Two Weeks Before Death, Stephen Hawking Predicted HOW The UNIVERSE WILL END

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Headline News | 44 comments

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    Two weeks before passing away peacefully, renowned physicist Stephen Hawking predicted the end of the universe. In his final work titled A Smooth Exit From Eternal Inflation, Hawking predicted how our universe would eventually fade to darkness as the stars run out of energy.

    Hawking completed a theory outlining his prediction for the end of the universe just two weeks before his death and the work has emerged. According to CNBC, the world-famous physicist, who died last Wednesday at the age of 76, was a co-author of a mathematical paper in which he sought to prove the so-called “multiverse” theory. According to a report by U.K. newspaper The Sunday Times, this theory imagines the existence of many separate universes other than our own.

    In his final work, he predicted how our universe would eventually fade to darkness as all the stars run out of energy. Alongside his co-author Professor Thomas Hertog of Belgium’s KU Leuven University, Hawking also proposed a way in which scientists might be able to find alternate universes by using probes on spaceships. This would allow humans to attain a more accurate understanding of our own universe, decipher what else is out there, and ultimately realize our place in the cosmos. “He has often been nominated for the Nobel and should have won it. Now he never can,” Hertog told The Sunday Times in an interview published Sunday.

    Hawking, who was perhaps best known for his work on black holes and the theory of relativity, had previously posited the idea that Earth would turn into a giant ball of fire by 2600. Therefore, humans would eventually need to colonize another planet or face extinction, he said.

    “Somewhere in the cosmos, perhaps, intelligent life may be watching these lights of ours aware of what they mean,” Hawking said. “Or do our lights wander a lifeless cosmos, unseen beacons announcing that here on our rock, the universe discovered its existence?”

    At least Hawking’s theory about the end of the universe sounds like a calm and peaceful way for it to go out.


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      1. Not to disparage this great man, but this is not his theory. Scientists have two ideas, this one which predicts continual expansion where galaxies and their stars continue to grow furthur apart eventually becominging energy and ceasing to be close enough to be much of anything.

        The other theory is perhaps wishful thinking. In this theory the universe is forever; it expands then collapses into a tiny ball of condensed energy followed by a Big Bang explosion, an expansion incident followed by the current type expansion until it collapses and the whole thing starts again.

        It’s a loss. Sorry to hear this news. Very brilliant man.


        • He was NOT a great man. He WAS a militant atheist and global warming alarmist who expected others to bow down to him. If he wasn’t in a wheelchair, drooling, with his dentures hanging out, no one would have even paid attention to him. He got all kinds of notoriety simply because of his condition. Get a clue.

        • B from CA – my first thought too. One (of many) sci-fi authors, Frederik Pohl, wrote a good novel called “The World at the End of Time” in 1990 that had this very same theory. In physics/astrophysics, the idea of entropy being fixed as a constant throughout the universe supports the thought that as expansion continues, the mean/average energy distribution becomes more and more ‘dilute’ so-to-speak as the same value is spread out further and further. This general concept historically goes back at least to the French astronomer Jean-Sylvain Bailly in 1777. Hawking must’ve wanted to simply support the theory as his own energy was going outwards. As light is in part energy, darkness will come simply due the expanse that light must travel and become more diffuse and never reach the boundaries of the whole cosmos. I imagine Steven’s soul (and all of our’s, as well) will come to the same conclusion.

        • I can hardly wait. Do we need to get there early for good seats?

          • I got you, fam – will save you one. Bring beer.

        • He wasn’t great. Not even close. He believed in man-made global warming. Only libtard idiots believe that. Are you one of his lemmings?

        • Seemed like a lonely asshole to me.

        • This is unsatisfying, because, in a world of cause, effect, and order, he posits no first cause.

          You have no idea whether this doll was thinking, at all.

          If so, you have no repeatable way of demonstrating what you consider to be a law of nature, say, in a scale model of the universe, from which, you might draw an inference.

          • Also, why do we assume that there is a cosmological *constant, in a state of flux (in or out) which is relative to an observer. Is it properly an example of science, to say that space, time, energy, and mass are all malleable, particularly, depending on who sees it. In his field of expertise (if we can call it that) matter is created and destroyed, when crossing an arbitrary, invisible boundary. This should be in Wonderland or Oz. His peers wax poetic about Shiva and other creation mythos, say that is science, and you have inferred religion. I can imagine Groucho Marx or Bugs Bunny saying these things.

        • Mr Hawking just discovered the 4 last things. and that there is one universe. the multiverse is another version of time going back to infinity. it can’t. it has a beginning. this is a truth rooted in logic. Time began. the question is how. and the answer is the unmoved mover. Without revelation, this is determinable and has been for a long time. With revelation we find out something about the interior life of God, the unmoved mover. Outside of time.
          the term Universe is inclusive of everything. multiverse, just as a word is a redundancy at best. dimensions? maybe, but really, does it matter? it still doesn’t escape the need for a mover outside of time.
          At its core, the multiverse business is just another version of saying “I am god.”

        • Hawking was a fraud and a creation of the control freaks. He was no genius or even a smart guy much less a valid physicist. Anybody who believes any of that is an utter fool !

          Is there any doubt our higher echelons of academia and supposed knowledge is full of utter fools ? It is all a serious bad fucking joke on YOU ! But hardly surprising many eat this crap up as if it is real ?

          Are supposed black holes real and proven or just a hypothesis ? The black holes thing was his major thesis that got him notoriety and it is all bullshit ! There is zero proof any of it exists, yet most people accept it as fact ? Many here as well. But nothing new at all for fumducks. Pathetic.

        • British author Olaf Stapledon already made Hawking’s predictions in his 1937 novel “Star Maker” that chronicles the human race’s part in the universe’s billions-year history. The universe ends with a whimper in an ever-expanding universe where all the stars have burnt out and yes, it is just one member of a giant multiverse. Hawking just stole Stapledon’s ideas lol.

      2. Great mind. But I’ll take what GOD said. FIRE!!!

        • I’m with you, Sarge! Once I came to Christ, a LOT of the current worldly goings-on started to make a lot of sense to me.

          Let’s enjoy the time we have here, but save up for eternity ?

          • How odd, when the world starts making sense to me, I know it is time to quit drinking.

        • 2 Peter 3:7
          But by His word the present heavens and earth are being reserved for fire, kept for the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men.

          If ya really want to get deep….read Revelation Chapter 20 and 21.

          Only one way to escape….John 14:6…

          Without Christ, its a one way ticket to hell…Romans 6:23.

        • Well said, Sgt. Dale.

          I’ll take the Word of God over the ramblings of an atheistic “genius” any day.

      3. Although I can not explain the “Big bang” as it seems impossible physically. Religion gives an answer, but that is an act of faith.
        The laws of thermodynamics seen to fit well with what we observe however. All things tend to entropy. All stars will die.

      4. I have never understood all the literal worship of Stephan Hawking.

        He was a moral and spiritual idiot and a fool.

        • “….pretty much the smartest man on the planet.
          You might want to listen to him.”

          — ‘Armageddon’

          Professor Hawking was not flawless; he was a mortal like the rest of us. But anyone who derides such a level of genius with terms like “idiot” and “fool” doesn’t accomplish much more than reveal his own ignorance.

      5. The world desperately needs as many brilliant minds working on the different problems facing humanity. Theoretical physics is great but how the universe came to be and how it will end isn’t as relevant as finding how to solve the world’s many crises. Still, he was a very remarkable person.

        • Brian, why and how ? He was another creation of PRAVDA/MSM, nothing more. Just like Obama

      6. I’ll lay that prediction right next to the fortune cookie stab in the dark.

      7. The world as we know it will not end, but we (humans) will eventually become extinct……R.I.P(aradise) Mr. Hawking!!

      8. Nobody lives as long as they claim he did with that disease. Hawking died years ago. That’s some imposter they have been prading around. And hawking might have had a high IQ but he was a moron.

        • I only have one of his(Hawking’s) books.
          I like it, but I’m not sure his stories
          are much different from science fiction,
          like how like in Dune, they traveled great
          distances by “folding space”.
          Keep in mind Hawkings was a Theoretical
          Theory is not fact.

          • And belief in God isn’t fact either, it’s faith. If an all knowing all powerful being is in charge; he should be fired.

      9. That theory has been around as long as I can remember, perhaps before Hawking finished college.

        “Multiverse” is an old idea as well.

        Did he ever come up with anything new?

      10. The tool science uses to measure the expansion of the universe is “red shift” or the “Doppler Effect”. What they found is that every other heavenly body is moving away from us at the same speed. Either that puts Earth at the center of the universe or there’s a higher law here we don’t yet understand.

        This is not a “Bang”. What the “Big Bang Theory” states is that all matter in the universe is moving apart or expanding equally relative to each other.

        • 5th,
          The Universe expansion
          that we can observe,
          is accelerating.
          Keep in mind the stars most of us see
          are very old and far away, and there
          are more Galaxies than there are stars
          in our “Milky way” Galaxy.

        • “every other heavenly body is moving away from us at the same speed”

          Maybe the other heavenly bodies know that earth stinks and needs to clean up her act?

      11. Stephen Hawking was truly a mental giant. However, even mental giants can miss the boat sometimes. Unless his theory can lend more knowledge about the cosmos it is pointless. Though he was also of course a theorist, making a guess how the universe(s) will end is an abstraction really, little more than a guess. Our sun, the entire solar system, and all of what we call humanity will be gone billions and billions of years before the universe may enter its death throes.
        SH apparently sometimes thought about other things than cosmology. He stated philosophy no longer served any real constructive purpose, nor religion. He often stated he was an atheist. But in one visit years ago to Israel he desired to be taken to see one or two early Christian sites. No man ever tells everything he has ever thought about.

      12. Why do people think that the human race is so sacrosanct that it should continue to exist indefinitely? Many other species have become extinct so why not humans? We have a selfish view of the universe, is it really such a big deal if we disappear completely and the earth reverts back to it’s origins? Everything under the sun has a beginning and an end. All of us will exit this life one day, just make best of your time here. Live, love, worship and enjoy the ride.

      13. I believe in the big bang theory…GOD said “BANG” and everything was!!

      14. Steven hawkins was an Atheist.

        Psalm 14:1 The fool says in his heart, “There is no God ..

        May have been a brilliant man… but I wonder if he believes that there is no God now?

      15. The Earth is a sh*t hole planet. The other planets and even the universe is just distancing themselves from us.

      16. We’ll never know…….but its fun to wonder….

      17. The solar system is a series of spinning magnets and a stator that generate electricity just like every other generator on this planet. Our moons force is enough to arch our core but not our surface, but it does show its power by lifting the oceans. As the sun eventually pulls all the planets in, it will become a very powerful and large black magnet, and because it it no longer gyro stabilized by the planets, it will be drawn to another non gyro stabilized black magnet at ever increasing speeds And when they hit the energy transfer will start the whole thing over again.

      18. And the true mystery is , Why something so simple can’t be seen by people who are a hell of a lot smarter then me.

      19. Was Hawking a very smart man? Yes. Was he omniscient or infallible? No. Subject matter experts have been wrong in the past and in some case spectacularly wrong (there was no practical use for radio or no need/use for home computers). Just because Hawking was a genius when came to the subject of physics does NOT mean his genius transferred to all other areas of life.

        Since we will be very long gone dead before the universe ends, none of us will have to mark his calendar: Universe scheduled to end tomorrow, cancel all pending appointments.

      20. Revelation 21 New International Version (NIV)
        A New Heaven and a New Earth
        21 Then I saw “a new heaven and a new earth,” for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea

        From my understanding of the Bible I believe this is the explanation for the universe.

        God tells us everything is made from Him so we are living inside God, God is our universe who came directly in contact with humanity through Jesus who contains the Father’s Word. The Word speaks and the Holy Spirit gives form to that Word from the Father who is the universe we live in.

        God tells us there is no other God so this universe we live in is the only one.

        God created the Universe by compressing the energy within God creating matter and space, the big bang.

        This matter was designed to wear out and will be recreated back to an energy Heaven and Earth, a new Heaven and Earth.

        Interesting how the atheist Hawkins compares humans to computers but does not click that computers were created by Man and Mankind which are far more complicated than computers to create plus they need to be sustain in a complex environment just happens!

      21. I see Morlochs.

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