Twitter Continues To Ramp Up Censorship Of Conservatives

by | Jul 23, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Entertainment, Headline News | 19 comments

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    Twitter is continuing their campaign of censorship of conservatives. Of course, Twitter isn’t calling it a “censorship campaign,” they allege they are simply using a more “quality filter” which just happens to exclude conservative voices.

    According to Breitbart, a large number of right-wing and conservative Twitter accounts, including Breitbart News journalists, have been tagged with a mysterious Twitter filter that appears to block their tweets from some searches. It is unclear what else the filter does at this time.

    Some who feel that Twitter is censoring their accounts by “shadow banning” are using a website to find out what they already knew. Twitter users have been using the website to test if the reach of their content is being artificially limited or hidden by Twitter, a process known as “shadowbanning.” As Breitbart reported, by adding the html tag “&qf=on” and “&qf=off” to the end of search result URLs, the site claims to test whether an account’s tweets are being hidden behind Twitter’s “quality filter,” which hides tweets from what Twitter calls “low-quality accounts.”

    The technology how-to website also recommends this method to enable or disable the quality filter. “&qf=on” switches on the filter, while “&qf=off” turns it off.  The default setting for this censorship filer, is off, unsurprisingly.

    Now compare the search results found on the following two links, which are searches designed to find this exact tweet. The first link has the quality filter enabled, the second does not. Note that the two URLs are exactly the same except for the “qf” setting:

    Example with filter

    Example without filter

    This test demonstrates the quality filter shadowban. Any account with the qualify filter enabled — which is the default setting for all Twitter accounts — would not be able to find that tweet by searching on the site.-Breitbart

    The shadowbanning “quality filter” doesn’t seem to be affecting accounts that lean to left.  For example, Tariq Nasheed, a black supremacist and self-described “identity extremist,” is not subject to any filter, according to Neither is Louis Farrakhan, the left-wing black supremacist and anti-semite. Nor are hate-filled, obscenity-spewing left-wing celebrities like Peter Henry Fonda.

    Breitbart put together a well-researched article about Twitter’s shadow banning (censorship) of conservatives, and you can read it in its entirety here.


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      1. Twitter doesn’t exclude President Donald Trump, perhaps the very flower of the conservative party. Wonder why that is? You don’t suppose Twitter is afraid of the ALL CAPS EFFECT?

        • What’s Twitter? Is it edible?

          • You wipe your butt with it…..

        • Actually they say Trump is shadow banned and you have to go directly to his twitter to see his posts. don’t know if that is true twitter banned me pretty quick. I am actually surprised there are any conservatives left on twitter. Thought they all went to Gab already.

      2. Never go on social media for anything. They’re all commie.

      3. WHO owns Twatter?

      4. Censorship of “controversial” ideas, opinions, and comments is further proof that we are trapped in a matrix of lies. Television force fed us disinformation for fifty years. It made smoking cigarettes seem harmless and sexy, eating sugary foods acceptable, and destroyed our natural instincts to preserve our genes, defend our women, and protect our children.
        Twitter, Google, and the web are designed to further disarm us and make us vulnerable to attack.


        • B, agreed. I threw out my ‘boob tube’ at least 10 years ago. No tv service for me period. Nothing I want to see on it. I’m an internet freak but even on the web, yes you do have to be very careful where you go.

      5. Got it.
        So I shouldn’t use Twitter unless I want to be censored.

        Now, back to my list of other useless pursuits I enjoy doing.

        BTW, I know this site also censors (they call it moderation) certain topics, so why complain about Twitter?

        Oh, it’s from BartBright…where everything right is right.

        • JRS, if you mean Breitbart, they are a GOOD source of information. Not MSM, not libturd.

          • Yes, Braveheart, that’s who I meant.

            I believe that the right spouts almost as much propaganda as the left.

            • JRS, Andrew Breitbart, the founder and CEO, was murdered by OBAMA because he supposedly had some serious dirt on Obama. Whatever evidence Breitbart had disappeared. No way someone from the liberal MSM would’ve been murdered unless they were ‘straying away from the plantation’, so to speak. Breitbart News Service has CREDIBILITY; something the MSM knows nothing about.

      6. Why can’t some high-school kid program a new “Twitter”.

        It really can’t be that difficult.

        Then we can all drop Twatter and bancrupt them when everybody leaves for a site we can be honest.

        I don’t get it.

        Same with GOOGLE. Can it really be that difficult to come up with a new internet service provider? Isn’t that computer code over 20 years old (netscape?), etc.?

        Same with AssBook. Their site is bloated and difficult and confusing. A smart group of 17 year old teens can easily brush of “My Space” and reload it. AssBook will be gone in 60 seconds.

        I really don’t get it.

        • If there’s any social media out there that WON’T censor conservatives I might try it. Otherwise forget it.

      7. Watching the alphabet news channel videos on YouTube. They are such blatant manipulative liars. They must be of their father. And no one dare say ,they are all owned and controlled by people of a certain religious affiliation? But we all know it? How could we be so conditioned,

      8. Never ever bought into any of them: Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Never needed them, prefer to see my kids and grandkids in person.

        Could care less about what others do in their private lives–wish they cared more about their families unique moments among themselves.

        Managed for centuries without them and man does not need them now — we always seem to find out what we need to know in time to act accordingly be it in advance or a little late. As for liberal leftists – the less I know the better off I am.

        Sign the petition to have Whoopi Goldberg fired by ABC at ASAP. Already nearing 150,000 signatures.

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