Two People In Canada Have Died From West Nile Virus

by | Sep 12, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 15 comments

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    Two Windsor-Essex people in Canada are dead after succumbing to the West Nile Virus. As more and more cases pop up in the United States, health officials are warning to not take this disease lightly.

    In Utah state alone, the number of West Nile cases is 22, said Dallin Peterson, an epidemiologist who oversees all animal- and vector-borne diseases for the Utah Department of Health, including one fatal case in Salt Lake County. The county has confirmed that the virus was found in mosquitoes across the state and that lead to a death. Hillcrest High School football coach Cazzie Brown, who unexpectedly died late last month, is said by family to have become ill by contracting West Nile virus.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control, about one in 150 who contract the virus will be subjected to serious symptoms that could prove fatal. Fortunately, most people infected with the West Nile virus do not have symptoms. About 1 in 5 people who are infected develop a fever and other mild symptoms. Canadian health officials said in a statement released Monday, “(West Nile virus) continues to be a risk until the area experiences temperatures below freezing.”

    To prevent WNV, simply prevent mosquito bites, say the health officials. The late summer is the most important time to take precautions as that’s when mosquitoes switch from feeding on birds to searching for other food sources, like humans. Wear clothing which covers the skin and use insect repellent to keep those mosquitoes at bay. “This … should serve as a reminder to all residents to take steps to prevent mosquitoes and West Nile virus. The importance of using insect repellent with DEET can not be overstated,” county health department spokeswoman Aislynn Tolman-Hill of Utah said in a statement. Windsor-Essex County Health Unit advises residents to eliminate any standing water around their property and to take “personal protective measures” to avoid getting bitten.

    The two deaths in Canada were the first WNV deaths that have been reported in the Windsor-Essex area since 2012. CTV Windsor reports that the victims were both elderly, who along with infants are at an increased risk due to weakened immune systems. The news of these deaths comes on the heels of researchers at Brock University predicting an outbreak of West Nile cases in Ontario this summer. They predicted up to 500 people would come down with the virus.

    As of September 2, there have been 37 reported human cases of WNV in Ontario, according to Public Health Ontario. That’s far less than the predicted 500, but not all that comforting to those who have already lost loved ones to the WNV.


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      1. They are dumbed down, Big Pharma addicted, GMO gobbling, soda sucking toxic dumps just like all dumbed down, disease ridden, obese, depressed, addicted to everything New Babylonian American COWARDS, with compromised immune systems from decades of a planned chemical attack on their minds, bodies, and souls from the murderous genocidal psychopaths controlling the United States Corporation Government……so as the genocidal psychopaths planned any virus, bacteria, or biological agent will easily kill the dumbed down, disease ridden, obese, soda sucking GMO gobbling toxic dumps with destroyed and compromised immune systems.

      2. Mosquitoes from the Nile, all the way up there in Canada? How did that happen, I wonder? We’re doomed!

        • Not sure, but I think Mosquito’s can fly.

      3. Problem, Reaction, Solution.

        BZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz. ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZ. BZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZ –


        Problem solved

        • That deserves a thumbs up !!! 🙂

      4. In Southern California they made Mosquitos sterile which caused die off. I don’t know how important Mosquitos are to the ecosystem. If it would not result in a over abundance of some other insect species which would adversely effect humans or other life forms, why not just wipe out this nuisance off the face of planet earth.

        Mosquito genocide. Do we have the stomach for the carnage?


        • They are a food source , bats for 1
          I’m sure birds love em

          I’m sure the list is huge … well not anymore ironically

      5. i remember seeing 3 or 4 dead ravens and pigeons a few months ago on my 15 mile bike ride i do most days. all in one day….that’s VERY unusual. i wondered at the time if it was west nile. i had a son-in-law that almost DIED of it about 5 years the time he got to hospital, he couldn’t walk anymore, and had to be wheeled in….it’s here in victor valley, ca.

      6. The solution is bats.

        They eat mosquito’s.

        Keep a personal bat with you at all times, maybe teach it to sit on your shoulder and stay with you like a pirate’s parrot.

      7. What are the symptoms of ‘west nile virus’ and how are the symptoms specific to west nile virus? Sounds like a crock to me.

        • I contacted West Nile in 2003. My family was spending a weekend at a ranch that had horses. There were a lot of mosquitos. I remember getting only one bite on the back of my leg. The next day I started feeling very ill. weak, sick to my stomach, very tired. Soon I developed a fever, swollen lymph nodes, rash and became extremely delirious. My daughter and niece were experiencing the same symptoms as myself, but not nearly as severe. Someone at a pool noticed the rash on my daughters legs and mentioned West Nile. I contacted my doctor and told them I wanted to be tested. He laughed at me when I came into his office. 5 days later, He called and said “You were right” and the state health dept will be contacting me to get some information. When I spoke to them on the phone, They tried to tell me there was no way I would have experienced symptoms the day after being bit. She said symptoms don’t start for a few days. How ridiculous is that. I know what I felt. Anyway, that summer, several people in our area were infected, and some died. I felt lucky that I got through it ok, but it lasted about 2 weeks. They told me they didn’t know if there were any long term affects. I guess I’ll wait and see.

      8. Most don’t know the Muslims destroyed the Roman Empire after the Black Plague. And brought on the dark ages. Will they destroy ours? The black flag?

      9. DDT…or somebody’s car which burns oil past the rings;)

      10. And the same doom merchants where not very long ago telling how EBOLA was gonna kill everyone.

      11. OMG! TWO WHOLE PEOPLE? The end is NIGH! REPENT!

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