U.S. and Russian Jets Dangerously Close in Syria: “A Mere Proxy War About to Become Full Blown”

by | Oct 6, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 149 comments

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    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: The cross purposes of the missions against “terrorism” in Syria are dangerously close to sparking WWIII… but honestly, things have been on edge for a while. There has been good reason to think the situation in Ukraine could have boiled over into larger war, and now a whole new level of tensions are cropping up in Syria and the general fighting in the Middle East.

    Not only are Putin and Obama trading sharp words on the international stage, but now their armies are BOTH fighting their own version of the War on Terror in the same small country. Will fighter jets from one side or another accidentally or deliberately end up in a dog fight, or be accidentally shot down? It has already nearly happened several times, with Russian and U.S. military planes nearly colliding in both April and June (the planes were reportedly within 10 feet of collision in this unsettling incident) during war games scenarios. Now, the context is officially war. As SHTF has previously reported, Experts have stated that war with Russia was “imminent 66 times in last 18 months.” What will happen next… and how close are we to the brink?

    This Is How Close US And Russian Jets Are To A Dog Fight Above Syria

    by Tyler Durden

    With Russia now effectively controlling the skies over Syria and with the US chiding Moscow for “targeting” America’s CIA-trained proxy armies, everyone is anxious to know how long it will be before NATO’s F-16s have an actual, live fire run-in with Russian Su-34s.

    As we noted on Monday, the biggest threat here is the close proximity at which everyone is now operating: “What happens next? Well, with the previously discussed Russian naval blockade of Syria as a likely next step, and with both US and Russian warplanes already flying back and forth above Syria, and now both superpowers having a legitimate, if only in the eyes of their own media, justification to dispatch land troops, what was until now a mere proxy war is about to become full blown land combat on Syrian soil, one which will soon involve both Russian and US ground, sea and airborne forces.”

    How close to this eventuality are we, you ask? Well, to let CBS tell it, about 20 miles:

    U.S. pilots flying F-16s out of Turkey first picked up the Russian planes on radar. The Russians closed to within 20 miles, at which point the American pilots could visually identify them on their targeting cameras.


    Lt. Gen. Charles Brown, commander of the American air campaign, said the Russians have come even closer than that to his unmanned drones.


    “The closest has been within a handful of miles of our remotely piloted aircraft,” said Brown. “But to our manned aircraft they’ve not been closer than about 20 miles.”


    Brown said he intends to simply work around the Russians in Syria, and he doesn’t think they will crowd out American operations.


    “We’re up a lot more often than [the Russians] are so when we do have to move around [them] for safe operation, it’s for a small period of time compared to the hours and hours that we’re airborne over Iraq and Syria,” said Brown.

    A radar map lays this out best: the yellow aircraft are Russian, the green are American.

    Go ahead and start the countdown to an “accident”, false-flagged or otherwise.

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.


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      1. This is the thing that make Armageddon movies out of. Who will blink first? Who will shoot first? Who will blame Who?
        And for the other news Obullshit is at the golf course.

        • The only time you wear Wellington boots is when wading through mud or ice. It is a nonbreathable layer. You will get fucking trench foot from hiking in that shit. Do you get that? Am I completely against it? No. On winter day hikes if I know I will be crossing a stream I use them, or to garden in, or on some day hunting outings. But before buying rubber boots you should first have fabric/leather 12″ high insulated lace-up winter boots. Another reason Wellies don’t make the grade for hiking is their lack of laces and their weight penalty. That wont cut it for long hikes. And remember you can carry many times the weight on your back as you can on your feet. Ounces make pounds and pounds make pain.

          Whoever posted that neoprene is not waterproof you are a fucking idiot. Wetsuits are made of neoprene.

          And how many times do I have to tell you old people to stop using that shit quality Army surplus leather boots bullshit. The cold war called they want their unis back. Sheesh.

          • The insane asylum called and wants Acid back. Pin his name to his underwear and call the boys in white to pick him up.

            • Call it proxy war all you want. Obama will never have the balls to actually go to war against Putin. Obama is Putin’s little bitch.

          • Ha. They call them “wet” suits for a reason. You get wet in them. No name calling needed…you did that to yourself. Save your energy and think before you start in one someone.

            • Haha. Beat me to it.

              • “As we noted on Monday, the biggest threat here is the close proximity at which everyone is now operating”

                NO Mr. Durden. The biggest threat is the fact that the United States will not back down from trying to plant another puppet regime in Syria, even if it takes us into world war three.

                THAT’S THE ONLY REASON WE’RE THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE, because it suits our NWO agenda.

                RUSSIA was invited by the legit govt of Syria—WE WERE NOT. We unilaterally pushed our way in there without even asking permission from a sovereign nation.


                U.S. world hegemony, by FORCE if necessary.

            • No, he’s actually right about neoprene. I’m a certified commercial diver and can tell you that it’s waterproof. The reason you get wet in a wetsuit is because it’s designed to let a thin layer of water in that your body can warm up. For sport diving and/or short duration dives that’s fine. But doing commercial work it’s not unheard of to be in the water for 8 hours or more, depending on your depth and the dive tables. I have owned wetsuits but for commercial work I got a drysuit, actually had to for school anyway. The one I opted to get was made out of neoprene. It had feet built into it, arm and neck seals and a waterproof zipper to keep the water out. Most of the time. Sometimes a seal would leak or my tender wouldn’t fully sinch the zipper shut, but neoprene is a closed cell rubber material and is therefore waterproof. If you doubt what I’m saying look up “Northern diver” drysuits.

              • Oh and btw Acid, this thread is full of the vitriol that I have said before that you bring on yourself by the way you blast people. I can’t say that I blame anyone for unloading on you after what you said above.

          • OK , ACID , I avoid commenting on your posts.
            I WORK outside , not playin , not hikin , i work all day outdoors in snow water mud etc.
            Your idea of outdoor wear is NOT gonna hold up, junk , very expensive junk , this old man has worn it all , i speak from expierience , real world.
            Stop bashing people and get a clue , some people WORK for a living ouside , its not all unicorns and rainbows fool .

            • Am I the only one that thinks that some day we’ll hear about Acid Etch being yet another mass shooter?

              He certainly has the personality for it. A real wingnut for sure.

              And it’s a shame because of the anonymity of this site, we can’t know who he is so someone could be notified. His hostility is over the top. Hopefully, someone is watching him.

            • Amen!
              I work outdoors all day every day, long hours, pouring rain, smoking heat sunny, i went through literally tens of thousands of dollars of so called performance gear,,,
              Its all crap, doesnt really breathe, doesnt hold up in the bushes or working framing or farming or pouring concrete,,,
              I wear Levis 501s, LLBean carefree unshrinkable ts, Cabelas perfect hunters with cabelas socks, either grundens rain gear if its real nasty or my oilskin drover with oilskin hat, or Carharts gear, and ALL that stuff all lasts a long long time,

              • KULA OMG! PLEASE SAY IT ISN’T SO! You wear levi’s??? I used to wear 501’s too until I found out they are staunch gun control supporters and total left wing communists. They are headquartered in Frisco for hells sake! Both NRA and GOA have issued boycots against them for theyre antigun shit.
                Please wear Carhartt they last 4x as long and are waaaay more comfortable. Another good patriot brand is diamond gusset jeans. Please don’t give those fuckers another cent! Sara lee and McDonalds are also part of the antigun movement. Vote with your $ my friend!

                • Some stuff i dont care what politics they are

          • Your an idiot, over.

          • Acid etch: Did your parents have any children that lived?

          • Thats retarded dude
            I worked as an electritian for years, almost all the guys on our crew wore Redwing wellingtons, they were good, slip on, so going in and out of new construction units doing punch lists etc you could take em off quick, steel toed rough out leather with insulated soles, dont think anyone got trench foot you boner

          • I think the rubber in your boots has gone to your brain, what a stupid comment! Your language also shows your lack of intelligence. How sad that the only way you can express yourself is through fowl language.

        • I hate it for our troops who don’t have a choice but to be there. As former military know; they own you, so you go where they want you to go or the consequences are severe. Had I known then what I know now I would never have enlisted. The people running our country are evil. I pray that I will have the strength to do my part when the time comes. There is a high price for your freedom usually. I will do it for the people that I love.

          • @ Menzoberranzan

            “I hate it for our troops who don’t have a choice but to be there.” They made their choice to be there when they signed the enlistment contract. There hasn’t been a draft in 40 years. They handed Obozo a blank check and he cashed it.

            They needed a job. They wanted the benefits. A few of them like being paid to kill.

            They DID have a choice to be there. They choose to be there. And don’t give me the crap that they are “defending our freedom,” because they aren’t.

            Laurence M. Vance, “Governments Don’t Kill, People Do,”
            September 29, 2015, LewRockwell.com https://www.lewrockwell.com/2015/laurence-m-vance/governments-don't-kill/

          • This is the whole reason not to join; and I venture to say everything to do with emotionally based PTSD and high rates of suicide. Fight for what you believe in; not some mercenary, business security force. Not about freedom.

        • Stop slandering LGB people you fucking old skidmarks. You bigoted old fuckers. Of all the things to get riled up about, you choose gay marriage? Go back to the bingo table you old fuckers. The country is moving forward and burying hatred and intolerance. Unless youre a feminist or a Moose Limb.

          • Right, we can clearly see by your posts that hatred and intolerance is a thing of the past, Wretch.

            Try not to lie to us out of both sides of your mouth at the same time, OK?

          • Look in the mirror Acid…not very tolerant on the other side.

            • Yup, typical liberal

          • Acid, you’re the pot calling the kettle black. So this old skid mark says go f$&@ yourself.

          • Guys like you and our prez are the reason Putin has no respect for us. You dumb little sh1t…

          • Acid Etch, Fudgepakistan’s Dicktaster For Life!

          • If you looked up the definition of bigot I think you’d refrain from using it, because we’re all bigoted, you included. You’d know that if you didn’t blindly follow your liberal masters.

        • Lets blame the Jews. They get the blame for every war that has happened so far.

          Are there any Jews left that can be ethnically cleansed?

          And I don’t think the US was go to war with anybody. Obama has surrendered all foreign policy EVERYWHERE.

          Besides, we don;t have any military left to fight anybody.

      2. One flash point away from world war 3. Hundreds of Iranian troops moving in. Russia moves in surface to air assets and Air to Air combat aircraft clearly meant for Israel and the US not ISIS. This puts Israel in a tight spot with Iranians and hezbollah on their border, who knows how they will respond.

        • It reminds me of the Frank Sanatra song, “My Way” with the lyrics, “I bit off more than I could chew”.

          All of this over Syria? Oil pipeline or not do you need to control the entire world?


          • Kevin2…good one. Makes you wonder if Sinatra’s are connected to Putin specially with the song from his daughter Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made for Walkin.

            • Nancy Sinatra, that’s a hot one! Talk about somebody with damned little talent who could barley sing a note. Wonder how far she would have gotten in the entertainment business if it weren’t for her father, eh. Maybe she could have formed a band with Gary Lewis, best known for ” This Diamond Ring” and ” Oh dad, can I have a band?” They could have formed the worlds most off key band in history and could have gone on to become the best comedy band in history without trying.

          • Its also about access to water if you do a little bit of research.

            • Let’s not forget to watch the other hand— Congress is looking over and getting ready to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership. They’re even calling it Something else in the media.

              The TPP gives big corporations like monsanto the right to SUE the govts of countries, if they pass laws that hinder corporate profits.

              Don’t want GMO’s? — too bad.
              No mandatory vaccines? — too bad.
              BPA makes people sick? — too bad.
              Don’t want mercury in your drinking water? — too bad.
              Too much lead in the paint? — too bad.
              Don’t like asbestos? — too bad.
              Want to keep your national forest? — too bad.
              Don’t want solar panels all over public lands? — too bad.
              Want to preserve endangered species? — too bad.
              Want clean air? — too bad.

              If your country’s laws or regulations cut into corporate profits, too bad for you. They can SUE your govt to change it…AND YOU PAY FOR IT!

              IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? If not, get a hold of your congressperson and tell them what you think of TPP. Do it quickly.

              • sixpack, All I have ever gotten in response from congress/senate is a bunch of bullshit form letters so I gave that up a long time ago. You can bitch all you want but it won’t change a fookin thing. These assholes are owned lock stock and barrel. Blackmail, money, Threat of death keeps all these freaks in line. Just do what you can to avoid their shit and get out of the system. Most of this crap that affects you personally can be avoided or mitigated.

                • Maybe, maybe not, but I’ve never just shut up and let people do whatever they want, without at least hearing from me. TPTB backed off from Syria, I believe partly because they couldn’t get the people to wave flags and shout USA, USA, USA.

                  We, The People’s opinions DO matter to TPTB, but not individually. We have to come out in force and number to be heard. So yours and my difference of opinion can be satisfied by somewhere in the middle.

          • Kevin, I agree. The African virus is going to screw around and get us nuked if he’s not stopped.

            • Braveheart

              I’m actually thankful that he is in office now as he is less likely to engage the Russians in combat. McCain, Rubio, Hillary and others are talking crazy stuff. In the end however The Powers That Be use the CIA like its theirs. Actually it pretty much is.

              Putting in ballistic nuclear missiles in Cuba is one thing. Syria? A gas line? WWIII? What the hell are they thinking? Too damn cocky for me.

              • Putin is doing this because Obama has created behind the this mess along with NWO and previous presidents. Hell maybe they are all just friends. They only show us what they want us to see. Are the enemies or putting on a show. Either way we are in trouble and the Constitution is under attack.


                  • There is NO constitution! You are a corporation in a corporate country. How many times do I have to say it till you look into it and see it’s true?

                    • I reluctantly agree. or better said, “sadly agree”.

                      Crony capitalism has replaced the Constitution, and run rampant for decades now. The majority of major corporations are evil men with ill intent and greed is their driving force.

                      They own the politicians, plain and simple…..EXCEPT.. for Trump. He is not the best choice, but he is the only choice it seems.

                      Rubio talks a good talk, but who owns him? Who is financing him?

                      I don’t really care, except anyone is better than a democrat liberal at this point. In the long run it won’t change what is coming, but it might give us more time to prepare for long term.

                      We are gonna need it more than ever when the mass invasion begins. It has been going on for years and they have their systems in place to handle the ISIS backed Jihad.

                      Without an exact number of mosques and Islamic centers in America, we are told they are thousands and that a minimum of 80% teach and preach a Jihad against American.

                      The tentacles of Muzzie brothers in the hood, have snaked their way into all levels of gov.

                      There will soon be blood in the streets and nothing will stop it. We are in the final countdown, and only the last trumps will slow it down. it can’t be stopped but only by the Creator and Master of All.

          • Sinatra was a stud.

            Obobo ain’t.

        • It’s time for the Zionists to leave the planet.

          • Amen to that EA. By any and all means.

            • Hitler would be so proud of you.

              • Hitler was a genius, I would feel so blessed. Thank you

                • If hitler was such a genius, why did he commit suicide and leave his country in ruins at the mercy of his enemies?

          • no its not

            • grandee…….no its not???? You are a retard then since it has been delayed for decades.

              • It’s definitely time for the Jew haters to leave the forum. All they do is rant and rave about ‘the tribe’, ‘Israhell’, Jews controlling the entire world, and the rest of the less-than-intelligent phrases they repeat over and over again, and insult anyone who doesn’t buy into their infantile hatred. They are a negative influence here and are driving Mac’s forum into the ground.

                • Smokey-

                  I agree 100%.

                  • So USMC1982 actually is IDF1982?

                    • USMC but I do support Israel.

                • Ahhhh!!!! Spoken like a true devotee of “Trotsky”…or maybe “Kaganovich”, smokey….who by the way, were both chosen-ites, in case you’re not that uneducated / familiar w/ …early 20th century history.

                  Thus..why don’t you petition / demand that Mac decree it a (posting)felony w/ a mandatory death sentence for those presenting TRUTH for discussion & debate …as such would be “very kosher / Talmudic” indeed.

                  …seems the 1st Amendment(freedom of speech / thought) is a bit too large for your judeo-oral loving skills…to swallow….yes???

                  ..get over yourself ‘censor’…or get a job w/ “Homeland Security”…as your kind will fit “hand-in-glove” when the maelstrom eventually breaks.

                • Hit the nail on the head there smokey.

                  The Neo-Nazis are definitely here trolling this site.

                • Who said anything about “Jews”, Smoke? Ignorance is bliss.

                • PS Smoke, how does it feel when you grab your ankles and then ask the Bolsheviks to ream you where the Sun don’t shine?

                • I disagree. Not that i totally agree with them, but “to a point” they have a valid point.

                  There are the sects, that have an evil intent, and call themselves _ews.

                  The more the baiters continue with the rant, the more people wake up and start doing their own research, and some eventually bump in to the truth.

                  I understand their disgust and rage. I have been there and almost was pulled into that same mindset because of the Kenites and the mixed blood Edomites and their _ewish influence that make up what was Khazar/Bolshevik/Scythian/Slavonic/Russian mixes that now make up the majority of ill intent Russian gov. To take it one step further back the bloodlines were mixed with these…”after the flood of Noah, 2The; sons of Japheth were Gomer and Magog and Madai and Javan and Tubal and Meshech and Tiras. 3The sons of Gomer were Ashkenaz and Riphath and Togarmah.…”

                  In saying that, there are many good Christian Russians that i consider brothers and sisters in Christ, and would have no problem standing arm and arm with. However the evil element exists and to blanket cover all Russians with a hate blanket is no different than covering all _ews with that same blanket.
                  Similarly, the converted muzzies as well, which are being beheaded nearly everyday by their own blood kin. Who has gone to their rescue? It isn’t pc to help them, but it is pc to allow the evil muzzie empire of Iran to build nukes to kill innocent Israelis and Americans with.

          • Its not time for anyone to leave.
            Its time for people to start acting like humans and not animals , and mind their own damn business and leave people they dont agree with alone.
            Seems so simple .

            • hammer…….Yes indeed this is an ideal goal for the mankind but the evil won’t leave others alone. So the evil must be destroyed. When I look at the faces of the Syrian refuges including women and children I ask myself who has forced these people to scape their mother land. I think we all need to look at reality, Russia, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Ukraine and on and on … which one of these countries tried to attack the US? None. The pigs in charge of the monetary system, multi national corps and simply the parasites who live by sucking the blood of others via stealing their natural resources and their sick need to control the humanity are the evil. And I support anyone under any name who fights the evil.

              • While i agree we should fight evil , we may not agree on who or what that evil is.
                I dont think its a religious group at all , i think its corrupt people with money directing all these poors bastards to kill.
                Here in the US , its the evil corporstions and monetary inequality , etc.
                Have you ever stopped to think that the media and the government are in colusion to create the perfat storm ?
                The goal is world socialism , i know you know that.
                But one group of zealouts aint behind it , just sayin.
                Its a bigger picture.

                • hammer, Right on. It is a corrupt pyramid and it is international. Our minor disagreement is specific to who is on top of the pyramid. The lower levels are the minions under various nationalities and fake spiritual beliefs.

                • Global Socialism…???

                  ..Ummmmm, not so much methinks!

                  ‘Tis really an agenda to eliminate 9/10ths of humanity from the gene-pool…and restore the environment to a close equivalent….of the Pleistocene period.

            • Thank you Hammer!

        • Israel has already run like little scared chickens from Russian fighter jets:


          “…Surprised by a situation as unexpected and probably not prepared for a dogfight with one of the best Russian multipurpose fighters, Israeli pilots have quickly turned back South at high speed over the Lebanon.

          The Lebanese army has officially announced at 2313 Z (local time) that four “enemy aircraft” (Israeli) had crossed the airspace of the Lebanon.

          This ‘incident’ between the Russian and Israeli combat aircraft struck with amazement the command of the Israeli air force, which has estimated that a possible dogfight between F-15 Israelis and the Russian Su-30 would have led to the destruction of the four aircraft Israelis.

          Israel has strongly protested to Moscow of the incident but the Russians demanded explanations about the presence of Israeli military aircraft in full Syrian airspace…”

          • Stormfront huh?

            Nice little Neo-Nazi, white supremacist site there.

            • Your dazzling counter-argument is a fantastic example of an ad hominem attack. Please address the facts of the story, rather than attacking the source.

          • “Israel has strongly protested to Moscow of the incident but the Russians demanded explanations about the presence of Israeli military aircraft in full Syrian airspace…””

            THAT’S RIGHT GUYS — THE RUSSIANS WERE INVITED BY SYRIA, A SOVEREIGN NATION…The US was not. Their butt-buddies the Israelis were not. So what were they doing?Well, sneaking over to either set the Russians up for a bombing they didn’t commit, or to assist ISIS/USA.

            LOL, it didn’t seem to ‘fly’ this time.

      3. Maybe if he stays at the golf course something will get done.
        The majority of the people on this site were not yet born or to young to remember WW II none of it was much fun.

        • mallardhen

          Does it make a difference? They know little of WW2, Korean War, Cuban Missile Crises or Vietnam. How many times were there incidents that could have fried the whole world.

          Oh, and remember to, “Duck and Cover”.

          Lotta good that will do when a 10 megaton nuclear bomb lands on you.

          We’re so fucked.

          • SLING , We are f’ed cause they dont teach that shit to our school kids anymore .
            If everyone knew and understood history , i wouldnt be repeated so often .
            Same with money printing , same with gun control ETC….

        • Mallard hen, he would go to play golf regardless of what’s happening.

      4. how are the government workers, food stamp users, liberal city boy-girls going to survive if ww3 breaks out?

        they wont. Honestly, putin might be the only thing between us, and an overpowering government with the bankers on top.
        id rather see the preppers on top.

        • I’m with you there brother! I’m rootin for Putin! LOL…we need someone to clean house and take out the damn trash.

        • I don’t know about the others, but I’m prepped and will do the best I can.

      5. Now, how many times has it been in the last 4 years that we were going to war with the Russians, and also the Chinese, I’ve lost count. If and when it really happens, I’ll get worried about it then, and only then. All these stories being ginned up about it being on the ” verge” and ” imminent” are nothing but doom propaganda that gets regurgitated over and over to sell more books, newsletters, you name it, and the guys putting out these stories always wind up laughing all the way to the bank. Come to think of it, maybe these guys are really on to something here……

        • Agreed! Too much sensationalism and hype. We got a long way to go.

        • I’m more worried about my own govt stomping on me, than I am the Russians or Chinese.

      6. …start praying a whole lot more than you do now.

        FUSA is gonna need all the prayers you got.

        with the criminals we have in government running the show, this could be a disaster of epic proportions….

      7. Is the US Air Force supporting ISIS and the rest of head cutting savages hired and trained by the Saudis, Israelis and the CIA? I know who I vote for to push the firing button first.

        • Yes. The corrupt federal government has been supplying and supporting ISIS for the past year. The U.S. has had 7,000 air strikes against ISIS with just about zero results unless you want to count all the “mis directed” food, ammo and other supply drops that landed in ISIS’s laps. Russia is cleaning house and showing the world that obuma is a piece of shit.

      8. Hopefully we’ll find out soon if the Russian military is as good as our politically correct homosexual and pervert anti Christian military.

        Obama will be able to demonstrate the success of his military policies.

        Keep your fingers crossed.


          GAY OK

          • Umm wait a minute, I am the turd eater I forgot. Nothing like getting shitfaced 😛

            • I found out my boyfriend was cheating one day when he came home and his dick tasted like shit 🙁

              • Two condoms were about to step in a bar, one said “lets go to the gay bar and get shitfaced”…

                • Why did Rock Hudsons wife divorce him?
                  She was tired of him coming home shitfaced lol.

                  • Why were the gays the first ones out of frisco when the big earthquake hit?

                    Because they already had their shit packed 🙂

                    • Why can’t you get a blow job in Mexico?

                      Because the cocksuckers are all over here .

                  • When Rock Hudson was in the hospital with AIDS, he was very depressed because no one came to visit him. Once he got home, however, he had Nabors (neighbors) up the butt.

        • Anon, I won’t be surprised if the US military gets its ass handed to them by the Russians. This is the same military who couldn’t fully control one single city in Iraq or Afghanistan. It’s not the same military that defeated the axis powers in ww2.

          • BRAVE- If THE US military gets its ass handed to them , its because of “rules of engagement”.
            The US used to go in unconditionally and kick ass and leave.
            Now our soldiers have their hands tied behind their backs.
            Standing around told to look dumb and ineffective.

            Turn em all loose and see what would happen !

            • No kidding, give our troops the same ROE they had in WWII or even Vietnam and they will be done and out of there in a few months.

              The CinC is responsible for the Rules of Engagement, he can change them anytime he wants.

              • But he wont change the rules , now will he ?
                POTUS wants the US to fail , he wants the US to follow and not lead .
                We cant have a socialist state with a world class military.
                We have the iron , so he hogties the troops so they cant use it , sickens me.

              • Hammerhead and Smokey, if the roe are changed, maybe it would have a different outcome. I forgot to mention roe if my previous post. Sorry for any misunderstandings. I still fear our own govt. more than anyone else.

                • Your government fears you.
                  Thats why they want the guns , and they know they military wont support it , too many flyover hometown boys n girls.
                  So worry more about a war started to usher in a strawman dictator .

                  • Hammerhead, let the African virus make the attempt. It will backfire on him big time. The

      9. We should have never sent a single kid/soldier to die in that for nothing piece of crap war that Bush started over a bunch of lies about weapons that never existed. Oil and land. Israel and the U.S. are the bullies of the world who are about to get the shit beat out of them by the skrawney kids. The real bullies are going to hide out while the young ones get shot down. For what?!?
        Bring our kids home. Let Russia have that piece of crap Middle East.

      10. I hate to say this, but Obama and his neutered Military Leaders are going to back down and fold like a house of cards. Valerie Jarret the (POTUS) behind closed doors will let Israel take on this and then blame them for starting WWIII like always. I truly have serious concerns if we can win the next one but the cost in lives will be off the charts. We can only prepare our own little worlds for the coming times. We cannot stop it for it has been already set in motion. Be safe my friends.

      11. If you duck for cover and move what direction do you go?
        Right handed go right 98% of the time and the same for left. Practice going to your weak-side and firing with your weak-side it just could save your life. I know have been there.


      12. Another of Obama’s “Splendid little wars” gone amuck.

        Too bad he doesn’t just go on yet another vacation.

      13. I’d love to see the Ruskies take out the fascist, bolshevik bully on the block. The invasive species needs to be eradicated once and for all.

      14. if ya got a colonoscopy or a root canal scheduled fer tomorrow
        ya may want to call and CANCEL !!!

        Doomsday Revised: New Claim World Will End on Oct. 7

        h ttp://news.yahoo.com/doomsday-revised-claim-world-end-oct-7-194503457.html

        the worlds gonna end

        AGAIN !!!

        • OH NO !
          But i’m supposed to get paid finally by a deadbeat customer!

          Sorry we’ll hafta postpone the end of the world so i can deposit another rubber check , lol.

          • …but I need more time to get my toenails clipped…

      15. All wars are bankers wars. The bankers want war and that’s what they’ll get. The scourge of humanity has rode roughshod in their quest to own and rule every aspect of human life. Get in their way publicly loud enough and your dead. Not satisfied being wealthy, they are super greedy monsters who will murder the entire world population to maintain their control. They own everything that oppresses, the arms manufacturers, the media, the police state, the military, the CIA and FBI, the court system, the NSA, the drug and medical establishment, every type of insurance ripoff, if it makes money they own it. They buy off everybody that needs to be. The sick cops take their brutal orders from them. What you own is theirs. They are apparently untouchable. The way I see it right now, if there is a god, he surely would have taken these creatures out by now. Score one for no god.

        • aljamo….. There is a God but he is watching and enjoying the final steps to remove the chosen as they call themselves by the entire humanity. Don’t lose faith friend. btw..you nailed the profession of these parasites but remember that they own 90% of the porn industry as well. So much for the fucking chosen SOB’s to demise the young women’s future to make money.

          • Just heard that Russian is, or has, stopped all (free?) Internet porn.

            Also in 2013, Putin signed into law, an Anti Homosexual Law that is meant to squelch the teaching and proliferation by the LGBT community to expose children to the idea that such a lifestyle should replace common marriage and family values.

            Why the hell hasn’t USA Christians demanded such laws here?

            Anyways, statistics say 90% of Russians approve of the law.
            Is Russia more of a morally correct society than America?
            When looking at all the facts, it is apparently looking that way.

            The luke warm Christians of America have indoctrinated into political correctness so deep, that they have now become what Jesus referred to as the Laodicean Church, that He will spew out of His mouth. Being spewed out of the mouth of the King of Kings, is a bad position to be in. Many, many American churches and religions will fall into this category, and they will fall into a state of Babel/confusion. The great falling away of America is here and now. Next comes divine judgment. Recent flooding in SC is a sign of things to come. However the flood that has swept America is the flood of lies, that will soon lead to the beginning of the great shaking and dividing.

            One of those Laodicean Churches, is a Southern Baptist Association church in Greenville, SC, that has accepted homosexuality into the church as “not” being an abomination unto God, and has further slapped God in the face by saying they would welcome a practicing Homosexual as a Pastor. Hummmm, Humm, that is a bad place to be while proclaiming to be a Christian.

            A “homosexual christian” is the epitome of a juxtaposed oxymoron. Just like a headline that i read a while back about a “Gay-Parade in Jerusalem”. As you might of guessed, I wrote an article about it back then, but haven’t made it public yet.

            • passinwiththewind… I have a friend who is homosexual and also a Christian. He could run rings around you in his Biblical knowledge. He is a big believer in Pastor Arnold Murray’s teachings like I believe you may be from some of your words used in comments here. You are no more a Christian than my friend, actually you are a hater and place yourself as judge before your supposed Christianity.

              • Aljamo,

                Your comment is right on the money about our holier than thou self appointed savior. I’d also like to ask him why he’s suddenly decided to turn tail and run away from the questions I asked him 12 hours ago from the Oct 4 article about his continual obsession with homosexuality and why he always insists on calling everybody faggot when they disagree with him. I can’t help but notice that when he feels uncomfortable with some questions he always runs away to the next article for some reason, makes you wonder why. Let’s see if he ignores this comment too.

                • No, i don’t run away from anything…bob.

                  But you are such a pitiful excuse as an adversary that is an insult that the Devil has such a piss ant of a human to troll and make accusations about me. You attack me with false claims and insults. But that is all you got. You got no facts.
                  i am a warrior and to tangle with such a weak piss ant that i can easily crush in the dirt, is an insult to my intelligence and spirit warrior.

                  You lay there squealing like an fatally injured rat, and then your very own rats that you run with will drag you off and consume what is left of you. You are either wwti or his protege.

                  The two biggest evils of our time are homosexuality and abortion. That is precisely why i despise baby killers and faggots.

                  BTW, i guess you failed to go back and read my responses on the topic heading of “Blood in the Streets”.

                  Don’t waste your time or mine anymore, i write you off as a stick of deadwood. Dead wood is good for one thing only…to be thrown in the fire.
                  I will never directly respond to such a miserable little pipsqueak as you again. Cram it bob.

              • A Christian obeys the Biblical laws regarding sexual relations which if found in genesis 2:24 and restated many times throughout the Bible and reaffirmed by Jesus himself.

                Jesus, who is God by his own statement, stated that if we love him -meaning is we are Christian- we would keep his commandments.

                So tell me how your Gay friend is obeying the law of God in his sexual relations, seems to me more like he is just ignoring God and Jesus and writing his own rules to spite the law of God.

              • You are so ignorant about the bible. It plainly says there will be no homosexuals in heaven. If you believe that it doesn’t say that, then you are as delusional as your screwed up in the head friend/or partner. You can’t have it both ways.

                I have never judged any one to Hell. That is God’s business.
                I do discern evil and heathen people from the just and kind spirited. My Father says to avoid all people that are heathen and evil. So, i further avoid you because of your mean spirit, that may or may not be based upon an evil heart. And, that may or may not, lead you to a dark future. That is between you and your Maker, so don’t make it about me, al jam o, the bozo.

                • First, I just went back and checked for replies from you on the ” blood in the streets” article. As of right now, there are NONE. More importantly, you prove to everyone all you’re capable of is spewing hate like a 4 year old child who’s just been told they won’t be getting any ice cream. You accuse me of making false claims against you, let me ask you this, how do you possibly know if I have a friend/partner as you put it?

                  You have no clue as to who or what I am, but that doesn’t stop you your infantile name calling or temper tantrums. You say you’re a warrior? Please, you’re a 62 year old diabetic with a bad back who spent your life eating shitty truck stop food. Some warrior. You know, I agree with abortion is terrible and I don’t think homosexuality is normal, but you have a FIXATION on the subject. and it’s not a normal one either. You can’t hardly post a comment without making a reference to it and your obsession with it is far MORE than thinking it’s a sin. So you say there will be no homosexuals in heaven, why not? Does God forgive murders, rapists, thieves, but not homosexuals?

                  Finally, you claim I’m a weak adversary, you don’t want to answer my comments because you’re uncomfortable doing so, it puts you on the spot you don’t want be put in, I laugh about you thinking the ” devil” has put me here to ” troll” you. If anyone is the epitome of evil on this site, it’s you false preacher, I’m a better Christian than you could ever HOPE to be. Why? simple, I’m not filled with blind hatred toward 99 per cent of the human race as you are, you can try to deny it, but it’s obvious in all your comments, al least to those who have ” eyes to see and ears to hear”. Maybe you should learn how to discuss differences of opinion like an adult, not a stammering little child.

        • Alijamo:

          For arguments sake, let’s say that a belief grew from early man’s need to explain natural phenomena such as earth quakes, volcanic eruptions, and celestial events. Fear and imagination combined with a need to have answers gave us multiple dieties which became one diety and multiple belief systems or multiple religions. Now you may choose to believe that since the entire system is based on Fear and falsehoods that there is no God. That is a logical deduction and you have every right to your belief based on the aforementioned “facts”. Now let’s say that although the above is not disputed, there exists another universe ( not a multi-verse but a dual-verse). This other universe contains beings like ourselves in personality/character that is they express the dicatomy of our personal affinity towards positive or negative or as some might choose to call it, good or evil.

          Now I contend that you can choose to believe or not believe that such a universe exists alongside the physical universe we share, but you can neither prove nor disprove an other such universe.

          Based on the above I espouse that there are actually only three true religions.
          Religion 1: Believers (in the Spiritual Universe)

          Religion 2: Nonbelievers (of the Spiritual Universe)

          Religion 3: those who do not know whether to believe or not to believe

          I ask you, is it not possible that a Universe which can not be known through our senses yet because of its very existence has been “sensed” on some yet unknown level by countless humans, does indeed exist. And that these spirits or spiritual beings do or do not interact with human affairs.

          I contend that your insistence that others conform to your Religion 2 (aka atheism) is a form of Religious intolerance.

          Believe whatever you want to believe but for God’s sake get off the athiest soap box because once you state your claim that you don’t believe then consequently there is nothing left to say.

      16. NO ONE will win if this goes hot! The side that is perceiving that it’s losing WILL resort to using nukes to level the playing field, which will “level” the world with radiation.
        Everyone loses because of insanity and money.
        This shit has got to stop now, before they kill most of the carbon based life forms on this planet!!

        I don’t think that our leaders are thinking rationally or logically, they need to be removed from office immediately!
        In addition, ALL of the potential presidential candidates are all in for war with Russia!

        • No all candidates are NOT. Trump would avoid this devastating war, BECAUSE IT’S NOT GOOD FOR AMERICA, AND IT’S NOT GOOD FOR BUSINESS.

          • Yeah, but everyone knows Trump won’t get the nomination.

            I hear it several times a day on the radio and television.

            • Well, that’s what you get for paying any attention to the MSM…

      17. I hope the Russians don’t start sparing with people like me in Houston. Who will strike first when things get too close and personal. Like I said I have to support what is being done to isis in Syria because something has to be done to stop the atrocities, then again why are russians in Houston taking sh..t into people’s face like mine is none the less questionable. Just saying.



        • The Russians are only your enemy if you wear a rag on your head and shout “alla to the snackbar! (or something that sounds like that.) 🙂

      18. Looking at the Lead Title on The SGT Report “We Aren’t Nearly As Worried About The Middle East As We should Be.”

        Is probably some of the most important words ever written on this site.

      19. There is nothing in the middle east that we need. Come home and drill for oil here,let em all kill each other and let Putin indulge in his new hobby. Let him drain his treasury and bodies instead of us. Time to take care of our domestic problems

        • AMEN , JIM !!!

      20. If Russia and its allies ever wanted to take us on. They would do it now with Obama in office. They know we have purged our military, they know what Barry is all about and they would not want to wait until we get a Cruse, Trump, etc… If they had a desire to take us on, they would do it now.

        The Iran deal….
        Russians setting up shop in Syria….

        Is Barry the stupidest man who ever lived? I think not.

      21. I am not convinced that this isn’t all part of the big show, it all fits into the takedown plan, there must be perpetual war, without it a distopia is harder to bring about. Think about it most aware people have little fear of islamic terrorists, folks just are not biting, but Russia, most of us were raised to fear/loathe Russia, its deep seeded, almost automatic.

        The ringmaster has entered the bigtop and is directing our attention to the center ring, the main attraction is about to commence…..


        • Yep ,enter strawman dictator, see post above.
          Much like Mussolini or Hitler came to power.
          The stage is being set.

          • What sucks, is everyone is waiting for the big event, well guess what, if you add up all the little events, over the past 12 years, which are at this point pretty much daily, you get one hell of a big event. They have made more progress through slow methodical attacks than any one event could. We have been conquered, all that’s left is a messy cleanup operation. And even it will take a slow methodical approach.
            Are they setting us up for an attack by oh say Russia, maybe assisted by the UN, that will be considered justified by a global ruling, we haven’t made many good friends as a country, hmmmm our best allies, Saudi, and Israel, man what do they say about judging you by the company you keep…. In a nutshell we have been shut off, shut down, we are being shut up, strung up and set out to dry, energy production is down, manufacturing gone, food production a joke, no steel production, no lead production, a country with our capabilities, cannot sustain a war, let alone an invasion. Is Amerika the new N Korea in the worlds eyes….


        • The TPP gives big corporations like monsanto the right to SUE the govts of countries, if they pass laws that hinder corporate profits.

          Don’t want GMO’s? — too bad.
          No mandatory vaccines? — too bad.
          BPA makes people sick? — too bad.
          Don’t want mercury in your drinking water? — too bad.
          Too much lead in the paint? — too bad.
          Don’t like asbestos? — too bad.
          Want to keep your national forest? — too bad.
          Don’t want solar panels all over public lands? — too bad.
          Want to preserve endangered species? — too bad.
          Want clean air? — too bad.

          If your country’s laws or regulations cut into corporate profits, too bad for you. They can SUE your govt to change it…AND YOU PAY FOR IT!

          IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? If not, get a hold of your congressperson and tell them what you think of TPP. Do it quickly.

          • Watch the other hand.

      22. S.C. flood is 6th 1,000-year rain since 2010

        ht tp://www.usatoday.com/story/weather/2015/10/05/south-carolina-flooding-climate-change/73385778/

        there’s nothing going on with the climate
        nothing to see here
        move along

      23. We have been bombing other nations as part of our “national interest ” for nearly 16 years, now the Russians have decided to enter the game. Such a move was inevitable, Putin watched us and nobody stopped us so he has rightly determined he can do so and nobody will stop him. Does anyone really believe Obama has the sand to go toe to toe with the Russians. Putin obviously does not think so. All BS aside the U.S. Still has the capability to decimate Russia should it so choose. As General Ripper said in Dr. Strangelove , “We would get our hair mussed a little bit” but the balance of power has not yet shifted sufficiently to assure a favorable outcome for Russia. So why are they talking the risk, it boils down to will. Putin thinks Obama is weak, and he is right. America from its leaders to its people lack the will and moral certitude to engage in a major conflict. Everyone in the world knows it . Things are only going to get worse. I told my sons 7 years ago that the U.S. Would be lucky to survive a Barack Obama Presidency and events on the ground have only reinforced my belief. Politics and ideology aside the simple truth is America has many enemies and they sense we are vulnerable. They are exploiting this weakness and IMO it has gone to far to be remedied. The next year is a very scary prospect for a tot erring nation. Aim small miss small.

        • Wrong. Putin is also sick and tired of watching the west use proxy armies of terrorists to do regime changes all over the middle east. It had to end sometime. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY AMERICA HAS SO MANY ENEMIES.

          It’s much easier to blame everything on a nation you’ve been brainwashed since birth to hate, than to face the simple truth that YOU created your own mess, because this country is a lying, conniving world hegemonic bully. Because WE think We have a right to tell the world how to live, and enforce it by force.

          Truth does hurt, doesn’t it?


      24. Took my girls to thier first concert Owl City. Sounded like old Yes, ELO, and Supertramp mixture. Single guys need to go, 4 female to 1 male ratio…
        Look the band up, they will be big….

        Be well all…

        • Supertramp was a great band. They questioned authority.

      25. I would agree people are making a big mistake if they keep looking out into the future for the ‘Big Event’: we have been in the ‘Big Event’ since 2001. If you have spent the last 14 years beating off, watching football, flipping houses, etc. then you have been effectively distracted but it does not mean bad shit has not been going on.

        Putin – like most people in the world – lives in the place where the news every day is very grim. He doesn’t live in the place where news is highly censored and perfumed, as it is in the US. You just have to compare the stories on a non-US news site with US news sites. The non-US will be an endless stream of bombings and attacks across the ME and Africa. The US site will be an endless stream of stock market nonsense and celebrity tittle tattle spiced up with race baiting.

        • Damn good job, Frank. And you didn’t mention sex but one time. lol.

          I totally agree. Anytime the naysayers, mockers, and scoffers get a chance they spout off about there not being any big event.

          They want to see a total market collapse or loss of life in the tens of thousands, to finally accept that an event has occured.

          I have a little rat troll that has followed me as “Anonymous” now for months, and can’t nor won’t accept that the latest “Big Event ; that i predcted for September, did actually happen. it just didn’t happen the way he had it portrayed in his weak liberal mind.

          I believe the kick off of the New World Order, with the Pope signing off on it as the One World religion should fully qualify as that Big Event that will eventually result in many deaths and fear and panic around the world, as i said it would.
          The troll just wanted the deaths and fear to happen in September to fit in his tiny thought process.

          But, then again, you can’t reason with anyone that has their head up their ass with PC as the leash that guides their every thought.

          • That’s all fine and everything, but I’d like to know why you’re running away from MY questions I asked you 12 hours ago. You’re talent to ignore the obvious is astounding sometimes.

            • I have addressed your question, twice; so go eat shit and run rabbits, bub.

              • Now you can address my most recent response to you here on this article, that is, if you’re man enough to not hide and run away like the child that you are.

                • Mac,

                  Come on man, don’t censor my last post to him on this thread, if he’s man enough to call people names and spew infantile hatred at people, he’s man enough to respond to a comment where he’s not subjected to the same infantile tirades. Let him be a man and not a child.

                  • Thank you Mac, I appreciate you not censoring my comment, that’s not sarcasm either, it’s true.

      26. For those who think Putin is some sort of knight in shining armor your dreaming these swine are all peas from the same pod playing all you dumb f*cks

        • New World (rules-Order out of disorder/Marshall Law/world Dictatorship by those who have the money and therefore the power-no rules for them).

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