ensure you have sufficient independent clean water supplies even if you are not in a flood zone. (I posted about my own error in Wednesday’s storms the other day).

        On a preppers note:- If you are looking for property post storm is the ideal time, as any flood, fire risk is obvious straight away, as is anything like damp or poor maintenance. Even fence panels cost good money to replace so it’s the ideal time to check the structural solidity of any property you want to consider purchasing.

        Again check your fire protection as the example of the peat bog fires in Wales demonstrates. A raging fire in the pouring rain is possible!

        If you are out of the storm zone think about evacuation. I have elderly aunts that I can no longer evacuate as the transport routes are flooded from Cornwall. They are cussed critters so should be OK, but it is a prepping point to consider.

        • Gwyn

          To lonelonmum – Thank you for your informative post.
          I have been following your posts, and reading the links you have provided. This weather in the U.K. is the worst it has been in 243 years.
          My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to all who live in the disaster areas.
          In addition, my heart, thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the U.S. who is struggling with this terrible winter weather.
          It is a hardship for everyone.
          This coming week, in Upstate New York, starting Tuesday,
          my area will be having a heat wave. The temperatures will steadily rise, and it will be 50 degrees by Thursday.
          Now, my area will have to brace for flooding.
          This has been a roller coaster winter.
          I wonder what Spring and Summer will bring?
          Some are saying it will be a beastly hot summer.
          Time will tell.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, Gwynn, according to Jim Hansen (NASA climatologist– very well known, highly respected climate scientist), there’s a strong possibility we will have an el nino this summer and record heat waves.

            The last time he said that, we DID have an el nino and it was unbelievably hot!! 100 degree straight weather almost every day for 2-3 months and it was IN THE BEGINNING OF SUMMER– not at the end of summer, when heat waves usually occur. And it was even 90 degrees at MIDNIGHT!!

            so lets hope they’re wrong, but if we do have an el nino and “record breaking heat”, then I guess it will be even hotter than that horrible summer a couple years ago! : (

            • Gwyn

              To Anonymous – Thank you for your information.
              I just googled Jim Hansen, he does have a good reputation. I also googled what an el nino is also.
              I was afraid of that. I do remember that horrible summer a couple years ago too. It was awful. I remember
              trying to get up early and do errands, or wait until after 4 p.m., or 5 p.m. when the sun was not so bright, to do errands. In between, I would lay low in the a/c.
              There were an awful lot of heat advisories.
              I love walking, and that also would put a crimp in my activity.
              I am also Obsessing over Water. Every time I go to the grocery store, I pick up a case or 2 of water. Cal., and the West have the drought. I live bw Buffalo and Syracuse. But, I am still obsessing over water for some reason.
              This is what I love about this site. One can obtain all sorts of useful information.

              • Anonymous

                I KNOW! I also obsess over water!! How to purify.. where to find spring water, how to distinguish safe/unsafe… I got a great book which tells a lot about water and survival in the wild in general. Its called Navy Seal Survival Guide, I believe. Also, there is a book, which tells how to purify water that has heavy metals– mercury, etc., using certain plants/ mushrooms. Its called Ecological Mimicry, I believe. Its by…oops, gotta go.

                • Gwyn

                  To Anonymous – Great minds think alike. 😉
                  My next phase is to purchase water purification tablets.
                  I remember hearing when I was a kid, the water in a creek was purer if it ran over rocks. Not sure if that is true or not, will have to research that later.
                  I will have to google those 2 books you mentioned.
                  Thanks again for the information.

      • Okay

        Wouldn’t it be hilarious if squatters took over?

      • BigB

        “Christians, Tea Party supporters and anti-abortion activists represent a radical terror threat”

        Just 25 years ago the people who were characterized as referenced above were called American Patriots. What happened?

        What if any is the definition of an American Patriot by the American public? Are American Patriots now an enemy of the state? It appears to be the case.

        The people in control of our government from the President down through the lowest paid educator seem hell bent on demonizing anything that was considered at one time good and decent. The high ideals of yesterday that being a person of good morals and ethical standards is now considered to be an enemy of the state.

        It is my opinion that the masses of today American people have taken the easy way out and discarded what used to be the American way. In turn because they have abandoned what was once considered good and decent and out of shame and embarrassment they have turned against any and all that take the higher road.

        This is truly a “shame on America” time in our history which will be the end of our country as we and the world once knew it.


        • Mcdave

          Once you have made it legal and acceptable to KILL YOUR BABY, what’s left to judge? Anything goes

        • Northern Reb

          Big B:
          PLEASE!!!! call me a radical terrorist, because I am all off the above on your first line, plus a Constitutionalist. Rebel Red neck country boy.
          AND DAMN PROUD OF IT!!!!!!
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      • Anonymous

        About 20 years ago, we had a blizzard- a REAL blizzard- snow up to my car windows!

        Now days, if you get 2 inches of snow they call it a “blizzard”!

        • Anonymous

          Everything this government does– and its presstitutes (main stream media)– is simply a snow job– propaganda b.s. They are CONSTATNLY trying to pull the wool over our eyes, give false information, but they mix it with some real news in an attempt to trick the general public. Really disgusting! And a lot of people fall for it.

        • chad

          Funny how they name many of these “snowstorms” now.
          Where I’m at in ky, we’ve barely had 2 inches of snow all winter, Atlanta gets more snow than we get. Weather is strange, we got good snows every year when I was a child, now my kids want snow but don’t get it..
          I think u can have a blizzard with little snow as long as the wind is fast enough and steady. But tv makes everything sound like a major storm.

      • Anonymous

        PLEASE SEE “END OF America”–Naomi Wolfe–youtube (video!!)

    2. BOB

      This is the ABL battle lab that AWG put together for future force concepts concerning Subterranean fighting through out a new concept of Megacity.

      • hammerhead

        WHAT ? scares the hell outta me…..

        • What?

          Why do I scare you? 😉

          • hammerhead

            hahaha , sorry bob i hit the wrong reply button LOL
            I guess i,m jumpy these days……

    3. Agent Provocatour

      Nothing to see here folks!!!! Move along!! Move along!!

    4. HTJ

      I think this was a great idea for training.

      But I still know my town better than they do.

    5. USMarine

      I am an active duty service member and I can tell you with 100 percent certainty, that if I am every asked or told to fire on US citizens, that is the day I go UA.

      • dub

        Good for you. You can help even more by educating your fellow Marines.

      • Sgt. Dale

        From a Cop to a Marine. THANKS AND GOD BLESS.
        It looks like we will be standing side by side.
        SEPRER FI!

        • sdmule

          I call BULLSHIT, Dale. Words are CHEAP, we will see when the time comes!! I would be more apt to believe you if said nothing and just went about your business. Grandstanding on a website means ZERO!! By their ACTIONS, you will know them, not their blustery words.

          • 0311

            I agree sdmule.
            Especially when someone feels the need to let everyone KNOW they are a cop.

            THAT in itself, speaks VOLUMES.

            • para bellum

              What a few cops and soldiers on this website are trying to convey is:

              There are very few bad cops/soldiers. Most would not follow an unlawful order, and take up arms against US citizens.

              We are not “grandstanding”, just trying to convince those of you that have become so paranoid about everything and everyone. Not everyone is evil.

              Use to be, only liberals hated cops and soldiers. Seems that some on the right are following right in line with the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Michael Moore. After all, they hate cops and soldiers.

          • gun

            EVERYONES internet bravado is cheap. You are correct, we will see when the time comes. The person you trust most may let you down and the person you have least expectations will step up to the plate…..even cops. (a very few) Probably at the same percentage of people that are preppers 1-3%. I would give Dale the benefit of the doubt as he has not inquired (phishing) about other preppers stash, and has endured plenty of criticism without quitting this site. I do think he knows that in his trade, he is a “outsider”. I am friends with a LEO in the same position. I have very close relatives(by blood) in LE that I dont trust at all. Power DOES corrupt, but not everyone.

            • 1braveheart

              Sd mule and 0311, I call BS on your attacks on Sgt. Dale. He’s one of “US”, NOT one of “THEM”. That’s all we need is 2 more trolls on this site.

              • sdmule

                Hey reb,
                That approval rating is YOUR opinion,which is you have right to voice, but it means ZERO to me. If you want to “throw in” with the police, that is your choice. Where will I be standing? Where ever I want!!

                • Northern Reb

                  Standing right behind Obama and his minion, RIGHT.

                • sd mule

                  I don’t know anything about Obama or his minion. I don’t spend time thinking about that group. They are put in front of you, so that you will respond like Pavlov’s dog every time they say or do something. All the while, your freedoms and rights are disappearing at a rapid rate. By the posts on this site, I would say their plan has been successful. It’s all Obama’s fault, or is it G.W. Bush’s fault, or is it Clinton’s fault, or is it G.H.W. Bush’s fault, or Reagan’s fault, or Carter’s fault?? It’s YOUR fault, because of your inability to look past what is placed directly in front of you. Again, I will stand where ever I want!! Wise up, time is slipping away!!

            • 1braveheart

              Gun, thank you for your more positive position of Sgt. Dale. I would trust him before I would trust the two morons that were attacking him. I’ve also had relatives in LE who left because of what they’ve seen happen to the profession. They rightfully decided not to have any part of it. I do feel sorry for the good cops still hanging in there and trying to make some kind of difference. As you said, NOT everyone gets corrupted by power.

              • Sgt. Dale

                Gun and Brave:
                Thanks for the back up. These guys don’t know me so they are just expressing their oppion.
                I guess becasue I said I’m a cop makes me bad, I guess that if you say you are Soldier, Marine, Sailor, in the Air Force. You are bad too.
                Oh well. Please Just give the a Thumbs Down please don’t respond to them. Please don’t waist your time.
                Again Thanks.

                • 1braveheart

                  Sarge, you’re very welcome for the support. I’ve got veterans and ex-cops in my family who live by the Bill Of Rights just like I do. They’ll stand with the people just like I will. Just when I thought we’d done away with trolls those two come along.

          • Northern Reb

            SDMULE:& 0311
            I CALL BULLSHIT ON YOUR WORDS!!! If you don’t know the man how in the HELL can you judge him.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

            • Sgt. Dale

              Thanks man for the back up.
              If you look toward the top of his site you find that 0311 called himself a Soldier. Like I said if I’m bad for saying I’m a cop then he is bad for calling himself a Soldier.
              Again thanks for the back up.

            • 1braveheart

              Northern Reb, AMEN to your comments. I’ve had relatives who have been LEOs who served with honesty and integrity. They were “old school”. they were taught that cops are NOT supposed to be corrupt! The federal academies have NEVER understood that concept and it’s a shame that SOME cops at local, county, and state levels today are dirty, BUT NOT ALL OF THEM. there’a still a lot of good, clean cops out there.

              • Keep it real

                Police corruption was out of control in the old school days. Pay was terrible and there were few if any educational requirements. Not saying your family was dishonest but as a whole, the police were very much on the take. It seems that there is more of an issue now but there news agencies that cover the country and make it look worse.

      • db427

        just upholding your original oath, can’t ask you to do more than that.

      • Barn Cat

        They know that. That’s why they’ll be holding your family hostage if they’re on a military base.

      • Northern Reb

        First: I want to thank you for serviving this country.
        Second: I want to thank you for upholding the Contitution.
        Third: I want to thank you for being a real Marine.
        I have only one regret in life and that is I never wore an uniforn for this great country. I still kick myself every time I see one of the finest in the world in a coffin with a flag over it and I know down deep that I did not do my part.
        S.T. S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • Sgt. Dale

          That is one reason I wear a uniform today, and have worn it for 28 1/2 years.
          I didn’t get to serve my country. Back in 1972 I took the physical, and failed it becaue of a bad left knee. (basketball). They had no way to fix them then and it took 10 years later before they knew how to fix it. So I got it fixed and in 1986 I became a cop.
          It hurts me to no end to see a flag covered coffin, and I cry everytime I hear TAPS played over them. GOD BLESS THE FALLEN!!!!

      • BJ

        Thank you, I hope your a promise keeper

    6. posseecom

      As a former supporter of US occupation worldwide and now a decisive opponent to all the above..

      This is where our tax dollars go..to “gaming scenario” mock ups of future “encounters”…


      96 $$MILLION for a mock grown up Boy Scout exercise center for supposed training to protect us from state sponsored terrorists like Iraq where over a trillion dollars were spent..countless lives lost..and now our enemies/our friends AlQaida hang their flags in Falusia and Ramahdi after the fact?

      Good God…when will this shit ever end…never ever..

      We are in Rome folks..as it meets its final demise..

      Caesar OB fiddles while Rome burns

      Our senate and congress lay useless

      Our economy is destroyed and all we hear is weak recovery

      This nation is fucked beyond all reason

      OB issues executive orders non stop usurping the Constitution

      Congress remains silent

      We remain silent

      They are organizing and preparing our demise before our very eyes every day and yet nothing is done..

      It is all in our face every single day as they await for one or many of us to react…to their enjoyment to crush us further should we respond..

      So now what?


      • Buck

        My thoughts exactly,,,,,,we need a general, I’m a very good Sargent ,,,,soon I hope, this shit is outa control,,,,prep like crazy…..

        • Faith of the fallen

          I’m a pretty good CAV scout small unit leader. They should know that if they come to round up people some might not like that very much. They better know that some are better trained and with real world experience in hell. They better know that if they start something they better be prepared to take it to the next level because the people they plan to trample on will give them something they’ve never planned on.

        • durango kidd

          Hitler and Napoleon were only corporals but once they controlled an army they each conquered most of Europe. A good NCO is all that is necessary to provide good leadership.

          This ain’t rocket science. 🙂

          • louis XIV

            Stalin kept purging the Soviet military and then it had great difficulty repelling Hitler’s assault.

        • Ud

          Try good sergeant. At least spell your self given title right.

      • Anonymous

        We really don’t need a federal government at all… all they do is take our money and use it to spy on us, destroy us. I’ll be glad, in a way when everything crashes and we become local.

      • moe

        State sponsored terrorists like Iraq? Are you kidding me. You still believe that bs? How more ignorant can people still be. Iraq was never a state sponsor of terrorism. Saddam Hussein kicked alqaeda out of Iraq. When the United States came in, that’s when alqeda followed.

        I can’t believe people still believe this “They hate us because of our freedoms” bs.

      • Gwyn

        To Satori – Thank you for sharing that link.
        I am always interested with the U.K., on the other side of the pond. Such terrible weather all over.
        (There was an interesting comment posted under the article about the New World Order setting havoc on the masses with the weather to obtain quality land for themselves. Interesting concept, anyways.)

        • sixpack

          I don’t believe in coincidence. Everything happening is too methodical to be accidental or random. The best laid plans have a very limited viewing audience.

          • Sigi

            I don’t believe in coincidence, but in the One who controls the weather.

        • Barn Cat

          God controls the weather. Humans don’t. We can expect weather to get worse as we get closer to the Great Tribulation period. I expect a pre-trib Rapture but not until after the coming economic collapse. The worldwide economic collapse will lead to the one world government prophesied in Revelation.

          • Professor Higgins

            Sigi and Barn Cat: Who is that, Al Roker, the weather man?

          • PKLauLau

            Barn Cat:

            Yes, God controls everything, yet He also allows us freedom to hang ourselves. I used to think that in Revelation, seals, trumpets, bowls would come quickly, (BAM) and obviously be from God. I am now convinced that God is allowing us to bring these upon ourselves. God tells us what will happen. He never said we arrogant humans wouldn’t be the cause/creators of it. All part of the plan, so…yes, God is still on the throne.

            But we stupid humans can control the weather and are using it against humanity for famine, destruction and whatever else. We are making bio-weapons for plague. We are making tiny drones (which reminds me of the locusts with scorpion tails) and are messing with the natural order of things. Fukushima is killing the sea. I believe Niburu is the “great star” that will poison the lakes, which can only be seen in infra-red and is heading this way. HAARP, chemtrails = earthquakes, volcanoes….I believe we are causing it all, either directly or indirectly.

            Revelation never used to make any sense to me…..now, in this present day and age, it is becoming so clear.

            Time is short.


    7. Socrates

      Subways? They have a lot of warfare going on overseas in Subways do they? Things that make you go Hmmm.

      Surprised they even included a ‘mosque’ in that ‘Rock Ridge’ (yes, Blazing Saddles reference) fake town. Thought they might have *gasp* offended someone.

      You know what’s coming… it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out either.

      • gun

        Blazing Saddles is my favorite movie. They manage to offend Everyone.

        • 1braveheart

          For comedy, someone would be hard-pressed to beat Blazing Saddles.

          • Facebook Page

            BH. Made some 1000 yard shots. Still need more work. If they wore a skinny man theyed been safe.. try a 10mm jump out of the hand. It sucks trying to retrain the body.
            Innered still shake like jello.

            And I think I may have come up with a attachment device for an ar and ak That can go on a hover round chair and take the jolt off the body. Even may be able to mount a 416 doing it all with butterfly triggers or may go electronic.

            I am so bored. So I am laying around thinking shit up. And when family isn’t looking a unnamed ggson sneaks out to the shop we build. Oh I got one of those cheap 3d
            printersoh iI going to get in trouble with it I know. Oh well. And anyone thinking of getting g one the printer is cheap. But the product to make shit is HIGH.

            • The Old Coach

              For a good laugh, FP, read that post again when you’re sober.

            • 1braveheart

              FBP, we’ll all be glad when you get off those meds. They’re screwing up your mind and we can’t understand your posts.

              • gun

                Maybe he needs them for pain.

            • Mcdave

              Uh, what?

            • Blankone

              Maybe he’s not medicated enough and needs more of them…..just a thought.

          • Maudy Frickett

            Brave, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

            • 1braveheart

              Maudy, what happened on the way to the forum?

              • Maudy Frickett

                Phil Silvers and Zero Mostel messed up the brothel.

                • 1braveheart

                  I vaguely remember Phil Silvers but I’m not familiar with Zero Mostel.

            • Mcdave

              See, now THATS funny!

              • wrong

                That was a funny movie. 🙂

                • Maudy Frickett

                  Zero Mostel was the slave of the hideous old women and her husband. He was the primary character of the story, always going at it with Phil Silvers. It was maybe the “busiest” comedy I’ve ever seen. The dialogue didn’t stop. It was a musi-comedy. I could have done without most of the singing. Whenever it’s on cable I make time to watch it. From 1966.

                • wrong


                  How about It’s a Mad Mad Mad World? Another great movie from very early 60’s. Phil Silvers was in that one too.

          • Yuri

            Two Words: Young Frankenstein

          • Just_Sayin

            1. Used Cars
            2. Blazing Saddles
            3. Caddyshack

        • Facebook Page

          I was not offended

        • lonelonmum

          Blazin’ Saddles is superb, even by this Brit’s tastes.

          Richard Prior will always be welcome to pop round for a snifter of parsnip wine. That Piers Morgan bloke – you can keep, especially if you take Camerloon on a 2 4 1 deal!

      • PIS

        The only reason they added the mosque was most likely to reduce suspicions about their real intent. *Jen

    8. Old Vet

      We are in the situation we are now because that is where the present government “WANTS” us! They didn’t really spend us into this debt. Thinking it would get the country on its feet. It was planned from the get go to keep dragging us down DEEPER and DEEPER into debt. Till soon our nation will fall due to “Financial” reasons and not from war with another country.
      THEN, the PUPPET in charge will announce whatever plan it is that the Shadow Gov. has planned for us but HE is nothing more than their spokesman, just their little puppet.

      THOSE in Control pull the strings and they are the ones that control the finances of the entire country that probably 95% of the people haven’t ever heard of in the shadow gov… Like the Bilderbergers and the Tri-Lateral Group to name a couple.

      We are where we are today because it’s EXACTLY where the PRESENT Gov. wants us to be!

      YES, we the people NEED to stand up and do some redesigning of this system and REMOVAL of those presently under the puppet string pullers powers AND those are the group that most of all needs to be Removed!

      We have one BIG problem though and those in power have waited till just the Correct Time to pull their final moves. That is because due to their diligent planning and coercing of the people into their little mind boggling worlds of computer games and text mind control. They created their perfect “Subjects”. Just like Adolph Hitler once said:
      What Good Fortune for Governments That the People Do Not Think! End Quote.

      Now they have created a mass of Dumbed down Idiots whose most important thing in the whole world is bowing in Reverence to their “Twitter Text Gods”!

      Are those dumbed down malignant dumb idiots ever going to be in for one big surprise once the day comes that the National Emergency is declared and they are all herded into “Detention Centers” for their own good and safety of course and then once all of a sudden the Gov. turns OFF all their wonderful little Twitter Text Gods!

      SORRY people, it’s too late to cry now! Step this way to the showers!

      I see NO Light at the end of the tunnel anymore friends.
      I can only Hope and Pray that enough “PATRIOTS” will STAND and hopefully Win but with the Technology that we’ve paid for with our tax dollars, they already know that they are holding a 99.9% chance of being the winning ones.

      They will make Special Examples of the first of the Patriots that are caught still alive OR else make examples of them while STANDING their grounds in their homes and show on TV when they call in the ordinance to “end this little problem”.

      Have I gone over the hill as a crazy Government conspiracy theorist, or is it that we can still for some reason SEE what’s happening while most see nothing but daises & roses. There’s a lot of DAISIES out there for sure, all bowed down to their Twitter Text God and impervious to seeing anything else. They’ll die real easy.

      • Old Guy

        Old Vet Your correct It was done on purpose.

        • KY Mom

          Obama takes another vacation

          Cutting back during these tough economic times…

          Apparently Barack Obama was not talking about himself when he told the American people the following…

          “If you’re a family trying to cut back, you might skip going out to dinner, or you might put off a vacation.”
          Barack Obama

          “But I want you all to know, I will not rest until anybody who’s looking for a job can find one — and I’m not talking about just any job, but good jobs that give every American decent wages and decent benefits and a fair shot at the American Dream,”
          Obama (2009)

          Obama’s Valentine’s Day bachelor golf holiday marks 23rd vacation
          -Washington Examiner

          • Blankone

            He’s looking for jobs as thoroughly as OJ was looking for the killer….

          • wrong

            Bachelor golf holiday = “I gotta get away from this bitch of mine” “Will she ever just shut the f*ck up?” “I prefer boys anyway” “Hehehe”.

            • Maudy Frickett

              Wrong, Mad mad mad world. As you mention Silvers AND Jonathon Winters.

      • Yuri

        If you’ve gone off the reservation with Gov’t conspiracies; then I’m right there with you. I agree will all you wrote.

        I’ve been meaning to research who the longest-tenured, highest ranking bureaucrat in the intel community is. I imagine that person is the real “P” behind “TPTB”.

        The actions of many prominent politicians has been … well, … fishy. Threats to reveal information (or even threats to the lives of family members) made to people like Boehner, McConnell, or The Dread Justice Roberts would go a long way toward explaining their (in)actions.

        TPTB have been engaged in a long war with the common man. The single most important thing in war — the sine qua non of winning battles and wars — is information. Who’s got more than NSA?

        A unified global communism is the name of the game.

        You wrote, “I can only Hope and Pray that enough “PATRIOTS” will STAND and hopefully Win”

        I concur, but it reminds me of Winston Smith (Orwell’s 1984) thinking, over and over that,
        “If there’s to be any hope, it must lie with the Proles.”

        We are all Proles. We, and Limbaugh’s L.I.V.’s, all together.


        War IS Peace.
        Freedom IS Slavery.
        Ignorance IS Strength.

        • Yuri

          “If there’s to be any hope, it must lie with the Proles.”

          I meant to add that, if you remember 1984 then you know how that hope of Winston Smith’s turned out.

          If you don’t remember, now’s as good a time as any to re-read TPTB’s blueprint for global governance.

          • JayJay

            The proles are the only ones that are free. They are not monitored by the party or telescreen and are free to do whatever they want.

            Therefore by this definition, are we really proles??

            • Yuri

              Good point. I guess not.

              The analogy has to fail somewhere, … thankfully, or I’d be even more freaked out & paranoid than I already am.

          • Them Guys

            YURI: probobly the top Two longest highest ranked eliets operatives are henery kissinger and Zbig breszizinsky(sp?). since both been at top eliets power Opp’s ever since WWII era…Kissinger is probobly there longer than zbig. Both are total TOOLS of and for banksters eliets.

      • db427

        soon to be ‘pushing up daisies’

      • Hunter

        Dead-center bullseye, OV!

      • Night Breaker

        Old vet made your ham , mushroom soup,and peas over pasta dish for dinner tonight , only thing different, I used garlic spam browned with the onions and added some Cajin Bayou spice .
        Thanks for the recipe.

        YOU THE MAN

        Semper Fi 8541

    9. Barn Cat


      August 13, 2013
      A U.S. Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations (CA & PSYOP) Command battalion recently practiced joint control of a small town with local authorities in a “realistic training exercise.”

      According to an article released by the army, 22 soldiers of the 432nd Battalion unloaded their Humvees in Gillett, Wisconsin and set up a forward operating base at the Oconto County Fairgrounds in order to “conduct assessments” on some of the surrounding cities and to meet with “local key leaders.”
      For the drill, the battalion apparently found it necessary to find a small, rural community with complete, working infrastructure such as:
      – Garbage and recycling pickup
      – Police and fire departments
      – Parks
      – Schools
      – Doctors
      – A dentist
      – A chiropractor and
      – An optometrist
      All of which would be difficult to find in a war-torn city in Iraq or Afghanistan.
      “We chose the city of Gillett for the first time this year because of the size, demographics and municipalities offered within the city and surrounding area,” said Sgt. 1st Class Patrick Leon, the noncommissioned officer in charge of the civil-military operations center. “It replicates what we may find in an overseas environment.”
      The article later admits, however, that there are no future plans to deploy these soldiers overseas.
      The soldiers also gathered information on community leaders “from hobbies, interests and religion” as well as “daily activities,” thus honing behavior profiling skills that could be useful to PSYOP teams in identifying “political dissidents.”
      The operation allowed the soldiers to “sharpen their skills” in advising the police chief on how to increase local law enforcement capabilities.
      The article also suggests that the experience gained in the exercise can be applied to civil-military operations in larger cities.
      The military typically establishes a civil-military operations center in areas of combat in order to coordinate population control with local entities.
      Perpetual wars fueled by fiat currency have led to the development of military weapons, tools and tactics which are now being used domestically.
      As reported recently by Steve Watson, small town police departments are being militarized with elite war equipment.
      Cities no larger than Gillett are receiving M14s, Humvees and even armored personnel carriers.
      The police chief of Morven, Georgia, a town of 835 people, told the Associated Press that he could take his officers with their equipment and training and “shut this town down” and “completely control everything.”
      As we reported last month, Predator drones owned by Customs and Border Patrol are now being used by the FBI and state law enforcement for domestic surveillance in a “layered security strategy.”
      In the wake of small town SWAT teams and domestic drone use, it appears that joint civil-military operations are also coming to America.

      Note: I live in Wisconsin. It was’t mentioned in the local news.

      • Norse Prepper

        The same thing happened in a small town in northern Minnesota named Crookston in 2012. Do a Google search for national guard crookston, MN.

        God Bless,

    10. Be informed

      They can do this, but preppers/survivalists that practice surviving different scenarioes are labeled as domestic terrorists, radicalized, or trouble makers. The old double standards.

      Might be a good time to do a little inventory of everyone’s supplies, something is rotten and stinks. I have this gut feeling, have for years now, that the SHTF event that hits all of us the hardest will be large scale war and/or some super pandemic.

    11. rednek101

      Best advice for this is has been said a dozen times: Get the heck outta Dodge when stuff starts going down. Country boys will survive.

      • Buck


        • apache54

          AMEN too !!!

    12. JoeRepublic

      Welcome to the Main Street Amerika Training Center. At MSATC we pride ourselves on preparing every trooper in combat with the people they swore an oath to defend. During your time at MSATF we’ll show you how to:

      – Cordon and control your neighbors
      – Use subjugation tactics on your fellow countrymen
      – Develop PSYOP techniques effectively for use on starving women and children
      – Crowd Control techniques including Pickling, Corralling and more
      – Block out any sensitivity thoughts when taking down children, the elderly and the sick
      – Spot potential threats such as; Gadsden flags, Pocket Constitutions and any paraphernalia relating to the founding fathers
      – To be an Oath Breaker
      – And MUCH, MUCH MORE!

      Enjoy your time at the MSATC and remember, you’re either with us, or against us.

      • Mcdave


    13. 11 Bravo

      Many years ago, stationed in Germany, we conducted training in mock cities like this called MOUT (military operations urban terrain) for when the Soviets came through the Fulda Gap…but not nearly as elaborate as this site.

      This site looks very “American”…..hmmmmmm…..

      • Maudy Frickett

        Maudy was 11 echo. Stationed at the Rock. Been to Hohenfels, Graf, Frieberg, Wildflicken (real cold), and Paderborn up north. They told us we were supposed to clutter up the Fulda Gap with our destroyed tanks until the Prez could make a decision on wether to push the button. We had 1 or 2 divisions but the Rooskies had about 30.

        • Facebook Page

          And there was always a team or two with backpack nukes to slow them down too. If that sernari would of ever came to truth. It would of been a true hell then.

          One of the few thing that even if it took printing of money or ocupping countries I glad we did. That would of been hell for all.

          My group prepped for that from the 60 to the 9)s for that. All this new stuff is easy compared.

        • Facebook Page

          Remember all the “hot rounds” stored at artillery sites and how many there was. Ohoh. Flashback time. Dam I want a drink. Ah pill will do.

    14. Down to Earth Prepper

      Well past obvious our gov has been planning for something for a long while. I do not profess to know exactly what it is, but this kind of training scenario is definitely aimed at you and me and every o0ther citizen. It has nothing to do wi9th terrorist or any such thing.Given all the extreme events and the continuous barrage of frequency it is clear something is approaching rapidly. Also seems very apparent martial law is part of the mix as an outcome or end game. That completely explains this exercise and many others as well as the hoarding of many supplies , munitions and weapons./ None of these things are coincidences or passing events with no reason. I agree it is prudent to reevaluate all preps and pay attention keenly. I am.

      • Hunter

        DTE Prepper-

        Nice site!

      • 1braveheart

        Down To Earth Prepper, welcome aboard and I agree the mock town was definitely set up with us in mind. Although there are veterans in my family, they don’t mind when I say there is already historical precedent for the US military being used against the American people. Google Civil War, The Bonus Army, Coal Mine strikes in Colorado and West Virginia. I honestly believe most military and LEOs will NOT turn their guns on the people because 1. they’re personally opposed to the idea, and 2. they know they’re outnumbered and outgunned. Same thing goes for Obama’s ‘domestic army’ and any foreign troops who come in for support, and mark my words, THERE WILL BE FOREIGN TROOPS ON OUR STREETS. When you see these things happening, it will be game on. Anyone who comes to my place with bad intentions toward me, I don’t care whose uniform you’re wearing, you’d better just forget the idea. You force your way into my home, you die, plain and simple. MOLON LABE braveheart

      • 1braveheart

        DTE Prepper, interesting looking site. will return to investigate further. braveheart

    15. John_Allen

      I live about a marathon run from that five sided War Department edifice. In Virginia. I don’t suppose this fake city is located where it could be viewed from the road? Nobody believed FEMA camps existed until a few people took some photos. Even now many say, “that’s just a warehouse on a rail siding, so what?”

      Does anybody know exactly where this allegedly is, because Virginia, while smaller than Texas, is bigger than a bread box.

      A few buildings could be stashed anywhere on a 100,000 acre Army post. But a fake city is hard to hide … if it exists. And this article isn’t just more jive ass fear porn.

      What if we say show us photos or we call bullshit? Show a blue print or two. A budget authorization … something credible beyond “be afraid, be very afraid.”


      Are these the super duper troopers who, having ten years to do it, couldn’t defeat a few thousand goat herders in Afghanistan? We, meaning liberty folk, outnumber “them” meaning the tyrant’s thugs, 1,000 to one. Even if only five percent of us have the cojones to stand behind “NO, you won’t” we still vastly outnumber them.

      Then there’s the “those are our sons and family members, so we have nothing to fear” argument. Which if you believe that, please tell us how some teen-aged kid, indoctrinated to obey from Day One, is going to have the courage to go against all the brainwashing that Liberty Folk are “THE ENEMY” and not do as he is told? The elitist vermin like their cannon fodder young and ignorant. Because young and ignorant are more easily regimented than life-experienced and skeptical. And the cannon fodder always lap up the lies.

      Whether you are speaking of a supposedly mature, highly experienced LE SWAT team, or troops in any unit, the brainwashing is deep and pervasive. The elitist swine have had 150 years of highly successful experience manipulating their thugs to kill whomever they want killed.

      That’s not a uniquely Amerikan tragedy. Just that we’ve been the world’s militarist hegemon for about 70 years and the chickens are about to come home to roost.

      • Arby

        According to google maps it is south east of Fredricksburg, Va Not to far from the North Anna Nuclear power Plant

      • 1braveheart

        In the video, someone said it’s located at Fort A.P. Hill.

      • Babycatcher55

        It’s at Ft. A.P Hill, near Fredericksburg. spotsylvania County I think, about an hr below DC. Right off I 95. My father retired from there in 1991. But this is recent….very recent. I’m so glad we aren’t there anymore!

      • TheGuy

        Soldier: “I won’t shoot my fellow citizens!”

        General: “Too bad. I’m sure you’ll dearly miss your wife and kids… what’s left of them… after we finish putting them in sandwich bags a piece at a time… you terrorist…”

        Soldier: “What I meant to say was… YES SIR!”

        General: “That’s more like it son! Besides… these are only (insert race that soldier is not a member of here)… they’re not REAL Americans or anything…”

        Soldier: “Ahhh… y…es sir! Good point sir…” *sweats*…

        • JayJay

          The Guy, you bring up an unpopular topic.
          I believe that is how they get everything done.
          People are aghast at the pilots spraying chemtrails; what would you do in their place?

        • gun

          Justice Roberts adopted a child. Guess who has his vote now.(hint nsa)

    16. Northern Reb

      If you are a prepper odds are you will not be any where near a city after the SHTF. Granted some of us might have to bug-in. They want be looking for you they will be trying to keep the city from burning down.
      I’m not sure who will be there to controll the city for very long. When the SHTF they will know that there families will be needing them, I don’t see them staying very long.
      Those big cities have a lot of gangs that will be trying to run the place. WROL the brown stuff will hit the osolater hard and fast.
      So if they need those cities to practice they are waisting there time and OUR MONEY.
      S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

    17. jerrytbg

      “could suggest that the site was built to double both as a foreign city and a mock domestic town.”

      With all the millions of UN troops here already, it’s to make everyone feel right at home… 🙂

      I know there are millions here cause I read it on the internet…

    18. fifth_disciple

      If I may, let me cite a few numbers here. The active duty American military is sitting somewhere around 1.5 million soldiers with another 800,000 reservists. If you take every member of the Federal Government you have another 2 million. There are over 80 million gun owners in America with over 200 million guns.

      Veterans, please don’t be offended but the days of charging a machine gun nest to lay a grenade in are long gone. Most modern soldiers trudge into combat with over 60 lbs. of protective equipment and supplies. When they encounter fire they take cover and call for air support. While there are many heroes in the military there are many others who just want to get home.

      On top of that, if they come into my city they are on my turf. I know every nook and cranny. I know their tactics and I’m motivated. I expect to outgunned at first but after a few skirmishes should be able to acquire more weapons both large and small.

      I believe the nations military commanders know this and want nothing to do with engaging the locals. There will however, always be your Katrina-like sheeple that have to be herded into the camps and they have to prepare for this.

      • rednek101

        Like Marine stated… if he gets orders to go against citizens he’s going UA. I believe 99% of our soldiers feel this way. The other 1% will follow suit. Anyone giving such an order to fire on our own citizens however, might not fair so well.
        Should we get to the point where SHTF our soldiers role will be more as police doing riot control, asset protection etc… and they will be damned effective.

        • jerrytbg

          I know I make fun of these scenarios probably more than I should…but…we all have to see the absurdity to think US military doing anything more than crowd control…In short I agree with you… anybody who thinks our guys are going hunt down preppers or anyone is delusional…and I don’t see any real indication of UN or anyone else here in the numbers necessary to pull off what’s being suggested here and elsewhere…This notion defines absurdity…

          There I go again with the long winded run on sentences…. sorry… 🙂

          • 1braveheart

            Jerrytbg, the last time I checked, 80-90% of our military is still overseas, so I fully expect to see Obama’s Gestapo and foreign troops on our streets. I don’t think Obama would send his goons out without ‘UN peacekeepers’ for backup. You can rest assured neither one of those groups will have trouble turning their guns against us. Most likely that’s a wet dream for every one of them. When I see any scum like that on the streets it will be game on. I won’t have any trouble shooting them to keep myself alive. MOLON LABE braveheart

            • durango kidd

              This Rogue Administration intends to arm the Post office and has bought bullets with its funds while it is $5 billion in the red.

              LMAO!!! Anytime a Postal Employee gets his hands on a weapon, he usually shoots his co-workers!!! 🙁

              • rednek101

                Goin’ Postal. Let’s give ’em some grenades too. Get the party started.

                • sixpack

                  I happen to like my regular mailman, but I don’t think he could shoot a spit wad at a trash can.

                • lastmanstanding

                  Because they fit the gubt mold. Non-confrontational, pleasant, IQ about 70 with a uniform for increased self-esteem, do what they’re told, job that a monkey could be trained to do, paid far better than they could EVER make in the private sector…My favorite is the big rigs that have “US Mail Contractor” on them…WAFJOKE.

                  Saved the rest for last…they all work together to lose about 5-7 billion dollars a year and still keep their job.

                  Close it down. Fire them all. Buy local, fuck global.

                • sixpack

                  You know, I’ve been ordering stuff from amazon for years. NEVER had a problem with my boxes being opened, until now. I ordered a single curtain rod. I only ordered one until I get to see what I’m paying for. It’s metallic, long and shaped like a replacement gun barrel.

                  THAT one, and only THAT one was opened and re-taped….

                  I wonder why? /sarc/

              • JayJay

                dk, I like the post that suggested maybe these POs are being used for storing the ammo only.

            • Facebook Page

              BH. You % way to high. It right at 35% is outside of counus. And that is mostly ground. Most large air assets are still station inland. And our own carrier can return quickly.

              Plus there is the nat guard units in each state. Full of this is the only job I can get. Ghetto males.

              I trust most active. But remember they are human. And in a full blow nightmare.

              At first sure. But how about when that unit of shoulder are just trying to protect themselves and still say have tanks

              Think it though

              • 1braveheart

                FBP, OK, maybe I’m way off on the %. whatever amount of troops we have left in CONUS, they’re not going to be enough to stop any invasion. they’ll need help and that’s where 80,000,000 gun owners come in. If we work together, we can take this country back.

                • jerrytbg

                  A resounding YES!!!!

                  I just hope we can pull it off before the rocks get here…

                  We paid for those bunkers…good place to store stuff…


              • Maudy Frickett

                Tanks are probably too heavy for our roads and bridges. However, they have plenty of LAVs and Strykers. Not counting those MRAPs and up-armored HUMVEES. Tracks will destroy ashpalt roads. I know I’ve done it. Tanks like to get stuck in farmland. It’s a pain in the neck to get them out.

            • jerrytbg

              Someone here showed, don’t remember who, just how logistics and statistics make it impossible for any military to take on the the American gun totting population…

              I stand by my assertion that they will only be used,any military, for crowd control and I’ll add protection of certain assets…ie… power plants, water treatment, banks(that’s laughable),airports, seaports etc etc…

              Tptb are insane but their not stupid…

              • lonelonmum

                In WW1 spanish flu killed more than bullets did. Viral and bacterial infections also did more to wipe out the Aboriginal and Indian populations in the US and Australia than bullets did.

                A pandemic will be more effective than guns.

                I took a good look at the Olympic security preps for London. Then I took a peek on global google maps. Most major cities in the US/EU can now be locked down in hours. tptb won’t mind if the inner cities divide alone gang/ethnic/social lines and finish off any survivors. It’ll save them the trouble.

          • rednek101

            The only thing that would force such a thing would be an armed rebellion. I’ve seen a lot of folks on edge that could fire this type of thing up. But it would be short lived.

            UN, never happen. If the US goes down all other countries will too. They’ll pull their soldiers from the UN and use them for domestic just like we will.

            • jerrytbg


          • JayJay

            I’m more afraid of my neighbors than any UN or armed postal worker.
            I’ve watched them in their cocoons for 6 years—they will be in a world of hurt and I ain’t their bandaid.

      • gun

        60 lbs of pack is way too heavy to take any distance more than 5 miles. 40-45lbs can be comfortably carried for 10-15 miles a day. rule of the thumb is no more than 30% of your body weight, and that is for a very experienced back packer on trails. There are some of us that can carry more than 45lbs, but it really cuts down on performance when you are cutting your own path up hill. For preppers that doubt this info. Load it up, weigh it and go up to the mountains and try it out. Do a half mile (GPS verified) of path cutting. If bugging out is your plan B, then you had better be in “field tested” condition. Quite a few people think they can hike because they did 5-20 years earlier. It only takes 6 months to get out of shape, but the good thing is that you can get back in shape in the same or less amount of time. This is hard work and ignored by most preppers.

    19. Maudy Frickett

      Is our goal attainable? Is it realistic? What is it anyway? I want a Free Constitutional Republic. Small government. I don’t mean no government I just mean small. Is that realistic? Can I get from point A to point B? Realistically? It doesn’t look very promising. Certainly, the government has to mess up big time in order for me to even have a shot at this goal. Also, it is not realistic to think we can vote our way out of this. After all, they control the electoral process. Divine Intervention? I’m not holding my breath. For years I’ve traveled to conventions and meetings where we discussed this very problem. The general consensus is that the government has to hurt itself bad enough for us to take advantage of it. And that’s why you will sometimes hear people say they hope it all collapses. Because the end is the beginning.

      • sixpack

        As any trapper knows, There are three things to remember:

        1. You have to let them get more than just their foot in the trap, before you slam it shut.

        2. Trapped and/or injured prey are particularly dangerous, and they’ll often chew their own foot off to get away.

        3. They’ll have no problem chewing YOUR foot off to get away.

        That said, anybody know how big a trap we’ll need for your average sized bankster?

        • gun

          @ sixpack..solder a silver dollar to a bear trap paddle.

          • sixpack


    20. Hunter

      John Allen-

      A possible scenario referencing a global economic collapse and the govt’s response to it, must involve a military (domestic) dimension/intervention process.

      Hence the enhanced training ‘particulars’ of the troops & the ramped-up psychological adjusting of them..by labeling us as domestic enemies/terrorists.

      IMO, the powers that be who control the ‘puppets on stage’ of the regime, desire to enforce ‘soviet/bolshevik-style collectivization’..upon we the populace. Complete control via omnipotent state-terror.

      We’ll see how it plays out one day.

      • 1braveheart

        Hunter, good evening, and I’m afraid that day is coming sooner than anyone imagines. All I know for sure is that I’m standing up and fighting. MOLON LABE braveheart

        • Hunter


          When one pauses & thinks a bit, one begins to understand, that the enemy has a ‘depth of assets’ that is nigh impossible to imagine, per its broad over-lapping spectrum of capabilities…including:

          1.> ..financial control/dominance.

          2.> ..I.T./information/intelligence gathering/surveillance & super-computer war gaming/predictive capabilities.

          3.> ..Military power/command-control & logistical depth.

          4.> ..access to technology 40-50 years beyond what we’re knowledgeable of.

          5.> ..control of the media (propaganda/programming outlets).

          6.> ..ultimate control over the grid and food/fuel/medicine/life essentials etc..via simply activating a myriad number of illegal “executive orders”.

          7.> ..a stated intention to “act preemptively”, by whatever means necessary..per NATIONAL SECURITY INTERESTS”.

          8.> ..a willingness/doctrine to eliminate any opposition.

          9.> ..fill in the blank etc..etc.

          They will have the market-economic/social/geologic/meteorological/Geo-political data..long before we do.
          Hence, I believe they will move/preempt said trigger event(collapse?), by staging a false-flag event of near biblical proportions (nukes/chem-bio etc).

          Then blaming said event as the “cause” of the collapse, while insisting their draconian measures are necessary..for the general welfare of society.

          Unfortunately, this modus-operandi requires brutal tyranny, re-education camps for the meek and slave-labor/killing fields for those who refuse to kneel/bow-down/surrender to their dictates.

          ..because once they embark on the doctrine of total-authoritarianism, they are COMPELLED by their self created end-game..to operate/function on unmerciful ruthlessness..until said goal is realized by them.

          ..a fatal flaw on their part, methinks!

          They’re boxing themselves into a linear strategy of all..or nothing.

          Stout heart, bro’.

          • 1braveheart

            Hunter, I have to agree. Unfortunate but true. But I think we still have a good chance of defeating them.

      • John_Allen


        Agreed. I like the way you think.

        On YT there are videos of the Holomodore (spelling?) the Soviet collectivization of Ukraine. Millions of innocent people deliberately starved. rough translation, the starving time.

        I”m 100% clear that I will fight any way I can to their death and mine, to prevent that.
        Molon Labe applies to valuables other than arms. That’s why the door kickers need to be stopped as brutally and as soon as possible.

        • Hunter

          Ditto & kudos to you John.

          Methinks, this time around(per the NWO slavers)..they’ve attempted to correct past mistakes. made in prior test runs/beta sites, see 1917 Bolshevik revolution/Ukrainian holomodor/Cambodian killing fields etc..etc.

          Hence, their modern day control of the United Nations & most global think-tanks..and their manifold policy papers/one world social-economic control desires.
          Which Agenda-21 is a sizable part of.

          Ultimately, by reducing the herd-size of humanity, they envision an much smaller population..to manage & thus less costly in terms of monetary expenditures..to provide them w/ the goods/labor..they deem necessary..per their comfort level/lifestyle.

          I think we’re gonna see a shit-load of ‘Katyn Forrest’ (see YT vids on such) type-massacres before its over with!

          Hunt smart, bro’.

          • jerrytbg

            Again…I think you’re giving them too much credit…
            Even with the advancements you speak of, which are significant and real, they have never implemented such on the scale necessary.
            And we all know what happens ten minutes into any op…

            • Hunter


              Not so much, hence my reference to their lack of capability for simultaneous search & destroy operations nationwide. Thus they’re likely intention to ‘stun/confuse’ the populace via a (super) false-flag event..then make their move.

              Call it an exercise in gaining the initiative!

              They will secure critical infrastructures first..then bridgeheads/fire-bases for future missions throughout critical areas. They will most definitely seek to deny us of food/water/electrical power/fuel/comm ability etc.

              ..all the while, attempting to ‘win’ the hearts & minds of the sheep/herd animal types..to rat us out.

              Domestic water-boarding, anyone?

              I would agree that ‘gizmo-warfare’ has been checked in places like Afghanistan..but I suspect when they move against ‘us’..the Geneva conventions will be a mute point, much less acknowledged.
              Hence my reference to Katyn Forrest.

              ..and the longer the duration of said campaign..the less ‘quarter’ will be given..or expected.

              In truth, I think time will be their enemy also, because it benefits the recruitment of the side, fighting for liberty/freedom/GOD & family.

              Someone recently said: “..they fear us”.

              That is truth to be sure..but on the other hand, they hold us in contempt, because we’ve yet to seriously challenge them, per their ‘openly stated goals/intentions’ and the fact that we continue to adhere to their script..by playing by their rules, within their system.

              IMO, they are ‘committed’ at this stage, as its too late to save the/their system..hence they have to resort to the…21st century GENOCIDE OPTION.


              Sorry to be so pessimistic Jerry, but looking at the big picture (per One World Govt), there’s simply too much at stake for the powers that be!

              ..again, at this point they’re committed!

              • jerrytbg

                I would certainly agree, they are committed…and should be, in another sense…

                I remember my Father talking with other elders about how they were considered the lost generation until they became “THE GREATEST GENERATION”…

                Every day it seems I run into kids in their 20’s that know what’s happening and are quietly preparing… asking questions that you never thought they would…for example I was asked my understanding of asymmetric warfare…much what this facility was made for, from a young woman who does painting and woodworking in the trades…go figure that one.
                And I can assure you she wasn’t butch…just scared and wants info…and I think this is happening all over the country…

                Bottom line…I think there are enough of these kids… and they will step up…I have faith.

    21. Ugly

      Page 347 of a 350 page book is what we call the last chapter that is nearing The End….

    22. eppe

      Just had a small earthquake in Georgia….

      • eppe

        M4.4 – 12km WNW of Edgefield, South Carolina 2014-02-15 03:23:38 UTC

        I thought maybe it was the Bud Ice talking….

        • Be informed

          @ eppe. This is the results of the Cocos and Nazca plates getting ready to move. South Carolina as you know back on Aug.31, 1886 had something in the range of a 6.5 to 6.7. This area is tectonic, and actually slightly overdue for another 6 pointer. This though is showing, probably, an earthquake in the Central America and/or South American countries coming of some size. The precursor quakes have been warning of this for several weeks.

          • eppe

            I’m about 120 miles away from the eppecenter, was a strange feeling for my chair to move…

            • 1braveheart

              Eppe, good evening. One of my cousins north of you called me earlier and said they felt it also. They’re only 20 miles from the TN border. They’re all OK plus they said my supplies are OK. Glad to hear you’re OK. braveheart

            • Be informed

              Waitg until you feel something that is 25-50% or more the force of gravity. It is something that few can expect and shows the force of the planet and how insignificant everyone is. You felt less than 1% the force of gravity. People near the New Madrid, San Andreas or other large faults can feel over 200% the force of gravity. Way more than enough to heave objects, including people into the air. The Northridge earthquake in 1994 had almost 200% the force of gravity in the Santa Monica Mountains.

              • lastmanstanding

                I didn’t see you post when I posted below. Thanks for that info regarding the force of gravity.

                “the force of the planet and how insignificant everyone is”…fuckin a BI…as I said below, “she’d purge us in seconds.”

              • Babycatcher55

                I’m wondering if it’s my imagination, or was my sofa I’m laying on moving a little…12:55 am…

            • lastmanstanding

              A few years back I had the same deal happen, roughly the same distance from a 4.3…Was sitting reading on a Sunday afternoon in a corner chair.

              Being right over the house foundation transmitted the force in an amazing way.

              If the earth wanted us gone, she could do it in a few seconds.

          • Carolina Girl

            Be informed, SC is slightly overdue? I follow your earthquake posts!

            • Be informed

              @ Carolina Girl. Anywhere you have mountains you have earthquakes. The Appalachian mountains are very old and the rock, the bedrock, below was part of the supercontinet once. These ancient plate boundaries still are weak points the are influenced from the plates to the southwest to southeast. The Nazca, Cocos, Caribbean, and South American plates all influence what is going on with the New Madrid fault and all the faults east of it along the Appalachian mountain ridge and the Atlantic sea coast.

              I check of the geologic danger places South Carolina, parts of it, more likely to have a bigger earthquake in regard to the amount of energy released than San Diego, Calif. This is because of the density of the rock below that magnifies the shaking like a big gong. A 5.5 in California would be a 6.5 or somewhat high in South Carolina. This is why with ONLY a 4.1 you got a V or a 5 out of a scale from 1-12. Most California quakes 4.1 would get a IV or lower rating unless it was thrust fault. The 4.1 was the result of side to side motion like the San Andreas. Had this been a thrust fault with a 4.1 there might have been some damage to places.

              The last major earthquake was 1886 that killed 60 people in South Carolina. I remember reading that this fault goes off every 125 years. This would make it ready to blow about 2011. So it is overdue by 2 and 1/2 to 3 years or so. Something to watch for and never a bad idea to earthquake proof someone’s home a little by tying down the water heater, have a quick way of shutting off the gas, having child proof lock on kitchen cabinets to prevent dishes and other glass flying out, securing glass kick knacks, securing connecting beams within the foundation of homes, etc. Much of what should be done in prepartion for hurricanes and extreme winds.

              • BB Stacker


                We’ve been getting quite a few shakers in Oklahoma. We’ve had a few quakes register over 3.0 and one a 4.1 over the last month. I remember the 5.6 we had back in 2011, definitely felt that one. Is this area capable of a big one, say over a 6.0-6.5?

                Thanks for any info.

                • Be informed

                  @ BB Stacker. Look at the depth of these earthquakes. Almost all of them are fairly shallow at 5 km. I see this number so often it is amazing, 5 km deep. This is almost certainly from fracking. Your area is capable of a 6 to even high 6 range, this danger zone would be a little north of Oklahoma City to about 50 miles north of the Texas Oklahoma border. In a 50 year period they say there is a 2% chance of peak gravity of about 25%. I was in an earthquake of 6.1 with a 22% peak and this was intense. There is a lesser chance of a higher peak of say in the 30-40% range and that would place it above 6.5 in most cases. This less than 1% chance is remote, but is possible.

                  The earthquake activity from man made is not likely to cause this, but this might a little bit speed up the time in which a true big one hits. When they put dams right on to of large faults, the increase of pressure from the water has probably caused some earthquakes before their time in places like India. Look for earthquakes deeper than 10 km, this is probably a natural earthquake.

              • Carolina Girl

                Thank you BI. Trying to understand all of this information. After it happened last night, we all stood outside shocked, waiting for any after effects, when none came and we finally went back in, the first thing I did was pull up this blog to make a post to you. I saw that eppe already had.

                • BB Stacker

                  Thanks Be Informed. I appreciate the response and information. I had suspected the increased amount of fracking around here may have something to do with it.

        • Carolina Girl

          eppe, you around here? Shook our house for 8-10 seconds, very odd for us.

          • eppe

            I was 120 mile west of the eppecenter, felt it for 2-3 seconds….
            We do not get many of these, was wierd to feel my chair vibrate….

            • Carolina Girl

              Eppe, I was about 20 miles from it, my family in the upstate about 100-120 miles from it, all felt it, but it was very obvious where I was.

        • Maudy Frickett

          Maudy used to read the Edgefield Journal. One of the longest running papers in the US. It is no more.

          • Carolina Girl

            The Edgefield Advertiser made a come back though. My DH remembers when The Edgefield Citizen started and there ended up being a boycott and a lawsuit between the 2 papers. Now the Citizen is shut down and the Advertiser made a come-back.

      • Carolina Girl

        eppe, you around here, shook our house for 8-10 seconds, very off for here.

      • JayJay

        Maybe Ga. can’t handle the weight of all that ice?? 🙂

        • Y'all Beware!

          @ Jay Jay,

          From your post concerning bar codes;
          just to make sure I checked for you and got three other sources. He is a good one to check:

          Y’all Beware! Keep Smilin’

          • JayJay

            I just checked 3 pair of shoes still in the boxes–there is not a code on that tag that matches 690-699.
            Maybe I’m not checking right, but not seeing those codes.

            • JayJay

              I even checked the boxes–same codes.

              • Maudy Frickett

                Keep this in mind. Nations apply to the US for the right to import their products. They are awarded a quota. Some don’t use all their quota. So they sell the left over quota to other nations. The nation that buys the remaining quota then puts tags on their product indicating that the product they made came from the country that they bought the quota from. So you can be looking at a tag from one country attached to a product from another country. Confusing?

        • Carolina Girl

          The ice was bad, Augusta took the brunt of it this time around. Lots of power outages starting Wed. morning, our home was out for about 75 hours, some friends have been out for 4 full days now, still waiting. A friend is in the hospital, been there since Thurs. after a limb fell on her and she has significant back injuries, broken ribs and a gash to her head. She will have a long recovery. A police officer helping a stranded motorist and a 3 yr. old child were also hit by ice laden limbs, the child died, I think the officer died as well. Many of my friends lost all of their refrigerated/frozen foods, it’s been hard on folks down here. About the time that most people’s power came back on the earthquake hit, some great crews of power workers came from all over to help, working long hours away from their families to restore power, we are forever grateful to them, volunteer forces out with chain saws helping clear the yards of elderly/handicapped people who have requested help in clearing their yards. Ice storms are rare around here and we have many very tall loblolly pines that snap and break under the weight of just a little ice, my son had a tree fall through his roof and into my granddaughter’s bathroom, fortunately my two granddaughters were in another part of the house when it happened.

    23. Timothy

      The picture on the front article link is completely inaccurately drawn. First, the stance is way off. His shoulders should be squared or at least his left shoulder or tactical hand side should be more forward not his Action or right shoulder.

      Secondly, he is holding the pistol grip like a pistol which anyone with a little training would know that this gives you poor control over the weapon. The pistol grip is meant only to be a marker for forward grip placement which should be on the barrel.

      Anyway, I really just wanted to say that i just got a Daniel Defense in 300 aac and I LOVE IT! lol

      Already cut my first hundred or so 223 cases and will be starting the rest of the reloading process to convert them to 300 aac this weekend.

      F the bozos!

      • Timothy

        The picture on the front article link is completely inaccurately drawn, he is holding the pistol grip like a pistol which anyone with a little training would know that this gives you poor control over the weapon. The pistol grip is meant only to be a marker for forward grip placement which should be on the barrel.

        Anyway, I really just wanted to say that i just got a Daniel Defense in 300 aac and I LOVE IT! lol

        Already cut my first hundred or so 223 cases and will be starting the rest of the reloading process to convert them to 300 aac this weekend.

        F the bozos!

        • PO'd Patriot


      • Timothy

        I take back the first part, I didn’t realize he was shouldering it on the left until a second look. But his shoulders should still be more squared.

    24. dub

      It seems unthinkable that military personnel would be willing to use force against American citizens. But it is not entirely unlikely.
      The German military, made up of ordinary people, committed mass murder somewhere between 1933-1945. They killed and or tortured and experimented on five to six million jews-one million were children-two million were women. Three million Soviet prisoners. Two million Soviet civilians. One million Polish civilians. One million Yugoslav civilians. Seventy thousand men, women and children with mental & physical handicaps. And around two hundred thousand gipsies. Some of these numbers may be low. “Every arm of Germanys bureaucracy was involved in the logistics that led to the genocides”. This was happening a mere seventy five years ago.
      The Germans felt themselves to be racially superior. Apparently they were convinced that what they were doing was ok. So what will convince the US military to respond in similar fashion. Who is or will be labeled as inferior by the elitists (racially superior)? Preppers, Survivalists, Tea Party members, gun owners, constitutionalists? Where is the trend leaning?

      • Them Guys

        Better Re check them numbers. And get info from others than jewish infos. Check out Jewish Almanacs which are wrote BY and For jewish folks infos. Jewish almanacs have total european nations combined numbers of jews alive at 1930’s era somewheres around Just Less than 3 million jews total, with aprox 505,000 Total jews IN german lands when in 1934 nazis came to power.

        There were never six million total jews european nation wide. That number of six Million was promoted at Least 6 times I found from 1895 up to and including 1940’s.

        You can VIEW scans of actual old newspapers from europe and usa editions, that make Dire claims of BOTH that 6 Million Jews will “soon” be dead…And other headlines that state “6 million ARE dead already in a massive holyhoax of 6 million jews”..

        I added up all their claims since 1895 and if true? It adds up to at least 36-Million dead jews, and 30 Million dead jews Before anybody even Heard of nazis or hitler!

        Add in what most jews claimed of 10 Million jews escaped hitler etc, add in also all jews alive in various Other countries(usa, england etc etc) and total alive numbers of worldwide jewery had to be close to 50-60 Million at minimum!

        Yet every possible numbers source including jewish almanacs, national Census reports etc shows a consistent amount worldwide of just around 13-14 Million jews…Hmmmm…..Also-Same jew almanacs and nations census reports for that WWII era of during and just prior to war era, shows Every nation-race-etc of persons worldwide had LOWER Population increases due to war and related effects…EXCEPT for the jews! Jews Gained around 400,000 Increased population worldwide in same time frame!

        How is that remotely possible for jews to start out with just 13 million worldwide, and Increase by 400,000 at wars end? Amazeing if one considers jews 6 million dead clamis eh?….Go Check jewish own almanacs and various other materials see the Real truths…

        Somebodys useing Fuzzy Math eh?

        It amazes me that germans could be at war with most every free nation planet wide in WWII era, like around 40 nations armys etc…Yet be able to take the time-cash-resources-fuels-foods-etc, to at same time frame do even a Tenth or less of whats claimed waa done.

        Most every jewish book or account of nazis speaks of extremely efficient germans adept as NO others in being a vast Killing Machine unparalled by all others ever…

        So efficient germanys were they even kept massive files, names, ocupations, all types evidence of their “crimes”…And that such modern efficiency experts unrivaled by anyone ever in inventing and buiilding etc..

        Actually took the necessary time-expense-cash-foods-resources etc, while german citizens went withOUT, germanys army was vastly Low on fuels-foods etc…Yet the nazis still took time to make 6 million Pairs of matching Stripped PJ’s and booties, and after a change of clothes also gave 6 Million Haircuts…

        Before killing same 6 million?…NO jewish explainations so far has told us why on earth such efficiency Experts, would ever consider such stuff if the real plan was to kill off every jew?

        Of course most jewish told stories of the holyhoax era have since proven False…Stuff like Nazis burried over 800,000 in a camp grounds, where mathmatically its proven space there only had room for at Most 10,000 bodies.

        But jewish claims say first nazis killed off and burried 800,000 all within aprox 6 months time…THEN!!

        THEN!! same nazis in only 4 months Dug Up all 800,000 bodies and placed bodies 2500 at a time onto old railroad wood ties for fire fuel and Burned all 800,000 bodies to ashes…THEN REburried the ashes so nazis wont get “caught”!! even though same jews claim germans kept great records of it all..so which Is it? nazis Feared being caught by reburying ashes of bodies redug up? or nazis kept good records of it all?(Only latter is truth, there never were any 800,000 dead bodies nor ashes reburied).

        I Can provide you with a website that contains actual airplane photos of grounds where Camps were at…Over a Million german plane pics taken in 1930’s over euro zones, then another Million pictures taken By USA and British Airplanes photograpic Tech etc…in 1940’s.

        Plus a True expert guy whos company’s expertize is to check such claims for truth etc…He shows with MATH, and amounts of avail acreages etc Why its mathmatically IMPOSSIBLE to believe such jew claims of so many dead jews burried.

        ALSO: Websites that contain actual Tests from aprox Late 1990’s era where experts studied ground movements and disruptions with same High Tech methods called ground Penetrating rader machinery used to “FIND” any of 6 million jew bodies…Alas…Every camp earth grounds checked, proved that zero bodies found, zero ashes found, zero bone fragments found…In Other words if You keep trusting and believing what propagandas we all were told as truth? You will continue to Fall for the 20th century’s Biggest Hoax!

        Perhaps even the worlds Biggest Hoax of all recorded history and time!…Theres a real good reason jesus Himself said in John,8:44 that the jews are of their father satan and HIS Lusts they will Do…That being LIE! as one of his Lusts…The Other Two satanic lusts jews shall do are Steal and Murder…

        I rather Trust warnings and advise from Christ as compared to any so called “survivor jews”. or their head nazi hunter Eli Da weazel…

        Eli even admitted that his books contains Many Lies!…When asked about false claims by a TV reporter guy, Eli said “Well even though as you said the things I wrote in My Books did NOT happen…I still believe its true and…So should…You believe it!”

        In others words do NOT dare to question what some jew says or claims…Just believe it cause they said it.

        You seem to have Fallen Hard for that!

        Let me know if you desire those fact filled, Photo filled websites that fully DEBUNK jewish fables of nazis and camps and famous “SIX-MILLION” numbers okay.

        PS I found the real reason that number of “six million” is so damn Important to jews is that some old talmudic or Kabala book info says that Only after six million jews die in a firey holocaust, which Is what that words means…Its Yiddish(?) for Burnt Offering aka holocaust…

        Only after six million are dead can jews obtain a “right to return to Israel lands”….Thats why newspapers headlines far back as 1895 claimed six million soon be dead or some claims says already were dead.

        Once you view scans of 1895 and 5 More eras newspapers headlines make same six million jews claims. It sorta makes one wonder what the hell are jews really up to eh?

        PS: Most every “CAMP” like Aushwitz etc that were in soviet territories and Poland, kommie controled poland, were Built BY soviet Jewish Russian Bolshevik Mass murderers known as Kommies…Jewdeo-Communists. Soviet russian Jew kommies used those camps to intern and mass Murder White Christians from over a dozen eastern european nations..BEFORE anybody ever Heard of hitler or any “nazis”.

        Maybe germans were really fighting to STOP spread of jewdeo bolshevik kommisim eh…Bingo!

        no Matter How ya slices it though…More innocent folks got mass killed off in 20th century than in all other eras known of…NONE mass murdered more than Bolshevik Jewish invented communisim. At Least 250 Million deaths Due to soviet’s…Invented-Led-Run-Profitied from BY jewish persons. 90% jewish at minimum…Thats All well proven-Documented-Peer reviewed-Published FACTS! Only a fool will agrue such factual proof. Or a foolish jew firster delusional evangelical type I rekon.

        That should concern folks More than wild tales or fables of nazis etc. Especially since Today america is stuffed full of over 1/2 of grandchildrens of those original Soviet Jewish Bolshevik kommie mass murderers! What do You think Their tribal and satanic Lustfull plans are for americans whites and christian folk? USSR-1918 Redux here perhaps? Sure looks like Thats It, by jove!

        • dub

          Them Guys
          Are you a Nazi?

          • dub

            I didn’t call you a Nazi. I asked if you were one.

        • para bellum

          @ Them Guys

        • BJ

          Thanks again for another really great post and info Them Guys

      • para bellum

        I’m thinking the only way to get the military and/or law enforcement to take up arms against US Citizens is to feed the boots on the ground lies.

        Think about it. Send a SWAT team to arrest a regular law abiding citizen because he owns lots of guns? They wouldn’t do it cause he’s a guy just like them. But feed the team with lies and tell them an informant reported the same guy has hundreds of pipe bombs, is planning an attack on the good guys, and they will go.

        The problem with this is that the lies would only work so long. The boots on the ground (sooner or later) would realize their targets are good guys.

        I’m fairly certain that for a long, sustained offensive against the people, a foreign military would have to be used.

    25. john gault

      they can train all the dhs gestapo troops they want

      they still wont be enough

      and they know it .

      you must focus on alt-money making , produce grow own food water energy and medicine .

      live in a remote back country area away from the soon to be mega-cities .

      and engage your towns county leaders educate them to the truth of un agenda 21 .


    26. JRS

      There are many “fake cities” built around the country disguised as bases.

      Underneath these “fake” buildings are huge vaults holding most of the gold in the world that the Fed has stolen from the world by issuing paper.

      Beneath other “fake” buildings are large water reservoirs that will be released when needed to grow food. Detroit is not an abandoned city. Beneath the decay they are storing water pumped from the Great Lakes. That’s why the level has dropped.

      The BLM was created to keep the huge oil reserves there from being used until all the other oil in the world is used up.

      After all the other countries fail from resource depletion, these saved resources will be freed up and the US will rise again.

      Why? Because the US is exceptional and will never collapse…USA…USA…USA.

      Pass the jug…

    27. watching and waiting

      It is not unusual for the military to do this because Fort Knox has had a urban training center. But how many training centers have a subway included? That will be good training. Most US Military Installations that train new recruits has a mock urban center.

      Now, lets really get serious…….Just because some in the military is trying to under mind our traditional values, we (you and I): There are thousands and thousands that come to this site, Upon which thousands have served
      in the US Armed Forces or have loved ones serving.

      They can be deprogramed…….They can sit in the meetings.
      Nod their heads…….. Walk to the nearest latrine and blow it out. A parent, a loved one, has more impact than anyone on earth, especially a mother…

      When they come home, query them on what they are being taught…..The problem is, if it is beat into their heads and the fear of God installed then they might be somewhat resistant. Don’t give up. They have a choice.

      Listen……….Our country is in grave danger………..

      As I keyboard this note, the enemies of America is closing in. They smell/see weakness. I am speaking primarily of present terrorist units that have entered the country through our southern borders. The country is in grave danger and many Americans are unaware and will be like deer in the head lights.

      By the way, the next time you get your gas and walk in the station. look at who is behind the counter…..

      Most recently, the administration made a allowance to let some folks who have had some terrorist connection to let them in the country. How about that!

      Many of you are aware of the terrorist strike on the substation in that state…A dry run……
      The terrorist will expect you and I to hide in fear and their goal will be accomplished.

      Well, they will be wrong…….

      Law abiding citizens and law enforcement need better relations……They are going to need us………
      They may have no idea how much we have been infiltrated by external and internal subversive groups.
      Do not call me paranoid……I hear people talk…..

      Everybody be safe…….

    28. Jim in Va.

      Well I guess that cold day in hell has arrived. Now that Christians,constitutionalists and Tea Party folks are banned its all over.

    29. N.O. ;0p


      it is inevitable

      stop fighting it

      give in to it

      you will soon if you aren’t already

      LIVE IN FEAR OF , be enslaved by your own u.n. nwo zog brainwashed neighbors brothers sisters children

      and you will embrace it , love it too , as you will know nothing else from this point forward in your small tax debt slave lives .

      the idea that was once free AmeriCa is no more …

      kneel and beg the NWO ZOG Anti-Christ ‘barry da’ sniveling fairy’ for your very lives and the lives of your children and he may still spare them …

      “I SAID BEG NWO ZOG AMERIKA” and you will be allowed to live .

      pisses ya’ off don’t it ???

      good , i’m counting on it and on you .

      so what’s it’s gonna be AmeriCa ???

      are you ready to get off your knee’s and FIGHT BACK ???



      N.O. ;0p

    30. exsubguy


    31. The Old Coach

      I have no trouble training our N.G. troops in urban warfare. Once TSHTF our cities are going to be war zones due to the predominant ethnicity of their populations.

      • Mcdave

        Well said.

    32. Sgt. Dale

      This whole thing makes no sense to me. If you want to take over a small town up to 10,000 you just surround it and shut off supplies. With in a week or so it’s yours, with out a fight. At that is when the fight begins, when families find out what happened.

      If you are going to take over a small town of under 5,000 and you blitz it. giving no warning.
      If you do that is where you run into trouble. You see Aunt Mary is going to want to she her brother or sister and when they find out that the city is occupied by solders. The news gets around fast and that is when the SHTF.

      You can just attack. You have to use hit and run tactics. Wearing them down. Yes they will call in reinforcements, but the cat is out of the bag and they will more than likely run into some problems.

      The military is not big enough even with Blue Helmets to set on every city in the US. You know how I feel about Blue Helmets, and I think most of you feel the same.

      Now for a larger city over 10,000. This completely different. The military can take over parts of the city. Then start working on the rest of the city. That isn’t going to work well. Just think of Stalingrad during WW2. Germans took large sections of the city just to see them lost and they had to go back and retake them again, until they were completely defeated.

      So the best way to take control of a big city is to set back an blow the S#$T out of it for weeks. Then cut off supplies going into it.

      Now that is when we get into subway war fare. The smart thing to do so you don’t loose any men is to seal off the entrances and exits to all the subways. Give it a couple of days and you will get people begging to get out.

      Now if TPTB try this kind of crap on a small they will get a lesson in how a Country Boy Will/Can Survive.

      You can’t take on a tank with a AR or and AK so you have to fight on you ground and your rule. You have to be smart enough to bring the fight to you.

      The USA didn’t WIN the Revolution until we stop fight it using British rule.

      Sorry of the long Rant! Dose anyone else have an IDEA?


      • 1braveheart

        Good morning, Sarge. You’re right on target [pun intended, what the hell]. No matter how many gangbangers are in Obama’s ‘domestic army’ or how many Blue Helmets are out there, hell has no fury like the wrath of 80,000,000 American gun owners. MOLON LABE braveheart

        • Sgt. Dale

          How are you my friend? Surviving the cold and Ice?
          It’s just cold here right now we are to get about 1 inch of snow tonight. No big deal. I just wish it would warm up. I’m getting some reloading done. That is the only good thing about this SH#$%ty weather.

          You are right about what you stated. Obullshit doesn’t have enough to take us on. The problem is that he will try and it will be hell her in the US. Because he hate the USA and he wants to tear it down. This is why I have prepared.

          The scenarios I set forth are just that scenarios. If all of this comes to pass the best way to fight TPTB is not by their rules. Fight them by our rules and if they adapt to our rules change the rules. (Just like when I would argue with my ex-wife she was good at that)
          I digress!

          They can practice all they want but we will just change the rules.

          My SWAT and Sniper training with the FBI back in the early 1990’s was to find an old farm house that was abandoned, set it up that it had bad guys with big guns have taken the Mayor hostage. We had to save the mayor.

          One time the FBI brought down the Shitcago SWAT team and we got to play bad guys.(I LIKE IT) They were completely out of the element. We killed them on the way to the location, we killed them when they were setting up, we killed their snipe teams, We ambushed their command center and killed them their. The FBI agent in charge had to play god and bring them back to life. Their LT. said “we didn’t play fair”. I told him he was right we don’t and we won’t. He made a stupid commit, and I told him he was out of his environment to stay in the City. I told him don’t try to come down here and take on something without help from the locals, because there won’t be an FBI agent here to resurrect you.
          You see they were to come from the city with SAWT teams to help out local P.D.’s They found it won’t work.


          • OutWest

            Sgt. Dale

            That really isn’t much of a city by city standards.
            Looks quite rural, in fact.
            If all they are training for is entering buildings
            in a real city, what are they going to do about all
            the guerrillas on the rooftops and back alleys?

            If this goes nation wide, they will have to shuffle
            a limited force back and forth from city to city,
            which gives the “rebels” time to regroup, and the
            cities will continue to burn with ferocity as has
            been proven in the riots of past history.

            This will overwhelm even the largest of emergency
            services and only add to the mayhem. Toss in the
            confusion of civilians rushing around not knowing
            what to do or where to go, the “team” won’t know
            who’s who or what is what. Like Viet Nam, we didn’t
            know the villagers from their fighters unless they
            were wearing uniforms.

            Logistically, there is just no way they could pull
            this off. It would be like a dozen cowboys trying
            to stop a 3000 cattle herd stampede.
            What do you think?

            • Sgt. Dale

              Out West:
              I was throwing numbers out. And yes they are rural, because that is all I really know.
              Larger Cities would be more of a problem, this goes for any army. Russian, Chinese, UN, Ect.
              Now for being on roof tops, Don’t go there Remember on Black Hawk Down the Skinnies where on the roof top and Choppers cleared them out Fast.

              As far as going nation wide. You are SO RIGHT. We could also take a bunch out when they are on the move when they are less protected. They could also use movement to draw you out.

              You make some very good points about blending in. Don’t let them know who you are. I’m screwed they know how I am.
              Great POINTS.

              • OutWest

                Sgt. Dale – I wasn’t being too clear.

                I really agreed with Your rural scenario.
                It was dead on in my opinion. I was referring
                to the video above with the mock city instead.
                Pretty sparse setting to practice for a large
                urban sprawl.

                As far as a strategic hide, take your pick. I
                probably should have said high ground instead
                of rooftop. But if choppers started raining
                down hellfire on the populace, any strategy
                troops might have would be sorely disrupted
                by the panic of a million terrified people
                running in all directions. Like yelling ‘fire’
                in a crowded theatre or Black Friday morning.

                What I envision in the worst case breakdown
                is similar to a western wildfire where no
                matter how many hoses and the plans to use
                them are, they become insignificant in actual

                I love reading your material. It always gives
                me food for thought. Thank you for who you are.

                • Sgt. Dale

                  DAMN man those were some very good ideas on how to take over a city. I’m happy you are on our side.
                  THANK GOD I HAVE A LOT OF T.P. (LMAO) Pun intended

                • Sgt. Dale

                  I’m at work right now and I’m waiting for some one to come in. I hve to make this quick.
                  I see where you are coming from. Yes I agree with you 100%.

          • 1braveheart

            Sarge, that’s an interesting story about your SWAT training. I like that, you beat a Shitcago SWAT team. One day a SWAT team somewhere will run into resistance and it will be interesting to see how that turns out. MOLON LABE braveheart

            • Sgt. Dale

              It wasn’t just me it was the guys on the P.D SWAT team that did it. and IT WS A BLAST!

        • Northern Reb

          1BREAVEHEART:& SGT.Dale
          I don’t worry to much about the U.S. military or blue helmet (although they would make good targets) kicking down doors or over running cities. I do worry about Obama’s civilian army, (nsa,dhs,et.ect.), roving gangs, and Zombie mopes trying to take mine and my groups prepps.
          The zombie mopes want last very long because they won’t have a clue, but they will be a pain in the a$% for a while.
          Obama’s army I believe will run into the true U.S. military, so they won’t last long, but a pain longer than the Zombie mopes.
          The roving gangs that is the one that scares the he!* out of me, BUT IF THEY WANT OUR STUFF, WELL, THEY WILL HAVE ONE HE!* FIGHT ON THERE HANDS
          Oh well I don’t fight to lose, I fight to win even if that mean fighting DIRTY!!!!
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      • Hunter


        I reckon the enemy has access to some pretty exotic (some lethal/some not) chem-bio munitions tucked away.

        Per your city siege scenario..how bout aerial spraying said city/town, w/ a psycho-tropic/hallucinogenic compound that puts the populace on a 24hr acid trip?!?

        Result..12hrs into the op..you send in the troops in MOPP gear..clean-up would likely meet little resistance.

        ..or say they use something that induces severe diarrhea?
        Would be kinda difficult to fight back after nearly shitting oneself to death for hrs.

        ..never underestimate the enemy.

        ..because they’re counting on the fact..you will do just that!

        • Warchild Dammit

          Hunter,that’s why booby trap and other items(100 bucks and visit to big box store)is in order.Let those mopup crews looking for goods ect. die even in a town with no live enemy left.

          • Hunter

            Thumbs up WC!!!

            Necessity is the mother of invention..and in this case..vengeance is the mid-wife!!!

        • Slick One

          Hunter understand that biological agents are not hard to produce as are many chemical agents. Should tptb decide to use either on American citizens a line would have been crossed. Bio weapons have a nasty habit of mutating and getting those who use them. Once such an attack were to be launched and acknowledged against American citizens by their own government,the gloves would come off.

          • Hunter

            Ain’t that the truth, Slick One!

            ..am sure there are many of us who paid attention whilst in chemistry class.

      • REB

        Rantings good :)…sure they got alot of fancy toys and alot of manpower from different sources but any serious student of history who can unplug from all the hype can see you are correct…they cant take us all…not even a reasonable fraction of us and as people see the freemen fighting and dying against the machine many of them will have a “come to Jesus moment” and join the rebels…some wont of course but we dont need everyone just the good ones…sure itll be hell and yes alot of good people will die but then thats the nature of war…you kill people and break things till your enemy decides the cost/benefit ratio is no longer in his favor then you win…the beast system isnt going to lie down and die and freemen with any sense know this especially any who have seen blood and guts spilled in a fight…they just know it…as far as them making any sense Sarge…did they ever? REB

        • Northern Reb

          I love that “come to Jesus moment”, thats a good one.
          I think the good ones will have that moment right off the start of SHTF. And some will just go down the prime rose path to destruction. AMEN AND PASS THE AMMUNITION!!!!!
          Just think we might have to patent the word REB!;-)
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • REB

            :)thanks y’all…Northern Reb…no way to patent an attitude…youre Northern Reb and Im REB and we got lots of brothers and sisters here who are rebs in their own ways…anyone who wont conform has the rebel gene…Ive been called REB since I was in about the sixth grade…figure those who love me are gonna carve it on my tombstone when my time comes…I can only hope Im worthy of the name 🙂

        • Hunter

          Nice analysis REB-

          Agreed. They are limited to an extent, per simultaneous areas of operation..hence, we’ll see in depth/ mega-media coverage 24/7 of their domestic ‘shock and awe/wipeout ops’.

          ..call it a carefully scripted/prepared psychological warfare campaign designed to induce paralyzing fear..into those who would resist.

          ..again, like I said earlier:

          We’ll see how it plays out, soon enough(one day)!

          + one to ya!

        • Sgt. Dale

          Hello my brother:
          No they never ever made sense!
          Great post. Good to hear from you.

      • Night Breaker

        Sgt dale ,
        Example this what is occurring in Aleppo Syria right now and what occurred in Sarajevo .
        MOUT operations are a really nasty business for the OPFOR.

        Semper Fi 8541

    33. Gidion the Judge says,

      Judges 6:1 ” The people of God did what was evil in the sight of the Lord, and the Lord gave them into the hand of Midian (their enemies)…. ESV

      Repent America. You have murdered 50 million of your own children, spread homosexual perversion world wide, supported the spread of a false (some say satanic) faith (Islam), made porn a big thriving industry, consumed drugs and alcohol to the point of drunkenness, while your businessmen (Wall Street) rape the world and your Preachers (for the most part) are silent.

      Some are fat while others starve, some throw money away at Casinos, while other freeze, some drive expensive cars while children go homeless.

      Repent and seek God’s grace in Jesus Christ, repent now while you still can.

    34. Anonymous

      They had real cities all over the world to “practice” on…

      Cities all over Iraq, Afghanistan and recently Libya…

      Didn’t do the Army much good did it?

    35. American Idiot

      Look at how well the Army did with cities in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya!

    36. SmokinOkie

      Why did they bother to build a ‘fake’ city? We already had Detroit. Complete with real zombies. Damned waste of federal reserve notes….
      In celebrity news: Miley Cyrus just replaced Justin Bieber as the youngest star EVER to need a “Comeback Tour.” Get your concert tickets soon, before she beats him as the youngest star to need rehab!
      personal note to Durango Kidd- Don’t let the naysayers get you down. I know brown dwarfs are real. I dated one, back when I worked for the carnival. (cute little thing, and a hell of a juggler!) 🙂
      Mac posted a comment and a link, a couple articles back, to BrotherJohnF. I encourage all of you to check it out. What caught my eye, more than the silver discussions, was an anonymous quote on the home page. In a nut shell, it defines the greater problem in America as being an ignorant population willing to have fools lead them, rather than the foolish leaders themselves. That says a lot about our future.
      If the masses want tyranny, we WILL have tyranny. Our job, as freedom loving citizens, is twofold. 1-Prep like hell. 2- Keep spreading the word. Wake as many sheep as you can while there is time…
      Wish I could visit here more often, but duty calls. Somewhere in America, a city is desperately in need of a truckload of frozen burritos. (hang on folks! keep those microwave ovens revved up. I’ll be there soon!)

      • Mcdave

        @ Smokin,

        “personal note to Durango Kidd- Don’t let the naysayers get you down. I know brown dwarfs are real. I dated one, back when I worked for the carnival. (cute little thing, and a hell of a juggler!) :)”

        Made me spit coffee out my nose!
        Thanks, I needed that.

      • eppe

        Okie, been missing ya, here’s one for ya, maybe everyone has seen it, remember many have not…

        Adminisphere: The rarefied organizational layers beginning just above the rank and file. Decisions that fall from the adminisphere are often profoundly inappropriate or irrelevant to the problems they were designed to solve.

        Adult: A person who has stopped growing at both ends and is now growing in the middle.

        Arachnoleptic fit: The frantic dance performed just after you’ve accidentally walked through a spider web.

        Arbitrator: A cook that leaves Arby’s to work at McDonald’s.

        Assmosis: The process by which some people seem to absorb success and advancement by kissing up to the boss rather than working hard.

        Avoidable: What a bullfighter tries to do.

        Beauty Parlor: A place where women curl up and dye.

        Beelzebug: Satan in the form of a mosquito, that gets into your bedroom at three in the morning and cannot be cast out.

        Blamestorming: Sitting around in a group, discussing why a deadline was missed or a project failed, and who was responsible.

        Bozone: The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately, shows little sign of breaking down in the near future.

        Burglarize: What a crook sees with.

        Cannibal: Someone who is fed up with people.

        Cashtration: The act of buying a house, which renders the subject financially impotent for an indefinite period.

        Caterpallor: The color you turn after finding half a worm in the fruit you’re eating.

        Chickens: The only creatures you eat before they are born and after they are dead.

        Committee: A body that keeps minutes and wastes hours.

        Counterfeiters: Workers who put together kitchen cabinets.

        Craughed: To laugh and cry simultaneously.

        Cube Farm: An office filled with cubicles.

        Decafalon: The grueling event of getting through the day consuming only things that are good for you.

        Dopeler effect: The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.

        Dust: Mud with the juice squeezed out.

        Eclipse: what an English barber does for a living.

        Egotist: Someone who is usually me-deep in conversation.

        Eyedropper: a clumsy ophthalmologist.

        Flusterpated: Being so flustered that words get bound up inside you.

        Foreploy: Any misrepresentation about yourself for the purpose of getting laid.

        Generica: Features of the American landscape that are exactly the same no matter where one is, such as fast food joints, strip malls, subdivisions.

        Giraffiti: Vandalism spray-painted very, very high.

        Glibido: All talk and no action.

        Gossip: A person who will never tell a lie if the truth will do more damage.

        Handkerchief: Cold Storage.

        Heroes: what a guy in a boat does.

        Hipatitis: Terminal coolness.

        Ignoranus: A person who’s both stupid and an a**hole.

        Inflation: Cutting money in half without damaging the paper.

        Inoculatte: To take coffee intravenously when you are running late.

        Intaxication: Euphoria at getting a tax refund, which lasts until you realize it was your money to start with.

        Irritainment: Entertainment and media spectacles that are annoying but you find yourself unable to stop watching them. The O. J. trials were a prime example.

        Karmageddon: It’s like, when everybody is sending off all these really bad vibes, right? And then, like, the Earth explodes and it’s like, a serious bummer.

        Lasterday: Any day before today.

        Left Bank: what the robber did after his bag was full of loot.

        Misty: How golfers create divots.

        Mosquito: An insect that makes you like flies better.

        Mouse Potato: The on-line, wired generation’s answer to the couch potato.

        Onosecond: That minuscule fraction of time in which you realize that you’ve just made a BIG mistake.

        Osteopornosis: A degenerate disease.

        Paradox: two physicians.

        Parasites: what you see from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

        Percussive Maintenance: The fine art of whacking the s*** out of an electronic device to get it to work again.

        Perfect Pitch: what it is when you throw a banjo in a dumpster and it didn’t hit the sides.

        Pharmacist: a helper on the farm.

        Phonecrastinate: To put off answering the phone until caller ID identifies the caller.

        Polarize: what penguins see with.

        Primate: removing your spouse from in front of the TV.

        Raisin: Grape with a sunburn.

        Reintarnation: Coming back to life as a hillbilly.

        Relief: what trees do in the spring.

        Rubberneck: what you do to relax your wife.

        Salmon Day: The experience of spending an entire day swimming upstream only to get screwed and die in the end.

        Sarchasm: The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn’t get it.

        Seamstress: describes 250 pounds in a size six.

        Seagull Manager: A manager who flies in, makes a lot of noise, craps on everything, and then leaves.

        Secret: Something you tell to one person at a time.

        Selfish: what the owner of a seafood store does.

        SITCOMs: Single Income, Two Children, Oppressive Mortgage. What yuppies turn into when they have children and one of them stops working to stay home with the kids.

        Stress Puppy: A person who seems to thrive on being stressed out and whiney.

        Subdued: like, a guy, like, who works on one of those, like, submarines, man.

        Sudafed: bringing litigation against a government official.

        Swipeout: An ATM or credit card that has been rendered useless because the magnetic strip is worn away from extensive use.

        Tomorrow: One of the greatest labor saving devices of today.

        Toothache: The pain that drives you to extraction.

        Vocabularian: A person who makes up new words.

        Wrinkles: Something other people have. You have character lines.

        Xerox Subsidy: Euphemism for swiping free photocopies from one’s workplace.

        Yawn: An honest opinion openly expressed.

        404: Someone who’s clueless. From the World Wide Web error message “404 Not Found,” meaning that the requested document could not be located.

        • PKLauLau



        • REB

          Very good as usual eppe!

        • Northern Reb

          You did it again LOL. Please keep’m cone’n!!!!!!
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      • 1braveheart

        SmokinOkie, good to hear from you. Hope you get back soon. braveheart

    37. Andrew

      That “mosque” looks more like a Methodist church, than a mosque. Just sayin’

      • Mcdave

        Co winky dinky? I don’t thinky.

    38. wncmountainboy

      Small earthquake in SC coastal plain last night…we have tremors here in the mtns but I’ve never heard of one near the Grand Strand area of SC!

    39. CrabbeNebulae

      “…come up with solutions for problems we don’t even know we have yet…” This sounds like stupid running on scared and they are looking in all the wrong places. Come on folks… these guys have been in Iraq and Afghanistan over ten years now killing people in every conceivable urban environment there is and they still are hunting for solutions to problems they don’t have yet?? Maybe they should go back and read (really, read) all the after action reports that have been generated over the last century and stamped “secret noforn” or “top secret” and placed in some vault somewhere. Maybe they should all be declassified and spread around for everyone to read. Therein you will find answers to all of your problems you haven’t encountered yet. There are ways to set up algorithms to accomplish this. That, my friends is not rocket science. They’ve dropped millions of tons of ordnance, shot up billions of rounds of ammo and slaughtered millions of innocent people all over the world over the last 100 years, and they have conducted urban warfare drills in a multitude of small and large towns across America over the last decade and they still are seeking solutions to problems they don’t have yet?? Maybe, just maybe it’s time to stand down and stop trying to control everyone and everything. Well, the only thing I can say is if they ever decide to come after middle and blue collar America using force they will encounter a problem they will wish they never had. There are many, many more former military civilians with combat training in America than there are active duty or reserve military. All of their high tech weapons are extremely vulnerable to real partisan warfare. That does not take rocket science either. Does this village mean shock and awe, blitzkrieg and spray and pray don’t work? I’ll tell you what folks, if and when SHTF and we have to defend ourselves from these pricks they will use shock and awe and spray and pray tactics just like they have in every combat environment they’ve ever been in. Partisan warfare works and it works very well. All preppers, middle and blue collar Americans should try and think of all the problems these pricks haven’t encountered yet… and post them on the internet. like collateral damage on their own home turf to start with.

    40. Johnnyringo

      Info wars is the dumbest piece of trash one can get news from. I love shtfp. But info wars is hosted by an absolute cointelpro.

    41. 21Bravo

      The one wildcard in all of this is how many of the govt forces (military/LE) are going thru the motions because it is their job/career and they need a paycheck??? We will see how many actually show up when the SHTF… We will see how many decide not to follow zer0’s unconsitutional orders…The govt may be in for a big suprise….

      • Sgt. Dale

        When the SHTF I know were I’m going to be I’m going to be with my group fighting off Zombies, Leaches, and TPTB.
        Yes TPTB will get a major suprise from the guys I know in LE.

      • Agent Provocatour

        See! That’s what I’ve been saying!

    42. Maudy Frickett

      So much is going on at the same time that it’s hard to keep up. Syria is a war fought by surrogates. A war between 2 different empires. The Globalists and the Russians. Globalists, Israel, Al Qeada, Saudi Arabia and other Sunni led countries on one side. On the other Syria, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah. Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, a member of the Saudi Royal Family has been the Head of Saudi Intelligence. As such he was reponsible for organizing terror attacks in Syria. He had a major military officer in the Syrian Army blown up. In retaliation, the Iranians blew him up, but he survived. Bandar then assisted with the terror attacks in Russia. He even threatened to blow up the Olympics. Prince Bandar has reportedly been removed from office by the Saudi Royals. None of this in the MSM. The war in Syria will pick up after the Olympics. Saudi Arabia and Al Qeada are buddies. Al Qeada attacks us on 9/11 and then the Saudis are flown out of our country to safety. Hmm.

    43. Old Vet

      One thing I learned very quick when I was shooting gooks for a living was this. KEEP THEM GUESS’N; I mean give them a lot to think about, everything. This kept them off guard, worry them to death, what going here, why did they do this etc., kept them in disarray so to speak of. All this SH-T that the PTB are doing is the same thing, KEEP THEM THINKING ABOUT EVERYTHING, KEEP THEM FROM ORGANIZING. They know all too well that they will have their hands full once they start their thing to take us down. Truthfully they are very scared and don’t know what to really do, except keep our minds occupied and guessing until we are so confused that we cannot resist their move. PATRIOTS KEEP FOCUSED ON WHAT IS AT HAND! Let this entire BS that is going on around us, (as the old saying WATER ROLLS OFF A DUCKS BACK) roll off our backs. When they realize we cannot be put off guard, then it will be our turn to strike.

      Stay focused my friends, stay focused.

    44. N.O. ;0p

      the machinery of slavery

      If there is a “collapse” it will be engineered to create a society with greater control and tyranny, yet the same people will stay on top. Further, unless you are one of those families, your position will be jeopardized.

      You want to have control and think you can create it, an island away from totalitarianism. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. The only way this changes is if we all refuse to accept the system. You have to eliminate the system of law, because that is the machinery of slavery.

      N.O. ;0p

    45. Grey Dog

      The army has never had a life-size training site for fighting in cities, even though cities are major focal points and hold much, maybe soon most of the world’s population.

      Instead it has shoothouses and little 10-15 building complexes alongside big training arenas of desert, mountains, or woods.

      Anything bigger is good, and late. If the army wasn’t going to train to fight in cities, it would be an overgrown border patrol.

      • Hunter

        Ummmm…seems like I recall numerous U.S. large metropolises experiencing U.S. Army night-training exercises, of late.

        Ring a bell?

    46. Slickpreps

      First they steal $96 from us and then they use it to simulate warfare against us. Talk about us taxpayers getting screwed on both ends!

    47. Sierra Dave

      Thank you government for wasting our taxpayer Dollars. What are you going to do when the Dollar tanks? Use a global currency that is not Constitutional.

      When that day comes. And you accept the non-American money to suppress Americans. I will personally do my best to torture you traitors until your mind breaks.

      My anger will be righteous. And no excuse for following treasonous orders will protect you. Grab your family and flee or take out your traitorous commanders.

    48. Maudy Frickett

      While I’m thinking back on my Armor experiences, I would like to take this opportunity to stand up and salute the members of the 11th CAV who served in Viet Nam. A unit that wasn’t recognized as much as they should have been. Everybody knows of the 1st CAV, but few know of the 11th CAV. They put M48a3s and 113s where no one had before. Black Horse Regiment.

    49. N.O. ;0p

      the negro

      “Since the dawn of history the negro has owned the continent of Africa – rich beyond the dream of poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet. Yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light. His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or sled. A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or arrowhead worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour. In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud. With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail.”

      ~ KKK society ~ the origins of the negro .

      the naggers of today terrorizing robbing raping murdering mr. and mrs. al white cracker of zog amerika , is a symptom ‘a tell’ of a failed society and failed fascist national and state governments .

      when a entire race is treated and abused by another race like dumb beasts animals this is the end result .

      And as the pattern of race relations shows of the last 50 years it will continue …

      RACE AND CLASS WARFARE IS HERE NOW ON OUR once safe STREETS across zog amerika .

      the rule of law is disappearing from the streets and schools … what comes next will be truly medieval as zog amerika enters a new dark age of severe depression .

      prepare to defend yourselves once free AmeriCa from the GoldenHorde .

      N.O. ;0p

        • JayJay

          Oh, my –what do 99% of those criminals have in common?

          • eppe

            Scary ain’t it?

        • Them Guys

          An Excerpt: from a 1912 Book written By: Israel Cohen(jewish Head of Kommie party in England in 1912 era) on the main Method his tribe of kommie jewish soviets will use to overthrow America from Within!

          ISRAEL COHEN (1912)

          “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

          Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957

          TODAY: 2014 what do You see occureing everywheres nationwide in the USA? I will Tell you what!

          All that short paragraph taken from Israel Cohens jewdeo-commie pans book he wrote are happening in there fullness.

          Every TV show-sit com-comedy-drama-soap opera-serious stuff-tv news shows-Hollywood movies-of every type-stripe or situation broadcasts 24/7/365 Nothing but…All Mr jewdeo kommieboy Cohen wrote as the tribes true racial plans to destroy White america, hence destroy america for good.

          So His jewish kommie pals aka tribe can get usa out of their way in their global desire of total conquest, total deeded ownership of entire world, all the world contains, including People aka Goyim serf-slaves to the Tribes master race plans of their “messianic Era” that is to Last for 10,000 years. The tribal Talmudic beliefs are that global international Jewery will Self-Create their Own form of a messianic era, and that era will Only occure for real after worldwide jewery Owns and Controls the entire planet in Every way-shape and form possible to do so.

          One quick gander at ANY/All TV stations today, portrays the exact type scenario Israel Cohen wrote of…

          All you see on every channel of TV(talmudvision) is gorgeous Beautifull White Models and Playboy centerfold type Women with a Large sized Monky Ape gorilla(a negroe man) attached to the womens arms…

          Every sit com show portrays white women with Black or mestizo brown husbands or boyfriends…most every tv commercial, latest is Cherrios(?) ad’s showing a Biege fuzzy afro headed small girl, walking into kitchen to ask her WHITE Mommy about Breakfast cereal or something…

          White Mommy Tells Biege Mulatto small girl aka white womens daughter, “Go Tell Your Daddy on the couch asleep(where else would a african black babydaddy be)”

          Mulatto girl walks into living room seeking babydaddy…TV camaras show an asleep Black daddy on couch, white mommy remains at kitchen table smileing!

          Just one small TV ad example of the Many Thousands of daily examples of Mixed race, anti-whitey-Israel Cohen jewish Kommie subversion tactics at work in usa.

          WATCH: Yutube Vidoe by Barbara Spector, a jewish women in Sweden, Bragging on film how she and her zionist jewish pals are the ones behind all the current and past efforts to Destroy White folks solidarity, and white control of every white western run nation in EU and America too!

          She even has the aduacity to actually comment and whine that of course this is going to create alot more antisemitisim across the board!….Yet she claims its well worth it to see her and her zionist jewish pals Plans(that Mirror israel cohens 1912 books kommie racial plans to the proverbial T) become a reality..

          She ends her rants by advise for all white folks in the EU nations to NOT attempt at stopping this jewish zionist Push for way More NON white immigrants entering every white western nation worldwide!

          Now anybody that still remains deluded, or refuses to open their eyes to Who’s behind these evil Ill’s destroying america and Every white nation worldwide…Can simply View this jewish zionist woman fully describe in full details what their jewish racial antiwhite plans are and How they are going about doing it all..

          They are now so certain their jewish kommie plans cannot fail, that many of the tribe are going Public and outting the tribal global antiwhite plans…

          Its NO wonder Christs own words warned us all in the new testement book of LUKE that in LUKE,21 vs 11 Jesus tells what will occure in last days…THEN look at what he says in next verse!

          LUKE,21 vs 12..”But BEFORE these things happen(tribulations & bad stuff etc)…THEY(Who?) are going to Persectue You, and Take You Captive Into their Prisons and into THEIR SYNAGOUGES!”

          So all of those pro jewish, israel firsters here like Barn cat et al…Tell us all Why did jesus issue that dire advance warning, if his true message was for us folks to defend and support all issues jewish or israel?

          WHO calls Their “churchs'” a Synagouge other than Jews? Nobody I ever heard of eh…

          If the Barn cats of the world are so correct? Why are jews going to Take Captive gebtiles and christians into their Synagouges and prisons?

          And I suppose israel is americas best friends and allies too right?!!!!

          Cannot wait for barn Cats esteemed explaination to this delema which so counters His demands to defend/support whatever jews or israel does, regardless how wrong or deadly or illeagle etc it may be or else, God won’t bless us or the usa!

          Which is it Barn Cat and Indy Colts?…be Forewarned jews are going to Take us captive into synagouses and prisons(fema camps?)…OR was Christ wrong saying that and he meant we need do as barn cat and indy colt advise us of always? Both cant be correct eh!

    50. eppe

      Hope everyone gets a kick out of this one…

      $7.00 SEX

      A DFW area couple, both well into their 80s or 90s, go to a Sex Therapist’s office.

      The doctor asks, ‘What can I do for you?’

      The man says, ‘Will you watch us have sexual intercourse?’

      The doctor raises both eyebrows, but he is so amazed that such an elderly couple is asking for sexual advice that he agrees.

      When the couple finishes, the doctor says, ‘There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the way you have intercourse..’
      He thanks them for coming, he wishes them good luck, he charges them $50 and he says good bye.

      The next week, the same couple returns and asks the sex therapist to watch again. The sex therapist is a bit puzzled, but agrees.

      This happens several weeks in a row. The couple makes an appointment, has intercourse with no problems, pays the doctor, then leave.

      Finally, after 3 months of this routine, the doctor says, ‘I’m sorry, but I have to ask. Just what are you trying to find out?’

      The man says, ‘We’re not trying to find out anything. She’s married; so we can’t go to her house. I’m married; and we can’t go to my house. The Holiday Inn charges $98. The Hilton charges $139. We do it here for $50, and best of all….

      Medicare pays $43 of it.

    51. Risky Whiskey

      Why spend millions to build a mock city to practice civil occupation? they should have just used a few abandoned square miles of Detroit…

      • Them Guys

        The Stench in Detroit is akin to the wild animal cages at detroit ZOO! hence said stench would totally Overwhelm even soldiers with bad sinus troubles!

        One can do a self-test of sorts to Prove this as facts.

        Simply board a detroit public Buss at outter end of buss trail, way outside detroit when buss will be empty…Then take notice how interior of said Buss begins to resemble exact same zoo wild animal cages stench once buss is slowly filled by blacks at each buss stop headed to downtown detroit…by 1/2 way to end in dowtown detroit, buss stench is overwhelming at best!

        Folks not used to life with darkys, its difficult to peg the exact type stench it is….untill you have them visit that detroit ZOO! Soon as they enter the zoo, and note same exact stench as present in buss ride…Its a, BINGO!

        So Thats what that stench was eh!!!…Yep Libs and multicult fools now must ADD to their “We all same except for skin color crap”…they need now add that “Except for skin color AND Body smells!”

        Doubt me? Go take a Buss ride in detroit, then get Back with me on it okay….Detroit buss ends up same stench as zoos wild Jungle animal Cages smell…Its just how it is is all…One sniff of each, a detroit buss and detroit’s zoo cages and you too shall never again doubt this fact.

        • dub

          I don’t know….. Can I legally carry in Detroit?

          • BJ

            Constitution says so, that’s all that matters.

            Legal is form only, while lawful is sustance plus form.

    52. americantruth

      We r located not far from a similar DHS (Customs and Border Patrol Training Facility) that is another 200+ acre campus of urban buildings (hotels apt buildings convention center etc) that was built for purpose of “training” all branches of law enforcement in urban warfare tactics. Located in the panhandle of west virginia nearby a popular gambling town.
      Toured the campus as a medical consultant. Saw the buildings then and it is now even more built-up.

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